Across Rooftops

Published on: 2023-06-15 05:15:13

Sheila assumed that because her building was the tallest in the area no one could really spot her. She had built her house in a style to remind of her Shillong days; that was not so easy considering that this South Indian city was rapidly losing its greenery.

And while the rooms and much of the house was on the ground and first floor, on the second floor she had her room, surrounded by a riotous burst of greenery, shrubs and ornamental plants. It was her refuge. As her son grew into a teenager she found it necessary to meet the needs of her bubbling cauldron of sexuality in different ways than it had been in the past.

Over the years she had a string of lovers. Some dearer to her with whom she spent long, languorous hours when the house was quiet. Others were more to do with her lust unleashed as she took a fancy to a young man and devoured him as a special treat. On many of the occasions the quiet of her house was rent apart by the animal bellowing she allowed herself.
In Shillong and in other stations where her husband's job took them, the houses were palatial bungalows. There were rooms which had glasses on all sides overlooking lush forests. There were gas fired heater rooms where, despite the torrential storms that lasted hours, it would be warm and dry. And in that wild weather interruption was no risk. And to the howls of the wind she added the tempestuous shouts of her own delight.

Of her lovers only some could match her vocalisation. They were all younger, fitter and libidinous in their youth: that is why they were chosen by her. Not one of them lacked the stud-like virility she craved, hungered and feasted on. But they were all junior officers of the company in which her husband worked, or young managers at banks and other companies for whom her husband's company was a client.

None of the young men could ever forget that. Seduced as they had been by Sheila, voluptuous with large breasts and hips in which to sink was a delight, they were all too aware who they were fucking. None of of them never lost sight of the fact of who they were with. She made sure it stayed that way no matter how intimate the moment was; be it how they were being ridden, or were sucking those lovely large breasts, or buried between the thighs and drinking, or ramming hard to tame the unquenchable. She was the wife of a person who could change their careers.

And that is why even if some of them might have wanted to join her in the crescendo, they did not. One had bitten into her shoulder. Another had gripped her breasts so hard they were tender for days after. And of course, one of them had turned her around and been so animal with her that he delighted her no end; except she was too raw for any satiation for a few days and had to content herself with being eaten out.

All of which lay back there in the past, when life was a wild romp in the wilds of the North-East. Those were her hey-days. She was insatiable yet restrained in her voluptuousness. She was raw in her sensuality but she carried it with impeccable social skills. She was never dressed in anything but a saree but she wore it so that the effect on the men around was electric. In the flow of bodies in the cocktail parties many chanced upon her and hoped that tonight would be their night. It never was.

Sheila's eyes were only for virile, stud-like young men who were on transferable jobs. Here today for her and gone tomorrow to make space for the next hors-de-oeuvre. And the men who she had flirted with in those parties and reduced to jelly went home and fucked their wives with an imagination and gusto not seen by the wife in a while.

All of that changed when the kids had to receive a more stable education and she shifted to the South. And she created an island for herself in her room on the top floor. But this was her home town, not some remote plantation town. She could not be her real self. She had fashioned herself into a woman who had harnessed the volcano within her very well. There was unlimited sexual energy but it was channelized with class and style. There was a buzz about her; but not that of a slut. Never.

She was not about to drop standards and style and become a slut. Not Sheila.

And so she withdrew and handled her unbridled and seemingly ageless sexuality differently. One could add it to the list of sacrifices a mother makes for her children. Sexuality ranks right there on the top of the list of sacrifices, unacknowledged, unsung and often unrequited.

The idea came to her slowly. But when it did, it gushed forth as a new release for the pent up woman inside her. She loved her plants and shrubs. And she tended them lovingly. It was when she was watering them that she allowed the water to splash on her. It reminded her of the rainy days and nights in Assam when it would pour incessantly. If she had one her toy-boys on her arm, she would carelessly allow the sleeve of her blouse soak, giving him a full view of her damp, dusky skin below. And as the material blotted up the water the wet patch would reach the side of her breast. The young man would be lost in drinking in the sight of that heavy breast and lose his mind trying to see more…

And so she allowed the garden hose to splash on her, wetting her so that the saree clung to her ankles. The cool wet garment on her skin thrilled her. As she walked in back to her room she would slowly pull up the saree and her petticoat within, in a slow sensuous dance, allowing the cloth to make her wet further up her legs. And then flopping back on her bean bag , she rested her feet up, one on a table and the other on the bed.

Lying spread like that she might massage her own breasts, in large round movements. Squeezing them and feeling out the nipples as they ached for the voracious sucking of a restless young man. Sometimes she ripped open her blouse to milk her own teats. The feverish pitch rose and inevitably Sheila would end up stroking her pubis hard. A handy hairbrush handle, her own sensitive fingers, dipping in, mimicking the hard stroking of a penis, thumbing her clit… and at the height of that self arousal a moan of deprivation.

The brush handle did not throb from within. The hand that probed her lacked the variety in texture that another's hand brought. The thrusting was not accompanied by the comforting weight of a man hovering over her. If her hands were stroking her, there was no way to stroke her bubbling breast tips. There were no ankles to wrap her own ankles around.

The thrusting and stroking became more frantic as she ached for more and more and more. And then when it came she thrashed, screaming or shouting if she needed to. On occasions there were muffled sobs, on other occasion whoops of delight as she relived a particular moment with a particular lover of her past.

Her orgasm flooded over, she accepted it gratefully, allowing her body all the heaving and thrashing it needed. And when it all subsided she might lie there for hours, staring at the sky or the clouds or merely enjoying the cool kisses of the breeze; which wafted around her like a surprised youth chancing upon this sensuous, delectable woman. In her satiation, her contentedness was complete. The ache for another's hand at the height of her release-seeking passion had subsided and was completely replaced by happiness. There was a certain elegance and convenience in being by yourself. There was less to do afterward, and one could luxuriate in the moment.

The pattern repeated. There were obvious variations. And as the number of instances when she went uninterrupted rose, a certain carelessness crept in. Obviously, no one could see her. This was her own private pleasure garden.

She was wrong. Sham spotted her only because his mother insisted that he climb atop the tank which was completely inaccessible on the top floor, to see if it had filled up. That was when he noticed Sheila.

She was hosing herself directly on her chest. She allowed the water to splash on her neck and then flow down sensuously. The water soaked her blouse and ran between those breasts like a great river flowing in a large mountainous valley.

Sheila enjoyed the way the water filled her cleavage then crested around her mounds and then flowed lower down her body. The water surrounded, teased, caressed and chilled her breasts but it could not build up enough to touch those nipples. The slopes of the breasts that it sought to conquer gave way to the flow of the body. The build up in the cleavage spilled over. Like a teasing lover, despite its cold touch, the water maddened Sheila with heat for her nipples to be touched. They rose up as if in protest, strong and protruding, asking for their share of the caresses.

Sheila ached to pinch her nipples but did not want the water flow on her body to stop. Sham watched with the mad arousal of a virgin as in an inspired moment, she held the hose between her knees allowing it to spout water upwards on her thighs. It soaked the saree completely and the garment's colour was overcome by the shade of the dusky brown skin it meant to conceal. Sham lay down on the concrete tank to avoid being spotted, trapping his hard erection against the hard surface below.

Sheila cupped her hands and lifted her breasts, squeezing them as her fingers advanced upon the nipples. The water now became a teasing lover at her thighs and pubis. The fingers found their target and Sheila squeezed hard. She shivered and unknown to either of them, her shiver was matched by his.

For the nineteen-year old Sham this was the first time he had ever seen a woman in a sexual act of any kind. Here was an aunty in his neighbourhood, fully clothed but wet, stimulating her own self.

He watched breathlessly as Sheila explored herself further. Surrounded by all her lovely shrubs she felt the need to make love to herself in their midst. She lifted one leg onto the edge of one of the large pots. Her legs spread wide, she slipped the hose under the saree hoisting it as far up as needed. The cold water splashed on her thighs. Using her thumb to pinch the nozzle into a sharp stream, she let it massage her thigh. It hammered on the flesh there like the insistent tongue of a lover, only a lot harder, with stinging points of pain.

She relaxed her thumb a bit to reduce the sharpness of the jet as it moved towards the tender lips of her pussy. She teased open the petals with a clever manipulation of the water jet. The pleasure built up in her and soon she reached that crescendo of ache when she would rather have a man take her ferociously. In this ferocious mood she slipped the other hand past the waist of her petticoat to take charge of the nub of pleasure. Sham watched incredulously as Sheila, her clothes wet, her legs spread apart, and her lips agape in pleasure had both her hands between her legs. It was cloaked by her saree so he could not really see anything.

But her thigh, glistening with drops of water showed as the hand held the hose in place. The other hand was between her legs and he could see Sheila heaving as she expertly stroked herself. Her knees bent and straightened as she involuntarily took up the movements of fucking. Her hips ground sensuously round and round on an imaginary penis. Her head rolled about as she climbed the slope of her orgasm. The boy watched in amazement as the woman lost control.

In the final moments Sheila allowed the water to become a fat, heavy stream of water. Holding her lips apart wide between the fingers of one hand, she manipulated this heavy stream to land gently but incessantly on her throbbing clit. The water with its relentless beating, did what her fingers could not have done.

The dam burst and Sheila wailed as she shuddered, struggling to prevent herself from falling. The plaintive cry carried to Sham faintly -- but that was only because he was watching and knew. Otherwise it was lost in the din of the city. For Sheila, the din of the city was lost in the crescendo ringing in her ears.

She sank to the floor, squatting as the shuddering continued. The hose lost its focus and Sheila pinched her clit and lips unmindful of how rough she was being in her frenzy. Now she sat down, lay back and stretched, fingers insistently squeezing every iota of pleasure possible. She reached out to grab the tap and turned the hose off. The cold and damp of the floor was initially uncomfortable but her body quickly adjusted to it.

She slumped in a state of relaxation. Above her the wide sky was witness to her release and her unravelled self. She gazed at the clouds and the blue sky drowsily. She knew not when she actually slept but she did fall asleep right there.

She was woken by the insistent ringing of the doorbell. She stirred and thought it might have been about ten minutes that she had slept. She looked around her and noticed that the saree was pretty much ruined from her sliding to the floor wet. She felt good -- no, great. She turned around pressing her breasts to the ground. Pretending to be a tigress, she got on all fours and playfully prowled as if on a hunt. Then she stood up allowing the saree to unravel in a trail behind her.

The bell continued to ring with intervals but she could not think of anyone or anything that was sufficiently important for her to be rushed out of the wonderful state of body and mind in which she was. She undid the cord of her petticoat and it slid down but came to rest on her wide hip. She slipped it past and allowed it to fall on its own weight, feeling sensuous in doing that. Sheila turned on the shower, allowing it to soak her blouse completely before peeling it off completely.

She admired herself in the mirror on the wall across from the shower. Her wide hips and large breasts were like those of the typical dancer to be found in sculptures in the temples of the south. It was a very Indian definition of sensuous beauty. The flat stomach which she was so careful to maintain made for all the right curves.

She quickly dried herself and threw on a caftan -- with no undergarments. Sheila was expert at managing herself in any situation with discretion and with no compromise. The lack of undergarments would not be allowed to come across as bad form. "Especially now that my nipples are tamed," she thought to herself, as she hurried downstairs. Whoever this was, was persistent. She had taken her time and now did not want to make that person wait any further. She opened the door and immediately regretted not having worn any undergarments.

Her confidence that her nipples were tamed evaporated at the sight of sturdy young Sham. He had watched her complete her orgasm and lie down on the floor. He knew nothing about a woman's orgasm though he understood his own ejaculation from masturbating. In his mind was a confused mix of concern at that aunty lying supine of the floor and the maddening arousal between his legs.

When he descended from the roof top his mother found that the boy had long forgotten about the water check. As she chased him to ask he rushed into his room and abruptly shut the door. "These teenagers!" she thought to herself in frustration.

The nineteen-year old was in fact desperate to hide his massive erection from his mother. Rushing to his room he relived the images of Sheila's exhibition. And then he spurted incredible amounts of semen as he came quicker than ever before. He snoozed as Sheila had. When he awoke, he found his arousal undiminished and his desire to see that woman again. And again. And again.

He had a plan.

Sheila smiled inwardly. She was smiling because unknown to Sham, he had called on her at the quietest time in her house. It had meant things in the past – a male interlude at the quiet time. But that was a different world.

She had been pleasuring herself on her private garden on the rooftop. Unknown to her, a nineteen year old in the neighbourhood had spotted and watched in fascination as she used the water hose and her hands to caress herself.

Mad with lust at that sight, Sham had gone to his room and masturbated furiously. Unsatiated even though he had cum, he quickly made a plan to acquaint himself with the lady he had spotted. And here he was at her doorstep.

"Yes?" she asked looking at young man and taking quick note of his sturdy physique. She vaguely remembered having seen him in the neighbourhood. But suddenly, the seductress of some experience knew that she was looking at something different. No matter what his reply might be, she instantly knew that there was something else on here. It seemed to her like lust, but she could not be sure. Was it her lack of undergarments? She quickly glanced down at her breasts to see if her nipples were well and truly tamed. Nothing seemed obvious and the intricate black pattern on the white background should be good at hiding any folds or creases.

She looked back up at the young man at her doorstep.

"Aunty," he blurted, "I also want to start a nice garden like you have on your roof. Can you give me some advice?"

"Where do you live and what makes you think I can help?" she asked.

"We live just in the next street and I have seen the plants around your house. My mother said to ask you how to go about it," he said, trying to hide his nervousness. Beads of sweat had broken out on his upper lip.

She noticed it. It could have been nervousness but she now remembered this boy cycling around the block on his sports bike; it could also be physical exertion. The idea of a young male in physical exertion caused her body to twitch.

"Your mother? What's her name?" she asked, now seriously thinking of undergarments, as her nipples showed signs of springing to life.

"Mrs. Sundar, aunty," he replied breathlessly, wondering whether this aunty was going to check with his mom. "We live in C -104," he added, to reassure that he was really from around here.

"Come in," said Sheila. She was going to have to make him sit down and wait while she changed into proper clothes. Her body was not in control despite the wonderful release she had just a little while ago. And this was a small community and neighbourhood. She would just have to keep herself in check.

Sham sat on the sofa and watched as the aunty moved up stairs. His eyes were on her ass which swayed bewitchingly as Sheila moved upstairs. When she came down she was wearing a saree and it was tied under her navel, which is how she always tied it. The boy watched the flesh of her stomach and his eyes roamed up to her breasts. He tried to think of how she had looked massaging her own breasts. Her lips looked so luscious, even though her mouth was so wide, it stopped short being a bit too wide.

"Come," she called him, startling him out of his reverie.

"Huh!" he replied dumbly, eyes fixated on her breasts.

"You wanted to see my garden," she said, her eyes sparkling with laughter as she noted where his eyes were. She did not bother to pull the saree top to cover her breasts from his gaze as most Indian women are wont to do. She had, since the beginning of her womanhood, enjoyed it when a man gazed at her appreciatively, and she was not about to change now.

"Yes aunty," he gushed, completely captivated by those lustrous eyes. She was a goddess!

"Come," she beckoned, walking ahead of him to the second floor. She entered her living area on that floor, which included her bed. The young man hesitated.

"Just come," she urged him. "There is only one way to access the terrace," she told him. Sham followed, his eyes drifting to the saree which Sheila had now kicked aside into a heap. "That was the one she was wearing!" he thought dizzily. Sheila noticed him looking at the heap of clothes and instantly thought it was her bra which had caught his attention. "Typical young male!" she thought to herself.

"See, this is my little garden," she invited him, walking over the patch where she lain supine just a while ago, in a post-orgasmic trance. Then the thought struck her. "How could you know this garden existed?" she asked turning suddenly. Sham had been following her and when she turned suddenly abruptly found himself face to face, very close, to this woman.

"I live there," he pointed to towards the tank of his house which he could now see. It seemed remarkably close from here and he thought himself lucky at not being found out.

"Where?" asked Sheila, peering.

"That one, the pale blue tank," replied Sham, not realising that he was giving away his activities of the past hour or so.

Realisation dawned on Sheila. From that tank if he could see her garden he must have also seen her. She smiled to herself. She turned back to Sham and asked, "Is that all you saw?"

Sham turned a deep shade of beet red. He felt his ears burning. "Yes aunty," he lied, completely unconvincing, his head down.

She lifted his chin and said, "Look at me when I am talking to you," her eyes dancing once again, amused at his embarrassment. She knew in one instant that he seen a lot more of her than she had intended. She was glad she dressed completely before bringing him up. She reflected on that moment when she had hefted her breasts into the bra cups, lightly stroking her nipples as she had done so. Right now, wearing a caftan, her nipples would have jutted out like beacons to his attention. "Yes aunty," murmured Sham, the complete picture of obedience now.

"It is not about gardening, is it?" she asked. Her eyes wandered on his broad chest as she imagined her long fingernails dragging on his virgin flesh.

"It is," he replied in a choked voice.

"Come in," said Sheila, not one bit fooled. She was not going to waste her time explaining plants and shrubs when all his young hormones were interested in was her body. Never one to look down upon lust as a feeling, Sheila accepted that if this boy had seen her in that state, unbridled lust was a natural outcome. And she had never been apologetic about lust, either her's or that of her lover of the moment.

A low, steady fire lit up in her inside as she felt the attentions of a young man after a long, long time. For a woman who whetted her sexual appetite fully, every day of the year for over twenty years now, two years in the new format qualified as terribly long.

The reason for the long gap was the need for absolute discretion. She was a little unsure on how that could be achieved with this young man now in her bedroom. But she found herself thinking of the need for a solution. It was a first for her after she had moved into this new lifestyle. She had sworn to avoid exposing her children to any of this. Now she found herself working out methods to have her way and preserve discretion.

She noted the large bulge in his jeans and felt the thrill of discovery and conquest anew. It was a process she had been through quite a few times before and she knew the satisfaction it brought. The fire in her loins was now a raging blaze.

"Let's sit here and talk," she said in a relaxed, unhurried voice. It came to her instinctively. No matter how volatile she was on the inside it never intruded on her social skills. At many parties on many nights she had gone through the entire motions of playing hostess perfectly, even as her panties had become a wet, soppy mess thinking of a rendezvous in the offing.

She sat him on a divan along one wall as she sank into her favourite beanbag. She thought of other times when she had sat in exactly this spot but with legs spread apart – one on this table here and the other there on that bed. She knew she could not do that with this guy; too young, too inexperienced, it would probably startle him.

Instead, she just clasped her hands behind her head and looked at him. The pose lifted her breasts and held them up high at him, leaving her body open and vulnerable to his all-consuming gaze. He gulped, his throat completely dry. He saw the saree bunched and run along her cleavage while on either side the cloth proved inadequate to cover her breasts. Half of each breast, large mounds, was open to his gaze and what lay beneath the cloth in the centre heaved with her every breath. Her knees were akimbo and her legs were spread apart. But because a saree is wound around the body and the hem is low at the ankle, nothing was exposed to Sham.

But she felt open and she liked it that way.

"So, what did you see?" she asked him.

"The garden," he insisted.

"And me in that garden?" she asked.

Sham felt his face suffused with heat and pent up emotion. He could not talk.

"What is your name?" she asked, feeling a bit sorry for him. Poor chap was feeling terrible only because social mores held that such feelings of lust were inappropriate. "Rubbish," she thought to herself for the millionth time in her life. This was nature at work.

"Sham," he whispered.

"So, Sham. Did you see me in my garden?" she persisted.

"Yes," he nodded.

"Was that just now? A little while ago?" she asked. He again nodded in the affirmative. That established the facts. Without him having to spell it out, she knew that he had seen her pleasuring herself with the hose and her hand.

"So what brought you here? What did you come here for?" she asked moving to the next step of laying out the situation.

"To see you," he blurted out.

Sheila relaxed completely now. She had made him open up adequately and from here she knew exactly what was going to happen.

"Does anyone know that you have come here to see me?" she asked. He shook his head to indicate 'no'.

"Your mother?" she ventured. Again no.

"And will anyone come to know?" she asked, indirectly seeking assurance. He stared at her not knowing the import of this question.

"Sham," she said softly, "You can see me and talk to me and be here, so long as no one knows and no one comes to know."

"Surely, aunty" blurted out Sham, his volume rising as he felt a burden lift from his shoulder.

"Promise?" she pushed him. "Because if you promise me that, I can be free with you."

What did that mean? His ears buzzed as he felt blood rushing in him. "Promise aunty!" he exclaimed.

"Good. What did you want to see me about?" asked Sheila stretching her legs out and bringing her toes tantalizingly close to his legs. He simply gawked back at her.

"Or was it that you wanted to see me? About nothing. Just see me?" she said mischievously, laughter in her voice.

Silence. Awkward silence from him. For her it was a silence loaded with possibility. Sheila seized the moment.

She wiggled her bottom out of the beanbag and got onto her knees. She was now in front of him as he sat on the divan and she was kneeling in front. As he looked down on her, the saree was an irritating obstruction, obscuring her cleavage and bulging breasts from his view. In front of her face was the dangerously large bulge in his jeans.

Sheila felt her throat dry even as the channel between her legs turned slick. She had been without this too long and now she was nearing the point of no return. A little more, and all her resolve of the last few years was about to go up in the smoke of her pent up lust. It was just that first move, for both him and for her. For her, it was to know that she could control this situation while indulging herself. And from him she knew she could not expect control. He would be quick at first and that would hardly meet her needs. But she had all the time. If it worked, she could have him again and that second, third and later rounds would probably do the trick.

Between the two of them, she knew that it was up to her. The boy had walked up to her house; an act of courage in itself. It was time for to reward his courage. "And perhaps reward my own self-control," she thought as she moved on her knees to between his legs.

She held his face in her hands. "You can see as much of me as you want. But no one must know anything of it. Understood?" she murmured, her voice at its seductive best as she looked deep into his eyes. His face was burning in her hands and his erection was impossibly painful.

He nodded. Her hand moved to his shoulders and she quietly appreciated the strong, young man.

"What do you want to see?" she asked. He said nothing, but his eyes gave it away as he glanced down at her breasts.

She slowly slid the saree top off her shoulder and it dropped down. Her blouse was now exposed to his eyes. Her breasts felt as hopelessly constricted in the bra she had so carefully worn. They seemed to have swollen under his gaze and she was uncomfortable. Uncomfortable with the tightness in her chest and uncomfortable that they were restrained.

"Is that enough?" she asked impishly, her fingers toying with the top hook. She undid the first and the breasts bulged out, pushing apart the blouse. Sheila ran her fingers on her own flesh, lightly touching herself but for his benefit. Sham's eyes bulged out as he drank in the intoxicating sight at such close quarters. "Your first time, isn't it?" she whispered. He nodded.

"I am talking about seeing a woman's breasts," she said softly, teasing him in her usual understated manner. The second hook snapped open and more of the breasts pushed out, releasing the pressure in her chest. The remaining two hooks would bring her no relief, and opening them would bring him more tension as the objects of his desire came out into the open.

Sheila unhooked her front-opening bra now, letting both blouse and bra hang open and loose. Large, dusky brown breasts tumbled out and stood, holding their own. Her nipples partly obscured, were longish thumbs of flesh, quivering and erect. Sheila looked at his intense concentration. She took his hands in her own hands and brought them to her breasts. He tried to grab at her but she asked him to leave his hands and fingers in her control.

"Let me teach you how," she murmured. "There is no hurry and you will have as much of this as you want today," she assured him, hoping to control his haste. Sham was wild with desire and bending his elbow pressed his penis downward from some immediate relief. She noticed and smiled.

She pulled his hands to her breasts and taught him to lift the volume of flesh ever so gently. His fingers were snared in her fingers. She weighed herself, feeling the volume and letting him feel her at the same time. Fingers found his fingers and brought them to pull at her nipples. Sheila stared down as she manipulated her own breasts, using his fingers as probes. Her mouth was hanging open as her own desires built up. She was terribly unsure if she could continue to be measured and methodical in tutoring him. Her own needs seemed to have soared to uncontrollable heights.

Sham was fascinated by how they felt; full and delectable. His fingers moved on the nipples in the gentle manner she had initiated. He wanted to hold them more closely when she whispered to him to once again let go.

He let his fingers go limp and she dragged them back and forth on her breasts luxuriating in the touch of a man's hands at long last. She shuddered as tremors of pleasure commenced. Sheila now let him play on her breasts for himself and turned her attention to him. He was wearing only a light cotton shirt and her hands roamed the broad chest. Quickly her fingers noticed the nipples, small stubs and few wisps of hair. Her hands trembled as she undid the first two buttons and she cried out a small cry as Sham pinched her nipple.

"Sorry, aunty" apologised Sham. She shook her head, unable to speak from her arousal. She pulled at his shirt, buttons popping in the process. She put her arms around him and buried her face in his chest, smooth with just a few wisps of hair on it. It felt and good, his body. And Sham felt those incredible breasts cushiony on his torso as she clung to him.

He kissed the top of her head as she nibbled at his nipples. She kissed him several times on his chest from one nipple to another and then back and everything in between, asking, "Do you want to see more of aunty?" Each word was punctuated with a sucking kiss on his chest.

He clung to her, his hands roaming her back, encouraging her to continue kissing him. Roughly, all at once, he sought to push her head lower, to kiss him on the torso, maybe lower. She obliged, making him wet with her kisses and filling the room with sucking and slurping noises as she kissed him everywhere.

Sham thrust his hips upward and his head back hoping she would touch his penis and give it some relief from its tortured imprisonment. Sheila looked up at the body flung back. She placed her palm on the middle of his chest and gently pushed him down, flat on his back on the divan. She unbuttoned the jeans and Sham hastily raised his hips to help her pull it off. She pulled both jeans and jocks in one motion, the specimen of manhood springing to attention.

Sheila's eyes focused on it. Sham was looking down at himself and at the woman hovering between his legs. She looked beyond the throbbing, waving monster and their eyes met. Sheila's mouth was hanging open. She touched him lightly with her fingernails, long and well manicured. The penis leapt in acknowledgement. She grabbed at the flailing member and brought her lips to kiss at it. She smelt the stale odour of his dried semen.

"You just masturbated, didn't you?" she asked matter-of-factly. He nodded dumbly, wondering if this signalled the end. She must feel insulted or upset he thought.

"You imagined you were fucking me?" she asked, her mouth still hovering around the jerking flesh, stealing kisses at it. It was not a pleasant odour but then Sheila knew more about how nothing mattered in moments of lust. She looked up at the boy for an answer.

"No," he replied weakly.

"Then? Then what were you thinking of?" she asked.

"I replayed how you looked when you were playing with the hose," he confessed.

Sheila looked at him, taking her eyes off his penis. Now he was opening up to her on how he had seen her. She knew that in a while, this shy, inhibited, young man could well be calling her names and doing things to her that defied description in acceptable language. Sex, the great leveller. Once unleashed nothing was taboo.

Making on 'O' of her wide lips, Sheila sucked in just the top, the head of his penis and like a lick of an ice-cream scoop proceeded to take a dollop of his precum. She moved up, dragging her lips on his groin, smearing the fluid she had on her lips on his body. She knew it to be a necessary sexual act that a male would love but she often found semen to be brackish or overly salty or pungent. The man's reaction was worth the effort but not for the taste.

She wiggled her way up and now sat astride him, his penis just ahead of her pussy.

"I am flattered you could not control yourself thinking of me," she said, looking down at him as his eyes darted from her face to her breasts and back. And forth. Again and again. She was looking resplendent and her mouth was wet. She had a large vermilion red dot on her forehead. Her hair was around her face, long, messed up and making her look ravishing. Her blouse and bra hung open and there were those breasts he wanted to feed on.

As she wiggled forward they jiggled and bounced. He really wanted to touch and feel them. Suck and bite on them. But also her lips. Her cheeks.

But she was the one in charge and that is how Sheila liked it. She unwound the saree from around her hips and discarded it. She undid the cord of her petticoat, her eyes all the time on the boy lying under her. He was clutching the sheets in his fist. She was doing everything and he seemed closer and closer to his goal of experiencing a woman fully. He wanted to make no mistake in his moves. It was only when she reached for his hands and brought them to her breasts that he kneaded them. He was gentle and squeezed them like he was milking them as he had taught her before.

Leaning forward he captured the nipple of one breast in his mouth. He sucked. She gasped. His wet mouth was delightful on her breasts. It felt wonderful to have her breasts stimulated and there was more attention happening simultaneously. His face nudged aside her open bra as it sought more flesh for him to feed on.

She bunched the petticoat around her hips and reached under to hold his penis. Holding him tenderly, she guided herself so her pussy was poised over his head. She ran the head up and down her gaping pussy lips several times. Sham grabbed her breasts really hard as he felt the expert manipulation send pulses of pleasure down his rigid cock.

Sheila grimaced as she prepared to end her fast. She winced as her pussy, wet and slithery as it was, found it difficult to sink fully on the young man's completely engorged member. She recalled that this was his first time; he must be larger than he ever had been and he never might be this swollen with excitement ever again.

She groaned and he tried to sit, panicking that he was hurting her. She pushed him back, tremblingly smiling at him. She shook her head to stop him from doing anything reassuring him she was in control. Hands on his chest she levered her body up slightly and pushed downward with greater emphasis. She groaned loudly as she felt herself fill up with his complete penis embedded in her waiting shaft.

"Yes!" she hissed. The boy watched in amazement as the woman luxuriated with him stabbed into her sheath. Her eyes were closed and her face was a picture of intense concentration as she focused on the fullness and its pressure on her vaginal walls. He could see the pulse on her neck throb. He himself felt nothing as his cock hummed and felt numb. He seemed stuck and could not move.

Sheila knew the tight fit was from his arousal and while she needed a raking that would have to wait. Right now she had to take all the pleasure that she could get from being in this position. She wiggled her hips allowing more of her fluids to seep down the penis. Sham could only gawk and shiver as he felt his penis heat up and threaten to melt inside this woman. He stroked her breasts taking his time to feel her nipples and toyed with them.

Sheila shivered, her eyes still closed, and smiled as she felt the young man's hands manipulate her. It was lovely to have her pussy filled up and there were still hands to roam her breasts. And a body to hug and maul in her pleasure. She moved a bit up and back down.

Sham now felt the head of his cock throb with desire. He wanted it caressed by her sheath. His hands instinctively slid to her sides under her breasts as he held her body up a bit giving him the space to thrust upward. Thumbs continued to play on her breasts. Sheila continued to sit atop, impaled, not moving excepting for a wiggle or a ripple from the walls of her vagina. She opened her eyes narrowly to look Sham in the eye and acknowledge the shift in his desire. He had started to feel himself again and the need for pleasure seemed to have taken hold of him. She knew this phase of the sexual initiation. The instincts of man were alive and well in this boy and he wanted to dominate and take his pleasure.

As she prepared to give him a measure of control over their fused bodies, she felt him thrust once. Sham fucked upward more out of instinct than any plan. But his cock melted in release. His penis shot forth hot streams of cum as he released without control. He shuddered and groaned, "No aunty!" as he saw this as a premature culmination of his plans. Fingers sank brutally into her breasts as Sheila felt the gush into her pussy. She sighed. This, even though he had just masturbated. There was a certain joy to be ahead in the insatiability of youth; it offset the lack of ability to control. And there was something to be said for the man who could take and give pleasure at a pace which allowed Sheila to take incessant pleasure.

She lifted herself up and rammed down to give Sham the pleasure of a full and proper caress by her pussy. "Ah!" shouted the boy as she fucked his cum spewing penis. It was over in a few thrusts. He was sobbing in pleasure and regret at the swift conclusion. She leaned forward, her curvaceous rear jutting up in the air but still retaining part of him inside her. Her mouth came over his mouth and she murmured "Shhh!" reassuring him that she was still in charge of him. She opened her mouth and kissed him tonguing him. Small fluttering kisses on his cheeks and neck were her way of showing that her interest in him was far from over.

"And I thought you had just masturbated," she murmured into his ear, catching his lobe in her lips. He buried his head in the crook of her neck and smelt the wonderful womanly aroma which was Sheila's natural state. She rose off him, gasping at the vacuum which seemed unbearable. He leapt up too, surprised. He wanted more but he knew nothing of how to take more.

His penis gave no indication of having been conquered. It stood like before, proud and erect. If anything gave away the situation it was the whitish flow of fluids down the trunk which betrayed the recent cumming.

"Come," she invited him, standing up. She still wore her blouse and bra open in the front but nothing else as the petticoat dropped to the floor. Sham watched captivated by the curve of her hips and ass. She pulled him and took him to the bathroom. There she sat him on a marble slab and knelt between his legs. Her face hovered over his cock as she murmured to him again, "I will teach you how to enjoy aunty in every way," she said. She could have been talking that lovingly to the penis in her face for the way she was caressing it. She poured warm water over his groin and soaped him. Her fingers lovingly slid up and down the cock as she rinsed him thoroughly.

Sham shuddered and pleasured at the stroking. His hands roamed her back and his legs pressed against her cushiony breasts. When Sheila rested back on her heels, still kneeling, his cock was standing upright in all its glory. She had him cleaned and free from their messy juices. It was reddened from its new experiences.

Sheila leaned forward and kissed the scrotum. Her lips moved up the bottom of his cock, nibbling and pressing her lips on the trunk. "Aunty!" hollered Sham. This was beyond his wildest imagination. His best hope had been to strike up a friendship and see what happened next. And here was this lady gobbling at his cock hungrily.

Releasing a gob of saliva on to his penis to avoid hurting him, Sheila went to work with a gusto, her head bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock. Her own desires bubbled up but she continued to pleasure Sham. Now her hand ran up and down his cock and she twisted and turned the cock her mouth open and roaming the head continuously.

She moved up his body kissing him all the way up. And then she covered his mouth with hers, letting him taste himself on her lips. She now stood in front of him and pulled his head to her breasts. He kissed and sucked at the mounds enjoying the treat. She reached for his hand and guided it to her own pussy. Sham palmed her cunt and rubbed at her. It maddened her and then further crazed her when she realised there would be no penetrating fuck from his fingers.

Frantically she grabbed his fingers and bunched two of them and then stammered, "Pretend these two are your cock!" She thrust them at her pussy and Sham realised what she meant. Awkwardly, he worked at getting an angle at which to probe her.

"Yes!" she hissed to encourage him by letting him know he was headed in the right direction. Meanwhile she held his head to her breasts, feeding the mounds to him. "Suck me hard," she pleaded with him.

His fingers slid into her tentatively and young Sham marvelled at the hot, slick channel that welcomed his fingers. He slid in and out of her pussy and his lips worked her nipples in and out of his own mouth.

"Oh yes, my baby!" groaned the woman loudly, as her pussy pulsated with a vitality missing in her own masturbation. Her hips thrust at the hand between the legs and her she slapped her breasts on his face in a frenzied attempt to take more pleasure. The wild thrusting and jerking did nothing for her; it only showed her desperate need for a satisfying fuck. She would have to train him lots before he could satiate her the way she wanted.

She moved to the washbasin platform and seated herself on that, her knees spread apart, her cunt open wide. She pulled him to her. Hooking her legs behind his ass, she took in the penis with a new ease.

"Now!" she commanded. "Fuck me!"

Sham hissed in pleasure as he felt her cunt like he had not felt it the first time. This was the real thing! He could feel her throbbing along his pillar and grabbing at him. Sliding his hands under her ass he pulled her close to him, groin to groin meshed against one another.

"Good!" she encouraged him. He seemed a fast learner; like most of them. Her hips slid on the marble and she rode his cock, like she was a socket mounted on a rail. He fucked back with youthful vigor. They thrust against each other.

This was fantastic! Sheila felt the hard thrusting of this man against her. He was young and wanting. He was rock hard and since she set her eyes on him his cock had not grown flaccid even for a bit. In fact, she did not know what he looked like when not erect. She slid forward on him. She moved back and gave space for him to slam into her. She laughed her pleasure as her hands reached around to grab his ass and hold him tight to her.

They clung to each other as each tried to hold the other as a steady target. He wanted her pussy held firm and open for his ramming. She wanted the rod held straight and ready to take her pummelling cunt. With a slight lifting of her hips she changed the angle to take his cock on her clit.

"Ah!" she screamed in wild abandon like she had all those years ago in the Assam forests. Her body bucked and thrashed as she felt her first full orgasm in the arms of a man in a long time. She sobbed her orgasm out in a series of gasps and cries which startled the young man. Tears streamed from Sheila's eyes in relief as she realised what she had been missing. She ground herself mercilessly on his hard-as-ever cock.

She was glad he had masturbated and for his second quick cumming; it gave her an unrelenting monster to feed on. She convulsed, once, twice, thrice and then in slowing pools of orgasm it all came to a halt. She held her cunt against the base of his cock, pressed hard, her eyes shut tight and her nails drawing lines on his back. She was sobbing and shuddering alternately so the inexperienced young man could not make out whether there was unbridled joy or sadness. The only give away was the constant stream of termors on his cock from her still pulsating cunt.

She clung to him, unwilling to let him go. He tried to push her away but she wiggled herself back on to his cock. Finally, he leaned and bit at her nipple playfully. It made her squirm and release him. If she had known why he was pushing her away she might have let him do it sooner.

It was Sham's turn to sink to his knees. He buried his face in her gaping open cunt, not knowing what to do, except that his instincts told him to kiss her there. He kissed hard. He toyed with his tongue. He plunged his tongue into the soft, bubbling flesh finding it would not probe open further like his penis could. He kissed the way she had kissed his cock; a thousand kisses on every spot. Sheila shuddered and grabbed his head, thrusting her pussy onto his face, grinding herself for pleasure.

She would have to teach him this too; not a frantic gobble at her pussy but a more measured, cadenced tonguing of her cunt would do wonders. She let out a long sigh. So much to do, teach, find and research. She loved youth for its unending desire; she loved youth for the number of things it allowed her to teach.

This however, was the time for a plain, raw fuck. To initiate the boy. To take the edge off her own pent up desire.

She pushed his head back. Pleasurable though it was, it was not how she wanted to be eaten. Training him was the key. For now, she lay down on the floor, holding her legs up and open, inviting him to enter her. He lay with his head between her legs and sucked violently. This was a better effort and she jerked in a spontaneous, small release. She clutched at his head and whined her pleasure. He was insatiable – this was going to be fun.

He kneeled between her legs and crept forward, his cock over her cunt. She held him and guided him in. He rested his upper body on his arms placed on either side of her. Then, as if he was riding his bike, Sham commenced a steady, rhythmic pounding of the woman under him. She held his ass feeling the muscles clenching as he fucked. His fucking increased in force steadily. Soon, Sheila's breasts were jiggling to the hard ramming. Her head was nearing a wall as he pounded up into her, and they slowly slid closer to the wall. She put her hands on top of her head to prevent hurting herself but Sham was now unmindful. And became more and more animal.

He leaned forward and sucked and gnawed at her breasts, thrusting continuously. He grabbed a towel and dried his cock and her cunt from the juices they had generated. And then re-entered her when both were mostly dry. Taking advantage of the friction, he rammed himself into her making her scream in pleasure and agony. Sheila grabbed at him and clung on as her cunt spewed its release of one more orgasm. This was a more watery release which reduced the slickness of her cunt.

The young man who had come twice in quick succession was still nowhere near cumming. Sheila could fuck for hours and in various positions. But today was after a long time and she felt unprepared for a sudden ratcheting up of sexual activity like this. Her pussy worked to make him cum. But he pounded on.

She wiggled and thrust back; it only made her own cumming more intense. He ploughed into her as if to make up for her past.

She ringed his cock, thrusting her hand between them, to make it release. It made him more animal and she creid out in ecstasy as his cock took her in a new angle.

She tapped her heels on his ass and this time he shuddered. She repeated the pattern with gusto.

Sham started to sob in great big heaves.

"Aunty!" he slobbered. She ringed his cock again.

"Aunty! Aunty! Aunty!" he screamed in uncontrolled release.

This time she felt he was too loud. It was she who made the noises while copulating and this was the first time she was hearing her partner scream. It sounded too loud!

"Sheila aunty," she murmured, covering his lips with her long fingers.

"Sheila aunty! Sheila!" he hollered. He could not leave out the aunty. It did not sound respectable, he thought incongruously. "Aunty!" he added as he felt he had to be careful in how he handled this wonderful woman.

"Yes, baby! Your Sheila Aunty!" she cooed, as she felt relief that the pounding was about to come to an end for now. She wanted a stud like him. But for later. Right now she wanted this to end.

"Sheila aunty! Sheila aunty! Sheila aunty!" repeated Sham in a tremulous voice as his orgasm eluded him. He was on the brink. The pleasure was intense. It was great to be here. But he also wanted to fill her.

"Fuck me! Fill me baby!" she encouraged him. It did the trick, as it usually did.

"But I don't want this to end!" he wailed as his cum shot forth.

"It won't!" blurted out Sheila, gasping in her own, uncounted orgasm. "I am here. Fuck me when you like. "

"Yaaaah?" he asked as his cock spewed despite his wanting to stop it.

"Yes! And however you like it!" she cried out, cumming in unison with him.

"Will you take me like this again?" he gasped, as he thrust fully, holding his penis deep in her at the moment of its spurting.

"Oh yes!" she exulted, feeling the warm surge in her womb. "Fill me. Like this. Again and again!" she gasped thrusting back at him.

Oh! This was beautiful! She wanted this kind of animal like lovemaking so much! A dam had been breached within her and she knew it. She rocked him, couching his penis in her, milking him as he came in a final series of tremors. And then he collapsed on top of her, his cock releasing small dribbles as he came in a number of small releases. She felt him resting on her breasts, coming to rest on her like a felled beast. She caressed his back with hands and her heels, rocking him. The poor boy was breathless from his exertions. She herself was aching with a wonderful stretching that only a young man could give her.

She pushed him off gently, gasping as she felt him vacate her. He flopped on his back and lay there with his penis still erect, now slick once again with a mix of their juices. Sheila laughed, "You came to see aunty! Did you see enough of her, or is it I who saw you?"

Sham was still breathing heavily and looked over at Sheila who too was on her back, large breasts heaving from her own exertion and looking well and truly taken. Sheila was fulfilled and knew she had found a new lover. She snuggled up to him and put her leg across his body; he jumped as her leg hit his cock, threatening to hurt him.

"Sorry!" she laughed. She rested her head on his broad chest. Reaching behind she found a sheet and used it to cover them. Then through the sheet her fist gripped his cock and stroked him gently. Once, twice and then thrice. Then she slid her hand under and felt the semi-dry cock. It was hard as ever. She kissed the chest, hand still working on the flesh.

"Are you usually free at this time of day?" she asked toying with him. "This boy has promise," she thought to herself as the penis swelled back to its pre-fuck hardness.

"Aunty!" groaned Sham. "Yes!"

"Yes to what?" she teased. "This?" she asked with a stroke of the fistful of cock "Or free at this time?"

He gagged at her masterful stroking and turned toward her once again grabbing a breast to counter attack her at.

"Shhh!" she soothed him. "Rest now," she said, releasing him and freeing herself from him. "This is just the beginning. Aunty has lots to show you. And wants you to lot of things," she said. Her mind was on how much she wanted him to eat her. And for to eat him. And to fuck. And to be fucked.

Sheila was reborn as her old self once again. Sham clung to this wonderful woman and allowed himself to drift into slumber, his mouth on her breast and head resting on her. It was a new beginning for both of them. One with a lot of promise.

He was asleep and she let him get his rest. Sheila had napped just before Sham had shown up at her door. She quickly discovered that she had been spotted in her little pleasure garden on the rooftop. It did not take her long to figure out why he had called on her. The young man, all of nineteen years in age had his blood surging with hormones and wanted to see if he could strike up a friendship or more with this woman he had spotted from his roof top.

She has played and pleasured herself with her usual wild abandon on the assumption she could not be seen. Actually, Sham had seen her play with her breasts and use the water hose to bring herself to orgasm. And before she could gather herself and freshen up, there he was at the door.

The expert seductress that she was, she sized up the boy wonderfully well. Her own self-control of the last few years did not help. Trying to bring up her own teenaged son in a better environment prevented him from indulging herself in young males the way she had for years before. In Sham she sensed opportunity to indulge her carnal craving without compromising on the home environment she wanted. In any case, in her hunger she justified everything she wanted to do to herself.

And so, after several years, Sheila found herself in a familiar situation: that of a teacher. And here was her student, lying knocked out but not down – for his erection was unabated. She had still not seen it any state but that.

The first round, of initiating him to sex was quick but consisted of more than one round of actual copulation. His untrained and urgent approach tired her out sooner but that was also because she was unused to vigorous sex; and Sham was vigorous if anything.

She allowed it. First bring him in and allow him to feed in frenzy. Then he would be calm enough to be tutored in the art of pleasuring Sheila. To be honest, she too fed on him with frenzy. For a woman used to a string of lovers the prolonged celibacy proved too much. She rode him initially, intending to take her full pleasure but he could not hold out. Then she had him pound her but it lacked the finish she was used to.

So, while she was ragged with the fucking, she was hardly satiated. In fact, the idea of having to teach him the details of pleasuring her drove her wild as she waited for him to wake up. She went over the details of all the things she needed to teach him. She wanted him to learn to eat her to orgasm. He also had to learn to fuck her from behind; it felt so wonderfully animal and forceful. And then there was sixty-nine…. All of these had to be taught one by one, but punctuated by better kissing, riding, fucking and foreplay.

So much to do! And Sheila knew the young man might not be able to stick to her sequence of lessons. Nor she to her intended script. Two wild people: it would be a long series of lessons, detours included.

All these thoughts raised her body temperature to one of intense sexual fever. She needed him. She needed that the orgasm to end all orgasms: the one his tongue could bring. She eyed the clock. How much time had she before her son returned? The boy would have to out before then. And the maid who came in for an hour to do the house? The maid was by herself not such a big problem for her own bedroom was out of bounds for the servants. This part she maintained by herself. There were just too many valuables and she could not be bothered with locking up things in this room which was her haven from the whole wide world. It was a room where she did not have to think of anything or anyone. This was where the real Sheila lived they way she wanted to live.

She thought all these thoughts and her hand idly slid down her tummy and she twirled her pubic hair. Her hand moved up and down her torso, occasionally venturing further than the pubic hair, as she contemplated sliding her fingers in. Her tummy was damp with mild perspiration from the exertions of their session. As she patted around to find a sheet or towel to dry herself a bit the doorbell rang.

Sheila threw on her caftan. She thought a bit about it and then locked her room and slipped the key into her pocket. What if some circumstance presented itself and the maid accessed the room? She could not let her find this young Adonis lying nude, erection and all, in her bed.

She rapidly went down the stairs. It was the maid. She let her in. No instructions. Sheila's house was kept to order. The clothes would be in the wash basket. The vessels would be in the sink. Takeaways of yesterday's leftovers for the maid would be found in their allotted place. And Memsahib Sheila's space was out of bounds as usual. That was Sheila. Perfect in keeping house.

Leaving the maid alone as she often did, Sheila ran up the stairs quickly and found herself quite sweaty by the time she reached her room. She had already been warm; the quick walk down and back up the stairs made her really hot.

That heat was nothing compared to the hot frenzy into which she had built herself thinking of her young lover waiting to be woken, taught and taken. She quickly lifted the caftan over her head and let it drop to the floor. Holding her hands to her breasts, she gently toggled her erect nipples and kneeled on the bed, his legs between her knees. And she slowly waddled up the prone body. As she moved up she found herself having to spread her knees wider. It lowered her pubis tantalizing low over his body and it seemed her pussy would snag his penis.

That was something she didn't want. There was every chance it would slide in. There was every chance she would succumb to the rawest of sexual hungers. There was every chance she would feed on him like a slut rather than teach him the art of pleasuring Sheila.

She rose over the impediment and lowered herself across his broad chest. It was just way too broad for her pubis not to scrape his chest. She tucked her knees in near his arm pits and held the head board of the bed in her hand. She lowered her tummy and ran it on his face. His lips smeared her and he awoke to the aroma of Sheila's heavenly body. She moved up till it was the pubis – steaming, hot and open- at his face. It seemed to her like a molten cauldron ready to melt down on him. Then she ran her body down, the pubis smearing his chest with her fluids. As she went lower her breasts touched the top of his head.

Sham could only see and smell wondrous sights of this woman. He tried to reach for those heavy breasts, hanging under their own weight. She slapped his hand down. Her hair cascading over his face she whispered into his ear, "Time to learn lessons from aunty, dear!" And then she continued to graze his body with her torso and pubis. On one such trip down she brought her face level to his face.

Her face, he noted was a radiant red with the bindi – the dot on the forehead - smudged and smeared in the careless lovemaking.

"Stick your tongue out," she commanded. He obeyed.. Sheila nibbled on it, sucking into her mouth the wet, hot tongue. It felt wonderful to both of them. She squealed as she felt pleasure in sucking his tongue in and pushing it out. Sham reached under and found her pubis and tried to find the slit and push in his fingers as she had shown him previously. But this time she grabbed his wrist and restrained him.

"Not your hand," she smiled at him. "Keep that tongue firm and out," she instructed him. She dueled his tongue with hers and found his tongue moving. "Firm," she hissed at him. Then she tested his tongue again and again, and finding him holding firm, she made a satisfied 'Mmm" sound.

"Now, relax your tongue. And now stretch it out and hold firm" she ordered him. Quickly shimmying up she allowed his tongue to draw a line on her torso, down past her navel till it lay lurking under her pubis. Sheila shuddered at the delicate touch of his tongue. Now she lowered herself and ran the bushy pubis on the broad tongue. She felt the rough, broad surface of his tongue. She ground on to his face, feeling his face on her pussy lips.

Sham grabbed at her ass pulling her down wanting to bury his face in her pussy.

"Easy," she gasped, excited by the urgency he showed. "Focus on the point of contact."

"Nnh!" she grunted happily as he showed his ability to focus. "You don't have to feel anything but the – ah! – openness of my pussy. Can you feel it?" she asked, trembling. Her voice was shaky with desire.

"Mmf," came his muffled reply. Once again he tried to press his mouth against her pussy. She hunched over as it sent a ripple of pleasure through her. "Un-hunh!" she protested. The student was impatient. He had to be taught how to be totally focused on delivering her pleasure with a calm focus.

She let go of the head board which she had gripped tightly with both hands to balance her pussy over his tongue and mouth. She gripped his head in both hands holding his face around the ears and looked down. She could see her two breasts heaving and past them down, the boy's bewildered face. "Focus on me!" she said. "Watch.'

She leaned back resting her bottom on him. He could feel the sticky hot besmirching of her soppy channel on him. She reached back with her hand and with some effort found his cock. In this position her breasts, large and heavy as they were, were upturned and pointed upwards arrogantly, defying gravity. Sham wanted to hold them, but Sheila had shown him who was in charge.

Moreover, she had his cock which was seeping fluid in her grip.

"I can pleasure you like this," she said, holding him tight in her fist and shoving down hard. Sham winced as the rough fisting gave him pleasure but also brought on an intense desire to be rapidly fisted. "You might want more of it," said the experienced woman, "But it would finish soon."

"Whereas this," she said, letting go of him – at which he groaned in frustration – "Is more like what you actually want."

Expertly, she moistened her fingers with his secretions. Using just her thumb, forefinger and middle finger, she rotated the head of his cock gently, touching all of the sensitive zone on his head with each finger in turn as her hand rotated. Her eyes were fixed intently on his face as she looked for the response she wanted. His mouth opened and he gasped as he felt three caresses in the spot that mattered the most in quick succession. His body shuddered.

Taking advantage of the further secretions now, she slid her hand gently down the pillar. She felt heat soaring between her legs as she felt how hard and broad his cock was. Sham could have sensed it if his mind was alive to anything but his cockhead. The hand cam back up and soon the troika of fingers formed the massaging head and she twirled her hand expertly. Each finger passed the erogenous zone on his cockhead and the poor boy shuddered, enslaved by her skill.

He thrust his hips up desperate for more, and she was there to give him more as her fist formed a lubricated glove for him to fuck. Down, then back, up, scooping even more of his precum. Gently, but firmly, focusing on all the right things that drive a man wild, she fisted him. Pleasure- but not its culmination. Making love to a man was like swimming, biking she thought to herself. The memory comes back spontaneously even if you haven't done it for a while.

She slid down his body, intending to provide him relief from the mad desire she had aroused. After all, he was her student, not a slave, not someone to be tortured. Gazing lovingly at the phallus in her hands now, she covered it with her lips and held the head in a ring formed by her lips. Using just two fingers she masturbated the shaft of his penis. He shuddered his pleasure, moaning and begging her obscenely, "Sheila! Ah! Fuck meeee! Oh, fuckkkkkk!"

The lips pressed down hard, curbing the nature of his release. His orgasm receded even as his shaft seemed to pulsate in release. He had his pleasure – but not its culmination.

She looked up from his cock at him. If he cared to look down he would have seen her, radiant as ever, with his streaky fluids in strands from her lips to his anatomy. Sheila now came up on all fours, prone on her victim like a tigress. She shimmied up and regained her post atop his face.

"That tongue!" she commanded and this time, dutifully he held out a broad slab of flesh for her to pleasure herself on. Holding the bed headboard, she pushed her ass out. It opened her legs wider than ever – though her pussy was already agape. Moving her body in an arc, the cunt formed an arc for which the point of contact with his body was his chin. And as she moved upward, the tongue snagged the lips. The tongue slathered the clit and the broad tongue pushed broadly against the lips that followed.

When she ran her body down, the arc started from the base of her pussy, stroking the wider and wetter lips till the clit came to find the tip. Sheila shuddered violently as the tongue found its mark better. "Yah!" she exclaimed at the precise moment. She wanted Sham to know that this was the high point of the tongued caress. Pressing down harder as irrepressible desire took grip of her, she ran the top of her pussy – the joining of lips, the clit and all, down and hard on the chin bone, taking a shamelessly large dollop of pleasure.

This time her "Yah" was guttural, longer and encouraging. 'Indicate which act bestows the most pleasure', she recalled from the manual for instructors. It was this, it was this, it was this!

In long sensuous grinding arcs of her hips she repeatedly grazed her pussy along tongue and chin. This was the point at which she would have loved variations. "Patience," she said to herself, gritting her teeth.

For her, sexual pleasure was not of one single kind. Like different varieties of mango each with their own distinct taste, different varieties of pleasure had their own distinct vocabulary. And in that, cunnilingus was a class apart.

Within that, there were variations which she hungered – for each separately. Fingers thrust into her pussy, fucking while she was being sucked. At other times, those fingers curled and searching and stimulating the inside walls of her pussy. But then, on still other occasions her body demanded the fullness of a throbbing cock – fingers would not do; even as her clit was being thrashed. For that, she taught her man to use a cucumber. Or better still a dildo-shaped vibrator. And of course, nothing – no vibrator – could replicate the throbbing of the shaft of a penis which emanated from within. Having a cock stretch her out and pulsate while a tongue was busy on her clit was more like a rare treat. It involved arrangements, but when they could be made, the pleasure was of a different magnitude.

"Right now, we must learn to walk before we can fly," she said to herself. As the grinding grew more intense, her need for release grew to a new peak. There was nothing "plain vanilla" about having her pussy eaten. It was all a matter of scale and degree. This was lovely, as beautiful as anything. And the boy was a good learner.

"Now!" she called out to him. "Do you know where it matters – ah! – the most – aah?" she asked, doing the nuanced work of pleasuring herself on her own.

"Mm! Yes!" came the muffled reply from beneath.

Bracing herself for the storm to come, she commanded in a voice laden with expectancy, "Then go for it! Suck me! Use your tongue! Yes, there! There! Oh, yes!" she coaxed him. He was a good student. Feeling around with his tongue, Sham found the slick knob of flesh and flicked his tongue tip rapidly, feeling her fluids collect on his face. She was open, agape, thrust downwards and there was only one way for her secretions to flow: down on his face. He felt it on his nostrils. Down his chin. Partly her secretions. Partly his own saliva from keeping his mouth open and tongue stretched out.

Sheila fucked his face for good measure. Her grip on the headboard tightened till her knuckles were white as she rocked on his face. Her thrusting became insistent. The headboard banged against the wall. Sheila thought of the paint finish on the wall taking marks, but that could not be helped.

She thrust down harder and harder, riding the upcoming storm with a ferocity. Sham gripped her sumptuous ass in his hands, trying to hold the target steady. Sheila was thrashing about, her head flinging from side to side. The thumping of the bed against the wall grew more violent. In this unusually quiet house, the sounds were not lost on the maid working the rooms below. She stared up the stairs at the closed door at the end of the landing. It seemed like any other day. Then came the muffled noises.

"Yes, you bastard! You, young beast! Eat me! Eat me! Yah!" Sheila hollered, banging down on the Sham. Sham did his best to keep his focus. He was distracted. His own penis was aching for attention. The breasts above him were flapping and making slapping noises. He wanted to hold those massive mounds. And there was this sluice gate in front of his face. He wanted desperately to get a good score with Sheila Aunty. He wanted her, he wanted all of this. And he wanted more. Most of all, he wanted to own the woman's pleasure. He wanted to love her, tame her and possess her.

His hands grabbed wildly. His mouth lapped at the pussy. Valiantly, and more or less successfully, he kept Sheila going in the direction of release.

"Hnnh!" grunted Sheila loudly, hips thrust forward, breasts captured in his hands and mauled as the first wave slammed into her. Then she pulled her hips back and jabbed forward to take the second wave of pleasure. She pinched her own nipples and screamed, "Sham!" She fucked down vigorously as her body took over. She thrashed, flailed and pounded down on the youth beneath her.

"Now!" she bellowed. "Now do me as you please! Suck! Bite! Eat! Maul" she cried out.

He clawed and slapped her as he sought to bring her to control. His tongue was aching but he did not stop. He closed his mouth on her pussy as best as he could and sucked. A loud slurping noise emerged as his open mouth proved inadequate to cover the chasm between her legs fully. Sheila squirted thick jets of cum on to his surprised face: he didn't know women ejaculated like men.

Sheila made animal sounds of pleasure, grunting, groaning and shouting obscenities.

"Fuck me! Oh, fuck me! Oh, yes! Yah! Take me! Take me! Take meeee!" she wailed as her insides poured out onto the boy. He let it all flow. Not drinking or sucking anything. Just tonguing to ensure she got her fullest release. His chin and neck was soaked in her fluids. He continued his ministrations and the thumping slowed to a standstill. Sheila was now the picture of intense concentration.

She raised her hips a wee bit to put them out of reach of his tongue – she could take no more. But her mind was focused on the tremors still lashing her body, the aftershocks of her first, truly intense cumming in years. At this time, the only thing that mattered was Sheila herself. The young man under her was merely an instrument to deliver this pleasure. His job done he did not exist at this moment. The only thing was she herself, and her pleasure. And she stayed there with that, savoring every little frisson.

There was a prolonged silence, during which the maid concluded that whatever it was had passed without incident.

Satiated Sheila knew she needed to give her young lover what he had earned. A break was needed for her and she took it in her own characteristic style. First she leaned down and kissed the young student on his lips. She tasted herself. She liked the taste. Women tasted beautiful she thought to herself, thinking of times when she had done that, too.

She swiveled around and sank her face down on the cock, unattended and craving attention. Sham found himself looking at Sheila's wide hips and ass and then the pussy sank back on his face. He nuzzled her; she took him in her throat. She allowed her saliva to drench the pillar. Then in a slow bobbing of her head she gave him head. She knew it was new to him. But she knew that soon it would be on his menu card right on the top. No man ever went to bed without her mouthing him, or sucking him, even if only briefly. And often it was not brief.

Men loved it. And she taught him what he was going to grow to love. She fucked him with her mouth. His hips thrust up and tried to take command but that was not how it worked. Soon his efforts shifted to replying with action on her pussy; but at some point she could take no more of that and raised her pussy beyond the comfortable reach of his mouth.

She kissed his scrotum and the sac. Turning her head to reach that caused his cock to stain her cheek. This too, the warmth of his cock against her cheek was something he would come to love and want. So, too, the pillar slapping against her face, neck and chest. She moved forward and allowed the breasts to slap against the cock. She anointed the cock with each nipple, staining herself with him.

He groaned his pleasure: this woman was just out of his wildest wet dream. She was leaving nothing for another day, for another dream. He caressed the back of her thighs, kissed her ankles and stroked her legs. She enjoyed that. It told her that this young man had the potential for true sensuality. But later.

Right now – he needed to be fucked.

She moved forward, her back still to him. Holding his ankles she raised her hips above his well slathered cock. Sham caressed her ass and tried to hold her by her hips from behind. It was a facile gesture. The woman was in command. Sheila shuddered in anticipation at the pleasure that was to come from the difference in the angle of penis against pussy. She slid down taking him in up into her in one swift slide down.

Clenching her muscles she provided the silken sheath which was to ride the reddening, maddened cock to its release. Manipulating herself expertly, Sheila ran her pussy walls against the zone she had previously discovered on his cock. He gagged at the precision with which pleasure was delivered. He needed to hold his beloved Sheila Aunty. He tried to sit up and succeeded partially. From here he clawed to get some of each breast in his hand.

She arched her back, leaning back. Reaching for his head, she caressed him. Like a solider riding a steed, she rode him. But because she had leaned back, he was not fully loaded into her. She had to be careful lest he slip out. And she could not do with a sudden vacuum in her pussy at this instant. She rode just the top part of his penis, the head rotated and caressed by the outer third of her pussy.

"What do you want?" she whispered seductively as she turned her face to kiss him; those wide somewhat thick lips – he now knew why god had made her like that. For him. He sighed into her open mouth and his hands took possession of her cushiony breasts. He kneaded them tenderly. Like she had taught him. Like she had taught him everything else.

"Do you want to suck me?" she whispered into his mouth, still rotating her hips in a gentle grind. The movement was incessant. Like the waves of the sea, she moved on him, never giving pause to his pleasure.

He nodded, kissing her sloppily in the heat of his desire for her. She nodded and smiled at him sweetly. "Young man, if you can fuck me and pleasure me as I want, then you can expect the same from me," she seemed to say. She was there for him, now – for his pleasure.

She raised herself and placed her body forward on her hands. Rapidly falling back on him and rising she fucked his cock in rapid motions and soon she was quivering with her own release. She sensed he might cum. As her body took its pleasure and finished, she lifted herself off and grabbed the slick, waving cock. She pressed the head deftly between her finger tips, heading off any orgasm or release for him.

He groaned in frustration but soon she faced him and cooed to him, "Shhhh!" And then using a term that came to her spontaneously but shocked him, she said, "Mamma will take care of you my dear!"

She sat astride him on his thighs. The cock was jutting up between them. She placed her feet flat on the base of the head board behind him. Her hands gripped the top of the head board. She now had what she called her 'rowing position' ready. She would use her hands to pull her body toward him sliding her pussy on to his cock. And she would use her feet to push back, sliding off his cock, milking it.

Already Sham had his eyes closed as he savored those breasts squeezed against his chest; for almost the first time he had them in his undivided attention. She guided his head down to her breasts.

"This is what you wanted to do, isn't it?" she asked him tenderly. He kissed the breasts all over, touching her nipples as he criss-crossed the surface of the mounds. He buried his face between them and slobbered on her. Somewhere, he thought he smelt himself. Then he remembered Sheila slapping his waving cock with the weight of the flesh. Soon he was on to her nipples in full. Sucking and milking them.

"Yes, baby! Oh yes! Mamma's got it all for you," she whispered in his ear. The gentle suckling by him, like a calf on a teat was sending tingling shots to her pussy. Her pussy was lying there unattended which would not do at all. She knew her boy had found his ultimate toy and could not be distracted. He played and pleasured her breasts as his new indulgence.

Reaching between she held his cock in her fist. It was proud and standing up at an angle from which penetration was not going to happen. She pulled him down and slid her hips forward expertly. The cock found its sheath once again, slid in and Sheila had her fill. Now she went back to her 'rowing position'. She was set for the final assault.

Sham gasped as he felt her taking him in to the hilt. It changed the position from which he could suck her breasts but he also enjoyed the movement and the breast slapping him in the face. He kept up gamely, sucking and kissing and pressing his face into the breasts as best he could.

Sheila pulled back and rammed forward. She sighed with contentment as the thrust touched her in every part of her pussy, caressing every spot. Then she pulled back again – and gave Sham the time he needed to kiss her breasts. Then she rammed, and this time she uttered an animal grunt, "Uhhrrrr!"

"Aaaah!" she screamed as the thick shaft caressed her clit as she pulled back.

"Hahrrrrrr!" she growled as she thrust on the cock and embedded it in her womb.

The pleasure was intense as the cock penetrated her deepest and as she managed her angles to ensure maximum contact. The wetness from both of them was surging and she found the sensations diminished. She took a quick moment to use a sheet to dry his cock. She stuffed the edge of the sheet up her pussy to dry her own self out as well.

Then quickly, she shook her hair free from her face and assumed her position. Head thrown back she screamed and growled alternately as she rammed his cock again and again. The pleasure rose and Sham felt he was not contributing enough. Hands slipped under her and he clutched her ass, now his chest pressed against her breasts.

"Yes, aunty! You are fantastic!" he murmured into her ear.

She laughed in pleasure as Sham now added his own vigor to her ramming. The cunt slammed on the cock with extra vigor and his fingers were touching her in erotic places around her ass.

"No!" she hissed through clenched teeth and pulled back. The pleasure was seething.

"We!" she said slamming down. "Are!" she said pulling back. "A great –ah! A great ah ah! Fuckkk!" she ended and now hitching herself a bit higher, ran a quick series of rapid jabs at her cock. She had an orgasm impending and she pushed it on taking the pleasure fair and square.

"I love you!" he cried out as his sensations rose to her rapid jabs.

She laughed sensuously. "You love the fucking!" she corrected him. She thrust her chest at him wanting his hands and lips every where.

"No I love you," he sobbed his pleasure, not willing to accept anything less.

"You love this," she said simply, thrusting down to indicate the fucking.

"You!" he cried out, his cock building up and hovering on the edge.

"This!" she hollered, sweat pouring down her face and running seductively down her neck and breasts.

"You!" he wept, holding her ass down on him to stay embedded.

"This!" she fucked harder than ever. The headboard snapped from its moorings and fell between the bed and the wall with a loud crash. "Damn particle board!" she thought to herself. It had never happened on those beds of solid teak in Assam.

Sheila quickly wrapped her hands around her young lover's neck and clung to him, wrapping legs around him. She continued her thrusting.

"Take! Take! Take!" she implored.

"You are mine!" he cried triumphantly as the cock jerked and spewed.

Their bodies slick with sweat, she continued her milking of his cock.

"Take this," she whispered urgently to him.

They clung to each other. Their lips were sealed in a kiss and their eyes were closed. Hands were wrapped around one another. Their chests were pressed hard together. Their groins were mashed together n on messy amalgam. And they quivered and spasmed together. For long moments, they concentrated on each others release, touch and sensations.

Nothing was said and no movements. Then she started rocking gently. In minute dribbles draining both of them out and allowing a slow release of residual pleasure. And somewhere along that path, he plopped out. Conquered. Tamed. Satiated. It was over.

Sheila's thoughts shifted to reality. The maid ought to have left. She needed to check. And this boy had spoken of love. That needed to be tackled. They all needed to be managed.

But she had been through all this before. And she knew how to do it all again. They slid off and held each other. He buried his head in her breasts and lay there savoring the moment. Till Sheila rose to handle everything else that needed handling.

She left him alone, to find his clothes, get dressed and to leave. It was what worked best.

At first Sheila suspected nothing. Sham, the neighboring 19-year old who had become her latest toy-boy was busy lapping up at her pussy. She had taught him how to and she had taught him well. Like she had taught all the others before Sham.

She had always had a string of lovers, even when she and her husband were stationed in the same place. It was a tacit secret between husband and wife. He never asked. She never told.

There were a number of secret rendezvous'. But the most daring was during parties thrown by her husband.

Whoever was the young man of the moment stayed well beyond the last of the guests at the parties her husband threw. Her husband never asked why. He, having drunk himself silly, tended to sleep off at some point.

It was then that Sheila and her young guest got cozy. Kissing quickly went open-mouthed. And passion tumbled into lust. And an insane round of fucking followed as both had built themselves into a frenzy through an entire evening of eye-balling. This was usually followed by more deliberate, luxurious rounds of exploration. Sucking on her clit and making her cum from just that was mandatory.

The lust was wild, as wild as the forests of Assam surrounding them. Sometimes rainstorms beat against the roof, adding to the raging lust. It allowed Sheila to scream still more uninhibited than she her natural self.

All of that subsided with the growing up of her kids. The mother inside her set aside her natural desires. After shifting away to a more permanent residence while her husband stayed on transfers, after the children had been put away in hostels, something had happened right here in this house.

And that something was Sham. She taught him well and taught him quickly. While she had initiated him into the world of pleasure, she had quickly taught him about clitoral orgasms and her deep, insatiable desire for that. Yes, she was willing to meet a partner's sexual needs; but equally she expected him to fulfil her.

And so Sham's head was busy bobbing up and down between her legs. His hands roamed and found and played with her breasts which he loved so much. She had her hands on his shoulders, gripping them when she needed something to beat against. And she also needed to be near enough his head to guide him correctly. When she was in heat that need to get him to focus on the right spot, or to prevent him from moving was terribly urgent. She could not bear a moment's distraction.

This intense focus from Sham on her pussy and clit could not have come from the moment he entered her house. He had only just discovered sex with Sheila. He, like many others, could have found his initiation from any other woman. But he was singularly lucky in Sheila. There were few who had the nuances of sexuality at their fingertips. And from among those, a woman who knew how to teach was unique indeed.

Like all adolescents Sham knew he wanted to bed a woman, any woman. The first time had been confusing. While he was armed with the knowledge of his desire, he had no clue on how it would feel. It had felt odd. The feelings were mixed. But the desire to do one more round was sure. The pleasure at the ending was great. The mixed feelings were psychological. He had felt bad for having done something 'bad'.

But Sheila did not disappoint him. The second round was immediate. It involved Sheila taking her pleasure. Then immediately she fucked him again. This time, he felt it rich, pleasurable and fantastic.

And that turned out to be the lesson she had for him and the format she expected him to follow. First would be his turn for he was young and needy. Take that need out first. Sheila had the patience of a veteran to let him do that.

But then it had to be her and it had to be oral. With Sham a bit calmer, she expected him to take her to a complete meltdown. The sounds of her moans and her reactions always excited the man between her legs back to his next erection; Sheila's experience on that was a perfect score. It happened without fail.

That meant that both she and her man, now Sham, were able to go one more round. This round could now be more in tune with whoever had a specific want. This was possible only after both she and her partner had taken their immediate fill.

Most of her men had needed a long nap to rejuvenate. Such long sessions were infrequent. In recent years, it had only been a few hours of all-sex. With Sham there was no opportunity for anything longer. Maids, the door bell and Sham being a student who stayed with his parents did not allow for a further fuck from a sleep-refreshed partner.

And so it was today as well. Sham had shown up after a few days gap. She had let him in and in her usual style, left him to lock the door and follow her. She had walked up the stairs, accentuating the sway of her ass. She had pulled up her nightie somewhat, showing him her ankles and her calves. Those nuances were lost on him. His eyes were fixed on the ample ass and the wide hips. He wished she would treat to him to a similar spectacle of her lovely, luscious tits.

She moved up the stairs quickly, knowing that he would be eager. The hall downstairs did not offer enough discretion if the doorbell rang. He followed but a little slower than he usually did on her heels.

At that time she had not thought much of it. When they reached her bedroom the same initial franticness of the young man took over. He wanted to suck on her tits today simply because he had been fantasizing of that all of last night. He unzipped the caftan-like night dress down the front. Sheila had gone and bought those gowns made specially for breast-feeding mothers very matter of factly, knowing the needs arising from having taken on a young lover. She had mused on the paradox of the push-up bra which made a woman's breasts thrust out at her lover. And then the padding prevented him from getting at the nipples he might then desperately want to suck at.

And then she had lain back and allowed him to bunch up the nightie around her waist. He mounted her and fucked her with his usual vigor. All night he had resisted masturbating. It had been unbearable but he wanted to call on her early in the morning and make love to her several times by the time the maid came by. The flip side was how he came; quite quickly but in torrents.

Sheila auntie had allowed him to do whatever he wanted in his initial haste. And then she decisively pushed him downward. He wiped her as best as he could with whatever cloth was at hand. He could not visualize lapping at her when she was overflowing with his outpourings.

He licked at her, searching out her clit like she had taught him to. She squealed her pleasure, wiggling her hips and thrusting them at his face. She thought she heard another noise at that moment. She opened her eyes and looked. The door to the room was not shut, but the house was silent as it usually was at this hour.

He brought her back to the moment as his hands gripped her breasts and fondled them in the manner he so liked. She enjoyed the manly urgency this young man showed in his actions. She allowed his every single indulgence. But then her pleasure welled up and she need the full smorgasbord.

She grabbed his hands and pressed them down towards her breasts. Then slowly but surely, she pushed his hands down, rubbing herself with his hands. Then she gripped his wrists and lifted his hands guiding them further downwards.

"Slip them inside!" she hissed to Sham. "I want your fingers in me, Sham!" she sighed.

Sham loved the pleading. It had a measure of personal bonding for him when she said his name. He did not know that any bonding was the beginning of the end of any lover she took.

He slipped in his fingers and the squishy sounds of the two digits slapping into her pussy once again made her wonder whether there were any other noises in the house…or was it just Sham and her?

He slid in two fingers and used his thumb to prop up her clit to his tongue.

"Oh! Oh!" cried out Sheila in delight. She pumped her hips frantically and held her own breasts together tightly and thrashed her head about.

Sham grunted and buried his nose and nuzzled her. Then back with the tip of his tongue. She enjoyed the attention and sucked in her breath. Her eyes closed and she concentrated on the pressure of his tongue and of her fingers tips on her nipples. Everything else was meaningless at this moment. She concentrated on taking her pleasure. With a small yelp she squirted almost like a male.

Then she felt hot and bothered by the vacuum between her legs. She was going to want him to fuck her as soon as this one went the full distance and then receded. Enjoying his continuing finger and tongue fuck she felt around with her toes for his cock to check if he was back to his erect self.

She looked down towards him as her feet probed and there! -- she glimpsed the source of the noises she had imagined from earlier on. Someone darted out of sight.

She jumped out of her skin. But just as quickly she settled back because in a flash everything was clear to her. Sham being slow to follow her up and other sounds that she had caught told her that Sham had not been alone. She was quick to arrive at the right conclusion.

She looked down at the head bobbing between her legs dutifully and grabbed Sham's hair. He came up thinking she was calling him for a deep kiss and fuck like she had before from such a position.

Instead, Sheila aunty was giving him a severe look even as she gathered herself to get up.

"Did you bring someone along?" she asked sharply.

Sham felt his throat dry and color drain from his face. Sheila needed no answer.

"I thought I told you keep this between us?" she said slapping his on the cheek. It was not a hard slap but it left Sham in no doubt that he had been reprimanded. His erection which had built up once again from rubbing on the sheets and from listening to Sheila's moans and endearments lost its primed state.

"Who is it?" she asked.

Sham was silent, his face reddening and eyes welling up. His head was hanging in shame which was fine because he didn't want Sheila aunty seeing him emotionally distraught. He had been all male and wanted to remain that for her.

"Classmates?" asked Sheila guessing that this must be the outcome of him boasting of his sexual trysts.

He nodded dumbly. Yes.

Sheila was a bit relieved. It could have been worse. A parent. A teacher. Some other friend who was older, like a sports coach. If it was another nineteen year old the chances of managing the situation were better.

"Did I tell you not to boast about this to anyone and keep it as our secret?" she asked her anger rising. She quickly zipped up the caftan and drew a shawl over her shoulders.

"Get out!" she said to Sham, still kneeling on her bed, his cock hanging down on its own weight.

It was at this point that the friend stepped in to the room.

"No aunty, it is not his fault," said the friend. He looked at Sheila up and down and was surprised to see her fully clothed. Just a while ago as he peeped in on them he had seen Sheila aunty with her head thrown back and her breasts pointing up toward the ceiling. She had been massaging and squeezing her own breasts in a very appealing manner to eke out every frisson of pleasure that it could provide.

Manoj had been grinding his own erection in his pants with the palm of his hand as he imagined touching and playing with those orbs. He had been sure his turn would come. Sham had not boasted in vain. Howver, when confronted by Manoj had told him that Sheila aunty was just about lust and satiation with no strings attached. Convincing Sham to let him join him at Sheila aunty's on chance had been a bigger challenge for Manoj.

"I found out about you two and asked him," said Manoj simply.

"And how did he find out?" asked Sheila glaring at Sham. He grabbed his jeans and placed them across his lap preparatory to getting out of bed. It was surely over now, seeing Sheila was cross.

"His diary," said Manoj.

"Where is the need to keep a diary when you have me!" exclaimed Sheila pulling up his chin to have him face her, eye to eye. That is when she saw the moisture laden eyes.

"Men!" thought Sheila, exasperated. "They are so ready to fall apart if they are to be denied!"

"There is no need for this," said Sheila wiping his eyes and pulling him to her bosom. Sham's hands went around her as he clung to her, burying his head in her breasts. His cock immediately responded with a twitch and an increase in volume. But Sheila wasn't looking there and Sham was not sure this timing was right.

"Well I think it is best you both leave now," she said staring at nothing in particular but not letting Sham go either.

"But why?" asked Manoj.

"Because there is no place for you!" snapped Sheila. She did not want to use words like 'slut' or 'whore' but she meant that this was not that kind of house where whoever wanted sex could stop by. "This was about Sham and me!" she said.

Sham's heart sank at the use of the past tense.

"But that is not what you told Sham," argued Manoj. "You said this was just physical and nothing more or less," he pressed, not to be denied.

"Whatever. Just get out!" said Sheila not about to be drawn into a debate about the impossible.

"If it was physical, I am fitter than him," said Manoj. His desperation to hold and feasts on her breasts made him take his chances. After all, he had nothing to lose from here. He unbuttoned his shirt and bared his torso to show rippling muscles from his gymming. He held his shirt around his shoulders.

Sheila stared at the superbly toned body. She had never seen one of those before. Most of the company officer's she had taken on as lovers were all desk workers. She would never have dreamt of taking on a lover from a lower social class. And from her own social background muscled men were not to be found.

This boy Manoj seemed an exception. His body was brilliantly sculpted. Sheila's pussy twitched to remind her that she had been interrupted while Sham was sucking on her. She felt the flames leaping up again; but they were far from uncontrolled.

"Guys, just leave," said Sheila. "Sham, did you really want to share me with your friend when you could have had me just to yourself?" she asked.

"He threatened me," blurted out Sham tearfully. That was the truth. The chat between the friends had started out as a journey of discovery. As Sham's story unfolded, Manoj realized that this was an opportunity for him too. Sheila Aunty was just a woman in the neighborhood. There seemed no risk of getting into trouble with pimps and anti-socials or mobsters.

She was a good, homely housewife who was good for sex. All the gymming had his hormones and activity levels at above normal levels. He had found himself to be in a permanently horny state. And his friend all soft with puppy fat had done the path breaking.

Sham had taken him to the rooftop and through binoculars shown him Sheila aunty. Manoj's cock had throbbed against the ground below as he lay and watched Sheila. He had then threatened to tell Sham's parents unless he took him along the next time.

"Well, all that won't work with me," asserted Sheila. "Just leave."

Manoj's cheeks felt hot. He was within a few feet of this sexy woman with wide hips, wide lips and a large bosom. She had just been splayed open a few minutes ago. So near yet so far! He stepped closer to Sheila.

"Come on, aunty! What I want is the same as what Sham had wanted on day one. And what I can do is the same as what Sham can do for you if not better!" he pleaded.

Even as Sheila continued to hold Sham's head to her bosom though a bit listlessly Manoj grabbed her other hand and roughly pulled it to his crotch.

Sheila resisted but the young man's muscles were for real. In his grip she found herself with no choice but to allow the back of her hand to graze against his raging hardon.

She let go of Sham's head to be more forceful with Manoj. But it was he who was more forceful with her once he had both wrists in his hands. He pushed her back till she backed into the chest of drawers. As she leaned back he nuzzled her breasts and moved lower to her groin area.

Sheila tried to push his head away. He resisted.

"Sham, stop your friend," yelped Sheila as Manoj ducked between her legs. He had just heard her urging Sham on to suck her. surely he could get her in that state quite quickly.

Sham watched in a daze as Manoj struggled with the hem of the nightie as he pulled it up. He kissed her thighs as they came into view. But with Sheila clenching her pussy in resistance he did not know how to proceed. He did not know how to reach her vale. In fact, he knew nothing of the female anatomy and how to get at it.

As Sheila struggled with his shoulders she realized that his young body was all steel. He was correct. He was quite a specimen of male hood. But it was not as if Sheila had gone looking or shopping. And doing anything more with this out-of-control situation was not very smart. And Sheila was certainly a very smart woman. She knew how to control her dalliances and did not do anything that suggested the lost of control.

Her thumbs ran on the top of his shoulders pressing on his hard flesh uselessly and Sheila realized she did not have the strength to stop him.

She slid along the drawers and moved away from him sideways. He was not ready for that. Sheila knew many such maneuvers which she had skillfully deployed on many occasions when she was the target of anyone's unwanted attentions. All of these skills in her increased her desirability to the males in her circle. Many knew that she was available but only to those she wanted. And every one tried. But it was she, the queen who selected.

Manoj was not selected by her, so he was not to have her.

As she moved sideways she reached the bed. She scrambled onto the bed hoping to scramble out of the other side quickly. Usually a simple move like that which put space between her and the man ended his attempt. But today, she erred.

As she raised her feet onto the bed, she gave Manoj a full look at her ample ass from under the nightie. She had had to cross him with her feet over his head. The glimpse drove the youngster wild. He moved up and was hovering over her in an instant. As she pushed herself back across the bed, he shimmied up with her, continuing to hover over her.

"Come on, aunty!" he pleaded, reaching out for her shoulder and pushing her back. When she fell back her hair flowed around her head making her look ever more inviting. He now lay on her, clothes and all. The buckle of his belt dug into her tummy as he lay on her, crushing her under his weight. Finally, Sheila, curves and all, despite how wide her hips were was a small built proportionate woman. She felt the air knocked out of her.

She looked into his lust laden eyes. Suddenly she laughed an impish laugh.

She slapped his shoulder. Jestful flirtation was her next line of defense.

"Determined, are you?" she asked with a toss of her head.

He nodded. Her smile seemed like progress.

"Let me see how much," she said, and wiggled a hand between themselves. Another ploy. Put space between you and the male by pretending to acquiesce. If he deserved it, hurt him in the softest part; she was contemplating that as Manoj raised his hips to let her hand between them.

The beginning of that defense was to grip the trunk of the cock. This was the part of the self-defense manual that most women found difficult to follow: grab the cock! But Sheila did not have such inhibitions. She reached and closed her hand around the male member. Her determination to hurt melted in the face of the proportions she encountered. She could not detect either the root of the cock or its head. Fascinated, she absent mindedly searched for the cockhead with her thumb.

Manoj gasped. "Ah -- Ah -- An-Aunty!" he exclaimed. He seemed to Sheila to be perilously close to cumming as a horny virgin in his state would be. She let go.

She raised her knee and held his body up with the support of the strength of her leg. She knew that with this she could throw him off. As she readied to that, Manoj balanced on her and reached down to the zipped front of her gown. In one swift move the zip sprang open as he tugged downward. Her chest was open to his gaze but each breast was covered in the two front halves of the dress.

She shoved with her knee and Manoj slid to one side and fell on the bed. Pinning her arms to the bed with his hands he ducked his head to kiss her cleavage. The sweaty skin was hot and wafted of womanly aromas. Sheila kicked. But he was not in the range of her thrashing legs. He pushed with his head towards the flesh on either side, desperate to find a nipple.

"Wait!" said Sheila breathlessly. He looked and into her face. He had never been so close to a woman's lips before.

"You wont get anywhere like this!" she said breathing into his mouth, noting his failure to mouth her pussy or to taste her nipple. The struggle and the obvious strength of the young man had inflamed her. She also realized that he was crazed enough for the sex to have lost his fear and inhibition. She thought of how he had trembled in her grip and reckoned any encounter would she short lived.

This was the closest she had come to losing control and it was because she had not watched Sham closely enough as he had arrived today. "Drop your caution on any one day in a span of 25 years and pay the price for it," she thought.

He did not let go of his grip of her. She did not seem reliable. She was fighting back. Manoj held both wrists in one hand as he pulled her dress up. He planted his knees between her legs, now spread wide, even if her pussy wasn't uncovered. Sheila made it as difficult for him wherever she could.

Pinning her thighs with his knees he quickly undid his buckle and pulled down his jeans and his underwear. The soaked garment yield a gargantuan cock which sprang out on release.

Sheila looked at it with lips wet and apart. Her mouth betrayed her fascination for Manoj's endowment. But she still was not going to allow Sham's indiscretion to open dangerous new dimensions. She would not have minded fucking Manoj but for all the implications of doing so in Sham's presence.

She was not going to help Manoj any. And she knew that most young men knew nothing of how to go about fucking a woman.

Manoj lunged at her, grabbing at her nightie and pulling it upward as his hips descended. Sure, her pussy was uncovered but his cock prodded at her lower belly uselessly. It bent, he hurt and then it slid aimlessly to one side.

As he landed and his head buried in Sheila's shoulder she laughed. Shamed and holding his head down, Manoj raised his hips and prodded here and there in vain. Several attempts later he lay down on her, pinning her, while laying his cock in slant between them.

Sheila marveled at the strength of his body and the length and girth of the cock trapped between them.

"Come back another time," she whispered in his ear. She would love to take this monster in.

"Then why not now?" groaned Manoj loudly.

"Shh!" shushed Sheila urgently, looking to see if Sham had heard his friend. That would be the end of it if Sham found her pliant.

There was Sham, still kneeling. In his fist he had his cock- resplendent in its fullness now- as he watched Sheila aunty and Manoj fumbling and struggling like two first-timers. He slid his hand up and down slowly as his desire became uncontrolled. It was like watching a porn movie and masturbating and he had done that for so many, many years.

Sheila found it mildly repulsive but the tease and voyeur in her was excited too. Her young lover was masturbating at the sight of her encounter.

She looked back into Manoj's eyes. "Don't you want me all to yourself?" she whispered again, trying to convince him to come back later.

"I just want you and aren't we by ourselves?" asked Manoj, hot, flustered and desperate in his need.

Once again he was loud. Once again Sham must have heard him. Once again Sheila looked toward Sham and found him moving his fist faster.

Sham looked into her eyes. She looked back at him deeply. It was the paradox of being Sheila. While she took on a string of lovers, each was a single. And when she was with him, she was with none other. It was deep, passionate, involved. And full of lust. And till she was done with one she had no feelings or stirrings with another.

She did not want Sham to feel any differently. Her sexuality demanded her lovers stay on a fine line between lust and love. Each had to want her and she had to want him. Her loins raged for that kind of fucking and sucking. If he fell for her emotionally, it was the end of the road. Equally, if he was just looking for raw sex, that did not turn her on at all. Such men never made it to her bed.

If she had had a string of lovers it was only because as the sexual unions became intense the men became intense; and emotional. Each ended up forcing her to change her man. Without fail.

This time, the tables seemed turned.

Her response to Manoj moving on her so strongly, so physically, made her feel she was letting down Sham. But looking at Sham masturbating so furiously and intently confused her.

She grabbed Manoj's cock, which had slowly been dripping on her crotch. "Okay!" she said hoarsely. "But you have no idea how!" "No, I don't, Sheila aunty!" agreed Manoj excitedly. Sheila noted the surge in his cock as it registered the excitement to come. "But neither did Sham. And you taught him," he continued.

Sheila grunted non-committally. She did not like the allusions to Sham. There was no need for justification for what Manoj wanted from her. If her willingness to "do" one youth was to lead to another, where would this end?

As she tried to move, Manoj kept her pinned.

"Get up," she commanded Manoj.

"Why?" he demanded.

"This is not how I teach," she replied. She pushed him now and he followed the force of her action to slide onto his back.

She kneeled between his legs and holding his jeans and underwear within, pulled it all down till be was bare but for the shirt which too was open in the front. Then, from ankles upward she moved back up pausing in front of his cock as it waved in her face. She might have taken it in on another occasion but Manoj was likely near a blow-out. She admired the length and girth. As if worshipful, with both hands she stroked upward with fingertips.

Manoj shuddered. She made a mental note that she would have to control how deep he penetrated her. As it is youngsters tended to be wild in their aggression. In this case the depth was likely to be uncomfortable.

She removed the night dress over the top of her head and discarded it. Sham felt his first twinge of jealousy. There was something great about the full length of her nude body on his body. And now Manoj was going to experience that fullness.

She carefully poised herself on the top, as she held him with one hand. Making a fist, she ran the length of her hand till she was at the root. She would not remove this hand till she had measured his cock with how it felt in her cunt. It was her stopping point.

She slid down with a grunt and the bulb spread her open. She slid down effortless as the congealed mess inside her quickly liquefied. Manoj grabbed her breasts and groaned "Aunty!" in a loud bellow. She felt him fill her and she had not yet lowered her ass by a fraction. Nor had her pussy touched the stopping point of her fist. "How much is there?" she wondered.

The spreading though was wonderful. She twisted and turned her hips to enjoy the carving open of her pussy. As always, and as she had suspected, width was more easy to enjoy than depth. Depth needed control. And Sheila, once she had decided to get into bed, did not believe in control.

With her, sex meant anything and everything.

Sheila jabbed down in sharp short thrusts as she manipulated the head just inside her pussy. She wanted him to come and she had judged him to be near explosion. He had been. But the squeeze she had administered when she was contemplating hurting him had caused an intermediate release. It set back his cumming back by a good bit. But how was she to know.

The manipulations of her cunt drove him wild and Manoj's grip on her breasts tightened. His face screwed up in ecstasy and he chanted 'aunty' to each wiggle and thrust of her hips.

Sweat dripped from Sheila's brow and she became more rhythmic in her strokes as she forgot about 'tactical' plans in favor of sheer pleasure.

Suddenly Manoj stretched his arms, lifting Sheila by her breasts. Using his muscular frame to good effect, he thrust upwards in jabs of his hips. The spectacular speed with which he sawed her cunt caused Sheila to scream in pleasure.

"Manojjjjjj!" she went. The cock was sliding in and out and unknown to Manoj it was thrusting against her clit in and out. She had been spread and the sheath covering the sensitive parts was pried and held apart. The cock rocked in and out and the woman's jaw slacked as her cunt exploded.

She hung down in throes of ecstasy, her body and head flailing. Her lips were apart and hanging as her saliva drooled out.

Without warning he retracted his arms and in the process he entered her far more than he had till now.

Sheila broke into a jabber of fuck-talk as she lost control even more. It threatened to hurt her. But for now it was mad pleasure.

"Oh yes! Fuck me you bastard! I told you 'no', but you wouldn't listen! Now fuck! Fuck me! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" she went with a long emphasis on the last 'k' and spittle flew out of her mouth as she came once again. Her hair stuck to her face. Manoj panicked a little but the fluids pouring out onto his cock told him the full story.

"These young men were fantastic!" she thought. And then she turned to look at the other young man.

She had to thank him for bringing in such a fabulous stud. Even though it was not her plan she had to acknowledge this was a good deal. In the end, pleasure was pleasure. If Sham was special, Manoj was specially endowed. If she felt warm about one, she felt hot about the other. She fondly looked towards Sham.

Sham was masturbating furiously and Sheila thought that unfair. She had been too harsh on him, perhaps.

"Come to aunty," she beckoned with her hand. Sham walked closer to her on his knees.

Sheila grabbed his cock and expertly started masturbating him. She had masturbated lovers before. But those were occasions when lust had peaked only for the man to discover she was on her periods. This was the first time she was masturbating her lover because there was another lover inside her, embedded in her, impaling her, fucking her.

She rode Manoj expertly now and in rhythm masturbated Sham. Pulling him to herself she put an arm around him and kissed him. Manoj continued to fondle her breasts, leaning up to lick, bite and kiss.

"Aren't you close to cumming?" she panted at Manoj, wondering what was taking him so long. Her thighs were aching and she was still being careful not to allow him too deep.

With her lips covering Sham's she looked out of the corner of her eye to see Manoj's response. This was new to her; normally she had her finger on every pulse of her lover. And she was shocked to find him looking elsewhere.

Sheila whipped her head around, continuing with her fucking and the masturbation. There, right next to them was another older man.

"Who the fuck are you?" she spat out. Her hand stopped on Sham's cock. Her cunt, though throbbing, came to a halt on Manoj's cock. His hands quickly gripped her ass and he pummeled upward into her.

"Stop, you bastard!" howled Sheila as the cock plunged deeper than she had planned for it. The depth added to the spreading and Sheila found herself speared and hanging on for dear life. "Let me find out who he is now!" she sobbed in pleasure and despair.

"He is my gym instructor!" panted Manoj.

"This is no way to introduce a friend!" gasped Sheila.

She had thought of two-somes in the past: she, her lover and her husband. But she had never acted on that impulse. That was mainly because her husband had no staying power and she did not want to humiliate him.

Fucking Manoj while fisting Sham played that fantasy out for her. Even though it was not her own idea she warmed to it quickly.

But a third man?

She felt a frisson of pleasure at what it might mean. She felt the surge in her cunt. She was ashamed of her pleasure and felt trapped. Sham had blundered.

"We couldn't believe Sham. Oh! Ah!" moaned Manoj as he felt his pleasure building up to a climax.

Sham grabbed Sheila's hand and put it back on his cock. She resumed the masturbation. She had no immediate plans for the gym instructor other than to offer him a spectacle. Maybe afterward…

But he had other ideas. He was now standing on the bed. Grabbing her hair, he guided her mouth onto his cock. He fucked her mouth expertly. He was an older man. She could make out this was not the same for him as it was for the two boys. Once again Sham's hand was back urging her to take his cock in her fist. This time, Sheila did not stop what she resumed. She took his cock in her fist -- the smallest of the three; but not one of them was small in absolute terms.

She had never had three cocks simultaneously. It was exciting. Sham had the vigor of a young virgin. Manoj had the same vigor but he was muscular. But both were inexperienced. The man in her mouth had vigor, experience and physique. She needed to be on her back and have him mount her. Her pussy throbbed at the thought.

But she wished it had been at her behest. This was not her plan. This was some one else's plan.

If it had been her plan the instructor would have been on top of her and the boys could have taken whatever else was on offer.

For now she just bobbed her head back and forth on the cock in her mouth. Manoj thrust himself up into her, matching her rhythm. And Sham made her sure he kept her hand busy.

Manoj came first. Sheila squealed as Manoj groaned out his orgasm. Coming after that half-discharge of his before in his pants, it was more like a dissolving explosion than a full, thrusting burst that Sheila typically liked. That is what the instructor was sure to give.

"Aunty! Oh aunty! I love you!" he said as he came in spurts.

Sheila liked to pay orgasms the attention they deserved. Abandoning both Sham and the instructor she fell forward on Manoj. She kissed him, deliberately making him taste the precum of the instructor. She talked into his mouth, "You bad boy! Why did you bring him along!"

As if to avenge herself she fucked down on him hard as she often did with a lover to tease and punish. She ended up impaling herself deeper than she should have and shouted, "Oh my god! You bastard! You are killing me! Ah! Ah! Oh no!"

Sham could not take it any more and fisting himself came all over Sheila's back. She felt the cum spattering on her back. She twisted her head and watched as Sham's head jerked forward and back as he came in gushes. She reached back and joined his fist in milking him even as her hips milked Manoj.

Both of them jerked as they spewed and then they slowed down as their cocks gave up their semen to her. Sheila leaned forward and rested on her elbows to raise herself off Manoj's monster.

As she raised her ass to get off him, she felt herself grabbed from behind. It had to be the gym instructor. Lifting her by her hips with his strength, he took her from behind swiftly.

"Ah!" grunted Sheila with pleasure as he entered her. There was a pleasure in the sureness of an experienced male. While she had enjoyed taking on Sham as a new inexperienced lover, she also remembered how an expert lover felt. There had been a long drought between Sham and her previous one. So even a young, inexpert was acceptable. But after that initial hunger was addressed, the desire for serious fucking reared its head; the gym instructor's arrival was timely for that.

She marveled at the command with she was now taken.

Manoj watched in fascination as Sheila's face screwed up to the new sensations from the different angle of penetration. Of course after the caution required of Manoj's impossible length, she was happy to be able to take the instructors thrusts more gamely. She was full of cum and lubrication and he was not as deep as Manoj.

Rocking back and forth on her knees her breasts slapped loudly as they swung. Manoj tried to reach for them and sore as they were, Sheila moved downward and away from him to put them out of his reach. As she did so, she moved more snugly onto the instructor's cock. And with that movement Manoj's wet, messy cock loomed in her face.

As he had just lost his virginity his cock had not receded one bit. As the thrusts from behind caused her to lurch forward her breasts touched his cockhead. Manoj groaned as he felt her warm breath on his cock alternate with the beating of her breasts on it. He raised his legs and wrapped them around her torso.

Suddenly, Sheila trapped his cock in her mouth.

"Aunty!" hollered Manoj in ecstasy. Sham, spent, watched in amazement as Sheila aunty appeared speared on two cocks.

As each man fucked her from his end she slid onto one cock, sliding off the other.

The gym instructor reached under Sheila and caught her breasts in his hands. Holding her firm with them as a handle he fucked her harder, grunting loudly with each thrust.

Sheila felt like a slut, being used and pleasuring herself alternately on three different men. This was different from how she normally felt with her lovers. Luxurious, like a queen indulging a subject who was willing to listen to her every word in the stupor of sex.

Her pussy was wet and dripping; her breasts bore marks of manhandling and she was stained with cum. Her mouth and throat now had to struggle with the length and girth her pussy had previously struggled with. Manoj's insistent hand on the back of her head meant that she had no way to pace herself. As he prodded on the back of her throat, she felt she might gag.

Adding her hand to his cock, she helped herself by masturbating him with quick flicks of her wrist. He spewed in short spasms on to her face and lips as she worked the cock back and forth, kissing, opening her mouth, taking him in, slipping him out of her lips.

"Oh! Ah! Aunty! I love you! I love this! Take me! Oh yes!" sobbed Manoj.

She felt the same way about the instructor who was holding her body up by her breasts and had her speared on his cock. But she couldn't say it aloud as she was slobbering on the cock in her mouth. The instructor was moving to the rhythm of his own orgasm. She was jiggling to his every fuck. They exploded together; the instructor for the first time; Manoj for a second time. And she -her cunt exploded for the last of several times that morning.

She loved that, cumming together. Reaching behind she tried to grab the instructor's ass and hold him in and massage him to make him give up every drop. That was what she missed. The cumming was great; but in a one on one, she would have made it ever so special. For more than one, she would have to learn how to pay attention to each orgasm. That was what made her a special lover; the way she milked everyone. She would have to learn.

For now, they collapsed in a heap. The special thing about today was the way she had taken -- or she had been taken -- by three guys simultaneously. She felt cum oozing from her pussy. She felt it trickle off her back. And her face and her breasts too were coated with dribbles of Manoj's cum.

She was drained. So were they. They all slept there in a heap. Sheila got up first and surveyed the war zone. Sham looked innocent as he slept like a baby. The two muscled men looked like Atlases'. One of them, Manoj, sported a waving erection. It would take for that to subside she mused. The delightful soreness between her legs told her she could not do that for him. Not just now any way.

Despite all the pleasure she had taken, and they had taken of her, something at the back of her mind told her that this was going to be difficult to manage. And manage it she must. Else, she might become the new instructor for that gym.