First Cums Granny, Then Cums Mom

First Cums Granny, Then Cums Mom

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Chapter 1: I'm Coming Home

The new job in Mumbai nearly cost me my sanity and all of my life savings. It was the wrong time to move to a new city. But I didn't know that when I made the move. The first nationwide lockdown was imposed within a week of me shifting to the strange city - which came as a massive blow to my plans.

Another crisis fell upon me in the form of a 30% salary deduction for an indefinite time. I had to tighten my already tight budget. The company was slyly palming off it's losses to us lowly employees. Two months later I was let go.

Living frugally and stretching my limited savings for as long as I could had a serious impact on my financial and mental health. I was lonely, depressed and had become extremely irritable. With virtually no human contact for nearly half a year, it felt like I was losing touch with reality and the drive to find a new job was waning ever so slowly.

It took me another three months to find a new job. Owing to my insecurities and deteriorating mental health, I was unable to concentrate. My manager was kind enough to give me a week's leave while I moved back to my home -- a small town some 400 kms away and settled down. Little did I know that this week would change my life forever.


"Arrey! What are you doing here?!" My mother Radhika squealed in delight, when she saw me standing at the door. I had come home without intimating her. I wanted to surprise her.

"Oh my baby." She hugged me, and I could hear her voice crack with emotions. I held her buxom body tightly, pressing her soft, spongy tits into my chest.

"Come on mom, don't cry now." I consoled her. I could feel the impression of her bra straps as I stroked her back and it stirred my loins. I held her tighter and closer to me, enjoying the warmth of her body.

Mom and I were really close. Since dad's passing three years ago, we'd grown even closer. She would hug me and kiss me more than usual. At first, it felt a little awkward. At an age when hormones dictate my mood and my dick, the only close female interaction I got was from my own mother. It didn't take long for me to accept the lust I had for my mother. But in three years, I had never acted upon it.

But I'd never missed a chance to enjoy her beautiful, plumpy body either. I'd loiter around her when she was hard at work, sweeping, mopping or washing clothes, to get a glimpse of the deep valley between her beautiful breasts, or her smooth thighs. More than once, she had caught me ogling at her swinging boobs, which sagged like ripe grape fruits contained within her blouse. And every time, she would adjust her saree and continue working while I looked away - only to peek at her treasures from the corner of my eye. I suspected she knew about this too, but never said anything.

"Am I dreaming, or is that really you?!" my grandma Ambika chirped excitedly, coming out of the single bedroom in the house, with just a towel wrapped around her wet body. Clearly, my arrival had interrupted her bath.

I let go of mom and wrapped my arms around my grandma. I could smell the intoxicating floral scent of soap off her supple 60 year old body. I gripped her slippery wet body tightly - as tightly as she was holding me in her arms.

I pushed my crotch against grandma's. I could hear her giggle and press her body firmly against mine. This wasn't the first time I'd made her aware of my obscenity. Every year, on my birthday, she would insist on giving me an oil bath. She'd massage my entire body with oil, and bathe me with hot water, ignoring my complaints of how hot the water is...


"But Grandma, It's my 18th birthday!" I protested, reluctantly stripping my t-shirt and lounge pants. "I'm too old for this."

"You're still my little baby." she pinched my cheeks, taking a good look at me from top to bottom. The large package in my underwear made an obvious bulge, and I could sense her eyeing it thievingly.

I sat on the little plastic stool wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, while she attempted to scrub off the fine film of oil on my body with soap and hot water. She must have been rambling about the rising prices, or the degraded quality of oil like she always does. But I was too busy ogling at her deep cleavage to care about her rants. I had playfully thrown water at her while she bathed me, and the wet patches on her blouse had turned translucent. Grandma generally didn't wear a bra, and I was treated to a clear glimpse of her dark areolas.

"Stop it, you naughty boy!" she said, pushing away the strands of stray greying hair that had fallen on her forehead. "Okay, stand up now."

I looked at her, flustered.

"Come on, get up!" she said again.

I had no intention of doing what she just said on account of the rock hard cock I was harbouring between my legs. Standing up would have meant revealing my extremely excited manhood.

"I... I"ll wash my legs." I stuttered, grabbing the mug of water she was holding.

"Arrey, just get up. Let me finish what I started." She said, pulling back the mug.

"No grandma, it's okay."

"What, are you shy of your old granny all of a sudden? Come on get up!"

"Grandma, let me just..."

In the commotion, I pulled on the mug a little too hard and my grandma lost her footing and fell on me. The little plastic stool slid off from underneath me, unable to bear the weight of the both of us and my bum landed on the cold hard bathroom floor. Grandma landed right on top of me.

I instinctively grabbed on to grandma for support and she held on to me. The mug fell and the water splashed on us. Grandma just laughed.

"If only you'd gotten up, we could have avoided this." She said, looking into my eyes, ruffling my wet hair.

Her lips were just millimeters away from mine. I could feel her warm breath on my lips when she spoke. My focus shifted to my chest, where her breasts pressed flat against me. My dick began to grow in size, pushing against my wet underwear and against her thin saree.

My hands seemed to take on a life of their own when they gripped her bare waist. I jerked my hips, making my hardness very obvious to her.

Grandma's face took on a new expression almost instantly. She faked a smile and tried to wriggle free from my hold. "What are you looking at? Let me go now." she said politely.

We were interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door. "What happened?" my mother asked from the other side of the door.

"Nothing, the mug slipped from my hand." Grandma assured her. "I'm almost done with him. You start preparing for the kheer (a milk based Indian sweet dish), I'll be out in a while." she said.

Grandma made no attempts to get off me. In fact, she seemed extremely comfortable pressing down her crotch against my erection.

As mom's footsteps receded, Grandma looked into my eyes and smiled.

"Is this why you didn't want to get up?" She asked me, almost whispering.

I simply nodded in response.

She looked away, trying to hide her smile.

She gently put her hand on mine and I released my grip on her in abandon. As she got her curvaceous body off me, her saree pallu came undone, giving me a clear view of her deep cleavage and boobs, which were barely hidden underneath her wet blouse. My dick stirred at the sight, which didn't go unnoticed by her.

Grandma bit her lower lip and beamed a small smile. She fixed her saree across her chest and held out her hand. "Get up." she said.

I did as I was commanded. My dick was poking at my wet underwear, making a large tent at my crotch. Grandma was clearly impressed.

"Sorry grandma." I said, trying to hide it with my hands.

"I'm your granny. You don't have to feel ashamed about anything with me." She pushed my hands away, "This is normal at your age," and looked at my erection hungrily.

"But is it normal for my own grandma to make this happen?" I asked, winking at her.

Grandma looked away to hide her cheeky smile. I pulled down my underwear to reveal my thick veiny cock, which was pointing at the low ceiling of the bathroom.

Grandma let out an audible gasp. I pulled down the foreskin, revealing the bulbous, pink head. "Will you wash this too grandma?" I asked.

She stretched out her hand towards my crotch, and gently ran her fingers across the throbbing veins. She licked her lips hungrily and came closer. She cupped my balls with one hand and gently pressed the soft skin behind the scrotum with one finger. It was my turn to moan.

"Of course I'll wash it." she said in a husky tone, letting her hands drop from my balls.

She pulled up her saree, exposing her thick, milky thighs. She sat on her toes with her legs flayed open, which gave me glimpses of her inner thighs. Grandma poured the warm water over my hard cock and legs. She soaped her palms and began scrubbing me from my toes. Her tits began to sway in a rhythm. She made her way up my legs in haste, but slowed down as she closed in on my dick.

She took her own time washing my balls and then moved on to my dick. I moaned a bit when she held the base of my cock with both her hands and gave it a firm, but gentle squeeze.

"I guess you haven't been with a woman yet?" She asked.

"No grandma." I answered. "You're the first." I winked at her.

"I'm only doing this because it's your birthday." she said, suppressing a wide grin. The lust in her eyes betrayed her true intent. At full erection, my cock was a good 7 inches and proportionally thick.

With soap as the lube, and her wet cleavage as the visual aid, grandma began jerking me off. Not a word was exchanged as she clasped my thick dick with both her hands and gave me heavenly pleasure. Soon I was ready to blow. Grandma seemed to sense that I was the peak of my sexual ecstasy. She quickly stood up, but continued to jerk me. She pressed her chest against mine. I grabbed her buxom ass for support as I spurted thick ropes of my cum onto the tiled bathroom wall.

Grandma squeezed out every single drop of cum from my cock as I fondled her ass. My breathing was laboured and I felt light headed. I leaned on her shoulder for support, as she washed her hand and my dick with clean water.

"Happy birthday baby." She kissed me on my cheek. "Now clean up and come out. Your mother will be wondering what we've been doing for so long." She walked out of the bathroom, fixing her saree.


That was the last time she'd given me a bath and also the last time I'd gotten physical with her. Since then, I've had my share of fun ogling at her and "accidentally" running my hand on her ass and tits when no one was looking. But I hadn't dared to go the extra mile, or even ask her to repeat the bathroom adventure.

On that day, as my near naked 60 year old grandma hugged me, as I held her wet, bare body, my mind wandered back to the day she had given me my first handjob.

"I'm so happy you're here." she said, kissing both my cheeks.

"I asked your grandma to come live with me for a few days after you left." Mom said. Grandma lived in a village 120km away from my home, looking after the little land and cattle she owned. "She's been here ever since. Good thing they announced the lockdown. I had some company while you were gone."

"I'm so glad I came back" I said, hugging grandma tighter and pushing my hardness on to her. I was genuinely happy to be with mom and grandma.

Grandma showered my face with kisses. And I return the favour. I so craved to kiss her lips and suck on her tongue. I looked down to grab glimpses of her taut cleavage. I so wanted to bury my face in that slit and lick the bath water off my grandma's body. But I controlled myself. If only mom wasn't there...

"Let me go get dressed now. There's so much I want to talk to you about!" Grandma said, letting go of me.

When grandma broke the hug, her towel came undone, and for a couple of glorious seconds, she stood in front of me with not a single thread of cloth on her body. Her well rounded, slightly sagging boobs stared right back at me. I lowered my gaze and looked at her crotch, which was covered in a stubble of black and grey pubes. It took me a moment to process the fact that grandma stood stark naked in front of me.

Grandma picked up the fallen towel and quickly covered her modesty. She muttered a half-hearted sorry and ran into the bedroom. I stood staring at her with my jaws wide open, still processing the fact that I'd seen my GILF goddess stark naked.

I was still coming to terms with what had happened and looked at my mother. She was equally baffled by what had just happened. She came close to me and pushed my lower jaw back in its place. I came back to my senses and averted my gaze. But I didn't miss the sight of my mother casually checking out the huge bulge in my pants.

She chuckled to herself and turned to walk towards the kitchen. "Lunch is almost ready. You go wash up now." She stopped after taking a couple of steps. "But wait until your grandma comes out." She giggled as she walked into the kitchen. I didn't know if the imprinted thought of my grandma's naked body excited me more or the swaying ass of my mother.

I wondered how long I'd have to wait for my grandma to be dressed. Well, partially dressed, just enough to not make it seem like I'd invaded her privacy again, but also not so much that she'd be hiding her goods from me.

Seconds passed like hours. I unpacked my bag, and pulled out a couple of sarees I'd bought for my mother. I picked a nice yellow one and stepped into the room cautiously. Grandma was still dressing up. The pallu of her cobalt blue saree lay on the floor, giving me a good view of her curvaceous torso and her plump breasts. She hastily draped the pallu over her shoulders to cover her buxom blouse and smiled at me.

"Just a minute, I'm almost done." She said.

I smiled back at her politely. "This is for you grandma." I handed her the saree.

I could see her eyes tear up. "Why did you get me this?" she asked, her voice cracking.

"Well, you gave me such a sexy... I mean good gift when I came in, shouldn't I give you a nice gift too?" I said and winked at her.

She slapped my arms gently with the saree and pulled me closer to her for a hug.

"Mumbai has turned you into a naughty boy."

"I was definitely a naughty boy before going there too." I said, pressing my harness on her. "You should know." I said, patting her ass.

Suddenly we heard mom enter the room, and we broke our hug abruptly.

"What happened?" Mom asked in concern, noticing grandma wiping her tears.

"Look what this naughty boy of yours has done." She said, holding up the yellow saree. "Isn't it beautiful?"

Mom and grandma took the saree out of the cover and were revelling at the colour and texture. I quietly slipped out of the room and got the other saree. A pink one that was similar to the one dad had bought mom for the first time.

"And this one's for you mom." I handed it to her.

Mom's eyes filled up as soon as she saw that. "Why?" she asked.

I just shrugged nonchalantly. This was the first saree I had bought her with my own money. Mom grabbed me and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back and kissed her neck. Mom's scent aroused me, and my dick began to stir again. I hugged her tightly and moaned lightly. Mom let go of me and wiped her tears.

"This boy!" She said, turning to my grandma.

Grandma nodded in agreement.

"You wash up, we'll make something nice for lunch." Mom said. "And thank you for these wonderful gifts." She said, leaning in for a hug. I grabbed mom's waist with one hand, and pulled in grandma with the other. I hugged them both tightly, and enjoyed the feel of four soft breasts pressing against me. I lowered the hand on my grandma's waist to caress her ass. Grandma hugged me tighter in approval.

I was feeling tired and sticky from the long journey and decided to take a bath. It was a hot day and I didn't bother turning on the geyser. I filled up the bucket with water and stripped down to just my boxers. I'd barely poured a couple of mugs of water over my body, when I heard a knock on my door.

"Beta, I've kept you a fresh towel and unpacked your clothes on the bed here." Grandma said from the other side of the door. Her voice was an aphrodisiac and I immediately felt my dick stir.

"Grandma." I said and paused.

"Yes" she said.

"Ummm... could you..." I hesitated. "Could you wash my back?" I asked. I could almost hear my heart pounding against my chest anticipating her response.

"Ok." Grandma said meekly.

I unlocked the latch and grandma quietly slipped inside. She took a quick look at me from top to bottom. The wet boxers accentuated my semi hard cock, which I didn't try to hide.

"Just like the old days grandma." I winked at her.

"Just like the old days." Grandma pinched my cheeks.

She wrapped the pallu around her waist, pulled up the saree till her knees and tucked it neatly between her thighs. She waddled forward and took the soap from my hands. I turned around and she started soaping my back.

"This brings back good memories, grandma." I said, soaping my chest and arms.

"Look at the back of your neck, it's so dirty." Grandma said and began washing it. I felt a little ticklish and danced around, giggling. In the commotion, grandma lost her balance and held on to my soapy body for support. I immediately turned around and grabbed her and pulled her close. Her breasts were flat against my chest and my dick was poking her. Grandma turned beet red and pulled away from me. She looked down in shyness. It was my turn to take a good look at her.

The wet blouse gave me a clear view of her large, dark areolas and her erect nipplels jutted out like raisins. I wiped the soap on her chest and slipped a finger gingerly into her cleavage. Grandma let out a quiet moan. Immediately she came back to her senses and covered her chest with her hand.

"Come on grandma, no use covering up now. I've already seen everything there is to see." I looked at her hungrily. "It was such a good welcome gift."

"Sheee, such a shameless fellow!" Grandma said and wiped the soap suds on the chest.

Watching her jiggling breasts made me extremely hard, which didn't go unnoticed by her. "Very shameless" She said, still staring at the tent made by my rock hard cock against the wet underwear, while she wiped away the soap.

I went closer to her, and she instinctively placed her arms across her chest. "Grandma, the welcome gift was good. But I liked my 18th birthday gift more." I whispered into her ears. "Can you give me that gift again?"

She looked at me in shock. She saw the lustful hunger in my eyes and immediately lowered her gaze. I slowly pulled down my wet boxers and my hard dick sprang out, pointing at the ceiling. Grandma's eyes went wide and she gasped audibly.

"Please grandma" I moaned into her ears. "It's been so long since I..." I stopped, hoping she would understand.

She did. She began caressing my hard cock gently with her soapy hands. She pulled down the foreskin to reveal the thick pink head.

"You don't wash it properly?" She asked, wiping the patches of smegma under the foreskin.

"Aaahhh..." I moaned at her touch on the most sensitive part of my cock.

"Shhh..." Grandma immediately stopped what she was doing. "You don't want your mom to hear us do you?"

I shook my head to a no. She continued to stroke my cock and press against my bulbous head. My hands reached up to her breast. "Let me wipe this soap off you." I said, squeezing and fondling it.

Grandma smiled knowingly and nodded her head.

Grandma started stroking me hard and fast. It didn't take me long to reach my climax. Sounds of pleasure escaped my mouth instinctively. Grandma suddenly grabbed my neck and pushed my face against her breasts. I hungrily opened my mouth and began sucking on the soap flavoured fabric on her tits.

I felt my balls tighten and my dick jutted out thick spurts of warm cum against the bathroom wall. I gently bit down on grandma's tit and began sweating profusely. She held on to me and caressed the back of my head lovingly like a mother.

My dick began to soften against her soapy hands. I swallowed dry air and unlatched my mouth from grandma's tit. But just before I pulled away, I gently kissed her breast. Grandma smiled shyly.

"Thanks grandma." I said, looking at her angelic face.

Grandma looked at my now flacid dick and smiled. "It must've been a long time since you..." Grandma hesitated.

"It has been." I said, knowingly.

She washed my cum off her hands with water and looked down at her own body and sighed.

"I'm all wet." She said, wiping off stray soap suds from her curvaceous body.

"Yeah." I said, lustfully looking at her. My dick began to grow in size, looking at the wet goddess in front of me.

"So soon?!" Grandma was shocked at my virility. "You just came! I can't do it again." She said with a hint of pride in her voice.

"It's all because of you grandma."' I hugged her, pressing my hardening dick against her.

"You naughty boy." she said, hugging me back and pushing her breasts against my chest. "Now be a good boy and get me a fresh saree from the cupboard. This one is too wet."

I let go of her obediently and wrapped a towel around my torso. Grandma had begun undressing her saree and I stood watching her. She held her saree against her chest and looked at me questioningly.

"I was just hoping to fill my eyes with your nakedness again." I said and winked at her. Grandma giggled like a teenager and pushed me out of the door forcefully.

I stepped out of the bathroom and ran into my mother's soft bosom. "Watch where you're going!" mom said, irritated. I stood in my tracks, surprised to see her there.

"Where's your grandma?" She asked.

"In... inside." I fumbled. "We were just... ummm..."

"He asked me to wash his back." Grandma called out from inside. "I got wet, so I just asked him to get me a fresh saree." She stepped out of the bathroom holding her unwrapped saree against her chest. "You go finish your bath, I'll manage." Grandma said, kissing my cheek like nothing had transpired between us in the last few minutes.

"Oh, ok." Mom said.

"But were you washing his back for so long?" I heard mom ask grandma as I slipped back into the bathroom.

I was greeted to a waft of delicious smells from the kitchen as I stepped out of the bathroom. My stomach grumbled in hunger. Unable to contain myself, still wrapped in just a towel around my waist, I walked towards the kitchen, leaving a trail of dripping water behind me.

"Ummm... something smells delicious!" I asked, peeping into the kitchen.

"Oh nothing special, just some kheer (an Indian milk based sweet) and some pakodas (deep fried onion fritters)." Mom said, not taking her eyes off the vessel of bubbling kheer on the stove. Grandma was dropping a fresh batch of pakodas into the hot oil.

"What's the occasion?" I asked, stepping into the kitchen.

"You are the occasion my..." Mom stopped in her tracks looking at me. "Arre, what is this?!" she exclaimed. Grandma turned to look at me and eyed my wet body questioningly.

"Go wear some clothes! See you're dripping water all over the floor!" Mom said, mock angrily. "You don't want another accident like what happened to your grandmother earlier, do you?" She asked, oblivious to the fact that her mother had just jerked me off a few minutes ago in the bathroom.

"Well..." I put my finger on my chin, as if to think. "Maybe that isn't a bad idea." I said and put my hand on my waist. Mom immediately held out her pallu against my waist.

"You shameless boy!" She slapped my ass gently. "Go get dressed, or no food for you." She said, shooing me from the kitchen. I gingerly held out my hand to pick a pakoda from the plate, but it was just out of reach. Mom came dangerously close to me and I could feel the tip of her boobs press against my chest. Grandma cheerfully held the plate of pakodas closer to me and I picked one from the top.

The one that had just been taken out of the hot oil. "Ouch!" I yelled, as I tossed the pakoda from one hand to the other, trying to cool it. Grandma started laughing at my plight, while my mother continued to get me out of the kitchen.

I felt the towel slipping from my waist, and I immediately put the hot pakoda into my mouth and grabbed the falling towel. As soon as I bit into the hot pakoda, hot steam filled my mouth. I quickly began to blow on it and danced out of the kitchen, still clutching my towel, leaving my mother and grandma in splits.

The festive lunch drew away homesickness at once. I had a hearty meal while mom and grandma fussed over me. It was a simple meal, but just what my heart and tummy needed. I felt alright for the first time in over a year.

"Why don't you take a nap?" Mom suggested, noticing me yawn for the fourth time. "You seem tired after all the travel." She said, ruffling my hair.

"Or it was the heavy lunch!" Grandma laughed, patting my bulged tummy. Mom joined in laughing.

"Why, aren't you guys full?" I said, and began tapping their tummies over their sarees. Soon, I was tickling their tummies and playing with their navels. While mom and grandma were laughing, I was getting aroused. This was the first time I'd touched their private parts. In the commotion, both their hands brushed against my hardness, and they withdrew immediately. I pulled away my hand as well, and we sat in silence for a couple of seconds.

"Well, you better go take a nap now." Mom said "I'll go clean up." She got up to go into the kitchen.

"No mom!" I protested and held her hand. "Why don't we sleep together? You can clean the kitchen later."

Mom looked at grandma for approval. Grandma nodded and smiled. "It's okay, you can clean the kitchen later." She said. "Let's take a nap now, I'm feeling tired too." Grandma yawned.

Soon, the three of us were on the queen sized bed in the only bedroom in the house. Grandma and I shared a blanket, while mom was under a different blanket next to me. I pressed my raging hardon on grandma's ass as I spooned her. She didn't seem to mind. Soon, my eyelids grew heavy and I dozed off.

The sky was a dark shade of purple by the time I woke up. I could hear the sounds of the ringing bell from the pooja room. I got up, still groggy from the nap and peered out of the room to see mom and grandma standing in front of the little pooja room, praying. I got off the bed and freshened up.

"Had a good sleep?" Mom asked me, smearing a pinch of sacred ash on my forehead. I nodded in agreement, and yawned again.

"You're still sleepy huh!" Mom pinched my cheeks. "You must've been so tired." she said apologetically.

The rest of the night was largely uneventful. I gave sly glances at grandma, hoping she'd give me some signals about any possible action that night. But I had no such luck. Mom and grandma fussed over me during dinner again and we retired to bed soon after. Just like the afternoon, mom and grandma slept by my side. I cuddled grandma and drifted off to sleep, replaying the bathroom incident from that afternoon.

Chapter 2: The Sweetest Birthday

"Happy Birthday!"

I awakened to the sounds of cheering and laughter in the middle of the night. It took me a few minutes to awaken completely.

"What... what's happening." I said, rubbing my eyes.

Mom and grandma were sitting on the bed, looking excited. Grandma had a bowl of jamoon (an Indian sweet drenched in sugar syrup) in her hand.

"It's your birthday today!" Mom said, excited. "Did you forget?" She picked up a jamoon and put it in my mouth. It was still warm and juicy and sweet. Being woken up in the middle of the night was worth this sweet treat. I ate it and licked her fingers. Mom giggled.

"Sorry I couldn't get you a proper cake." Mom apologised.

"It's okay mom." I hugged her. "But when did you make this?" I said, pointing at the jamoon.

"Just after you went to bed." Grandma answered. She too picked up a sweet and fed me. Grandma tried to feed me the entire thing, but I only took a bite, so the rest of the sweet fell flat on my knee. Grandma laughed off her clumsiness. I picked up the fallen piece and tried to put it in my mouth, but grandma forced my hand towards her mouth.

"Hmm... so sweet..." she said, orgasmicly.

Mom laughed at her. "Amma, you ate 3 of them while we were making it. Wasn't it as sweet then?"

"This piece has his flavour." Grandma said, pointing towards me and licking her sweet syrup laden finger. She then did the most unexpected. She bent down and licked the patches of sugar syrup on my bare knee.

"Amma!" Mom chastised her. "You're such a kid!"

"What can I say, your son is so sweet. Besides, it would attract ants, so I had to clean it up."

"And is that the way to clean it? Mom asked.

"The most effective way." Grandma said.

I suddenly flicked my finger in the bowl and smeared a blob of sugar syrup on grandma's chin, close to her lips. Mom and grandma looked at me questioningly. Grandma tried to wipe it off, but I held her hand firmly and shook my head as if saying no.

I leaned in and licked the sweet syrup off grandma's face.

"Mmmmm....." I moaned, mimicking grandma.

Both grandma and mom laughed. Mom slapped me softly on the shoulder. I started smooching grandma's chin and slowly progressed to chew on her lower lip.

"Ok ok, enough now." Mom said and tapped my shoulder. Grandma pushed me away and wiped her lower lip.

"Grandma is so sweet mom." I said, licking my lips.

"Such a naughty boy." She said, looking away in shyness.

"Now it's mom's turn." I said and dipped my finger into the bowl of sugary gooeyness.

"No no no!" Mom hesitated and put her hands up in protest.

"Please mom, just once!" I pleaded. But mom was in no mood to listen to me. In the commotion, I missed my mark and smeared the sugar syrup on her neck. Suddenly we both stopped. I gave her a wicked smile.

Mom immediately realised what was about to happen and tried to leap out of the bed. I quickly pounced on her and we both rolled on the bed.

"No no! I'm your mother, you are supposed to listen to me." Mom said, trying to get me off her. But I had her hands firmly clasped in mine and my legs wrapped around her waist. I rolled mom underneath me and looked at her neck hungrily.

"Oh look what you both have done! The bowl almost toppled over!" Grandma said, in mock anger.

"Amma say something!" Mom pleaded to her mother. But Grandma was just laughing at our antics and played deaf to mom's cries.

I cleared my throat and looked at mom. Her pallu had come undone and I was treated to a clear view of her deep cleavage. My dick began to harden instantly. Mom subtly turned her neck, as if giving me permission to relish the sweet syrup on her neck. I dove in like a hungry lion.

I sucked and licked on her neck. Mom was ticklish and was struggling underneath me, but I wouldn't leave her. I began nibbling her neck and mom started to moan softly. I was aroused even more.

I pushed my hardness into her waist, and mom accepted it willingly. She spread her legs for me and I started bucking my hips into her.

"Aahhhh mom...." I moaned in between my audible smooches. I rubbed my hard cock on mom's pussy over her clothes. Mom initially tried to push me away, but soon gave in and hugged me tightly as I dry humped her. Soon, I bucked my crotch into mom one last time and came hard in my underwear. I stopped and breathed heavily on mom's neck. Mom came to her senses and pushed me away. She adjusted her saree and averted her eyes. I wiped my lips and looked at her hungrily.

Grandma just looked at us in disbelief. Mom sat up, wiping the beads of sweat on her forehead and chest. She glanced at me and grandma sheepishly and looked away. I looked at grandma and winked at her. Grandma came to her senses and shook her head.

"Okay, tell me what do you want for your birthday?" Grandma asked as if nothing had happened just then.

I thought for a while, then replied, "Just being at home with you two with nothing to worry about is a gift enough." I pulled grandma and mom into a group hug. They both planted a kiss on my cheeks. I kissed each of their cheeks. Then I dove down to mom's neck and began smooching her. Mom cackled at this unexpected display of affection. She pushed me away, still laughing.

"I thought I could still see some sugar syrup." I said. Mom slapped me lightly.

"But tell us," mom said, "What birthday gift do you want?" Mom asked again.

"Okay, I want to share the sweetest jamoons with the sweetest mom and grandma." I said. "And I want to share it in the sweetest way possible."

Mom looked at me quizzically. We had just had jamoons.

So I took the bowl of jamoons from the table and put it on the bed. With both my hands behind my back, I leaned in and carefully picked a joom between my teeth. I turned to my grandma and nodded her to come close.

Grandma looked at mom and shrugged her shoulders.

I grunted, asking her to come closer quickly. Grandma leaned in and I placed the jamoon against her lips. Grandma opened her lips and accepted my gift. I pushed in unnecessarily close, so that our lips and teeth touched. Grandma bit her half of the jamoon and smiled.

"Mmmmmm...." I groaned, relishing each bite with my eyes closed. "This is even sweeter!" I proclaimed. "From now on we will eat jamoon just like this or not eat it at all."

Mom looked embarrassed and shy.

"Now your turn." I said, swallowing the sweet. Again, with my hands against my back, I bent down, picked up another jamoon and motioned mom to come near me. Mom shook her head to a no.

I beckoned her again. She shook her head again.

A drop of the sweet syrup fell on my leg again. This time grandma willingly licked the syrup. She looked up at mom and told her it is okay by nodding her head.

Mom shyly crept forward and opened her mouth. I leaned in and let her bite into the soft sweet. When she had her bite, I quickly stole a kiss on her lips. Mom pulled away and looked at me surprised.

"He is so unpredictable!" She said, swallowing the sweet.

"And you are so sweet mom!" I said. "Don't you agree grandma?" I said and suddenly smooched grandma.

She was taken aback by this unexpected kiss. We lost our balance and toppled on the bed. I shamelessly smooched grandma's lips and grandma gave in instinctively. I hugged her tightly and began kissing her all over her face and neck, completely forgetting mom was sitting right next to us.

I got off grandma and wiped my lips. "Don't you think mom is sweet?" I asked her.

"I don't know. I could only taste you." Grandma said, sitting up. Her pallu had come off and she didn't bother to adjust it.

"Ok ok enough of this sweet jamoon game. Let's go to bed, it's already late." Mom said and got off the bed and headed to the bathroom. I could hear mom washing her face. As grandma was taking away the jamoon I stopped her and put a jamoon between my teeth, half of it sticking out. Grandma looked at the bathroom door and quickly took a bite from the jamoon in my mouth. "Happy birthday" she mouthed and went to the kitchen.

It must've been around 3 when I woke up feeling extremely horny. The sweet foreplay with mom and grandma has ignited my hormones and I needed a release. Desperately. I looked at the two sexy queens sleeping beside me. Mom had turned away from me and I could see her broad back, inviting to be caressed and kissed.

I turned to the other side and saw grandma facing me. Her pallu had come undone and I could see her gorgeous breasts heaving rhythmically as she breathed. I sensed my hard dick stir at the sight of my grandma's chest.

I turned around and heard mom's soft breathing.

"Mom" I whispered loudly. She didn't respond.

"Mom" I whispered again. She was still sound asleep.

I turned the other side and pushed my hard dick against grandma's crotch. She stirred in her sleep, but didn't respond. Unable to contain my excitement, I buried my head against grandma's chest and began smooching her globules.

"Hey! What are you doing!" Grandma whispered.

"I want my birthday gift now grandma." I said, briefly looking up at her before getting back to licking and sucking her cleavage.

"What birthday gift?" She asked, making no attempt to pull me away from her.

"The one you gave me for my 18th birthday." I said, and bit into the nipple against the fabric of her blouse.

"NOT NOW!" She whispered harshly. "Later, aaahhhh when you take your bath." She said, moaning between her words.

I continued to chew on her nipple and pushed my hard dick on her waist. I slipped my hand underneath her saree and grabbed her bare ass and squeezed it hard.

Grandma let out an audible gasp and immediately shut her mouth with her hand. She leaned over me and looked at mom. She was still asleep.

"Ok fine." she said. "But be quiet." She put her hand on my hardness and was visibly impressed. "You seem to get bigger each year."

I smooched her uncontrollably. Grandma reciprocated gleefully. "Let me give you that birthday gift." She said, and went down on me. She pulled down my shorts, and my dick sprang out against the coarse fabric of the bedsheet. Grandma made me turn to the side, with my back to mom, and got to work.

She licked my shaft from the balls to the tip, teasingly. I put my hand on her head hastily, trying to push my entire length into her mouth impatiently. She took my hand off her head and held my cock with one hand. Her palm was lubricated with her saliva and she smeared it all over my cock.

Without wasting time, grandma took the entire length of my shaft into her mouth. She sealed her lips at the base of my cock, and I could feel my cock throbbing against the back of her throat. She began sucking me, bobbing her head as her lips and tongue caressed the entire length of my veiny cock. I was in seventh heaven.

Soon I was about to cum. Instinctively, I put my hands over grandma's head and pushed my cock deep into her throat. Grandma gagged as I jutted thick cum in spurts.

Suddenly I felt mom's side of the bed stir. I strained my neck and saw mom turning towards me.

I quickly withdrew my cock from grandma's mouth and turned around to face mom. The blanket covering my now softening dick. I moved towards mom and cuddled up to her.

"Shhh... " I said, patting my mom to sleep. Grandma hugged me from behind, pushing her bosom against my back.

Chapter 3: Caught In The Act

"Good morning sleepy head" mom said, as I woke up. She ruffled my hair and kissed my cheeks. "Happy birthday again!" She said, I could clearly see her free hanging breasts inside her nighty as she bent down. I felt my cock harden and adjusted my thighs to cover it.

Just then grandma came in and wished me again. I pulled them both on the bed and started cuddling and kissing them. Mom and grandma began giggling and kissing me back. I made my hardness very obvious by pushing it on mom and grandma deliberately.

"Looks like the birthday boy is very excited." Grandma said, naughtily.

"You both excite me!" I said and kissed her.

"Go get up." Mom told me. "Take a bath and get ready."

"Grandma, will you bathe me like always?"

"Of course," Grandma said. "Let me get the oil."

I got ready and grandma brought a bowl of warm oil. I stripped down to my underwear and grandma began applying oil on my hair and my body. When mom wasn't looking she slipped her hand underneath the underwear and caressed my dick. She pulled down my foreskin and massaged the bulbous head generously.

Soon mom walked into the room and grandma took her hands off me. "Now just sit here for 15 minutes. I'll give you a bath later."; She said and walked away.

I noticed mom taking a peek at my erection as she was placing the clothes inside the cupboard. I stroked the damp underwear on my hardness and smiled at her knowingly. Mom turned beet red and left the room in a hurry.

"Aaahhh.. Stop being so wild" Grandma chastised me as I forced myself on her. We were in the bathroom and grandma was filling the bucket with hot water. Watching mom check out my erection had got me excited. Grandma put her hand on my hard dick and squeezed gently. She looked at my naughtily and bit her lower lip.

I lunged forward and began smooching her lips. She opened herself to me and I massaged her tongue with mine. I grabbed her body and pressed my erection on her.

"Uff.. You're uncontrollable today!" She said, "What's gotten into you?" She quickly pulled down my underwear and my erect dick sprang out. She looked at it proudly and licked her lower lip.

Grandma pulled back the foreskin and massaged the head gently. I grabbed grandma's boobs and began fondling it. I squeezed her erect nipples over her blouse and she moaned softly. My hands moved to her hooks and grandma immediately held my hand and shook her head to a no.

So I cupped her breasts and put my head on her cleavage and licked her globules to my heart's content.

Grandma grabbed the back of my head and smooched me like a hungry cat feasting on her kill. She pushed me back when she was done and I fell back against the bathroom wall.

She squatted down, dutifully pulling up her saree to expose her slender thighs. She gingerly held my cock with both her hands and licked the length of my cock with the tip of her tongue. I was thrown aback in pleasure. She wrapped her luscious lips around the head of my cock and sucked like her life depended on it. She slowly inched her mouth down the length of my cock until my balls were caressing her chin. When she withdrew her face from my crotch, her nose was red, her eyes were watering and my cock was glistening with a thick coating of her saliva.

She dove back in, unforgivingly pleasuring me to no bounds. This time, her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked my cock like a seasoned whore.

Soon I was ready to blow. I grabbed her head, not as a means of support but to face fuck her. Grandma understood what I wanted and she began sucking me fast and hard until I came into her mouth. She gagged as thick ropes of my cum hit the back of her throat, but soon regained her composure and sucked me off till the last drop slid down her throat.

She took my softening cock out of her mouth and kissed it gently. "I don't know if you gave me a gift or if I gave you a gift." She said, standing up and adjusting her saree to cover up her treasures.

I pulled her close and began smooching her neck. Grandma giggled loudly, "Aaahh... that feels ticklish!" she protested and pushed me away. "Just one gift per birthday." She said and winked at me.

Suddenly, I noticed movement near the door out of the corner of my eyes. I glanced towards the door and saw mom looking at us in shock.

I immediately let go of grandma as if I was struck by lightning. Grandma looked at me questioningly and followed my gaze. The playful, naughty expression on her face changed to shock and shame immediately.

She quickly fixed and saree and rushed past mom without saying a word. Mom gave grandma a cursory glance and transfixed her eyes on me. She looked at me from top to bottom. I covered my crotch area with my hands, my dick had softened in shock. I could feel her gaze burn through my skin and was feeling more naked than ever.

She had caught her own mother sucking off her son fair and square. I didn't know how long she had been watching us, but I did know there was no way we could deny it. Mom walked away shutting the bathroom door behind her, like nothing had happened.

Chapter 4: A Scandalous Past

I quickly got out, with a towel wrapped around my waist. I was sweating all over, unsure what music I'd have to face next. And of all days, this had to happen on my birthday! Not that it would be much different if mom had found out on any other day.

Mom had neatly laid out new clothes for me on the bed. A smile crept on my face unknowingly. This was the regular ritual on my birthday. Mom would always put out my clothes for me before I got out of the bath.

The tshirt and jeans were a perfect fit. But I had no courage to face mom. Not yet anyway. I sat on the bed, fully dressed in new clothes, mustering the courage to get out of the room.

That's when mom came into the room and I instinctively stood up and looked down in shame.

"Hmmm... this looks good on you." Mom walked up to me and smoothed the creases on the t-shirt. She lifted my chin and our eyes locked, for a brief second before I averted them.

"Mom... I'm... I'm sorry..." I muttered, anticipating a thrashing.

"Come, let's have breakfast." she said and walked out of the room.

I was confused. Why didn't mom say anything about me and grandma? Why was she behaving like nothing had happened?

I quietly followed mom's instructions and went to the dining table. Mom had prepared a spread of my favourite dishes. The delicious aroma would have raised my appetite if it was any other day. But given the circumstances, I wasn't feeling particularly hungry.

I peeked into the kitchen, and found grandma giving final touches to a dish with mom by her side. That was really strange.

The three of us ate in silence. I played with my food, mostly eating a nibble every now and then when goaded by mom. But my eyes darted between mom and grandma. Grandma refused to look at me and mom just gave me a smile when she caught me looking at her.

I spent the rest of the day holed up in my room. I couldn't understand what was going on in mom's head. I would peek out, hoping to catch grandma alone, but I had no such luck. I really wanted to ask her if mom had told her anything.

"Lunch?" mom asked, peeking into my room.

"I'm not hungry, mom." I said and sat up on the bed.

Mom looked at me for a few seconds. I was unsure what to make of it. She turned around to leave the room.

"Mom." I called out to her.

She stopped and turned back at me.

"I'm sorry mom." I said, and a wave of shame engulfed me. I felt weak and didn't have the strength to look into her eyes. "It was a moment of weakness. You know, with grandma and... I didn't mean it to happen... I just... It was..." My carefully rehearsed apology had gone for a toss.

Mom sat next to me and lovingly put her hand on my thighs. "It's okay." she said.

I looked up and found her smiling at me, like nothing had happened.

"I swear mom, this was the first time..."

"Really?" Mom looked at me like she knew I was lying.

I looked down in shame.

"But we didn't really... you know, go all the way. It was just... that..." I fumbled tyrig to tell her politely that I hadn't technically fucked her mother's pussy.

"I really wouldn't have minded if you'd gone all the way." Mom said. "I'd rather it was you than some stranger, again, who'd potentially ruin our family name."

I looked at mom questioningly. Mom let out a forced laugh and sat comfortably on the bed.

"Look, there are some things I didn't want to tell you, ever. But given the situation, I think you should know about it."

I listened intently.

"I was just about your age when mom and dad were undergoing marital problems. Dad's business had started to slump. He was overworked and had little time for us. This naturally irked mom. I mean, she was very accommodating in the beginning, but soon she grew tired of it all.

Of having no money. Of having to stave off lenders. Of having to worry about my future."

I had heard of this stage in mom's life vaguely, but didn't know much of the details.

"While dad grew distant from mom, one of dad's money lenders grew close to her. Pretty soon, she was having a roaring affair with the man. He would come home after dad and I had left for work and he'd give mom what dad wasn't able to. It was an emotional affair as much as it was a physical one."

I was strangely aroused hearing mom talk about grandma's affair. I could feel my dick grow inside my pants.

"I came home early one day and caught mom and her lover going at it. I was shocked and hurt. I felt betrayed by mom. I didn't know what to do and walked out of the house and wandered the streets aimlessly. I spotted a telephone booth and unconsciously walked towards it. It was like I was possessed with something. I loved my father a lot and didn't know how mom would betray him.

I called dad and told him what I'd seen and without waiting for his reply, I placed the receiver down.

I returned home at my usual time and saw mom had just had a bath. I had seen her like that many times when I'd returned from the office, but I could have never guessed that it was her attempt at washing away all traces of her lover from her body."

Mom paused to make sure I was following what she said.

"That day, dad came home and behaved normally. And the day after. I wondered if dad even cared about what mom had done. He even stopped talking to me normally. I tried initiating a conversation with him, but with mom around, it was extremely hard.

Then one day, I came back from the office to find mom and dad fighting. It took me nearly an hour to pacify them and put them in different rooms. I spent the rest of the day mediating, crying and hearing them fight.

Mom decided she needed a break and took off to her mother's house the next morning. Dad and I were a mess for a few days, but we soon got into a new routine. I tried contacting mom after a few days, but she wasn't really keen on coming back just yet."

Mom cleared her throat and looked away from me, shamefully.

"So... one day, dad was feeling extremely low and sad. He began crying at the losses in his business and what had happened to mom and one thing led to another, and..." mom's voice cracked.

"And... well, I made love to my father."

My jaw dropped to the floor.

"And, honestly, I liked it. I liked taking care of my father and giving him what mom couldn't. It was a little awkward for the both of us in the beginning, but soon, we fell into a routine. We'd wake up, do our chores, go to the office, return home, have dinner together and retire to bed. Some nights we would make love. And those nights were the most amazing nights I've had.

He took good care of me and let me take care of him. I felt closer to him than any man, including your father."

I saw a tear form at the edge of mom's eyes when she spoke fondly of grandpa.

"Even when mom returned home after a couple of months, we continued to be together. Mom was shocked at first, and I don't know what transpired between her and dad, but she kept mum.

She even slept in a different room, while I occupied her place on dad's bed. Dad's business got better, his health improved and we were better off than before. He even settled all his dues. Maybe mom grew a little jealous of how dad treated me or how much I had impacted dad's life.

She even tried to reconcile with him. She had stopped seeking out pleasure elsewhere and tried to be faithful to dad, but nothing seemed to work. Maybe that's why she got me married soon after.

I've been faithful to your father since I married him."

Mom looked at me, as if trying to ascertain her faithfulness. But I didn't really care. I was getting hot just listening to mom describe her sexcapades with her father.

"Yet, I miss my father's touch every now and then. I miss his loving touch and his warm embrace. I miss how his thick, long member made me feel like it was the first time, every time."

Mom covered her mouth instinctively and looked at me in horror. She'd let out more than she intended to. But she put her hands away and gave me an all knowing smile.

"Well, I guess I might have tried to rekindle our relationship if dad had been alive a few more years. He passed away soon after the wedding, while I was pregnant with you." Mom caressed my hair.

"So, your grandma has been deprived of sex for a really long time. And with you, I only see it as something of her right. Like a tit for tat?" She looked at me quizzically.

"But what about you mom?"' I asked, "Aren't you deprived of sex too?" I put my hand on her thigh and began massaging it gently.

Mom looked at me and shook her head. I could see her trying to suppress a smile. "That's none of your concern."

"I'd like it to be my concern." I winked at her and pulled her closer to me.

I held mom tight in my arms and began to kiss her neck gently. Mom let out a low moan into my ears.

"Tell me you want it mom." I whispered as I licked her earlobes.

Mom melted in my arms. But soon regained her composure and pushed me away.

"You're impossible." Mom said. Her flustered face gave away her arousal. "But today is not my day. Go to your grandma, she's waiting for you."

"And then, it's your turn?"

Mom just let out a small laugh and pushed me away.

Chapter 5: The Best Birthday Present

I stepped out of the room, with my head spinning. I couldn't believe that my own mother was giving me permission to fuck my grandma.

I made my way down to mom's bedroom and found grandma sitting on the edge of the bed, folding clothes. Her slender back and well rounded ass was inviting. She was going about her chore, completely oblivious to my presence, and my lustful hunger.

I slowly went up to her and put my hand on her shoulder. She turned back and looked at me questioningly. The bulge in my pants was just about her eye level. Unmissable.

I bent down and kissed her lips. Grandma was shocked and tried to pull away, but I snaked my hand on her shoulders up to her neck and held her head in place, while I sucked and nibbled her lips.

Grandma managed to push me away and wiped her lips. "Your mom is right here!"' she whispered hard. I saw a hint of fear and shame in her face.

I just smiled. "She was the one who sent me."

I snatched the piece of cloth in her hand and threw it away. I pushed grandma on the bed and pounced on her. I began to smooch her again, pushing my hardness on her thigh.

"I... know... all... about... mom... and... grandpa..." I said, punctuating each word with my kisses.

After wetting her lips with my saliva, I focussed on her neck. Grandma held my t-shirt tight and responded like a virgin.

"You've been deprived of pleasure for far too long grandma." I said, looking deep into her eyes. "Let me fix that."

My hand found its way underneath her saree and in between her thighs.

Grandma's body quivered as I placed my fingers on her pussy mound. I could feel her panties getting moist. I gently rubbed my fingers over her pussy and grandma let out a satisfied moan.

I gently slipped my index finger into her slippery pussy and her reaction was instantaneous. She let out a loud gasp and grabbed my shoulders tight, digging her nails into my skin.

I pushed a second finger in, deeper, and grandma moaned again instinctively. I began to massage the insides of her slippery wet pussy with the tip of my fingers gently.

"Aaahh..." grandma moaned into my ears.

As I gently finger fucked her, she began rubbing my bulge with her free hand. Grandma unzipped me and pulled down my boxers to free my hard dick. We both looked down at it.

Grandma gently pulled back my foreskin to reveal the pink bulbous head gleaming with precum. I looked at grandma and gave her a naughty smile. I pounced on her and began to smooch her lips, while my fingers went deep into her pussy.

Grandma grabbed my thick, hard cock and tugged on it gently. I took out my fingers from her pussy and licked her juices. The salty, musky wetness was intoxicating. I threw grandma underneath me and pulled up her saree, exposing her thick thighs and puffed pussy. I began bucking my hips into hers, desperately searching for her pussy hole. Grandma laughed at my predicament.

I just leaned in and began to smooch her. The laughter was replaced by lustful taboo sounds of us kissing each other. Grandma widened her legs, as if inviting me inside her. She held my cock and guided it to the entrance of her pussy.

I pushed in a little and my cock head slipped right in without much resistance. Grandma shut her eyes and bit her lower lip.

"Aahhh... slowly. It's been a long time..." grandma said, opening her eyes and looking deep into mine.

"Don't worry grandma, I'll be gentle with you." I said and eased my dick inside her. Grandma widened her legs, as if making more space to accommodate me. I was completely inside her. Her pussy had swallowed the entire length of my dick with ease and our hips were pressed so close not even air could pass between us.

We smooched uncontrollably. "Stay inside for a bit. I haven't felt this good in a long time." Grandma said as she held me close to her tightly. I was happy to oblige.

After what seemed like a long time, I began to pump my dick inside her. I began giving her slow gentle thrusts at first and she punctuated each push with a gasp or a moan.

I bent down to her neck and began to smooch her lovingly.

Soon the pace of my thrusts increased and her moans got louder proportionally. We didn't care that my mother was in the very next room. We didn't care that she was my grandma and I, her grandson. We didn't care that this was taboo. All that we cared about was how we could give each other the pinnacle of sexual pleasure.

As I thrust into her, I continued to kiss and lick her lips and neck. She nibbled my earlobes every now and then. Soon grandma was ready to orgasm. She put both her hands on my buttocks and held me tightly. I hugged her and began bucking my hips, thrusting my dick fast and deep into her.

Soon, I could feel grandma's pusy walls clench around my cock and I felt a gush of wetness against my cock. Grandma grabbed me tightly and wrapped her arms and legs around me. She held me in a vice grip, and convulsed as she orgasmed.

But I wasn't done yet, I continued to fuck her raw and hard until I could hold myself no longer. With one final thrust, deep inside her pussy, I emptied my balls into my grandma. I was done. I was exhausted.

I lay on my grandma, feeling tired and spent. I felt a lone drop of sweat drip down my forehead. Grandma brushed my hair lovingly and kissed my sweaty forehead.

Chapter 6: Mom Joins The Game of Lust

I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard the sound of the door open. Grandma instinctively pulled the bedsheet over her near naked body in shyness. I lazily turned around, laying on my back and saw mom enter the room.

I took my own sweet time putting away my softening dick under the sheets. I noticed mom looking at my limp member with lust and just smiled at her. Mom looked away hurriedly, blushing.

"Lunch?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, I'm starving." I said. "Especially after the heavy workout." I looked at grandma and winked at her. Grandma slapped me playfully. I caught her hand and kissed the tip of each of her fingers gently. I could feel my cock harden. I abandoned grandma's hand and planted my lips on hers.

She was quite taken aback by my move and I could sense her reluctance in the way she kissed. I put my hand on her breast and squeezed, and that was the final straw.

"Okay. That's enough." She said, pulling away from me and holding the bedsheet tighter against her body. "Your son is so naughty!" she complained to mom.

Mom just laughed and shook her head.

"You guys go, I'll take a quick bath and come." Grandma said.

"Oh, you've given me a bath today grandma, let me return the favour." I said and began tugging at her bedsheet.

"No no! I know what you'll do when we get into the bathroom. I'll come out feeling dirtier than when I go in. You go, I won't tag along." grandma said and pushed me out of the bed.

Mom looked at my naked body lustfully as I took my own sweet time to get dressed. She forced herself to look away when I acknowledged her eyes of lust with a naughty smile.

Mom and I set the table in silence. Only the sounds of utensils and the faint sound of grandma bathing filled the air. Both of us were aware of the taboo antics that had just ended with grandma and it just didn't seem right to talk about it just yet.

"Oops, sorry!" mom apologised when she spilled some water on me accidentally. A good part of my tshirt and my pant were wet.

Mom began dabbing the wet patches with the edge of her pallu and she didn't shy away from patting down my crotch either. My dick began to harden and it didn't go unnoticed by her.

"Maybe you should remove your t-shirt, it's too wet." she suggested. Taking a step back and looking at me.

I obliged and stripped off the wet tshirt without hesitation. Mom took a good look at me from top to bottom. I made no attempts to conceal the tent in my pants and proudly displayed it to mom.

"What is this?" mom said, and came close to me and examined the left side of my neck. I could feel her warm breath on my bare skin and felt aroused. "It looks like an insect bite or somethi..." Mom stopped in her tracks.

"That's a bite from grandma insect, mom." I said and laughed. Mom blushed a beetroot red and turned away.

I grabbed mom by the waist and pulled her on to me. Her breasts pressed against my chest and my hard cock pushed against her crotch. "Why don't you leave a mark on the other side mom?" I said and offered my neck to her.

"What are you doing? You just had a... with you grandma... like..." mom fumbled her words as I held her and began rubbing my crotch into her.

"So what mom? She's not you. Besides, I'm still so hungry..." I said and planted a kiss on mom's lips.

Mom was taken aback by this sudden expression of lust. She resisted for a bit, as if fighting her own inhibitions. I cupped my palm on her breast and she gave in easily.

She opened her mouth in a gasp and I quickly slid my tongue inside her mouth. I pushed myself on her and she took a couple of steps back and landed against the wall next to the dining table.

Mom began to moan in pleasure as I began to smooch the lips and suck on her tongue. She grabbed my bare body and held on to me tightly.

I snaked my hands on her waist and slowly went lower and cupped her butt cheeks and violently squeezed them. Mom let out an audible gasp, but quickly resumed smooching.

I slowly lifted her saree and slipped my hands on her bare thighs. The touch of my bare skin on hers was electrifying for the both of us. I sneaked my hands underneath the hem of her panties at her legs and squeezed her soft, plump butt cheeks. Mom giggled like a girl and kissed my cheeks.

I planted my face on her neck and began to suckle on her bare skin. My fingers found their way to her pussy lips. Mom was dripping wet. She let out a low moan as my fingers traced the outline of her pussy lips. Mom spread her legs a little, giving me easy access to her juicy love hole. She held onto me tightly, not wanting to let go. But her lips sang a different song.

"N... no... this is... wrong" she whimpered feebly into my ears. I disregarded her concerns and pulled away the crotch of her panties, exposing her supple pussy lips. Mom gasped loudly as my long, slender middle finger slipped into her juicy wet pussy without any resistance. I gently pulled it out and put it back in, now accompanied by my index finger.

Mom jerked her left leg aside and stood on her toes as I buried my finger right up to my knuckles. As I fingerbanged her, mom whipped some words of resistance, without meaning any. When I slowed down, she would buck her hips into my hand, as if wanting more.

Soon the empty protests stopped and she gave herself completely to me. I got wilder and began to finger fuck her cunt faster and harder. She bucked her hips into my hands wildly. I slapped her ass a couple of times, and she let out squeals of pleasure.

It was the right time for the next phase of our taboo relationship.

I pulled mom away from the wall and pushed her onto the table. I pounced on her and began to smooch her again. I grabbed her neck with one hand and with the other I pulled down the wet panties till her knees. Mom was only too eager to oblige.

I lifted her saree till her waist, still smooching her. I broke away the kiss to take a look at my mother. She was naked from the waist down, with her legs spread wide open as if inviting me. Her crotch was covered in stubbles of pubic hair, as if she had shaved it earlier that week.

My mouth watered as I saw her glistening pink pussy. I dove right in and began to smooch her pussy lips. Mom gasped loudly and grabbed my hair tightly. The pain was pleasurable. I put my hands underneath her ass and positioned her thick thighs over my shoulder.

I ate her out hungrily. I tracked the entire length of her slit with my tongue - right from the edge of her asshle till the tip of her clitoris. I parted her labia with the tip of my tongue and flicked her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Mom bucked her hips into my face, almost smashing in my teeth.

I gently held her erect clitoris between my lips and began to suck on it. Mom tightened the hold of her legs around my neck. My fingers dug deep into her ass cheeks.

I pushed my tongue into her pussy hole, as deep as it would go and licked her insides while pressing my nose on her clitoris. Mom grabbed my hair tighter and pushed my face deeper into her thighs. I could barely breathe, but I didn't care.

My hands left the comforting hold on her ass and travelled up her waist to grab her breasts. Her prominently erect nipples were jutting against the fabric of her thin blouse. Mom's hands joined mine as I mauled her boobs. She quickly unhooked her blouse and gave me free access to her naked tits.

I pinched her nipples hard. Mom moaned my name. "Aaahhh... easy there tiger." she said, grabbing my hands and guiding my palm over her breasts.

I wrapped my lips around mom's erect clit and began to suck on it hungrily. Mom bucked her hips in my face and arched back, enjoying the feeling of my tongue on her love button. Mom's thighs wrapped around my neck and pulled me in closer to her love hole. She began whimpering.

I knew she was close to climax. I pushed a finger up her ass and mom squealed in pleasure. She jutted out warm streams of her jism all over my face.

Soon I felt her body go limp. Her thighs loosened around my neck and her hands no longer gripped my hair. I raised my head and saw her heaving breasts, covered in beads of sweat.Beyond her heaving breasts, I saw grandma coming out of the room. Wrapped in a fresh saree, and her damp hair tied in a towel, she bit her lower lip and gave me an approving nod.

I smiled back at grandma and wiped my lips.