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Sitting on the soft cushioned chair he waited for his Mom to come down. He had been waiting for last 15 minutes and it usually never took her so long to dress up and come down. At that point of time he did not know what was holding her up as they had to reach the Airport to receive his uncle and aunt.

After glancing at his watch for umpteenth time as he looked up his eyes got focused on a gorgeous lady draped in a silk sari with her loose hair flying walking down the stairs. For few seconds it was difficult for him to envisage what he saw. It was hard for him to believe it was his mother, who was so gorgeously decked, her hair loose, her body swaying walking down the stairs and when she went past him, he was stunned when the perfume hit his nostrils. He was in a daze and as he could not reason out her appearance he followed her tamely.

On following his eyes got riveted on her movements. Seeing her body sway he felt something, something which he could not envisage at that moment. It was difficult for him to conjure what was happening to him or to her. He had seen his mother before, dressed more gorgeously but that had not attracted him as it had today. It was not the dress that had attracted him, it was something else. His curiosity made him look at her closely and when his eyes went over her back, he suddenly felt ashamed; to look at his mother's back.

Though he tried to shift his gaze he could not and when his mother stepped into the car his eyes followed her to the last glimpse. He sat in the car like a zombie and when they reached airport his eyes took to the same course of action. However hard he tried he could not pierce his eyes from her vision. They were glued to her back as if they were magnetized.

It was not long before his Uncle and Aunt came down the aisle. It was nice to see them after a couple of years. In fact 5 years had passed since his father had asked his uncle Nithin to take care of his overseas business and now they were back for a short visit.

His mother was overwhelmed when she saw Nithin and his wife Naina. Her eyes were gleaming when she saw them. Seeing her emotions he felt she had missed them. In the past 5 years she had never spoken about Naina or Nithin and today on seeing them she was so overjoyed, which puzzled him.

After collecting the bags and baggage they stood in the queue waiting for the peak hour rush to thin out. It was then that his eyes got riveted again on his mother's back who was in front of his uncle. He let his gaze wander over her exquisite mounds and looking at them, he did not feel ashamed as they looked attractive. He was attracted to them in such a way that he compared them with his aunt's which looked dull.

Such was the way his mother was built and the peak hour rush made it more interesting to watch as they crawled slowly. The crowd started swelling; there was slight hustling and shoving. In the melee he wished he was behind his mother rather than his uncle. He felt he could have taken advantage though not knowing what he would have done. He felt he could have touched, may be. He was so excited that many wicked things flashed through his mind.

He looked for an opening to get closer and as he looked over his Uncle's shoulders he saw his hands were on his mother's shoulders steadying her which made her turn and smile at him. There was a twinkle in her eyes and when she turned back he saw his Uncle grip her shoulders hard. It made him curious and his focus was shifted on to his Uncles hands.

Nithin steadied himself. He looked around and even turned to give Amar a smile. After reciprocating he looked the other way, not giving him a hint that he was watching. From the corner of his eye he watched his Uncle's hand slip down from his mothers shoulder. This made him go up on his toes and as he looked he saw his Uncle's hand trek slowly down her back and rest on the hem of her blouse. It ventured there for a while and then as his fingers started circling her blouse the crowd which was getting heavier started pushing and taking advantage he moved his hand down and held her naked waist. Seeing this Amar was instantly aroused and it had him worried as in the melee he thought his Uncle may feel his growing hardness. He tried his best to hide his arousal and even put a hand down to steady it.

As he was setting it right Amar saw his Uncle had moved closer to his mother. He in fact had covered her well and though Amar tried hard to see, he could not see his actions. He looked for an opening and not finding he searched for his Uncles hands which were hidden totally. He felt desperate and in the madness as he lunged forward he saw that they had moved out of the gate. At last he got an opening and what he saw in that split second got etched in his brain. His Uncle was caressing his mother's buttocks.

This was the picture which was playing in his mind when they dropped them and reached home. On reaching his room he played back all the scenes frame by frame till he could visualize his Uncles hand caressing his mother's buttocks. With this frame etched in mind and with a hard on he slept.

The next day he was woken by his mother. It was nice to see a beautiful face waking him with a cup of coffee.

"Am can you do me a favor" she asked. (She used to call him Am for Amar)

"Yes, what is it" he said taking the cup from her.

"Can you fetch few things from the market" she asked?

"Provided you give me some extra money" he joked.

"Come on Am don't blackmail me," she replied.

Seeing her annoyed he said "Mom, I was joking.'

Handing him a list "Okay get these things" she said.

"Anybody coming for lunch" he asked looking at the list.

"Your father has invited your Uncle and Aunt for dinner" she replied.

Hearing it Amar was up in a flash and when his mother turned; his eyes were again focused on her well endowed back.

By evening Amar was waiting for his Uncle. He wanted to confirm previous day's incidence. He wanted to know whether it was an accident or was it a game played. He went looking for his mother.

"What time are the guests coming Mom'

"By seven" she replied.

"And Dad?'

"He said he would join by eight" (provided he is free from his boozing she thought)

"Do you mind if I arrange the table" he enquired

"I would be glad" replied his mother.

Amar was happy to have been given a free hand. He quickly made some changes and as he looked and saw his mother decked in a brilliant color sari smiling, he felt happy. He felt happy for her.

Nithin and Naina arrived in time and as Naina went in to help his mother Mayuri, Amar sat with his Uncle for a chat. Amar watched his Uncle with a hawk's eye. He observed each and every move of his. But for a few fleeting glances at his mother he did not see anything else.

Then Dikshit, Amar's dad arrived and both the brothers having met after 5 years hugged each other and Dikshit led him to the bar where they sat chatting. Dikshit was an alcoholic and his only interest was booze and money.

Soon it was time for dinner and as his mother set the dishes she was pleased to see Amar's arrangements. The candle lit dinning table was very romantic and his seating arrangements were sensible. He had made his Aunt sit at one side of his father and on the other his Uncle. Then leaving a space for his mother he sat next to his Aunt on the round table. The space left for his mother did not arise any suspicion as it was nearest to the kitchen.

Nithin too was pleased as he had the opportunity to sit next to Mayuri his sister-in-law. Naina was also comfortably placed and Amar having placed himself in the centre was able to keep an eye on every move of his Uncle without being noticed.

As Mayuri set the table, every body took their place. Enjoying the sumptuous food everyone started chatting and soon Dikshit who was high on drinks started cutting jokes which made the environment livelier. It was during this time Nithin took advantage. On the pretext of enjoying jokes he placed his hand on Mayuri's thighs or when she got up to go to kitchen felt her back. They were light touches and so well camouflaged that even if someone saw them they would think nothing of it.

Amar had observed every move of his from the corner of his eye. At first he too thought it was accidental and on being repeated it was ascertained that his Uncle was trying to play with his mother. Looking at his mother he felt assured that she was obliging him. What would the poor thing do he thought looking at his father's bloated figure whose only interest was drinking?

Amar was so busy watching them that he totally forgot the presence of another person in the room. Naina was a woman who could pick needle from the haystack and nothing went unnoticed from her. She was quick to grasp that Amar had seen her husband toying with his sister-in-law. She thought she had to do some deep thinking about him.

Naina was keen in seeing her husband seduce Mayuri and bed her. It was their plan. She knew from the start that Amar would be a thorn in the flesh as he had grown up. She also knew that seducing Mayuri would be difficult. She knew Mayuri had shown some interest in Nithin but to bed her was totally different. She may allow him to play with her but for the final act it would need some coaxing to do and she had to find a pawn that would coax her to do it and she saw Amar as that pawn.

While Naina was toying with that idea Amar was engrossed in his own world. He was waiting to see what would his Uncle's next step would be. He had not to wait long as he saw his Uncle slip his hand on his mother's thighs. This time his hand did not brace her thighs but was firmly placed on it. Amar was instantly aroused when he saw his Uncles hand grip his mother's thigh and in his excitement when he turned he saw his Aunt flashing a big smile as if she knew what was going on between her husband and his mother.

It was Naina's smile that diverted Amar's attention. Her looks were so piercing that Amar felt mesmerized. He felt that she wanted to convey something to him and as he kept looking, he was surprised to see her pat him on his thigh as if wanting him to cool down. Amar was puzzled.

When both of them left Amar went to his room. He was on cloud nine. Once in the safety of his room he pushed down his pants and was surprised to see own erection. Holding back his thoughts his mind raced back to the time when he saw his Uncle's hand on his mother's thigh. That image kept tormenting him. He wished it was his hand there. Was it possible? Was it possible to do the impossible? How would it be possible, who would help him, he questioned himself again and again. Not finding an answer he struggled.

Mayuri was pleased with the outcome of the day. She was glad that Nithin had shown the same signs which were prevalent almost 6 years ago and laying on her bed her mind raced back to that period.


It was one summer morning after packing off her son to school and husband to Office; Mayuri was taking a bath leisurely. Suddenly she was disturbed when the door bell rang. Thinking it would be the maid she came down unperturbed in the petticoat and half hooked up blouse.

On opening the door it struck her like lightening when she saw Nithin. She stood like a rock on not being properly dressed allowing his eyes to capture all that they could. Nithin felt he was blessed with the sight of his Sister-in-law in the minimum of clothing and as she turned to leave he was enchanted to see the contours of her well formed buttocks which he had craved to feel from the day he had first seen her.

Properly dressed Mayuri came out to greet Nithin. She was glad to see him and learned that her husband had called him. Though she felt bashful she forgot it and was normal again.

Nithin on the other hand was delighted. He was delighted to be with his sister-in-law who possessed such a figure and after having a fleeting glance of her buttocks ensconced in her white petticoat he was thrilled; Nithin did not let go an occasion of looking at her back.

Gradually Mayuri also felt his gaze. Though at times it turned her on, she was scared to think of it for being his sister-in-law. She felt attracted to Nithin for his physical features. In comparison her husband was bloated. Since her marriage he had added weight and he had bloated.

Mayuri thought of the first instance when she had felt Nithin's hand on her body. It was at the wedding reception of their cousin. It was when her husband was busy at the bar that Nithin had made his move. Seeing her alone he stood by her and as the dinner was announced placing his hand on her shoulder had guided her to the table.

The small act had sent a chill up her spine. Though she wanted to she could not remove his hand and taking advantage he had slipped it on her waist. It had excited Mayuri and as the act was well camouflaged she had not objected. Prompted by it Nithin became more enterprising. He moved closer and shielding her with his body his hand which was on her waist ventured downwards.

Mayuri left his hand slid from her waist to her buttocks. She was in a dilemma. On one hand she wanted him to continue and on the other she was ashamed to encourage him. As she was pondering about it she felt his hand caress her buttocks. This ignited her body. Biting her lips she controlled the passion engulfing her body. He became bolder. Seeing her tremble he slipped his hand between the orbs of her buttocks and cupped them. Mayuri was aghast, her body convulsed and as Nithin drove his hand further down the hot path her body shivered and she climaxed. That was the first time.

The second occasion was even more adventurous as it happened in front of her husband. It was when they had gone out to a restaurant and as usual Dikshit hit the bar leaving them. They kept glancing at each other and when Dikshit had one too many, Nithin made the move. As Dikshit staggered into the restaurant and occupied the sofa, leaving the opposite one to be shared by them, had given Nithin an opportunity. He looked at Mayuri and smiled at her.  His smile had a hidden meaning and Mayuri being conscious that he would be taking advantage waited with abated breath. She was in a fix as she had to sit next to Nithin and when he nudged her she was compelled to sit down.  Sitting next to him and feeling his warm thighs in line with hers, she felt a warm feeling creep up her body. Though she tried to shrug it she felt ashamed for not being able to sustain the desire creeping up and every second it got difficult as more pressure was exerted on her thighs.  Nithin was tormenting her; he was playing with her desires. Slowly but steadily he was building up the tempo. Sitting in front of her husband Mayuri was in a dilemma. On one hand her body was craving to feel the heat generated from his thighs and on the other sitting in front of her husband she was scared. At times she felt like leaning on him, but failed to do.

Nithin read her thoughts. He did feel her body squirming and when they were on the final course of dinner he placed his hand on her thigh. This move jolted Mayuri. Suddenly she shifted her position and leaning on the table hid his hand from being seen by her husband.

Dikshit was in his own world and even if Mayuri had not leaned forward he was not in his sense to understand what was going on before his eyes. He was busy having his dinner.

The hand on her thigh started to creep up. It sent thrills up her spine and when she saw her husband busy she marginally parted her thighs. Nithin did not notice it but his hand inched further up. He was cautious knowing his brother was sitting in front of him and he was playing with his wife.

Mayuri on the other hand had gained some courage. Sitting upright and shielding his hand she was waiting for it to move forward. Her body ached for his hand to move up, move further up and reach the burning furnace, but Nithin chickened out. It was okay to touch her thighs but he did not dare move further and touch what was between. Giving one final squeeze on her thighs he removed his hand.

Mayuri felt miserable and it even made her angry. She felt bad thinking when she was ready what had made him pull back his hand. When it was feeling so good he had to spoil the show she thought. She turned to face him but he looked the other way. Finally when they got up to leave Mayuri brushed her hand on his thighs.

Nithin was shocked when he felt her brushing his thigh. He cursed himself for having lost a golden opportunity. He felt sorry for not having hit the iron while it was hot. Mayuri was really hot. He did not know when he would get another chance as he was supposed to leave the next day.


Next evening Mayuri was in a triumphant mood thinking of how she could tackle Naina when she heard the door bell. Seeing a beaming Naina at the door she thought "think of the devil." She felt glad that she had come.

Time went by as both had a chat. They talked and talked and finally when the sun was setting and the atmosphere was cozy, Naina holding a few curls of Mayuri's hair said "how are other things.'

"What other things" she asked?

"Other things, personal" she spoke the words softly directing her gaze on her bosom.

"As usual" she stammered.

"I can't envisage that they are" she said blowing air on the nape of her neck.

"Why" she stammered again.

"Things don't look normal" she said curling her hair in her fingers.

"What makes you think so" she asked looking at her.

"From what I have seen nothing looks normal" she replied.

"What have you seen that makes you feel so" she asked sharply.

"It is there for everyone to see; the way you are and the way brother Dikshit is" she said.


"Yes that.'

"What do you see of it" asked Mayuri?

"I foresee all is not well in your bedroom" she said moving closer and taking hold of her.

"When was it that it could be now" she replied.

"Is that the reason why you said as usual" she asked.

"Yes as usual and for ever" she replied dismally.

"Is it that bad" she said holding her.

"It is not just bad. There is nothing in it" she replied.

"Oh! I am sorry, I am really sorry" saying this she took her in her arms.

"Some people are unfortunate" she said.

"But you still have time at your disposal" said Naina.

"What can time do, it can only worsen things" she replied.

"Why do you think so" she asked tightening her hold.

"The way he is drinking and bloating, I can't think time would be of any help" she answered.

"Does your youthful body not arouse him" she asked bringing her face close to hers.

"I don't know whether I have a youthful body" she replied.

"Oh! You posses such a body which I think every male would yearn for' she said as her lips braced her cheeks.

"And there are no males in my house" she replied.

"I think there are" she stressed the point.

This made Mayuri to think of Nithin. Was she in anyway trying to tell her something? Does she know about her and Nithin? What could she know about him? He had just caressed her once and chickened out the next time?

Seeing her in deep thought Naina changing the subject said "tell me about Amar.'

"What do you want to know" she said.

"Has he not grown up?'


"So it is" she said as her lips smacked her cheeks?

"Sorry I did not get you" she replied.

"Think about it" saying this she got up.

When Mayuri was wondering what she meant, the bell rang again and when she saw Amar at the door was it a coincidence she thought?

Naina was glad to see Amar and after he came down changing "can I borrow your son for shopping" she asked Mayuri.

"Of course you can" she replied.

Amar was pleased to accompany her and on completing the shopping "are there any restaurants near by" Naina asked? . "There is one," saying this he guided her to a cozy restaurant.

Sitting side by side Naina said "poor Mayuri I pity her.'

Those words somewhat shocked Amar. Pondering over it he said "why do you pity her.'

"Don't you see what she is undergoing" she replied.

"What? I don't see anything.'

"That is the problem with you men, you don't seem to understand things.'

"I really don't know what you are talking about" Amar replied.

"Don't you see that she is all by herself? Does not go out, no friends and no life.'

"Yes, Dad hardly takes her out" he replied.

"What about you? Why don't you do what your Dad does not?" she stressed the word Dad and stared at him point blank.

"I don't understand what I could do" he said.

"You are not a child anymore. You have grown up and can take care of her" she said.

"But she is not so friendly with me. She always bosses over me" he replied.

"May be you take advantage of her" said Naina.

"I don't other than ask for some Pocket money" he said.

"And when you get money you forget her, is it not" she asked.

"Yes, so it is" he replied softly.

"You enjoy with your friends when she is left all alone" she said.

"I do go out with my friends" replied Amar.

"Girl Friends?'

"Sometimes" he replied shyly.

"Why don't you treat her like your girl friend" she said.

"You mean . . . .'

"Yes that is what I mean. Take her out, be a companion to her and treat her like a girl friend" she said.

"Where shall I take her" he asked.

"Where do you take your girl friends, tell me," she asked.

"I take them out, sometimes to a movie" he replied.

"What do you do there" she asked looking straight in his eyes.

"Can't tell you that" he replied shyly.

"Okay tell me one thing. Why did you agree to come out with me" she asked smiling at him.

"Well you asked for and I came" he replied.

"Is that the sole reason for your coming" she eyed him closely.

"Yes, what other reason could there be" he said.

"Did you not come because I am a woman and you like me? Is it not a fact you wanted to be close to a woman. Are you not enjoying being with me" she spoke softly and moving closer she placed a hand on his thighs.

Amar was taken back by her questions and unable to answer, he felt numb.

Caressing his thighs she said "I can understand what you Boys like and so does every woman.'

"But, but . . . . ." he stammered again.

"No buts. You are grown up and it is your duty to take care of her" and caressing his thighs said "don't you like it, tell me, tell me" she asked.

"I I don't know" he stammered again.

"Does it not feel good? Does it not thrill you? Like wise make her feel good" she said.

"What" as he uttered it he looked at her.

"Yes, as you are getting interested, so will she. Come let's go now and tomorrow I promise there will be more" saying this she touched her breasts.

Seeing her feeling her breasts Amar's eyes popped out and as he looked at her she said "there's more to come, let's go.'

Amar found it hard to digest what he had seen and heard. Everything had happened so fast. Like a faithful servant he followed his Aunt and reached home after dropping her.


Reaching home Amar was delighted to see his mother smiling and beckoning him to have dinner. Though he was not hungry he sat down with his mother. Silently they finished their dinner and when he got up Mayuri asked "do you need anything Am.'

Her loving words made him opt for a glass of milk and when his mother turned to fetch his eyes took to her. He looked at her from head to toe and what he saw excited him. Mayuri had a well carved physique. She was quite tall at 5. 6 and her body was proportionate to her height. Her long cascading hairs over her shoulders were very alluring. Her shoulder blades were broad and the dimples caused by her muscles were most appealing. Down, the curve of her back was exquisite and the swell of her buttocks as they swayed in the light sari was most enthralling.

Amar was aroused on seeing the figure of his mother and when she went behind the curtain he quickly arranged his growing manhood.

Oh! What is happening to me he exclaimed.

Holding the glass of hot milk as Mayuri lifted it, the top of her sari slipped exposing the curvaceous figure of her bosom. Amar was elated when he saw it. Though he tried hard to detour his eyes he was unable to. He quickly took the glass of milk from her and went to his room.

Mayuri stood looking at her departing son. The call which Naina had made before Amar reached home had helped her. Naina had taken her to task. She had verbally accused her of neglecting her son and now adhering to her words she was happy to see the change in him. She hoped it would benefit her but how was still a question? In her room she thought why she had neglected him for no fault of his? While it was the fault of his father she had distanced from her son. She made her mind to give back all the love. With these thoughts in her mind she slept peacefully.

Next morning Mayuri was pleased to see the youthful figure of Amar. It was her turn to look at him. She looked at him as if she was looking at a stranger. My God has he not grown up she said to herself.

"Sorry, did you say something?" asked Amar.

"Nothing, by the way where did you take Naina yesterday" she asked.

"To the market and then to a restaurant" he replied.

"If I had known that you were going to a restaurant I would have accompanied you" she said.

"Oh! How I wish I could take you today." As soon as he said his mind raced back to what Naina had promised. He was thinking of her when his mother said "are you going out with her.'

"Yes, few things could not be purchased yesterday.'

"Its okay, carryon may be we could go some day.'

"How about tomorrow" said Amar instantly.

"Where would you take me" asked Mayuri.

"Any where you would like to" he replied.

"Do you have so much time to take your mother out" she asked.

"Come on Mom, I can do anything for you" he replied.

"How sweet of you, I was a fool for not have asked you earlier" she said smilingly.

"Okay but tell me where would you like to go?" he persisted.

Hearing this "where are you both planning to go" asked Dikshit who had come down.

"We are going for shopping" replied Mayuri.

"Fine" saying this he sat down for breakfast and left for his office without any further reference to the subject. Amar too departed and Mayuri was left alone.

Mayuri for once was happy to be alone. Having recollected the events of the day she felt glad and thought of thanking Naina.

By evening Amar was eagerly waiting for his aunt and was delighted when his eyes scanned the crowd and spotted her.

Amar joined and escorted her to the market. After an hour or so of shopping Naina looking up at him said "do you have time for snacks.'

"Yes I informed Mom that I would be late.'

"So you have come prepared" she said softly.

Hearing it Amar blushed.

"Shall we go to the same place" she asked.


Sitting in the corner table she asked "so how's your Mom?'

"Oh! She is fine and tomorrow we are going out" he replied.

"How lucky you are" she said.

"Why" asked Amar.

"To have two new girl friends" said Naina.

Amar blushed again.

"Of the two whom do you like" she asked.

"Why? I like you both" he shot back.

"No it cannot be true, only one would be very special" she said.

"If it is so then it is you" he replied.

"How nice. Is it a fact or are you trying to pull my leg" she asked.

"It is a fact and I mean it" he said looking at her.

"And may I know why" she asked.

"You were so kind to take me to this restaurant" he replied.

"Because of that," she asked.

"Not only that, I liked your company" he replied.

"You like my company? You like sitting beside me" she asked patting his thighs.

"Yes, I like it" he replied getting excited.

"You liked being with me yesterday" she asked feeling his thighs.

"Yes" he said softly.

"What did you like" she asked moving closer.

"I liked being with you, sitting beside you and . . . .'

"And, tell me" she crooned.

"And liked the way you felt me" he said bowing his head.

"You liked the feel of my hand on your thighs, is it so" she asked.


"And what else did excite you" she asked.

"Few other things" he replied.

"What other thing did I do that made you excited, tell me" she insisted.

"I saw you caress it as we felt the restaurant" he said staring at her bosom.

"So you saw me doing it, I thought you had not" she lied.

"It was there to be seen" he replied.

"And what other reason made you come today" she asked.

"Your words" he replied.

"What did I say" she asked as this conversation sent warm waves up her body.

"You said I would be suitably rewarded" he replied.

"Yes, have I not rewarded you by bringing you to this restaurant" she asked teasing him.

"Yes and you said something else.'

"What was that" she said as she felt her body responding.

"You said there's more to come.'

"You remember that too" she asked getting excited.

"One does not forget those words" he replied.

"What did you think I would do" she asked.

"How can I say what's in your mind" he replied.

"But still you might have thought of something" she replied softly.

"I thought you would continue" he replied.

"What? feeling your thighs" she said.

"Yes and also those" he said staring at her bosom.

"Does it thrill you to watch me fondling it" she asked placing her hand on her bosom.

"Yes" he replied focusing his eyes on her hand.

"You want to see me caress them" she asked softly.


"Like this," she said slipping her hand inside the sari and touching her breasts.


"You want me to hold them in my hand" she asked.

Amar did not reply. His eyes were engrossed on her actions.

"Or do you want me to caress your thighs" she asked as wave after wave swept through her body.

"Anything" was all he could reply.

"Do you like this" she said placing her hand on his upper thighs.

Amar was captivated by her actions. As soon as she placed her hand on his thighs his member started pulsating. He was scared that she could feel his aroused cock. He could not believe it was actually happening. His body started convulsing.

"Do you want more" she asked seeing his body trembling.

"Mmmmmmm" was all that he could answer.

"Then why don't you place your hand here" saying this she held his hand and placed it on her knee.

Amar was flabbergasted as he felt the warmth of her thigh. His body again shuddered and he was on the threshold of shooting.

Seeing it and also feeling her body on the brink of an explosion "slip your hand inside" she cried.

As Amar slipped his hand between her thighs Naina crisscrossing her legs and imprisoning his hand between her thighs said "how does it feel.'

Amar could not reply, he was aghast at her action. As his hand was vexed between her hot thighs and Naina gyrating her thighs over his hand he ejaculated in his pants.

Naina, whose body was also on fire, could not withhold it any longer. Imprisoning his hand between her thighs and feeling it so close to her privates, she let the juice gush out of it. She had cum and it was great. It was a sensation which she had not anticipated. All the while she had thought she would tease him but sitting in the crowded restaurant she had not dreamt that she could explode. She felt happy with the outcome and she was sure that she could use Amar as a pawn.

And when she saw Amar withdrawing his hand from her thighs she asked "happy" for which Amar could only nod his head.

"Did you feel thrilled to feel my thighs" she crooned softly?

"Yes" he replied.

"Were you satisfied" she asked staring at him.


"What made you happy" she asked.

"The feel of your thighs" he replied.

"But my thighs are not so voluptuous" she said.

"They are" he replied.

"Comparing to your mother's they are skinny, aren't they" she asked?

Amar was shocked to hear those words. Looking at her he said "I don't know.'

"Are you not interested" she asked.

Amar could not answer her. He was shocked to hear her talking about his mother's thighs.

"She has. She has beautiful long legs and I am sure you would love feeling them" she said.

This again baffled him. He stared at her not getting the meaning of it.

"Why don't you try it" she said.

"What" exclaimed Amar?

"Feel her thighs, you will love it" she replied.

Hearing her talk about his mother's thighs he suddenly became excited. Though he wanted to say he can not. He waited for her to continue.

"It would give you immense pleasure. Just feel them and I am sure she will like it too" she said.

"I don't know how that could be possible." At last he let it out.

"When you go shopping, try it out there" she said.

Her words were encouraging. He felt excited. His placid cock was regaining its strength and as he wanted her to continue he said "what would she think or how would she react?'

"She is starving and I am sure she will like it" she replied.

This made him look at her again. His eyes were questioning her and they had thousands of questions. He was getting bolder by the second.

"Yes when you go out try to feel her thighs. Act as if it was accidental and when she does not object try to capitalize on it and I am sure she won't object" she replied.

This made Amar to focus his mind on his mother. He was thinking of a place where it could be possible to take her and Naina seeing him engrossed said "I know you can do it and if you want any assistance I am always there to help you.'

"I will try" was what he was able to say.

"And when you do, you can have more of me" she said.

This made him look at her.

"Yes you can touch, feel and look, think about it" she said caressing her breasts again.

"Will you" he stammered.

"Yes, and may be more. Come let's go" she said.

With her words ringing in his ears Amar reached home to be welcomed by his mother. His thoughts were still of his aunt when they had the dinner and as his mother lifted a corner of her sari to wipe her face his eyes took to her exposed lower body. He was excited when he saw the slight bulge of her naked waist. It was the first time that his eyes had wandered there and when they drifted down he was bewildered to see her robust thighs and long legs. She was more voluptuous than his aunt and yes it would give immense pleasure to feel those thighs, was what he was thinking when he went to his room.

The whole night he planned. He thought of all possible places he could take her out but none of the places were ideal for what he had in mind. This made him stay awake for most of the night and not getting any answers he struggled throughout.

Though he was tired the next day he hurried back home, excited at the thought of going out with his mother. Soon after having a wash as he came down he was glad to see his mother holding a cup of coffee.

As the coffee refreshed him "shall we go" he asked.

"Do you think you can? Are you not tired" she asked brushing his hair.

"No I am fine. Your coffee did the trick" he replied smilingly.

This brought a huge smile on her face and she went to change.

By the time his mother was ready Amar rang for the cab. Amar was so happy just to sit beside his mother that when they reached the Mall he wished it had taken more time.

His mother was the first to alight and as Amar stepped he slipped which made his mother lend him a hand. This was a blessing in disguise as his mother entwined her hand with his and held it supporting him.

Holding each other's hands as they climbed a few steps her elbow brushed his chest which made Amar delighted. Gripping her hand he led her into the mall.

Entering the mall Mayuri tried to dislodge her hand but when she felt him gripping it hard she let it stay put and leaning on him continued window shopping.

Amar did not let go of her hand. He held it to his chest as a prized possession and when they took the escalator he felt his mother snuggle closer. This made his elbow brush the naked skin below her blouse. This made him feel happy and looked forward for another brushing which did not materialize.

After strolling around the first floor and not finding any thing of interest as they came near the escalator Mayuri looking at him said "I am a little scared.'

"Nothing to be scared off, hold me" said Amar.

Mayuri moved closer and gripping his hand took to the escalators and when she stepped on it she fumbled which made Amar to grasp her by her waist and steady her. Amar felt enchanted to have his hand on her waist. Feeling the warmth of his mother's waist he gripped it harder which made her thighs brace his. He was in the world of his own having felt what he had not dreamt of and it did not last long as they had reached the second floor.

Mayuri too felt the warmth of his thighs brushing hers and when she saw his hand holding her by the waist she let it linger there till she steadied herself. Amar on seeing his mother regain her stance slowly pulled out his hand from her waist but let it be entwined with her hand.

They shopped for a while. Amar was content to be with her and when they finished, Mayuri was again scared as she had to come down the escalators. Standing near the escalators she looked at Amar.

"Why are you so scared" he asked.

"This is the first time I am using them" she replied.

"Let me hold you" he said slipping his hand on her waist again.

"Wait, let me take a deep breath" she replied.

"Take your own time" said Amar utilizing the opportunity of caressing her waist to soothe her.

This time Mayuri felt his caress. Though it sent warmth up her body she could not enjoy it as she was scared and when Amar nudged her, taking a deep breath she stepped on the escalator.

This time with Amar holding her tightly she managed not to fumble and coming down she looked at her son as if she had conquered the world thinking she had reached the ground floor.

"One more floor to go" said Amar pointing to the ground floor.

"Oh! I thought I had reached it" she replied.

"Want me to carry you" he said.

"Dath, as if you would carry me" she shot back.

"I would if you allow me" he spoke gently.

"No I am fine" she replied smiling.

This time before she could react, Amar slipped his hand on her waist with such authority that made her look up at him.

"Come let's move" saying this he patted her back.

Though his reactions were natural Mayuri felt delighted when he patted her back. Slipping her hand on his waist they encountered the final hurdle with ease.

Amar did not let go of her waist and when they stepped out of the mall he said "why don't we walk home.'

"Yes why not" she replied smiling at him.

"I love this weather" he replied.

"Yes it is very pleasant and cool" saying this she moved closer slipping her hand on his waist.

Like a happy couple they slowly threaded their way back. Amar was more than happy to have his hand firmly placed at her waist and his mother's head resting on his shoulders.

Even Mayuri was excited to have got acquainted to her son in such a way and whenever she remembered him helping her on the escalator she kissed his shoulder showering her affection. They moved at snails pace and it was when they came across the park that their heart beats increased.

It was Mayuri who saw it first. As her head was resting on his shoulder and her line of vision towards the park, she saw a couple kissing. It made her lift her head across to see them and when she saw the man was fondling the woman's breasts a sudden wave of excitement rushed through her body. The scene jolted her and Amar who had not witnessed it was surprised to feel her shudder.

As they moved further both of them saw another couple locked in each others arms smooching. This made their hearts beat faster and subconsciously both gripped each other. Their pacing slowed down when they came to the end of the park and saw another couple. It was Mayuri who looked up at her son for his reaction and saw him staring at the couple. His hand which was on her waist started moving subconsciously down. She felt it slip down a little and when he gripped the flesh above the mounds of her buttocks she shivered and leaned on his body. She had made the move.

This had a wild effect on both of them. Both were excited. Amar whose hand was over her buttocks pulled her closer and she obliged by moving a shade closer and placed her head on his chest. They moved silently and Amar realizing that they were nearing the house pulled his hand from her waist and started walking casually. He did not want her to know that he was aroused.

They continued treading slowly. Both were tensed as they felt they had done something wrong. They just had to cover a little distance to reach their house when it started drizzling lightly. This changed the whole atmosphere and they were like two kids playing in the rain. They ran towards their house shielding their purchases from the rain.

Once inside the house Amar went to fetch the towel and when he returned he saw what his eyes was craving for. His mother holding the top of her sari wiping her wet hair had subconsciously exposed her bosom to his stare. It made him stand rooted to the spot and though he could have shifted his gaze he did not and when his mother saw him staring at her exposed bosom, a hot current passed through her body which made her back track to her room slowly.

On reaching she felt a strong wave rip through her body. It made her rush to the rest room and on standing before the mirror she pulled the sari out and stood looking at her own reflection. She was surprised by what was reflected in the mirror. Her cheeks had turned red, her eyes were gleaming, her lips were pouting, her bosom was heaving and her midriff was shining with the pearl like rain drops. She felt happy with what she saw.

Taking a close look made her feel proud as she felt she still had a lot which would be of interest to any roaming eye and her son being a novice would certainly be attracted to it. Then why not flash a little she thought. What's wrong in it? What was there in it for her if it was to be hidden? Had she not hidden it all these days? She thought on those lines. The more she thought the more confident she grew. It would only be her son who was going to see, then why not let him. Thinking on those lines made her feel proud, feel elevated and she decided to try it out.

Amar could not move even after his mother left. He felt he had made a mistake. He felt he should have looked the other way instead of staring at her. He was sure his mother had seen him staring. What would be her reaction? How would she take it? When he was getting closer, when he was getting to know her better this should not have happened he thought. He felt as if he had lost everything and dejectedly he went to his room.

Next morning things were different. When he opened his eyes he was rewarded with a sweet surprise. He saw his mother holding a cup of hot coffee tickling him. This made him jerk from the bed and as he took the cup, the previous night's tension eased away. He stood by his mother the whole day helping her in all her pending work.

As evening descended Amar thought of asking her out but when he saw her slumped on the sofa he felt it better to sit close by and watch. With a book of no consequence in his hand he sat down opposite her.

It did not take long for Mayuri to see that Amar was watching her. Many a times she felt like teasing him but thinking it would be obvious, she let go and when she saw him fully engrossed somewhere "what's on your mind" she asked.

"I was visualizing how scared you looked coming down the escalators" he said.

"Yes if you had not held me I would not have had the courage to come down" she replied.

"It was my pleasure to have held you" he said.

"Was it so" she asked.

"Being close I was delightful" he replied.

"How nice to hear it, I thought I was troubling you" she said.

"I would love to have another chance" he said.

"May be sometime, now why don't you go to bed" she said.

"Yes maybe next time" saying it he left her.

Next morning when he came down he was happy to see his mother cooking. This gave him a chance to stand behind her and look at her exquisite body. As his eyes were roaming over her curves Mayuri left his gaze. As she was busy with her morning chores she could do nothing while he moved closer. He had come so close that whenever Mayuri moved her thighs brushed his.

There was mixed response from his mother. On one part she was happy to have her son beside her and on the other his closeness was also sending warmth up her body which she was finding it hard to conceal. After few minutes as Mayuri turned, her thighs brushed his squarely which made her blush. Amar had not expected this and when he felt his mother's hot thighs he was delighted and seeing his mother blush he was thrilled.

The small incidence had made his day. Having finished his breakfast he left for college leaving behind his mother to ponder over the things that were happening. Mayuri was in deep thought when she saw her husband come down. After having had his breakfast, he left for office without acknowledging her. This depressed her and she felt it was time she changed a little.

The day passed off without any further adventure and the next morning Amar came down and placing his hands on her shoulders said "what's cooking Mom.'

"Nothing of your interest" she replied jokingly.

"It smells good" he replied leaning over.

"Then why do you ask" she said and as she bent to pick up a spoon her hips brushed his thighs.

Amar moved closer and peeping over her shoulders said "how long will it take.'

"Will be ready in five minutes, hungry" she asked.

"No but I would like to taste it" he said politely.

"Sure," saying this as she turned to face him, her hips again brushed his thighs.

Amar stood right in front and not giving any room for her tasted the dish while his eyes roamed over her well formed bosom.

"Liked it" asked his mother enjoying his closeness.

"Yes it tastes good" he replied and as he leaned forward to put the spoon back his hand braced her warm hips. The touch jolted him. Uttering sorry he took a step backwards.

"No need to be sorry" said Mayuri feeling his discomfort. At first she had thought that his hand had touched her hips intentionally but as he pulled back she had a doubt. Whatever the cause she was thrilled by the act and looking at his discomfort she flashed him a big smile.

Amar regained his courage on seeing her smile and moving forward he hugged his mother.

"What made you do that" asked his mother in a jovial mood.

"Out of love" he replied.

"Ah! Come on" said his mother blushing.

When both her husband and son left Mayuri sat down with the puzzle of her life. She started completing the jig saw and to her utter dismay found most of the places blank. She had no other option but to fill them with her son and when it was completed seeing her son highlighted she felt happy.

As she was contemplating the next move the phone rang. She was surprised as it was her husband and when he said he will be coming late and not to wait for dinner she would not believe it. Ah! The pieces of the puzzle were falling in place she thought as this news had given an opening which she was looking for.

Amar arrived as usual and was excited when his mother told him that they were going out for dinner.

"What about Dad" was his immediate question?

"He is attending some party" she replied.

"Is he not coming" he asked politely as he did not want to discourage his mother.

"I don't think so. What do you suggest, where shall we go" she asked.

"There is a restaurant on the third floor of the Mall" he smiled as he let out those words.

"No I don't want any escalators" she replied strongly.

"Then there is the new one but it's little expensive" he said.

"It should not be a problem, book up" she said.

While Amar took care of the arrangements, Mayuri came down dressed in a green sari which had a pleasing effect on her dark complexion. Soon they reached the Hotel and both were surprised at the plush d├ęcor.

Sitting on a cozy sofa they treated themselves to a luxurious dinner and as they finished it "how was it" asked his mother.

"It was most delicious.'

"Yes and it was heavy too" she replied patting her tummy.

"It looks good" said Amar.

"No it is getting heavier" she replied.

"A walk home would take care of it" replied Amar.

"Yes, I was about to suggest the same thing" she asked.

"Like we did the other day" he replied stepping out of the restaurant.

"Hand in hand" she asked smiling at him.

"Of course hand in hand" saying this he held her hand swiftly.

"Why are you in such a hurry" she asked.

"I don't want you to change your mind" he replied.

"Change my mind" she asked a little puzzled.

"Of walking back home.'

"You like to walk'

"With you by my side I would love to" he replied.

"How sweet" saying this she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Are you feeling cold" he asked.

"No but trying to get comfortable" she replied.

"Is it any better now" he asked as he drew her close.

"Feeling cozy" saying this, she planted a soft kiss on his chin.

"That feels good" said Amar.

"Then have one more" saying this she kissed him on his cheeks.

"Thanks" was all Amar could say and when he looked at her he saw her flashing him a big smile.

They slowly made their way towards their home. Both were fascinated holding each other's hand and when they neared the park, Amar being conscious of what they had seen earlier looked around and when he saw a couple kissing he slowed down his strides. His attention was drawn towards the couple smooching.

Mayuri too saw the couple and in the excitement she gripped Amar's hand and when she felt he had slowed down, she let her eyes roam. She looked at the couple. On focusing she saw the man had his hand inside the woman's dress. This sent a hot wave through her body and as she trembled she heard her son say "are you feeling okay Mom.'

"Yes it is bit chill today" she replied moving closer.

Amar was glad that she had come closer and slipping his hand around her waist and caressing her hips said "it is because of the open space and I hope you are comfortable now.'

"Yes being close feels nice" she replied.

"It would be warmer if you move closer" saying he pulled her. He could feel her shoulder on his chest, her hips along his and her thighs brushing his whenever they took a step forward.

"Much better, thanks" saying this she kissed him on his cheeks.

Feeling excited by the kiss Amar's hand ventured on its own. It moved up from her hips to her waist and caressing it as if to send some warmth up her body he slowly moved it up till his fingers encountered the softness of her breast and as soon as he felt it he brought his hand down again. He continued teasing her in the same fashion.

While Amar was teasing his mother, Mayuri was enjoying it. Many a times she lifted her face and kissed him on his cheeks. This encouraged Amar and as they neared their home his hand started feeling more and more of her hips. This doubled the pleasure building up inside her and when they entered the gate Mayuri for few seconds did not pull her lips from his cheeks. She had them glued on his cheeks.

Amar was excited thinking she would kiss him on the lips. This made him squeeze her thighs and when he saw that they had reached the door, bringing his lips close to hers looked deep into her eyes.

Mayuri saw him looking at her. She felt sad at seeing her son in the state he was. She could not do anything as they had reached home. This made her heart melt for him and when he tired to place his lips on hers pushing him a little she shook her head.

Amar's eyes pleaded.

"No not now" was what she was able to utter.

Amar was glad to hear her words. He was overwhelmed and as he unlocked the door he whispered "shall we go to park tomorrow.'

"What for" asked his mother with a twinkle in her eye.

"For a stroll" he replied moving closer.

"We will think of it tomorrow, now go to bed" she said pushing him.

Next day Amar felt distracted in the college. He was waiting for the evening. He was not sure whether his mother would accompany him to the park and even if they went how he would react he was unable to ponder. He kept looking at his watch.

When classes were over he reached home in a flash. On reaching he was in a dilemma. He did not know how to ask her out. How could he say come we will go to the park? He kept stealing glances at his mother but never dared looked directly. Mayuri felt his discomfort and was smiling. Unable to see him suffering she said "do you remember when we had been to boating last.'

"Yes and it had rained that day" he replied not knowing why she was bringing that subject.

"I don't think it is going to rain today" she said.


"So how about going, are you interested" she asked.

Amar could not believe what he had heard. "Of course I am" he screamed in joy.

Mayuri was pleased to see him happy and when she went in and came out wearing Jeans and a top Amar was delighted. They took a cab and on reaching the lake as Mayuri opted for a pedaling boat Amar's joy knew no bounds.

They enjoyed steering the boat and at times playfully sprinkled water on each other and by the time they reached the other end of the lake their clothes were wet. It was Mayuri who noticed it. She could clearly see Amar's nipples protruding out from his wet shirt and she felt a desire to touch it. When she looked at her own top she blushed on seeing the outline of her bra. She thanked herself that her top was not as translucent as Amar's and it had her charms well covered.

Amar saw her staring at his chest. Her stare invigorated him and as he took a peek at her top he was excited to see the outline of her bra and as his eyes roamed over her well formed breasts nested inside the bra he felt aroused and it became difficult for him to hide it.

Mayuri felt his stare and as this was exciting she said "your shirt is drenched.'

"It was you who drenched it" he replied.

"As if you did not" she replied.

"But your top is not so soaked" he replied.

"Yes it is not as light as your shirt" she replied looking at his chest.

"Mine has become totally transparent" he said.

"It looks as if you are naked" she said as her eyes got fixed on his nipples.

"Yes, it feels good with the cool breeze blowing" he replied.

"What if you catch cold" she said inching closer.

"I would love it" he replied.

"Why" she asked placing her hand on his shirt.

"Because if I catch cold then you have to take care of me" he replied.

"What if I catch cold" she asked circling her finger round his nipple.

"That would be swell as I would look after you" he replied.

"You will get bored in 5 minutes" she said as her fingers closed over his nipple.

"No I promise to take very good care of you" he replied.

"I think I am already catching cold" saying this she moved closer and when Amar lifted his arm to accommodate her, circling her finger around his nipple said "why don't you remove your shirt, it is wet.'

Amar was excited to hear her words. Pulling out his shirt he said "we should have brought a towel.'

"Yes we should have brought one. I never expected we would get drenched up" she replied.

"How I wish I could have lent you my shirt" he said.

"Don't you worry I am fine" she replied circling her fingers over his naked nipples.

"It's nice to have you so close" said Amar pulling her up.

"Are you comfortable? Am I not troubling you" she said as she moved further up.

"Not at all, you can get as close as you want" he said drawing her head on his chest.

"How nice" said Mayuri planting a soft kiss on his naked chest?

Amar was thrilled when his mother kissed him and when his body shuddered with excitement "does it tickle" she asked.

"No it feels fine do continue" he replied and was shocked as to how he could utter those words.

"You like it, you want me to" his mother asked.

"Yes it feels good when you do that" he replied.

"When I do what" asked his mother.

"When you kiss me" he replied.

"So sweet, tell me one thing. Why did you want us to go to the park' she said.

Amar blushed on hearing her words.

"Come on tell me? Tell me na" she cooed softly.

"I wish I could tell you" he replied shyly.

"Was it because you saw the couples kissing" she asked?

Amar nodded his head.

"And you thought it could happen" she asked.

"Yes, yes" he stammered.

"You thought you could kiss me in the park, is it not" she asked.

"Yes I thought it would be fun" he replied as he could not say that he wanted to kiss her.

"What fun" she asked softly.

"Like the couple in the park" he replied.

"Kissing and hugging" she asked.

"Yes something like that" he replied.

"Do you want it to happen" she asked.

Amar stared at her in surprise.

"Yes, do you want to kiss me" she said smilingly.

"Yes I want to" he replied.

"Where do you want to kiss me" she asked teasing him a little.

"There" he said lifting his finger and touching her lips for the first time.

"Have you kissed any one before" she asked.

"No I have not" he replied.

"Have you not" she asked a little surprised.

He shook his head.

"Oh! You have not. Do you want me to show you how to kiss" she asked holding his face in both her hands.

Amar was ecstatic and closing his eyes said "yes.'

"Open your eyes look at me" said his mother.

Amar slowly opened his eyes and seeing his mothers pouting lips his body trembled.

"Do you like your mother's lips, do you want to kiss those lips" she asked and before he could nod his head, griping his face she kissed him softly on his lips.

Amar was thrilled when his mother kissed his lips. He was so excited to have been kissed by his mother that his face turned read and when he saw his mothers pouting lips "want to kiss them again" asked his mother.

Amar again nodded his head.

"Did you like what your mother did to you" she asked.

"Yes yes" he replied.

"Want more of her lips" she asked.

Amar nodded his head shyly.

"Come let's go to park" she said.

Amar was on cloud nine when he heard those words. He steered the boat towards the shore and in no time covered the distance. Once on the ground they fetched a cab and soon reached the park.

The sun had gone down leaving behind a streak of fading light as they entered the park and strolled down it started to get dark and Mayuri holding his hand guided him towards the trunk of a large tree.

As they sat side by side Amar was baffled. He did not know how to react. He kept stealing glances at his mother.

Mayuri waited for her son to take the initiative and seeing him hesitate placing her hand on his shirt said "I see your shirt has dried up.'

"Yes it has" he replied.

"You were looking cute without your shirt on" she said undoing his shirt.

"Why was I looking cute" he asked getting thrilled.

"Because I could see these" saying this she slipped her hand inside and felt his nipples.

"Do you like to see them" he asked.

"No I would like to feel them" she replied caressing them.

"You are different" he said.

"Why am I different" she asked.

"I thought it was the other way round" he said.

"What other way" she asked tweaking his nipple with her fingers.

"I thought it was men who were interested in" he said.

"What are men interested in" she asked feigning as if she did not know what he meant.

Amar could not reply back immediately, hesitating a little he said "to do what you are doing.'

"What am I doing" she asked lifting her face to his.

"You are caressing me there" he replied looking down at his chest.


"I think men are more interested in caressing them" he replied.

"You mean men are interested in caressing women there, is that what you mean" she asked.


"Why do you think only men are interested? Don't you think women may like it too" she asked.

"Yes they might" he replied.

"What about you" she asked suddenly.

"I have not thought of it" he replied.

"You better not" she replied playfully.

"Why should I not" he asked.

"Do you think you can" she asked.

"Yes I can" he replied assertively.

"Can you? I don't think so" she said laughingly.


"Because when you hesitate to . . . . . . . ." she said so softly that the words were not audible.

Leaning over her "can I" he asked.

Those words excited her and to tease him further "can I what" she asked.

"Can I kiss you" he said wetting his lips.

His words aroused her and moving her face close to his "why" she asked coyly.

"Because I like to kiss you" he said.

"Where do you want to kiss me" she asked.

"I want to kiss you on your lips" he said touching them.

"You want to kiss your mother on her lips" she said softly.

"Yes I want to kiss my mother on her lips" saying it he held her face in both his hands and leaning over kissed her lips passionately. Mayuri was so thrilled on being kissed passionately that she felt a hot current run through her body and as it thrilled she said "where did you learn to kiss like that.'

"It was instantaneous reaction on feeling your provocative lips" he replied.

"Are my lips so provocative that you bruised them" she lied.

"Yes your lips are very provocative" saying this he pushed his mother up the tree and leaning over her he forced her to open her mouth and slipping his tongue inside he kissed her mouth ravishing it.

Mayuri was aghast to have been kissed so fervently. Her body did a somersault. She had expected him to kiss her lips but not ravage her mouth. It made her body shudder with desire and when his tongue probing inside her mouth reached the bottom of the well, she wet her insides.

Amar did not let go of his mother. Holding her he continued kissing her and on seeing her go red he was excited. He saw her blushing. Her eyes were numb, her lips were quivering and her face was ashen. One good kiss had changed her and as he bent again he heard her say "let's go home.'

It was a command which Amar had to oblige; encircling her waist he guided her out of the park. Mayuri feeling tired after the orgasm placed her head on his chest and when she heard him say "did you like it" her senses were ignited again.

Those words excited Mayuri again. Hiding her face on his shirt she started unbuttoning it and when her faint fingers undid a few buttons "yes I liked it" she said.

"Want to kiss my chest" he asked her softly.

Mayuri was pleased when she heard those words. In the heat of passion as she was about to kiss him on his chest she felt her son pushing her face down on to his nipples. As she took his nipple inside her mouth Amar slipped his hand down and caressed her hips. Mayuri was again aroused.

Mayuri's body started to tremble with desires as they reached home and standing under the portico when she heard him say "I hope you will take me to the park tomorrow" her body convulsed. With great difficulty she controlled her emotions and facing her son said "no, I would never take you again.'

"Why, what did I do" asked Amar.

"What did you do? As if you don't know" she said blushingly.

"I just kissed you ...." Amar could not utter a word more as Mayuri had placed her hand on his mouth.

"Sshh we are at home and someone may hear" said his mother.

"How can he hear, he is inside" replied Amar softly.

Those words excited her and as it sent a thrill up her spine "I will hit you if you utter one more word" she said shyly.

Hearing it Amar placed his fingers on his lips which brought a smile on his mother's face.

"Okay now behave" saying this as she entered the house she saw her husband sitting on the sofa and as she turned to go to kitchen he asked "are you coming tomorrow.'

His words shocked her and trying to give him a fitting reply she said "what if I don't come.'

She had hoped the presence of her husband would scare him and was stunned when she heard him reply "then I may have to drag you.'

"You are too much Am now go" she said pushing him.

Amar was pleased. "You loose" uttering those words he ran to his room carrying a hard on. On entering he locked the door and as he pushed his pants down he was in for a surprise. His cock was rock hard. It looked larger than he had ever seen it before. The veins on his cock were visible and its head was gleaming.

As he kept looking at his cock his thoughts wandered over his mother. What am I doing he thought. Why was he feeling happy on seeing his own cock? What has it to do with his mother? Yes his mother had kissed him on his lips and on his nipples but it was done with love. What was the connection? These thoughts made his cock go limp. Yes, it was she who had kissed him on his nipples but never had allowed him. In fact she had her breasts well covered even when her top was wet. As those scenes flashed he felt it was necessary to be cautious. One wrong step would lead to disaster he thought.

He then decided that he had to talk with Naina. It was her words that had encouraged him. He felt he had to talk to her soon.

Mayuri was also thinking on the same grounds. She thought she had to stop this at some point. She recapped all that had taken place. Other than one passionate kiss there was nothing which was worth worrying about. Still she felt guilty as she had taken the first step. She also felt guilty as she had climaxed during the kiss. Did her son know that she had climaxed? These facts started puzzling her and she too felt it was time she had a talk with Naina.

In spite of having thought of all the pros and cons the next morning Mayuri could not stop herself from going to her son's room. She just wanted to wish him good morning and as she entered, the first thing her eyes encountered were his naked chest. She saw him sleeping with his shirt unbuttoned and her eyes got riveted to his pert nipples. The scene had a wild effect on her. It made her forget about her resolution. Standing there and looking at her son she decided she could kiss it one last time. This made her sit on the bed and lifting her son's head she placed it on her lap.

Amar who was awake feigned to be asleep. He wanted to watch his mother's moves. He wanted to confirm where this was leading. He thought feigning to be asleep he could learn more than being awake.

He was pleased when his mother sat beside him and placed his head on her lap. Controlling his erection he watched her ruffle his hair and heard her call out his name softly. He heard his name being called two to three times so tenderly that it was difficult to hear. It was the first give away sign and he waited for the next.

Seeing him asleep, Mayuri took the next step. She pushed his shirt aside and denuding him from the waist up she looked at his rib cage. Her eyes feasted on his chest and as her eyes moved down she was pleased to see his well cut features. His stomach, his waist were finely tuned and as her roving eyes moved down and saw the impression of his prick which was slowly regaining its strength, it made her forget everything.

However hard he tried Amar could not stop his prick from growing and when his mother's eyes were focused upon it he felt it to have reached half way. He could not contain his erection.

Mayuri was fascinated at the sight of her son's prick growing. At first she saw the impression of its head ballooning up. It was so captivating that it made her bow down her head and seeing the impression of his growing prick she was so thrilled that she kissed her son on his nipples.

Amar could not control his arousal. He felt as if he was trapped. He started to sweat. He could not move as he had feigned to be asleep and as his mother continued kissing his nipples it was getting hard to control his erection. He took a deep breath but it did not have any effect. The impression of his growing prick became more prominent.

Mayuri was ecstatic. She was wonderstruck at what was happening in front of her. She had a clear picture of her son's prick gaining momentum and she knew that her son was awake. She slowly called his name and when he did not respond she snaked her tongue from his nipple on to his stomach. Her move made him shudder and his prick reached the maximum. It was a sight to behold and Mayuri could see the impression of the full fledged prick. It made her senses go berserk. She dragged her tongue further down his waist.

Amar felt his mother's wet tongue drawing circles on his nipples move down. He could not muster any strength to hold back his erection any longer. He felt the desire mounting and as his mother moved her face further down, feeling her hot breath inches away from his prick his body jerked. Wild sensations crept over him. For a moment he thought his mother was going to take it in. Thinking of it he could not sustain it any longer and as his mother inched her head further down he shot his load.

Mayuri saw her son's prick pulsate and when she lifted her face to have a clear picture she saw the cum ooze out of his pants. It was a sight which she had not hoped she would ever see. In her passion she had made her son cum and feeling embarrassed she ran from the room.

Amar also felt guilty for having taken advantage of her by feigning to be asleep. He was so ashamed of facing his mother that the moment he finished his breakfast he left for college.

Seeing both Amar and her husband out of the house Mayuri rang Naina and was pleased when she accepted her invitation. It was late in the afternoon that Naina made her appearance and seeing a charming Mayuri she felt assured that things had changed.

"So how's everything" was the first question she posed sitting next to her.

"Why, the same as usual" replied a smiling Mayuri.

"I see some changes. You don't look charming anymore you look gorgeous' said Naina lifting her eyebrows.

"Nothing of that sort" she replied shyly.

"Don't lie to me, I can feel something is cooking" said Naina.

"Well it is my son. I am getting to know him better" she replied.

"How much better" asked Naina pulling Mayuri up.

"We are friends. The misunderstandings have been cleared and I am happy" she replied.

"Did I not tell you, had I not told you to look for the other male in your house" she said.

"Yes you had" she replied thinking of the earlier conversation.

"How far, how far have you" asked Naina drawing her closer.

"What how far" asked Mayuri unable to answer her?

"You know what I mean. How far have you gone" Naina stressed the point.

"The question is how far I can go" asked Mayuri.

"Well there is no end to it" replied Naina.

"No I cannot. I cannot think of going so far" she replied.

"If you have started, then what's the problem" asked Naina.

"I don't know how he would react and what would be the outcome" she replied.

"He ought to be happy, thrilled. Forget him tell me how do you feel' asked Naina drawing her closer.

"I don't know what to tell you" replied a shy Mayuri bowing her face.

"Come on tell me, don't be shy" said Naina hugging Mayuri's face on her bosom.

On being hugged Mayuri felt a hot wave creep up her body. It started stimulating her and when she felt Naina's bosom on her cheeks she was excited. With eyes closed she nuzzled her face on the soft contours of Naina's bosom and feeling the warmth from her body she said "it was good till it lasted.'

"How far did you venture" she asked making Mayuri more comfortable on her bosom.

"Well as I told you we understand each other and now we are friends' replied Mayuri.

"Have the friends started dating" she asked.

"Not dating but sometimes we go out" she replied.

"Go to movies, sit in the dark, kiss and feel each other" said Naina placing her hand on Mayuri's voluptuous bosom.

"No but had been to boating and to the park" she replied.

"Did he feel these" asked Naina caressing Mayuri"s breasts over her blouse.

"No he did not. He just kissed me" replied Mayuri nuzzling her face on Naina's bosom.

"Where did he kiss you" asked an excited Naina eager to know whether he had kissed her breasts.

"Well it was on my lips" replied Mayuri.

"My God how lucky he is to have kissed these pouting lips" saying this Naina pulled Mayuri up and bringing her face down kissed Mayuri's lips while her hand cupped her robust breasts.

Mayuri was ecstatic when she felt Naina's warm lips on hers. Her body trembled and as Naina cupped her breasts in her hand she was totally aroused. She kissed back Naina on her lips.

Naina was fascinated by it, pushing Mayuri on the sofa and lying over her she ravished Mayuri's face with her hot kisses saying "how beautiful you are.'

Mayuri who was on the threshold of exploding said "Am I, do you like me.'

"Do I like you? You don't know how much I do. I have been dying to kiss these lovely lips" saying this she opened her mouth and closing it on Mayuri's mouth sucked her lips inside her mouth.

Mayuri could not hold back any longer and the moment Naina took her lips inside her mouth her hands flew to Naina's back and forcibly pulling her down she hugged her to her body.

Naina too was feeling high. She had not anticipated of having the opportunity to suck those pouting lips and when Mayuri hugged and pulled her down and feeling each others breasts they came in unison. It had happened instantly.

Both resigned in each other's arms and Mayuri getting up said "I don't know what took over me.'

"It was not your mistake. You had imprisoned your desires and they had to come out" replied Naina.

"Yes, but it would happen with you, I did not fathom it" she replied.

"I am fortunate to have been here when it happened and always will be with you" replied Naina.

This made Mayuri to look at her.

"Yes I mean it and I would always help you" said Naina.

"Will you" asked she.

"Yes tell me" said Naina.

"I think Amar is getting more interested" she replied.

"Obviously he would be" she said.

"No, that is not the problem" she said.

"Then what'

"He does not care where he is or who is present. He is more eager when we have company" she said.

"You mean when Dikshit is present" she asked


"Does he do it openly" she asked.

"No he does not but he takes advantage when he is at home" replied Mayuri.

"Don't you know why he does it? Did you not feel the difference?" she asked.

"What difference does it make" asked a puzzled Mayuri?

"The thrill, the excitement of doing it when Dikshit is there" she asked.

"Yes, sometimes it thrills but sometimes it is scary" replied Mayuri.

"And that is exactly what he has in mind, the thrill, the excitement. How I wish it could have happened to me" she said.

"Are you sure'

"Yes I would have loved someone teasing me in Nithin's presence" she replied.

"What if Nithin has the same desires" asked Mayuri?

"I would close my eyes and let him have fun" she replied.

"You mean you won't feel bad of him for having cheated" she asked.

"No you don't when two play the same game" she replied.

"Good" as she said this Mayuri's thoughts wandered towards Nithin and when she was thinking of him she heard the door bell and as she got up to open the door Naina stalled her and said "let me surprise him.'

"Please" replied an excited Mayuri.

As Naina opened the door Amar was really surprised. Just today he had thought of meeting her and here she was. He was thrilled. Exchanging a few pleasantries he went up to change.

Having changed as he came down he was excited to hear that he has to drop Naina and collect a parcel. This was a well thought of plan between the two women.

On their way Naina said "how are things.'

"They are fine" he replied.

"Good, I heard you took your Mom for an outing" she said.

"Yes we went for shopping and boating too" he replied.

"So you have become friends" she asked.

"Yes we have become good friends" he replied.

"So good that you took her on a date" she asked.

"Not on a date but we went out" he replied.

"When you went boating I am sure you reached the far end of the lake, did you not" she asked.

"Yes we did'

"And it was there you two became intimate" she asked.

"Nothing like that happened" he replied.

"Don't tell me that you did not feel her" she asked.

"No I did not" he replied.

"Did you not touch her bosom or some part of her body" she asked.

"No I did not" he replied.

"Did you not ogle at her body" she asked.

"No" he replied shaking his head.

"Then what did you do there" she asked.

"Well she kissed me" he replied.

"Ah! For one kiss you went so far" she asked.

"What could I do" he asked.

"Did you not do as I asked you" she said.


"Feel or touch her body" she asked.

"No but once I had the opportunity to lay my head on her lap" he replied.

"What did you do" she asked.

"Nothing, I just rested my head on her lap" he replied.

"You were on her lap and did nothing" she asked.


"Nothing happened" she asked again.

"Nothing except she kissed me on my nipples" he said.

"She kissed your nipples" Naina asked.

"Yes, she kissed my nipples" he replied.

"Did you kiss her back" she shot the question?

Amar shook his head. He wanted to say that he had shot in his pants when she kissed but was glad that the cab had stopped.

"Come let's go in" said Naina alighting from the cab.

Naina used her key to open the door and after seeing Amar to the sofa as she went inside was surprised to see Nithin sleeping in their room. It was just 7.15 and the only reason that came to her mind was that he had one too many than he could withstand. So that meant he was gone for the day and this sent a thrill up her spine.

Packing a small memento of little value she went to the sitting room and handing it to Amar asked "what would you like to have coffee or juice.'

"Juice will be fine" replied Amar.

"I will get it," saying this she went and returned back with a glass of juice.

Accepting the glass "why don't you have some" he said.

"I will have a sip" saying this she took a sip and returned the glass back.

As Amar lifted the glass his gaze fell upon impression of Naina's lipstick struck on it. This made him turn the glass and when the impression was on his side, placing his lips on it he drank the juice.

"Do you like it" asked Naina as he finished the drink.

"It was fine" he replied.

"What did you like" she asked softly.

"Why the juice" replied Amar.

"I thought you liked something else" she said.

"What are you talking of" he asked a little puzzled.

"I thought you liked my lips" said Naina.

"What" asked a surprised Amar? How could she have seen it he thought and being caught red handed he said "yes.'

Moving closer "feel like kissing them" she whispered.

Amar was shocked and taking a deep breath "yes" he uttered.

"Then I have check up whether he is asleep" replied Naina getting up.

"Who is asleep" asked a shocked Amar.

"My husband, he is sleeping in the bedroom" said Naina getting up and seeing that Amar was worried "don't worry I will take care" saying this she went in and was back after shutting the bedroom door.

"Nothing to worry he is asleep" said Naina as she leaned on him.

Amar being excited with her closeness "is it okay" he whispered.

"Yes I think you can kiss me" said Naina lifting her face.

As Naina lifted her face Amar was aroused. Instantly his hands caught her face and bringing it down he kissed her on her lips.

Naina was delighted to have been kissed on her lips. She was excited to be kissed while her husband was so close. Throwing all caution to the wind and leaning on him she kissed him back.

Amar was thrilled when Naina leaned on him and feeling her petite breasts against his chest he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

Naina was excited. Her body trembled and as he continued showering kisses she slowly parted the top of her sari revealing her cleavage "like to feel it" she said.

Amar was mystified when his eyes fell on her exposed cleavage. Looking at her small breasts snuggled inside her blouse he was excited and when Naina said "like to feel them" slipping a hand inside her blouse he went ecstatic.

Naina moaned as his hand invaded her blouse. Her body trembled as desires shot up and as Amar cupped her small breast over her bra and started caressing it "do you want to see them" she asked.

Amar nodded his head while his eyes were riveted on her hand which was unhooking her blouse and when she set aside the flaps and exposed his eyes popped out on seeing her breasts hidden behind the black bra. Instantly his hands moved forward and lifting the cups of her bra he bared both her breasts. Her breasts were small but firm, her nipples tiny but erect and as he fondled them in his bare hands he heard her say "kiss them Amar.'

Amar was thrilled to hear her words. Pushing Naina down on the sofa and moving over her he took her breast in his mouth. Naina was ecstatic when he came upon her, embracing him "take them in your mouth, suck them" she screamed.

Naina moaned hard when Amar took her breast in his mouth and when his tongue started lapping her pert nipple, her body trembled with passion and unable to withstand it any longer she took hold of his hand and squeezing it between her thighs she came.

Amar felt her body underneath him convulse and knew she had cum. Thinking she would put an end to the play he held her in his arms and began to feel every part of her body insanely.

Naina knew he was getting impatient to feel her. His in experience was showing and taking advantage of Naina said "want to feel it.'

"What" asked Amar anxiously?

"What your hand is searching for and that which is between my thighs' she asked biting his ear.

"Yes, yes I want to feel it" replied Amar caressing her thighs.

"Feel it or see it" she asked.

"I would like to see it too" he replied.

"You can on one condition" said Naina getting excited again.

"What is it" asked Amar pulling her sari out.

"I will show you provided you kiss me. . . . . ." she did not complete the sentence.

"Kiss you" he asked.

"Kiss me between my thighs" she said softly.

Amar was stunned to hear her words and as he tried pull her sari, Naina stalling him said "you need not pull it, kiss me over it.'

Amar was again shocked and this time his cock started pulsating. Going down on the sofa he held her legs and parting them sat in-between. Seeing her naked breasts, her naked stomach and her naked waist line made his cock throb in his pants. As his eyes were feasting on her body his hand reached between her thighs and as it moved up, Naina crisscrossing her legs trapped his hand between her thighs.

Amar was enchanted to have his hand lodged between her hot thighs. Bending down he started kissing her thighs above her sari. The passion inside Naina's body started shooting up. Her body trembled and Amar taking advantage parted her legs and when his hand was released he continued kissing her on the insides of her thighs.

Naina bit her lips hard as she felt him kiss on her inner thighs. Her body thrashed and when she felt his face close to the spot she spread her legs wide. Amar's face slipped silently to the hot spot. He was excited on feeling her warm inner thighs under her sari and as he pushed his face deeper he was thrilled when his face felt her coarse pubic hair. As he had reached her cunt he started kissing it above her sari.

The moment Naina felt his face invade her cunt she exploded. Draping her legs over Amar's head and holding him captive she came. Amar's face being lodged between her warm thighs could feel the warmth and moistness of her cunt and as Naina struggled with her passion he dipped his face deeper between her thighs and ravished her cunt above her clothes.

Naina's body trembled with passion. While Amar continued kissing her cunt she slipped her hand down and taking hold of her sari and petticoat started pulling it up. Amar was enchanted when her thighs were being exposed. He had locked his sight on Naina's hand which was pulling the sari up revealing more and more of her thighs. Seeing her thighs being uncovered Amar's cock started to throb in his pants and when her pubic hair became visible his cock jerked and finally when her cunt was exposed to his naked eyes, seeing a grown up woman's cunt for the first time he shot his load inside his pants.

Naina after exposing her cunt for a few seconds pulled her sari back and said "did you see it.'

"Yes" replied Amar whose body was perspiring.

"Had you seen any before" she asked for which he only managed to shake his head.

"Did you like what you saw" she asked feeling pleased that on it's his first sighting it had made him cum.

"I was enchanted by its sight" he replied looking down at his pants.

"Yes I know and I wonder . . . . . . ." she did not complete the sentence.

Amar could not understand what she was talking about. He looked at her.

"You know something you are very lucky" she said.

"Why" he asked gently.

"Because you have a well endowed mother" she said.

As Amar did not understand what she was saying, he looked at her.

"I mean your mother has a gorgeous figure. Her lips are so luscious, her breasts so full that you are lucky to have her as your mother and if you could happen to see her well stacked thighs and what is between them you would be fortunate I suppose. What do you like about her" she asked him suddenly.

Amar was aroused on hearing her describing his mother's body and though he was surprised by her question he replied "her back, it is beautiful.'

"Yes her back is very beautiful and her buttocks, my, my they are very prominent and as you say the most alluring part it is obvious that you like them" she replied.

"Yes I do like her buttocks" replied Amar with some courage.

"You like her buttocks but have not touched them so sad" she said facing him.

Amar shook his head.

"You better feel those buttocks, touch them" said Naina.

He wanted to ask how but he could not. He was silent.

"You know she craves for you to touch them" said Naina.

He stared at her as if he could not believe her words.

"Yes. Don't you know? Don't you understand? She said moving closer.

"What do I don't understand" he asked her in a low tone.

"Your father, can you not understand how he is, or how he behaves" she asked.

"How does he behave, what does he do" he asked a little puzzled.

"I can only tell you what he does not" she said looking deep into his eyes.

Suddenly Amar understood what she meant. The bulky figure of his father splashed in front of his eyes. "From when is he like that" he asked.

"May be right after you were born" she said waiting for his reply.

"And now" he asked.

"And now it is for you" she replied biting his ears.

"How will she react" he asked.

"Why don't you find it out" she said softly.

"What if she objects" he said?

"At first every woman does" replied Naina


"Then you would have a free passage" she said biting his ear.

"Are you sure" he asked getting up.

"Yes and I see that you are getting interested" she said.

"How do you know" he asked.

"Nothing is hidden from me" she replied and placing her hand on his growing prick "not even this" saying it she pushed him out of her flat.

Amar stepped out of her flat a changed person. Having spent intimate moments with a married woman he felt as if he had grown up. Feeling tall he reached home and was pleased when his mother opened the door. Following her his eyes stole fleeting glances of her exquisite back and stepping in and seeing his father slumped on the sofa it upped his ante. He felt a new kind of excitement, thrill rush through his body and when he saw his mother in the kitchen he went towards her.

"What kept you so long" asked his mother grinning.

"Well it got late" he replied shyly.

"Why, what had she to offer you" she asked lifting her eyebrows.

"Nothing just a glass of juice" he replied.

"And it took you so long to have a glass of juice, is it" she asked trying to get an answer out of him.

"No it was not that" he replied knowing very well what she was baiting for.

"Why, was Nithin at home" she asked.

"Yes and No" he replied.

"What do you mean by Yes and No" she asked.

"I mean he was at home but he was asleep" he said.

Hearing his words Mayuri was excited. "Then I can understand what took you so long to have a glass of juice. What were you two up to" she asked.

"Nothing we just sipped a glass of juice and kept chatting" he said.

"You had only one glass" she asked.

"Yes" he replied.

"And you kept it rotating between the two" she asked.

"Yes, we kept it rotating between us" he replied.

"Then you might have enjoyed drinking from the same glass" she asked.

"Yes, no" he stammered.

"Don't tell me a lie. I can very well understand" she said.

"I am not telling a lie" he replied blushingly.

She knew he would not disclose and changing the subject "what were you discussing about" she asked.

"Mostly you" he replied happy that she had changed the subject.

"Ah! Come on, sitting beside each other with no one in sight you were discussing me. What were you discussing" she asked.

"She was telling me that you feel lonely these days" he said.

"How sweet and what did she suggest you to do" she asked gently.

"She asked me to take you out" he replied.

"What did you say" she asked.

"I told her we had been for an outing" he replied.

"You told her everything" she asked.

"I told her everything" he replied looking at her.

"What did she have to say" she asked with her head slightly bowed down.

"She said I was a fool" he replied.

This made her to open her eyes wide "why did she say so?'

"She asked me to take you out on a date" he replied.

Hearing those words she was thrilled "why, what happens on a date" she asked.

"You will know if you come" he said softly.

"Where do we have to go on a date" she asked in the same tone.

"To a movie or to a restaurant" he replied.

"No I don't want to go to a restaurant or to a movie" she replied.

"Where would you like to go" he asked her.

"Boating" she replied shyly.

"Okay we will go boating" he said getting thrilled at her suggestion.

"You better finish your dinner first" she said.

"You had yours" he asked looking at the plate.

"Yes I just finished. How long could I wait for you" she asked.

"Sorry I could not come sooner" he replied.

"It's okay. Have your diner" she said.

After finishing the meals as Amar washed his hands Mayuri moving closer wiped his face with the help of her sari.

"Ah! Thanks" said Amar who was touched by her act.

"You are welcome" saying it she made a face at him.

"You look beautiful" he replied seeing her making faces.

"Do you think I am beautiful" she asked.

"You are very pretty" he said.

"As if I am pretty" she said.

"Yes, you are pretty and you look stunning too" he said moving closer.

"Don't tell me? Don't I know the color of my skin" she said.

"For me you are most beautiful and having a dark complexion you look dazzling" he said.

Mayuri was delighted to hear his words and as he moved closer "don't you think Naina is more adorable" she said.

"She is fair but you look gorgeous" he replied looking straight into her eyes.

"Do you think I am gorgeous" she asked getting excited by his words.

"Yes Not only are you gorgeous but you are more desirable than Naina" he replied. He did not know how those words came out and also did not know how he had gained strength to place his hands on her shoulders.

Mayuri was aroused when she heard those words and as he placed his hand on her shoulder she said "Am I so desirable.'

"Yes you are. Why don't you kiss me" he said softly.

"What" exclaimed a shocked Mayuri?

"Kiss me" he repeated gripping her shoulders.

"Not here, he is there" she spoke softly.

"He cannot see" saying this he shielded her.

Mayuri felt a wild desire shoot up her body, a desire so strong that her body trembled. Pecking a kiss with her sizzling lips "happy" she asked.

"Kiss me properly" replied Amar pinning her to the wall.

Being cornered Mayuri was in a playful mood and shaking her head said "was it not enough.'

"No I want you to kiss me passionately" he said.

"And how is that" she asked opening her mouth.

"Lock your lips on mine and kiss hard" he said.

"What if he gets up" she asked looking over his shoulders.

"No he will not" he replied getting closer.

"Like Nithin not waking up at Naina's place" she asked.

"Yes, like that" he replied.

"You want me to kiss you like Naina did" she asked.

"Yes, kiss me like she. . . . " he said and stared at her.

"So you she kissed you" she asked being aroused on having caught him.

"Yes" we did kiss.

"And what else did you two do" she asked coyly.

"I will tell you tomorrow when we go boating" he replied.


"I promise. Now kiss me" he said.

"Why, were you not content being kissed by her" she asked?

"It is different with you" he said.

"How is it different" she asked?

"Your lips are more promiscuous" he said.

"And" saying this she lifted her face up.

"You are different, you are my mother" he said.

When Mayuri heard him say "you are different, you are my mother" she could not stall him any longer. Going on her heels she held his face in her hands and opening her mouth kissed his lips fervently. Amar was stunned having being kissed passionately by his mother and as he looked up "now go" she said pushing him.

"Can I not kiss you back" he asked.

"You can kiss me tomorrow" she said.

"How about one" he asked.

"Why don't you understand....'

"What" he asked.

"He is there" she said.

"I know and that is why I want to kiss you" he said.

"My, my, do you mean it" she asked.

"Yes I mean it" saying it he pulled her to him.

"Oh! Amar, Amar" she called out his name struggling to come out of his arms.

"Give up" saying it he held her face and when his mother's eyes went wide with surprise, "you have a beautiful face" saying it he slipped his tongue inside her mouth and ravished her lips with his kisses. Mayuri was dumbfounded when his tongue invaded her mouth and assaulted her insides. Coming out of his arms "you are a rogue" she said.

"I don't know what took over me" he replied.

"I do understand" said his mother.

"It was after kissing Naina that I had the desire to kiss you" he said.

"Was her kiss so passionate" she asked.

"It was not the kiss, but kissing her in her house was" he said getting aroused.

"You were lucky" she said.

"Yes I was lucky" saying this he placed his hands on her shoulders and pushing her sari a little kissed her cleavage.

"Amar, Amar" she cried softly.

"What is it Mom" he asked nuzzling his face on her cleavage.

"He may call me" she said.

"No he has not finished his drink" he said pecking soft kisses on her cleavage.

"But he may dear" she said as she felt his body vibrate.

"I just want to" he said sliding his hands down on her back.

"Want to what" she asked encouraging him.

"Want to be close to you" he said holding her back tightly.

"Was it not enough" she asked brushing his hair?

"No, I want to feel you" he said bringing his hands on her waist.

"What did you feel now" she asked getting excited.

"Your waist" he said as his hands encircled her waist.

"And how does it feel" she asked.

"It's warm and so soft to feel" he replied as he felt his cock throbbing.

"When you have felt something warm and soft are you not satisfied" she asked as her body convulsed.

"I want to feel more" saying it he placed his hand on her buttocks.

"Amar Amar" as she cried, Amar caressing her buttocks pulled her to him and feeling her gorgeous body glued to his he shot in his pants.

Mayuri felt his body shudder and when he cooled down, moving out of his arms and smiling at him "go" she said.

Amar went to his room in a state of bliss. He was glad that he had felt her buttocks. With that scene etched in his mind he went to bed.

Mayuri had no time to think about it is as she was tired lending support to her husband reach their room and it also resulted in her waking up late the next morning.

Next morning with both Amar and her husband out of the house Mayuri recalled what had taken place. She was happy that she was getting closer and closer to her son and she looked forward for the evening.

She looked forward for the evening as she had agreed to go boating, not boating but she had agreed to go out on a date. What would happen was what that was playing in her mind. Thinking about it her body sizzled and sometimes she got cold feet too. Pondering over it she passed the day looking forward for the evening.

Evening came and so did Amar and on seeing his mother ready he went to his room and changed in a flash. Mayuri was pleased to see him back and soon they boarded a cab to reach the lake.

It was only after sitting in the boat that Amar looked at his mother. She looked radiant with her hair flying across her face and looked glowing as she was wearing a light blue colored sari which complimented her dark skin tones.

He started pedaling the boat as the wind started blowing across. At first it made her hair fly and she looked beautiful and when the wind grew stronger it heaved the top of her sari exposing her bosom. It was then that Amar was delighted to see her exposed cleavage and his eyes were glued on her bosom waiting for the wind to blow again.

"What's there that's so attractive" asked his mother seeing him staring at her bosom not knowing her cleavage was exposed.

"The material of your blouse" he replied.

"What about it" she asked.

"It is very light" he replied.

"So what if it is light" she asked.

"It looks good" he replied.

"So do you any plans" she asked as she worn light colored sari and blouse purposefully.

"What would my poor mind think of" he asked her.

"Sprinkle water on me" she asked.

Why should I sprinkle water when so much is already visible he thought and said "No I would like to be a good boy?'

"For how long would you stay being good" she asked moving closer.

"Till the winds keep blowing" he replied softly.

"What has wind to do with it" she asked a little surprised.

"The wind is helping me" he uttered the words softly.

"How is it helping you" she asked in the same tone.

"Doing, what water could not do" he said slipping a hand on her waist and grabbing her.

"And what is wind doing that water could not do and what has made my son go silent" she asked.

"It is playing hide and seek with you. Whenever it wants to feel yours breasts it blows and whenever it does not it keeps cool. Now he is in a mood to feel your breasts, see for yourself" he said staring at her exposed bosom.

It was then Mayuri felt her sari being drifted and when she looked down she was thrilled to see her own breasts swarming out. She should not have worn such a low cut blouse she thought but how could she know it would be windy, "You are damn lucky" she said.

"Yes I am lucky" he replied holding her.

"So that was what kept you busy, I was wondering why you were silent' she said.

"I was waiting to see what I could not the see other day" he said.

"What you could not see the other day you want to see today. Are you are not ashamed of it" she asked moving her face close to his.

"Why should I be ashamed to see something that is so fascinating" he replied gripping her shoulders.

"Were you able to see much" she asked moving her face close to his.

"No but had a better view than the other day" he said staring at her heaving bosom.

"What do you see now" she asked leaning over and rubbing her nose on his.

"Cannot see much" he replied teasing her.

"Come on, I too have eyes. I can see what you are staring at" she replied.

"What my eyes are staring looks exciting he said.

"Is that why you take women on a date" she asked nibbling his ears.

"Yes to look at the beautiful things they posses" he said getting excited by her talk.

"Do you happen to see more than what you did on the first date" she asked biting his ear.

"Not always but I am fortunate" he replied nuzzling his cheeks on hers.

"Are you not ashamed to have seen so much" she said biting his cheeks.

"Why should I be ashamed? I am thrilled" he said pulling her sari.

"And now what is that for" she asked getting excited as he grabbed her sari.

"Would love to see what's behind," he said slipping the sari from her bosom.

"Why, have you not seen any before" she put the words in his ears.

"I have but not as enticing as yours" he said looking at her exposed cleavage.

"Why, what's there that you don't see in others" she asked taking a deep breath.

"Not all women have such voluptuous ones" he said bringing his face down on her cleavage.

"You like fuller ones, you like mine" she asked.

"Yes fuller and well stacked ones" he said nosing his face deep into her cleavage and caressing her breasts with his face.

"How does it feel to have your face there" she asked pushing his head down on her cleavage.

"It's thrilling and exciting to have my face here Mom" he said as he dug his face deeper between her breasts.

Hearing him say Mom, Mayuri was turned on and heaving her chest said "do you want to kiss them.'

Amar was excited to hear her words. "I would love to" saying this as he tried to unbutton her blouse she stopped him.

"Can you not kiss them over the blouse" said his mother in an aroused state.

Amar's body was on fire to hear her words. Pulling her up he looked at her swollen breasts popping out of her blouse and dipping his face he took her breast inside his mouth and sucked it.

Mayuri screamed with pleasure as he took her breast in his mouth, ruffling his hair "what are you doing, I asked you to kiss not suck them' she said.

"I felt you would like it better" he said as he continued sucking her breasts.

"There ought to be some reason behind your sucking" she said getting heated up.

"I am trying to make your blouse transparent" he replied.

"So can you see them in their full splendor" she asked.

"Yes, but your bra is obstructing them" he replied.

"What's my bra obstructing" she asked as her body was on fire.

"It's hiding your erect nipples" he replied.

"How do you know they are erect" she asked.

"Because you are aroused" he replied. OHow can hHh

"You have a dirty mind, suck them" said Mayuri as she lustily pushed her breast in his mouth.

Amar took most of her voluptuous breast inside his mouth and sucking it said "I wish you could remove your bra" between his teeth.

Mayuri could not hear him and in her passion pushed her breast deeper in to his mouth and when Amar took most of her breast inside, her body ignited and passion took over. She was on the verge of climaxing.

Amar being encouraged started biting her breasts and moving over to her nipple he bit it hard. Mayuri whose heart was pounding felt his teeth on her breasts and it escalated her feelings and as he took her nipple in between and bit it hard, her body shook like a volcano. She was so much aroused on having her breasts bitten that the hidden lust inside her body erupted staining her clothes. Hugging her son to her bosom and ruffling his hair "Oh! Amar" she cried.

Amar looked at his Mom. Her face perspiring and her swollen breasts peeping out of her bra was a sight to behold and as he kept staring, Mayuri realizing that she had had her breasts sucked by her son felt abashed. She was ashamed as she had not controlled herself "I am sorry" she said.

"You need not be" replied Amar trying to pacify her.

"No I should have controlled myself" she replied.

"It is difficult to control. It happened to me too" he replied.

"You are different. You are still a child but me, what would you feel about me" she said.

"What would I feel? I feel proud of you" replied Amar.

"What would you think of me" she said.

"What would I think? I know you are good" he replied.

"Don't you think it was wrong on my part" she asked.

"No, I am equally responsible for what happened" he said.

"But the way I behaved it was irresponsible" she said.

"I think it was a spontaneous reaction" he replied.

"But I ought to have restrained myself" she replied.

"But we did nothing wrong" he said.

"You did not, but don't you think I was wrong" she asked.

"What wrong did you do" he asked her.

"Coming with you here and doing what I did" she asked.

"No I don't see anything wrong in what you did" he replied.

"It is how you think but what would others say" she asked her mind racing back.

"Nobody will know" he said quietly.

"Are you sure" she asked.

"Yes I am positive" he replied.

"Don't you think it should stop at some stage" she said softly.

"Yes, but have we reached that stage" he asked her.

This question surprised her and after a long pause she said "we might not have but promise me you won't take advantage of my weakness.'

"On one condition" he replied.

"What is that" she asked.

"Tell me your weakness" he said.

"Amar you are awful" saying this she made faces at him.

"Now you look beautiful" he said.

"That is one of my weaknesses" she replied.

"I know and that is why I said it" he replied.

Hearing him she lifted her hand to hit him and as he evaded it she said "you are terrible wait till we reach home.'

"What will you do" he asked anxiously.

"I won't allow you to kiss me" she said.

"Don't do that" he said in a low voice.

"Why" she asked seeing him disheartened.

"I was looking forward to kiss you there" he said.

"Did I stop you from doing it here" she asked in a teasing voice.

"No, but I was more interested in pleasing you" he replied.

"I would have enjoyed your kisses too" she said.

"Was it not enough? it is my turn now" he replied looking straight in her eyes.

"Oh! Yes, yes" she uttered those words and was in a deep thought when they got down and took a cab home. She understood what he meant and she had to make up for him. This troubled her as her husband would be at home.

On reaching home Mayuri slipped into her room unobserved and after changing her clothes she quickly put on a light green sari and came out.

Amar was glad to see her draped in the light green sari. It looked good on her and as she bypassed her husband and entered the kitchen, he felt a strong desire to reach for her but had to forego as he saw his father watching the TV was still active. He waited for him to relax and his mother to finish cooking. He had not to wait long as he saw his mother carrying a tray which made his father reach for the bottle. It was what he was waiting for.

As his mother returned he joined her at the dining table. He kept staring at her who seemed a bit nervous. As they finished their dinner and his mother got up he followed her to the sink. Mayuri who was cleaning the dishes tensed when she felt his presence behind her and her body trembled when Amar slid closer and unable to sustain him any longer "what is it" she whispered.

"The sari looks new" said Amar coming to stand behind her and placing his hands on her shoulders.

"I bought it recently" she replied.

"Its texture is so soft" he said caressing the sari.

"Mmmm is it" moaned Mayuri as her body shook on his touch.

"Yes and it is so nice to feel" he said as his hands slid from her shoulders on to her bosom.

"Oh Amar" she moaned as his hands slid over her bosom.

"They are so soft and so warm" he said as his fingers felt the top of her breasts and taking hold of her sari "why don't you remove it" he said softly.

Those words sent a rush of hot blood through her spine. Trembling with passion "how can I, don't you understand?" She said looking back.

"He cannot see" he spoke softly.

"Oh! Amar why are you doing this to me" she asked holding her sari.

"I would like to see you with out your sari" saying this he pushed the top of her sari down.

"What more do you want to see, was it not enough" saying it she slowly pulled her sari out.

As his mother removed her sari Amar was totally aroused. He could not believe that his mother would remove her sari there. Looking at her exquisite back he said "you have a great body Mom.'

Those words ignited her "Oh! Amar" saying this she leaned back on him.

Slipping a hand on her waist he said "why don't you turn around.'

"No I cant" said a trembling Mayuri.

"You can Mom, just turn around" saying this he exerted pressure on her waist.

Mayuri whose body was burning with desires turned slowly and facing him said "why are you making me do all this.'

"I want to see my Mom" replied Amar.

"Have not seen her before" asked Mayuri facing him.

"Not without her sari. My my you look absolutely gorgeous Mom. Look at you, look at this, look how you are built" he said as his eyes wandered over rich bosom, deep waistline, her curvaceous hips and voluptuous thighs.

Seeing him staring at her body Mayuri felt like she was about to erupt, biting her lips she said "is that all to your liking.'

"Yes Mom you do posses a great body" saying this he placed his hands on the top of her bosom and holding the flaps of her blouse said "look how gorgeous your breasts are.'

Hearing him use the word breasts "are they really gorgeous" asked a totally aroused Mayuri.

"Yes Mom, your breasts are full" cried Amar caressing her rich mounds.

"And it feels good to fondle them, is it" asked a passionate Mayuri motivating him to finish it soon.

"Yes, and it would feel better if you remove this" he said trying to open her blouse.

"No Amar no, I can't remove my blouse" she said holding his hand back.

"I just want to see" he said.

"Someday, you may you but not now," saying this she held his face and bringing it closer, "instead you may kiss me" she said.

Amar was trilled by her words. Lifting his hands from her breasts he held his mothers face and placing a finger on her lips said "open your mouth Mom.'

Mayuri was excited to hear him order her. As her body trembled with passion "why do you want me to open my mouth, can you not kiss my lips" she asked in a lusty voice?

"I want to kiss you on your mouth" he said placing his finger on her lips and making room.

"You want kiss your mother's on her mouth, why" she asked feeling his lips near hers.

"Coz, I want to slip my tongue inside it" he replied.

"You want to slip it inside her now" she asked her facing glowing with lust.

"Yes I want to slip it inside you" he replied in the same tone.

"As you are excited you want to put it in, isn't it?" she asked as she felt her body tremble again.

"Yes I am aroused. I want it inside you" he said his lips lingering just above hers.

"You want to fill me, deep inside me" she asked lustily wanting him to finish it off soon.

"Yes Mom, I want it deep inside you" he replied as his cock started vibrating on hearing her lusty words.

"You are aroused because he is there, isn't it" she asked with her mouth open and her lips pouting.

Hearing it Amar felt his cock throbbing in his pants. Without caring what would happen he said "yes I am aroused because he is there.'

"And you want to slip it inside me knowing that he is there, is it not' she asked as her pleasure mounted.

"Yes I want to slip it inside you knowing your husband is there" saying this he slipped his tongue deep inside her mouth and when it hit the bottom of her steaming mouth he spurted his cum in his pants.

Mayuri's body too sizzled with pleasure and when she heard her son say that he wanted to do it in front of her husband and as her son's hot tongue invaded her mouth her body convulsed and a strong stream rushed out of her steaming cunt wetting her inner garments.

After having regained composure as Mayuri was tying the sari "need any help" she heard him say.

"No I can manage" she replied smilingly.

"Would be glad to lend my hand" he said.

"I know what your hand is capable of" she said.

"Then why don't you make use of it" he replied.

"If you are so much interested in helping, then go and see if everything if okay" she said pointing to the opposite room.

Amar went in and seeing his father slumped on the sofa returned back and said "he is fast asleep.'

"Then lend me your hand to move him in" she said smiling at him.

Amar helped her in moving his father in and when he came out of the room he was delighted when his mother kissed him "goodnight.'

Next morning being Saturday Amar left for college early and when he came back he was asked by his mother to change fast as they all were going out for dinner. Amar was delighted as they were going to one of his favorite restaurants.

After having a wash and getting dressed up as he came he was enchanted to see his mother wearing a half white silk sari with a sleeve less matching blouse. This was the first time she was decked up so luminously and seeing her he felt proud.

Soon they reached the posh restaurant and as the three of them entered the vast dining room Mayuri's mind raced back to the day when they were here last. She remembered it very well that Nithin had accompanied them and it was here that he had teased her in front of his brother. Her thoughts flashed backed to the particular moment when his hand which was on her thigh had failed to reach the goal. She remembered how at the last moment he had chickened out and how it had affected her.

As she was recalling all this she was mildly surprised when her son slipped a hand on her waist and supporting her directed to the table. Dikshit tamely followed and occupied the seat in front of them. It was a dimly hit hall and as they had come early most of the tables were empty.

Dikshit as usual ordered the drinks and left Mayuri to do the rest. Sitting side by side both enjoyed the sumptuous meals and when the dessert was placed in front of them nibbling it slowly Amar slipped his hand down on his mother's thigh.

Mayuri was stunned on feeling his hand on her thigh with her husband sitting right in front. As she sat dazed by the incident, she saw her son lean forward obstructing the view from his father grip her thigh.

The move stupefied her. She felt hapless as she was unable to restrain his hand and after a while when Amar started to caress her thigh softly she was bemused to have felt a desire building inside her body. Her body started to shudder and to conceal her feelings she leaned forward.

Amar was pleased by her actions. It not only hid his hand but also parted her thighs a little. His hand started feeling the warmth of her soft thighs. Gradually he started drawing circles on her thighs and as his hand moved up he was thrilled to have encountered more warm flesh of her thighs. This encouraged him and his hand gripped her fleshy thigh, he felt aroused thinking of the next move when his hand would reach the ultimate.

Mayuri felt shocked as his hand had ventured so far up her thighs and knowing well that his hand would reach up she crisscrossed her legs restricting his handtnd ing his you .

Amar at first did not understand why she had crossed her legs and as he moved his hand up and encountered nothing except her stomach he felt like he had lost. He looked at his mother and seeing her smiling it further aroused him.

Removing his hand Amar brought it down under her sari and slipping it inside he held her bare leg.

Mayuri was devastated when he slipped his hand inside her sari and held her leg. This move made her body tremble with desire and as the lust started building up she let him proceed as she could not stall him any more.

Amar knew he had cornered her. He started lifting the sari up and as his hand reached her knee gripping it he let go of her sari. Now his hand was well covered by her sari.

This prompted him to look at his mother and when he saw her eyes pleading him to stop shaking his head he pushed his hand up. His hand reached high on her thigh and feeling the naked warm flesh he was aroused. His hand craved to feel more. He again looked up at his mother and seeing her face filled with want, he moved his hand further up, feeling her naked hot thigh all the way and when his hand encountered something coarse he was bewildered. He could not believe that his hand had felt his mother's pubic hair and as he slipped his hand above it his cock started pulsating and when his hand felt something wet beneath the coarse pubic hair he ejaculated in his pants.

Mayuri was on the doorstep of climaxing when she felt Amar's hand on her thighs and as it moved up and touched her pubic hair she felt her cunt lips quicker with lust and as his hand exerted pressure crisscrossing her legs tightly she came.

Both were quite for sometime and when they sat up straight Amar looked at his mother's face which looked exquisite and as his gaze fell upon her pouting lips which were wet, he suddenly had the urge to kiss them. Looking at his father who was busy he nudged his mother with his elbow and as she looked up, pointing to the far end of the hall where the wash rooms were located he said "come.'

Mayuri was stunned to see him directing her in front of her husband. Though it felt good she was scared as to what he had in mind. Getting up slowly she strolled towards the rest room and on reaching it "what is it' she asked.

"Get in" he commanded.

Mayuri was again shocked but on the same side she wanted to comply with all his wishes. Without questioning him as she stepped in he took her into his arms and kissed her on her lips.

"Amar what are you doing" asked Mayuri when he stopped kissing her.

"I wanted to kiss you very badly" he said.

"Don't you realize where we are" she said.

"Yes we are where nobody can see us" he replied kissing her again.

"Was it not enough what you did there" she asked.

"What did I do there?" he questioned smilingly.

"As if you did nothing, what more have you thought off" she asked getting excited.

"I will show you if you stay back" he said.

"Sheee you are terrible" saying this as she went out of the room she heard him ask "at home.'

"At home" with these words ringing in her ears she went and sat on the sofa next to her husband.

Amar smiled on seeing her sit next to her husband and leaving her alone he sat in front and was glad when his father got up after having paid the bill.

On reaching home, both Mayuri and Amar where surprised as Dikshit went straight to his room, rather than hitting the bar. This made them look at each other and when Mayuri went to the kitchen Amar waited for her to finish her chores.

As she finished doing the dishes Mayuri was in a dilemma as she had to face him. She was glad that her husband had gone leaving them alone. With one hurdle cleared she was worried with the other, which was how to face her son. How would he react was the biggest problem. Though she looked forward she was scared a little. Wiping the sweat from her face as she tried to evade him, she heard him say "where are you going Mom.'

"I need to change this" she said waving the sari.

"Why don't you do it here" he said getting up.

"Because I don't have any clothes here" she signaled shaking her thumb.

"Then remove it" he said.

"Why do you always want me to remove my sari" she asked lifting her eyebrows.

"Coz you look good without it" he replied.

"Is it because I look good or you can look at something that is good' she asked.

"It's one and the same. I want to look at something which looks good on you" he replied.

"Very nice, because you want to look at something that looks good you want me to remove my sari, is it so" she asked.

"Did I not allow you to see" he replied.

"What did you allow" asked a puzzled Mayuri.

"Did I not allow you to see my bare chest?

"You always go without a shirt, what was there that you allowed" she said.

"Did I not allow you to kiss them" he asked tweaking his nipples?

"I allowed you too, remember" she replied memorizing the way he had sucked them.

"But not when they were fully exposed" he said moving closer.

"Yes not fully exposed but I am sure you were able to feel them" she said.

"Yes but what I could not see then, would like to see now" he said.

"And for that you want me to remove the whole sari" she asked in a teasing tone.

"If not, at least allow me to slip the top out" he said taking hold of the top of her sari.

"No, I will neither allow you to do that" she said smilingly.

"Why, what would I do" he asked getting closer.

"I know what you would do" she said.

"Tell me" he said.

"You would do what you did at the restaurant" she said.

"What did I do at the restaurant" he asked gripping her sari in his hands.

"Slip your hand inside" she said.

"Inside what" he asked as he had most of her sari in his hand.

"Inside my petticoat" she said as passion took over her.

"Why? Don't you like my hand there, inside your petticoat" he asked as he slowly started pushing her sari.

"No not where you intend to" she replied as wave after wave of excitement rushed through her body.

"Why what's there that you don't want me to touch" he asked pulling out her sari from her body.

"Something which is out of your bounds to touch" she replied.

"Well if not touch, can I see it" he asked removing her sari.

"Neither you can touch nor see it" she replied.

"Why, is it so precious" he asked gripping her shoulders.

"Yes it's not only precious but beyond your reach" she replied pinching his cheeks.

"How long do you think it would be beyond my reach" he asked placing his hands on her back.

"It is well guarded and don't forget your promise" she said looking at him.

"What promise" he asked caressing her back.

"That you would stop when I would say so" she said kissing him on his cheeks.

"But what if you want me to" he said seizing her up.

"What would I want you to do" she said as her body trembled with desire.

"What if you have a feeling that you want me to touch it" he said slipping his hands further down till they reached the top of her buttocks.

"No I would never have such feelings" she said kissing him.

"Are you sure? What if your body demands it" he asked gripping her.

"I know how to control my body" she said as she felt it tremble again.

"What if your body craves as it is doing now" he said as he caressed her buttocks.

"No nothing of that sort is happening" she said pressing her lips hard on his mouth.

"Then why is your body trembling? Are you not enjoying? don't you want me to fondle these" he spoke softly gripping her buttocks in his hand.

"No I don't" she screamed as her body started to thrash with the desires mounting inside her.

"And don't you need this too" he said moving his abdomen forward.

"What, what" moaned Mayuri as her body started to perspire with excitement.

"That which is poking at you" said Amar as he let his hard cock nudge her waist.

"No Amar you are not going to let it out" saying this she hugged him and shoving her tongue inside his mouth kissed him passionately while she climaxed.

Amar could not believe that his swollen cock had touch his mother's waist and when Mayuri hugged him and his cock got plastered on her body; he felt it throb and as his mother slipped her tongue inside his mouth and kissed him fervently he shot his load.

Mayuri did not let him go. She had his body plastered on hers and when she felt the dampness of his warm cum seeping through his pants reach her naked waist, pushing him back and looking at the stain getting bigger and bigger "you have stained your pants" she said.

"Oh! Mom" saying this he ran to his room.

As Amar left Mayuri had a flash back of all that had taken place between them. Recalling it she felt that things had gone beyond her wild imagination. She thought she had to discuss this with Naina. With this thought in mind she went to her room.

Next day after seeing her husband and son off Mayuri dressed up to go. She was so keen to meet Naina that she made a grave mistake. She dashed off to her flat without informing her and in her excitement she even forgot to confirm whether she would be at home or not and when she pressed the bell, she felt the earth below her feet give way when she saw Nithin open the door.

"What a pleasant surprise come in, come in" said Nithin making way for her to enter.

With heavy feet Mayuri stepped in. Nithin closing the door and guiding her to the sofa said "how nice of you to have come.'

"I I I I wanted to meet Naina" stammered Mayuri standing in front of him.

"Why don't you sit down and relax" said Nithin seeing her perspiring.

"Where is Naina" she asked sitting on the edge of the sofa.

"Has gone out" he replied.

"Gone out, then I shall come again" saying this as she stood up she heard him say

"Sit down; she will be here any moment.'

As Mayuri sat down he said "I see that you are tired, let me get you a glass of water.'

By the time Mayuri could say no he was out of the room.

Mayuri waited anxiously for Naina to come. Sitting on the sofa she was getting tensed and as she covered her bare arms she cursed herself for having worn a sleeveless blouse.

She was feeling nervous when Nithin strode in with a glass of juice and handing over as he sat down beside her she felt she was cornered.

Nithin started the conversation "how is Amar" he asked.

"He is fine, has gone to college" she replied.

"Yes college. Don't you think he has grown up" he said.

"Yes, only last month he completed eighteen years" she replied.

"He has outgrown his age. I think he has become more of a man" said Nithin.

Those words troubled Mayuri. Her thoughts went to the previous evening and thinking of how he had acted confirmed with what Nithin was saying. Unable to let it out she said "boys grow up fast.'

"Yes boys grow up fast but Amar has even beaten me in the race" he said.

Mayuri not knowing what he was speaking of "beaten you in the race" she repeated.

"Yes he has already reached the post when I am still trying to catch up' he said.

"I don't understand" she said her face showing sings of not understanding what he was implying at.

"Yes you don't understand as you were not here" he said thinking of the evening when Amar had come to drop Naina and he had feigned asleep.

Mayuri tried to make some sense of his words "you were not here." Does he know about Amar and Naina? Was he awake, had he seen them? As these thoughts crept into her mind she was scared thinking of what if he had.

Nithin saw her expressions change. He knew she was thinking on the lines on which he was trying to draw her attention. Seeing her having reached half way mark he said "he seems to be quite attached to Naina.'

That was it. It then struck her that he knew it. Though it was now out in the open she did not feel as scared as she thought she would be. Boldly she replied "yes he helps her out.'

"Yes he helps her out and he is fast paced, not like us" he said smiling at her.

Those words made her smile and as she smiled he said "don't you think we should learn from him.'

"What is there to learn from him" exclaimed Mayuri trying to cover her son?

"How to reach to the bottom? He is master of that art" he spoke softly as he blew her hair from her forehead.

Mayuri understood what he was trying to communicate and as she prepared to brace up she heard him say "if he was in my position don't you think he would have been miles ahead by this time.'

Mayuri could not reply nor was she able to shift her position and on being silent "don't you think so" he asked again.

"I don't know what you are speaking and I can't speak for him" was only what she was able to utter.

"Don't you think he would have done something by now? Don't you think he would have taken you in his arms" he said looking up?

"How can I say, how do I know what he would do" she let out the words in quick succession.

"I know what he would have done. He would have held your face like this" he said cupping her cheeks in both his hands.

"How do you know" she stressed as she wanted to confirm whether he knew something about her son and Naina.

"I know because I saw him kiss my wife and he kissed her knowing I was here. Do you still think he is a child" he asked.

Mayuri at that moment felt as if lightening had struck her. She could not find words to reply. "I don't know it" she said.

"Yes you don't know as you were not here. You should have seen him how he took hold of my wife and kissed her. He had me wondering" he said.

"Why did you not stop him" she asked gaining some courage.

"I did not stop him as my mind was focused on his actions. I felt I had to learn a lot from him" saying this he caught hold of a few strands of her loose hair.

"Was it for that or did you have any other reason" she asked softly.

"What other reason could I have? He was playing with my wife" he said as he moved his hand on her cheek.

"Yes he was playing with your wife and you kept quiet because you wanted him to continue, is it not" she asked.

"You mean I wanted him to continue playing with my wife, why would I want that to happen" he asked touching her cheek with his finger tips.

"There could be two reasons for it" she replied.

"Two reasons? When I can't think of one how you could say there are two reasons" he asked caressing her cheeks.

"I think you did not stop him as you enjoyed watching" she said.

"You mean I enjoyed watching your son undress my wife and play with her body. Yes it could be one reason and what is the other one" he asked getting excited.

"The other is you knew one thing would lead to another and you could take advantage" she said.

"Take advantage of whom" he asked.

"Of the person whose son kissed your wife and played with her body" she replied.

"Yes you could be right there. He has such a gorgeous mother no wonder anyone would do anything" he replied feeling her cheeks lightly.

"In what way is she better than your wife" she asked getting bolder.

"There can be no comparison between the two" he replied.

"Can you give an example" she asked wetting her lips with her tongue.

"For one, these lips they are very promiscuous. They cannot be compared with my wife's" he said feeling her lips.

"So what do you have in mind now" she asked in a coarse voice.

"It is my desire to kiss you as your son kissed my wife" he replied.

"Do you want to kiss me because my son kissed your wife or do you have any other reason to kiss me" she asked.

"What other reason could I have to kiss you" he said.

"Is it not a fact that you want to kiss me because I am your brother's wife. Is it not for this you both are baiting my son" she asked.

"No, I want to kiss you not because you are my brother's wife but because you are Mayuri, a woman blessed with a gorgeous figure" he replied.

Hearing him call her by name and hearing him say she had a gorgeous figure sent a hot wave up her spine. Squirming in pleasure "is it because of that you want to kiss me. Is it because of that you are after me" she asked with a teasing smile on her face.

"Yes and I have waited too long for it" he said holding both her cheeks and bringing his face close to hers.

"You want to kiss Mayuri knowing very well that she is your brother's wife. Are you not ashamed of it" she asked in a husky voice.

"Yes I want to kiss Mayuri, not just because she is a gorgeous woman but because she is my brother's wife" saying this he locked his lips on hers.

Mayuri was thrilled to have heard that he wanted to kiss her because she was his brother's wife and when she felt his harsh lips on her delicate ones she felt a tremor rise in her body. Leaning over she kissed him back and looking at his pensive face said "how does it feel to have kissed your brother's wife.'

"It was most thrilling" he replied.

"What was so special about it" she asked pecking kisses on his cheeks.

"My brother's wife kissing me back that was so special" he replied.

"Why? When you can kiss her, can she not kiss you" she asked.

"Yes she can, but I was not expecting it" he replied.

"Don't you know the reason for it" she asked nibbling his ears.


"She did it as she had to pay you back for what her son did to your wife" she put the words in his ears.

"Your son not only kissed my wife but played with her body too" he said kissing her cheeks.

"It was so kind of your wife to have allowed him" she shot back.

"Will you not repay me back in the same coin" he asked.

"No" she said slipping away from him.

"Why" he asked moving closer.

"I think your wife got interested in him" she said.

"How can you say so" he asked.

"Then why would she allow him to play with her body when you were at home?" she replied.

"Yes it could be, like you were interested in me" he said.

"When did I show any interest in you" she asked pecking a kiss on his cheeks.

"When we were having the dinner along with your husband" he said.

"But you chickened out" she said smilingly.

"I am not scared anymore" he said.

"That's because he is not here, what if he was?" she asked him softly.

"Even if he was" he said.

"What would you have done" she asked getting excited.

"I would have had you in my arms" he said.

"You want that to happen" she asked.

"Yes, I would love to" he replied.

"Whom do you want in your arms, Mayuri or your sister-in-law" she asked.

"It would always be my sister-in-law" he said.

"You like your sister-in-law so much" she asked.

"Yes I crave for her" he replied.

"Okay tell me what happened between my son and your wife" she asked changing the subject.

"Why do you want to know" he asked slipping his arms around her.

"Curious to learn" she replied shyly.

"I know why you want to" he said.

"Why" she asked getting excited.

"It stimulates you, isn't it" he said.

"You know better, tell me" she said.

"I will on one condition" he said.

"Now what is it?" she asked gently.

"I would like to have you in my arms" he said deftly pulling her up.

"Is it necessary to have me in your arms" she asked moving closer?

"Yes it is a chance which I don't want to miss" he said slipping his hand around her waist and drawing her.

Mayuri's body sizzled when it came in contact with his masculine body. It was ages since a male had taken her in his arms and when Nithin started drawing the top of her sari, "now what's that for" asked Mayuri.

"That was how your son started undressing my wife" he said.

"And you have to show it to me, can you not tell me" she asked.

"It is to make you understand better" he said pulling the top of her sari.

"I see. It is for my better understanding, nothing for you in it" she asked.

"What's there for me" he asked.

"Are you going to close your eyes when you remove my sari" she asked making faces at him.

"Not even when you are fully clothed? I have waited 5 years for this' saying this he held her at arms length and stared at her heaving breasts.

"Do you see anything that was worth waiting for" she asked getting excited by his close inspection?

"Yes more than my wild imagination" he said unhooking her blouse.

"What did you see that is so wild" she asked heaving her breasts again.

"The sight of your swelling breasts they are scintillating" he said feeling the top of her breasts.

"How does it feel to touch them" she asked.

"Have no words to describe" he said pushing aside the flaps of her blouse to have a better look.

"Don't you think I am dark" she asked seeing him staring at her swelling breasts.

"Your skin is perfectly blended and they are gorgeous" he said caressing the top of her breasts with his fingers.

"And don't you think you are lucky enough to feel my gorgeous breasts' she asked.

"Of course I am" he replied.

"And you love feeling them" she asked.

"Obviously and moreover I am excited" he replied.

"Are you not excited more than my son could have been, is that not true' she asked.

"Yes you have the most voluptuous breasts ever imaginable" he said cupping them in his hands.

"And they were what that attracted you" she asked taking a deep breath.

"It was something else which attracted you to me" he replied.

"What could that be" she asked leaning back on the sofa.

"I will tell you, why don't you get comfortable" he said reclining her on the sofa.

"You mean you want me to lie down on the sofa" she asked.

"Yes that would make you comfortable" he replied.

"Then do I have to remove my foot wear" she asked.

"Not only your footwear, you need to remove a lot" he said pulling her feet up and removing her sandals.

"What other things" she asked?

"Why don't we start with your sari" he said pulling it out of her body.

"Why my sari" she asked.

"Because it may get crumpled" he said removing her sari.

"Yes, it could" she replied.

"And your blouse" he said leaning over.

"For the same reason" she asked looking at him.

"Yes for the same reason" saying it he slipped her blouse out of her body.

"Now what" she asked.

"It is the turn of your bra" he said.

"But my bra would never get crumpled" she said.

"Yes it would not get crumpled but you will love the fresh air on your breasts" he replied.

"I think it is hot" she said allowing him to unhook her brassiere.

"Yes your body is perspiring and it requires attention" saying this he unhooked her bra and lifting the cups of the bra he exposed her breasts. When her dark large breasts with darker nipples were bared he brought his fingers down and feeling the contours of her breasts let out a moan saying "my my you have the most stunning breasts. They are so warm and so full.'

"If they are so good what do you intend to do" she asked.

"I would love to kiss them but let my eyes have a feast first" he replied.

"You want to kiss them; can you kiss your sister-in-laws breasts" she asked?

"Yes I can kiss my sister-in-laws breasts" he replied bringing his face down.

"Who gave you permission to kiss them" she asked ruffling his hair.

"I don't need permission" he replied caressing her breast.

"Don't need permission, may I know why" she asked.

"When he does not take care, being his brother I am bound to" he replied.

"Take care of his personal things too" she asked.

"Personal things need more care" he said wiping her perspiring breasts with his handkerchief.

"Is that why you are so attentive" she asked as her body shook with pleasure.

"Yes and because a few things need to be handled with soft hands" he said.

"What other things have you in mind" she asked.

"The vast area of your waist line, it needs more attention as it has to be fondled delicately" saying this he slowly started to caress her waist.

"Why delicately" she asked breathing heavily.

"Because the area is so gorgeous it needs minute attention to feel the curves, the upheaval and the fleshy part of the waistline" he said as his eyes devoured each and every pore of her waistline.

"If you have finished can I get up now" she asked.

"No you cannot" he replied.

"Why" she asked.

"Because I have not come to the spot which attracted me most" he replied.

"What could that be" she asked lifting her eyebrows.

"Before I reach it, I need to get comfortable and here I would appreciate your help" he said standing up.

And what is that you want me to do" she asked.

"I want you to do what I have been doing to you" he said.

"And that is" she asked quizzing him with her eyes.

"Undress me" he said getting up.

"You want your sister-in-law to undress you. Can you not unzip your pants and pull them out" she said taking hold of the belt in her hand.

"I can but it gives more pleasure if you would do" he said.

"How is my undoing your pants pleasurable" she asked.

"It is the feel of your fingers toying with the zip that would be pleasurable" he replied.

"Why, what would happen then" she asked.

"Your fingers could feel something which would be of immense satisfaction to me" he replied.

"What if I pull your zip without touching it" she asked crudely.

"You cannot, it is swollen and you would have to feel it" he replied softly.

"You want your sister-in-law to touch you there, don't you think you are bad" she said as she steadied to undo his pants.

"Yes I am very bad and I want my gorgeous sister-in-law to touch me there" he replied pulling out his shirt from his body.

"Shameless creature! Why don't you come closer" she said as her fingers took hold of his belt and pulled it out.

"My pleasure" saying this as he moved closer he found his sister-in-law unbuttoning his pant and on holding his zip she intentionally felt his hot pecker before pulling it down and said "are you satisfied now.'

"I am thrilled" he replied.

"Why, because my fingers touched it" she asked looking at his tent up briefs.

"Yes your touch was heavenly" he said.

"Do you think you are comfortable with it" she asked looking at the aroused state of his pecker.

"Yes and if you would lie down it is my turn now" he said.

"For what" she said and her eyes popped out when he pushed her on the sofa and took hold of her petticoat.

"For making you as comfortable as possible" he said taking hold of her petticoat.

"Make me comfortable by removing my petticoat" she asked.

"Yes when this piece of cloth is rolled out of your body you would feel like you are in paradise" he said.

"But how could I allow you to remove it when I am not wearing anything underneath it" she replied.

"That would be to my advantage" he said lifting her petticoat up.

"Because it would be exposed" she asked.

"Yes it would be bared and I am dying to see it" he said lifting her petticoat.

"Is that what that attracted you to me" she asked as her insides churned.

"No it were your voluptuous buttocks which drew my attention" he said.

"Don't you want to see them" she asked in a husky voice.

"Not when I can see something more stimulating" he said.

"What is more stimulating than my buttocks" she asked?

"Your silky smooth thighs" he said caressing them as he lifted her petticoat.

"My thighs, don't you think there is something more stimulating" she asked.

"Yes, that which lies between your thighs" he replied.

"Do you see it now" she asked trembling with excitement?

"No my eyes are feasting on your exciting thighs" he said.

"So you have still some distance to cover" she said. As this conversation was taking place she had wet herself twice and was on the brink of the third.

"Right now my eyes are locked on your magnificent thighs. They are so marvelous and their warmth is so arousing that it has become difficult for him" he said as his hand slid to reach the insides of her thighs.

"Is it because of that I see some movements there" she said pointing to his tent up underwear.

"Yes and also because of your staring" he replied.

"I am just wondering what's behind this" she said as her fingers touched his underwear.

"Whatever is there would be to your liking" he replied.

"So sure of your possession" she asked.

"You will not be disappointed" he replied slipping his hand between her hot thighs.

"And I hope what you have felt is to your liking" she said feeling his hand creeping up her thighs.

"Yes and I would appreciate if you could spread your thighs" he said.

"What's that for" she asked making a lewd expression.

"Because I want to get in-between your thighs" he said.

"You want to get there so soon" she asked spreading her thighs.

"No it is not that" he said kneeling between her legs.

"Then what else do you have in mind" she asked.

"I want to show you what your son did to my wife" he said lifting her petticoat up.

"What did my son do, tell me" she asked seeing him slipping his face under her petticoat.

"This is what he did" he said grasping her thighs and kissing them.

"By God, did he kiss her thighs, I think she made him do it" she said.

"Yes she made him do that and a lot more" saying this he ripped her petticoat out and when his eyes were feasted on the magnificent sight of her naked body in all its splendor, it was a sight from where he could not draw his eyes out. He was ecstatic to see her pussy stacked in between her rich brown thighs amidst thick foliage of black pubic hair.

Nithin could not drag his eyes from the spot and when Mayuri saw him staring at her hot spot said "now that you have bared it, how does it look?'

"It is most resplendent, don't you think so" he questioned her back.

"How should I know, you ought to tell me" she replied in an uncouth voice.

"What you have is most alluring and as it is nestled between your rich dark glistening thighs, behind those lovely pubic hair and dripping wet it can only be called a masterpiece" saying this he locked his lips on her cunt and kissed it.

"What are you doing Nithin" cried Mayuri calling his name for the first time.

"I am doing what I have always dreamt of, that is kissing my sister-in-laws cunt" he replied.

"Is that what you wanted? How I wish I had known it before" she said.

"Yes, not only your cunt but I want to kiss those too," saying this he slipped his hand below and grabbed her buttocks.

"You mean you want to kiss my buttocks" she asked as a wild current streaked through her body.

"Yes those beautiful buttocks are the ones which attracted me and I want to kiss them" saying this he pushed her up and slipping his face in between he kissed her voluptuous mounds.

"Why are you so impatient to kiss them? Do you think I am going to run away" she asked.

"No few things have to be done at the spur of the moment" he said as his tongue lapped her buttocks.

"Oh Nithin, I just cannot believe you are kissing my buttocks" she cried as his wet tongue started lapping her hot buttocks.

"Yes and there are few other things which you would have never dreamt of" saying this he dragged the tip of his tongue between the crease of her buttocks down to her cunt.

Mayuri wilted under his attack. Her body shook as spasms of hot waves shook her body. Reciprocating his move she brought her leg down and placing it over his tent up shorts "why don't you release him" she said.

"You want me to release him? Do you want to see him or do you want him' he asked withdrawing his face from her dripping cunt.

"Don't I get a chance to see him before he slips in" she asked.

"Yes but are you ready to accommodate him" he asked.

"I have waited too long for it and when I came here and saw you I thought you would . . " she did not complete the sentence.

"What did you think I would do" he asked.

"I thought you would rape me" she said.

"And that was why you were perspiring" he asked.

"Yes, I was really scared" she said.

"Do you know something" he asked.


"I would have never raped you" he said.

"Yes you would never have, I realize it now" she said taking hold of his face and kissing him.

"What made you realize" he asked.

"The way you seduced me, slow and steadily" she said.

"Yes I wanted you to enjoy" he replied.

"Yes I enjoyed it and now when I have laid it open don't you think you should do the same" she asked.

"Do you want to see how he is formed" he asked?

"Don't you think I deserve to have a look" she asked.

"Yes, you deserve more than a look" saying this he went on his knees and pushing his shorts out he bared his cock right in front of her.

Mayuri was amazed when her eyes fell upon his erect cock hovering right in front of her eyes. Seeing its size and color, the rigged dark veined monster of a cock looked un-imaginable. And comparing it with her husband's she felt that something was drastically wrong with him.

As she was comparing it mentally she heard him say "is it up to your imagination.'

"Is this how they look" she suddenly shot the question.

"Why, most of them are like that" he replied.

"I was just wondering. The beast looks dangerous" she said changing the subject.

"It looks, but it is most affable" he replied taking her in his arms.

"I have my own doubts as its looks scary" she said as she saw him positioning himself for the final act.

"What is there to be scared off? He will slip in unnoticed" he said directing his cock at the entrance.

"For you it is just slipping in but think of me who should bear the monster" she said.

"It is not customary? Are you not used of having it" he asked positioning the tip of his cock between her cunt lips.

"Customary, I have never had one since ages" she replied pulling him.

"You mean he does not" he asked.

"Does not what" she asked.

"Does he not do it, I mean does my brother not do it regularly" he asked trying to shove his cock in.

"I don't remember when he had me last" uttering those words she held his face and kissed him hard.

Nithin was stupefied to hear her words. It totally changed his perception of his sister-in-law. He had thought her to be a tainted woman, an easy lay and hence desired to fuck her but now knowing the truth his passion turned into love.

Soothing her with kisses "I am sorry" he said.

"You need not feel sorry, I am here and I am happy" she said kissing him back.

"Did you not venture out" he asked.

"Where could I search? No, I have waited five years for you" she said looking straight into his eyes.

"And now when the time has come are you scared of the monster" he asked.

"Why would I not be, tell me. Does he not look like a monster" she said kissing him on the tip of his nose.

"Do you fear he would hurt you" he asked.

"I feared him for its size but as you said he is so humble" she replied.

"He is still at the entrance not moved in" he said grinding his cock on her cunt.

"Yes I know that he is knocking at my door waiting for my permission' she replied.

"Does he have permission" he asked.

"Why do you ask for the permission now" she said.

"I am worried thinking what would happen after he slips in" he said.

"What would happen then" she asked.

"So far he is humble but once he gets in he is bound to go wild" he said.

"He has my permission to enter and also to behave in his own way" saying this she hugged him.

"So he is a welcomed visitor and you don't mind if he gets rude" he asked as he pushed his cock inside her hot cunt.

"Yes, he is always welcomed and the monster can screw me in which ever way he wants" saying this she lifted her buttocks allowing his cock to have full access of her cunt.

"What if he desires to have you at your place" he said thrusting his cock deep waiting for her reply.

"Yes wherever and whenever he wants me" she replied pushing her body up and accommodating him deep inside her cunt. Her steaming body writhing with pleasure

Seeing her in a state of utmost bliss and taking advantage of it he asked "what if your son is at home.'

Hearing him speak of her son she felt her cunt come alive and as she wanted to continue the conversation "why don't we send him to your wife' she replied.

"Why what's wrong if he stays back" he asked pushing his cock to the hilt.

"I have not thought of it. But why do you ask" she said as she felt his cock hit the rock bottom of the cunt.

"Would it not be good to have him with us" as he uttered those words he started thrashing his cock violently inside her cunt?

"Do you want him there, do you want him to watch while you fuck me" she asked feeling his thrusts gaining momentum.

"Yes I would like him to be there. I would like him to watch us fucking" saying this he started fucking her wildly.

"I see that you would enjoy more if he is around" she asked grasping him tightly as he was hammering inside her aggressively.

"Yes I would enjoy more if he is present" he replied going breathless fucking her.

"Of course you would enjoy but what about him" she asked as she felt her cunt start dripping again on his wild thrusts.

"Do you remember when I was feeling you at the airport" he said.

"Yes what about it" she asked getting excited to hear.

"He saw me caressing your buttocks" he said.

"How do you know" she asked?

"I saw him eyeing my actions" he replied.

"So what if he saw" she asked.

"He was fully aroused and his cock was throbbing in his pants" he replied.

"So you think he would like to watch you fucking me" she asked getting thrilled.

"Yes and I think we all have one thing in common" he said.

"May I know what that is" she asked.

"We all are voyeurs. We like to watch others and let others watch us' he replied.

"Yes I would like him to watch" she said getting excited at the prospect.

As soon as he heard those words giving a final thrust he ejaculated inside her cunt and when his panting was eased he said "I think we should allow him.'

"You have a point there" she said as she thought it over. Yes every word he had uttered was true and it was from the day they had been to airport her son had started taking interest in her. It might have been after seeing Nithin fondling her buttocks. She felt he may join in the game and even if he does not she had nothing to worry as Naina would take care of him. With these thoughts she got up to dress.

"So what have you thought" asked Nithin getting up.

"Well see, but what about your wife" she asked dressing up.

"My wife, are you are asking about my wife. All this were her plans" he replied.

"Does she know about us" she asked stepping out of his flat.

"Yes as you stepped in she left by the back door" he replied.

Mayuri was thrilled to hear his words and when she reached home her thoughts drifted back to her son. She had to face him and did not know how to do it. Moreover she was worried as her husband would be home early. As she was wondering she heard her husband come and by the time she helped him settle down comfortably with a bottle of whisky and enough snacks it was 7 p.m. She was glad that one hurdle was taken care of and as her mind raced to the other she saw him entering the house.

Amar for once went straight to his room. He was in a predicament as how to face his mother. The more he recalled what had taken place earlier the more he got aroused. He did not know how his mother would react today. As he kept wondering he finally decided it would be better if he let his tongue do the talking.

Having decided he strolled down to see his mother busy attending to the vegetables, taking a seat next to her "how was your day" he asked.

"Why the same as usual" she said.

"I see that you had been out" he said caressing her naked arm.

Mayuri cursed herself for not having changed. She felt she was caught.

"Yes I had been to buy vegetables" she replied.

"You don't go out to buy vegetables dressed like that" he said.

"I had been to see Naina and from there went to market" she replied.

"Did you meet her? Was she at home" he asked in quick succession.

"No she had just left when I reached her place" she replied feeling her body perspiring.

"Was Uncle there" he said stroking her arm.

"Yes he was at home" replied his mother.

"How lucky he would have been to see you dressed like that" he said as his hand moved across her back.

"Why, what has my dress to do with him" she asked.

"He ought to have been lucky to see you in a sleeveless blouse" he replied caressing her back.

"Why would he be lucky to see me in a sleeveless blouse" she asked.

"Because you look gorgeous in a sleeveless blouse" he said.

"Yes I saw him looking me up" she replied.

"Just looked at you" he asked.

"Why, do you have any doubts" she asked.

"No I was curious because I know him" he replied dropping his hand down.

"What do you know about him" she asked.

"I know he is interested in you" he said softly.

"Of course he should be interested in me, I am his sister-in-law" she said.

"You don't feel your sister-in-law up here" he said feeling her buttocks.

"But can you feel them" she asked.

"If he had not I would not have dared to feel them" he replied.

"When did he feel me" she asked.

"At the airport" he said.

"You might have mistaken it was crowded" she replied.

"Yes it happened because it was crowded" he said.

"And why where you looking at me, what was your interest" she asked softly.

"The sight was very alluring" he said.

"You have a dirty mind don't you think so" she said smilingly.

"Yes I do have a dirty mind and the next day actions aroused me" he said.

"Why what happened" she asked.

"His hands were caressing your thighs" he said.

"I think you do have a keen pair of eyes" she said.

"Yes I do" he replied.

"And what do those eyes see now" she asked.

"They see my mother gorgeously dressed" he replied.

"Are you not happy with the way she is dressed" she asked.

"Yes it excites me to look at her" he said.

"What excites you" she asked.

"To see her surging bosom" he replied staring at them.

"What's so alluring there" she asked.

"The rise and fall of your swollen breasts" he said touching them lightly.

"Does it excite you? I mean my breasts are well covered do they still excite you" she asked.

"Do you think they are covered" he asked sliding her sari.

"Come on I am not flashing them either" she replied.

"Nor are you able to hide them fully, then why don't we remove this blouse" he said

"You are terrible, as if I would remove my blouse for you" she said.

"Then for whom would you remove it" he shot the question.

"Why should I tell you, I may for someone special" she asked.

"Do you have someone more special than your son" he asked.

"I don't think so" she replied shaking her head.

"Then why don't you remove it" he said.

"When your hands are close by why don't you do it" she replied staring at him.

"I thought you would strip tease" he said.

"Could it stimulate him" she asked getting up.

"Yes it would stimulate him" he said sitting upright.

"I see that you are getting ready for the show" she said.

"I am excited by the very thought of it" he said.

"You are awful creature" saying it she stood up and holding her sari "what should I do to this?'

"Remove it out" he said.

"I love to hear you utter those words. You let it out as if I am your wife" she said.

"If not my wife are you not my mother" he asked.

"And it thrills you to see your mother undo her sari" she asked.

"It is my desire to see her undress" he said.

"Does it arouse you when you speak like that to your mother" she asked unhooking her blouse.

"I get turned on by her words" he said.

"Do you want to hear me talk dirty" she asked softly as she unhooked her blouse.

"I would love it" he replied staring at her fingers undoing the hooks.

"OK when was the first time you started desiring for your mother's body' she asked.

"At the airport when he caressed her ravishing buttocks" he replied.

"You mean you enjoyed watching him caress your mother's voluptuous buttocks" she asked.

"Yes my cock was instantly aroused" he replied.

"What went through your mind when you saw him fondling your mother's buttocks" she asked?

"I wished he would fondle her thighs and other parts of her body" he replied.

"What other parts of her body" she asked.

"That which lies between her thighs" he replied.

"You mean you wanted him to touch her private part" she asked.

"Yes that's what I wanted him to touch" he replied.

"What if he had removed your mother's clothes" she asked?

"I would have loved it" he replied.

"What would you have liked to watch your mother do" she asked.

"I would have loved to see her undressing him" he said.

"And if she had undressed him, he would have throbbed, isn't it.'

"Yes he might have even shot in the pants" he replied.

"How will he react at the sight of my naked breasts" she asked removing her blouse?

"I think he will start throbbing" he replied as he saw his mother's voluptuous breasts swell in her bra.

"Do you feel comfortable looking at them" she asked moving closer.

"Yes, yes" he said staring at her heaving breasts.

"Are you sure he would sustain his hardness even after looking at my naked breasts" she asked bending a little and allowing him a better view.

"Even if he looses he will regain it back quickly" he replied getting thrilled by the sight of her swollen breasts protruding out of her bra.

"So is this what you want to see, is it not" she said as she discarded her bra and let her naked breasts dangle in front of him.

Amar was stunned to see the naked golden orbs; seizing her up by her waist and pulling her into his arms said "you have the most magnificent ones.'

"I am glad that my son likes them" she replied.

"Yes he loves you and so why don't we remove this sari" he said.

"How dare you say you want to remove your mothers sari" saying this she moved closer in his arms.

"Why? Am I not supposed to remove your sari" he asked.

"As I said I am not your wife that you could remove my sari whenever you want" she said nuzzling her face on his chest.

"What if your husband does not do" he asked looking over her head.

"If he does not, do you think his son can" she asked enjoying the conversation "and by the way, has his son matured so much that he could withstand seeing what's behind the sari" she asked.

"What do you have there that your son cannot endure seeing" he asked.

"There's something electrifying which only a real man can sustain looking at" she replied.

"And you don't think I am a man enough" he asked embracing her.

"For me you are still a child" she said ruffling his hairs.

"You don't know what your child is capable of" saying this he held her sari.

"Is it, then show me how much of a man you are" she replied.

"Right now I can rip your clothes off but I love to enjoy undressing you slowly" he said.

"Hey you are allowed to remove only my sari, not undress me fully" she said.

"If I don't undress you fully how can I show I am a man" he said. "Yes you have a point there. Is that the only reason why you want to undress me" she asked coming out of his arms.

"No I have other reasons too" he said pulling her sari.

"Like," she asked.

"Like I would like to see how my mother is built there" he said staring at her exposed waistline.

"Have you not seen it earlier" she asked loosening her hair.

"Had a few glimpses of the narrow strip of flesh" he replied.

"Do you see something different now" she asked.

"Yes, the swell of your waistline looks tantalizing" he said caressing it softly.

"What more do you see which you had not seen earlier" she asked.

"Your belly and this bulge below your waistline, it is most amazing' saying this he slipped his hand inside her petticoat.

"And what's that for" she asked feeling his hand slip inside.

"To remove your sari" he said pulling it out.

"Could you not have pulled it without slipping your hand inside my petticoat" she asked.

"I could have but I wanted to show you that I am a man enough" he replied discarding her sari.

"As if I don't know why your hand was there" she said.

"What could that be" he asked moving his hands up.

"Did you not want to feel me there" she said.

"What is there that I would want to feel" he asked.

"Don't tell me you don't know what is there" she replied.

"How can I know what is there when I have not seen it" he said fondling her waist.

"If you don't know what is there then you are not a man enough" she replied hiding her smile.

"Are you talking of the treasure which lies between your legs" he asked slipping his hand on her buttocks.

"Dirty fellow, are you not ashamed of talking about your mother's private parts" she said.

"It was you who asked me; moreover I don't think my hand was lucky enough to have touched that hidden treasure of yours" he said slipping his hands inside her petticoat.

"You are a devil and I under estimated you" she said feeling his hand slip inside her petticoat.

"Why do you say so" he asked gripping her petticoat with both hands.

"It is difficult to comprehend your actions and you are a rouge" she replied feeling his fingers take hold of her petticoat.

"Don't you think one should act like a rouge to be man enough" he said sliding her petticoat down over her buttocks.

"I don't remember when you turned to a beast" she replied as she felt her petticoat slid down.

"Why what have I don" he said.

"Ask not what you have done. You have made me withstand, while you enjoyed undressing me" she said.

"As if you did not like it" he said.

"Not as much as my son did" she replied hugging him.

"I have yet to see the hidden treasure" saying this he pushed down her petticoat.

"Do you just intend to see it" she asked as her body trembled in his arms.

"What other idea could I have" he asked grasping her nude body in his arms.

"I don't know what wild ideas he could have" she said looking down.

"Of whom are you talking" he said getting charged up.

"The thing that is throbbing" she replied.

"Being imprisoned I think he wants to be free" he replied.

"Then why don't you let him out" she said.

"I fear he may go wild" he said opening his belt.

"I think I can tame him" she said as her eyes were getting impatient.

"What if he wants to take advantage of you" he asked unzipping his pants and pushing them down.

"He does not seem to be as ill mannered as you are" she said looking at his tent up briefs.

"How can you say when you don't know him" he said taking hold of the waist band of his briefs.

"Don't forget he is a part of me" she replied as her eyes impatiently waited to see.

"Don't tell me that I did not warn you" saying this he pushed his briefs down.

Mayuri was shocked for the second time that day when she saw what was behind those briefs. It was difficult for her to comprehend what was wrong with her husband. As her eyes were locked on her son's magnificence, her body craved to posses him. Biting her lips and controlling her emotions said "what took you so long to expose him.'

"Some things are precious. Don't you think I have waited too long" he said putting his hand between her thighs.

"What have you waited for" she asked kissing him on his face.

"To see what is between your thighs" he said as his hands started parting her thighs.

"Don't you think you are greedy" she asked.

"We men are always greedy" he said caressing her inner thighs.

"Is that why your hand is positioned there" she asked feeling him caressing her thighs.

"Yes it wants to feel your enchanting treasure" he replied.

"You describe it very profoundly" and looking down she said "he looks menacing.'

"He looks menacing because my hand is very close to your treasure" he asked removing her petticoat fully and denuding her.

"At last you have made your mother fully naked" she asked as she pressed her naked body to his.

"And it has made my cock to throb" he said feeling the contours of her naked buttocks.

"Is it why your cock is creeping on my waist" she said.

"I think he is searching for a cozy passage" he said slipping his hand between the mounds and feeling the crease of her buttocks.

"Where do you think he would find one" she asked slipping her hand down and grasping his cock.

"You have one down here" he said slipping his hand from behind her buttocks and moving it on cunt.

"What if I have" she asked feeling his hand on her cunt.

"It is this vulnerable passage he is searching for" he said feeling the lips of her cunt.

"Do you think what you are feeling will be able to take him" she asked looking down at his hardened cock.

"Do you have any doubt" he asked caressing her moist cunt.

"I feel he is quite large for me to have him" she said taking hold of his engrossed cock in her hand.

"Yes he is but as this is well lubricated he can easily slip in" he said placing his hand over her cunt and fingering it.

"But I never expected him to be so huge" she said grasping his cock in both her hands and acting as if she was scared of it.

"It is for that reason I warned you," saying this he pushed his mother on the sofa.

"What was that for" she asked crisscrossing her legs and hiding her cunt.

"To make it easier for you to take him" he said as he kneeled over her.

"Do you intend to put him in" she asked as her body trembled.

"Provided you spread your legs" he said.

"Why do you want me to spread my legs," she asked opening her legs?

"So that I can see what lies between them" he said gripping her legs and parting them.

"Have you seen any before" she asked as her legs started to part on their own.

"I just had a fleeting glance once" he replied.

"May I know who displayed it for you" she asked.

"You very well know who it is" he said.

"And she did not bare it fully" she said?

"No I shot my load as it was getting exposed" he said as he spread his mother's legs wide apart and stared at her naked cunt for the first time.

"What does your mother have between her legs which Naina does not" she asked lewdly.

"What I see here would make Naina wonder" he said gazing at the lush landscape of her pubic hair covering the wet pouting lips of her cunt amidst her lush thighs.

"Do you like it because it is your mothers or does it really look good' she asked again.

"It is the most exhilarating thing any man can see on a woman and I am happy that my mother posses it" he said caressing her cunt lips.

"Are you trying to bribe me" she asked as wave after wave thrashed her body?

"What for would I bribe you, in reality it is such a tantalizing cunt that I cannot take my eyes away" he said as his eyes feasted on his mothers naked cunt in its entire splendor with her wet glistening pubic hair adding to its magnificence.

Her body jolted again when she heard him use the word cunt and seeing him staring at her exposed cunt "I thought you were bribing me so that you could have a free access" she said.

"From the look of things I think your cunt needs him more than I do" he replied.

"How can you jump to such conclusions" she asked as she felt her cunt throbbing.

"Because I see your cunt is fully lubricated and badly wants him" he said as he positioned over her.

"My cunt may be lubricated but can she take that monster in" she asked motivating him to fuck her.

"No my mother is well endowed and she can bear the monster" saying this he directed the knob of his cock onto the opening of her cunt.

"Does the monster plan to assault your mother? Is that why he is at the door" she asked as she felt her cunt drip again.

"Did I not warn you that he would go berserk if I let him free, did I not say that I would have no control over him" saying this he pushed his cock deep inside her cunt.

"Oh! Amar can you not stop him. Do you want him to ravage your mother's cunt" she said lifting her thighs and accommodating him.

"It is for you to enjoy his fury" saying this he gave a final push and started fucking her.

Mayuri felt his cock fill her cunt and to encourage him to fuck her hard said "now that the monster has ripped your mother's cunt why don't you pull it out.

"How can I pull it out when I have not fucked you properly," saying it he pinned his mother on the sofa and grasping her shoulders he fucked her hard.

This was how Mayuri wanted her son to fuck her and every time she felt his cock ravaging her delicate cunt her body thrashed and could not remember how many times her cunt drained out. Enjoying his fucking to the hilt she said "is this how you wanted to fuck your mother" she cried.

"Yes this is how I wanted to fuck you" saying it he started pounding his cock inside her cunt.

"And also want to cum inside" she asked grasping his body.

"Yes I want to shoot in your cunt" as he said those words he emptied his load inside her cunt.

"So you enjoyed fucking your mother" she said hugging him in both her arms.

"Yes and I hope my mother enjoyed it too" he said.

"You did something which my husband failed to do" saying it she hugged him.

"And you enjoyed the way your son fucked you" he asked.

"What more can any women ask for other than a good fuck" she said.

"Did the monster satisfy you totally" he asked.

"Yes as he fucked me I tamed him and now he has gone placid" she said.

"That's for the time being. You don't know what he is capable of" he said.

"Why what more has he in mind" she said.

"Why don't you ask him" he shot back?

"Is he not satisfied; has he not fucked his mother" she asked?

"It is just the start and you better get ready for more" he said getting up.

"And when is that" she said as she saw him get up and not wanting him to leave "I see you had enough of me" she said softly.

"Not at all, set things straight and come to my room" he said looking at the sofa where his father was slumped.

My my am I ready for this she thought.

Mayuri was enchanted when he ordered her to come to his room. Slipping into her room she ransacked her drawers and fishing out an old blouse and a petticoat which she had not worn due to its transparency she felt happy. Changing quickly she stood before the mirror and was delighted to see the reflection. She looked absolutely stunning.

She looked so gorgeous wearing those garments that she was sure her son would be thrilled. Pleased with her appearance she slowly stepped into his room and after closing the door said "is this how you want your mother to be dressed.'

Amar was excited on seeing his mother standing there wearing a thin blouse and a petticoat. "Yes that is how I want my mother to be dressed' replied.

"Don't you think it would have been better if I were nude" she asked moving towards the bed.

"This way you look more gorgeous than being nude," he said.

"Why, because it reveals which ought to be concealed" she asked getting closer.

"Yes and I think you have concealed most of your alluring features" he replied.

"As if I don't know how much of my alluring features are concealed" she said standing close to the bed.

"That's exactly how I wanted you to be dressed. It is very provocative' he replied.

"I fail to understand you men" she replied resigning.

"You ought to be a man to understand. Are you not happy with the way I am dressed" he asked.

"Are you dressed? It is the briefest of brief that I have seen" she replied.

"And is it not displaying what's behind it" he asked looking at his tent up briefs.

"That monster could be visible even if it were inside a pant" she replied.

"Yes that is the advantage of being a woman. Nothing is left for your imagination, you can judge it even it is hidden and we have to struggle to see what's behind your saris'" he said.

"Now don't tell me you cannot see anything" she said.

"What can I see, tell me" he said putting a hand across her naked waist and pulling her on to the bed.

"Can you not see what's behind my blouse" she asked.

"I can only see two small dark circles" he said smoothing the blouse over her breasts.

"And behind my petticoat" she asked.

"Behind your petticoat I can see your robust thighs and a dark triangular patch" he replied.

"And is it not that triangle you men die to look at" she asked.

"Yes that is what we live to look at" saying this he pulled her up on him.

"Hey I am not your wife that you could handle me like this" she said lying on top of him.

"If not mine you are not someone's" he said.

"Don't forget that someone is very close by" she said softly.

"And that someone has forgotten that he has a wife and has to satisfy her" he said.

"Yes he has forgotten and you enjoy playing with his wife" she asked poking her nose on his cheeks.

"Yes I love to play with such a gorgeous wife" he replied.

"What if you don't find such a woman as your bride" she asked.

"Why do I need one when I have you" he replied.

"Don't take me for granted, I may slip out whenever I want" she said.

"Yes you are free to slip out after you tame the monster" he said.

"So you need me only to tame that monster, is it" she asked.

"Will it not be to your pleasure to tame the monster" he asked.

"Yes to some extent it would be" she replied.

"Why don't you move up" he said drawing her up.

"What about him, you want him to be left alone" she asked.

"Yes let him rest, while I take care of you" saying this he drew her up until her breasts were over his face.

"How do you intent to take care of me" she asked getting excited.

"By being man enough" saying this he grasped the thin cloth of her blouse and pulled it making her breasts to swell out.

"Hey where did you learn to handle a woman like that" she said getting excited by his move.

"It comes natural when you have such voluptuous woman in hand" he replied.

"What do you want to do to her" she said as a hot wave swept her body.

"Play with her body" he said as he opened few hooks of her blouse.

"If your intentions were to remove my blouse then why did you want me to wear it" she asked.

"You would never understand and moreover I am have not removed it yet. Now why don't you loosen your hair" he commanded.

"I fail to understand you men" she said undoing her hair and letting it fall down.

"That's perfect, can you not see it" he said as he nuzzled his face between her breasts.

"If it gives you pleasure then I am more than happy to comply" she said moving her breasts on his face.

"It feels heavenly to have my face between your luscious breasts" he said.

"Even if they are not fully exposed" she asked.

"Yes even if they are not fully exposed" saying this he ripped the blouse open.

"What are you doing Amar" she cried feeling her blouse being ripped.

"It is how I want to denude your breasts" he replied.

"You men are sometimes insane" she said.

"Yes such acts of insanity arouse us to the hilt" he replied.

"Now that they are exposed do you find them sexy" she asked.

"Yes they are very sexy, see how beautifully they are formed" saying this he caressed her mounds and feeling her erect nipples said "I see that you are also thrilled by my insanity.'

"What do you think of me? Do you think I am here just to tame that monster? If you think so, you are wrong? I am here to enjoy as much as you can" she replied.

"Her words thrilled him "what do you want me to do." he asked.

"Continue with what you are doing, go wild, forget that I am your mother and treat me as a woman" she said.

Her words enhanced his vigor. Cupping both her breasts in his hands he crushed them and then drawing them into his mouth he bit hard which made her moan passionately.

"Is it how you want me to handle them" he asked.

"Yes suck them, bite them" she said pushing the other breast into his mouth.

Amar was going wild with her actions. He took her other breast in his mouth and when he bit her nipple his mother shrieked "yes bite my nipple; suck it as you used to suck. The harder you nibble the more I would love it" she said.

Getting excited by her talk Amar held her torn blouse and pulling it out of her body he man handled her naked breasts sometimes sucking and sometime biting them until he felt his mother's body shook with spasms and when her breathing was normal "was it exciting" he asked.

She nodded her head.

"Is your pussy wet" he asked.

"It is always wet when I am with you" she replied.

"I wish I had known it earlier" he said grasping her buttocks and pulling her up.

"What difference does it make" she asked getting up.

"Straddle my chest and I will show you" he replied.

"I may have to lift my petticoat to sit on your chest" she said standing up.

"I have a better idea" saying this holding her petticoat in both hand he ripped across its seam.

"You men love to tear our clothes isn't it" she said making faces at him.

"Yes we do as we buy them" he replied.

(I know how much and for how long you pay she thought to herself.)

Squatting down on his chest "how does it feel to have my naked buttocks on your chest" she asked.

"It feels wonderful and if you lift them a little it will be most thrilling" he said.

"Why because my cunt would be exposed" she asked.

"Yes, because your rosy dripping cunt would be exposed" he said placing his hand below her buttocks and lifting her.

"What is your dirty mind up to" she asked as she lifted her body up a little.

"My dirty mind is dreaming of fucking your dripping cunt" he said.

"With what are you going to fuck it with? Your cock is still imprisoned" she asked holding his shaft in her hand.

"Wait and watch" he said as he parted her torn petticoat.

"Then why are you exposing it" she asked.

"I want to have a good look before I continue" he said as he stared at the pouting lips of his mother's cunt nestled between her dark thighs and darker pubic hair.

"Now that you have had a devil's view is it the turn of my cunt to face the wrath" she asked.

"No, you are not going to face the wrath, get up a little" he said gripping her buttocks.

Mayuri was thrilled to oblige and raising her lower body she asked "is it how you want me poised.'

"Yes, bend backwards while I take care of your cunt" saying this he gripped her buttocks firmly and hoisted them up.

Bending backwards and having her cunt exposed right in front of his face Mayuri was flabbergasted "my my, what do you intend to do to your mothers cunt" she asked unable to see what he was going to do.

"I am going to fuck it" he said.

"With what are you going to fuck your mother when he is here" she asked taking hold of his erect cock in his hand.

"I am going to fuck her with my tongue" saying this he spread her thighs wide and gripping her voluptuous buttocks he jabbed his tongue deep into her wet cunt.

Mayuri could not in the wildest of wild dreams think that he was going to fuck her with his tongue.

She could never have visualized such a thing was possible and when she felt his hot tongue slip in and out of her dripping cunt she screamed and as he continued thrashing it again and again she had a huge orgasm.

Mayuri had creamed out. She had such a huge orgasm that it took a few minutes to get back to normalcy. Coming out of the trance she said "I had never dreamt that I would have such a great time.'

"Now it is your turn to reciprocate" he said.

"What more can I do other than have him in my cunt" she replied.

"Is that the only way you can think of" he asked kissing her on the mouth.

"I can have him in my hand and caress him. I can even jack him off" she replied softly. She was teasing him as she knew what he was after. She wanted him to ask for it.

"Think of something that adults do" he said caressing her lips.

"What would adults do, have him between my breasts" she said.

"That's fine but what if he gets bored" he said kissing her on her mouth again.

"I fail to understand what I could do to him" she said teasing him.

"I will give you a hint. What if he wants to be inside you" he said.

"Yes he is welcomed and I am sure my cunt would love it" she replied.

"No I did not mean your cunt, I meant inside your wet mouth" he said kissing her passionately.cprocate

"What took you so long to say that you want me to suck your cock" she said.

"I was worried that you may not oblige" he replied.

"How could you think I would not oblige you? When you can put your tongue inside my cunt and please me don't you think I would have him in my mouth" she said.

"I thought you would be scared of its size as you were scared of having him in your cunt" he replied.

"Who said I was scared of having him in my cunt. I was just teasing you to fuck me hard" she replied.

"If you are not scared why don't you have him in your mouth," he said as he pushed his mother on the bed and moving over her said "open it?'

"What do you want your mother to open, her cunt or her mouth" she asked teasing him.

"He has tasted your cunt now it is the turn of her mouth" he said.

"How do you intend to put him in my mouth when he is still imprisoned' she said looking at his briefs.

"Why don't you release him," saying this he pushed her down on the bed.

"You want your mother to release him, can you not do it by yourself" she said holding his briefs in her hand.

"I not only want you to release him but I want you to guide him to your mouth" he said.

"Now that is something different," saying it as she pushed his briefs down and releasing him said "it looks pretty dangerous.'

"It only looks and you know how to tame him" he said.

"I am worried how to handle him till he is tamed" she replied.

"The same way as you had him in your cunt" he said getting excited at the prospect of having his cock in her mouth.

"But then it was my cunt and now it is my mouth. Do you think I can take him in" she asked.

"Yes you can take him in your mouth as he would not bite" he said.

"Do you think he bit me when he was in my cunt" she asked.

"No he did not bit but he pounded your cunt" he replied knowing very well that she was teasing him.

"What if he pounds inside my mouth" she asked taking hold of his cock in her hands.

"No he would not have so much time once he is in your mouth" he said.

"Why what is going to happen to him once he is in my mouth" she asked looking at his cock from a close range.

"I think he may not sustain the heat of your mouth for more than a few seconds" he said.

"Are you so sure of it, can I take your words for granted" she said bringing his cock near her mouth.

"Find it out for yourself" saying this he pushed his cock on her lips.

"Can I kiss him before taking him in" she asked.

"Of course you can kiss him" he said placing his cock on her lips.

"Like it," she said kissing the top of his cock.

"No kiss him as you kiss my lips" he said pushing his cock a little.

"You mean like I kissed your lips, like this" saying this she placed her lips on his cock head and kissed him.

"Yes and now take his head inside your mouth" he said.

"Okay" saying this she opened her mouth and taking its head inside her mouth she kissed him and said "was it okay.'

"Yes you are doing a good job. Have more of my cock inside your mouth and use your tongue as you kiss it" saying this he pushed his cock in.

Pulling out his cock of her mouth and looking into his eyes she said "you don't have to teach me how to suck your cock" saying she took his entire cock inside her mouth.

Amar was stupefied when his mother took his entire shaft inside her mouth and as she started sucking him he slowly started to push it deeper.

Kissing and sucking his cock his mother looked up and enquired with her eyes when she felt him trusting it deeper.

"Just a little more" saying this as he pushed his cock he felt it reach the maximum and when he felt he could no more thrust it in he started to move it in and out of her mouth.

Mayuri could not do anything but bear him as he started moving it in and out of her mouth and when she did not object his thrusts gained momentum and as she looked up at him she saw him hold her head in both his hands and started fucking her mouth.

Mayuri was bewildered when she saw her son fucking her mouth and as he had held her head strongly she could do nothing but bear his pounding.

Amar went berserk having started pounding his cock inside his mother's mouth and as she could not object, taking liberty of her he pushed on the bed and fucked her mouth as if he was fucking her cunt.

Mayuri at first felt it difficult to bear his pounding but as the pain gave way to excitement she urged him to fuck her mouth by holding his naked buttocks.

Feeling his mother's hand on his naked buttocks urging him on, Amar started ramming his cock in her mouth as if he was fucking her cunt. His penetration went so deep in her mouth that feeling his cock knock her throat over and over again he spurted a heavy load inside his mothers mouth.

When his sack was emptied pulling out his cock from her mouth he said "It was fantastic.'

"Obviously you should be thrilled. You fucked my mouth harder than my cunt" she said.

"I got carried away" he replied.

"Even the monster did not have pity" she said.

"Next time he will remember it" he said.

"If there is a next time" she said.

"Why are you so angry" he asked.

"I am angry coz he did not fuck my cunt as hard as he fucked my mouth' she said.

"Hey I was really worried for sometime" he said looking at her smiling.

"Why was my son so worried" she asked hugging him.

"I was thinking what I would have to do if you would don't suck me again" he said.

"What would you have done then" she asked.

"Well you have another opening isn't it" he replied.

"Amar I am going to hit you" she said thrashing him with the pillow.

"I was just teasing you baby." He said.

"What did you call me, tell me, tell me" she asked getting excited.

"I called you baby" he replied.

"How sweet of you" she said.

"Then shall we try it out baby" he said.

"Are you not content with what you did just now" she asked.

"You have a lovely pair of buttocks baby" he said to tease her.

"If you talk about it again I won't allow you touch my body" he said.

"Then whom would you allow, Nithin" he asked.

As she heard the name of Nithin Mayuri wanted to capitalize on it. Thinking about it she said "Ah! Yes it is a good suggestion.'

"But you will have to face a hurdle in the form of Naina" he said.

"That is if I go to his place, what if he comes here" she asked.

"If he comes here then you will have your son to cope with" he replied.

"But my son should not be a problem" she said.


"I think he would be interested" she said.

"What if he wants to join" he asked.

"Then I think we have to accommodate him, after all he is the only son I have" she replied.

"Then why don't you call him" he said.

"Do you want him to come" she asked.

"Yes I want to see how he acts" he said.

"Act" she asked a bit shocked.

"Yes the other day he felt your buttocks. I want to see how far he would go when I am here" he said.

"Will it excite you to watch" she asked.

"Obviously" he said.

"Let's see if he is free tomorrow. Now why don't you rest" she said.

Amar was thrilled to hear and as he really tired "yes I need a rest as I expect lots of action to take place tomorrow" he said.

Mayuri was excited thinking of having Nithin at her place. She started to plan things. First of all she had to see her husband out of the way and secondly she did not want Naina in this.

The next day after making a lot of noise she some how managed to send her husband to look after a property which was lent on lease. With one hurdle taken care of she waited for son to depart so that she could talk to Nithin.

When everything was cleared she was still in a dilemma as to how to invite Nithin. After pondering over she hatched up a plan and under its pretext she invited him for a discussion and requested him to come alone. Nithin gladly accepted her invitation.

As evening descended Mayuri after taking care of the kitchen had a refreshing bath and was dressing up when she heard the door bell. Brushing her hair lightly she hurriedly walk to the door to receive Nithin.

As she opened she found a beaming Nithin standing and as she welcomed him she felt cold sweat run up her spine. She felt scared and after seeing him settled, she went in and took her time preparing coffee hoping Amar would come. It was not before they finished coffee that Amar made an entrance.

Amar was thrilled when he saw Nithin and his mother sipping coffee and as he joined them, Mayuri got up to fetch him a cup. As she moved out his Uncle's eyes followed her and when Amar looked at him he smiled.

"Isn't she pretty" he said opening up the subject.

"Yes she is pretty" Nithin replied.

"Very pretty" he asked.

"Very pretty and you are lucky to have her" he said taking a deep breath.

"Obviously I am fortunate to have such a wonderful mother" he said.

"It's only a few people who are so lucky" he said thinking about her.

"Even you should be happy, she is your sister-in-law" he replied.

"Of course I am proud of her" he said.

Mayuri joining them said "what are you two discussing.'

"We were discussing you" said Nithin.

"Of all persons why me" she asked.

"Uncle was telling me how pretty you are" said Amar.

"Was it me or was his wife he was speaking of" she said as she sat apposite them.

"You are incomparable" replied Nithin.

"Why is Naina not pretty? Isn't she is fair and lean" said Mayuri.

"Yes she is lean and fair but you are different" he said.

"In what way is my mother different" said Amar adding pep to the conversation.

"Your mother is a real woman in every sense" replied Nithin.

"Sorry, in what way is she a real woman" asked Amar.

"I mean your mother is not just pretty she is gorgeous too" he said.

"You mean her features" asked Amar.

"Yes that's what I meant" replied Nithin looking at her.

Mayuri feeling his gaze said "I am not as you two are describing. I am just like any other ordinary woman.

"No, not every woman is as gorgeous as you are" replied Nithin.

"Well it is how one person feels as the saying. . . . . . . . ." she replied.

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" said Nithin.

"Yes and I am honored by your comments" she replied.

"Of course you are gorgeous Mom" saying this Amar got up and sat next to his mother.

"You make a lovely pair" said Nithin seeing Amar moving closer.

"We are made for each other" saying it Amar slipped his arm around his mother and hugged her lightly.

"That looks beautiful" said Nithin.

"He is showing off in front of you" replied Mayuri.

"No it shows he loves you" said Nithin.

"Yes I do love my Mom" saying this he tightened his grip on her waist.

"Come on I know how much you love me" replied Mayuri.

"Why? Don't you think I love you" said Amar hugging her.

"I do know you love me but don't you see we have a guest" said Mayuri softly.

"No let him. It looks good to see you both cuddled up" replied Nithin.

"I don't know what has taken over him today" said Mayuri when Amar hugged her again.

"May be he might have been missing you" Nithin said.

"My Mom's always busy and its only today that she is free" replied Amar.

"It gets difficult for me as I have to manage so many things" she replied.

"I know it and it is good to see you relaxing with your son" replied Nithin leaning forward.

"And it makes me the happiest person" saying it he pecked a kiss on her cheek.

"It also shows how much you love your mother" said Nithin.

"It's only today that he is showering so much love" replied Mayuri.

"Today is different. Today you are free and also Uncle is with us" said Amar.

"It's my pleasure to be in your company" replied Nithin.

"It is getting dark shall I put on the lights" asked Mayuri feeling excited.

"No it's fine" replied both of them.

"Well if you both don't want it then so it is" saying it Mayuri relaxed a bit.

"The lighting is perfect and moreover you look beautiful in this set up Mom" saying it Amar pecked a kiss on her cheeks.

"Wow that looks exciting" said Nithin leaning forward.

Seeing him excited "what's so thrilling" asked Mayuri timidly.

"Him kissing you" he replied.

"Do you like it" as she was about to utter those words she heard Amar saying "you like to see me kiss my Mom.'

"Of course I love to see you kiss your Mom, she is so pretty" said Nithin.

"Then this is for you" saying it he kissed his mother on her cheeks and this time his lips lingered there for a few seconds before he withdrew them.

"Hey Amar stop it" said Mayuri very casually.

"No let him" said Nithin leaning closer.

"I think he could not see properly" said Amar softly seeing his Uncle lean across.

"What did he not see" asked Mayuri getting excited.

"Me kissing you" said Amar in her ears.

"So" as she uttered those words she heard "Why don't you both come and sit here. It is more spacious" tapping the empty space on the sofa.

"I don't know what difference it would make" saying this she got up and sat on the sofa leaving room for Amar to sit beside her.

Nithin was thrilled when Mayuri sat on the sofa. "How nice, how nice' he said.

"I see that it has already made you happy" said Mayuri looking at Nithin.

"Yes he will be thrilled to see me kiss you from a closer range" saying it Amar hugged Mayuri.

"Why don't you behave Amar" replied Mayuri casually.

"I think he is getting excited to kiss you" said Nithin supporting Amar.

"I don't know what you boys are up to" saying this she resigned.

"Nothing Mom, I just want to kiss you" said Amar.

"Why? Have you not kissed me before" she asked.

"Yes but not in front of Uncle" he said.

"Why what difference does it make now" she asked.

"It feels good to kiss you when someone is watching" he said hugging her.

"You are a freak" she said loving every bit of the conversation.

"Of course I am a freak and that is why I want to kiss you" saying this he kissed her hard on her cheeks.

"Amar is that the way you kiss your mother" she asked feigning as if she was not happy.

"I don't see anything wrong in his kissing" replied Nithin supporting him.

"He kissed me hard on my cheeks Nithin" said Mayuri.

"If I were in his place I would have kissed your lips" he replied.

"You boys always think dirty" she said hiding her smile.

"No it is not so. On the other hand you would enjoy it" said Nithin coaxing Amar to kiss her on her lips.

"Yes I would like to kiss Mom on her lips" said Amar taking her in his arms.

"No you are not going to kiss me on my lips" said Mayuri hesitatingly.

"Only one Mom" saying he pulled her.

"Amar why are you so adamant today" she asked as he poised for the kiss.

"It is for Uncle. He wants to see me kiss you" saying it he held her firmly in his arms and leaning over kissed her on her pouting lips.

Mayuri was thrilled when his lips were locked on hers. Enjoying it to the hilt and facing Nithin she said "he is acting like a rogue today.'

"No he is very passionate and I think you ought to allow him" saying this he moved closer.

"Did you not see him? He held me in his arms before he kissed me" she said?

"Yes I saw it. Why don't you relax and let him kiss you," saying this he caressed her cheeks.

"I don't understand it" as she uttered those words she had Amar grasping her in both his arms and pushing her on the sofa he kissed her passionately.

Mayuri was thrilled by his kisses and when she looked from the corner of her eye and saw Nithin urging her "Oh Amar what are you doing" she said.

"He is trying to kiss you, why don't you take your son in your arms' saying it he pushed Mayuri deep into his arms.

Amar was fully aroused when he felt his mother's robust body in his arms and as he tightened the hold upon her and felt her breasts crush against his chest "Oh Mom" he cried.

"Look he is calling you Mayuri, why don't you soothe your child. Why don't you hold him in your arms and cuddle him" saying this he manipulated Amar in such a way that he was in her lap and she was hugging his face to her bosom.

"Yes Mom I want you to hold me tight" saying this he pushed his face on her bosom.

It was this moment that Nithin was waiting for and as he saw Amar cuddle his face on Mayuri's bosom he went into action. Grasping Mayuri by her waist he held her and to appease Amar "why don't you hide your baby inside your sari" he said pulling the top of her sari and covering it over Amar's face and when Mayuri smiled at him grasping her tightly he kissed her hard on her pouting lips.

Mayuri was ecstatic when he kissed her and as Amar's face was hidden she looked up and seeing Nithin smiling she made faces at him. Nithin slipped his hand leisurely behind her back and having taken possession of her body, he slowly pulled her up and when her face was in line with hers feeling her pouting lips said softly "I want to see you nurse your baby.'

Mayuri was stunned to hear his words and as a wild current shot through her body, curving her face towards his said "how can I nurse him with my clothes on.'

"That will easily be taken care of" saying this he locked his lips over hers and slipping his hand inside her sari unhooked her blouse.

Mayuri's body sizzled at this raw attack and Amar was thrilled when his uncle unhooked his mother's blouse. Pushing aside the flaps he nuzzled his face on his mother's swollen bosom while his Uncle pealed it out.

As her blouse was ripped out, "do you need any help or can you undo your bra" said Nithin holding Mayuri's face in both his hands.

"Why are you ashamed to undo my bra in front of my son" she asked as wave after wave of warmth spread through her body.

"It would be my pleasure but I want to see you undo it and feed your son" he said.

"Have you ever seen me feeding my son before" she asked.

"No I have not" he replied as he continued kissing her.

"Then let me tell you that I don't need to undo my bra to feed him" she said.

"Then how would you" he asked.

"I have just to lift this" saying this she lifted the cup of her brassiere and trusting the exposed breast into Amar's mouth said "is this what you wanted to see.'

This time it was Nithin who was mystified by her actions. On seeing her push her naked breast into Amar's mouth he was stunned. Grasping her in both his arms he pulled her up and kissing her passionately said "yes that is what I wanted to see and it looks most provoking.'

"Do you want my son to continue or do you want to take his place" she asked looking at him.

"No I want him to suckle. I want him to play with you" saying this he pulled her sari out and when she asked in a coarse voice "on which playground" pointing to her waistline "here on this vast upheaval ground' he said soothing it.

Hearing those words Amar was enchanted. Lifting the other cup of his mother's bra and taking hold of her naked breast he guided its erect nipple into his mouth.

Mayuri sizzled on the double attack and to continue teasing Nithin said "may I know with what is he going to play" she asked.

"He has something nice, strong and hard to play with" he replied as he held Amar's feet and straightened him on the sofa.

"But I don't see anything of that nature" she said coaxing him when she saw him manipulating Amar's body.

"It is here, do you want see" saying it as Nithin started to unbuckle Amar's pants both mother and son were surprised and as Mayuri looked down she was bewildered when Nithin having pushed Amar's pants down slipped his hand inside and brought his cock out. Amar too gasped when his Uncle held his cock.

"This is what he is going to play with. Do you like the way he looks' he asked holding Amar's cock in his hand and caressing it. While Mayuri was fascinated by the scene Amar was shell shocked by his Uncle's caresses. As a streak of new excitement shot through his body he resigned allowing his Uncle to guide him.

"Yes he looks ready to strike" replied Mayuri getting animated on seeing Nithin holding Amar's cock caressing it.

Pushing Amar aside, and kneeling in front of her he grasped her thighs over her thin petticoat and said "don't you think we ought to clear the playfield now?'

This further recharged Mayuri and protruding out her tongue "Is it necessary? Can he not play in the exposed area" she asked.

"Big boys need a bigger field" saying this, he let his hands crawl over her lush warm thighs and on reaching her naked waistline, held the waist band of her petticoat.

"What if the field is curvy" she asked in an ecstatic frame of mind.

"More the curves better it is" he replied slipping his hands inside her petticoat feeling her warm flesh. Lifting her a little he pulled her petticoat down.

As Nithin yanked her petticoat down her buttocks Mayuri went wild with lust. Curving her body and allowing the petticoat to slip further down said "what if there are pot holes.'

"That's were the game ends" he said as he pulled her petticoat out and denuding her said "Sis you have a lovely piece of playfield.'

"What does my brother see that is so attractive" she asked.

Placing his hands on her voluptuous thighs and caressing them he said "these rich thighs and that which lays between them is beyond my wild imagination.'

"Why had you not seen it earlier" she asked.

"Yes but not as it looks today" he replied.

"How could there be such difference in a day" she asked.

"Today it looks stunning as it is moist" he said feeling her wet thatch.

"No, you are lying even yesterday it was damp. Don't you think there is another reason" she asked.

"What could it be" he said as his eyes were riveted on the lips of her cunt amidst lush growth of her pubic hair.

"Is it not because you have company? Is it not because my son is here that it looks more stunning" she asked looking at Amar.

"Yes Sis it is because of him. It is because your son is here it looks more gorgeous and I want that very son to take you now" saying this he pushed Mayuri on the sofa and when she stretched herself, Nithin spreading her thighs looked up at Amar.

Amar could not have asked for more. Seeing his sensuous mother totally nude, lying on the sofa writhing with passion with her voluptuous thighs spread wide apart, his mind went berserk. Leaning forward he positioned himself over his mother and placing his cock at the entrance of her cunt he started grinding it and when its head found the gap and penetrated Nithin who was watching his actions keenly said "yes Amar dig it in. Dig it inside your mother, take her and fuck her" he kept repeating those words enticing Amar to fuck her hard.

Amar became enthusiastic and as his thrusts gained momentum he grasped her breasts in both hands and on squeezing them as he brought his face down to kiss her lips, Nithin pushing him aside said "leave that to me" and taking hold of Mayuri's face in both his hands kissed her passionately as his son looked upon.

Amar went wild when he saw his Uncle kiss her mother ardently in front of him. Seeing his Uncle take her face in his hand and ravishing her lips, he increased the momentum and when his mother brought out her tongue and slipped it inside his Uncle's mouth he started ramming his cock inside her cunt.

Nithin saw Amar pounding his mother's cunt vigorously. He was thrilled to watch his shaft burrowing in her cunt and as it excited him grasping Mayuri's face in both his hands he ravaged her mouth with wet kisses and when Mayuri came up for air and looked at him "undo my pants" he ordered.

Mayuri's body sizzled when he let out those words. She moved sideways which made Amar to slow down his pace and facing Nithin she brought her hand down and grasping his cock over his pants said "you want me to hold him.'

Going up on his knees "yes I want you to play with him" he said and holding her face he kissed her again.

Mayuri grasped his cock in both her hands and squeezing it tightly she brought it near her face and brushing her cheeks on its head she started to undo his pants.

Amar was excited on seeing his mother fondle and play with Uncles" cock. He stopped pounding her cunt and gazed at her actions.

Nithin quickly discarded his shirt and again holding Mayuri's face in both hands he jabbed her face on his navel and said "kiss it, lick it.' Mayuri obliged by kissing his navel while her hands were busy pulling his shorts down and the moment they were out bringing her lips on his belly button she bit it hard and looked up at him with dreamy eyes. It was her way of telling him that she had released his cock.

Nithin let out a moan then holding her face in his hands he brought it near his and kissing her lips lightly and looking deeply into his eyes said "you are a wonderful woman.'

"Yes my mother is a wonderful woman" saying this Amar leaned forward and holding her face as Nithin had in both his hands he kissed her.

"Yes that is the way you ought to kiss her and now it is my chance' saying this Nithin forced her to face him and jabbing his tongue inside her mouth he outraged her lips.

Mayuri was enchanted when both of them kissed her in turn. To tease them she said "wont you guys allow me to breathe.'

"It is your son who is taking of advantage of" he said.

When Mayuri looked up at him he continued "he is occupying both your hot spots" as he saw him again pounding her cunt.

"Leaving you with nothing" she asked.

"Yes but I am thrilled to see him fuck his mother" he replied and kissed her when it was his turn.

"What about him, does he not want to fuck his Sis" she asked taking hold of his cock.

"Yes he wants to fuck her in his own fashion and that is after Amar finishes" he said.

Amar on hearing his mother talk dirty felt his cock throbbing. Ramming his cock deep inside her cunt he held her face and looking at her said "you want Uncle to fuck you.'

"Yes I want that man to fuck me" she replied.

"Do you want him to fuck you in front of me" he asked.

"Yes I think it was decided that way but why are you asking now" she said.

"Because it thrills me to hear it when I am fucking you" he said.

"You mean it makes your cock throb violently in my cunt" she asked.

"Yes and can't you feel it immersed in your deep well" he asked pumping his cock vigorously.

"Yes Amar it is quite enlarged and it is ravaging my poor cunt" she replied.

Hearing her dirty words Amar giving a final push shot his load inside her cunt and on being hugged by his mother said "Oh Mom it was great.'

"Yes did you enjoy fucking your mother in front of your Uncle" she asked hugging him to her.

"Yes I really enjoyed fucking my mother in front of him and it was great" he said.

"So it was because of your Uncle presence, you were more thrilled in fucking her" she asked.

"Yes his very presence motivated me to fuck you harder" he replied.

"Don't you think he deserves something" she asked getting excited.

"Yes and are you not ready to oblige him" he questioned back.

"The poor guy is after me since 5 years" she said kissing him.

"Did he not fuck you yesterday" he asked.

"But then yesterday you were not present" she replied kissing Nithin passionately.

"Does it imply that you want your son to watch when he fucks you" he asked getting excited.

"Yes I want my son to lay by my side when he fucks me" saying this she pushed him down and lying over him continued "would you not obey your mother.'

"I would do anything to please my mother as far as she allows me to fuck her" he said.

"Yes you can fuck me whenever you want" she said kissing him.

"I want to fuck her in front of her husband" he said.

"So it be Amar, so it be. You can fuck me in front of my husband. I think he deserves it" she said softly.

"Yes, now why don't you take care of him" he said looking at Nithin who was watching them keenly.

"Let him come and take me if he wants. I am not moving away from my son" saying this she hugging him tightly crushing her breasts on his chest and feeling his erect cock on her waist.

Nithin was excited. He was not just excited to hear her words, her arguments, but he was excited when he saw her lay upon her son exposing her magnificent back with all its curve lines to his view. His eyes drank all that they could see. Her broad back, her shoulder blades, the bulge underneath them, the exquisite curve of her back then the upheaval of her buttocks and down below her lush thighs and the long slender legs all added to his vision which one would die to look at.

Having set aside her hair he caressed her broad shoulders and when he heard her squirm he brought his hand down and having it placed just underneath her buttocks he moved on to the sofa.

Both Mayuri and Amar felt ecstatic as Nithin joined them on the sofa. While Amar looked forward to observe his actions, Mayuri squirmed in anticipation.

Nithin kneeled near Mayuri's buttocks. His hand again took to her back. Drawing circles over her vast back his fingers slipped up over her mounds caressing them softly. Mayuri let out a moan. His fingers were so smooth and so tender that she felt a cold sweat run over her body. She waited with abated breath.

Nithin moved his fingers down. Mayuri expecting them to run through the crack of her buttocks stiffened but she was surprised when he deviated and ran down her inner thighs and grasping them said "turn around.'

"I can't" she said softly.

Caressing the insides of her thighs and moving his hand up "why can't you turn" he asked.

"Because I am comfortably placed" she said teasing him.

"What if I make it more comfortable more enjoyable" he said pushing his hand up and feeling her moist pubic hair.

"Will you" she asked as a hot wave passed through her spine.

"Yes, how does it feel? Are you not comfortable now" saying it he let his fingers touched her moist cunt.

"Yes that's better" cried Mayuri.

"Now" he asked cupping her moist cunt.

"That feels good" said Mayuri loosening a bit.

"If you could turn I will make it more pleasurable" saying this he pulled her by her hips.

"Why don't you turn Mom" said Amar.

"You boys always have your way" saying this she relented.

Nithin was enchanted when Mayuri turned and lay by his side, exposing her puckered breasts, her sweaty waist and dripping cunt. "Oh Mayuri your body looks so ravishing he said.

"You both have assaulted my body and now you say it looks ravishing, you men" she said.

"As if you did not enjoy when we assaulted you" he said taking her in his arms.

"We women consider it our duty to oblige you pigs and while doing it if we like it in tits and bits it is not our fault" she said hugging him.

"You women coax us. Somewhere deep down you like to be ravaged, I suppose" saying this he crushed her in his arms.

"Oh Nithin" cried out Mayuri on being sucked into his arms.

"Look you love to be manhandled. You love it when some part of your body exults in pain" saying this he pressed his body down on her flattening her breasts.

"What can a helpless soul do when rogues like you take over" cried Mayuri in ecstasy urging him to possess her.

"And it is when these rogues start mauling your body you loosen up, isn't it" saying this he poked his rock hard cock on her delicate cunt lips.

"Yes it is only a rouge who can satisfy a wanton woman" saying this she parted her legs allowing him to penetrate his cock deep into her cunt.

"And you like these rogue to rip your cunt, tear it apart" he asked ramming his cock vigorously into her cunt.

"Yes it is how a woman wants to be treated in bed. She wants her man to love her, debase her and assault her. It is only then she is sexually satisfied," saying this she bit him on his nape.

"And she would go to any extreme for to be satisfied" he asked as he kept pounding his cock inside her cunt.

"No, I can say she would do anything a man asks for" saying this she bit his lips hard.

"And is that a sign of saying she is satisfied, is she a satisfied woman now" he said panting while he kept hammering his cock fiercely inside her lubricated cunt.

"Yes and it is also a way to bring a man on his knees" saying it she ravaged his lips by kissing and biting them.

"Yes it is a sure way of bring a man on his knees" saying it he shot his load in her cunt.

"Oh boy you took your own time to cum" saying this she hugged him.

"And it was ages since I had such an orgasm" he said.

"And so the credit goes to me" she asked.

"No the goes to your son" he replied.

"Yes my son. It is all because of him" she said.

"And your son has learnt a lesson today" said Amar.

"What lesson" asked Mayuri?

"That is how to treat a real woman" he said.