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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 18

Published on: 2023-06-05 06:49:45

We left Parineeta Store and went to the jeweller. From that shop Mama-ji bought me a very nice pair of gold earrings. Of course like any woman I was extremely happy with the new gold ornament and moreover, I was already very contended at heart feeling rather light and buoyant after that sexy “shooting” that I experienced at Parineeta Store. We already were late and Mama-ji hurried for lunch. He speedily drove back home and packed lunch was waiting for us, as Mama-ji had ordered lunch from a Home Delivery service.

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you go for a bath first while I will arrange the plates etc.

Me: Arre… no, no Mama-ji… Me being present why you should do all that!

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you are my guest afterall … plus you are new here…

Me: Mama-ji… aap bhi naa! Whatever crockery etc. is required must be in the kitchen only… I will find the needful… you don’t worry at all.

Mama-ji: Hmm… That’s true. Okay then! Let’s do one thing! You use the toilet here while I will use the roof toilet. Then we can be ready for lunch simultaneously. I am pretty hungry already!

Me: (smiling) Yes, that can be done.

Mama-ji handed me a fresh dry towel and showed me how to get warm water if required and then went upstairs for his bath. I locked the door taking with me the towel and the carry bag in which my wet undergarments were there.

Me: Thank God!

I checked my bra and panty and they were more or less dry now! I was much relieved because I did not want to get back to ashram wearing some outside undergarments, as they were obviously not sterilized.

I quickly unclothed myself since I was quite eager to take the bath as my whole body had “impressions” of Mr. Pyaremohan’s touches! His long kisses, his profound fondling, his rude handling, his tight squeezes… everything was so vividly alive in my mind! As I watered my body I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths to get out of that spell. I soaped my body well and while doing that I realized there was still a great deal of pain in my left nipple, which Mr. Pyaremohan tweaked in a very rude way during that shooting episode. The scoundrel!

I looked down at my breasts and checked carefully and noticed that my left nipple undoubtedly appeared rosier and the surrounding areola also looked darker. I tried to soothe the area by lightly rubbing my nipple with my fingers, but it unfortunately had a boomerang effect! Instead of getting a soothing effect, I noted my nipples standing up again and I was feeling tightness at my breasts! I could realize that the hangover of that very prolonged erotic shooting was still very much on my body. I immediately stopped my action and just completed my bath.

Mama-ji: Oh great! You are done already!

Mama-ji had come downstairs after completing his bath and was wearing a fresh vest and a lungi. The hairy upper part of his body was visible through his baniyan.

Me: Yes. Am also quite hungry Mama-ji.

Mama-ji showed me the kitchen where the packed food was kept.

Me: You just wait at the dining table… I will get it ready in a minute!

Mama-ji: Okay Bahurani.

It hardly took five minutes for me to arrange everything.

Mama-ji: Good food, what do you say Bahurani!

Me: Certainly Mama-ji!

We quickly finished our lunch as we both were quite hungry.

Mama-ji: Try this mixed juice that they provide with their lunch packs… it’s a unique digestive drink.

Me (while gulping it down my throat) Umm… very tasty too!

I cleaned up the dining table and we sat on the balcony for a chat. Our discussion was mainly roaming on general topics like weather, city life, etc. and it was around 15-20 minutes that we had completed our lunch that I suddenly developed a headache! It was very strange because hardly did I experience a headache!

Mama-ji: Bahurani, you seem to be in some discomfort… Are you okay?

Me: Yes Mama-ji… par… I mean I am having a headache…. Quite suddenly!

Mama-ji: May be the sun was too strong… and you could not bear the heat. Umm… I think you better go inside and take rest.

Me: Ye… yes, that might help!

I could realize the headache was increasing in intensity and I was not feeling completely okay. I followed Mama-ji and he prepared bed for me in his own bedroom.

Mama-ji: I think if you lie down here for a while, you will automatically feel better.

Me: Yes I also feel so…

Mama-ji helped me lie down on the bed, but I could sense that I was feeling more discomfort now other than the headache. I was feeling a sense of itch all over my body and had to rub and chafe my arms in order to feel comfortable. Within moments I started to develop itching on my legs also and I had to rise up and scratch my legs over my sari! Things were getting pretty worse and amazingly quickly! I could now even note some redness on the exposed portions of my hands down my blouse.

Mama-ji: What’s happening Bahurani? Is it some sort of allergy that you have?

Me: No… no I don’t … uff! (scratching my hands) …have any allergies!

Mama-ji: Then? There is clear redness on your hands… let me check…

He sat on the bed and took my right arm in his hands.

Mama-ji: You feel warm Bahurani! Are you developing a temperature or what?

Me: I don’t know Mama-ji… am clueless… I never had anything of this sort before!

Mama-ji: Hmm… am also puzzled! What to do?

Me: Can it be from …. Aaah! (feverishly scratching my arms and legs)…from food Mama-ji?

Mama-ji: But… but had it been that, I should also have similar allergy. Isn’t it?

Me: Right, right! Uuuuufff! It’s itching so much! Ahhh! But you are perfectly okay! Then…

Mama-ji: You lie down… let me rub your legs… you might feel better!

Me: No.. no.. Mama-ji… you please don’t touch my legs… I will feel very… uff! (bending down and scratching my knees)…! You are so old…

Mama-ji: Oho! Just do as I say! I can see you are in so much discomfort and you are…

He virtually pushed me to the bed and started rubbing and pressing my legs from over my sari. I felt so awkward to have an elderly relative like Mama-ji massaging my feet that my face was all flushed in shyness. But the feeling of itchiness and tingling was growing in intensity and severity and I was getting restless.

Mama-ji: Shall I apply some water on the areas and see if that gives you some comfort?

Me: No, no Mama-ji, it’s okay… I can bear it.

Mama-ji initially started to rub and gently scratch my legs with his fingers from my knees downwards, but now I noted that he was moving up my well shaped legs! I was already feeling very embarrassed to have that elderly man touch my legs, but if he rubs me above my ankles that would be very indecent also.

Me: Mama-ji… I am feeling somewhat better… thanks a lot!

Mama-ji: Okay… shall I do the same for your arms also?

Me: I am doing that myself only! Ufff….

Mama-ji: But there has to be a source for this problem! How can…

Me: Urriii….! Aaah! Aaah!

Mama-ji: What happened Beti?

Me: I am…. am feeling a sense of tightness… Uffff!

Mama-ji: Tightness? Where?

I was feeling so uncomfortable that I sat up on the bed! Mama-ji had ceased to rub my legs and came forward.

Me: Aaaah! It’s a… it’s a very queer feeling… my chest …. Ohhh!

Mama-ji: (looking at my well developed matured breasts) Chest tightness? My goodness! Then it has to be something serious! Iss… my maidservant is also away… otherwise…

Me: Ahh…(still continuously scratching all over my body) What difference could she make?

Mama-ji: Arre… at least she could give you a massage on your breasts! But… what should I do? Shall I call the doctor?

I was continuously scratching my hands and upper portions of my body and was experiencing the chest tightness. The tightness though was not severe, but the uneasiness was indeed there. Something surely was happening inside me. I could not derive any linking that from where could I get such a reaction in my body!

With time things were getting very cumbersome for me as I was getting the itchy feeling on my doodh, gaand, and inside my choot also! I again lay down on the bed and was trying to make myself comfortable by rubbing my fleshy buttocks on the surface of the bed, but it hardly was giving me any relief. I had to rub and press my breasts also as to get some relief from the tightness; I knew it was looking very awkward to self-massage my breasts in front of Mama-ji, but I had no option but to do that.

Mama-ji: Where from did it suddenly shoot up? Ish! You are looking all red Bahurani!

Me: I also am unable to not make out anything Mama-ji …

Mama-ji: Nah! Let me call for a doctor… I can’t see you like this!

Mama-ji got off the bed and turned towards the door and as soon as I noticed that I immediately inserted my hand right inside my blouse and started massaging my mammaries and that way it definitely felt much better. The tightness and the itching were relieved somewhat. I quickly also rubbed and scratched my entire choot area over my sari with both hands because I surely would not get a chance to do that once Mama-ji was back. The itching had engulfed all my body and I was feeling pretty helpless.

Mama-ji was back soon.

Me: Ishhh…. Mama-ji, am really feeling very miserable giving you so much trouble… now you have to call a doc…

Mama-ji: Trouble! Huh! Bahurani, it seems you are still maintaining some distance with me and do not regard me as your…

Me (sticking my tongue out): No, no Mama-ji! It’s certainly not like that…

Mama-ji: Then where from this word “trouble” comes? Is it not my duty to do the needful for you?

I could realize from his face that Mama-ji was probably a bit hurt. Afterall he was an elderly man and I was almost his daughter’s age.

Me: Am sorry Mama-ji for my words… You have been so nice to me! Aaahh!

Mama-ji: It’s okay Bahurani! (he came down and sat near my head and kept his hand on my forehead) I have given a call to the doctor. He lives in this locality only… so should be here prompt! Dr. Desai. A young promising doctor.

Me: I see.

Mama-ji: Let me bring a chair for him. Bahurani, you please manage somehow till the doctor comes.

I nodded and as soon as Mama-ji went to the other room to bring a chair, I immediately lifted my sari off my legs and started scratching my thighs. The itching seemed to be increasing by the minute! My fair-colored naked thighs appeared reddish and I could realize the rash/irritation had engulfed my entire body. There were also one or two very prominent but tiny red spots on my smooth thighs and appeared as if a blood drop had clotted in that area.

As I checked and rubbed my thighs I was time and again looking at the door to check if Mama-ji was coming back because I had lifted my sari up significantly almost to my upper thighs and my plump well-formed legs were totally exposed. Within this small time frame I quickly checked my breasts too by dropping my pallu. They appeared flushed too with one or two red dots on my upper boob flesh. I quickly inserted my right hand inside my blouse and rubbed my areolas as I was getting continuous itches there very near to my nipples. The feeling of tightness on my breasts was indeed there, but not too significant now and also the headache that I initially had had settled a bit.

As soon as I heard Mama-ji’s footsteps, I immediately lowered and straightened my sari over my legs and also adjusted my pallu so that my big-sized tits remained properly covered in front of him and the doctor. He came with a chair and as he was placing it, there was sound of doorbell ringing.

Mama-ji: That must be Dr. Desai! Wait a second Bahurani…

He went out to open the main door and I swiftly glanced at my sides and back to check if my bra strap was visible outside the blouse or not. I lay down on the bed properly so that the doctor did not find me in an indecent posture or in disorganized clothes. I was naturally a bit nervous, as I always had remained very uncomfortable in front of male doctors. For this very reason I avoided male physicians when I was not getting pregnancy and I was so skeptical about this issue that I even requested my husband not to consult any male gynecologist for our problem!

Yes, I must admit that after coming to the ashram things have changed drastically for me and the way I was “handled” by several males in the last few days was simply unthinkable! I adjusted to that pretty briskly and honestly I have started “enjoying” the whole phenomenon of arousals, teasing, and sex now! Guru-ji’s step by step treatment surely had made me more mature and adventurous, the latter quality had always been very latent in me, which he had extracted out of me very successfully.

Mama-ji: Come, come doctor!

As I looked towards the door I found a very handsome looking guy coming towards me. As the doctor came nearer, I noticed he was middle aged, around 40, but looked pretty dashing and I could also make out that he takes good care of his health! He was fair-colored and smartly dressed with ironed clothes and polished shoes. Overall, a very impressive look; in fact hardly was I expecting someone so smart as the local community doctor!

Mama-ji: Here is your patient. I am really puzzled what’s happening and where from this rash suddenly developed!

Dr. Desai: Don’t worry Sir now that I am here. You called me just in the nick of time, otherwise I was going out to attend a call some kilometers away. Hello Madam!

I just nodded, as I still was somewhat “preoccupied” by his smart presence. He kept his briefcase on the bed and sat on the chair placed for him.

Mama-ji: Let me brief you again… All these headache, itching, redness, and chest tightness started may be 20 minutes post lunch. I really have no clue as we shared the same food and surprisingly I did not have anything out of it, but my Bahurani…

Dr. Desai: Hmm… Hmm… Anything prior to that?

Mama-ji: We went out for shopping. And… and as I told you she does not even stay here… so I am all the more concerned …

Dr. Desai: Did you consume anything on way or at a street shop?

Mama-ji: No, nothing at all!

Dr. Desai: Fine! Let me investigate now.

Saying that he opened his briefcase and took out a prescription pad and a pen along with a stethoscope, a thermometer, and a small digital machine, which I could not make out what for. I was lying on the bed and Dr. Desai was sitting by the bedside near my belly area. I was a bit anxious, mostly due to my history of nervousness to be checked by a male doctor. I was already breathing a shade heavily and my blouse-covered big conical breasts were already going up and down faster. I was time and again looking down towards my bosom to see if I was looking decent or not. I noticed that my sari was stretched over my breasts a bit too tightly and the movement of my firm breasts due to my breathing was pretty much evident. I immediately loosened the pallu subtly before Dr. Desai looked up at me.

Dr. Desai: Madam, your name please…

Me: Anita… Anita Singh.

Dr. Desai: A-n-i-t-a… Singh (as he scribbled on his prescription pad)… Oh! You know, my wife’s name is also Anita… (he smiled looking up at me)

Me: O! I see! (I smiled back too)

I was still having that terrible itching and feeling of mild chest tightness, but tried my best not to do the scratching at least in front of the doctor.

Dr. Desai: Age?

Me: Twenty… 28.

Dr. Desai: You are married I guess?

Me: Yes doctor.

Dr. Desai: Any issue?

Me: No… not yet.

Dr. Desai: Okay. Are you on any medication right now? Any… I mean any cough and cold preparations or digestive syrups that you take?

Me: No, none.

Dr. Desai: Hmm… Any birth control pill that you are on?

He looked directly at my eyes and I naturally blushed hearing that question and nodded negatively.

Dr. Desai: Actually I need to know these to do the diagnosis correctly. Umm… Mrs….. Singh… right? Can you please brief me regarding your present discomfort?

Me: Yes… Actually it all started as Mama-ji stated about 15-20 minutes post lunch with a mild headache. Then the headache became severe along with itches on my hands and legs, which quickly spread to my whole body and I started noticing redness and a burning sensation on my skin.

Dr. Desai: Okay…

Me: Alongside I developed a feeling of tightness in my… (I pointed to my breasts). Though it’s not too much severe, but a sense of uneasiness is there due to this. And… as you can see the red patches here on my hands and the itching… it’s intolerable… lightly rubbing the area is helping, but…

Dr. Desai: Fine…. I understand. Mrs. Singh, this is definitely an allergic reaction to something, which I need to find out, but since you did not consume any egg or prawn or any street food, it’s unlikely to have triggered out of food. Still… you never know…Actually the problem with allergies is they are of various types and I need to pinpoint the exact type before treating you.

He kept his pen and prescription pad aside and took the stethoscope. Mama-ji had gone to the other side of the bed probably to give more room to the doctor. Dr. Desai had put the stethoscope to his ears and approached me. I naturally was anxious, which had been my history always, to get examined by a male doctor. Though I knew very well that this was just a routine check (and not any gynecologic evaluation), I started having butterflies in my stomach!

Mama-ji: My Bahurani will be cured naa…? She needs to get back to her place by this evening doctor. That’s why I am more concerned…

Dr. Desai: Oh sure! Don’t worry at all. Mrs. Singh, just be rest assured that you can get back to your place in normal state. In fact Sir that’s why I am not administering a general anti-allergic right away. Just give me some time…

Mama-ji: Sure doctor, sure! Please take you time. Since you have said that she can get back by evening, am much relieved. What do you say Bahurani?

Me: Of course Mama-ji.

I was equally concerned like Mama-ji to get back to the ashram by evening time and once the doctor said with confidence that I could get back by that time in normal condition, I was of course quite happy.

Dr. Desai: Don’t worry, don’t worry! (Dr. Desai stood up from his chair and took the stethoscope for examining me) Sit up please…

I sat up on the bed as per the doctor’s instruction and he went to my backside.

Dr. Desai: If you can please remove your hair from the backside…

I quickly pushed off my hair from my neck and that flowed on my blouse back to the front side.

Dr. Desai: (removing part of my pallu himself from my back so that he could place the stetho) Fine… fine. Thanks… now take deep breaths Madam….

He placed the bulb of the stethoscope on my back over my blouse and I started inhaling and exhaling deeply. Of course the touch of the stethoscope stirred me momentarily and as I felt brushing of the doctor’s fingers on my back I was automatically stiff.

Dr. Desai: More… deep breaths…. Ya… like this one …

He even demonstrated what he wanted from me and I tried to imitate him and started inhaling and exhaling air more intensely. As I started breathing profoundly, my big breasts must have started moving up and down very sexily under my sari pallu and as my eyes meet Mama-ji’s, who was standing right in front of me, I noticed he was eyeing the sexy movement of my big boobs. The doctor was also palpating my back with the stethoscope more deeply and he was pretty close to me as I could even sense his warm breaths on my back! Naturally I started to feel tight as Dr. Desai continued to move the stethoscope over my blouse-covered back.

I did not have to exert much additional pressure to breathe deeply as automatically I started heavy inhalation sensing a male snuffling at my neck and his hand grazing over my smooth back! I was getting stiffer and stiffer as the young doctor continued to examine me and… and… what was he doing?

O! My God!

Dr. Desai was palpating the stethoscope on my bra strap! What was he examining there?

Me: Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! (I uttered silently)

Dr. Desai now started moving the stethoscope over my back along by bra strap, which left be almost breathless. Naturally I was very uncomfortable and could realize that my nipples were about to rise their heads against my bra cups. He then placed the bulb of the stethoscope of my bare back (the portion above my blouse, the U-cut area on my blouse back).

Me: Uiiiii…. Its so cold… (I murmured within myself)

I could feel the cold sensation of the bulb of the stetho moving on my scratch less back portion just above my blouse back.

Dr. Desai: More deep breaths Madam….

He now held my shoulder with one hand and pressed the stetho deeply on my back. I did not know what he was assessing but was surely making myself rather uneasy.

Dr. Desai: O-k-a-y done! You can lie down Madam …

Me: Uff! Relief!

As I uttered that within myself I exhaled a deep breath of respite! I pushed back my hair to its original position and stretched out on the bed again. It was definitely very awkward to lie down on bed in front of the eyes of two adult males, but I had no other option. I tried to look as decent as possible though my big breasts were looking rather sexy under my sari pallu the way they were going up and down.

Dr. Desai now came near me, bent slightly, and straightway placed the stethoscope on my upper breast area. Though I was expecting that, but could not stop an involuntary reflex action! I almost tried to push off Dr. Desai’s hand, but somehow checked that action and saved the situation.

Dr. Desai: Hmm… Take deep breaths and try to hold it for some moments!

I repeated the same exercise and he was pressing the stethoscope on certain places on my upper chest area over my sari. My condition was just indescribable as the doctor pressed the bulb of the stethoscope on my soft boob flesh above the U-cut of my blouse. Though my breasts were covered by my pallu, I could still feel the cold touch of the bulb of the instrument on my upper chest area. I had closed my eyes as I was inhaling and exhaling deeply and as I momentarily opened my eyes, I found the hand of Dr. Desai so close to my mammaries that he could easily touch and press them! I was so anxious that I shut up my eyes quickly.

Dr. Desai now was slowly moving the stetho downwards and I started counted the moments when I felt the bulb of the instrument pressing on my right boob… directly on top of it! I almost clenched my lips with my teeth to cover my nervousness and embarrassed state while the doctor pressed my boob flesh quite adequately with his instrument. He now moved on to my left breast and I could clearly feel his fingers brushing my tight bulging tits. Dr. Desai pressed the stetho on my left breast also and this time he almost pressed it on my nipple! My left nipple was already sore due to Mr. Pyaremohan’s handiwork and I naturally uttered a soft exclamation.

Dr. Desai: Are you feeling pain or something like that Madam?

Me: Noho… err no, no…

Dr. Desai: Oh! It seemed from your facial expression…

He continued to press the circular bulb of the stethoscope on my left breast feeling the firm and tight flesh inside my blouse.

Dr. Desai: Hmm… fine!

The process was over, at last and I was much, much relieved!

Dr. Desai: Overall seems okay, but… but Madam, your heart rate seemed to be on the higher side, does it always remain like this?

Me: Ye… err… I am not sure doctor.

Dr. Desai: No what I mean is did any other doctor told you of this before?

Me: No.

Mama-ji: Is it something to worry about doctor?

Dr. Desai: Actually I have seen that adult women do get a faster heart rate since they are being checked at a sensitive place you know, but…

Mama-ji: Hmm… that’s one point!

Dr. Desai: Actually that’s why in my clinic I always measure heart rates and pulse rates of female patients through my nurse though I must admit it is more evident in unmarried teenage girls rather than housewives.

Mama-ji: What’s more evident doctor?

Dr. Desai: The variation. I have seen that when I measure the heart rate of a married woman, it tends to vary less than when I take a teenage girl’s heart rate as compared to when my nurse takes it.

Mama-ji: I see.

Dr. Desai: But here Mrs. Singh’s heart rate also behaved somewhat like a teenager!

Mama-ji: Anything to worry doctor?

Dr. Desai: Not really… (Dr. Desai was still frowning) Umm…let me check the pulse… then I can be sure… Madam, your hand please…

He held my wrist and started checking my pulse with his eye on his wristwatch.

Dr. Desai: Uhu! It has to be something else Sir! The pulse rate is significantly higher than it should be!

Mama-ji: O! Is it?

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, did you get excited while shopping… I mean there was a heated exchange with any shopkeeper or something like that?

Me: (I was obviously very cautious hearing the word “shopkeeper”) Nope, nothing like that!

Dr. Desai: Any emotional stress within the last 2-3 hours?

Me: No!

Mama-ji: She was with me all through… nothing of that sort happened doctor.

Dr. Desai: Very strange! If there is no physical or mental excitement recently, the pulse should not have been running so high unless you have a history of that Mrs. Singh!

“Physical excitement” – instantly as if alarm bells started drumming in my mind. Was my pulse running high due to the sexual encounter that I had with Mr. Pyaremohan in that shop? Was Dr. Desai observing higher heart rates because of my shameless exposing during the span of the shooting and my physical nearness to Mr. Pyaremohan as per the demand of the act? My goodness!

Did Dr. Desai already get any clue? Will I be caught? He must have seen several sorts of cases as a doctor. Could he conclude that my racing heart rate was due to a sexual act? O Lord! How very shameful will it be if he knows that and Mama-ji had already elaborated that I do not dwell here! Hai daiya! It would make it all the more apparent that I had sex with someone other than my husband!

Me: O God please save me from this embarrassing situation…. You can only save me. (I already had started praying silently!)

Mama-ji: Then doctor?

Dr. Desai: I am really curious….May be the allergic reaction she had has escalated these… I am not sure. Let me examine further.

Mama-ji: Okay doctor. I only hope my Bahurani gets well soon… am feeling so guilty that I brought her here and she is in such discomfort now!

He was nodding his head to and fro and naturally I had to calm him down.

Mama-ji: There is hardly anything you can do about it… please don’t feel bad about it Mama-ji…

Dr. Desai: Arre… don’t worry Sir! She will be okay soon.

The young doctor now arranged to measure my blood pressure with a digital instrument. He made my left hand to stretch straight and quickly wrapped the cuff there above my blouse sleeve. He started pumping and noted the blood pressure. He repeated the exercise twice, but was still not satisfied!

Dr. Desai: Hmm… High again! Seems the allergy is not a simple one and has hit you quite hard Mrs. Singh…

Me: Doctor, I will be cured naa…(I was naturally more anxious now knowing that the allergic reaction that I had was a complex one)

Dr. Desai: Yes, yes… (holding my left arm) you will be okay within an hour or two.

I smiled dryly though the warm feel of his palm on my arm felt really good; in fact I was having an itch at that area and his smooth warm touch soothed me.

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, your temperature now. Actually since am finding all the vital signs on the hyper side, I cannot skip this you know.

Me: Okay doctor.

Dr. Desai: Put it in your mouth please… (He took out the thermometer from a secured case)

Mama-ji: You doctors don’t believe in armpit temperatures I guess because every doctor I see takes the mouth temperature!

I had inserted the thermometer in my mouth and pressed it with my fleshy lips. It was indeed a bit awkward for any matured woman to hold something in the mouth, a part of which sticking outside the mouth. I noticed that Dr. Desai glanced at my rosy lips once, sighed, and then replied to Mama-ji!

Dr. Desai: Not really Sir. Though it’s true that mouth temperatures are more accurate than armpit ones, but its not that I disregard armpit temperatures. Actually err… you will also appreciate Sir that it’s a bit cumbersome for women to insert the thermometer into their armpits through their blouse.

The doctor looked at me and automatically my eyelids got lowered as I jolly well understood what he meant.

Dr. Desai: But yes in certain cases I need to read both temperatures per the need and in those cases… (shrugging) can’t help… Actually in the private clinic that I am attached to, this is not a problem as the patient wears a gown there which is loose and cut adequately for these sort of things you know. But yes, when I go on a call… most times I find a female patient wearing a sari at home.

Mama-ji: Yes, naturally.

Dr. Desai: And it’s always clumsy for that woman to insert the thermometer in front of me in her blouse… you know… natural.

Mama-ji: Very true…

Three minutes seemed to be a fairly long time with my lips pressing tightly on the long slender body of the thermometer while the chat that was going on between the doctor and Mama-ji was irritating me even more!

Dr. Desai: Okay, done! Mrs. Singh you can take it out.

I handed over the instrument to him and after noting the temperature he suddenly did the weirdest thing I would expect from a doctor!

Dr. Desai just started sucking the thermometer bulb which was still wet with my saliva!

Me: Eiii… what are you doing?

The young doctor indicated with his hand to remain calm as he continued to lick and suck the thin slender instrument. Dr. Desai was definitely enjoying the taste of my mouth juices spread on the thermometer.

Dr. Desai: There is nothing to be surprised Mrs. Singh! This is a very old form of antiseptic handling. Actually I have not brought the antiseptic lotion with which I clean this, so to ensure that your saliva do not dry on it as this will be used for other patients also, I just wiped it off.

Me: But… but you could also do that with water… I mean… (my voice was low and meek as I was well aware that he already tasted my saliva without touching my lips!)

Dr. Desai: Madam, I rinse my mouth twice a day with an antiseptic liquid which works for 8-9 hours… that’s why even if I do not have that lotion with me I can…

Me: O I see…

I smiled at him with a slight reddish tinge on my face and he also smiled back looking at my eyes directly.

Mama-ji: How was the reading doctor?

Dr. Desai: No, this is absolutely normal.

Mama-ji: Thank God!

Dr. Desai: Yes! (with a smile again) Now I will have to look at the rashes closely so that I can apply the exact medicine the very first time. Well the other alternative was to administer a general antiallergic, but that way we would not be able to feel certain about the cause of this reaction and hence the chance of a recurrence would actually remain you know.

Mama-ji: I agree with you doctor.

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, don’t you feel that you should also know why this occurred so that you can remain alert the next time.

Me: Yes, of course…. I myself only know how bothersome it is to combat this terrible itching. Ufff!

Dr. Desai: I can understand Mrs. Singh, but please be patient for a little while because you saw that your vitals are running in the high range and I can’t just ignore that you know while treating you.

Me: No, no I can also understand that as I can myself feel the overall discomfort and it’s not just itching.

Dr. Desai: Exactly… your chest tightness and the overall discomfort are also pronounced by your high pulse and heart beats along with your temporary hypertensive state.

The doctor kept aside the instruments and cleared the area and came near me.

Dr. Desai: Can you remember Mrs. Singh where did you get the first rash on your body?

Me: Umm… on my hands I suppose.

Mama-ji: Yes, yes Bahurani, you first pointed that in your hands.

Me: Uh! See how red they appear!

Dr. Desai: (coming close and holding my left arm) Hmm… and these spots?

He pointed towards a couple of red tiny round spots on my arm.

Me: They developed much later.

Dr. Desai: I see.

I was lying on the bed with my head on the pillow as he inspected my left arm rashes. He was bending quite a bit as he was fairly tall; more so as the bed also had a low height. As I looked towards him I saw the top button of his shirt was open and I could see his white baniyan along with hairs on his chest. He was holding my left arm with both hands and was pressing and rubbing certain spots while examining. Some of his movements certainly made me a quite uncomfortable, for example once he started rubbing my soft palm with his thumb specifically probing the hollow area of my pinkish palm; the other time he was rubbing and caressing the area just outside my blouse sleeve… I was looking all red like a newly wedded girl!

Dr. Desai: Hmm… let me now check your right hand.

It was a classical awkward situation as the doctor was on my left hand side and I was lying supine and now he wanted to examine my right arm. I had to stretch my arm, which I did. Dr. Desai caught my arm with his right hand and in fact he positioned it almost perpendicular to my body. As I happened to meet his eyes momentarily I noted that he was eyeing my armpit! I was immediately alert and looked down only to find my soaked blouse armpit fully visible to him. I felt extremely embarrassed as there was hardly any method I could hide my wet armpit from the doctor’s view.

The doctor was actually feeling my whole right arm with his hands in the pretext of examination and this time I noted that his fingers ran even on top of my blouse sleeve. Naturally this started having an effect on me – I was an adult married woman and the feel of warm male hands all over my arms was making me practically gasp.

Dr. Desai: Strangely the warmth and the nature of the blood spots differ in this hand from the left, which in a way proves that this is a case of a compound allergy.

Mama-ji: Meaning?

Dr. Desai: It’s not a simple allergic reaction from any food. That’s conclusive.

Mama-ji: I see! What’s the medicine doctor?

Dr. Desai: One minute Sir… (turning towards me) Mrs. Singh, tell me one thing I notice that you are sweating a tad. Do you normally sweat like this? I mean this room is comfortable enough I guess…

Indeed some of the sweat was out of nervousness due to the fact that I was being examined by a male doctor and some due to the summer heat and some probably out of the allergic reaction that I was experiencing.

Me: No… err… I mean…

Dr. Desai: Actually I am finding your hands a bit sweaty and also I can see a big patch on your blouse…. I mean in your armpit…

I instantly flushed as I noticed both males gaping at the wet patch in my right armpit. I involuntarily pulled back my hand from the doctor’s arms to cover that only to find that Dr. Desai was gripping my right arm quite securely. So I continued to display my big circular wet patch on my blouse armpit to both males.

Me: No… actually am sweating more right now.

Dr. Desai: Hmm… that’s what I apprehended. Sweating more than normal, chest tightness, and headaches are the exclusive symptoms.

Me: O! (I was still feeling thoroughly embarrassed)

Dr. Desai: The only thing that I need to check further is the type of red spots on your body. Then I can administer the medication. Your left hand spots are certainly different than your right hand ones.

Mama-ji: But it apparently seems to be the same doctor !

Dr. Desai: (smiling) Yes, to a lay man it will look alike, but they are different in their character, size, and shapes.

Mama-ji: Are those spots harmful?

Dr. Desai: Not really, but if we leave them untreated, they might form a clot on certain spots of the body.

Mama-ji: Oh! That’s fatal.

Dr. Desai: (smiling again) Not fatal in the literal sense, but not a very wise decision to leave them just as they are.

Mama-ji: I see.

Dr. Desai: Madam, did you get a chance to check those red tiny spots on your body?

Me: Yes… here (saying that I again displayed my arm to him)

Dr. Desai: No, no… what I mean is did you get a chance to check where else they have developed in your body?

I instantly remembered that I did note them on my thighs and upper breast area, but how to tell that to the doctor? It would be a very shameless thing to do. But I should not be hiding anything, otherwise it would remain untreated. I was in a dilemma. Even if I share that I have those tiny lesions on my legs eating up my shame, Dr. Desai would certainly lift my sari and check my legs. Oh no! That would be so very embarrassing, that too in front of Mama-ji!

As I took time to reply, Dr. Desai made this more messy for me.

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, don’t feel shy please. If I do not examine the lesions, how could I treat you properly? I guess you do not want to remain half treated and later suffer from this again.

Me: No, no… err… not that. Yes, yes, I mean I am err… aware of that.

Dr. Desai: See Madam, generally what I have seen in this sort of allergic reaction in my women patients that they just have them sporadic all over their body especially in hands and legs and sometimes on their breasts. But let me tell you the very acute variety of this genus of allergy do affect a woman’s ass also.

I had to admit now!

Dr. Desai: That’s why I am asking you…

Me: Yes, err… I noticed them on my err…legs….

Dr. Desai: I see. Where? On your shin?

Me: Ye… err… I mean no… actually…

Dr. Desai: On your knees?

Me: No… I mean yes… slightly above.

Dr. Desai: Around your thighs?

Me: Right doctor.

Dr. Desai: Okay, anywhere else?

Naturally I found my lips getting dry and tried to wet them by licking them with my tongue.

Me: On my up… I mean upper breast …

Dr. Desai: Oh! That’s good to know!

I frowned deeply at him as if trying to say “what do you mean?”

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, as I said the acute variety of this hypersensitivity state leads to small blood spots on the breasts… to be precise around the nipples and specifically on the areolas. They do not appear on other parts of the breast you know… so…

Me: Oh! Okay (I said that in a husky voice)

I was definitely breathing deeper especially after hearing the words “nipples” and “areolas” from this male doctor’s mouth and as a result my firm tits got tighter inside my blouse and my condition gotten worse.

Mama-ji: Ye… I mean doctor how is that acute condition different? Are you sure Bahurani is not suffering from that?

Dr. Desai: Yep! Absolutely. I guess Madam must have checked her breasts over her blouse and noticed the tiny red spot; moreover I found a known pattern on her hands too. If she had the acute variety actually by this time her nipples would have become very much swollen and achy along with severe itching in the ass.

Mama-ji: Okay! Bahurani, do you have any itching on your gaa… I mean on your buttocks?

I just nodded not even able to meet Mama-ji’s eyes. The queries were now getting too intimate.

Dr. Desai: Actually only very recently I had such a case in the hospital. The woman was around 40 and married and was actually suffering from the acute form of this allergy, but the local doctor administered general antiallergics. When things were quite out of hand, his husband brought her to me. As I checked her hands and legs I found the typical spots and to be sure when I checked her breasts, I saw micro clots on her areolas. You know fortunately the areolas of her breasts were not fully blackish, which was only natural for a married woman of 40 with children… she had dark pink areolas which actually made me find those spots easily.

Mama-ji: I see.

Dr. Desai: And lastly when I removed her sari off her buttocks I could conclude noting red spots all along her butt crevice. Then you know I administered the required drug to cure this. It took 48 hours as it had spread in her body quite handsomely.

Mama-ji: O-k-a-y… so doctor, you don’t see that type in my Bahurani naa?

Dr. Desai: Nope.

I was also much relieved hearing that and honestly to have my breasts and ass checked by this male doctor would have been too much of an embarrassment and that too in Mama-ji’s presence! “Oh! Good Lord! Can’t even think about it!”

Dr. Desai: Okay Madam, if you allow I will just once check the lesions on your legs before administering the drug to be absolutely sure you know.

Me (there was nothing much I could do about it) O.. okay as you wish.

Dr. Desai: You remain in your position and just relax…

Saying that without even giving me a moment to react, the young doctor moved towards my feet and started pulling my sari up exposing my fair well formed legs! My heart immediately started beating harder as Mama-ji was also standing there and watching my legs getting uncovered.

Dr. Desai: (almost bending down on my legs) G-o-o-d… no spots on your shin.

He had pulled up my sari till my knees and my fleshy legs were so ineptly exposed in front of both the males! I was breathing heavier and my face was all flushed as I felt Dr. Desai’s warm fingers grazing and scraping on my smooth naked legs. I was just shocked to note Mama-ji was scratching his crotch over his lungi seeing the whole proceedings!

Dr. Desai: Hmm… no spots on the knees also…hmm… quite good!

He was commentating in a whispering tone as he continued his inspection and he was moving up my legs.

Dr. Desai: Aaah! Here I found one… (moving my sari further up, now almost till my mid thighs) Hmm…

Dr. Desai was now palpating my left lower thigh with his fingers and he was pressing the area where he found the red blood spot.

Dr. Desai: See Sir…

Mama-ji also now bent down on my semi-exposed legs and was inspecting the spot! It was so, so embarrassing for me to remain like that on the bed with my sari being raised up till my mid thighs.

Mama-ji: This… I mean… it looks brighter.. isn’t it doctor?

Dr. Desai: Ha ha… no, no Sir, it’s not brighter! Actually you see Madam’s thighs are very fair (saying that he brushed his palm on my smooth thighs probably indicating to Mama-ji about its fairness!) which is actually making you feel that it appears brighter.

Mama-ji: Oh… right, right.

Dr. Desai: Mrs. Singh, did you notice only one spot or more? I… I don’t see any more…

Me: One… only one doctor. (I replied very promptly so that he stops this sexy exploration)

As I replied I felt Dr. Desai pushing his hand a few inches inside my sari to feel for any blood spot on my upper thighs. I almost hissed out in excitement as he performed this action on my naked thighs.

Dr. Desai: Okay, fine Madam. But… but tell me one thing – does your legs always remain so ho… I mean warm?

Me: (wondering what sort of question was that) Ye.. err… I mean no, not really… in all probability it’s… it’s due to this allergy.

Dr. Desai: I hope so… (now pulling out his hand from inside my sari, but did not remove it off my exposed thighs) otherwise you will surely need a thorough checkup.

Me: No, no… I am feeling a lot of discomfort and a heated up feeling overall once I started experiencing this itching and all.

Dr. Desai: Hmm… that’s quite natural also Madam. Actually… err… Well I asked that because only today in the morning one of my patients, a middle aged housewife, who is an old patient of mine, admitted that she was having warmth in her legs for at least 2-3 months, but did not disclose to me due to shyness! That was really quite silly on her part because one must reveal any deviation to the doctor during a visit.

Mama-ji: Hmm… Certainly!

I was obviously a bit curious to know more about this case because it’s not entirely untrue that I do experience the same symptoms in my legs at times. I do sense a feeling of warmth along my upper legs at certain times of the day and not only that I feel similar warmth at times in my buttocks too!

Me: What can happen out of this doctor?

The doctor had not removed his hand off my thighs and now in fact he started to feel my warm smooth flesh! His fingers were very subtly grazing the silkiness of my fair thighs. Since I had kept my legs stuck together, he could easily brush his palm from my right leg to the left and I indeed was feeling quite uneasy being cleverly groped like that, but could not do anything also.

Dr. Desai: No… you see nothing serious can happen out of this, but this might just be a symptom for another problem.

Me: O! I see.

I tried to remain “normal” and quickly looked at Mama-ji from the corner of my eyes to note if he was noticing the doctor’s hand. Fortunately, he was looking at the doctor and not concentrating on what his hand was doing. Dr. Desai was behaving very “normally”, but his hand was feeling my marble-like rotund naked legs above my knees!

Dr. Desai: As was in the case of that woman I was talking about… when she admitted to me about that warmth in her upper legs, obviously I proposed to examine the area, but again she was very shy to allow me to do that. I explained to her that in order to go to the root of the problem, I need to examine the area to know the extent of the warmth, was it radiating to other parts or not, or was there any associated redness developing etc. etc.

Mama-ji: You said she was a middle-aged woman…

Dr. Desai: Ya! And she was married too! What I have seen generally is that married women do not exhibit much shyness to exams of their private parts like the teenage girls, but this patient was an exception. Anyway, coming to the main point, when I inspected her thighs I not only found them to be warm, but also there was some redness associated towards the back of the thighs. When I told her about that and she replied that she never inspected the back of her thighs and hence missed that.

Me: Then? (I was of course getting quite inquisitive to know more of this case)

Dr. Desai: Then huh… then was another drama…

Mama-ji: Why?

By this time Dr. Desai’s hand had gone up to alarming heights! He had pushed my sari well above my mid thighs and had exposed me till there and I knew this was no check up or examination that he was doing. He was enjoying the feel of my sexy naked thighs – and that too quite openly!

Dr. Desai: I told her that I wanted to inspect if that redness was radiating to other parts of her body or not… but…. (shrugging) she was again refusing adamantly.

Mama-ji: Refusing what?

Dr. Desai: To allow me to check further and ultimately after a lot of wheedling and explaining, I could persuade her to allow me to check her buttocks.

Mama-ji: Oh! Ha ha ha…

Naturally I was not much amused by this laugh and lowered my eyelids. My lips were getting parted as I could feel Dr. Desai’s warm hand encroaching upwards along my plump naked thighs feeling its velvetiness. The worse part was that he was quite openly pressing his thumb on my exposed flesh and was feeling the entire area from my knees to my mid thighs with his “expert” hand and concurrently continuing the chat in the most normal fashion!

Dr. Desai: Fortunately Sir, my patient was wearing a panty under her sari which gave her some security probably. Ha ha ha… Anyway I did discover that the redness traveled to her buttocks too and informed the patient about that. So it was proved that it was not just warmth in her legs which a woman often experiences out of sexu…. Err… I mean thrill or excitement.

I was now slightly concerned that I never checked my legs for any redness when I felt the warmth. The chance of checking my butts was out of question. I tried to figure out that whether it was due to any excitement or not, but was not able to relate completely. Yes, when my husband is around and in mood of lovemaking, I surely generate heat out of my ass and legs, but when he is not around, still I often feel warm in my upper thighs especially before going to bath or when I lay in the bed after lunch. Should I tell that to the doctor? I was undecided as Dr. Desai was still in the mood of groping my legs very inappropriately ignoring Mama-ji’s presence completely!

Dr. Desai: It was a problem of circulation blockade for which she was having such symptoms, the treatment of which I could start only today! The action could have been prompted earlier if she had related the issue to me prior. I mean you know Sir, I always advise my patients that how much silly the issue is… speak out… tell me… let ME decide if it’s to be ignored… you know.

Mama-ji & Me (in chorus): Hmm… True.

Dr. Desai: I hope Mrs. Singh you don’t have any such issues…

Mama-ji: Yes, Bahurani, if you have anything in your mind, you might just clear that out. You will not get Dr. Desai everyday, he is such an experienced doctor at this young age!

Me: Hmm… err… yes, I know Mama-ji… (scratching the back of my neck and shoulders out of my itching syndrome) Umm… I cannot say I do not experience that, but not in a severe way of course.

Dr. Desai: Experience what Madam?

Me: I mean the warmth that you just described.

Dr. Desai: Okay, okay. I see! Umm… did you note that it occurs at a specific time of the day or after any specific activity?

Me: Umm… am really not sure… have not noticed that with precision you know… but…I mean…

Dr. Desai: Fine Madam, you just don’t have to press hard on your mind. Let me make things easier for you… You only consider those cases Madam where you felt warmth in your legs when your husband was not around. You are a… I mean… a young woman and married only for 2-3 years… so it’s not unnatural to have the feeling of warmth often in the upper part of your legs you know…

Mama-ji: Ha ha… and you know doctor our Rajesh also loves her very much.

Mama-ji was smiling looking at me and so was the doctor and obviously I blushed up to my ears in natural feminine shyness. I smiled back very timidly and thank god… now as Dr. Desai was speaking directly to me, he had ceased to move his hand on my thighs and I was naturally able to breathe easily and was less stiff, though his hand still remained in between my left and right thigh in a very indecent position.

Me: Err… Well I get the warmth when umm… I am in bed after lunch.

Dr. Desai: Your husband is away for work at that time I guess.

Me: Yes of course!

Dr. Desai: Okay. Any other time that you can remember Mrs. Singh?

Me: Well doctor I sometimes do feel it before taking a bath …. Though not always… but…

Dr. Desai: Hmm… any other time?

Me: Not really that I can remember.

Dr. Desai: Fine… fair enough. Now tell me Madam, is this warmth that you experience in your legs very significant to hamper your activity… does it keep you in significant discomfort?

Me: Neh… I mean not any discomfort but… but you know… I feel very uneasy…

Dr. Desai: I see. Then Madam I think this is surely not a physiological problem that I can address.

Me: (definitely a bit surprised) Then?

Dr. Desai: This is purely a case of arousal. He he he… You must be getting aroused for some reason… I don’t know exactly how… may be ….

Me: Aroused! (I said in a husky voice)

Dr. Desai: I should not be commenting on this, but… err… surely there’s a reason!

Mama-ji: What reason doctor? Bahurani must know that… isn’t it?

Dr. Desai: See Mrs. Singh, I am telling you frankly… the two cases that you related to me…. I mean in both cases I guess… let me repeat I GUESS… may not be true, but from your description it seems that on both occasions you are having warmth in your legs, you must be in some form of undressed condition or may be in scanty clothes. Since you have said that you experience this quite often, this has to be a regular affair. Well you must be remaining in somewhat exposed state before your bath for an unnecessarily long period of time as well as after your lunch when you rest, which might be arousing your feelings involuntarily. Again I repeat this is only guesswork from your description only.


I was simply shocked that the doctor could come up with such a reason!

I… I just looked blank and especially with Mama-ji present I felt like hiding my face under the pillow. Things got worse for me when Mama-ji passed the next remark which made me so exposed in front of this outside doctor that I was purely dumbfounded.

Mama-ji: Hmm… doctor, I think you struck the right string! May be this is true…. In fact Bahurani, my sister also had a very similar habit…. May be you just inherited that!

Dr. Desai: Your sister?

Mama-ji: Arre… her mother-in-law!

Dr. Desai: O! I see.

Mama-ji: Am I wrong Bahurani?

Me: No…but…it’s not that…

Mama-ji merely interrupted me and concluded on his own not even allowing me to complete what I meant to express!

Mama-ji: I know! I know! Arre… innumerable times previously I had told my sister not to do that, but no… whenever I went to her sasural I used to find her each day cleaning and sweeping her bedroom before taking the bath. Arre! What’s the necessity when you have a maidservant! I told her so many times that Tulsi, you are married now, and if some outsider sees you like this in your sasural what would he think? But who cares… everyday she used to sweep and clean the room before taking the bath wearing only the towel.

Mama-ji paused momentary and I was almost fully flushed to imagine my mother-in-law sweeping her room just wearing a towel and that too in front of Mama-ji!

Mama-ji: Kya batayun Bahurani… Tulsi continued this practice even when Rajesh was quite grownup and going to high school… and when one day I found Rajesh was eyeing her mother, which was only natural you know…. I had to alert your mother-in-law… initially she did not at all believe my words, but when…

Mama-ji was nodding his head and paused suddenly and quite inappropriately also.

Me: (Automatically a reaction came out of my mouth) What Mama-ji?

What Mama-ji described to my response was a bit too much for me to ingest! It virtually knocked me over in front of that outside doctor.

Mama-ji: But when I challenged her to watch her son she only realized… Of course it did not sound good to your mother-in-law Bahurani, but… but fact is a fact! The following day just before her bath when she started cleaning the room Rajesh was sitting on the bed. Obviously my sister was extra conscious that day… but you tell me Bahurani… how much can you hide of your body with only a towel?

Mama-ji looked at me directly and I naturally evaded his look and gazed elsewhere nodding my head so that he did not inquire further!

Mama-ji: …and that too when you are sweeping the floor! As she mopped the floor sitting on her knees every now and then the towel slipped off her shoulder … naturally Rajesh was distracted by that… and for that matter Bahurani I don’t blame young Rajesh for this! As a mother if you don’t realize that your son is growing up then there is nothing to say!

Dr. Desai: But Sir apparently this does not sound too awkward that…

Mama-ji: Awkward! That’s a very decent term you are using doctor… (now lowers his voice as if revealing a secret) Arre… you know when my sister mopped the floor below the couch, she invariably had to bend a lot sitting on her knees to get under the cot to swab that area and doctor and… what should I say… each time my sister bent and swept the floor under the cot, the end of the towel on her shoulder consistently slid off to the floor uncovering her breasts… and most times she did the entire mopping under the bed with her both breasts totally open… My sister was such a casual thing and her son could see that at times as he was not sitting on the bed all the time naa!

Dr. Desai: O-k-a-y! I see… yes, a mother should always be conscious about herself keeping in mind that her son is growing up!

Mama-ji: Huh! Conscious! My sister was so ignorant… many a times doctor I saw her getting out from under the bed with the towel totally dislodged off her breasts and she only covered her breasts once she stood up! This was not a wise thing to do in front of his son who was going to school then, isn’t it?

Dr. Desai: Surely! Your sister did a very wrong thing… Another point actually…. I always advise this to all my lady patients who are the mother of growing kids …

Mama-ji: What doctor?

Dr. Desai: To wear undergarments as much as possible at home in front of the growing kids you know because…

Mama-ji: Exactly doctor! You spoke my mind… I exactly told this point also to my sister too!

Dr. Desai: … because wearing a bra in front of a growing kid is a must Sir… especially if the mother possesses… I mean ample breasts…(Dr. Desai was smiling cunningly looking at my big-sized sari-covered breasts)

Mama-ji (openly scratching his lund inside his lungi): Precisely doctor… and that’s what my sister never did! Not only during that cleaning time, I found her many a times (lowering his voice) err… without a bra in front of Rajesh.

Dr. Desai: Except for nighttime while going to bed this should be avoided… though the mother might feel at ease, but the swaying of her free breasts inside her dress would invariably distract her son you know and is not at all a sensible thing to do if the lad is school going.

Mama-ji: Hmm… unfortunately Tulsi never listened to my advice! Huh!

Dr. Desai: In addition to this Sir, I also advocate mothers who have a bulky figure to always wear knickers inside whatever they are wearing at home…

Mama-ji: Knickers!!! You mean err… I mean you mean to say a panty I guess….

I was just dumbstruck the way this chat was taking its course! What happened to my allergy treatment? What happened to the problem that I cited of warmth in my legs? Its crossing all decency limits and was increasingly uncomfortable and bumpy for me! Naturally I looked very much blushed and flushed. I had virtually no option but to participate also, but tried my best to refrain from remarking because I was afraid that that might lead to a more embarrassing situation for me only.

Mama-ji: Knickers?!? Are they in use still? I mean any woman wear that?

Dr. Desai: I agree Sir that they are not very popular, but I recommend this for women with fleshy plump asses that wiggle a lot when they walk. Actually it helps them look rather decent in front of their growing children.

Mama-ji: okay. I see! I see!

Dr. Desai: In fact… (Dr. Desai pauses and looks at my body)… Mrs. Singh, you might also benefit from wearing knickers as I notice that you too have a pretty much large fleshy gaan… I mean you also have a large rear portion!

Me: Oss… Okhhh… Ok-hay doctor. (My throat was totally dry and I could hardly pronounce anything!)

Mama-ji: Yes Bahurani, you have gained significant weight from the time of your marriage when I last saw you.

Mama-ji was looking at my pelvic area while he continued to rub his lund under the lungi. It seemed he was not wearing any brief and his lund was freely hanging under his lungi! I just grinned foolishly somehow.

Dr. Desai: Actually Madam…. why I recommend knickers for women who possess a big ass… you know … only because it restricts the free swaying of the flesh of your buttocks.

I avoided eye contact with Dr. Desai as I was indeed feeling very awkward to chat about such things with a male doctor.

Dr. Desai: Of course there is some science behind my saying! Knickers are built in such a way that they cover and hold the whole of the buttocks and even part of the thighs in a very tight fashion, which effectively restricts the ass flesh to sway very freely in addition to help maintain the resilient structure and elasticity of the tissues of that area you know.

Mama-ji: Umm! Never thought so deeply regarding this! He he….

Dr. Desai (also smiling): But… but unfortunately you know Sir, most lady patients return to me with quite a negative feedback…

Mama-ji: Regarding?

Dr. Desai: Regarding wearing knickers…. I don’t know why they are so inclined to wear a panty rather than knickers… may be you can answer this Madam being a woman!

I was shocked a doctor can initiate such sexy discussions! Both Dr. Desai and Mama-ji turned and looked at me; naturally I had no clue and honestly was not at all curious to participate in this lewd conversation too!

Me: I… I…

Dr. Desai: You have not tried knickers I guess Madam…

Me: No, never. (I said quite emphatically and tried my best to exhibit that I was irritated)

Dr. Desai: Hmm… So just see… you are no different Madam! Like majority of my lady patients, you also prefer to wear a panty underneath your sari rather than knickers.

Dr. Desai directly looked at my eyes and it was too much of an embarrassment as his words were as if echoing in my ears – “…you also prefer to wear a panty underneath your sari…”
I again looked down and my face must have been glowing in shyness, as I could feel the heat emitting from even my ears.

Dr. Desai: (turning toward Mama-ji) You know Sir the fact remains that the feedback which I got from my patients who at least tried knickers on my recommendation is not at all encouraging.

Mama-ji: Why?

Dr. Desai: Huh! Each patient had a different excuse and… and you know I could only laugh at those excuses… but yes, I agree, summer weather is a hindrance to constant wearing of knickers, which some patients did mention.

Mama-ji: If that’s the only genuine excuse you consider, what about the others doctor? (smiling very meaningfully)

Dr. Desai: Oh! Others? …Ha ha ha….

Dr. Desai was laughing quite openly and I was getting very much coiled in as this embarrassing conversation was as if continuing endlessly!

Dr. Desai: Sir, you would also laugh if you hear those excuses…

Mama-ji: Like?

Dr. Desai: Like… one young lady reported that her husband was not okay with her wearing knickers and he preferred her to wear a regular panty under her dresses… so nothing much the lady could do…

Mama-ji: Did she always have to show her husband what’s she wearing under…?

Dr. Desai: Huh! That’s why I was telling you naa Sir… ridiculous! …again another middle-aged lady reported that she was uncomfortable using the toilet as she finds knickers hard to pull down due to its tight fitting. Umm… another lady related a similar problem… actually she is a working lady… and she added that it was too awkward for her to stand in the office toilet, which is a public toilet of course, with her sari up at her waist for a prolonged period trying to pull down the knickers for urination …

Mama-ji: This seems to be a logical point… Ha ha ha…

Dr. Desai: Ha ha ha… Like this you know… Anyway I think we are drifting too wide… Mrs. Singh seems to be getting a bit restless Sir…

Mama-ji: Oh! Sorry, sorry Bahurani… I also got a bit carried away by the chat Beti…

I was much relieved that this “shit” (=conversation) ended and sighed deeply.

Dr. Desai: As I was saying…. do you agree to my inference that Mrs. Singh? I mean you said you develop warmth post lunch and prior to taking a bath and I assume that probably you remain in less clothes during those times for prolonged periods which is actually causing you to get subtly aroused and hence the warmth generated in your legs. Am I into the right direction Mrs. Singh?

I had to frown with utter surprise because this young doctor hit the bull’s eye! How could he guess that? It was so true that before going for a bath in my sasural, I do remain in my blouse and petticoat only for the purpose of washing and cleaning. But… then there is no one to see me! And also, after lunch and completing all household chores, I do take a nap and yes… at times I do lie down on bed in minimum clothing though mainly due to the summer heat.

I was completely bowled over and was quite spellbound by Dr. Desai’s guess!

Dr. Desai: Madam, am I completely wrong? And you know there is nothing wrong in it if you are alone. You are adult and independent and you can always wear your likes when you are securely alone.

I was still frowning and looking incessantly at his face with disbelief, but quickly controlled myself.

Me: Err… well to some extent… err… I mean you are correct to some extent.

Dr. Desai: So just see Madam…. (smiling) It’s not a problem that needs to be treated! I told you at the very first go.

I was smiling nervously thinking of the fact that I actually confessed to two adult males that I wear scanty clothes during two times of the day! And Dr. Desai immediately made me more nervous with his next comment!

Dr. Desai: But Madam, be very sure when you do that because I have encountered at least two cases where my patients were molested and got physically hurt due to this practice.

Mama-ji, expectedly, stepped in!

Mama-ji: Molested?!?!? Within their house?

Dr. Desai: Yes Sir! That’s why I am saying naa!

I could not stop myself from knowing more about the incident because I obviously feel secure and safe in my house when I remain in less clothes.

Me: But… but what happened to your patient? (naturally there was a tinge of anxiousness in my voice)

Dr. Desai: Well Madam, it’s not at all encouraging, and I feel one should take lessons from that.

Me: What happened actually?

Dr. Desai: The first case was Gayathri Bhabi… in fact she is a neighbor to me. She is the mother of two, around 40 years of age.

Mama-ji: Mother of two got molested?!?

Dr. Desai: Unfortunately yes! She used to come to my chamber for herself as well as her children for general problems, but one day she came alone and it was quite late also. I was almost closing the chamber. I could make out just by observing her that she was not in herself. Generally she was always accompanied by his elder son, but today he was also missing. She appeared to be in a state of shock and was looking blankly.

Dr. Desai’s narrative was more than captivating and both Mama-ji and I were listening quite intently. Even my physical discomfort including the redness and acute itching went to the back of my mind!

Dr. Desai: When I inquired about her problem, she was silent and was unable to talk. Her lips were trembling and finally she started sobbing. I could realize something serious had happened and she could not relate that to her family members. I asked my nurse to go out to so that she felt more comfortable. I gave her some time to reorganize and then what she conveyed was shocking and pathetic too.

Mama-ji: What did she say?

Even Mama-ji’s voice reflected a shade of anxiousness!

Dr. Desai: Gayathri Bhabi stated that she used to puja everyday upstairs after taking bath and just as a custom and to ensure purity she used to wear a fresh sari while doing puja without any blouse or petticoat. Since she was always alone during that time and had been doing it since her marriage, she never bothered about it. She related that it was just a 5-minute affair and then she dressed up. During that time her father-in-law and the household servant generally were present in the house, but they both stayed downstairs. But that day her father-in-law for some reason came searching for her and exactly during that time when she had seated for puja. It was not that this happened for the very first time, but if her father-in-law found her in the puja room, he just conveyed the message aloud and went downstairs.

Me: Seems a very normal and natural setting doctor like!

Dr. Desai: Yes like any other house Madam! But normal setting also often goes for a toss due to unnecessary exposition of female flesh! What Gayathri Bhabi comprehended when she thought about the incident later that when her father-in-law came to convey the message, she was doing puja and was rather reluctant to cover herself properly and her back was totally naked and even she doubted that part of her ass was also visible as she was naturally very casual about wrapping the sari, as it was a daily affair and a very short-lived affair.

Mama-ji: Very normal… and also at her age…

Dr. Desai: Yes absolutely! Gayathri Bhabi said that when her puja was over she got up and found her sasur-ji was standing right behind her inside the room! She naturally was quite surprised as she never realized that the elderly man had silently entered the room and had closed the door! Bhabi also told that unfortunately her sari was not thick enough and since her body was wet after the bath, much of her body was getting exposed through her sari. Before she could envisage the situation, her father-in-law pounced on her and tried to hug her.

Me: Chi chi…. It’s so unimaginable!

Dr. Desai: Madam, I told you… Gayathri Bhabi was naturally sobbing as she stated that she was thoroughly molested by her sasur-ji and was almost gone to the verge of nakedness in that struggle. Eventually she just gnawed her father-in-law’s hand and saved her dignity, but in the process she got brutally hurt in her breasts and was in great pain.

Mama-ji: Shame! Shame on that person! Aadmi hai ke janwar! Apni bahu ko… Chih!

Dr. Desai: Very much true Madam! Bhabi was relating that she was married for 18 years and this was the first time she was into such an abysmal circumstance!

Mama-ji: Her mother-in-law…?

Dr. Desai: Died an year back.

Mama-ji: Wohi to! There lies the problem!

Me (obviously quite offended): But that cannot be an excuse for such ghinona harkat (=dirty behavior)!

Mama-ji: No, no Bahurani, I am not certifying that but am just pointing to the cause.

Me: But… but am not convinced…. How can this be a direct cause for such an aged person!

Dr. Desai: No Madam. That can happen. Many males do have the power to continue a much longer sexual life even after 60-65!

Me: My God! (it came out automatically off my mouth and I immediately felt shy and blushed as Mama-ji was almost 60 or 60+!)

Dr. Desai: But when I examined Gayathri Bhabi’s breasts I was pretty much upset…

Mama-ji: Why doctor?

Dr. Desai: Sir, as I opened Gayathri Bhabi’s blouse I found her right nipple immensely swollen and there were clear teeth marks and nail marks on her both breasts. It was so painful that Bhabi was unable to put on a brassiere! Her right nipple was appearing so much swollen that I was quite alarmed if there was any internal damage done to her breast tissues. Bhabi admitted that when her father-in-law grabbed her, he was able to expose her breasts fully as her sari was very loosely clad and he tried to bite and suck her right nipple very forcefully several times.

Mama-ji: Ish…. Very sad!

Dr. Desai: But you know Sir, even if I consider that I was puzzled by the appearance of her right nipple. She was a married woman though 40, but still she was must be having sex with her husband, and it’s but natural that during lovemaking her husband should suck her nipples, but the way her nipple was swollen and tender, it seemed that it was touched after a very long time!

Mama-ji: Hmm… and you said her children are grownup and so there was no question of breast feeding also.

Dr. Desai: Absolutely. And when I conveyed this to Bhabi, she admitted that though she had sex, but her husband was not too keen to suck her breasts as they had sagged somewhat, and the fact that after her second child stopped feeding on her breasts, hardly did she experience any breast sucking from her husband. Then it was clear to me as to why the reaction was so vigorous….

Mama-ji: I see! I see! He he he….

Dr. Desai: I injected tetanus and gave Bhabi a gel to apply on her breasts and asked her to come back in a week to relate healing.

Me: Did she not inform her husband about this brutal suffering?

Dr. Desai: I exactly asked this and even referred her to go to the police, but you know… she was much afraid regarding the scandal and that her children are still minor. Gayathri Bhabi was also reluctant to make her husband aware about this filthy approach and kept the whole thing under cover. Anyway…. my duty was to just make you aware Madam… and that’s why I…

Me: No, no doctor. That’s very nice of you…

Mama-ji: You were referring to two cases I guess…

Dr. Desai: Will get back on that later… I think I need to give relief to her on priority basis.

Mama-ji: Yes, yes doctor… surely that’s highest priority! My Bahurani has been suffering for long now!

Dr. Desai: Well what I gathered from my inspection, I will have to administer a couple of injections as the core treatment. But Sir I must mention this type of allergic reaction is quite rare and I wonder how Mrs. Singh developed this! Indisputably its not food related.

Mama-ji: Doctor, I am rally more keen to get her alleviated of this, rather its source.

Dr. Desai: No, no… I can understand that Sir, but for me the source is also equally important so that it does not recur.