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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 21

Published on: 2023-06-08 20:43:09

Nirmal: Oh! You are back Madam! Guru-ji was searching for you!

Me: Guru-ji! But he knows I was away….Am I… am I late?

Nirmal: No, no Madam… you are not late…. actually Guru-ji needs to leave for an urgent call at his native place, so… so he would talk to you about the yagya I guess.

I could easily guess that as he conversed with me his eyes were roving on my body. Though I had wrapped my sari properly on my body, my breathing was still not absolutely normal and my heavy bosom was going up and down under my sari at a faster pace, which that dwarf had probably spotted.

Me (shuffling a bit nervously): Oh! I see…

Nirmal: Please take your sit and I will bring some tea for you.

He said the last words to Mama-ji who indeed would need a cup of tea to refresh himself after the quick ejaculation he had in the car.

Mama-ji: Oh! Thanks… He he… (Mama-ji sat on the couch)

I bid “good bye” to Mama-ji and quickly went inside almost simultaneously with Nirmal. I walked at a brisk pace so as to check myself once in the mirror before visiting Guru-ji’s room.

Nirmal: Don’t haste Madam… Guru-ji is scheduled to leave at 9 p.m.

In my haste I walked past Nimral.

Me: Oh… 9 p.m…. Then…if you can please inform him that…

I had to look back to talk to him now, as he was behind me and as I looked back, I caught him red-handed staring at my heavy jiggling ass. The dwarf must have been enjoying the ‘advantage’ of his shortened height – the level from which he was gaping at my sexily swaying ass flesh. And, obviously due to my heavily elated condition in the car with Mama-ji, only a few minutes ago, my body was still “heated” and my fleshy bottoms were naturally swinging more than normal under my dress.

Though I was conscious now, but it was of no avail as I could not quite control my ass cheeks from moving sexily under my sari as I walked. The corridor was fairly long and as we walked I continued to present an alluring and captivating view of my haunches moving up and down inside my sari to this dwarfish man till I reached my room!

Nirmal: You rest in your room Madam… I will inform Guru-ji that you are back.

Me: Thanks.

I took the turn towards my room and breathed easier. I entered my room and closed the door behind me and leant on it – I closed my eyes and took some long deep breaths. I was feeling very tired and desperately wanted some sleep. I tried to wipe off the encounters with Dr. Desai and Mama-ji from my mind and tried to orient myself with “ashram” again. It was obviously not easy, but I had to do it because my primary goal was to achieve success through Maha-yagya. I took a bath but still was not able to revitalize myself fully. I realized that I was hungry and needed some sleep also.

Just then Nimral knocked on the door and provided me with my evening tea and snacks. His timing was incredible! He also informed me to meet Guru-ji at 8 p.m. I was so hungry that I readily gulped down the food and then leisurely sat on the cot with the tea as I still had some time in my hand. I tried to walk on Guru-ji’s steps (he preached to always ponder on good things that had happened during low periods) and started brooding over the better things that had happened with me in the ashram.

I remembered the encouraging words of Guru-ji during my conversations with him especially the boost that he gave me after completing the major steps during the Maha-yagya namely Yoni Sugam and Yoni Jan Darshan and really looked forward to achieve my goal. I was pretty much convinced on Guru-ji’s abilities and the Maha-yagya and relied on Linga Maharaj to actually deliver goods for me.

It was nearing 8 and I had to get up from bed though I felt like lying down as I feeling much fatigued. I combed and tied my hair somewhat unwillingly and dressed myself properly to meet Guru-ji; already I was having palpitations though apparently there was no reason for it!

As I entered Guru-ji’s room with nervous steps I found two other females in the room along with Guru-ji. I had not seen them before and they were not in the ashram attire also; so I concluded they might be visitors. Both were sitting in front of Guru-ji while I entered the room with their backs to me.

Guru-ji: Ah! Nice to see you again Anita! So how was your day Beti?

Me (giggling): Nice Guru-ji! Very re… refreshing!

I went a few steps ahead and stood in front of Guru-ji. I looked from the corner of my eyes and noted that the two females were pretty young, dressed in salwar kamiz and they were rather teenagers!

Guru-ji: Good. Good. So a welcome break? (Guru-ji smiled looking at my eyes) But… but you look quite tired Anita! Why?

My heart started pounding as Guru-ji looked at my eyes intently; I dropped my eyelids nervously and shuffled a bit.

Me: No err… I mean yes Guru-ji… a bit… umm…actually tired of traveling! (my voice almost trembled to hide the actual truth!)

Guru-ji: Ah! True! You traveled a fair distance in this heat.

Me: Ye… yes Guru-ji, but that’s okay, I surely can overcome that much tiredness!

Guru-ji: That’s good! Hmm… actually the reason for which I called you here was… Oh! I completely forgot… By the way, let me introduce you to Natasha and Suda… they are sisters… and they have come to the ashram like you, but with a different goal of course.

Me: O! I see. (I nodded and smiled at the two girls as they looked back at me)
Guru-ji: Actually what I have planned is I will conclude the remainder of the Maha-yagya for you tomorrow, and not tonight, the reason being I will have to be out for an urgent unavoidable cause.

I was naturally slightly apprehensive about the effectiveness of the Maha-yagya if there was a one-day gap. Guru-ji as if read my mind instantly!

Guru-ji: I know Anita what you are thinking… (he smiled) There will be absolutely no harm if we do this to the efficacy of the Maha-yagya. I guarantee you my child.

Me (I was naturally much relieved hearing that): Oh! Then it’s… its okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: This delay would in no way impair the goods deliverable to you. So are you comfortable now?

Me: Yes, yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: And Anita, the other fact also remains that since you were out of the ashram for a significant period of time without the company of any of my disciples or me, you need to pass through the “Nirmalta Parikshan”, which in fact stands true for Natasha and Sudha also before they proceed for “kumari diksha”. So… (he paused briefly) I plan for the purification tomorrow daytime… including you two (looking at the two girls) and at night will conclude the Maha-yagya for you (looking at me). (pausing just a little taking a glance at all three of us) Am I clear?

Me: Yes Guru-ji.

Natasha & Sudha: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Good! Another thing Anita, I know it might sound just a bit odd to you, but ashram rules have to be maintained.

I looked up with a “?” on my face!

Guru-ji: As part of the “nirmalta parikshan”, since you are married, you need to undergo a vaginal swab just to confirm that you have not indulged in any sort of… (he looked at the teenage girls and then looked at me again) you know what I mean…

I could realize that Guru-ji wanted avoid using the term “sex” or “intercourse” in the presence of those young girls. Thus I quickly nodded back.

Me: Yes Guru-ji. I got your point!

Guru-ji: Fine… I know it is a useless exercise for you as you went outside with your own relative, but… you know Beti…. it’s a customary measure before proceeding further with Nirmalta Parikshan or Maha-yagya. I mean… please pardon me Beti for this…

Me: (Naturally I felt pretty much embarrassed Guru-ji pardoning to me): Arre Guru-ji why are you saying sorry… please don’t! Rules and rituals have to be followed as you said in the very beginning.

Guru-ji (smiling and nodding): Right Beti! Actually there had been cases prior with a couple of housewives…

Guru-ji probably did not elaborate due to the presence of young Natasha and Sudha, the two new entrants.

Me: Hits err… I mean its okay Guru-ji. No issues.

I tried my best to sound confident, but till such time I heard about that vaginal swab my heart rate had accelerated significantly! I could sense beads of perspiration on my forehead already and my palms and soles were ice cold! I licked my already dry lips subtly with my tongue and tried to remain calm in front of Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Great! That’s all I had to say today. Anita, you can get back and rest in your room. Meenakshi will visit you and extract the swab shortly. Take rest and have a nice and sound sleep Beti. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: Ji Guru-ji. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji: Natasha, Sudha…. You also get back to you room. My disciple will go and instruct you on other aspects of the ashram. But before you leave, you need to remember a few more …

I came out of Guru-ji’s room with my heart pounding at a fantastic rate! Naturally I was totally blank and numb and was extremely nervous. If a vaginal swab is taken off me it would be conclusively proved that I had sex during the time I was out of the ashram. What a shameful situation it would be for me! As I shut the door of my room behind me, I felt like crying being unable to find a quick escape route to this. How could I face Guru-ji after this? What impression he would have on me? He would easily be able to conclude that I had sex with my elderly relative! What a shame!

As I sat on the bed my whole body was trembling and naturally I was totally blank in sheer nervousness. He already mentioned that he had bitter experiences prior with two women. They must have had sexual intercourse like me outside the ashram during their treatments! What would I do? O God! Show me a way! How could I cope with Guru-ji’s wrath? I felt like walking down a blind alley and was totally unaware about how much time passed away during which I continued to ram my brains for a way out.

Knock! Knock!

Someone was at the door!

Me: Must be Meenakshi! Hei bhagwan! Trace out a way for me! What should I do?

As I walked towards the door suddenly an idea struck me – what if I request Meenakshi to help me out in this situation? But… but why would she help me out of the blue and go against the ashram rules?

Me: I must convince her. I must convince her. I must… There is just no other way! I simply do not have the courage to face Guru-ji with a positive swab result.

Meenakshi: Good evening Madam! How was your outing?

I just smiled forcefully and allowed her to walk in. Meenakshi went past me inside the room with her heavy undulating ass. Even in this situation I could not take my eye off her swaying plump round ass – her sari was tightly wrapped over her buttocks and her buttocks looked very appealing – even to me! Meenakshi sat on the bed; she was carrying a small packet in her hand, which I presumed must have had the apparatus for the swab.
Meenakshi: What’s the matter Madam? You look quite pale! Madam… I hope everything is okay at your place?

I looked towards the floor and was trembling in anxiousness.

Meenakshi: Madam… what happened? Arre… you seem to be so anxious! Please tell me Madam if I may be of any help?

Me: Meenakshi… you can help me… only you… only you can help me!

I cried out softly in a shaky voice.

Meenakshi (evidently looked quite surprised and stood up): Madam, I am not getting anything? Seriously….

I was so nervous to reveal my secret that I started sobbing. She quickly held my arms and lifted my face.

Meenakshi: Madam… you are a guest at our ashram and we cannot see tears in our guest’s eyes! Please tell me Madam what has happened? Why are you crying?

Me: Meenakshi… I have… I’ve done a crime… I know… I should not have done that… I never thought I would be tested….

Meenakshi: Madam, I am absolutely puzzled… what crime? What test are you talking about?

She closed on me and held me by my elbows firmly. Her big-sized breasts brushed against my tight tits.

Me: I was a victim of the situation Meenakshi… believe me!

Meenakshi: Madam… Madam… listen! Calm down first and tell me clearly. It’s all riddles to me… sit down here.

She made me sit on the cot and wiped my eyes dry and sat very close to me and almost embraced me! I was moved by her attitude.

Meenakshi: Yes, now tell me Madam… why are you so concerned? What happened?

Me: Please help me Meenakshi… I cannot face Guru-ji… I am very much afraid… please… (started sobbing again)

Meenakshi: Ohho Madam! No pleading and no crying… Please! (she again wiped my eyes) Be normal and tell me what happened…. And for God’s sake don’t panic!

Me: (I controlled myself) Meenakshi, how could I tell you… its such a shameful episode…

Meenakshi: If you don’t tell me, how could I help you?

Me: Umm… actually I did not know about the norm of the ashram that I am not allowed to have err … I mean se… I mean sex… err… I mean intercourse when I am outside the ashram. (I started sobbing again)

Meenakshi: Oh! (She was visibly quite surprised) But Madam you went to your mama’s house I guess… Was your… I mean your husband was present there?

I instantly as if got a clue! I was very much embarrassed in my mind about how to share this fact to Meenakshi that I had sex with Mama-ji! But as she mentioned about my husband, I grabbed the pointer.

Me: Yes… yes Meenakshi! Rajesh was there… my husband…. and… and you know he did not let me go… without…. (I blushed artificially so as to look convincing)

Meenakshi: I see!

Me: Believe me Meenakshi… I told him that I still had not completed the Maha-yagya… but he was too inclined to… I mean…

Meenakshi: Have sex?

I nodded. My head was down. I was wiping softly again. I tried to act my best so as to get her sympathy.

Meenakshi: But then have you related that to Guru-ji?

Me: What are you saying! (I almost yelled out)

Meenakshi: Hmm… now I can understand… you will be caught red-handed once I take the swab from your vagina! It’s a real grave situation Madam! Guru-ji will be extremely offended if he finds you to have deviated from your path.

As I looked up at Meenakshi I found her in a deeply frowned state. The jolliness had disappeared from her face.

Me: That’s why Meenakshi… that’s why… I want your help. Please save me from this situation.

Meenakshi: But… but Madam how can I help you!

Me: Please do something… please don’t reveal this result to Guru-ji…. Please have mercy on me.

Meenakshi (standing up right away) No way! I can’t do that! You have been unfaithful and you must pay the price.

I was shocked at her reaction and this time I truly felt very nervous. I got worried as my ultimate goal suddenly appeared hazy!

Me: Meenakshi… please… have some mercy on me! Please don’t leave me stranded like this! Help me… I have suffered enough… please understand my pain… I want to be a mother Meenakshi… I want to be a mother… for that…

Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I virtually broke down. Meenakshi looked back at me and thought for a minute and then retreated.

Meenakshi: Madam, if I try to help you in this it would be risking my job here under Guru-ji…

Me: Please Meenakshi… Guru-ji would dump me if he gets to know of this… can you not help me complete the yagya and be a mother in the end! I will always remain obliged to you… always!
I did not know what softened Meenakshi, probably my pleading face, but she came back and sat beside me again.

Meenakshi: But Madam this is an extremely risky job…

Me: Meenakshi… please dear! Do this for me!

She was thoughtful again and then looked at my eyes closely. I was a bit tentative as to what she was trying to find out in my eyes!

Meenakshi: Madam, I can take the risk, but I must first…

Me (I just hugged her in joy): O Meenakshi, you are a darling! You saved my life!

Happiness was as if bursting out of me and my face glowed up in sheer joy.

Meenakshi: Madam wait… I need to find someone who has not had sex in last 24 hours.

Me: Why? You?

Meenakshi: Huh! If the solution was so easy you don’t have to cry and plead! What should I say Madam… I am having tremendous stress outside my ashram life! Anyway, leave that aside and let me think who could…. Okay! Right! Probably you are saved Madam!

Me: How? Tell me please.

Meenakshi: I will have to take the swab off any one of the two new entrants; they are teenagers and you will be safe if I do so though it has to be done in total secrecy. Any of the male disciples knowing the fact would conclusively mean deathbed for me!

Me: I will help you… don’t worry… don’t worry!

Meenakshi: Okay then Madam…

Me: But you were saying about some stress… what is it? Tell me naa! If you are helping me going out of your way risking your position in the ashram, I can not do anything for you?

Meenakshi was looking at me again, deeply, into my eyes! Her eyes as if depicted she needed some aid, but was unable to tell me. I was hyperactive.

Me: Don’t hesitate Meenakshi! I will do anything for you… you saved my life! I can…

Meenakshi: Madam… you have to be extremely courageous to help me!

Me: Have faith in me! I will be by you!

Meenakshi: Thanks Madam. Let us not waste time now and do your part first… you just know this much that I am being screwed and blackmailed by a dirty ruffian. But I feel with your wholehearted assistance I can… I can get rid of him.

Me: Surely you can Meenakshi… I promise… don’t worry!

Obviously I was in so high spirits to see a slit in the blind alley, I was unknowingly throwing promises!

Meenakshi: Madam, now we need to act fast and without the suspicion of others. I will go to those girls room… what are their names? Right… Natasha and Sudha… I will send one to you saying that you feel you have seen her prior… you start chatting with her and I will be back.

Me: Okay Meenakshi… Uh! I am again feeling nervous… my heart has started pounding again… see!

Meenakshi placed her right palm on my upper chest area over my sari pallu. She chuckled eyeing my tight heaving breasts.

Meenakshi: Madam, you just wash your face and look normal while I send Natasha, the elder one, here. Let the door be open Madam.

Me: Okay…

I hurried to the attached toilet while Meenakshi went out. I quickly washed my face and combed my hair so as to look normal. Within a couple of minutes, Natasha knocked at my door.

Me: You are Natasha? Right?

The young girl smiled and nodded as she entered my room. I gently closed the door, but did not bolt it as Meenakshi should be following soon. Though I had seen Natasha prior I could not take a good look at her due to Guru-ji’s presence, but this time I watched her closely.

Me: Please take your seat…

I looked closely at the teenage girl. Natasha was taller than average, fair, with a slightly heavy built. Her face was sweet and she had blunt cut hairs till her shoulder. She was wearing a fitting salwar-kamiz and her breasts appeared quite full through it as her dupatta had slid upwards in the direction of her neck. As I looked down her body my eyes got riveted on her ass!

Wow! I could not stop murmuring to myself!

Natasha’s ass globes were simply protruding out of her dress very provocatively. This is a special feature that only some women possess and I instantly remembered Deepsikha, a married lady, who was our neighbor, and she also possesses a similar ass! In normal case, the waist curves smoothly into the ass globes, but in case of Natasha (and Deepsikha too), the waist curved out sharply off the body plane and the fleshy bottom stuck out in a rather eye-catching manner. It is of course not a very common feature of a girl and thus Natasha deserved a stare! Moreover, she was wearing spectacles which also matched her face prettily. All in all the first impression of this young teenager in my mind was an attractive depiction.
Natasha: You said you have seen me… Meenakshi aunty was saying…

Me: Oh! Yes, yes… seems I have seen you in some marriage ceremony! Actually I could not talk to you in front of Guru-ji you know…

Natasha: Yes, yes…

Me: By the way, are you from UP?

Natasha: No Bha… err… aun… I mean….

Me: You can call me Bhabie…

Natasha: (smiling, she had a nice smile too!) Okay Bhabie… No actually I am from Delhi proper.

Me: Oh! Then I must have been mistaken. You resemble so much… I was really confused when I saw you in Guru-ji’s room.

Natasha smiled shyly. I was quite impressed by this young beauty and wondered why she had come here in the ashram!

Me: Anyway, this brings us an opportunity to chat at least… I have no one here to chat except Meenakshi.

Natasha: Yes and to tell you the truth (she lowers her voice) I am quite scared here… all males and more so in front of Guru-ji‘s paramount personality!

Me: Yes, I was also very hesitant initially… all of Guru-ji‘s disciples are males except Meenakshi.

Natasha: I see.

Just then, there was a knock at the door and I knew it was Meenakshi.

Me: Come in please!

Meenakshi entered the room and closed the door softly, this time she bolted it.

Meenakshi: So did you find an old link between yourselves?

Me: No! I was mistaken, but she looks very much like one of my distant relatives.

Meenakshi: Okay… anyway the reason I had come for. Natasha, I would have to perform a small preliminary ashram norm if you allow.

Natasha: Uff! Too much norms here aunty! Sanjeev-ji came and he took all our garments already for sterilization.

Me: (I could not stop smiling): I had undergone that phase Natasha.

Natasha: Really Bhabie! It’s so embarrassing to hand over (she lowers her voice) undi… err… bra and panty to an unknown male. Don’t you feel so?

Me: Umm… yes! But Guru-ji does not differentiate between male and female disciples… you must know that.

Natasha: O! I see.

Me: But did Sanjeev not give you the ashram attire?

Natasha: Actually… err… my mom requested Guru-ji to avoid saris for us as we would make a mess of it (she giggled), but since salwar-kamiz is not allowed as ashram attire, Guru-ji said he would take care of that through the ashram tailor. So kind of him… Sanjeev-ji said we will get our ashram clothes before we go to bed.

Me: (smiling) I see.

Meenakshi (taking out a tube and a scraper from the packet she was carrying): Natasha, I need to take a mop from your… (she indicated with her eye) as they take in a clinical lab for some testing as per ashram rules.

Natasha: From my pu… pussy? (she whispered the last word)

She was naturally a bit surprised.

Meenakshi: Not to worry! Just for routine lab test. Guru-ji’s approach is very scientific my child.

Natasha (standing up) O! Okay, but err… how aunty?

Meenakshi: You just lower down your pajama a bit and I will take the swab.

Natasha: Okay aunty.

Natasha was rather comfortable as only we females were present in the room and she lifted up her kamiz and started untying the pajama knot. I noticed that her abdomen was absolutely flat and her waist enviously thin as she quickly lowered her pajama halfway down her thighs revealing her red panty. Meenakshi went near her and squatted in front of her to take the swab through the apparatus. Natasha was obviously looking rather indecent standing like that with her panty fully exposed.

Meenakshi pulled down her panty a bit so as to uncover her pussy, which had thin hairs clouding it. Natasha was visibly blushing in front of us. Meenakshi opened up her pussy slit with her fingers and first pushed a gel inside to lubricate the vaginal passage. Natasha naturally started emitting soft whispering moans as Meenakshi was touching her most sensitive organ.

Meenakshi: Umm… nice little thing! But you should trim the hairs more often Natasha… that would give it a more appealing look.

Meenakshi looked up and smiled at her and Natasha also reciprocated shyly and then she slowly pushed the swab tool into her vagina. Meenakshi herself was also looking very sexy in that posture; her big round sari-covered ass appeared awfully tempting as she remained squatted.

Natasha: Shhhhhhh….. Uuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiii… slowly aunty… Ahhh…

Obviously she was very, very uncomfortable as Meenakshi pushed the tube through her gelled vagina. We married women get utterly tight and she was just a young teenager!

Meenakshi: Be steady my dear… You are shuffling too much… Ahhh… okay, it’s… its done.

Meenakshi stood up with the tube and carefully placed it in a closed beaker type apparatus.

Meenakshi: Natasha… one thing. You don’t have to make a mention about this to any of the other disciples… you know…. since this because this is purely a feminine process and you would feel awkward also… so just keep it to yourself.
Natasha: Obviously aunty! How could I relate this to a male… no way!

After some more casual chat Natasha went to her room as her sister Sudha was alone there.

Meenakshi: Madam, your work is done!

Me: Uhhh! Meenakshi… thanks a lot! I don’t have words to express my gratitude!

Meenakshi: Madam I will keep my finger crossed till Guru-ji clears you… I must be very watchful!

Me: Right, right! But… but you were mentioning about some blackmail.

Meenakshi: Yes Madam. Now that the work is done, I can share with you. Actually a few months ago this man, who is blackmailing me, came to Guru-ji for horoscope and some other purposes. He was a frequent visitor and Guru-ji was fond of talking to him. In the process he also chatted with me when he got the opportunity and… and in fact I also liked him initially. He was a young man with a good physique and Madam though I am Guru-ji’s devotee…. you know… at times…. with advancing age an affinity automatically grows towards young males. I could not restrain myself…

Me: I can understand Meenakshi.

Meenakshi looked at the floor and nodded her head. I stepped forward and placed my hand on her shoulder.

Me: Then?

Meenakshi: He invited me to meet outside the ashram. Honestly I was somewhat frustrated with the strongly enforced ashram rules and… and I committed myself in this not even knowing that this thug was….

She clenched her lips and was vigorously nodding her head. There were hint of tears in her eyes also.

Me: Meenakshi… I will be with you to get out of this… don’t worry! Please continue…

Meenakshi: Thanks Madam. I am already feeling better with your verbal support. (she paused for a while) Huh! We started meeting outside may be once in a week without the knowledge of anyone in the ashram and Madam, unsurprisingly I was getting refreshed till the time I was with him…

Me: Hmm. what’s his name?

Meenakshi: Mahesh!

Me: Umm. Meenakshi & Mahesh?

Meenakshi: He is now just a dirty pervert to me Madam… just a dirty thug!

Me: Then what happened?

Meenakshi: Then with time he indulged me into … (nodding vigorously) I never ever could realize for a moment that he had such filthy plans! You know Madam I was so pleased initially that he did not have those hungry looks at my body and he did not show any great keenness also to touch me when he got the opportunities. That added to my faith as well. We went to see a movie down the village and it was so much fun after a long time for me! I really felt refreshed with him, but… but (Meenakshi again started nodding her head vigorously)… it was all planned! Huh!

I softly held her hands and tried to give her some support.

Meenakshi: Then the plan hatched! One day he proposed me to visit the town for a big fair there. It was a trap. I never realized.

Me: Trap? How?

Meenakshi: I took a day off from ashram and went with him. We were pretty tired traversing the whole fair on foot and he proposed to take rest in a small roadside dharamsala where we could have bath also to get fresh.

Meenakshi’s chin dropped and a tinge of redness covered her face as she was about to touch the climax of her story.

Meenakshi: It was a single room and the setting was such Madam…

Me: Hmm… I can understand… but its natural also Meenakshi… you both liked each other…

Meenakshi: Yes at that point of time I was blind… Huh! The trap was set and…

For the first time I could see hint of tears in Meenakshi’s eyes. Naturally I was anxious to know what exactly happened to her.

Meenakshi: Madam that bastard had set an automatic camera there and captured all my intimate moments with him… plus myself in undressed or almost undressed conditions!

Me: What?

Meenakshi: Yes Madam, now he threatens to share that with Guru-ji and the villagers also!

Me: My God! What a dirty scoundrel! But… but you did not realize that…

Meenakshi: Madam… I was so engrossed… you can understand probably…

Me: Hmm… I can!

Meenakshi: I never could gauge his intentions…

Me: What does he want?

Meenakshi: Enjoyment… aur kya!

Me: Uff! These males…. and you cannot deny him due to …

Meenakshi: Exactly Madam… he is blackmailing and milking my body based on those photographs and… and am quite helpless… (she dropped her chin and was looking at the floor; she was indeed tearful)

Me: I would love to help you to get out of this situation… but how? How Meenakshi?

Meenakshi: Madam, when you said that you will extend your help to me I instantly coined a plan to pin down that crook.

Me: How?

Meenakshi: Madam, let me plan it a bit more concretely as I must get out of his dirty clutches. I will tell you everything, but not now. I am getting late to Guru-ji, but be rest assured that blackmailer would not be able to harm you in any way.

Me: Okay, okay… then hurry to Guru-ji… that’s of utmost importance.

Meenakshi: Right Madam!

Saying that Meenakshi went out the room with the swab she had collected from Natasha’s vagina. I rested for a while and had my dinner early and went to bed. Indeed I was awfully tired and thinking of how to trap that blackmailer, I fell asleep.

Next day when I arose it was quite late and as I noticed the clock it was 09:00 a.m.! I quickly got out of the bed and went to the toilet. I was feeling wonderfully fresh after the deep sleep I had and as I washed my face I felt delightfully charged up and full of energy. I was already informed that I needed to attend Guru-ji by 11 a.m. and I should not take a shower as I would have to take that during the “nirmalta parikshan”. I was naturally tremendously hungry and so gulped down my breakfast pretty fast and went for a walk around the ashram so that I was absolutely refreshed before I attended Guru-ji. Concurrently I was also anxious to know if everything was okay from Meenakshi.

“Good morning Bhabie!”

I stopped and turned back. It was Natasha; her sister Sudha was also with her.

Me: Arre you! Good morning!”

It was good to see that they were also clad in ashram colors, though not a sari, but a decent looking ghagra-choli. As I came closer to the two girls I thought Natasha should have used a chunri/dupatta as the conical shape of her twin upright breasts in her tight choli was quite eye-catching!

Natasha: Taking a morning walk Bhabie?

Me: Yes, sort of. So how was your first night at the ashram? Did you sleep well? And… and what about you? (I indicated to Sudha)

Sudha: Yes Bhabie, had some good sleep.

Me: And how do you feel like… I mean here?

Sudha: Just great…. No gichgich… no chipchip of mom.

Both sisters were smiling and I could see the reflection of “independence” on their faces being outside the periphery of their mother’s guidance.

Me: Hmm… that’s good to know (smile). You look pretty similar… actually I didn’t notice yesterday in the dark… I mean face-wise… what’s your age difference actually?

Natasha: Am only two years elder than her. Am 19 now and Sudha is 17.

Though the gap was only two years, Natasha appeared much fuller physically and looked pretty matured. Sudha still retained the teenage innocence in the true sense of the term and her body was somewhat petite compared to her elder sister.

Me: I see!

Just then I saw Nirmal coming towards us hurriedly.

Me: The joker is coming… (I said in a whispering tone)

As both girls looked back they were naturally quite amused. Nirmal was a short man and the way he was walking, trying to walk fast, made it quite a comical scene.

Nirmal: Madam… Guru-ji is (puff) … is calling you now.

I noticed the nitwit eyeing the tight tits of the young girls, especially Natasha.

Me: But he said to meet him at …

Nirmal (this time looking up at me): Yes Madam… that’s for the “nirmalta parikshan”… but now he wanted to talk to you on some other issue…

I was stiff and alert then and there! “Other issue” – what could it be? Was Meenakshi “caught” regarding my vaginal swab? My goodness! No, no, can’t be!

Me: O! Okay! Na… Natasha, you two carry on, I will…

Natasha: Sure Bhabie. No problems.

Nirmal: You two… you also get back to your room and stay ready… Guru-ji will call you soon.

Natasha and Sudha nodded to Nirmal and we all started walking back towards the ashram. I already was having palpitations inside and stepped into Guru-ji’s room with an extremely anxious face and a pounding heart.

Guru-ji: Ah! Come Anita come.

I quickly adjusted my sari pallu once over my boobs and stepped towards Guru-ji who was sitting on the small settee placed at the room corner.

Guru-ji: You look absolutely fresh my dear!

Guru-ji sounded very calm and seemed to be in a light mood today.

Me: Yes Guru-ji, had a very deep uninterrupted sleep (smile) Err… Nirmal was saying that…

Guru-ji: Yes, actually you know, I felt I should say “sorry” to you!

Naturally I was quite surprised hearing that and frowned at him though unable to utter anything! I was still apprehensive that if Guru-ji had caught the trick that Meenakshi and I had planned.

Guru-ji: Beti, now that you have stayed in my ashram for a few days you know every well that I have to stay within the rules of the ashram and I cannot violate that on any condition… hence though I knew that your vaginal swab would not reveal anything… I had to pursue with it. I checked the swab which Meenakshi collected from you and it was negative for any sexual stains.

Me: Oh! (I was so relieved that I could not stop that “sigh of relief” coming out of my mouth!)

Guru-ji: Beti, though I was sure about your abstinence from sex I had to execute that test… so actually I thought of saying…

Me: Guru-ji… please don’t say that…. Please! You are such a respected person… I will feel very small if you apologize to me for such a silly reason. It’s absolutely okay and I am… in fact glad that everything is okay.

Guru-ji: yes, yes… everything is okay and we will next proceed to Nirmalta Parikshan. And I am confident that you will pass that with flying colors too as well as the concluding part of the Maha-yagya tonight.

Me: Thanks Guru-ji.
Guru-ji looked so calm! His gaze fixed on my face. He was wearing only a saffron dhoti and uttariya (shawl like cloth covering the upper part of the body) and had one of his legs folded on the settee. I could see his hairy legs peeping out of his dhoti, which had indecently hiked up his muscular legs due to his posture. As I looked up his partially uncovered legs, my heart beat stopped thinking of his monstrous cock hidden under his dhoti!

Instantly I remembered the grand fuck that I had in his hands – Ah! It was so refreshing! How can I forget his tight embraces, his strong body odor, his big masculine physique, and of course his monstrous cock and the superb ramming! I enjoyed every bit of it! I was naturally flushed by my naughty thoughts.

Guru-ji: Umm… Anita…

I was almost startled as I was getting deeply immersed in the thoughts of those moments I spent with Guru-ji!

Guru-ji: What happened Anita?

Guru-ji looked at me questioningly and I was visibly fumbling!

Me: Nope… err… no… nothing Guru-ji!

I tried to smile and act normally.

Guru-ji: Okay! Seemed you were immersed in some deep thoughts…

Me: No, no Guru-ji… its… its…

How could I tell him that I was engulfed in the thoughts of “him” only! I almost trembled in momentary excitement as I closed my eyes once thinking about the long and shameless intercourse session that I had with him. I could feel the known discomfort already inside my panty!

Guru-ji: Okay, okay! But Anita I wanted to ask you that whether you experienced any side effect to the herbal medications that you consumed? Even anything minor?

Me: No, no Guru-ji. Its absolutely fine with me. I diuretic not experience any.

Guru-ji: That’s good to know and… and actually you should feel a change in your energy level also. These herbs do significantly address that aspect also.

Me: Yes… surely Guru-ji. That change I can feel. I am much more energetic than I was previously. (Otherwise how could I sustain three fucks in a day!, I said to myself!)

Guru-ji: Good, good. That’s only expected. And with the continued and appropriate use of these herbal mixtures and oils you will surely flourish more as a woman Beti. Your relation with your husband would thrive as well and you will have a merry mind always, which in fact is a fundamental prerequisite of conceiving you know…

Me: I also expect that Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Don’t worry at all Anita… I have complete faith on my meds and Linga Maharaj! And today with the conclusion of Maha-yagya you will just be on the right track! Jai Linga Maharaj!

Me: Ji Guru-ji! Jai Linga Maharaj!

We both offered a pranam towards the deity of Linga Maharaj in the room. Guru-ji lowered his leg to the floor and got up from his seat.

Guru-ji: Can you please call Sudha and Natasha… I do not want to delay with the “Nirmalta Parkshan” process.

Honestly I was a bit curious about this process and could not stop inquiring Guru-ji.

Me: Guru-ji… err… ye “Nirmalta Parikshan”… I mean what’s the….

Guru-ji easily read my mind and interrupted me.

Guru-ji: Beti… since there has been an interlude in the Maha-yagya and you had been out of the ashram for a significant period of time… this process will again orient you to the yagya process in addition to help purify your mental and physical state. Now you can go and call those two girls.

The last few words were quite affirmative and self explanatory that Guru-ji was not expecting any more questions. Guru-ji’s smiling face rapidly turned into his usual stern emotionless face. I nodded and quickly turned back and went out for Sudha and Natasha.

Myself, Sudha, and Natasha were in the Diksha Room. There were pictures of various gods and goddesses all round the walls. There was a throne-like structure where Linga Maharaj statue was garlanded with lots of flowers and leaves. Several thick and fragrant agarbattis were burning in the room and the whole atmosphere was quite smoky already! There was a furniture or something like that covered by a big dark cloth. I could not make out what was that actually. Guru-ji was standing in front of the throne with his eyes closed and hands in prayer form about his chest. As I looked round I could not find any other disciple of Guru-ji!

“That’s surprising!”, I murmured within myself. None was there in the room – Sanjeev, Nirmal, Uday, Rajkamal, not even Meenakshi!

I stood behind Guru-ji and offered a prayer to Linga Maharaj and naturally Sudha and Natasha followed suit. Guru-ji was in his usual “diksha” attire – an orange dhoti and an orange uttariya. His hairy chest was clearly visible through his uttariya and in fact one of his nipples was out of the cloth. As I offered the prayer I could not stop eyeing that – his Guru-ji’s nipple was very evident amidst his very hairy chest! I was amazed to see his dark chocolate colored areola as it was appearing so clear and prominent among his chest hairs as if someone drew it! I already had a “racing heart” and I could clearly feel a gentle stir within my blouse with my own nipples subtly getting a tinge stiffer.

Guru-ji (completing the prayer): Ah! You are all here! Great! I would also not waste any more time and go directly into the Nirmalta Parikshan.

Me: Okay Guru-ji. (Sudha & Natasha remained silent)

Guru-ji: Let me first elaborate about the reasoning for this process. Nirmalta as you can easily understand denote purity and cleanliness. And, Parikshan refers to examination. So all of you three will undergo some course of action which would lead to this assessment and of course during this phenomenon your body and soul would get pure. In fact Nirmalta Parikshan has several routes… I mean a number of ways are there to purify body and soul… tantriks and sadhus use the way they have learnt from their Gurus… I will use the one which I have inherited. Am I clear?

Me, Natasha, & Sudha (all of us had our hands in prayer form before our breasts): Yes Guru-ji (in chorus).

Guru-ji: Good. Let me explain what you need to do during this Parikshan. Anita, since you are married you were asked to undergo the vaginal swab, which you have already passed successfully, and now whatever I narrate relates to all three of you. Okay?

For the second time, all three of us echoed a nod.

Guru-ji: When I say purification here it stands for body and soul purification. They always go hand in hand… one is incomplete without the other. However, in our ashram we have other means to purify soul while Nirmalta Parikshan is exclusively used as a tool to purify bodily impurities. Are you getting me Sudha? You are the youngest… (Guru-ji smiled looking at her)

As he said the words, he took a few steps forward and came near Sudha and put his right hand over her shoulder. Sudha was visibly a bit hesitant and nervous too.

Sudha: Ye… yes Guru-ji. Err… I have no problems in understanding your narration.

Guru-ji: Good. So the first step would be then to wash your hands with Ganga jal and then offer a prayer to Linga Maharaj with a free mind. This basically refers to seeking permission from Linga Maharaj for this course of action. Nirmalta Parikshan basically is three-fold, viz. the liquid cleaning, the fiery cleaning, and the saliva cleaning. Anita, you are aware by now about the importance of saliva I guess…

Me: Yes… yes Guru-ji.

How could I forget those episodes of being a “medium” during the yagya at Mr. Yadav’s place? My heart almost skipped a beat thinking of those intimate moments during the course of that puja.

Guru-ji: You two may not be aware… but you will soon know!

Guru-ji smiled mysteriously looking at those young girls and they naturally looked somewhat blank not able to recognize what Guru-ji exactly meant.

Guru-ji: During this whole cleaning sequence you will get to know how I remove your bodily impurities when I get one. And… and you can attend this session with your current clothing… no problems for that. And… oho! One thing!

Myself, Sudha, and Natasha – all three looked questionably at Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: No, no… nothing of concern girls! I just… I just wanted to make sure that since you will get adequately wet during this Parikshan, you should be wearing your undergarments (Guru-ji paused and looked towards our crotch and it was so, so awkward…)… both upper and lower… and if not, then go to your room and …

I could not maintain eye contact with Guru-ji in usual shyness and looked towards the floor and concurrently noticed that the two chicks were giggling bashfully.

Guru-ji: What happened? Why are you two smiling? (Guru-ji himself was smiling too)

Though Natasha and Sudha were chuckling, they obviously appeared edgy and could not reply anything.

Guru-ji: (There was a quick change in Guru-ji’s voice, the warm polish was disappearing) There is nothing to smile I guess! That’s part of our clothing only! Isn’t it Anita?

I was not at all anticipating that Guru-ji would want a nod from me and hence was fumbling.

Me: Haa..yes… err… I mean yes Guru-ji. Tuu… True.

Guru-ji: I am also wearing a brief under my dhoti and… and I am not shy to tell that … am I? I can also show that if required!

Both girls seemed a bit taken aback by Guru-ji’s last statement. Naturally! The cute chuckles on their faces disappeared instantly and both looked towards the floor in natural teen timidity.

Guru-ji: Why did you two feel shy? If I need to live in this society I have to abide by the basic norms and one of them is clothing and… and if I am a girl and over 12-13 years I should be wearing undergarments. Simple! And what are they? A brassiere to cover my breasts and a panty to cover my honey pot.

Guru-ji paused and looked at Natasha and Sudha and unmistakably there was a reddish tinge on the faces of both girls.

Guru-ji: Am I saying anything very weird or very innovative or a rare secret? Tell me!

Natasha and Sudha both nodded negatively looking towards the floor.

Guru-ji: Then? Look up! Straight into my eyes.

The two girls slowly raised their faces shedding their natural feminine shyness and looked at Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: That’s better. Did you get my point?

Natasha: Yes Guru-ji. It was foolish on our part to smile like that.

Guru-ji (gently nodding his head): Quick learning is a key in life my child! You two must grasp the ashram codes fast and when I say it… I mean it. Let me repeat - there is no place for shyness here and what needs to be done… needs to be done. Okay? Anita I think is now quite well versed with the ashram norms.

Me: Yes… sure Guru-ji!

Natasha & Sudha: O… okay Guru-ji.

I could clearly note a shade of nervousness creeping into the two girls now as they both looked tensely towards Guru-ji. Guru-ji seemed to be enjoying that.
Guru-ji: Okay girls! There is Ganga jal in that pot. (he indicated through his right hand towards a pot kept at the room corner) You go and clean your hands one by one and get ready to offer the prayer to Linga Maharaj. Make sure to clean from you elbow down to your fingers. Okay?

Since Guru-ji mentioned “one by one”, myself being the eldest among the three, I went first. The container was a wide pitcher full of water, but of extremely low height, and so I had to lean significantly from my waist to fetch the water. Unknowingly I was offering a wonderful view of my big round sari-covered ass to Guru-ji. Sudha and Natasha must have been watching me too. The touch of cold water on my arms felt well and I started wiping them. Since I had to clean till my elbows as per Guru-ji’s instruction, it took painfully long and I had to remain in that bent posture with my fleshy ass cheeks protruding out. At last it was complete and Natasha followed.

Our gazes were fixed on her as she reached the pitcher and bent forward to reach for the water. Her bottom was of course not as flaring and as fleshy like mine, but she also presented with a sexy posture for anyone watching from her behind. Like the normal tendency of a teenager girl, she had wrapped the sari rather tightly over her body and her spherical bottom appeared quite prominent through her dress. Till such time she completed to wash her hands I noted Guru-ji was incessantly looking at the sexy gaand of that young girl.

Last was Sudha, but since she was not that plump and sexy like her elder sister, Guru-ji probably seemed uninterested to continue watching her! He closed his eyes and was murmuring some mantras and myself and Natasha waited till she finished. The room was slowly getting filled with a perfumed smoke coming out of a set of agarbattis burning in front of Guru-ji. Guru-ji was slowly raising his voice as he murmured the Sanskrit mantras and slowly the ambiance of the room was altering!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Okay…. now all three of you step forward and stand behind me with prayer posture like this. Repeat what I say. Okay?

We all chorused “Ji Guru-ji”.

Guru-ji: Hey Linga Maharaj….

The prayer was a rather long one and I was already feeling edgy in anticipation of getting “wet” in front of Guru-ji. How could he be so “normal” with me – he just fucked me the other night during the Maha-yagya and today he behaved as if… Honestly, I was captivated by Guru-ji’s composure and devotion towards his duty!

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Jai Linga Maharaj! (bowing down) You are the greatest! Now girls we will proceed with the actual Nirmalta parikshan.

I could see the same apprehension on the faces of Natasha and Sudha as I had during my initial days in the ashram. That did not mean that I was not having a racing heart! My lips were already drying up even having spent almost a week in the ashram and being so intimate with Guru-ji! I had to attribute this jumpiness to Guru-ji’s towering personality and nothing else.

Guru-ji (stepping forward toward the corner of the room): As you can see there are two tubs placed at the corner of the room… there…

Guru-ji stood by the cloth covered thing and turned towards us and unveiled it slowly. I never imagined in my wildest thoughts that it could be a large tub full of water under that cloth! There were two very large jars made fully of glass and filled with crystal clear water. All three of us were compelled to articulate exclamatory sighs!

Guru-ji: These are the two special tubs for Nirmalta Parikshan… currently the ashram possesses only two, but I plan to install a couple more soon as I am getting plenty of female devotees who need to undergo Nirmalta Parikshan during their stay here.

I had never seen such a big cylindrical tub in my life and that too made fully of transparent glass! The water inside the tub had a slight greenish tinge and it was of course crystal clear.

Guru-ji (turning towards three of us): As you can see… these two tubs contain special holy waters which would actually help you attain a cleanly bodily state. You will immerse your body in this holy water and remain in that state for 100 seconds and then come out. Okay? But mind you, throughout the time you remain in the tub you should keep your hands in prayer form with eyes closed and just chant “Jai Linga Maharaj”…. No exceptions. Am I clear girls?

We nodded – all three of us were still mesmerized by the awesome sight of those two life-sized water-filled tubs having a faint green shade and in the smoky environment of the room the sight was it was indeed extraordinary!

Guru-ji: One thing to note, you need not dip your head into the water … you will immerse till your shoulder in the tub. Okay? Any questions?

Myself, Natasha, and Sudha (in chorus): No Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Good. Anita, I think you would not mind if they (indicating to the two sisters) complete this tub dip first.

Me: No, no, not at all!

Guru-ji stepped back a few yards and I also followed suit.

Guru-ji: Okay, you two go ahead. Natasha first. Okay… but mind you, do not remove your hands from this posture (Guru-ji showed the prayer form)… your hands must be near your breasts… till the end of the 100 seconds which I will declare.

Sudha & Natasha: Okay Guru-ji.

Natasha: Guru-ji… I mean err… shall I go in with my glasses?

Guru-ji: Yes, yes, no issues with that as you will not dip your head in water naa.

Natasha nodded and started climbing up the stool kept aside to get inside the tub. From this altered position some yards back, I was having an extremely fabulous view of the two tubs. Natasha evidently was appearing nervous which was more apparent when she was trying to tuck the pallu of her sari at her waist; she was fumbling time and again and in her attempts she made her pallu breadth thinner and thinner revealing her blouse-covered firm right mammary from the side! Though she was a teen, her breasts were pretty full and naturally eye-catching from the side!

I had to applaud Master-ji in my mind seeing the absolute tight fitting of the blouse on her breasts! In fact the material of the blouse that Master-ji had given for this young girl also seemed to be thinner than mine as I could clearly make out the white cup of her brassiere inside! Sudha was also keenly observing her elder sister. By this time Natasha had climbed to the top of the jar and was about to plunge in it.

Guru-ji: Natasha… don’t worry, the water is not cold, its lukewarm so that its not uncomfortable for you… Hands over your bosom… yes, right… now chant Linga Maharaj’s name in your mind and close your eyes… you should not think of anything else… okay? Now go ahead!
Natasha nodded and followed as Guru-ji had instructed. I felt a bit relaxed seeing the mouth of the tub significantly wide because being a heavy-hipped woman myself, I was concerned if I could slip in comfortably or not. Also, knowing that the water was lukewarm and noting that the level of the water inside the tub was at a decent height it would cover till the belly or max to max till the breast area; hence I started feeling slightly at ease.

Guru-ji started to chant mantras very loudly and with the smoky environment of the room and the greenish water in bright illumination and Natasha standing up on the stool with hands folded for prayer – things were turning quite mystical! Myself and Sudha waited anxiously for her “dip”.

But just as Natasha dipped her feet into the waters of the tub, something very much unexpected happened and I almost shouted out in exclamation, but somehow controlled myself!

As soon as Natasha dipped her feet into the water she slid down inside the tub very smoothly and since the tub was fully made of transparent glass we could all clearly see that her sari and petticoat immediately got bunched and flowed up inside the water exposing her legs and bottoms completely!

Yes completely!

Everyone present in the room could witness that Natasha was wearing a bright red colored panty underneath her sari! This would not have happened if the tub was made of porcelain or wood, but since it was see-through glass everything was visible to us like daylight! Natasha was a grownup girl with a nice full figure and to view her legs, thighs, and ass naked was indeed quite a scene! Though Natasha was momentarily unbalanced and unstable inside the water, but as soon as her feet landed on the tub floor she got steady. I looked at Guru-ji who was standing just beside me and chanting mantras, but I noted that his eyes were open (generally they remain closed when he chanted mantras) and his gaze was fixed on this young chick’s sexy exposed figure.

As the 100 seconds started counting, the water inside the tub was exposing Natasha more and more! For the moment I felt for Natasha as she was unable to push down her sari to cover her exposed ass and panty as her hands were held in the prayer form, but soon realized that she was probably not aware of her exposure as she might not have concentrated on the glass part of the jar. Since I am standing outside I could see what was happening!

Actually this was not a very queer or out of the world phenomenon for we women. I had experienced this when I had taken bath in the seaside. The roaring and foaming sea waters push up the sari to float on the water exposing my legs completely inside the water. Unfortunately the worst thing happens when a woman tries to take bath sitting on the beach and I had seen very vividly what happened to Sunita Bhabie when she tried to do that. The main problem is when we women sit on the sands for a bath wearing a sari or a skirt facing the sea, the first thing that happens is the current of the water push up our bodies off the floor and as a result our sari or skirt gets awkwardly pushed up exposing our legs.

The same thing happened here for Natasha also. Unfortunately she was quite helpless in this case (in seaside a woman at least gets an opportunity to save some of her dignity by pulling down her dress) as her hands were engaged for prayer. The only male member present in the room, Guru-ji, was indeed enjoying Natasha’s sexily exposed state! I looked at Sudha and she was also chuckling seeing her sister’s panty exposure. Thankfully Natasha’s sari and petticoat soon settled down and though they were flowing up and down inside the water, I felt relieved seeing at least her gaand was remaining covered.

Thankfully very soon the 100 seconds limit was over.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Its over Natasha. You can come out of the tub now.

Natasha nodded and looked at Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Hold the rim of the tub with your hands and you will find a couple of small steps on the wall… to your left…. yes… that way… right!

Natasha easily climbed up the tub and was out of it, but she was thoroughly soaked from her bosom till her toes and she looked awesome! With the wet sari clinging strictly to her body, her curves were awfully prominent! Her firm breasts stuck out through her blouse while her round succulent ass obtruded sexily beyond her body curve. She was naturally blushing in front of a male.

Guru-ji: Don’t try to squeeze out the water of your sari Beti… because we need that also as a mode of purification.

Natasha was evidently surprised, so was I.

Guru-ji: Actually this green holy water is helping you to get purified… your outer body… your skin is getting purified… and when this water mixes with your sari, it creates another amalgam which will help purify your internal system.

Natasha looked somewhat confused and continued to stand in her wet outfit.

Guru-ji: Take off your sari and squeeze out the water off it in this bowl.

Natasha: Take off… err… I mean…

Guru-ji: If you do not take the sari off your body Natasha how can you get the extract by squeezing the sari?

Natasha: Oh! Okay Guru-ji.

It’s always very clumsy for any girl to take off her sari in front of a male, but there was no option for Natasha. She slowly took off the wet pallu from her shoulder and dropped it to the floor and started untying the sari off her waist.


That’s the only form of expression that could aptly describe Natasha now! As soon as Natasha slipped her sari off her shoulder, her big firm breasts were exposed to us. I was totally shocked to see the material used by Master-ji for Natasha’s blouse. Sheer would be a very mild term for the fabric of her blouse, it was almost nonexistent! Except for a slight orange tinge, the ashram dress code color, the wet blouse had become totally transparent and her white brassiere inside could be seen very, very clearly!

As Natasha continued to untie her sari off her navel and attempting to withdraw it completely from sticking to her firm round wet bottoms, she gave us all an awesome view of her young breasts covered by her white bra. I noticed Guru-ji stepped forward a couple of steps, probably to get an even better view, and his gaze was fixed of course on Natasha’s dense twin peaks.

Guru-ji: Yes… don’t allow the sari to fall on the floor Beti, hold it with one hand… yes like that… right!

Natasha’s whole brassiere was now clearly visible and as she shuffled taking off her sari, I could easily make out the cups, the straps, and even the hook behind! Concurrently she was exposing her wheat colored deep cleavage over her tight wet blouse. Beads of water still crowned the top of her boob flesh and water droplets were crowning her naked navel and belly areas making her look immensely sexy.

Guru-ji: Now squeeze out the water from your sari in this bowl (Guru-ji handed over a small sized glass bowl to Natasha).

Natasha followed the instruction and squashed out the water of her thoroughly wet sari into the bowl. The bowl was almost full with greenish water. As she turned slightly and bent to some degree to execute the job, I noticed her pantyline could easily be traced out off her wet thin petticoat!

Guru-ji: Okay, now you drink this extract. This will help purify your inner system Beti.

Natasha hesitatingly gulped it down, but her face depicted that the taste was not that bad!

Guru-ji: Great! No, you can wait for your turn for the next purification while your sister will get inside the tub.

Natasha: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Anita, I think you also take the dip with Sudha.

Me: Ji Guru-ji.

Myself and Sudha stepped towards the jar and I was naturally feeling very anxious after seeing Natasha’s wild exposure inside the tub. I quickly tried to feel the position of my panty under my sari with my hand; I in fact tried to measure how much of my ass was exposed outside my panty inside my dress, but since Guru-ji was looking at me quite directly I had to cease my act. My face turned red at the very thought of my upskirt inside the water. I was blushing and looked down at the floor.

Guru-ji: Do I have to repeat what I said to Natasha?

Myself and Sudha: No Guru-ji.

We stepped up to the top of the tubs, folded our arms for prayer, closed our eyes, and as Guru-ji started chanting the mantras loudly, stepped inside the water.


My feet touched the bottom of the tub at one go and instantly I could feel warm waters on my naked legs and thighs. I could not keep my eyes shut any more thinking of my exposure and I opened them slightly and looked below but only to find my sari and petticoat flowing on the water surface and I could not look through them. I closed my eyes in shame and could well realize that my panty-covered heavy and round gaand must have been visible to Guru-ji. I could sense unmistakably that my blouse was also getting wet in the water and the feel of warm waters on my big tight breasts.

Thankfully the 100 seconds limit ended soon and Guru-ji called us to come out. I looked miserable in this utterly soaked condition. Expectedly my wet sari clung to my body and I presented a very hot look considering I was standing in front of a male. Guru-ji handed over the two bowls – one to Sudha and one to me. My hands and feet were getting cold as I was about to strip. The nervousness was more due to the presence of Sudha and Natasha. They were teens and would not look obscene if they strip, but myself being a married lady with my kind of voluptuous figure I was naturally feeling edgy.

Guru-ji: Quick Anita! Open quickly! See Sudha has already started getting the water in the bowl.

Me: Yes, yes Guru-ji.

I speeded up things and took off my wet sari off my body and stood in front of Guru-ji clad in my wet blouse and petticoat. As I looked down I found my wet petticoat adhering very awkwardly to my plump thighs; in fact exposing the V-shape of my panty. I quickly withdrew the petticoat from there with my left hand and also subtly wriggled my heavy ass to get off the wet fabric sexily sticking to it.

I was able to extract the water out of my wet sari quicker than Sudha; this was natural because I was habituated with washing and cleaning clothes, which Sudha was not. Then we both gulped down the extract.

Guru-ji: Great! Jai Linga Maharaj! Okay, now all three of you stand in a line and before that…. just pick up your wet saris and keep them here (indicating to a basket).

All three of us were clad in our blouse and petticoat only and surely myself and Natasha looked extremely sexy in our wet “curtailed” outfits. Sudha was the youngest amongst us and she had a pretty average figure, but Natasha with her exposed creamy cleavage and bra fully revealed through her wet blouse presented with an extremely appealing look; and myself being a big breasted woman obviously looked quite tempting with my full-sized breasts oozing over my wet blouse and my huge gaand clearly traceable inside my wet clinging petticoat.
We picked up our saris from the floor and kept them in the prescribed basket.

In the process all three of us presented Guru-ji with a super sexy view of our wet fleshy cleavage while stooping down to pick our saris from the floor. We indeed exhibited an awesome combination with me having the heaviest pair of boobies popping out of my blouse, while Natasha having medium-sized but very attractive and firm mammaries, and Sudha exhibited the smallest pair of wet blouse-covered eye-catching tits.

Just at that moment Guru-ji suddenly clapped loudly. All three of us were a bit surprised at this gesture of Guru-ji and looked questionably at him. Just then the door of the room opened and Sanjeev and Uday stepped inside the room. Naturally all three of us shuffled nervously due to our stripped and wet condition. All three of us knew jolly well that we were looking rather sexy and appealing and now there were two more males to lick our oozing sensuality!

Sanjeev and Uday offered pranam to Guru-ji and stood by the side. I could easily read the “wow” expression in their eyes as they looked at Natasha.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, Uday… I called you to help me in the fiery purification process…

Sanjeev, Uday: With pleasure Guru-ji!

Guru-ji: Then please lay the mattress here so that I can start the sterilization.

Sanjeev and Uday quickly laid a thick cotton mattress that was lying at one corner of the room. Guru-ji took the “kamandul” and sprinkled some water and flowers on it and concurrently chanted some mantras loudly. Seeing the opportunity I quickly tried to pull up my wet blouse near my cleavage as I was looking horribly sexy with much of my butter-colored upper boob flesh bulging out of my wet tight blouse. After some attempts I realized nothing much could be done about my flashing as the blouse fabric was thoroughly wet and Master-ji had sewed the blouse like a miser not allowing an extra centimeter to stretch! As I looked up, I noticed Natasha was also trying the same as she must have also been feeling shy especially in presence of Sanjeev and Uday.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Anita… Natasha… Sudha… now is the time to purify your body with the sacred fire. This would actually give you the requisite limpidness and wholesomeness. Come one by one and lay here in supine position. (Noticing Sudha still looking questionably at Guru-ji, he further explained) …lie down with your buttocks on the mattress… Sudha?

Sudha: (smiling slightly) Yes, okay Guru-ji.

We obeyed Guru-ji but the scene was indeed getting immensely tempting! Three grownup girls lying on the mattress in wet clothes, that too without the sari, and three males standing by that mattress ogling at them!

Guru-ji: Keep some space in between… Sudha move to your right a bit… yes… yes… okay… now Anita, come a bit closer to this side…. (I altered my position by dragging my heavy ass onto the mattress and realized I must have been looking dreadfully indecent doing that in front of three pair of “male” eyes) Yep! Perfect.

Sanjeev: Guru-ji, shall I light up the…?

Guru-ji: Yes, surely.

I was naturally getting more and more apprehensive as to what sort of sterilization awaits us now! I was in the middle and the two sisters were lying at my two sides and they also seemed to be as much confused and nervous as me!

Sanjeev lighted up some more aggarvattis and more scented smoke filled up the room. It was getting stuffy now with two more humans apart from we three and Guru-ji.

I was shocked to note that Sanjeev now had a white piece of burning square-shaped white block of a substance on his palm! Was he not feeling the heat of the fire on his hand? How was he not getting burnt on the palm? I noted the same astonishing expression on Sudha and Natasha’s faces.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Jai Agnidev! (Uday followed suit and he too had a piece of burning block on his right palm!) Just see… as my disciples have already passed this Nirmalta Parikshan they can do this… the fire would not harm them! Purity is strength! Jai Linga Maharaj!

All three of us looked in utter amazement at Uday and Sanjeev’s hands – the fire continued to burn on their hands without doing any harm to their skin!

Guru-ji: I will start with Natasha… Sanjeev, you sit by her head and Uday, you sit by her legs… before I start… I can see a very anxious and restless face… (smiling and looking at Natasha) Don’t worry my dear…. What I will do is… I will just pass on the power of purity from this fire onto your body…. that’s all… you will be protected from the external ills and evils… the warmth of this fire will scale you to attain true maturity… Jai Linga Maharaj! …and the purity of this special fire will assist you to achieve diksha …

Natasha (almost murmured): O… okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, you sit by her head and hold her hand (Sanjeev had the fire in his right hand and held Natasha’s wrist with his left hand) … and Uday, you hold her leg (Uday had the fire in his right hand and he held Natasha’s ankle with his left hand)

Saying that Guru-ji stepped on the mattress and sat beside her near her belly area.

Guru-ji: The reason I asked them to hold you is to establish the connection with this holy fire and your body… and I will act as the medium of transfer of purity and warmth. Okay?

Natasha: Okay Guru-ji.

She almost whispered; she must have been feeling extremely nervous. Naturally! The very presence of Guru-ji sitting beside her must have sucked all her energy. I myself was feeling dry on my lips and inside my mouth as Guru-ji continued to talk with Natasha.

Guru-ji: Now close your eyes Beti as I will start the process… don’t feel afraid… don’t feel shy… this is just a formal procedure which will enable you attain greater maturity and purity by taking the warmth of the holy fire and pass it into your body… Okay? Try not to quiver as I touch you and just stay normal. (he paused) Any questions?

Natasha just nodded and closed her eyes. Her younger sister and myself nervously looked onto her with great inquisitiveness.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Jai ho! Aum Narayanaye Vidmahe
Vasudavaye Dhimahi Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat!

As he chanted the mantras his heavy voice reverberated and with the room already very much crammed with scented smoke, the scene was indeed inexplicable. Guru-ji took his right hand and kept it just above the fire on Sanjeev’s hand and completed the mantra; then placed his hand on Natasha’s forehead and rubbed the area as if transferring the warmth and purity!

Immediately a question started poking me – “will he repeat the same for her whole body? O my God! Will he hold her breasts and rub the area like that! What about her pussy area?!? Oh no!”

Guru-ji probably said, “Oh! Yes!” in his mind and he just did as I apprehended! After rubbing her forehead for some 20-30 seconds, he started a new mantra and held his hand over the fire and than placed it on Natasha’s right cheek and started cupping it! Her cheeks appeared rosy; she must have been blushing greatly with Guru-ji’s experienced palm feeling her young tender cheek. Guru-ji repeated the same for her left cheek and Natasha already had started breathing a tinge heavily.

Guru-ji: Aum Narayanaye Vidmahe Vasudavaye Dhimahi Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat!

Guru-ji’s right hand fingers were on pressing and rubbing her lips. Her lips were full and pink and Guru-ji must have been enjoying the tender feel of it! He was circling his fingers on her lips and Natasha was visibly uncomfortable at this time as she shuffled slightly. I wondered what would happen when Guru-ji starts feeling her firm breasts!

I did not have to wait long! My heart had started to beat faster and I could jolly well imagine what actually was going through Natasha’s mind, she being 10 years younger than me! My lips were already parted and my right hand voluntarily reached my breast area and I pressed on my right breast very subtly as it was naturally not a common sight to spot a man touching a girl’s tits so publicly!

Guru-ji’s right hand touched the exposed upper breast area outside Natasha’s U-cut blouse and he started gently rubbing her there!


I murmured within myself and was naturally breathing quite heavily now seeing that sexy scene. Natasha’s eyes were closed, but she must be having a torrid time with Guru-ji’s fingers on her exposed cleavage. I noted that her mouth opened slightly and she exhaled deeply and sighed (though silently). Sanjeev and Uday were also watching and enjoying this extremely appealing scene quite intently. After massaging the whole of Natasha’s exposed breast area above her blouse, Guru-ji took his hand back to the fire on Sanjeev’s hand. He took the warmth, chanted the mantra, and was back to transfer the warmness to Natasha’s succulent boobs!

I observed that Guru-ji’s hand was rock steady as his palm touched the conical tip of Natasha’s right breast and then he slowly started pressing his palm on her blouse-covered wet tit!

Natasha: Aaaahhhh….. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…..

Natasha probably could not hold her anymore and started to emit gentle moans, which we could all hear. Guru-ji was pressing her breast very slowly with his palm enjoying the full tight feel of her young upturned breast. As Guru-ji was compressing his hand more and more on her conical firm flesh, Natasha’s sighs were getting louder and deeper. I noticed her legs also started getting parted as she felt Guru-ji’s large palm on her young tender breast! As I looked on, I found Guru-ji thoroughly cupping her right breast in the name of transferring the fire warmth and purity to her body! Guru-ji’s large palm was enough to cover her full right breast and by the hand movement I could easily gather that Guru-ji was in reality bluntly squeezing the young girl’s breast in the disguise of purification process!

It must have been an out of the world feel to cup and squeeze the breast of a 20-year-old grownup girl with a matured and fleshy figure lying on the mattress helplessly! Guru-ji initiated the same process for her left breast too; Natasha was visibly getting restless as naturally she must have been getting extremely excited and embarrassed too! Indeed the process was also pretty slow as Guru-ji was thoroughly feeling her fresh young tits while transferring the warmth of the fire. Just then as the Godman was busy cupping and caressing her left breast, Natasha seemed to lose patience and opened her eyes and her free hand as if automatically came over her breast to block Guru-ji’s hand.

Natasha: Ahh! Guru-ji… please… Ufff! I can’t bear it!

Guru-ji: I told you Beti… you have to have patience and shed all of your shyness. This is ashram my child and here things will not go as per your wish…isn’t it?

Natasha was blushing furiously and shuffling as Guru-ji was conversing with her with his hand right over her left breast; he was holding her conical boob flesh in his palm!

Guru-ji: I already told you that you must not have any inhibition regarding anything here in the ashram. Shyness, embarrassment, shame… these words are not in the ashram dictionary… and you know that, isn’t it?

Natasha: Ye… yes Guru-ji, but I am feeling…

Guru-ji: You are feeling very awkward… right? You are also feeling some itch here?
(saying that Guru-ji shifted his hand and directly pressed her pussy area over her wet petticoat)

Obviously Natasha was shocked and seemed perplexed too!

Guru-ji: These are natural things to happen… very natural… and there is no guilt in it! If I open the loins of my disciples you might find their tool standing… but is it anything very surprising? That’s how male and female get excited! Did you not know that?

Natasha (blushing more heavily almost whispered): Yesss…

Guru-ji: So? The rituals must be followed and for that you have to be strong mentally and ignore these, but focus on the actual goal. You have come here to attain diksha and for that you have to pass through this Nirmalta Parikshan… so your spotlight should not get defocussed. Am I clear?

Natasha (clenching her lips): Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Just ask Anita… she is elder than you.. married too! She has passed through some of the ashram rituals and they are not easy for any married woman to undergo…

Me: Yes… very tough and compromising!

Guru-ji: But she has passed them and almost on the verge of completion of the Maha-yagya, which is indeed commendable.

Natasha: O… okay Guru-ji… I will try… try my best.
Guru-ji: Good, that’s appreciable…. Let me again take the fire warmth… Aum Narayanaye Vidmahe Vasudavaye Dhimahi Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat!

I noticed that Guru-ji this time pressed his palm a bit more forcibly on Natasha’s left breast and Natasha emitted a longer “Sssssshhhhhhhhhh….” when Guru-ji gifted her with a nice tight squeeze hollowing his palm! The way this young girls’ breasts were groped I was pretty sure that her nipples must have been standing fully erect by now and visible through her wet blouse, but since I was lying on the mattress I was unable to see that.

Guru-ji completed the fiery purification of her breasts and proceeded to her abdomen area and Natasha was giving out more shameless loud moans and the way she was throwing her legs it was very evident that she was highly excited by then. Guru-ji now took the warmness of the fire from Uday who was sitting down her body and immediately there was an “Ouch!”

This sudden cry obviously depicted Guru-ji’s invasion into Natasha’s pussy area!

Guru-ji’s palm was directly on her love spot, the wet petticoat acting as the decency wall! Wasting no time, Guru-ji started caressing her pussy area very evidently and her petticoat was getting bunched up there under Guru-ji’s hollow palm. Natasha was naturally extremely restless and Sanjeev and Uday found it hard to hold on to her hand and leg.

Natasha: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh…. Aaaaaaaaiiiiii……

Guru-ji: Aum Narayanaye Vidmahe Vasudavaye Dhimahi Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat!

Natasha’s legs started to part more and more and her torso appeared like a bow as Guru-ji continued to grope her pussy area very openly and deliberately. Guru-ji’s long fingers forcibly invaded deep into her pussy crevice over the cover of her petticoat and panty making Natasha gush out loud grunts. This exceptionally embarrassing purification process continued for some more time as Guru-ji caressed Natasha’s well-formed thighs and legs in the name of transferring the warmness and purity of the holy fire to this young chick’s body.

Guru-ji: Ahhh… Good job Natasha! It’s over now! You have completed the fiery purification successfully. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Natasha was virtually panting and quickly turned to one side to hide her excited state. Her breasts looked awesome as she turned to the side facing me – the tight flesh revolted and bulged out over her tight blouse - she was undeniably looking extremely alluring in this state.

Guru-ji: Anita, now it’s your turn.

Me: Ye… yes Guru-ji.

Seeing Natasha’s condition, I was already feeling quite eager and keyed up anticipating Guru-ji’s hands all over my body especially on my big-sized tight mammaries. Guru-ji repeated the same procedure of taking warmth from the fire burning on Sanjeev’s hand, started chanting the mantras, and then started with my forehead. His warm hand felt really nice on my forehead, eyes, and cheeks. He was tracing my soft and thick lips with his fingers and as I was by this time quite experienced with this sort of rituals in the ashram, I parted my sexy lips slightly and Guru-ji readily inserted his finger inside my mouth and touched my warm tongue. The fact remained that as soon as Guru-ji was close to me, I felt immensely weak and simply behaved like a randi to extract more out of him! I was now shamelessly sucking his finger and completely forgot that two other younger girls were watching me!

As Guru-ji reached my twin peaks, I was certainly more vocal than Natasha and was emitting barefaced groans and thrusting my heavy milk jugs more and more into his palm. Guru-ji used this opportunity to give me some of the tightest squeezes I ever got from any male on my boobs. Seeing my shamelessly weak condition, I realized he even pushed his fingers through the U-cut of my low-cut blouse neck and aptly felt my warm oozing boob flesh. Guru-ji’s warm touches were making me virtually mad as I could clearly sense his right hand sweeping and grazing over my taut erect nipples inside my wet bra and blouse.

Guru-ji’s next prolonged stop was obviously my naked navel area. Guru-ji covered my whole navel under his warm palm and slowly brushed his hand over my belly. He was crafty enough to poke the trough of my navel with his thumb which made me gasp like anything! As Guru-ji continued to feel my matured female body with his palm and fingers, I started to feel a shade proud as it was not only me who was actually longing for his touches, but Guru-ji also seemed quite keen to touch me intimately!

Guru-ji had already tasted my body as during the Maha-yagya he fucked me handsomely, but I was pretty convinced that he was still trying to milk me as much as possible in the disguise of that purification process. This actually was heightening the desire in me to extract more out of this strange relationship with him. He was indeed a Godman and a “Guru” to me and I respected him like anything, but the physical proximity and eroticism of the Maha-yagya had made me tremendously vulnerable and this was happening each time I was close/alone with him! Being a conservative and unadventurous housewife, I was at a loss how I was getting bowled over simply by Guru-ji’s presence!

Me: Aaaaaaaaaahhh….Uuuuuuiiiiii…… Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh….

My libido was greatly building up as Guru-ji was brushing his hand down my waist onto my pussy area. I could feel Guru-ji’s fingers stopping at the feel of my panty waistband below my wet petticoat. I immediately had goosebump all over my body and trembled in excitement. I naturally had started to boil with Guru-ji virtually groping my entire matured figure; I was getting a shoot up in my stimulation as I was aware that I was being watched by two other girls. This was making things worse for me. I was by that time “used” to the males of the ashram, but Natasha and Sudha both were outsiders and younger than me and hence I was having a torrid time keeping my self control.

I tried my best to behave normally but Guru-ji was brushing the entire front of my wet panty area very suggestively and provocatively. The Godman was even pushing his thumb over my wet dress into my honey pot! I was groaning and muttering waywardly. I could feel all his five fingers pressing and roving around my pussy area pushing me at the verge of restraint. Guru-ji spent ample time over my love spot and then slowly (seemed rather unwillingly) moved down my rotund thighs feeling every inch of my banana-trunk-like legs with his stretched out palm. By this time I was experiencing two more strong “intrusions” which made me hotter and conscious too!

Sanjeev and Uday both had previously groped and loved me very adequately. I was still somewhat weak towards Uday though I had obviously recovered the initial infatuation, but still how could I forget that boat ride with him? Neither could I forget my almost naked lovemaking with Sanjeev, which was indeed outrageously shameless, during the Maha-yagya! Both of them had a total feel of my voluptuous body and this time they both were sending me signals realizing my compromised elated state in Guru-ji’s hands. Sanjeev was scribbling on my wrist and Uday was doodling on my leg, both pressing their fingers concurrently on my body surface extremely suggestively, which in turn forced me to have my teeth clenching on my lips to control my building passion.

Guru-ji: Ahhh! That brings us to the completion of Anita’s fiery refinement! Jai Linga Maharaj!

I was virtually gasping lying on the mattress with my heavy bosom going up and down inside my wet blouse and my feet also parting wider advertising openly to everyone about my elated state. Guru-ji then performed the same ritual over Sudha’s body too and we all enjoyed the shudder and the blush that the young girl exhibited as Guru-ji cupped her small tight tits in his palm in front of everyone. She was also gasping similar to me at the end of the fiery episode and was visibly much more uneasy than her elder sister. I doubted that Sudha ever encountered such an open boob squeeze session in her 16 years of age! She appeared totally flushed and extremely nervous with her breasts growing in size within her dress and she was indeed looking extremely appealing!

Guru-ji: Now you need to change your posture… so stand on the mattress. (Guru-ji himself stood up and we also followed suit) I am glad the way things have progressed so far. With the grace of Linga Maharaj you three have passed the first two parts of Nirmalta Parikshan. Now we will proceed to the final part, which is the saliva purification and wholistic body cleanse. The water and the fire have aided you to attain bodily purification, and now the saliva purification would actually rally round your mouth as well as your speech! Natasha, are you getting me?

Natasha (still was panting slightly): Ye… yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Good. This process will need a medium and since Anita had acted as the medium previously she is aware of this process. Isn’t it Anita?

Me: Ye… yes Guru-ji.

Within split seconds I vividly remember what happened to me at Mr. Yadav’s place. That was probably the most humiliating hours of my life! I instantly remembered the faces – Mr. Yadav, Shilpa, Mrs. Yadav (Nandini), and that son of a bitch servant of that house….

Guru-ji: Good. Let me brief Natasha and Sudha regarding it… as we perform different acts to please Linga Maharaj… we sometimes need a medium who is a person and of different gender to the devotee who is the key to transfer the goodness from Linga Maharaj directly to the devotee. Okay?

Natasha and Sudha nodded. I wondered what they actually gathered from those words.

Guru-ji: So how do I purify your saliva (Guru-ji looked at Natasha)? Or you might say… how do I purify your tongue/speech? Myself will act as a medium and so will my other two disciples. I could have acted as medium for three of you, but the rule says one can act as a medium to only one devotee in one session. So… rules are rules… (he shrugged) I will act as the medium for Natasha… Sanjeev for Anita, and Uday for our youngest candidate Sudha… Am I clear?

We all nodded in affirmation.

Guru-ji: Natasha and Sudha… you two must stand strong during the process… you need to be mentally tough for this since this will involve mouth to mouth transfer of holy liquid and this in fact holds the key to your success in Nirmalta Parikshan.

Natasha (very, very softly): Oh my God!

Though she exclaimed very quietly, none of us missed that.

Guru-ji (there was a sudden change in his voice, it was cold as steel and as it was reverberating): Mind your expression young lass! Yes, probably all girls undergoing any custom involving “medium” will have that sort of an expression, but I don’t tolerate them! Clear?

There was pin drop silence. We all stood like statues in front of Guru-ji’s strong personality – his hugely built 6 feet figure as if automatically demanded obedience!

Guru-ji: There’s nothing wrong in having such expressions, but they need to be controlled within yourself! Are you getting me Natasha?

Natasha (with an almost trembling voice): Ji… ji Guru-ji!

Guru-ji: When you are in my ashram, you are outside the periphery of the society… you must always keep that in mind…. And the customs of the ashram are different and you may find them embarrassing, upsetting, obscene, hot, cold… whatever! Rules are rules my child and we all have to abide by it… there is no room for shyness and timidity here… if you need to strip for any ritual, you have to take off your dress… no alternatives! If you need to hug anybody during any convention, you have to hug him… no alternatives! Whether you are married or a virgin is immaterial… Huh!

Guru-ji naturally was annoyed by Natasha’s exclamation and his speech was the reflection of that only!

Guru-ji: All three of you are fortunate that you have come to the ashram in this era… had it been 10 years back… at that time all tantra customs were performed in the purest form… the devotee had to be absolutely naked to undergo diksha and all! Age, sex… no bar, no exceptions! What sort of expression would you give then my child?

Sanjeev: Guru-ji… please cool down…

Uday: Yes Guru-ji… bachhi hai… we must consider it as just an immature childish illustration …

Guru-ji (thought for a while looking at Uday): Hmm… okay… if you say so. But let me remind all three of you once again (turning towards us) that you all must follow these customs very religiously and wholeheartedly and keep all your exclaims and expressions at bay … Huh! Am I clear to all?

Myself, Sudha and Natasha: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Good. Let us then not waste any further time and proceed! Jai Linga Maharaj! Ladies… just come here and stand in a line…yes… right here… on the mattress…

All of us were naturally a bit nervous, especially Natasha, after getting that short rebuke from the Godman and we hesitantly positioned ourselves as Guru-ji instructed.

Guru-ji: This is the final purification of our Nirmalta Parikshan… and this is also a significant aspect of Linga Maharaj worship. Saliva purification is a big tool to achieve salvation in front of Linga Maharaj! Jai Linga Maharaj! Jai ho!

Guru-ji’s loud and heavy voice was echoing from the walls of that small room. My finger and toe tips were already getting cold though I was wildly excited during the course of the fiery purification.

Guru-ji: As I mentioned previously Sanjeev will act as the medium to Anita’s oral purification, Uday to Sudha, and I myself shall aid you (pointing to Natasha) for your oral cleansing. As Anita is well aware of this procedure and you two are new, I will first demonstrate it so that you do not react too clumsily.

I could jolly well realize that the last few words of Guru-ji were directed to the young “queen”, Natasha. As it was she was looking extremely sexy in her half-stripped wet attire - the way she was exposing her shinning cleavage to all and the contour of her wet round ass was extremely eye-catching!

Guru-ji: Anita, come here…

Me: Me?

I was naturally a bit surprised as I never thought that Guru-ji would give the demo on me!

Guru-ji: Yes Beti… you are in that sense experienced to this… (a smile) Come… stand here… facing me.

I must have been looking like an idiot as I was completely unprepared for this.

Me: O… okhh… okay Guru-ji!

I came up to him with almost trembling steps. The whole focus was as if on me and the four of them - Sudha, Natasha, Sanjeev, and Uday – just continued to stare at me! Though I was longing for some more warm moments, but since it was sort of a “public demonstration”, I instantly started feeling palpitations inside me! The tips of my fingers and toes were getting colder and I was by now having dry lips too!

Guru-ji: Sudha, Natasha… follow carefully… the main objective of this purification process is to transfer the saliva from the medium’s lips and tongue to the devotee’s lips and tongue. Okay? So… for that myself as a medium I will have my lips and tongue soaked in the holy liquid … Jai Linga Maharaj! (Uday and Sanjeev instantly echoed in chorus “Jai Linga Maharaj!”) and in turn I will transfer the holy liquid to the devotte’s lips and mouth through licking and sucking…

I noticed that Sudha and Natasha both looked extremely nervous and looked down at the floor in shyness listening to the announcement of the saliva purification process which was actually an open lip-to-lip kiss session in disguise! Being married I was quite habituated in kissing with my husband (and of course after arriving to the ashram I was getting used to kiss and being kissed by unknown males!), but these two young unmarried chicks were naturally inexperienced in this aspect their pallid nervous bodily response illustrated that only.

Guru-ji: See… you need to keep your hands on the waist of the medium… Anita, please keep your hands here… yes…perfect… the whole of your palm must touch the medium’s body and your fingers fully stretched out… like that only! And the medium will also likewise put his hands on the devotee’s waist area.

I could realize my blood had suddenly started gushing through my vessels and my libido instantly gearing up! I was having palpitations as my palms felt Guru-ji’s waist area and in turn I could feel Guru-ji’s cold fingers resting on my curvy waist. Guru-ji had positioned me exactly in front of him and in fact I was standing amazingly close to him with my big-sized boobs sexily poking out only about an inch away from touching and pressing against his hairy chest!

Guru-ji: Now I will show you how the liquid needs to be transferred to the lips… I cannot take the holy liquid for demonstration purpose… so you two just assume that I have that liquid on my lips and tongue… okay?

Natasha, Sudha: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: First I will rub my lips on hers so that the liquid can easily get on to the outer surface of her lips. Just see…

Saying that Guru-ji brought his mouth very near to me and simply started rubbing his wet lips onto mine! The feeling was so, so erotic that I had to immediately shuffle a shade to maintain my posture. My mouth was closed and Guru-ji grazed his lips gently on mine in a circular fashion. Naturally I was blushing heavily and being aware that I was being watched by four persons I closed my eyes in utter shyness.

Guru-ji (looking at Natasha): As you will acknowledge that rubbing like this would only enable a very superficial and non-uniform transfer… I will now touch her lips in a more appropriate way so that the transfer is apposite. Alongside you must remember to generate adequate amounts of saliva inside the mouth so that the holy liquid gets adequately mixed with it. Am I clear? Hmm… Now see… just like this…

Guru-ji did not give me much time to get composed from the time he had shifted his lips off me and I felt extremely weak as he pushed his lips into mine forcing me to part my lips and he inserted his upper lip in between my pink tender lips and started pressing my lower lip with his both lips!

I could not stop myself from releasing a loud sigh and a long moan as my body cells were now livening up extremely fast as Guru-ji was in effect kissing me in front of four persons! Guru-ji’s thick lips initially pressed my soft lower lip, but he soon started sucking it making me virtually go wild with excitement! His handgrip on my waist was also getting tighter and my whole body was automatically getting slightly bent to keep his lip pressure on my succulent lips. This went on for about a minute till Guru-ji parted.

Guru-ji: So that’s step number two (he was panting marginally). Now I will show you how to transfer the holy liquid to your tongue and the insides of the mouth. This would essentially be a tongue-playing session as you can understand… tongue holds the key for this transfer … Okay? Let me demonstrate it for you…

My condition was indescribable! I was clinging onto Guru-ji very shamelessly; I had no other option as I was immensely charged up by that time! I continued to press my big twin treats onto his chest most brazenly and my warm rotund thighs onto his legs. I was breathing so heavily that almost half of my butter-colored sexy boob flesh was getting advertised over my wet tight blouse and Sanjeev and Uday were standing so close to me that it must have been a real treat for them!

As Guru-ji converged onto my lips again, just then I happened to note from the corner of my eyes a very suspicious and uncanny look from both the sisters, especially Natasha. She was frowning and as if could not believe my expressions! Though I was carried away heavily by Guru-ji’s kissing, but my mind momentarily was wayward. Was Natasha suspecting my dignity and honesty? She knew very well that I was married. But what could I do? I could not violate Guru-ji’s instruction till such time I was in the ashram. Hence I had to succumb to this kissing session of Guru-ji; no way out! I tried to convince my mind, but quickly realized that the way I was behaving must have raised some doubts in her mind. My willingness to get close to Guru-ji and my “physical inclination” must have raised some doubts in her mind. I smiled in my mind. She was too young to understand all this; moreover she was unmarried; had she been fucked once by Guru-ji, she could have easily scented and read my “inclination”.

“Chuck! Chuck! Chakas!” Bare and blatant sounds were being emanated from our kissing! I could only imagine myself to be kissed by my husband so openly and boldly; no one else! But Guru-ji was a magnetic personality! I was getting weaker by the second! Guru-ji’s hot tongue was exploring the insides of my mouth with long strokes and I was virtually taken to the seventh heaven! I was trembling in exultation as I dug my nails deep onto his waist.