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Published on: 2023-04-14 20:02:59

I am Sanjay, now just turned 34 I am businessman, based in a big capital city, and live alone with my wife. Most of my day is spent at the office, and/or traveling. My wife is a typical house wife, stays at home all day, takes care of our one daughter, and generally handles the social activities and such.

Renu (my wife) and I got married about 7 years ago. Renu was and is a homely girl, grew up in a small town, with a conservative joint family. She is about 5 4”, 38/30/36 or so, 36A boob size (big firm white tits) and big dark brown nipples. Quite fair, and has long luscious black hair. Shaves her pussy regularly, and has very thick ‘pussy lips’. She is certainly above average in looks, and quite sexy looking. She wears the traditional saree, with blouse and petticoat. An average good looking and sexy Indian Housewife. We live alone in a medium sized city, and my parents live in a different city from us.

For the first 2 years or so after my marriage, Renu and I had a normal sex life. We had sex every day (Except when she mensurating of course), we used to do it in the bedroom, at night or in the morning. Watched a little porn, talked a little dirty, spoke about some sexual fantasies/stories etc. The only remarkable thing was my Wife had a big sexual appetite, she was open to new ideas. Took to oral immediately, and liked watching porn etc. Also sometimes, she would flirt with me during the day when we were in the living room, squeeze my dick, or bare her breasts etc when she was alone, so she was a bit adventurous. We also have daughter after about 3 yrs of marriage, and wife regularly breast feeds her, again not very shyly.

It was around 5 years ago, that our old maid servant had to leave and return to her village. We looked around for a replacement, but were not able to find anyone, and we grew desperate after about 2 weeks. Then one of our known relatives sent over this Bihari called Ramu as a servant. Ramu, was around 30 then, big black fellow, almost 5 10”, he had the look of someone who has done a lot of physical labor. From what I could see he was hairy as well. He was quiet, polite and looked simple, seems he had just arrived from his village, and his uncle who worked with our relatives, had sent him to us.

I was a bit hesitant to hire a male servant, given my wife was alone. But he came with a good reference (as his uncle was working for my relatives for a long time), and we were desperate, so I asked Renu, and she agreed.
Next day Ramu moved in with his luggage (We were shocked to see, he had all of two plastic bags worth of stuff), we have a servants room in our apartment, which leads off from the Kitchen. So he moved in and settled in. That same afternoon he came out to start working.
Now his working attire, was he used to wear a lungi (loose wraparound), which is common with most Bihari’s. But most odd was that he wore it in a different style, so that it was split in the center, I did notice it but didn’t comment. The result of this split was that when he walked you could see parts of his legs and thighs. Anyhow he started working, and over next couple of days, we saw that he worked hard and diligently, so we got on with our lives. However I did notice that when he worked, sometimes one could catch a glimpse of his ‘kaccha’ (very loose underwear almost like boxer shots, but tied with a string at top), through the split of his lungi when he worked. Again I ignored it, because his Kaccha was almost like a pair of shorts.

The next Sunday after we hired him, I was in the living room, in the mid morning looking at the TV. My wife was next to me, and facing the rest of the living room and the T.V. Ramu was moping the floors of the apartment, and he brought his bucket and mop into the living room. I was watching my TV, and suddenly noticed my wife was constantly staring at where Ramu was moping. I was a big intrigued, and carefully followed her look (since we were sitting adjacent to each other, she couldn’t see my face properly), and the sight which met my eyes was very shocking and disturbing :

Ramu was immersed in his moping, but because he was squatting, his lungi had almost fully split in the center, and most of his kaccha could be seen. The center or crotch of the kaccha was hanging down, because of his dick and balls. Now this hanging/bulge was what shocked me, it was huge. You could see that it was pushing his kaccha out almost 6-7 inches, and was broad and thick bulge. Also you could see his legs, thighs, all the way to his huge bulge in kaccha. Suddenly the innocent looking lungi and kaccha, had turned into a very erotic and sexy sight, and Renu was ogling him.

I don’t know why, but I kept silent, and just watched my wife ogling him. There were several thoughts going through my head, a bit of anger and concern, also the fact that Ramu was certainly doing it innocently, but I think there was a certain amount of eroticism about the whole thing as well, which made me keep quiet. Well anyhow, we managed to get through the day, and I started noticing, that my wife would often stare at Ramu’s legs or crotch area. And also the more carefully you looked, the outlines of his dick and balls were visible most of the time. That night, well I was a bit apprehensive, but also very excited, and when I fucked her, I felt (or imaginged) that her pussy was wetter and more moist. Also I couldn’t keep the image of Ramu’s dick going into my wife’s pussy out of my mind.

The next couple of weeks went by, I was always on the lookout, and saw my wife often staring at Ramu. I slowly got more and more used to and excited by the idea. Though I never thought of turning it into reality, I wanted to work it into our fantasies, using a real person like Ramu, verus the imaginary fantasies we had before. Slowly the idea grew, and with a bit of courage, I slowly started talking about real people, and fantasizing about them, during our foreplay. First my wife was a bit embarrassed and didn’t seem to like it, but with persistence I brought her around. Till she let me talk about how I lusted after women we knew, like one of our neighbors in our apartment building, or a maid of another apartment. I built on these fantasies, role-playing them out, until she really started to get excited and into the act. Over a few days, I gradually started pushing her to talk about her fantasies. She was very hesitant at first, but then, slowly she started talking about a servant of her uncles. But from the way she talked about him, I knew she was trying to talk about Ramu.

Next day, I myself brought up Ramu, and told her to fantasize about him. I could feel her stiffen. Took quite some coaxing to get started, but once she did I could feel her pussy become wet and hot as she spoke about Ramu.
Over next 3-4 days, our conversations during foreplay, centered around Ramu, and my wife really expanded her fantasies about him. Our sessions became hotter, and certainly I could feel my wife’s passions were reigning supreme. Now is when the big shift happened, after a few days of our talking, and seeing that I was equally excited, my wife turned up the stakes. She started flirting with Ramu in the day, and telling me at night.

First it was something simple, like letting her pallu drop for a moment, or accidentally brushing against his hip when working in the kitchen. But as these narrations became hotter, our sex improved, and my wife got bolder. She even played a soft porn movie one day in the living room, and pretended she didn’t see Ramu was behind her sweeping the room. Poor Ramu, by now he was going crazy, and most often he would be squeezing his dick, or staring at my wife’s boobs (she had completely started tucking her pallu into her saree, so her cleavage was visible throughout the day). My wife was going crazy as well, and the whole night in the foreplay, she would moan about Ramu and his big black dick.

One evening, I finally convinced my wife to take it further. She was particularly horny that day, and I just made her hotter and didn’t let her cum. I told her she should make Ramu do it. She was hot and moaning, and agreed, but asked me to please make her cum. However I stuck to my plan, and didn’t allow it. I just talked to her to finalize how to go about it.
Next day I sneaked into our apartment at 3:00, (Ramu used to sleep from 2 to 5), and went and hid in our bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar and light off. My wife, quickly disheveled her sari, so it looked like she just got up from sleep. Her pallu was off, and the saree was low below her navel, so you could see her stomach as well as a lot of cleavage. My wife went into Ramu’s room, he was sleeping, and his lungi was again split, and my wife saw that he had a bit of a hard on, and his kaccha was pointing vertically up. My wife slowly shook him near the hip, almost touching his dick, Ramu got up, and immediately stared at my wife, half naked rubbing near his dick.Renu moved away from him, and said in a soft voice “Ramu my back is paining quite hard can you pls come maalish it (massage)”. Ramu got up and followed my wife to our room, where there was a bottle of sensual massage oil waiting near the bed.

My wife got onto the bed, with her back facing up, and asked Ramu to start. Ramu started massaging her back, sitting on the side of the bed, and rubbing my wife’s fair back with his big black hands. My wife was fully excited now, and she could barely suppress some moans. After few minutes, she said “Ohh Ramu, this sari will get spoilt because of the oil, let me take it off” She then started taking it off, and Ramu being there also helped in pulling it off. She was now lying on the bed in her blouse and petticoat. Next, she said “Ramu take off my blouse so u can rub my back nicely”. Ramu by now was also very excited, I could see his dick was completely pushing his kaccha out off his lungi. And he was staring as he removed my wife’s blouse, and then the bra. He massaged my wife’back, and my wife had turned her head, so she could stare at his crotch area, which was really by now huge. Then my wife slowly said “Ramu do my legs now also, please”. Ramu moved to her legs, and she gently pushed up her petticoat with her legs, so it was up to her knees. She slowly encouraged Ramu to move up, and suddenly Ramu was massaging her bare ass (my wife had stopped wearing panty for past few weeks except when mensurating). I was going crazy in the bathroom, watching this big black bihari fellow, massaging my wife’s naked ass, with his dick hard as a rod inside his kaccha.

Ramu was slowly massaging my wife’s ass, and also running a finger down the central area. My wife was wimpering by now. Slowly she turned around, and said “Ramu do the front now”. Ramu was shivering by now, as my wife turned, and he saw for the first time, my wife’s big white breasts with huge brown nipples for the first time. He hesitantly started doing my wife’s stomach, but my wife pulled his hands up to her breasts saying “Ramu press these, they are really hurting”. Ramu now started pressing her breasts, while my wife was moaning, his dick was getting harder, and a huge wet spot was spreading over the front of his kaccha.

My wife was almost delirous now, and was squirming and moaning. Problem was Ramu wasn’t taking the lead (We found out later that he had never fucked a woman, only fooled around with some men). Anyhow my wife was now too far gone, she pulled up her petticoat, so her white pussy was completely visible (she shaves her pussy completely). She took one of Ramu’s hands and pushed it on her dripping pussy, and with the other hand, slowly reached out and grabbed Ramu’s hot bursting dick over his kaccha. Ramu was breathing hard by now, and stammering, “Memsahib, Memsahib, what r u doing”. My wife started slowly squeezing Ramu’s dick (she told me later it felt like a hot rod) and said “Ramu to massage this (indicating her pussy) you have to use this (squeezing his dick”. Ramu was shaking now, but didn’t make any move, my wife slowly reached up and undid the nada (cord) on his kaccha, and slowly pulled it down.

My GOD I was shocked, his dick popped out, it was huge. Black, thick and around 9” or even longer. It had a red head, and was dripping wet. My wife too got shocked, and then immediately took it into her mouth, and started sucking deeply. Ramu was still shivering, and said “Memsahib what are you doing”, my wife while sucking deeply muttered “Ramu I have to lubricate so you can massage this area nicely (indicating her pussy)”. My wife continued to suck for about 5 mins, moving her mouth up and down over Ramu’s dick. Ramu was squeezing her tit with one hand, and rubbing her pussy with the other. Finally my wife took out his dripping dick, and told him to kneel between her legs (Ramu was still wearing his lungi and his dick was now sticking out of the center like a huge black flag pole). She took his dick and pushed it on her pussy, and guided his hand so he was rubbing it on her pussy. Moaning she said “Ramu bahut maja aa raha hai (Ramu this is feeling very good)” Ramu was breathing hard by now, and precum was leaking from his big dick. He was moaning and saying “Memsahib mereko bhi accha lag raha hai (I am also enjoying it madam)”.

My wife then reached out and pushed one of Ramu’s fingers into her dripping pussy. Moaning she said “Ramu you have to massage inside here also”. Ramu was delirious by now, and my wife grabbed his black dick and guided into her dripping wet white pussy. Ramu caught on quickly, and started shoving his dick in and out. My wife was screaming by now, and moaning and whimpering, and Ramu was grunting and sweating. I could see Ramu’s big black dick going into my wife’s white pussy, and was driving me nuts, I was masturbating in the bathroom. Ramu started fucking my wife, in long strokes, pushing in and pulling out, my wife must have come 2-3 times. She wrapped her legs around his black ass, and tried to pull in deeper, she would push his head to her nipples and scream Ramu “Choose, inhe choose (suck these suck)”. Ramu kept fucking her, clearly straining but in seventh heaven. His dick was pulsing as it moved in and out, with a squelching sound, my wife was moaning and screaming, finally Ramu shivered and cried out “Nikhal Gaya” (Came Out) and shot deep into my wife’s pussy. There was no condom, so my wife’s pussy was filled with Ramu’s sperm, and she was pushing her hips up and down to get more of his sperm.

Ramu fell onto my wife, clearly exhausted, and sweaty, and still sucking my wife’s tits. Saying “Memsahib bahut accha laga (Mesahib I enjoyed it a lot)”. My wife also slowly calmed down. Then she slowly pushed him to one side, so he was lying with his wet limp dick facing up. She then got in between his legs, and slowly licked his wet dick, cleaning it up (I could see she was still horny). Ramu was still moaning, and saying “Memsahib kya kar rahe hai” (Madam what are u doing), my wife moaned “just cleaning you up Ramu, u will need this to massage me again”. Ramu was semi-hard again, and he wanted to squeeze her tits again. But my wife knew I was waiting, so she told him “Not now later Ramu”. Ramu tied the now discarded lungi around his dripping dick, and picked up his kaccha, and said “Ok Memsahib” and left. As soon as he left, my wife locked the door. I rushed out, I had already come in the bathroom once, but still had a raging hardon. I sank it into her waiting pussy, and fucked her. She kept moaning about how good Ramu was, and how big his dick felt, and I kept sliding my dick into her pussy, feeling Ramu’s sperm around my dick. I soon shot into her, then my wife asked me to lick her deep. I got down and really licked, her tasting Her Juices, Ramu’s sperm and mine all in one. We finally got together and fell asleep exhausted, and naked.

This carried on for about 2 weeks, and even now when I look back, those were some of the horniest 2 weeks of our lives. She would tease Ramu all day, have sex 2-3 times a day. She would pretend to call me when Ramu was licking her pussy, and tell me in English what he was doing to her, while he was oblivious. She made Ramu see a lot of Porno Movies, and they started trying out different positions. She would be perpetually horny, and stopped wearing panties. We also had some great sex, but increasingly I found that she was really enjoying more with Ramu. Maybe it was some combination of his size (mine is just 5 inches and Ramu’s cock is magnificent), or his raw power to stroke and fuck longer plus the whole taboo of fucking a servant.

Because of this, as well as my whole mounting excitement, I started convincing Renu that we should start doing threesomes. Renu, by now was very open, but was worried about Ramu (this was his first sexual experience). Anyhow we put together a plan. After we agreed, the next day, Renu called Ramu in after lunch for that massage cum fuck session. They were going at it strong, when as per plan I came home, used my key, and walked in.

I was a little nervous as well opening the bedroom door, when I pushed it opened suddenly I saw Ramu on his back, completely naked his black body glistening and Renu riding his cock with her back to his face. It was a highly erotic scene, (certainly not a position we had tried, which shows how far Renu had come with Ramu). For a second as I entered, they seemed to carry on and then they froze, and I pretended to act shocked (not sure if I really managed to do a good job, I was highly excited, and my cock was raging).
Trying to work up some mock anger I tried to say in a loud voice ‘Ye Kya Ho Raha Hai’ (Whats happening here). Ramu seemed to go into total shock and was speechless. He was also rapidly losing his erection. Renu now taking a cue from our plan in a bold voice said ‘Are Ramu to meri maalish kar raha hai’. (Nothing, Ramu is massaging me). With a growing hard on I skipped most of our discussed routine and said ‘Acha tab to thik hai. Ramu ache se maalish karma Memsahab ki’ (Ram then its ok. Make sure you massage your memsahib well). (We had a whole routine worked out, where I was to question how he was massaging and Renu to say that the Doctor had asked her to get complete oil massage etc etc. But in my horny state I managed to skip the whole routine).

I moved next to the bed and squeezing Renu’s breast slightly started asking her how she was enjoying her massage. Ramu was still in shock, and his erection had disappeared. Renu was still riding him, but he hadn’t said anything. He seemed to be getting slightly more relaxed, seeing me lying next to them. But still he was nervous. In a few mins, he seemed to regain some erection, and then very quickly he came inside Renu. I think Renu was a bit disappointed as due to his nervousness he seemed to loose some intensity. But overall we had broken the ice. Ramu then quickly got off, and picked up his lungi, tying it hap hazardly around his waist, and left the room mumbling something.

Slowly over the next 2-3 days Renu broke down his nervousness explaining to him, that we were now like one family and I am completely ok with the massages. She said only thing is that no one outside the 3 of us should ever even have a hint of what we do. Ramu was a bachelor, and didn’t seem to be close to his family, so he was happy to agree. (He hasn’t been back home for years since he joined us)..
Renu then started getting him horny again, playing with his cock during the day, or even when we were at dinner inside the kitchen, where I could see them. Ramu was very slowly getting more comfortable with the approach. Over a week or so, his inhibitions gradually came down. And few times he even himself rubbed his cock behind Renu’s sari, or squeezed her tits. 2 nights, we even had a soft porn movie playing in the living room after dinner, I was playing with Renu’s Tits and Pussy, and I could see Ramu standing outside the door in the Dining Room and watching us. Needless to say the sexual energy and tension was very high, and everyone was enjoying a lot.

Finally after another week had past, with a lot of open displays in front of me Renu planned our first threesome for next morning. She didn’t let Ramu cum all day, so he was excited, and then told him he would have to massage her with me there, next morning. Ramu agreed reluctantly, his horny cock probably playing a role in that decision. So she told him to bring us bed tea in the morning (which he usually does), and to wear nothing under his lungi.

All night I was waiting feverishly for the morning, and was even trembling most of the night. When Ramu knocked in the morning, I woke up instantly, and my cock was also up in my shorts. Renu was also equally excited, and her pussy was already dripping wet, even before Ramu entered.. She asked Ramu to come in. Ramu came in wearing his lungi and I guess he was more conscious, so he was wearing his full shirt.
He moved to Renu to hand her the tea. Renu sat up, and taking the tea with one hand, used her other hand to slowly press Ramu’s lund over his lungi. Taking a small sip, she said ‘Ramu abhi maalish karoge na’. Ramu was still nervously looking at me. To make him feel at ease, I started rubbing my dick and then reached over and slowly squeezed Renu’s right tit. Ramu got more comfortable seeing me do this, and said ‘ Jaise aap bole Memsahib’.

Renu now kept her full cup of tea to one side, and lifted his lungi. I saw his black throbbing cock closely for the first time, and it is a real thick long one especially compared to mine. Renu leaned over and took the red tip into her mouth, moaning as her tongue went around the black rod. I was also getting to see first hand how much more horny Renu was with Ramu than with me, and how much she was enjoying the oral sex. Renu, kept sucking on Ramu’s cock pulling him closer and then slowly squeezing his black balls. Ramu was also fully excited by now, and slowly started humping her face, of course because of the size of his cock, he was just going in 4 inches or so at most.

I was in a uncontrollable stage now, and quickly unbuttoned Renu’s nighty and pulled it off. As usual she was naked inside. And now all pretense of this being anything other than a full fledged 3 some sex orgy, was gone. I slowly pushed my cock on Renu’s ass and started rubbing, while squeezing her tits from behind her back. Then moved my hand to her wet sopping pussy, moving a finger inside. Meanwhile, Renu was bobbing her head as she took increasingly more or Ramu’s cock into her mouth.
After a few minutes (though it seemed much longer), Renu was too excited and obviously wanted Ramu’s black cock in her pussy. She moved her head away, and pulled off Ramu’s lungi. Ramu was also bold enough by now, to follow suit and take off his own shirt. She guided him onto her, and pulled his thick black cock into her waiting pussy. She was moaning like crazy. Ramu by now and expert in fucking started moving in an out at a steady rythym. I was now a little left out, as I could barely squeeze her breasts. So I got up and pushed my cock near Renu’s mouth. She took it almost completely in, after her practice with Ramu’s 9 inch cock, mine was a piece of cake.

There we were finally, me humping Renu’s mouth, while Ramu was expertly fucking Renu, all three of us in a open hot orgy, everyone moaning and making pleasure sounds. That day once as usual Renu made Ramu fuck her in 2-3 different positions, the missionary, as well making him lie back and riding his cock. I mostly got to be in her mouth, or just squeezing her here and there. It was becoming increasingly clear that in our group sessions, Ramu was going to have her pussy. I felt Renu come atleast 3 times that morning. And after a steady 25-30 mins of sexual activity, Ramu finally came with a loud thrust deep in Renu’s pussy. Once again, after a minute or so, Renu made Ramu bring that wet dick to her, and licked all the cum and juices off it. Once again something which has become a habit with Renu to do.

Meanwhile I gratefully sank into Renu’s pussy to lick out the cum and juices. And then while Renu’s was giving the final licks to Ramu, I pushed my horny cock inside her wet pussy, and came very quickly, adding my cum to the juices already mingling inside there.

This was the first proper threesome we had. And as I go on to various other episodes of my wife’s sexual evolution, this has remained a constant feature of our lives to this day. Most weeks we have this three some 2-3 times a week, and somehow our threesomes have almost always happened in the morning, with Ramu bringing the bed tea, and Renu wanting to drink his hot cum from his black cock.
After an hour, my wife sent Ramu out for some work, and when he came back, I pretended I had come back from the office and changed. Ramu served us dinner, and it was clear that he still was carrying a massive erection. It didn’t help, that in the kitchen, my wife would squeeze his dick (holding it from over the lungi of course) whenever she got a chance. That night after as we got into bed, I could see my wife was dripping like crazy, again possibly more from the excitement of the afternoon. I told her she could sneak into Ramu’s room and pretend I was sleeping, if she was so hot. She tried to make some feeble resistance, then finally her lust over took her and she tip toed out into the darkness.

Renu (as she told me later) moved to Ramu’s room and knocked softly. Ramu was also still awake, and he must have guessed, because he opened the door, and Renu quickly moved in. Softly she said “Sahib is sleeping, don’t make much noise”. She saw that Ramu had a couple of used Hindi Pornography books lying on his mattress (maybe he got them this evening from some of his friends in the building), and his kaccha was discarded to one side. He was just wearing his lungi, and she could see his erect cock pushing his lungi out. Moving closer and rubbing a hand lightly over the erection she asked Ramu “aaj maja aaya (Did you enjoy today)”. Ramu again stammered “Ha (Yes) Memsahib”. She said Ramu u must massage me every day then. Ramu just nodded silently, as Renu reached under the lungi to massage his balls slowly. Ramu was breathing hard by now, and slowly he lifted his own lungi this time, so Renu had access to his dick.

Shyly he said, Memsahib can you lubricate me, so I can massage your pussy? Renu smiled, and moved down and took the big black cock in her mouth, and started sucking him, running her tongue over the head and the cock. She moved down, and started licking his balls, running one finger under them. Ramu was whimpering now, Mesahib I am enjoying, please do more. Renu turned him around, and licked his ass as well, and then moved in between the legs running her tongue all over the balls and dick. She kept sucking for 3-4 mins or so, then she turned around and pushed her pussy into Ramu’s face. She said ‘Ramu massage me with your tongue first’. Ramu, though new, energetically started licking her, pushing his tongue deep inside her pussy. Renu was moaning now as she sucked Ramu, and she started shouting ‘Ohh Ramu push it deeper’. Ramu energetically seeing Renu so excited start lapping her moist pussy, drinking and sucking on the juice. Renu was in seventh heaven and also growing hornier by the second. After one orgasm she quickly got on her back, spreading her legs and said, ‘Ramu ab yaha ghusa’ (Ramu put it in here now). Ramu, by now learning very quickly, moved on top and sank his big throbbing cock inside Renu’s waiting pussy. (I was just outside his room this entire time, listening to the sounds, but not daring to peek inside). Renu was making very loud sounds, whether because she was hot and for my benefit I am not sure. She was making lewd moaning sounds such as ‘Ha Ramu Ghoosa Dein’ (Yes Ramu Push It in), ‘Aur Jor Se’ (Harder) etc. Very soon Ramu came with a big whimpered cry, and Renu let out a loud moan feeling her pussy filled with his warm sperm.

When she came back to bed, she was smiling mischeviously and could see my raging hardon ( I had already masturbated once outside Ramu’s room). She again made me lick her pussy, making me taste Ramu’s cum mixed with hers, and then finally I was able to sink my waiting cock into her pussy. Balram Mamaji is the third of my Mamajis (I have a total of 5), and he lives in Kolkatta. I used to live with him during my college days, and hence am very close to him. When I lived with him in the old part of Kolkatta, the household was very relaxed and casual. Mamaji would always come home from the gaddi (office) wear a lungi and a banyan, and spend the evening chatting etc. For some reason, we knew that he always wore lungi, without underwear, but again this was very normal.

After I settled down in the new town, Mamaji used to visit me once a year, as he has some business activity in our town. When he comes he stays with me, and is very relaxed and informal. He has meetings about 2-3 hrs a day, usually in afternoon or evening. Rest of the time, he is relaxing around the house, as usual in his lungi and banyan / half shirt.

After my marriage the first time Mamaji came, Renu had gone to her parents house. So there was no issue at all. Now Mamaji called me and told me, he is coming next week., but told me that Mamiji had told him that Renu was at home. He was a little hesitant asking me if it would be better if he stayed in Hotel, as maybe Renu wont be so comfortable. I told him Mamaji you are like a father to me, and I have stayed so many years with you. So there is no question, you will stay at home. He reluctantly agreed. I then told Renu, and told him we need to stop the threesome’s with Ramu until Mamaji leaves, and also we have to make Mamaji feel at home as he is feeling a little hesitant.
Anyhow next Monday, Balram Mamaji arrived by train and I went to pick him up, and brought him home in the morning. Let me describe Balram Mamaji briefly. He is about 6 ft tall. Well built, a little plump but not fat. Fairly medium complexion, has a mustache and is overall a very masculine person. Renu, touched his feet when he came in. Then we sat around talking, and I had to leave for the office. I told Mamaji, please treat this just as before, and relax. I told him don’t worry about Renu, she is like your daughter, so you can relax at home.

I went to the office and came back. In the evening, we chatted for a while again. Mamaji was relaxed now, obviously Renu had made him feel at ease. He was wearing his checked lungi, and a half shirt. Though I didn’t pay attention, it seemed that he has as usual not worn underwear, and hence his bulge can be seen. When finally, we called it a night and went into the room, I was a little shocked when Renu feverishly took my hand and placed it on her boobs, and starts squeezing my cock. I hadn’t seen her so horny, since the early days, when Ramu excited her.

Initially I thought she was horny because we were not going to be able to have the threesomes while Mamaji was here. However, as I lay later fingering her cunt to make her cum (after having shot my load into her hot pussy) I asked her why she was so hot and excited, and was she missing Ramu so much. Imagine my shock, when Renu as she was orgasming cried out, Ohh I want Balram Mamaji’s cock in my cunt. I was a little stunned, and after she has calmed down, told her this is crazy. Mamaji is like a father to me, and a close relation. We should not even think down those lines. Renu reluctantly nodded along, obviously still very excited. For next 2 days, the same situation continued. Mamaji would spend most of the day at home, except for couple of hours of meetings. He would wear a lungi, and either a banyan or half shirt. He was becoming more relaxed around Renu. Renu on the other hand, was getting increasingly hornier. And every night, she would groan about needing Mamaji, and how sexy and masculine he was. As is usual, with these fantasies, they started exicting me too. So on the Third Night, I finally told her, she could go ahead, but to very careful. We started working out how best she could approach it. The difficulty was how to get Mamaji to think about Renu as a woman, and not like a daughter in law. Anyhow we finally came up with a plan that night, and Renu was hot with excitement as she tried unsuccessfully to sleep.

Next morning, as per plan I left early for office. Renu briefed Ramu, on what he was to do. Mamaji got up, had his usual tea, in the leaving room then around 11:00 he went to his room picked up his towel, and walked towards the guest bath room. Our guest bathroom is located in such a way, that one has to cross the kitchen door, to reach it. As soon as Mamaji went in, Renu went into the kitchen, and called Ramu. As per plan Ramu started squeezing her breasts while she faced the stove which was on the other end of the longish kitchen (with their backs to the door). The trick was that in the cabinet above the stove, the glass was reflective, so Renu could see the door through the reflection and she was to see how Mamaji reacted, when he saw Ramu fondling her.

However Ramu was excited, as he hadn’t had a chance to fuck Renu for 4 days, and Renu was equally horny. So they got carried away even more than the plan. Result was that as Mamaji walked out with his towel wrapped around him, and passed the kitchen door, he got the shock of his life to see Renu bent over the kitchen counter, legs spread, saree upto her waist, and Ramu with his lungi off thrusting his black cock into her hot cunt. Renu was trying to watch Mamaji and to gauge his reaction as she was getting fucked (the plan was only for Ramu to be fondling her tits). She saw him get shocked at first, open his mouth to say something, close his mouth, and then walk off. She wasn’t really processing what she saw, as she her mind was on the hard black cock pumping into her. Then she saw Mamaji sneak back again, hiding partially behind the door, to watch. She saw Mamaji watch, and then even squeeze his growing cock from above the towel. This added more excitement, and Renu and Ramu came almost simultaneously, with Renu letting out a muffled scream as she felt Ramu shoot into her. Mamaji quickly then left and went back to his room.

As Renu told me, the rest of the day was sexually charged for both Mamaji and Renu. Obviously Mamaji was now looking at Renu as a hot sexy woman. And Renu was more confident to try and seduce Mamaji. So the whole day was spent with a lot of cleavage shown, accidentally touching each other. When I came in the evening, and chatted, I could see that Mamaji was trying to hide a raging hard on. That night was one of the longest I faced, with Renu and me feverishly waiting to see what the next day would bring.

Again, I took off early to office as planned. Renu saw me off, then took a glass of cold milk and went into Mamaji’s room. Mamaji was lying down, looking a bit tired. He saw Renu, and almost immediately his cock began to harden under the lungi. Renu approached him, and started talking trying to act very normal. She handed him the milk, and asked him if he was comfortable. She told him that he should ask her for anything, as while he was in our house, it was Renu’s duty to make him comfortable in all ways. By now Mamaji also could figure out Renu’s gist and what she was trying to imply.

At this point, both Renu and Mamaji were horny and excited and ready to move to the next step, but both were fumbling as to how to make the next move. Then Renu taking a cue from her experience with Ramu, suggested to Mamaji, that if he wants she can massage his legs for him. Mamaji, hesitated then agreed. Renu went out got some oil, and then very symbolically, closed and locked the door. Mamaji’s cock by now was stiff and making a tent under his lungi.

Renu sat near his legs, and asked him to turn over. Then she started massaging his legs, gradually moving the lungi higher, to have access to his knees and thighs. Asking Mamaji to spread his legs, Renu moved progressively higher, until her hands were just under his ass, and she could see his balls squeezed under his body. By now both were trembling, and they knew they had crossed the point of return. Renu boldly moved the lungi further up, so Mamaji’s full ass could be seen, and then poured oil right in between his ass cheeks and then massaged his ass, and also reached down to between his legs, massaging all over in a hot sensual manner. After massaging his behind, in a trembling voice she asked Mamaji to turn over. Mamaji protested again for a moment, but then when asked again turned around. Renu has the first look at his thick cock standing straight up, and being barely covered by the lungi.

This time Renu didn’t waste any time and straight moved to caressing his balls, and then finally grabbed Mamaji’s throbbing thick cock. As she grabbed his lund in her hands, both of them felt all inhibitions go away. Mamaji took her and helped her squeeze his lund and then reached out to squeeze her boobs. Soon he was helping her take off her blouse and bra, her sari, petticoat and panty. Renu then proceeded to have the best sex of her life. Mamaji turned out to be a very strong and experienced lover. He made her sit up and then fucked her mouth with his cock. He licked her cunt. He lifted her legs, and thrust while standing at the edge of the bed. He made her sit on top and ride his cock, while he thrust up into her cunt. Renu came multiple times, but Mamaji was talking dirty, and still having the stamina to keep fucking her burning cunt. Finally calling her a ‘randi’ and telling her he was going to keep fucking her for ever, he released his big load into her waiting hot pussy.
The whole day, was spent with Renu in and out of Mamaji’s bed. They took a break for lunch. But rest of time Mamaji, kept her with him. He even made her suck his cock in the living room also. While he was watching TV, he lifted his lungi, and made her kneel in between and suck his cock, with the lungi over Renu’s head. When he was hard, he made her sit on his lap, and rub his cock on her pussy. He fucked her 3 times during the day, leaving Renu a very satisfied woman, when I finally came home.

In the evening, they acted as everything was normal. Only when we went into the bedroom, did Renu narrate to me what happened, while making me lick Mamaji’s cum from her pussy.

Mamaji stayed over for an extra 2 days, enjoying this young horny slut, who was supposed to be his ‘bahu’. The would wait for me to leave, and then send Ramu out, and frolick all day. Renu did a lot of new things with Mamaji, including putting honey on her pussy for him to lick, or putting cream on his cock to suck. On the final night, Renu convinced Mamaji that it was safe for he to come to his room after I was asleep. As she creeped into his room, I watched through a hole we had made from one of the side windows. I finally saw what I was hearing about for the last 3 days. Mamaji fucked her hard and mercilessly, in different positions. I squeezed my cock, until my cum flowed out. And even after that watch mesmerized as Renu got the fucking of her life.

In the morning, Renu offered to drop him to the station. They took a auto, and Renu told me in the evening, how he kept her hand on his cock the whole way, and kept telling her that she should come to Kolkatta, and he would really satisfy her when she was there. That evening, as I fingered Renu to another orgasm, Renu was already missing Mamaji, and begging me to let her go to Kolkatta.
Renu's sexual experience with Balram mamaji had a profound impact on Renu's blossoming Sexual Evolution. As she lay down that night fingering her pussy, she felt much more sexually liberated. Though the first experience with Ramu had been very satisfactory, and Sanjay was obviously supporting her sexual adventures, the sex with Mamaji evoked a much higher level of freedom in her. She found herself thinking constantly of Mamaji, of how he would lift his lungi and push her head onto his cock, while he watched TV, or how he lifted both her legs on the edge of the bed and pounded his lund into her pussy, opening to her many new experiences.

Next morning was a long awaited sexual reunion with Ramu and Sanjay. Without the presence of Mamaji, the three of them were able to have hot uninhibited sez. Renu's pussy was burning hot as she had spent the night thinking about Mamaji. When Ramu came in with the bed tea, Renu was lying with her legs spread fingering her pussy, nightgown upto her breasts. Ramu's lund made an instant tent inside his lungi, and as he approached Renu, she quickly lifted the lungi, and took his black long lund into her mouth. The next hour was spent getting pounded by Ramu, while Sanjay stayed more or less in the background. She did suck Sanjay off as Ramu was pounding her pussy, to give him his relief. And when Ramu filled her pussy with his hot semen, she made Sanjay kneel between her legs and lick out Ramu's cum mixed with her own love juice.
Over the next few weeks Renu found herself constantly looking for the next partner. Although Ramu and Sanjay did their best to satisfy her, Renu began to miss the thrill and excitement of getting fucked by someone new, and also her pussy longed to get filled by Balram Mama again.

One afternoon about 3 weeks later, Renu found herself feeling unwell. Thinking she was just tired, she went to bed early, telling Sanjay she would be fine by morning. However in the morning Sanjay found that her forehead was hot, and when he checked her temperature it was at 99.5 degrees. Sanjay decided to called the family physician Dr. Gupta. He called Dr Gupta on his mobile, and explained Renu's condition. Dr Gupta was on his way to his clinic, he told Sanjay, "Sanju Beta, it must be the Viral Flu going around.". Ssanjay said " Ha Doctor Uncle, but I want you to her just to be sure. I will stay back and wait for you". Dr Gupta, sighed knowing that it was just a case of viral flu, but this was a family he had treated for 20 yrs. These thoughts running through his mind, he said " Ok Beta I will stop by in the afternoon, and give her some medicine. But Beta you don’t worry and go on to the office. "

Reassured by Dr Gupta, Sanjay left for the office, telling Renu and Ramu that the Family Doctor would be coming and to take care of him. Renu meanwhile opted to stay in bed, though she was feeling better in the morning. The usual sex session in the morning had not happened as Sanjay insisted Renu rest. As a result a horny Renu found her mind wandering to the usual sex urges, thinking of Mamaji and the excitement of a new cock. Sanjay had given Ramu strict instructions to let memsahib rest, hence she was undisturbed.
Renu found herself growing increasing horny as the morning progressed, and she was constantly massaging her pussy in her excitement. When she heard the Doorbell ring around 1:00 pm she was desperately massaging her clitoris, on the verge of a orgasm. But within moments she heard Ramu open the door to her room, and horny as she was, she had the presence of mind to throw her flimsy nightgown over her body before Dr. Gupta walked in.

Dr Gupta walked in with his Bag in his hand. Dr Gupta, was the Agarwal's family Physician for many years. He was around 52, a hale hearty fellow. a little short and bulky, with mildy thinning hair. However he was overall fit and looked in good shape. His Dark Complexioned face, lit up as he entered to the room, and saw Renu lying there on the bed. Renu was wearing a thin sleevless pink nighty, and had obviously thrown off the overs. Dr Gupta had met Renu a few times before, usually at Parties, but for the first time his mind saw her as a young ripe woman, rather than Sanju Beta's wife.

Renu was lying there eyes closed, breathing heavily, few beads of sweat on her forehead, and on the upper part of her chest. Dr Gupta took this as symptoms of the fever, while Renu was desperately trying to control her urge to stroke her pussy to the much awaited climax.
Dr Gupta walked closer to the bed, taking in Renu's beautiful sexy voluptuous body. His cock was fast hardeining in his underwear on seeing this housewife lying in such a compromising position. However, he acted professionally, approached the bed, and sat down next to Renu. Gently he shook her by the shoulders, unable to take this eyes of the generous cleavage, and the obvious absence of the bra. Gently Shaking Renu he said, "Renu Beti, get up. Look Doctor Uncle is here. Let me check your temperature ". Renu slowly opened her eyes feigning that she was just awakening from a deep sleep.

Dr Gupta took out the thermometer, and considered whether to use the mouth or armpit. As he had not really cleaned it from the clinic, he opted for the armpit. He lifted Renu's right arm to slip the thermometer, and was treated to Renu's tits showing through the sleeveless nighty. His cock was now fully erect and painful in his underwear. Dr. Gupta had some experience and affairs with older housewives and this sight drove his hormones to a sky high level. But he kept telling himself under control, constantly reminding himself that Renu was like his daughter, and he had known Sanjay for more than 20 years.

As Dr Gupta slipped the thermometer under her arm, Renu realized the view Dr Uncle was getting. However, instead of getting embarrassed, Renu;s horny mind was getting excited at the prospect of exhibiting to this matured family physician, who was like a uncle to Sanjay. Her horny pussy instantly began to moisten and warm up. Dr Gupta watched Renu's heaving breasts for about a minute, and then lifted her arm again to draw out the thermometer and in this process his eyes stole another peek at Renu's breasts.
Checking the thermometer Dr Gupta said "Are Beta, you are running a temperature of 101o . Let me check you properly". Taking his stethoscope, Dr Gupta then reached for Renu's chest Dr Gupta started the routine checkup, pounding around her chest and stomach and asking if anything hurt. By now both of them were fully aroused. Dr Gupta was losing the battle with his mind and all he could see was this horny housewife lying half naked in front. His cock was slowly moving into control by mode. Renu on the other hand found all her feeling for past few weeks come together in a rush, the desire for a new hard cock, the enjoyment from an experienced mature lover like mamaji, all these thought were being condensed into her pussy which was now slopping wet as Dr Gupta felt her body with his sthetescope.

As Dr Gupta moved his stethoscope around, both Renu and himself were now being driven by their sexual urges and had lost all their inhibitions, and the only remaining hurdle was who would make the first move. Renu, emboldened by here recent successes and almost too horny to care caught Dr Gupta's stethoscope and guided it to her tits, and said in a trembling voice "Dr Uncle, yaha dard ho raha hai (its paining here)". Dr Gupta's lund went into overdrive in his underwear as he felt Renu's naked breasts from over her nighty. Still trying to control and appear professional, he moved the scope over her breasts feeling them up, and said "Acha tab check karta hoon (Ok let me check)". He was in seventh heaven with Renu herself inviting him to feel her breasts. By this time Renu was now fully out of control. After barely a minute she took Dr Guptas other hand, and placing it on her top of her cum soaked pussy she moaned " Aur Dr Uncle yaha bhi (and here also)"
Dr Gupta twisted quickly to feel this sexy cunt. He started massaging it above Renu's Nighty, feeling the wet juices soakng all the way through. Renu moaned feeling her pussy getting the fingering it needed, and she quickly lifted her nighty above her pussy removing the frustrating layer of cloth. With a deep sigh she pushed Dr Gupta's hand directly on her naked, wet, dripping pussy, moaning aloud "Dr Uncle, thik se chek kariye na (check it properly)". Dr Gupta did not need much more of an invitation. He twisted completely and started rubbing the pussy with one hand, and used the other hand to slide two of his thick fingers into Renu's dripping pussy.

Renu cried out 'Ha Dr Uncle, aisa check kariye (yes check it like this)..OHHHH…AHHHHH….UNCLE…YAHA KA TEMPERATURE NAPIYEEEEEEEE". Dr Gupta was by now finger fucking Renu's hot moist pussy and marveling at how wet it was and at the same time how it was firm and tight. As he continued to move both fingers in an out he thought Renu meant for him to insert his Thermometer in to her pussy. Renu saw him reaching for his Thermoeter and now completely wild with lust reached her hand out, and grabbed Dr Gupta's steel heard cock over his pants and screamed "Dr Uncle…..OHHH….USSSE NAHI…ISSE NAPIYYEEE….MERRI CHOOTTT…KAAA TEMPERATURE".
Finally understanding what Renu meant, and shocked and excited by this wantonly nymphomaniac of a housewife, Dr Gupta quickly moved to remove his pants and underwear, all the time competing with Renu's hand as she kept tryiug to squeeze his cock As his boxer shorts came down, Renu had her first peek of the lund of this 52 year old family guardian of Sanjay's family.. It was very thick and black, average in length but with a huge purple head showing and was wet with precum. Renu swooned with pleasure on seeing this erect hard lund, the fourth lund in 3 weeks to be in her hand. Reaching out to stroke the wet cock with her soft white hands, she moaned…"HAA DOCTOR UNCLE…ISSE…UHHH…NAPPOO"

Dr Gupta did not need any more invitations. He swiftly climbed over Renu, his shirt still on, and sank his throbbing prick deep into Renu's waiting pussy. Both Renu and Dr Gupta moaned with pleasure as the cock first went in,and then it was a hard furious fucking as Dr Gupta pumped all his might into Renu's pussy. He lifted her legs slightly for leverage and pushed in hard, hitting the back of Renu's pussy and proceeded to thrust harder and harder, filling Renu's pussy with his black lund.

Renu was moaning and screaming, squeezing her own tits as all her sexual buildup for the last 24 hours was getting released. As DR Gupta's hard pounding continued in a relenteless rythym, Renu came first with a shattering orgasm, screaming out…"OHHHH……CHODIYE…JOR SEEEEEE" and almost immediately as her pussy muscles squeezed Dr Gupta hard cock, he lost control and came deep inside Renu's pussy, grunting loudly. Renu felt the cock swell in her pussy, and as the hot cum hit her insides like a spray jet, she felt herself reaching paraside
After a few last strokes, Dr Gupta pulled out his still erect and glistening cock. His mind was quickly coming down to earth, and the first pangs of guilt were just making their way into his brain. Renu, however demonstrated her growing evolution as she immediately pulled Dr Gupta further up, and took his cock straight into her mouth, sucking and draining all of the cum from that black shriiking lund. As Renu was wantonly sucking his now limp cock, Dr Gupta could not help marveling at how horny and hot Renu was.. She was nothing like he had ever seen or heard in his life, perhaps only someone who he would imagined in his wildest imaginations. He had had a great sex session, and though he was now feeling guilty having fucked Renu who wss like a Bahu to him, he knew that for the rest of his life he was going to be unable to resist fucking Renu every chance he got..

Guilt and sense swiftly overtaking his brain, Dr Gupta now took his totally soft lnd from Renu's mouth and wore his boxers and trousers, and also pulled Renu's cum soaked and flimsy night down to below her pussy, for some semblance of normalcy. He wrote our a prescription, both feeling a little short of words after the intense fucking. Finally he picked up his bag, and getting up said "Beti me yeh prescription Ramu ko de doonga. Tum dawai 3 din tak lena, thik ho jaoogi". Renu nodded slowly feeling exauistely satisfied and fucked. As Dr Gupta reached the door…Renu could not resist one final reference and asked cheekily "Dr Uncle to kitna temperature tha meri choot ka….". Dr Gupta was shocked and didn’t know what to say. However he was also feeling the excitement of this nubile young horny woman in his blood, so as he opened the door he looked back at Renu and said "Beti bahut garam…bahut jyada garam,lagta hai mujhe regularly check rakhna padega" and with that he walked out of the door, leaving the horn Renu reaching for her pussy again. As Renu reached into her pussy and felt Dr Gupta warm sticky cum on her fingers, she was already becoming wet again, thinking how she would make Sanjay lick every drop of his guardians smelly cum from her pussy as soon as he returned from office.