How I Milked My Mother

How I Milked My Mother

Published on: 2024-02-05 00:33:03

"Awwww! she looks so cute." my mom went all excited at once seeing my sister Radha and her little daughter entering the house.

I put the bags inside and crashed on couch tired of the cab journey from airport. My sister's husband Rahul sat beside me on couch and we started talking casually. Even though I didn't spend much time with him to know him fully, I already knew that he's friendly and unlike many son-in-laws here in our society. My sister and mom went to kitchen continuing to talk and started to prepare for lunch. Despite the fact that my sister's family lives in another state, they come visit us once in two months at least and after Shraddha's birth, my sister frequently came here and that's a huge thing for my mom obviously. It's been 7 years since our father died and since then our mom started to raise us and found a nice guy for my sister and let her settle, while I'm still in my final year of graduation.

We finish lunch and spend the day talking and playing with her daughter. She's 2 years old and the fact that my sister married at the age of 22 and gave birth to Shraddha when she was 23, is quite different from the usual. I (21) am 4 years younger than her (25), but we share a unique bond with each other, open, friendly and love each other as siblings. Even though it's just me and mom who live here during normal days, the house has two bedrooms as we get relatives often. I thought I would be sleeping along with my mom while my sister and her husband will sleep together, but to my wonder, my mom and my sister were discussing something and just told me and Rahul to sleep in one room. I found it pointless but just assumed they might be having some girl-related issues and just shrugged off.

The night goes normally and we wake up the next day early as it's a festival day, and moreover that's the main reason why they came to visit us. We finished the holy activities by mid-noon and finished with our lunch. After watching TV for a few minutes, I decided to take a small afternoon nap as I had heavy food. Both the bedrooms face each other and I walk towards my room from living room. I paused seeing the door being open slightly, but not fully. I just felt curious and peeked a bit, not too pervy or sneaky, just casually. I can see my sister's daughter in her lap and she was breastfeeding her. I felt a bit weird at first, but then my eyes are locked at her partially visible breasts and my mom is in front of her, talking to her casually as if everything is normal. Maybe for them, its common, but I found it weirdly turning me on as I perv on my sister breastfeeding.

I can notice that her breasts are average sized, fair skintone and they look so beautiful that I kept looking at them from distant, by keeping another eye on my room to see if Rahul comes out at any time. I started to find it a bit embarrassing to do this and morally wrong at same time, and decided to wipe it off of my brain. Just as I'm about to turn around and about to leave, I widen my eyes seeing my sister handing the baby to my mom so that she can breastfeed. I had very little knowledge about these women things I assumed that women of my mom's age don't usually breastfeed, but to my wonder, despite her being 48 years old, it seems that my mom can actually breastfeed.

The angle at my mother is a bit difficult to get a full glimpse of her breasts, but I can get a clear view of her sideboob as she is in her nightdress. I know that I'm doing the worst thing any son or brother can do, but I can't turn around now, not after I can see my mom's voluptuous breasts producing milk. Her veiny breasts are so soft that even by looking from distance, I can say that they're comfy. I started to get weird thoughts like I once was between them, sucking milk out of those breasts and it's giving me an instant hard-on. Soon, she shifted to her other breast and covered her right side, so I couldn't get any view now and my sister already covered her breasts. They continued to talk about casual things which I gave 0 fucks about as I was getting a free view of two pairs of milk filled breasts.

I turn around, pressing my hard dick in my boxers with my hand trying to soften it and walks towards my room with full of horny thoughts and regret at a time. I couldn't sleep with those thoughts and the whole evening went in the same mood. I spent my night wondering why my sister would want my mother to breastfeed her daughter.

"Isn't her milk enough?"

"Or is it too low?"

"And my mother being 48 years old, how much does she produce and on top of all these, how does it taste?"


"Or a bit sour?"

"Or plain?"

"Is it sexual for women?"

"Does Rahul suck on my sister's breasts during sex?"

"How do they even do sex when she leaks milk from her breasts?"

I know that my conservative past can't answer even one of these questions and I can't ask anyone else either as all these questions are considered as taboo in our culture. I kept rolling on either side on my bed and finally slept.

As I woke up the next day, I realized that I had wet dreams in my sleep and there are cum stains on my boxer. I shook my head with embarrassment and went to bathroom to clean and have a shower as I know that we'd be going to temple today. All of us get ready for the journey as it takes 3 hours to travel there in car. Rahul insisted on driving and my mom suggested me to sit beside him while the rest three including her sit in the backseat. I just nodded and sat accordingly and we started the journey. Shraddha talks a bit too much but it's cute given her age and that obviously keeps us out from being bored in 3 hours journey.

As I look in the mirror, I can notice my mom in a red saree with a red and golden blouse and my sister in green saree. My eyes quickly went down towards their breasts and I can clearly see the difference between their sizes. My sister's average breasts aren't that visible from my view but my mom's breasts are being perfectly showcased through her tight blouse. It feels as if they are begging to be popped out if given a chance, and my cock is telling my brain to grab that chance as soon as possible. I started to have a bulge, but it's getting uncomfortable as I'm sitting beside Rahul. It seems that we're halfway through the journey and three of them kept talking about family and relatives stuff.

I turned around, "Maa, can I sleep in the backseat? I feel sleepy and it's not that comfy here" I say looking at my sister and mom.

"Shraddha might feel sleepy sooner?" my mom asks looking at my sister as that would be a problem for her to sleep in front seat.

"I don't think so, she might sleep on her return way." my sister replied brushing Shraddha's hair playfully.

"Eh, come here and sleep, I'll sit in the front seat. Rahul, try to stop the car by the side for a while." she says simply looking at us.

Rahul nodded and stopped the car and I shifted to the backseat, beside my mom and my sister went to the front seat. I tried to fold my legs and bend my body to fit myself in the back seat in a sleeping position, but it isn't long enough so I just naturally put my head in my mom's lap. This isn't the first time I'm sleeping in my mom's lap even though I'm 21 years old, but today, it completely feels different. After what happened yesterday, I couldn't see my mom and sister in the same way, especially my mom. I turned around so that I face her belly and acted as if I'm trying to sleep.

Since I'm not too lengthy, it felt comfortable in that position and Shraddha stood in middle of car looking frontside. My mom's dense perfume smell filled my whole face as if it's some poison and I snuggled further to bury my face in her lap. Right above my head, I can notice my mom's breasts tightly fitted in her blouse. For a moment, I felt like lifting my head a tad bit and suck the milk out of her voluptuous engorged veiny breasts, but all I can do is to perv on them. My face is partially touching my mom's bare belly skin as her saree pallu slid a bit aside and I noticed her belly button too, but it's all hazy as I'm too up-close to see anything clearly.

A few minutes later, I turned my head up to face her face and now her breasts are right up my face, just a few inches distant. They're too busty that I can't even see her face from the bottom angle. As I continued to look at them, I started to observe some wet patches around her nipples part, but they're small patches. Soon, they started to get a bit bigger and more visible and I can see my mom's inconvenience. I thought they would take care of such things as it's common for them, but didn't understand why my mom didn't. A few minutes later, we reach the temple and my mom quickly got down and walked towards my sister.

"Rahul, we'll use toilet and meanwhile take the tickets at the counter?" my sister asks her husband as if she already knows about what happened to my mom.

"Yeah, I, Shraddha and Karthik will be at the counter. Try to be quick honey." he says simply and takes Shraddha in his arms and walks towards counters.

I followed him and after a few minutes saw my mom and sister coming back. We finish the darshan in an hour or so and come out of the temple and walk towards the car after sitting for a while in temple.

"You have the bottle right?" my mom asks my sister as we reach the car and it's already 2 PM.

"Yeah and it will be enough for now I guess." my sister says checking her handbag and taking a bottle of milk out.

I assumed it might be her or my mom's milk squeezed out already so that they don't need to do it in middle of journey. I started having doubts about this again as we started to travel back home. I couldn't sit in back seat again as my sister sat along with Shraddha because there is a possibility that she can fall asleep.

"Can they mix each other's milk in one bottle and feed it later? Does it taste different if we suck it from breasts compared to drinking it from stored bottle? Does the milk start leaking out involuntarily or only when sucked on?" I started thinking about these doubts to myself.

We reached home after a few hours and all of us are tired that each of us crashed on bed as soon as we reached home. We just slept delaying all other works for that moment and sleep for a few hours. The night goes normally and my curiosity is making me even hornier with time and my way of looking at my mom has completely changed now.

The next day morning, I realize that my sister and her family leaves today and felt a bit sad about it as usual. I drop them off at the train station and returns home for lunch, and it was a bit sad seeing my sister leave everytime. I find it exciting for some reason realizing that it's just me and mom from today again. Even though that's how we've been living for the past 5 years, things from today won't be same. I noticed her in a white sleeveless loose nightdress which showcases her round soft breasts. We started to have lunch and I glued my eyes looking at her sitting in front of me and raising her hands to tie her black silky hair. Her shaved damp armpits are quite visible and a bit of her side cleavage as she turned towards the TV. That's the best sight I ever had at anyone's armpits and they look so beautiful.

I cursed myself for looking at her like this, but on other hand, cursed myself for not looking at her like this for the past few years. All I ever saw in my mom so far are just her beautiful facial features, shaped eyebrows, thin lips and a beautiful smile. She is a low-key modern mom when it comes to dressing and make-up and fitness, but the same conservative mom when it comes to parenting. She isn't fat, but not lean either. She gets up from her chair and walks towards TV to grab the remote from table. Her ass swaying as she walks in front of me, showing the curves at the right places, she is more of what I see in porn usually as MILF. More like THICC CURVY MILF. We continued to have lunch and I desperately waited for a moment where I can see her armpits again, or maybe a chance where I can see her naked fully, at least once.

She went to bath at evening and returned from bath while I am sitting in living room watching TV. There are two bathrooms, one is between the two rooms and one is attached the larger bedroom. We usually use the common one for bathing, and I can get a view of her from the living room. Her wet body covered with towel and she walks to the room and slams the door behind her. Even though it's just a one second view, I felt so turned on imagining her naked fully. I can't believe I ignored these many chances to acknowledge her beauty these many days. She returns in another sleeveless nightdress tying her hair, maybe just so that I can get view of her body once. We finish dinner and head to bed as usual, but in same room like the usual. I just am in my thigh high blue boxers and blue t-shirt.

"Ugh why is it so hot?" I sigh and look at the ceiling fan and remove my shirt as I'm usually shirtless at home.

"Eh, turn on the AC. For a few minutes maybe, and then turn it off before sleeping." she says shrugging off and starts playing some mobile games lying on her belly.

"Yeah, by the way, I felt like asking Radha to stay here with us for a few days. I mean its holidays for me too, so ..." I say looking at my mom.

"Yeah I thought the same and asked her yesterday, but she is supposed to consult a doctor it seems." she replied continuing to play in phone without looking at me.

"Eh what? Why? I mean is one of them sick?" I ask curiously.

"Not really. Well I mean she has to consult the doctor for many other reasons as well." she replies.

"Like what?" I ask furrowing my brows.

"Like because of Shraddha and some other things." she replies.

"Well can't she consult someone here? I can take her to doctor whenever she wants and she can spend some time with you too." I ask shrugging off.

"Yeah, but not all doctors are specialized in dealing with post-pregnancy stuff for women though." she replies.

"What does that mean POST-PREGNANCY-STUFF?" I ask acting curiously even though I kind of get what it means just by the name. "Like why is it so special?" I add quickly.

"Like you know, a woman would go through some major changes after her pregnancy and Radha did too." She replies with a pause in middle.

"Like what stuff?" I ask again pressing it.

"Ugh those are girl-related things, and you won't get them now." she says with a soft sigh tired of my questions.

That is not an unexpected reply from an Indian mom even though my mom is somewhat modern type, so I didn't mind it much.

"Eh, I'd get married after a few years too, so I would be knowing it right?" I ask straight forward.

"Ohhh that's so thoughtful of you my son." she says turning her head towards me sarcastically.

"Ugh just tell me? Like what stuff are you referring about? Weight? Fat? Or Milk?" I blurt out a few things that I know of.

"Basically yeah, but she haven't had much problems with weight and fat anyway." she says shrugging off and continue to play game.

"So there is a problem with milk?" I ask and felt a bit weird instantly for asking that.

She turned towards me again slowly looking at me curiously, "Well yeah. She seems to be having problems with producing milk since a few months, so took an appointment next week with some reputational doctor." she explains simply without any hesitation.

"Oh right... So how was she able to feed Shraddha these many days then?" I ask softly but maintaining the curiosity even though I know the answer already.

She looks a bit intimidated already by the questions, but didn't show it out much, "She tried some medication, they didn't work that much, but better than the usual situation." She replies.

"Hmm." I say acting a nod, "Wait, how long can a woman breastfeed? Like she can breastfeed for her lifetime?" I ask quickly without breaking the flow of direction.

"Why are you getting all these doubts at once?" she asks with a chuckle hearing my flow of questions.

"Eh like I said, I got curious about this at once." I say shrugging off.

"Ok yeah a woman can lactate until she reaches her menopause and then chances will be less that she can produce milk." she says simply.

Even though we three were open in family matters, I never had this sort of discussion with my mom or my sister, but I'm excited that my mom isn't backing out when asked about these.

"Hmm interesting!" I say nodding.

"Wait, what about you? That means you can lactate too?" I ask suddenly but felt like it was too straight forward and regretted instantly.

"What?" she kind of screamed suddenly turning around towards me.

"Why are you curious about your mom's ability of lactating?" she asks in return.

"Ugh it's just a question out of curiosity mom." I say acting a bit down for her response.

"Well, I haven't reached my menopause yet, so yes, I can." she says with a bit of pause.

"Then why couldn't you help feed Shraddha and ask Radha to stay here with us?" I ask as if it's an obvious option.

"That's what we did for a few days, but it's not suggestable to rely on others to breastfeed like that." she says simply.

"Oh right!" I say nodding and grinning inside as now I reached the checkpoint to make her accept about the breastfeeding.

"So you are able to produce more than her?" I ask curiously.

I continuously feel cringe on one side as I'm literally asking my mom about silly stuff related to her and my sister, but it's turning me on too. I wonder how she feels when explaining these to her son.

"That..." she pauses realizing that it's going deeper into the topic.

"Yeah kind of." She finishes the sentence but clear from her expressions that she is holding back something.

I felt it's too much for a night's discussion already and just nodded and lied on my side of bed to sleep. She kept her phone aside and pulled her sheets to sleep and I turned off the lights. I never had any inconvenience sleeping and living in same room with my mom and most of the times, I cuddle her hand to sleep peacefully. As time passed, I couldn't sleep and kept rolling on bed and a few hours later, I can hear my mom snoring heavily in sleep. I slowly slide my body towards her and wrap my hand around her waist gently so that she won't wake up. The silky nightdress material makes my work easier and she is facing me in sleep too, so I brought my face closer to hers but kept it a bit down at her neck. She doesn't seem to be on any perfume, I can low-key feel her body smell from her armpits and that made me even hornier for some reason.

I place my leg slowly on her thighs and hold her back tightly with my hand and slowly bury my head between her breasts as if I'm nudging myself to feel comfy and it's not new for us to do that, but surely it's new for me the way I look at it. I can't even find my own pillow as comfy as her two soft breasts. My hands are low-key shaking and eager to grab or do something and I just started to slide my right hand on her back towards her plump ass. Maybe it's because of the material or maybe it's because of her skin itself, it feels so soft today.

As soon as I place my hand on her ass, she gets her senses slightly and moans a bit trying to adjust herself on bed. My body freezes the next moment she made the slightest move and closed my eyes fully. A few minutes later, she started snoring again and I pulled her hand onto my shirtless body so that we're in a hugging position and I can feel her armpits better now. A few moments later, I can feel some wetness on my nose and I can sniff that her smell is changing too. I slowly pulled myself a bit away from her to see about it and can see a hazy wet patch on her nightdress around her nipples again. I can't believe that she's oozing milk out again and that too without anyone sucking her breasts. My tongue eagerly stuck out and slowly moved forward to lick that wet patch at least once. The moment my tongue touched and made a small lick on her dress, she jerked a bit and woke up in half sleep and pulled herself away from her.

I became motionless for a moment and my heart started beating twice as much and just continued to close my eyes as if I'm fully asleep if not for dead already. She wipes her eyes and rubs her areolas with her hands to notice that she's leaking milk again. She sighs and walks towards bathroom staggering and I let out a soft sigh of relief as she didn't doubt anything. I still feel my heart racing and adjusted myself on bed and it took her nearly 15-20 minutes to come out of bathroom. She simply returned and slept beside me but facing the other side and I felt that it's too risky and not worth the risk either in that position, so I turned around and tried to sleep but still can't. I feel like masturbating and slowly dropped my boxers while looking at her. The moonlight from the window makes it a bit visible inside the room even in midnight. I can see her nightdress contracting between her ass cheeks and her curvy waist lying beside me flawless. I slowly dropped my left hand on her waist as if I'm in middle of sleep and started to masturbate a bit eagerly.

This is the first time I ever did something like this during masturbation, but the result is a bit huge load of cum, compared to my usual quantity. I wiped it off with some tissue from table and slept peacefully for the night.

The next day went normally and I got many chances to stare at her flawless body and I feel like I'm spending my whole day trying to perv on my own mom, but she's totally worth it at this moment. We finish dinner and head to bed as usual.

"Oye, let's play chess or something?" I ask suggestively and I address her in many ways usually.

"Hmm ok, bring it." she says simply with her cute smile and lied on bed.

I bring the chess board and place it between us and sit facing her and start the game. She lied in front of me so that it would be more comfy, but now I can see her deep cleavage as she didn't care to cover it or anything. Her huge breasts are almost popping out and as if she held them together, making a passage in between them. As we're in the middle of game, I can notice that both of us are equally intrigued in it, and her more as she is a better player than me. She got up and sat quickly as the game started to become interesting. Suddenly I notice thin wet patches on her nightdress again and within a minute, they started to get dense but she's too involved in the game to notice this.

"Uhm mom, are you..." I pause blinking my eyes, "are you leaking milk?" I ask looking at her breasts but trying to look at eyes quickly.

"Ugh fuck! Not again." she says with a sigh pulling her nightdress and checking the patches.

"Wait, this happens to you daily?" I ask curiously.

She looks at me furrowing her brows, "Yes." she just replies in a low-key cold manner.

"Then why didn't you take care of it these many years?" I ask concerned about it.

She chuckled softly hearing that, "These many years? This started to happen since a few days back that's all, so I thought it'll be normal again after a few days." she says shrugging off shaking her nightdress slightly.

"Well I mean what are you doing when that happens?" I ask in return.

"Uhm I try to squeeze the milk out manually?" she says with a bit of embarrassment and gets up to walk towards bathroom.

"Manually? As in squeeze them with your own hands?" I ask curiously.

"Of course, what else do you expect?" she says leaving the room to bathroom.

I felt like a retard to ask such dumb questions and ruin my chance to take advantage of the situation. I waited for 15 more minutes and she returned with a new nightdress and sat on bed and sigh with relief.

"Uhm mom, I don't know if I can say this, but do tell me if you need any help." I say stuttering and acting a bit naïve and actually concerned rather than coming out desperate.

She furrows her brows hearing that, "What do you mean by help?" she asks to confirm.

"Well you know, if you ever feel like... using an extra hand..." I say staggering and beating around the bush.

"I don't think so anyway." She says coldly and straight forward.

"Ahh ok! Just felt like asking openly." I say shrugging off but regretted asking that.

"Yeah, let's sleep? I'm in no mood to continue the game." she says simply and pulls her sheets off and waits for me to turn the lights off.

I turn the lights off and assumed it might be risky tonight to do anything, so I maintained my distance and just masturbated imagining her. The next day is going normally and she is in kitchen preparing lunch while I'm in living room watching TV. I hear a small scream suddenly from kitchen and quickly run towards her and notice that she cut her finger while cutting vegetables.

"Oh fuck, wait lemme bring the first aid." I say and quickly runs to bring the first aid box.

I make the bandage and let the blood clot at the surface and tell her to take some rest and I'd order something for lunch and dinner too. She nods and walks to bedroom to sleep for a while. We finish lunch and she manages eating with a spoon and she cut her left finger anyway. We head to bed after our dinner and as soon as I slept on bed and looked at her, I can see slight wet patches on her breasts.

"Mom you're having them again... what the hell, we should do something about them." I say acting concerned about it.

She looks down to her breasts and rolls her eyes noticing it, "Well my hand isn't good, so I guess I have to postpone the milking." she says shrugging off and lies on her side of bed.

"What? What do you mean by postpone? Would you be leaking milk for the next week like that?" I ask sternly.

"Well what am I supposed to do? I can't squeeze them fully with one hand." she says in return.

"But I can do it with my two hands." I say sternly.

"What? You're gonna squeeze milk out of my breasts? Ughh!" she says with a sigh and embarrassment.

"Yeah! I mean I know that it's weird and all, but come on, it will be between us and that too I'm doing it for you." I say with a convincing voice.

"Are you really serious about it?" she asks with same embarrassment.

"Yes, I can't let you be like that for a week because of one finger injury." I say shrugging off.

"Uhm I don't know, it feels wrong to even think about it." she says thinking about it.

"Well I mean I once touched them and milked them, so it isn't that wrong you know?" I say with a slight smile.

"Ugh shut up!" she says chuckling hearing that.

"Ok fine, but never ever say this to anyone else. Not even to Radha." she says sternly.

I feel like I've already won just by hearing that. "Of course, you bet. This stays between us. I promise." I say assuring her fully.

"Wait, do we need to do it in bathroom? Or here?" I ask curiously.

"Don't you think it would be a bit weird in bathroom together? Just bring a vessel and do it here and get on with it quickly. I'm already embarrassed enough." she says with a sigh.

I nodded quickly and felt as if each second I delay, the chances of her changing her mind are high and quickly went to kitchen and brought a vessel and placed it on bed in front of her. I eagerly jumped on to bed and looked at her with wide eyes waiting for her instructions.

"Ugh ok look, it's already weird, so don't make it weirder. Just squeeze the milk simply and collect it in vessel and dispose of it and let's assume that it never happened and sleep." she says swiftly and that kind of discourages me, but I just nodded simply.

"Yes, should I get behind you? Or beside you?" I ask curiously.

"Get behind me, I can't look at you when you do it." she says shaking her head.

I nod and hop behind her and sit on my knees so that I can look down at her while I do it while she sits folding her knees and takes a deep breath before unzipping her nightdress slightly to reveal her breasts. I never felt that nervous for any reveal and in front of my eyes, her left breast popped out from the dress. She held it with her hand and just by looking I can feel the heaviness of it. I place the vessel in front of her left breast and bend slightly to put my face on her shoulders and hold her soft left breast as carefully as she did and it's melting like butter.

Her brownish black areolas are more beautiful than my sister's because these are widespread. As soon as I start to squeeze them, the first few streams of milk spurt out quickly and sprinkled across the bed in front of her. I stopped quickly as she sighed seeing that.

"Concentrate, don't ruin the bed." she says sternly and closes her eyes.

I nod and squeeze it slowly to make the flow a bit more controlled, yet to fail nonetheless. The milk continued to spray uncontrollably wetting the bed slightly in front of us. My hands started to get a bit wet with the milk and her heavy veiny engorged breasts started to get shiny and less heavy as the milk started to fill the vessel. Within a few minutes, I am able to squeeze the most out of left breast and now the flow is very low. I took my hands off of her breast so that I can continue with her other one. As she put her left one inside and takes the right one outside, I licked my fingers to taste the milk, but I felt like I tasted my fingers more than the milk's taste.

I hopped in front of her, "Wait, look at all this... I have a better idea to do this." I say looking at her.

"What is that?" she asks irritated.

"How about you look up or close your eyes, and I lie in your lap to squeeze the milk, but with my mouth." I suggest with a smile.

"Oh hell no, no way that you're gonna drink my milk from my breasts directly again. The very thought feels so wrong." she says sternly without a second thought.

I sigh hearing that, "Oh come on... it's not like I'm an outsider right? And I'm just trying to help you by being a good son. Imagine cleaning the stains out of these sheets and all." I whine quickly.

"Ok this is getting hard and complicated. I don't think I can do any of this." she says shaking her head.

"Ugh. We agreed that we don't tell anyone about this? Why do you talk as if I'm doing these with some other intention?" I ask in a low voice wontedly.

Her expression changes for a moment seeing me asking like that, "I don't know honey, it just feels wrong." she says still holding her breast with her hand and in a dilemma whether to keep it inside or not.

"I don't care about what others say as right or wrong. Do you really think me drinking milk from your breasts is a wrong thing?" I ask straight forward looking at her.

She pauses and thinks for a while, "I... just don't know what to say anymore honey." she replied in a weak voice.

That voice is a chance for me to take advantage and no way to lose it again, "Alright that's it, stop worrying about society norms, if you really feel like it's wrong or if you don't like feeding your son, just tell me." I say sternly and started dragging the vessel away from her and slowly put my head in her lap while she is still in emotional and ethical dilemma.

She is clearly unable to stop me from doing that and just kept silent as I took her breast in my hands and pulled it towards my face. It's like her breast landed on my face fully, weighing heavy full of milk, waiting to be emptied by me. Without a second thought, my lips latched around her brown areola and started to suck the milk eagerly. The first stream as usual was strong enough to fill my mouth and it took me a few gulps until I suck more from her breast and some of the milk started to ooze out of my mouth too. I can feel how her body responds when I do it, especially her soft moans. I tilted my face slightly just to see her biting her lip and closing eyes and her right hand started to brush my hair as if she's really breastfeeding me.

I wrapped my other hand around her back waist and continued to suck her breasts until they're almost empty too. Even after finishing the sucking, she is still in that trance state, and I assumed it's because of the lack of a male touch for 7-8 years. I don't wish to leave her lap either, but she snapped out of it after a few seconds and held her breasts gently and pushed it inside again and looked at me as a gesture to get away from her lap. I simply lie on bed from her lap looking at her without saying anything.

"Well, that was as sweet as you mom." I say with a smile looking at her eyes.

I can notice the emotional look in her eyes as a response and she just smiled softly, but genuinely looking at me.

"So see, that's not actually as weird as you were afraid of! A few more times, and we'll be used to it." I say joyfully getting up and grabbing the vessel to dispose the milk.

"Yeah we'll see." she says calmly, but I would obviously consider that a positive sign given her expressions and voice.

I dispose the milk and come to bed and lie close to her, cuddling her tightly by pressing my face at her breasts even though she is awake.

"I just can't see you suffering because you still have me mom." I say even though that's becoming a bit too much.

But I know that she's usually a sucker for those words. As I expected, she kisses on my forehead and pulls me closer in her embrace and I turn off the light. That can be considered as the best night in my life, where I literally caressed her breasts tightly for the whole night and had my hard-on for full night.

The next morning I wake up and she's still asleep beside me. I desperately feel like pushing things up a bit and slowly pulled her zip down to let those tensed breasts free and they popped out freely. I raise her arm slowly to expose her armpit and to give me better access for her breasts. She seems to be still in a bit of deep sleep, and her body smell is hitting my face slightly making me lose control. I slowly started to make circles around her areolas with my tongue gently. Her body started to respond as she started to move involuntarily and moan slightly in sleep.

Within a few seconds, I can feel milk on my tongue as I latched my lips and started to suck them gently. The movements are getting intense and she is about to wake up, and I quickly turned her on her back so that her breasts are even more free now and I have complete access to them with her both arms raised and zipper pulled down until her ribs.

She opens her fully, just to notice her own son resting on her nipples sucking milk early morning while she's half naked on bed with him. She furrowed her brows seeing me like that and quickly pushed me away.

"I thought if I do it twice a day, you would feel much better mom... and moreover I needed this early in the morning too." I say shrugging off but boldly.

"What do you mean? This is not what we agreed upon." she says lowering her voice, remembering how good it felt when I milked her.

"Well I agreed upon the fact that we're gonna help each other. And I think I'm fulfilling both." I say shrugging off and crawling towards her slowly and resting my head in her lap gently.

"Come on mom, don't tell me you didn't love it too." I say in a low-key cheesy way holding her hands and loosening them gently. Her hands started to go loose on the hold of her nightdress.

"It's not just about that honey....I mean..." she pauses as she's unsure of anything now.

"Shhh, now let go of those and free your arms." I say parting her arms and pulling the zip down again and fully sliding the nightdress top off of her upper body, revealing her massive jugs finally.

"I love them you know? They're as huge as your heart and your milk is as sweet as you." I say looking up at her eyes as I start to suckle on her tits again but this time even wilder, and the purpose does change now.

She knows that it's not just about helping her anymore, and she can't herself but to give in to my touches on her body. I had my morning milk, more than what I usually have at mornings, and this is sweeter than them, and filled with love as well. She still sits there speechless, but surely enjoyed it fully. I started to make it more of a usual thing between us by doing it whenever I feel like it. If we're watching TV, I feel like having milk, I'd instantly suck on her tits and she even stopped objecting now. I started to cuddle her every night, closer, tighter, sometimes bury my face between her huge bare breasts. I love how natural she smells without any perfume, but obviously I can't tell her about these.

The one thing I didn't do so far, is to get her fully naked. It was just naked for the top part and as days passed, I'm getting bored of just sucking on her breasts even though they're as beautiful as the first day. I started to think of ways to get her naked and to fully claim her as my woman by nutting inside her. She became softer after these, but more loving and calm and less objections. The way her body responds to my touches is the only boost for me to take my next step.

It's been 3 months since I started to have this special dynamic with my mom. Some might say it's weird, some would say it's downright incest and against our tradition and a crime blah blah, given the Indian societal aspect. Little do they acknowledge the pleasure I'd get from my mum, way far better than the pleasure I'd get from any girl, and I didn't even go to the extent of looking her fully naked yet. I have been making my moves to finally go between her legs, exactly where I came from, but her moral defences are stronger than my kinky will. However I managed to maintain the milking relationship with her, for 3 months straight, 2 times a day, with her being semi naked throughout the milking sessions, with me lying in her lap, latching my lips around her areolas, looking up her bland face, emotionless, dilemmatic, guilt, low-key pleasure.

I must say her areolas became wider with the constant sucking for 3 months, they're coin sized now, dark brown, patching her voluptuous squishy breasts, and they aren't even saggy like the western milfs' breasts I usually see in porn videos, they're firm but soft, filled with milk. However, lately I have been observing her milk reserves seem to be getting empty. I couldn't get more milk like I used to get from her tanks and these days, the sessions would end within 8-10 minutes even before I could actually fill my mouth. They used to last 20-30 minutes before, and excess milk dripping occasionally in middle of sessions from my mouth, those were the days. And just as the milk production started to reduce, her necessity to let me milk her started to reduce too. I had this leverage on her and now, it's diminishing with her milk production. I couldn't sleep at nights as I'd fill my thoughts with how to take next step in this weird yet beautiful relationship with my mother.

And this night isn't any different either, she just looked at the wall, with a disinterested face while I suck her breasts until I could get the last drop of milk out of those tanks. She used to run her fingers through my hair but now, it's just nothing.

After a 10 minutes session, she covered her breasts with her white nightie and tried to sleep while I switched off the lights and start to stare at ceiling thinking of my next moves. My tendency towards her touch is growing day by day and I couldn't just suppress it by masturbating in bathroom thinking of her. No, I need her actual touch, her soft motherly hands smothering my chest hair, her mature body caressing with mine, becoming one, just like 21 years ago when I was her.

Finally, I decide to do something about it other than fantasizing about it for too long, at least do something before the milk reserves get exhausted. I slowly slide towards her, she's sleeping on her side, facing me with one hand folded and under her head, while the other hand aligning with her body on her waist. Slowly, my shaking hands slide by the gap between her curvy waist and her straight arm, sliding further towards her back. The nightie is loose enough for her to wake up just because of this small touch, but the experience is warm enough for me to get a hard-on just by touching her clothed curvy waist. One thing I know for sure already is that I need to make my moves slowly and wisely. As much as a cow she had become for past 3 months, she wasn't a submissive woman type who would just spread her legs for her son just because his hormones are raging.

However, she is a slave for emotions, just like any other Indian mom, or any mother for that matter. And as I slow down my moves and decide to stay in this position for a while and then proceed, I start to think of the emotional aspect and how can I capitalise that in this relationship. Emotional approach should have been my first move, not this blind I LAY HANDS ON YOU, THEN YOU WRAP LEGS AROUND MY COCK kind of approach, but her skin is too warm and soft to let go of at this moment. And as usual, my cock brings out the worst of my thinking abilities and I keep sliding further towards her until my face is just at her chin and neck, my chest just below her breasts, my hand wrapped around her curve like a snake to a tree, my legs waiting for the warmth being provided by her.

My breaths are directly hitting her bare neck, her breaths are hitting my forehead forming a cloud around me, her body odour filling the environment around me. As much as weird or gross it may sound, I must say that her body odour is just unique and it turns me on to the greatest extent. Especially her shaved armpits, and the musky odour when they're damp or when they sweat, I used to love it during the morning steamy milking sessions with her when she used to be sweaty with house work and I proceed to milk her while keeping my head just beneath her breasts and armpits. And now I can feel it even closer, and even straighter on my face directly. I just take a deep sniff closing my eyes even though it's pitch black already, my face slowly pressing further to her body, my nose and lips going towards her neck and her nightie buttons. Her breasts press against my upper chests, just like two milk filled soft pillows.

My dry lips gently touch her neck and I am careful enough to stuff my cock between my stiff legs so that she won't wake up with something poking her thighs in her sleep. One step from here would definitely wake her up and I can't hold on but to take that step. I slowly smooch her neck and blow my warm breath at her upper breasts, and no woman would ignore this feeling, even in her sleep. And my mom is no exception for this either.

She opens her eyes quickly, her mind still in half sleep, but her Indian motherly instincts up and defensive already, pushing me away from her. She turns on the light quickly and sits on the bed holding her nightie and covering her neck and breasts. "Karthik! What were you doing?" She asks furrowing her brows looking fiercely at me.

She looks completely different now compared to how she looks during our milking sessions. Like a raging bull rather than a submissive cow. "Uhm nothing mom, I was just having a bad dream and I just felt like being closer to you." I stammer and my worse acting skills must go without saying.

She closes her eyes as if she completely understands where this is going and where this is coming from too, holding her forehead with her palm and looking down at the bed with a sigh. "Karthik, this... this is just not correct." She says hopeless as she can't obviously hit her grownup son but I'm sure she would have killed if it's someone else.

"I..." I stutter unable to speak in front of her, "I swear mom, I was just having a bad dream and I felt like laying my hand on you." I repeat same thing again.

She shakes her head with a sigh and even worse, with an expression of disgust in her face as she lies down on bed covering herself with a thick blanket and turns off the light. I can't sleep, I made a mistake. I let my horniness get the worst out of me, all I had to do is to wait and get her defences loose somehow and I just made them stronger. I stare at the ceiling, hopeless, guilty, not because I have such feelings for my mom, but because I am not making the best out of those feelings.

After a sleepless night, the next day when I wake up, I notice she's not on bed. I walk towards the kitchen and notice her cooking for lunch and breakfast already and the way she handles the utensils, I can understand she's still angry at me. That's the thing with Indian moms, they handle the utensils harsher, and you can hear the sound of an aluminium or steel utensil landing on the kitchen counter, when they're angry or pissed off at someone inside the house, and in our house, it's just the two of us.

"uhm mom, should I facewash and brush my teeth so that you could finish cooking and we can finish our morning routine?" I ask wantedly even though this went without saying so far, but now I doubt my chances after what happened yesterday.

She doesn't speak, stands silent, with a steel utensil in her hand. I hear a loud smash of the utensil to the kitchen counter when she turns around gritting her teeth, fists held tightly, controlling her anger completely, staring at me. She lets out a deep breath, "What do you think of me? Like what do you think of this relationship or this house?" she asks staring at me.

I can understand what's gonna happen for the next 1 hour, the usual traditional, cultural, moral, ethical class while I'm supposed to stand in front of her. "mmm what do you mean? You're my mother and I'm just helping you out with your womanly problems?" I say still trying to act as if what happened yesterday is an ignorable thing.

"Womanly problems? What do you even know about them? You think sucking milk out of your mother's breasts is same as helping her? And don't tell me you forgot what you did yesterday night..." she confronts me straight away.

I stand speechless, I wasn't prepared for this situation, what should I do if my mom resents and confronts me for my actions? Maybe this can be a right time for my next move? Or the worst, but I hope the first option is correct. "Well I don't know much, and I started to read about them recently, right after we started this new thing in our relationship. And I started to learn a few things." I say gaining my last bit of confidence looking at her. I'm talking about womanly things with an experienced Indian mother, I might as well award myself experienced in women if I pull this off.

"And I noticed one thing that women usually go into some stage, I don't remember the name, so they go into this stage when they hit 45-50 and I remembered you in that moment, you know, I don't want you to enter that stage." I say with a shrug slyly waiting for her to believe at least some of what I said.

I can see a slight change in her expression, she seems to be thinking of what I said. "Menopause?" she prompts me the word even tho I remember the word but didn't want to make myself sound too knowledgeable just by reading two articles.

"Yeah exactly, that... They say when a woman lacks physical touch for years during their 40th decade, they usually go into menopause and will become ..." I pause a bit again, of course expecting her to fill the gaps.

"Infertile?" she asks, and her expressions are completely changed now. On one side, she's feeling a bit relieved that her son is somehow feeling concerned for her, but on the other side she's confused as of why he's talking about fertility while she's 48.

"Yes that. Infertile. And I felt bad for you, you know..." I say shrugging off.

"What? Why do you care about these things? And that too your mother's issues?" She asks doubtfully.

"Well, I don't know, but for some reason I felt a bit sad when you were feeding Radha's daughter 3 months back. And I saw the motherhood in you, I just don't know how to explain this. But you know, I thought it would make a woman happy to feel young again? And I thought, by breastfeeding or by getting pregnant or maybe by marrying again, you might feel young again." I say shrugging off saying vague lines because she's good at reading between lines anyway, just like Indian women.

"Karthik, what are you even talking about?" She asks trying to hold her chuckle as she finds it funny talking about marriage in her 50's in front of her son. Obviously the Indian roots are stronger in us, and she could never ever think of such act, especially after husband's death 7 years back.

"I mean I know that you haven't had any beautiful moments after dad died, except for Radha's marriage of course, but you know, you don't even seem that old yet, like you are really beautiful and you could still relive your younger days..." I say shrugging off but already started to feel that I'm pushing the buttons too far.

"Karthik, just stop. Don't ever think of those again and I don't want you to talk about my marriage life again." She says with a sigh, but at least she didn't beat me for what I have done yesterday. I feel ambiguous, low-key victorious, low-key guilt that I could have made this discussion more fruitful.

The day goes on silent, not much talking between us, just normal interactions. It's 9PM now and we finish dinner, come to our room to sleep, but I just can't wait to make my next moves. She lies on her tummy with her breasts hanging, almost completely visible through the wide cleavage because of her loose nightie. She adjusts herself just when I enter the room, not that they're new to me anymore anyway. I get on bed, but without sleeping beside her, I sleep perpendicularly to her, with my head landing on her curvy back, just above her juicy plump butt.

"Karthik, sleep normally, you are just increasing my backpain by sleeping there." She says a bit stern but not angrily.

Without replying anything, I lie beside her, a bit closer to her, on my back looking across up her face. "So what did you think of our discussion today morning?" I ask as if she's my wife and we're having adult family discussion at the end of the day.

She turns her head irritated staring down at me, "What about that? I already told you not to talk about it again to me, didn't I?" she asks irritated.

"Well yes, that's because you're afraid of the tradition and stuff you know?" I say throwing an arrow in the dark.

"Tradition, culture, look at it in any possible way, why would I want to do this when I'm close to my 50's?" She asks with a sigh.

"I don't know, maybe you love to feel younger? Just like any other woman? And what's wrong in having a physical relationship with someone else in your phase of life?" I ask looking up at her face.

"I am married, and I don't even want to talk about such stuff let alone doing them." She says sternly and all I can see is her love for my dad in that statement. But I'm too deep into this to feel guilty now anyway.

"Well, you were. You were married and you're not anymore, and it's not like you're cheating on dad if you marry again right?" I say with a shrug.

"What? Why are we even talking about this? And what happened to you since a few months? This is weird. The whole thing happening between us, you know..." she says raising up her defences again.

"Oh come on mom, wrong in which perspective? Societal perspective? No one from that society was with you when dad died and none of them was there with you when you were feeling pain in your breasts..." I say a bit dramatically.

She goes calm for a moment, "Whatever, I'm feeling sleepy, and I don't know where you're getting these thoughts, but don't think about them again." She says sliding her blanket up and turning off the lights again.

She seems to be thinking about this a bit from today morning, or maybe I'm feeling victorious too early. Later the midnight, when I can hear her deep snoring, I slowly slide closer again, and this time, my hand directly goes on her butt and her waist curves, above her hand instead of beneath her hand. I feel like touch is all she need to lower her defences and I'm gonna give it a deeper try every night irrespective of her consent as she technically can't show her consent in sleep anyway.

I start to touch and gently press her erogenous parts, butt, waist, thighs, neck, but not all at once obviously and I start to blow warm air by her ears and neck, instead of smooching and making things worse like yesterday. Fortunately she didn't wake up, but her body starts to react a bit positively to the touches. She moans slightly in her sleep and snuggles into her sheet, constantly moving her body and the more I do it, the more she lets me do it by taking her hands off of her body.

The next noon, we decide to go to shopping and I used to get bored with women's shopping as they search in 10 shops, ends up buying 1 saree or maybe worse, 0. But today, this is a bit different, I get to spend some alone time with her in public as my sister isn't accompanying her anymore with the saree selection. After visiting a few shops, we're still going for more but she didn't buy any.

"Try this ma'am, this would look decent for occasions." The shopkeeper says trying to sell it.

"That makes her look a bit old, isn't there any newer models? Like the ones which the youth wears? More fashionable..." I try to take part in the shopping for the first time in my entire life, that too women's shopping as if I know anything in this.

My mom stares at me stunned as I say that, but doesn't say anything. The shopkeeper shows a few sarees without the sleeves, something which traditional women don't prefer to wear in India. After selecting 2 sarees, I tell him to pack the sleeveless one too, and this time my mom interrupts, already feeling a bit weird. "Why do you need a sleeveless saree for me?" she murmurs softly so that only I can hear.

"Eh you know, it'll make you look younger and sexier, like this generation women..." I whisper maintaining a smile.

"Shut up, stop saying such words in front of me." She says sternly but still maintaining her smile in front of the shopkeepers.

"Pack these three." I quickly trail away from her smiling at the salesman and she just closes her eyes angrily without saying anything.

Right after we reach home, she throws the bags on the couch fuming with anger looking at me, "what were you thinking by behaving like that in public? Why the hell do you want your mom to look sexy? And a sleeveless saree? Even Radha doesn't wear those and you want me to wear them?" She shouts at me.

"Oh come on, you're more beautiful than Radha and I'm sure you're feeling deep inside to try those too, just to look at yourself sexier in the mirror... And it's just the two of us, so why not try them at house? It's not like you're standing in politics wearing those sarees right?" I raise my voice a bit in return.

"You're delusional... for real Karthik." She sighs, grabbing the bags and throwing them in her room.

"I'm just trying to make you feel better and you're just worried about tradition and culture and society..." I say with a shrug going to my room.

We finish dinner as usual and get on the bed to sleep. "Come on, you don't need to be that angry at me just because I'm thinking of taking care of you..." I say breaking the ice.

"Karthik! Please... Can you just stop talking about such stuff?" she says exhausted and tired of this.

"You even stopped letting me drink your milk, you stopped talking normally to me..." I say furrowing my brows.

"Tomorrow is our anniversary, it's been 30 years since my marriage happened and I thought of being happy tomorrow and that's the reason I went for shopping and you're telling me to do what? To wear a skimpy sleeveless saree on me and your dad's anniversary and then? Find someone else to marry?" She tries to explain softly for one last time.

"You know? Dad would have wanted the same... Even Radha, I'm sure. If something makes you happy, like feeling younger, then obviously as a family, we feel like you should pursue that..." I try to become more dramatic. In the greed of horniness, I totally ignore all the shit I'm using to convince her, I'm not even sure if she actually wants to feel younger, but all I should do is to make her think of it now if she haven't earlier.

She goes silent, looking down at the bed, as if she never had this kind of discussion with dad when he was alive. Whether he would have wanted her to marry someone else after his death... "I don't know, and I don't want to talk about it... Just sleep." She says shutting me down but dilemmatic obviously.

A few hours pass and I still can't hear her snore tonight. I try to get a glimpse of her and I can notice she's just looking at the ceiling and perhaps crying, but I can't see properly with the darkness and I'm not directly staring at her face either, just eyeing from side.

She sniffles slightly and now I'm sure my moves got slightly beyond her defences and I slowly turn towards her, trying to be with her. "Mom?" I slowly try to break the silence...She remains silent just staring at the ceiling.

"Mom, you know... All you want is someone who loves you and you don't need to care about other stuff... people your age in America and other countries would go on dates casually..." I say trying to boost her confidence.

"Would Radha really be ok like you said?" she asks sniffling and trying to stop crying.

"Again, why are you waiting for validations? Do you really want this? Like how long it's been since dad died? 7 years? And you haven't let any man beside you for these many years in your life? So you have been literally living a dead sex life?" I try to go straight to the point.

"It's not just about that, I'm not sure of why would I do this, and how can I deal with the aftermath? What if the next man don't accept my children? There will be too many complexities." She says wiping her eyes.

"Oh come on..." I say sliding closer to her, lying beside her, facing her, my head resting on her shoulders while she still stares at the ceiling. I wipe her tears off of her soft cheeks, the cheeks where I'm so desperate to kiss despite her emotional mood now. I take her left hand into mine and bring closer to me, "see? You don't need to worry about that...Maybe you can be the woman you were in your younger life... You know, Radha is settled already, you can look at a new life, you can be a mother again with his kids, relive those younger days, maybe start working again, you're not that old..." I say slowly smooching the back of her palm and breathing on it.

"You and Radha will be ok if I have kids again?" she asks a bit weirdly.

"Well why not? You can be a young mum again and Radha will have a daughter and a sibling with same age..." I say with a slight chuckle. As much weird as this discussion may sound, she seems to have bought it when she chuckles to this.

"Ugh that sounds weird..." she says with a slight chuckle sniffling and almost stop crying.

"But for that, we need to address your menopause and your age related womanly issues..." I say with a shrug looking at her from her side and putting her hand on her belly and thus touching her tummy with my hand.

"Oh come on, I didn't hit menopause yet, I still get periods, so don't worry about that... Well not as much as I used to, but still..." she says with a shrug.

"And I want to make sure you stay that way until you find the next man... You know, to be with you when you need someone beside you." I say with a smile sliding my hand from her tummy to her thighs slowly and closing my eyes as I push my face closer to her cheeks.

She closes her eyes for a moment, completely lost with in the feels, but of course, she isn't that dumb yet and her left hand suddenly holds my hand just as I'm about to bury it between her warm thighs.

"Don't you think we're going too far with this?" She asks a bit doubtfully. The grip isn't that tight and the words aren't that stern.

"Don't you want to go a bit too far? I know you long for these touches and missed them for the past 7 years... So why not prepare yourselves for your new life in a few months?" I whisper softly at her ears blowing air at her neck gently. I can notice her lower lip folding between her teeth and that's my cue. If not now, then I can't pull this off ever.

"So let loose of your beautiful body for this night, and just think of how badly you want to relive those young adventurous days... things you wanted to do back then but held yourself back... " I continue to whisper, slowly trying to push my hand past her grip and fortunately, her fingers loosen as I continue to push further between her warm thighs.

"Mhmmm, I..." she mutters closing her eyes, "I don't know Karthik... I just don't feel right..." she struggles to speak straight and keep her head straight as she snuggles.

"Does it matter? The society wouldn't know what happens between these 4 walls and it would stay between us, and I just love you too much to leave you when you need someone in this phase of your life. Who would take care of you if not your son?" I whisper as I smooch her cheek gently while my hand holds her crotch on her loose nightie.

"Mhmm it feels good. It's been a while since I felt something down there." She murmurs as my hand touches her crotch.

"I know and all I want for you is to do what makes you feel good mom..." I whisper again and this time my free hand slides beneath her and comes out from other side pushing her body towards me, to face me so that she would sleep on her side.

My lips shift from her cheeks to her pink plump lips, they're shaking like a person in Russian cold winter, shivering, waiting for my lips to provide warmth, and that, I am so eager to do. I press my lips, turning the shivers to quivers as my left hand holds her head from behind and my right hand keeps rubbing her crotch area, circling around her outer labia.

"Look how badly you want to be touched and loved..." I break the kiss and mumble on her lips as I slowly drag my wet lips from her lips to her chin and her neck and her buttons. I slowly drag my left hand back and unbutton them with some difficulty all while she's lost in the guiltiest pleasure she can experience in her life, but she's almost too deep in it to realize and come back.

My right hand lifts up her nightie leaving her bottom naked and she doesn't even seem to wear any panties or underwear, which is a fortunate thing at this moment. In the dark I can't see anything clearly, but that's not my first concern now, I must get past her defences and get her laid with me tonight and I can have her body forever if I pull this off successfully. I undress her slowly so that she doesn't feel that she's being stripped off by her son which might bring her back into her moral senses. I keep whispering to her how much she craved for these touches and the way she moans and whimpers, I actually feel that she longed for these, as if my arrow hit the target in the dark.

Her bottom is naked now, but she wears a bra obviously to stop the wet patches on her nightie and I slowly unhook it from behind with one hand and some difficult, loosening it. My right hand fingers run on her bare pussy circling around and rubbing her clit and pussy lips and I must say, she feels like how I expected her to feel. HAIRY just like the Indian stereotype, but I love this.

Despite the hair, the skin feels so soft as if my cock would go in like a finger would go through a warm butter cube. I can't wait anymore and my priority is her pussy, not her breasts, or any other part. While kissing her on her shivering lips, I slowly slide down my boxers as I push my cock between her dry bare thighs without guiding it to her hole.

"Karthik what is that? Is that your..." She murmurs confused feeling my cockhead poking her thighs.

"It is mum... Your son's cock, don't tell me you want it between your aching pussy now... I can understand how long you have been waiting after dad's death for a touch and cock like these." I whisper into her as I want to make sure she understands who's fucking her now. She must know that it's her son and I'm sure she isn't in a position to deny it now.

"Karthik... but...I just don't..." she murmurs and continues to stare at me as I smooch her neck and ears while my hand holds my cock and guides it to her pussy suddenly pushing it inside. She stops trying to speak as she just looks up, closing her eyes and holding the moan. It feels a bit dry for both of us as none of us are wet already, but I keep trying to thrust my cock dry into her and after a few frictional thrusts, I can finally go a bit deeper inside her.

It feels home, it definitely does. As if my cock is going inside a place where it came from and to my wonder, her pussy is so welcoming the more thrusts I make. Just like her motherly nature.

"There we go mom, can you feel your son's cock going back into where it came from?" I ask looking at her eyes as my cock pushes, excavating the long lost pleasures in the forbidden lands of my mother's natural body. With every thrust, her wet pussy walls grip tighter to my cock as if they don't want it to leave, but the very wetness they're providing makes it easier for my cock to leave and come back again within a split second. I am maintaining slow pace to keep this slow burn excited.

"Mhmm yes honey, I wanted it so badly to reach home and mommy won't let it go away from home..." she whispers back, mixed with moans and whimpers. It is the first time she responded verbally positive to my moves and I can't wait to smooch her beautiful face and suck the lust out of her juicy lips. My right hand goes for her ignored breasts, caressing her coin sized brown areolas and perky pointy hardened black nipple, holding one breast at a time and squeezing them harshly as if I want to empty her milk tanks tonight fully. I can already feel her milk oozing out slowly and wetting my hands and bed, so I push my shirtless body closer to her.

"Oh god, you feel so sexy mom, and I just can't imagine being far from you..." I whisper as I slow down my thrusts and slide my both hands onto her waist and suddenly pull her heavy body on top of me. She had no idea about this sudden move so it was heavy at first but she just gives in to it and gets on top of me, sitting on my cock, raising her hair away from her face. I can only imagine this moment in a bit of slow motion in my head as she raises her head, sitting on top of me thrusting herself against my cock and wiping hair off of her face. Her voluptuous breasts jiggling and dancing, swaying wildly in various directions with every thrust she makes on my cock. For her age, she rides a cock like a pornstar, she is just so energetic or maybe too horny to slow down. I raise my hips a bit trying to maintain the sync between her moves and my moves. I hold her breasts and can't help but to squeeze them just so that milk spurts on to my face and she can't help but to giggle despite her half dilemmatic mind because of the guilty pleasure she's experiencing.

"You love mommy's milk so much don't you?" She says with a slight smile adjusting her hair as it keeps waving with every thrust.

"You have no idea..."I say pulling her onto my body, raising my hips this time and pushing inside her as I smooch her lips and caress her naked body tightly. So tight that my chest is squeezing the milk from her breasts and there's no gap between my chest and breasts so they just spurt on my chest making a mess there.

"I love everything about you, your motherly nature, your breasts, your lips, milk, waist, hairy pussy, soft thighs..." I whisper on her lips which puts a smile on her lips.

"I just feel lucky to have found myself with son and daughter like you both." She says with eyes flowing down her cheeks but still maintaining a smile. I feel relieved when I realize that I don't have as many thoughts as her mind has right now, I can't even imagine how many things her mind is processing right now and what is she feeling at the end.

I feel like I can't hold longer anymore and ignoring to pull out, I just hold her hips tighter and make one final thrust inside her but don't pull out as I raise my hips and keep them in air for a solid 10 seconds, emptying my balls inside her fertile pussy. I can only feel her pussy walls inviting my white ropes of semen inside them, it's as if her motherly pussy would have welcomed even if I cum for 30 sec straight up her hole.

She just goes speechless, with multiple feelings hitting her body, the highest being the feeling of her son's cum in her pussy. It's as if it's been decades since she had cum inside her pussy and she just took it all. I let loose of her waist and she crashes aside gasping for air and whimpering and my cock pops out of her pussy, going flaccid quickly and I must say her pussy walls cleaned my cock clean already milking out every last drop by themselves. I slowly turn towards her, smooching her cheek, "this is the best night for us mum...Maybe a start of new life." I whisper in her ears. My hands slide between her thighs and I can't even feel a drop of cum on her thighs, the whole load is inside her pussy and isn't dripping out.

"Honey, did you just..." she seems to be on the verge of crying as if she realizes what happened so far and regrets now. "Did you just cum inside me?" She asks looking at me turning her face.

"Yes and your welcoming pussy took it all mum... I feel so relieved now, that you're finally happy." I say with a gentle smile holding her face in my hands.

"I...I am not sure if we can do that...You're not even wearing a condom Karthik." She murmurs panicked looking into my eyes.

"Eh does it matter? I just felt like going all in for once and maybe we can go with condoms from next time... I just wanted to see your happiness after I did that..." I say with a chuckle even though I understand the aftermath.

"Oh honey, you don't understand. I don't know if I'm happy with this or not, and definitely you can't cum inside me..." She says trailing away from me adjusting her nightie and walking to bathroom with limp legs, cum leaking down her thighs now.

I just shrug it off as I got what I wanted already and plan to make this a routine, she returns after an hour or so and I fell asleep already. The next day, she seems to be in bathroom bathing when I wake up as I can hear the water splash sounds. I go to washbasin and facewash and brush my teeth, just waiting for her to come out. After a few minutes, I can see her walking out, wiping her hair with a towel and another towel wrapped around her body, she doesn't seem to notice that I woke up already, so she quickly walks to the other room and doesn't even lock the door.

I slowly walk towards the door and can clearly get a glimpse of her wet dripping body wrapped in a towel as if it's a gift waiting for me to unwrap it. Without wasting any time, I open the door and quickly slide my hands from behind, resting my chin on her shoulders as if it's just a romantic morning between a newlywed couple.

"Karthik get off of me..." She shouts as if a bunch of caterpillars crawled on her body just now, she trails away from me. "Whatever happened yesterday has happened and I don't want that to happen again, especially not today..." she says slowly a bit afraid, not as stern as she used to be.

I just realize that it's her anniversary, not that it matters to me anymore, but she still seems to be minding it. "Oh come on mom, wouldn't this be the best day to start a new life? A life where you get what you love...Just like yesterday night..." I say with a shrug.

"No, I feel better this way and don't talk about yesterday night again..." she says lowering her head, obviously guilty.

"Why not? Why would I not want to talk again of the day where I pleasured my mom the most in her life?" I ask taking a step towards her, with a deeper voice. I feel like I should play with her guilt if I can make any further step.

"Just don't. Why are you bringing that up again?" She gets irritated.

"Oh? Look up at me in my eyes and tell me you didn't feel good." I say as I am just one step closer to her.

"I..." she stutters and that's my cue.

"You?" I repeat after her.

"I loved it ok? But I don't want that to happen again." She says still lowering her head and with a bit weakened voice.

"Why? Because you don't want to be pleasured by your own son? Didn't you like when you felt your son's cock going home?" I ask to her face lifting her chin up with my hand.

"No, not that, I mean yes. I don't know I'm confused. What am I supposed to tell others? The society?" She asks to my face.

"It's not like we're doing it in the middle of the road. And why do you want the society to know about this?" I ask in response.

"I don't know, I just don't feel right about it." She says with much weakened tone.

"Well, all I know is that you actually fucking love getting fucked by your own son so much, but you just don't want to accept it because you're afraid of something non-existent. Like the society..." I say with a shrug holding her both shoulders and shaking her slightly, thus loosening the towel just a bit.

"Yes and it doesn't feel right too." She says looking panicked.

"But still, you do want the touches..." I say as I slowly loosen the towel, letting it drop on the floor leaving her naked. She quickly covers herself with her hands and tries to bend down to pick up the towel, but I hold her shoulders firmly, not allowing her to bend down.

"Karthik, stop doing that..." She screams out.

"Why? So that you have to go through another session of extreme pleasure?" I ask again sliding my hand towards her hands and forcefully taking them off of her body. After a bit of reluctance, she just sighs helplessly and takes her hands off.

"I loved it, but I just don't want to do it again Karthik..." She cries out in a weakened, helpless tone.

"Here, all you need is some bold lifestyle and some confidence and you would definitely start thinking beyond these." I say holding her both hands and stretching them away, making her stand fully naked in front of me. Wet drops dripping down her neck, thinking which breast they should continue their heavenly journey on, yet flowing between her breasts as if it's a valley between two huge mountains, some of the drops ending their journey at her deep belly button as if it's a deep well, and some others continuing their journey but only a very few of them would finally get past her aroused clitoris bump, and makes it through her black pussy slit, touching all the wet pink fleshy spots of her pussy on their way and finally dripping down her thighs.

"What do you mean?" She asks confused but believing in what I'm offering.

"What are you gonna wear today?" I ask her.

"The red saree we bought yesterday. Your dad likes the colour so much." She says with a slight shrug.

"Well wear the blue sleeveless one, you're gonna love it way better." I say pointing at the sarees resting on the couch eagerly waiting for their chance for the day when they can guard her beautiful fortress.

"Ugh no, never. I agreed to buy it because I don't want to make you feel sad and I'm not gonna wear it. At least not today..." She says with a sigh looking away.

"You're gonna wear it and you're gonna wear it today." I repeat after her.

"Why do you want me to do things like you wish?" She asks slightly pissed off how controlling I am trying to become.

"Well no, I want you to do what you wish and I know that you know that you'd look sexier and way younger if you show more skin by wearing the modern one than the cliché old one." I say.

She sighs hearing that, and deep inside at some corner, she once was the kind of girl who wanted to try stuff, but was suppressed her parents back then for the same societal rules. "Fine, just get out of the room." She says helpless, and with guilty excitement.

"Oh no no, you're gonna do it in front of me while I watch you do it. Don't tell me you never wanted some eyes staring at your naked body while you change your dress." I say.

"I uh..." she pauses as if that was one of her guilty pleasures, voyeurism, and her expression makes me feel lucky for hitting another arrow in the dark.

She walks naked in front of me and grabs the saree, unwrapping the cover and grabs a green bra and panties from her shelf. She stares down at me a bit angry and just turns towards the mirror, measuring the saree with her arms and folding it as she puts it aside to put her bra and underwear. She takes out another skirt type outfit which Indian women wear beneath the saree and then puts on the blouse which is sleeveless, just covering her shoulders and leaving her shaved armpits and arms bare naked. Every time she raised her hands, I can't help but to notice her damp armpits, I just wanna bury my face and I don't even know what I'd do after that. Whether to sniff or lick, I am not sure but I just love the texture of some damp shaved armpits, unlike the waxed ones.

She finishes putting her saree and then turn towards me with a shrug, "Here, does this make me enough confident?" She asks in return.

"A bit, but this would make you more confident..." I walk towards her from behind, turning her towards the mirror and lifts her chin up to look at the mirror. She can see herself, in a blue glistening saree, my hands slowly lowering her drape at waist, exposing more belly of hers and until the saree fabric reaches her mound. She looks at herself, like a milf Indian model wearing a slutty outfit, she can observe the photograph of her husband from the other room wall which is just straight behind where we are currently standing. The face in photograph aligns just beside her current face in the mirror and just as she stares at the coincidence on her anniversary, she can notice my face replacing the photo in the background when I put my chin on her shoulder to her side, smooching and whispering. That's when she can realize there's no going back from this, and the only way is to accept her guilty pleasures and move forward with them.

A few tiny drops of tears fall down her eyes, even she isn't sure if they're because of the fact that she can't look at her husband the same way anymore? Or are they because of the fact that that her son can't look at her the same way anymore? Or if her life won't be normal anymore? Or maybe all of them...All these thoughts are suppressed by her most powerful thought when I start to lift her hand slightly as I caress her armpits and meanwhile my other hand slides beneath her blouse catching her tightly held breasts. She is helpless, can't even fight her own thoughts, and definitely can't fight the pleasure I give her at this phase of my life and she gives in.

She holds my hand as she guides it down her crotch, loosening her saree and lifting her head up, falling back into my body, smooching my lips. I walk her towards the bed room, pushing her on to the bed as I raise her saree and spread her thighs to take a look at my home, which I missed yesterday night in the darkness. It's surrounded by black lips, but the pink flesh inside is always a sight to my sore eyes and I can't wait to be inside again. I honestly can't leave it at all in the first place.

A few moments later, she's on her fours, looking down at the bed, rethinking her thoughts, decisions, as her pussy is being pounded by her son's cock. "Is this what every mother wants after the husband's death? Or is it just me and that's why I'm feeling guilty? Why did I even like this in the first place?" She thinks to herself completely drifting away from the sexual pleasure, but quickly comes back into the mood as she feels her tight asshole being probed by my fat finger. Never had she ever let anything enter that hole so far and now, she's just moaning and whimpering while her son is claiming all her holes, can't help but to let him cum inside her again, despite acknowledging the consequences.

"I just used to love you so much as a mother and I am not sure if these would change our relationship as a mother and son Karthik." She mumbles slowly just when I am about to explode inside her. My hands are pressed on bed, either side of her as I thrust myself inside her as if I'm doing pushups, with every push, I can feel her face closer to me.

"I know mum, and I just loved it back then, and still do. As long as it is with my beautiful mum..." I say gasping for air as I grunt, pushing my potent seed inside her fertile pussy once again, falling on her body, this time she is speechless about what I said.


A few months happened in this same manner, me pushing her limits every time we fuck, and I managed to cum inside her every 3 out of 5 times we fuck and we managed to have sex twice daily. She used to be a bit disinterested initially, unsure of what this relationship is evolving into, but later she just stopped caring. We're confined to our houses anyway because of the pandemic and no one would know about this relationship unless she reveals it, so she started to actually enjoy the attention I give to her. She knows that it's very rare to get that for an Indian woman of her age.

Some days, we just end up sleeping naked and in our arms, in the warmth. Sometimes, I couldn't just hold on my morning boner and would just seduce her in the kitchen. We even started bathing together since a week. She started to give blowjobs and I chuckled when she said some of these sex activities were completely non-existent during their days. She just couldn't believe I actually loved anal sex with her and it was another memorable day when we struggled to make it less painful for her, it was just a few days back actually, so she started to love it slowly but not fully. She just says it wasn't as bad as the pregnancy pains she had while giving birth to me. Her milk production almost stopped now, I still feel a bit low whenever I realize this, but I got better things to concentrate on anyway.

She made me promise that I will never ever reveal this to outside world and I don't behave this way when we're in public. Despite that promise, I always manage to tease her whenever we go out. It's like she's living her newlywed marriage days again, except that they're more adventurous and kinky now, while I'm living out my fantasy of fucking a milf and that too my own mum.

And just when we thought things can't get any better or any worse, I couldn't find her beside me on our bed. I walk outside, try to search in kitchen and living room and even balcony, but can't find her. She doesn't lock the bathroom door when she baths so that I can join her, so I check the bathroom, it's locked from inside. I knock on the door twice and she just says, "Honey, I'm inside, just wait for a few minutes..." she says with a weak voice.

After she comes out, I just assume she was shitting earlier and after our breakfast, I walk behind her trying to cuddle her from behind, but she looks a bit off. She pushes me away, acting a bit moody. I just assume it's cuz she might be going through her periods again, and may have mood swings, I actually experienced the effects of these mood swings a month back. She doesn't let me touch her and won't even have sex with her and explained me the reason back then. I just felt it reasonable back then, so I just sit beside her on the bed and try to calm her down. "Is it periods again?" I ask her softly.

"I..." she pauses, "I don't know how to say it." She murmurs softly lowering her head down despite my effects to look into her eyes.

"Well, tell me how you would have told me normally? Or should we cuddle and then discuss this to make you feel good?" I ask softly.

"I am pregnant." She says raising her head slowly looking at my eyes, panicked, low-key excited, but mostly panicked.

"You are what?" I ask again confused.

"Pregnant, with yours..." she replies.

"How can you know that all of a sudden?" I ask furrowing my brows and lifting her t-shirt up to feel her tummy. I made her stop wearing nighties as they make her look old, and made her shift to t-shirt and leggings.

"Well I am supposed to get my periods, but I didn't so I did the pregnancy test and it showed positive..." she says worried about it. Tears start to drip down her eyes, confused as of how to take this in this phase of her life.

On the other hand, I am not sure as of how to take this. Should I be happy? Should I be worried? How can we deal with this? What if Radha knows? What about my mum? How can she go into society with a full belly in her 50's?