Indian Wife Plays With Construction Workers - Chapter 2

Indian Wife Plays With Construction Workers - Chapter 2

Published on: 2023-11-17 18:54:33

I was amazed to look at the tattoo across her asshole. Her ass was still sore so I gave it a kiss and licked it. She let out a small moan. Pain ...pleasure you be the judge.

Then she continued the story how she was sitting in a dim light room bent over a chair with the burqa over her waist and her naked butt put up for display.

"I was just waiting for someone to come and just fuck me in the ass. I was that desperate and the wait was making me more horny."

"Then I heard some voices outside I got even more excited at the thought of more guys enjoying the view. I looked back and sat on the chair my burqa was still over my waist and my pussy was on display now. Sajid and Rasul walk in with two more guys. Those guys have a small plastic bag in their hands which had something in it."

I got raging hard on thinking that she was finally naked under in front of strangers . I could just picture their eyes feasting on her fleshy , shaven pussy which was most probably really wet by now.

Purva continues

"I said hi to Sajid and Rasul. Sajid introduced the other two guys to me. One was named Jasim and the other Kamran. They looked the same age as Rasul and were just as good looking as him. They were amazed to see me " well just my pussy which was dripping wet now.

They came forward and I stood up and leaned forward to give them a handshake , my burqa now covered my whole body. I went in for the handshake and Jasim just came forward and hugged me and then slapped my ass while hugging me. I giggled. Then Kamran came forward and put out his hand to give me and handshake , but I thought he also wanted to hug me and went forward that is when his hand touched my pussy .

It felt really good and I did not mind so I just went in for the hug and Kamran"s hand was over my pussy mound the whole time. I gave him a tight hug for about 10 seconds. Kamran was very fair he started blushing and his face turned red . I found it very cute so I just gave him a small peck on the cheek."

I realised at this point that Purva has broken all her boundaries and now was very comfortable with this lifestyle.

"What happened then" , I asked.

That was when Purva noticed my struggling boner and so she was put her palm over it and said ,"Oh you are loving this aren't you. Well I am happy we both are enjoying this".

She started pulling down my pyjamas. I stopped her.

"Oh let it struggle , the more it struggles the more pleasurable it will be when it finally comes out."

She smiled and let go of my pyjamas.She put on her pants and continued her story.

"After that Sajid told me to bend over the chair again and he lifted my burqa over my waist again. There was a mirror on the other side from which I could see all their eyes transfixed over my butthole and pussy . They were staring at it as if it was some sort of famous artwork."

"Well it is", I interrupted "It indeed is a piece of art. I can't stress enough how beautiful you are and how amazing your ass is."

She blushed and smiled.

"Thank you, those guys staring at it made my day and I realised all those diets and workout sessions had finally paid off. I have caught guys staring at my ass before but these guys looked like they are looking at Mona Lisa."

We both laughed.

"You seem to be having the time of your life."

"You bet , I have never been happier in my life. Thank you for being supportive and opening me up to this thrilling experience."

"Anything for my little whore. Could you show me that tattoo again?"

"Sure anything for you baby."

She turned around and got on all fours and I pulled down her pants. She put her head on the bed and parted her butt cheeks . I was still amazed with what I saw I ran my hands across it.


"Oh sorry , does it still hurt."

"Little bit , its still a little sore."

" I guess your beautiful ass will not be not sore for a long time now."

She laughed. I could see her pussy was wet now.

"Do you wanna do it now?" , she asked.

"Nah don't wanna ruin the fun we are having now. Let"s continue with the juicy details."

She sat back down faced me and continued.

"Kamran took the machine out of the cover , it took me some time but I then realised that it was a tattoo machine. I was confused as to why they had a tattoo machine. I asked Sajid why they had the tattoo machine. He said I am branding you , I am making you or at least a part of you mine forever. Everybody smiled . I was still confused."

"Where am I getting the tattoo I asked Sajid he said someplace very special and looked at my asshole. I then realised that they were gonna tattoo my asshole. I always wanted to get a tattoo but more like those back tattoos near my waist . I heard guys find that very hot, gives them something to look at while banging me doggy style." ,she giggled.

" So Kamran and Jasim got two stools and stood in front of my ass with their eyes still stuck on my asshole. I clenched my asshole which made my ass jiggle a bit and everybody smiled. Rasul slapped me on my ass and I giggled."

"Where did you find this naughty whore Sajid Miyan" ", Jasim said.

"Oh somewhere why do you care just get on with it." said Sajid.

I saw a twinkle in her eye . She continued.

"Rasul and Sajid also got stools to sit and watch the show. Kamran parted my butt cheeks with both his hands and asked Sajid where he wanted the tattoo . Sajid came over and ran his finger across my right butt from the top to almost my cunt. I got goosebumps while he was running his fingers over my butt."

"What tattoo are u making I asked Sajid. He said this is my property now so obviously I will write my name on it now. I felt flattered to be owned like that . I felt dirty and hot thinking about myself as a sex object."

"Jasim started the machine and touched the tip of the needle to my butt. I squealed in pain. But couldn't get up as Kamran was holding my butt. I was gasping for air.

Sajid said ,"Oh come on Purva its just a needle. You do want to get fucked in the ass one day right how will you endure that pain. My heart skipped a beat and I thought to myself oh my I am going to experience anal very soon . I was happy and afraid at the same time. I will soon have all my holes drilled. Yay!"

She gave a wide smile as if she had just won the lottery. I was amused.

" I said ok go on then. Jasim again put the needle to my butt cheek . It stung me hard again but I just bit my lip and endured. It all lasted for a good half hour. All the while both of them were trying to put their finger in my ass hole or pussy. It felt good."

She shifted her butt and changed her position to sit, so I could see she was still feeling uncomfortable.

"After the tattoo was done I asked Jasim to show me the tattoo he took out his phone and clicked a picture of the tattoo and showed it to me. I saw the tattoo and said thats cute. And as he was about to keep his phone back into his pocket Sajid stopped him and told him to delete the photo first. Jasim got scared and deleted the picture. I said why do you need a picture if you can get the live show whenever you want and gave him a wicked smile. He too smiled. After that Rasul took out some cream and applied it on the tattoo , it felt cool and took the sting away. He rubbed for a minute or so, his pinky trying to get into my asshole and pussy."

"Ok now you guys can leave." Sajid said.

"Ok bye Rasul ,Sajid. And thank you Ma"am for that wonderful experience. Hope to see you soon." said Jasim. Then Jasim and Kamran left while I stood up and stretched and Sajid gave me his handkerchief to wipe away all the sweat.

"Oh you look gorgeous Purva with all that sweat on your face."

"I am sweating in other places too hope you will find them gorgeous too." , I said wickedly.

"Oh you are the complete package." Sajid replied.

"Are you ready to go now ?" , Sajid asked

"Yeah I thought we could have more fun but my butt"s paining a bit so maybe later."

"Ok then let us leave, you and Rasul wait here I will go get a rickshaw.", Sajid said this and left.

"Did you have fun Purva?", Rasul asked.

"Oh yeah , did you?", I replied

"Yes I definitely did. Your back must be aching now with all the bending. Would you like a backrub?"
"Oh Rasul I would love it, thank you."

He made me sit on the chair and started massaging my shoulders and neck. It felt good . I looked up while he was massaging and and he looked down at me and he started smooching me spiderman style. While we were making out his hands reached my boobs and he started massaging them.

I realised he must have had a raging hard on for quite some time due to the tattoo show and them the cream rubbing , so I grabbed his hair and pulled him in front of me and opened his pants and unzipped him and put my hand inside his underwear and pulled out that beautiful thing.
It smelled like sweat and piss but I did not mind and it went right into my mouth. I put it deep into my mouth and pulled him towards me , he let out a groan.I took it out and it was covered in my saliva.

" Sorry it smells a bit I haven't has a chance to have a bath today." , he said.

" Oh baby you smell delicious ." I said and I lifted his balls with one hand and licked it right from the bottom all the way to the tip of his penis.

He shuddered.

"Do you wanna cum for me big boy ." I said while looking at his face and massaging his big balls which were a little bit hairy.

"Almost there." he said with his eyes closed.

I started sucking them even more and massaged his balls a bit more. I slowly moved up my hands from below his balls then from between his legs and I reached his butt and then I wedged my finger between his cheeks and touched his asshole.

He got very stiff and the next second that huge cock started throbbing and spurting cum all over my face. I was startled a bit then kept on sucking and fingering his asshole.

"Where did you learn to do that." I asked in surprise.

"Oh once I was just browsing the internet and saw this video of a girl fingering and then licking a guys asshole don't remember what it was called but I thought lets try this out on him. I guess it worked like a charm."

I was about to tell her what it was called but she interrupted me and continued.

"Well thankfully none of the cum fell on the floor .Phew!
Most of it I caught it in my mouth and some fell on my tits and face so I took my finger out of his ass collected the cum off my breasts and licked them. Then I cleaned a huge glob of cum off my face. It tasted delicious. I really have started to love cum now."

"And you liked how is ass tasted?" I asked

"Well I couldn't taste anything aparts from the cum but the fact that he loved it turned me on. Anyways Rasul was in cloud number nine by now. Suddenly Sajid barged into the room and saw Rasul standing with his limp dick out in front of my face."

"You are one insatiable whore Purva , I look forward to a lot of fun times with you." Sajid smiled and said.

"You bet your ass you will." I laughed and said. " I need to get home now my husband will be home soon I said."

"He better keep off my property." Sajid said in a fake angry voice.

"Don't worry my lord I won't let him trespass." I said and I winked.

Then I held Sajid and gave him a passionate kiss with my tongue wrapped around his tongue. I could feel his stubble and I loved the way it felt on my hands.

Then after the kiss they both took me to the auto and we got in and we reached here. The watchman saw me get down from the rickshaw but could not make out who I exactly was because of the burqa.

There was a street light behind me and the burqa was a bit transparent so I guess he could make out that I was almost naked which I completely was. He kept ogling at me till I got into the lift. Sajid and Rasul were standing near the gate just to make sure I got home safe.

I got home , nobody was here. So I took off my burqa went to the kitchen window from where I saw Sajid and Rasul I held my boobs and jiggled them for a bit . They waved. And then they left.


"Oh Purva you really are happy and that make me very happy. Now why don't you work some of your magic on me. I will make sure I don't trespass Sajid"s property." I winked then she pounced on me and literally tore off my pajamas and started sucking my sick till I came . Then we went to sleep cuddling.

The alarm went off at about 10 am the I woke up the next day , I opened my eyes and saw Purva wasn't in the room. Appu had already left for school , I could hear Purva working the kitchen.

I had worked about 3 hours overtime the last night (which gave Purva to have fun with Sajid) so I thought I would go into work late or maybe take a half day so I lay in the bed thinking about Purva and her new found lifestyle.

And I could feel my dick getting stiff.

Just then Purva enters the room

"Here you go I got you coffee.", she welcomed me and brought two mugs of coffee and sat down next to me.

I looked at her and could see a glow in her face as if this was an entirely new Purva who had just found enlightenment. I admired her beauty as I lay in bed, I ran my fingers across her hair as she sipped her coffee and closed her eyes.

"It"s a beautiful day outside today.", she said looking out of the window.

Then she looked at me and noticed the big bulge in my pyjamas.

"Oh somebody else is awake too." she said naughtily and ran her right palm across my bulge.

My dick became even more erect and was struggling to get out.

"Somebody is in pain." Purva said and set her mug aside removed her night gown and sat on my legs and pulled my pyjamas down. My dick sprang out as soon as she pulled my boxers down and bobbed a little.

She giggled and started slowing stroking it.

"Oh that feels so good." I said . She gripped my dick harder and started pumping it. I had never seen her concentrate on a dick so intensely before , it was as if she was a tigress sneaking up on her prey.

"You like that don't you , you naughty little thing." she whispered sensually. Then she bent down and spit on my dick. Then she started lathering her spit all over my dick . She moved a little behind and as she was stroking my dick she started sucking on one of my balls.

"Ummm...these taste so good." she said and spit on my balls and spread her spit all over my balls with her tongue.

I was just lying there looking at her enjoy some balls while I wondered if she enjoyed my dick or all dicks the exact same way. The thought that she would be enjoying many more dicks the same way turned me on even more. I was about to cum and started moaning hard.

She understood that I was about to cum and stopped stroking.

"Not too fast mister, not today. Today, I wanna try something new." Saying this she got up and went into the kitchen and got the chocolate syrup bottle.
I was confused why she wanted chocolate syrup for.

"Get on all fours." she ordered me, I obliged.

Then she came onto the bed and opened the bottle and poured a little syrup just about my butt crack . I could feel the syrup flowing down till it reached my balls. Then she closed the bottle and set it aside. She started rubbing the syrup all over my butt , my asshole and my balls.

"This looks so tasty." she said. Then she started to lick my butt cheeks. Slowly she licked my whole right cheek while rubbing her finger over my asshole in between licks. This was the first time she or any other women was doing this on me. And to be honest it felt really good. She then completely licked my left cheek.

After that she parted my butt cheeks and licked my whole butt crack in one lick. A strange current went through my body when her tongue touched my asshole.

"You liked that , didn't you?" she asked.

"Hmm." was all I could reply because I was still in the euphoria of the pleasure.

She again licked my asshole and this time she thrust her tongue into my asshole. Although it didn't go in a lot I could feel that it was very tough for her. I felt a bit discomfort after her tip went in all. She took out her tongue.

"Mmmm, I could lick this all day." she said this and again started licking my asshole. Each time she tried to thrust a little bit more of her tongue in. My muscles relaxed by then so she could go in more. She tongue fucked my asshole for a good 5 minutes. Then she got up.

"Parts you legs a bit wider." she said while trying to part my legs. I could see how hungry she was. I parted my legs. Then she laid down on her back with her head between my legs and my balls over her face.She lifted her head a bit and took almost of both my balls into her mouth and started sucking on them as if they were some kind of gumballs.

While she was sucking my balls she was fingering my asshole with her fingers.

"Ouch." I squirmed as her long fingernails hurt my asshole.

"Oh sorry baby ", she apologised and started rubbing my asshole softly with circular motions of her finger and resumed sucking my balls.

After about 5 minutes, she switched to my dick . I was still in the same position and could see her struggling to lift her head up to take the whole dick in.

"You relax your head baby, let me do the work now.", saying this I started lowering my dick in and out of her mouth. She kept moaning all the while. We continued this for about 3 minutes. Then I stopped because I thought I was gonna cum.

"Are you gonna cum?" she asked.

"Hmm." I replied.

"It"s ok please keep going." she said this and pulled my hip towards her mouth and my dick into her mouth.

She puckered her lips around my dick and started sucking hard. I lowered my dick into her mouth and in about 5 seconds I started cumming heavily. Well at least it felt like a heavy load but I could not see any of it as she I was cumming inside her mouth. Purva did not stop sucking my dick this I completely stopped cumming.

I finished completely and laid back down on the bed. Purva looked at me.

"Did you like that?" she asked eagerly.

"That could easily be one of the best experiences of my life." I replied.

While I was talking she again put my limp dick inside her mouth and started rolling her tongue around it.

"You really are becoming a hungry little slut , aren't ya." I said while I pinched cheeks.

She smiled and sat up on the bed.

"I"m sorry but I cannot get it back up again so fast ." I told her.

"Oh its ok baby, this was your time to have fun. You don't worry about me I will find my own way to satisfy myself." she said this and gave a small naughty smile.

"And moreover the tattoo is still a little sore so I better refrain from lying down on it a lot."

"Are you sure you will find a way?" I said this and winked at her.

"Oh I"m pretty sure Sajid and his boys will not leave me wanting anytime. Unless thy desire me to come back to them then they will surely keep me wanting. But what they don't realise is I will keep coming back no matter how satisfied I am. I may soon need to accommodate more dicks to satisfy my growing appetite." she said confidently.

"Oh I am so lucky to get an awesome slut like you for my wife." I said this and kissed her boobs.

I then sat up and looked at the clock. It was 11 o"clock.

"I better get ready for work. I"m sorry the coffee got cold." I said.

"It"s ok baby, I will make more you go take a bath." she said this and got up and went into the kitchen without wearing her clothes.

"The windows are open." I said startled.

"It"s ok baby do you not want the world to admire your wife." she said and walked into the kitchen.

I smiled and went in for my bath. I came out of the shower and put on my clothes and went into the kitchen there I could see Purva in all her naked glory standing and making coffee. The sunlight was reflecting off of her beautiful silky smooth skin and it looked amazing.

Then I noticed that she was making a rather large quantity of coffee for two people.

"Isn't that coffee a little too much for the two of us?" I asked her.

"Oh, its for Sajid and his boys , they may come in after you leave." she said.

"Oh you are really dying to meet them aren't you?" I asked.

"Haha, maybe, I dunno." she said this and started blushing.

" Ok then I will leave as soon as possible . I don't wanna be a pest." I said this and I started drinking my coffee as fast as I could.

Purva wasn't even stopping me from drinking too quickly, I understood that she also wants me out, fast.

I finished my coffee and gave Purva a kiss on the cheek. Then headed towards the door. Purva followed still naked till the door. I opened the door and I went outside she came till the door and stood there and waved me goodbye.

Then suddenly the building watchman came up the stairs and stood in amazement staring at Purva.

I was standing in front of the lift waiting for it to come to our floor. I could see the watchman with his lower jaw almost on the ground staring at Purva"s body.

Purva stopped waving at me and looked at the watchman.

"Bhaiya today there was not a very good supply of water in the morning is there any problem?"
she asked him with almost a smile on her face.

The watchman snapped back out of his euphoria and answered while still looking at Purva"s snatch.

"Yes madam, the municipality supply is not proper. I am going to take a look at right now."

The lift arrived by then , I got in and I could still hear Purva talking to the watchman.

"Ok make sure you fix the problem fast I will be very thankful to you." she said in a begging tone.

I waved a final goodbye and the door closed. Then the lift went down.

As I exited the building I could see Sajid and Rasul and all his men toiling away in the sun. I was walking towards my car when one of the workers saw me. He called out to Sajid and pointed to him that I was leaving.

I sat in my car and could see Sajid looking at me. I drove away then.

All throughout the drive all I could think about was what all sluttly stuff Purva must be doing with the guys. Looking at her recent behavior she looks more dangerous than those construction workers. And the watchman , the poor little guy must have has the shock of his life. I could not get back to the house in the night and listen to the detailed report of the days "happenings".

The clock struck 3. It was a rather slow day. I was getting very bored. All I could think was how Purva would be having fun, what new ways would Sajid be coming up with so that Purva could be used to the maximum. There weren't many people in the office so I started browsing some porn.

"Hey!" my colleague Shilpa entered my cubicle all of a sudden. I had no time to minimize the window, so she noticed that I was browsing porn.

"Oh sorry is this a bad time?" she asked with a small naughty smile.

"Oh no it"s ok." I replied while I closed down the browser.

"I completely understand it does seem to look like a very boring day. I am glad you found something "fun" to do." She said and giggled.

"You got that right." I said and gave a smile back.

"So Tarun how is Purva?" she asked.

"Yeah she is fine." I replied.

"You bet she is fine" she said naughtily , "You don't look that bad but still Purva looks like she is way out of your league , you must be thanking the gods every time you get to see her naked." She said and winked.

"Yeah I am pretty lucky to have such a beautiful wife." I replied.

"Does she work?" Shilpa asked.

Hell yeah she works was what was going in my mind when I heard the question. I controlled a smile and replied

"No she chose to give up career after marriage to take care of me and Appu. And anyways I earn enough so I don't need her to work. But she is required for more important things." I winked.

"Yeah, right. We should all get together sometime after work it"s been a long time since I met her. The last time I saw her was at the boss"s birthday party. She was pretty quiet the whole time. But all the men would not stop checking her out the entire time. It made us girls jealous a bit but I gotta hand it to ya if I were a guy I would be all over her all the time."
"Haha. So you swing both ways?" I asked amazed.

"Well if it"s for a juicy piece of ass like Purva"s yeah I won't mind swinging that way." She said enthusiastically.

"Woah easy there tigress, she is my wife first so it"s gonna cost ya to get to her." I said with a fake angry face.

"What"s the cost" I am down for everything. But you just make sure you can handle me." She replied confidently.

While saying this she looked at my crotch and rolled her tongue. I got a semi hard on. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back.

Then she purposely pushed a pen off my desk which landed in between my legs. She bent down right between my legs picked up the pen with her right hand and while getting back up she put her left hand on my thighs and squeezed them. She acted as if she was using my thighs for support to stand up but I got what she really meant to do. And as she stood up straight her hand slid all the way to my crotch and she ran her palm over my crotch.

"See you better bring your A game if you playing with me." She said demandingly.

"I will keep that in mind." I replied with a straight face but inside I was all kinds of crazy.

Shilpa looked at watch and said, "Oh would you look at the time. I got to go. I need to hand in a shit ton of reports tomorrow. See ya later alligator." Saying this she left my cubicle.

I sat there with an erection which was ready to burst out of my pants. I did not know what to do. I tried concentrating on work for some time but after half an hour I again drifted into thoughts about Purva and Shilpa.

The clock struck 4. Some people were heading off to catch some coffee. The office was almost empty. I thought about calling up Purva. Sajid and his boys have had 5 hours to ravish her maybe I can get the juicy details.

So I picked up the phone and I called the home phone.

The phone ringed 3 times and someone picked up the phone. Loud laughing was all I could hear which subsided a little bit but I could still hear people laughing pretty loudly.

There could easily have been 5-6 separate voices that I heard.

"Here you go Purva madam." I heard a male voice.
Then Purva came on the phone.

"Hello who is it" ouch!" She said and yelled.

Everybody in the room burst out laughing and I could not hear anything.

"Who is this?" I heard Purva in a muffled voice.

"Ow, ow stop it, ah aah, stop it Rasul." I heard her again and again laughter.

"Oh stop it Purva we can clearly see you enjoying it." I heard another male voice which must have been Rasul"s.

Then I hear a loud slap and then Purva squirms "Mmmm"

Then I thought that those must be having a lot of fun so why bother them. So I hung up the phone and head downstairs to grab a coffee. While I am about to leave the office I see Shilpa too get up from her cubicle and head towards me.

"Coffee ?" I asked.

"Yup , I need a break." She replied.

We both headed towards the elevator. We were followed by 5 other people. But we were the first ones there so as soon as the elevator came we both went in turned around and the other people boarded the lift. We both were standing at the back and everybody was facing the door. Now my office is on the 20th floor so it takes quite sometime for the lift to reach the ground floor.

As soon as the lift starts Shilpa slowly cups my crotch area with her left palm. I keep a straight face and keep looking ahead trying to control a smile. I looked at her she too is looking ahead and has a poker face on. As we both were the only ones at the back nobody could see what was going down.

She slowly rubbed her palm over my dick. My dick got erect again and now she was running her fingers along the outline of my dick over my pants. She moved a bit closer and was now touching my balls. She ran her fingers all the way from my balls to the tip of my dick. She pinched the tip of my penis with two fingers and gave the naughtiest smile all while looking straight ahead.

The lift reached the ground floor and everybody got out and we both too. I was trying really hard to get the erection down as it was visible.

"You have trouble containing yourself?" Shilpa asked with wide smile on her face.
"Yeah thanks for asking. I appreciate the concern." I gave her a sarcastic reply with a slight smile.

We walked towards the tea stall and ordered two teas. Shilpa bought a cigarette and lit it.

"So Tarun you have any plans for tonight?" She asked.

"Nothing special, I just need to catch up on some work then I will head home. I completed most of the work yesterday when I was working overtime. So I am pretty much sorted." I replied and sipped my tea.

Shilpa took a drag of her cigarette and sipped her tea and said "Ahh that feels so good especially when you have this shit load of work to finish. I have absolutely no time for my social life anymore."

"You should get married to a rich guy then you don't have to work so hard." I replied with a smile.

"Marriage, hah, marriage is the last thing in my mind. I still am young. I have so much to experience. So many new friends like you to make. And?"

"And" And what?" I asked with curiously.

"And so many more dicks to enjoy." She whispered as she looked around to check if nobody heard her.

I laughed and said, "Yeah I totally agree with you one will surely be not enough for you. Not right now at least."

"You know, you and Purva are very much alike. You will make very good friends. We will all go out sometime soon." I said and threw the empty paper cup away.

Shilpa took the last drag of her cigarette and put that out and finished her tea.

"Ok let"s go." She said and we headed towards the building.

"Hey so I will be done with my work soon, would you like it if I helped you in your work. This way we can finish it faster and save your social life." I told her.

"Oh that is so sweet of you; I would really appreciate your help. Now this is was I call true friendship." She said this and hugged my arm.

We walked hand in hand till the elevator. We stood there; there were 3 guys ahead of us. The lift came. We both did not move to enter the lift; the guys in front of us went in and were holding the door open for us.
"It"s ok you guys go ahead." I told the men.

They looked at Shilpa and smiled and pressed the close door button. We waited the lift to come back down again. This time there was no one to enter the lift. We both entered and closed the door and pressed our floor.

I went and stood with my back against the lift, Shilpa came next to me grabbed my dick and pressed hard. I bent down a little as it was hurting me a little. That is when she planted a kiss on my lips. I went in for the kiss again and we started making out. We were licking each other"s tongues. At the same time Shilpa was rubbing her hands hard over my pants trying to grab the dick. She sucked my tongue and whispered

"I want you."

"Yes you have me." I said as I pushed her away as I realised we were nearing our floor.

"But have patience. I will not let you down." I said this and we both got out of the lift and headed towards the office. I went and sat down at my cubicle she went to hers.

I finished my work in another hour and went and sat next to Shilpa and helped her finish her work. All the while we were working I was running my hand up and down her thigh. I even touched her crotch 2-3 times. She returned the favour my rubbing my thigh from time to time.

The clock struck 8 o"clock we were still working the office was completely empty. Even our boss had left. We were the only ones on the floor. We picked up pace of our working. And finally at 8:50 we finished the work.

We closed the files and I stretched back on my chair. That is when Shilpa turned my chair towards herself.

"I am so thankful to you for helping me. I would not have finished this if it weren't for you. Now let me return the favour." She said this and started unzipping my pants. She did not even unbutton my pants. She just unzipped and pulled my boxers down by digging her fingers into my pants.

My dick came out from the zippers.

"Aww, this looks so cute." She said and kissed my dick.

My dick was about the size of her hand. She held my dick with one hand and spit on the tip. Then she started stroking my dick up and down.

She then licked the tip and lowered her head on my dick and took the whole thing in. I could feel my dick head touching her upper jaw. She slightly closed her mouth and softly dragged her teeth along my dick shaft and when she reached my dick head she bit slightly.

"Ooh, that feel nice. " I said in pleasure.

She repeated the same thing about 4-5 times. Then she sat up straight and started giving me a handjob. She pumped my dick for a good 10 minutes; I lasted that long because Purva had drained me out in the morning.

After 10 minutes, I started to moan heavily. She got the hint and said

"Hold on Tarun please let me drink the cum." And then she lowered her head over my dick and started sucking hard.

I stood up as I was about to cum so that none of it would fall on my pants with Shilpa"s mouth still over my dick. I start cumming into her mouth. She looks up and opens up her mouth and I could see my cum fill her mouth. After I finish cumming she swallows the whole of it. Then she licks the leftover cum on my dick which is very sticky so it forms strands from her tongue to my dicks and she slowly bites on the strands as if she was eating cheese off of a pizza.

Then she wipes face for to check for cum with her fingers and licks her finger.

"Mmm that was so tasty; I wish I could eat cum for dinner too." She said enthusiastically.

"I can't cum that much but I"m pretty sure a slutty girl like you will find any difficulty to get cum." I said and I winked.

"Yeah, true that." She said and stood up arranged her hair properly and drank a little water while I too zipped my pants and went to my desk to get my things. Shilpa too got ready to leave work.
We both went to the elevator and waited for the lift.

We entered the empty lift and started kissing each other till the lift came down. I cupped her breasts and squeezed them a bit.

"Oh finally you grab my tits. You cute little shy bugger." She said.

"I did not know how you would react."

"Oh honey I will never mind no matter what you do to me. As a matter of fact I don't mind if anybody does anything to me. But we have to draw the line somewhere." She said this and the lift reached the ground floor.

We both got out and went outside the building. I started walking towards my car.
"I can drop you off at your house if you want?" I offered to her.

"Oh thank you cutey you have done enough for me today. But I think I will hire a cab or catch the bus. I like the way men stare at me and try to touch me on public transport. Let me have my fun." She said

"Oh fine, go, have fun but do share some of your raunchy experiences with me sometime." I said this and I walked towards my car.

I drove out of the parking lot and I could see Shilpa get into an Indica which looked like a taxi. The lights inside started as she opened the door and I could see that the car already have two people at the back and one in the front and the driver. And all were men.

She got into the back and shut the door and the light went off and that was all I could see from the side view mirror as I drove home.

In the car I called Purva from my cell phone. She picked up the phone.

"Everybody decent?" I asked.

"Well, they are just leaving so take your time and while you are coming could you pick up Appu from Harish"s place?"

"Yeah ok I will." I said then I heard.

"Ok Purva we will leave now." Then a hard smooch followed by a slap.

"Ow ok see you. Ooh, ok see you Rasul." Then I heard two or three more slaps and smooches and Purva yelping like a small school girl.

Then I hear the door shut.

"They gone?" I asked.

"Yeah, listen while you are at it could you get some food I haven't prepared anything. Well I had but the guys got hungry and ate the food. I need to go take a shower although I like how I smell but a refreshing shower would feel good. Ok drive safe."

"Ok" I hung up the phone and head over to Harish"s place to pick up Appu and while on the way I picked up some Chinese food for the 3 of us.

Then I reached home.

I reached the apartment complex and entered the gate. I reached the entry of our building and told Appu to get off and go home and I would follow him after I park the car. He left. I drove to the parking spot when the watchman appeared before the car and started signalling that I could easily fit in the car.

This was the first time that I got any kind of special service from the watchman who generally lazed around and didn't do much around. Then I remembered the morning"s incident and thought maybe he was giving me the good treatment so that he could get to enjoy another view of Purva"s body again.

I parked the car and got out. He came over and said

"How are you doing today sir, everything fine" You need not worry about your car I will take good care of it. I will even get it cleaned with the bai in the morning."

"No that is not required, I am not going to pay the bai to clean my car." I refused the offer.

"It"s ok sir the service is free of charge. Especially, for good people like you." He said.

I thought about it for a while. Then I decided I am getting a sweet offer.

"Ok make sure she doesn't tamper the car and steal anything from the car. There is a lot of dirt in the car come to my apartment in the morning and take the keys. And you be right in front of her when she is cleaning the car." I said and started walking away.

"You don't worry sir, I will take good care of your car. Is there anything else I can do for you sir?" he asked.

"No that will be all." I said and pressed the elevator button.

The door opened and I went in and pressed my floor button and the door closed. I reached my floor and the door opened and there was Mrs.Sharma our next door standing in front of me.

Mrs.Sharma was the wife of Mr.Sharma who was in the army and had recently passed away. She was about 35 years of age and was all alone as they did not have any kids.

"Good evening Mrs.Sharma, how are you doing today?" I asked her.

"Yeah I am fine, how are you?" She asked.

"Oh I am fine too." I replied.

She went into the lift as I got out. Suddenly she held the door and asked
"Were you having a party today, there was a lot of noise coming from the apartment in the evening. I could hear Purva laughing at the top of her voice?"

"Oh yeah some of her friends has come over so they were having a little get together. I hope we did not disturb you." I asked in concern.

"Oh no, they weren't a bother just wanted to enquire." She said and the elevator closed.

I turned back and head to our front door. I rang the bell. Purva opened the door.

She looked like an angel. She was just out of the shower. Her hair was still wet. She was wearing a housecoat with her top buttons open and revealing a lot of cleavage.

I smiled at her as she opened the door. She smiled back and hugged me as I entered.

"Oh somebody is in a good mood today." I said.

She blushed.

"So how was your day?" I asked sarcastically.

"Oh you a little bit of this and a little bit of that." She replied with a wide smile on her face.

I understood she had a ball with Sajid and the guys.

"What is Appu doing?" I asked.

"He is watching cartoons." Purva said and went into the kitchen and came back with a cup of coffee in her hand.

We both sat down at the dinner table.

"So tell me everything that happened." I asked her setting the coffee cup aside.

"Right now won't be good enough time. Appu will be done watching cartoons soon, I will get his homework done then we will talk. Why don't you freshen up till then?"

"You glowing face has already freshened me up enough I can't wait to hear your story and tell you my story." I said.

She looked at me with her eyebrows raised.

"Oh you have a story too." She asked curiously.
"Yeah maybe it isn't as good as yours but yeah I got a story too." I said went into the bedroom to change.

When I came out Appu was still watching TV and Purva was setting the table for dinner. I sat on the sofa and just looked at Purva walk around swaying her ass. It was pretty obvious that she did not have any underwear or bra on. She walked around with her beautiful round ass swaying from side to side.

She was walking kind of funny. I thought maybe it was because of the tattoo still hurting or maybe Sajid and his boys went to town on her ass. Anyways I just kept looking at her till she finished setting the table.

Then we had dinner. Purva was gorging on the food.

"Haven't you eaten anything the whole day?" I asked her.

"Hmm" was all she said as she kept stuffing her mouth with food.

We finished dinner and we watched for a while. It was 11 o"clock. I told Appu to go to bed. He did not retaliate and went straight into his bedroom and went to sleep.

Purva went in after him and changed his clothes and tucked him into bed.

She came out closed the room door.

And she came and sat next to me.

"So should we begin?" I asked her.

"Yeah, but you tell me your story first. Mine is longer and you will probably not be in a state of mind to tell me your story. I am just as curious as you as to what happened." She said.

I told her the entire story about me and Shilpa.

"Aw, that was so sweet of you to help her in her time of need. I am proud of you. And you truly deserve the gift that she gave you. Did you enjoy it?" She asked.

"Yeah it was fun. But I don't think the fun has ended yet. Shilpa seems to be a very bold girl. I may have lots more in store for me. She even wants to meet you." I said.

"Oh really, that is awesome. We 3 should hang out some time. Does she have a husband or boyfriend?" She asked.

"No, not that I know of." I replied

"Why do you ask?"

"No, was just curious." She said and smiled.

"So anyways you want to go to the bedroom and tell me your story?" I asked her hungrily.

Just then her phone rang. She had received a text. She took her phone and read the text and smiled.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Its Rasul. He says he had a lot of fun and told his friends about me. They are dying to meet me.

And he says my ass is all he sees when he closes his eyes." She said.

"Aw he likes you a lot." I replied.

"I guess" Purva said smiling and keeping her phone away.

"You kidding me, that ass is worth its weight in gold. It should be in a museum." I said while made her blush.

"Oh stop it you, do you want to praise me all night or do you want to hear what happened?" She asked demandingly

"Ok let"s go inside."

We went into our bedroom and sat down on our bed. Then Purva started her narration.

"Well after you left I got to work in the kitchen preparing lunch for myself. I was still naked. I got all sweaty because of the heat in the kitchen. But sometimes a cool breeze would flow in through the window and my nipples would become erect. I liked the sensation.

I was waiting for these guys to come over. I could see then working from the bedroom window. They seemed to be very busy at work. The coffee that I had prepared was getting cold. I thought they will not come in today, I was a bit disappointed.

Then I heard the doorbell ring. I sprang into action and went into grab the bath robe. I could not tie it properly as I was in a hurry. The doorbell rang 2 more times when I just reached it. I looked through the eye hole. I could see the watchman standing in front of the door.

I opened the door a little and asked him "What happened?"
"Madam I checked the water supply and the municipality said there was no problem at their end." He said.

"So where do you think the problem is?" I asked him.

"I do not know madam. I asked your upstairs neighbour and they said they are not facing any problems. Maybe there is some fault in our piping would you mind if I check it. It must be something minor. You don't need to call the plumber for that." He said.

I understood at this point that he was lying and was just looking for a reason to come into the house. He was running his eyes all over my body while taking to me to just get another glance of my snatch. There was a little wind blowing and which was making my bath robe fly a little. So he caught some glimpses of my thighs. His eyes sparkled as he saw my thighs.

I felt sorry for the guy and said, "Ok fine, come in and take a look at it."

I opened the door further and he came in.

I then realised that the top part of the bathrobe was not very loose and a very deep cleavage was visible. He kept looking at my cleavage and asked, "Where is the bathroom madam?"

"It"s that way." I said and pointed towards the bathroom.

He kept looking at my cleavage for a couple of more seconds and turned and started walking towards the bathroom.

I closed the door and went into the kitchen. I could hear him banging on the pipes with his wrench trying to look like he was doing something. He came out of the bathroom and came to the kitchen door and asked.

"Can I check the kitchen sink?"

"Ok go ahead." I said and kept on cutting vegetables.

He banged on the pipes in the kitchen and said "Well madam I am not able to see what the problem is right now. Maybe we should wait another day and see if they start working tomorrow. Maybe there is some blockage in the pipes. Or else I will come in with a plumber tomorrow and fix the pipes."

I said, "Oh, ok. Well we will just wait for one more day."

He looked at me and smiled and started to head towards the door. That is when I realised that the coffee that I made was going to waste anyways as none of the guys showed up. So I yelled out to him and asked him, "Would you like some coffee?"

"Oh its ok madam I don't want to be a bother." He replied but I understood that this fucker has no intention to leave.

I said, "Oh you are have been such great help to me this is the least I can do for you. Please stay."

"Ok if you insist." He quickly replied.

"Ok why don't you do into the living room and sit down on the sofa. I will get the coffee." I said and he left.

I heated up two cups of coffee and took it to the living room. He was sitting there on the sofa on the edge of his seat looking at our pictures on the shelf.

I set the tray of coffee on the coffee table and made sure he got a good view of my cleavage and sat down about 2 feet away from him on the sofa.

"Relax." I said while holding his shoulder.

I could feel a surge of electricity go through his body but he contained himself and sat back on the sofa.

I gave him the coffee cup with both my hands. He leaned forward to take the cup and his eyes were on my chest. I looked down and saw that while I sat down the bathrobe came up a bit and my entire boobs were visible from the top.

His hands were shaking as he took the cup. I smiled at him. He gave a nervous smile back. And then he started sipping his coffee.

I raised my left leg up and crossed my legs which caused the bath robe to come up even further and my inner thighs were visible while I sipped my coffee.

I said, "So do you have a family?"

"Yes madam I have a wife who lives with me in our two room house near the main gate."

"Oh nice, what does she do?" I asked.

"She works as a maid in some of the houses nearby." He replied nervously with his eyes constantly going towards my thighs.

"You don't have any kids?" I asked him as I shifted my butt a little bit because the tattoo was causing some discomfort. The robe came up even more.

He saw that and then he quickly tried to adjust his dick. I could clearly see that he had a boner and was finding it very difficult to contain it.

"No madam not yet, we are trying to conceive but I think that there is some problem with me." He replied dejected.

I moved closer to him and put my hand on his shoulder and said
"It"s ok whatever is the problem will get solved soon you don't worry."

"Thank you for understanding madam." He replied

We drank coffee for some time in quiet. He reeked of pan and sweat. I took a deep sniff quietly loved the smell of pure man. I imagined how his dick would smell like and my pussy got wet. I was sweating.

"Are you ok madam?" he asked.

"You are sweating a lot." He said.

"Yeah I am fine, it"s just the weather. Do you mind if I remove my bathrobe?" I asked him

He was speechless for a couple of seconds.

"It"s your house madam you can do whatever you want." He replied after big gulp.

I got up and undid my bath robe knot which was almost undone and took the robe off and threw it on the chair in front of the coffee table. The robe fell on the floor. I went and bent over to pick the robe off the floor. I bent down a lot and I am sure that the watchman could see my asshole and pussy clearly. I picked the robe up and put in on the chair and came back and sat even closer to him this time. He was staring at me all the time with his eyes wide open.

"You look very beautiful madam." He said.

"Oh thank you that was very sweet of you." I said and then I hugged him around his shoulders and kissed his shoulder. While I kissed his shoulder I took a deep sniff of his shirt and almost went crazy. But I controlled myself.

I sat back and started sipping coffee.

He asked, "Madam, can I touch your breasts?" while looking at my boobs.
I acted as if I was angry at him at first then I said,
"Ok now that you have helped me this much maybe I will let you touch my breasts but nothing more."

As soon as I said this he kept the cup on the table turned around put out his both hands and cupped both my breasts. He slowly squeezed them and kept doing that for a while. Then he ran fingers over my nipples and pinched them with his fingers. They got erect in no time.

I squealed in pain

"Ouch, I said just touching." And looked at him with fake anger and slapped his hands away.
He immediately pulled his hands back and stood up and started profusely apologizing.

"It is ok I forgive you. Ok you can leave now." I said this and he started leaving.

"Ok don't forget to repair the pipes tomorrow. I will not be able to take a bath tomorrow. Look at me I am already sweaty." I told him.

"Madam if you want I have water in my house. You can come over and take a bath if you want. We get water from a well nearby so we always have water. But the water is a bit hard so you will need to adjust." He said as he opened the door.

"Ok I will see if I need to desperately take a bath I will come by." I told him as I started clearing the coffee table.

"I am sorry for everything that happened madam, I will be really grateful if you don't tell what happened to anyone." He said.

"Its ok I have already forgotten it. But I need you too to keep this a secret. Ok?" I asked.

"Trust me madam my mouth will not open." He said this and left closing the door behind him.
I went back to the kitchen and started preparing lunch. It was 1:30 pm now and Sajid and his boys were nowhere to be seen. I went to the bedroom window and they were not visible. I thought they left.

I was feeling down so I thought I would prepare something nice for myself to eat as it looked like to be a long and boring say and I could pass the time in preparing food.

I went and changed into a tank top and mini skirt and went into the kitchen and started preparing a pie.

It took me one and a half hour to get the pie done. After the pie was done I set it down to cool and went to the living room and lay down on the sofa and dozed off.

After some time the doorbell rang. I woke up with a start and looked at the clock. I thought I had slept through the whole day and was still in my skimpy little clothes. But it was just 3pm. I was relieved. I heard the doorbell again. I went to the door and looked through the peephole. I saw Sajid and Rasul standing at the door. I was very happy.

I looked at myself in the mirror near the door. My hair was all over the place and my tank top all crumpled up. It looked like I was wearing a sports bra. I pulled my tank top down and set my hair in order, although it did not help. I opened the door.

"What took you so long?" Sajid asked.

"Is there anybody else here?" He asked with a smile on his face.

I too smiled. They both entered the house as if they owned the place. I was turned on by the dominance Sajid was showing.

He came in and hugged me by the door. His hands reached my buttocks and squeezed them while he gave me a deep passionate kiss with his tongue entirely in my mouth. I sucked on his tongue and hugged him tight for a couple of seconds. He was covered in sweat and was smelling of cigarettes.

I took in a deep sniff of his manliness and said, "Why are you guys so late today?"

By the time Rasul had also entered and he shut the door while I was kissing Sajid. Then he came towards me and grabbed my breasts with both his hands and dug his face in between them kissed each of them. Then he too kissed me but this time I dug my tongue into his mouth. I could taste the paan he had just had.

"Mm you taste good." I said.

Then I turned around and he slapped me on my ass. I jumped and looked back and giggled. Then we went and sat down on the sofa.

I sat between both of them and said

"So why are you guys so late I was waiting for you guys the whole day" I thought you would not come today." I acted like I was sad.

Sajid put his arm around me and said,
"Oh poor Purva, you missed us a lot didn't you" We had some important work to take care of. I was ready to come when I saw your husband leave. Well, don't be sad now we are here now let"s forget everything and have some fun. Ok?"

"Ok." I replied in a small girl voice.

"So you had fun yesterday?" Rasul asked.

"Yeah I had a lot of fun. This was a fresh new experience for me. I thank you both for giving me this opportunity." I thanked them as I put my hands on each of their thighs.

"Well the idea was all uncle"s I had nothing to with it. So you should thank him extra." He said.

"Oh, really?" I looked at Sajid and ran my palm over his crotch.

"Thank you Sajid. You know just what I like. I am so lucky to get a friend like you." I said.

Sajid looked at me sternly and said," Friend" I am not your friend. I am your master. You will do whatever I say. I have my name written on you so you belong to me and my whims now."

"I am completely ok with that." I said while holding his crotch, "Until a keep getting some of this I am your personal whore. I will obey all of your orders."

"That"s like a good whore." Sajid said and smiled.

I too smiled.

"I made coffee for you guys in the morning. But you did not show up. There is a lot of it left. Would you like to have it now?" I asked.

"Why don't you wait for some time Purva there are some more guys who are finishing up. They will come here soon, and then we can all have coffee together. Ok?"

More guys, my heart skipped a beat when I heard that. I heart was beating faster. I get to be feasted on by more eyes now. Yay!

"How many more guys are coming?" I asked trying to keep a straight face.

"Oh, 4 more guys. Why is there a problem?" Sajid asked.

"No, I don't have any problem. It"s better if more guys show up then we can finish the coffee." I said.

Then Sajid started removing his shirt.

"My shirt is drenched in sweat." He said and bunched up the shirt and kept it aside.

His body was glistening with sweat. His broad hairy chest looked beautiful as he stretched his body.

He lay down on his stomach on the ground and said, "My back is very sore come give me a massage."

I sat on his butt and started rubbing his back. The back was covered in sweat; it felt as if I was rubbing lotion on his back. I started massaging his back. He was moaning in relief. I was happy that I was making him feel good.

I looked at Rasul. He was looking at my ass which was on Sajid"s ass. But he looked like he was bored so I told him to watch some TV till I finished giving his uncle the massage. He got up and switched on the TV and started surfing channels.

I massaged Sajid for about 10 minutes. Then he told me to stop. I stopped and lay on his back with my boobs touching his back. I loved the smell of sweat on his body. I kissed his back and again lay down on his back. I ran my finger through his hair while I lay on him.

"Oh that feels so good Purva. You are a very talented little slut." He said while groaning in relief.

"Oh thank you Sajid. You bring out the best in me." I said.

Then he said

"Wait, let me turn over. Get up for a minute."

I got up and was squatting in the air while he turned around. I sat back down. Now his crotch was touching my vagina. He had his pants still on so I could not feel his dick.

"Why don't you let the beast out?" I said and giggled.

"Have some patience whore. Everything in good time." He said this and grabbed my hair and pulled my face towards his face and we started making out. He got his tongue out and was licking my lips. Then he entered my lips. I started sucking on his tongue as if it was his dick. I sucked on it pretty hard. We making out passionately on the ground and Rasul was watching TV which was on mute. But I doubt he was watching TV while this hot session was going on right next to him.

After some vigorous making out Sajid grabbed me and turned around. In a flash I was under him with his crotch over my vagina trying to plough through. He was furiously making out. Then he came down and tore my tank top apart and threw it aside and then he started biting on my nipples hard.

I was moaning in pleasure and kept on telling him to bite hard or press harder. He was on my nipples for some time. Then he came up and held my cheeks with his right hand and pressed it. I understood he was trying to open my mouth. So I opened my mouth a little then he spat directly into my mouth. I said.

"Mm, spit on my face Sajid."

He spat on my face. I rubbed his spit all over my face. It smelled like cigarettes and bad breath. But I liked it. He then spat on my boobs and I rubbed my boobs.

Just then the doorbell rang again. We both got up.

"It must be the guys. I will go get the door." Said Rasul and he went towards the door.

"Wait!" I yelled

"I can't be topless in front of them." I pushed Sajid off of me and started searching for my tank top.

I found it completely torn to my right side.

"It"s ok you can wear my shirt if you want." Said Sajid and gave me his shirt.

I wore it immediately it was wet from sweat and reeked. I hurriedly buttoned the shirt.

"Ok now open the door." I said as I got up and sat on the sofa.

Rasul went and opened the door. 4 more guys whom I had never seen before entered. I stood up to welcome them. My skirt was too high and I said hello to them as I pulled my skirt down a bit. But it was too tight and took me some time. The guys were looking at me struggling to pull my skirt down and smiled.

I too was smiling embarrassed.
They all come towards me and shook my hands. I greeted them all and then sat down. One of the guys sat down next to Rasul and one next to Sajid. Rest two sat on the single sofas on either side of the sofa.

"You house looks good Purva madam." Said the guy sitting on the single sofa to the right on me.
I said, "Thank you, but how do you know my name?"

"Sajid bhai told us everything about you and what a wonderful host you are. But I guess he forgot to mention how beautiful you are also." He said this and smiled.

I started blushing and said "Oh, I am not that beautiful. Well, maybe a little. Haha"

We all laughed.

"Ok should I serve coffee for all of you now?" I asked Sajid.

"Ok go get the coffee." He said.

I got up started walking towards the kitchen when Rasul dug his middle finger and thumb into my ass crack and pinched me. He touched the sore tattoo while pinching me. I yelled out in pain.

"Oh are you ok?" Rasul asked apologetically.

"It"s the tattoo, it"s still very sore." I said in pain.

"Oh I am sorry", Rasul apologised.

The pain had subsided by then. I stood straight.

I said, "Its ok you did not know. I will go get the coffee."

I went into the kitchen and heated up the coffee and poured them into cups and brought them to the living room in a tray. I walked to my seat and bent down and kept the tray on the table.

As I kept the tray down on the table Sajid asked
"How bad is it hurting Purva?"

"What is hurting?" I asked.

"The tattoo." He said.

"Oh it"s still very sore and it burns when I touch it. I hope it doesn't get infected." I said worriedly.

"Is it that bad" Let me take a look at it." He said.

I was shocked that Sajid was telling me to show him my bare ass in full view of the other guys.
"Here" Now?" I asked amazed.

"Yeah, why is there a problem" We are all adults here and it"s not like that we haven't seen you naked before." He said casually.

"But we have company now." I said in a hushed voice.

"Oh, these guys know all about our adventures. As a matter of fact then wanted to see if you existed for real. So don't worry. Show the tattoo. I need to check." He said.

"Ok if you say so." I said this and I turned around and pulled the shirt up till my hips. Then I opened my skirt buttons and pulled my skirt entirely down while these guys kept looking at my ass.

My skirt was at my feet I stepped out of them. Then I held both my butt cheeks with both my hands and parted my cheeks. The guys sitting on the side sofas immediately got up and came behind me.

I could only imagine these guys staring at my asshole. I clenched my asshole a little. Sajid touched the tattoo with his finger. It burnt a little so I told him to be gentle. Then I felt another finger touch it. I do not know whose it was. But most probably it was Rasul"s.

"It does not look infected to me. It is just a little red. It will be fine by tomorrow." He said.

"You really think so?" I asked.

"Wait let me look." Said one of the guys.

He sat on my place and touched the tattoo with two fingers and gently ran his fingers all over the tattoo.

"Yeah it is not infected. But I have some medicine in my truck which is good against irritation. I will go get it." Saying this he left hurriedly.

Then another guy came closer to my butt. I heard him lick his finger and then started running his wet finger over the tattoo. It felt good as his spit cooled the area. Then he came more nearer to my butt held my butt cheeks with both his hands and blew over the tattoo. I felt really good. I had goose bumps.

He again licked his finger and this time he touched my asshole with his finger. I was startled but I did not react much. He moved his finger in a circular motion over my asshole. Then again he held my butt cheeks and blew over my asshole. Then he suddenly planted a peck on my asshole.

"Oh, hehe" I giggled.

"You liked that didn't you?" asked Sajid.

"Hmm" I replied.

Then the man that had left came back and was banging on the door. I walked to the door wearing only Sajid"s shirt. But it was long enough to reach my haunches. I opened the door.

The guy came in. He held my hand and brought me to the side sofa. He sat down and made me stand with my ass towards him. Now my ass was in front of his face.

"Bend over and spread you ass." He said in a demanding voice.

I obeyed him like the good little slut I am and I bent over and spread my butt cheeks. He took some cream from the tube and applied over the tattoo. It felt very cool. He kept rubbing the cream over the tattoo with four fingers. Occasionally his pinkie would touch my asshole which added to the pleasure.

The other guys were sitting in their pleasure watching me standing in front of this guy with my ass cheeks apart and eyes closed breathing heavily.

The guy massaged my ass cheek for some time then he suddenly inserted his other index finger into my asshole and licked it.

I was surprised.

"Did you like that?" I asked him.

"Yes, can I get taste some more?" He asked me.

"Yeah sure go ahead." I replied.

This time he licked his whole finger first. Then he held spread my cheeks more with one hand and instantly inserted about half of his finger into my asshole. As it was wet it went in easily till half then it started getting rough. He was still trying to push his finger in.

Then suddenly Rasul sat down in front of me and wetted his middle finger and inserted it completely into my pussy. I was squirming in pleasure and everybody started laughing watching me.

Then suddenly the phone rang. These both guys were digging their finger into both my holes so I was not free to go to the phone. So the guy who was sitting next to Sajid picked up the phone and gave it to me.

As I took the phone and said hello these guys thrust their fingers even more inside and all of them laughed even more. I could not hear who was on the phone. I told Rasul to stop for a bit then the guy fingering my asshole slapped me with his other hand. I felt a surge of electricity run through my body.

Everybody calmed down then as I was moaning. I then said hello as I came back to my senses. But the person had already hung up.

"It was me who had called. Haha." I said.

"Then why did you hang up?" She asked.

"Come on Purva you had fingers of two men up your ass and pussy why would you have been interested in talking to me. So I hung up so that you could continue your fun." I said.

"Oh you are so thoughtful. Thank you." she said

"Well after the call got hung up I threw the phone to the guy who had given me the phone and told Rasul and the other guy to go deeper and faster.

They started finger fucking me. Although the guy who was fingering my asshole was a little slower it was enjoyable. He fingered my asshole for a while and then as his finger started getting dry he took out his finger and licked it entirely. Rasul was still fingering my pussy, he too stopped after a few minutes and licked his fingers.

"Mm you taste so good Purva." He said while he was slurping on his fingers which were completely wet from my juices.

"Well, I gave you guys a taste of my juices. I hope you return the favour." I said as I smiled and looked at Sajid.

Sajid did not say a word and just smiled at me.

I went and sat down in my spot between Sajid and Rasul and started drinking coffee. Then I saw that the guy who was sitting beside Sajid had to squeeze a lot to fit in as all of these men were well built men I felt bad for him.

I got up and told Sajid to slide over to my spot and told the other guy to sit properly. Sajid slid over to my spot. Then I sat on Sajid"s lap kept my legs on other guy.

We all started drinking coffee and started chatting.

"Why don't you guys introduce yourselves?" I asked.

The guy, on whose lap I had kept my legs said," My name is Imran. I live next door to Rasul. We all work together sometimes. And he is Adbul." He said pointing to the guy who was sitting on the side sofa beside him." And that is Karim." pointing towards the guy sitting next to Rasul.

"They both are brothers. And finally that guy is Mushtaq Miyan. He is the oldest among us but also the most energetic."

Mushtaq smiled at me.

"Yeah I could see that when we was digging into my asshole." I said smiling at Mushtaq.

Then I went to sip coffee when Sajid shifted his leg a bit which caused me to spill a little coffee on his shirt. Immediately got up and tried to wipe away the coffee. After all the coffee fell off I could see that there was a stain on it. I immediately took off the shirt and went to the sink to clean the shirt.

I cleaned the shirt with some soap and water which helped to reduce the stain a bit. I turned back and went into the living room saying

"I"m sorry Sajid this stain will go entirely only after a wash."

I then saw all of them staring at me with wide smiles on their faces.

Then I looked down and realised that I was completely naked in front of all of them.

I could see their jaws on the floor. I felt like I was being fucked by their eyes. I paused for some time looking at them. Then I thought they all have been inside my ass so looking me completely naked was not a big.

I acted casual and went over to Sajid with the shirt.

I said," I"m sorry Sajid I need to properly wash the shirt or that stain won't go away" I stood in front of him with the shirt in hand.

He put his hands around my waist and held my butt cheeks with both his hands and turned me around and pulled me on his lap.
I fell on his lap, then he said

"It"s ok my darling slut, I have 2 wives at home who will get rid of the stain you just concentrate on me and the boys and having fun. Ok?"

"Ok Sajid. I will." I said shyly keeping the shirt away.

"So what do you guys want to do now?" I asked them.

"We are tired from a long day"s work let"s just sit and relax for a while." Said Mushtaq.

I said ok and wrapped my left arm around Sajid"s neck and got comfortable. Mushtaq told Karim to go switch on the TV. He obeyed and went over to the TV and switched it on and gave the remote to Mushtaq.

We watched TV while occasionally the guys would look at me and smile. As everybody was watching TV and chatting about some work related stuff. I was getting bored. I was playing with Sajid"s chest hair. I pinched his nipple slightly.

"Ow, take it easy slut." He said giving a naughty smile.

I pinched his nipple again. This time he pinched my nipple. Rasul too pinched my nipple saying that I was hurting his uncle and he had to react. They both were squeezing my nipples with their fingers.

I was moaning in pleasure. I got up and turned around and sat on Sajid"s lap facing him with both my legs on either side of his legs.

I grabbed his hair and pushed his face into my boobs. Sajid started shook his head in between my boobs. Then he held my hands pushed me back. Then he concentrated on my right boobs and started licking my nipple while making circular motions with his tongue. He licked my entire boob.

At the same time the guy to his right held my left boob and was kneading it softly. He too pinched my nipple.

I was surprised that these guys who lived in such rough conditions could be so gentle with me. Although I was enjoying it, it didn't feel right. I wanted some rough treatment means come on I was their slut not their wife that they need to treat so nicely. I felt like telling them to man and up and take me. But I wanted to see how long they could act like this. So I let them do whatever they wanted.

Sajid was still licking my boobs and Rasul was grabbing my ass cheeks and gently kneading them.

"Come Mushtaq Miyaan, have some." He told Mushtaq.

Sajid let go of me and told me to go to Mushtaq Miyaan. I got up and went sat on Mushtaq"s lap.
He spit on my boobs and was massaging them. Then he bit my boob with his whole mouth open. Then I thought now we are going somewhere. He bit hard.

"Ouch." I yelled

Karim got up and slapped my ass hard and said sternly," Don't resist Mushtaq Miyaan, he is the eldest among us. Just enjoy what he does. "

I nodded my head and bit my lip to control my yelling. He kept on biting hard. I was getting wet and I could feel Mushtaq"s hard dick poking my vagina from below.

I was pressing hard on his dick to feel more of it.

Then Abdul said," Mushtaq Miyaan please let us have some fun too."

Mushtaq looked at Abdul and smiled and nodded his head in agreement. And he told me to get up from his lap. When I got up from his lap I could see a wet stain on the top of the bulge. Everybody look at it and Sajid said, "You are very horny today I guess Purva."

"Yeah I was horny since yesterday"s massage. And you won't fuck me." I said and made a sad face.

He got up and slapped my butt hard and said that I was his slut and he or the boys will fuck or do whatever they wish with her only when they want to and I have no right in telling them what to do.
I bowed my head down and said yes as you wish.

Now Abdul, Karim and Imran got and came near me. Two of them started fondling my boobs and on was running his fingers through my ass crack all the way up to my pussy slowly. He did not insert any of his fingers. He just kept running his fingers over my pussy which felt good especially because of the small hairs that had grown since I last shaved 2 days ago.

Abdul and Karim were sucking on one boob each. They bit my nipples which felt good and I let out a loud moan.

Rasul too joined the fun kneeling in front of me and kissing my stomach area and thrust his tongue into my navel and was rolling it around inside.

I was on cloud number nine with these four guys pleasuring me simultaneously. Now Imran was trying to insert his finger inside my pussy. I parted my legs a little as I was standing but he was not getting good access. I looked around and there was no space for all of us to enjoy me together.

So I told Sajid to push the coffee table a little far and open the sofa cum bed.

They all stopped and started rearranging the stuff. They pushed the coffee table and the side sofas a little far and lifted the sofa cum bed and opened it.

I was standing there while they were working. I felt like peeing so I excused myself and went in to the bathroom to pee. I did not mind closing the door as I was in a hurry and I thought those guys were busy and also I could hear those guys talking loudly about this was so much fun and laughing loudly. I was pretty sure the neighbours would have noticed the commotion. But I did not mind.

"Oh yeah I had met Mrs.Sharma?" I said and was immediately interrupted by Purva

"Yeah fine let me finish the good part is coming up." She said irritated.

"Ok, ok sorry continue" I said and let her continue

So I went and sat on the toilet started peeing when I heard someone come near the sink at the bathroom entrance. I heard the faucet turn on and then suddenly the bathroom door opened and banged against the wall.

It was Mushtaq. I got startled and tried to hide my pussy. He laughed and immediately almost all the guys some near the bathroom door and were watching me and laughing as I was trying to hide my pussy in vain.

After sometime I gave up and started peeing freely. Then I took the spray jet to clean my pussy.

"No, let it be, you can clean up later." Mushtaq said

"No I want to be clean." I resisted.

Mushtaq walked into the bathroom took the spray jet from my hands and set it aside and held my hands and dragged me out of the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and held me by my hips and pushed me to the living room.

He pushed me towards the bed; I went near the bed and sat down.

Mushtaq started unbuttoning his shirt while all the other guys gathered around the bed.

He took off his shirt threw it aside on the side sofa chair. He came near me. His crotch was in front of my face now. I put my face on his crotch and felt his big bulge. It twitched a little. I bit the bulge slightly. I was about to open his pants when he stopped by holding my hand. He pushed my shoulders and I lay on the bed with my legs on the ground.

He lifted my legs and pushed me up. Then he knelt between my legs and started licking my pussy.

"Mm ", he said "Even your piss taste so good.", and started sucking on my clit.

I was going crazy with pleasure and started moaning heaving. While he was licking me the other guys took off their shirts and got onto the bed around me. Karim and Rasul started kneading one boob each. Imran was running his palm over my stomach area. Abdul just kept looking at Mushtaq licking my pussy.

Sajid climbed above my head and started kissing me spider man style. I could not control my pleasure anymore and was moaning very loudly.

All the pleasure point on my body were being stimulated I was in complete euphoria. Then Mushtaq held my knees from below and lifted my legs high up in the air.

My asshole was clearly exposed to him and he looked at it and said,
"Now that is what I call beauty." Then he spat on my asshole and started licking my asshole. He inserted his tongue inside and started tongue fucking my asshole.

Now Abdul saw his opportunity as my pussy was free now. He ran his palm on my pussy and then licked his middle finger and inserted it into my pussy slowly.

The situation was so hot I am getting wet right now.

The guys kept on going for quite some time. I was squirming in pleasure as I could not even yell because I and Sajid were making out.

Then the guys exchanged positions. Mushtaq came over and said, "You want to taste yourself?"

"Hmm" I nodded in agreement.

"You dirty little whore." He said this and inserted his tongue inside my mouth. I could not taste much I could smell piss and cigarette. I started sucking on his tongue. And we kissed passionately.

Sajid was massaging my boobs. Rasul went down on me and was tongue fucking my pussy. Abdul and Karim were just sitting on both side of me.
I felt bad for them so I lay my palms on their crotches. I could feel the warmth and the hardness. I tried to reach for their zip to open their pants. I was finding it a little difficult as I was surrounded by guys and my eyes were closed because of the pleasure.

They both immediately unzipped their pants and took them off and knelt beside me. I searched for them with my hands until I touched their thighs. I could feel their hairy thighs which were very broad and muscular. I ran my both hands upwards but could not go very far.

They both near a little. Then I felt those. Those two throbbing dicks were in my hands now.

They were very warm and as soon as I touched them both of them let out a slight moan. They weren't as big as Sajid or Rasul but seemed big enough and were about the size of my palm.

I started stroking their dicks slowly. They felt very dry and I was finding it very difficult to stroke them.

So I spat on both my hands and started slathering the spit on their dicks. Then I could easily stroke their dicks. Both of them started moaning. I stroked their dicks for a while then I went and grabbed their ball sacs.

They were a bit hairy and seemed full. I was very happy that I would be getting to eat a lot of cum this fine evening.

I massaged their ball sacs for some time. All this time Sajid, Rasul, Imran and Mushtaq were exploring and pleasuring parts of my body I never knew existed.

After some time I start hearing Karim and Abdul moan loudly. I realised that they were going to cum soon. I stopped stroking.

"Why did you stop?" asked Karim holding my hands.

I stopped making out with Imran and told them

"I don't want to waste your cum by dropping it on the bed. Remember you promised me that you would let me have your juices."

"You talk too much" said Mushtaq pushing Imran away from near my head and got on all fours with his dick above my face and inserted his dick completely into my mouth. It was longer than Sajid"s so I started gagging.

"Relax, relax, just let it go in you won't gag. Breath through your nose slowly." Mushtaq said as he kept removing and inserting his dick in and out of my mouth.

Everybody stopped what they were doing. I guess they were looking at me getting face fucked Mushtaq"s cock.

Mushtaq kept on going slowly. I slowly lift up my left hand and started running it through Mushtaq"s ass crack. It was hairy and sweaty so I could easily massage his asshole. I massage it for a while and then slowly inserted my middle finger into his asshole. It was tight but I could get the tip in."

"Oh you cut your nails." I noticed.

"Finally you noticed. I knew Rasul would want a repeat of last night"s action so I cut it so that it won't hurt him as it hurt you in the morning."

"Ok" I said and lay down on the bed as she continued her narration.

"Well as the tip went in, he clenched his asshole. It got harder to insert my finger in so I stopped. Then I heard another pant zip open."

"So you wanted to get fucked huh Purva?" Sajid said.

"Mm hmm" I said with Mushtaq"s dick in my mouth.

Sajid held both of my legs. Then I felt two more hands hold onto my legs and then Sajid left my legs.

He slowly inserted his dick into my pussy and started fucking me with slow strokes.

I was getting drilled in both holes and my right hand was feeling lonely. So I grabbed some air with it signalling to whoever was on the right to give me his dick to grab. I heard another pant zip open and he held my hand and placed his dick on it. This felt like a new dick so I knew it had to be Imran.

I started stroking his dick while was smaller than everybody over there. But it was stiff and had a huge head. It too was hairy and had veins all over it. I thought it would feel awesome to get drilled with that with big head.

All three guys were moaning in pleasure I was felt like the most desirable whore in the world. The guys continued like that for some time. Then Mushtaq suddenly got up and squatted over my face and sat with his asshole on my mouth. I started kissing it passionately. I inserted my tongue into it and was trying to get as inside as possible. His hairy balls were resting on my forehead. My face was covered by his crotch.

He was stroking his own dick as I ate his delicious asshole. As I kept licking slowly I think he may have relaxed his muscles which caused him to let out a tiny fart. It was not smelly or anything so I did not mind.

"You liked that you dirty whore?" He said standing up a little.

Then before I could say anything he spat on my face and started rubbing his ass all over my face.

Now Rasul also had seen that my left hand was free so he too took off his pants and offered his dick into my hand I started stroking it.

I was running on all engines and I felt like I was on the top of the world.

Mushtaq suddenly went into the old position and shoved his dick into my mouth and started fucking it harshly. Sajid saw this and started fucking my faster and with harder strokes.

Then Mushtaq stopped fucking and paused with his half his dick in my mouth. Then I felt the warm semi solid liquid sliding down my tongue and throat. He was cumming. He cummed a lot and for quite a while he remained in that position. I thought he was catching his breath. I could feel the warmth leaving his dick. I could also feel it shrinking in size.

He stayed in that same position with his eyes closed. Then I felt some hot liquid sliding down my throat. At first I could not taste what it was but as it went down my throat it started burning. That is when I realised that Mushtaq was pissing in my mouth. I was surprised but he looked in some euphoria that I did not want to ruin his fun as all I wanted was the complete satisfaction of my lovers.

He pissed in my mouth slowly. But as it was a huge quantity I could not gulp it down fast enough. So my mouth filled up very fast and some of it was dripping out of my mouth. Mushtaq saw and took out his dick out of my mouth and sat beside my head.

"Come on Purva you have to drink it all. I gave you what I promised I would give you all my juices. Now do not waste my juices." He said in a stern voice.

Sajid stopped fucking me but his dick was still inside my pussy and everybody was looking at me. I raised my head and chest with the support of my elbows.

My mouth was still full of piss.

Everybody was staring at me. I slowly gulped the entire mouthful of piss.

Everybody cheered me and clapped.

"Mm that was tasty and fun. Now all of you have to give me all of your juices." I said and gave a wide smile.

Sajid resumed fucking me. Rasul climbed onto me and I started sucking on his dick. I bit his dick a little which made his dick harder. He started cumming in a few seconds. Some of it fell on my face. So I rubbed it all over my face. He was about to get off when I asked him if he was forgetting something. He said that he wasn't feeling like taking a piss and just got off. I was reeking of sweat, piss, cum and ass. But I felt really good.

Next Imran came onto me and he too cummed in few seconds. He cummed on my nose then he sat with his asshole on my face and rubbed the cum all over my face. His ass was very hairy so it felt very rough. He was gyrating on my face for a few seconds. After that he was about to get off when I held his hips with my hands. And then I started licking his ass crack which was covered in cum and spit. It tasted delicious.

I was getting wetter and Sajid could feel it while he was fucking me.

Then Sajid finished fucking my and came over my face. Then he lift up my head his hand held his dick with the other and aimed it at my mouth.

"Open your mouth" he said demandingly.

I opened my mouth and then he started shooting a stream of hot piss into my mouth. He pissed a little and waited for me to drink it all. Then he kept repeating till he was all done. I licked the final few drops off of his dick.

He too got off me.

I got up then I saw Karim and Abdul sitting over there stroking their dicks. I felt sorry for them. I told them to come to the bed. Sajid went into the kitchen and brought some water for the other guys.

Karim and Abdul got on the bed. I could see that their dicks were not hard enough I had not strength to get it up the traditional way. So I told them to turn around and get on all fours. They obeyed.

Then I spread open Karim"s ass cheeks. I licked his entire ass crack from the tailbone to his balls. I started stroking his dick with one hand. Then I spat a lot into his asshole and made sure all of it went in. Then I started fingering his asshole.

He was moaning and I could feel his dick get hard. I kept stroking his dick and fingering him for some time. Then I put on lips on his asshole and started sucking all the spit out. Then I tongue fucked for a sometime while I kept stroking his dick and massaging his balls. Then suddenly he started cumming. I cup my hand below his dick and tried to collect the semen. I could get a little of it and I drank it and licked my hands. I squeezed his dick from the base to the tip which brought out a small drop of semen which I licked off of his dick.

Abdul was stroking his dick all through this so he was pretty hard. I was too tired to rim him. So I just started giving him a hand job. He grabbed my hair and pulled my face towards his dick. So I felt pity for him as everybody else got a blow job. So I started sucking him off. He too cummed after sometime I kept his limp dick inside my mouth for some time, and then he started pissing.
He did not piss much so I could get all of it in one gulp.

I collected all the cum, piss and sweat off my face and licked my hands. I was exhausted. My hair was all over the place and was wet with piss and sweat.

I lay back down on the bed. Abdul and Karim were stroking my breasts as the other four sat nearby drinking water and talking.

"Has your husband deserted you Purva?" Mushtaq asked me.

"Ha, you would love that wouldn't you?" I said

"Yeah why won't we. We will all make you our wife and live happily." Mushtaq said.

"I give you all the fun your wives will never give you, why would you want to make me your wife?" I asked

"You have a point there, but still if you were a part of our community we can share you with many more people. You can have much more fun." He said quickly.

"That is a good point you make. You can share me how much ever you want even now so why bother."

"Ok." then they all laughed

Then they all went to the bathroom one by one and cleaned themselves up as it was 8:30. I too got up and was trying to get the bed sheet off of the sofa cum bed which was stained in cum and piss. Sajid came out after cleaning himself and was wet. He was looking for something to wipe himself with. I gave him my skirt which was lying on the ground. He wiped his dick and chest with it and took out a handkerchief from his pants to wipe his face. All the guys did the same. Then they all lifted the sofa cum bed up and put it in place.

I went over to hug Sajid and kiss me.

He pushed me away and said, "You are filthy I have to go now so maybe later."
It turned me on as these guys were looking at me as their personal fuck doll that they can fuck and leave whenever they want.

They all dressed up headed to the door along with me. Just then you had called. I picked the phone and was talking to you. Then these guys were leaving while slapping or pinching my ass. Rasul pinched my pussy which made my squeal.

After the guys left I went in for a hot shower. I took the shower head and masturbated with it thinking about getting fucked by all and drinking more cum and especially piss.

Well that"s about it. So you had fun"

[Purva"s narration ends]

"Yeah trust me I am very happy that you have opened up so nicely to the guys and to newer experiences. I believe that there are lot more kinky things for you in store."

I got up to pee and headed towards the bedroom toilet.

"So are you still looking for a refreshing drink?" I asked her and winked at her.

"No baby, I am tired now and want to sleep. Maybe some other time." and then she went to sleep.

The next day I woke up to the loud doorbell. I woke up with a jolt. I looked at the clock; it was 6:30am. I wondered who it could have been at this hour in the morning. I looked at Purva she was sleeping like a baby. So I got and answered the door. It was the watchman.

"Sir I have some to collect the keys to your car. I was about to get it cleaned."

I was half asleep so I just gave him the eyes which were lying on the coffee table.

"Sir, where is madam?" He asked with his eyes wide open.

"She is sleeping." I mumbled and closed the door and went back to sleep.

I woke up again to Appu tugging at out bed sheet. I sat up and looked at Purva she was out like a light. I looked at the clock it was 8. Appu was getting late for school. I choose not to wake up Purva as she had a "hard" night yesterday.

I woke up and got Appu ready for school. I made breakfast. While I was making breakfast I saw Sajid coming to the building site. The building was almost done. I thought they would not be coming over anymore once the building was done.

I packed up Appu"s lunch and bid him goodbye. I made coffee and breakfast and went into the bedroom. I set it on the table and kissed Purva on the forehead to wake her up. She did not wake up but let out a groan.

"Good morning sleepyhead. Rise and shine." I said

"Oh I feel so tired, let me go to sleep." She said as she pulled the covers over her head.

"Sajid is here." I said

She immediately sat up and with her eyes wide open searching the room.

"Where is he"!" She exclaimed.

I started laughing looking at her expression. She calmed down and looked at me and angrily and said

"That was not funny."

"You should have seen the look on your face. I thought you were too tired to wake up?" I asked her.

"Well I still am tired, but I jumped at the opportunity at getting a nice morning fuck to start the day off. I actually was dreaming about it the whole night. I had to get up in the middle of the night and masturbate to go back to sleep." She said.

"You could have woken me up." I told her

"Naah, I did not want to disturb your sleep and Sajid"s dick is like magic. My pussy dances at his dick"s whims." She said as she lay back down on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

"And moreover I knew you are busy at work and so I decided not to disturb your sleep." She said looking at me.

"Oh it"s okay. Now wake up and have breakfast. I have to go to work early today." I said and we started having breakfast.

I finished my breakfast and went in to take a shower. When I came out Purva was in the living room on the phone.

"Can't you try to come over for just a bit?" she asked worriedly

"Oh come on Rasul why can't you at least come over. I know you guys are busy but an hour is all I ask for. I will prepare lunch for you guys. Please do try to come."

She listened with a sad look on her face and said

"Oh okay I understand. But do try to come. I will prepare a nice lunch for you guys. Ok see ya later."Saying this she hung up the phone and got a sad look on her face.
"What happened?" I asked as I put on my tie.

"Oh nothing it was Rasul. He said they had a lot of work today as the building they were building was almost done. So they cannot not come over today."

"Are you not tired from yesterday"s session?" I asked her as I put on my shoes.

"Well I am tired. It"s just that after you leave for office I get lonely and the attention these guys give me amuses me for a while. The sex part is always enjoyable too." She said and came over and hugged me and bid me goodbye.

"Well I don't think you have any shortage of "admirers". You will find something to do." I said this and I left for office.

I went downstairs. The watchman got up and saluted me and said,

"Sir, I got the car cleaned. It looks like new." He said as he followed me to the car.
As we neared the car I could see a woman in her early thirties, slim, whitish and dressed in a sari which was tucked in at her waist bent down in front of the passenger"s seat clearing out the garbage.

She had a fit body, maybe from years of hard work. Her ass was rounder than Purva"s and it swayed beautifully as she cleaned the car floor. Her sari was raised till her knees. I stared at that piece of natural beauty for a while.

Then I noticed the watchman was looking at me with almost a smile on his face. By that time she was done cleaning and she got up and turned around.

She had a cute little face with fleshy lips. Her forehead was sweating and she was trying hard to wipe it off her face without getting dirt on her face. Her breasts looked ample and looked very firm. Her tight blouse added to the pleasure of watching them.

She pulled her pallu aside to release the sari from her waist that is when I saw her soft smooth waist which looked toned.

My mouth started watering looking at her.

But I got back in my senses and asked the watchman who she was.

"She"s my wife sir." He replied with a big smile.

"How did you land such a beautiful wife?" I asked him jokingly

He smiled and looked at his wife who was blushing by now.

I looked at her.

She gave a smile and gave me a Namaste.

I smiled back and said,

"Thank you for your service."

"What is there to thank for sir. It is our duty to serve you." The watchman said.

"She will be ready whenever you need anything sir. Please don't hesitate to ask for it sir." He said and looked at his wife and said in a stern voice

"Listen, Sir is a very good man you never say no to anything he or madam asks for ok?"

She nodded in obedience and looked at me and smiled.

I felt bad that she had worked so hard for nothing in return. So I took out a 100 rupee note and handed it to her.

She came forward to take the money.

"There is no need for that sir." Said the watchman stopping her and pulling her behind.

"I was giving it to her not you. She deserves it." I told him strongly.

She looked at the watchman refused to take the money.

"You said you will never deny anything I ask you to do. Now take the money." I told her.

She came forward, smiled and took the money from my hand and was about to touch my feet when I held her shoulders and lifted her up. Her arms felt very firm but yet very supple.

I told her there was no need for that. Then I asked her what her name was.

"Savitri." She said shyly.

She stepped back as I got into my car and drove off to work.

I reached the office and settled down in my cubicle. I arranged my desk and went to get some coffee from the coffee machine.

While I went to get my coffee I walked past Shilpa"s cubicle, she was not in it.

I wondered what made her so late today it was almost 11:45.

I went towards the coffee machine and as I was walking back I saw Shilpa enter the office.

Her hair was wet and all over the place. She was wearing some old punjabi dress which too was all crumpled.

Her eyes looked tired but her face had a glow with a satisfied look on her face. I realized that she has had a good tie last night.

She walked into her cubicle without noticing me looking at her. She set her bag down and sat down.

Then I saw our boss walk into her cubicle. They talked for a while and he left with a frown on his face. I figured that he must have yelled at her for coming in late and being shabbily dressed.

I finished my coffee and walked towards my desk. As I passed Shilpa"s desk she was frantically moving files here and there

"Hi." I said poking my head into her desk.

"Oh hey, he is really pissed with me I should really get some work done. Can we talk during lunch?" She asked while still moving files around.

"Oh sure, he did really looked pissed you better get some work done. Ask if you need any help." I said

She paid no attention to me and started her work so I just walked away and went to my cubicle and started my computer and started working.

I was completely engrossed in my work when,
"Hey workaholic, its lunch time. Come on lets go have lunch."

It was Shilpa, back to her bubbly self. She was looking at me with a wide smile.

She obviously seemed really happy about something.

Her face was glowing as the sunlight was falling on her face. Her hourglass figured looked amazing as the Punjabi suit she was wearing was hugging each and every part of the body. Her breasts which were slightly on the larger side were smashed together by her dress. Her nipples for some reason were erect and could be seen from the outside. Her dupatta was around her neck hence were making no effort to hide her erect nipples.

The dress was no doubt a size smaller than what she usually wears and hence I figured even her firm juicy ass was jutting out as I could see that every guy who passed behind her was staring at it.

She was standing while resting her elbow on the cubicle wall.

"Hello, anybody there" Where are you lost" Aren't you hungry let"s go have lunch?" She said as she waved her hand in front of my face.

I came back to reality and smiled at her. She too gave a small smirk as she turned around and said,
"You get ready I will go get my purse." And then she walked away and I could see her firm ass swinging from side to side as she walked to her cubicle.

I switched off my computer screen and set aside the work I was doing and got up and stretched.

Shilpa came back and said, "All set" Let"s go I am famished."

We both walked towards the lift and waited for the lift to come to our floor. Shilpa rested her back against the wall and sighed.

"Tired?" I asked.

"You have no fucking idea." She said with her eyes closed.

"Tough night?" I asked again.

"Hard night to be precise." She said with a smirk on her face.

I too smiled and by then the lift came we both went in and pressed the ground floor button.

We were alone in the lift so Shilpa moved closer to me and held onto my hand. I put my arm around her and let her rest on me.

"You are very tired, let"s get you something to eat." I said

"Hmm", she replied.

We waited in silence till we reached the ground floor. The door opened and Shilpa let go of my hand and we both got out and walked to the restaurant on the opposite of the office building.

As we sat down the waiter came over and gave us two glasses of water. I looked at him; his sight was fixed on Shilpa"s chest area as she was reading the menu.

I looked at her chest then I saw that due to the small size of the dress Shilpa was showing a huge amount of cleavage.

I again looked at the waiter, this time he saw me look at him so he looked at me and asked what I would like to order.

I told him to give us some time to decide.

As he was about to walk away Shilpa said,
"No wait I would like a plate of chicken lollipop, one butter chicken, four naans with butter and a salted lassi."

"What do you want?" She asked pointing to me.

I said I would like a chicken sandwich and a chocolate milk shake.

The waiter wrote it down.

"Get it as soon as possible and I will give you a big tip." Shilpa said to the waiter and smiled.

The waiter smiled back and walked away.

"Wow that was a big order. I have never seen you eat so much." I said

"Yeah I am absolutely famished; I have no energy left in my body." She said as she put her head down.

"And by the way why are you wearing such a tight dress" It also looks very old and doesn't leave much to the imagination if you know what I mean." I told her as she slowly raised her head and rested on the back of the chair.

"Oh that"s a long story I will tell you, but first let me get some energy into me."

She said this and again closed her eyes.

I could see all the guys in the hotel were stealing glances at her. And waiters were deliberately making rounds from near our table just to catch a glimpse of her cleavage.
I pretended I was busy on my phone.

Then after 10 minutes the waiter came with my sandwich, her chicken lollipop and our drinks.

As soon as he set the plates on the table Shilpa grabbed one of the chicken pieces and started stuffing it into her face.

She gulped the whole thing down and was about to pick up a second one when I said,

"Slow down or you will choke. "

"Oh I have a very good gag reflex." She said this and winked and started eating the second piece.

She kept on eating one after the other pieces of chicken as if she was eating after a year.

She looked cute as her lips turned red with all the spice and food coloring. But she still kept going till she finished all the six pieces.

The waiter who was standing close to our table came over immediately and asked her if he could serve the main course.

She just nodded a yes.

Then the main course was served.

She inhaled the lunch as I stared at her occasionally biting into my sandwich.

We both finished at the same time.

She leaned back on her chair and said,
"Ooh, that was heavenly. I feel like I just came back from the dead."

I laughed as she started sipping on her lassi.

She finished her lassi in a hurry which left a moustache.

I gestured that she had a moustache and laughed.

She seductively licked her lip from one side to the other side slowly.

"Did you like that" " She asked

I just smiled.

"I"ll go wash my hands." She said this and walked towards the wash basin. I kept staring at her ass jiggling all the way to the wash basin and then her breasts bouncing lightly as she walked back.

"You seem to be enjoying my show a lot."

"Well not just me." I said as I looked around and gestured that the whole restaurant was enjoying her show.

The waiter came near and asked if we wanted anything else. We refused and asked for the check.

As he brought the check Shilpa grabbed the bill from him which caused their hands to touch. This caused the waiter to jump with a jolt. He walked away immediately to the side.

"Come on let me pay?" I asked her

"No you have done enough for me, now let me pay you back." She said as she put money in the check.

"And if you wish to repay me there are other ways to do that." She said as she winked.

She gave the waiter the check and when he came back with the change she took out a fifty rupee note from her purse and handed him the money.

"Thank you for the quick service, you are a life saver." She said this as she was still grabbing the waiter"s hand.

The waiter just smiled nervously and walked away.

We both got up and walked out of the restaurant and went to the cigarette shop beside the restaurant.

Shilpa got a smoke and we both sat down on a bench nearby as she started smoking.

I looked at the watch and saw that it was just 25 minutes since we came to lunch and 35 more minutes to kill till we needed to get back to work.

"So, now tell me the story behind the shabby dress and you being so dead tired?" I asked her

"Well first of all this dress is not mine." She said as she let out another puff of smoke.

"Not yours then why are you wearing it?" I asked her.

"Well, I sort of did not have any other choice. It was either this or I would have come to office naked. "She said and laughed.

I was confused. I had a puzzled look on my face.
"You look confused?" She said with a smile.

"Well no shit I am confused, give me the details cmon." I told her

"Well it was a pretty eventful night so it might take a while. You got time?" She asked

"Yeah I got time." I replied settling into my seat

"Ok, well you saw me get into that taxi right?" She asked

"Yeah I saw you it will almost full and I could see there were atleast four men in the taxi. Why did you travel by that taxi?" I asked her.

"Well living in a big city you tend to not pay attention to petty issues like how many are you travelling with. Getting stuff done matter more so I don't mind getting into taxis filled with people."

"And moreover it is fun sometimes travelling with men. Some of them are so intrigued by a woman sitting so close to them that they are sit stiff the whole journey. It"s fun to watch those guys struggle to hide their boners."

She giggled and took another puff.

"And sometimes there are the "romeos" they are pretty comfortable or sometimes overconfident around women and to be honest they are more fun because most of the time they try to strike up a conversation with you or poke jokes at their introvert friend which is funny."

"Looks like you know your men pretty well?" I asked her with a smirk on my face

"Well for a single woman that is the only fun left to know about."

She took a last puff of her cigarette and threw the cigarette away.

"So." She continued.

"I got into the taxi and there were four men in the taxi. One was sitting in the front and two in the back.

As I opened the door the light came on and one guy in the back scooted over to the side and made space for me.

He didn't look at me at first. But as soon I sat his eyebrows were raised and his body became stiff. He was trying his very best to not touch me. But as there was not enough space in the backseat his left arm was touching my right side.

I kept my bag on my lap and rested my hands on the bag. So now his arm was not touching the side of my body. He still was trying not to touch me. But I got comfortable and was looking out of the window.

As and when the car jerked his arm would press against my side. I could feel his arm brush against the side of my right breast.
Whenever that happened he would spring up and again try to sit as far away from me as possible.

He was sitting stiff for a while now, so I asked him if he was comfortable. He gave me a nervous yes. I said if he wanted he could sit comfortably he could and that I wouldn't mind.

He agreed and sat back comfortably, now his arm was in continuous contact with the side of my breast.

He didn't make any movements but when the car jerked his arm would press my breast. This happened a couple of times. After that I could feel his arm still pressing against my breast although the car was pretty stable. He was softly trying to press my breast with his elbow.

I didn't make any sudden moves. I slowly adjusted myself so that I could turn my face towards him slightly so that his arm could touch the front of my breast.

But I wasn't successful. He was still pressing my breast. My pussy was tingling with all the secret play going on and I wanted to have more fun.

For the next couple of minutes he got more confident and had started circling his elbow around my breast.

I looked down and his hand was circling and then I looked at him, he was looking out the other window trying to look inconspicuous. That is when I looked into the rear view mirror and could see the driver stealing glances at me.

Our eyes met for a split second then I suddenly looked away.

I pushed my bag further away on my lap so that he can more access to my breast. He saw me adjusting the bag and finally got the hint. He folded his hands and cupped my right breast with his right hand. He too had a bag in front of him on his lap so his hands were pretty hidden.

He slowly cupped my breast still looking out the other window and held it like that for a few seconds. Now you know how thin material dresses I wear so obviously as my nipples were erect he found them and started circling his finger around the nipple.

He circled twice and then pinched my nipple between his index finger and thumb. I squealed a bit. He immediately took away his hand.
I coughed to cover up the squeal and after sometime he again started kneading my breast lightly.

Then I heard him whisper something to the guy sitting next to him on the other side. The other guy was listening to music when the first guy started talking to him. They were talking in a low tone so I couldn't hear much.

But I guessed that they would have known each other from the way they were comfortably talking.

Suddenly he pressed my boob little harder. That sent a shiver down my spine. I closed my eyes while looking outside. When I opened my eyes I could see the second guy lean back really fast. So I figured that he saw the first guy kneading my breast. But I did not mind and I let him keep doing it because it felt really good.

After a few minutes he suddenly took away his hand and told the driver to stop at the side of the road.

The driver asked him why he made them stop. He said that he had to pick some laundry and asked the driver to wait for two minutes.
The taxi guy agreed and told him to return soon.

He turned around and kept his bag in the trunk of the car and looked at me.

I was puzzled and asked him what happened and what did he want.

He said that he needed to get down.

I then saw that my side was the only he could get down from and that the other side had a busy road.
So I said ok and opened the door and stepped out.

He stepped out after me in a hurry which caused his body to brush up against my butt.

I jerked and jumped forward a bit.

He got out and went towards a shop.

I got into the car and was surfing my cell phone.