Indian Wife Plays With Construction Workers - Chapter 3

Indian Wife Plays With Construction Workers - Chapter 3

Published on: 2023-11-18 18:54:33

I could see that the driver and the guy next to me were practically ogling at me. I smiled but never raised my head.

After about 10 minutes the driver got out of the car and yelled at the guy in the shop saying that we are getting late make it fast or he will leave.
The guy in the shop signaled that he was almost done and was coming.

The driver again yelled.

The guy grabbed two plastic bags from the counter put some money on the counter and started running towards the taxi.
As he reached the taxi the driver started the engine.

I was about to get out of the car when he just barged in and I was pushed in between the two guys.

The guy apologized and said that it was not his fault.

He then asked me whether I wanted to switch seats with him. I replied that we were getting late already so it was ok.

He then kept his plastic bags near his legs and took back his bag from the trunk and kept it on his shoulder.

After the car started and had gone a certain distance.

The first guy again cupped my left breast and was kneading it. I again adjusted to give him good access.
That is when I felt another hand cup my right breast.

I kept calm and just slowly looked down and could see the second guy busy cupping my right breast while looking out.

I looked forward and again I saw the driver looking at me from the rear view mirror.

I pushed my bag farther and let both the men completely take over my breasts. They were having the time of their lives playing with my breasts.

They started pressing my boobs really hard which sent a wave of ecstasy through my body. I just closed my eyes and rested my head on the head rest.

"Having fun madam?" I heard someone say

"Mmm yes" I replied

Then I suddenly opened my eyes and could see the driver smiling at me from the rear view mirror.

He smiled at me. I too gave back an awkward smile. The guys were now turned towards me and were both smiling at me and kneading my breasts.
The guy in the passenger seat was also looking at me through the mirror on the sun blocker.

Then the guy to my right took away his hand and said,

"Hi my name is Karan. What is yours?" He asked as he adjusted to face me.

"Shilp"ouch" The guy to my left pinched my nipple really hard.

I looked at him he was deeply engrossed in kneading my breast. Now as the other breast was also free he started kneading it with his other hand.
He wasn't even looking me.

I left him to his fun and looked back and at Karan and said

"Shilpa, my name is Shilpa Gupta" I said and I gave him my left hand to shake. We shook hands.

"He looks like a kid with a new toy doesn't he?" He said looking at the first guy "He is Arjun by the way. He is a little shy. You know what you have been holding that bag on your lap for an awfully long time maybe you should just put it in the trunk." Karan said

I looked at the bag it looked pretty heavy so I thought it would be better if I just put my bag in the trunk. Arjun stopped kneading my breasts and I lifted my bag up and turned towards Karan and was about to keep my bag in the back when suddenly Karan grabbed both my breasts with both his hands and pressed hard.

"Oh now that"s what I call a nice pair of tits." He said confidently

I was flattered and thanked him as I kept my bag and turned around.

As I turned around Arjun again started rubbing his hands over my breasts. Karan put his palm over my stomach and started rubbing my tummy.

"So Shilpa how old are you?" He asked me while looking at my tummy.

"25" I replied.

"Oh you are young, Are you married?" He asked again as his hand moved a bit down towards my hip.

"No." I replied looking at his hand move over my body.

I just kept looking at his hand move across my belly and Arjun kneading away my tits.

I closed my eyes and soaked in the moment.

Here I was in car surrounded by 4 men getting groped all over and being leered upon.
This had to be a dream.

But then Arjun pinched my nipples and I woke up with a jolt and realized that this is no dream.

This is reality and I was fucking enjoying it.

Karan had moved down to my crotch area by now was trying to feel up my pussy. But he wasn't getting access to it as I was sitting with my thighs closed.

He tried to jam his hand in couple of times. I did not let go.

He then grabbed my thighs with both his hands and pulled them apart. Now there was not much space in the car so my thighs weren't separated much but it gave enough room for Karan to put his palm on my warm crotch.

He put his palm him and started playing with my clit by teasing it with his middle finger.

I was getting really wet down there by now and he knew.

So he said,
"Shilpa you are getting really wet down there."

"Hmm" I said with my eyes closed enjoying the moment.

"Maybe you should remove your pants so that they don't get dirty?" he asked without removing his hand from my crotch.

"Hmm" that was all I could muster up with all this action going on.

"Ok then get up a bit and remove it" Karan said.

Arjun was still kneading my breasts.

I did not move as I was in the zone.

So Karan just kept going.

He played with my clit for a long while.

In between I opened my eyes and saw that the guy sitting on the passenger seat had turned around and was smiling as he watched my in euphoria and Karan and Arjun pleasuring me.

I just ignored him and again closed my eyes.

After a while I was about to orgasm when I started moaning really hard.

Arjun and Karan quickened their movements.

Then I started yelling at them to go faster and harder. They listened to me and started moving harder.

After 2 minutes I had a thunderous orgasm. I was shaking and was holding onto both of their shoulders so that I didn't fall off the seat.

My legs were bent and in the air and spread wide open.

I had an orgasm so hard that I squirted for a good 20 seconds until I stopped and just fell back into the seat and gave out a loud moan.

Everybody in the car laughed.

Karan"s hand was completely wet so he wiped it on my top and moved away.

I opened my eyes after 10 minutes and looked around to assess the situation I was in.

The car was still moving and it was really dark outside and could not see shit.

The guy in the passenger seat had turned away and was facing ahead.

Karan was looking out the window.

Arjun was looking at me

" ok?" he asked in a very meek voice.

"I have never been better." I replied with a wide smile on my face

Now Karan and the guy in the front seat looked at me and smiled.

"Had fun?" The guy in the passenger seat asked me.

"Yeah." I replied with a smile.

He too smiled and looked forward.

I then realized that the seat I was sitting on was all wet.

"Oh my I think the seat is all wet. I am not able to sit."

"Yeah you squirted like crazy." Karan said and laughed.

"What do we do now?" I asked

"It"s ok madam it will dry out. If you want I will stop the car and you can take off your pants and clean yourself." The driver said.

"Clean myself with what?" I asked him

"Well this is the only cloth I have." He said while showing me the car wiping cloth.

I assessed the situation and saw that I had no other choice. So I said ok.

"But make sure you find a secluded spot." I told him.

We drove for a while and then I realized that we had been driving for about an hour and 15 minutes now.

My stop comes in about 45 minutes.

"We aren't going the usual route are we?" I asked the driver

"No madam." He replied "You were having so much fun that I thought maybe I could drive around a bit more so that you can enjoy ."

"Now that is very sweet of you but this road does not look familiar at all" I said

"Yeah madam we are on the other end of town, so you have more time to enjoy as we get back." He said this and everybody laughed.

I also laughed a bit but a sudden gust of wind came in and it sent a shiver down my body because of the wet crotch.

"Oh that was cold." I said

"Just a little distance more madam I will stop there it"s a rather secluded spot so you can clean up over there." The driver said.

"Ok." I told him and rested back.

It was very cold so I wrapped my hands around Arjun"s hand and held him tight to get some warmth.

I could sense him clenching real hard. But all this nervousness was making him hot all over which I enjoyed.

He had again become really stiff. So I just casually put my hand over his crotch and I could completely feel him pitching a tent.

That sent a shiver through his body and he stiffened up even more.

"Why are you so uptight Arjun, try to relax a bit." I said as I moved my hand across his tent.

I could feel his dick stiffened up it wasn't big at all. It was about the length of my palm. Maybe a little smaller than yours. Heehee.

I moved my palm on his dick couple of times. Then I stopped and just rested my palm on his crotch.

As I lay on Arjun"s shoulder I asked the guy in the passenger seat his name.

He said, "My name is Milind. Milind Khurana"

Then the driver stopped the car and the area was pitch dark.

I sat straight and looked outside. There was nothing to be seen except for a small cigarette shop a little distance behind us.

"This looks like a good enough place madam. Why don't you clean yourself up?"

The driver said as he handed me the cloth.

"Ok, but I can't see anything here."

I said as I took the cloth and saw around to find someplace which had a little light and was a little private.

"It"s ok madam. I will parallel park the car to the side of that wall and will switch on the lights on the car. You will find enough light." He said as he turned the car to park it.

We stopped in parallel to a wall on the far edge of the road. Actually the road ended a little far away from where we were. So this place was pretty secluded.

All the guys opened the door and came out and I too came out Arjun"s side.

As I was coming out grabbed Arjun"s ass and he jumped out.

I came out and the driver switched on the car lights.

That is when I saw that the seat was not very wet there was just a little patch on it. But my pants were wet from my crotch to my feet all over the inside. It felt like I had pissed myself.

"Wow you squirted a lot Shilpa?" Milind said.

They were all standing around me and watching my crotch. Their eyes looked hungry.

"You should remove it fast and dry it out." Said the driver.

I unbuttoned my pants and pushed then to the ground. The driver picked them up from near my feet and put it on the backside of the car.

I took the cloth which he gave me and started wiping myself.

"Let me help you there madam." Said the driver and he grabbed my hand and took the cloth away.

He sat on his haunches and lifted my top up a little bit enough to expose my panties completely and started to wipe the insides of my thighs.

This happened so fast I could not understand what was going on, I tried to move away but I was already resting against the wall so I could not move back any further. The driver had grabbed me pretty hard so I could not just let go of him.

So in the end I just gave up and let the driver wipe me off.

"Could you spread your legs a little?" The driver asked.

I spread my legs and he started wiping my legs. While he was wiping my inner thighs his hands touched my panties.

"Looks like your panties are also really wet madam, maybe you should remove them also?" He said as he stopped wiping.

"No, it"s ok just wipe my legs." I said

"Oh c"mon Shilpa stop being shy now we are all adults here. Just take off those panties and dry em out. It would feel much better to wear later." Karan said.

I looked around and could not see Milind around.

I asked "Where is Milind?".

"I don't know he went towards that cigarette shop. Now take off those panties and let them dry." He said as he grabbed my panties and pulled them down.

I was standing with my legs a little far apart so there were no way the panties could come off. But Karan pulled them with such force that left strap of the panty tore off.

Now there was Karan holding my torn panties in his hand with a shocked look on his face.

"I"m so sorry I did not mean to tear them off." He said apologizing profusely.

I too was in shock and looked at him.

"You could have at least asked I was about to take them off. Now these panties are useless." I said

Now there I was standing with my top raised above my waist with my legs apart with the driver at my feet staring at my snatch.

I looked up and saw Arjun with a shocked look on his face staring at my pussy.

"Oh whatever, just finish wiping me off." I told the driver.

The driver started wiping me and this time that bastard took his time and stayed near my pussy for a long time and now and then was brushing against my short pubes.

I giggled when he did that.

He finished wiping and he got up.

Then Milind walked up with a cigarette in his mouth.

He came up to us and took the cigarette out of his mouth.

"What happened here?" He asked

"Karan here got a bit too hyper and tore off my panties." I said and I dropped my top which came to about halfway to my ass and almost covered my snatch.

The driver threw the cloth in the trunk.

Karan was still standing there with my torn panties.

"What do I do with these now?" he asked looked at me.

"What can you do just throw them away." I said and I sat down on the car seat with my feet outside the car on the ground.

"It"s really cold here." I said

"Would you like a smoke?" Milind asked as he offered me a smoke from his pack.

"I would love a smoke. You are a savior Milind." I said as I took a cigarette and I saw Milind give me his smoke to light mine.

"It"s ok I have a lighter." Said the driver

And he came forward with a lighter and lit my cigarette.

"Can I have one also?" Karan asked

"Yeah, sure." Milind replied and gave him a cigarette.

The driver too took out his pack and started smoking.

So we four were smoking and Arjun is standing there just looking at the cars go by.

"Don't you smoke, Arjun?" I asked him.

"No he is the perfect good boy." Replied Karan with a wide grin.

"I have never seen him do anything wild or bad until today. When I saw him plays with your tits."

"Oh so this was your first time touching breasts, Arjun?" I asked him.

"Yes." Arjun replied putting his head down.

"Aww, there is no shame in being good, come over here." I said as I called him near.

He came to my side and stood with his tent pointing right at my face.

I grabbed it with my hand and was stroking it and then I said.

"You like that Arjun?"

"Ah, yes" he replied.

I unzipped his pants and could see his dick under his underwear jutting out.

I put two of my fingers into his zipper till the top of his underwear. There I could fell his pubes which had not been shaven in a while all bunched up. I put my fingers into his underwear and pulled his underwear down.

Now half of his dick was out.

I held his dick between two of my fingers and thumb and started stroking it.

It was very stiff that is when I realized that his dick was not getting any bigger.

"It must be feeling very cold, right." I said and I blew cigarette smoke over it.

After blowing the smoke I pulled him near holding his dick with my index finger and thumb.

My hands were very cold when I touched his (little *chuckles*) penis.

His dick instantly shrunk. I sensed that he was also feeling very cold down there. So I took off my hand from his penis held my cigarette in my mouth and rubbed my hands together to get them warm.

He did not like that I stopped touching his penis. He started inching his dick near my face.

"Easy there tiger, just warming up for you." I said and rubbed my hands together a couple of times till they were warm enough and again I grabbed his shrunk up dick.

It was very floppy by this time so I stroked his dick with my fingers again and took one last puff from my cigarette and threw it on the ground.

I put my other my other arm around his waist and brought him near.

Now dick was right in front of my face.

It was really small so most of it was still inside his pants, just the head was jutting out.

It was already wet with pre-cum.

So I slowly licked it off of the tip. I moved my head back which left a thin stand of pre-cum from my tongue to his dick-hole.

I started eating that strand like it was cheese on a slice of pizza.

While eating I looked at his face, his eyes were wide open and staring directly at the strand of pre-cum disappearing into my mouth.

After I ate the pre-cum my mouth reached the head of the penis.

I gave it a small peck. His body shivered. Then I put the whole dick head into my mouth and pulled him closer.

His entire dick was inside my mouth now and his pubes were touched my lips. They were tickling my nose but I still kept his dick in my mouth.

His dick was very hot, not warm but hot. It as like I was sucking on a sausage just out of the steamer.

I started moving my head and started sucking hard. He slowly kept his hands at the back of my head and started to synchronize his movements with the movements of my head.

He kept letting out small grunts when his dick entered entirely into my mouth. He obviously was loving it.

He suddenly removed his hands from the back of my head and started undoing his pant buttons.

He removed the buttons and pushed his pants till his thighs. He was standing with his dick out of his underwear which looked really old.

His dick was surrounded by a thick bush of pubic hair.

I removed his penis from my mouth and got a good look at it. His balls were still inside his underwear.

"You should really shave, it makes your dick look bigger." I said with a smirk on his face.

I looked around and everybody had a smirk on their faces.

"Anyways, the size does not matter to me its whats on the inside that really matters the most." I said as I grabbed his balls and started playing with them.

"You guys having fun?" I asked looking at the other guys standing around us.

"YES" they all replied in unison.

"Well don't have too much fun or you will blow your loads." I said smiling .

They all laughed. The driver started rubbing his dick over his pants.

"Stop that " I shouted at him " That is my job not yours."

He stopped rubbing and stood straight.

I went back to sucking Arjun's dick. I felt that I could not take the whole dick in as the underwear was getting in the way.

So i stopped again and pulled his underwear down with both my hands.

Now I could see his whole dick and his tiny little balls which were all covered in hair.

I grabbed his balls with one of hands and started sucking his dick. When I took his dick into my mouth I pulled on his balls. It caused his a little discomfort but he did not seem to mind.

After about 2 minutes of sucking his dick he became really stiff that is when I realized that he was about to cum. So I just put his entire dick into my mouth and started rolling my tongue around it and at the same I was massaging his balls.

After a couple of seconds I felt his dick throbbing and his semen started oozing out of his dick hole right into my mouth. He grabbed my head with both hands and pushed his dick further into my mouth and started jerking.

He grabbed me very hard and had pulled so closer that his pubic hair was in my nostrils and I could not breathe. But it stopped soon enough and he let me go.

I gave it hard suck and moved back. His dick was shining with my saliva on it. Even some of his pubic hair was wet with saliva. I saw at his dick which was still hard and was oozing small amount of semen.I licked it off which made Arjun shiver and moved back.

So just to have fun with him I pulled him near and again started sucking his dick. He was trying to get free and I could feel him getting weak in the knees but I sucked at it hard.

"STOP,Stop." He yelled

I stopped but I was still holding his balls in my hand.

"Did you like it?" I asked him while I was massaging his balls.

"Yeah ." he said panting and trying to catch a breath.

"You have more cum for me?" I asked as I scratched his balls.

"No, I'm sorry" He said as he moved back and pulled up his underwear and pants.

I too moved back. The driver handed me the cloth he cleaned me with to wipe my face. I wiped my face with it and set it aside.

"So Arjun, this was the your first blowjob ever right?" I asked him as he rested against the car.

"Yes." he said and everybody laughed.

"I had fun. Did you guys have fun watching that?"I asked the guys around.

"Hell yeah" Karan replied.

Then I realized that it was really cold out last night so wrapped my hands around my body to stop the cold.

"Madam, are you feeling cold?" the driver asked while standing right next to me.

"Yeah, very" I said

Then the driver bent down and started rubbing his hands over my arms to get me warm.

It did not help much,but the force with which he was rubbing me got me horny. So as he was rubbing me I grabbed his face with both my hands and gave him a long kiss. I buried my tongue in his mouth and started exploring his paan filled mouth with my tongue. His mustache was ticking my face and then he started sucking on tongue.

We made out for a while. Then he backed off ,he got bored I guess. But I could see him pitching a massive tent right in front of my face.
I touched it with my finger and it wobbled a bit. I chuckled. He brought it near my face and I bit the tip of it. He backed off in pain.

Right then we heard a car slow down on the road. Some guy came out of the car and yelled what was going on over there. Everybody scrambled. I got inside the car and grabbed a jacket which was lying on the other side of the seat and covered my bottom half with it.

Karan and Milind walked up to the car and started talking to the guy. I don't know what they said but the left and these guys came to car and told the driver,

"We should really leave now, it was the cops and I am pretty sure they will come back."

"Okay" the driver said as he got into the driver's seat.

Karan got in through my right side and as Arjun was about to get into his seat Milind stopped him and said,

"Come on buddy you had your fun now let me have some fun."

Arjun agreed and got into the passenger seat and Mlind got into my left side and shut the door.

The driver started the car and put the heater on,

"You will feel much better now madam."

I thanked him and we again started driving.

Milind grabbed my cheeks and started kissing me hard. I also gave in and held his face with my right hand and we were making out.
Karan was now resting his hands on my crotch but moved up and started playing with my boobs with one hand and stroking his dick over his pants with the other hand.

After making out for sometime Milind also started playing with my boobs. Milind tried to get into my shirt from the top and in the hurry the shirt tore but he reached my boobs and started kneading them over my bra. Milind was playing with my left boob and Karan with my right and they both were trying really hard to pinch my nipples but they could not do because the layers of cloth.

Karan lifted my top to my shoulder and they both together pulled my bra apart which caused it tear off from the middle. They both stopped and I looked down and could see the cups of bra hanging to the sides and I was completely naked from the shoulders down.

"You guys really need to learn some patience." I said as I assessed the damage.

The bra was completely torn and could not be fixed in any way. So I decided to just remove it. I leaned forward and unbuckled it from behind and the bra fell over the two sides in two pieces.

"Now is the top really necessary?" Karan asked with a grin on his face.

"I guess it's not." I said as I raised my arms and Milind pulled the top over my head.

Now there I was completely naked in between four hungry strangers. I cupped my breasts with both my hands and soaked the moment in.

The temperature was pretty warm by now and hence I was not feeling any cold.

Karan and Milind went to work on my boobs sucking and biting them. The driver was stealing glances from the rear view mirror.

"You are really beautiful madam." the driver said

"Thank you very much" I said and looked down to see Milind and Karan going to town on my boobs. They were being gentle and firm at the same time which made me very horny.

I slowly stretched my hands over to the sides and ran my hands across both their dicks. They were hard and ready to burst by then. They both seemed above average in size but definitely not as long as the driver. I played with their dick as they played with my boobs for a while.

After some time I stopped them and I could see saliva dripping from my nipples. I rubbed the saliva on my breasts. Then I tried to open both their zippers with one hand each but was not successful. So they helped themselves and opened up their pants and pulled their dicks out.

Milind was cleanly shaven and Karan had a little stubble kinda thing going on. I started pumping both their dicks at the same time as they rested their heads back and closed their eyes.

After pumping for a couple of minutes I bent down and started sucking on Karan's dick. As I bent down he raised his hips and lowered his pants to his ankles and separated his legs more. I started sucking his dick hard.

As I bent down Milind started to caress my back and slowly made his way down to my ass and then he dug his fingers into my asshole. His finger were really dry and so he was finding it very hard to insert them in. I tried to shift my butt up in the air but it didn't help as his fingers were too dry.

He inserted the tip of his finger into my asshole but could not move it in further. So I stopped sucking Karan's dick and sat back up and grabbed Milind's hands and put his entire finger in my mouth and gave it a good lick to lubricate it. I sucked on the for a while and stooped and said,

"There you go now it will be easier." I said this and I went back to sucking Karan's dick.

Now Milind inserted his finger into my asshole again and this time it entered my asshole without any trouble and his whole finger was inside my asshole. He started wiggling it inside my asshole which got my more riled up and I went crazy and started biting Karan's dick. He was groaning but did not want me to stop so I just kept on with it.

After a couple of seconds Karan started shooting his load. He grabbed my head and pushed it down and started cumming in the back of my throat. I was gagging but the dick in my mouth and the finger in my asshole were just feeling so good that I did not stop.

He cummed a lot because of which a lot of it started falling out of my mouth and onto his pubes. After he was done cumming he let me go and got up for a breath. As I sat up Milind removed his finger from my asshole and sat back. As I caught a breath Milind grabbed the back of my neck and inserted his finger into my mouth again. I grabbed his hand and started sucking on his finger as it a lollipop.

Then I looked at Karan who resting with his head back and eyes closed. I looked down, his dick was floppy by now and there was cum all around it. And you know me I never waste a drop of cum. So I again bent down and licked all the cum off of his pubes and licked his entire dick which was really soft by now. I tried to get it hard again but I was not successful.

"Stop here." Arjun said suddenly.

I got up and looked that we were at a junction sort of thing.

"We need to get home now." Arjun said.

Karan woke up and looked outside the window. He looked at the watch and said,

"Yeah it's pretty late we should go now." he said as he pulled his pants up.

"Aw you guys leaving I thought we just started having fun." I said with a puppy face.

"Thank you for everything but I am dead tired now we better get going." Karan said as he took out Arjun's bags from the trunk and gave it to him.

They both got out of the car and walked away without even saying goodbye.

"Sir what about you?" the driver asked Milind.

"We should first drop the lady off first then you can take me to my place." Milind replied

"Sir, I will make sure madam reaches home safe and sound. I have something special planned for her first." he said looking at me with a smile and running his hand over my knee.

"Ok but first find us a private place to finish what we started here then she is all yours." Milind replied while hugging me.

"Ok" said the driver as he turned around and started driving.

I turned towards Milind and he turned towards me. I got on my knees on the seat and was crouching with my face directly at Milind's crotch. I grabbed it with one hand and grabbed his clean shaven balls with the other and started pumping both. Milind moaned.

I started sucking his dick. I held his dick with one hand and licked the entire dick and reached his balls and started sucking on them one at a time. I was pumping his dick at the same time.

Then suddenly the car started to shake and finally stopped.

"This looks like a private place." The driver said as he switched off the headlights.

I got up and looked around. You could see some lights far away through some trees but apart from that there was nothing around. The driver got down from the car.

Milind too got off the car and looked around.

"Ok, its ok to come out now." he told me as he bent down and put out his hand to call me out.

I held his hand and got out of the car. He led to the front of the car turned me around and bent me forward. He then lifted my right leg and put it on the bonnet of the car. Then he started circling his dick around my pussy. He was trying hard to find my vagina but could not as there was no light over there.

The car headlights car on suddenly and I could see the driver stand near the driver's seat door. Then suddenly I felt this hard pole inside my pussy. I squealed hard. I had to bite my lip to not yell hard.

"You can yell madam, nobody can hear you here." The driver said with a smile.

I then let out a load moan and kept on going till Milind kept banging me on he car bonnet. He grabbed my hips with both his hands and was pulling me back hard and burying his entire dick in me.

I was going crazy and orgasmed really hard. But Milind was not done, he banged me for what seemed like hours and then he suddenly stopped pulled me back turned me around pushed me down onto the ground and pushed his dick into my mouth.

I could taste all mine and his juices. I opened my eyes with his dick still in my mouth and could see the driver standing next to us staring at us.

Milind started fucking my mouth his dick and was hitting me really hard which almost caused my head to bang against the car. After banging for a minute he stepped back grabbed his dick and started stroking it violently and then started spraying cum over my face. He sprayed a lot of cum over my face and then slowly started rubbing his dick over my face spreading the cum all over it.

After that he slowly put his dick into my mouth and stood there with his hands on his hips for about 2 minutes and I feel his dick shrinking. After those sweet 2 minutes. He again stepped back a little held his dick to point it at my face and started pissing right at my face.

I was taken aback for a second but I regained my senses and I grabbed his dick and pointed the stream of piss right at my mouth and filled my mouth with his piss. My mouth filled up pretty fast and the piss started to flow down my body. It was very warm which made it feel even better.

After he was done pissing I shook his penis to draw the last remaining drops and then squeezed it. I closed my mouth while facing up and slowly drank it all.

I was exhausted by then and I lay on the ground. The driver and Milind came over and grabbed a hand each and helped me to the backseat of the car and helped me lay down.

They then closed the door and I heard the front two doors closing and we started driving again. After some time the car stopped and I heard a door open and close but I was too weak to get up see so I just slept off. I guess that was when Milind got off. We started driving again.

The car suddenly stopped. I woke up with a jerk. I almost fell off the car seat.

I tried to make sense of where I was but I was too tired and it was too dark to look around. I sat up and saw that the driver was looking outside.

"Where are we" What time is it?" I asked the driver in a haze.

"We are at my house madam, we were too far out of town so I thought I could bring you to my house rather than going all the way across town to your address."

"What?" I asked, trying to make sense of what was going on.

"It ok madam, you are tired and sleepy. You can come to my home and spend the night there. I will take good care of you." the driver said as he rolled down the window.

As soon as he rolled down the window a cold draft came inside and I started shivering. That is when I realized that I was stark naked.

"Oooh. Its cold." I said shivering trying to protect myself from the cold.

"Oh sorry." the driver said as he got out and closed the window.

I tried to look out the window and I could figure out that we were parked behind a row small houses. Those houses look like shanties and there was no one around.

All I could see was a dim light about 10 metres away behind us.

The driver disappeared into a small lane next to the house.

I started freaking out right about then. The area looked shady and I was pretty sure I was gonna get murdered there.

i sat quietly for what seemed like an eternity. Then out of the same lane the driver appeared. He came to the back door and opened it. He pushed me in and sat next to me.

"Madam, the coast is clear you can come in now. Nobody will see you so you don't have any problems. Let go."

"Ok, let me put on my clothes." I said as I looked back and found my shirt on the head rest of the back seat.

I wore it. Then I started to look for my panty under the seat. But I could not find it. Then I remembered that my panty had been destroyed. So i gave up and started looking for my pants.

"Do you know where my pants are?" I asked the driver while frantically looking for them.

"No madam, but they have to be somewhere around here." the driver said as he joined me in my search.

We both searched the entirety of the car but could not find it. The driver got down and even checked the trunk but could not find it.

He then asked me, "Madam, did you take your pants back inside after we dried them on the back of the car when we stopped to clean you up?"

That is when it struck me that I had forgotten my pants on the car.

"Oh shit, I do not remember taking my pants in. We were in such a hurry. I thought somebody else picked it up."

We both looked at each other with a blank look thinking about what we do now.

"I'm seriously fucked. Now how the fuck am I supposed to leave this car with no pants or panties on."

"It's ok madam, do not worry. I will go in and get you something to wear so that you can get into the house. Does that sound good to you?" He asked as he came near me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah that idea sounds fine. Go fast and get me something to wear. I am getting very uncomfortable in this car." I said as I almost pushed him out the car.

He ran into the lane again and appeared after 3 minutes.

He entered into the car and handed me something. I took them and saw that those were his boxer shorts. I looked at the boxer shorts and then I looked at him.

"This is all I could find madam, I am sorry." he said with an apologetic face.

I looked at the shorts they were short and would have come only till my thighs.

I thought, fuck it, I have worn shorter shorts in my life.

I laid on my back with my hips and legs in the air. The driver was sitting on the other side. It looked like I was giving him a exotic lap dance. I could feel him feasting on my fleshy pussy with his eyes.

I was having trouble putting on the boxers so he took the boxers from me and pulled them up my legs slowly.

I was surprised that a guy so rough can be so gentle.

After I wore the boxers I sat up. He opened the door and stepped out and waited with the door open. I looked around and saw that the coast was clear.

I got out of the car and immediately started shivering.The driver hurriedly closed the door and locked his car.

Then he pointed towards the lane and nudged me towards it. I walked with caution as I could not see shit over there. He held on to my shoulder till we were across the lane and reached the front of the house.

The driver walked in front of me and hurriedly opened the door and signaled me to enter. I entered the house and the driver immediately closed the door behind me.

The house which I had just entered was the tiniest house that I had ever seen. there was a stove and utensils setup in a corner on the floor. There was a small washing area kind of place on the other corner. A cot to the side of the door and some random crap and a small tv on the other side of the door.

The house ended as soon as it began. I stood there looking at the house.

"Welcome to my humble abode madam, I don't have much but I can take good care of you." the driver as went and started dusting the cot.

"Sit down madam." He said as he signaled me to sit down.

I quietly sat down still shivering. He gave me a blanket to wrap myself in and went and closed the single window beside the cot.

"Are you comfortable madam?" He asked me.

"Yes" I said as I looked at him.

"Can I get you anything?" He asked me.

That is when I realised that I was famished and hadn't eaten anything since afternoon.

"I am very hungry." I told him with a weak voice.

"Oh I figured that madam, don't worry I will start making food immediately. And by the time I make the food I will get you hot water so that you can clean yourself up.How does that sound?" He said with a smile on his face.

"That sounds amazing." I said with a smile.

He switched on the TV and went towards the stove and started preparing something. I got lost in my thoughts as I stared at the small TV screen. I was recapping what had happened that night and that this was a night worth remembering.

"The water is ready madam." The driver startles me suddenly. I come back to reality.

"Oh great, where is the bathroom?" I asked him as I took off the blanket on me and I stood up.

"Haha. Madam I am not rich enough to afford a bathroom. You have to take a bath there." He said as he pointed towards the washing area.

"There?" I asked with a puzzled look.

"Yes, madam, don't worry there is plenty of space over there and the water is also hot and I will give you a soap also. You will need it because you have dirt all over you after the beautiful fuck session you had in the forest." He said and he smiled.

I looked at my legs and they were covered in dirt. I looked at him then I looked at the "bathroom". Then I thought why was I being so afraid of this. This man has seen me naked almost the whole night and also has touched me and he was being so sweet and hospitable. What was I being afraid of.

Then I took off my t-shirt. It was a tight t-shirt so I guess my boobs bounced when I took it off. When I took of my shirt completely I saw the driver staring at them with his mouth a bit open.

"You have been looking at them all night aren't you bored yet?" I asked him as I slapped his face playfully.

"Madam those boobs are the most beautiful things that I have ever seen, I will be bored of them. You body looks like its carved out of the finest marble. Your beauty knows no bounds." he said while still staring at my boobs.

I could see him pitching his giant tent again. I went closer to him patted his tent with my hand.

"I can see you really appreciate beauty." I said this and I grabbed his hair with my other hand and kissed him deeply and passionately.

He pushed his tongue into my mouth and was exploring my mouth with it. I moved my head back a little and grabbed his tongue with my lips and started sucking on his tongue. I could taste paan and cigarettes, but I still liked the manly taste and smell.
I was massaging his dick with my other hand over his pants.

He grabbed me with both his hands and pulled me closer. We made out for another couple of minutes when he pushed his hand into the boxers I was wearing and started furiously rubbing my pussy.

I almost lost it when he first touched my pussy but I controlled myself. He was still furiously rubbing my pussy. I started unbuttoning his shirt and I took them off. He had a big muscular hairy chest. I rubbed my hands all over it.

Then I stopped kissing him and moved down and I licked his neck and face completely. His face was covered with dry sweat but all that man taste made me go crazy.

Then I moved down kissed his hairy chest and went towards his right nipple. I circled his nipple with my tongue. Then I kissed it and started sucking on it. Meanwhile I was circling his other nipple with my hand and then I suddenly twisted it .

He let out a small squeal but did not stop me or push me away. So I kept on pinching him and when I did move onto his other nipple the right nipple was all nice and wet and slapping it fell really good.

While licking I looked up and he was looking down at me and in between closing his eyes in pleasure. After thoroughly biting his nipples I moved down. It was getting too low for me to keep standing so I knelt.

I kissed his hairy stomach and reached his belly button. I thrust my tongue into his belly button and licked it. I spit into it and again licked it. He went weak in his knees and was about to fall down. I grabbed him by his butt cheeks and pulled him closer.

Then I moved down. I reached his pant buttons.

I went further down and bit his dick over his pants. He liked it and held my head with both his hand and pushed my head into his crotch. I pulled myself out and opened his pants buttons and pulled them down.

His legs where hairy as fuck and it felt really good as my hands ran down his legs. He stepped out of the pants. He was wearing a very old pair of briefs which looked like they hadn't been washed in ages. There were stains on it where his penis head was touching it. And it smelt like piss.

He suddenly grabbed my head and again buried my face in his crotch and held it there and started rubbing my face all over his crotch.

I felt myself getting seriously wet when I was overpowered with the smell of urine and sweat that was coming from his crotch area. I again bit his dick over his underwear and this time I kept the "tent" into my mouth and was sucking it. His underwear was all wet but I still kept sucking on it.

It was like I was trying to suck out any dry cum on his underwear. I completely licked his underwear from the front and at the same time my hands were inside his underwear caressing his butt cheeks which also were hairy as hell.

While I was sucking I parted his butt cheeks with my hands and caressed his asshole with one finger. He immediately clenched his butt and would not let me do that.

I tried to open his butt cheeks again but he did not let me. So I grabbed his hips brought him near the cot and pushed him onto the cot. Then I stood up and held his ankles and raised them up in the air. Then I grabbed his underwear and pulled them up took them off and threw then behind me.

Then I knelt down again I used my left hand to hold his legs in the air and pushed them so that his asshole was in the air.

Then I licked my right middle finger and completely inserted it into his asshole. I fingered him furiously for a couple of seconds and after that my finger became dry and he tried to stop me.

So I took out my finger and held his thighs with both my hands and pushed then further back and started licking his asshole.

I thrust my tongue into his asshole and I could taste his manly asshole. I was enjoying it. After sometime I could hear him moan so I spit on his asshole and again licked it for a couple of seconds.

Then I stopped and parted his legs and kept them on the side and licked all the way from his asshole to his balls. Then I grabbed his balls with one hand and licked the biggest hairiest balls I have ever seen. I grabbed them with one hand and bit them lightly on which he let out a small moan.

I then grabbed his dick with my other hand. And then I licked my way all the way through the hairy forest from his balls to the tip of his penis. After reaching the tip I put the head completely inside my mouth and sucked on it like a lollipop while massaging his balls. Then I got up a little and to swallow his dick completely.

His dick was so long that even after getting up slightly I could not deep throat it. It hit the back of my throat it and I bobbed my head up and down for a good 10 minutes.

I felt his body clenching so I stopped sucking his dick and moved back. Then I licked both my hands nicely and then grabbed his dick with both my hands. And yeah his dick was big enough to hold with two hands and still there was some left. And then I started giving him the best hand job of his life.

I went batshit crazy on that thing. And after a minute or so his dick let out this fountain of cum that almost must have been as high as long his dick was and fell on his crotch. He was moaning really loudly now. I kept on pumping him off till the cum had completely stopped and I could feel his dick limping.

He stayed on the cot with his eyes closed and hands resting to the side. I got up and bent down over his limp dick and started licking it. I licked his pubes and even sucked on then so that I could get each and every drop of cum. I even sucked on his limp dick and sucked out all the cum out of it. Then I kept his dick in my mouth for a couple of minutes

Then I sat next to him slowly caressing his dick and said ," Thank you for taking good care of me."

He did not say anything, so I just lay next to him resting my head on his hand and burying my face into his armpit. We slept for about an hour or so.

Then I suddenly woke up and saw that the driver also had gotten up with a jerk and ran towards to stove.

He ran towards the stove and turned it off. I too woke up with a jerk

"What happened?" I asked him.

"Nothing Madam. I had kept some water to boil for your bath." He said as he came back near the cot.
"The water is ready why don't you come take a bath." He said as he went towards the door and picked up an old towel and stood in front of me.

His limp but still long dick was shining in all its glory in front of me.

I slowly ran my finger across his limp dick and held it with my fingers. It was very sloppy.

I shook it a little and squeezed the tip. A little drop of cum came out of his dick. I picked it up with my finger and licked it.

"You are very tasty." I said with a smile on my face.

He inched near me and touched my face and said ," You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

As he was running his hand across my face I grabbed his dick with my palm and started rubbing it. I pumped it hard till it was semi erect.

I pulled him close and gobbled up his dick. It got really hard inside my mouth. I sucked on it for sometime. Then I stopped and took his dick out of my mouth.

"What happened madam" " He asked with his hands still on my head.

"Nothing. Why don't I take a bath first." I said.

"Okay, madam." He said and went and picked up the vessel from the stove and emptied the water into a small bucket.

I got up and walked towards the bathing area. It was small but was clean. There was a bar of soap kept at the side.

I got into the bathing area and inspected it.

Then I turned towards the driver who standing out and pulled him in. I furiously started kissing him. At the same time I was pumping his dick.

Then I took the bar of soap and started applying it to his chest. I applied it all over his chest and stomach. Then I applied it all over his dick and buttocks.

I then gave him the soap. He took the soap and started applying it over my boobs. After soaping up my stomach, pussy and ass he kept the soap aside.

I started furiously pumping his hard and lathered up dick. Then I made him sit down and sat on his dick.

We started fucking in the sitting position with out soaped up bodies rubbing together in a smooth motion.
I must have fucked him for ages because I completely lost track of time. I was having a sensory overload.

After about 10 minutes of continuous fucking I started to cum. I has an orgasm so hard that I had to hold onto him tightly and I my jaw was shut so tight that it was cramping.

After I was done I just got off his still hard dick and sat to the side and tried to catch my breath.

Then I opened my eyes to the driver still sitting next to me looking at me.

"Are u ok madam?" the driver asked

I just gave him a smile. He too smiled.

He then started pouring water on me and started cleaning me off. After I was all clean.

I kept the jug aside.

I turned him around and made him bend over on all fours.

Then I applied soap throughout his buttcrack and started rubbing it furiously while at the same time milking his soapy dick from below.

I inserted my finger into his asshole and fingered him. After about 20 seconds he started to cum.

After he came I poured water over his buttcrack and washed off all the soap. Then I held his buttcheeks and kissed his asshole.

He laid down on the floor for a while and then we both got up washed ourselves with whatever water was remaining.

I wrapped the towel he gave me and sat on the cot.

He got me some rice and dal which was cold but I was famished so I just gobbled it up.

Then I laid down on the cot and dozed off.

I woke up with the sun shining on my eyes through a crack in the window at some point at dawn.

I saw that the driver was sleeping on the ground.

I got up and sat down next to him.

I looked under the blanket. He was wearing his boxer shorts and a vest.

I slowly ran my hand over his crotch under the blanket.

His dick slowly rose up. But he did not get up.

I went under the blanket pulled out his dick from his shorts and started sucking it.

He woke up with a jerk and pulled the blanket off. I put my hand on his chest and pushed him back to the ground and kept sucking his dick.

After his dick was hard. I got up took off my shorts and started humping him.

I put my hands on his chest and squatted over his dick and fucked him crazy for about 15 mins.

Then he came. I slowly got up with all his cum falling out of my pussy onto his dick.

Then I went down on him again and sucked his dick clean.

We lay next to each other for a while. Then he suddenly got up and pushed his dick into my vagina and started fucking me in missionary.

This went on for a while.

Then I looked at the time, it was 7 am.

I pushed him off and said that I needed to go now.

But I did not have anything to wear. So he gave me this old punjabi suit from a trunk below the cot.

I just wore it while he too got dressed and he smuggled me out of the house to the taxi.

I sat on the passenger side.

He started to driver really fast. I slowly put my hand on his crotch opened his zipper and pulled out his limp dick and kissed it and thanked him for last night.

He then dropped me at the office and went on his way.

[SHILPA's narration ends]

"Wow, Shilpa that was quite a night you had. You are quite the slut." I said as I playfully hit her shoulder and squeezed her tit.

She giggled.

"Well it is my time to have fun." She said as she got up and stretched.

Her big boobs jutted out like balloons when she stretched.

I too got up and we started walking towards the office building.

Suddenly my cellphone vibrated. It was Purva.

I picked up the call.

"Sir, madam wants to ask what you want for dinner?" A voice on the other end asked.

"Who are you?" I asked

"Sir, I am the watchman" he replied

I was surprised and shocked thinking about why was the watchman calling me from Purva's phone.

"Just tell her to make whatever she wants." I told and hung up the phone.

My boner raged after hearing Shilpa's sexcapade and now Purva maybe fucking the watchman. My dick was straining against my pants. It was becoming too much to take. So I just went to the loo and jerked one off so that I could start concentrating on my work for the rest of the day.

After about 3 hours I looked at the clock it was almost 5:30pm. I was thinking why hadn't Purva called me. I guessed she was busy. My brain was again venturing into fantasy. So I decided that I would call it a day.

I packed my bags and started towards the lift when Shilpa just walked in front of me.

"Leaving already?" She asked

"Yeah, I am done for the day. What about you?"

"My supervisor is a fucking tyrant he is not letting me go." She said scornfully.

"I thought you liked it when guys act tough with you." I said and giggled.

"Well it would have helped if he was good looking. But I am pretty sure his fat paunch and bald head surely indicate a small dick." She giggled.

"Yeah, I guess you are right. Well then, I guess I will leave now. See ya tommorow." I said and opened the door.

"Tomorrow's saturday stupid. See you on Monday."

"Oh yeah, ok then see you on Monday. Have fun." I said and left.

I got in my car and drove home. I reached and parked my car and was about to step out when Savitri suddenly appeared in front of me.

"What happened?" I asked her

"Sir, should I clean your car now?" She asked.

She looked as if she had just come from working all day. Her hair was a mess and she was all sweaty and grimy. But still she radiated this raw sense of sex appeal.

"You look tired?" I asked her.

"No sir, I don't get tired very easily." She said and smiled.

I was confused with the smile and the intentions behind it.

Then I figured she maybe wanted some money.

"Ok, do it. Here are the keys. Drop them off at my house later." I said as I handed her the keys.

"No sir, I do not know how to lock a car. I don't want to leave it unlocked and get something stolen. Why don't you just be here for 10 minutes while I clean it up quickly." She said as she pushed my hand away from her.

I thought what the hell. Even Purva may be just getting done. So I nodded and let start cleaning.

She lifted her saree and tucked it into her waist. Her legs were exposed till the thighs. She opened the back door and bent inside with one left knee on the seat and was picking up some waste from beneath the seats.

While she was doing this my eyes were fixated on the round firm ass cheeks which were hanging in the air. They were swinging as she kept cleaning. To some extent they looked better than a Brazilian bubble butt.

She took her time cleaning the back seat ans suddenly stopped and turned around and asked me to hand her the small broom that was kept behind me.

I took and stepped toward her and handed her the broom. I just stood there staring at her beautiful ass. After a few seconds I could not resist the temptation and just grabbed her right ass cheek.

She squeaked but did not yell. She momentarily stop cleaning but then continued. So I figured that she did not have a problem. So I pinched her butt. I then ran my fingers across her butt crack but she kept cleaning. I tried to dig into her ass deeper with my fingers but the saree was too strained so I could not.

So I just slapped her ass. She again squeaked and looked back and smiled. I too smiled and said,

"You are very beautiful Savitri. Almost as beautiful as my wife. Women slave to have bodies like yours. You are very lucky." I said and again pinched her butt.

"Thank you Sir.But your wife has a more beautiful body" She said while she came out and closed the back door.

I was shocked to hear this and thought when the hell did she see Purva's body.

I stepped back while she started cleaning the front seats. I just stood then thinking and she was done in a jiffy.

She closed the car door and took the bucket which had a sponge and some water in it. She soaked the sponge and started scrubbing the car's body.

She was thoroughly cleaning the car to which I pointed out and said,

"Maybe you stood bathe me like that someday."

She looked at me and smiled and said,

"Sure Sir, I bet you have a handsome body." She said this and winked at me.

I too smiled and went ahead and slapped her butt again. This time I got a little too excited and slapped her a bit hard.

"Ouch!" She shouted and said,

"That hurt be gentle."

I stepped ahead and grabbed both her boobs and started massaging them and said,

"Like this?"

"Yes." she replied.

I massaged them for a while and then she moved as she was still cleaning the car.

Then I just kept staring at her till she finished cleaning the car.

After she finished she came up to me and said,

"Sir the cleaning is done, you can go now."

I took out a 500 rupee note and stuck it into her saree blouse and squeezed her breast and thanked her.

Then I locked the car and I walked towards my apartment and she went towards her quarters.

I rang the doorbell.

Purva opened the door. She had a wide smile on her face and hugged me as I entered.

"You seem to be in a good mood. You were not like this in the morning. Did Sajid come over?" I asked her in spite of knowing that she was with the watchman today.

She smiled and said,
"You dog you, I know you know I was with the watchman today. I will tell you the whole story but first freshen up and come to bed."

I had dinner and hung out with Apu for sometime while he did his homework.

I could see Purva doing the chores. But there was a happy skip in her step and she kept smiling whenever she caught we looking at her. This was enough for me to understand that she has had a wonderful day.

I wondered what the magic the watchman did that she was so happy.

Was he better than Sajid"

I could feel my dick grow larger in my pants. I could no longer pay attention to Apu so I let him be and went to watch TV.

Suddenly the bell rang.

I went and opened the door.

It was the watchman.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"Namaste Sir, is Purva here.....err.. I mean is Purva madam here?" He asked meekly looking behind me to find Purva.

"She is working in the kitchen. What is it tell me?" I told him sternly.

"It's nothing Sir, could you please give this to madam." he said as he handed me a plastic bag with some kind of cloth in it.

"Ok." I said as I took it and closed the door.

After I closed the door and turned around and opened the bag.

There was a panty inside. A pink panty with laces. I was sure Purva must have forgotten it at his quarters after her afternoon romp session.

I put the plastic bag in my pocket and continued watching TV.

After about an hour Purva took Apu to his room and put him to bed. She came out and sat next to me.

"So you ready for the updates?" She asked with a naughty smile.

"Yeah this is the highlight of my day. Well, my second highlight." I said

"Second highlight" Which was the first one." She asked curiously.

"Do you remember Shilpa from work?" I asked

"Yeah vaguely, what about her. Did you fuck her?" she asked as she opened her eyes wide.

"No, no I did not fuck her. Well not yet atleast . But she shared her last night's sexcapade. It was pretty exciting."

"Well, I should also know if it was so exciting." Purva said with a twinkle in her eyes.

"All in good time my dear, but first you tell your story. I will Shilpa herself to tell her story. Maybe you too can exchange notes on being the perfect little whores to your lovers." I said as I pulled her close and placed her palm on my crotch.

I pulled out the plastic bag from my pocket and showed it to her.

"The watchman dropped this off earlier. Is it yours?" I asked as I handed her the bag

"What is it?" She asked as she opened the bag and pulled out the panty.

"Yeah this is mine I must have forgotten it at his quarters." She said as she kept the bag and the panty on the table.

"Ok now tell me all what happened today, I am dying to know." I said as she caressed my bulge.

"Well after Rasul called I was pretty depressed that there wont be any action today. But boy was I wrong.

After you left I made lunch and took a bath and was watching TV in my bathrobe and suddenly the bell rings. I look through the peep hole and see Mustaq standing at the door. I immediately open the door and practically pull him inside.

"It's such a pleasant surprise Mushtaq." I said as I planted a deep kiss on his lips and caressed his dick over his pants.

He pushed me away and said,

"Do you have anything to eat?"

"Yes I just made lunch. I will serve it, you just get comfortable." I told him and led him to the sofa.

I removed his shirt and put it aside. As soon as I removed his shirt a strong smell of sweat filled the air. His hairy chest was glistening with sweat. I unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to the floor. He sat on the sofa in his underwear which also looked very worn out. His pubic hair was jutting out from the sides.

I felt his pubes and said,

"We should buy you some new underwear this one is clearly worn out and maybe small in size for you. We will go shopping one day. And we should get you shaved too."

"Yeah fine." he said as he kept watching TV.

"Busy day?" I asked him as I kissed him again. His beard and mustache tickled my face.

He again pushed me away and said,

"Yeah, why don't you go get the food" I don't have much time." he said with a stern look on his face.

He was completely ignoring me which pissed me off. So after he sat down on the sofa I removed my bathrobe and went into the kitchen stark naked. I was pretty sure that caused him to pay attention to me.

When I returned with the food Mushtaq got up and went to the washroom. I kept the food on the coffee table and took a small towel to dry him off and went behind him to the washroom.

He went towards the toilet so I grabbed the opportunity and threw the towel away and went and stood behind him. He was about to lower his undies when I got bolder and pushed his hands away. Then I slowly put my hands through the thick forest of his pubes and held his dick with both my hands and pulled it out.

I aimed his dickhole at the toilet and he started pissing. I was massaging his dick with both my hands while he pissed.

Then after he pissed a little I pressed his dick hole shut and I went in front of him kneeled down and let his dick go. He started pissing in my mouth and drank every last bit of it. After he was done pissing I started entered into a trance and started to suck his dick.

His dick became hard so I pulled his undies to the floor and he stepped out of it while his dick was still in my mouth.

I held his dick with my right hand and licked his hairy balls and the sides which were coated with sweat but the salty aftertaste tuend me on even more.

Then suddenly he pulled back and said,

"I am getting late I have to go." he said this and left the washroom and went into the TV room and started eating.

I came out and went and sat between his legs on the floor and said,

"Ok fine, I understand you are getting late. But atleast let me have a little taste of your cum. You continue eating I will do what I have to do."

He said ok and lifted the plate and kept eating while I stroked his cock and sucked on it.

I even tried to insert my hands between his thighs and finger his asshole but I could not get through.

The fact that he was more concerned about the food and the time made him last a long time. Finally he finished eating and kept the plate on the table. He still hadn't cum.

"Ok I don't think I will cum today. Let it be I am getting late. Maybe some other time." saying this he pushed me away and got and went into the washroom and washed up.

He came out with wet hair and his chest was also wet. He was searching for a towel. So I got the towel which was on the floor and dried up off. I slowly dried his hair then his chest. Then I rubbed his dick with the towel.

He then started searching for his underwear. I went into the bathroom and got his undies and held them out for him to step into. He stepped into them and I pulled them up. And before putting them completely on I kissed his dick and balls.

He then wore his pants and shirt and landed a deep kiss and went towards the door.

I stood at the door and bid him goodbye but he just replied with a grunt and left.

I was very unsatisfied with what had happened and was really horny especially after smelling the big, fat and sweaty dick.

I closed the door and turned off the TV and went and stood at the window just staring into the distance.

Suddenly I saw the watchman in front of his quarters, and then got into a t shirt,track pants and these panties and went to his quarters.

The door was open so I just knocked on the open door the watchman came out of the toilet, saw me and immediately ran to the door and said,

"Good morning Madam, what a nice pleasure to see you. Why have you come here?" He asked as he kept stealing glances at my ample bosoms.

"The water in the house has stopped again. You said last time that you get well water here. I thought maybe I could take a bath here." I said innocently.

"Say no more Madam, think of this as your house and I am your servant. Please come in while I get you the water." he said his and took some clothes off the little bed he had in the one room and invited me to sit there.

"Madam you sit here while I go get the water." He said this and hurried out with a bucket.

I sat there and looked around his house. There were some utensils and a single gas stove in one corner and small TV in another. There were clothes hung on the wall and some pictures along with a small mirror.

Then after about 10 minutes the watchman came in and took the filled bucket straight to the bathroom and kept it inside.

"Madam I am sorry but I could not arrange for any hot water. Is it ok with you?" He asked meekly.

"Yeah, it's fine." I said.

"Can I go take a bath now?" I asked.

"Yeah sure madam go ahead." He said as he pointed at the bathroom.

"I did not bring any towels with me because the neighbors would see feel suspicious. Do you have any?" I asked.

"Umm...well madam all I have is this." He said as he picked up a tattered old towel from the wall hook and showed it to me. It was pretty dirty and was torn in many places. And it was maybe a kids size towel.

"Yeah that will have to do for now." I said.

"Your bathroom is pretty small can I remove my clothes and keep them here." I asked him innocently.

The watchman gasped loudly and was dumbstruck for a few seconds when he finally came to his senses he said,

"Yeah Madam you can remove your clothes here. But wait let me close the door and windows first otherwise someone may see you." he said and hurriedly closed the door and windows.

The windows were translucent glass so enough light was coming in. He came near me and said,

"Ok Madam you can remove your clothes now. Give them to me. I will hang them up so that they don't get dirty."

I removed my t shirt and gave it to him. He could not take his eyes off of my boobs.

Then I took the tattered towel and wrapped it around my waist and dropped my track pants. The towel covered me from the waist to a little bit below my knees that's it.

He bent down and took the pants and hung them on the wall hook. I tied the towel around my waist and entered the bathroom. The ceiling of the bathroom was a little low so I had to squat and take a bath. I closed the door and removed my panties and threw them to the side.

I took a jug of water and poured it over my head. Then I realized that I did not have a soap.

"Can I get a soap in here." I shouted from the bathroom.

"Yes Madam." came a quick response.

Then I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I opened it slightly with my back to the door and took the soap.

I closed the door again started bathing. After a couple of minutes I called out to the watchman and said,

"This place is too small for me to reach my back properly can you please apply soap to my back."

After a 1 minute silence I heard a weak yes.

So I opened the door completely and squatted with my back against the opening.

He came forward and I handed him the soap. He took the soap and started rubbing it against my back. He applied it from the shoulder blades to my lower back. He stayed near my lower back area for quite a while.

So I figured poor guy wanted to feel my butt. So I raised my butt a little into the air which gave him a signal to go ahead. So he applied soap to my buttocks and while coming back he grazed his finger to my asshole.

Then I immediately closed the door and finished bathing.

I then wrapped the towel around my waist again without wearing any panties and came out.

He was sitting on the bed staring at this wet goddess in front of him.

"You look like a goddess madam." he said as he stared at my boobs with and open mouth.

I said thank you and went and sat next to him.

I could see him pitching a tent in his pants.

"My back feels sore could you rub it a little?" I said just to make him touch me.

"Ahem.. sure madam why don't you lie face down on the bed I will give you a very good massage.

I got up and undid the towel around my waist giving him a short glimpse at my clean shaven pussy and laid down on the bed face down with the towel covering my ass.

He stood beside the bed and started to give me a massage. His rough hands fell good against my soft skin.

I told him to come stand in front of my head and give me a massage.

He came and stood in front of my head. He bent down to rub my back. Now his tent was brushing against my head. He kept rubbing my back and at the same time was rubbing his dick on my head.

I rested my face on my chin to let his dick brush against my face. Now he started pressing his crotch hard against my face on the pretense of massaging my lower back.

After sometime I suddenly bit his bulge. He stopped massaging and looked at my face.

"Did I tell you stop massaging?" I said sternly and he went back to massaging my back.

I again bit his bulge which sent a shudder through his body but he kept on massaging. I ran my hand over it and licked his bulge over his pants. His pants were wet near the crotch.

So I undid his pants and pulled the zipper down and his pants dropped to the floor. I ran my hand across his dick over his underwear which was torn also.

I slowly ran both my hands across his buttock and slowly inserted my hands inside his underwear from both sides and grabbed his buttocks.

Surprisingly he too at the same time thrust his hands inside the towel and grabbed my buttocks and pressed them hard.

I let out a small moan he pressed them again harder. I also reciprocated and parted his butt cheeks and inserted my finger into his asshole. He tried to go back in pain but I pulled by holding his butt.

"What are you doing madam?" He asked me in a puzzled voice.

"You just do what is told to you and let me do what I want to do." saying this I continued to feel his asshole.

Then after sometime I brought one hand in front and pulled his dick out. It was extremely hairy and had a pungent smell of urine. I pulled his underwear down it went till his thighs but I could not push them further.

I stroked his cock for sometime and ran my hands through his pubes and scratched his balls which he seemed to like because he let out a small moan when I did that.

And then as I was about to put his dick in my mouth. I heard the door open. He stopped massaging and I also woke up and looked at the door.

It was his wife.

His wife just stood at the door almost dumbfounded. She was not in shock but still was a bit startled.

Obviously any wife would be seeing her husband with his pants half down massaging a random strange woman while the woman is holding is dick pumping it and scratching his balls.

She stood at the door for about 10-15 seconds, when the watchman shouted,

"Close the door someone will see us!"

She obeyed him like a good wife and closed the door and again stood at the doorway staring at us searching for words to say.

When the watchman told her to come near her. She came.

"Remove my underwear." he said in a commanding tone.

She slowly bent down and pulled his underwear which was at his thighs to his feet. He stepped out of his underwear by using my shoulders as support.

All this while his dick was still in my hands and I could not understand what to do. I was horny as hell and did not feel any fear at that moment just surprised that his wife did not create a commotion.

While she was pulling his underwear down our eyes met between his legs with his hairy balls hanging between us. She had a calm look on her face and she looked at me and just gave a slight smile.

"Go sit at madam's feet and massage her legs." the watchman said again in a commanding tone.

She obliged and sat near my feet on the floor and started massaging my feet. The watchman got a bit bolder and removed the towel that was half covering my ass and put it on the floor beside.

"Madam that towel was anyways causing an hindrance you don't mind me removing them right?" he said to me.

I who was still in that state of shock could not muster up any words to say to him. So I just nodded as I looked at him.

Then after a few seconds I came to my senses I realized I was lying on the watchman's cot with just a panty on which was also almost half pulled down holding the the watchman's hairy smelly dick in my hands just centimeters away from my lips with his wife massaging my feet.

"It's all ok madam, just relax and continue with what you were doing. We both will take good care of you." He said as he again started massaging my back and ass.

I also thought that when in rome do as the romans do and again started stroking his dick. I stroked it for a while but it became too dry and I was finding it difficult to stroke it any longer. So I held the base of his dick with two of my fingers and took hid dick into my mouth.

His dick was not very big it was about 5 inches and the forest of pubes around it made it look even smaller. It barely reached the back of my throat. As I put his dick completely into my mouth half of his pubes also made it into my mouth some of them entered my nose and were tickling my chin.

I held his dick in my mouth for a few seconds during which the watchman gave a out a loud moan. His dick became extremely warm. He stopped massaging my ass and stood up with his dick still in my mouth.

He held my head with both his hands and pushed my head deeper into his crotch. His dick was now touching the back of my throat.

Then I forcefully pulled my head back and he let go. His dick was all wet now. His whole dick and his pubes were shining in the sunlight coming into the room.

I now stuck my tongue out and was licking the tip of his penis without holding it. His penis was bobbing freely with my tongue rolling around it.

I looked up at him and he looked down at me and said,

"Madam that was the best feeling I ever had in my life."

After saying this he started unbuttoning his shirt while we were both staring at each other and my tongue was playing with his dick.

He removed his shirt and threw it aside.

He then looked at his wife and said,

"Massage madam's legs properly, from here till the her feet." he said pointing from my haunches to my feet.

His wife moved up a bit and started massaging my haunches.

"Just can you please remove my panty I want to be comfortable." I said looking him and stroking his dick with my hand.

"Remove madam's panty and keep it aside properly." He said to his wife commandingly.

His wife got up and held my panty from both sides and pulled it down but was stuck because I was sleeping my stomach. So I raised my hips a bit which made it easier for her to remove my panty.

She removed it and kept it aside I did not see where.

"Are you comfortable madam?" the watchman asked caringly.

"Yes." I said and went back to sucking on the tip of his penis.

He had stopped massaging me now and was standing with his hands on his hips like a warrior watching me lick his penis.

I was getting wet now and I was sure that the wife could feel that I was wet and horny. She was massaging my inner thighs and was just about a cemtimeter away from my pussy.

"Massage madam's hips also properly." he said to his wife who obliged and started massaging my ass.

She was grabbing both of my buttcheeks and kneading them like dough which added to the excitement and I went into a trance and started giving the watchman a full blown blowjob.

He was moaning and stroking my hair at the same time.

After a few strokes he tightened his grip my hair when I realised that he was about to cum. So I immediately stopped sucking his dick because I wanted the fun to last a bit longer.

He tried to push my head back into his crotch but I resisted and he stopped and asked if anything was wrong.

"I'm tired." I said and got up and sat on the bed.

They both looked at me with a concerned look.

"Everything is alright I was just a bit tired and wanted to catch a breath." I said

The watchman sat down next to me with his dick still upright. His wife was still sitting on the floor.

I looked at his wife and asked,

"What is your name?"

"Savitri." She said coyly.

"Savitri, are you enjoying what I am doing with your husband?" I asked

"Yes madam. I am happy to serve you and also to see that my husband is getting satisfied." she said shyly.

"Why can't you satisfy your husband" You are beautiful young woman." I asked her while I held the watchman's dick and started a handjob because I did not want it to go limp.

"No madam, I never had sex with any other man before marriage so I do not how to pleasure a man." She said as she put her head down in shame.

I looked at the watchman who had by now closed his eyes and was enjoying the handjob. His dick became dry to stroke any longer. So I spit on it and kept giving light slow strokes.

"Don't worry I will teach you how to have good sex. But I will teach this only if you follow my lead and do as I tell you. You need to have complete trust and faith in me." I said to her which made her face light up and she nodded in agreement like a kid saying yes to candy.

I stopped stroking his dick and said,
"This lesson will be for both of you so pay attention and learn." They both nodded with smiles on their faces.

"Ok, Savithri get up and come stand here in front of us." I said and she got up and stood before us.

"Now let me have a nice look at you. Turn around for me."

She turned and again faced us.

I stood up and grabbed her tits over her sari and squeezed them. They were really firm.

"See Savithri you have a nice pair of boobs women from my circles would kill for breasts like these. See feel my breasts they are not as firm as you." I said as I grabbed her hands and placed them over my tits. She nodded like a obedient schoolgirl.

Then I held her shoulders and turned her around and grabbed her buttcheeks and pressed them. They were also very firm. I was surprised that a firm body like this could be had without going to the gym regularly.

"You also have a nice ass Savithri. Any man would die to fuck such a tight body." I said as I sat down and just placed my hand on the watchman's dick which had gone limp and had just started to rise again.

"Ok now savithri remove your sari." i said in a strong tone.

Savithri calmly removed her whole sari and stood in her blouse and lehenga and looked at me.

"Well what are you waiting for remove everything." I said in a strong tone which startled her and she immediately started stripping.

After she removed her bra I could see that her tits not sagging at all and her nipples were also erect. Her pussy was covered by a thick bush of hair. Her body was dark in colour but it was well toned. She stood there with her hands on her bush and head put down in shame.

"Ok Savithri let me tell you this now. There is no shame in showing your body to your friends. You need to be confident about your body only then can you enjoy your body. And if you enjoy your body only then can any other man or woman can enjoy it."

"Madam, woman?" She asked with a surprised look.

"Yeah, woman, why can't women enjoy each other's bodies. You enjoyed mine right?" I said with a smirk.

She blushed.

I grabbed her hands and removed them from covering her pussy.

I grabbed a few of her pubic hair and said,

"We need to take care of all this hair, this is not hygienic."

I found her pussy in between the and rubbed it. It was wet so I knew that she was enjoying it.

I then got up and moved to one end of the bed. I reached for the watchman's dick and grabbed and pulled him near me. He got up in pain and moved near me.

"Sit down next to him." I ordered Savithri pointing to the other side of the bed.

She sat down.

"Ok now I will teach all there is to know about pleasuring a man. Just do as I do and as I say."

She nodded.

I started nibbling on his ears and thrust my tongue into his ears. She too started doing the same.

Then I kissed his neck she did the same.

Then after a few seconds I slowly moved down kissing him all over and reached his nipples. Now he had a hairy chest but it did not bother me.

I started licking and sucking on his nipples. She looked at me for a few seconds and started doing the same to the other nipple.

The watchman was in nirvana and grabbed both our heads and pressed them to his chest. I also got turned on an started biting his nipple. He was in pain but he did not stop me.

After some time it was becoming difficult to bend down and lick his nipples. So I just pushed the watchman and made him lie down on the bed.

I kissed his whole abdomen area and started licking his bellybutton. It tasted a bit salty because of all the sweat but was enjoyable.

After his bellybutton I reached his penis.

Savithiri was staring at me kissing her husband all over. When I reached his dick. I grabbed her head and brought it near to his penis.

And I started nibbling and kissing him with my face buried in his pubic hair. She did the same thing on the other side. I smelled hard and could smell sweat and piss which turned me on even more. I started licking his pubic hair and she joined in.

Slowly I reached the base of his penis and I licked it all the way to his tip. Savithri joined me and out tongues met at the tip of his penis.

Precum was ozzing out of his dick and I touched my tongue to the precum and pulled my head back which left a long strand which I then ate as if it was a strand of cheese from a pizza.

Savithri just looked on.

Savithri looked on as I enjoyed the watchman's cum. She kept running her hands over his pubic hair but did not do anything else.

The watchman was in seventh heaven and was moaning with every lick I gave him.

I too was mesmerized by the situation and kept on licking his dick and watching him squirm with pleasure.

He tried to get and shove his dick into my mouth but I pushed him back down and kept playing with his dick. Then I slowly help Savithri's head with my other hand and brought her face closer to his dick.

I then started kissing on side of his shaft and I pulled her head closer and she got the point and started kissing the other side of his shaft.

His dick was not that big so our lips were touching and we started making out with his dick in the middle.

She obviously did not know how to french kiss properly so I took out my tongue and started running it over his shaft along with my lips. She got the cue and started doing the same.

We kept doing it from the base of his dick and continued toward he tip. Once we reached the tip we were almost in a liplock and were the making out like crazy.

Then suddenly I could feel the watchman twinge so I understood that he was about to cum and I was not done with him. So I pulled back and pushed Savithri's head back too.

I looked at Savithri's face which looked like she hit by a truck. Hair all over and her face was glowing with saliva.

She gave me a big smile which I returned and said,

"You learn fast Savithri. Teaching you would be so easy."

"Thank you madam." , she replied with that huge grin on face, "You are a good teacher and you know to be a good wife and a woman. Thank you for teaching me."

I felt that was cute so I moved in and again started making out and this time she responded well buried her tongue in my mouth. We sucked on each other's tongues for a while and stopped to catch a breath.

The watchman was half up and staring at us making out. His dick was still upright and glowing with our saliva.

"You having fun?" I asked the watchman as I grabbed his cock and shook it.

"Yes madam," he replied with the same grin Savithri had.

"Madam, I can't take it anymore, can I fuck your beautiful pussy madam, please." He begged as he tried to sit up straight but I held him down.

"No not yet, I have a lot of things to teach Savithri and I also am not done enjoying you completely. So lie down and you want to fuck me then don't say a word." saying that I pushed him down.

I brought Savithri closer.

I held his right leg and motioned Savithri to hold up his left leg. After she did that I told the watchman.

"Now pull up your legs at your knees and do not let them go." he obeyed with saying a single word.

His balls where in full view and so was his asshole. Both of them were completely covered with hair.

I brushed my fingers through his hairy balls which made his dick twitch. I held Savithri's and made her caress his balls.

And then I ran my fingers from his balls to his asshole which was not very visible but I found it and inserted my finger into it. It was dry so I removed my finger and licked it completely from the tip to base and inserted it again. This time it was easier to insert my finger.

I tried to push my finger in but he squirmed in pain.

Savithri was watching my every move with great intent. I took her other hand put her index finger completely into my mouth and wet it completely and guided it toward his asshole she too tried to insert it but was not successful.

Then I moved her hand away from his asshole and his balls, grabbed both his ass cheeks and started licking the sides of his asshole.

It smelt of sweat but it turned me on even more. After thoroughly licking the sides I made my way to his asshole and started tongue fucking him.

I guess he liked it because pulled his legs up even more so as to give me more access to his asshole. After tongue fucking him for a few minutes I stopped and quickly grabbed Savithri and started making out with her.

Then after a few seconds I made my way back to his asshole and this time I brought Savithri with me and we both started licking his ass. Our tongues kept touching through all this which added to my excitement.

I was so turned on by all this that I suddenly grabbed Savithri by her hair and pulled her away from his ass and pushed her to the side. Then I got on my knees pushed his legs further back and started biting his ass and rubbing my face over his asshole.

Then I moved to his balls and swallowed both of his balls in one go and kept sucking on them till I had sucked out every bit of sweat or grime they had on them.

Then I made him let go of his hands and dropped his legs and went to town on his dick. I deep throated and then I stopped out of exhaustion.

Savithri was sitting there staring at what I was doing. I got back to my senses and said,

"I am sorry I got carried away. I was really enjoying myself." I said as I wiped the juices off my face.

"It's ok madam. I could see that. You can do whatever you like I will not mind." She replied with a smile.

Then the watchman woke and said,

"Madam I cannot take this anymore please let me bury my cock into you."

"No, not today. Today you will fuck your wife. Now lie down." I ordered him.

He lied down. I got up and helped Savithri up.

"Go sit on his dick and fuck him till he cums." I ordered her to which she obediently went and climbed on him and pushed his dick into her pussy.

I again kneeled down and now I could clearly see them fucking each other.

I kept playing with his balls.

After sometime they started picking up pace. I grabbed Savithri's ass cheeks and started licking her asshole.

She started moaning and after about three minutes the watchman grabbed onto Savithri hard and started releasing his spunk.

Some of the spunk was oozing out of her pussy and flowing down his dick I quickly licked it up and kept licking his dick shaft.

After he was done cumming. I slowly pushed Savithri off to the side and made her lie down on her back and started licking her pussy and licked all the cum I could get from her pussy.

After her pussy was completely licked I shifted to the watchman who was passed out with his spunk covered limp dick hanging to the side. I picked it up with my finger and started to suck out any remaining cum and licked his dick clean.

By then I too was tired and so I climbed onto the watchman and lied on his chest while Savithri was looking at us lying down beside us.

"Could you make me some tea?" I asked her.

"Yes madam, sure." saying this she put on her saree haphazardly and rushed to the stove.

This is when the watchman got up and said,

"Madam I need to go to the bathroom could you let me go."

"No I will not if you want to pee then you can pee here." I said pointing to my mouth.

The watchman looked kind of puzzled but then he nodded in agreement.

So I got up with him and knelt down before him. I held his dick and inserted it into my mouth about half way and signaled him to go.

He started pissing which was too much for me to take so it split out and flowed over my face and body but I did not remove his dick and tried to drink as much as I could.

After he was done I said,

"Next time be a little slow so that it doesn't get wasted like this. " I said in a commanding tone.

I got up and started looking for my clothes. Then Savithri appeared with a plate with three steel cups filled with tea.

"Here you go madam." she said as she offered me the tea.

I took one glass and sat on the bed the watchman sat beside me with a glass and put his other arm around me. I put one of my legs on his leg and started sipping on the tea.

Then I looked at the time and realised that it was your time to be home and told Savithri,

"Savithri it is time that my husband comes home will you go help him."

She nodded and hurriedly finished her tea and got dressed. I too finished my tea with her and started looking for my panty which I could not find. So I and the watchman started looking for it. While Savithri was about to leave I stopped her and said,

"Tomorrow afternoon both of you need to come to my house. I want to teach you how to be hygienic and clean."

They both agreed and Savithri ran out while I and the watchman continued to search for my panties. After searching for about 10 minutes I gave up and quickly put on my track pants and t shirt and tiptoed out of his place after seeing that the coast was clear.


"So wait you still haven't taken a bath?" I asked her

"Oh my, I completely forgot. How about you join me in the shower?" she replied with a naughty smile and winked.

Then we both jumped into the shower together and had a fun filled session and went to sleep in each other's arms.

The next morning I woke to find Purva was again not beside me in bed.

I had gotten used to the fact that I wont be finding my wife next to me a lot in the coming days. I woke and with groggy eyes looked at the clock and saw it was 8:30 AM.


I thought to myself I am gonna be late for work.

I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom and started brushing.

When suddenly Purva popped her head through the bathroom door and said,
"What are you doing?"

"", I said with the brush in my mouth and waving my hands around like a maniac.

"Are you drunk?" , she asked.

I looked at her in a puzzled way.

"It's Saturday dumbo. It's a holiday." , she said trying to control herself from laughing.

It then hit me that it was indeed saturday and it was indeed a holiday.

I gave out a sigh of relief as I reduced my pace of brushing my teeth.

"Anyways, finish brushing I will get breakfast ready." Purva said as she left.

I finished brushing and I went to the hall where I saw Appu having his breakfast on the sofa watching his cartoons.

I went to the dining room and sat on the table was checking my emails.

Suddenly I see Savithri enter the room with a plate and a bowl.

She looks and at me and smiles and places the plate on the table.

I was thinking to my self what she was doing here.

Then Purva enters the room and sits beside me on the table.

"Savithri, can you please get the tea off the stove and serve it to us." , she orders her in a firm manner.

Savithri leaves the room.

"What is she doing here" " I ask Purva with a puzzled face.

"Oh, she is just helping me out in the housework. Maybe its her way of expressing gratitude." She said shrugging and continued with her breakfast.

"Do you really need the help?" I asked her.

"Well, I know I don't but you never know when I may get busy." she said and winked.

"Oh, ok" I said and continued with my breakfast.

Then Savithri entered the room with a tray with two tea cups on it.

She came to my side and placed the tray on the table and put the cups on the table and took off the tray.
She again looked at me and smiled.

I smiled back.

"Have you had your breakfast, Savithri?" I asked her.

"No, Sir." she replied maintaining the same smile.

"Then why don't you have some." I told her pointing towards the kitchen.

"Yeah Savithri you should have some. Go get yourself a plate and come sit beside Sir here." She said without looking at her.

I was surprised that Purva wanted Savithri to sit beside me and have breakfast. I did not say anything because I wanted to see where this was going.

Saithri got herself a plate and sat on the floor beside the table and started having her breakfast.

"No, sit here." Purva interrupted her pointing to the chair opposite to hers.

Savithri got up and sat down on the chair and was meekly having her food.

"You can have breakfast here everyday. You know what tomorrow get your husband too." Purva said with a sly smile on her face.
I played along and said

"Yes Savithri, you are always welcome here." and I touched her shoulders in a caring manner and continued with my breakfast.
I watched Savithri eat her breakfast and saw that for a woman who hasn't experienced any form of the high society living she carried herself pretty well. She was polite and well mannered.

"So Tarun, you have any plans for today?" Purva asked.

"Hmm.. none yet. Why you want me to have any?" I replied with a naughty smile.

"No, its just that I promised Appu's friend that he can spend the day with him. So someone needs to drop him off at his place. " she said.

"Yeah sure, you don't wanna come along" Won't you get lonely or bored." I asked her.

"I will find something to do. Savithri here will keep me company. We both will find something to do. Won't we Savithri?" she replied looking at Savithri and smiling.

Savithri just blushed and smiled.

" Well should I return after dropping Appu off?" I asked Purva

" Take your time." Purva replied finishing her breakfast and got up and went into the kitchen.

So me and Savithri were alone in the room and could here Purva go into the hall and sit on sofa with Appu.

"So Savithri, you liked the breakfast?" I asked Savithri and rested my hand on her forearm.

"Yes, Sir." she replied with a shy smile.

"You want more please don't be shy." I said as I caressed her forearm.

"No Sir, I am fine." she replied.

"You want something else?" I asked as my hand went up till her shoulders.

"No Sir," she replied

And I could see that she was getting nervous that Purva would walk in and catch us getting cozy.
So I got bolder and pulled her chair towards mine and put my arms around her and said,

"Don't be shy have some more. You look hungry."

My hands were on her opposite shoulders and caressing her back.

"What are you doing sir. Madam will catch us." she gasped.

"It's ok, madam won't come in." I did not want to tell that I know everything that was going on between her, Purva and the watchman.

She calmed down and finished her breakfast.

"You want some tea. Here have mine." I said offering my cup.

I was just trying to find a reason for her to stay seated for a while longer.

While she drank her tea I ran my hand down towards her chest.

She was a small woman so my arms could reach all the way to her breasts.

I put my hands below her sari and started caressing her breasts above the blouse.Although she was small her breasts were full and amazingly firm.

I cupped her right breast and was kneading it slowly. She was sipping tea and looking at my hand.

Then I entered her breasts and found my way in. She was not wearing any bra.

I could feel her nipple brush against my palm as I cupped it almost entirely and pressed.

She started biting her lips.

"You like it?" I asked.

She just smiled and nodded and did not look up at all.

"You like this?" I asked her as I cupped her other breast with my other hand over the blouse and slowly pressed them.
She closed her eyes and bit her lips harder.

"You have beautiful breasts." I said as I started pinching her hard nipples. She nipples were not very large but from what I could estimate they were medium. Big enough to suck on one stroke.

I flicked her right nipple and licked her neck.

"Hmmm..." she let out a gentle moan.

"You are very good at this sir." she said and I could see that she was getting bolder.

"Should I keep going?" I asked her.

"mmhmm" she replied.

So I licked her again and bit it.

She let out a small shriek but controlled herself.

" You want more" " I asked her.

"Yes Sir. Please do that again." she replied with a moan.

So I licked her neck again and this time I turned her face and licked her lips to which she responded and opened her mouth a bit.
Then we started making out she went crazy and started sucking on my tongue.

I retracted my tongue to see what she did.

She too stopped and opened her eyes and said,

"What happened Sir. Did I do anything wrong?" she has a scared look on her face.

"No, Did you like it?" I asked her caressing her back.

"Yes Sir. Your tongue is very tasty sir." she replied shyly.

"I have something more tasty for you." saying this I pushed my chair back and pointed at my crotch which was pitching a full tent inside the pyjamas.

Savithri looked at my tent and kept looking at it for a few seconds. Then she slowly put her hands on my dick and started stroking it over the pyjamas.

"You want to see it?" I asked her.

"It's very big and hard sir." she said without answering my question.

"You like it?" I asked her again

"Yes Sir. It is very beautiful" this time she replied but she was still stroking it and did not break eye contact with my dick.
And as she was stroking I held her face and we started making out. She removed her hands from my dick and held my face and squeezed my cheeks and literally sucked my tongue out and kept sucking on it for a few seconds.

Then we suddenly heard the TV turn off and she pushed herself away from me.