Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 09

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 09

Published on: 2024-04-01 23:13:32

Chenbagam entered the room and Harish followed closely behind. She placed her basket down and instructed, "Shut the door, Harish."

Harish promptly closed the door and grasped Chenbagam's saree, pulling her towards him. In a swift motion, he pressed her against the wall, causing her saree to slip and reveal her blouse. He attempted to unhook it forcefully.

"Why are you rushing? Why are you tearing it?" Chenbagam questioned, realizing his urgency.

"Why did you do it? You spread rumors and separated Divya and me after so long," he replied, tearing at the blouse hooks and biting Chenbagam's neck.

"You mischievous rascal! You're just like your mother, a silent villain. No one would suspect you. But when you're home, you act like this. Ah, don't bite too hard. Don't ruin your blouse," Chenbagam exclaimed. Despite her frustration, she couldn't help but enjoy Harish's actions.

Harish tore her blouse, exposing her breast, and squeezed it vigorously, causing Chenbagam some discomfort.

"This is what happens when both mother and daughter tease me by showing your bodies but not allowing me to touch," he stated, bending down to bite her breast. Chenbagam screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain at his passionate bites and fondling of her breasts.

Chenbagam spoke without realizing the words coming out of her mouth, "Your mother just gave birth to your sister. Her vagina will stretch now, but it will eventually regain its former size. That's when it'll feel good and tight during sex." She was lost in the sensation as Harish massaged and suckled on her breasts with reckless abandon. Chenbagam could feel her saree and petticoat riding up to her waist, and she remained standing against the wall with Harish holding her up.

Harish's hands were on her, massaging and sucking at her breasts with frenzied hunger. The combination of pleasure and pain sent shivers through Chenbagam's body, making her forget about the soreness as she leaned into his touch.

Chenbagam's body still trembled from the intense, forbidden pleasure she had shared with Shanti in the morning. She could still feel the remnants of their passionate lovemaking coursing through her body, leaving her weak and trembling. But her lust was insatiable and she craved more release. With a desperate need burning within her, she helped Harish lift her saree and petticoat even higher, baring her naked flesh for him to see. Excitement coursed through Harish as he watched Chenbagam willingly display herself to him. He wasted no time and removed his pants and underwear, letting them fall to the ground and fell around his knees. As Chenbagam held up her saree, exposing her waist, she measured the length of Harish's throbbing member with her other hand, eagerly anticipating what was to come next.

Harish's member swelled even more, hard and thick in Chenbagam's hand. The heat of her touch only fueled his desire, making his shaft throb with anticipation. As she stroked him, he could feel her own arousal radiating from her body. It was clear that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

Chenbagam couldn't help but notice the size of Harish's cock, it was larger than her husband's in every way. Unable to resist any longer, she lifted her right leg, placing it on Harish's left hand as he held it for support. She could feel the heat and weight of his member against her skin, sending shivers down her spine.

She guided his throbbing shaft towards her sensitive clitoris, relishing in the feeling of his hardness against her delicate skin. With a few teasing strokes against her clitoris, Chenbagam guided her grandson's throbbing cock towards her wet opening. When it reached its destination, he wasted no time in using all his strength to thrust deep inside of her, penetrating her fully while they both remained standing. The sensation was overwhelming, their bodies pressed tightly together as they united in passion.

Although no stranger to sexual encounters, Chenbagam was caught off guard by the force and vigor with which Harish thrust his cock into her. Despite this, she willingly spread her legs even wider and lifted her right leg higher, exposing herself fully to his desires. With a firm grip on her saree and petticoat with her other hand, she pulled them up to her stomach, giving Harish unrestricted access to her throbbing core. Without hesitation, he drove his cock in deeper and deeper, until she could feel every inch of him inside of her. Wrapping her arms around his shoulder for support, Chenbagam gazed down at their joined bodies with awe and pleasure. His thick shaft penetrated her slick folds with precision and each thrust ignited a new wave of ecstasy within her. Holding onto her saree and petticoat tightly, she moved her hips in rhythm with Harish's movements, moaning in satisfaction as his enlarged prick filled her completely.  With each movement, she could feel him filling every inch of her slick walls until she was overflowing with intense pleasure.

Their bodies entwined with wild abandon, fueled by the sexual tension that had been building between them all day. Chenbagam's body quivered with desire as she anointed Harish's throbbing member with her sweet nectar, drenching him in her climax. The sound of their passionate coupling echoed through the room, accompanied by the slurping of his cock inside her tight, wet pussy.  Each thrust caused a sexy sound as his member plunged deep into her wetness, surrounded by the slippery walls of her quivering vagina.

Chenbagam moaned and hummed loudly, welcoming every inch of his still-pistoning cock. The sounds of their love-making filled the air, heightening their arousal even further. Harish felt himself grow harder and larger at the erotic symphony playing out between them, driven by his grandmother's pulsating pussy walls gripping and pulling at him. Her walls trembled and gripped his member, urging him on to greater heights of ecstasy.

Chenbagam felt the prick grow in size inside her pussy and steadied herself to receive his orgasm. Unable to contain himself any longer, Harish let out a guttural cry as he exploded inside his grandmother's tight warm pussy. His hot seed mixed with her pussy juice, filling her completely as he pressed her against the wall for support. He held onto her tightly, pressing her against the wall as they both rode out their orgasms. They remained locked in each other's embrace, panting and shuddering as their combined fluids dripped from her pussy onto Harish's still-hard cock and then onto his testicles and pooled on the floor beneath them.

As the intense climax subsided, both Harish and Chenbagam slowly regained control of their longing bodies. Harish pulled his cock out of Chenbagam's warm, wet pussy. It emerged, now flaccid and spent, and slipped out of her with a soft plop.

Chenbagam stood up straight, still feeling the hot rush of pleasure coursing through her body. She spread her legs wide, and leaned against the wall for support, exposing her glistening sex, and used her petticoat to wipe away the mixture of their fluids that had dripped down her thighs.

"You are insatiable," she said with a smile, finally letting go of his neck and allowing him to catch his breath. Harish, relieved and spent, quickly made his way to the backyard to wash himself off before heading to bed.

Meanwhile, Chenbagam lay on the cool floor of the hall, still basking in the afterglow of their passionate encounter. She didn't bother cleaning herself up, instead choosing to revel in the sensation of their combined juices trickling down her thighs. She spread a mat on the ground and drifted off into a peaceful, but tired slumber.

In the morning, Chenbagam bathed in the backyard, her naked body glistening with water as she drew it from the well. Her voluptuous figure was on full display as she drew the bucket up, her large round breasts swaying with each movement. Her round ass was jutted up and jiggling when she drew water from the well. Harish's eyes greedily took in her voluptuous figure, his desire for her burning like a raging fire. Harish couldn't tear his eyes away from her exposed form, consumed by desire at the sight of her large, round buttocks and the tantalizing glimpse of her sex peeking out from between her thighs.

He quickly shed his clothes and ignored her pleas of being late for school, as he pressed himself against her from behind and grabbed her round ass and plunged into her from behind, taking her roughly without care. His hands eagerly grasped at her curves while he took her standing, doggy style. Chenbagam braced herself against the wall of the well as they both lost themselves in the intense pleasure of their encounter. With one hand gripping her plump breasts and the other holding onto her waist, Harish thrust into Chenbagam with a frenzied passion, their bodies moving in a wild dance of pleasure. She moaned and writhed beneath him, her huge breasts bouncing wildly as he held onto them for leverage. With each powerful thrust, they both felt pleasure coursing through their bodies until they exploded in a frenzy of ecstasy.

They collapsed onto the ground, their bodies spent and panting heavily. Soon Harish took a bath along with his naked grandmother and went to school.

Chenbagam visited the hospital that day to pick up Divya and the baby, bringing them back home. Shanti performed aarti for them, after which Divya stepped into the house with her newborn baby. Subsequently, she set up baby hammocks in her husband's dhoti, one in the inner room and another in the hall, and gently put the baby to sleep in one of the hammocks. The house then reverted back to its usual state.

As the evening engagement approached, everyone was bustling with activity. Chenbagam took a break after lunch to go shopping for all the necessary materials. Meanwhile, Divya and Shanti had already completed their baths by the time Chenbagam returned. Divya retreated to her room where Shanti skillfully draped and adjusted the pleats of her saree.

Divya carefully untied the towel that was wrapped around her head, revealing her lustrous hair. She then retrieved the elegant silk saree she had chosen to wear for the occasion.

"Divya, do you recall asking me to stitch and bring new blouses for you? Well, here they are," she exclaimed, opening her bag and revealing a collection of fifteen beautifully crafted blouses.

Divya carefully examined each blouse, one by one.

"What kind of fabric is this? It's so sheer that everything can be seen from the inside. These blouses would be suitable for those who wear bras," she remarked, observing the nearly identical designs of all the blouses.

"These blouses are made from thin and comfortable fabric that perfectly accentuates and flatters your bust. The ones you're currently wearing are so thick, they feel like jute bags and make you sweat profusely," Shanti explained.

"Wait, are these really blouses? They only have two hooks. How do you even put them on?" Divya questioned.

Shanti reassured her, "Yes, these are the latest style. Give them a try, you'll love them. I was worried you wouldn't like them, so I only had two made like this - one with front hooks and one with back hooks."

Divya hesitated as she held up the blouse which Shanti had proudly stitched and brought. "What exactly is this supposed to hide? It's barely an inch wide in the front and back, with just two hooks. I don't think it will fit me at all," Divya said.

Shanti reassured her, "It may seem flimsy, but let's give it a try. Wear one today and if you don't like it, we can set it aside. It's only two blouses."
Divya scoffed, "It's embarrassing just to look at it. You want me to wear this for the engagement? My son is already waiting for an opportunity, and if he sees me in this, he'll pounce on me in front of everyone and ravage me. I can't wear this."

"Mm, don't worry about that. Why did you agree to the engagement today anyway? Can you really go another two months without seeing him?" Shanti asked with a knowing look.

"It's difficult, but there's some truth in what mother said. If we always give in to their requests, men won't appreciate our value. There's a saying that lust lasts for 30 days and desire lasts for 60 days. If we make them long for us, then they will truly come after us. Plus, Harish has his final exams coming up. I've thought everything through and agreed with my mother's plan," Divya explained.

"You're quite cunning and clever, my dear. You and your son know how to keep quiet while achieving success," Shanti praised her sister with a smirk.

Divya gave a slight smile to Shanti before adjusting her petticoat and securing it around her waist, positioning it two inches below her navel.

As she attempted to wear an old blouse, Shanti insisted that she wear the new one, instructing, "Divya, please wear this."

Without any objection, Divya took the blouse with two hooks at the back. Shanti stood behind her, assisting in fastening the hooks, ensuring the blouse fit flawlessly.

Divya studied her reflection in the mirror, taking note of every detail of her new blouse. The fabric was delicate and sheer, with intricate designs adorning the sides like pillars. The sleeves were joined at the back by a mere inch-wide strap, secured by two small hooks. The rest of the back was left completely bare, exposing her smooth skin to the world.

In the front, the blouse barely covered half of her breasts before converging into a deep "V" shape and ending at a thin band just below her bust. This design left little to the imagination as it showcased Divya's ample curves, with only a hint of cloth hiding her nipples while still revealing her large, light areolas. Divya attempted to adjust herself and hide her peeking areolas, but it was futile.

She turned to Shanti and asked with a hint of frustration, "Why is this blouse made like this? How am I supposed to wear this out in public?". Despite her initial doubts, Divya couldn't deny that the blouse did indeed make her look seductive and beautiful. With a newfound confidence, she decided to embrace the bold design and wear it proudly.

"You are only going to wear this blouse inside the house. But, many women also wear it for formal occasions outside. Since you don't go out often, it won't be a problem. And if you ever want to seduce your future husband, this is the perfect outfit to wear at home," Shanti explained to Divya, trying to convince her to wear the revealing blouse.

After some hesitation, Divya allowed Shanti to help her drape a tight blue silk saree. The way she tied it showed her left breast partially exposed and her navel fully visible. The blouse was designed in a way that did not cover the front half of her left breast, creating an alluring contrast between her white skin and the blue fabric. As she looked at herself in the mirror, Divya couldn't help but feel captivated by her own reflection.

Divya brought the jewelry box and started adorning herself with the jewels. Shanti was completely taken aback by the vast collection of jewelry.

Shanti questioned, "Why did you purchase so many jewels? Your husband has acquired and gathered such a large amount of jewelry."

Divya gently wiped her tears and replied, "Yes, whenever he earns some money, he tends to buy things like sarees and jewelry. That's just how he is. He has worked tirelessly for our family."

Shanti offered comforting words, saying, "It's okay, just relax. When the time comes, they must move on. We can't prevent them from passing away."

Divya expressed her concern, "Yes, the astrologer informed our mother that this little baby girl is not fortunate enough to meet her father. I have two marriage dosha. If we had rectified the dosha, perhaps my husband would still be alive."

Shanti remarked, "Indeed. Nowadays, many individuals do not rely on fortune-telling and astrology. Just believe that everything is predetermined by fate. If your husband were still alive, would you be able to marry your son or show your naked body to him like now? It's best to believe that everything happens for a reason," Shanti stated.

Divya blushed and whispered, "I'm not sure about getting married, but if he asked, I would have definitely slept with him."

"You naughty girl! You were already thinking about being intimate with your own son while you were still married! You're such a flirt. And you're saying that even if every man in the village slept with me, I still wouldn't satisfy my desires!" Shanti exclaimed, playfully pinching Divya's rear.

Just then, Chenbagam returned from shopping with all the items for the engagement. Harish also arrived home from school, excited to see his mother.

The house had been thoroughly cleaned and had a fresh scent. As he arrived home, he was eager to embrace Divya tightly, but she was nowhere to be found. He headed to his room, unpacked his books from his bag, and just then, Chenbagam walked in.

"Harish, I got you a new dress shirt and dhoti. Take a shower, put them on, and join us," Chenpagam said, handing Harish the new clothes.

After his refreshing shower, Harish changed into the new attire. He could hear voices and movement coming from different parts of the house. Harish realized that today was the day of his engagement. As he waited in his new clothes, he could hear the priest chanting mantras.

A brand new mat was laid out on the floor, adorned with trays of fruits and beautiful garlands. Chenbagam took her seat in the center, with the priest on her right and Shanti on her left, facing each other. The priest then requested for the bride and groom to be brought forward for the engagement.

Shanti went and brought Harish, while Chenbagam brought in Divya. Everyone's eyes widened in astonishment upon seeing Divya. What truly caught their attention was the blouse she was wearing. Harish couldn't help but stare at Divya, completely captivated. With her head slightly lowered, Divya gracefully sat on Harish's right side, her blue silk saree revealing her navel and more of her fair left breast peeking through the saree and blouse.

Harish couldn't help but notice how close her left breast was to his face, with her blouse tightly hugging it. He was mesmerized by the sight of her bosom peeking out from between her blouse and saree. The engagement rituals began, and Chenbagam accepted the engagement plate on behalf of Divya, while Shanti did the same for Harish. They exchanged the plates as per the customary ritual. Following tradition, the groom should adorn the bride's neck with a garland and apply kumkum on her forehead. Harish lovingly garlanded his mother and applied kumkum on her forehead. Likewise, Divya also garlanded her son. After the engagement, Chenpagam went inside to accompany Divya to her room, and the door closed behind them.

Shanti sighed and directed her words to Harish, "Starting today, you'll only get to lay eyes on your wife on your wedding day." Harish's anxiety levels began to rise.

"What? I won't be able to see her anymore today?" he inquired, his voice filled with worry.

"That's the way it is. So, what's the plan? Are you considering having your honeymoon right here and now? Remember, everything comes after marriage. You'll have to bear not being able to see her face for a few days," Shanti explained, leaving Harish feeling utterly devastated.

On the day of the engagement, Shanti left early due to her children's school schedule. The guests gradually left, leaving the house in silence. For two days, Divya didn't catch a glimpse of Harish, even when he left for school. Her room door remained shut. If Divya required anything, Chenpagam would attend to her needs and then close the door behind him.
Two days went like this. And early in the morning on the third day, Harish felt a gentle pat that roused him from sleep. In the darkness, a voice told him to go to the backyard without making a sound. Harish quickly got up and followed the instructions to the backyard.

Grandma was fast asleep in the hallway, so he tiptoed his way to the backyard without disturbing her. The light was on, but Divya was nowhere to be found.

He squinted and rubbed his eyes, wondering, "Was that all just a dream? Did I actually hear a voice?"

Suddenly, Divya popped her head out from the makeshift tent made of palm trees in the corner of the backyard. "Harish, come over here!" she called out.

Filled with joy, Harish dashed towards her when he caught sight of her head. Divya stood there, wearing only a petticoat tied around her chest, revealing most of her upper body and legs. Although she covered her private parts, her appearance was quite revealing. As soon as Harish saw her, he exclaimed, "Mom!" and rushed to embrace her. Divya reciprocated by hugging Harish tightly.

They embraced each other tightly, with Divya's bosom pressed against Harish's exposed chest, causing her breast milk to seep through her petticoat. The sensation was felt by both of them. Harish held her even closer, and for a moment, they both lost themselves in the embrace before reluctantly pulling away.

"Why are you just standing there like this, especially at this hour? You have no idea how much I've been suffering without seeing you for two whole days. It's like you don't even care about me," Harish complained.

"I missed seeing you too during these past two days. I asked you to come here because I genuinely care about you. Your grandmother insisted that I finish my bath before you even woke up, which is why I came here to freshen up. But I also wanted to see you, that's why I asked you to come," Divya explained, and they both embraced each other tightly once again.

As they embraced, Harish softly kissed Divya's earlobes. She shivered and whispered, "Calm down, don't make me hot." Harish looked at her with desire in his eyes. Though he had seen his mother in her petticoat before, there was something exhilarating about seeing her privately today.

Divya couldn't stand his intense gaze any longer and asked, "Why are you looking at me like that? Haven't you seen your mother before?"

Harish moved closer and replied, "No, but you seem to get prettier every day."

"Stop it," Divya said playfully. "If I let the camel’s nose in the tent, then you know what would happen next. Enough of your teasing, go lie down. We can do all this after the wedding."

Harish grinned mischievously and said, "Hmm hmm, but why did you wake me up this morning and then tempt me with showing here and there before closing the door?"

"What else could we do? You know what a big mistake it would be to see each other after our engagement and before marriage," Divya explained.

"That's just for others to worry about. No one knows we're standing here now. Why should we care?" Harish countered, as he massaged her hips through her petticoat.

"Don't talk like that," Divya scolded him with a smile on her face. Instead of brushing away his hand, she found herself enjoying his touch.

Harish moved closer to Divya, and she pushed him playfully while saying seductively, "Oh Harish, don't you feel bad for your mom?"

"Look at this. See what happened because of you," Harish said as he revealed his erect penis bulging through his shorts. Divya had not seen him in this state before and was slightly surprised.

She glanced back to see if Chenbagam was coming, then turned to Harish and began rubbing his penis outside of his shorts. "So, what do you want to do now?" she asked with a mischievous smile.

Lost in her touch, Harish leaned closer and answered lustily, "I want you."

"Mmm," hummed Divya as she measured the size of his dick and asked teasingly, "And what does he want?"

"He wants this," Harish replied and touched Divya's crotch over her petticoat.

But the pain from childbirth still lingered for Divya, and she moaned in discomfort. "Oh no. Tell him he can't have it right now," she said.

"Then what can he have?" asked Harish eagerly.

"Mmm nothing," Divya said with a sardonic grin as she grabbed his penis through his shorts and pulled him closer to her.

Harish fell into her arms as she tugged and rubbed his penis through his shorts, completely entranced by her skilled hand job. His erection still hidden in his shorts, Divya continued to pleasure him with her hands.

Harish whispered, "Mom!"

"What do you want, honey?" she inquired.

"I'm starving," Harish replied.

Divya chuckled and questioned, "What would you like, my dear?"

"I want some milk," he stated.

"Doesn't your sister want any?" she asked.

He wondered, "Will she finish all the milk?"

"If she doesn't, you'll finish it all and empty my boobs," she said.

Harish pleaded, "You promised she could only have it after I'm finished." Divya tightened her grip on his cock, causing him to moan.

"Please, give it to me, mom," he begged.

"Should I give it to you? Or will you take it yourself?" she teased.

"But it's not the same when you're not the one feeding me," he said.

She smiled and replied, "I'm a little preoccupied with my hands right now."

"So, should I just drink it myself?" he asked.

As she smiled seductively at Harish, she felt his gaze linger on her breasts. She slowly loosened the drawstring of her petticoat and let it fall to the side. With her right hand still busy, she held her left breast with her left hand and offered her right breast to Harish. He eagerly latched onto her nipple, drinking her milk like a hungry calf and nuzzling against her full lactating breasts.

Divya's body trembled as Harish's mouth latched onto her breast once again, his jaw moving rapidly to suckle the milk from her. His tongue flicking and swirling around her nipple with a fierce hunger. Even though Divya had already experienced his milk sucking force once before, she stumbled a little as her body was not used to this speed. 

She could feel the warmth of his lips and the strength of his grip as he cupped her breast tightly with his upper lip. The intoxicating scent and taste of her milk and the softness of her boobs flesh drove him into a frenzy, his jaw moving rapidly as he devoured her breast like a ravenous animal.

Harish's jaw moved rapidly, his upper lip tightly cupping her breast while his lower jaw seemed to have a mind of its own as it worked to extract the sweet milk from her swollen nipple with his tongue.

Divya couldn't resist reaching inside his shorts to stroke his hardening cock. She pulled down his shorts, revealing his massive member, and began to stroke it with increasing urgency.
As she tugged and pulled on his member, she could feel it grow even bigger and larger in her hand. Their harsh breaths were the only sound in the quiet morning as they indulged in their secret pleasure.

Harish comes closer and rubs his hand on her cunt and then grabs it and squeezes it, Divya can't help but moan out loud in that quiet early morning, "Mmm" and shows her passion on Harish's prick in her hand.

But when Harish pushed and bit down on her nipple, Divya couldn't help but let out a loud moan.

"You little dog," she whispered, trying to reprimand him, but he was too focused on sucking the milk out of her breast to pay attention.

"Is there a lot of milk?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"Hmm," Harish murmured without opening his mouth.

"I wanted to give it all to you. That's why I didn't feed your sister," Divya said, finally revealing her true intentions.

Hearing this, Harish's eyes filled with gratitude as he continued to suckle from her breast.

Meanwhile, Divya held onto his penis with one hand while caressing his head with the other. As she did, her petticoat slipped and slid against her nipples until it clung tightly to them.

Ignoring the distraction, Harish continued to suckle at her breast until it was completely drained of milk. Not content with just one breast, he eagerly moved on to the next one, pulling down her petticoat without permission and taking it into his mouth with fervor.

As time went on, their movements became more frantic and intense. Harish began thrusting his prick into Divya's hand while she stroked it firmly but not too tight. He was on the brink of release when suddenly, he bursted forth his life essence into her palm without warning. With a mischievous glint in her eye, Divya licked it up with her tongue, savoring every drop.
But just as the pleasure was reaching its peak, Divya reminded Harish not to drink any more milk and sent him off to sleep. From then on, they met in the early hours of the morning whenever they could, always careful not to cross any boundaries.

One day Chenbagam left the house in the afternoon for shopping, leaving Divya to handle the household chores alone. As she swept the house, a sudden urge overtook her and she made her way to Harish's room where he was studying. She knew Harish was studying in his room and hesitated before finally knocking on his door.

"Harish, can you do me a favor for mom?" she asked, stepping inside.

He put down his book and looked at her expectantly. She took a deep breath before blurting out her request.

"Your sister won't drink my milk today. Can you help me by drinking it instead?" she pleaded, feeling both embarrassed and desperate.

Harish sat up on his bed immediately, his eyes widened with surprise and curiosity. Divya stood in front of him and slowly began to remove her blouse, revealing her large breasts that were heavy with milk and swollen nipples glistening with droplets.

Without hesitation, Harish took one nipple into his mouth and started suckling on it like a hungry child. Her nipple was like raisins soaked in milk. The milk flows steadily from her breast, running down her stomach as he sucks fervently, causing Divya to moan in pleasure.

Feeling bold and aroused by this intimate act, Harish slid his hand around her waist and gently stroked her exposed skin while continuing to drink from her breast. The pressure caused more milk to flow rapidly from her other breast, overflowing from his mouth as he struggled to keep up. Divya used her fingers to wipe away the spilled milk, unable to control her own arousal.

As soon as Harish had emptied one breast, Divya eagerly revealed the other one by pulling down her saree and unhooking her blouse. With both breasts now exposed, she felt a tingle of excitement run through her body as Harish drank greedily from each one, leaving them empty but satisfied.

But just as things were heating up between them, Chenbagam returned home and Divya quickly retreated to her room, leaving a lingering kiss on Harish's forehead with her blouse still unbuttoned and her naked breasts swaying enticingly.