Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 10

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 10

Published on: 2024-04-04 01:17:03

Days went by, and one day Shanti called. Chenbagam answered the phone and spoke.

"Hey, it's me. Your mom is on the line," Chenbagam said.


"Everyone is doing well. How about all of you over there?" she asked.


She exclaimed, "That's great! When are you bringing them here?"


"Oh, I see. You're all coming in the middle of April?" she asked.


She said, "Hmm, that's a good day. I was thinking the same thing. We can name the baby in the morning and have the wedding in the evening."


She suggested, "Let's have it at our house. Harish's exams will be over by then. You should come the day before too."


"Okay, okay, I'll let her know. Take care of her," she said.


"Haha, you're right. Girls at this age can easily manipulate us," she joked.


"Hmm.. Alright, send my regards to everyone. I'll hang up now," she said.


After ending the call, Chenbagam went to Divya's room and said, "Shanti called."

"What's the news?" Divya asked.

Chenbagam replied, "Gayatri has reached puberty. Shanti called to inform us."

"Oh, when are they coming here?" Divya inquired.

Chenbagam asked, "The kids have exams coming up, so Shanti will perform a simple water ritual and then send her to school. When they come here for your wedding, we can have the ceremony at our place. I suggested a day in April. We can have all the functions and rituals on that day. Is that okay with you?"

Divya reassured, "I have no problem. You take care of everything. Whatever you do for me is fine. Harish's exams will be over by then, and everything will fall into place."

"Yes, darling. I feel bad keeping both of you apart in the same house. Just bear with me for a little while," Chenbagam said.

"No, no, we have no problem. Don't worry," Divya said comfortingly. Chenbagam's face brightened slightly.

As exams approached, Divya and Harish put an end to their early morning sex games. He threw himself into studying, determined to perform well on his exams. The days flew by in a blur and before they knew it, the last exam was over.

As the evening before the wedding approached, the house became a hub of activity. Shanti, Vishwa, and Gayatri arrived, bringing with them a lively energy. Even Gayatri, who had been a mischievous brat during their last visit, seemed subdued this time. Perhaps it was a sign of maturity as she came of age.

One couldn't help but notice the changes in Gayatri's face and body. Her once thin hips now appeared slightly fuller and more rounded. Her buttocks were more pronounced and seemed to stand out even more in her fitted skirt. The fabric hugged her curves, making her mound visible through the material. Her small breasts pressed against her shirt, and her nipples poked through the thin fabric. Despite these changes, Gayatri still remained shy about showing her body to Harish.

When Shanti arrived, Gayatri joined Chenbagam in helping with the preparations for the wedding, baby naming ceremony, and puberty ritual. She eagerly took on tasks alongside her mother and grandmother, proving that she was capable of handling responsibility like a grown woman. The house buzzed with excitement as they prepared for the upcoming celebrations.

The next day was the day of the functions.

The next morning, everyone in the family woke up bright and early. It was going to be a busy day with Gayatri's puberty ceremony, the baby's naming ceremony, and the evening wedding all happening on the same day. The men in the family took their baths and headed out, while Shanti, Divya, and Chenbagam got ready in their beautiful silk sarees of different shades of green. However, Gayatri hadn't taken a bath yet.

Today was a special day for her as she would be bathed in yellow ritual water during her puberty ceremony. Divya took charge and prepared a plate with sandalwood, turmeric, and saffron. She led Gayatri to the well in the backyard, with Gayatri's long hair flowing freely behind her. Gayatri sat on a wooden stool while Shanti and Chenbagam draped a dhoti cloth around her like a curtain.

Meanwhile, Vishwa had gone out to do some shopping and Harish happened to come into the house for some reason. When he noticed Shanti Aunty and grandmother setting up a curtain to hide Gayatri, his curiosity got the better of him. He decided to stand aside and watch what they were up to. Gayatri caught sight of Harish watching her and felt torn about whether to tell her aunt or not. Her shyness urged her to confide in her aunt, but her heart told her to keep it to herself.

Harish stood on the other side of the screen, positioned to the left of Gayatri. The sunlight cast its rays on Gayatri, causing her shadow to fall on the screen curtain. Harish could see Gayatri's body as a shadow. The screen reached up to her knee, but below that, there was no screen. Surprisingly, Gayatri was unaware that nothing was concealed below her knee.

Divya said, "Well, go ahead and take off all your clothes." She poured oil onto her palm and patiently waited. Gayatri hesitantly began to undress, believing that the screen provided some sort of cover. In an instant, she was completely naked. Gayatri couldn't help but inherit her curvaceous figure, which she had inherited from her mother and grandmother.

Thick tresses of hair cascaded down her back, framing her wide eyes that glimmered like pools of liquid silver. Her shoulders arched with a supple grace, drawing attention to her youthful bosom that defied gravity, nipples hardened despite her tender age. A toned belly led the way to a curvaceous midsection and hips that swelled outwards, mirroring the voluptuous figure of her mother. Her smooth, hairless pubic area showcased a slightly protruding mound and a tight slit that revealed a small cleft. But it was her swollen clitoris, jutting out between her pouting pussy lips, that truly signaled Gayatri's coming-of-age transformation.

Divya was momentarily stunned by the breathtaking Gayatri. She quickly got up and said, "Come, sit on the board, dear." Divya carefully seated Gayatri on the board and proceeded to massage oil onto her head for the ceremony. Shanti and Chenbagam then took turns applying oil to Gayatri's head. Chenbagam later drew water from the well, and Divya helped Gayatri wash herself.

Gayatri perched on the wooden board, exposing her left side to Harish. The raised height of the board allowed for a clear view of her belly, buttocks, and thighs. As she settled down, her knees pressed against her young breasts, effectively hiding her boobs behind the screen.

Divya poured water over Gayatri, causing her to shiver from the cold. After thoroughly washing and rinsing her hair, Divya massaged it with Shikakai. Gayatri's nipples and boobs were pressed against her knees as she bathed, keeping her legs pushed up. Occasionally, she would sneak a glance to check if her brother was watching. She could see Harish's shadow on the other side of the screen, realizing that he was indeed observing. To hide her body, Gayatri clasped her hands tightly around her knees.

"Dear, if you sit like that, it's impossible for us to give you a proper bath. Please remove your hands," Divya said, taking charge of soaping Gayatri's body. Gayatri complied and removed her hands and stretched out her legs. This new position revealed her breasts, which were previously hidden by her knees, giving Harish a clear view from behind the curtain. As Divya continued to soap her, Gayatri's body trembled, including her breasts.

Divya shifted her position, moving her hands from Gayatri's shoulders to rest them on her chest. Gayatri couldn't help but shiver slightly, feeling ticklish. She shrugged her shoulders and adjusted her breasts.

"If you sit like that, how am I supposed to apply soap properly? Is it tickling?" Divya inquired, and Gayatri simply nodded in response.

"We're all women here, why are you feeling shy?" Shanti, who was a little further away, asked.

"Only women? Harish is also watching me from over there," Gayatri thought, but then she relaxed her body a little.

Divya began soaping Gayatri's breasts and reassured her, "Just sit comfortably, we won't bite or harm you."

As Divya lathered Gayatri's plump, young breasts, Gayatri's shyness diminished. The sensation of Divya's fingers and palm rolling over her nipples and breasts caused Gayatri's body to heat up. Closing her eyes, she let herself enjoy the feeling of Divya's touch.

She forgot that Harish was watching and surrendered to the intense pleasure coursing through her body as Divya continued to soap and massage her breasts. With each motion of Divya's hands, Gayatri's sexual desire intensified. After Divya rolled Gayatri's breasts and nipples for a while in the pretense of applying and cleaning with soap, she put soap on the bottom of the breast. She pulled the boobs up and down with her palm when applying the soap and that intensified Gayatri's sexual feeling even more.

Then, Divya moved on to lather Gayatri's stomach and navel, massaging them for a long time. When she reached the area just above Gayatri's pubic mound, Gayatri couldn't help but twitch in response.

Anticipating that Divya would now move on to soap her pussy, Gayatri eagerly waited. But instead, she felt Divya's hands moving down her thighs. Harish had a clear view of Divya's hands traveling along Gayatri's outstretched legs from the side. He could even see the triangular shape of Gayatri's glistening pussy mound between her thighs in the sunlight.

Divya then folded one of Gayatri's knees and spread her thighs wide, placing a hand on her pussy mound. Without realizing it, Gayatri squeezed her thighs together and then quickly spread them apart again at the touch of Divya's hand.

"Is it still ticklish?" Divya asked before slowly bringing her hand down to touch Gayatri's young pussy. This time, Gayatri kept her legs clenched tightly together, but eventually released them at Divya's gentle insistence. Slowly, Divya began to soap Gayatri's shy and sensitive area with care.

Gayatri's delicate pink folds quivered as Divya's hand covered her pussy, lathering it with soap and warm water. The sight of Divya's delicate hands caressing her pussy filled Gayatri with a mix of embarrassment and pleasure. Her once shy and closed-off pussy was now reddened and swollen, practically begging for attention. Despite Harish's presence, Gayatri couldn't help but spread her thighs wider, exposing herself fully to Divya's ministrations. With expert fingers, Divya explored every inch of Gayatri's glistening slit, eliciting soft moans and gasps from her lips. With Harish nearby and Shanti and Chenbagam watching from afar, Gayatri couldn't help but spread her legs wider, allowing Divya full access to her most intimate area.

As the intensity built, Gayatri lifted herself up onto her knees and pressed her pussy against Divya's hand, silently begging for more pleasure. She didn't care who saw them now - Shanti and Chenbagam could watch all they wanted as long as Divya continued to work her magic on her sensitive flesh.

As Divya expertly cleaned and explored every inch of her pussy, Gayatri moaned in sheer delight. She opened the pussy slit with her middle finger and rubbed the pussy lips softly. Then she put her middle finger on the clitoris and lightly flicked and rubbed over it, and then gently pinched it. The sensation of Divya's fingers gliding over her clit made her whole body shiver with anticipation. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter, the soap mixing with her own juices as Divya skillfully pleasured her.

The thrill of being bathed in the open air with nothing but a flimsy dhoti as a barrier, knowing that she was being watched by her own mother and grandmother, including Harish, sent shivers of excitement through Gayatri. Her senses were on fire as she imagined Harish watching from his hidden spot, Shanti and Chenbagam admiring from a distance, all while being bathed in full view by Divya's teasing touch. Feeling bold and uninhibited in this open-air bathing session, Gayatri arched her back and pressed her pussy against Divya's hand, silently pleading for more. And when Divya's fingers found their way to her clitoris and began to expertly tease and pinch it, Gayatri couldn't hold back any longer. Her body convulsed with pleasure as she released a torrent of liquid from between her legs, soaking both herself and Divya's hands.

Her thoughts raced as she felt the intense pleasure building inside her. With one final flick of Divya's finger against her sensitive clit, Gayatri couldn't hold back any longer and released a wave of ecstasy, her pussy gushing like a fountain.

Gayatri's heart raced as she feared that Divya might take her hand away. With a firm grip on Divya's wrist, Gayatri felt a thrill course through her body as she watched Divya's finger dance across her pulsing pussy.

Divya teasingly gave her thumb the responsibility of rolling the clitoris, slowly inserting her middle finger into Gayatri's womanhood. As Divya's finger slid easily inside, aided by the wetness of Gayatri's cunt, Gayatri couldn't help but moan out in pleasure and grip Divya's hands tightly. Her cunt contracted and expanded, welcoming Divya's fingers even deeper.

"Shh, ahhh, Aunty," Gayatri moaned out of self-control as she gripped Divya's hands, Gayatri's cunt contracting and expanding to allow Divya's fingers inside even more.

As Divya continued to push her middle finger in and out, playing with the sensitive clit, Gayatri lost control and lifted her hips without even realizing it. Before she knew it, her lower stomach tightened and she tried to suppress the urge to release. But with Divya's skilled finger play, she couldn't hold it back any longer. Sinking her teeth into Divya's shoulder, Gayatri released a flood of her youth onto Divya's fingers.

Withdrawing her finger and licking Gayatri's cum off of it, Divya complimented her and said,
"Good girl.", and pinched her cheek like a mischievous child.

Chenbagam hurried them,  "Soap is getting dry. Hurry up and finish bathing her".

Divya quickly bathed Gayatri, while Harish watched with his erect member standing at attention and leaking in anticipation.

Once they were finished bathing, Gayatri was anointed with turmeric sandalwood paste before water was poured over her body in a cleansing ceremony. The women of the household stood around watching as this sacred ritual took place. After washing both her head and body thoroughly, Gayatri was draped in a thin towel on her head and one around her body. The curtain surrounding the bathing area was removed to reveal Gayatri's glistening, golden body in the morning sunlight. The three women then led her inside the house, and Harish quickly moved away to avoid being caught spying on them.

In the chamber, Shanti prepares Dhoop smoke for Gayatri to dry her hair while Divya attends to drying her body. The female members of the family are dressed in sarees of various shades of green, whereas Gayatri wears a green silk shirt and skirt. Her shirt, tight and without a bra, reveals her protruding nipples through the fabric.

Her skirt gracefully reaches her ankles, showcasing the elegance of her well-toned posterior. Shanti braids Gayatri's long, ebony hair and adorns it with flowers. Divya embellishes Gayatri with an array of jewelry, including headpieces, earrings, bangles, waist ornaments, necklaces, and anklets. Once Gayatri is dressed, the rest of the family members also get ready, and gradually, relatives begin to arrive at their home.

Firstly, Gayatri humbly bows down at Chenbagam's feet to seek her blessings. Then, Divya and Shanti bestow their blessings upon her. Subsequently, Gayatri is escorted to the main hall of the house and seated on a wooden platform, surrounded by her relatives. Divya initiates the ceremonial proceedings by applying sandalwood paste on Gayatri's cheek and placing a vermilion mark on her forehead. Following suit, Shanti and other female relatives also apply sandalwood paste on Gayatri's cheeks and forearms, adorning her with vermilion marks. As they do so, they sing the customary ritual song, ensuring that Gayatri's ritual is conducted flawlessly.

After the ceremony, Divya, adorned in a saree, carried her infant daughter in a flower-adorned wooden cradle to commence the naming ritual.

All the guests gathered to admire the baby, named her, and searched for a silver baby feeder to offer sugar water. Upon learning that it was in the kitchen, Chenbagam instructed Gayatri to retrieve it, saying, "Gayatri, there is a silver baby feeder in the kitchen. Please go and fetch it."

She then engaged in conversation with the other relatives. Gayatri proceeded to the kitchen, wiping off the sandalwood paste that had been applied to her.

When Gayatri did not return for a while, Harish entered the kitchen to find her searching for the silver baby feeder while still removing the sandalwood paste and displaying her back to him.

Inquiring, "Are you still searching for the silver baby feeder?" Harish pushed Gayatri against the kitchen counter and pressed his body against hers. Initially startled, Gayatri turned around, and rubbed her round ass against his thighs, saying, "I'm not sure where it is. That's why I'm looking."

"Hmm, it must be around here somewhere," he remarked, placing his hand between her arms and embracing her as if he were searching among the dishes in front of her.

"Look, it must be hanging somewhere here," he said, pretending to search among the hanging spoons in front of her, while subtly touching Gayatri's chest with his hand.

"They wouldn't hang the silver baby feeder here!" she retorted as he continued to touch her breasts, pushing his hands away. Harish felt embarrassed and chuckled nervously, with Gayatri joining in.

"I think it must be somewhere above here," Harish suggested, his hand roaming over the kitchen counter as if searching for a hidden item in a cupboard. He pressed his hand against Gayatri's stomach, feeling her warmth through her shirt as he slid his hand between her and the kitchen counter. With his other hand, he reached around her waist and pulled her close, their bodies pressing tightly together.

Gayatri felt a surge of heat at the intimate touch and leaned back into Harish's embrace, pushing her hips against his thighs. They stood there for a moment, locked in each other's arms.
As they stood there, their bodies entwined in a playful embrace, Gayatri couldn't help but feel a bit flushed from Harish's advances. But she enjoyed the feeling and pressed herself closer to him, relishing in the heat radiating between them.

"Harish, did you see me while I was taking a bath today?" Gayatri turned to face him, her cheeks flushing with shyness. Harish simply smiled at her, his eyes filled with adoration.

As they searched for the silver baby feeder, Gayatri noticed it on top of the kitchen loft. "There it is," she exclaimed.

But before Harish could grab it, she said slyly, "I'll get it, but you have to lift me up."

Harish happily obliged and positioned himself behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting her up. He lifted her up nicely so that her ass fell on his face and stood burying his face well in Gayatri's ass crack. As if sitting on his face, Gayatri sat up and tried to pick up the baby feeder. As she reached for the feeder, she stumbled slightly and caught hold of the loft for support.

Harish held onto her tighter to keep her from falling, her ass pressed even closer on his face.

"Harish, you can put me down now, I can't maintain my balance" Gayatri giggled.

Reluctantly, Harish lowered her back down, inhaling deeply as he breathed in her intoxicating scent.

Once she was safely on the ground again, she turned to face him with a mischievous glint in her eye. "Lift me from the front this time," she said, raising her arms up like a child.

Harish bent down and wrapped his arms under her knees and lifted her up again. This time, as he stood up straight, his face was buried between Gayatri's legs. His face was buried in the folds of her skirt and he couldn't resist pressing his lips against her womanhood. She couldn't help but shiver at the sensation of his lips on her intimate area and reached for the feeder with one hand while pressing her skirt against his face with the other.

"I got it," she laughed, finally pulling away from Harish's grasp.

He slowly lowered her back down, kissing and caressing her body along the way. As she descended, her shirt rode up slightly, revealing a glimpse of her stomach and belly button. Harish was tempted to press his face between her breasts but managed to control himself.

Instead, he pressed his face into her side and squeezed her tightly, feeling her soft skin against his face before finally setting her back down on the ground.

After naming the child Harini, all the relatives repeated the name three times in the child's ear and gave it a few drops of sugar water. By three o'clock in the evening, everyone had finished eating and left the premises.

Chenbagam and Shanti took charge of cleaning the house and preparing everything for the wedding. Divya also lent a helping hand.

"Divya, go and take a bath. We will handle all the work. Harish can only take a bath after you," Chenbagam instructed.

Divya draped a towel over her shoulder and headed towards the bathroom.

Once she finished bathing and tied her petticoat around her chest, she entered her room and vanished. Chenbagam then told Harish to take a bath and instructed Shanti, "Go and do your sister's makeup. I will take care of the rest and make the arrangements."

"Okay, Mom," Shanti replied and entered Divya's room.