Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 11

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 11

Published on: 2024-04-11 15:29:08

Shanti entered the room and shut the door behind her. Inside, Divya stood by the mirror next to the bed, revealing the elegance of her smooth back as she untied her petticoat from her chest and secured it around her waist. With a smile, she greeted Shanti, who had just walked in through the mirror, and exclaimed, "Ah, at last, my wedding day has come."

As they found themselves in a secluded room, Shanti couldn't help but feel a slight tingle in her body as she stood behind Divya, gazing at her sister's full and swollen breasts in the mirror.

"Yes, the wedding day is finally here. It's amazing how quickly time has flown by. It feels like just yesterday you were pregnant. So many things have happened in such a short span of time," she remarked, resting her chin on Divya's shoulder and admiring her sister's radiant face and blossoming breasts in the mirror.

Divya sensed Shanti's gaze on her chest and questioned, "Why are you staring at my breasts like that?" She raised her hand to remove the towel from her head, causing her breasts to lift along with her hand.

Shanti grabbed the towel that Divya had untied and used it to brush her hair. She looked at Divya through the mirror and complimented her, saying, "You look absolutely stunning."

Divya smiled back at Shanti and playfully remarked, "What's gotten into you? You seem different, both in your look and the way you speak."

After handing the towel to Shanti, Divya picked up her blouse to put it on.

Shanti advised her, "Divya, wear the blouse with two hooks that I stitched and brought for you. Don't wear anything else."

Divya hesitated and shared her concern, "When I wore it for the engagement, it was so embarrassing. It felt like I wasn't wearing a blouse at all. It was as if I was exposing myself to everyone. Are you sure you want me to wear it today?"

Shanti reassured her, "Oh, that's exactly why you should wear it today. I have a little game planned."

Curious, Divya asked, "What kind of game? Tell me beforehand. I hope it's not something mischievous."

Shanti kissed Divya's back shoulder and chuckled, "No, not at all. I was just joking. Don't worry."

Divya teased her, saying, "Shh, don't get too excited. My fiancé might change his mind about marrying me."

"Who? Your son? If he dares to say he won't marry you now, I'll jump into a well. How could he resist marrying someone with such a voluptuous figure like yours? Especially Harish? I feel like devouring you right now," Shanti playfully exclaimed and playfully bit Divya's waist.

Divya patted the spot where she was bitten and exclaimed, "Ouch! Calm down! Look, you left teeth marks on my waist."

Shanti followed behind and helped Divya put on the blouse she had instructed her to wear.

Shanti exclaimed, "I just had these stitched. It's quite tight now. Did you gain weight?"

Divya defended herself, saying, "Hey, I didn't gain weight. I have so much milk secreting in my breasts. That's why they've become bigger. I asked mother to give cow's milk to Harini. I haven't breastfed her since yesterday. That's why my breasts feel hard and bigger."

Shanti understood and teased, "Ah, I see. You are keeping your milk supply ready to share with your husband tonight on your special night. Carry on!"

Shanti then stood behind Divya, gently tugging at the fabric of her blouse to loosen it. Divya took the front hook in her hand and stuffed her engorged breast into the tight confines of the garment. The milk-filled bosom was like a pillow stuffed with another pillow, straining against the fabric and threatening to burst out.

Feeling self-conscious about the amount of cleavage on display, Divya spoke up. "I think the blouse with the hooks in the back was better. This one, with the hooks in the front, is even worse," she lamented as she tried to shove her nipples back into the coverage of the blouse.

Shanti chuckled, noticing how much fuller Divya's breasts had become since giving birth. "Your boobs are definitely plumper now with all that milk," she commented as she pulled Divya closer to her side. She then adjusted the fit of the blouse around the base of Divya's breasts, ensuring a more comfortable and flattering fit. Shanti expertly guided Divya's nipples into the specially stitched slots on either side of the blouse, causing them to stand out even more prominently.

Impressed by her handiwork, Shanti placed a hand on the underside of Divya's breast and gave a soft "Mmm" of approval. The pressure from her touch caused some of Divya's stored breast milk to leak through her nipples and stain the fabric of her blouse.

In surprise, Shanti asked, "Why do you have so much milk stored inside your boobs like this?"

Divya shrugged nonchalantly. "I didn't feed the baby yesterday, so it tends to leak if touched," she explained before casually wiping away any wetness on her blouse without applying too much pressure on her full breasts.

Chenbagam knocked on the door from outside and inquired, "What's happening inside? It's time to start the function. Harish is ready. Why are you all still there inside?".

They both started decorating quickly.

Divya's blouse seemed to showcase a little bit of everything, but she skillfully tied the saree to conceal what she needed to hide underneath. She neatly tucked the pleats of the saree just an inch below her navel and draped the end over her left shoulder. Shanti, on the other hand, meticulously combed Divya's hair, braided it, and adorned it with a beautiful flower garland.

Afterwards, Shanti made Divya sit down and carefully adorned her with the chosen jewelry. Divya was getting ready for her second marriage. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn't help but think that she was fated to go through the cycle of marriage once again in her life. Surprisingly, she found herself enjoying it, along with the decorations and the effort she had put into it. However, as the realization that she would be in her own son's hands today sank in, she couldn't help but feel a wave of shyness wash over her. Overwhelmed, she couldn't even bring herself to look at her own reflection in the mirror and instead, bowed her head in bashfulness.
Outside in the prayer room, there are idols of God and a photo of Godhandam. Harish is sitting in a silk dhoti and a silk shirt in front of them.

Chenbagam completed the prayers for God first, then she garlanded the photo of Godhandam and performed the prayers for it as well. After that, she called Divya to join them in the prayer room. Shanti brought Divya to the prayer room and she sat on Harish's left side with her head bowed down. Both of them wore the garland from the brass plate around their necks, and the priest instructed them to change the garland three times.

Next, Chenbagam took the mangalsutra from the plate and handed it to Harish, saying, "Tie this thali around your mother's neck."

Divya moved her hair aside to help him tie it and tilted her neck forward. Harish tied the thali around Divya's neck, making one knot, while Shanti tied the remaining two knots.

"Hold your wife's hand and circle your father's photo thrice", ordered Chenbagam.

Harish grasped Divya's hand tightly and made three circles around his father's photo, as per Chenbagam's instructions. They then both knelt down and offered their prayers to the photo.

Afterwards, they humbly approached Chenbagam and sought her blessings. She lovingly exclaimed, "May you both be well and happy!" Her eyes welled up with tears, and Divya couldn't help but shed a few tears herself upon witnessing this display of affection.

"Don't cry, Divya. Everything is for your happiness. From now on, everything will be alright," Chenbagam reassured her, embracing her while wiping away her tears.

Shanti playfully teased, "Mr. Groom, we have entrusted our daughter to you. It's now your responsibility to keep her wet forever."

Divya blushed and retorted, "Oh, go away! Mom, can you believe what she's saying?" as she wiped away her teary eyes.

"My role is complete. From now on, you must take care of yourself, your sister, and your husband. Please handle your sister yourself." Chenbagam declared.

"Say it like that, Mom. Until your first night, you have to do everything I tell you to do. Got it?" Shanti playfully demanded.

Harish nodded eagerly in agreement, while Divya smiled as if there were no other choice and replied, "Alright, little mother-in-law."

Chenbagam stepped outside to inform the neighbors that the wedding had concluded. They sat together on a mat in the hall and mentioned, "Let's have some milk and fruit after the wedding."

Shanti headed to the kitchen to grab some milk and fruit, then called Divya in.

"Huh?" Divya questioned.

Shanti pulled her close and adjusted her saree.

"What are you up to? My husband is out there, why are you messing with my saree?" Divya inquired.

Shanti explained, "Sister, it's time to switch things up a bit. Let's create a new way to enjoy our milk and fruit, keeping the tradition alive."

Divya's cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she confessed, "Please don't want to do something naughty or mischievous in the name of doing something new. I say this even though I'm ashamed. When he was tying the mangalsutra, I was already leaking in my pussy. I just wanted to push him down and ride on top of him, then and there." The anticipation and longing within her had been building for weeks, and now that her wedding night had finally arrived, her body was terribly hot and itching with desire.

Shanti's eyes gleamed mischievously as she replied, "Oh my god, are you so badly in itch? I thought so about you already. Don't worry. This game is something that would increase your itchiness more. Let's see how restrained you are."

With a sly grin, Shanti reached for a ripe banana and peeled it slowly, deliberately taking her time. Divya's breath caught in her throat as she watched the fruit being placed between her breasts, which were snugly confined within her blouse. The fruit squished between her ample cleavage, creating an oddly satisfying sensation.

The banana was squished between her cleavage, making her boobs warm and sticky. Despite the icky feeling, it only intensified Divya's arousal, imagining that it was Harish's manhood pressed between her breasts.

"Why are you doing this? It's messy and uncomfortable," moaned Divya, but she couldn't deny the thrill that coursed through her body.

"Since we have the fruit, where is the milk?" Divya asked eagerly.

"Why do you need milk? Don't you already have so much in your boobs? No need for cow's milk. Just feed him your own milk. If not, will your son say no?" teased Shanti.

Both women emerged from the kitchen with mischievous grins on their faces, ready to spice up Divya's wedding celebration even more.

Harish's eyes widened as he noticed the absence of milk and fruit in Divya's hands. What were they going to do now? His mind raced with possibilities, while Gayathri wondered what was happening inside the kitchen. Meanwhile, Vishwa couldn't help but ogle at his aunt's voluptuous figure, thinking about how he would one day have his way with her.

But before anything else could happen, Divya returned and took a seat next to Harish once again. Shanti broke the tense silence by urging Harish to start eating the fruit and drinking the milk. Harish searched frantically for the items without success, until Shanti turned to Divya and said, "Come on, give it to your husband."

All eyes fell upon Divya as she slowly removed her saree from her chest. The group gasped when they saw a ripe banana nestled between her cleavage inside her blouse. "This is the fruit you have to eat," Shanti quipped with a mischievous grin.

Harish's excitement grew as his prick stood erect inside his dhoti. Gayatri felt her young pussy start to leak at the sight of this game unfolding in front of her. Harish sat cross-legged near Divya, making it a bit difficult for him to eat the banana from her breasts.

"Don't eat like that," Shanti commanded, "Stand in front of her on all fours like a dog and eat." Without hesitation, Harish obeyed.

Divya was more than ready to feel Harish's lips on her body after a long time. As he slowly moved forward, nibbling on the top end of the fruit first, his nose brushed against her breasts and took in their intoxicating scent - a mix of sweat, breast milk, and squished banana. With each bite, Harish's nose lingered between her ample bosom, sending shivers of pleasure through Divya's body. She couldn't help but drool at the thought of this game and sat on the floor, basking in the warmth of Harish's breath against her skin.

He slowly moved forward and nibbled on the top end of the fruit, his nose brushed against her breasts, taking in their scent along with the taste of the fruit. Harish's actions sent shivers down Divya's spine as she surrendered to the sensations.

As the banana gradually disappeared, Harish started to rub his lips between Divya's breasts, the small piece making it easier for him to explore every inch of her cleavage. His teeth grazed against her flesh as he bit into the fruit, causing a mixture of saliva and juice to drip onto Divya's breast, making it glisten under the light.

Gayatri's arousal only grew as she watched this intimate display. Unable to contain her own desires any longer, she pressed her hands against her skirt and tried to calm the vibrations between her legs.

As Harish reached for another bite of the ripe banana, his mouth watering at the thought of its sweet flavor, he suddenly found himself unable to take a bite. The fruit had slipped from his lips and disappeared down Divya's blouse, nestled deep into her cleavage. In a moment of realization, Divya deftly unhooked her blouse and revealed the banana piece that had taken refuge between her breasts. The banana piece which was lodged deep inside between her boobs, slipped and landed on her stomach and fell on her lap. With a gulp, Harish devoured the fruit and lifted his head to meet Divya's gaze. Her eyes were burning with desire as she hungrily watched him finish the last bit of banana. Her blouse was now open, leaving her voluptuous bosom exposed for Harish to explore. Without hesitation, he leaned in again and used his tongue to lick every trace of banana from the wet crevices between Divya's breasts, sending shivers of pleasure through both of them.

With a slow and deliberate lick, he traced a path between her breasts, each one spilling out of her open blouse. As they jiggled with each movement, he found room to continue his exploration. His tongue delved into the crevices and folds of her inner breast, causing her large, milk-laden orbs to shift away from his mouth before he could follow them. But he persisted, trailing his tongue behind in order to clean the remnants of fruit's slime that clung to her skin. Moving down her body, his tongue danced over her navel, eliciting a gasp from Divya as she instinctively lifted her stomach towards him for more. The air was thick with the scent of passion and desire as he continued to lavish attention on every inch of her body.

Harish leaned over his mother's body, his saliva dripping onto her navel and leaving a wet trail down her skin as he tenderly cleaned her. He then carefully wiped away the remnants of the banana from her saree, just above her mound. With a sense of purpose, he lowered himself between her thighs and pressed his face against her warm, inviting pussy, eagerly exploring every inch of her through the thin fabric of her attire. Divya was overcome with sensation, spreading her legs wider to allow him better access to her most intimate areas. Divya's hips lifted off the ground, inviting Harish to delve deeper as she let out a guttural moan. Every touch and movement ignited a fire within her, making her pulse race with desire.

The intricate folds of the saree made it difficult for Harish to find his way to Divya's clitoris and pussy. But he persisted, kissing and nuzzling his face against her cloth-covered womanhood.
As she felt his lips and tongue exploring her, Divya arched her back and lifted her hips in pleasure. She was so lost in the sensations that she almost fainted from the intensity of it all.

Shanti interrupted their games, saying, "That's enough with the banana. Let's switch to drinking milk." Harish overheard and decided to lie down on Divya's lap.

"Look at how eager he is," Shanti playfully remarked, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Divya lovingly stroked his cheek and asked with a hint of desire, "Is it really that urgent, my dear?"

Harish replied, "Yes, mom."

"Ask me with authority as your wife. Only then will you receive your mother’s milk," Divya said, playfully pinching his cheek.

Harish responded, "Yes, I'm in a hurry. I'm very hungry. Please feed me."

Upon hearing this, Divya blushed with pride and whispered, "Then why are you hesitating? Help yourself."

"It would be better if you gave it to me," Harish suggested.

With a soft moan, she slowly opened her blouse which was already unbuttoned, revealing the milky white flesh of her breasts already exposed.

"I have been collecting my milk for two days just so that you can drink this," she whispered seductively, raising Harish's head and guiding his mouth to her left nipple. She pressed herself against him as he eagerly began to suckle, savoring the warm and sweet taste of her milk.

Divya quickly tried to cover up their intimate moment with her sari, but Shanti stopped her. "No, no," she said with a sly grin. "You must let us all see."

And so, Divya sat with her blouse open while Harish lay in her lap, hungrily sucking on her breast and drinking her milk. The others watched intently as he sucked and butted at her breast with his mouth, causing the milk to flow like a fountain, filling it with its creamy goodness.

As Harish closed his eyes and savored the sweet taste of the milk, Divya couldn't help but moan in pleasure at the sensation of his suckling.

Watching them, Gayatri's hand moved instinctively towards her own body, pressing down on her skirt as she tried to control the desire that was building inside of her.

Suddenly, memories of what Divya had done to her earlier that morning flooded back, and Gayatri couldn't resist any longer. She slipped her hand beneath her skirt and began to pleasure herself while watching Harish nurse from Divya's breasts.

The scene before her was too erotic to resist and Gayatri gave in to the pleasure, fingering herself as she watched Divya and Harish experience pure bliss together.

Shanti firmly stated, "Alright, let's put an end to this. If not, you'll be spending your first night right here in this hall. Don't you want your wife to enjoy a meal of milk and fruit?" With that, she intervened and separated them from their passionate embrace.

Shanti beckoned Harish to join her in the kitchen.

Divya was seated, her saree crinkled on her lap, while her blouse was open fully, revealing her milky boobs and milk-dripping nipples. She patiently waited alongside Vishwa and Gayatri. Harish emerged, his walk displaying a slight twitch.

Shanti instructed, "Hand over the fruit to your wife now."

Harish was standing and Divya was still sitting down and looking up at him. Harish's heart raced with anticipation as Divya watched, her eyes dark with desire. Slowly, he lifted his shirt to reveal a surprise hidden beneath. Shanti had slyly tucked a ripe banana into the elastic band of Harish's underwear

Shanti chuckled mischievously, recalling her prank. "First I put a ripe banana, but it broke and half of it fell inside his underwear. So I put in a somewhat hard banana," she explained.

Divya couldn't wait any longer and lunged forward, knelt and pressing her face into Harish's stomach to devour the fruit. She nuzzled her nose into his belly button, licking every inch of skin that was stained with sweet juice. Her lips tingled as she licked up the fruit pulp from the small hairs on his abdomen, much to everyone's amazement at her speed and enthusiasm.

But she wasn't satisfied yet. With lightning speed, Divya finished off the banana on top of the underwear band and then tugged at his waistband, frantically trying to get to the remaining piece inside. In her eagerness, she accidentally pulled down his dhoti and it fell to the ground.
Gayatri couldn't bear to watch anymore and sat on a nearby chair, fingering herself with reckless abandon. As Divya pulled down his underwear, the last piece of banana fell inside. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she pretended to bite down on the fruit but instead grabbed onto the base of Harish's already throbbing and engorged penis with her mouth.

She sucked on him eagerly, working her way from base to tip and taking him out of his underwear entirely. Divya treated his prick like a stick of ice cream, hollowing out her cheeks as she sucked fervently. Her skilled tongue moves up and down his length, sucking with voracious hunger as if it were a popsicle. Harish can't resist the intense pleasure she is giving him and feels the urge to release all of his pent-up desire into her mouth.

Harish felt himself reaching the edge of climax as Gayatri let out a loud moan behind them as she climaxed due to the intense action she witnessed.

Then suddenly, Divya pressed his throbbing member against his stomach and continued sucking while also using her cheek to clean up any remnants of banana still in there. She expertly cleaned every inch of him, her lips and chin coated in his pre-cum.

Ignoring the mess of banana and juice that had spilled onto his stomach and testicles, Divya expertly used her tongue to clean every inch of Harish's skin, her silken hair tickling his thighs as she worked her way up to his balls.

The pungent smell of banana juice lingered in the air, mixing with the heady scent of arousal. Harish's skin was slick and glistening with the sweet liquid as it covered his lower region. She cradled his penis against her soft cheek and used her mouth to carefully clean each one of his balls, her delicate chin, her earrings and silky hair brushing against his hardened member as she moved. The sensation caused a surge of emotion to course through Harish's body, adding to the intense pleasure he was already feeling.

With a devilish grin, Divya licked the lower part of his shaft with the tip of her tongue, teasing him as she made her way back up to his balls. She took them into her mouth one at a time, sucking on them until he could no longer hold back. With a wild cry, Harish released his hot cum all over Divya's face and hair.

Divya continued to suck and lick every last drop from Harish's throbbing member. The taste of banana mixed with his essence was intoxicating and she couldn't get enough.

As they both caught their breath, Divya looked up at Harish with a mischievous glint in her eye. They knew there would be many more playful games like this in their future.

As the intense sexual match came to an end, Divya looked up at her son who is her husband now, with a sense of satisfaction. Harish stood with his eyes closed, still reeling from the overwhelming climax they had shared. His penis throbbed eagerly, a sign of the desire that still coursed through him.

Without hesitation, Divya leaned in and passionately licked Harish's shaft, which was still leaking semen from their passionate encounter. She couldn't help but look around at the others in the room, their amazement clear on their faces as they watched her taste her husband's cum.

Shanti, overcome with emotion and admiration for Divya's boldness, rushed forward and embraced her tightly.

"I never could have imagined you would do all this," Shanti exclaimed, holding onto Divya as if she never wanted to let go. She kissed Divya deeply, expressing her gratitude and excitement.

In a bold move, Shanti then licked the remnants of Harish's cum off of Divya's cheek, savoring the taste before kissing her again. The two women shared an intimate moment, their tongues entwined as Divya shared in her son’s passion.

Meanwhile, Vishwa could not contain himself any longer. He watched in awe as his mother Shanti experienced such pleasure and decided to join in on the fun. With a swift movement, he lifted Shanti's sari up to reveal her waist and climbed onto her backside, filling her ass hole with his own release.

The scene that played out before them was intense and passionate, causing time to slip away unnoticed by the participants. As dusk turned into nightfall, Shanti remembered that it was time to prepare for their first night together as a married couple.

But even as they finished playing and got ready for their wedding night, there was still evidence of their earlier activities - Shanti carried her son’s cum within her, a reminder of the intense pleasure they had shared. And as she went to help Divya prepare, she couldn't help but feel grateful for the adventurous and passionate start to her marriage

After the milk and fruit tradition, Divya's shyness disappeared completely. Harish was the first to finish his bath after the intense fun play. Shanti accompanied Divya to help her bathe. Meanwhile, Chenbagam returned home and began preparing dinner. She didn't dwell too much on what might have happened after seeing everyone's condition. Gayatri assisted Chenbagam in preparing dinner.

Divya remained in place, her hair, chin, and mouth covered in the ejaculate that had spurted from Harish's penis. Meanwhile, Shanti stood next to her with Harish's seed still lingering in her mouth, and Vishwa's ejaculation now residing inside her anus.

"Let's take a quick bath, it's time," Shanti said, starting the conversation.
Divya responded with an uncertain "Ok," slowly stripping off her clothes until she was fully naked. Shanti couldn't help but admire Divya's body again, taking in every inch of her flawless skin and toned curves. She noticed that Divya's pubic hair had grown out slightly from being shaved at the hospital during childbirth three months ago.

"Why didn't you shave it all off?" Shanti asked, pointing to Divya's untouched pubic hair.

"I haven't done it before or since giving birth. The hospital did it for me when I had Harini," Divya replied, still feeling a bit drunk and dazed from the milk and fruit game they had just played.

Shanti quickly offered to do it for her, eager to see Divya with a clean-shaven pussy. "It's a different kind of beauty if you have no hair down there. If your son likes it hairy, you can let it grow back later. But for tonight, let me do it for you," Shanti explained as she gathered her shaving tools.

Divya stood naked next to her, unsure of what to do as Shanti pulled out various shaving supplies.

"Sit on the washing stone," Shanti instructed, and Divya complied silently.

Shanti wet both of Divya's armpits with water and then moved on to sprinkling water on her exposed pussy. As the water touched her sensitive skin, Divya felt a tingling sensation run through her body.

The evening chill made Divya shiver slightly and helped dissipate the lust she had been feeling. She felt like she was waking up from a dream when her nipples hardened in response to the cold air.

Shanti told her to lift her right arm and then carefully began shaving off the hairs in her armpit. It was Divya's first time experiencing a blade in that sensitive area, so she was a bit nervous and stayed still as Shanti worked.

As the shaving went on, Divya's initial shyness and fear faded away, and she started to relax. She even closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of Shanti's gentle touch. "Do you like it?" Shanti asked with a smile. "You have such soft, buttery skin that the hair comes off easily. But if we keep shaving, it might start to sting after ten minutes."

Shanti finished shaving both of Divya's armpits, declaring them to be as beautiful as ripe mangoes. She couldn't resist putting her nose to Divya's smooth skin and inhaling the intoxicating mixture of cream and sweat.

"Now, spread your thighs," instructed Shanti as she settled between Divya's legs. At first, Divya felt ashamed and her legs refused to budge, but eventually, she shamelessly spread them open for Shanti to see.

Shanti admired the inch of hair surrounding Divya's pussy, which was well-groomed and not too thick. She let her fingers glide through the hair, feeling its soft silkiness. As she sat between Divya's legs, Shanti couldn't help but feel a magnetic pull towards her.

The shyness that Divya had before marriage had disappeared, and she willingly opened her legs further for Shanti to admire. As Shanti explored Divya's pussy with her hands, Divya fully surrendered to the pleasure it brought her. With each touch and caress, Shanti became more eager and started playing with her pussy.

She delicately traced the outline of the hairs with her fingers before gently pulling them apart to reveal the beauty of Divya's femininity up close. Without realizing it, Shanti pressed her lips against the center of Divya's pussy lips and continued kissing without letting go.

Slowly, she extended her tongue and tasted the sweetness of Divya's already soaked pussy. The sensation was electric for Divya as she moaned in pleasure. Suddenly remembering that she needed to take a bath and get ready, she stopped Shanti and said, "Enough, don't kill me."

Disappointed but understanding, Shanti resumed shaving Divya's pussy with care and precision.

"I apologize, Shanti. My mother has arrived and it is my first night. I also need to eat before we can be together. What should we do tomorrow? Even if my husband tries to stop me, you can take me completely," she reassured Shanti with a pat on the head.

Shanti smiled happily in response and said, "That's right, even if he tries to stop us tomorrow, I won't let you go. You are as delicate as butter, your breasts are full like a jug of milk, and your desire is as sweet as syrup. How could I ever leave all of this behind? Tomorrow I will fulfill all of your desires. But for now, I will let you return to your husband without raping you."

They both laughed in agreement.

Shanti then proceeded to apply cream on Divya's pubic area and gently shaved off any remaining hair with the blade. Divya was overcome with lust and willingly spread her legs for Shanti's touch.

After finishing the task, Shanti ran her hands over Divya's bare pussy to ensure there were no missed spots. Divya couldn't resist touching herself and joined in the exploration of her newly shaved skin. She exclaimed in amazement at how smooth and hairless it was.

"How did you do this? It's so smooth and soft, without a single hair. Where did you learn this technique?" Divya asked curiously.

"My mother-in-law taught me when I was young. In their household, it was seen as impure to have any hair on our bodies. So she taught me how to shave everything properly. It's much more enjoyable when someone else does it for you. I will teach your son how to do it. You can use him to keep you clean shaved. You will like it" Shanti responded, still running her hand over Divya's genitals.

"Okay, okay. You can stop now before I become too aroused," Divya joked and Shanti released her hands from her sensitive area. The two women then took a bath together to cleanse their bodies, wrapped themselves in towels, and returned to the house.