Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 12

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 12

Published on: 2024-04-23 15:36:55

Upon their arrival, Chenbagam inquired, "Why did it take so long for the bath? Both of you change your saree and come soon. Divya, you and the groom should eat now. Only then it would be the right time for the first night. Shanti, prepare food for both of them and get them ready for the first night. I will decorate their room and bed."

After saying this, Chenbagam headed to the room where the first night was to take place. Gayatri excitedly exclaimed, "I will come and help you, grandma," and followed Chenbagam.

The older and younger sister were wearing cotton sarees when they arrived for dinner. Shanti served the meal to Divya and Harish who were seated together. After finishing their meal, they had fun feeding and playing with each other. Meanwhile, Chenbagam had finished decorating the room for the night. Harish walked into the room just as she was leaving.

When he stepped inside, the fragrance of jasmine flowers greeted him. Chenbagam had already switched on the AC to maintain a cool temperature, and the cool air mixed with the jasmine scent filled the room.

As Harish climbed into bed, he noticed the delicate scent of jasmine and rose petals scattered on the soft cotton mattress. A plate of fresh fruits was thoughtfully arranged nearby, their aroma mingling with the fragrance of the flowers and filling the air. The enticing smell of the fruits and jasmine overwhelmed Harish's senses, making him forget about everything else except his desire.

He decided to remove his shirt and placed it at a distance, then loosened the dhoti he was wearing. Carefully, he discarded the underwear he had on underneath. His penis was partially erect, but it remained concealed within the folds of the dhoti. Harish's mind raced with anticipation, knowing that tonight was his first night with his mother. The coolness of the air conditioning sent shivers down his spine, adding to the excitement. He couldn't help but imagine how beautifully his mother would be adorned when she joined him.

Tonight, as he fastened the mangalsutra around her neck, she appeared incredibly attractive in the elegant green silk saree. He wondered if she would choose to wear it again?
Alternatively, maybe she will opt for the blue saree with the daring blouse that accentuates her charm, which she wore in the engagement.
Or perhaps she will decide on the simple cotton saree that caught his eye during dinner.
Regardless of her choice, a year-long dream is about to become a reality very soon.
In the adjacent room, Shanti began adorning Divya while Harish eagerly awaited the moment.

They both walked into the room, filled with excitement as the first night was finally here.

Divya stood in front of the mirror, adjusting the cotton saree she had draped. "Hey Shanti, do you think I should wear this cotton saree instead? I'm not really in the mood for silk today," she asked, examining her reflection.

"He also enjoys when I reveal a little bit of my navel," she mentioned, adjusting her saree to expose her stunning deep navel reflecting in the mirror.

Shanti paid no attention to what she said and rummaged through her suitcase, searching for something.

Divya shook Shanti and said, "I've been talking to you, but you won't respond. What are you looking for?"

Shanti replied, "Take off your saree, petticoat, and blouse."

Divya unfastened her saree while saying, "I keep telling you, I don't want a silk saree. Anything I wear has to come off anyway. So why bother?"

Shanti insisted, "Now remove the blouse and petticoat as well."

Divya unhooked her blouse without feeling any shame or hesitation about being asked to stand completely naked. She undid the buttons on her blouse and untied her petticoat, allowing it to fall to the ground. Reluctant even to take it off, she sat on the bed entirely nude.

"What were you looking for after making me sit here with no clothes on?" Divya asked.

"Wait...Ah, here it is. I brought a half saree for Gayatri's coming-of-age ceremony. That's what I was searching for," said Shanti as she pulled out a white half saree, which was almost transparent, from the suitcase.

"You will wear this half saree today," declared Shanti as she gazed at Divya's shimmering naked body in the room's light.

Divya had nothing covering her body except for the yellow mangalsutra that Harish had tied around her neck earlier and two pairs of gold bangles on her.

Divya exclaimed, "Half Saree? What on earth are you talking about? Do you honestly think I'm still a teenager? I have two children, for heaven's sake! How can a half saree possibly flatter my body?"

"It will be wonderful. The key is not what you believe is good, but rather that your husband will be astounded by the outcome. Don't worry about talking, I'll take care of your makeup. Just sit back and watch," Shanti assured as she gracefully climbed onto the bed.

Approaching Divya from behind, Shanti gently brushed her hair, skillfully untangling any knots. With a comb in hand, she carefully gathered the lower section of Divya's hair, securing it in her left hand. Using her right hand, Shanti skillfully twisted the hair into a neat bun.

Divya inquired, "What's the reason for putting my hair in a bun? Weren't you planning to braid it?"

Shanti explained, "Your hair is incredibly thick and reaches down to your thighs. If I were to braid it, we'd be here all night. A bun will look much better, just take a look in the mirror."

Divya gazed into the mirror, her face illuminated by its bright light. With her hair expertly arranged in a bun, her body now resembled a skinned chicken, devoid of any hair. Satisfied with the firmness of the bun, she secured it with a needle to prevent it from falling apart. To add an extra touch of strength and beauty, Shanti wrapped two cubits of Tropical flame flower around the bun, the fragrance wafting through the air and infusing Divya's hair with a mesmerizing scent. Blushing, she covered her exposed body with her thighs, feeling the tingle of arousal between her legs.

As Shanti instructed her to stand up, Divya obediently complied. Rummaging through a jewelry box gifted to her by Godhandam, Shanti pulled out a silver chain and asked what it was for. Smirking at her reflection in the mirror, Divya replied, "That's not just any chain - it's a waist band. Look for the other one in gold."

Shanti produced the golden waist band from inside the box, marveling at how Divya had two such exquisite pieces. But as she questioned why Divya wasn't wearing either one, Divya sheepishly explained that she had taken it off during pregnancy and forgotten to put it back on.

Nodding in understanding, Shanti then proceeded to tie the gold waist band around Divya's waist. It sat beautifully on her hip bone and hugged her curves like a delicate pendant.

With graceful movements, Shanti took one end of the flimsy half saree and tied it securely just above Divya's waist, right below her navel. The knot was tied on the waistband and it was firm but not restrictive, allowing for easy movement. She then proceeded to drape the saree around Divya's curvaceous butt, the sheer material clinging to every curve and accentuating them. But she did not cover the pussy. She then moved on to tying the half saree around Divya's lower body, draping it over one shoulder to create an elegant pallu. The half saree now covered her boobs but Shanti can see Divya’s big left side boobs clearly, jutting up.

Unlike a traditional saree, this half saree left her lower body completely uncovered, without covering her pubic area and inner thighs in a tantalizing V shape. Her clean shaved pussy was accentuated by the lack of cloth and the half saree forming an inverted V shape above the pussy mound with the gold waistband sexily hugging her hips.

Despite feeling exposed, Divya couldn't deny the beauty of the garment as it hugged her body in all the right places.

Then Shanti retrieved the coin necklace, which women typically wear around their necks, from inside the jewelry box.

Divya inquired, "Why are you taking that? Are you planning to drape it around my neck right now? It's quite heavy, isn't it?"

"Who said to wear it around your neck? Come here," Shanti said as she drew Divya closer and draped the coin necklace over her stomach, above her half saree. It settled gently, as if softly embracing her navel.

Divya's stomach was fully exposed as the half saree draped from the side of her waist over her shoulders. The half saree left her left breast uncovered. Inside the half saree she wore, the mangalsutra hung delicately, gracefully positioned between her breasts.

She lifted the mangalsutra and placed it outside the half saree, adjusting the fabric to cover her exposed left breast. With her stomach completely bare, the coin necklace dangled just below her navel, and beneath it, the gold waistband snugly encircled her waist with the half saree wrapped around it. She wore only the mangalsutra around her neck, with bangles on her wrists and anklets on her feet.

As Divya examined her reflection in the mirror, she was shocked to see herself. She was almost naked in the thin dress but the jewellery artistcally adorned looked good on her. "Should I go to my first night like this?" she asked playfully, pretending to be disgusted by her appearance.

Shanti's response was quick and confident. "Yes, you are going like this only. But wait a little longer." she said, grabbing a bottle of honey from the table. With deft fingers, she applied the sticky substance to Divya's nipples, aerolas, and clitoris, causing a shudder of pleasure to ripple through her body.

Divya understood exactly what Shanti was doing and eagerly encouraged her. "If you're going to use honey, then use more," she teased with a mischievous glint in her eye.

But Shanti cautioned her against playing with the sweet substance too much. "Be careful not to use too much honey," she warned. "If you stick your hand or mouth in it and then rub it on your head, your hair will become sticky and tangled. And when your son starts to lick it off your body, his taste buds will be overwhelmed by your natural flavor and he'll become addicted to you. And besides, your son will be too distracted by your body to care about the honey."

Divya couldn't help but feel proud of her sexy body as she attempted to cover herself with the thin and flimsy half saree that barely concealed her breasts and left her pussy exposed. "What is this half saree even hiding? This is so thin that it doesn't cover my boobs. And you have left my pussy totally open in draping this half saree." she complained, although secretly enjoying the thrill of being so provocatively dressed.

But Shanti had an explanation for everything. "Who told you to wear a dress that covers your body?" she challenged. "The ripe fruit hanging down is more alluring when it's partially covered, just like you in this half saree. It's about teasing and tantalizing your husband until he can't resist you any longer. And remember, whatever you wear to bed on your first night will eventually come off anyways. But when your husband sees you, he should be filled with desire from the very first glance. And it's up to you to keep that desire going until morning."

Divya couldn't help but be impressed by Shanti's knowledge on the matter. "You're so informative," she commented. "I'll make sure his desire doesn't fade, not just for the night, but forever."

With a final glance in the mirror, Divya observed how the half saree accentuated her bare buttocks just as much as it showcased her naked breasts. The thin fabric of the half saree clung to her curves, revealing her naked body in a tantalizing manner that left little to the imagination. She couldn't wait to see her husband's reaction when he saw her like this.

Divya's heart raced as she looked at herself in the mirror, dressed in a revealing outfit. "Poor Harish," she thought, imagining his reaction when he saw her like this.

Shanti teased her, "If you go out like that, you'll be the one regretting it tomorrow."

Divya chuckled, "You're right. I've been suppressing my desires for so long and now I can't seem to control the wetness of my body any longer." And with that, she slid her hand down to her pussy, feeling the wetness and heat between her legs. She couldn't resist exploring herself further, finding herself slick and ready for pleasure, feeling the stickiness and wetness there.

"Where did you put the milk tumbler?" Divya asked. "Didn't you buy any milk?"

"Why do you need a tumbler? You already have two jugs of milk pretending to be your boobs. And your son won't even want cow's milk if you bring it anyway. Just go out like that," Shanti replied with a smirk.

"Yeah, you're right," Divya agreed with a mischievous smile. "How do I look?"

Shanti's eyes darkened with desire as she took in Divya's appearance. "You look like the goddess Rathi herself. Don't tease me anymore with your sexy body. If you do, I might just starve your husband and make you mine tonight instead."

Divya blushed at the thought and said, "Don't look at me like that! I feel so embarrassed." She quickly left the room to prepare for her first night with her new husband.

Meanwhile, Chenbagam entered the room and was immediately impressed by Divya's attire. "My dear, you look stunning," she exclaimed as she checked her out from head to toe and made a gesture to ward off any evil eye.

"I'm truly impressed by your beauty. May no evil come upon you today," Chenbagam continued, touching Divya's face affectionately. "As a mother, it's my duty to remind you of the importance of tonight. Please listen to your husband and do whatever he asks. We have already made him wait for so long. Even if he is a little rough, you should be patient and cooperate with him. My dear, you must make love like rabbits and bring more children into this house. Your late husband will surely bless you from above."

As Chenbagam spoke, Divya couldn't help but think of her deceased first husband, Godhandam. Divya's mind raced with memories of Godhandam, but this time she felt no sorrow for his death. But rather than feeling guilty or sad, she felt excited at the thought that he was watching over her and approving of her new marriage.  Instead, a dark excitement burned within her as she imagined him watching, witnessing her marrying their own son and the consummation that would take place before his very eyes. Her blood simmered with a forbidden thrill at the thought of her son claiming her body while her husband looked on, savoring every moment of their illicit union. Her cheeks flushed with a mixture of fear and anticipation as she prepared to experience the ultimate act of incest in front of her late husband. She couldn't wait to consummate their union in front of his spirit.

Shanti interrupted her thoughts, "You were so eager before, why are you suddenly acting shy?"

Divya blushed even harder and started walking towards her first night room, keeping her head down and smiling shyly as she made her way to the room where she would finally become one with her son.

After guiding Divya into the room for her first night, Shanti gently shut the door behind her. However, she intentionally left it unlatched.

As Divya stepped into the room, the scent of jasmine filled her senses, accompanied by the refreshing chill of the air conditioner. She briefly considered closing the door but ultimately decided against it, realizing that it wasn't necessary in this particular house. With a slight sigh, she turned around and stood there, her gaze fixed downwards.

As Harish sat, lost in his thoughts of how his mother would arrive to him, he could have never imagined this. Her curly, thick black hair was usually left loose and cascading down past her waist, but now it was elegantly twisted into a bun. The only thing covering her body was a sheer, diaphanous fabric that clung to her curves and gave a tantalizing glimpse of what lay beneath. Despite the numerous jewels adorning her, it was the simple mangalsutra around her neck that caught his eye and made her radiantly alluring.

The half saree barely covered her breasts, leaving her entire stomach area exposed. Her navel was on full display, adorned with a coin necklace that only added to the alluring sight. As she moved, the fabric shifted and revealed even more, making her already attractive figure even more enticing. But it was when she turned around that he noticed something even more scandalous - there was no undergarment underneath the sheer material of the half saree, leaving her cleanly shaved pussy exposed for all to see. A sudden surge of arousal shot through him as he realized his mother had purposely dressed this way, teasing and tempting him with every move she made. His dhoti strained against his growing erection as he watched her, unable to resist the primal urge building within him at the sight before him.

Divya glided gracefully into the room, her gait reminiscent of actress Khushbu. She paused in front of Harish, who sat on the edge of the bed. Her beauty was mesmerizing to him, and he couldn't help but reach out and grab her hands, pulling her towards him with a strong, masculine force. At first, she resisted, keeping her head bowed in a demure manner. But Harish's pull grew stronger, and Divya found herself falling into his chest. As he wrapped his arms around her open stomach and buried his face in her neck, inhaling deeply, she could feel his desire for her.

"Mom, why did you come like this?" Harish whispered in her ear. "I never imagined you would come like this."

"It's all because of your aunt," Divya replied. "Do you like me looking like this?"

"Mm, very much," Harish said as he got up from the bed and rubbed his erect penis against his mother's thighs. "And this guy is also quite fond of you," he added with a mischievous smile.

Divya teased back, "I can tell by looking at him that he has been longing for me for a long time. That's why he's trembling and shaking like this today." She glanced down at his still-growing member hidden beneath Harish's dhoti.

As Harish continued kissing her ear and nuzzling into her hair, he moved to her bun and buried his face in it, inhaling the scent of her luscious locks mingled with the fragrance of flowers. His hands cupped her navel possessively as he whispered, "Yes mom, see what he's going to do to you tonight."

"Mmm, and I am ready for whatever you want to do," Divya replied seductively as she spread her legs and revealed her exposed pussy. Harish eagerly cupped her warmth with his hand, pulling and squeezing it with desire.

"Why are you grabbing me like this and making me hot already?" Divya playfully scolded. "Don't you want to drink some milk first?"

Harish looked around in fake confusion, "Where's the milk? Didn't you bring it?"

Even as she lightly hit him on the cheek, Divya replied, "Of course I brought it, but you will never drink it when I offer it to you. I know what you really want."

"Today, all of this is for you," she continued, gesturing towards her heaving breasts full of milk. "Not just for today, but from now on, if you want milk from me, just take it directly from my breasts."

Harish couldn't resist any longer and immediately bent Divya's body to try and drink from her. But she stopped him with a sly smile and said, "Tell me how my husband wants to drink it, and I will feed him exactly as he desires. Do you want to be fed standing up or lying down?" Her voice dripped with lust and longing.

"I have a wish, mom" Harish eagerly asked.

"What is it, sweetie?" Divya responded.

"Can you feed me the way you did when I was a baby?" Harish asked, his eyes full of longing.

Divya chuckled and said, "Okay then, lie down on the bed."

Laying on the bed with Harish's head in her lap, Divya's eyes glinted with a mischievous fire. "When you cry, I'll come running and hold you close like this," she whispered, stroking his hair gently. "And then I'll take your head in my hand, just like this," she said, gripping his head firmly in her palm.

As Harish felt a mixture of fear and anticipation rise within him, Divya continued her sensual monologue. "You'll be crying, pulling at my chest while I quickly unbutton my blouse with one hand. Then I'll reveal my breasts, free from the confines of my saree." She moved her half saree aside to show off her left breast to Harish.

Before she could finish, he eagerly took her nipple into his mouth and began sucking hungrily. As he savored the taste of her milk and played with the mangalsutra around her neck, Divya couldn't help but smile at the habit he had picked up as a child. She teased him by placing her nipple between her fingers for him to suckle from.

Feeling playful, she took a grape from the fruit tray and squeezed it onto her nipple for Harish to drink. But when he tried to bite it, she pulled it away and put it in her own mouth instead, laughing at his attempt. And he playfully bit her nipple instead replacing the grape for her nipple.

"Careful now," Divya laughs, pulling away from him teasingly.

But Harish wasn't content with just playfully nipping at her nipple. Taking bites all over her breasts, he left teeth marks on every inch of exposed skin.

Divya scolds him playfully, "I can't go around leaving love bites everywhere! How will I cover them up when I go out? What will people say? Can I tell them that it was my son who had left those love bites?"

Harish grins mischievously and replies, "Don't tell them that it was your son. Tell them that it was done by your husband."

He then proceeds to lick and kiss every inch of her bitten breasts with fervent passion, leaving behind a trail of saliva down her chest. Feeling both aroused and embarrassed, Divya couldn't help but chastise him playfully. "Don't bite me so much," she joked, before giving in to his desires and allowing him to mark her as his own.

As Harish sat up, a mischievous glint in his eyes, Divya's heart raced with anticipation. "What?" she asked, playing innocent.

"Mom, lie down," Harish commanded, his voice dripping with authority.

Divya couldn't help but smirk playfully, challenging him to take control. "Mmmm, tell me again," she teased. "Order your wife to lie down and I might just obey."

Before she could finish her sentence, Harish surprised her by planting a passionate kiss on her lips. As their tongues danced and mingled, Divya tasted the remnants of a grape that she had been indulging in earlier. She had already sucked off all the juicy sweetness, leaving only the husk between her teeth which she now playfully tucked under her tongue.

Harish eagerly tried to retrieve the grape, he used the tip of his tongue to search every corner of her mouth with his own tongue, getting it stuck between her teeth before finally managing to claim it for himself. With a satisfied grin, he parted his lips and savored the taste of the grape in front of Divya, exuding masculinity as he did so.

Feeling proud and playful at the same time, Divya lightly slapped his thighs and exclaimed, "You rogue!"

But Harish was far from done with her yet. "Hmmm, lie down Divya," he whispered huskily in her ear.

Divya chuckled and warmed him up even more by teasingly asking if he really expected her to just lie down without any further action. She flaunted her half saree and jewels, knowing that they were both driving him wild with desire.

As she sat back to reveal her back to him, Harish eagerly removed the heavy gold chains adorning Divya's body. His lips hungrily trailed along her neck as he did so, reveling in the scent of her hair and the flowers tucked into them.

"Hmmm, enough. Come in front," Divya moaned with lustful desire.

Harish obliged, removing the bangles from her right hand and kissing the spots where they had been moments before. As he lifted her hand and placed kisses along her armpit, Divya's body trembled with pleasure. Harish then gently lowered her back onto the bed and removed the coin necklace from her stomach, his lips tracing a path down towards her navel and stomach.

Completely mesmerized by his every move, Divya spread her legs wide on the bed and removed her half saree from her chest, revealing her perfect breasts that were now standing upright in anticipation. Harish couldn't resist any longer and shed his dhoti, revealing his long and thick penis to Divya under the room light. She had felt it before but now in the bright light of their bedroom, she marveled at its strength and size.

With a sensual eagerness, Divya spread her legs even wider and welcomed her son on top of her as he pressed his body weight down on hers. Both lost in a world of physical bliss as they gave into their desires for each other once again.

Harish's lips trailed a heated path over her skin, planting kisses on her supple breasts, her sensitive neck, and down to her stomach and navel. Every inch of her body was worshiped with his gentle touch, sending shivers through her as she surrendered to his desire. His mouth hovered over her navel, planting luscious kisses without missing an inch of her skin. Every touch sent shivers down her spine, igniting a passionate fire within her.

Divya lies on the bed, completely hypnotized by the play of her son's lips over her body. He starts by kissing her passionately, his lips grazing every inch of her skin until they reach her breasts. With fervor, he drinks all the breast milk that has gathered at her right breast before moving down to her navel.

Unable to contain herself, Divya grabs his hair and pulls him closer, urging him to continue. He takes a grape from the plate beside them and places it in her navel, watching as it rolls around before settling into place. He then presses his lips against her navel, crushing the grape with his tongue and savoring the sweet juice that flows out.

Feeling hot with desire, Divya guides his head lower towards her throbbing pussy. Sensing her arousal, Harish untied her waist chain and removed her half saree to reveal her slick and smooth pussy. Her saree and waist chain have been untied, allowing easy access to her mound. As he reaches for her clit, Divya's pubic hairless and smooth pussy glistens with arousal.

He starts by licking her open with his tongue, exploring every crevice and wall of her pussy. Divya's body trembles as he flicks his tongue over her clit, while simultaneously sliding his fingers inside her tight, yearning hole.  Without hesitation, he began to lick and suck at her folds, sending shivers of pleasure through Divya's body. Expertly flicking and teasing her clit with his tongue while simultaneously sliding his fingers into her dripping core, Harish brought Divya to a mind-blowing climax.

It's been over a year since anyone has penetrated her in this way, and she can't help but feel grateful that it is finally happening again. With every movement of his tongue and fingers, Divya feels herself getting closer to climax. And when it finally hits, she explodes with intense pleasure, releasing a flood of ecstasy that he eagerly swallows.

Without wasting any time, he climbs on top of her and lines up his cock with the entrance of her dripping wet pussy. As he prepares to enter his mother, Divya braces herself by grabbing onto his butt and spreading her legs wider, eager for her son to fill her up.

Her pussy grips tightly around his inexperienced cock, allowing him to slowly slide inch by inch inside her. The heat and wetness surrounding his manhood drive him wild with lust, as he has never felt this level of pleasure with his mother before.

With each thrust, their bodies move in sync, a rhythm of pure passion and desire. Divya feels the tight grip of his cock against her walls, pulling and tugging at her sensitive folds with each movement. And she can't help but moan in pleasure as she matches his movements, completely lost in the moment.

As they reach their peak together, Divya checks to see if he has gone all the way in, feeling every inch of him deep inside her. And when they finish, she can't help but think that their bodies fit together "like a lid on a jar" or like a glove - a perfect match made for each other. With sweat glistening on their bodies and their breaths ragged, their lovemaking was passionate and intense, filled with moans and sighs and the wet sounds of their bodies joining together.

As Harish thrust and pulled his cock inside Divya's already climaxed pussy, a mixture of her juices and his sweat leaked out, creating a slippery mess that echoed through the room with a loud, wet slurping sound. Harish's cock, slick with her juices, continued to pump in and out of her pussy, the sound of their passionate coupling echoing through the room. Divya's body convulsed with pleasure, her ample breasts bouncing and jiggling with each forceful thrust from Harish. The aftermath of their intense lovemaking left Divya's body drenched in a mixture of sweat and her own arousal.

With one hand gripping her left leg and spreading it wide, Harish fucked her furiously while she moaned and lifted herself up to meet his movements. As he lay on top of her, still thrusting and trying to take her breast into his mouth, Divya eagerly obliged, pressing her soft flesh against his eager tongue. Desperate for more, Harish pressed his lips to Divya's breast, sucking and drinking milk and biting as she eagerly offered herself to him. The combination of pleasure and pain only heightened their passion, driving them both towards the brink of climax.

His thrusts became harder and faster, causing Divya's large breasts to bounce uncontrollably. He gripped her left leg in his right hand, spreading it wide as he fucked her with an uncontrollable fervor. She couldn't help but moan and arch her back, her elbows digging into the bed as she surrendered to Harish's relentless pounding.

Their bodies writhed together like beasts in heat, their cries of passion growing louder and more desperate. And then suddenly, without warning, something snapped within Harish. In a sudden burst of movement, Harish's hips quickened as he pulled his stomach in. A rush of sensation shot from his abdomen to his balls and finally to his engorged cock. The increased size only added to the already overwhelming sensations coursing through them both. His hips quickened their pace as a wave of ecstasy washed over him, causing his cock to swell even more inside Divya's already stretched pussy.

With a primal urge, Harish pushed himself even deeper into Divya's swollen pussy, grinding their pubic areas together as they reached their peak. In perfect unison, they moaned and writhed like wild animals and reached their climax at the same time, screaming and writhing in unison as Harish released his hot cum deep inside his own mother for the first time.

Harish lay on top of his mother, still connected to her by his now limp but satisfied cock. She showered him with kisses, basking in the afterglow of their intense lovemaking.

"That was incredible, my dear son" she purred, pulling him up for a tight embrace.

As their bodies relaxed from their exertion, Harish gently withdrew from his mother's wetness and laid beside her. They both lay there spent and exhausted, their half-saree forgotten somewhere in the room. Overcome with fatigue, they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms, their bodies still pulsing with the memory of their passionate union.