Mom fucked by the Tantrik and Me in front of the whole family

Mom fucked by the Tantrik and Me in front of the whole family

Published on: 2023-10-12 23:17:57

 Hi guys, name is Vishal. I'm 19 yrs old. This is the story of how the tantrik and I fucked my mother in front of the whole family. My moms name is Mitali.

My exams had just gotten over. My mom came over and told me that we were going to Azampur, our native place.I had never been there. I was told that it was a proper village and there women were very conservative and shy types. It was my family re-union and around 50 of our family people were coming there. We had a huge palace type bungalow so accommodation was not a problem.

My dad had an emergency meeting and cancelled his trip at the last moment. So me and mom left for Azampur. Everyone in the train was staring at my mom. I couldn't sleep in the night because I had to keep an eye on my mom because of the people who were just waiting to pounce on my mom. We reached Azampur safely. Our servant, Ramesh, received us and took us home. It was an 2 hr ride. Everyone was very tired.

The bungalow was huge. It was filled with people. I quickly met up with my cousins and we discussed about all the hot chachi’s and mami’s who had come over. Many of my favourite aunts were present and I just couldn't wait to watch them. My cousin had already found out the peeping places of the bungalow.So we were just waiting for someone to go for a bath.So i was interacting with my uncles when :-

“Arre vishal , jaldi aa , ritu chachi is going for a bath” he whispered in my ear

“kya baat kar raha hai ? Lets go fast i dont want to miss a second also ” i said

Both of us walked through the crowds of people and reached the peeping spot. Ahh what a great view it was.Ritu Chachi had just entered the bathroom.She looking at herself in the mirror and admiring her beauty,playing with her hair.Slowly all of her clothes came down and she was standing in all her naked glory.Both of us jacked off seeing her wash her amazing boobs and wide ass.

We both went down to the hall.Just then i saw my mom walking across the hall with a towel in her hand.A thought went through my mind.I slapped myself and said what i was doing was wrong.But then i looked at her walking away.Her amazing ass was swaying from left to right , right to left … that was enough for me.I thought i would just take a peek and leave.

As i was going towards the peeping spot , various thoughts were going through my mind …. Vishal don't do this she is your mother , this is incest , what if anybody saw you …. fuck it i said and proceeded.I reached there before mom.I took my position and was ready for the action to begin.The door knob lowered and my mom entered.My heart skipped a bit , i looked left and right , no-one was there.Looked at mom — she was looking very beautiful or even mmore so because i had never thought of her that way.

My heart rate was increasing by the second.I was getting the back view now.My mom was wearing a salwar kameez.Off came the dupatta on the floor. Slowly the salwar was going…i could see her full bare back and her black bra strap…I was enjoying this more than Ritu Chachi even she is hotter than my mom.

Then she was loosening her salwar.In one second she let go of the salwar and down it went to ther floor.the beauty of her bare legs , thighs and
ass were exposed.I couldn't believe that these treasures were hidden from me since such a long time.Then suddenly she turned.Her boobs coming into view for the first time.What a heavenly shape those tits had.

The bra and panty came down sooner than anything.There as shameless as i could get was watching my mother fully naked.Her gigantic melons with the dark brown erect nipple were a treat to the eye.Her bush was looking like a forest between paradise.I so wanted to get there.


” Whos there , Kaun hai udhar ” …. Shouted Mom

Before anyone could look i was out of sight.

But what this incident did was made me aware of my mothers assets which were so far hidden from me.I was very excited at the prospect of me being between those legs of hers.I wanted her someway or the other…The feeling of an incestuous relationship had grown inside me

So all of the family had dinner in the hall area and went to the respective rooms to sleep

I straight away went to my bed and lay down.All i could think of was my mom.Her tits , ass and pussy were flashing through my mind.I loved those images and my raging hard-on just approved of that.Whole night the debate was going on in my mind as to what i was doing was right or wrong.Later in the end my mind had come to a decision that a mother was there to satisfy all the needs of her child doesn't matter even if they were sexual.

I got up in the morning with a fresh new approach towards my mother.I could hardly interact with her during the day as there were so many people around and she was busy with them.Then I and my cousin got down to our usual business of watching our aunts take a bath.After watching 2-3 aunts we went down and were sitting in the hall.

My cousin , Babu , who was of Azampur , offered to take me around the city.While we were walking :

Babu : How do you like my village ?

Me : Its great . Very different from the city .

Babu : Yeah , that it is . So tell me for how much time have you come ?

Me : I think around 3 – 4 days more i think

Babu : Accha . I have something to talk to you about .Its very serious

Me : Is that you why you got me out ?

Babu : Yeah.

Me : What is it ?

Babu : I have seen you spying on various aunts while they were having their baths.How did you think no one will see you doing that?

Me : Babu , look i am very sorry.I will stop it immediately just don't tell anyone , please babu

Babu : Leave all that , tell me one thing why were you watching your own mother ?

Me : Ohh , so you saw that also . Look that was an accident

Babu : Rubbish , i saw u went to the peeping spot as soon as you her going for a bath

Me : Arre , ok i just wanted to see how my mother looked without her clothes

Babu : How did she look ? Because she looks great with them

Me : Babu , you're getting too personal now

Babu : So you want me to tell everyone now ?

Me : Ohh ok , she was great man and to say the truth her naked images are just stuck in my mind . Her boobs still revolve in my head

Babu : Do you want to fuck her ?

Me : Ahhh …. No

Babu : Think again , i can help you

Me : What ? What will you get by helping me

Babu : All i need is 2000 Rs , which isn't a big sum for you

Me : Whats the guarantee ?

Babu : Have trust in me bhaiyya

Me : Okay . Its a deal.But i still don't know how you are going to do it

Babu : hahah , you just wait and watch

With that i saw that we reached our main gate.Babu had left.All i was left was thoughts of me fucking my mother and as to how Babu planned to do it.It was lunch time.My eyes were fixed on mom.I was making her naked with my eyes.

” vishal , follow me quietly ” someone whispered in my ears

It was Babu.I followed him to the terrace.

Babu : Great news for you.You can fuck her tonight only

Me : Huh ? How so fast

Babu : Leave all that.I have arranged for a tantrik.He will do the trick for you

Me : Tantrik ? What can he do now ?

Babu : You just listen to me carefully now . It is very important for you to understand the signs . I will not be by your side all the time

Just remember listen to the tantrik carefully and understand what he is saying.I am leaving now the tantrik will be here by 6 after sunset.Be ready

He left saying that.A tantrik ? This Babu must be nuts i thought.How can a tantrik help me get my mother to get to bed with me.Anyways i waited with anticipation for sunset and the tantrik to come.It became 6.Sun was almost set.Excitement was growing inside me.I was sitting in the hall.

I man with a long robe was entering the house.He had long hair and a stick and broom in his hands.I thought it was him.This was it my time had come

” Bhushan Sahab bahar aaye ” (bhushan was our family name)

” Jaldi bahar aayein Bahut sankat hai idhar”

“Kya hua Baba-ji ? ” Bhushan sahab asked

“I have come to know ki ek chudail (evil witch) is there in this house”

“What are you saying!!!”

“I have come to warn you.Beware of the misery that awaits you.There are going to be many tragedies in this house”

AHHHHHHHHH …. our ritu chachi screamed.

The anciet grandfather clock fell just before her.It could have easily killed anyone as it was huge.It was obvious to me that Babu had done that.I was getting convinced slowly that tonite mite be my lucky night.

“See as i told.Misfortune has come to this house”

“Please help us Babaji . Save us from this wrath” pleaded Bhushan Sahab

” Ok sahabji . Call all the members of this house immediately at the garden area”

All the family members were assembled in the garden area.There was growing anxiety in everybody.

Babu : Vishal , best of luck buddy , in about an hour you will be fucking your mom right here in front of everyone

Me : Here ? In front of everyone ? What is he going to do ?

Babu : He will tell everyone that your mother is possessed and the rest you will have do . Your on your own from now

Me : Hmm….Okay….Thanks for the help

Saying that Babu left . I was still confused . All the members had arrived . I was sitting next to mom.

Bhushan-ji : Babaji , will everything be alright ?

Babaji : Only time will tell . Please have patience

Bhushan-ji : Do anything you want babaji , we have full faith in you

Babaji : I will try my best

Babaji then sat near the fireplace.He was loudly chanting some mantra’s and heavy smoke was coming out from the fire.What a great actor he was i must admit.No-one could have ever guessed his motive of coming.He chanted his mantras for about 15 mins and then came to a sudden halt.He opened his eyes with a jerk . He got up and came walking towards my Ritu Chachi

Babaji : Whats your name , child ?

Ritu : Ritu , Babaji

Babaji : Go and sit near the fireplace , do not panic

Ritu : But what has happened ?

Babaji : Just do as I say

Bhushan-ji : Ritu beti , just go listen to him

She went and sat there.Everyone was staring at her.She was feeling very scared.A thought crossed my mind as to what if the baba confused my mother with Ritu Chachi.As he was walking back he turned , looked around for a while , and pointed his stick at my mom.My mom understood got up and went to the fireplace

The whole families attention was on these two ladies.Mine was especially on mom , who was looking gorgeous in her blue salwaar kameez.She was visibly tensed though.

Babaji : My senses have told me that these two ladies pose great threat to the family , and therefore they must be purified

Bhushanji : Whatever you say , please go ahead

Babaji : Before starting the purification , i need to make them ready

Babaji picked up his broom , and started gently touching it to my mom and chachi.He then sprinkled some holy water and chanted mantras.He then sprayed a powder

Babaji : Both of you ladies , please lie down on the floor

The ladies did so.My mom was getting nervous.She was taking very heavy breaths with which her tits were moving up and down nicely and it was a great view for everyone

Babaji then covered their bodies with neem leaves.His assistant came with a big fat book.Babaji started loudly chanting the mantra’s . He was hitting them with the broom violently.Suddenly the flame in the fireplace started getting brighter and brighter and then there was a huge flame which burst , due to which the fire stopped burning

There was silence all around

Babaji: How can this happen ? This is not possible

Bhushan : What happened ? anything wrong ?

Babaji : Extinguishing of the fire is a very bad omen.It means we were under-estimating your troubles

Babaji was then having a small meeting with his fellow assistants.They got 2 lemons and placed in front of the two ladies.The lemon was wrapped in a cloth.They chanted a mantra and then opened the cloth

Babaji : I have good and bad news for you
Good news is Ritu is out of danger now.But Mitali is in even more danger

Bhushan : Now what will we have to do ?

Babaji : There is an even more extensive purification process.That is our last hope

Bhushan : Please , do anything but save her

Babaji : For this treatment , i will have to request the lady to remove her clothing

Bhushan : WHAT ???????

Mitali : No way , i am doing this , bhushan-ji please stop all this

Babaji : Its your wish.You’l can decide but let me warn that we must act fast or else

Bhushan : How can she remove her clothes like this in front of everyone ?

Babaji : This is an extensive process , i need to work directly with her body

Bhushan : Okay , so can the rest leave ?

Babaji : Not all . I need around 20 people around here including you and her immediate family

So most of the far-off relatives left.Around 8 – 9 females were present along with around 10 males of our family.

Mitali : I am not getting into all this.I am leaving right now.I don't believe in all this black magic

Bhushan : Beti , please listen to him.Its for the good of our family

Mitali : But how can I , aap bhi samajhne ki koshish kijiye

Bhushan : Beti , anyways our family business is down these days , and now if there is a problem please help in solving it

Mitali : I dont know what to do

Babaji : So what have you’ll decided ?

Bhushan : Babaji , she is ready , please do it as soon as possible

Babaji : Very well then . Please remove your clothing and lie down on your back.For the time being , you may wear your bra and panty but they may also be needed to be removed later on in the process

Mom reluctantly got up and slowly opened the nada of her kameez.Tears started flowing down her eyes as her kameez passed her milky white thighs.No sooner was her salwar also off and she laid there only in her bra and panties.My hard-on was difficult to cover.Her matching black bra and panty made her look very attractive

Babaji’s assistant came running with a bottle in his hands.Babaji then mixed with the holy water and powder and chanted some mantra’s

Babaji : We must now rub this oil on her body.This is to protect her

Babaji took the oil in his hand and started from her feet.He massaged her feet gently and slowly made his up her smooth fine legs.I could see baba enjoying this.Now he was on her thighs which he was squeezing gently.He was stroking up and down on moms lovely thighs and mom let out a mild groan ‘ ahhh , ufff ‘
He skipped her pubic area and went to her stomach.It was a vast expanse and baba was freely running over his hand all over moms stomach and navel.Baba was breathing heavily due to which her boobs were shaking.He told to her to lie on her stomach and applied the oil nicely on her back.

Babaji : I am going to remove your bra and panties and apply the oil there also

Before mom could say anything , baba unhooked her bra strap.He forcefully turned her and removed her bra.My mom was getting her massive melons squeezed on the pretext of getting oil applied.Baba applied oil to each and every corner of her breasts and it looked as if he was playing with them.He pinched her nipples due to which mom groaned loudly ‘ AHHHH please ‘

He went downwards now.Her stripped mom of her panty and now she was lying completely naked in front of around 20 people including her son.He slowly and playfully applied oil to her bush.He groped moms ass and started rubbing oil there also.He was literally squeezing her ass with his hands.Then came the most shocking part.He took his finger and put it in her pussy.

‘AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ‘ ‘ What are you doing ‘ ?? … shouted Mitali

‘This is the part of the treatment and please don't disturb me’

Saying that he continued fingering mom to which my mom couldn't stop moaning.All the men had a glow on their faces and look delighted at the sight of my naked mom getting fingered

Babaji : Ok , so now oil has been applied everywhere
She is completely ready for the treatment

All i need is now her husband

Bhushan : Her husband isn't here.He is away on a business trip

Babaji : Ohh no . Is her son or daughter here ?

Me : I'm vishal , her son

Babaji : Look my boy , you need to help out your mother now.I need you to fully co-operate with me

Me : What do i have to do ?

Babaji : See i needed someone from here immediate family because only true passion will help her to be free of the evil

Me : So ?

Babaji : You might need to express your love for your mother … By love i mean true love

Me : I dint get you

Babaji : You might have to get intimate with your mother . Since you are here son you might need to cleanse her from the evils through through love or by intercourse

Me : What ??? Intercourse with mom ? Are you mad ?

Babaji : Please mind your language.I know what i am doing.And if you quit now if will be disastrous to say the least

The whole crowd was quiet.They weren't sure as to what were they going to see next.Was a mother going to be fucked by her son in front of her whole family just to cure her of a illness which isn't even sure of

Babaji : Dont waste time , Vishal

Me : I still don't believe this.Mom say something

Mitali : I don't know what to say beta.I am lying naked here in front of everyone and have already been finger fucked , so I don't mind anything that happens now

Babaji : When your mother doesn't mind , then why are you creating a nuisance?

I got up from my seat and went to the main area were my mom was lying naked.My hard-on grew even harder.The movements which her tits were making due to her heavy breathing got me very excited.Her pink pussy lips covered beautiful by her jet black bush was also a treat.

Me : What do i have to do know ?

Babaji : This is the last phase of the treatment.You also remove all your clothes and stand

He made me stand stark naked with my big hard on visible to everyone.I saw my mom look at it and it seemed as if she has a thought in her mind as to how it grew so big

Babaji : Proceed towards your mother now and cleanse her youni

Me : What is a youni , Babaji ?

Babaji whispered in my ear.It was her pussy

I went close to mom slowly.I put my hands on her bare thighs.She trembled but did not say anything.I moved her legs apart.I could see clearly the place from where i came.My mouth went on her stomach.I took my tongue out and slid it downwards.Her smooth black pussy hair was in my mouth.I kissed it.Mom was shaking now.With the slowest pace ever i went down on her and reached her pink pussy lips.

‘UUUFFFFFHHHH’ shouted maa

‘Shabash son , keeping going’ said Babaji

My tongue was rolling all over inside her pussy , going deeper and deeper each time.Her wet pussy was wonderful to taste.Mom was moving terribly now and seemed to enjoy it.Her pussy was dripping wet.My excitement grew and i was venturing deeper and deeper.

Babaji : Enough my son , well done

I still dint stop.My tongue kept licking her pussy.Mom didn't mind either.I started licking her love spot even more vigorously.I could sense that mom was gonna cum but i had to stop since i had to show some decency in front of the family members

Babaji : You have cleaned well with your tongue , now do it with lingam.

Me : Babaji , shouldn't i use a condom?

Babaji : No , not at all.The oil will ensure you dont make your mother pregnant

I knew that was bullshit.But i dint care.But i wanted a blowjob

I whispered in Babaji’s ears to do something

Babaji : Bfore that , i think even Vishal’s lingam needs to be cleansed.Mitali please don't mind and do it for us

Mitali : Ji , Babaji

It seemed as if it didnt matter to mom now.She was now a puppet in our hands.Mom got up and came towards me.She did not look at me into the eye.She was highly embarrassed.She took my cock in her hand and stood for a while.Her heavy breathing was making me as horny as hell.Then all of a sudden she opened her mouth and gulped it in like a pro.Her mouth was so warm and it was the most lovely feeling in the world.It looked as if she was experienced cock-sucker.I was myself pushing my cock deeper in her mouth and then came the ultimate moment ….. My mom had my whole cock in her mouth

‘Ahhhh I cant control’ i shouted embarrassingly

‘No beta u must ejaculate now , you cant waste it’

Without wasting any time , i told my mom to lie down on the floor.I went on top of her like a hungry animal and pounced on her boobs.I licked and bit her nipples and then proceeded to fuck her.

With one great thrust , my cock entered my mom.’AHHHH slowly beta’ was my moms response.Instead of getting slow , i was getting faster.I was like a beast .I was pounding her pussy with great force.Her tits were bouncing and shaking wildly in the air.In , out , in , out my cock was ramming her pussy hard.I acquired a rhythmic motion and was going deeper and deeper.

‘ Mom , you're very beautiful ‘ i said

‘ thann … ‘ she couldn't even complete because I put my tongue in her mouth and violently smooched her.With my cock in her pussy and tongue in her mouth it feel great

‘ Stop , son … stop immediately ‘ Said Baba with eyes full of lust

‘ What happened ? ‘

‘ Nothing is happening , it seems , we must change things ‘

‘ What should i do now ? ‘

‘I think even i will have to join in now …. ‘

The bastard wanted to fuck my mother and i couldn't even refuse

‘Okay Baba , i will take her ass then’

Baba removed his clothes and laid down on the floor.His cock standing at 90 degrees.There came mom and sat on his cock.Mom was riding him like a pro , her violent tits going out of control.

‘Aao beta , you enter from the back’

I groped my moms ass and spread it nicely.As i was entering my cock mom said ‘ i am a virgin from there , go slow son’

My cock lay on the tip of her asshole.It was tight was even half of my cock wasn't in.It was tough because she was also moving up , down riding on Babaji’s cock.

Bang!It went in full.Tears came out of my mom. It was that hard.I was ramming my moms virgin tight ass.Then i got in the flow and grabbed moms boobs from behind and starting squeezing them.

So here lay my mom filled with two cocks in front of the whole family.Wonder how many men of the family will jack off tonight thinking of this incident.It all came to an end with both of us ejaculating in her.

We both left the next day.Before leaving i thanked Babu and payed him 5000 instead.

On the way back , in the train , my mom was sleeping on her berth.I approached her and smooched her.I stripped her and fucked her the whole night and she didn't even utter a word.