Sex with Mom and her Boyfriend

Hi, I am Latha. I am now aged 22 and come from a very conservative, traditional Tamil speaking family settled in Bangalore. I have a sister named Sudha who is two years older than me. Both of us are now married to respectable families. But I should now share my very sexy experiences with you. I promise you that this is a real life experience, which will thrill and titillate you. 

Guys! Hands on your throbbing cocks and Girls! Fingers into your hole. Get started with my Experience. 

Life was a normal middle class one and both of us sisters were virgins when we got married. Sudha got married four years back, when she was 20 and I married three years back after completing 19. My parents were in Bangalore. Sudha’s husband was in Europe and she moved in after her wedding. Soon after my wedding, my hubby got a job in Gulf and we went over there. After that it was only communication over phone, e-mails and chat with my sister for four years. Both of us gave birth to our child in the respective countries. When we were there, we got the information, that our parents were separated and that my father had left Bangalore.

My unforgettable sexual experience took place one a pleasant November morning in 1998 i.e. two years back, when I came back to Bangalore after my child birth. My hubby’s younger brother was also in Gulf and his wife Bhavana had also borne a child just then. Both of us came to Bangalore. We went straight to the house of our sister-in-law Archana – a very sweet girl recently married. 

Archana told me that my parents were separated because my father could not satisfy my mother sexually. She also told me that my mother was now living in with a boy friend by name Amar. I had briefly known Amar during my childhood. He was young – around Sudha’s age and I was surprised that my mother was so sexually charged to live with some one eighteen years younger than her. 

The next day, which was a bright and pleasant Friday morning, I went to my mother’s home. The house is situated in a small but independent plot of land. My mother was alone at home. She was delighted to see me after more than one year and also my infant. I did not open the subject about father or Amar. In a few minutes Amar came home and smiled at me. 

Later mom told that she has some kitchen work and asked me and Amar to chat around till lunch. We were generally talking about common matters and I noticed that Amar’s eyes were hovering on my boobs. Now, I have to confess that I have very massive boobs – around 40 DDD cup size. Though I am tanned brown in color, my facial features are very good and attractive and my figure good to boast with massive tits, slender and soft waist and nice rounded ass. After my childbirth I stopped wearing bra so that it will be easy to breast-feed. Amar was virtually stripping me with his eyes and ogling at my boobs, accentuated by a tight blouse and covered demurely by sari. Amar was wearing a dhoti and shirt.

I could see that his prick was straining against his underwear below his dhoti. After some time my baby started crying. Mom suggested that it was hungry and that I should breast-feed. Amar gingerly carried the baby to me and placed it on my lap. At this time I was in the process of unhooking my blouse and his hands brushed against my right nipple. I unhooked only two hooks and pulled out my right nipple to feed the child. 

Amar said that doing so will injure my breast and that I should remove all the hooks. He helped me remove all the hooks and again brushed against my right nipple. My nipples started swelling with passion. My areola, which is more than 1″ in diameter was swelling and my nipple stuck out like a small prick. Amar was watching my baby suckle my right nipple. Meanwhile he came behind me and removed by blouse altogether. Now my sari was covering my left  breast only and the right breast exposed to the baby and Amar.

After the feeding was over, I did not bother to arrange the sari properly or to put on my blouse again. I was giving a free view to Amar and getting a kink out of it. I felt very free with my breasts wobbling whenever I moved and I think, it showed seductively to Amar. Mom was watching all this and smiled appreciatively. Then she called us for lunch. As it was Friday – holy day for Hindus, as was customary, she said that we should eat traditionally out of banana leaves only. As my visit was not expected, there was only one banana leaf. 

So Mom asked Amar and me to eat out of the same leaf. To those, who are not used to South Indian Customs, I can say here that normally two or more persons eat out different plates or leaves and the plates are not supposed to touch one another also. Only married couple on their Suhaag raat is supposed to eat out of one plate. Amar snuggled close to me so that he can also eat out of the same leaf. He had removed his shirt by then. His bare shoulder was rubbing against my bare shoulder. He would often lean across to see if my boobs were bobbing.

Playfully, we went for the same piece of potato and tried to pluck out of one hand. But he won. He ate half of the potato and put the other half directly into my mouth. Mom was seeing all this and enjoying. Now, I was having a hell of time with my pussy. I had had sex with my husband only for a few weeks after wedding and I became pregnant. During my pregnancy and after childbirth we had no sex. So, with no sex for more than one year and with the closeness with Amar and his playful touching sent my pussy into a tizzy. I was glad, I was at least wearing panties. Otherwise, my pussy juices would have wetted my beautiful sari.

After lunch, Mom asked us to go to the “private room and relax”. We instinctively knew, what she meant. I had a tingle up my spine to fuck with my mom’s boy friend. When we reached the “private room”, which contained a large king-sized bed, Amar just whirled around and removed his dhoti. I could now see his cock pressing against the underwear. I gave his cock an all-knowing smile and hugged Amar. We ground our lips together and our tongues entwined. I mashed my enormous boobs against his bare chest and rubbed my hand over his dick. His hand pressed my sari against my ass crack to feel my wetness.

I pushed him to bed and slowly slid down his body to his belly. My sari was, by now no more covering my tits. The tits rubbed over his underwear-covered dick, making both the nipples and his dick throb further. I caught his underwear by my teeth and pulled down exposing a magnificent 8″ long rod of meat. I was very surprised to see that all his pubic hairs surrounding the cock were shaved clean. This made me think of my husband, who also regularly made me shave his pubic hair. He would also regularly make it a point to shave my pubis every week. The tip of the dick was covered with pre- cum, which I gently licked. I then took the entire tool of meat into my throat and moved my tongue seductively over it. My hands were tickling under his balls and near his anal opening. 

I was surprised at my own behaviour. I had never before seen a nude man before except my hubby. I had never performed fellatio to my hub. Coming from a very traditional South Indian family, such behaviour was unthinkable. Such a thought gave me a tingle of pleasure. Before he could shoot his load, I took my mouth from his prick and asked him if I could kiss him again with his pre-cum in my mouth. He was glad and kissed me and his pre-cum from my mouth. He relished it.

In the meanwhile, he had whipped out what was left of my sari. As he  was kissing me, two of his fingers went past my panty and he was fingering my clit and cunt at the same time sending me into a mini orgasm. I moved away from him, twirled around as if I was a strip teaser, turned around, bent so that my ass was protruding and slowly slid my panties down. Soon I was left without a stitch on. Just imagine, a respectably married South Indian woman standing before a stranger, stark naked as if just born. 

Amar, immediately pushed me to the bed, hoisted my legs up and dove with his tongue protruding at my neatly shaven pussy. He licked me furiously to my first orgasm with a stranger. It was also the first time my pussy was licked, as my hubby never liked to eat pussy. I was proud that I had at last got rid of the chastity, which Indian women so cherish. Then, he stuck his ramrod into my pussy and went on banging the whole meat in and out. I was screaming furiously and mouthing obscenities, which I had read in some secret porno books. My boobs were sliding and swinging madly and I came upon orgasm after orgasm. Soon, he shot a whole load into my pussy and still went on ramming it right in.

At that time I heard a sound of applause, which was in rhythm to my new lover fucking me. I opened my eyes to see my dear Mom applauding our fucking effort. Oops! I forgot to say, mom was as naked as we were. She stopped clapping and started massaging her own tits. She bent down, pulled one of her own nipples to her mouth and started sucking it till it grew to a massively long one. I had never seen a naked woman before and much less I had not imagined seeing my Mom naked in front of me. The size of my mom’s nipple sticking out was far longer than I could ever imagine. I used to be proud about my own nipple’s length, but my mom’s now dwarfed it. 

She pulled Amar away from my pussy, bent down and inserted her erect nipple into my swollen, wet pussy hole and started fucking me with the nipple. The very thought of it sent me into a huge orgasm, completely drenching my mom’s breasts. I immediately took mom’s breasts to my mouth and started licking my own cum of it. Amar joined me in my effort and soon we had Mom’s boobs neat and clean. Then each of us sucked at each nipple. I was surprisingly rewarded with warm and refreshing milk from her right breast and Amar from the left. I drank one mouthful of milk; then sucking another mouthful of it, pressed my mouth against Mom’s and poured the milk into her mouth, which she drank greedily. Amar also repeated the same. Then Amar and I exchanged my mom’s milk into each other’s mouth. Mom, then took my nipples into her mouth and drank my breast milk also. In this world, you might have heard of a daughter drink her mother’s milk, when the daughter is still a baby. But I was privileged at the age of 20 to not only drink my mother’s milk and share it with her boy friend but also to breast feed my mother and her boy friend.

After this, I laid down on my back and mom on my top in 69 position and started to tongue each other’s pussies and tickle each other’s assholes. Suddenly, Amar’s huge prick came into view, pushed my tongue out of mom’s pussy and started entering it doggie style. I guided Amar’s cock into its rightful place inside mom’s love box. I got a good view of mom being thoroughly fucked by her boy friend. I also had the opportunity to bite mom’s swollen clit, lick mom’s cunt lips and also Amar’s ball bags all at the same time. After about 10 minutes of intense fucking, I sensed Mom was shaping up for her orgasm. 

The slurping sound made by Amar’s prick in Mom’s cunt and Mom’s mouth against my cunt was too much for me to bear. I had orgasmed twice in this encounter. I sharply pinched the skin beneath Amar’s bags. This sent him into an enormous orgasm. Mom, sensing the impending orgasm, cupped her mouth and blew into my cunt hole. This was too much and sent me over the edge. All three of us came together  and fell on each other in a heap. It took us another 10 minutes to come to senses, after which we licked and cleaned each other’s genitals. I slowly and hesitantly called Mom aside and whispered to her, if she knew anything about ass fucking. Mom chided me “Don’t be so secretive on sex matters, Latha. All is fair in war, love & sex. Ask for it or demand it from Amar” she suggested. Then they got me on all fours on the bed and pressed by head down. 

Mom got under me and started fucking my pussy once again with her “mock cock” i.e. her firm nipples. In about a minute, my pussy was pouring. She put a few of her fingers in to my pussy, scooped out some pussy juice and applied it on my ass hole. Amar took up the duty of inserting his finger into my ass and lubricating the walls of my outer rectum. Mom took some more cum juice from me and applied it on Amar’s cock causing it to swell further. Then Mom took over the responsibility of leading her young boy friend’s prick to my second sex hole. Amar parted my ample ass cheeks and his prick slowly entered my anus. First, I let out a painful shriek. Mom slowly massaged my free hanging tits and also fingered my cunt even as Amar took further efforts to put in his huge prick into my ass. When about half his prick was inside, he took a deep breath and waited for a few seconds. Mom, in the meanwhile crept below me and stuck her tongue into my cunt. With her left hand, she was fondling my breasts and with her right hand, rubbing Amar’s balls. I clung my mouth on to Mom’s clit and slit and put one of my fingers into Mom’s ass hole. 

When all was ready, with a war cry, Amar thrust in his entire 8″ into my anus and started furiously fucking my ass. At first, the friction was very painful. Later the pain was replaced by ecstasy. With Amar fucking my bottom, Mom sucking my pussy and my breasts being fondled gently, I could not do any tongue fucking justice to Mom and I began shuddering in a series of orgasms flooding Mom’s face with cum. Amar let out another yell and shot his cum into my asshole and immediately pulled out with a plonk. Immediately his cum started flooding from my anus hole. Mom immediately latched on to my ass cheeks and spread the oozing cum all over her pretty face. At the end, Mom looked pretty fucked out with my juices and Amar’s sperm all over her face and dripping down on her tits. We licked and washed our bodies together, paying special attention to our tits and private parts. After we were washed and cleaned out effectively we walked over to the drawing room still in the nude.

Mom had a few snacks and hot tea to bring to our senses. The time was around 4 p.m. when the phone rang and Mom picked it up. She came with glad news that my elder sister Sudha had come down from Europe that morning and would be joining us for dinner at home. She was expected at around 7 p.m. As soon as Mom announced that my elder sister Sudha would come over in a couple of hour’s time, we wanted to get ready for her. We never openly discussed plans among three of us as to the sex encounter possible with Sudha, but I am sure each one must have had his/her own plans. Anyway, I had decided that Sudha should be seduced to our promiscuous methods. 

Amar arranged for the bed to be redone. I cleaned up myself further, did up my hair, braided my long black tresses to plaits in the traditional Indian fashion and generally made my nude body presentable. Mom cooked a great dinner and also took care of her personal hygiene. We decided to get dressed only just before her arrival as we all preferred to romp about in the nude. Just before seven, I took out a long sleeveless gown and slipped into it. The gown was strapped around my shoulders and held with buttons and there was an elastic band, which went below the boobs, which lifted up the boobs further high and partly visible at the top. The boobs also wriggled seductively when I moved and threatened to fall out of the gown if I bent forward. Mom was dressed  in an usual sari and blouse and Amar in a lunghi. All of took care not to wear any underwear, bra or panty. Mom had told me that anyway she had discarded bra and panty for good after coming together with Amar.

Sudha arrived promptly wearing a bright red sari and a red blouse. I must describe Sudha here for you. Though she was 24 when this incident happened, she looked more like a teenager. She is very fair complexioned with a translucent skin. Her skin is milky white at her waist and this color sets off very much against a bright red sari. Her black tresses are also plaited very long like mine and we take care of our tresses very carefully. I remember that before our weddings, I had peeked a few times into the bathroom when Sudha was bathing and taken some breathtaking views of her anatomy. Her lovely breasts, though slightly smaller than mine (around 38 DD) are simply lovely. Her rounded ass looks soft and white. Her long legs will make any man water in his mouth and prick. I had suggested several times to her before wedding that with such good legs she should go in for short skirts, but she was a prim and proper demure Indian Naree. So she would always prefer only traditional South Indian dresses. Of course, Sudha never knew that I used to peek at her nudity.

Coming back to our glorious Friday evening, we invited Sudha. She appeared surprised at Amar, as she had not heard of our Mom’s sexual preferences. We had all met first time after more than a year. After a few words, Mom left for making arrangements for dinner and we sisters were animatedly discussing our lives, carefully avoiding the sex portion of it.

Sudha’s Version of her experiences

I was glad to see Mom and my little sister Latha. I was a little shocked to see that she was wearing a sexy gown showing her cleavage, when there was a 24 year old guy around. Now, I was also surprised at the presence of a guy there. Though I knew that Mom had separated, I did not know that she was horny enough to keep a boy friend 18 years younger than she was. It must have been feeding time for Latha’s infant and she started wailing for breast milk. 

Amar handed over the child to Latha’s lap. Then he leaned across to Latha and unbuttoned the strap on her left shoulder. Slowly pulling back the strap he pulled down the gown on her left side. Latha’s very huge left breast popped into view. My eyes popped out at such a wanton display of anatomy but I decided to keep quiet. Then Latha started feeding the baby in presence of Amar and me. Incidentally I also noticed that Mom did not wear bra and that her breasts were doing a jingle when she walked or laughed. Though I had decided to keep quiet, my sexual instincts did not keep quiet. My nipples started tingling and growing larger. My pussy started oozing at the sight of Latha’s open breast. Frankly, before our wedding, I had, on a couple of occasions peeked into the bathroom to see Latha’s naked body and I was certainly impressed by her boobs.

I remember that before wedding, she was using 37D bra, but now her breast seemed much larger than that. Even after feeding the baby, Latha made no move to cover her open boobs. She went on as if there was nothing new about it. As she talked and laughed, her open breast did a dance by itself and her other breast tried to jump out. I had to restrain myself from reaching out to cup and squeeze the breast. When Mom came into the dining room and saw Latha’s dangling left breast, she made no comment about it and went about talking with me as if everything was normal. She brought out a simple but hearty dinner. The four of us sat in a round, with Latha diagonally opposite to me and Amar and Mom facing one another. In this bizarre situation, I have forgotten to mention about Amar. Amar was finding it a hell of time to conceal his bulge. It was clear that he was not wearing anything under the lunghi and his lunghi was obscenely protruding at  the vital point. So he refused to get up from the sitting position on the floor, lest his erection be fully evident. The whole situation was becoming very humorous.

Amidst the four of us the food plate was placed and Mom served the dishes. Mom instructed us to eat out the same plate and we duly complied. I noticed that Latha and Amar sometimes fed food into one another’s mouth and generally enjoyed it. Mom also once stuffed food into my mouth and the atmosphere was getting sexier. I could smell the scent of cunt all over as I am sure Mom and Latha’s cunt must also have been oozing by then. This was all very new to me. I had been virgin till wedding. In the two years after wedding, I had had a fairly satisfying sex life with my hubby in Germany. I had never thought of sex with any other person – male or female. I had never stripped or tried to demonstrate in public nor had I seen an uncovered cunt or penis except in porno movies. After the playful dinner, Mom instructed that we, youngsters can go to the rest room and she would join us later. The “rest room” as I had guessed turned out to be the bedroom with a king-sized bed in the center with large life sized mirrors on all four sides and one mirror on the ceiling.

As soon as we entered the bedroom, Amar and Latha hugged each other and started French kissing. Then Amar turned to me and put his hand around my shoulders and led me to the bed. As soon as we sat down he put his arms around me and started kissing me in the mouth. The thought of kissing any one other than my hubby was electric and I was locked in the kiss for a very long time. I saw, Latha move over behind Amar and hug him from behind. My hands touched the open boob of Latha and I could not help but squeeze it slightly. Latha took the clue and started rubbing her hands slowly over my blouse on my boobs. 

Meanwhile Amar, sandwiched between the two sisters slowly slipped out of his lunghi and was suddenly naked and still hugging me. His stout prick was rubbing the area of my sari just above my cunt. We moved out of the embrace and Amar laid his back down on the bed. His 8-inch long rod was standing proudly from his belly. Though I had always wanted to suck cock, by hubby never allowed to suck and never sucked my cunt too. I decided to give into my fantasy and took his entire rod into my mouth. Meanwhile, Latha too decided to fight for her share of cock. In the ensuing fight, we sisters started licking the erect cock first and later started licking each other’s tongues. My French kiss with my sister was simply marvelous. It was my first kiss of another woman and I found it very satisfying especially your own little sister kissing. Latha had also removed my blouse and bra. I was left with my sari covering my otherwise free breasts. 

Amar’s prick was now crying for attention. Latha walked down to the feet of Amar and lifted her gown above her waist, to reveal a neatly shaven cunt. The sight of such a lovely babyish cunt sent me into a tizzy. Lifting her gown up, she daintily walked up to the toes of Amar and playfully rubbed her clit on his toes. Then she slowly moved and kneeled on the bed so that her cunt lips were directly above the upright pole of Amar. Without touching either her cunt lips or Amar’s prick with her hand and without any help from Amar, she just sat down so that the great prick was buried to the hilt inside her love hole. She then let her gown down so that their groins were blocked from view. She then cupped her open lovely breast and brought the nipple up to her own mouth and started licking and sucking it. Then she started gyrating motions on Amar making him fuck up her pussy hole. I moved over to Amar’s head and sat down near Amar’s head. Then pulling up my sari to reveal my white thigh, placed his head on my naked thigh and started breast feeding him. Amar received a flush of warm milk from my left breast. 

After feeding some more milk, I bent down on his mouth and sucked some of the milk left in his mouth. With my milk in my mouth I walked over to Latha and kissed her. As she was also sucking her own breast, she had some of her own milk in her mouth. We exchanged milk from each other’s mouth and drank the mouthful. I slowly lifted Latha’s gown over head to reveal a totally nude Latha. Latha told me that it was very unfair on my part to still sport my sari, though the sari had now slid from my upper torso and I was already nude waist upwards. I was very much upset by Latha’s observation and immediately made amends by stripping off my sari and panties. Meanwhile, Amar and Latha continued to fuck and reached their fucking orgasms together. Latha got off from Amar’s cock after their orgasm and laid down beside him. 

Both of them presented their crotches for me to lick and clean, which I did with great gusto. I found that sucking cunt was as interesting if not more than fellatio. Amar, told us that I also had to have a fair share of cunt licking and so asked to lie beside Latha on a 69 position. Soon, both of us sisters were animatedly licking each other’s pussies and fondling clits. And again very soon I had another tongue lashing at my crotch. I looked down to see Amar going at my cunt hole and ass hole with his tongue. And in a few seconds, I had competition for my monopoly over Latha’s holes also. I looked up and saw my naked Mom lunge her head towards her younger daughter’s ass hole and stick her long tongue into the orifice. After Latha had one enormous orgasm, Mom’s mouth moved away and I also felt Amar’s tongue move away from my crotch. 

But my crotch had no respite. Amar replaced his tongue with his now erect cock. He began pounding my pussy with his cock, his balls slamming against my ass cheeks. Below me, Latha was giving a good tongue lashing to my clit and simultaneously milking my breasts on her very own. After helping Amar insert his cock into my cunt, Mom also took position by putting her mouth on Latha’s ass hole and at the same time furiously finger fucking herself. Latha came first, exploding her juices all over Mom’s and my faces. We licked each other’s faces clean and for the first time I French kissed Mom.

Meanwhile, Amar was increasing the pace of his fucking. Mom moved around and offered her cunt and ass hole to Amar’s and Latha’s fingers respectively and she inserted two of her fingers into my asshole. I could not handle Amar’s intense fucking of my cunt; my mother’s fingers in my rectum and Latha’s fondling of my breasts at a the same time and I came with a huge orgasm. Amar also joined me with a simultaneous spurt of semen into my distant reaches of my vagina. 

We both jointly flooded Latha’s mouth. Latha did not miss a single drop and took every drop of both our cum into her mouth. She then moved out from under me. Amar also slipped his limp cock from my crotch. I French kissed Latha and tasted some of our (Amar’s and my) joint fluid in her mouth, which she gladly parted with me. In all this confusion, Latha and Amar continued to finger Mom’s cunt and ass holes continuously till she too erupted into orgasm. Then I took my position below Mom in 69 position and started tonguing her pussy and nether holes. 

Latha scooped out some samples of cum from my puss, her own and Mom’s and fed the concoction into Mom’s asshole and started fingering it. I reached out from under Mom and found Amar’s limp cock within my reach. I started doing a hand job on the prick, making it harden slightly. Latha made my job easier by sucking his cock to an enormous size. Then slowly she led his slippery cock between the massive ass cheeks of my dear mother and into her anal orifice. As both ass and cock were well lubricated, Amar went in straight into the pink orifice of Mom’s ass hole and began fucking in right earnest. Below, mother, I slid down slightly and replaced my mouth  with two of my fingers inside her cunt hole. Slowly I inserted one more finger. 

After playing around with three fingers inside Mom’s vagina, she squirted her juices on my hand. Now, that my entire right hand was wet with Mom’s juices I cupped all my fingers together and in one movement stuck my entire right hand beyond Mom’s cunt lips. She let out a scream and later started making fucking movements against my hand. My hand was inside Mom up to the wrist. I could feel Amar’s prick in her rectum, separated from my hand by only a thin membrane. I timed the movement of my hand with that of Amar’s prick and soon Amar shot his load into the recesses of Mom’s rectum.

Meanwhile, Latha had taken charge of my pussy lips and was licking the lips and clit till I shot my juices on her face. We all then took rest for a few minutes. Then Mom went to one corner of the bedroom, opened a cupboard and took out two pieces of what looked like jewellery. Each one was a string of pearls with around twenty five pearls in each string strung together with gold. The pearls were arranged from one end to another according to size. 

Both the strings were identical. Latha & I asked whether these pearl necklaces were meant as gifts to us for satisfying her sexually. She laughed affirmatively but said that they can be worn as necklaces only after their initial utility was demonstrated. She made me and Amar go on all fours on the bed. She took hold of my ass cheeks and instructed Latha to take hold of Amar’s. Then they both went about tonguing our ass holes. Mom expertly inserted her long tongue into my rectum and twirled it around. When we were sufficiently aroused and our asses lubricated, she started inserting one pearl after another into my asshole starting from the largest. 

Seeing this Latha also did the same to the necklace in her hand into Amar’s asshole. Soon the entire set of pearls was inside our anus and a golden string was hanging out of our ass cheeks. Latha found this sight very interesting and immediately fished out a camera and took shots of Amar and me in various positions with the jewellery obscenely hanging out of our ass holes. Then I was made to lie back down on the bed and Amar’s prick was led to my pink cunt lips. With some mouthing from Latha on my cunt lips and on Amar’s cock, the dick slid into me smoothly. Both the golden strings from our asses were very close to each other. 

Mom hooked both of them together, so that Amar and I were delightfully tied together with pearl necklaces inside our asses. I felt the pearl beads move inside my rectum, which made me immediately cum. Then, Amar started his rhythmic fucking. For each fucking movement, I felt the necklace being tugged at my ass hole. For every thrust, one pearl was pulled out from each of our asses. As the larger pearls started moving past the ass hole lips, we lost control of the whole matter and Amar and I exploded together in a massive orgasm. The necklaces were partly left in our holes. Mom admonished us from separating ourselves and ordered Amar to hug me and lie down beside me without removing his cock from my cunt. We hugged each other’s slippery bodies with cock still inside me. Mom laid down behind me mashing her huge 40DDD titties on my back and her hand round my waist to the joining point of Amar’s cock with my genital.

Latha laid down behind Amar, mashing her 40DDD tits on Amar’s back and placing my hand on her tits, while herself fondling my 38DD tits. We drifted away to sleep the night in each other’s arms. The next morning, Mom was awake before us. She woke us up by dangling her delicious breasts over our faces. Amar & I went for it immediately and immediately started suckling breast milk from her. Mom once again admonished us not to separate him cock from my cunt. Meanwhile, his cock had grown considerably and stuck inside my vagina. 

Latha also woke up and took her share of mother’s milk from my mouth and Amar’s  mouth. 

Experiences continued by Sudha

This is Sudha, Latha’s elder sister writing to all you cunt lovers. I had described to you the events on Friday evening when I lost all my modesty and chastity forgot my chaste upbringing and fucked and sucked like a whore. I loved the company of my big busted younger sister, my seductive Mom and the long prick of Amar (Mom’s live in boy friend) and enjoyed their fucking from 9 pm to the wee hours of 3 on Saturday morning. Mom woke us on Saturday at around 11 am and dangled her luscious breasts over our faces inviting us to suckle them. My sister and me immediately latched on to the long, thimble-like nipples and drank mouthfuls of milk from Mom’s boobs. We also shared Mom’s milk with our dear Amar by spitting the milk directly from our mouths into his. All this while Amar’s prick continued to grow inside my cunt, where it was put in eight hours back and was not removed.

After the milk session, I sat up on Amar’s pelvis without disturbing the position of his rod and started slowly moving my cunt muscles around his prick. His dick grew unmanageably stiff and he also started moving in unison. My dear sister Latha helped the matter my first bending behind me to lick Amar’s and my anus. Later she mounted her cunt lips on Amar’s mouth and urged him to eat her pussy. As Amar was on double duty with us sisters, we bent towards each other and French kissed. Latha, then bent forward and down to my clit and started tonguing it. This brought me to my first orgasm of the forenoon. I fondled her breasts and squirted milk from her nipples straight into my face and mouth. She did the same to me. 

Some of our milk was also squirted on Amar’s chest, which was between us. Soon the three of us came to huge orgasms. We walked out in the nude; with cunts and prick dripping with cum and breast milk sprayed on our faces and boobs and trickling down teasingly. Mom was in the kitchen doing some work wearing only an apron and nothing under that. She appreciatively eyed the scene where her respectably married daughters were looking like well fucked whores and her young boy friend were standing naked with an erect pole dripping with man and woman cum. Well, that was a good fucking family. 

Mom’s Version of her experiences

My daughters have explained fully the events of the past 24 hours. I hope readers will agree that with so many innovative sex ideas in mind, I could not have got along with a husband, who was prim and proper and never allowed sex more than once or twice a month. And sex used to be a secretive and straightforward affair. I liked to experiment with sex. After the weddings of my daughters, I felt a void in my life till Amar came in to it. Soon, we started having swinging affairs. Though I was 39 and Amar was only 21 when, we first fucked, we both took to each other very well and had regular, wild and intimate sex sessions. Naturally, when hubby came to know of it he did not like it. 

I suggested that we carry on a three-way life amongst us because I could not live without sex at least twice a day. Hubby left me. Financially I was well provided for life, so I had Amar move in to live with me. Life with Amar was very lively. He brought in some more young boys and girls into our fold and I found that I enjoyed lesbian sex as much as with boys. I always kept my body trim and shapely and so all men and some women fell for it. I also started making some money now and then by selling my sex to people.

At this juncture, I heard that my daughters were coming for holidays. I had decided to bring my daughters into this also so as to enhance all our pleasures. I became very happy to see my daughters share my passion for sex and I was really happy that I could mash my breasts with theirs and eat their cunt and ass holes. I was also glad that they enjoyed each others probing tongues and also the great prick of  Amar. Coming back to the glorious events of that November Saturday, I woke up my daughters and my boy friend by dangling my delicious breasts. When they came awake and fucking, I decided to leave the youngsters to their own fun and frolic and resumed my duties as a devoted Indian Housewife at my kitchen.

Soon the kids came into the kitchen looking well fucked and drenched in cum, sweat and breast milk. I kissed each of them passionately taking good care to suckle my daughters’ and lick the cum off Amar’s prick. I reminded them that that day was Karthik Poornima and that they should take a customary oil bath and be fresh for the evening of festivity. Latha informed me that she had invited her newly married sister-in-law Archana and also her hubby’s brother’s wife Bhavana for the festival. Archana, a petite, cute girl, around 19 years at that time, was married just a few weeks earlier. Her husband was employed as a Marine engineer and left for his duty within three weeks after their wedding leaving behind a pretty wife. Bhavana’s hub was employed in the Gulf. She had returned from Gulf along with Latha soon after her childbirth. Bhavana is a few months younger than Latha and a few months older than Archana. 

When Latha told us of their impending arrival, Sudha sought my permission if she could invite her sister-in-law Priya also for the celebrations. I saw Amar’s eyes brighten on hearing the name Priya. We had seen Priya frequently and I knew Amar always had an eye on Priya and had indicated to me that he would like to marry her. Priya is a perky 17 year old girl, with a body, which can make saints to faint. Her well developed, rounded and large breasts were an instant “hit” wherever she went. I guess she must have been wearing a 40″ bra even at the age of 17. Her rounded protruding ass gyrated when she walked and the hips swung nicely. She had sharp facial features and lovely lips that ached to be kissed. I immediately brought up the subject about Amar wanting to marry Priya, and Sudha promised that she would talk to her hubby about it and try to fix it soon. We also decided that at the end of the festival celebrations that evening, the three teenagers namely Archana, Bhavana and Priya would be introduced to our world of fucking and bi- sexual relationship. Amar declared that he would pierce Priya’s hymen with his monstrous cock and relieve her of her virginity that night.

I made arrangements for the customary oil bath for the four of us. The oil was heated to bearable warmth and sufficient SHIKA powder was mixed and kept ready. I also spread a few sheets of rubber on the floor of the bathroom so that oil would not spill causing accidents. Our master bathroom is a fairly large one containing traditional equipment like the water boiler, chimneys etc., as well as modern taps and showers. First, I took a very quick bath and came out of the bathroom to continue the work and kitchen and preparation of festival delicacies and left the bathroom as the playground for the youngsters. 

Amar’s Version of his experiences

Latha & Sudha led me by my cock to the luxurious bathroom. They made me sit down on the floor and poured generous quantities of oil on my head and started massaging the oil into my hair. The oil slid across my face and body. Sudha continued to massage my hair, while Latha moved her hand down and started massaging my neck, back and shoulders. Latha was standing behind Sudha and me. Slowly they came near me and their lithe bodies were rubbing me constantly making my prick wake up from its slumber. Latha’s tits banged against my back and Sudha’s white thighs brushed against my cheeks. Sudha’s clit was only millimeters away from my face. I just reached up and quickly licked the clit. Sudha’s pubic hair was also enticing. 

All of us have forgotten in the story earlier to mention Sudha’s pubis. She has some wisps of hair above her clip and pee opening. Her crotch is covered by soft and silky sparse pubic  hair. Her cunt lips and ass holes are however bare and smooth. This was very different from Latha’s smooth and baby like thoroughly shaved underneath. However, I love both the varieties. When the oiling of my hair and back was completed, the girls made my lie on my back. Sudha sat near my head, placed my oily head on her naked thighs and concentrated on oiling my face and upper torso. 

Latha spread my legs and squatted between them and started massaging my legs and thighs. Sudha’s breasts were dancing very close to my nose. I just reached my head up and latched my lips on to her left nipple. As I rolled the nipple in my tongue and licked the areola, her nipple grew in size. Sudha continued with massaging my chest as if nothing was happening. However, the elongation of her nipple betrayed her. I sucked a mouthful of milk from her breast and gulped it. Sudha continued to tease my by pouring oil on my nipples and my navel and gently massaging the oil into my skin.

Meanwhile Latha finished oiling my legs and thighs and her hands were moving slowly and surely towards my throbbing organ. She lifted my legs up and oiled my ass cheeks and my ass crack. She massaged the skin beneath my scrotum and the areas around my ball bags, but was careful not to touch my balls or my penis. The penis was now extended to its full 9 inches of glory and the veins were protruding in anticipation of ejaculation. The girls realised my discomfiture but continued the teasing. Then the stopped massaging me and the only part of my body left out was my sex organ. Then Sudha sat down and removed the bun to which, she had tied her hair. The long black tresses cascaded down like a halo around her pretty face. 

Latha stood behind her elder sister and poured warm oil on her hair and started massaging. I stood before Sudha and massaged the oil, which was flowing down her face. Then Latha sat down behind Sudha and started spreading the oil into Sudha’s long tresses carefully. Meanwhile, I took up the job of massaging Sudha’s head. I moved close to her and brushed by extended organ on her face. Sudha just smiled at me but did not touch my penis with her hands or mouth. After Latha had finished the ministrations on Sudha’s hair, she made Sudha lie her face down. Then Latha massaged oil into her sister’s back and I oiled her legs. We shared one each of Sudha’s asses for oiling. I teased open her asshole and also poured some oil into it. Sudha twitched in pleasure to feel oil slipping into her rectum. Then Sudha turned over and offered her frontal nude to be oiled thoroughly. I took care of the legs and Latha poured oil on the tits and cleavage. 

Sudha’s breasts were thoroughly roughed up by Latha and breast milk started oozing from them. Then Latha lifted up the legs of Sudha; parted them and also parted the cunt lips of Sudha before pouring some oil into the vaginal orifice of her dear elder sister. Sudha could not stand it any more and orgasmed like never before. Then Latha submitted herself for the pleasant torture of being massaged by Sudha and me. We followed the same procedure as earlier and brought Latha also to an orgasm. I looked upon the events with surprise, because, both the girls came without any direct clitoral stimulation or entry into their vaginal openings with the help of any prick or tongue or fingers. When all the three of us were well massaged, Latha got up and filled a small bowl with warm oil. She asked me to stand up and placed the bowl of oil just below my balls. Then she slowly brought the bowl up so that my balls were immersed in oil. She brought the bowl further up so that my erect prick went directly into the oil.

After holding my prick inside for a few seconds, she took it off and said that the insides of her cunt needed good oiling and that my oil dripping prick was the best bet for it. I needed no further motivation. Latha lay on all fours and presented her ass cheeks and  cunt demurely to me for attack. Sudha helped me by opening up the cunt lips of her little sister and I knelt behind the beautiful ass and entered the bout of love. 

Sudha then held her sister tightly lest she slip on the rubber sheet and fall down. Sudha also helped in fingering Latha’s clit as I fucked Latha from doggy style. In a few moments, both of us fucker and fuckee erupted. The Sudha asked me to wash my prick and wipe out the wetness. Sudha now help up my favourite bowl of oil once again and my prick was ready for further action. Sudha now laid down on her back and opened her legs for me to attack. I did it with great relish. Latha bent down and licked Sudha’s clit as I fucked. In a few moments we were satisfied with good orgasms. Then all of shampooed our hairs, wash the oil from our bodies with Shika Powder and dried ourselves. 

Aunty warned up us that we should stop fucking for a few hours so that we will be fresh when the other new group arrives and that we had a long night of fucking ahead. She specially warned me that my prick should be in good condition to take on the virgin hymen of Priya and also five other hungry cunts and ass holes. Aunty also asked Latha and Sudha not to waste their store of breast milk as Archana and Priya might also like the taste of breast milk. Later, all of us had some delicious food feeding each other with our hands and mouths and drifted to a nap.

We were woken up by Sudha at around 5 pm and she told us that we should get ready and dressed to meet our guests. Latha will tell the story about what happened in the evening in the next part. 

Latha’s Version of her experiences

Mom was ready and prim (though nude) within a few minutes. Her short freckled hair was tied to a pony tail. She wore some simple jewellery and donned no make up at all. I also noticed that when we were having our nap, she had neatly shaven her pubic hair. Till the morning, she used to have a good under growth of dark freckled pubic hair. 

Now, it was smooth and hairless pussy. The pink pussy lips now peeked out between the thighs as there was no hair to smother them. I delicately touched the new shaven cunt of Mom and licked my fingers. Then Sudha and I went about combing our well shampooed hair and tied them into plaits as usual. I found that the plait of Sudha came down well below her buttocks and used to sexily dance from one ass to another when she walked. My plaited hair was also fairly long and it touched the top of my ass crack. Mom brought out several pieces of jewellery for us to use. 

She explained that most of them were given by rich customers to her in return for sexual favours. She also showed the two pearl necklaces, which were stuffed into Sudha and Amar’s assholes the previous night. Sudha and I tied them properly and wore them on our beautiful necks. We also put on new pairs of diamond ear rings and dozens of bangles. We took care to shadow our eyelids and add a dab of lip stick to our beautiful lips. Amar kissed us passionately as soon as this beautification session was over and Mom looked awe struck at the beauty of her daughters. 

She commented that after our marriage and childbirths we had become more attractive. She helped in powdering and perfuming our hidden parts and magnificent boobs. We all continued to be nude till 6:30 p.m. We then realized that we had discarded the last of our dresses more than 20 hours ago. We put on simple clothes with as usual the ladies in a sari and the guy in his best dhoti and shirt. Mom also informed us that she had kept ready five sets of new dresses for the five girls to be worn for the festival but kept as suspense the nature of dress till later. Bhavana and Archana came in sharply at 7 p.m. dressed in splendid silk sarees and decked with fashionable jewellery. I knew that these two girls also shared a passion for fashion jewellery like Sudha & me.

Priya came in soon after dressed in a tight fitting salwar khameez  but without duppatta and the dress accentuated her boobs and magnificent figure. I could see Amar and Priya exchanging fond glances at one another. Priya was more like my Mom, with freckled hair tied into a pony tail and little jewellery. No wonder, Amar fell in love with my Mom as well as Priya. We invited the teenage guests into our home and offered sweets as was customary. 

Then Mom came out with the surprise package. She informed that according to the tradition of Karthik Poornima, she should honour five Sumangalis and one Kanya with new silk clothes and so she made the five of us girls i.e. Sudha, Bhavana, Archana and Me being the married women and Priya being the virgin. The new clothes consisted of a grand ghagra and one South Indian style choli. The South Indian choli is a tight fitting blouse held together with a few hooks in the front before the cleavage. It starts from the shoulders and ends at the bottom of the breasts. Normally the ghagra and choli are not worn alone. They are usually covered by another piece of demure cloth known as the Dhavani, which covers part of the midriff and is spread across the breasts so that it is not sexy looking. 

But, Mom, keeping in mood with our activities, decided to dispense with the Dhavani and asked us to wear and ghagra and blouse alone. The dresses were magnificent. The top of the ghagra ended below the navel and the great expanse of midriff area between the ghagra and choli was exposed fully. The choli was also tight fitting and lifted up the breasts. The back of the choli was dangerously low cut and it covered barely two inches in the back. The front was also very low cut and showed more than half of the cleavage. The fabrics were of different colours. I got bright red, Sudha – dark brown, Archana – bright green, Bhavana – ash grey and Priya wore a baby pink colored choli and ghagra. We were given the clothes together with other holy gifts such as flowers etc., and requested by my Mom to wear the dresses immediately. In order not to embarrass our guests at this stage, we went into different rooms and changed over to new clothes. 

Sudha and I felt very comfortable with such revealing clothes. The other girls felt very shy wearing only the ghagra and choli with their navels and cleavages exposed, but soon got over their shyness. 

Priya’s Version of her experiences

As soon as I entered Sudha Bhabhi’s house, I knew something was different and electric about the atmosphere. My heart throb Amar was the only man in the crowd, which was otherwise occupied by Aunty, and four young married woman. I stole glances at Amar, which she reciprocated. I had made no secret of my special love for Amar as I had informed the earlier day to Sudha of my intentions to marry him, though I had heard rumours that he was a live in boy friend of Aunty. 

When I saw the silk clothes presented by Aunty to all of us girls, I was pleasantly surprised. When we all wore them, I was shocked at the revealing clothes. I was too shy to come out of my dressing room after changing over to the ghagra-choli, but Latha kept calling me from outside saying that she need the room to use for changing her clothes. I came out very shy of my naked midriff and revealing breast top. I used to always be very conscious about the fact that my breasts had grown to mammoth size of 41″ before my 17th birthday.

Now, with half the breasts exposed, I felt as if I was stark naked. As soon I came out I saw Amar ogling at my bulging top and felt very proud for a moment. Later, when I saw Aunty and Sudha also ogling at my cleavage, I felt it very odd and funny that women should ogle at another’s breasts. I saw that Archana and Bhavana shared my discomfiture but Latha and Sudha were very free and making merry. Amar and Aunty were trying to bring us back to normalcy with wise cracks and different subjects. I had another reason for greater discomfiture than the other girls. 

My dress was the only one with a light coloring. So my dark brown areola showed clearly through the  pale pink coloured blouse. Slowly I became normal chirpy self. I could also clearly see that the nipples of all the girls were growing and pressing against the sheer fabric of the choli. My nipples refused to listen to my mental commands and grew sharply pressing against the choli. I could however, not help noticing that Amar was patting all of us on the backs and bottoms freely whenever he was talking to us. Normally, it is taboo in South Indian families for grown up members of opposite sexes to touch each other and certainly not on asses. 

I could see Archana and Bhavana initially squirming whenever Amar touched them. Then they got used to it and became normal. Latha and Sudha were however enjoying the celebration unmindful of the state of our dresses. In fact by the jiggling and jumping of their breasts, I guessed that the two sisters did not have a bra on. We went around the house, lighting lamps. Though it is tradition only for girls to light lamps,

Amar came with us trying to help us and patting our bottoms now and then. I found Latha & Sudha also tap the bottoms of the rest of us very frequently. Strangely I felt a tingling pleasure when the two sisters slapped my bottom. I later learnt that Archana and Bhavana also felt the same strange feeling. A couple of times the chirpy sisters also brushed against my now stormy nipples and carried on as if nothing had happened. Instead of getting angry at the sisters and Amar for such behaviour, I found that I longed for it. 

Amar photographed all of us in various positions, but I noticed that all the poses invariably included a generous coverage of cleavage. At the end of the lamp lighting, we went into the house once again. The dinner was ready. However, Aunty announced that in keeping with the tradition of the festival, the young married girls should partake dinner first and the rest of them later. Strangely only two banana leaves were laid for four married girls and both the leaves were touching one another. Sudha and Archana were seated before one leaf and Bhavana and Latha before the other. 

Archana and Bhavana were shocked but accepted it as a part of a very funny unfolding game. Food was served to the four of them and they started eating out in pairs as stated earlier. Sudha suddenly took some food in her hand and fed it to Latha who was at the next leaf. Latha returned the compliment. Then Sudha & Latha fed their partners in their leaf also. The guest girls, after some hesitation ate the food from the hands of their partners. After their dinner, they were asked to wash their hands and go out to see if the lamps were glowing or need oil in them. 

Then both the used banana leaves were put one over the other and I was asked to seat before the leaves. Amar sat on my left and Aunty on the right. They told me that the three of us shall eat out of the used banana leaf. This sent me into another shock. In a few South Indian families, a wife was required to eat out of the leaf used by her husband but never otherwise. However, the idea gave me a very sexy feeling and I went ahead.

During our dinner, Aunty told me that all of them felt that Amar and I would make a good wedded couple and that today would be a “rehearsal” for our wedding. At that time I did not know, what it meant, but I was in ecstasy when I heard this news. Aunty and Amar did not allow me to touch the food. They fed whatever I wanted with their hands and also fed themselves and each other. We finished the dinner before the others came into the house. 

Then Aunty told us that she had some cleaning at the kitchen and all of us youngsters could go into their “rest room and play around”. Amar gave me a wink and led me to the room, which was a large bedroom with a king-sized bed. He immediately hugged me and French kissed me deeply. Our tongues entwined and our kiss was broken with a sound slap on my bottom from  my sis-in- law, Sudha. She immediately called in the rest of the gang and complained to them that we were French kissing. This news probably excited all of them- even the two guests. 

I was surprised to hear the shrill voice of Archana asking us to repeat our kiss for the rest of them to see. Amar immediately pulled me to him and kissed shortly once again. He then turned to his left pulled Bhavana to him and kissed her also. Not to be left behind, Archana’s lips also requested for attention, which he gave. I started feeling that the whole situation was going mad with decently married girls begging for a strange man to French kiss the . For the first time in my life I felt some thick fluid well up inside me and pour down into my panties drenching them completely. I thanked god that I was wearing them. 

Some days’ I had the habit of going around without panties just to get some cool breeze into my cunts. That day, before leaving for Sudha’s home I had debated whether to wear panty or not, specially because my freckled pubic hair covered a large area and was peeking out of panties on all sides. Luckily I did not come out without panties that evening. Instead, I shaved my pubis very cleanly on all over, applied a feminine after-shave on my pussy and put on the panties before coming. Latha stood up and said that with one man to five of us girls, it was not fair for every girl to ask only Amar for a kiss and that we should help ourselves. 

So saying, she pulled me to her and started kissing my mouth. Though I was aghast by the idea of girl to girl kissing, soon the sensation of the kiss overcame my senses and I started actively kissing Latha. Sudha was kissing Archana and Amar, Bhavana. Then we exchanged each other and within a matter of minutes all of us had kissed every other. In the melee, Bhavana found her blouse partly unhooked. She quickly tried to cover up but was prevented by a stern voice from Sudha. In fact, Sudha went one step further to unhook the rest of the blouse and to remove it altogether. Latha was immediately behind Bhavana and had her bra off in a flash. 

Now, Bhavana, was doing all she could to cover her massive boobs with her crossed arms, but her breasts were too large for that. I found that Bhavana also enjoyed a 41DDD breast line like mine. But later, Sudha gave me an important piece of information that my breast would grow further over the next two years and especially more so after child birth. She predicted that I would have a 45″ breast line soon.

Coming back to Bhavana’s topless predicament, Sudha consoled her and asked her not to be so demure among good friends and to offer her breasts for inspection by us. We all touched her breasts. However, Sudha and Latha fondled them very softly till poor Bhavana was squirming partly in delight and partly being shy. Amar once again took Bhavana into his arms and kissed her lips deeply and each of her dark nipples also had their share of small pecking from his lips. By now, Amar had removed his shirt. Latha moved in behind him and pulled out his dhoti also revealing a completely naked, manly torso with a large, rude penis jutting out of it. 

He pulled Bhavana with him to the bed and hugged her close, mashing her naked breasts to his chest and fingering her ass creek through her ghagra and panties. Bhavana, also overcome by sexual emotion started rubbing her hands on the enormous male organ protruding from Amar. Sudha, came near me and comfortingly put her arms around me. She asked me not be jealous that my fiancé was bedding another girl. She advised that these kinds of things had to be enjoyed in full and the fruits of passion shared with one and all. In the process of comforting me, she made sure that my blouse was unhooked and removed. Latha also came near me in the pretense of comforting me and removed my bra.

Meanwhile, Amar and Bhavana got off from the bed leaving behind  Bhavana’s ghagra on the bed as a result of the lovely tussle. Now, Bhavana’s panty was the only piece of clothing left on her and she suddenly seamed not to mind her nudity and in fact enjoy the whole thing. Amar, on seeing my released huge breasts, dove for it and started sucking on one nipple and then the other. 

I also felt a feminine pair of lips on my other nipple and found to my surprise that Latha was latched on to it. I also saw Sudha fondling one huge breast of Bhavana and licking the other nipple. Because, Bhavana had given birth to her child, her breasts started yielding milk to Sudha’s mouth. Sudha drank a bit of milk and shared the rest with me by directly spitting into my mouth. In a few seconds my ghagra and my soppy panties were off and I was standing stark naked. Latha left me to Amar’s sucking and moved over knelt before Bhavana’s crotch. 

Latha rubbed her pretty nostrils on Bhavana’s panties and smelt the pussy juices, which had completely ruined the panties. Slowly Latha licked Bhavana’s thighs near the V making her cum once again. Now the panties could no more retain the wetness and started dripping cum. Latha dutifully licked the cum from Bhavana’s panties at the same time putting one finger into the panty’s elastic and fingering Bhavana’s clit. Soon, Bhavana’s panties were consigned to the dustbin.

Amar, then laid down on the bed showing his magnificent erection to the sky. Being the only two girls who were as naked as Amar, Bhavana and I were taken to the base of the bed by the sexy sisters and presented with the cock. Instinctively we knew that the prick had to be mouthed. We went for it. First I took care of licking and sucking Amar’s balls, when Bhavana took the whole rod to her throat. Bhavana, later told me that her husband loved fellatio and hence her expertise with throating the massive cock. 

Later Bhavana gave me the possession of the cock and took over the balls. Both our naked cunts were dripping and wetting the floor below us. Suddenly I felt a different kind of wetness in my cunt lips. I looked down to see that Latha’s tongue was licking my cunt lips. Similar service was rendered to Bhavana’s cunt by Sudha. Both of us came in a huge simultaneous orgasm and flooded the faces of the sexy sisters. Amar controlled his orgasm, despite the joint efforts of the tongues and mouths of Bhavana and I. He told that he preferred to cum inside a more protected area and we laughed at his explanation. 

By now Latha and Sudha had removed their respective blouses and as I had guessed correctly, had worn no bra on to remove now. They still had their ghagras on. Their faces were plastered with cum from Bhavana’s and my cunts. Out of curiosity, I touched Latha’s face with my fingers and placed the finger in my lips. I liked the taste. Immediately I licked Latha’s cheeks. Bhavana, taking the cue also licked Latha’s face and we also did the same to Sudha’s face. All the four of us ended up French kissing each other. In the middle of all this, we had unceremoniously forgotten the fifth female member, Archana. Latha immediately moved over to her sister-in- law, Archana and begged her apology for having allowed sexual passion to take over the senses and thereby exclude a valuable guest from our party games. She led Archana over to the bed and seated her on the bed.

Incidentally Archana was the only fully clothed member of our group. Latha and Sudha were topless and the rest of us were stark naked. As a compensation for not treating the guest in a proper manner, Latha and Sudha offered their breasts to Archana for fondling. Archana, smiled, took the clue and started to alternatively suck and lick the four nipples before her. Soon she was rewarded with a lot of milk, so much that she could not consume herself. 

So she offered some to Bhavana and me which we gladly accepted by sucking out of Archana’s  mouth. Then Sudha made Amar lie down on his back once again. Archana (still fully clothes) was brought near his legs. Sudha and I lifted the ghagra of Archana well above her waist. Latha bent down and pulled Archana’s wet panties down and out. Bhavana gave one last minute suck to Amar’s prick and kept it ready. Archana was led on to bed by the maids-in-service i.e. Sudha and me. As Bhavana kept the cock ready in attention and Latha kept Archana’s pussy lips parted, we sat Archana down on Amar’s cock and guided her till the cock was completed buried in the loving folds of Archana’s genitals. 

Then Archana started to bounce up and down. We saw that her blouse was unnecessarily restricting her boobs from bouncing and so immediately relieve her of the blouse and bra. Latha took her position at the head of Amar; pulled up her own ghagra and placed Amar’s head on her naked lap. Amar took up suckling Latha and was immediately rewarded with a spurt of fresh breast milk. Bhavana, meanwhile complained that she was not having a good view of the cock slipping in and out of her sister-in-law’s cunt. So Archana’s ghagra was also removed and so there she was stark naked and bouncing on Amar’s penis. I noticed with delight that Archana had very soft whiffs of pubic hair just below her urinary hole, but none surrounding her cunt lips. Sudha went behind Archana’s bottom, spread the ass cheeks and started licking the puckered ass hole and well as Amar’s balls. This caused both of them to cum instantaneously.

Bhavana, was now by my side and absent mindedly we were frigging each other’s clit. Bhavana was also completely shaved in the bottom. She whispered to me that her hubby was an avid cunt eater and fellatio lover and wanted to have unrestricted access and therefore both their pubis’ were neatly shaved every week. She also appreciated my neatly shaved cunt lips. Just as Amar and Archana came, the door to the bedroom opened and Aunty came inside in glorious nudity. 

She was carrying a tray with a few glasses and a pitcher of some cream coloured liquid. She laid the tray down and surveyed the scene where Archana was seated on Amar’s penis and both were in their orgasms. Aunty’s elder daughter Sudha was licking Archana’s bottom and the younger daughter was breast feeding Amar. Bhavana and I were whispering to each other about shaving of cunt hair and frigging at the same time. At the end of the fucking session of Amar and Archana, she called all of us to order and rendered a speech. She said that she had disapproved of two factors on the sexy scene before her. First, she reprimanded her daughters for retaining their ghagras till then. 

As hostesses, they must have been the first to show the way to the guests and strip to the skin. It was unfair for the hostesses to be stripped only to the waist when the guests were already stark naked. The sexy sisters immediately apologised for the lapse and were naked in seconds. Secondly she did not approve of allowing a virgin girl to languish in the sexy sights of group fucking without being immediately relieved of the virginity. She was particularly harsh on Amar for not having taken my hymen before entering the cunt of Archana. As the youngest in the group and also being the only virgin, I certainly ought to have the first go at such a strong prick, especially considering that the prick was that of my fiancé. 

Then she explained that she had milked both her breasts completely and was able to milk out nearly 2 litres of milk from the huge boobs. She had collected milk and boiled it together with ground cashews, cardamom and other special spices. She enlightened us that breast milk mixed with these ingredients and boiled well till it evaporated to half the quantity was a good sexual stimulant and that she had done it in the perfect way as to enable us to enjoy the fruits of sexual labour that night, without getting tired. All of us took sips of the boiled and treated breast milk savouring the flavour of Aunty’s milk as well as  the ingredients. As usual we shared the milk from each other’s mouths also.

Aunty, unduly favoured her boy friend saying that he needed more stimulants, as he was one male against six sex hungry nymphomaniacs. The Aunty helped Amar and me wash our genital clean and ready for D- day. She made us sit beside one another on the bed and had an Aarthi taken by her nude daughters. Then I laid down on the bed facing the ceiling. As the room was well lighted and the room had mirrors all round, I could see my naked figure on all sides. My open cunt hole was visible in the mirror opposite to the bed. 

Sudha sat at my head and placed my head on her naked lap close to her wispy pubic hair. The scent from her cunt was exhilarating. She then smothered my face with her breasts. Bhavana took care of fondling, licking and sucking my breasts and from time to time drinking milk, which flowed from Sudha’s breasts on to my face. Archana kept my cunt lips open for attack. Mother and younger daughter guided Amar’s instrument to its logical place, i.e. my vaginal opening. Then Latha slid under Amar’s bottom and sucked his balls deeply before releasing them. She then started tonguing below my cunt lips occasionally probing inside my ass hole with her tongue and fingertips. Amar slowly eased his organ into my vagina and with a deep throated cry went straight in, tearing my hymen and searing across my virgin vaginal walls. I tried to cry out of pain, but was smothered by Sudha’s breasts. 

Then Amar started stroking slowly in and out. I also felt Latha’s tongue now well into my anal opening. The massaging on my monstrous boobs by Aunty and Bhavana had a soothing and sexy effect. I also felt Aunty’s tongue on my clit, which speeded up the effect. On seeing that I had got over the pain, Sudha eased the pressure of her boobs on my face and I resumed playful licking of her nipples. The tempo of fucking gradually increased. Suddenly my vaginal muscles tensed up. I came in a huge orgasm, which almost knocked me out of my senses. Simultaneously I felt Amar pour his load of thick semen into my uterus. He went on and on pouring for what seemed like hours (but was actually only a minute). 

After that he removed his prick, covered by slick cum from my cervix and from my hymen blood. Immediately Aunty performed another Aarthi, this time especially for the genitals of the young couple. She naughtily placed the sindoor mark on my cunt lips and his limp cock. The other girls congratulated me on losing my virginity and this congratulations came by way of kissing, sucking of breasts, tickling of the navel and sticking of fingers into the puckered pussy of mine. Later, Aunty also added that this precious moment of my life i.e. losing virginity in the presence of five married women was recorded faithfully on my video camera for my private viewing later. I magnanimously conceded that such a momentous event was possible with the help of Aunty and her daughters only and as all of us were sexy friends, each of us could keep a copy of the sex video.

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