Suguna's Tuition Classes

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Both women were wet between the legs almost instantly as Saroja initiated the discussion. And yet, the words that came out of Suguna's mouth were hypocritical in the extreme.

"You want me to do what?" exclaimed Saroja's former maid Suguna.

Saroja had come looking for her maid Suguna many months after she had moved away and changed her residence just to avoid coming face to face with her. It was embarrassing to be back but Saroja had no choice.

It started very innocuously with Saroja looking for ways to fill her hours. She started taking classes for kids that lived in that apartment block for classes 6, 7 and 8; basically all the 13- and 14- year olds. Soon she was handling a gaggle of may be a dozen kids.

All was going well in her life. She had had one episode of her husband Arvind's uncle coming down to fight with her. She had conquered that by exposing Uncle's sexuality and then dousing and quenching it with her own so that the old man could no longer take the high moral ground.

Having distanced herself from everything in those steamy months when she fucked her nephews and brother-in-law, got spotted by the maid, allowed that woman to manipulate her, unwillingly tasted the animalness of the maid's husband and then Arvind's uncle, Saroja settled down to the relatively tame life of the typical south Indian housewife.

In many ways the kid's tuition classes drew the curtain on a sexually sordid phase of her life. She enjoyed it. But her upbringing did not allow her to live like that. Her confrontation with Arvind's uncle scared her that a wider scandal would endanger everything she had stood for. She and her husband were after all the glue of the family. He did not know that in fulfilling this role she had gone sexual with the younger men to keep them focused on their life-goals.

Initially Saroja rationalized it that way. For a brief while in the middle she luxuriated in her unleashed sexuality. And then having done so, withdrew back into the classical mode, prim and proper.

She relived those moments in her mind occasionally and convinced herself that it was something to be grateful for, but not to want again. She had experienced intense pleasure in a variety of ways. Enough for this lifetime. Enough to smile over. And she had gotten away with enough without endangering the rest of her existence.

Things would have been fine and Saroja would have got on with it had not one of the lady's Chakku mami (Chakku being the name and mami meaning "auntie" in the local language had not brought her recalcitrant son into the picture.

At eighteen the boy had failed his tenth class exams thrice, mainly because of math.

Saroja protested. "I don't teach those classes," she explained to Chakku.

But Chakku mami would have none of it. "His basic math is not good. I hear good things about your teaching skills. If you sort out some of the fundamentals I am sure he can handle the rest," she pleaded with Saroja.

"Ok," agreed Saroja reluctantly.

The 18 year old showed up for class and sat at the very back of the hall which Saroja re-arranged every afternoon for the classes. He interacted very little, wore an insolent look on his face and did his own thing. Every now and Saroja asked him questions which he was able to answer reasonably well, to her surprise.

As classes progressed and Vikram kept responding to her questions Saroja's curiosity was aroused. Was he really solving all the sums? And if so, why was everyone treating him like a dud?

She decided to check out his note book to see if he was really solving the questions because quite often she thought the pencil movements suggested that he was doodling. Since she never walked up to him and he sat at the very back against the wall, he did not expect her to come up or even see her coming up.

Otherwise he would have flipped the page. But he did not flip the page and Saroja was shocked by what she saw. There, on the sheet at the back of the book, Vikram had sketched her. The face was a good likeness of her face. He was really a good artist!

But the shock came from what else he had drawn. He had sketched Saroja's chest and torso. Her breasts were accentuated and larger than they actually were. But they were proportional and suggestive. He had even drawn the curve of her belly and her navel. Saroja found herself spreading her saree out to cover her body now, though she seemed to have given the young man all the views he needed.

She snatched the book, "What is this?" she yelled. Immediately other kids jumped to take a look. Saroja quickly shut the book and shouted at them to sit down quietly.

When she opened the book again it was at the beginning. There he had solved all the problems. But once a page was used he seemed to come back to it later and on the space still free he had made sketches. More sketches. And not all of them were like the first one she had spotted.

That first one had her fully clothed, even if sexily projected.

These other sketches were all sorts. In one, her saree pallo was nowhere to be seen. She was in her blouse. Her breasts were full and the blouse was stretched in his imagination. The shading was so beautiful that all dimensions were seen. Her nipples were seen as a contour of the cloth of the blouse.

In another, her nipples were outlined. In a caricature of her the blouse was hanging open and the boy had imagined Saroja's nipples, large and engorged. Her breasts were thrust up and larger than life, jutting outward towards the viewer. She could see where that might go – these young, uninitiated men always wanted to suck on breasts.

And in yet another Saroja was seen coy, arms folded under her breasts – still full, bursting and proud. She was blushing and bashful like a woman being gazed upon by her lover.

She looked down at him from the corner of her eye. He was a wonderful artist, indeed. No wonder he was not so good at math. The system – you could not get ahead if you did not crack math in the tenth class. His head was down but his shoulders were not slumped. There was defiance in his posture; insolence as some would call it.

Her anger evaporated as she admired his talents. But she realized that this young man was looking at her through very different eyes. She had just some distance between her nephews and herself. There was justification there. Here, it was only danger.

She slapped him on his head with the notebook and simply said, "Ask Chakku mami to come see me."

She walked away and ignored him for the rest of the class. Though every time she saw him from the corner of his eye busy with the pencil she wondered how he might be depicting her now.

By involving his mother, Saroja hoped to insulate herself from what might happen next if things were left unchecked. What it might mean for the youngster was a different matter.

As per Saroja's plan for tackling Vikram things would still have been fine had it not been for a visit from her nephew who was now studying at IIT. Schedules were tight and the young man had not been able to come by very often. But on this occasion he made it a point. He had spent enough nights reliving those moments with his aunt and later the maid. He thirsted for the real thing.

He arrived on a morning and Arvind left for work late that day to spend time with his nephew of whom he was now very proud. They all decided to go out for dinner that evening. Sundar could not wait for his uncle to leave. As soon as he left, Sundar tried to initiate a conversation with his aunt that started where they had left off a couple of years ago.

But he found Saroja manni distant. The young man pressed all on morning, through the cooking and the lunch. Saroja kept the conversation within acceptable limits by interjecting with questions about studies and so on.

Sundar was perplexed.

The time was coming up to the tuition class and Saroja started rearranging the hall. It was when she bent forward that Sundar found himself staring at her cleavage.

"Oh, come on!" he pleaded.

"What?" she asked, briskly going about her work. With the kids coming in soon Sundar would have no opportunity and soon after Arvind would be back.

Sundar made his move by shifting behind her and putting his hands on her hips. He ground his erection into her letting her feel his cock – the same cock that she had loving initiated to the warmth of a woman.

He leaned forward and held her mammaries, softly, gently. Grinding slowly he made a strong case for sinking into the arms of the only woman he fantasized as he masturbated. Saroja felt the slickness between her legs as she was reminded of how virile and active her nephew was.

She glanced at the clock. This boy might not settle down and she did not have much time. Hurriedly, she took a decision to allow him to fuck her and grabbing his hands led him into the room.

"You are shameless!" she complained hotly as she unwound her saree.

There was no reply from Sundar as he leaned forward and nuzzled those lovely breasts.

"No need for all that. Lets get on to the main thing," said Saroja.

"If I indulge you once for a reason that should be the end of that," she continued her protests.

"But where do I get to see you," protested the nephew.

"And when you see me do you have to see my like this?" asked Saroja, baring her breasts to the young man.

Lovingly, tenderly and gently Sundar lifted the weighty mass in his hands. He felt the warm, sweaty breasts and drank in the sight of the nipples. How many nights had he dreamed of sucking on them as his hand fisted his cock furiously! He had wanted Saroja manni on so many days with images of her riding him distracting him enough to excuse himself from class to a remote corner of the library, the loo and even back to his room to masturbate for desperate relief.

And now here she was in his hands.

"There is no time for all that," she said sternly as the boy leaned forward and licked in long loving laps.

"Why?" asked Sundar slurping noisily as he tried to push her arousal up and quickly so. (en?)

"The students will come now. Come on, fuck me!" she said abruptly.

Sundar tried to hide his disappointment. He was looking for a long luxurious fuck in his manni's arms. The sleep thereafter. Then waking up to fuck, suck again. But his aunt was in no such mood.

"Be happy with what you get young man," said Saroja unable to avoid being strict and stern here.

She lay back and pulled him on top. Her hand reached into his trouser and she checked out what she knew: there was a fully engorged cock with a sticky mess in the underpants. Sundar has in fact masturbated on the train, Lying in his berth at night, as he fantasized his aunt eagerly fucking him on arrival. No such thing had happened all morning.

She had not let him touch her. And now that the fucking seemed imminent the eagerness was missing. Didn't she love him any more?

Once the cock was in her hand, Saroja became a woman. She was not the aunt anymore. Her hand felt the contours and she held it in her palm weighing him again. While the start of this encounter lacked enthusiasm the moistness between her legs was an inescapable truth. Right now, she knew that the boy was thicker than this uncle and she was going to get a treat of a fuck.

Might as well as enjoy it.

Her blouse hung open for her nephew as she knew he enjoyed her breasts. Her petticoat had slid to the floor; she did after all need to spread her legs wide and full to take the stud on. She wrapped her legs to invite him in though he needed no invitation.

"Be quick," she whispered. She caught herself realizing that she must sound like a whore who wanted a customer to finish. Then her mind wandered to whether the boy had been to such places now that he had tasted sex. This was why the elders insisted that young men abstain. It leads to other things…

She was brought to the present with Sundar's swift ramming of her pussy.

"Unhh!" she grunted as her hands flew to his shoulder and she expressed her pleasure by digging her nails in.

"Manni!" groaned and sobbed Sundar.

"What dear?" cooed Saroja manni.

"Manni!" repeated the nephew as his cock effortlessly slid in and out of his aunt's soppy wet cunt. She was so slick for him! Then why had she held back?

Saroja lost herself in the stretch and fullness of her stud-nephew's fuck.

"Mmmmm!" she said as if repeating her question.

Her hands roamed his hairless chest and she hissed her pleasure.

"Ok, fine. We both need this. But you know I can't just allow this to go on and on," she murmured as her hips joined his hips in fucking back and forth. Cock and cunt slid over each other, in and out like they were designed for each other and to do nothing else. Shumma panninde iruka mudiyuma?)

Sundar grunted. He had no answer. In the circumstances he preferred to concentrate on pleasure, lust, moist warm skin, succulent flesh and the throbbing engagement between cock and cunt.

He slowed down, chewing, nibbling, sucking and caressing.

"Fuck me!" cried out Saroja, with a sense of urgency which was half sexual and half time based. She needed him to fuck hard now that he had gotten her. She needed him to finish in time for her class.

It was her high-pitched shout to Sundar to fuck her that alerted Vikram to something else happening in the bedroom.

Vikram had deliberately come early to Saroja mami's place. His mother was going to come after the class to see her. if Saroja brought up the matter of his sketches, Vikram was going to be in trouble with his dad.

Moreover, he wanted to continue with these classes. Saroja mami had a hot, luscious body. She had not been careful enough in class. Cleavage, blouse, armpits, ass were all on display in various forms through the class. Vikram sketched her beautifully. As class ended, he rushed home to masturbate himself to fantasies of Saroja.

Was all that going to go up in smoke?

He decided to go early and plead with Saroja. The door seemed to be open and he let himself in. but before he could call out to her he heard the low scream.

Through a gap in the curtain he spied Saroja lying back on the bed. Her breasts were bare with the blouse open as he had imagined. Her nipples were not visible; the man had stuffed her breast into his mouth. Was that Arvind uncle? Or was it Saroja mami with a lover?

Saroja moved her hips aggressively, shoving upward and using her heels on Sundar's ass.

"Come on, da. We have no time. Fuck me! Come on! Fuck! Fuck!" she pleaded. Her insides were craving proper thrusting and this boy was taking his own time. She regretted not having got into bed earlier on. This was perilously close to the class time. And god knows she needed release. She could not just go into class in this state of intense arousal. She was not to be denied.

Sundar found himself getting thrown around like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco as Saroja threw herself up at him.

"Manni! Manni! Manni!" he groaned as Saroja expertly twisted and turned her cunt around the cock.

Vikram could not believe his ears. The man was calling her sister-in-law. His hard on was now raging. Not only was he seeing Saroja in a sexual state, it was illicit. He knew he had her and could now escape from the situation around his mother's visit.

But right now he slid his hand in and took charge of his cock. Watching the lucky young man bounce on his sister-in-law (she was not; the term 'manni' used by Sundar meant sister-in-law all right. But actually Saroja was Sundar's aunt.)

The 'manni' rocked back and forth to maximize the friction between cock and cunt as force was needed to negate the slippery effect of their combined juices.

Sundar held himself up by grabbing her breasts and propping himself in the exact manner that Vikram wanted to hold those luscious tits.

As he slammed down on his aunt, his sweat dripped and flowed in the valley of her chest.

As Sundar slammed his cock into Saroja, Vikram hammered his fist down on his cock.

Saroja begged him to fill her, her eyes watering with pleasure as she luxuriated in his thickness and his vigor. "Give me! Give me more! Fill you manni up! Just fill me NOW!" she hollered.

She wanted him that much but she also knew begging him would arouse him to a finish.

They finished at the same time; all three of them. Saroja felt twinges of instant regret as Sundar filled her. She wanted more. Lust had conquered her for that brief while. In those mad moments of pleasure she wished she had taken more of him, for longer and she knew she could have had Sundar eat her out to another kind of intense orgasm.

Sundar held himself deep down into her as he poured. He wished he would melt into her and became inseparable from her.

"Don't leave me!" he sobbed his cumming.

"Shh! Shh!" shushed Saroja in motherly tones as she pulled him down to kiss him and rock him comfortingly, but offering nothing.

As they melded and shared the warmth of their orgasm, Vikram shuddered in isolation as copious amounts of cum flooded out of his being. He gritted his teeth in frustration regretting that it was not he who was burying himself in the wondrous Saroja mami.

He wanted her, by god!

Before Sundar could get erect again, Saroja pushed him off. The boy slumped to one side. Saroja got up. Vikram moved back, smearing his cum on the curtain and drying his hand.

He had just enough time to zip up and to move to the far end of the room when a disheveled visibly fucked Saroja mami appeared at the door of her room, shutting the door behind her leaving Sundar to doze.

She stared in shock at Vikram. How long had be been here? How? Was the door open? Was she looking okay? She had paid enough attention. Maybe her blouse was unbuttoned. Maybe something was showing? Was she too flushed?

She held the curtain to sort of cover herself and her hand came upon the large smear of cum. As she looked down she knew what she was looking at and what happened.

Her throat dried at the thought of what Vikram might do next.

It led her to go looking for her former maid Suguna seeking a more decent solution to what was emerging here.

The episode with Sundar swept away any doubts Saroja had over engaging Suguna the maid for her next plan of action. The young man had suddenly showed up and begged his uncle's wife for a repeat. Between her unwillingness to disappoint him and her own memories of his lustful actions, she succumbed.

She had moved neighborhoods and drawn a curtain over the intensely sexual encounters within the family. But she could not change families! And in that, Sundar had crossed all the lines with her; and she with him. She simply could not have let him tasted a maid and that be the last of it. In a manner, the revenge-fuck in which she engaged in after the maid was like a cleansing of her husband's nephew.

But in this new neighborhood, she did not want to open those dangerous doors of lust.The 18-year old had been sketching erotic drawings of her instead of concentrating on the math class. And he had now spotted Saroja fucking another young man. From the endearments Saroja used in the thrill of her orgasms he knew that it was a relative she was fucking.

Spotting her like that opened possibilities. She was indeed as hot and voluptuous as she looked! And she was already initiated in matters of sex outside her marriage. All he had to do was put himself in a position of interest to her.

That was the very gap Saroja wanted to close by engaging the very sexy Suguna. Suguna was no stranger, in that sense. The maid had seen aunt take the nephew. Then she herself was attracted to the nephew's endowment. Then aunt, maid and maid's husband… then the revenge-fuck.

It was a whirl of unleashed sexuality.

And when Saroja went back to the old locality to find the maid, the maid froze in midstep. She smiled. Her heart leaped as she remembered the oozing sexuality of the high-class woman that Saroja was.

Saroja too felt the familiar warmth in her loins when she saw the strong, firm body of the working class woman with whom she had shared unimagined intimacy.

Nevertheless, her former employer's suggestion was preposterous.

"You want me to what?" she asked, her eyes roaming the luscious Saroja's body anyway.

"The boy is just not able to focus on studies Suguna. Look at the kind of sketches he makes," she said, showing the maid some snaps she had taken on her phone of those drawings.

Suguna looked at the curves, the extra-heavy breasts the boy had drawn and then those outlines of the nipples and remembered that, yes -- Saroja was indeed delicious to look at, have and consume.

"So do what you did for your nephew," said Suguna, handing the phone back.

"I can't!" stammered Saroja, her face going red at the open reference.

"Why not?" asked Suguna, saucily. "You look just fine," she said, eyeing Saroja lecherously.

"I live there. And once these guys get hooked they find it hard to let go," said Saroja weakly.

"You mean you are still 'doing' Sundar?" asked Suguna. That boy's cock was a good, tender, delicious fuck. There was something about him.

Saroja nodded. "He is different. He is family. I don't want to have to deal with that outside the family." Then she made a bold statement to Suguna. "There is money in it!"

"How much?" asked Suguna. If one young man was going to be like another, the sex was going to be good and rewarding in itself, she thought. Money? Why not!

Saroja did not know how much. Her plan was to ask the father to pay a much larger fee for special classes and that was what she intended to pass on to Suguna.

"Enough!" she replied. That was enough for Suguna. She was interested in the sex first and the money was going to be a bonus. She didn't really care much and in any case she trusted Saroja a lot. She had always been kind and given her loans to tide over her short-term needs. She was a good woman, reasoned Suguna.

"I'll call you and tell you what and when," said Saroja to Suguna.

"Sister, I am going to love being back in your household," said Suguna holding Saroja by her shoulders and pressing herself against the woman. Saroja felt the hard working woman's body and shivered slightly; so did Suguna, feeling Saroja's soft sumptuousness.

All the shades of the complexities she wanted to avoid were there in that hug.

There, she had one part of the equation sorted. Vikram could be taken by Suguna and that would totally neutralize the threat he posed of exposing or exploiting her.

If what had happened with Sundar happened with this boy too, then that would be really good. Sundar had blossomed in his studies the moment the confusing and distracting aspects of sex were under control. Saroja was betting that the same outcome would justify fees from the father of the boy. While Sundar's sexual urges were now channelized he himself was fixated on fucking the only woman that was accessible to him. She hoped to solve that complexity with Suguna.

"Your boy needs to work hard and I need to work hard with him," said Saroja to the father on the phone. Rajaram was relieved. At last, someone to take responsibility for results with that boy! The fool wanted to be an artist -- without math and computer science what future was there?

"You are most welcome madam, I am there to support!" said the much relieved Rajaram.

"See I am organizing one more teacher and I myself am going to spend extra hours with him. I need you to agree for the additional tuition fees," she said feigning firmness, but actually holding her breath to hear him respond.

"Look madam," said Rajaram expansively. "I am more than willing to spend up to twenty five thousand a month to get that boy's math score where he needs to be!"

That was it, then! Problem solved!

When she called Suguna over for a preliminary discussion Saroja found that the other woman displayed much more experience and for an uneducated woman remarkably thoughtfulness.

Suguna had searching questions. How much did the boy know? Was he a virgin? Was she to teach him everything? Were there any 'dos and don'ts'? Did Saroja have a place in mind? How much time was she expected to spend? Would they have time and space to snooze if they were so exhausted?

Saroja stared at Suguna in wonderment. There were lots of things to organize. But from the chat just had it was clear that the maid was not in it just for the money and to follow instructions. She wanted the freedom to lie with the boy if that was what happened ….

"I don't think he has been with a woman. Otherwise he wouldn't be fantasizing about me," she reasoned with Suguna.

"Also, I don't think he should be aware about my role in all this. You have to manage everything on your own," she looked deep into the other woman's eyes. She revisited in her mind how Suguna had taken the sleeping, supine Sundar and awakened an aggressive man inside him. She could easily handle Vikram.

She also imagined the strong physique of the woman and the pounding she had taken from Sundar and given Saroja. Nothing to worry, really. Perhaps she should worry about Vikram!

"We will use the guest room. Not the hall where I teach other kids," said Saroja.

"But how will you send him to that room? And what will I be doing there?" asked Suguna.

"Firstly, this boy will be called at a special time. At that time you be in that room, with a cleaning cloth or something like that. I will leave some books there and ask him to collect bring it from there. You must do something to hold his attention when he gets there. And then ….." Saroja trailed off.

"Look, you know all this youngsters. They just have a fascination. I just want you to take the edge off him and send him back to me in a state where he can really concentrate on his work. I don't think you need to fuck him more than once, maybe twice. If you are not here the next time he comes, then that's that," she told the maid whose pussy was now slick, fed by her imagination.

"Will all this happen, sister?" asked Suguna.

"It has to. Make it happen!" said Saroja firmly.

On the day:

Vikram stood sullenly in front of Saroja. He was hot for her. He had seen her fucking and he wanted her. After that day he had masturbated several times imagining this tuition mami doing things to him.

"What are you standing there like a stone for!" said Saroja sternly. This was a typical Tamil phrase for censuring someone and she had just translated it into English. "You are here to study, work, sweat, achieve!" remonstrated the teacher.

"Go get the books I have specially bought for you to work on. They are lying in a brown bag in that room," said Saroja pointing towards the room where she had previously sent Suguna.

The maid remained staid till she entered the guest room. She shut the door behind her as she had been told by the lady of the house. It was then that she adjusted her saree. She pushed the waited below her navel, exposing as much of her midriff as possible. She had not worn any bodice or bra under her blouse, taking care to wrap the upper portion of the saree to avoid being seen thus.

She now rearranged the upper, so that rather than covering her fully as a wraparound, the cloth was bunched up leaving the maximum of her blouse visible. Beneath the thin fabric of her blouse her nipples were clearly visible to her.

She undid two hooks so that the mounds of flesh pushed to escape the confines and peep out. It made for a nice luscious cleavage with the promise of untold pleasures.

Finally, she lifted the hem of the saree from the bottom and tucked in to her waist, hoisting up one side of the garment. Indian women often do this while washing the bath so that the clothes get in the way or get wet. In this fashion one of her legs was exposed up to her thigh and in the shadow of the saree, between her legs lay another land with a promise of untold pleasures.

So attired, Suguna took to washing out the bathroom as she awaited her student. "I may not be literate but being educated in matters of pleasure, I too am a teacher along with sister," she thought to herself.

As she worked the floor she realized that her pussy was soppy wet and her own needs had soared. She could hardly contain her excitement waiting for the young boy.

When she sensed him at the door to the room she came to the door of the bathroom continuing to lean forward, allowing him a full view of her hanging breasts and the open cleavage.

Vikram opened the door and spotted the maid working near the bathroom door. She presented a sight for the artist in him. Her breasts were heavy and hung under their own weight and the blouse barely held them in. he held the door ajar lest the woman straighten up and drank in the sight. He felt his cock rapidly achieve its full throbbing dimensions.

Saroja watched from the room beyond. The way the young man stood outside the door she guessed that Suguna had put on a show for him. Vikram reached down and pressed hard with his palm on his hard to manage erection and Saroja noticed that, too. The stage was set.

Sensing that her prey was at hand, Suguna jiggled her breasts needlessly with the sole intention of being provocative. While it had the desired effect on Vikram he stood rooted to the spot. He really didn't want to alert the maid.

Both Suguna and Saroja wanted him to move on. Saroja made him move. "Where are the books?" she called out.

"I am looking," replied Vikram and stepped into the room.

"Shut the door," said Suguna. "I don't want the dust flying around from the rooms I have not done yet." This is a standard requirement from maids as they work around the house. Switching fans on or off, asking doors to be opened or closed and so on.

As he shut the door his erection abated a bit as his mind came off the maid's luscious breasts and he thought of the books he was here to pick up. Where were they?

Suguna stood up straight, her exposed leg and the shadowy valley in between automatically attracting Vikram's gaze.

"What do you want?" asked Suguna, her nostrils flaring in her desire. He was less than a novice; a Casanova could easily have read her body language. She was ripe for taking, breasts heaving; pussy hot and flowing… but he had no way of knowing.

"Saroja mami said there is a brown bag here," said Vikram awkwardly. Suguna exactly knew which bag. She had carefully placed it under the bed in front of her, waiting for this moment.

"Come here," she said. Leaning she reached under the bed. Still leaning, she held it up to him and asked, "IS it this?"

He took it from her to check what was inside. That was when the opportunity presented itself. At her eye level she could see a large damp spot on his trousers where his cock had leaked its fluid when he had pressed it hard with his palm.

With a forefinger, she outlined the wet spot and the lump behind it.

"What is this?" she asked, looking up at the nervous boy.

"Nothing," he said hoarsely.

"You guys!" she said. "At an age when your mind should be on your studies how will you be able to focus on that with all this!" she exclaimed.

It seemed like a rebuke. The boy gawped. Suguna stood straight and came close to him. Just when he thought he was in trouble, the woman pulled the band of his trouser and without undoing the trouser, slid her hand in. her fingers slid past the underwear band and her palm slid in alongside his erect cock.

It was sticky, hot and the cock was absolutely magnificent. In her mind, Suguna grinned. She should be paying for this gift, she thought.

Vikram gasped, rooted to the spot.

"Shall we set this right?" she asked, sliding her palm along the throbbing member. He opened his mouth but could say nothing. Words failed him. This was the ultimate dream for a virgin youth in India. You could proposition one of these delectable looking women but get slapped.

And here was this woman whose breasts had given him such a hardon, handling his cock. He had never had anyone do that for him.

She undid his trouser and looked him in the eye. "Shall I?" she asked and paused. The pause seemed interminably long to him. He held her wrist and goaded her on, preferring symbolism to words.

Keeping her palm rubbing up and down gently she wedged his trouser off his hip. It fell to the floor - but the underwear, with its elastic band and the tent-pole of a cock proved the natural barrier.

She removed her hand and the boy groaned in despair, unknowing anything and wanting everything. He bent forward trying to push his face against her cleavage.

She laughed and dropped to her knees. Gently, she let his cock out of its hateful imprisonment. She recaptured it, this time her palm along the side it had been but the fingers wrapped around. She felt him shiver and if she didn't know it before she was sure now that she was his first woman.

She looked up with feigned sternness and asked, "What is this? Is this the way you focus on your tuition class?"

He didn't answer. His hand went to back of her head and he tried to press her face towards his cock but she resisted. She was transfixed by this humming, throbbing spectacular specimen of man.

She undid the remaining restraints on her blouse and let out her mounds of flesh. Then back to the cock; she held it gently and pumped him ever so slowly, her lips fleetingly kissing the cock and its head. Her lips tasted his precum and she reveled in the thought that she was the first to touch, handle, kiss and taste him.

As she continued to marvel at the specimen, kiss and stroke the boy threw his head back and gave himself in to pleasure. Lost in her own world her hand moved a little faster and his cock spat out its release -- huge gobs spattered on her face and she held him close as he spasmed and quaked in orgasm.

He tried to fuck her mouth as she kept kissing him. She fisted him steadily, the fist well lubricated by the copious flow. Cum dripped from her face and chin down onto her breasts and the floor below.

"Now look at what you have done," she murmured, fingering his cock lovingly.

"Sorry," he croaked rocking back and forth. When the jerking and spasming eased off, when the jets of cum slowed down to dribbles she closed her mouth on the cock head. As was to be expected the erection was barely reduced. She mouthed him gently, till soon, her saliva exceeded any of his fluids on his cock.

"I will clean it," he stammered. Vikram dropped to his knees. With his hand he tried to wipe the floor where his cum had dribbled. Even as he did so, more drops fell and he looked up to see the source; his discharge was on her chin and breasts, dripping down. His hand came up to her breasts and he held them, marveling at their size, feel and teasing her nipples.

She looked down as his hands smeared the cum wider and wider making a mess of her. She used her pallo to clean herself in a quick tentative job and then took his hands and placed them on the objects of his desire. He held them and stared. He squeezed and kneaded, feeling the mass. She smiled and shivered in delight. Holding his head she forced him down and soon he was kissing the breasts. She held up the breast with the nipple pointing inviting him to suck her.

He sighed as his lips closed in on the first breast he would ever suck. How many days he had lusted for Saroja mami's luscious breasts and here he was being fed by a willing woman who seemed to want every bit of him!

"Saroja mami!" he thought in panic. "Mami?" he hissed to Suguna. What if she came in? Suguna just shook her head to negate that thought, she herself tense and serious with her own desire.

She wiped her face, chin and breasts again, using her perspiration to clean up best as she could and lay back, knees up and legs spread, feet on the ground. She braced for the wild fucking that she imagined a keyed up boy would deliver.

Instead he fell upon her breasts, sucking, tugging and tonguing her nipples and breasts -- first one and then the other.

Suguna groaned and reached under, stroking her own pussy desperate with desire. "Men!" she groaned inwardly. Her husband, her lovers -- all mostly liked to be ridden to the finish. It was less often she got to lie back and enjoy her orgasm in complete relaxation. And then there were the days when he was drunk and she was horny. From mouthing him to erection to riding him to her orgasm and then his -- it was a woman's job all the way.

The biting, sucking and nibbling crazed her ever more. She plunged her fingers in for her own immediate relief. The boy toyed and feasted and his fixation on her breasts only broke when with her other hand she searched out his cock. It was absolutely hard and humming again and when she touched it with light fluttering fingers it had the desired effect of driving him wild.

He raised his head off her breasts and looked down between her legs. She groaned, this time wanting the mauling on her aching breasts too. Somewhere down there where he looked was heaven, he knew.

At this moment Saroja decided to check on what was happening. She saw Vikram fumbling with Suguna and she had her back to her. She could not see what was going on till Suguna lay back. And then she saw Vikram struggling to learn to fuck.

He thrust and his slippery wet cock slid up her tummy, missing the mark completely. She laughed. "Lower," she said, her eyes sparkling, knowing that he was going to miss again. He looked down furiously, holding his cock and thrust again; this time he slid down and his cock hit the floor and his hips bucked in reflex at the sharpness of the jab.

She laughed again and held him up by his shoulders.

"Wait," she said.

She swung her legs around and stood up, lifting him up. He kissed her stomach, her breasts, her chest; her chin which had been smeared with his cum and up he came to her face. She took him to the bed and threw a pillow. Making him sit on the pillow she pushed him back. And there she had her target, thick and upstanding, waiting -- jerking, throbbing and waving -- aching for the promised land of the wet sheath.

She straddled him. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. He kneaded her and mauled the breasts -- they were toys in his hands as he satiated his curiosity.

She reached under and stroked his cock gently with feather-light fingers. "How did that feel?" she asked.

"Fantastic!" he whispered.

"Then do something for me!" she said. "My breasts are like your cock!" With that she held his cock up to attention and slowly sank down on him.

Both the woman and the young man seethed in pleasure. Her pussy had been vacant for so long and aching. His cock had never known anything more than his own hand and for a few moments he felt nothing. He knew he was inside her. For the first few times that she slid up and down he was transfixed by the look on her face. She was in ecstasy. The boy was well endowed and Suguna knew how to take her pleasure.

And then sensation returned to him. It was fabulous. She moved this way and that and he felt that his world centered on that cock head. He held her by her breasts and thrust up and she pressed down on his chest and said, "No!"

Saroja looked on in fascination through the crack in the door and saw her cunt slide down on his cock. When she lifted, the cock was revealed, smeared with fluids and streaks of wide.

Meanwhile, not wanting to upset this goddess of love Vikram stopped as instructed. "Just pleasure my breasts," she murmured and the boy lipped and sucked on her like he was milking her. She indicated her pleasure with deep sighs and jabbed down on him to reward his cock with streams of pleasure.

Then in a masterful action, she pumped her pussy on his cock without really moving her hips much. It was focused on her own pleasure and when she thought he might release into her, she pulled up and held his cock head between her forefinger and thumb to thwart his orgasm.

Vikram groaned loudly in frustration as he felt his orgasm recede. He fucked upward vengefully but laughingly Suguna rolled off. She was now lying next to him, knees akimbo, legs spread.

"Now come!" she invited him. "Find your way in and fuck me to your hearts content! After that -- Saroja mami is waiting for the math books!"

"Ah!" she hollered as Vikram thrust into her with vigor borne of vengeance. His eyes were focused on where his cock slid in and out of her pussy, smeared with juices and fluids, fascinated at the conjoining of their bodies.

She hissed her pleasure through clenched teeth as the young man found his rhythm and pounded her. Through the corner of her eye Suguna spotted Saroja gesticulating wildly to her to stop. She held Vikram's hips and shook him hard as if to empty him.

Then lifting her legs her heels pummeled his buttocks, willing him to spill his seed again.

She pulled him close and smothered him in her breasts; and then fucked upward with vigor throwing him up. He fell back and into her.

They dueled and the excited young man wailed as he spent into her. She held him in and allowed him to thrash and empty into her. Both gasped breathlessly in orgasm and then came the magic words that were music to Saroja 's area. "I love you," he wept over and over to Suguna.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she said soothingly. Her legs were locked behind his back and she wiggled her hips squeezing and clenching, milking every drop of him.

He collapsed. She let him be. And then pushed him off when their breathing slowed. He lay back, sated, his cock showing no signs of satiation. Red, as if in rage, the thick specimen stayed, waving under its own weight and jerking in sporadic spasms.

Saroja stared. She had let the opportunity to feast on that cock go by. She needed to fuck, too. Quickly she retreated to her place in the house where she had promised Suguna she would wait.

The maid sat up and looked at the young man as he reached out to hold her breast. She had enjoyed taking his virginity. He was not willing to let her leave. But they both knew that the tuition teacher was waiting with other lessons.