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Kavita Fucked By Father In Law

Kavita Fucked By Father In Law

I'm Kavita, presently aged 28 from Kolkata and possess physical charm that men of all ages find attractive ever since beginning of my teenage. God gave me beauty and that helped my parents to settle my marriage in a well to do conservative family. I used to dream about a handsome husband earning lots of money for me.I kind of just managed to complete my grad from reputed college in Kolkata when my father got this marriage proposal. We were middle class and when proposal of Deep came, we grabbed it with both hands as they were rich and above all Deep was a handsome boy. Deep was working in Delhi with a MNC and we were told he was getting six figure salary every month.As a result, my father(we also) didn't bother to look into details of Deep and within three months, I was married off to Deep. It came as a surprise to me that Deep didn't even kiss me on our 'Phool sojjo (first night). He seemed a bit disturbed and after a brief chat asked me to sleep.My dreams of having wild sex (mainly

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Shaving My Indian Daughter-In-Law

My name is Raghbir Singh. I am 61 years old, but being physically fit, I look much younger. I have retired as a wrestling coach from local college. I am more than 6ft tall and weigh about 90kg. I am a former wrestler and well built like a bull. I still do physical exercises and keep myself fit.In my family, there is Lajwanti, my wife aged about 57. She is a very religious lady and spends most of her time in the temple. I had a daughter Sujata, who is married and happily settled with her in-laws.Ranvir is my only son, aged about 30 years, working in some MNC in the marketing department and is normally is on tour for about 25 days in a month. Sushma is my Daughter- In- Law. She has been married to my son for about 4 years. She is 28 years old, a plump and chubby girl, with milky whitish complexion.Sushma is very beautiful. I don't know her exact figure but she must be about 38-28-36. Her main assets are her big buttocks and big boobs. She normally wears tight clothes and when she walks

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The Talk

Standing on the platform eagerly waiting for the train to come was Adithya. He kept looking at his watch and found it reading 3 minutes to 6 p.m. He was getting impatient as the train carrying his mother was destined to reach at 6.Adithya looked forward to meet his mother who was joining him as his wife Rashmi had gone to her mother's house for the first time after marriage. He stood with abated breath waiting for the train to come and when he heard the shrill whistle of the train he was relieved.Adithya was pleased when he saw his mother alight. It was almost 8 months since he had last seen her and today his joy knew no bounds when he hugged his mother and welcomed her.Nanda a cherubic woman in her early forties was enchanted to see her son after a long time and seeing him her eyes were filled.Adithya carrying her luggage escorted her to his car and soon they reached his apartment. Nanda was pleased to see her son who in a span of 8 months had done wonders and was well settled in his

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A Thakur and His Bahu - Part 2

Chapter 07: The Women Celebrate Holi Holi, the Indian festival of colors and water was being played all over the city, and with equal gusto in Thakur Hari Singh's haveli. As festivals go Holi is the most liberating one in a society which traditionally demands restraint; at least outwardly, there is a demand to remain modest; for women not to indulge themselves; and for men to be careful in their flirtations. Married women were certainly out of bounds for any open flirtation. But not on Holi day. In fact, on Holi while the maidens are undoubtedly sought after by the young men, the greatest display of sexual energy is with the married women. You can often see them kissing openly, allowing their wet bodies (wet from the water splashed around at Holi) to be ogled, letting themselves be groped in stairways and corridors and indulging in the man or men that might be their fancy, but are socially out of bounds. Some of this sudden loss of inhibition is also from drinking

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A Thakur and His Bahu - Part 1

Chapter 01: A Thakur Challenges Her Womanhood The marriage preparations were abruptly stopped. As usual, there was no provocation for it beyond a sharp exchange of words, and egos were bruised on all sides. The boy's father, Thakur Hari Singh, flew into a rage when his plans for the young couple's future were challenged by the girl in front of her father and other family elders. But what really set the stage for what happened next was the way in which the disagreement became a war of words. In the typical swaggering style of a feudal lord, the Thakur had pronounced that he would wait for exactly 9 months to become a grandfather and that his newly married son should set about propagating the clan forthwith. This announcement was made at a gathering of the two extended families. Binita, the bride-to-be was expected to sit in on the proceedings only to know what was expected of her and not to respond, react or offer comment. But her father had not brought her up in that

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The Masala Moment

It all came to be because the house was full. Children were visiting with their own toddlers and his father had come to visit them. And because the house was full Deepu couldn't get enough of his wife Paromita. And because he couldn't get enough he was like an untamed bull. And that led to the brash decision to fuck on the kitchen floor. The rest of what followed was not known to him. She was sitting on the kitchen floor, grinding masala for tomorrow's hilsa fish curry and it was late night. As it is with Bengali households dinner ended late. One by one all the family members went to bed and the lady of the house, after clearing the dishes and putting away things was getting a lead on next day's intended menu. She sat on the floor, her saree pulled up naturally and was using the heavy grinding stone on the slab below to make the masala paste for tomorrow. A day in advance not only saved time but also somehow made the mix more pungent and potent. She would wake her

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குழந்தை இல்லாத வீடு

ஜானகிக்கு தூக்கம் கலைந்து.. விழிப்பு வந்த போது.. காலைச் சூரியன் மேலே வந்து.. கண்ணாடி ஜன்னல் வழியாக தன் ஒளிக் கற்றையை உள்ளே வீசிக் கொண்டிருந்தான். இமைகளைத் திறந்ததும்.. விழிகள் சூரிய ஒளியை உள் வாங்க முடியாமல் எரிச்சலைக் கொடுத்தது. உடனே சட்டென இமைகளை மூடி.. பின் மெல்லத் திறந்தாள். கண் இமைகளுக்குள் மணல் துகள்களை அளளிக் கொட்டியதைப் போல உறுத்தியது. இந்த முறை கண்களை மூடியவள்

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என் மாமனார் என்னை அனுபவித்தார் - சுசித்ரா

என் பெயர் சுசித்ரா. 27 வயது. திருமணமானவள். பெருத்த கொங்கை. சிறுத்த இடை, விரிந்த தொடை, நீண்ட நாசி. எப்போதும் ஊறியிருக்கும் யோனிக் குறி. காமத்தில் எப்போதுமே அபரிதமான ஆசை. மனம் ஒரு குரங்கு ; சுரங்கம்.காமத்தை, செக்சை அனுபவிப்பதில் ஆயிரம் அனுபவங்கள், அந்தரங்கங்கள் எல்லோருக்கும் இருக்கும்.என்னிடமும் உண்டு.குரங்காய் ' காமக் ' கள் குடித்திருக்கிறேன் ; குடிக்க வைக்கப்

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Coming Home

It all started with the Coming Home of Mr. Ravi Bahadur, a 22 year old Engineer with his wife Sujatha, charming young bride of 20 years to the ancestral home of his parents Mr. & Mrs. Rai Bahadur. Rai Bahadur a towering figure at 44 years was a Land Lord in a small town named Kaiga.His wife, Rohini, a real beauty was in her late thirties.They were a hard working couple, loved, feared and respected by one and all in the town.Being on the move every minute of the day, they had maintained an excellent physique and not even an iota of fat was in their bodies.They wore a look of a young couple. By nature, Rai Bahadur was up early every day.After having a massage done by his servant, was out on his farm for a stroll.He used to cover up to 10 K.M everyday by foot before coming back to his huge mansion for breakfast.His wife Rohini, meanwhile would finish all her morning chores like giving instructions to a stream of workers, who worked at the farm and as well as the mansion,

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ஐம்பதிலும் ஆசை வரும்

வானிலை அறிக்கை பொய்க்கவில்லை. வெளியே உரத்த இடியுடன் மழை பெய்து கொண்டிருந்தது. அத்தோடு சூறாவளிபோல அடித்துக் கொண்டிருந்த காற்றில், ஜன்னல் கதவுகள் தடதடவென்று அடித்துக் கொண்டிருந்தன. முன்னெச்செரிக்கையாக, மின் இணைப்பு துண்டிக்கப் பட்டிருந்ததால், எங்கும் இருட்டு. அவ்வப்போது வெட்டிக் கொண்டிருந்த மின்னல்தான் அந்த அறைக்குள் வெளிச்சத்தைக் கணநேரத்துக்குப் பாய்ச்சிக்

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