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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 19

Dr. Desai had opened his case and took out a syringe and two ampules and was getting ready to prepare the injection. Though I was not very much comfortable with injections like any other person, but still was feeling relieved that I would be cured soon of this intolerable itching, the blood spots, and the redness that had engulfed my entire figure. The chest tightness and the headache were indeed quite marginal at this stage. Dr. Desai: You see Madam for any allergic reaction there is a… how to put it… I mean there is a gestation period, during which you suffer the most, after which it comes to a relatively stable position where the acute symptoms might just die down, you know. Me: Hmm… hmm… Dr. Desai was ready with the injection. Dr. Desai: This is the first of the two injections that I will administer and surely you will get relief within 10-15 minutes as it mixes with your blood. I was a bit unsure where Dr. Desai would push the injections. Previously

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 18

We left Parineeta Store and went to the jeweller. From that shop Mama-ji bought me a very nice pair of gold earrings. Of course like any woman I was extremely happy with the new gold ornament and moreover, I was already very contended at heart feeling rather light and buoyant after that sexy “shooting” that I experienced at Parineeta Store. We already were late and Mama-ji hurried for lunch. He speedily drove back home and packed lunch was waiting for us, as Mama-ji had ordered lunch from a Home Delivery service. Mama-ji: Bahurani, you go for a bath first while I will arrange the plates etc. Me: Arre… no, no Mama-ji… Me being present why you should do all that! Mama-ji: Bahurani, you are my guest afterall … plus you are new here… Me: Mama-ji… aap bhi naa! Whatever crockery etc. is required must be in the kitchen only… I will find the needful… you don’t worry at all. Mama-ji: Hmm… That’s true. Okay then! Let’s do one thing! You use the

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 17

I started running as soon as the director said “Action” and Mr. Pyaremohan keeping a distance followed me. My heavy boobs started juggling very sexily below the towel as I ran and I tried to cover that with my hands. I completed the three laps continuously crying for help and finally Mr. Pyaremohan grabbed my hand and pushed me forcefully onto the sofa. The sofa was wide enough to accommodate my whole body and as I fall on the sofa there was a deep vibration due to my body weight. Mr. Mangeskar: Cut! Very nice! Anita, you need to get down from the sofa once and give an exclusive shot. Actually I want to capture your rear from close up when you are running. I noticed that you were looking very attractive as you ran and I just want to capture that in frame. Okay? I did not know what to say or how to react? Should I feel proud to such a comment? Mr. Mangeskar: So what you do is you do not go in a circular fashion, but just come down running towards me from a point I

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 16

I was surprised to note that there was no one in the hall – neither Mama-ji nor Mr. Pyaremohan! But soon they appeared coming up the stairs. Mama-ji: O! Sorry Bahurani. How long you have been waiting? Actually I went downstairs to have a cup of coffee with Pyaremohan Sahab. Me: (smiling) It’s okay… I could still feel the “heat” generating adequately off my body. My nipples were still erect and my panty half-soaked. Honestly the gala fuck I had in the hands of Guru-ji yesterday night seemed to have renewed the horny feelings in me in a rather heavy dose; otherwise how could I convince myself to be touched by this aged “uncle” whom I did not even know a few hours ago! In fact I wished I could have Guru-ji around and got fucked in his hands again; my choot was itching like anything for that, but unfortunately there was no Guru-ji here in this Parineeta Store! Since I did not have a full discharge with Radheshyam Uncle, I was feeling rather uneasy and my

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 15

Had a long tight sleep and when I awakened next morning, it was certainly quite late. But since there was no activity today, I was lazy to leave the bed. I looked at the clock and it was 09:30 a.m. I stretched out my body to get the hangover out - I felt very refreshed – actually the uninterrupted long sleep and the sexual intercourse that I had last night made me feel at very high spirits. Soon I realized that I was hungry and of course it was quite late in the morning. I left the bed, combed and bunched up my hair, and went to the toilet. As I emptied my bladder, I felt more relaxed and revitalized. I changed my nighty and was in the usual attire of the saffron sari and blouse. I opened the door to look for my breakfast. Nirmal: Madam, breakfast is ready. Shall I serve it? I was rather surprised at that service. Nirmal was sitting by the door of my room in a stool and as soon as I sneaked my head out, he was ready with the offer! Me: Err… I mean… yes, of

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 14

I could hardly utter that as I was panting heavily. I was reluctant to adjust my choli as it revealed much of my boobs now due to my heavy breathing. Guru-ji immediately started some Sanskrit mantra and I could feel he was throwing flowers at my feet. This went on for a minute or so and then he came very near to me. I realized that as I heard the mantras from very near me, in fact, from near my feet! It was indeed an awkward situation as my eyes were tied and I shuffled a bit over the mattress. Guru-ji: Beti, do not move. Stand still. I was sure now that Guru-ji had come by the edge of the mattress for sure. He was continuing with his mantras and throwing flowers at my feet, to be precise now the flowers were striking my thighs and knees! Guru-ji: Beti, remain in this posture as you will get the “lotus touch” now. Me: What… what is that Guru-ji? I barely could ask, still trying to get out of my “hot” encounter with Uday. Guru-ji: Beti, Lotus is

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 13

Nothing much happened thereafter as we started our journey back to home from Waltair that very evening. Neither Manohar Uncle nor Rajesh was unable to get the least hint of what happened during our morning bath. Coming back to where I was presently, I felt like standing almost in a similar situation - the only changes being Sunita Bhabie was replaced by me and Ritesh was replaced by Guru-ji! The bathtub was a closed area and standing there with a male with milk covering the floor of the tub was making me rather uneasy, probably more so because the thoughts of Bhabie and Ritesh were still playing vividly on my mind. I looked at Guru-ji. He was the same calm towering personality with his huge stature depicting as if eternal serenity. Since I had spent significant time with him, though the fear in me was gone, but still I always remained coiled in a shell in front of him. Guru-ji: Close your eyes Beti and pray to Linga Maharaj so that your “snan” is successful and you are

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 12

Sunita Bhabie was looking blankly at the ceiling. I could comprehend her mental state and gently held her arm. She smiled dryly at me and ended her drink with a deep sigh. I could hear the boys coming to the balcony and alerted Bhabie. In a moment, Manohar Uncle, Rajesh, and Ritesh appeared in the hotel verandah with their respective drinks. Rajesh: What are you two doing here for so long? Eh? Are you not d… done y… yet? But it was great fun y-a-a-r! You… you missed it. I noticed that Rajesh had a pretty unsteady gait and so was Manohar Uncle. They seemed to be drunk to the brim. Ritesh was holding on to Manohar Uncle so that he did not fall! Me: Thank God that you are over and done with! Lets order for dinner then. Rajesh: O… Okay. Manohar Uncle: Sure An… Anita! None of the males except Ritesh was in a decent state. I ordered to room service and we completed dinner somehow as Manohar Uncle was totally ‘out’ and Rajesh was also heavily

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 11

Sunita Bhabie's Flashback Me: Is everything okay beta? Nandu: Yes mausi. Its hotter here than in Delhi. Me: Yes Nandu, everything is hot here. Nandu laughed not comprehending my double meaning phrase. He was too innocent to catch my prank. I checked his bed though his bed was already made. As I stretched the already stretched bedcover, I deliberately bent down in front of him so that my cleavage was visible over the U-neck of my nighty. I noticed Nandu noted that for a second, but looked elsewhere. Afterall I was his mausi. Me: Have you not brought any shorts? How can you sleep in these pajamas Nandu? It’s so hot. Nandu stammered as I could well realize he had not brought shorts along with him. Nandu: I can manage mausi. Me: No, no. How can that be? Have you not brought any Bermudas also? Nandu: No. Actually mom told to take pajamas because she said I would look indecent in those Bermudas if someone comes at your place. Me: Oh! This Tulsi naa!

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 10

Flashback: Since we stay in UP, there is hardly any chance to visit a seaside easily and so when Rajesh proposed this tour, I was very much excited. I had only visited a seaside in Maharastra– that too with my parents when I was very young. Ritesh was my hubby’s close pal and Manohar Uncle and Sunita Bhabie were our neighbors. Before marriage Rajesh had toured a couple of places with them along with his parents. So the bonding was quite strong and as Ritesh used to visit our house occasionally I was also pretty comfortable. Ritesh was my husband’s age, around 32-33, bachelor. Manohar Uncle and Sunita Bhabie was an elderly couple, their daughter was married only the previous year and lived in Delhi. We were having a nice time from the onset of the journey. Manohar Uncle though nearing retirement was very active and agile and cracked jokes every now and then keeping everyone in a joyous mood. His physique was also very well maintained for his age. Photography was his hobby.

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