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Mom fucked by the Tantrik and Me in front of the whole family

Mom fucked by the Tantrik and Me in front of the whole family

 Hi guys, name is Vishal. I'm 19 yrs old. This is the story of how the tantrik and I fucked my mother in front of the whole family. My moms name is Mitali.My exams had just gotten over. My mom came over and told me that we were going to Azampur, our native place.I had never been there. I was told that it was a proper village and there women were very conservative and shy types. It was my family re-union and around 50 of our family people were coming there. We had a huge palace type bungalow so accommodation was not a problem.My dad had an emergency meeting and cancelled his trip at the last moment. So me and mom left for Azampur. Everyone in the train was staring at my mom. I couldn't sleep in the night because I had to keep an eye on my mom because of the people who were just waiting to pounce on my mom. We reached Azampur safely. Our servant, Ramesh, received us and took us home. It was an 2 hr ride. Everyone was very tired.The bungalow was huge. It was filled with people. I

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 23

I did not know what happened to me… the words of Meenakshi, her stern voice, her warm grip on my hand… everything made me very determined and strong within a moment to face this dirty man. I felt I would do my best to keep this man occupied with this driving exercise while Meenakshi would search his house for that tape. I turned towards her… my jaws had also got stiffened… had eye contact with her… and nodded positively and stepped ahead to cross the road. Mahesh: Hello Meenakshi… Hi Anita…. I must remark that you two are very punctual… (he looks at his watch) its just two minutes past 5! Mahesh was wearing a blue jeans and a light red T-shirt. As I looked minutely at him I noted he was sufficiently tall, had a good physique, and certainly could have looked better, but his thick untrimmed beard made him look rusty. Meenakshi: Hi Mahesh… So this is the car in which you will give lessons to my sister? Mahesh: Yes Meenakshi. Its one of the learner

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 22

I was excited as well as nervous too; nervous of being watched; watched by Sudha and Natasha, who were much, much younger than me! Their presence was actually hindering me to some extent to extract the full joy out of Guru-ji’s passionate kissing and in my anxiety I was getting dry in the mouth. I was getting so keyed up that I wished I could rub my heavy breasts on his hairy chest and just bite his shoulder! Unfortunately, I had to constrain my emotions largely due to Natasha and Sudha though Guru-ji was virtually plundering the whole of my mouth with his wet tongue in the name of demonstration and I did not even notice when his hands slid from my waist to my round spherical butt cheeks and he was kneading them rather handsomely! Me: Ummm… Ahhhh…. Uuuuuuuuuuchhhhh…. I was getting deeply immersed in his kissing when at one point of time Guru-ji parted his lips from mine. Guru-ji: Natasha, Sudha… I hope you have keenly followed what I demonstrated and for the

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 21

Nirmal: Oh! You are back Madam! Guru-ji was searching for you! Me: Guru-ji! But he knows I was away….Am I… am I late? Nirmal: No, no Madam… you are not late…. actually Guru-ji needs to leave for an urgent call at his native place, so… so he would talk to you about the yagya I guess. I could easily guess that as he conversed with me his eyes were roving on my body. Though I had wrapped my sari properly on my body, my breathing was still not absolutely normal and my heavy bosom was going up and down under my sari at a faster pace, which that dwarf had probably spotted. Me (shuffling a bit nervously): Oh! I see… Nirmal: Please take your sit and I will bring some tea for you. He said the last words to Mama-ji who indeed would need a cup of tea to refresh himself after the quick ejaculation he had in the car. Mama-ji: Oh! Thanks… He he… (Mama-ji sat on the couch) I bid “good bye” to Mama-ji and quickly went inside almost simultaneously

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 20

I stood absolutely motionless with my lips wide apart. I was as if thunderstruck! I was simply bowled over by Mama-ji’s outlandish problem. Mama-ji: Uhhh…. Uhhh…. Beti… please help me… I will die in this pain… its absolutely unbearable. Ooooooooh! He was almost rolling left and right on the bed in his acute pain. His lungi had moved off his legs and Mama-ji’s hairy legs were exposed till his knees and even a part of his muscular thighs. Even at this crisis hour, my eyes were getting distracted seeing exposed male body. Me: (trying my level best to look normal) Mama-ji, I mean… shall I… shall I call the doctor? Mama-ji: Doctor? Huh! I had visited so many times…. You know what…. Aaaahhh…. they asked me to operate. Huh! Mama-ji was still holding onto his cock with both hands and to my utter disbelief he was even stroking his balls with his fingers! The old man obviously was doing that to alleviate pain, but it looked extremely indecent! His

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 19

Dr. Desai had opened his case and took out a syringe and two ampules and was getting ready to prepare the injection. Though I was not very much comfortable with injections like any other person, but still was feeling relieved that I would be cured soon of this intolerable itching, the blood spots, and the redness that had engulfed my entire figure. The chest tightness and the headache were indeed quite marginal at this stage. Dr. Desai: You see Madam for any allergic reaction there is a… how to put it… I mean there is a gestation period, during which you suffer the most, after which it comes to a relatively stable position where the acute symptoms might just die down, you know. Me: Hmm… hmm… Dr. Desai was ready with the injection. Dr. Desai: This is the first of the two injections that I will administer and surely you will get relief within 10-15 minutes as it mixes with your blood. I was a bit unsure where Dr. Desai would push the injections. Previously

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 18

We left Parineeta Store and went to the jeweller. From that shop Mama-ji bought me a very nice pair of gold earrings. Of course like any woman I was extremely happy with the new gold ornament and moreover, I was already very contended at heart feeling rather light and buoyant after that sexy “shooting” that I experienced at Parineeta Store. We already were late and Mama-ji hurried for lunch. He speedily drove back home and packed lunch was waiting for us, as Mama-ji had ordered lunch from a Home Delivery service. Mama-ji: Bahurani, you go for a bath first while I will arrange the plates etc. Me: Arre… no, no Mama-ji… Me being present why you should do all that! Mama-ji: Bahurani, you are my guest afterall … plus you are new here… Me: Mama-ji… aap bhi naa! Whatever crockery etc. is required must be in the kitchen only… I will find the needful… you don’t worry at all. Mama-ji: Hmm… That’s true. Okay then! Let’s do one thing! You use the

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 17

I started running as soon as the director said “Action” and Mr. Pyaremohan keeping a distance followed me. My heavy boobs started juggling very sexily below the towel as I ran and I tried to cover that with my hands. I completed the three laps continuously crying for help and finally Mr. Pyaremohan grabbed my hand and pushed me forcefully onto the sofa. The sofa was wide enough to accommodate my whole body and as I fall on the sofa there was a deep vibration due to my body weight. Mr. Mangeskar: Cut! Very nice! Anita, you need to get down from the sofa once and give an exclusive shot. Actually I want to capture your rear from close up when you are running. I noticed that you were looking very attractive as you ran and I just want to capture that in frame. Okay? I did not know what to say or how to react? Should I feel proud to such a comment? Mr. Mangeskar: So what you do is you do not go in a circular fashion, but just come down running towards me from a point I

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 16

I was surprised to note that there was no one in the hall – neither Mama-ji nor Mr. Pyaremohan! But soon they appeared coming up the stairs. Mama-ji: O! Sorry Bahurani. How long you have been waiting? Actually I went downstairs to have a cup of coffee with Pyaremohan Sahab. Me: (smiling) It’s okay… I could still feel the “heat” generating adequately off my body. My nipples were still erect and my panty half-soaked. Honestly the gala fuck I had in the hands of Guru-ji yesterday night seemed to have renewed the horny feelings in me in a rather heavy dose; otherwise how could I convince myself to be touched by this aged “uncle” whom I did not even know a few hours ago! In fact I wished I could have Guru-ji around and got fucked in his hands again; my choot was itching like anything for that, but unfortunately there was no Guru-ji here in this Parineeta Store! Since I did not have a full discharge with Radheshyam Uncle, I was feeling rather uneasy and my

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 15

Had a long tight sleep and when I awakened next morning, it was certainly quite late. But since there was no activity today, I was lazy to leave the bed. I looked at the clock and it was 09:30 a.m. I stretched out my body to get the hangover out - I felt very refreshed – actually the uninterrupted long sleep and the sexual intercourse that I had last night made me feel at very high spirits. Soon I realized that I was hungry and of course it was quite late in the morning. I left the bed, combed and bunched up my hair, and went to the toilet. As I emptied my bladder, I felt more relaxed and revitalized. I changed my nighty and was in the usual attire of the saffron sari and blouse. I opened the door to look for my breakfast. Nirmal: Madam, breakfast is ready. Shall I serve it? I was rather surprised at that service. Nirmal was sitting by the door of my room in a stool and as soon as I sneaked my head out, he was ready with the offer! Me: Err… I mean… yes, of

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