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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 14

I could hardly utter that as I was panting heavily. I was reluctant to adjust my choli as it revealed much of my boobs now due to my heavy breathing. Guru-ji immediately started some Sanskrit mantra and I could feel he was throwing flowers at my feet. This went on for a minute or so and then he came very near to me. I realized that as I heard the mantras from very near me, in fact, from near my feet! It was indeed an awkward situation as my eyes were tied and I shuffled a bit over the mattress. Guru-ji: Beti, do not move. Stand still. I was sure now that Guru-ji had come by the edge of the mattress for sure. He was continuing with his mantras and throwing flowers at my feet, to be precise now the flowers were striking my thighs and knees! Guru-ji: Beti, remain in this posture as you will get the “lotus touch” now. Me: What… what is that Guru-ji? I barely could ask, still trying to get out of my “hot” encounter with Uday. Guru-ji: Beti, Lotus is

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 13

Nothing much happened thereafter as we started our journey back to home from Waltair that very evening. Neither Manohar Uncle nor Rajesh was unable to get the least hint of what happened during our morning bath. Coming back to where I was presently, I felt like standing almost in a similar situation - the only changes being Sunita Bhabie was replaced by me and Ritesh was replaced by Guru-ji! The bathtub was a closed area and standing there with a male with milk covering the floor of the tub was making me rather uneasy, probably more so because the thoughts of Bhabie and Ritesh were still playing vividly on my mind. I looked at Guru-ji. He was the same calm towering personality with his huge stature depicting as if eternal serenity. Since I had spent significant time with him, though the fear in me was gone, but still I always remained coiled in a shell in front of him. Guru-ji: Close your eyes Beti and pray to Linga Maharaj so that your “snan” is successful and you are

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 12

Sunita Bhabie was looking blankly at the ceiling. I could comprehend her mental state and gently held her arm. She smiled dryly at me and ended her drink with a deep sigh. I could hear the boys coming to the balcony and alerted Bhabie. In a moment, Manohar Uncle, Rajesh, and Ritesh appeared in the hotel verandah with their respective drinks. Rajesh: What are you two doing here for so long? Eh? Are you not d… done y… yet? But it was great fun y-a-a-r! You… you missed it. I noticed that Rajesh had a pretty unsteady gait and so was Manohar Uncle. They seemed to be drunk to the brim. Ritesh was holding on to Manohar Uncle so that he did not fall! Me: Thank God that you are over and done with! Lets order for dinner then. Rajesh: O… Okay. Manohar Uncle: Sure An… Anita! None of the males except Ritesh was in a decent state. I ordered to room service and we completed dinner somehow as Manohar Uncle was totally ‘out’ and Rajesh was also heavily

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 11

Sunita Bhabie's Flashback Me: Is everything okay beta? Nandu: Yes mausi. Its hotter here than in Delhi. Me: Yes Nandu, everything is hot here. Nandu laughed not comprehending my double meaning phrase. He was too innocent to catch my prank. I checked his bed though his bed was already made. As I stretched the already stretched bedcover, I deliberately bent down in front of him so that my cleavage was visible over the U-neck of my nighty. I noticed Nandu noted that for a second, but looked elsewhere. Afterall I was his mausi. Me: Have you not brought any shorts? How can you sleep in these pajamas Nandu? It’s so hot. Nandu stammered as I could well realize he had not brought shorts along with him. Nandu: I can manage mausi. Me: No, no. How can that be? Have you not brought any Bermudas also? Nandu: No. Actually mom told to take pajamas because she said I would look indecent in those Bermudas if someone comes at your place. Me: Oh! This Tulsi naa!

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 10

Flashback: Since we stay in UP, there is hardly any chance to visit a seaside easily and so when Rajesh proposed this tour, I was very much excited. I had only visited a seaside in Maharastra– that too with my parents when I was very young. Ritesh was my hubby’s close pal and Manohar Uncle and Sunita Bhabie were our neighbors. Before marriage Rajesh had toured a couple of places with them along with his parents. So the bonding was quite strong and as Ritesh used to visit our house occasionally I was also pretty comfortable. Ritesh was my husband’s age, around 32-33, bachelor. Manohar Uncle and Sunita Bhabie was an elderly couple, their daughter was married only the previous year and lived in Delhi. We were having a nice time from the onset of the journey. Manohar Uncle though nearing retirement was very active and agile and cracked jokes every now and then keeping everyone in a joyous mood. His physique was also very well maintained for his age. Photography was his hobby.

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 9

We exchanged smiles as we got out of the toilet. Guru-ji’s room seemed to be more smoky that before. I took small steps as I was wearing the short skirt and I also tried my best to stretch the choli upwards to cover my deep exposed cleavage. The whole room was adorned with a variety of items, which I must say was a gala affair. As I looked carefully through the smoke I noticed the whole room was almost covered with several bowls and small pots containing flowers for puja offerings, kumkum, sandalwood powder, a kalash and a coconut on top of it, ghee, rice, and kheer on small plates, betel nuts, small pieces of wood, etc. Additionally, there were the ‘agni’ at the center of the room before the Linga Maharaj deity and it was glowing full steam with four deepaks (light lamps) placed round it. Moreover, several scented agarbattis (incense sticks) were filling the room with an intoxicating smell. Guru-ji was chanting mantras at a loud pitch and everything contributed

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 8

As I was thinking all this, I was on my way back to my room where Master-ji and Deepak were waiting for me. Master-ji: Who called you Madam? Me: Rajesh. I mean… my husband. I was a bit careless while walking back the alley and my pallu had shifted of my protruding right breast almost completely and as soon as I met Deepak’s eyes I caught him enjoying the view. Immediately I adjusted my pallu and wrapped my treasures properly and as I was breathing slightly faster than normal, my heavy boobs were stretching my blouse. Deepak: He must be missing you very much Madam. Deepak indicatively smiled suggesting my husband must have been missing my appealing ‘flesh’. Master-ji: Bah! Then you must be feeling refreshed talking to him? Me: Yes, of course. It seemed it’s such a long time I had not conversed with Rajesh… Master-ji: Madam, shall we continue? Me: Yes, yes. What else is left? I was still so much immersed with Rajesh’s thoughts that I

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 7

By that time when they were in the toilet I had wiped the thick semen off my mouth and nose and tried to look normal though still was having a racing heart beat and as I tried to get off from the bed, Deepak intervened. Deepak: Madam, madam, what are you doing? I was rather surprised at his voice and looked up at him. Me: Why? What happened? Deepak: You have just got back your senses Madam. Have you forgotten that for the last 15 to 20 minutes you had been unconscious? I had to stop as I momentarily forgot that I was pretending to have fainted so long and I could not just get up and start walking normally. Deepak: My mami also once tried to act smart and within moments fell down and cut her forehead. Surely you won’t like a repeat show here. Master-ji: Deepak is speaking sense Madam. I looked at Master-ji with angry eyes, as he very well knew that I was pretending to have a fainting spell, but could not express anything in front of Deepak. Deepak:

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 6

Wearing a fresh set of sari, blouse, and petticoat with a fresh pair of undergarment, I was almost ready to meet Guru-ji in his room when there was a knock again. I opened the door and Nirmal again stepped. Nirmal: Guru-ji is calling if you are over with your lunch. Me: Yes… He did not allow me to complete. Nirmal: Oh! You are already! Madam, Sanjeev asked if there is anything to give for washing. Me: Yes, but… I checked myself, as I knew I had my yesterday’s dress to be given for a wash, but honestly I did not want to hand it over to this dwarf because not only my yesterday’s sari would go for a wash, but also my blouse, bra, and panty. Nirmal: But what Madam? He inquired innocently. The nitwit. I quickly thought of telling him a lie to avoid handing him over my dress. Me: Oho! Actually in the morning I handed them already to Sanjeev. Nirmal: But Madam, I checked the boiling herbal water and there was only Meenakshi’s few clothes, no other

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 5

Shilpa: Aunty! Aunty! Me: Ya… err… Yes, what is it? As if I woke up from a slumber and tried to look composed. Shilpa: Guru-ji is calling us. Me: Okay, okay. Lets go. I kept the open magazine from my lap to the table and adjusted my sari and followed Shilpa. As she walked in front of me, I did note the alluring way she was swaying her kundi. I was as if envying Shilpa for her tight figure though I knew I should not, as she was at least 10-12 years younger than me. Her proportionate ass was dancing within her dress as she walked briskly. I hurried along to keep pace with her. As we entered the puja ghar, I found there everyone of the family - Mr. Yadav, Mrs. Yadav and their daughter who came along with me. Of course, Sanjeev and Guru-ji were also there. Guru-ji: Now we have arrived at the pinnacle of this yagya and Shilpa Beti has to now carry forward its epitome further. Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji. Guru-ji: Sanjeev, distribute the bhog to Nandini and Kumar.

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