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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 4

With an enigmatic mind, I slowly approached the guest room of the ashram. Rajkamal went off from my room minutes ago arranging his oils, etc. in his bag. I was trying to speculate who could have come here to meet me, but tried in vain, as I could not figure out anyone living near this place. I entered the room and was very surprised to see ‘mama-ji’! Me: Mama-ji! You! Here? Mama-ji: Yes Bahurani. Mama-ji was my mother-in-law’s brother. He was 50+ in age and remained unmarried throughout his life. Though he came in our marriage and participated actively, I have not seen him in recent times coming to our place. How could he know that I am here! Mama-ji: Actually this place is not far away from my residence. It’s an hour’s drive from there and when your mother-in-law called me up, I assured her that I would certainly pay a visit to you. Now I understood the whole story. I went forward to him and bent forward to touch his feet as a gesture of ‘pranam’. He

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 3

Flashback: I was in class X then and I still remember that day quite vividly. It was a Saturday. It was an unusual Saturday. I will tell why I am saying that. We were a joint family; my father and his brother lived together. My grandmother was also alive. Thus at any point of time someone or the other was always available in the house. But that day the situation was very unusual as a close relative from my mother’s side died and my parents went there along with my aunt and elder sister. Even my grandmother went with them as she was close to her. I was alone in the house and since my uncle had night duty, all were away by the time he came back. Hence I was in the house with my uncle only. My uncle used to come back from his night duty at around 08:00 am and taking breakfast he used to go to sleep till noon. The only servant we had in the house was a maidservant who came regularly at 06:30 in the morning and prepared food, washed clothes and went away by noon. Since I did

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 2

At around 05:00 p.m. Meenakshi came to my room. Meenakshi: Madam, are you too tired? Me: No, no. On the contrary I am quite… I stopped for a moment. Is she aware of what happened at the tailor’s place? Uday seemed to be unaware when I came back with him, as he did not ask me anything. I was feeling very shy to ask Meenakshi directly though she was a woman. Meenakshi: Then fine Madam. You can go to visit the fair, which is very popular here. Its some distance away though, but should not be a problem if you start now. Me: Which fair are you talking about? Meenakshi: Madam, its an annual fair which takes place in a nearby village. And here we all will be busy, you might feel bore. I thought that would not be a bad idea, as I had nothing much to do in the ashram right now. Guru-ji and others would also be busy, as devotees from outside would come for a ‘darshan’ now. Hence I readily agreed. Meenakshi: Okay Madam, here is your new pad. Also please

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 1

My name is Anita Singh. I live in a small town of Uttar Pradesh. Presently I am 32 years of age, married. I got married at the age of 25 to Rajesh, who was a shop-owner. My married life started smooth and I was happy with everything. Rajesh and I shared a very good and close relation. My sex life also was quite regular and satisfactory. But bitterness in my life started when Rajesh and I decided we are going to have an issue after two years of our marriage. When even after one year of unprotected copulation I was not getting pregnant, we were very concerned. There was pressure from my in laws also. I was really confused why this was happening. I had my periods regularly and physically also I had a very developed figure from my teenage itself. I never thought that I could land up in such a problem! I was 27 years then, had a somewhat fair complexion, 5 feet 2 inches height, oval face, and amply built. As I said I had a developed figure from my teens with 32 breast size and

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