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The Guidance of Nephews - Part 2

Sundar had drifted into a nap as his aunt Saroja saw Suguna out. "The house work is getting affected," thought Saroja to herself as she eyed the luxurious swaying ass of the servant maid Suguna. In these last 12 hours life had taken an unreal turn. Nothing seemed to matter more than her trysts with her nephew in the aftermath of her initial indiscretions. Her husband, the house, the kitchen and everything else, including the servant maid were a distraction from her sexual management of her 20 year-old nephew. Manipulating the young man's obsession with her had gotten transformed into sexual engrossment on her own part. And with both of them engrossed in each other, sex and the heavy aroma of sex permeated everything; till this maid had decided to take a fill of the stud. It was inevitable that Saroja would have discovered them. She had let the maid finish thinking that this would show Sundar that lust and love were different things. And then she ushered the maid out. Saroja

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The Absence

When she awoke she was looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. She had to remind herself about where she was. Slowly she remembered. She was in Jayshree madam's house. The family had gone to the US for a month. But the son could not travel as he had a crucial college year. So, they asked her to change her work timings. She was required to make lunch, be there when the boy returned from college. So that is where she was. In that house. Next, she realized that she had no clothes on. At all. Nor were any of her clothes in sight. In which room of the house was she? This was the guest room. And as she became more awake she became aware of the smells around her. Her own smells and the smells of … It was just the first day of the new timings. Laxmi had rejigged all the other house timings where she did work. She decided to give the young man a good lunch on the first day so that he felt reassured about the quality of her cooking. She made an excellent mutton curry and then there was

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A Girl Chooses a Coach

Sudhir sat in his corner of the large hall that served as his house's living-cum-dining room and watched the young girl bounce about. Aruna, his 22-year old niece had recently got married and had just come back from her brief honeymoon visiting her mother, and both mother and daughter had dropped by at their house to say hello. Sudhir had always had an awkward time around Aruna in recent years. The girl didn't seem to understand that a grown up girl needs to be circumspect with men -- even if those men are relatives. That is the custom in Indian homes. Till she is a toddler it is fine for uncles and older cousins to carry the kid all around the house and fete and treat them. But once she was in her teens- and especially if she had attainted puberty -- the nature of that interaction changed. Some of them remained playful and tom-boyish but the physical touch was completely eliminated. Not even a handshake, let alone a hug. And so it jarred him every time Aruna came

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Flash Back - Part 2

Next morning being Saturday Amar left for college early and when he came back he was asked by his mother to change fast as they all were going out for dinner. Amar was delighted as they were going to one of his favorite restaurants. After having a wash and getting dressed up as he came he was enchanted to see his mother wearing a half white silk sari with a sleeve less matching blouse. This was the first time she was decked up so luminously and seeing her he felt proud. Soon they reached the posh restaurant and as the three of them entered the vast dining room Mayuri's mind raced back to the day when they were here last. She remembered it very well that Nithin had accompanied them and it was here that he had teased her in front of his brother. Her thoughts flashed backed to the particular moment when his hand which was on her thigh had failed to reach the goal. She remembered how at the last moment he had chickened out and how it had affected her. As she was recalling

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Flash Back - Part 1

Sitting on the soft cushioned chair he waited for his Mom to come down. He had been waiting for last 15 minutes and it usually never took her so long to dress up and come down. At that point of time he did not know what was holding her up as they had to reach the Airport to receive his uncle and aunt. After glancing at his watch for umpteenth time as he looked up his eyes got focused on a gorgeous lady draped in a silk sari with her loose hair flying walking down the stairs. For few seconds it was difficult for him to envisage what he saw. It was hard for him to believe it was his mother, who was so gorgeously decked, her hair loose, her body swaying walking down the stairs and when she went past him, he was stunned when the perfume hit his nostrils. He was in a daze and as he could not reason out her appearance he followed her tamely. On following his eyes got riveted on her movements. Seeing her body sway he felt something, something which he could not envisage at that

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சிற்றூர் கதைகள் - இரட்டையர்

கங்கா ஜமுனா ரெட்டைப் பொண்ணுங்க. அதுல கங்கா ஜமுனாவைவிட அஞ்சு நிமிசம் முன்னால பொறந்தா. ஆக அவளை அக்கான்னுதான் சொல்லுவாங்க. ஆனா பார்த்தா ரெண்டு பேரும் ஒரே மாதிரி இருப்பாங்க.அவுங்களப் பெத்தவங்களே சில சமயத்தில அவங்களை அடையாளம் காண முடியாம திணறுவாங்க. அது போலவே அவுங்க ரெண்டு பேருக்கும் மனசு எப்போதும் எல்லா விசயத்திலையும் ஒத்துப் போகும். ரெண்டு பேரும் கலரு கருப்பா

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