The Absence

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When she awoke she was looking at an unfamiliar ceiling. She had to remind herself about where she was. Slowly she remembered. She was in Jayshree madam's house. The family had gone to the US for a month. But the son could not travel as he had a crucial college year. So, they asked her to change her work timings. She was required to make lunch, be there when the boy returned from college.

So that is where she was. In that house. Next, she realized that she had no clothes on. At all. Nor were any of her clothes in sight. In which room of the house was she? This was the guest room. And as she became more awake she became aware of the smells around her. Her own smells and the smells of …

It was just the first day of the new timings. Laxmi had rejigged all the other house timings where she did work. She decided to give the young man a good lunch on the first day so that he felt reassured about the quality of her cooking. She made an excellent mutton curry and then there was nothing to do. She had to wait for Lokesh to return from college. As always, her feet were aching. It was stressful, walking from one house to another and then on her feet all day doing various house chores. She rarely got a moment to sit. But since Jayashree madam just wanted someone around the house, and since there was no one at home, there was nothing to do.

She liked that change. She lay down on the floor and put her feet up on the sofa to give her feet much deserved rest. One of the other ladies at whose house she worked had kindly taught her this as a way to rest her feet. Vipareeta-karni. You get close to the wall or sofa and put up your feet a good height. The blood flow to the head served as a great pick me up in less than ten minutes. And the feet felt rested too.

It was not easy to do, for Laxmi wore a saree most of the time. Putting her feet up meant the garment fell back, exposing her legs and the lower part of the body. Living in a crowded small tenement that was not so easy to do. And she had a body worth lusting over. Even though she was technically a grandmother, that was only because she had been married young; and so had her daughter.

At forty-something, her body was sculpted and toned by years of housework in the various places she worked as a maid. Being a single woman meant she was open to approach by an assortment of lustful men. And having been widowed a while ago she did have those needs. But only when she wanted. And exposing her body was not an option.

Today she could.

By the time Lokesh reached home, Laxmi's Vipareeta-karani had hit and she was lost to the world, asleep. In any case, food was not on Lokesh's mind. He had the freedom of an empty house and was hungry to go look up what a friend had told him was really sexy and worth watching on YouTube. That did not mean he missed Laxmi lying there. Her head was towards the door he entered from with his key and her feet were on the sofa opposite. Her knees were showing as the saree had slipped. But what really caught his eye was her chest: breasts partially covered by the saree but for a good part exposed. Rising and falling with her gentle snoring.

For a young man with no real sexual experience breasts are a fascinating sight. The size, the shape, the texture - nothing mattered. That there were breasts to see was sufficient. Not that Laxmi was poorly endowed. She had nice sumptuous breasts. But nor were they large mammaries of every teen fantasy.

Lokesh's mind was on masturbation throughout his ride home. His friend had told him about a movie to watch and he was keen to get on with that. He continued to eye Laxmi as he went to his room to turn on his computer and look at those lascivious scenes to which he could masturbate.

It did not take him long to find as he was used to hunting down more and more sexy stuff to watch on the internet. And there it was. Wow! He had never seen something like this before. Somewhere halfway down the movie The Handmaiden two women were making lesbian love. Both were seated and the one on top was fisting the one below. The moans filled the room as the women were moaning, squealing and cumming - voices and noises mixed. It was in Korean but not that the language mattered.

He watched fascinated. The lovemaking continued. The scene was longer, much, much longer than similar scenes in most movies. As was his habit Lokesh waited till his cock was so hard and demanding that he simply had to touch himself. When one of the women ducked between the other's legs, it was too much to bear. The moment to stroke himself to a gushing cum was upon him. He slid his trouser down and his cock sprang up to attention; for attention.

That was also the moment Laxmi came looking on hearing the unusual sounds from the boy's room. Since Lokesh had turned the sound up to listen carefully to the exciting sounds of ecstasy he did not hear her open the room door. And the moment Laxmi entered the room her eyes went to the screen of the computer. She saw one body lying between the legs of a woman laid back. She was taken aback when the screen showed the face of a woman between those legs. That face was wet with the fluids of the other woman. She was transfixed. But so was Lokesh fascinated - he had never seen such a realistic shot. Nobody's face ever showed the wetness from eating a woman that was seen in this movie.

His cock was throbbing and he gently slid his hand up and down, groaning at the pleasure it gave him. Meanwhile, the women on the screen lay side by side and each tucked her head between the thighs of the other. The shot was from the top as the women merged into a 69 position while lying on their sides. Lokesh continued to stroke himself slowly, steadily. Then the women on the screen got into a different position. Pussies were pressed into each other and they hammered each other with their bodies. The moment of super-excitement came when both clasped hands so they could get support to fuck really hard.

Clutching at each other's hands, looking into each other's eyes, the two women fucked each other. Pussies rubbed and smeared. Lips must be caressing each other, splayed open with stimulation and lust. Unseen by the camera but seen in the eye of the mind, Lokesh imagined how those pussies were pulsing. They really needed to fill their pussies and here he was without someone to fuck! He groaned, desperate at having to make do with his hand.

Laxmi was fascinated as she was aroused. And she knew what the boy was doing. She felt like touching herself which is what she did many a time. There were enough men in her circle who had an eye on her luscious body. She was a pretty woman with the firm taut body of a working woman. She had a few that liked to fuck her. It was plain and simple sex, for them and for her. And yet, the woman in her never sought them out. It was they who came to her with their lust. She took her satisfaction when it came and from where it came. And left it at that. Men were trouble. And all of them were married. Double trouble.

She looked over Lokesh's shoulder and saw him stroke himself. The young man's cock was like any of the many she had seen. As it was with her breasts for the young man's eye, so it was with the cock for her eyes. It mattered that it was a cock; nothing else mattered.

Her hand joined his. She leaned over him from behind and the other hand went to his mouth to stifle him but to reassure him, too. She slipped fingers into his mouth, playing with his tongue as she stroked his cock. He turned around to see who it was and their eyes locked. Lokesh groaned and rubbed his face against her chest. His cock was in her hand now as Lokesh grasped at her body turning around in his chair as much as he could. She pumped down and his cockhead swelled, red and glistening. One more and his cum shot up. Her mouth involuntarily opened and her lips made a shape as if to take in the cock and its erupting white shots. Her head reared and jerked in unison with the convulsions of the cock. It was not a conscious act on her part. It was just how engrossed she was watching the thrusting and pulsing cock.

Gobs and gobs of cum flowed over her hand and down. Sounds of Lokesh groaning joined the chorus from the computer. The women on screen were cumming along with Lokesh here. Only Laxmi seemed left out. In his ecstasy, the boy's teeth had sunk into her breast but she didn't mind, somewhat protected from the harshness of the bite by her clothing. He stood up and when she removed her hand he quickly brought it back on his ever-pulsing cock. He made sure she kept stroking him. He hugged her and thrust into her hand repeatedly. When he stopped spewing he simply told her, "I need you. Let's fuck."

She needed the fucking, too. She was aroused for sure. It had been weeks since she had fucked one of those random men. And what she saw on the computer had caused her juices to flow even though she was largely unfamiliar with how one woman could pleasure another. And then this young man's virility all on display. But.

"Can you do anything?" she asked as her face caressed the boy's. He guided her hand to his still ramrod-stiff cock.

"Mmmmm," she murmured. He might not be able to cum so soon but that was to her advantage she thought to herself. She wanted to be fucked.

"Come," she whispered. And instead of showing the single-minded focus on possessing her pussy with his cock, his attention went straight to her breasts. He kissed the slopes and very incompetently tried to work the hooks open. He was not going to succeed anytime soon. She simply undid the hooks and pulled his face to her bosom. While he kissed and licked the more open slopes now, she undid her bra clasp. Heaven was open to him as he slathered her breasts with his saliva. Hungry lips sucked in the nipples setting Laxmi's pussy aflame.

No doubt Jayashree madam had asked her to look after the son. But she cannot have had this in mind. The prim older lady's son was just another lusty lad like any other.

The sucking continued for long till Laxmi gently had to remind him, "Don't you want to fuck?"

She pulled at her saree till it fell to the floor and now only the petticoat stood between Lokesh and his lifetime dream of a wet cunt to nest his cock in. she turned around to undo its cord. Lokesh kissed her bare back feverishly. Laxmi felt his hot and wet kisses and shivered: the men who took her did nothing for her. It was just animal fucking. That had its charm. But this was delicious. Her nipples stood hard and erect and now that her petticoat was undone she pulled it up over her breasts like many Indian women did while bathing.

Much of her body that Lokesh was lipping was now covered by that garment. She held his hand and led him to his single bed. Just enough for one person and another lying on top. They sat down next to each other and she looked down at his bobbing cock. "Do you know what to do?" she asked. He shook his head. No.

"Do you want to be on top of me?" she asked. No response. "Do you want me on top?" she asked. His mind went to the clips he had seen where the woman road the man to a climax. His hand snaked under the petticoat to feel her breasts. His palm stroked the nipple. She gasped. She swung her legs over and lay back. "Come on top," she instructed him.

He kneeled between her legs, his cock dangling. It was then that she took note of it. He was super-large from the excitement of a first fuck, all bulging and spongy. "Is it your first time?" she asked. He nodded. His cock was dripping onto her body below. He lowered his head to her breasts and licked them, long lazy strokes of his tongue. Her body trembled with excitement. She needed the fuck.

"Get between my legs," she urged him. He looked down at his cock, large and ready - but numbing from the swelling. She reached down and held him. And she tugged him by his cock close to her lips. "Push," she whispered, urgently. He thrust himself at her, aimlessly, clueless about where his target lay. He slid along her stomach and both of them groaned.

"Wait, wait, wait," she said hoarsely. She pushed him back and straddled him. Holding his cock firmly she brought her pussy over its target. And she sank down, shivering and stammering loudly, "Lokesh!" she groaned.

Holding him, she rolled over and now had him on top. Her stallion. Her young stud of a stallion.

"Now! Fuck me!" she commanded. He pulled back and felt almost stuck inside her - so heavily swollen was he. HE had never seen himself so large either. He thrust a bit, eyes wide.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she urged him on in desperation. He pulled back too far; he lost her; he thrust forward again missing his target.

This time she was able to guide him back without having to mount him. Then he thrust better - shallow quick thrusts, learning how to find her. And Laxmi needed the cock so much that she thrust back at him every time he pulled back. Lokesh groaned loudly and started to call out to her, "Laxmi amma!" he called out in desperation. She was so good!

"Yes Lokesh, my boy," she responded. He pounded away as pleasure returned to his numb cock. Laxmi was throwing herself around and up at him as pleasure ripped through her body. Her legs wrapped around his hips and she held on to his shoulders. The boy came into her and filled her. She did not feel that she was done. She could do with more fucking. The boy became a man in that instant. And he slumped forward on her as his cumming took over his body and he could nothing but shudder in to her, wailing and calling out her name. Oh! How he loved this woman!

She pushed him off. His cock was undiminished. It was red from the exertion. His foreskin had pulled back behind his cock head and was stuck there. But it was unconquered.

"You have not eaten!" she said to him. "Come. Let me feed you," she said shyly. She draped just her saree around her body - no blouse, no bra, no petticoat. She went to the kitchen to get him food.

A little voice inside her head told her that she needed him nourished for her own bodily needs. Those sexual needs were barely meet in the first fuck of that youth's life. If the edge was off she could look forward to her own satiation. Suddenly all the tasks that Jayashree madam had told her to do for her son's sake were for Laxmi's own sake. She needed that body to satiate her own primal needs. And the mutton curry she had made with onion, garlic and spices would do his renewal a lot of good.

As she walked to the kitchen, Lokesh could see her body just covered by that the thin layer of saree. Her ass, the curves of her body, her breasts were all visible. More than being a layer of modesty it added a layer of seduction to a hot-blooded woman. Lokesh felt hungry. And it was not for lunch.

Six yards of saree wound around her supple body did more to accentuate her sexuality than hide anything. She went to get the mutton curry and rice for the young master whom she had only just deflowered, as it were.

As she stirred the curry to a simmer her mind was on the stirring inside her. Lokesh (whom she had called 'chinayya' or young master for years now) represented unbridled libido but also a certain sophisticated gentleness which she had never experienced before.

Her mind was specifically on the tender kisses he implanted on her bare back before the demands on his virgin body made him fuck her. The amateurishness and the quick release were no surprise for so young a man. Nor was his desire to fuck and ability to release so soon after having been masturbated to a finish.

And while her mind was on the spots on her back that came alive to his kisses, she took in her breath sharply for she felt it again. It was not in her mind. Lokesh had come up behind her. There was just a band of soft cotton going diagonally across that beautiful expanse of flesh, leaving much of it open. He could even see the bulge of the side of her breast before the saree stole away the sight from him.

No one had ever kissed her, much less in an area not associated with plain and simple fucking. The men in her social circle that she was likely to encounter just mounted her and pounded into her. In like fashion, she pounded into them. The vigor made up for the lack of finesse, sometimes leaving her wonderfully tired and relaxed, even if a bit sore. It was just sex.

The kisses on her back were something else. Lokesh kissed the middle of her back and she shivered. He gently pressed his lips up on each spot down the spine, sucking her till it released with a pop. She gasped. He moved lower. And lower. And lower. Her pussy melted and flowed. Already the accumulation of cum from him had seeped and saturated the clutch of cloth of the saree she had tucked between her thighs. Now she surged.

The waist of her saree stopped him whereas the lower part of her body had already been reduced to jelly and she had subtly spread her leg and was ready if he reached the cleft of her buttocks and went anywhere from there.

He did not. He traced the way back up. The knot at the back of her neck -- she did not know that it could send the same electric shock that she felt when her nipples were toyed with! Oh, she wanted him so badly!

He nuzzled her, standing up to his full height now. She moved her face sideways and the gentle caress of face upon face and the wisps of hair excited both of them. Also standing up to its full height was his erection. But prodding her made him wince as the cockhead was bulging, unprotected by foreskin and feeling super-tender. He reached down and pulled it back up so that it was pressed between them. His abdomen, his raging erection and then the crevice between her buttocks.

She could feel its complete dimensions. There was something about that first fuck with him that left a lot to be desired. It was more about overcoming his first pangs of hunger and nothing more than that. She wiggled her buttocks and felt him -- it was going to be delicious to take that in deliberately and consciously. She was going to take him the way she wanted, she told herself.

For now, it was Lokesh doing the taking. His cock was warmly snuggled up to her accepting buttocks. His body was pressed against her. His hands went to the front to claim her breasts. The cotton was seductively soft and even softer were the breasts within. He held them, weighing them. Fingers searched out her nipples and played with them. Obediently, they stood to attention. He caught each between his thumbs and fingers and stroked them gently, tugging. All through the cloth because despite searching, in his ardor he could not find the way to go below the garment. His hand slid lower, caressing her tummy and threatening the probe the vale between the legs.

It was all too much for her and she swung around facing him. Her hand reached below and held his cock firmly. It seemed to hum with a life of its own. Her own desire had soared with his gentle kissing, nibbling and stroking. She now noticed that the cock could not be contained in her hand. But she knew a place where she could contain him in full and use him. "Fuck him like an animal!" her mind told her, much like the way she was used to being mounted. She wanted to do the mounting. She wanted to be the … be the… be the…

A sputter from the curry told her it was thickening more than she intended. She turned off the stove and still holding his cock asked him, "Don't you want to eat?"

"Yes, I do. But not what you think?" he replied. He was a virgin till a short while ago. But his educated mind had been imaginatively absorbing the sexually charged content he viewed on YouTube. He was a different kind of guy. In theory, he knew the anatomy of a woman intimately. But beyond that he favored the exploration of a woman so beautifully depicted in many a movie. A woman had needs. And he could especially see in lesbian-themed movies that a woman's need was a great way to open a pathway to his own needs.

And here he was with a woman at his disposal. With plenty of time at hand. He had not tried something silly with her. It was she who had opened the floodgates. And now he intended to do everything.

Without knowing it in so many words, Laxmi felt it in him. Her face reddened at his suggestion that there was something else he wanted to eat. "Eat what?" she asked, her voice in a stutter.

He kissed her eyes as he spoke. "Did you see on my computer what that woman was doing to her friend? Like that," he explained. The flow between her legs was definitely not his or her cum from before. She was melting inside. She had never had anyone kiss her down there. In fact, till she saw it on the computer she had not heard of it or imagined it.

"But what about this?" she asked of this imaginative novice. She slid her hand up and down his cock which was now dripping onto her feet and the floor below. There was no answer. She remembered the scene on the computer when the women had swiveled around and each woman's face was buried in the other's crotch. Maybe that ….

They slid to the kitchen floor. He shimmied down so his face was at her abdomen. The saree was damp from all sorts of things. Her sweat, which smelled sweet to him, her cum, her natural aroma. She tugged her saree loose but left it to him to unwrap her. He nuzzled her, kissed her and stabbed at her with his tongue. She moaned loudly. Quickly her knees were up and spared wide as she comfortably lay back leaving herself open to him.

He did not disappoint. As fervently and tenderly as he had kissed her back, he kissed her between the legs. The difference between sucking on her skin and sucking here was apparently. . her guttural groans and moans filled the room as swiftly as his mouth filled with her juices.

"But what about you? Hunhh? What about that?" she babbled, her hand mimicking how the cock had felt in it. Pressing his head into her crotch lest he misunderstood what she wanted she slowly swiveled around. Already his cock was within her reach and she grasped at it, stroking it steadily. He was beautiful! That cock was so full, so large, so full of promise! As the swiveling continued it loomed over her face and her response was instinctive. She let him enter her mouth. She twirled it with her tongue and let him swirl in her mouth.

Lokesh changed the rhythm of his mouth to accommodate his care for her … he made loud smacking kisses on her pussy. And then felt like fucking her so he pumped her mouth. She squealed as she tried to provide his cock with a channel to fuck inside her mouth. The deep suction on her pussy caused her to convulse. She added her hand to his cock to control the hammering so that she fucked him at least in part with her fist.

He was going to cum again and her hips were already thrashing uncontrollably as she came. Her buttocks thumped the floor and rose to fuck his face. She threw herself wildly, the cock escaping her mouth as he tongued her mercilessly. She was cumming and it was instance. She held on to his cock fisting him and kissing its head intermittently as she chanced upon it now and again.

"Laxmamma!" he groaned loudly into her pussy as his cock responded to her fisting. She knew he was cumming and she had not stopped cumming either. continuing to control the stroking with her hand she gave him the comfort of her mouth. Her mouth provided him with a warm bubbling shelter while her hand gave him the pleasure. Her own legs wrapped around him to make sure her pussy did not miss one single tongue stroke or face fuck.

She thrust her pussy up fully, the mound projecting into his face. Her hands worked the cock furiously. He jetted into her and she took his cum into her mouth fully. Some she could not help swallow. Some flowed out of her mouth. His cumming would not stop. Her fisting him did not stop either. Neither did he stop sucking on her. Nor did she stop cumming.

She drank and tasted him fully. Her tongue continued to swirl around the pillar of flesh. The struggle to say connected and control the pulsing was equal on both sides. He kept his mouth plastered to her pulsating pussy. She kept her fist around his cock and the head in her mouth.

When the incessant motions of cumming ebbed and everything came to a quiet after the storm, neither of them moved. They lay like that. His face on her cheek and she with him in her mouth.

He did not shrink even a bit. His cock had spilled its seed only out of compulsion. Otherwise he was not satiated one little bit.

He dozed off eventually. She gently rolled him off. His cock was upright waving in the air. I have still not taken that in to my aching, yawning pussy, she thought.

When he awoke she was sitting with the saree again wound around herself damper than ever before; more stained that ever. In a plate, she had a heap of rice hollowed to take a large servicing of mutton curry in a moat in the middle.

He lay there as she carefully placed small balls of rice and gravy in his mouth. When there were pieces of meat to be fed, her fingers entered his mouth and he sucked on the them like he was sucking on her teats. It made her shiver. Slowly but surely, the feeding become messier. She licked at the gravy that was on the sides of his mouth. The bit that dripped on to his chest. And then the dots of curry she placed on her nipples and brought it to her young master to eat off her.

And then she lay back and he ladled on small dabs of curry to eat from each breast. Her neck. Her tummy. And further down. And from between her legs. And the curry tasted special when he did that.

He was eventually fed and nourished. So was she as she ate off his body. Finally, she was ready to fill herself with his cock and be pounded by someone who really knew how to make love.

"You better rest and I better finish a few things," said Laxmi to the well fed young man, patting his cheek. She found her saree and pulled that part of it stuck under him and stood up. Lokesh devoured her with his eyes. Those breasts -- he had not tasted them enough. Those firm and shapely legs well-toned, he had felt around his face, chest and body. But he wanted to be gripped by them as he sank into this wondrous woman.

And slowly but surely, Laxmi draped herself in the garment. It would not count as 'tying the saree'. It was a sensuous mix of modesty and display designed to keep Lokesh on simmer. She was hardly done with him. So far, all that she had done was help him masturbate and fulfil one of his fantasies.

It was a surprising fantasy, because the men she was used to were more interested in mounting her like a bull might. She liked the raw fucking. But she loved what Lokesh represented.

She left him lying on the kitchen floor and went to the sink to do the dishes. There were not many for he had eaten from her hand and she had mixed the curry and rice in one serving bowl to feed him.

He lay there, in a lazy mood, partly drained but also rested from his nap. He wished for her to not leave him alone. He needed to explore every nuance of her body. When he had caught her garment to hold her back, she had gently made him let go, kissing and nipping at his fingers till he let go thinking she was convinced.

But she ran away with a naughty giggle and a nimbleness that belied her age. And from wherever she was she kept an eye on him. A virile but gentle lover! Years of encounters with males had blinded her to the idea that such a combination was possible. And imaginative at that!

And while she admired all that her eyes kept checking on his erection. It seemed not to flag by much, if at all any. Every now or then, as he drifted between sleep and wakefulness it twitched or bounded up with a life of its own. Occasionally, Lokesh reached down and stroked himself. It ached him and a few strokes provided relief. And he liked the moistness that resulted which seemed to soothe the ever-erect cock.

He had no way of knowing that that was inevitable in the aftermath of the loss of virginity to a woman. And there was more to come.

When she moved to the hall to dust it, he followed her there and positioned him on the sofa from where he could see her. His eyes were always on her well-rounded buttocks or eager to snatch a view of her breasts.

When she bent over to do something he thought he could see her nipples. Then he wondered about why he didn't just gather her in his arms and suck and love those mounds that seemed to be begging for attention.

She let him reach, touch, feel and try and coax -- but she never gave in to him.

When she went to hang out the clothes to dry on the back balcony she had to be a little carefully was she barely dressed. And he did not follow her there because he was nude most of the time. The dhoti was just a pretense of order was it was mostly askew, if at all on him.

And when she came back she found him snoring gently -- this time with his cock half in repose. That was the first time she had seen him less than erect since she walked into that room where he was watching that movie.

Now she knelt next to the sofa where he lay and put down the empty tub she was carrying. Her face hovered over that semi-flaccid cock. She wanted him hard and erect like before.

With a very wet mouth she took it in. just from the warmth of her mouth, with no movement, she got a small jerk of acknowledgement. She swirled her tongue around the cock. It rose rapidly. It was soon back to its full strength and impossible to accommodate in her mouth. She held the trunk of his cock in her hand and gently fucked him with her mouth.

His fluids flowed again and she thought she tasted the cardamom and cinnamon that she had used in the curry. That could not be! Must be from her fist she thought to herself. Nevertheless, the musky, salty, mildly spiced flavors kept her engrossed. And soon she felt his hand on the back of head, urging her on.

His hips moved too, trying to push himself over the edge. Every time she touched him he simply wanted to cum, spew and feel the gobs of flow. It felt fantastic. It was as if he was flowing just for her.

She raised her head off his cock and held it in her grip to restrain the buildup of his orgasm. Streaks of his juices stretched from her lips to his cock. Her hair had taken some and she was once again a picture of divinity in lust. She kept renewing the kumkum (saffron colored) round dot on her forehead. And it kept smearing with her contact with his body and the saliva and cum that kept getting added to her body.

She looked radiant. Reddened with lust. Stained with him. Eyes glimmering with admiration and lust for him. And her hair askew as if designed as a veil for them to hide under.

When she raised her head off him, the hanging lower lip, wet with a combination of his precum and her saliva made her look intoxication.

She looked up at him and said, "Time to fuck, young man. Your cum belongs to me, inside me now."

She held his hand and led him to the bedroom. She had long imagined the plush mattress for her sleep. Today she was looking forward to lying back comfortably for what she expected to the fuck of her lifetime thus far. She had fucked in the oddest of places including lying back on a cart once, while the guy that owned the cart stood and fucked her; the cart moved with his thrusts and came to rest against the wall behind -- allowing him to thrust in fully.

Here, she wanted to lie back and guide her lover to fuck her the way she imagined fucking should be.

She undid her saree and lay back on the soft mattress and well cushioned pillows. The sheets were going to be stained for sure and she wanted it that way. She wanted to make marks of ownership and conquest. Sheets could always be washed. But the searing lust she felt for this man had to be celebrated in full.

She lay back and spread her legs as wide as she could, knees up, feet flat on the bed. With outstretched arms, she called him to come mount her. His cock was surging and bobbing with the excitement of what was to come.

He kneeled between her. She gently took his cock between thumb and forefinger. "Follow me," she whispered, her voice thick with excitement. Cumming to being sucked was one thing. But being filled with a hot throbbing cock and a pounding man driving into her was the real thing.

It was going to be his first ever. Her mouth had always felt fabulous around his cock -- warm and bubbling. But he had never felt a pussy around it before. He had always imagined what it might be like. Now was the moment!

He lunged, grasping himself and aiming for her. With one hand on him, she used the other to open her pussy lips to him. Not that they needed any opening she was agape from arousal in any case. He thrust hard into her and she placed a palm on his lower abdomen stopping him from going the whole distance.

"Slowly," she whispered. She shivered as she said that because her own lust wanted him hard. Real hard. But she needed him to be hard the right way. Now with one leg coming around him she nudged his back, signaling to him that he should push forward.

His cock entered her wet channel and he gasped out 'Laxmamma!" in sheer pleasure. She held him close and her arms went around in a warm embrace.

He felt wonderful when his chest was pressed against her breasts. He tried to bring his head down to suck on them. So much to do! So much to love and taste! And with all the time at their disposal time seemed short. Her hand on his abdomen now pushed back and he withdrew but the leg on his back dictated how far and no further. And using this code she taught him her preferred rhythm. Just once, when he was inside her, he pushed a little more and the swelling of his cock head just when it was embedded in her womb caused her to gasp.

He was so inside her! Deep and embedded.

The steady rhythm and her twists and turns accompanying caused a surge of blood to his cock and he again wanted to pound really, really hard.

She tried to control him but she also felt her own insides gushing and wanted him to fuck her so very hard. And both of them were flowing so she also felt the need to reduce the lubrication and tried to reach for her saree.

As this sexual dual of desires was at its peak, the doorbell rang. And it rang in staccato, incessantly. It was someone who wanted the door opened and opened now!

They froze. Who could it be? Lokesh thought of some of his relatives whom his mother had asked to check on him. But this was only day one …

Laxmi thought of some of the other maids who knew she worked here and sometimes came by to connect with her. But they wouldn't dare ring the bell like this ….

Laxmi would take too long to get into any condition to open the door. Her clothes were strewn in various parts of the hall and the saree by itself gave away more when it was the only piece of garment.

Actually, neither wanted to move away at a movement when they were just about to get animal in their rhythms and each was about to try conquer the other's lust.

But if someone had to go it was going to be Lokesh because that doorbell just wouldn't stop.

He grabbed his dhoti and quickly wrapped it around his waist. Askew and disorganized it was completely insufficient but it would have to do for now. He expected it to be some random salesperson that could be got rid of in a jiffy. That was the most logical possibility.

But it turned out to be his college friend, Seema. Seema was -- friends with benefits. Heavy petting. But nothing serious and nothing more. There she was. And her mouth fell open at the sight of his damp cloth, barely covering him. His pubic hair was visible, sticky, clearly damp. Lokesh must have been masturbating she thought.

And then the poorly veiled, large throbbing cock. She watched agape. She turned around to flee when he reached out and grabbed her by her wrist.

"Come and sit. Give me five minutes," he said, which was the most normal reaction of a person who had been interrupted in the middle of something. It reassured her. Whatever it was, he was not going to make any demands of her.

Lokesh turned his back to her and rushed back, calling out to her to shut the main door and make herself comfortable.

He went back to Laxmi who had loosely arranged the saree over herself. That was not going to be much use if it was one of Lokesh's relatives and they came in. but she felt better covered.

"Who was it?" she asked.

"No one," replied the lad in a hurry and cast aside the sham of a garment. He got back between her legs and readied to mount her. She too was desperate. Gone was her desire for smooth, rhythm. His sudden departure had made her aware of how empty she felt and how deeply he filled her. Now she wanted wild fucking. She wanted that lunging, rearing cockhead in her womb. She wanted to ride him. Make him lose control. And to see how richly he could fill her. Maybe even get her pregnant, for that was how fertile she felt in his presence.

And she surprised him with her bodily expression of that lust. When he placed himself inside her, shallow in her pussy, like she had taught him to, she thrust her hips up quickly fucking him hard.

He gasped. She held his arms and fucked back and forth taking her pleasure so she could get a grip on herself.

'Oh Lokesh, you are so hard for me," she screamed. "Come on fuck me, fuck me hard!" she begged.

Outside, Seema wondered if she was judging the sounds right. And as she wondered, her eyes chanced upon Laxmi's hastily discarded blouse half-inside the kitchen door. She went over and picked it up. It didn't look like anything fresh from a wash. Nor did it seem like a blouse that Lokesh's mom might have worn.

And then the clearly down-market bra. The petticoat. A woman's clothes in a house where she thought her friend was alone. The petticoat on the floor of the kitchen was the clincher. She knew.

She moved to the door where Lokesh had disappeared. Inside, Laxmi had gone completely berserk. After fucking the man above, her she decided she needed to be on top. She had swiveled over and unmindful of his needs or comfort simply fucked him hard and furiously. She loved the way his cock rode inside her. Her womb was filled, her pussy stretched and she was flowing and cumming in one seamless gush of pleasure.

"Chinnayaa, chinayaa, chinayaa!" she gasped as she took her pleasure. She grabbed his hands and guided him to pinch and maul her breasts. "Hurt me! Mark me! Keep me!" she babbled as he rolled and pinched her nipples.

Oh, he was good! She could not have enough of him. One corner of her mind tried to remember how many days there were before Jayshree madam returned. For how many days could she feed on this cock and this wonderful boy day and night?

And she lost that train of thought when Lokesh leaned forward and bit on her nipple.

She swung her legs forward and bounced on his lap holding his head to her breasts. All of her body was now begging for attention and she position herself so that the most pleasurable areas of her pussy got the most of his hardness as he went in and out of her.

In to this scene of reckless abandon, Seema moved the door ajar. There was her classmate-friend sitting with a woman on top who was fucking him mercilessly and screaming obscenities in her pleasure.

Lokesh noticed her out of the corner of his eye but Laxmi had him in her grip as she seemed insatiable. It was impossible to stop. She fucked him like a pleasure-seeking machine and his cock seemed quite up to the challenge.

Having cum so many times, having lost so much fluid in small dribbles, he was able to sustain for her. And in this phase, Laxmi was not keen on the imagination and beautifulness as much as her raw sexual pleasure.

And Seema was transfixed by this sight. While she had engaged in teenage petting with Lokesh, this was full-blown sex. She felt a slickness between her thighs at the beautiful sight of that woman's well-toned body, lovely looking breasts and the two of them pleasuring each other.

Her hand palming her crotch was almost involuntary. She watched in fascination at the two in action. How long had they been lovers she wondered?

Laxmi's incessant grazing of her sensitive spots on his unrelenting cock caused her to orgasm. She howled without restraint and screamed out Lokesh and Chinayaa alternately as her pussy melted down on him.

"You animal! You insatiable monster! Your cock is so hard in spite of my pounding it like this! Oh, my goodness. Give me, give more. After this you come on top and fuck me till you cum!" she pleaded as her body was wracked with uncontrolled pleasure.

Seema's ears reddened as she heard these descriptions of her friend. Lokesh's attempts to get Laxmi's attention were in vain. When he put his fingers on her mouth to quieten her she merely sucked them lustily. And none of this was lost on Seema. It was wild and raunchy sex. Unrestrained.

And finally, when her orgasm subsided Laxmi slumped forward. His cock was still quivering inside her. She knew she had to finish him, too. And that included consummating her own desire for her womb to be drenched.

She rested her head on his shoulder, towards the side where Seema was and that was when he noticed her. He remained embedded up in her pussy and she wiggled to enjoy the spongy hardness inside her.

She kissed his shoulder tenderly, her doe like eyes locking on Seema as she made soft-love to Lokesh.

Lokesh was a bit panicked for Seema was a family friend too and might spill the beans of his dalliance to his mother. He shook Laxmi to coax her to get off.

In a surprisingly athletic move she raised her leg over his head and swung over to face Seema. Unashamed -- no, proud of her breasts she displayed her body in full to the young woman. In one hand, she held Lokesh's reddened cock firmly, tamping down the possible release of its cum wastefully.

In any case, Lokesh was in a hurry to jump up to explain his situation to Seema. But with Laxmi sitting sideways in his lap he found it impossible to get up. "I can explain!" he stammered.

"What can you explain?" she asked laughingly, which was to his relief. "That she is a service engineer? Or a saleswoman who happens to be sitting on your lap?"

"No, we just ….." he said lamely.

"We were just fucking?" asked Seema, mockingly.

Laxmi fell back on the bed to watch the two friends argue. Playing with her own nipple which seemed to need some serious attention, she lay with one knee up. She pressed her thighs together as she felt lingering ripples of pleasure.

"Where did you find here?" asked Seema teasingly. That itself was a bit of a relief to Lokesh for he thought he could now manage her from here. But as he opened his mouth to say something, Seema crossed a boundary. "How much is she charging?" she asked.

Laxmi sprang up at that, eyes all fire and looking absolutely beautiful in that avatar. "If you had fucked him he wouldn't need to pay any one anything," she said.

"And how do you know I have not been fucking him," shouted Seema.

"I could feel it when I took him just now!" smiled Laxmi disarmingly. "And I can see it in you that you have not been fucked either!" It was a challenge.

"Oh, I have!" said the younger woman as she tried to bluff her way out.

"Then fuck him and show me!" said Laxmi spontaneously.

Seema went red and protested. "I am going to do nothing of the sort," she retorted.

"But you can, you know. You are beautiful," said Laxmi soothingly closing the gap between them. She stroked the girls face and said," There is nothing wrong in pleasure, you know?"

"But I can get into trouble," stammered the bewildered girl. The older woman seemed to be consuming her with her eyes.

It took Laxmi but a moment to slip her hand around the girl's bare midriff between the short t-shirt and low-slung jeans. Seema shivered at the soft touch of the work-roughened hands.

"Laxmi, leave her!" said Lokesh, ever-protective of his friend.

"For whom? For you?" asked Laxmi playfully, laughing. Seema had never seen a woman, so beautiful, so mature yet taut up so close. Those breasts… just looking at them caused her throat to dry up.

Laxmi's hand toyed with the waistband of the jeans and she thought she felt the roughness of pubic hair. She paused to look down and saw that the jeans were low slung indeed. She slid her hands down the front and encountered the damp crotch of Seema's panties. "You are wet!" she announced. "Excited, are we?" asked Laxmi.

Seema shook her head to indicate 'no' and was totally unconvincing in that. Laxmi's fingers searched within the jeans and while the younger girl tried to wriggle herself free, the older woman's obvious strength came to the fore.

Within seconds she had found the top band of the panties and her fingers were pouching Seema's obviously wet pussy. Her middle finger's invasion of the pussy was effortless and she gently pushed it in as deep as possible.

Triumphantly she asked, "No problem here with pleasure is there?"

"You cannot touch me like that," protested Seema feebly.

"You can feel me in exchange, if that's a deal," said Laxmi encouragingly, grabbing her hand and placing it on her own breast. Seema gasped in surprise and shock. But she did not withdraw her hand. In fact, she had never touched a breast other than her own and could see the difference from hers.

Laxmi's were larger and the nipples browner and more pronounced. And even as she thought of herself, Laxmi had the same thought. As Seema unthinkingly stroked the older woman's breasts and marveled at how mature and ripe they felt to her, Laxmi had worked up her t-shirt and bared the young and pert breasts of the young girl.

They were pink and more like buds, by comparison. Seema's body was in a raging fever of lust as she looked down at herself and then at Laxmi's breasts.

"When you have regular sex, you will find them larger. And then when you have babies. And then your man will suck those nipples. And then you too will become like this," explained Laxmi holding Seema's fingers to her own breasts and nipples.

Seema could not resist the voluptuous appeal of Laxmi's breasts and leaned forward to kiss them. At first, she was gentle and then she was more insistent, enjoying the long, supple feel of those nipples in her mouth.

Laxmi held her close and caressed her soft, tender back. She was just a little more than a kid, sexually, felt Laxmi, even though she too must be 18 to 20 years to be of Lokesh's class.

"You are so warm and beautiful," murmured Seema as she noisily sucked on woman's nourishing breasts.

"And you- tender and ready to be plucked," replied the house-maid. "Are you sure you have never fucked?" she asked gently.

Seema stood straight and buried her face in the crook of Laxmi's neck. "I want to but I am scared. Guys are too complicated," she said. "But yes, you see how hot and wet I feel."

And then it occurred to Laxmi that her first few bouts of pleasure with Lokesh did not involve penetration. So, Seema too could be introduced to pleasure without penetration. And what she had seen on Lokesh's computer was something she could do for the young girl, too.

Her face gently grazed and caressed Seema's as she told her, "You don't need him to experience pleasure. Lie back." A sense of command entered her voice as she said that last bit.

They moved to the bed. Seema raised her hips as she moved on to the bed and that helped Laxmi pull off her jeans. With all her experience at conventional sex, Laxmi had learned quickly from Lokesh's imagination and innovation. Gently, she nosed Seema's virginal pussy lips. Sweet smells wafted into her nostrils and she rubbed her face on her crotch.

Seema sighed contentedly. This was so free of tension, so relaxed. She felt safe and this woman in particular seemed incomparably gentle to the immature grabbing and exploring of her friends like Lokesh.

And no matter how wild Laxmi might become she could not get her pregnant.

She allowed Laxmi to spread her legs and widened them allowing as much access to Laxmi.

"Ah! Amma!' she cried out as Laxmi's tongue made progress. 'Name. What's your name?' she asked with a sense of urgency.

Laxmi was busy lapping at Seema's crotch to make way across the sparse pubic hair, wanting her lips to blossom open so she could get at her insides. She was so keen on tasting the young girl that she had no time to raise her head. She had just tasted her first man when she mouthed Lokesh. Now it was time for her first woman.

"She is Laxmi-amma," said Lokesh coming alongside them. Laxmi looked up briefly at hearing her name. She smiled at the reference to 'amma'; a term that Lokesh has used with Laxmi's name for the last several years she had been a maid in their house. The one she had cared for -- even bathed on occasion, it was only right that she helped him emerge as a man she thought.

In that instant Lokesh saw the wetness on her face like that scene in the Handmaiden. His cock was swollen and demanding attention. But the two women were engrossed and the only attention he could have was his own hand.

And as Laxmi lapped at Seema the young woman gave in to the old one's tongue, face and lips. She luxuriated in the waves of pleasure and held Laxmi's head and whimpered "Laxmi-amma, aaah!" as ripples of pleasure went through her.

It was her first experience of externally generated pleasure. Her own clumsy efforts at self-pleasure had been inadequate. And her body had seemed to freeze when petting with Lokesh. And now she seemed to have melted like warm butter into Laxmi's mouth. Under her touch she seemed willing to go everywhere.

Her hips bucked into Laxmi's face. Seeking pleasure, she fucked the woman's head mindlessly. The pleasure was intense and for almost the first time in her life she felt the vacuum between her legs and the need to be filled. She was designed to take in a man and yet …

She looked for Lokesh and saw him alongside, masturbating furiously. She felt shy and turned her face away and closed her eyes giving in fully to the pleasure Laxmi was giving her. Lokesh leaned forward and took Seema's pinkish nipples between his lips only to be pushed away by the young girl, like so many times she had while they petted.

On cue, Laxmi's fingers entered her soppy wet pussy and Seema laughed in pleasure and joy. Laxmi had only just taken her first round of pleasure from Lokesh and her pussy was burning with desire again. She reached between her own legs and trying to masturbate as she sucked on Seema.

Lokesh sensed his chance and quickly came around to position himself behind Laxmi. His cock nosed Laxmi in all the wrong places as he vainly tried to fuck her pussy from behind. He was unable to till Laxmi reached under and guided him into her pussy.

Laxmi bawled out in pleasure with the unusual and probing angle of the doggy style fuck. Lokesh's head flailed at the intense pleasure. It seemed that his cock head and her pleasure zone were perfectly aligned in this position.

Seema did not realize what was happening. At first, she thought Laxmi had found a rhythm of fucking her with her entire head. She knew something was amiss when Laxmi's tongue and lips started missing the spots they had been hitting. From the crescendo of pleasure, she had felt, she now felt the disappointment of Laxmi missing her mark.

She opened her eyes to see what was going wrong and spotted Lokesh positioned behind Laxmi, his fingers digging into the fleshy buttocks, gripping her to fuck her. The animal-ness was appropriate to the animal position.

The intensity of pleasure was such that Laxmi gripped Seema's thighs for support and placing her head on Seema's stomach sobbed in pleasure.

Seema was as desperate over her lack of pleasure as Laxmi was desperate in pleasure. "Don't stop!" she pleaded. "Suck me! Suck me! You cannot do this. You started this now don't leave me high and dry," cried out Seema thrusting her hips upward in vain.

Finally, she raised her buttocks and propped her body up and holding Laxmi's head with one hand pressed mouth to pussy as best as she could. She rubbed herself hard against Laxmi's face smearing her quite completely with her juices.

'Suck me! Laxm-amma, don't pause! Don't stop! suck me! suck me!' she sobbed. She wanted Laxmi's full attention.

"Wait, wait, wait!" babbled the older woman as she made an attempt at sorting the needs. Her supposed experience fell short in this wild pleasure battle that had just broken out. She had never been here before; taken like this. And most of all never wanted to give and take so much at the same time.

She tried to reposition herself to best pleasure the girl as well as herself. But Lokesh could not take one miss in his beat and pounded her into the mattress the moment Seema let go of her.

A few deep thrusts later he was willing to give pause. Laxmi urgently took advantage of the lull in the storm and placed her mouth on Seema's pussy. She anchored the buttocks firmly in her hands. Sucking hard she briefly slapped her own buttock with one hand to egg Lokesh on, again.

And then they were in rhythm and in unison. Sucking and fucking as one single pleasure-beast . Lokesh's fucking thrust Laxmi onto Seema's pussy. And the grip of her hands and placement of her face made sure that the nose and chin fucked Seema's pussy properly.

It was Seema's first and most intense orgasm at the hands of another -- man or woman. Her moans rose to a crescendo and she thrust into Laxmi's face repeatedly falling back on the bed with thumps.

The sight of the writhing girl, thrashing around caused Lokesh to go over the edge. Laxmi felt the tell-tale signs of his swelling deep in her womb. She wanted to be face to face with him and have him deep in her, filling and drenching her with his seed.

She pin-pointed her tongue to thrash Seema to a full finish. The girl was now hollering at the top of her voice, screaming profanities. "Fuck me with your tongue, you whoring bitch!" she wrenched out her lungs at the height of her pleasure.

"Oh, I want you too you rutting animal, you!" she snarled at Lokesh as she felt her womb contract in a convulsion and then swell and explode again.

"She is not going to end tonight," thought Laxmi trying to hold her down and provide her something to beat against. "And he is not going to last. I need him deep."

She pushed herself up causing Lokesh to slip out and Seema to wildly grab at arms and legs of her college-friend and lover-maid. Laxmi sank back between Seema's thighs and wiggled herself to press as far back on the soppy wet thatch behind her. She was sure Lokesh's thrusts would be animal enough to rub her back onto the pussy behind.

Lokesh was desperate to get his 'about-to-explode' cock back into the nest where it belonged all along.

"Yes, come back in quickly. I need you deep in my womb," hissed Laxmi at Lokesh in orgasmic urgency.

Lokesh's eyes were on Seema's sexy body, glistening as it was with the exertion of her orgasm. Eyes on Seema and mind on Laxmi Lokesh thrust forward with the eagerness of a novice. His cock sank into Laxmi's gaping wide and wet pussy.

Seema watched in lust as she saw the large monster slide effortlessly into the sexy older woman's bubbling snatch. And she watched again and again as the cock emerged only to plunge back in. The broad manhood was smeared in a mix of fluids, some whitish, some glistening.

Seema's throat choked with desire. Warnings be damned she wanted to feel the same wild pleasure that was causing Laxmi-amma to now grip Seema's arms to present Lokesh a stable target. "Me next, me next, me next!" she panted, quite amazed at her own immediate need for more on the back of such a deep-womb release inside her that had barely abated.

Laxmi raised one leg wide apart and wrapped it around Lokesh's back to hold him deep inside her, waiting for the moment of explosion.

Seema reached out for the woman who they said was a grandmother -- so hard to believe! She gripped Laxmi's large breasts and ripe nipples, kneading them hard and pulling and tugging.

"Oh Seema, I want you on my breasts. I want him in my womb. I need you both everywhere," she sighed as she kissed a part of Seema's hand that was within her reach.

Watching the young girl and the older woman- maid, grandmother -- however you described this sex goddess -- make love to each other was exciting. And they were hungry for him, too! -- and Lokesh shot one big, deep load inside his woman's womb.

Then he pulled back and Seema had a ringside view of that rearing, spewing, reddened cock as it lunged back in. "Oh my god!" gasped Seema. Her insides were now burning with desire.

"Laxmamma!" he wailed. It was his first full release into her. In many ways, this was his true loss of virginity. He pulled back and hammered in, his foreskin pulled back in full and cockhead at its utmost. Deep in her womb he shot another load and then pulled back and more.

"I want it too, I want it. Keep some for me," whimpered Seema, trembling under Laxmi. Laxmi allowed her body to rub back on Seema transmitting the friction of bodies.

Laxmi was wracked with pleasure and filled with satisfaction with the flood of Lokesh's semen inside her. She gripped him hard and the boy fell forward on his teacher, the maid. Seema thrust as best as she could to take what little pleasure was available for her burning pussy, as boy and woman start to kiss each other in a million kisses covering each other's face.

Seema watched Laxmi as she expertly brought both legs around Lokesh's back and beat a tattoo on the small of his back, extracting every little driblet that he had to offer. The shivers and shaking of both bodies was well felt by her.

"Can I?" she asked Laxmi, the chief orchestrator. "I need him, too!"

Laxmi laughed, her impishness back as her desire receded to manageable levels. "give him time, she murmured, rubbing her face against the girl's arm and holding Seema's other hand to her breast to make her pinch and squeeze. The girl was too careful and she needed as many hands on her, in as many places.

Both boy and girl kissed and caressed the woman who was showing them the path to pleasure, almost in an act of gratitude. And soon they fell asleep in that heap of spent pleasure.

He slept longer than either of them. For Laxmi, it was a relaxed day compared to her usual routine as a maid. Till she rearranged her engagements to suit Jayashree madam's request for special timings, her day rarely -if ever- included a relaxed moment.

Compared to that, the long gaps between pieces of work, the wonderful, mind-boggling sex and then the luxury of naps between bouts of sucking and fucking was much more relaxing and easy.

Also, the cleaning up after feeding the young master was a therapeutic reverie: she had imagined everything that happened between them and the work just melted away.

But she had never made love to a woman before. Lokesh's friend Seema, another 18-year old like him had dropped in while she was fucking him. the demand from o give Seema pleasure without penetration fell to her. You could call Laxmi a lesbian by accident; but oh! what a fabulous accident.

And now they lay, in a crisscross of bodies. The three of them sprawled over each other were different combinations. Laxmi and Seema: lovers. Laxmi and Lokesh: also lovers. But Seema and Lokesh: intended lovers?

Seema certainly wanted to be fucked. At first, she was completely hesitant -- she was clinging on to her notion that guys spelt trouble of all kinds.

And then Laxmamma had lain back between Seema's legs and she had a vantage point view of Lokesh's cock plunging into Laxmiamma's willing hungry pussy. And she realized that no matter how well tongued she had been the real thing was to be fucked by a man, as well.

She had experienced the expertise of a woman. she wanted to experience the lust of her friend.

Before they fell asleep Seema had pleaded with Laxmi to let her fuck Lokesh -- or ask Lokesh to fuck her. And Laxmi had advised that Lokesh needed rest to fuck again, after having cum so many times in that one afternoon.

Of the three, Laxmi awoke sooner than the other two for she had excellent stamina of a working woman. Then Seema awoke for she was not as exhausted as Lokesh. She had just had one lesbian experience with Laxmi-amma and no more.

It was past sundown in the evening. The fuck-fest which had started for Laxmi at around 3 in the afternoon was still going strong.

"Wake him. I need it," said Seema to Laxmi, unsure and unwilling to deal with Lokesh directly.

'need what?" asked Laxmi innocently, shaking off the haze and disorientation of having slept at an odd hour and the other unusual events of the day.

"Need his…..," and Seema's mind wandered off to the slick glistening member that she had seen sliding in and out of Laxmi-amma. She also remembered Laxmi's full-throated advertisement for Lokesh's ability to give pleasure.

Now she wanted, and she wanted it bad!

"I need to be fucked!" said Seema, finding it more comfortable to say this than to say she wanted Lokesh's cock. "I need pleasure."

"You have to wait, remember?" said Laxmi.

"But I cannot wait a moment more for my pleasure!" purred Seema, stretching out like a pussy cat that needs stroking.

Laxmi remembered the taste of her sweet young pussy and wondered if there was some pleasure to be had if she gave some, too.

She turned towards Seema and cupped one breast… small, pert and yet to grow to a woman's fullness. She stroked her way down and rubbed her between the legs. Involuntarily the legs parted and ever so gently Laxmi rubbed harder with each successive stroke.

Then with a natural expertise which belied the fact that she had never been with a woman before, she spread her fingers. Having become harder in her strokes, she broadened the scope of her fingers. A few strokes later she started to increase the depth of her stroking, gently spreading apart Seema's virgin pussy.

She was the first person to kiss her down there. She had been the first person to give her any pleasure which was not self-generated. And now she was about to be the first to plunge fingers into her wet bubbling pussy.

"I will give you the pleasure you seek," she whispered, nuzzling Seema's face and bringing her mouth to her nipples as her fingers plunged back and forth.

At first Seema gave herself up to that pleasure spontaneously.

And then suddenly she slapped away the older woman's hand. "You got a full cock in you. And you want me to make do with your fingers?" she said accusingly.

"No dear! He is just sleeping," replied Laxmi absent-mindedly bringing her fingers wet with Seema's juices to her lips and admiring the sweet aromas. She looked over her shoulder at the supine form.

"Wake him now," said Seema Ordering Laxmi amma about came naturally to her. After all the woman was a maid. And equally, Laxmiamma's response was that of a typical maid to the members of any household.

Just to the stuff that you are asked to. Especially the next generation had a tendency to complain to their parents if their bidding was not done.

So almost reflexively, Laxmi's response to Seema's command was positive.

"Let's see," she said and turned her back to Seema and started to kiss Lokesh's chest. Seema moved close, pressing her breasts into Laxmi's back to look over her shoulder at the unfolding action. The warmth and closeness felt good. She watched Laxmamma expertly work his body. Soon the cascade of her loose hair covered the most operative part of what was happening.

Laxmi's head was over Lokesh's crotch and her long hair covered what was happening beneath. Seema quickly reached over and lifted the curtain of hair. Laxmi was using her lips to gently nibble on the sleeping cock. Seema watched in fascination at the sucking, the kisses and tugs on a part of the body she thought was meant only to drive into a woman.

Here this woman seemed to be making a snack of the male cock. The human mind is a wonderful thing. Even though he was asleep Lokesh's body started to respond. The cock unfurled, swelled, enlarged and with continuous kissing and mouthing it came to its full expression.

Once it was erect, Laxmi worked her lips up the pillar of the cock and then her mouth swiveled on to the cockhead. Then she pulled the cock to one side and letting the head out with a plop, went back down the pillar. And up again. And the claiming of the head -- this time it made Lokesh jerk awake. Again, she tugged the cock to the other side with her mouth. When she let it out it sprang to its natural position, angled up towards his stomach.

As it bounced during the release a spatter of pre-cum flew and landed on Laxmi. She made a mental note that a long bath was needed considering all the spots on her that had fluids of both these young lovers of hers.

When she moved up to the head again -- she found competition from Seema. The young girl had joined Laxmi in tasting Lokesh. When Laxmi's lips kissed their way down the pillar, Seema (holding her breath for she was unused to the tastes and smell) and claimed the cock.

Copying Laxmi, her head bobbed on the cock, her little mouth stretched painfully wide to accommodate the cock. How was Laxmi able to swallow his cock so easily and then, so much of it. And then Laxmi murmured that it was her turn. The way she took in the cock was deft. Only the head and just a swirl and out: a gourmet's tasting.

Seema's gobbling was that of a gourmand, wanting it all and wanting it whole. After a few times, she had warmed to the task completely. She started fucking his cock with her mouth, unmindful of the original goal of just waking up her target. Because her mouth could not take all of it in (or perhaps she lacked the expertise of Laxmi) her action was focused around the head and a little lower but not much more.

Unknown to the inexperienced girl from an orgasmic perspective this was where all the action was. There was a lot of pleasure and joy to be had from the lips and mouth covering the entire cock -- but not making him cum. Since Seema's mouth was acting on such sensitive parts, Lokesh's reaction to her was closer to what Seema was looking for.

He joined the rhythm and started to fuck her back gently in her mouth. The inability to close her mouth had caused saliva to pool and this now flowed down his cock. The lubrication made the wet, warm affair of cock-throating more luxurious. Laxmi watched in fascination as her second novice of the day seemed to be headed for a graduation of sort. The girl was really a natural at mouthing off a cock.

Laxmi found herself regretting that she could not be the recipient of that kind of man-pleasure from Seema; nor could she take Seema like a man could. Or the way this boy-turned-man was about to take. Being pleasure while impaling a woman had to be as much fun as being impaled!

But a groan and Lokesh reaching out for Seema's head brought her out of the spell.

She stopped the young girl. "Hey stop now! You wanted to fuck him, didn't you?"

Seema still remained with her face prone over the jerking and pulsating cock. She turned her head towards Laxmi, causing the warm penis to slap against her cheek. It felt good and she rubbed her face on it fondly.

"So?" she asked Laxmi, her mouth streaked with Lokesh's fluids. 'Salty' she thought to herself of the taste of her friend.

"So, if you mouth him anymore, he will spurt into your mouth. Then you will have to wait for him to rest and revive before he can fill you. Are you willing to wait with a wet pussy till then? We do have all night ahead of us," she joked. Her hand caressed and snaked its way to the lair between Seema's leg. Oh god, she was wet and flowing!

"Oh yes!" exulted the girl, her hips moving to Laxmi's touch. She was once again grateful for the presence and guidance of this experienced woman on her first sojourn with a guy. If Laxmi interpreted the hip movement as a desire for her, she was mistaken. "I want to fuck," said the virgin simply. This amazed Lokesh as he was now properly awake. This was the same girl who made a big scene of any of his attempts to pet her beyond some imaginary line.

Seema lay back, her legs spread wide and up. "Come on!" she shouted to Lokesh, much louder than needed for that room. It was her excitement.

Laxmi looked longingly at his massively erect cock and felt a dryness in her throat. But it was not her turn. It was Seema's.

It was just Lokesh's second fuck ever and Laxmi saw the awkwardness. And while Seema lust-crazed in her drive she was no better than Lokesh in the matter of comfort.

Laxmi sat next to the couple, legs folded under her. She reached between the two aching bodies and caught Lokesh's eagerly prodding cock gently between her thumb and forefinger. With her other hand, she pulled at one thigh of Seema to increase the space for Lokesh to position himself.

It was then that the enormity of the moment hit Seema. With the penis at the mouth of her pussy, she tensed and clutched at Laxmi's arm. "Laxmiamma", she gasped.

Laxmi held the young girls head to her breast and placing one hand on Lokesh's small of back encouraged him to push forward and in. The warmth of her bosom comforted the startled young girl. Again, when Lokesh seemed to be misdirected she held the cock at the entrance to the lair.

Both the boy and girl trembled but were encouraged by the woman to take the plunge.

"Laxmamma! It will hurt" stammered the hitherto eager girl.

"No, my love," cooed Laxmi. "I am here. Don't worry."

"I am scared," whimpered Seema, her eyes flitting from Laxmi's comforting, glittering eyes to Lokesh's lunging impatient cock.

"Easy, boy!" murmured Laxmi to Lokesh. He looked sideways at her and gave her a nervous smile. Somehow fucking Laxmiamma had seemed easy and natural compared to taking Seema. Despite Laxmi's guidance he seemed up against an impenetrable fortress with no soft and welcoming refuge for a visiting king. It rather felt like designed to resist invasion.

"Mmm, push!" urged Laxmi, excitement soaring within her. she would have loved for Seema to fondle a breast but the girl's hands were made into fists and resting on Lokesh's shoulder, gently adding to the resistance. Laxmi noted that she was not cupping the shoulder to hold invitingly.

If that was the signal from the hands she could well imagine the channel below. She looked down between her own legs and noted the lips swollen and parted despite her legs being together in that sitting position.

She now slid her hand between the bodies to check what was happening between these two kids, for though they were old enough to be in college, Lokesh had grown up in front of her eyes and would always count as a child for her.

She toggled the cock to make sure it was aimed right. Then she felt around for Seema's pussy and found her clenched tight. She leaned close to Seema's ear and whispered, "Relax!" Even if she wanted to it seemed she couldn't. Laxmi stretched alongside the struggling couple so that she could keep talking to Seema.

She looked up at Lokesh's tense perspiring face and give him a reassuring flutter of her eyelids. Looking down at Seema she repeated her instruction, "Relax!" This time her word was accompanied by the gentle stroking of Laxmi's hands on the inside of her thigh.

As Laxmi's fingers pressed deeper, Seema gasped at the electric sensations that ran in her body from the woman's touch. Her pussy gave a little. Again, Laxmi toggled Lokesh's cock like a paint brush on those lips.

"You want him, don't you?" she asked, one finger making headway like a recce for the largeness waiting to follow. The wetness was within, hot bubbling and inviting but not at the entrance where it was much needed. Laxmi added her saliva to her fingers and slathered it on Seema's pussy gates.

"Push!" she cried out to Lokesh, sure that she would roll him over and mount him with urgent desire for the provocation she felt.

Lokesh made a little headway and then was stuck again. Seema cried out more from alarm than from any actual pain.

"Again! Again!" she whispered to Lokesh, hoarse and thick with her own desire. By now Seema's head was cradled in her arms. The young girl clutched at Laxmi - torn between her tension and her desire.

Lokesh thrust his hips and reached the exact same situation as before.

"Ok, hold there!" instructed Laxmi. She kissed Seema, her tongue probing in deep and her hand took the cock between fingers and rubbed it within those gates as best as she could. The painting of precum had moved a wee bit forward. The new line of resistance was now lubricated.

She removed her mouth off Seema's just enough to say "again' to Lokesh. and then on the spur of the moment, with a wet, cock-like tongue she slid her tongue in and out of Seema's mouth to mimic fucking.

That the inside of her mouth could be so erotic was unknown to Seema. She shivered and forgot all about the monster waiting to invade her. Lokesh thrust forward on cue. He made headway and Seema squealed in protest. Luckily for her, Lokesh was stuck again. The channel spasmed to clutch and Seema tensed at the forced parting of her pussy. She felt full! (Though she wasn't.) She looked down and saw that a good bit of his cock was NOT within her.

And she thought of how it sank till its base into Laxmi amma's pussy, vanishing completely. She closed her eyes and shuddered. Laxmi grabbed her and invaded her with her tongue again. This time Seema wanted to fuck her back with her tongue. The erotic sliding of sensitive tongues against one another made both women shiver. For a moment, Seema forgot all about why she had felt the need for a man as she enjoyed fully the experience of a woman, warm, supple, understanding, comforting, erotic, pleasurable, satisfying….

And Lokesh thrust again as his own patience gave way to the need for this cock to be stroked. Laxmi used the back of her hand to indicate that he should pull out. And quickly her hand on his taut ass pressed forward. She was glad for the signaling she had previously used with him. It came in handy now.

She needed her hand on Seema's face so she quickly leveled her hand with Lokesh's eyes and indicted with a small gap between her fingers that the fucking had to be shallow. Her student proved adept as she felt the boy prod and retreat, again and again. She now occupied herself fully with Seema. Still couching her in one arm, she used the free hand to hold her face away from Lokesh above her to herself on the side and continued the tongue duel.

It was heavenly. Seema imagined whether Laxmi was this wet and hot in her pussy right now. Laxmi just gave into the luxurious feel and pleasure wondering about all the women she had in her circle and left unattended or unused or unloved: whichever.

And then 'pop'! gradually sinking in deeper, the cock reached where the pussy opened out to the womb and he was in, fully! His cockhead bulged and filled the space. Seema felt a sharp pain and cried into Laxmi's mouth, eyes widening. Laxmi knew her lover-girl had been taken in full. And Lokesh pressed in fully but he was large for her. Seema had tears in her eyes and Laxmi quickly pressed Lokesh's ass with her palm to make sure he stayed still for a bit.

"Do not fuck in and out!" she said in a voice filled with urgency and concern. Seema nodded in agreement, tears rolling and body shivering. But as he stayed deep and embedded, the vibrations from his cock seemed to transmit to her pussy and vibrations began in the walls that had put up that stiff resistance.

Soon her body was humming and she smiled from behind her tears. It was -- divinely beautiful to be filled so by a man. She looked down at the length which could not make its way in and looked up at Lokesh with admiration. She was glad her first fuck was with a man so strong and large! She was glad that she had Laxmamma to overcome her own self in this quest -- for in that instant she knew the biggest barrier to her own pleasure had been she herself.

Suddenly that comforting arm of Laxmi's felt like an uncomfortable wedge under her neck and back. Suddenly the mistress of guidance and pleasure thus far was an intrusion. Suddenly: why was Lokesh not fucking?

She pushed Laxmi away and locked her arms around his shoulders. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulling back a bit, thrust up.

Lokesh gasped in surprise and pleasure. Time for him to capitalize on all the gymming. He propped himself up like he did during push-ups and lifted the small-built girl off the bed. Not by much but her pert ass was not on the mattress for that moment.

And he fucked, his hips alone moving into her lair and the cock sank in and Seema fell back on the mattress, screaming, "Oh, fuck!" all the emphasis on the 'k' so it sound like "fuckkkkkkkkkk".

This was the much-advertised golden moment! And yes, thanks to Laxmamma it did feel golden after that initial panic attack.

Lokesh lifted his strong hips and clinging on to him, little Seema was airborne again. And again, he thrust in, fucking her hard and deep.

[Here place illustration labeled The Absence 4 Illustration 1]

"Ah!" screamed Seema, pleasure tinged with the pain of deep invasion. IT was as if he was prizing her open to take his full dimensions. Laxmi lay back, propped on pillows watching the display of young lust- a boy and a girl discovering themselves and learning about pleasure the good, old-fashioned way.

Nothing old-fashioned for her in the way she pleasured herself watching these two. The woman who had never really pleasured herself had was stroking herself. With each thrusting fuck of Lokesh her fingers reached deeper. And when she watched Seema clutching on to him, she found herself finger fucking harder.

Her pussy was soaking wet and she was as much in need of the fuck as Seema was busy taking, perhaps more so.

The widening of the pussy, the pounding in her womb, the relentless cockhead and Lokesh's staying borne of his numerous cums earlier caused Seema to explode. Surprisingly the name she screamed out was Laxmi's and not Lokesh's.

"Laxmamma," she wailed as she felt a full-blooded orgasm from her awakened insides. Walls clutched at the marauding cock. And thankfully for her, that little nub she used to stroke in masturbation seemed to be reamed by the monster coming in and going out. She melted and grabbed Laxmi's hand painfully hard as her first orgasm ripped through her body.

Her body relaxed and fell back as pleasure coursed through her. Lokesh's pounding was unrelenting, unmindful of her deep release. And as she relaxed he went in deeper, seeming to touch the back and limit of her insides. She winced but did not resist.

She had given herself up to pleasure like she should have long ago. She turned to look at Laxmi and smiled. The older woman touched her cheek, gently. The mild, sticky dampness Seema felt on her cheek was from Laxmi's furious, incomplete masturbation.

And then Seema gasped in shock. Deep in her body a new quake arose and another orgasm shattered her -- this time from the walls of the pussy, she clearly felt it.

"Fuck me! You bastard! You stud! You fucker!" she howled out to Lokesh. "This is what you hungered for all these months, right?" She held him and fucked up back as if to tame him. But he was not going to be tamed that easily.

He groaned and nodded a yes. But it was a lie. The petting and touching of the previous months were pale in comparison to the luxurious fuck that Laxmiamma was; or the raw fuck that Seema was for him.

He gritted his teeth, concentrating hard now on cumming, glancing at Laxmamma occasionally.

Wracked by one orgasm after another, Seema was now little more than a rag in a storm. She flailed and held on for dear life as Lokesh fucked her like an animal. His orgasm was elusive but his cock was insistent. Sweat poured off him and trickled on to the young woman's body which was slick with her own sweat.

But she held on, clinging like a monkey might to its mother.

And Laxmi instinctively knew what to do. Loading her fingers with her saliva her hand cupped his ass. Her middle finger sank between the buttocks aided by lubrication. As she touched the sensitive inner areas and threatened to invade him, he convulsed and exploded.

He pounded maniacally into the former virgin who had completely given herself over to this fuck-storm. And he screamed out a name. Not Seema, who he was fucking. But Laxmamma who he was desiring.

"Laxmamma!" he babbled over and over again. Combined with a loud "ah!" her name became 'Laxmammaaaaaaaaah'.

"Yes, my dears" said Laxmamma soothingly. And Lokesh surprised her by pushing her on her back. He withdrew fully from Seema and that girl fell back limply on to the bed, drained by multiple orgasms and an animal pounding which was fantastic pleasure. Brilliant as it was she could take no more. But Seema felt pure jealousy for what Lokesh did next.

Holding his cock prone he plunged into Laxmiamma's rich, wet pussy. He laughed and gasped with great pleasure. Seema watched in fascination as her friend became less-frenzied and more forceful with Laxmamma. The way he pounded her was demanding and asking. And Laxmamma seemed to be rhythmic.

They were poetry together and Seema watched with fascination and jealousy as Lokesh smoothly lost his cum, his seed, his sperm deep in that woman who was supposedly a grandmother.

A million kisses on the older woman's face followed as Lokesh kept cumming. The gentle wings of a butterfly on Lokesh's ass as Laxmi tapped out every drop that he had to give was not lost on Seema. She was learning so much from this beautiful woman!

And there and then awakened inside Seema a desire more powerful than the desire for orgasm. She knew she wanted to be a warm, seductive, temptress like Laxmi. The pleasure Laxmi took seemed no less than the pleasure she took for herself.

But the pleasure Laxmi gave is what the man seemed to want and the way he wanted was vastly different. Laxmi had loved her: pleasure, comfort, maternal soothing -- everything. Laxmi had loved him -- teaching, guiding and giving pleasure and teaching Lokesh how it felt when a woman took pleasure from you.

Seema knew that instant that she wanted to be all that woman. She moved close to Laxmamma and cuddled up even as the two were in the throes of their orgasms.

She felt beautiful, she felt woman and knew she was going to train herself to be a gourmet. Someone to be wanted beyond orgasm and pleasure; and someone who took more than pleasure and orgasms.

Laxmiamma, the maid, was such a great teacher!

Laxmi did not know that. Not yet. But soon she would for something was about to happen.

The three of them fucked all night. Sometimes it was all of them. Sometimes just two of them. But in almost all combinations Laxmi, the maid, the teacher was present. That explained how she found herself alone, asleep and the house empty. Both Seema and Lokesh left in time for their college classes.

Both of them were grateful to Laxmiamma for the all the love, the pleasure, the education and the care she had shown. It was in that sense that they felt she should be left alone. Lokesh and Seema did not share notes with each other about the one-on-one time they later had with Laxmiamma. But they kind of knew.

There were occasions when Lokesh awoke and wanted Laxmiamma's undivided attention. At other times, it was Seema who wanted that. And at least once during the night there was a merry-go-round of sucking and fucking as a trio.

It explained Laxmi's exhaustion that she woke up so late; normally she was an early riser. But she had been drained from the afternoon before through the night. If she was not sucking, she was fucking or being fucked. She had been filled by Lokesh several times. And then Seema had wanted to learn how to suck as well as return that favor.

Orgasms were both exhilarating and draining. She was on a high when she awoke; but that was only after being well-rested. It was after both Lokesh and Seema left that she got a few hours of uninterrupted sleep during which she was lost to the world

As she lay on the bed, her first realization was that her body was bare. She had absolutely no clothes on. Then the memory of where she was and all that happened. Then the realization that she was late for all the other houses that she was to have reached by this time.

She got up with a start. She found her clothes all over the house. The kitchen, the hall and in the bedroom under the bed she found her bra, blouse, petticoat and saree. She dashed out of the house. As she left she noticed a man approaching. It became apparent that he was going to Jayashree madam's house. And that man seemed to know she had just come out of that house: both turned and looked at each other.

In all the years of work there, Laxmi did not particularly remember having seen him visit. But he did have a key to let himself in so he had to be someone known to the family.

She reached the houses where she had to work hopelessly late to face angry housewives. Each of them said the same thing to her: "Because we agreed to adjust our schedules because you had to go that other lady's house you are taking us for granted!"

She managed the day with some effort not just because of the timings but also because she kept remembering the wild times. After some time, there was a constant ache inside her for more of that passion. She had strong urges and carving for lust in her loins all day long.

She hastened back to Jayashree auntie's house promising to make up for shortfalls in work the next day.

And thus, a couple of days went by. Food, which to Lokesh's mother had been the principal reason for asking to Laxmi to be around became secondary to the boy himself. In fact, he had started to buy food on his way home so that Laxmi had little else to do than teach him how to pleasure a woman and to be pleasured himself.

The elevation of the maid to the status of worshipped teacher was quick. And worship her, he did.

It must have been the third day or the fourth when the man she had bumped into previously showed up at the door of the apartment. She may have been better able to remember after how many encounters with the two youngsters. But that too was a muddle of memories and events. She was surprised when the doorbell rang for it was much before the time for Lokesh to return.

She recognized him instantly as the person she had seen before. He, on the other hand, seemed to know exactly whom to find here. He walked in authoritatively, past Laxmi and marched to the middle of the hall, announcing that he was in fact Jayashree madam's cousin brother.

"She had asked me to check on Lokesh every now and then," he said and then turned to face Laxmi.

All of this was true. His name was Nagaraj and he had in fact visited the family on several occasions.

It was then that Laxmi could put some context to the face. "Yes sir! I know you. I have seen you on family occasions," she said, smiling. "But Lokesh is not here yet. It will take a couple of hours. Lunch will be ready in another half an hour if you wish to have some," she said, extending courtesies normal for extended family members.

"Yes, yes, I know all that," he said, waving it all off. "I like the way you are taking care of things. And I want you to render the same services to me, as well," he said.

"Well, it is a very packed schedule, but what kind of housework do you need done?" asked Laxmi. It was normal for families to network and find domestic help which was so hard to get in the cities nowadays.

"I think you can easily find time. And I am willing to pay handsomely, but not for the housework," said the man guardedly.

"Yejamaanre (my lord / sir) I know only housework," said Laxmi, her face quite blank and uncomprehending. "it is about all the special things you do for Lokesh," said Nagaraj.

"Well, normally I do not take up cooking assignments but I am doing this only for Jayashree madam in the circumstances," said Laxmi. She sensed that the thrust of the point that Nagaraj was making was elsewhere. But she preferred to let him take the long route rather than make anything a simple giveaway.

"You know very well which service I mean," he said and instantly knew he had hit the target when she turned deep scarlet, which for her color also meant a deeper tinge of brown. "not the one that Jayashree madam organized for him." He completed, leaving her in no doubt.

"I am willing to pay handsomely for it," he said pulling a wad of notes to tempt Laxmi.

Laxmi's temper flared up. It was an attempt to cover her tracks with a show of anger. But she also knew that he had spotted her doing something which he not to have seen.

And that was true. The other day when Nagaraj saw Laxmi leaving late in the morning he had at first thought that she was just finishing up on her chores. But the moment he entered the house, he could smell the aroma of sex.

Laxmi had woken up late and had no time to smoothen things out as she was a rush to make it to the other houses. She also expected to be back before the young man Lokesh returned from college and so time was on her side for tidying up.

Crumpled sheets, stained with all manners of fluids of sexual release, the odors of semen and cum having dried within that shut space -- all of them indicated that something was different. The clincher was the panties that Seema had been unable to trace at all.

In the heat of the moment when Laxmi peeled off the young woman's undergarment and flung it fell in a narrow space between the mattress and the footboard of the bed. Nagaraj spotted it. Its twisted, rolled up state caused him to imagine these being peeled off a woman -- in his mind Laxmi. That such an expensive one might not be worn by a working-class woman did not cross his mind, ill-equipped as a man is on such matters.

He had laid out a plan to catch the woman red-handed if she was engaged in some sort of activity designed to entrap his nephew. Sex, yes, for sure: but what was she docking him for? He needed to find out. After all his sister had given him some responsibility to keep an eye on Lokesh.

He found a well-located cigarette stall at the time he knew Lokesh was expected to return from college. Aware that Laxmi had been retained to prepare lunch for the young man, he gave it enough time for them to get started with whatever it was they were indulging in. He then slipped into the apartment using his key.

The first thing he noticed was the air of wild abandon in the house. Lokesh's things were strewn at will in an otherwise neat space. And a trail of clothes -- his and hers -- led him to the room where wild fucking was in progress.

Even without that visual cue, a person could have found the way by the sounds and smells.

What threw him off completely was her body, beautifully sculpted by years of exercise through the kind of work she did. What made him forget his original plan was the way that body was on display. She was on top of his nephew, impaled on his cock, bouncing up and down with not a care for the young man's needs.

He could not have known it but Laxmi was focused on herself because she had spent the first round of sexual energy tonguing and sucking his ever-erect cock. It seemed to her that he had not lost a moment of erection in days now. He lay back and let her kiss him in the deepest recesses between his legs and up the pillar of his cock and twirl the head in that marvelous way she did… and on, and on and on.

Till she wanted some in return. Then too, he lay back and let her take -- not doing too much other than taking his pleasure in whatever form she gave it. It was at this point that Laxmi decided to focus on her own bodily needs. It during this bout of feverish fucking and moaning and screaming that nag raj chanced upon them. She was on top, touching and caressing her own nipples and quite simply just using him under her.

'They are a mismatched coupled," he had thought while reflecting on what was happening in this instance, sitting at the cigarette stall.

And yet when he actually saw them together, Laxmi's fabulous body, very pretty face and bubbling warmth seemed to match the sexual needs of the young man with surging hormones. She really is pretty; uncommon in the working class. His own nephew's good looks were only to be expected. Such thoughts all evaporated.

All could see was a fabulous woman who, if she was fucking his nephew, could also satiate his pent-up needs.

"you think I am doing this for money?" she burst out in only partially feigned rage. "I brought him over the years and now he is a man and he has needs. I just…" she waved her hands to show that she merely done what was logical.

"look I don't know!" argued Nagaraj, unwilling to be put off. "you cannot do it for affection for you hardly know me. You won't do it for money. Maybe you will do it for the pleasure of it?" he reasoned.

He distinctly remembered what looked like a very selfish bout of sex. If she was into her own pleasure, then maybe this angle would work.

And then he took the biggest chance with her. it was something he had never ever done before but with Laxmi he sensed that it was a make or break moment. Laxmi had her back to him and he thought this was the right time to share his problem with her.

When Laxmi turned around, she gasped in shock at the dark, large, brooding member hanging between his legs. It seemed to be steadily swelling, set free from the constraints of his clothing.

"You…" she started to say something but was at a total loss for words. She had been with men that were rough and coarse in their manner. Some were no doubt well endowed. So, she had been fucked in many different ways and in different circumstances. However, this was altogether a different matter. Nagaraj seemed to be very, very large, indeed.

He read her mind. On cue he told her, "That's my problem." No one has ever been able to take care of my needs and I have only depended on myself." He felt embarrassed and his eyes dropped to the floor.

His sex life had lasted just a few years in the early years of his marriage. Like many Indians of his generation much of the pleasure aspects were in any case given minimal importance. In his case, the moment his wife became assertive in the relationship she declared that she old not handle his demands.

He was not particularly demanding; but the size was not easy to handle for a woman like his wife for she was unfamiliar with matters of intimacy.

Life readjusted to a different meter and Nagaraj masturbated as often as he needed to. It was just of late that he felt the need to indulge himself more fully while he still could. He was a lot older, just getting to 70. Of late, he saw greater permissiveness around him and lots of people enjoying themselves like he never had.

Laxmi's reaction was a mixture of awe and impish mischievousness.

"but you are bold," she said, laughingly.

"I don't have a choice. It's more like desperation. But after I saw you the other day I felt you were the only person to whom I could say this. And ask for this," he said.

"And you think I would do this for pleasure?" she said, nodding at his bobbing cock.

"Well you said you wouldn't for money! And then that Lokesh was different. So, what's left?" asked Nagaraj, exasperated.

"Money is always welcome but I don't want to do it for that because that makes me a whore. So, you can just give me the money, kind of anyway. Affection requires time. And as for pleasure -- well, we can always find out," said Laxmi with a sparkle in her eye.

She gently, ever so gently, lifted him in her palm, just about assessing, measuring, weighing and judging what he was about. He jerked and bobbed and gasped. From what she could sense just a very deprived, older man. Perhaps closer to seventy. And the knot in her stomach said that she wanted to find out if size mattered.

Lokesh's cultured ways mattered. He was a sensitive and inventive lover. He continuously tried things which she had never experienced and was always looking to see it gave her pleasure. She had no way of knowing how a virgin could be like that. The truth of the matter was that Lokesh had seen so many sensuous and erotic scenes in movies of all sorts that not only had he many things to try out, but he also kept checking if Laxmi's reaction was as shown in those movies.

Sometimes it was as expected, for instance when he took her from behind. Sometimes it exceeded expectations especially when he sucked her to violent orgasms. And at other times, it felt short, notably she had mouthed him beautifully but never really made him cum or swallowed it the way he had seen it in movies.

Perhaps the uncle was similarly cultured but based on the case he made out, the action he pleased for, he was unlikely to be experienced or imaginative. But this cock, impressive in its size for unparalleled. She had never had anyone so large. The slick and immediate wetness between her legs was in anticipation of a mega-fuck and similarly sized orgasm.

"What do you want to do?" she asked, gently stroking him back and forth, but not in her grip. Her hand was small. She herself was small-ish in front of his large frame. She merely continued to stroke the base of his cock without constraining him so that it leaped, jerked and bobbed on its own, with precum leaking now at the excitement of being touched by a woman.

He could not remember when it had ever happened.

"I just want you to take charge of me," he mumbled in heated passion.

"That's twice in a row," thought the maid. And each was at the other end of the age spectrum. One turned just 19 and stepping into manhood. And the other staring at matters of old age -- though the hardness belied that. Not the size -- the hardness. That he had a large cock was one thing and that it was able to achieve such a full erection was quite another matter.

Laxmi knew because of certain other older men who had tried their luck with her. many had desire in the mind to fuck her but were not able to bodily take her. even when she had allowed it, it had not always worked. So yes, Nagaraj was impressive in his willingness and ability.

"Do we have the time?" asked Laxmi, her fingers capturing the viscous fluids and using it to tease his cockhead.

"Ah," gasped the old man, his nerves tingling like that of a young man. "I don't know. When does he return?" he managed to stutter.

"In a couple of hours, though he has come early to have me," whispered Laxmi. Her pussy was now bubbling with warmth. She needed something. But what? Unlike her other untutored lover, this one seemed to view himself as the center of all sexuality and his cock at the center of that universe.

"So, we cannot be sure," whispered Nagaraj rocking back and forth trying to make her form a sheath of her hand sufficient to pleasure her.

"we may get caught," she replied, dropping to her knees. The monster was now in her face. She tugged it down and left it to spring back up. Flecks of his precum spattered on her face and hair. Involuntarily she pursed her lips to avoid the spray. Then, quite contrariwise she kissed the moist and dripping bulbhead.

"Laxmi!" wailed the man above her head. He had barely ever been caressed, let alone kissed.

She walked down the pillar with her lips and judged that it was not something she could take into her mouth in any meaningful way. At best, she could take the cockhead and swirl her tongue around it. Anything more would most likely choke her.

And that gave her a proper estimate of size. She was not going to let this guy mount her. it would be brutal and dangerous. He might tear her apart, especially since his passion was on edge.

"You think he will come?" asked the uncle nervously about his nephew.

"I don't know about him," replied Laxmi, standing up and this time she did try to hold him in her fist. More than twice the length is his fist was outside her hand. And she could not get her fist around the girth. Her hand very quickly became hot and sticky.

What seemed like an awful lot of precum turned out to be very little when she tried to use it to lubricate her fist and his cock. There was not enough to go around.

She did not press hard simply because she could not. She already felt challenged to just hold him in her hand. Where was the question of masturbating him?

"I don't know about him but you will definitely cum, wont you?" asked the ever-mischievous Laxmi, her breath short with excitement.

"I hope he reaches late," blurted out Nagaraj thrusting against her fist to no use. "I want lots of you and I don't want to be caught either."

"you seem too excited to take lots of me," she whispered, nuzzling his chest and searching out his nipples through his shirt. "Anyway, there is only one way we can do this," she jerked her hand once to indicate what she meant by 'this'. "WE do this my way. Lie down," she instructed her third novice in four days. "I cannot risk you on top."

"That's what they all said," complained Nagaraj.

"All?" asked Laxmi as she led him by his hand to the guest room. Somehow, she felt odd about taking the boy's uncle to his room. "I thought you said only your wife?" probed Laxmi. Was the old man conning her into sex?

"well, mainly my wife. There was one girl in college who just… fled," said Nagaraj lamely.

"And?" asked Laxmi as she helped him out of his shirt. The old man was reasonably in shape. Not entirely flabby and gone to seed. But not also the muscular body of a working-class man. Nor the gym-toned body of Lokesh. She reminded herself of what Nagaraj's appeal was, glancing down at his impatient cock.

"here or there when I tried." Nagaraj said lamely.

"Men!" thought Laxmi slapping away his hands as he tried to take some sort of control of the situation.

As she kneeled and spread her legs preparatory to mounting him, she noticed that she was flowing quite a bit. She tried to get one leg across to straddle him and found that he was quite broad. She failed to reach across and her knee pressed down on this thigh on the other side and she stumbled and fell forward.

She controlled her fall with her hands and he found himself staring up at her, poised over him, her breasts inches away from his face. He glanced at the two straining mounds and up at her. "You still have your clothes on," he said, his throat choking.

"there are none where it matters," she replied, looking down at herself. Then she looked into his thirsty eyes. His hands were searching out where for 'where it mattered'. She laughed at his clumsy efforts at finding his way through the folds of her saree and her petticoat. She swung her chest at him.

Then she did something that took his breath away. She unhooked her blouse and let her breasts tumble out. Just when he was about to reach for them, she stood him taking those oh-so-juicy breasts out of his reach even as they bounced and jiggled and nipples perked up -- all stiff.

He grabbed her ankles as she stood astride his prone body. He found it easier to go under her skirts now and stroked his way up her legs. Past the knees he made a straight dash for her crotch and he sensed warmth and moisture. She bent her knees a bit and the pussy yawned open. His fingers brushed her pubic hair searching for the depths that promised him heaven.

She untied her petticoat and unwound her saree everything to fall around her in puddles of clothes. As she bent her knees further the elusive crotch came within reach and his fingers probed her but made no significant progress. Laxmi shivered and shuddered as her own needs rose to a wild height and the old man failed to go beyond teasing.

She positioned herself carefully. She was fearful and she was crazed with lust at the same time. The man below her fumbled, inept at what he himself needed and inept, too at what she hungered for. She painted her pussy lips with his broad cockhead and stroked back and forth till she was sure that their combined juices left not the smallest bit undrenched.

She would need every drop of lubricant for every wee bit of flesh that was to merge. And when she wedged down on the cockhead she gagged at the stretch, the pain and the stabbing heat of pleasure.

"Laxmi!" groaned Nagaraj.

"Ayya," screamed Laxmi. Nagaraj's hand reached for her mouth to stifle her voice but she, Lokesh and Seema had been giving full vent to their pleasures over the last few days.

Hands on his chest and not resting her hips down, Laxmi squatted on her haunches, his cockhead just at her outer lips, maintaining full control over her descent. There was no question of letting him in more than this much. She felt she would not be able to take in any more.

Making him cum by manipulating his cock within the initial sheath of her pussy was going to be a lot of hard work. Now she had taken on his assignment of providing pleasure. She was not going to stop and the little bit of cock in pussy seemed to be all that she could take. She dared not think of her own orgasm. She may have taken on more than she could consume.

It spread her as she very well expected. Balancing herself, she moved. The vibrations were intense. It seemed that the stretch had exposed every single nerve ending packed into that love tunnel by nature. She didn't even need to move for her body to hum in response to the stretch and caress of his thickness on her velvety softness.

She moved up once and back down. Nagaraj lurched in response as he felt a pussy grip his cock after the longest time. He wished she would ride down further. His cock too was spongy and engorged like -- like how it had been during his honeymoon, and never since.

He held her by her hips and tried to urge her down. But she was not going to make that mistake. Thighs muscular from years of wiping down floors on her haunches, she resisted him and rose, but not by much. She did not want to go through the pressure and pain -- pleasurable as it was -- of him prising her open. She was not designed to take this monster that easily.

She smiled to herself. She could imagine what Nagaraj had faced in life. No upper-class lady was going to be able to work like a horse atop him. And no woman could afford to let him on top. It was a working woman who could remain prone on top and move her hips by just that bit. A lesser woman might slip and fall, impaling herself on what was a force of annihilation if left to gravity.

She then noticed that when she hoisted herself up her pussy widened enough to let a gush of fluid which was otherwise dammed up, corked in by the massive bulbhead now inside her. deeper inside, her body resisted as her walls refused to stretch.

"Is it hard?" he asked, a little apprehensive that she would give up like many others before her.

"Hard?" she laughed. "You are a monster. Rock hard. And huge. Maybe …." Her voice trailed off as she thought of some of her friends who might savor such a fuck. Her eyes were closed, her mind on the exact movement of hardness on velvet. Inside herself.

"Maybe? Maybe what? Actually, I was asking if it is difficult," grunted Nagaraj, desperate for more stimulation and wanting to cum. The desire to cum was intense but it was not going to happen with this slow, stop-start grinding.

"I know why none of the women in your circle could do anything for you," she sighed, shivering as she descended. Now she noticed that while her pussy gripped at him involuntarily, he was a tad bit deeper from taking advantage of the yield in the tunnel from when she lifted herself off.

she opened her eyes and looked at him. Moving much shorter than she otherwise she did, she jabbed up and down and said, "No one could be exercised enough to do this,"

"Yes!" he cried out as his cock gave signs of being stimulated enough to cum. A few more of these and he was going to hit a home run.

She thought he merely was agreeing with what she had just said. But soon she regretted having played around for she slipped a bit and she allowed his to wedge deeper and it seemed to hit something that caused her to yelp in a sharp pain.

"Ayya, master. You need an insatiable bitch to take you," she shuddered pulling back and grunting as she pushed back. It was an impossible situation. She could not take him deeper. She could not spread herself more. She could not go faster. And yes, she needed more. Much more. The tremors inside her causing her to shiver and shudder were insane! She just needed to cum, too!

She spread her legs wide as she could and found that it was good only for straddling his body. It did nothing for accommodating the cock inside her. her pussy had gone as wide as it was going to go.

"I thought you …" started Nagaraj and stopped as soon as he felt a stiffening in her body. "You were fucking Lokesh like he could not give you enough!"

her thoughts went back to some of those raunchy women she knew and the loose talk they engaged in. at least a few of them were addicted, fucking several times a day among their set of men. And taking and allowing them to take as they fancied at each time. No one man could service such a woman. She was not designed to be a one-man woman. Anyone that wanted her to be his found himself giving up on that just because her insatiability. There were such women in her circle.

There were also ripe, warm women, who needed some real manhood in their bed to fill their idle afternoons and thirsty pussies, in the houses where she worked. But she really doubted if they could deal with this man. Maybe Lokesh. But not large, thick cocks that needed working through.

All the while, eyes closed she moved gently and yet, the open and caressed spots exploded and she felt a huge gush and shudder. Her body was in melt and she shuddered and convulsed. In this strong storm of an orgasm she lost control of her movements and went harder than she could afford and sharp twinges of pain mixed with her pleasure and she screamed.

"Ayaaaaaaa! Oh, I am so fucked!" she wept and came in torrents. Nagaraj felt her pour down and was hopeful that with this lubrication she could do more for him. She felt the vibrations build into a crescendo with barely any movement on her part.

She went into a low, long howl of pure pleasure. She let go of herself, her body slumped forward, breasts pressed against his chest. In deep pleasure, she still took care to keep her hips up. She made minor moves to extend her orgasm and there seemed to no end to cumming.

He tried to shake her to movement but she was lost to the world. "Get up," he urged her and his plea went unheard. He was desperate but there was nothing to be had. He was hopelessly stuck inside her. he clenched his buttocks so that his cock reared up as best as it could inside her.

"Oh god!" whimpered the maid, the hired-to-pleasure woman. The slightest movement sent her into convulsions.

"My turn!" he urged her. She shook her head in disbelief at her insides and in denial to him. She lay there, shuddering from time to time and rubbing her face on his chest at other times. The orgasm relaxed her body fantastically and she found herself needing to prop herself further and further up as the pussy melted and sank onto his unrelenting cock.

Her body was trembling and on fire. Every part screamed for a touch, a kiss, a caress. The kind only Lokesh could give her. That imaginative lover! And here was this brute of a cock which had caused such a primal upheaval inside her. What she had taken for a 'job' partly out of sympathy, partly out of the situation and partly with an eye on the cash had turned into a sexual odyssey of sorts for her. she had never been in so many situations of sexual experimentation and frontiers. When she heard the tales of her friends and 'madams' at whose houses she worked, she had often wondered if it was real. And if it was real why had it not happened to her?

Now it was clear to her that those other women must have been fucking the men at the houses they worked. In their social circles, all they got was raw fucking. This! This was heaven for its imaginativeness and sensitivity.

Nagaraj gave up. His cock did not, erect as ever, and now painfully so, for that's how it feels if a man wants to cum and does not.

She was done. She was drained. She had more stamina than this but this cumming was furious and intense. There was no question of rolling off him as she might have off Lokesh. Not only was his cock at its fullest, it was if she was hoisted on a tent pole.

Carefully, she lifted one leg and allowed herself to leave him completely, her face a picture of intense concentration as she watched the slick-wet monster slide out. He bobbed up as if the erection was just fresh and Laxmi shimmied down and kissed the head briefly before flopping next to the much-disappointed Nagaraj.

She turned her back to him, pressing her thighs together which brought about another frisson of pleasure. Dear god! She still was in pools and ripples of pleasure!

Idly and mischievously she thought of all that she could do advertising Nagaraj to her circle of women, whether friends or employers. Those high-class women! They would not be able to walk for days. She smiled to herself as she drifted off into a well-deserved nap.

Nagaraj lay there, desperate. What else could he do? He had taken a bold plunge of asking for help. And then the woman had shamelessly taken her own pleasure and was now snoring gently, back to him.

Those curves were beautiful. He looked down at his own ramrod stiff shaft. He was messed up with juices from her incessant cumming and his own releases. He looked around for something to clean himself so that he could maybe stroke himself for relief.

he used the bedsheet for the clothes were strewn across. And when he started to masturbate he could not help feeling pity for himself. He deserved a woman to empty into and here he was stroking himself again.

Just then Laxmi turned over on to her stomach to settle into deeper sleep. And unknown to both of them, Seema had watched at least some of Laxmi's exertions. She had found her way back hoping to catch Laxmi first and then her boyfriend Lokesh. And then the warmth of a threesome.

Strewn clothes suggested Lokesh had got to Laxmi before her. and when she located the hotbed of action, she was surprised to see that it was not Lokesh. It was someone she did not recognize.

Perhaps Laxmi was misusing the house for her own dalliances. She had caught the snatches of conversations. She had Laxmi struggle to fuck the man. And she had wondered why the woman who took Lokesh and her in so many different ways was being so restricted with this man.

All those doubts lifted from her mind when Laxmi lifted herself off the cock she had stuffed inside her. and as she watched the man wipe himself with sheets and stroke himself she found herself fascinated with the sheer size.

Her newly breached pussy juiced up instantly. Laxmi had made love to her. Laxmi had helped Lokesh fuck her and she had needed that help for she struggled to take him in. and with the intensity and warmth of the mature woman in their midst Seema discovered that she simply loved the pleasure. She was addicted.

And now this new challenge. Could she be taken? Could she take him? Could she offer herself? Would dear Laxmi share like how she had shared Lokesh with her? she undid the top button of her jeans and watched as the man stroked himself.

And then he kneeled between Laxmi's legs spreading them gently wide even as the woman slept. Nagaraj needed her bad and today he had crossed the line beyond which fear of being found or ridiculed was not a factor.

Holding his cock, he used its broad head to probe her recesses much to the fascination of Seema. Imagining his cock inside her much smaller pussy, she felt the urgency to fill herself at least with her fingers. Seema's fingers were slick and she slid in and out effortlessly.

The masturbation which had kept her going for so many years was now hopelessly inadequate. It was really, really large and even if he entered her, Seema was sure she would still be able to see his cock, not fully accommodated by whichever opening he took.

Seema's thoughts were bang-on. Probing in the blind, the cockhead found Laxmi's puckered anus and there was no way he was going to get in. but he prodded on till the woman woke up in panic!

"Hey!" she shouted propping herself up. And that was all the leverage Nagaraj needed. Lifting her up by her hips he took charge. Frantically, he managed to find her upturned pussy and pushed in.

her congealed juices quickly were moistened again and he was inside her. now it was his turn to understand her problem. He made headway but not much more than how much she had taken in.

"Ayya, Master, don't!" she pleaded. "Oh my god," she wept, her fists pounding into the bed as her body was wracked by pleasure which she did not want.

He grunted and pushed deeper. "No!" screamed the maid in pleasure and in resistance but she could not prevent her hips from bucking back towards him.

"Then what was that?" he growled, nails digging into her flesh. "You want it too!"

"No, I don't! I cannot" she sobbed.

He pushed and smiled as he judged himself to be deeper than ever. A little more and he could start to ride her and that would make him cum. He pushed in.

"ah!" she cried out in sharp pain, startling him.

"You bastard! You don't need a woman. You need a whore!" she screamed, leaving respect for the master out of the equation.

"So, what are you?" asked Nagaraj fucking her with force.

"Oh no! No! No! No!" she babbled. It could have been to the fucking. It could have been to what the question implied.

Nagaraj pulled back and pounded in this time sinking in the full distance which he had previously taken in gradually. Laxmi had never felt instant and continuous orgasms the way she did at his fucking. And yet he was touching her deep in places that were hurtful. She crawled forward. That extra space only gave him extra space to pound her again.

"I am not for this kind of fucking!" she sobbed. "There are others for this kind of pounding!"

"Where?" demanded Nagaraj, now in command, fucking her to the hilt, unmindful of what it meant for her. for too long had he been gentle and heedful at this precise point in a sexual encounter. And he was only the loser in the process.

Seema's fingers went deeper and deeper into her pussy till they were completely lost in her, as she mimicked Laxmi's situation.

"I will show them to you. Leave me!" pleaded Laxmi, fucking back at him. She needed to make him cum. She only succeeded in reducing her own self to jelly. She started to spend cum uncontrollably, her body wracked by sobs of pleasure, pain and all manners of feelings.

"Where? Where? Where?' asked Nagaraj vengefully at his years of deprivation ,each time fucking harder and deeper than ever.

"You are killing me!" screamed Laxmi. She reached under and felt the contours of his cock as it pulled out and pushed in. she could not control fucking him back as her own body made demands and also in realization that fucking him to a finish was the only way to finish this.

It was then Nagaraj noticed Seema masturbating furiously, propped against the door, her jeans down to her thighs, the other hand furiously pinching her breasts. She was seeking pleasure desperately.

"Her?" asked Nagaraj, staring at the young body, fucking harder than ever.

That extra thrust took Laxmi over the edge and saliva flowed from her mouth like the juices that erupted in her pussy. And she lost consciousness.

She fell forward, limp and try as he might, in that prone position Nagaraj could not retain his position in her and she slipped away and he felt the loss of grip on his cock. "No," he cried out, his head slumped forward and his hand immediately claiming the cock to provide relief from the sudden abandonment.

It took Seema no time to shuck off her jeans and move in on the opportunity. If Laxmi had struggled she was probably going to die consuming this cock. But she had to have it.

She came up behind Nagaraj and pressing her pert breasts into his back she reached around and her hand joined his on the cock. In her hands, it looked really, really large. She knew that Laxmi had worried about Lokesh fucking her and taken extra care. If that was the case with Lokesh how was this going to be.

They held hands around his hand and masturbated him. "Who are you?" asked the old man.

"One of the women Laxmi said was fit to fuck you," she replied, bold and full of adventure.

"You look like a girl!" blurted out Nagaraj, enjoying her attentions.

"19 years is enough!" she whispered and she could not help notice the jolt in Nagaraj's cock when she said that. The old man was excited.

She lay back and invited him with open arms, "come and fuck me as you please!"

That was an absolute first for Nagaraj. She had her legs spread wide and pink lips looked up at him. He suspected she was smaller than Laxmi but in his inflamed senses he had no doubt he was going to take her no matter what.

He took one leg over his shoulder so that his hand would be free to guide his cock into her. he was gentle nosing her pussy with his cock and all he felt he was doing was painting the outsides with his fluids. He made no progress at all in prising her open.

She was on fire inside, wanting to feel this slab inside her. she needed to know how it felt. Even as he held himself she lifted her hips and thrust towards him. It was of absolutely no use as the proportions were impossible.

She held her pussy lips apart with both hands and said, "Take me, uncle!"

Nagaraj's eyes widened when she said that. He paused for a moment at the realization that the use of the word 'uncle' brought. At 19 she was as young as his grand-daughter. But when the open lips prodded at his head, he focused back on his needs.

"Ah!" she gasped as he pushed into the opening. "Thrust!" she urged him. He pushed forward, sweat breaking out on his forehead from the nervousness.

"But…" he stammered.

"No buts. There is no way you can fuck me unless you just ram yourself in," panted the girl. She was being realistic. She pummeled at this buttocks with her heels urging him on.

"I may hurt you!" he blurted out.

"Let's find out," said Seema desperate to be filled. "come on! come on! come on!" she babbled locking her legs behind him to provide him a stable target.

He pushed, quite hopelessly stuck. She raised her hips, holding onto his arms. She wiggled herself onto him. "Come on, uncle! Harder!" she coaxed him.

"Yes magale, daughter," grunted the old man. AS he pushed on to avoid disappointing her, Seema felt a searing pain as he stretched her impossibly wide and almost immediately juices poured to quench the pain to be replaced by a satisfying fullness. She laughed. "We made it" she exulted and looked down and found most of him still outside. Her eyes widened and she looked up at him and said in surprise, "Uncle?"

He nodded. "there is more. But we have time!"

It was then he realized that she was small, smaller than Laxmi and all the other women he had tried to achieve completion with. He lifted her, holding her buttocks in his large hand. She had her eyes glued on their union, never taking them off the fascinating sight of his slithery wet cock disappearing inti her recesses. He held her and thrusting his hips and holding her as a target pushed in.

It was the similar situation as with Laxmi excepting that here, he was in control. And Seema was more willing and determined that Laxmi ever had been after the initial stages.

Atop him, she kept her legs spread wide and hands locked behind his neck.

He modified his approach, pulling out a bit and pushing in deeper with each successive thrust.

Seema's pussy melted and she screamed as pleasure ripped through her. she had enjoyed the pleasurable orgasms that Lokesh and Laxmi gave her. but this was insane. The stretching and the filling was gorgeous.

"uncle!" she cried out in delight. She wanted him --like, forever!

So, encouraged, Nagaraj was about to plunge on when the shouts of joy from Seema roused Laxmi from her slumber.

She woke up startled and seeing the young girl impaled on the monster she leaped up in alarm. "Stop! You will tear her apart!" she shouted.

Not to be stopped so close to his goal, Nagaraj simply pounded all the way into Seema and to his surprise she was able to take him in fully. Seema gasped. Her pussy was completely filled out and then he seemed to enter a deeper chamber inside her and she felt him bulging out in there. the cockhead was released from the confines of the narrow pussy and it grew large inside her.

"Oh uncle!" she cried out in joy.

"Magale, daughter!" wept Nagaraj. "Look" he nodded at their union.

"Yes," replied Seema. The root of his cock was at the mass of pubic hair between them, fully sunk into her. Laxmi looked too. She looked at Seema's face in surprise. Seema was radiant with joy and pleasure and Nagaraj pulled back and fucked hard.

Seema felt the knot of the cockhead pull back through the shaft and suddenly realized that this how a bitch was snagged with a dog's large bulging cockhead.

They pounded into each other.

"She could take me, Laxmi!" hollered Nagaraj to Laxmi. "She is deeper than you, even if a bit tighter!"

"Of course, she is tight, ayya! You should not have taken her. she was virgin till last week!" pleaded Laxmi.

Once again, Seema felt that surge in his cock, that extra excitement.

"My girl!" howled Nagaraj fucking her again and again. Now he had the rhythm he was used to while masturbating. Holding her firmly in his grip he concentrated on his cock and his own pleasure.

"oh, my goodness, oh my goodness, oh uncle!" shouted Seema. "You are the best fuck I ever had or even imagined!" she cried out.

"don't use such words," said Nagaraj, imagining his own grand-daughter.

"fuck, fuck, fuck!" screamed Seema. There seemed no end to her pleasure and orgasm. And there seemed to be no end to Nagaraj's fucking.

"Stop!" cried out Laxmi in alarm.

"No," replied Seema wedging herself on to Nagaraj some more and fucking down now.

Laxmi put her arm around the girl, trying to support her and said, "I am worried about you! He can just keep fucking, you know!"

"I can take it all!" babbled the insatiable girl. "Uncle," she instructed Nagaraj. "Keep fucking me!"

They clung to each other, bodies red with exertion, sweat and from rubbing against each other.

There some quiet as they battled each other. Squishing sounds and Laxmi holding Seema best as she could was all that happened.

And then Seema groaned. The groan widened to a wail. The wail became a sob. There was no end to her pleasure and no end to how much of a pounding she could take. And yet, it was visible that her stamina was waning.

The girl who had been active in making 'uncle' fuck her, then was poised atop him, became like a rag doll, slumping back on Laxmi's support while Nagaraj pounded on in his hunt for his orgasm.

It started to arrive by which time Seema was holding on to Laxmi for dear life. "It's okay, baby," cooed Laxmi to Seema, holding her lovingly. "This is why I said not to," she whispered.

"No, let him. I want him to continue fucking me till he soaks my cunt," wept the girl.

And soak he did. When his orgasm hit, Seema's eyes flew open at the violent thrusting. There was an enlarging of that monstrous cock. Then came the thrashing. She held on like a little boat in a pacific storm.

"Magale! My daughter!" screamed the old man in relief. Every time he spurted, he was rooted in her pubis, the flooding going directly to her womb. And then pulling out and thrusting back in to the fullest. The pussy yawned open in surrender. Laxmi felt drops of fluid on her feet as the combined juices dripped from them.

Seema passed out in her hands and Nagaraj continued to pound her. It was as if a lifetime of cum was pouring out of him.

"My girl, my girl, my girl," he sobbed uncontrollably as he spewed into her. Laxmi and he held each other tight holding the girl between them as he continued to come for what seemed like forever.

Finally, his cock lost its volume but it still wouldn't slip out at its size. He pulled the girl off him and gave her to Laxmi. They collapsed in a heap on the bed.

"Look at what you have done, ayya, master," reproached Laxmi.

"What have I done? I just made her a woman," said Nagaraj, slipping into a slumber.