The Saga of Incest. Ch - 05

The Saga of Incest. Ch - 05

Published on: 2023-12-04 23:32:41

Before I go any further, I want to give a short description of Neelu. She is not a very beautiful woman. Neelu is a woman of 30 years old, eight years younger than mummy. She is not as bubbly as mummy but is a thin woman. Her complexion is nothing compared to mummy, but she is not like a black woman, she is dark wheatish coloured.

Her boobs and ass are not as round as mummy’s but not too small also. Her boobs were 34B even after having three babies and her ass is completely flat. She is not having even a bit of fat on her tummy. The nipples on her breasts are completely black in colour, while mummy had pink coloured nipples and her areolas were same as her black coloured nipples. Even her pussy was black in colour and hairy also. But she had thin and long legs which made her sexy when she was nude. I came to know all this features of hers only when I got to fuck her.

Coming back to the story, after watching some action movie on TV I was getting bored and horny too. Switching off TV, I proceeded to my bedroom, which was useless for past some nights as I was sleeping with mummy in her bed. Once inside my bedroom, I switched on my PC and started to surf some latest porn on porn tubes.

Usually I watched clips from MOM-SON category, but when I started to fuck mummy, I didn’t need any porn. Why watch some sleazy, false or role played incest clips when you get the real action at your home. Mummy was my first and for last one month, I was fucking mummy only as I was in love with her amazing beauty, fair body, big boobs, sweet pussy and round ass.

This time I came across a new category that I never saw because I was never interested in that one. But this time, out of curiosity I clicked this one category, which was titled as “HOUSEMAID”. One by one I was watching many clips, where a housemaid is fucked by the master of the house. In each clip, I was imagining the master as myself and housemaid as Neelu.

God knows how many clips I’ve watched, and how much I’ve masturbated and cummed sitting in that office chair in front of my computer. Now I was sure that I had to fuck Neelu. Not just to make sure that our secret was kept secret, but to taste another pussy. Time just flew by, and soon I saw sunlight entering my room. I spend whole night watching maid porn.

I woke up late in the afternoon, that too because the fan in my room was switched off. I thought current must have gone and that’s why fan must be switched off. My eyes still closed due to insufficient sleep, I was rubbing my eyes to open them. As I opened my eyes, Neelu was in front of my eyes, sweeping my room by bending down,her ass in my direction.

For a second, I thought of catching her ass, rip off her clothes, throw her on my bed and fuck her hard. But I was missing something here. What? Yes I knew what I was missing. A camera to record all this.

I asked Neelu, “who opened the door when you came”

“Memsaab opened the door. She said you were still sleeping.”

“OK. How was her mood.”

“Don’t know saab. I think she is still thinking about yesterday.”

“Did she tell anything to you….”

“No saab. She didn’t tell anything. After letting me in, she just went to her room.”

“Alright Neelu. Just finish cleaning my room soon and also make the bed. I am going to freshen up and take bath.”

“Saab, last night you called me and said you need to talk something important, what is it?”

“Yes Neelu, we need to discuss something. But not right now. Let me get ready first then we will discuss it. Meanwhile you just complete all cleaning work.”

“Ok saab.”

I went to my bathroom with a towel. While showering I got a hard on again. But instead of masturbating, I thought it was good if I saved it to fuck Neelu, which I hoped was coming soon. After coming out, I thought of wearing something comfortable.

So I got my track pants and a T-shirt. I went into living room and found mummy sitting on couch, watching TV. She asked me to take some food first. I grabbed some bread and eggs and finished it soon. Mummy then asked me if we should talk to Neelu.

Mummy: “Beta Zaheer, I think you should talk to Neelu now.”

Me: “Ok mummy. Neeeeelooooooooooo…………….”, I called her into living room

Neelu: “Yes Saab. Coming there…..”

After Neelu came in living room, she sat down across us on the floor. I asked her to sit up on the sofa, right behind her. At first she was reluctant to sit on sofa, but on my insistence and mummy’s also, she thought it would be better if she doesn’t argue.

Me: “So Neelu, how was your last night?”

Neelu: “It was good saab.”

Me: “Ok, so I guess you enjoyed a lot last night…..with your husband…”

Neelu: “Yes saab. Having him back after so many nights was good….i really enjoyed last night and thank you for understanding my problem and letting me spend the night with my husband”

Me: “Neelu, we called you last night as we wanted to discuss something with you.”

Neelu: “I know saaab, you want to discuss about your affair.” She was looking at both of us.

Mummy: “Neelu…I was feeling very alone….and Zaheer was giving me massage daily and I could not resist his touch. His touch made me horny and I couldn’t control myself. You can understand my problem as you are also a woman.”

Neelu: “Yes memsaab, I understand your problem. Sometimes, I also get the same horniness when my husband is away driving on roads.”

Me: “Neelu, I trust you but mummy still can’t get herself to trust you completely on this….”

Neelu: “Memsaab, don’t worry…I promise, I won’t tell a word about your affair to anyone…..not even my husband…..”

Mummy: “I may trust you Neelu, but I can’t convince myself on this matter. This will always haunt me that my affair secret may be leaked somehow…..”

Me: “Yes Neelu, mummy is right….i told her, but she is not budging….until…….”

Neelu: “Until what saab??”

Me: “See Neelu. Don’t get me wrong, but you only said that you can do anything for our happiness… see mummy happy………”

Neelu: “Yes saab, I said that and I am really ready to do anything for you people, who care for me a lot…..”

Me: “Will you have sex with me???”

I said it directly now, Neelu was astonished hearing this. She was just staring at me and mummy with her mouth wide open. I got up from my seat and went near her and sat down on the arm of the sofa where Neelu was sitting.

Me: “See Neelu, you said you will do anything. So we want you to have sex with me.”

Neelu: “but saab, what will you get if I have sex with you???”

Me: “mummy said to me that she will not have sex with me until she has some secret of yours.”

Mummy: “when you have sex with my son, I will make a video of you both having sex. That will be a proof of your cheating. This way I can be satisfied that our secret is safe with you.”

Me: “See Neelu, we will pay you for having sex with me…..another 5000 bucks…. we will also pay you double from now on…instead of thousand rupees, we will pay you two thousand per month.”

Neelu: “Memsaab, if you think that this will make you happy, I will do it….i am ready to have sex with Zaheersaab. But you have to keep it a secret…..”

Mummy :“Don’t worry Neelu. Your secret will be safe till our secret is kept safe….”

Me: “Ok then mummy. Lets not waste any time. We will go to bedroom.”

Mummy: “Not in my bedroom beta, that bed if for us only. You take her to your bedroom. I will get the camera from my room.”

Me: “Ok mummy, I am taking Neelu to my bedroom. You get the camera and also don’t forget to get the condoms….”

I took Neelu’s hand and led her towards my bedroom. Once we were inside, I took her in my arms, pulled her towards me, kissed her forehead and said “don’t worry, we will finish it soon”.

I took Neelu’s hand and led her towards my bedroom. Once we were inside, I took her in my arms, pulled her towards me, kissed her forehead and said “don’t worry, we will finish it soon”.

Neelu: “you can go easily. I am not in any hurry, but make sure that I get enough pleasure.”

Me: “don’t worry Neelu, I will fuck you hard….”

Neelu: “Saaab, I’ve seen you and memsaab fucking that day. I want same kind of pleasure….”

Me: “See Neelu, I love my mummy very much, I may not give you same kind of pleasure, but one thing I can be sure that you will really enjoy with me….”

I started undressing her by removing her saree, then her blouse, petticoat and finally her bra. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Finally when she was completely naked, mummy entered my room with a camera and some condoms. I smiled at my mother and took our maid to my bed.

Mummy asked me if she should start recording the film. While I was getting undressed, I told mummy to start the recording. When I was ready, I asked Neelu to move to one side of bed and make some space for. I joined her on bed and asked her to suck me till I get hard.

She started by sucking my cock. I asked her “do you suck your husband’s cock.” She said “yes saab, but he doesn’t remove his hair, so I don’t like sucking him, then also he forces me to suck him. But you are having no hair on your cock, this makes sucking more pleasurable”.

Mummy while recording said to her, “Even Zaheer’s dad likes to get his cock sucked. But he doesn’t allow me to do it for a long time. Once he is ready, he wants to enter my hole.”

Meanwhile mycock attained its hardness from Neelu’s sucking. I moved her to lie her on her back and spread her legs. Her pussy lips were black coloured and looked like she didn’t clean it, when compared to mummy’s pussy. I kissed her boobs and sucked her nipples first without entering inside her cunt.

I was just playing with her body while rubbing my hard cock on her wet pussy lips. Now I was ready to enter her hole. I was slapping my cock on her pussy when my mummy called me from behind, “take this condom. I don’t want you to make her pregnant.”

She threw condom towards me, I missed the catch and condom packet launched between Neelu’s boobs. I took it from there and opened the packet, rolled down condom on my hard cock. I entered Neelu’s cunt and pulled her legs to keep them on my shoulders.

I fucked her hard, while she was moaning loudly and mummy was recording our sex tape. After some minutes of fucking her, she was cumming and also shouting. After her orgasm subsided, I wanted to change our position. So I removed my cock from her dripping pussy and this time I was lying on my back.

I instructed her to get on top of me so that her face could be clearly seen in the camera. Soon she took my cock in her hand and guided to her cunt hole so that she could mount my cock easily. Once she was successful, she started riding my cock slowly. When she was not riding, I was moving my hips up and down, holding her hips. That time, her nails were dug into either on my chest or on my thighs. Again she cummed.

We changed our position once again. This time also she was on top of me but mummy instructed her to sit in reverse cowgirl position as she wanted to record Neelu’s face clearly. After some pumping, I asked Neelu if she wanted to take my cum in her mouth.

She said “whatever you want to do saab, you can tell me. I will do it happily.” Now our maid herself was offering her slutty service to us. So mummy told us “OK Neelu, I want to see you take Zaheer’s cum in your mouth. But don’t drink it. And beta Zaheer, give me some show before you cum in her mouth…” I nodded and pushed Neelu from top of me and knelt down.

I removed my condom and threw it on camera towards mummy. She laughed at this and continued her recording. Neelu was holding my cock and her eyes were telling me to give it into her mouth. I moved forward and offered her my hard shaft.

In other second, she was licking and sucking me alternatively, with huge slurp sounds. Those sounds could also be heard in video recording. When I was ready to cum, I looked towards camera and told mummy that soon I will be ejaculating.

She said me to go with the flow. After some more strokes, I was ready to blast. First two spurts landed on her face and neck, but all others she took into her mouth. But Neelu didn’t gulp it down her throat as per mummy’s instructions.

When I was done, I moved my cock from Neelu’s mouth and she sat up. Mummy focusing camera towards her, asked her to drop my semen onto her boobs and body. She happily did it for camera and for mummy’s happiness.

When mummy took the focus on both of us sitting nude on my bed, I told her “Really mummy, we got a great maid, who is really were loyal to us. And she is also ready to do anything for us…”

Mummy said to Neelu to go and take bath first and then get dressed. While Neelu was taking bath, mummy came near me and we sat on my bed playing back the tape and looking at my first ever sex tape. I took mummy into my arms and kissed her passionately on her lips. She responded back equally. I told her, “Mummy, I am really horny now. I want to fuck you right away.”

She said, “No beta, first you take bath, then we will have food, then you can gain your energy till night. And tonight I don’t want you to just use only one condom. I am expecting to use a lot.” After sometime Neelu came out from my bathroom and took her dress which were lying on floor and got dressed. I asked “Neelu, I hope you enjoyed our first time.” She said, “yes saab, you were really good. Now I understand why memsaab wants you every night.”

I asked, “is your husband better than me??” she replied, “No saab, my husband is always fucking whores in daytime, when he is driving in night. When he fucks me he just does it out of duty to make me happy.” I said “OK Neelu, if you want to get fucked by anytime, just tell us….”Listening to this, mummy slapped on my chest and said “never…”

I told “OK Neelu, if you want to fuck me then you need to take mummy’s permission before that….” Mummy didn’t say anything, but from her looks it was clear that she didn’t want me to fuck Neelu again in future. I told Neelu that she can go home and other remaining work she can complete it other day. She was happy to get a half day leave and soon went off.

When she went away, I took bath in my bathroom and mummy was in kitchen busy preparing some dishes. That evening, while we were having tea, mummy asked me “why did you tell to Neelu that she can fuck you whenever she wanted….”

“Mummy, I didn’t tell her she can fuck me whenever she wanted, I told her she can fuck me whenever you will permit her to do so…”

“But I will never permit her again to have sex with you….”

“Come on mummy, we should make sure that our secret is safe…..”

“if she is having our secret, then we also have her secret, that too with a proof….”

“Mummy, you are right, but we shouldn’t care about her future, we have to care for ours…. For that we must make sure that she is happy. She says that her husband stays out for most nights. She may also get horny without sex. In this case, if she gets some satisfaction from our home, then she will be more loyal to us…..”

“You are right beta, but I don’t want to share you with someone else…especially with a maid.”

“Don’t get jealous mummy. You are my first love and will always be…. I will fuck you every night. Just think that we are paying some installment to keep our secret safe.”

“I don’t know beta……But I love you…..” Saying this she came into my arms and we were sitting like that only for some time.

We were expecting some relatives that evening. They were my phupi (paternal aunty or father’s sister, her name was Zara) and phupa (her husband, Naeem). They didn’t had any children. When they arrived, I answered the door and welcomed them inside. Phupi was chatting with mummy in kitchen while they were preparing dinner, while uncle was sitting with me.

Uncle wanted to know what I was thinking about my future. I said till now, I was thinking of becoming a mechanical engineer just like my dad and get a very high payment job some where abroad. But now I changed my mind. Now I wanted to become a software engineer. My uncle asked me why I changed my decision. I told, since software industry is having a boom and a lot of MNC are coming here in Hyderabad, I can easily get a job here and gain some experience before going abroad.

But the reality that only I knew was that I wanted to stay near my hometown, so that I could get to fuck mummy daily. I was in love with her and I was not ready to leave her, even after getting married. We had dinner and after that our relatives left as they had to catch a train that night.