The Saga of Incest. Ch - 06

The Saga of Incest. Ch - 06

Published on: 2023-12-05 15:11:07

When I got back to home after dropping my phupi and phupa at station, I expected mummy to be in living room, watching her TV serials, which she usually did till 11.30 pm. But the time in clock showed 10.30 pm only. Searching for mummy, I reached her bedroom. When I opened her bedroom door, my jaw dropped at what I saw.

Mummy was standing in front of her dressing table, applying some cosmetics. She was wearing a light pink colored baby doll nighty, which couldn’t contain her huge boobs. They were just spilling out from her dress. She wasn’t wearing any bra underneath.

Her nipples and areolas clearly visible from her baby doll. To cover her pussy, she was wearing same pink colored G-string, which was not transparent like her baby doll dress. This G-string was of silky material. To complete her sexy look, she also wore 6 inch heel stilettos, silver colored which daddy got for her from gulf. He liked fucking mummy in those shoes.

Mummy was looking fantastic just like a fuckable mature bombshell. Even if any impotent or old man would see her, his cock would be hard at the sight of seeing this beautiful mother of mine.

Since our affair started, mummy dressed seductively only one time. That too because she wanted to show her sexy side. That time she was wearing a silky nighty that wasn’t as transparent as this outfit. I never cared to see her dressed like this because I always liked her watching and fucking without clothes, completely naked.

After that she never tried to seduce me in those slutty clothes because I was always ready to fuck her without any seduction. But this time after seeing her in this sexiest outfit, I just wanted to fuck her like this only, without removing any piece of cloth that she was wearing now.

When mummy saw me through mirror on her dressing table, she bend forward, moved her ass outwards in my direction and invited me towards her through her sexy eyes. I moved towards her looking at her ass. The thin lace of her g-string disappeared in her ass crack and it was looking as if she wasn’t wearing anything to cover her voluptuous ass.

When I reached behind her, I put my arms around her waist and pressed my crotch on her ass. She moved her ass a little more in my direction to increase the friction. Finally I spoke to mummy, “I thought you were watching TV shows now.

How come you are here at this time.” She turned around and put her arms around my neck and locked her lips with mine. When she broke off, she said, “beta, I am very horny tonight, when your uncle and aunty were here, I was waiting for them to leave. So when you went to station to drop them off, I thought I would better be ready for you when you get back.”

“so what made you horny mummy?”

“Your aunty told me that she is trying to conceive from so many years, but she was not successful anytime……”

“so what? What this has to do with your horniness….”

“when she said me this, the first thing that came to my mind is that my son is fucking me daily and can impregnate me any day… just to avoid this, we are using condoms…..and here she is just trying to conceive with her husband….”

“So mummy, do you want me to impregnate you with my kids??”

“I never said that beta……”

“But it sounded like you wanted my kids….”

“I do beta, but not now….may be some time in future…..”

I took my mummy to our bed and kissed her, with our tongues wrestling to capture other’s mouth. While doing so mummy was struggling to get my t-shirt off from my body and I was pulling her ass to rub my crotch on her pussy. Taking break from our kiss, I asked her,

“Why not now mummy, we will make our own family……no one has to know about it”

“But everyone will get to know about it because your father is not here….. atleast they will know that its not your father’s…which makes them believe that I am unfaithful to your daddy…..and your daddy will definitely divorce me when he comes to know about my pregnancy…..”

“Ok mummy, leave it, I don’t want to discuss it anymore. Right now I am very horny. You are looking very sexy in this dress…..i want to fuck you now…..”

“I thought you never liked this kind of oufits… said you like to see me without any clothes.”

“Yes mummy, I said that. Till now, I haven’t seen you in this baby doll…where did you get it from???”

“I didn’t get it…your father got it from gulf when he came last time. He likes to see me in these sexy dresses before he strips me to fuck my brains out. And these stilettos also are gifted by your daddy…”

With my shirt off, mother was now struggling with my jeans and she removed it along with my briefs after I kicked my shoes away. I was still wearing socks. Now I was completely naked and semi hard for mummy.

“wow….daddy has a great choice…..” I was not only talking about her dress but also about mummy and my maami with whom daddy was having an affair in gulf.

“its not about just choice. Your daddy is very sex addicted. Just like you.”

“If we have such beautiful women around us, we will definitely have our cocks hard at any given point of time.” I was not only referring to mummy, but also about maami, who was also very beautiful. Her beauty was equivalent to that of mummy; difference was just about some features and age.

“Zaheer, you are telling that if your maami comes in front of you, your cock will be hard for her too….”

“Yes mummy, she is very beautiful, but not more than you. I always had a fantasy for her. Little did I know that she was sleeping with daddy. If I would have known this earlier, I would have blackmailed her to have sex with me when she came to India for vacations….”

“Do you still want to fuck her…..after having me????”

“What’s wrong in having one more pussy, I will love you even if I get to fuck her…..”

Mummy was getting more horny after talking all this. She just moved down to take lick my balls and now semi hard cock. Her hair were open and were moving from one side to other and sometimes coming in front of her face, which I hated while she sucked my cock.

I like to see her face when she is down working on my cock. When I moved her hair behind her back, she tied her hair by grabbing a clip from her dressing table which was beside her bed. She was talking for some time by taking short breaks from sucking my cock.

“that bitch has taken my husband, now my son also wants to get into her cunt….. she is very lucky…..”

“From where I see mummy, you are luckier than that bitch….. You can fuck your son without any hindrance, anytime in your own home. But she gets to fuck daddy only when maamu is not in their home.”

Now mummy was sucking me hard, she vacuumed me when she was pulling my cock out of her mouth, when she reached the head of my cock, she would tickle it a little with her tongue by trying to insert her tongue in my little piss hole and then she again moves her head down till the head touched the back of her throat.

After some more sucking, I moved her head by pulling her hair and getting her face to mine, I kissed her. I pushed her back on bed and then I went down near her pussy and smiling wickedly at her, I looked at mummy’s face. She raised her ass to remove her g0string so that I could lick her with easy access to her love canal. But I had other plans and I pinned her ass back onto bed.

“beta, you can remove my panty if you want…..”

“but I don’t want to mummy…..”

Moving that little cloth which was covering her pussy, I kissed it first.

“wow mummy, you shave completely. That’s a nice surprise…..” till now mummy had trimmed her pussy by keeping some pubic hair in a triangular shape just above her cunt hole as we did it on our first time. But seeing her completely shaven, her pussy was looking very much younger to me, and delicious too.

Without wasting anytime, I inserted my tongue into her hole. After some licking insides of her pussy lips, I moved to concentrate on her clitoris. After she had her first orgasm, my face was completely covered with her juices. When she was cooled down, I again started to eat her pussy, but this along with my fingers fucking her hole while I was torturing her clit with my lips and teeth.

Soon I was rewarded with one more batch of fluid ejaculating from mummy’s love canal. I gave her some time to recover from her orgasm by kissing her thighs and playing with her tummy and bellybutton. When her breathing returned to normal, I moved to her face and again kissed her. When I was removing straps of her baby doll nighty from her right shoulder, she asked me, “I thought you said you don’t want to remove my dress tonight.” I told, “I’m not removing your dress.

I just want to free your boobs and play with them.” She also helped me in lowering her nighty straps from shoulders and freeing her boobs from that slutty nighty. When both her boobs were out, I started by taking right nipple into my mouth along with some of its boob flesh. My right hand was busy squeezing her left breast. Mom was enjoying this very much which was evident from her loud but short moans. Her left hand was rubbing my cock, keeping it hard all the time.

Soon I thought it was time to enter her love hole. I released my mouth and hands from her boobs and pulled her towards me by her waist. She opened her legs wide for me to get in between them, when I was there, I took raised long milky white legs and kept it on my shoulders.

I started to kiss her feet which were still covered with those long stilettos. For some time, I thought I would get foot fetishes. Making my way down towards her pussy, I was licking her long legs. Mummy was helping me to keep me hard with her hands.

When I was ready, mummy released my cock and I slapped it a number of times on her g-string covered pussy.

Then without removing that string, I moved it a little bit to a side, so that just her pussy was visible to my eyes. I aimed for it and the other second I was inside mummy’s pussy.

“oh mummy,you are looking damn sexy……I want to fuck you hard…..”

“you are already inside me beta….do whatever you want to do…..”

Mummy was moaning very loudly. Thank God, that all the windows of her bedroom were closed with curtains on and no one was there in our home. With her eyes closed and her hands pulling me to take most of my cock inside her, mummy was bucking her hips in and away from me.

“Ohhhh…yessss…..betaa Zaheeeer……Fuckkk your mummy……..satisfy her neeeeds……I was thinking of you last night………I was cursing myself for punishing you by not fucking me…..betaaaa………yesss betaaa………like that……yaaaa……oh yaaa…….”

After sometime she opened her eyes, immediately withdrew my cock from her hole and moved away. I felt like she was fucking me for the first time without her will. I moved near her and asked her “what happened mummy?”

“why are you not wearing condom beta…..i was so horny that I forgot to get a condom.”

“oh yeah mummy…I also forgot because of same reason…. I didn’t even got a thought about that….”

“Thank God, that I thought about it before you came…….”

“but how did you remember about it now…..”

“I was thinking that you will cum soon… then I thought to take your cum inside my womb and get pregnant by you ……but then I thought about your daddy and that’s how I remembered that you didn’t wear a condom…..”

Mom moved towards her drawer to get a condom. She took a whole packet from there and kept it on our bed. I took one from that pack of condoms and opened to put it on my cock. When I was done, mom was again on her back with her legs spread and inviting me into her pussy.

I again entered her pussy and fucked her hard till she came. Mummy had her legs wrapped around my ass and her stilettos were sometimes hurting my ass. After some time, I was feeling my load boiling in my sack, I came inside that condom while I was still inside mummy.

Even after ejaculating completely, I was still hard and continued fucking mummy till my cock softened and moved out of her pussy automatically. Mummy was again about to reach another orgasm, when I removed my cock. She pushed me down to tongue fuck her pussy to help her complete her orgasm.

I licked her clit and took her pussy lips between my mouth lips and pressed them hard. Unable to bear the pain, mummy cummed soon before expected. We relaxed in the same position for some time. My face was near mummy’s pussy, kissing her thighs and my hands playing with her stilettos covered feet. Mummy was stroking my hair with hand while her other hand worked on her left nipple.

After sometime mummy got down from our bed and was removing her dress. I moved behind her and pulled her straps back on her shoulder indicating her to keep it on for the rest of the night. Mummy said “beta, you want me to sleep naked with you….don't you??”

“I like to sleep naked with your naked body mummy, but tonight is an exception. I want you to keep this dress in for the remaining night. You look damn sexy specially with these high heel shoes….i love them….”

“ok beta,I am going to bathroom now. But don’t sleep yet. I’m not finished with you yet.I want some more of your sweet cock in my wet pussy……”

“Ok mummy. I was about to say same thing to you, I am also not finished with you. I feel like I want to fuck you till dawn….and sleep till afternoon tomorrow….”

“I am ready for that kind of action…..”

“mummy, after you clean up, come and join me in living room. I’ll be watching TV there and we will have our next session there itself…..”

“ok honey…..its so good to have the whole house just for ourselves…..”