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Worship: But Not The Planned One

Published on: 2023-06-28 04:46:26

You could blame it on the situation. The temple queue was such a crush that it was inevitable that the people in the queue were pressed together in all sorts of awkward ways.

But when Srikant, an 18-year old from her neighborhood first brushed against Shobha aunty (mami) in that crowd he was guilty of allowing it to happen rather easily.
He had always secretly fantasized about Shobha aunty, with her full bosom and enticing way of wearing her saree.
She always showed cleavage, her face was radiant and she wore flowers in her hair -- which somehow seemed raunchy to him.

She always seemed dressed to seduce; or was it just the desire in the eyes of the 18- year old boy that she looked that seductive?

And when she came up against the awkward and geeky youth from in the temple crowd, she recognized him from get togethers though she did not know him by name.
She immensely preferred him to the anonymous males brushing up against her and crushing against her.
And not all those brushes and crushes seemed forced; now here was that cock rubbing itself on her ample, rounded ass, even pausing between her buttocks for an extra rub.

Her reaction was somewhere between bubbling desire and revulsion.

In general she loved how sexy she felt and how wanton and lustful she really was. She dressed, showed off and mentally seduced all the men, young and old that she socially encountered.
And she took all that pent up energy to her husband at any time and place where she could get him to fuck her.

She would have happily fucked Sundar uncle who was her husband's mother's brother. An ex-military type he seemed fit and his body seemed strong. "Would that strength extend, despite his age to his sexual stamina?" she often wondered.

She often dreamed of seducing Sundar uncle's his son Surya and really wanted to allow her own cousin Shashidhar to plunder her as he did with his lustful eyes -- but decorum restrained her.

Sometimes she wondered if it was her own inhibition. Sometimes she felt it was a consciousness that she played a key role in her household and somehow any such unleashing of her sexual desires would create some imbalance.

She also thought of what might happen if someone, especially Sundar Uncle who was a figure of authority reacted badly and exposed her in front of the family.
She was a bit surer of the younger guys -- they would happily indulge in her and fulfill their own fantasies she was sure.

So some combination of inhibition, fear, cowardice and a lack of opportunity outweighed her pulsating sexuality and fertile imagination.

So she did all this mentally. Every day. Every opportunity.

She was one of those mamis who was always doing a lot around the house. And theirs was a house where there was always a lot of coming and going. If it was not in the family, it was some neighborhood function around some festival.

On all these occasions, Shobha mami's zest translated to a bubbling personality. Add to that her curvaceous figure and playfulness -- she was quite a package. The menfolk in these situations always spent a lot of time eyeing her and thinking about her. If they were not imagining themselves in bed with her, at the very least they imagined her breasts to play with.

Many of the younger men yearned to work alongside her putting up flowers or stirring ingredients. They wanted to be near her just so that she might flirt with them. Or hands might touch. Or her saree pallo might slip. And who knows, if one was lucky he might die and go to heaven in those soft plump arms and everything that lay within.

But Shobha mami did much of that kind of work with the kids in the community. Her flirtatious best was reserved for men older than her; men she could really bed if she got down to it.
But unknown to anyone, beyond that flirtatious exterior was a woman who furiously fantasized about every man she encountered.

And on more than one occasion she masturbated to that fantasy.

Or brought it to her marital bed. And on those occasions she surprised her husband with additional sexual energy and her sluttish devotion to pleasure and lust.

She might have mouthed him to orgasm imagining him to the strict, disciplinarian Sundar uncle and viewed the cumming as his taming.
She might have ridden him, on top, to an uncontrolled, explosive orgasm pretending she was deflowering the young Surya.

Or bent over and insisted he ride her like the bitch on heat she felt herself to be at that moment.

Her husband, on all such occasions enjoyed the whore in her and the contrast with the dutiful social mami added to the lust of her slutty tendencies when in bed with him.

He could make out which were ordinary days and which were days of extra energy. She was not the same woman. Making love to her oscillated between worshipping a divine, motherly woman and plundering and being plundered by a wanton slut.

So yes, there was some playfulness in her for all the men who used the opportunity to feel her in different ways.
In some ways it was also a compromise in a society where crowds were what they were and men were the way they were.

They would grope on such occasions but at least enough of them were cowards like Sundar uncle -- they would not have the guts to seduce or respond unless the woman made the definitive move. "Hypocrites!" she thought to herself.

So she told Srikant, "Let us stick to each other! It is unbearable in this crowd."

"Yes, mami," mumbled the taller, younger man, looking down Shobha's cleavage. Sweat coated them and her blouse was at least partially soaked. How often had he imagined his face between those mounds of flesh! And here he was looking down and admiring them freely. The rivulets ran down her broad chest, converging at her cleavage and running down where he wanted his lips to run.

She looked up and saw his eyes riveted on her bosom. She struggled to bring her hand up to pull her pallo over her breasts, making both of them more conscious of the situation.

But her gesture was not genuine. She was already beginning to feel a different kind of heat radiate from within at the awareness of the young man's eyes on her.
Hypocritically, her actions were her social self, while she actually wanted to let him nibble at her with his eyes.

Her mind briefly dwelt on the situation. She had seen him in and about the neighborhood. She noted that he had never featured in any fantasy possibly because he was younger and not within the family.
Even in her mind, she felt bolder with the older males. They often represented authority figures and she suspected that beneath that veneer was a male who could be subjugated with sex.

Every flirtatious gesture was to test if that theory was correct. Or within the family, where they represented opportunity and control. The rest of the working out of the theory -- of she fucking the authority figure and reducing him to bubbling mass of flesh under her; of taming the young man and making him her sexual slave -- was done in her mind.

As she was wondering on whether to flirt with this young man there was a lurch in the crowded mass of bodies.
Her pallo was swept aside and her cleavage was again exposed. But also more of the blouse was now also visible to him and he saw the damp fabric stuck to her body.
In fact, Srikant could smell Shobha mami's womanly aromas as they rose off her body.

"Take this," Shobha mami bellowed at him, handing him her pooja basket, loaded with a coconut, a dozen bananas and flowers. Srikant took them and held them high over their heads. Shobha pushed with her left shoulder to make way and both of them sideways, facing each other made their way forward. "Stay with me," she shouted above the din.

He was not about to lose her. She featured in the standard set of two or three of his hot favorite women from the locality. He often ran errands for the other two, in the hope that opportunity for a steamy encounter would present itself.
He had often been home alone with Saroja mami in her kitchen having just brought her some vegetable or ingredient she had just requested.

Like with all the mamis of the neighborhood, the breasts were heavy and sumptuous. And in his limited repertoire of fantasies, all he wanted was those breasts.

Some of the stuff he had seen on the net told him there was more -- but he did not fully understand many of things shown there.

Srikant's fantasies usually revolved around their breasts; he imagined his buried in them, his lips sucking at them and him playing with those objects of his intense desire.
It resulted in an erection that could not be controlled and he masturbated quickly to find release.
At least once he had done this standing in the corridor of Saroja mami's house, his eyes on her as she sat on the kitchen floor, grating coconut.

It was he who had brought her that coconut. When Saroja mami sat down with the grater on the floor he had a good view of her breasts. That morning she was wearing no bra within and in the heat of her kitchen she was soaked. Slowly from her armpits the sweat had seeped through and the side of her breasts were clamped to the cloth.

Her nipples formed dark patches and Srikant's throat had gone dry as his eyes riveted on those knobs he wished to suck.

When Saroja mami had started moving back and forth and grating the coconut the jiggling of her breasts was too much for him to take.
Mami was talking to him about a forthcoming cricket match but his mind was on a different ground.

"Sachin's last, isn't it?" Saroja mami had asked, perspiration flowing from her effort. She always engaged these boys in small talk else they could not be asked to run these errands.

Suddenly, she was met with silence. Unknown to her, Srikant had moved off to where he was not likely to be noticed and has masturbated.
His breathing was heavy as his hand massaged his cock feverishly through his dhoti, for that is where he meant to catch the mess of fluids that flowed.

He had come, shuddering, watching Saroja mami rocking while grating the coconut, and he imagined that rocking to be her atop him.
He milked himself till the jerks receded and quickly made a quiet exit hoping not to meet anyone while on his way home to change his dhoti.

Now, today at the temple with both his hands above holding the basket, Shobha held his midriff and they shuffled forward, toward the temple gate.
That temple gate was the bottleneck. Once on the other side of that narrow passage the crush would ease as they reached the outer courtyard of the temple.

Shobha found herself closer than ever to the youngster given that his arms were now raised and she was holding on to him to keep them together and moving.
Her face was in his chest and through his thin shirt she found his nipples poking through. She almost allowed her hands around him but moved her fingers to his sides again to avoid ending up hugging him.

Srikant shivered as he felt Shobha mami's cheek pressing against his chest -- and Shobha felt the shiver, too.
At one point, he felt he might lose his balance and with his one free handed grabbed at Shobha mami.
He held her just below her armpit.

As the jostling continued she found her face remained at more or less the same spot on his chest. Mischievously, she closed her wet mouth on his shirt, allowing her saliva to seep the cotton so that he felt her.
And so that she felt him. Her lips playfully tugged on the nipple exactly once.

Srikant shuddered and reflexively brought his hand down on her hand -- sort of pushing her towards him.
He realized the brazenness of the gesture and let his hand drop to her shoulder. Shobha mami looked up at him with radiant eyes and he could have kissed her right there, in the middle of the crowd.

Instead his hand dropped further and rested on her midriff, his hand against the side of her breast.
As Shobha heaved, he felt that mass swell in his hand. He allowed his hand to stay there for she had not brushed him off. He allowed himself the small gesture of pressing on the breast. She still did not stop him.
She was in fact preoccupied with negotiating the crowd.

But she did notice it, when encouraged by her silence, his thumb searched for her nipple. She looked down and watched his thumb at circled and looked in all the wrong places. "What does a boy know about the anatomy of a woman?" she thought, watching him move his thumb every which way. Once he came close to her areola but the wire of her bra misled him to thinking he was in the wrong direction.

Suddenly, she felt excited at the thought that being a teacher to a youth, initiating him to the body of a woman was a titillating thought, too.
All these days she only planned on bedding the older lot. Suddenly, the education of a young man in the ways of being with a woman appealed to her. And she remembered something her husband had once told her which warmed her further to this thought.

She looked up at him and laughed. Her laugh was a tinkle befitting a courtesan. But it was her eyes that spoke. And she was famous for that. At many of her husband's office gatherings, or indeed at family functions, it was with her eyes that she spoke to the men she flirted with.

With not a word spoken, but with gestures, laughs and sparkling eyes, Shobha had always communicated sexually with each one.
Her flirtation bordered on aggressive sexuality and she used her body to leave the man in no doubt.

So it was with Srikant now.

"Looking for something?" she asked. Srikant started to remove his hand.

"Don't stir," she hissed at him. On her other breast she placed her own hand and with a subtle movement toggled her already erect nipple to show him where to find it. She felt ripples of pleasure with her self -- manipulation and waited to see if the boy had any treat for her.

He proved a good student at this one step, finding the nipple where she showed it would be. The aroused, erect state of the nipple surprised him and he felt the first flow of wetness in his underwear.

He carefully felt its contours and imagined that in his mouth. He was drenched now and desperately needed to stroke himself. He could have moved his free hand to his crotch but he did not want to lose contact with her breast and the nipple.

Lust makes a person bolder than he or she should be. Srikant in his desperate lust shuffled forward so that his crotch pressed against Shobha mami's lower abdomen.
He pressed as hard he needed to so that his cock felt a much-needed squeeze. And when he had pressed all that he could, he felt the softness of her abdomen and wished for something hard to grind himself against.

But Shobha was no less aware for that -- she felt the cock on her and she thought she felt the young man grind himself.
She knew that grinding thing -- she had seen her cousin Shashidhar run the base of his palm over his crotch more than once while watching her from a short distance.

She didn't think Shashidhar had been signaling her or would be so crass- she felt it was an involuntary action on his part at the uncontrolled erection he had worked himself up to, fantasizing over his cousin.

And it was the same now it seemed with Srikant, in this unlikeliest of places -- at the gateway to a temple. "We are not yet past the entrance gate," she rationalized to herself as she felt herself warming to the situation and wanting to do more with this young man.

With a naughtiness typical of her, she gently rolled her stomach so that she responded to his grind with one of her own. Srikant felt the relief of a proper massage to his cock and sucked his breath inward. It seemed so purposeful, "Was it deliberate?" he wondered. In the next instant his doubts multiplied. On the pretext of adjusting her saree Shobha moved her right across between their bodies. The back of her hand rested on his crotch. She rolled it over the trunk of his cock feeling its contours. The moment she had a sense of its alignment she spread her index and middle finger. The forked fingers moved up the cock and as she came up on the head she narrowed her fingers, squeezing the tip the best she could.

Srikant shuddered as his cock released a small quantum of cum in relief. She felt the shudder too, and also the warmth and was that moistness? Involuntarily, her face reddening she looked up to see the reaction on the boy's face and their eyes met.
Shobha mami knew lust when she saw it. She quickly looked away.

At once she felt both sorry for having created a situation that was not immediately solvable and excited at having seduced Srikant.
She felt her throat dry up.

Till today, all her sexual fantasies had been in her mind. But now, this boy from her neighborhood -- her body and mind seemed ready to sink into a dalliance with him.

The shuffle continued as the crowd and heaved and pushed. Shobha found herself slightly misaligned with Srikant. Her machinations with his cock had moved them askew a wee bit but this was fortuitous. It allowed Shobha to get his thigh between her legs. And while she wanted to do more with that excitable cock of his, she had needs of her own and she added that to her seductive mix.

She splayed open her legs and allowed herself to plant her pussy with the weight of her body behind it, squarely on his thigh.
Then to make sure that it was not a passing grind that might be mistaken she bent her hips ever so slightly and rode her pussy up his thigh.

The rub supplied her with simple pleasure. He had never seen or been with a woman and he had no idea beyond the fact that somewhere in that part of the body was where man and woman joined when they responded to their innate desires.

His cock had swelled larger than ever before. Even when he looked at all those nude pictures or clips on the net it had not been this large; nor had it been larger when he fantasized about any and every married woman on the street where he lived - including Shobha mami.
He just wanted to be somewhere else where he could masturbate to one more fantasy --this time with more to add to his imagination.

And again. Again she rubbed her pussy against his thigh that he now pushed forward once more. Between the two rubs she had half made up her mind that this boy would be the one which whom she would unleash the real Shobha.
The wanton, lust-ridden Shobha. The Shobha who had desires and needs beyond her marital bed and who would it take it wherever it took her.

It inflamed her senses to the point that the second rub brought on sensations that no other part of her body could have provided.
She was agape, the lips had unfolded and she sensed the flow and wondered if her groin was going to be one soppy mess by the time she was to reach the sanctum of the temple.

And this time Srikant felt a little more than he had felt the last time. Something more moist and slippery than just the plain body he had felt before, perhaps? He still had no way of knowing.
He made up his mind then and there -- he would turn back from the temple. He desperately needed the release and in any case this was not the frame of mind in which one visited the temple.

His mind was in a dizzy whirl with desire and he wondered how much of it was imagined by him and how much real.
No -- it was real. Those fingers on him, that deliberate angle she gave her hips so that her pussy would rub on him -- those were not accidents.
She had to want to do it for those things to happen.

He would have turned and made a dash for his house and for the one private place he knew there on the rooftop below the water tank.
But he did not want to separate his body from that of the desirable woman who rubbed herself against him much as a cat would against a scratching pole.

Anyway, their separation was inevitable and likely to happen soon. At that time he would anyway have to go to the rooftop refuge and masturbate. He controlled his need for release to enjoy what he was getting right now.

And grazing, rubbing and touching upon each other they entered the narrow gateway. At the end of this gateway the crush of people would release into the wide temple courtyard. That might be just a couple of minutes away. In the meantime there was the dark shadow and even more crushing compression of the shaded narrow gateway.

Shobha mami shamelessly gave into her sense of adventure and curiosity. Quickly holding one end of her pallo she put her hand on his hip, cloaking them from the view of anyone who might be to their right.
To the left was the darkness of the congested corridor. Her left hand sought out the waistband of Srikant's trousers and slid in.

At her first attempt she encountered the wet mess on the outer of his underwear. She brought her hand up to search out the elastic band of his underwear. Their eyes were locked. Srikant's throat was dry. He opened his mouth as if to say something but nothing was said.

Shobha's hand entered the inner sanctum. She felt the heat of his cock on whatever part of her hand came in contact with it. But beyond the contact there was hardly any space to move her hand. Partly it was the tightness of the waistband of the underwear. Partly it was the lack of space -- everything was occupied by his swollen, engorged cock and it left no place for anything, much less for any movement.

She moved her fingertips, feeling and conveying as much as she could. Her nails scratched him lightly and he winced at their sharpness. She pulled her hand back, giving up on finding more when he caught her wrist and held her back. At that she changed her angle, the pallo on the right slipped from her hand and anyone on the right might have spotted what was happening.

But Shobha was past that. Sweat dripped off her face and chin and her blouse was more soaked than ever. More than the stifling heat in that narrow corridor was the heat she felt inside her and it seemed to drench her.
Her hand gained the advantage of moving and she slipped his underwear down as much as it would go.

Then she grabbed his cock and pulled it out of its confines. It now pointed upward, half inside the underwear, the band on its middle and the upper part including the head rearing upward as if for air.

She ran her thumb on that head and encountered the thick, slimy cum that was now welling up from within him.
With his one free hand he pulled her close as he shuddered in a micro orgasm from the first touch of a woman.

She felt the small jerk and limited release and abruptly slid her hand out and leaving it to him to rescue his trapped cock.

She did not want to sully the hand meant to hand over the pooja basket to the priest with the cum of this youngster.

Shobha glanced to her right if anyone had spotted her when that pallo slipped from her hand. There was one man looking at her but that might have been just one of those who enjoyed watching women and girls at the temple; she could not be sure either way.

They burst into the sunlight of the temple courtyard. Eyes squinted to adjust to the glare. While her pallo opened out so she could bring it around her back to her hand, on the front all of it was neatly guided below her breasts so that only her blouse and the bra within was between her and Srikant.

She had afforded him a full look at her sumptuous, heavy breasts and her cleavage shimmering as it was with sweat.

In all of three minutes she had unleashed herself and taken her fantasies one step further. She had also unleashed the young boy's pent up sexual desires. His cock felt good -- alive and ready. She had always imagined that this was how a youngster in his first encounter would be. Eager, succulent and gorgeous.
She also imagined such a seduction would generate an animal vigor in a young man seeking to devour his first woman; but she so far had no evidence of that.
If anything, Srikant had seemed paralyzed.

She had always imagined that these younger, uninitiated men fantasized about every woman in their neighborhood.
That is what her husband had confessed to her when she had first asked him about it after their marriage.
Her husband had lusted after most of the women in his immediate circle, whether relatives or acquaintances of the family.

And indeed, when she had questioned her husband's expert handling of her the very first time he had confessed to having bedded one such woman.

Even before he penetrated Shobha her husband had expertly stroked her to a clitoral orgasm and then calmed and stroked her before mounting her with a vigor that brushed her virginity aside.
His manner and the responses he had elicited from her convinced her that he had been with a woman before.

He had. And ever since then Shobha had nurtured the fantasy that if every young man fantasized about a woman then every woman was a likely seductresses offering a young man his first lessons on pleasuring a woman.

And if her husband had found such a woman, why could not she not be that woman to some young man in his turn?

They were now in the courtyard and this was no frame of mind in which to be in a temple praying to the lord.
She wanted to leave just as he did. But not alone and not to masturbate herself as he wanted to. She wanted to leave with him and find out whether his place or hers would do at this moment.
In all probability both houses were empty as the entire family should be at the temple.

She looked toward the gate but the influx was steady and it would be tough to find a path leading out at this moment.
She glanced around and saw the various outhouses, stores and assorted structures that typically line the outer courtyard.
Nothing so divine as to make her she was sinning just yet, with all these thoughts running around in her head.

She squinted at Srikant's face and saw his eyes were riveted on her heaving bosom. Her own breathing was indeed deep and intense and it was not from exertion. It was the hot surge in her blood that made her breathe so and the breathing caused a fascinating expansion of her breasts which strained the garments designed to contain them.

"What do you intend to now?" she asked in a hoarse whisper, unmindful of the stream of people making their way quickly to the next gateway beyond which lay the inner courtyard; closer to god, surrounded with images invoking sanctity and crammed with people. She was definitely not going there right now.

Srikant shook his head wordlessly. He was clueless. He was certainly not going to tell her that he badly wanted the release of a vigorous masturbation session.

She grabbed him by the wrist and said, "Follow me!"

Carrying her pooja basket in one hand he followed her as she dragged him to the shaded colonnade lining the walls.
She climbed two steps and while he was still on the ground level, she turned around. Smiling at him sweetly she used her pallo end to wipe his brow clear of the sweat. There was bound to be more sweat under his shirt but she had other plans for that.

The woman followed by the young man holding the pooja basket looked innocent enough to any one that might have glanced at them.
But no one did. Such sights and many more were common on temple days. All manners of people in all combinations came to the temple to pursue all sorts of tasks from the divine to the mundane.

To one such mundane place in that outer corridor along the wall, Shobha mami led her prey. She paused at a spot where a small room had been built to hold ceremonial cooking vessels. As if often the case with temples the room had been built at a spot which was suited because it was in no one's way.

But otherwise it was quite an awkward thing to build. It stuck out from the side corridor and jutted out of the line of the outer corridor.

It had to be out of the way and yet visible to the powers that be to make sure no one had broken the lock or was accessing that room without authority.

Every now and then passers by peered in to see if they could catch of a glimpse of any of the riches of the temple.
Perhaps a silver chariot? A gold throne?

But no one ever looked behind that room and there Shobha discovered a cool, shaded cul-de-sac which was shielded from every angle.
No doubt, anyone walking along that outer corridor and behind the room and past it would most likely spot anyone there.

But such is the heat of passion and desire that the lust-laden mind becomes willing to take all such chances.
To the mind of the lust-obsessed, the opportunity to indulge and satiate outweighs the risk of being caught.
And Shobha was lust-obsessed, indeed.

The look on Srikant's face told her that he was no less lustful in his thoughts; no less pleasure-seeking.
In that instant, her mind told her to become the special woman in his life and her body responded with surges that made her desire peak.

She stood with her back to the wall, keeping an eye at the far end to see if anyone was approaching.
Her vigil, she knew, might not be possible for too much longer. She was about to get engrossed in a very special act.

Srikant stood before her.

"We cannot go in to the sanctum feeling this way," she told him. "We will have to come back for prayer another time. I need to bathe before I will go in. But before that…" and then with one final glance down the corridor she dropped to her knees.

She undid the belt and unbuttoned his trouser. Not bothering to unzip she opened out the top of his trouser to widen it enough so it would drop. She noticed how smoothly she did this task. Practice came from undressing her son on his return from school but also from doing the same with her husband.

In her husband's case it often happened on return from a party and both of them had heightened passions.
He from the light drinking and she from the shameless flirting she engaged in. Or it might be in the morning when he was all set to leave for a work and in a hurry; and she in a naughty frame of mind decided to delay him in a manner he could not resist.

On all those occasions when she knelt before her husband and undid his trousers the next thing she did was open her mouth, wetting her lips to take him in.

If it were in the morning she would mouth him to a finish aiding herself with both hands. That would typically be before her morning bath and she would wipe herself and cleanup the mess he left behind on her, hands, face and any other part of her that his cum landed on.

If it were an after-party rendezvous at home, she would never allow him that release wanting all of him for herself.
In his younger days he had fucked her twice, thrice or more in succession. But now as they had grown older even if he could fuck her more than once, she wanted to be taken fully and differently on each of those times.

She herself had changed over the years and become more searching, passionate and lusty in her sexual encounters.
It grew and grew till her sexual desires grew into fantasies. And then those fantasies had grown till they grew out of her mind into what was happening here today.

Strangely Srikant was thinking the same of her gesture -- was she going to take him into her mouth?

His cock bobbed as if on a spring as it came out into the open. Shobha worshipfully stroked the phallus. Her fingers raced up and down the trunk of the cock feeling his fullness. It was full, engorged and ready for any kind of action. She held it once in her fist as one would hold a racquet and slid it back and forth one single time, milking forth his juices.

And she stopped. It never occurred to her that he might cum all too quickly but that was what Srikant felt like as he luxuriated in the warmth of Shobha mami's fist.

She stopped simply because urgency commanded that she fuck him well quickly. She loved the large feathery bed of her own bedroom to roll in. She would have loved the luxury of time so she could offer herself in various positions; or take him in various different ways.
She would have delighted in being able to harness his youthful virility in one long afternoon of fucking that might have left her delightfully tired with strained limbs.

But she could not get all that today. Not here. Not now. And her need, cunt throbbing, breasts swollen was here and now.

She pulled his trousers down around his knees her face perilously close to his cock her mouth but a short distance away.
He very nearly brushed her cheek with it. If he had worn a dhoti that would have suited the moment brilliantly she thought. She could have used the sheer cotton as a light cover cloaking both of them.

She rested her buttocks on her heel, watching the cock bob and jerk reflexively. Looking up at him through doe-eyes she undid the top of her saree laying it out to her left, spread out.
Then, tugging at the knotted bundle around her navel she let the garment loose; it unwrapped and fell in a heap around her.

Shobha lay back, taking care to undo her hair and letting it flow under her head.

She looked divine spread out like that on the floor, the luxurious silk unwound and serving as a sheet on the floor below her.
Shobha felt the cool slab of stone under her and it felt good. Still standing, in front of her between her outstretched legs stood Srikant, trembling and hot blooded.

She was like a goddess to him and if she had lovingly worshipped his phallus he was more than willingly to slavishly worship all of her beauty.

She held her arms out calling him to her. He knelt, unsure of what to do. She shushed him nodding to him that she was there to take care of everything -- he just needed to lean forward.
He did.

She pulled her petticoat up and bared her thigh to him. He looked down and marveled at her legs. As his legs touched hers his body seemed electrified. He could feel the hair on her legs graze him and his hair brushed against hers. Energy seemed to flow from those strands of hair as if they conducted electricity.
Srikant shivered.

"Mami!" he mumbled using the south Indian word for aunt in a disbelieving, questioning tone. She shushed him. Reaching for the front hooks of her blouse she undid the garment and then the restraints of her bra within. She did not uncover her breasts leaving that last step to the boy's pleasure. What she did do was make sure he saw the bare expanse of her chest between the breasts. They slung under their weight and the cleavage mysteriously disappeared along with the restraints.

Her sweaty, beautiful chest was decorated with her thick, gold chain and the golden symbol- the image of her married status.
She slid the taali around so that it was resting on the floor behind her and the chain close to her neck.
She always did that when with her husband and she did so now.

Her left hand reached out to the spread out pallo on the floor and flung it over them. Inadequate though it was to cover them both completely, it did at least reach around them for the most part.

Within that tent, she reached down and completely the act of baring her crotch to him, the clothes no bunched up well above the abdomen.

She felt his viscous juice drip on her thigh. Reaching between them she held his cock again as if it were a racquet handle. Again she slid her hand back and forth to make sure he was primed. Then she pulled him by his cock to her pussy. There was only enough space between them to get the cock to her lips and then her fist would have to exit its position if he was going to get any deeper.

She left him there and hands went around his back. Gripping his buttocks she pulled him in.

Srikant bent forward and buried his face in the fabric covering her breasts. He wanted that soft warm flesh but all he felt was obstructive folds of various designs and sequins on her blouse.
Responding to her pull on his buttocks he thrust almost reflexively jabbing at her. The most cockhead slid along her thigh missing its target completely.
She laughed in a subdued tone. These were the teaching moments she was supposed to enjoy. He felt affronted. She shook her head affectionately and reached between and caught hold of the object of her desire once more.
This time, she spread her legs wider and raising her hips opened herself out more.
He looked down to get a better view of the task at hand.

"Mami!" he stammered, unsure of himself.

She nodded at him understandingly, her eyes dancing with delight at his predicament. Those eyes of hers had made love to many when she flirted and now the look made sure that Srikant was instantly besotted with her.
She wedged his cock between her lips so that the head was now at her outer lips.

She nodded to him, now unable to smile as her own desire soared out of control. On cue, Srikant thrust.

In that one instant his cock enlarged to a size he had never felt before and he was hopelessly stuck in her.
What seemed like a copious flow of cum proved inadequate to lubricate his movement. He felt uncomfortable and stuck. Shobha felt incomplete without the fluid movement of his flesh within her.
He had not been able to penetrate her from having swollen obscenely.

She bucked against him willing him to pull and push. He wanted to pull back and thrust back but was nervous of losing her and then not finding her pussy again.
His whole being seemed to hum and he had lost all sense of nuance. He felt her but he knew not where in her he was. He felt her around him but he had not clue how much of him she had wrapped; or how deep she went.
He knew nothing and felt little in this engorged state.

She was sexually an expert but a novice at being a teacher. She knew next to nothing of how a youth might feel and how he needed to be guided. The one man in her life on their wedding night had fucked her with élan and allowed her to take him as she pleased.
Their honeymoon itself was a saga as he had no inhibitions and she was eager to explore her own sexuality.

In fact, in those first days all the sessions had been about her. She fucked him till she knew everything about herself.

It was only then that she had explored him and allowed him to explore her. His adequacy was all she needed.

Here, today, she needed something else. And she did not have too much time to find out what.

"Maybe I should have been on top," she thought to herself. She rested her bottom and he followed her lamely, denying her the space she needed to fuck upward.

"But that might not have been as quick," she explained her choice to herself but also noted that this too, was not quick.

She placed a palm on his stomach and pushed him up. As she did so he felt stuck and then when he moved he did not move out smoothly but jerked outwards.
They had congealed together. Using her other hand at the small of his back she controlled his withdrawal. Reaching into her own pussy she smeared her outer lips with juices to lubricate the next thrust.

Now she pulled him in, thrusting hard upward with her hips in sync with him. It was smoother and he went farther into her. Pulling back himself he thrust back into her, this time with more lubrication and confidence. And then he started thrusting into her in wild uncontrolled movements. He slammed into her his cock head entering her womb and as the foreskin pulled back to the fullest the head swelled inside her belly.

She gasped as the cock signaled its presence in her womb unmistakably. His virility and vigor excited her. It reminded her of her honeymoon when her husband had fucked her similarly. "I must teach him rhythm," she thought wildly even as she enjoyed the animalness of his fucking.

And just as she focused on enjoying the full, hot flesh within her, just as she luxuriated in his wildness, he came.
It was all too quick. More time had been spent in their makeshift arrangement and then guiding him to fuck her than in the wild union.

He was as uncontrolled in his cumming as he had been in his thrusting but this she knew to expect. That was how her man came too; wild, uncontrolled and babbling.

Srikant was out of breath as he felt his cock explode into the woman under him. He was so, so grateful to her that he started to call out to her, "Shobha Mami!" he gasped. "Mami, mami!" his voice rose.

Shobha had no way to control his bellowing as he orgasmed than to cover his mouth with hers and she kissed him for the first time.
His first kiss. At the height of an orgasm. He rasped breathlessly into her mouth and bit at her lips and tongue. He face smothered her face as his lips escaped her lips.
He kissed her as he continued to spurt into her and as his body kept jerking into her, his cock thrusting with a life of its own.

His cheek touched her cheek and he whispered into her ear, "Mami!" he sobbed. And then again louder "Mami!"

"Shh!" she admonished him, stroking his body, trying to calm his stormy orgasm.

But his calling only rose in crescendo. As Shobha raised her hand to cover his mouth a passing procession's loud drumbeats joined his crescendo.

"Scream NOW!" she ordered him, raising her heels to beat his buttocks so he that he finished emptying. And scream he did. "Mami!" he wailed in gratitude as he emptied out into her.

Shobha felt her breasts throbbing, her nipples pounding with blood. If her goal had been to satiate herself back to sanity, she was far from there. She had neither worshipped the god she came to worship nor did she feel consummated. She ached to cum herself and her body asked to be caressed, licked, sucked, mauled and pounded.
Her every cell seemed to be screaming for release and needed for orgasms to be pounded out of each cell.

Srikant slumped on Shobha mami. The sounds of the marriage procession receded in the same manner as his orgasm did. But he stayed inside Shobha for long moments. He noticed his cock had not shrunk and still felt large beyond anything in his past. When he masturbated it often lost its fullness reasonably quickly, even if not instantly.

Now it remained large, throbbing and quivering in its new lair.

Srikant, unknown to Shobha yet, had only begun. He wanted mami's breasts. It was something that was the center of his fantasy world and he was not about to leave the unattended.

After the long moments of quiet had gone a bit too far, Shobha slapped him gently on his hip to get him moving.
They were lucky to have been undetected and now she would have to get a move on, satiated or not.

Srikant did move but it was just enough to raise his head and body off her torso but without withdrawing from her.
He took advantage of his unrelenting erection and stayed within, pulling back as much as needed to create space between them but not so much as to leave her.
It was as squelchy mess but he could feel more of himself and more her pussy around his cock.
He liked this.

He nuzzled at the panels of the blouse and the bra within to move them aside. She stroked his head as he did so and he discovered her nipples, standing erect from the want of attention.

She involuntarily thrust her breasts at him as his lips closed over the mound. He pulled at the nipple and tried to suck in as much of her breast as he could. She held his head with one hand and her breast with the other feeding him as she would feed a child.

He pulled at the nipple, milking her with his lips and she felt as if milk might really spurt into his mouth. She moaned. "Hey!" she called out imploringly, beseechingly, and lovingly. "Not here, not now!" she moaned unconvincingly.

A young lover rarely listens to works of caution or restraint, she discovered. He repeated the full sequence of actions. HE took in her nipple, sucked in the flesh of her breast and milked the nipple letting it out with a soft plop.

She shivered. "Hey!" she called him again. It was as loving and beseeching as the first time. She sounded as if she was in love with this young man from her neighborhood. But it was also a fact that she did not know his name. She just knew him to be the strapping, geeky youth from two doors down the street.

"Not now da!" she implored, continuing to stroked the back of his head and continuing to feed her flesh into his mouth.

How she wished she were lactating! The way he was sucking on her he seemed desperate to feed and she was all too willing.

As the nipple soaked with saliva it became slithery and Srikant preferred the taste, smell and texture of Shobha mami's flesh in the original.
He had tasted her saliva and it had seemed scented. He had now tasted her sweat from her breasts and it seemed sweet. His own saliva was a rude interruption.

He moved to her other breast. She held his chin and forced him to look her in the eye. She looked radiant to him. Her eyes sparkled and carried in them the signal of her unsatiated lust.

"Later, hm?" she whispered. "Look at where we are."

"Look at where we are," he repeated. "I don't know I will be here again."

He nosed the other breast. Yes, it was slick with her sweat. He enjoyed tasting the sweetness of that sweat and the saltiness of her skin that followed. And when he was done nosing her, pushing his face into her flesh and feeling, and when he needed to taste something more, he turned to her nipple, painful erect now, and sought out the milk which was not there.

He tasted and pulled at the teat, repeatedly sucking in much of her breast and repeatedly extruding her nipple through his lips.

Oh God! How she wished she were lactating. She remembered how her husband had competed for her milk and breasts and how she enjoyed his lavish attention on her breasts.
Those days after the baby had been born she was not allowed to have sex and so she had to be content with the pleasure the suckling gave her.

Her husband masturbated, holding her close and tight but it was never the same if they did not fuck.

She felt like that now, moaning under the boy's intuitive ministrations and missing out on the fucking and extreme pleasure that would go beautifully with it.

Once he tasted more of himself than her on her breast he left that one too. If there was anything he wanted it was more of this mami from his neighborhood. He was sure there was no other woman on this planet sexier than her and if he was going to have anyone it would have to be her, and her alone.

But also her in every way.

He looked about the space they were in, still lodged inside her. Shobha was making feeble attempts to move him off, luxuriating at his hard, hot presence inside her and at the rough bruises on her breasts from his careless bites and pulls.

Shobha had spread them both out in almost the middle of the space available so that she could lay and spread herself and so that he could mount her.
But there was more space to the side closer within the cul-de-sac and it might be a little more completely out of the line of sight unless someone came into that very spot.

Srikant pulled himself out of Shobha mami. He looked down at her kneeling between her legs. She was radiant and resplendent. Glorious breasts lying open and exposed, hair spread below her. Sweat smeared the vermilion on her forehead and her body was hot, damp and radiant from the exertions and abrasions of heated skin on skin.

He gathered all the loose cloth of her saree lying around and threw it to the corner of the cul-de-sac.

"Come here" he said to her, his voice somewhat firmer than it had been when he was calling out to her in his orgasm like he was begging. He nodded in the direction of the pile.

Shobha moved there though not convinced about what he was trying to do. She reached to pick up her garment and try wear it back as best as she could. But he stopped her.

He asked her to sit with her back to the wall and lean back. He was not letting her get dressed. But he certainly could not fuck her if she was sitting against a wall?

He surprised her as much as he surprised himself. His erection that hung under its own weight was unabated. He moved over her and leaving her in no doubt on what he wanted, brought his cock to her face.

Srikant wanted everything and he wanted it now. He had no patience nor had he any faith or hope that he would be able to find privacy with mami again.

Straddling her, he fed her his cock, moving from divine worship of this woman to treating her as a pleasure-giving slut.

Shobha had opened her mouth to argue with him and instead found herself bobbing her head back and forth on his cum coated cock as enthusiastically as if it had been her own idea.
She worried out time and she worried about discovery. With that she moved faster willing him to cum and hoped that the corner was still more remote than where they were laid out moments ago.

She gripped his buttocks and kneaded them and exulted when she felt his cock twitch and grow in response.
He was wonderful! She wanted more of him!

He placed his hands on the wall a few feet above her head and closed his eyes, losing himself in the rhythm of his hips and the warmth of her mouth.

Shobha dutifully sucked on his cock. When he allowed her she ran her lips on the side of his cock that she knew her husband loved. She fisted him using the "O" of her lips as if her mouth was her pussy. She held him gently and kissed the cock lovingly as if in worship.

But he just did not expect her to rotate the full weight of his cock around her tongue in rapid rotation.
The pleasure was indescribable and he held her head and rocked into her mouth unmindful that he was in her mouth and not her pussy.
She had to control him and slow him down as her hand started banging on the stone wall behind her.

He nearly came again but he instantly knew that he did not want to come. She felt his cock throb as if it might come and wondered if that would mean they would then leave; or whether it meant she would still not be satiated.
Her pussy was now truly on boil and she needed some release sooner or later.

It could not be now for this was getting way too dangerous. What if a relative came looking for either of them? Here she was, outwardly a conservative mami, sitting on the floor, legs wide apart with a big wet patch on the petticoat where her crotch had soaked it.
Her hair was askew, now stained with the youth's juices.
Her vermilion mark on the forehead spread enough to be indistinguishable from the flushed red of her face.
Her mouth full of the salty taste of this young man from her neighborhood whose name she did not know.

It would not be pretty to be discovered thus. She would have to move, horny or not.

Srikant withdrew to prevent himself from cumming and kneeled. Once again worshipful, he cleared her face of any stray strands of hair and holding her in both hands looked deep into her eyes.

"Thank you, mami!" he said in a voice brimming with confidence and satisfaction.

"WE must go now," she said pinching his cheek affectionately.

"But I have hardly repaid you for all the attention you have lavished on me," he complained, suddenly all the child.

She pulled him to her and kissed on the lips, letting her tongue slide in and out of his mouth.

"There is lots where this came from," she said. Reaching down and holding his unconquered cock as if she were weighing it she continued, "And lots more here too. So nothing to worry there. What is your name?" she asked, coquettishly, being her flirtatious best.

"Damn, she is a sorceress!" he thought. In her hands his cock threaten to explode: so close was it to orgasm. He reached down and caught her hand and slowed her movement down. Then he guided her fingers to press on his head to head-off the impending release as he had done to himself so often when wanting to prolong his fantasies and masturbate more.

"We will," she tossed her head making him a promise.

"Before that," he said, holding her hands and raising her forward, off the wall. He made her turn and kneel, her back to him and her facing the wall. He gripped her breasts in his hands and kneaded them gently, palming her nipples.

"Gosh, he is instinctive!" she marveled as the tingles shot through her aching body. She needed release, she needed it now! But how! This was crazy.

But it was about to get crazier. Raising her petticoat again over her hips, he hunched his back and brought his cock to an alignment along the crevice of her buttocks.
Nestling his cock there, he hugged her from behind, the soft rotating of her breasts becoming a hard gripping grind.
She felt him smear his juices on her buttocks.

"Yes, he is a natural for sure," she concluded, her cunt aching and now ready to drip from the flow.

His arm slid down and circling her torso his other hand pushed her neck forward.

Shobha gasped as she realized the position he was pushing her to. This was animal!

She stiffened her back to resist when his sharp voice commanded her, "Kneel!"

Gone was that child that had suckled on her and beseechingly loved her. Once again, behind her was a pleasure seeking man hell bent on getting what he wanted.

"This, for you," he claimed, getting ready to pleasure himself as he pleasured her. But he did not know how. All that he knew was what he had seen in a movie. He needed her help.

His voice softened as he pleaded, "Help me?"

She held up her hair with one hand as she turned at her waist to look at him. Her eyes, those marvelously expressive eyes, were dancing mischievously.

She could have put him down and humiliated him. Instead she become the whore he wanted and asked him, "You want to fuck me like this?"

"Yes," he nodded, submissively.

"Say it!" she commanded, enjoying the abrupt change in roles.

He nodded again.

"Use the fuck word with mami! Come on! You can ask for this but now you are shy?" Now she was more than half turned.

"Come on, I want it as much as you. Ask for it," she repeated.

"I want to fuck you from behind," he stammered.

"Come," she said smoothly and sweetly.

She spread her legs wide and curved her back to splay open her pussy. Juices rushed forth as the well of her womb upturned. She was so wet she knew she might need some drying out if she was to make him cum.

She was an expert at taking a man from behind and she knew this from the ways in which she had made her husband helplessly spill his seed without control.
She sometimes used it as a weapon when she became exhausted and needed him to finish but he was still going strong.

She had never ever told her man that she was worn out or tired or not in a mood. She simply took him from behind and with innate expertise given to her by some sexual goddess benefactor she would make him cum.

It could be in seconds if she was tired. It could be tens of minutes if she wanted her own pleasure to know no bounds. All in all, she was the master of what the world knows as doggy-style.

But this boy needed guidance.

She raised herself and turned to face him, with her sentence punctuated by several butterfly kisses she instructed him, "Bend lower than my hip level and move as close to me as you can. When you feel my hand on you just follow till I ask you to push. Push slowly till you find yourself inside me. And do not pull out too quickly, you will fall out. And that will be unbearable for mami!"

"Would you like mami to feel unbearably abandoned?" she asked, gently slapping his cock.

He shook his head to indicate that no; he would not want his Shobha mami to feel abandoned.

"I do not want to feel full and then suddenly a vacuum. You have no idea how much time it takes to get you back in. Understood?" she explained.

He nodded in understanding.

"Do you want me to spend time aching while your cock is searching for me," she asked her eyes dancing. She was being deliberately teasing; it heightened her pleasure.

"No!" he implored, trying to force her to bend. "I want you now!" he commanded.

"And that is another thing," she insisted. "Are you doing this for me or for you?"

"For you. I must return your favors!" he pleaded.

"That," she said, "When I tell you. Now, just fuck," she said, knowing that she would allow it to last only as long as her pleasure needed it.

She knelt, her knees spread wide. He knelt behind her. She reached under them and found his cock. She could not grip him or hold but she was able to reach far enough to be able to control the head.

"Now follow," she commanded her student. As she gently brought him to her cunt, he moved gently as he had instructed her.

When the cock head was at her lips, more or less parallel, Shobha wiggled her hips to bring the head within her folds.
The angle of a doggy-fuck she knew was something unique. It reached places nothing else could reach, not even she while masturbating.

"Now!" she ordered. Her student pushed diligently and sank into her. His stomach came to rest on her ass and he noticed that she was smeared with juices across her back and it was now smeared on him.

She changed the angle of her hips and from just that he felt her sheath massaging his cock from the head to the middle with no movement on his part. Instinctively he pulled back to thrust and she stopped him, "Do nothing till I tell you!"

She bent her hips back and forth, sliding his cock against the upper wall of her pussy, touching spots that sent shots of pleasure through her.

He pulled again, disobeying her and very nearly slipped out. "No" she screamed in panic, this time no drums to drown out the shout nor any control being exercised.

He froze.

She rode back on him. Her hands sought out a place to grip but the cold stone floor offered none. She searched for she needed an anchor to grip so she could manipulate her sheath on his shaft with direction, speed and rhythm all dictated by her own inner needs.

She found an edge and her right hand gripped the ledge, only to be touched by other fingers. In shock Shobha opened her eyes which where firmly shut as her mind riveted on all the places Srikant's pliant cock was touching her.
There was a gap at the base of the wall. With her cheek on the cold stone floor she could see through that gap and see people moving about.
Next to her clenched hand was the hand of someone who had put his or her hand in the same gap for balance.

Luckily, that person moved his/her hand away instinctively. Shobha became tense. Perhaps she had been noticed. She wondered if the people she could see were possibly able to see her.

Keeping her eyes on the moving figures, she shifted her concentration to the cock in her cunt. This was insane and she had to end it now.

She bucked and twisted, making the cock repeatedly scrape the extra sensitive zone up behind her clit.
She adjusted herself a bit and her clitoris itself was facing downward, rubbing hard against the sliding cock below it.

Shobha stuffed her fist into her mouth to prevent herself from screaming. She was pummeling herself against the cock and the rubbing of her clit was incessant.

She sobbed as she came, and despite her fist she groaned. Srikant heard her groaning and rubbed her back to help her in her pleasure. She convulsed, taking her pleasure. For all it was worth, Srikant was just an object, living, breathing, pulsating; but only so that she could pleasure herself fully and completely.

She flooded in torrents, dripping on to her garments and onto the floor below her. The excitement, danger and sheer vigor of this encounter found full expression in explosive orgasm.
She had not come this hard and this copiously in a long, long time.

She took her time, rocking back and forth and took every ounce of pleasure that her aching body demanded and gave.

She now turned to making Srikant come, which should be a few seconds. It was short but not the way she imagined it to be.

No sooner than he sensed that her orgasm was abating, Srikant leaned forward and reached under. He gripped her breasts hard in both hands and said, all command and control, "Now me!"

Before she could protest the tight grip on her breasts and her twisted nipples become a source of intense pleasure.

He, mindful that he ought not to pull back too far, jabbed her in short hard bursts. The fucking was animal thrusting her forward and it was only the gripping hands on her breasts that prevented her from moving.
Her knees were bruising but the hard fucking was building up to another orgasm in her.
She did not care for her knees.

She thrashed on his cock impaled as she was, with yet another powerful coursing of pleasure. She sagged briefly but then quickly resumed her manipulations of his cock. She thrust back when he expected it least. He lurched out of control. She could tell she had bettered him as his grip of her breasts slackened.

He thrust in and she fucked back. He shuddered, feeling her conquer him. His cock welled up with cum. When he expected a fuck, she twisted his cock. When he waited for her thrust, she did nothing. It brought his cum to a boil. When in desperation he started to fuck she matched him thrust for thrust, doubling the impact of cock on cunt.

He cried out, "Mami!"

She called back to him in full command, "Yes dear?"

"Mami" he said helplessly as she twisted and turned on his cock squeezing his cum out. His saliva dribbled out of the corner of his mouth as his whole body jerked and he lost control of himself.

He exploded into her. Expertly, she reached behind and controlled the thrusting of his buttocks to make sure the movement was limited and he did not slip out.

He held himself close to her and spewed out. She carefully felt the spasms and felt the flow slow to an occasionally dribble.

At last, she felt him shrink for the fist time that afternoon. She slowly allowed him to come to the lips of her pussy. Without letting him slip out she sucked him back in, that last slide giving him at least as much pleasure as a full orgasm.

When he slipped out, he shuddered in release. She felt a warm glow of her own release. There was a puddle of their combined juices to mark the spot of their animal, illicit and dangerous lovemaking.
For that is what it was. Yes, they had fucked. But there was tenderness. Animalness, fondness. Care.
Devotion. Worshipfulness. Everything you would expect between a teacher and student in sexuality.

He slid to the floor, completely done. She, as all Indian housewives often have to do, moved on to her next chore.

There was only so much she could reconstruct herself. She coaxed her still-quivering breasts back into heir confines. There were marks of teeth, nails and fingers that she would have to conceal for a few days.

She wrapped her saree back on and thankfully noted that the worst of stains were on her petticoat within.

She pulled the crushed flowers from her hair and tossed them aside. They were of no use now and were more of a giveaway. Picking up the pooja basket she found some vermilion then which she reapplied as a large dot on her forehead.

A practiced eye would easily have categorized as a woman of pleasure leaving her boudoir after a sexual tryst.
And that would not be entirely wrong.

The woman who had pleasured herself thus looked down at the supine form of the youth lying on the floor, his trousers barely covering him.

She pushed at him with her foot.

"Hey! Leave in the other direction," she instructed. "I am going this way."

"You never gave me your name," she admonished him. He still could not find his tongue.

Shobha mami emerged from the cool dark confines of the cul-de-sac back into the glare of daylight. She realized she needed to rush home for as she stood and walked the flow between her legs had become s steady stream.

She was bruised and aching but she felt alive and good. Having survived this dangerous enactment of this deepest fantasy of hers, she felt ready to engage her husband in a long orgy of sex.

She looked at her watch. It had been all of fifteen minutes. Something inside her was unleashed.

The first time was by chance, this time it was planned to a "t". But not for herself. Shobha was doing a favor for another mami (aunty). She had gotten into a conversation in which one thing led to another.

Alamelu, her friend had talked about how she felt when her husband fucked her. It started well enough and he did enough for her to realize that there was more within her.

But there it stopped. Something inside her bubbled up and that told her that was something inside her that needed unleashing.

When she confessed this to her older friend, Shobha had simply said, "Yes, there is more!"

After that there was no stopping Alamelu. She wanted to know more and more. And she wanted to know how Shobha knew. And then Shobha told her of the boy in the neighbourhood: The 18 year old Srikant and when they had first met at the temple in the crush of a busy function day.
They merely knew that they were from the same locality.
They had never really spoken till that day.

In that crush they were pressed together. Shobha's luscious body was pressed against the young man's hard body. Soft, sensuous and voluptuous nothing was left to Srikant's imagination.

As for Shobha, while she fantasized about all sorts of sexual encounters with all sort of people. For the forty-five year-old mami it her first, if accidental encounter with any man other than her own husband's anatomy.
And Srikant's cock impressed her.

The voluptuous woman felt need and want and took the boy to a less frequented area of the temple and there, laying on the spread of her saree, they fucked.
Him on top. She on top. Then his celebration of her breasts. And then the animalness of a doggy-fuck.

Her invitation to him to come over for breakfast to Alamelu's house was on her friend's insistence. It was a deliberate ploy. Equally deliberate was the way she dressed.

She had ambushed him in the market place and whispered her invitation to him the previous evening.

"Come home. To eat," she had said huskily. After moving forward two steps she turned back. Her large red vermilion bindi flashing, the glint of her taali around her neck, she broke into a broad suggestive smile and said, "To eat dosas!" leaving him on doubt on what she was inviting him to eat.

That night he masturbated, not once. Each time he imagined her breasts, her ass her bubbly cunt and each time his cum spurted large quantities.

As Srikant sat at the table to eat that morning, Shobha used her saree to advantage. It was the same saree. But she had tied it sensuously. The upper part was tightly wrapped and ran under her breasts for the most part. Her sumptuous chest was heavy and bursting out. The blouse itself had no bra underneath.

Her nipples, engorged all morning in anticipation of her meeting with her young lover jutted through the thin fabric.
The top hook of her blouse she had left undone so that sweaty slopes glistened. Damp in places, the blouse stuck to her skin. As she leaned over him to serve him dosas, he could smell her sweet flesh.

She tucked the waist of her saree under her navel. It let her curved tummy out. It was not much a belly - just a vast expanse of flesh as the torso broadened to wide childbearing hips.
Her navel was seen and the curve of her tummy was maddening.

When she turned to go to the kitchen Srikant's eyes were on her ass, rolling and inviting. When she returned with the next dosa she found the previous one lying uneaten.

"Aren't you hungry?" she asked. "You need energy, don't you?" she asked mischievously.

She came close to him and stood next to where he was seated. She leaned allowing her breasts to press on him. He glanced downward. She followed his eyes. There it was - the tent in his dhoti as he made no attempt to hide a raging erection.

And now here he was unabated by all that release. "You eat," she said rubbing his head into her breasts through blouse and all. "I'll take care of that," she whispered. He grabbed her blouse and mouthed her nipples, wetting her fabric thoroughly. He could see the large nipples that he had sucked so well that she wished milk would flow. He wanted them now, again.

"Stop!" whispered Shobha, unwilling to stop. "She will see!" she gestured towards Alamelu.

Just as she had prepared for this rendezvous wearing no bra, he too had come wearing only his dhoti but nothing beneath.
As Shobha mami glanced down she noticed the thick erect cock prone and ready. She smelt his precum and noticed the damp patches on the cotton garment. She reached down and gave him a rewarding squeeze and sped to the kitchen.

Alamelu mami could not have been more of a contrast that Shobha. If Shobha was all curves and voluptuous Alamelu was thin as a stick, with spectacles and very prim looking.

For all her prim looks it was Alamelu pestering Shobha about the bounce in her walk got Shobha to confess to the temple encounter.
Shobha herself did not have the courage to invite the boy home. But on Alamelu's prodding and demand here they were.

Srikant sat and looked at Shobha as the two mamis tended to his breakfast needs ignoring the raging hard on beneath the table top.
When they were at the kitchen worktop, they kept whispering. Alamelu ogled him more and Shobha occasionally looked back as she emphasized a point.

"He looks so young!" Alamelu exclaimed. [Chinna payyen di!]

"That's what makes them able to fuck for longer," said Shobha saucily and giggled. [Adu daan nammaku venumay]. Alamelu looked shocked though she felt a surge in her pussy at that statement.

"But does he know anything?" wondered Alamelu, adjusting her saree as if the overheated state of her sex might be visible to the boy. [Edavadue teriyuma?]

"Enough to take me thrice in three different ways," said Shobha her voice dropping to a hoarse whisper of excitement. [Ena nalla techaan!]

"But that's you," said Alamelu, looking at her friend's large breasts and overly sexual demeanor.

"Don't worry, I am there," said Shobha.

"How can you be there?" said an alarmed Alamelu.

"If you need me," soothed Shobha at which Alamelu went beet red and hid her face in Shobha's shoulder. Shobha patted her head.

Meanwhile, Srikant's needs had soared. Every time the ladies went to the kitchen counter his hand sneaked under and he pressed on his engorged cock for relief.
Every time Shobha mami came over he eyed her lustily, openly. He stared at those breasts, barely restrained in her blouse. He could see the nipples he had sucked on greedily just the other day.

"He is ready for you," whispered Shobha. [Avan ready]

"How do you know?" asked Alamelu incredulously. [Eppadi teriyum?]

"Look under the table," said Shobha. [Keezha paaru]

When they went next, Alamelu cleverly dropped the chutney serving ladle and bent to pick it up. Srikant froze. But so did Alamelu. The dhoti had parted from the tenting and could not conceal a large, prone cock. It was large and thick and Alamelu's cunt turned to jelly at the thought of possessing the monster.

The lucky bitch Shobha! She didn't believe a word that it was a chance encounter and that Shobha would have let this stud alone thereafter.
She must be a regular. No wonder she was willing to share him with her. Alamelu snapped back to reality when Srikant's hand slowly moved to pull the dhoti back over, covering his manhood from Alamelu mami's lust laden eyes.

Actually Shobha was not bold enough despite her actions at the temple. Many a fantasy about the men in her husband's household lived and died within her head. That it was a public place presented more possibilities to her than the possibility to invite the young man to her bedroom with its endless possibilities.

Bringing him home was Alamelu's idea born of her own sexual desperation.

"Are you done?" asked Alamelu of the young man. He nodded. Alamelu glanced at Shobha. What next?

"Come with me," said Shobha and took his hand. She had invited him for dosa at her friend's house explaining that her's was a crowded household and that was true enough. The implication was a different venue but the object of his lust was Shobha.

Little did he know what they had in mind. Alamelu followed the couple tentatively. Shobha led her prize by his hand and he followed meekly, if eagerly. His cock jutted out to its fullest as his eyes remained fixed on Shobha's round, rolling ass. He wanted to take her from behind first, not last.
He wanted her every way. May be the bedroom offered more leisurely possibilities.

He thought of his tuition class and how he might miss it. He wondered - what would happen if Mother phoned the tuition teacher and found out that not only was her son late returning but that he had not even made it to the class?

Shobha turned to Alamelu and nodded towards a door to ask if that was the one. Alamelu, now nervous said yes. Shobha wanted to take Srikant but she simply had to stick to what she had promised her friend. Knowing Srikant he would have more to offer and maybe Alamelu would let her, in exchange for the favor, fuck Srikant next.

Shobha mami guided Srikant in. Srikant looked bewildered. Shobha was not following him in into that fragrant bedroom that Alamelu had prepared. She had made the bed and put a string of jasmine at the head. Pillows and cushions were liberally placed around.

Alamelu tugged at her friend's hand nervously. It had seemed a great idea to meet the needs of her sex-starved body. Still was. Just - how to?

"Go take him!" urged Shobha pushing her friend in. [Idutuko]. The door remained ajar. She had no intention of moving. She wanted to watch her student, her friend, her boy perform for her friend.

Alamelu coyly went to the bed and sat down. She lay back. Reaching under she bunched up her skirts and lay bare herself to the young man. She knew no better.

Srikant just stared in the dull light of the room, the brightness of the morning shielded by curtains pulled tight.

Alamelu stretched her arms out to him and called him to her. He stood motionless. He wanted the other one. He turned to the door and through the gap saw Shobha standing there, shimmering. Her tummy curvaceous. Her breasts damp and prominent with their nipples erect. He wanted to fuck that woman.

Shobha realized what was happening. She entered the room. Alamelu threw down her skirts in shock and sat up. "Shobha!" she exclaimed. Shobha nodded at her soothingly and came around to Srikant. "What's the matter?" she asked, though his eyes told her everything she needed to know. He was drinking from her breasts with his eyes.

"I want you," he croaked. [Neenga venum.]

"You have me right here," she said soothingly. {ingya daaney irruken.] Alamelu sat on the bed, her knees at her chin, blinking away tears.

"Come," said Shobha and took his hand. She sat down on the bed. Her friend watched her. Srikant came and stood in front of her. His hands reached for her breasts and he weighed them in his hands, his thumbs searching for her nipples.

The erection rose swiftly and the dhoti automatically parted as it reared up. Alamelu looked at the delectable flesh and glanced up at the young man. He had his head thrown back and his lips were parted in pleasure. Below, she saw Shobha's hand was on his cock.

Shobha swiveled the boy around so his back was to her. Both hands undid the dhoti so it fell to the floor. She lifted his vest and pulled it over his head. He needed no clothes. Srikant ensured that the sacred thread he wore over on his shoulder fell back in place correctly.

Shobha's hands reached around and she played with butterfly light fingers on his cock. It jumped reared and offered a drop of precum as indication that all was right.

She pulled him back so he was now sitting on her lap. She continued to gently stroke his cock; once with this hand and then with the next. Srikant groaned loudly.

Shobha gestured to her friend to come to the front. Unsure of what her friend was asking her to do Alamelu stumbled to where the two were seated. Srikant was nude and sitting on the lap of Shobha. He had his turned to her kissing whatever of her face he could reach. Shobha's hands were busy in his lap, sliding smoothly over his cock well-lubricated by his juices.

Alamelu eyes were fixed on the object of her desire. Was she going to get any of this or - what was her friend doing? Alamelu's mind was in a whirl as she felt her cunt boil with want for that red, slick pillar between Srikant's legs.

"Take off your saree," Shobha whispered to the woman. [Podavaya kayutu.] She nodded, her throat dry with desire. Thin to the point of being skinny she stood there in her cotton blouse and petticoat. She shivered in excitement but knew nothing of what to do next.

"You have to take the lead," she murmured, allowing herself the luxury of kissing Srikant on his lips as best as she could. The boy ground his ass into her lap trying to feel her cunt. But he could make out nothing. ["Chinna paiyyan daane!" He is just a kid!]

"Come closer," she called her friend. When she was within reach she reached for the cord of the petticoat and undid it. It slid to the floor for Alamelu did not have the wide hips of the voluptuous Shobha. "Now climb on top of him," she instructed.

Srikant struggled to turn around. He wanted Shobha, her breasts, those milky nipples, those wide hips and most of all to take her from behind.

Shakily Alamelu put one leg on the bed next to Shobha. Shobha kept her lips sealed on Srikant's tonguing him while her hands worked his cock slowly but surely.
She wanted to keep him going but not to finish him. Her friend's need was paramount at this moment though her own pussy was aflame.

She knew how to postpone her own desire as she had done for years. Most nights her husband worked to finish. Some nights, she mounted him and then those were the nights her pleasure took precedence. In all the years of marriage she could count the instances. And then on that one day in the temple she seemed to have exceed the releases achieved in the rest of her life.

When Alamelu got her other leg up she was standing in astride, her pussy at Srikant's face level. Her hands were on his shoulder. She pressed forward and Srikant felt the prickly pubic hair on his cheek and head as Alamelu instinctively ground herself against him.
Srikant felt a wet smear as the cunt splayed open on him.
He turned to face her and instinctively leaned forward and kissed her fulsomely on her cunt. Alamelu shuddered.

"Ayyo!" she whispered hoarsely.

"Sit down!" commanded Shobha, holding her legs to prevent her from falling over. "On him!"

"I am also not that experienced Shobha!" whispered Alamelu, caressing the boy's head.

That was true enough, though Shobha. To her forty-five, her dearest friend was a good ten years younger. "Hotter!" she thought.

As she came down to a squat, Shobha held her from behind, one hand under her ass for control. With the other her fingers searched between Alamelu's legs to locate her pussy. When she found her target she simultaneously knew it from the shudder, the moan and the wetness on her fingers.

"I want you," whispered Srikant frantically. [Neenga venum.]

Shobha nodded, wordless and tense from her own intense arousal. She would have to wait for her turn. Right now it was for Alamelu.

"Ammu, lean forward," she advised, using her short name. "Hold on to his shoulders, don't fall" she cautioned.

Holding his cock between thumb and forefinger of one hand she used her other hand to guide the cunt over the cock. When she was sure the alignment was right, she said to Alamelu, "Sit!" [Okkaru.]

"He will tear me!" blurted out the poor woman, caught between apprehension and desire. "Nothing will happen," goaded Shobha. [Onnum aagadu.]

"No mami!" pleaded Srikant.

Not wanting to lose the chance and worried about Srikant's hesitation Alamelu descended on the cock.
The head snagged at the lips. Shobha fed the cock into the lair. She could now afford to move her hand onto Alamelu's ass and push her forward.

"Ah!" screamed Alamelu as her inflamed cunt took the width of Srikant's cock. In one instant she had Srikant's attention - her cunt tighter than a fist and wetter than Shobha's luxuriant flow. He gasped and Shobha instantly felt a pang of jealousy. She recognized the gasp. It was the same one she had heard when she grabbed his cock in the crowd at the temple the other day.

She placed both her hands on Alamelu's hips and rode with her. Sometimes it was Alamelu who made progress, wincing and wiggling as she took in the cock deeper. Sometimes it was Shobha who pressed her hips lower. Occasionally with her hand she ringed his cock to see how much was left.

"Is he in fully?" she whispered in awe. [Ulla poitaana?]

"No," she shook her head in reply. Her yawning cunt stretched and grabbed at the flesh of his cock. Shobha moved her hands: there seemed some more outside of her sheath.

"Oh!" groaned Alamelu.

"What is it Ammu?" asked Shobha alarmed. [Enna di?]

"Eswara!" she wailed calling out to god. "I have missed this! How did I live so long!" [Idu daaney ennaku venum. This is what I want!"]

Shobha bit her lip. "Take, dear. That is why I brought him to you," she whispered. ["Onnaku daaney. Idutuko." It's for you. Take it.]

There was still some cock to go according to Shobha but suddenly her friend went wild. Holding on to his shoulders she commenced a bounce. Her legs were now fully stretched and went past Shobha. Shobha held on to one leg with this hand and was one her ass and under Alamelu with the other hand.
She kept feeling the contours of cock and cunt under.
There were additional sensations from that touching and prodding but that was not what had Srikant and Alamelu's attention.

The younger woman went berserk. She bounced with a vigor. She twisted and turned. Sometimes she fucked leftwards and then she fucked rightwards. She pulled Srikant's cock one side and then yanked it the other way. Srikant desperately tried to connect to her lips but she was wildly bouncing around and he could not find her.

His lips smeared on her face, neck and throat. But the woman had gone wild on his cock. He felt her sheath tight as a hard fist, wet as ever. More than once he felt as he would burst but the unpredictable Alamelu changed angles to suit her own pleasure.

Shobha felt wet puddles and flows smearing on her fingers. She wiped it on the sheets. Every pounding of Alamelu pressed the boy down on her lap more. She spread her legs to let her pussy get some grinding. And then suddenly she wanted to participate in the fuck-fest playing out on her lap.

The three of them were sandwiched. Shobha noticed that Alamelu still had her cotton blouse on. She reached for Alamelu's chest. But the vigorous fucking did not allow her to get hold of the hooks.

"Take this off!" she hissed and ripped the front open, letting the hooks go. In fact, she tore the blouse in the process. [Ravikai edakku. Maarbai kudu avanakku. Why do you need this blouse? Give him your breasts?]

Alamelu stopped to unhook the clasp from the front. She was shivering. She had spent more than she had done in her entire married life in the last few minutes. She did not know anything about cumming other than what Shobha had described of the temple encounter.

"I can't pause," she moaned, feeling his cock twitch inside her. {Niruta mudiyalai.] Shobha reached out and stroked her face. Alamelu's condition was more coarse than that show of emotion. She was in for raw sex.

When the bra was gone, she looked beautiful. There were breasts. The tailor had done her no favors with the cut and shaping of her blouses. She was well covered and her breasts were dumplings, like small mangoes. But the piece de resistance was the nipples. Long and grape like they were rock hard from the lack of attention.

"Dont pause!" said Shobha soothingly. [Nirutaade!]

It was an instruction that both of them took, Sirkant first.

His eyes riveted on the offerings in front of him. Leaning he took one nipple into his mouth, sucking it in the way Alamelu mami had sucked in his cock.

"Ayyo! Amma!" wailed Alamelu. He seemed to suck orgasms out of her breasts! She had never had them sucked or pulled on so vigorously. And then there seemed to be a link deep into her cunt.

She hoisted herself up and Shobha once again dutifully ringed the drenched soppy cock. With just half or less of him inside her, Alamelu moved in short sharp movements, jabbing herself, spearing his cock with a series of quick thrusts.

This was Shobha's moment. There was enough space for her to thumb at Alamelu's clit. And what a clit! Like those nipples there was a prominent sliver at the top of her agape cunt. The moment she touched it Alamelu started to scream.

"Cover her mouth with yours," Shobha urgently advised Srikant, alarmed at this whorish unleashing of her friend. Shobha continued to lavish her thumb on the clit. Alamelu continued her game of shallow thrusts. Srikant continued to suck on those long nipples.

The woman melted.

"Oh, my! Oh, my! Oh, my!" she babbled. [Evan teera matengaran!]

"He doesn't finish!" she marveled as her cunt melted like never before. She felt an onrush that felt like urination.

"That's why I brought him to you," said Shobha eager to claim credit. [Onnaku daan kondu vanden.]

Part of the credit lay with the number of times Srikant had masturbated the previous night at the thought of the impending encounter with Shobha.

To stop Alamelu found it necessary to stop Shobha. Frantically she reached under for her friend's hand. But Shobha could not have known. Valiantly she soldiered on, on the cunt. Alamelu's damn burst. Fluid gushed out, drenching first Srikant, then Shobha's hand and then on to Shobha below, soaking the saree as it went.

Alamelu clutched at both the boy and the friend in frenzy. Her cunt went ultra sensitive. She lifted her self off and rolled over unable to take any contact anymore.

She curled up and rubbed her own pubic area for relief and succor as her body blossomed out. She knew she had uncorked what she had known all along lay bottled within.

She may be thin. But she is sensuous thought Shobha looking at the reddened, wet and soaked woman lying on the bed next to them.

She was about to prod Srikant to get up when the boy jumped up with alacrity.

Lifting one leg of Alamelu over his shoulder he splayed her open wide. Alamelu's hair spread in disarray under her. Her cunt was wet and her pubic hair sparkled with signs of juices of all kinds.

"No!" whimpered Alamelu, super sensitive in her cunt and yet hungry to have the vacuum filled. [Vendam, da! Don't!]

Her voice pleaded even as her hand reached for his cock. She held him from under like a tennis racquet, feeling its heft. She followed as Srikant rammed her at which point she screamed and clutched at his arm.

The young man pounded into her, unmindful of how deep he was going. So far, Alamelu mami had controlled that. Now it was him. The cunt was now less tight on his cock than when she first mounted him. But unlike mami, who fucked him in various angles, he fucked her in the angle that maximized his own pleasure.

"Oh dear lord! Fuck me!" she cried out. ["Tei, da. Tei!" Do me!]

Her small breasts jiggled in the fucking. Alamelu wanted his lips on those nipples, those teats. They were so squarely connected to the bubbling pit between her legs!

She was reduced to a babbling whore with his animal fucking. She soon lay limp as he focused on his own pleasure.

"Srikant, easy!" cautioned Shobha, her body burning with lust and jealousy. ["Edaavadu aida pordu da!" Something might happen!]

"Nothing will happen," he growled and panted. "This is what she wanted." [Idu daan vendi irundudu] Alamelu faintly shook her head in acknowledgement.

She reached up and raked her nails on his chest, twisting his nipples.

"Finish!" she hissed. [Kudu da!]

"Take you bitch!" he bellowed.

"Dei!" admonished Shobha, alarmed at the language. "Mami, da!" she said reminding me of the woman's status.

He nodded his eyes closed, sweat pouring and dripping onto her torso.

He came in great spurts causing Alamelu's eyes to fly open.

"Ayyo!" wailed the woman. His thrashing caused her to cum for one more uncounted round. "Give it to me! I want it all!" she begged. [Kudu da. Ellam venum]

"Take, take, take," he laughed in delight.

"Give it all!" she exulted, and in a complete change of character she lifted her legs and pummeled his ass with her heels.

The boy shuddered and spent, again and again and finally collapsed on Alamelu mami.

"Mami!" he whispered in awe. Kissing her cheeks and then on the lips, he tasted the woman for the first time. She was aromatic with supari, scented and beautiful. He looked down at the clammy union of their bodies. He was still inside her. Throbbing and dribbling.

She was beautiful. No doubt. Flat body, lovely breasts and elongated nipples. He shuddered as she clenched her cunt only to remind him that her pussy was tighter than his own fist.
He loved her.

Shobha lay and watched as the two lovers became gentle with one another. ALamelu smoothed his hair. He kissed her lips again and again. When satiated with those aromas, he licked her salty sweat. He went back to those nipples. Pulling and tugging gently.

She shivered and shuddered with his attention. She smiled to herself. He had been so tentative in the beginning. She really had to thank Shobha. .. Shobha!

She turned to look at where her friend lay.

Shobha lay there, also in sweat but of her own making. Her clothes were damp, her fingers messed. But most of her fluids were inside her. What stained her were the doings of her two friends: one younger woman and the other this very young, fully unleashed male.

"Thank you!" beamed the woman, newly radiant, glowing.

"Sex. Wonderful sex. It opened pores. And released juices, fluids and other things dammed in, beautifully," Shobha thought.

She needed just such a release, she thought, pressing and rubbing her legs together.

"Who was it going to be?" she wondered as she noticed Srikant's cock in repose, slip out of its new found lair, seemingly unusable right now.

The two friends lay there on the bed, watching each other. Alamelu was drained and satiated and supremely happy. She beamed at her friend, Shobha, who lay a little away. That gap between them came about when Alamelu rolled away and Srikant mounted her with a newfound aggression.
Till then Alamelu was on top of him; and he was seated in Shobha's lap, as if on offer.

Alamelu had since pulled her saree and in a fashion used it to cover her breasts and crotch and the cloth wound its way around her body and continued on to the floor and god knows where else.

All three of them lay on Alamelu's marital bed where Shobha had delivered her friend the young man Srikant, who lay on the other side of Alamelu, gently snoring.
His flaccid cock lay on its side as the youth succumbed to the exhaustion of Alamelu's assault on him; and his ravaging of her.
He had completely enjoyed the unexpected tightness of her cunt which was a completely contrast to the bubbly cauldron that Shobha presented.

Shobha watched Alamelu, lightly covered in the damp saree. It stuck to her in places where she was wet with Srikant's cum or her own squirts or perspiration. She was thin, all right but she had curves. None of this was obvious either to Shobha or the young lover till Shobha had methodically stripped Alamelu of her garments.

"It was super!" grinned Alamelu. [Supera irundudu.]

She idly rubbed her crotch, her wonderfully stretched and strained pussy lips and closed her eyes to drift off when Shobha woke her with a sharp "Hey!"

"I thought you'd leave some for me," she complained. [Ennaku konjam vittu vechirpainu edirparten]

"Leave some of what?" asked Alamelu innocently.

Shobha nodded towards the supine form beyond Alamelu. "That," she said simply. Alamelu turned to look at Srikant and looked intently at his cock which seemed to move with his breathing. She looked for signs of life and finding none turned to her friend.

"I thought you said he was good for many fucks!" she countered. [Nalla teipaanunney?]

"Yes but not with the kind of animalness on display," commented Shobha. [Adukku ippaidya.]

"Now what about me?" she whimpered, rubbing her thighs together. She had hoped for a robust turn but now this 18-year old boy was exhausted. She had no way of knowing that Alamelu's robust and vigorous fucking – given as well as taken – was on top of a night of intermittent sessions of masturbation that Srikant had indulged. He was just compensating for the lack of sleep.

Shobha shimmied across the bed to her friend. "Do me," she said simply. [Ennai pannu.]

"But I don't know how," said Alamelu plaintively, suddenly back to being the conservative mami (aunty) from the whore she had been a while ago. [Eppadi teriyalaiye.]

"Like how I did you," replied Shobha sliding her hand under the draped piece of cloth and searching for the prominent longish knob between Alamelu's legs. [Na onna shenjenay.] It had receded and even though Alamelu had raised her leg, spreading to give her friend access, Shobha could not find it. Her fingers gently massaged the pussy lips and she said to Alamelu, "It was right here when you were aroused and he was inside you."

She was referring to the time when Srikant was seated on Shobha's lap and Alamelu was squatting on him.
Shobha's hand was underneath massaging both of the cock and the pussy lips. It was she who massaged the clit so relentlessly that Alamelu squirted for the first time in her life, without even knowing what it was.

"Here," emphasized Shobha stroking the cunt to life and the knob of flesh started to rise as the pussy swelled with the attention.

Shobha withdrew her hand but Alamelu grabbed her wrist and held her in place. She wanted. Shobha felt a wild stirring in her loins at this rampant display of insatiable desire. She moved her hand forward invading her friend's cunt with one finger and then another one. When three fingers were in Alamelu started to moan and thrust her hips onto Shobha's hand.

"Ah! Unh!" she moaned. "Shobha," she whispered as she fucked her friend's hand. She shuddered a small orgasm and sighed contentedly with that small achievement. "How easy it has become to cum!" she marveled. In all her years of marriage she had strained to go over the cliff only to have her husband spend and roll off, exhausted. And now …

"Yes, I can do that for you," said Alamelu sweetly quite in gratitude. Shobha lay back with her knees akimbo inviting her.

Alamelu slid up Shobha's saree as she remained fully attired and kissed the cunt that lay open. Shobha was hot and had remained completely unattended. She had postponed her own pleasure and awaited her turn only to be cheated by the exhaustion of Srikant.

When she moved her lips off and brought her fingers into play Shobha forced Alamelu's head down too, so that both hands an tongue were on her pussy.

Groaning in pleasure Shobha ground her hips into her friends face and fingers. She so needed this. Throwing her head from side to side she felt pleasure rising and at the same time the vacuum between her thighs ached.
She wanted the kind of fucking she had witnessed when Srikant pounded Alamelu. She reached out for the boy lying on his back asleep and captured his prized weapon in her hands.
She pumped his cock in gentle strokes. With each stroke it stiffened some. With her expert finger play soon it was full and throbbing at its peak capacity. His hand joined hers as they together masturbated him. And then Shobha stopped.

"Mami," murmured the boy. He was fully refreshed and now awake too. He got up, cock bobbing under its own weight. But when he came around the obvious target was the unsuspecting Alamelu who was bent over, head in Shobha's muff.

He reached under and stroked the entire area from cunt to ass and back. His fingers wetted quickly enough for him to know that Alamelu mami was fair game. She squealed her pleasure into Shobha's pussy alerting that starved lady to what was happening.

And then Shobha swung into action. Lifting her leg she placed it gently on Alamelu's shoulder. The cunt widened and Alamelu craned to lick deeper thinking that that was the goal. But then Shobha pushed her back and dislodged Srikant's cock from where it had found temporary lodging between her ass cheeks.

Alamelu was shivering in excitement and anticipation awaiting a plundering fuck when the alignment slipped because of Shobha's actions.

Shobha knew her young lover well enough. She got on all fours in front of him and wiggled her ass at him. Looking back at him as best as she could she whispered hoarsely, "Take me. It's my turn now!" [Ippo enn chance.]

Alamelu watched in fascination, her first time as a voyeur, as the young man expertly guided his cock into the more familiar cunt of Shobha mami.
She groaned loudly in a deliberate display of lust and satisfaction intended for her Ammu. Suddenly, Shobha's deep affection for her friend transcended into something sexual.
She put herself on display.

Srikant marveled at the wet, bubbling pussy and his mind raced, thinking of the contrast between the two women and thrilling at the prospect of how his different women felt.
Each was a feast – a sexual cuisine of a different kind. Fucking Alamelu mami was not the same as fucking Shobha mami and he immediately and instinctively appreciated the differences in textures and commonality in pleasure.

His eyes fixed on Shobha mami's sumptuous ass as he gently dug his fingers into the flesh and rocked into her cunt.
He was smooth and measured in his movements focusing on giving mami the raking she needed.

"Yes, da!" she whimpered, eager to signal her encouragement to her young lover. She wanted steady and deep fucking to take the edge of her wild desire. Her eyes met those of Alamelu. She looked the woman over eyes gliding over the slim body. She wanted her too.

As if on cue, Alamelu lay in front of Shobha, away from where Srikant was. She was not instinctive or expert like Shobha to attack the duo from the point of their coupling, where cock and cunt slid over each other.
She slid under Shobha's face. She kissed her forehead and Shobha responded by kissing Alamelu's forehead.

Alamelu moved further and the lips met. Her mouth was open. As Srikant fucked with increased vigor and pace, Shobha merely let her open mouth move with the fucking and graze her friend's wet lips.
Srikant's eyes went to the slim lady's open legs and he saw the thatch which he had just been fucking a while ago.

Alamelu grabbed at Shobha's plump lips with her lips and kissed her. Her tongue invaded Shobha's mouth. The tongue and its textured maddened Shobha. She moaned into Alamelu's mouth. In the increasingly ragged rhythm of Srikant's fucking they couldn't quite lip-lock but they slobbered at each other.

And then Alamelu wiggled further under Shobha. Cloth encased breasts -she wasted no time ripping open the blouse and out popped and hung Shobha's heavy mounds of flesh.
The nipples were erect and Alamelu's lips closed on one then the other. Her lips smeared on the mounds and soon they were wet with her saliva.

Shobha thrilled to take the long grape like nipples of her friend in her mouth. One hand bunched the small mango-breast of Alamelu so that the nipple jutted out ever-more. The other hand slid over the flat tummy and snaked its way down to the hungry wide-open cunt. She took her time, Shobha did. She stroked the stomach.
She twirled and tugged the pubic hair. The gentle pain from the pulling excited Alamelu.

She sucked hard on the breast in her mouth and fucked upward asking Shobha's fingers to claim her.

Srikant leaned forward. His excitement surged to see the women loving each other and reaching under he discovered what Alamelu mami's lips were doing to Shobha mami's nipples.
His fingers tugged at the nipples, joining Alamelu mami's lips. Alamelu sucked in his fingers and mouthed it like it was his cock she was mouthing.

Shobha slid Alamelu's teats through clenched teeth and her finger curved in to the open cunt. She fucked Alamelu with loving vigor. She wanted her friend to cum again. She wanted to reduce her to a satiated, happy, tired and worn out woman. There was something pleasurable in that thought. Ammu's ( Alamelu's pet name) clit was fully engorged.
Shobha went to work on it. Like a small penis, it was possible for Shobha to toggle it between her finger and thumb and Shobha did just that.

Alamelu's stomach fluttered. Her teeth clenched on Shobha's nipple. Her friend's loving, caring and sharing was so overpowering. She felt tears in her eyes. Her hands roamed upward and she felt Shobha's stomach, which sagged a bit compared to her own. Further up she felt the epicenter of the fucking in her hands.
She cupped her hand on Shobha's womb as if to provide another couch for the rampaging cock. She thought she felt a bulge but could not be sure. When Srikant pulled back it receded and when he fucked forward she felt surer that yes, there was a bulge in Shobha's stomach.

Boldly, her hand ventured further. She knew what Shobha had done for her with her fingers when Alamelu was impaled on Srikant. She reached the join of the two and found that in this angle at the top of Shobha's pussy was a gap into which she could inveigle her thumb.
She added her thumb and felt Srikant scrape past in and out.

Her own body was given over to Shobha as the expert manipulating of the clit led to wild uncontrolled thrashing.
Her hands pinched Shobha's breasts, her teeth bit on her, hurting Shobha and in Shobha's cunt, she thrust and prodded mindlessly with her thumb.

And then, wild with desire, Alamelu shimmied further up. She knew what she wanted. She wanted Shobha's cunt in her mouth. She wanted to kiss that coupling. She loved Shobha and wanted to taste her. She wanted to feel Srikant's cock but this time in her mouth.

And as she came upon the point of coupling (mithuna in Vatsyayana's Kamasutra) she just kept her open lips on the joining.
The cock slid past her lips and the cunt opened over her mouth like impending monsoon clouds. In the doggy position the cock was closer to Shobha's perineum. A yawning chasm opened nearer the top of her cunt.
It was here that Alamelu's lips opened out.

And at the same moment, Shobha's lips clamped on her cunt and she sucked on Alamelu's reddened pussy with gusto.
Alamelu lifted her legs and wrapped them around Shobha's shoulders.

From a man fucking a woman doggy style, they were transformed to two women in sixty-nine with a man mounted on one of them.
What has correctly been described as a double-backed beast of pleasure was now joined by a pounding cock.

Shobha and Alamelu were lost in each other. Alamelu's hands clutched at Shobha's ass where she met Srikant's hands too. Briefly one hand clutched his fingers and then went back to the ass which allowed Alamelu to pull Shobha closer to her lips.

When Alamelu's lips closed on Shobha's pussy-lips, closing in on the pillar of Srikant's cock, as it slid in and out was inevitable.

Alamelu sucked wildly on whatever came her way. She was always on Shobha's pussy but when Srikant slid in she grabbed at him momentarily. The heavens above opened and flowed over her lips. Shobha tasted sweet and Srikant was salty and she loved all the tastes and incongruously thought of how the mami in her would not even drink water from another hand.

And here she was, sucking on a cock and cunt like a whore. But they were both hers! Her Srikant! Her Shobha!

The effect of the two mami's loving him thus and seeking their own pleasure so openly on Srikant was maddening.
He fucked with vigor, eager to please. When he felt Alamelu mami's hands and lips on him he shivered. He was near cumming but it had already been close on fifteen minutes.

Alamelu noted that in a corner of her mind. Yes, the boy had admirable and much wanted staying power! She turned her mouth this way and that. Sometimes seeking out Shobha's equivalent of that knob in her cunt. Sometimes she sought to suck on the cock. Her eyes were closed and it was all down to the sensations of her mouth and lips.

Shobha was deep in Alamelu's pussy, which smelt sweet and musky to her. The cunt was gaping open and with her tongue she probed as deep as she could that channel which Srikant had so eagerly fucked.
She lapped, tongued, sucked and drank. From the clit on the top to the bottom of her pussy.

Alamelu shuddered from the attention. Shobha was beginning to meltdown from the combined assault of cock and lips. And Srikant clenched his teeth attempting to prolong the pleasure and avoid cumming.

The more he pounded, the closer Shobha came to exploding. The more Shobha sucked, the closer Alamelu came to her nth release. And the more she tongued the mithuna Srikant teetered precariously on the cliff.

When Alamelu mami gripped his fingers hard and clamped on Shobha's ass it was a signal to both to let go.
Srikant changed his rhythm to the short sharp jabs he had practiced on Alamelu earlier. His cock bulged to explode. Alamelu finally found Shobha's clit finally and sucked incessantly. And Shobha bit down on Alamelu's cunt wildly.

"Mami! Mami! Mami!" called out Srikant in warning that he was ready to cum. He shot one large load of his cum into Shobha mami's upturned cunt.

"My boy!" wailed Shobha as her cunt gave it up. She was wracked by orgasms as her cunt went into full meltdown. Both of them poured down on Alamelu who pursed her lips and allowed herself to be smothered in their combined juices.

Her own hips thrust into Shobha's obliging mouth. Her orgasm was tame by comparison but she bucked and thrashed into Shobha nevertheless.

"Ayyo, amma!" she gasped. "I can't anymore!" [Ennale mudiyale.]

Shobha slid forward as Srikant's pounding lost all semblance of rhythm and he became self-seeking in his thrusts.
Shobha slid down and her face and cheeks rested on Alamelu's thigh as she clung on for dear life.

The two women lost alignment in those wild moments. Alamelu opened her mouth in desperation seeking Shobha again. But as Shobha collapsed all orientation was lost and Srikant slid out.

The desperate Alamelu grabbed at the cock and allowed him to slide into her waiting mouth. He fell forward onto both hands, shuddering and crying out as he spent into her. Shobha wailed in desperation at her empty cunt. She swung around and competed with Alamelu for her share of Srikant's cock. She sucked and kissed at the coupling of cock and mouth.

Alamelu, at gagging point, let Srikant slip out and Shobha greedily sucked him in. he fucked her mouth with a few dribbling releases and then it was back to Alamelu.

And when Srikant collapsed, the two women closed on each other's lips, rubbing each others bodies.

"Ammu," whispered Shobha to her friend, still shivering from the ripples of pleasure.

"Yes, darling!" said Alamelu kissing Shobha all over her face. [Chollu da, chellam.]

She did not reply. Instead she rubbed the length of her body against the length of her friend's body. They smeared each other with the mess of juices, saliva, cum and semen. Shobha took Ammu's hand and cupped it on her own pussy as she still felt tremors from Srikant suddenly slipping out.

And in turn, she cupped her Ammu's pussy, gently massaging her too.

They were in deep sexual love. Both ignored the supine youngster with his now conquered cock. The women rubbed each other, kissed each and hugged each other.

When they finally lay back, it was to gaze on each other contentedly. Each noted the others taali nestling between the breasts. The smeared kumkumam (red dot of vermilion) on their foreheads. The stains and disheveled look. At last, they had realized the epitome of their sexuality!

They cuddled up and drifted to sleep and left the young man to find his way out.

There was a frantic urgency in Alamelu's voice.

"Come! Unhh! Come to my place quickly, aah!" she grunted into the phone. At the other end was Shobha, sitting on the floor grinding batter. Her legs were spread – one tucked under her and the other stretched out in the traditional fashion. Unobserved she leaned on the grinding stone a wee bit more so that the vibrations teased micro orgasms out of her.

This is how it had become after the wild fuck-fest she and her friend Alamelu had had with that young boy, the 18-year old Srikant.
He was a good find. Hard body, hormones of a youngster and discreet enough. He was quiet in responding to the invites from the women and left just as quietly. In bed, he had stamina and was amenable to the variations the two friends sought of him.

In their encounters the women found their sexuality unleashed. Everything that they had sought from their husbands they found in this youth. It was not because he was a discerning lover. It was just that they could command what happened in bed. He was eager and they had control.

It was Alamelu's first outside marriage. Shobha had discovered the young man but that had been her first too. Blessed with a more fertile imagination Shobha had been mentally fucking many of the men she saw around but never had the guts or the opportunity to do something within the family, though she did think that was safer.

And then Srikant happened. When she shared Srikant with Alamelu, the younger woman did not know how to take him. She lay back, lower body bare and the inexperienced Srikant was neither turned on nor interested.

It took Shobha to give her Srikant. It took Shobha to make Srikant take Alamelu. But the moment his cock speared her tight cunt, Srikant's instincts took over. The pleasure of her tightness was similar to his fist – except it pulsated and was wet. He loved her tightness!

When later he mounted Alamelu, throwing her one leg over his shoulder and fucked her like the bitch she felt like, Alamelu had the first hint of an idea.
That idea shaped further when she watched Srikant take Shobha doggy style. And then when the three of them tumbled in pleasure grabbing whatever they could, Alamelu's mind was made up.

It was her house and bed where all this happened as Shobha's place was too crowded. And Shobha was always busy.

And now she knew Srikant. The very next day her cunt ached for more. The previous night she had been aggressive with her husband only to watch him cum sooner than ever in the excitement.
She got even less than her normal dose of fucking. She was hungry and desperate. After he went to sleep she lay on the kitchen floor and used a thick stone pestle to fuck herself to sleep.

She called out to Shobha and to Srikant. Her body ached, her cunt spent and yet her soul was unquenched. At dawn she found a way to reach Srikant and call him over.

And after the preliminaries of kissing his chest, tonguing his nipples and admiring his strong taut body, she went to the stage at which Shobha had cut short his moves on her.

Srikant has positioned and rested his cock between Alamelu's buttocks when Shobha shoved her off and presented her own ass to him.
In that encounter, Alamelu had to thereafter be happy with Shobha's fingers and lips. No more cock for her till she had happily mounted her husband. The sheer excitement of that aggression made the hapless fellow cum super quick.

So now, Alamelu got on all fours and told the young man, "Mount me like you mounted her!" [Enn mela eru.]

He did. He fucked her hard. He himself had found his erection unabated and had difficulty moving about his own house undetected.
He was glad when Alamelu mami's message reached him.

Mounting her from behind, he found he was able to reach more of her by leaning forward than he was able to with Shobha.
Shobha was rounder. But with Alamelu's slender body when he leaned forward he found he could easily hold both her breasts in his hands.

Her cunt was like a tight fist and upturned, the angle on his cock gave a further edge to the pleasure.

Srikant had gone back home and after a few hours resumed masturbation. And it continued through the night each time he remembered the angles, the mouths, the pussies, and the pleasure.
As he discarded more and more dhotis (sarong like cloth that men in South India use around their waist) into the clothes basket, his mother began to wonder.

And now here he was pounding into Alamelu mami prone beneath him. The tight sheath delivered instant pleasure. Shobha's bubbling cunt offered hot, long fucks. He luxuriated in both. Pulling at Alamelu's mami's long nipples he suddenly cupped the breasts and lifted her up.

He leaned back on his haunches and Alamelu flailed in the air, impaled on his marauding cock and held in place by his strong hands.
He pumped her up and down effortlessly, using her to fuck his cock hard. In spite of all his masturbation he had spurted up in a few strokes, filling her tight and a squelchy mess resulted.

He ground to a halt and let her go and she fell forward, disappointed.

While her cunt had thrilled and shivered with the fucking, she had not really cum. They lay there for a while, Alamelu idly toying with her pussy, discontent.

Finally, when she could wait no further, she swung her head over the young man's cock and mouthed him back to an erection.

"Come!" she commanded. And again knelt on all fours thrusting her ass into the air for him to take.

And now, twenty minutes later, even as pleasure coursed through her, the cliff eluded. She need that massive cum! She needed that animal release! She needed – oh, yes! – that flooding and flow from her pussy! She needed what Shobha did to her!

And then she realized it – Shobha was missing. She was enjoying Srikant's pounding but she needed Shobha's help. Desperately grabbing her phone she called Shobha.

She knew that Shobha could make her cum. She needed her cunt full. But she needed Shobha to convert that to a worthy orgasm.

As Srikant humped her she continued to fuck back. But her mind was on how Shobha's hands had thrummed her clit. How Shobha's lips had sucked her dry. And when Srikant had mounted her to pound her to submission, there was Shobha watching her.

She needed them both; not anymore. The surge of juices in her pussy at the very thought told her she had made a mistake in calling Srikant over alone.
Now she had some explaining to do to her dear Shobha. But more urgent than that was her own need for release.

AS she placed that call, she stopped fucking back at Srikant. The poor boy was on the brink of one more cumming from the pounding she was now giving him. She stopped at an inopportune moment. Without an orgasmic release, his cock released its sperm. Alamelu felt the release and turned back in dismay.
The cock lost some body – but not all.

"Keep fucking!" she goaded him. "Shobha mami is coming!" [Mami vara].

Despite the frustrated and desperate woman's plea, Srikant had no choice but to slow down. Hugging, holding, nipping and nibbling on each other they awaited the maestro.

Meanwhile, Shobha made quick alternate arrangements and hurried on to her friend's place. The short distance never felt longer to her as she made her way. Shobha wondered what it was though she did think the grunts and moans indicated that her friend was not alone.

Meanwhile, slowly and idly, Alamelu raised one leg high, like Srikant had the other day. Only this time, they were both lying facing the door of the bedroom, he behind her.

Something about having him behind her fascinated her. Perhaps it was because the last time she was denied. She reached under and behind and guided his cock into her. Ever so gently she rocked back and forth enjoying the sliding sensation of the thick cock on her just-right cunt.
She was ready to wait but not with a vacuum between her legs.

Shobha entered the house and noted the quiet. "Alamelu?" she called out. She could hear the faint tinkle of anklets from the bedroom. She entered and saw Alamelu, leg in the air and the gentle rocking of cock in cunt, and the jingling of a new pair of anklets she was sporting.

The surge in Srikant's thickness was unmistakable and Alamelu felt her first pang of jealousy. He even seemed to fuck harder and more willingly. But she also needed her dearest Shobha. Arms outstretched she called out to her friend, "Come!" And a shiver ran through her body at the thought. [Va, ma.]

Shobha drank in the sight. Her Ammu was lying nude. Taali glinting, kumukmam in place. Behind her was Srikant and she could see his cock embedded in Alamelu. Her breasts were covered in his hands and his mouth was sucking on her shoulder.

They were lying in wait. She came and sat near Alamelu's head.

"What happened? You were sounding scary?" asked Shobha.

Alamelu reached out and started to tug at the hooks of her blouse.

"Oh, tell me! I have left so much work at home because I was worrying about you? What was so urgent?" asked Shobha, weakly pushing her hand away. [Evvalo velai vittu vandiruken, teriyuma?]

"Your making love to me was urgent," said Alamelu huskily. She got a few hooks undone and Shobha helped out, not wanting another blouse ruined by Alamelu's ardor.

"Remove all this," urged Alamelu tugging at Shobha's bra as well. The front flaps of the blouse were now open and Alamelu kissed the slopes eagerly. She felt her body hum to a new level of arousal and knew that she had done the right thing calling her friend over. [Ellam idu.]

"But," started Shobha, reluctantly working on her bra clasp. Srikant let go of Alamelu and reached out to Shobha's plump lips. He loved her curves as much or more than Alamelu's tight sheath and gentle curves. He kissed her, but in the process nearly slipped out of Alamelu. She gasped and reached back to pull his ass in and keep him in place.

Shobha felt weak in her pussy and dizzying with quickly rising desire. Opening out her bra she grabbed Alamelu's head to her breasts. Stroking her head gently, she asked, "What happened?"

"I want you," replied Alamelu, sucking on her nipples and grunting as Srikant focused on fucking with his now-hard cock. [Nee venum.]

Milk seemed to surge in Shobha's breasts at the suggestion of 'want' by her friend. She looked at Srikant behind Alamelu. The boy was fervently focused on servicing Alamelu.

"He is here to make love to you, isn't it?" asked Shobha, holding Alamelu to her breasts as if attempting to feed her. [Ivan daan irukanay.]

"But I couldn't cum," sobbed Alamelu. She loved Shobha so much! Her lips sucked and her mouth slathered the breasts. Behind her, Srikant felt as if his manliness had been challenged and commenced a vengeful pounding.

"Ah!" yelped Alamelu as Srikant made his mark.

"Why?" asked Shobha her mind numb as her body responded to Alamelu's ministrations. Her friend had gone behind her back to pursue her pleasure and somehow it had not worked out.

In response to that question, Alamelu grabbed Shobha's hand and guided it along her tummy down to where the cock was reaming her.

"Rub me!" she pleaded. [Enna tei.]

Shobha moved away from the woman and got onto the bed and lay down. Offering her breasts to her friend again she reached for her cunt below. Her fingers slid over the wet mess. And then Alamelu said, "Wait!"

She was back to her obsessive need for being doggy-fucked. She came on top of Shobha in a role reversal from their previous bout of lovemaking. Breasts mashed against breasts, she kissed Shobha in full tonguing her.

Behind her Srikant brought himself between her legs again. In a mischievous play, he reached under and brought up her juices and lathered his cock. And then he placed it at her anal passage. Alamelu jumped with a start. But she was in Shobha's grip and kiss.

The boy felt vengeful and he decided he would teach Alamelu mami a lesson. As he prized open the passage his cock pushed her wide. Alamelu screamed into Shobha's mouth and struggled to free herself. He noted that the tightness in her cunt was not too different from the tightness in her ass. He added saliva as he slid in, in short jabs.
And in several thrusts, progressed deep, taking her anal virginity quite completely.

When Shobha came up for air, she let go of Alamelu and the woman screamed, "He is fucking me in my ass!" Her body was shuddering and Shobha looked to get up in alarm.

But as she sought to stop Srikant Alamelu again surprised her. "Now don't stop him! Don't stop the bastard," she wept. "Let him take me! Let him. Let him. But make me cum!" she begged.

It was Shobha's turn to shimmy down. She found the gaping cunt vacant. She shoved her fingers into Alamelu's pussy. She could feel on the other side the marauding cock. Her friend was being rammed thoroughly. Lips closed around the now familiar clit and Shobha joined Srikant in his plundering.

"Oh, amma!" wept Alamelu in pleasure. "You guys are killing me!" she wailed.

Once again Shobha stopped only to have Alamelu pummel her face with her cunt.

"Don't stop!" she begged her friend. [Niruttidadey.] With her other hand Shobha reached behind and kneaded Srikant's ass. The only other thing for Shobha to do was to make them both cum. She also wanted to get back to the grinding stone at her house before the soaked grain dried.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" gasped Alamelu in rhythm with both cock and fist. Shobha rammed the cunt like as if with a battering ram and she was both fast and furious in her effort. She wanted Ammu to cum.

Not only because Ammu wanted to cum but also because she was a bit worried about Srikant fucking her ass.
Srikant was thick, she knew. He might be hurting her and Ammu might realize that only later. Not only because of her concern for Ammu but also the batter. ..

Because of the way they were aligned Shobha's own pussy was far away from either and unattended. Her own body was now burning. She wondered about her own release and the lack of time she had.

The tightness of Alamelu's sheath proved adequate for Srikant. Sweat poured down his face, dripping in part on the woman below him. He started to shudder as he began to spend into her. Her sheath held him tight and milked him.

"Take that, my mami, my b ….." he paused.

"Say it, say it!" implored Alamelu. [Chollu, da.]

"My bitch!" blurted out the boy.

"And what else?" begged Alamelu. [Appram?]

"My whore!" exclaimed the boy as he spurted into her ass.

"Take this! Take this! Take this!" he howled with each thrust and spurt. [Idutukongo!]

"Isn't this what she wanted?" he seethed.

"Give! Give! Give!" she babbled thrusting back. [Kudu da.]

"Isn't this fucking wonderful!" she laughed.

Shobha clung on to the wildly flailing Alamelu her lips clamped on the bubbling cunt, as she understood her friend's need here very well.
As the pounding grew more vigorous and animal, Ammu slipped lower. As she slipped her knees widened. As her knees widened she opened over Shobha's mouth more. And Shobha sucked and fed on the open cunt as best as she could.

It was what her friend needed. Pounding her fists into the mattress, her cunt and ass convulsed in orgasm. She wept into the bed. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried out in relief.

Both of them lay on top of her. It was different from that first day when she got them started. That day, he was sitting on Shobha's lap and she was squatting on him cunt over cock.

Today Alamelu was lying with her cunt on Shobha's face and he was mounted on her, where, according to her he should not have penetrated.
And where, according to him, she asked for it by challenging his ability to make her cum.

Either way, they were sandwiched in pleasure and like before, Shobha was an accessory. Once again she was going to wait for her turn. Once again the young man was fucked dry by her friend. Once again her friend was sobbing in gratitude to her.

They were lovers, all. And this had gone in a new direction. Shobha never thought of making love to another woman. Srikant had never hoped or dreamed of fucking lovely mature women. And Alamelu never realized that what was a quest for one orgasm could become an addiction.

As the boy slipped out of her sore anal passage, Alamelu felt wonderfully sated. Srikant felt good about himself. And Shobha – once again felt she needed to catch up with her two lovers after falling behind.