Yatra with mom

Yatra with mom

Published on: 2023-11-26 16:56:35

My name, for the purposes of this story, is Shatru. I was born in India but soon after my birth my parents moved to United States. At 24 I was single and not dating. It’s not that I didn’t want feminine companionship I did want it badly but somehow I failed to meet a girl of my dreams. I was not a virgin but some of my unsatisfying sexual encounters had been either with prostitutes or lonely women I picked up in bars when I was drunk.

A year ago I started living separately from my parents. I left my parents because I stopped agreeing with them on many life issues and religion was one of them. I had no interest in any religion at all. My paternal grandparents were followers of Swami-Narayan. My maternal grandparents were worshippers of Aurobindo and his female disciple who they claim to be the most recent avatara of Durga Devi. So, I am considered an Aurobindo SwamiNarayana mix. Wasn’t that Weird!!!

My anger toward religion grew when I was forced to go to visit a so-called swami in North Carolina when I was twelve. He was a nutcase. He talked about how “praying God” was the answer to everything. Yes, true. But he never showed us who God is. Later, he taught us a Ganesa prayer. He asked us all to memorize it. With my memorization skill back then, I memorized the prayer only partially. The next day he randomly chose each student to chant this verse. I was chosen and I chanted the verse wrong. The swami started insulting me. I just said, ‘shut up’ and moved away.

My parents made me realize that what I did was rude. All I could say was that the swami shouldn’t have insulted me. They apologized to the swami and requested him to talk to me personally. I was in so much ire, that the next time, I was not willing to go with my parents. I saw the swami again anyhow, but I didn’t let him know I was there. I didn’t care if he realized me or not. He left America the next day. One month later, he was arrested for child abuse. Krishna’s mercy!!

My next meeting with religion took after a long time. One day I received a phone call from my mother Sandhya. My mother is actually my aunt (my real mom’s younger sister) who married my father after my mother’s death. This happened when I was four. She had a girl from my father of her own. Although she was sort of step mom for me yet I always called her Mama. We were very close and often hugged each other very much.

Mama told me that she wanted to visit some temples and shrines in India. My dad was over-occupied in his business and my sister in her studies; therefore, she wanted me to accompany her. When I heard about temples and shrines I kept silent for a while. Realizing my reluctance she told me jokingly that she could search a suitable bride for me there too. She told me that she had already prepared a list of marriageable girls among her side of relatives in India. I visited India twice, once when I was four at my father remarriage and once when I was ten. I don’t remember much from my first visit but I remember my second visit well. I felt like a visitor on an alien planet, a place where sounds and sights, tastes and odors, were dialed up to an unbearable volume.

I told Mama that I had no interest in either India or anything Indian whether living or non-living but for her sake I would accompany her to India.

Just before planning a trip to India I met Mama. I intentionally went to meet her when Dad was not around. To my surprise Mama met me in her night dress. It was not very revealing but still it made her body lines prominent. She had flowers on her hair which smelt of jasmine. I had always thought of her as old, but that day I realized that she was only 40 or 41 and that was not very old. She was attractive in a Mom-ish sort of way, that is. I had never really thought of her in a sexual way.

We discussed our trip to India and it was decided that I would book tickets for first available flight. After spending about an hour I realized that it was time dad usually comes home, so I begged for leave. As I walked toward the door Mama stepped toward me. Without warning, she wrapped her arms around my torso and hugged me tight, like she had when I was a kid.

“You know I love you very much, Shatru,” she said, her cheek pressed against my chest.

I wrapped my arms around her. “I love you too, Mama,” I said, a little confused. I could feel her breasts pressing against me, her hard nipples boring into my flesh. More ominously, I could feel the heat of her body washing over my dick.

Thinking about it, however, only made things worse. I loosened my arms to let go of her, hoping she would do the same; but she kept her own tight about my chest. With an inaudible groan, I felt my penis stiffen. It quickly reached full hardness and pressed against the flesh of her stomach. She didn’t react, however, and I guessed that she simply didn’t notice. I hoped, at least. Unfortunately, the contact of my glans pressing against her flesh only served to make me harder.

Finally, she loosened her arms and released me a little. She stood up on tiptoe to kiss my cheek and I felt the tip of my penis brush over her pubes. It swelled with the contact, and I almost wrenched myself from her arms and bolted.

“I’d better let you go, or you’re going to be late,” she said with a smile.

She withdrew her arms from around me, and then I did bolt. I almost ran through the door and let it slam shut behind me. It dawned to me that day that I am attracted to mature women rather than young girls.

One week after my meeting with my mother (or step-mom or aunt), she and I were landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. We made it to India unannounced so there was no one to receive us. As a matter of fact my mother wanted to visit some temples first and then had plans to meet some relatives. We hired a taxi straight away for a town that had an Aurobindo temple. The driver of the white Ambassador car tossed our bags into the trunk and started the car.

“Welcome to India, sir. Is she your wife?”

“No, she’s my mother.”

“Sorry, she doesn’t look that old sir.”

Mama giggled; neither of us was sure whether the driver’s motivation was flattery or innocence. But it was an encouraging start to a visit we had planned with anticipation and anxiety.

As we started our journey toward the place where we want to go, we passed through the dwindling of the city and a lot of never-visited towns. We traveled for almost six hours to reach our destination.

After reaching there it dawned to me that I was actually in India. The town was full of chaos and noise and features the usual hustle and bustle of most Indian towns, there was hassle from rickshaw drivers and salesmen and beggars and just about everyone else, but I was amongst the Indians and experiencing actual Indian culture. As we moved through the congested streets in search of a hotel for the night, I said to Mama, ‘It’s doesn’t look very nice here’. She replied by saying, ‘Just because a woman isn’t beautiful, it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t got other qualities’ I agreed by saying ‘indeed first impressions can be so deceptive sometimes.’

We finally booked a room in a hotel. We asked for two single beds in our room but hotel had only double beds available in their room. This meant Mama and I have to share the bed. We got up to the room, tossed our baggage to the floor and I instinctively went towards the bed. I sat down on the bed and declared that it seemed pretty comfortable. Mama exchanged a rather strange glance with me as she was heading to the bathroom to put some stuff in there. From her look I led myself to believe that it was sort of saying, “Well, here we are in a hotel room and we were going to sleep in the same bed.”

After sunset, we attended a worship ceremony. Hundreds of worshippers were gathered at the steps of a bathing place beneath an almost full moon, and there was chanting, singing, bell ringing, drumming, incenses and priests who swung burning torches. It looked as though the dark flowing body of water was on fire. I kept asking myself why people believe in God. In Brahadaranyaka Upanishad, Yajnavalkya is questioned by his students on the nature of God. He states, “It is not this and it is not that” (neti, neti). Thus, God is not real as we are real nor is He unreal. He is not living in the sense humans live, nor is he dead. He is not compassionate (as we use the term), nor is he uncompassionate. And so on. We can never truly define God in words. All we can do is say, it isn’t this, but also, it isn’t that either.

Back to hotel we ate our dinner. As we entered our room Mama said she was tired and was going to go into the bathroom to wash up and get ready for bed. I sat in the chair looking at TV but actually thinking of Mama getting undressed in the bathroom and getting ready to go to bed with me, her step-son. She came out of the bathroom wearing a pink nightgown. I guess I was staring a little too hard at her.

“What are you staring at, Shatru?” she asked.

“I, uh… well can’t a stare at a good looking woman?”

“Oh, you” She laughed. “Are you coming to bed?” She realized what she had said and laughed.

There was definitely something in the air.

As I went into the bathroom to wash up, I realized that I had an erection. How was I going to walk out nonchalantly and face my mother with this erection? It took me awhile to get my erection down, at least a little bit. I opened the door and it was a big relief to see that the lights were out. I made my way to the bed and slipped beneath the covers.

My Mother slid her hand beneath the covers towards me seeking out my hand. I grasped her fingers and held them tightly. I moved my body closer to her. She squeezed my hand back. We held each other in a long, hard embrace. I slipped my leg between her legs and hugged her tightly. She pushed me back a bit. She laughed.

“Remember young man, I am your very own Mama.”

This led me to withdraw myself back.

“Goodnight Mama lets go to sleep.”

That night, I lay in the bed with nasty thoughts running through my mind. As I lay on my back and thought of my beautiful Mama lying close to me my prick became erect and made a tent under the sheet. I was embarrassed and excited at the same time.

I slowly slid my hand under the covers to grasp my swollen manhood. As I wrapped my fingers around my cock and began to stroke slowly and quietly, I imagined what Mama would look like kneeling in front of me, looking up at me, her mouth open to accept my penis. My arousal had overcome my shame at my incestuous thoughts, and my hand built speed and increased the pressure on my dick. I knew I was about to come, and I didn’t want to come on the sheets. I listened for any sign of movement in my Mama. My blood was pounding in my ears, and my chest was heaving as I tried to gulp air as quietly as I could; I strained to pick out any sign that I’d been caught. When I heard none, I quietly padded on bare feet toward the bathroom.

There I completed the half-done task. With a rush of pleasure and a stifled groan, I came. Spurt after spurt coursed through my penis and landed on bare floor. With one final thrust of my hips, the spurting dwindled to a trickling and I relaxed my tensed leg and back muscles.

I was ashamed of the way I felt. But secretly, deep down inside, I enjoyed fantasizing about having sex with Mama. I knew, however, that any fantasies that I had would stay just that, fantasies. Mama would never have sex with me. It would be wrong. Wouldn’t it?

Although…The next day I woke late.

“Morning, sweety,” Mama said quietly, and smiled. I just nodded, returning the smile. “Did you get back to sleep okay last night?”

I nodded again. A look at her brought back the memories of last night. I felt my cock moving.

“You okay?” she asked, concern at my lack of speech tingeing her voice.

I mutely nodded, willing my erection to subside. I could feel the flush of embarrassment on my neck and face, but I simply didn’t know what to do.

“Just don’t feel like talking this morning?” she asked with a touch of amused sympathy.

I shook my head.

“You know what you want for breakfast?” She asked still looking at me.

Talking about breakfast, I realized how hungry I was. Additionally, the thought of breakfast banished all thoughts of sex from my head, and my erection shrank. I rolled over and got up from the bed. While my penis was no longer fully erect, it was still semi-hard. As I looked at Mama she was staring at my penis! When I tried to hide it by one of my hands, however, she quickly looked away.

After spending sometime in the local bazaar buying some flowers and other things for ‘puja’ we went to the temple of Goddess Durga. In the courtyard of the temple, wailing infants were getting their heads shaved with straight razors. Once shorn, the hair was offered to the goddess and red swastikas were painted on their bare scalps.

The temple looked drab from the outside, but the inner courtyards teemed with devotees and colorful worship activities. Incense in the air was so thick it muted the beating of ritual drums and strains of a harmonium. A man led us to the inner sanctum. Mother pressed her head to the ornate silver altar – upon which an image of the goddess Durga danced – and prayed. After archana, we sat at a corner in the temple and I noticed that pallu of my mama’s sari was slightly off from her big boobs. I could clearly see the two big boobs and started feeling horny, my dick was erecting because I never saw my mom like that.

An eerie-looking, bearded, half-naked priest seemed pretty excited. He would run to Durga Devi and say, “Jai Mata Di!! Jai Mata di! Jai Mata di!” It was funny, but I thought, “Okay… a Sadhu. Whatever.” He offered food to Krishna, as I saw him do. Poor guy offering food to Krishna (the almighty), I bet Krishna would help him out. I was thinking, “Maybe a quiet person.” But at night, I saw him smoke marijuana. Damn! He makes cigarette smokers look bad! He was smoking a lot and when he came in, he smelled like pot. I knew, because I remember the smell here and high school.
Just after visiting one shrine my Mama decided to go to an ancient hill-top temple. Although it meant walking a lot on a narrow path in the jungle, I agreed. As we moved to the trail leading towards the temple I realized that we were alone in our quest. As we moved deeper I also realized that the skies were getting dark and the wind was whipping up. Just when we were ascending the steep hill, fat raindrops began pouring. Soon it was raining steadily. It was very dark despite the fact it was not yet evening. We waited for a few minutes under a tree to see if it would slack off, but it didn’t. Finally, we decided to go ahead and run for the temple or a shelter. We had to move carefully on a slippery path as the rain was beating down on our unprotected bodies.

My mother pointed her finger towards a cave. The cave could not be seen from the air as the edge of the plateau extended beyond the opening. Cliffs on either side also meant the cave was well hidden from view from any vantage point except almost directly in front of it. None of us was sure whether that was where the temple was but anyhow it could be a shelter for us from the rain.

A narrow path was leading to it. Mother started walking in front of me; I could see her round and heavy buttocks swinging in circular jerks. Her sari was damp and revealing her body lines. ‘Nice Butt’ I thought.

My mother entered the cave followed by me. As soon as I was inside I felt my cock stiffening. I often get an erection when I see something new and spectacular but that day I was tempted to reach out and grab ass of my Mama and run my hands all over her sexy body.

The cave spiraled inwards, with lots of twists and turns. The tunnel was narrow, yet it was fairly easy going, as the ceiling was almost always high enough to allow us to walk up straight. The tunnel sloped gently downwards, taking us deep into the earth. After a few minutes of walk the tunnel started to widen into a large space, at least 50 feet across and 20 feet high. It was not a mere cave, but a sculptured temple. And, a wide stone altar was carved out on the floor-center.

After making sure that there was no one apart from us, I started taking my wet dress off. Mama, still dripping, stepped in after me. As I turned to look at her I saw that she had let her wet sari fall across her chest so that her tightly bound breasts were apparent through the blouse. The top button of her blouse was open and I could clearly see the soft d’colletage.

I was vigorously jerking my head to get water off my hair. In one such movement of my head I saw Mama threw her hair forward over her head and bent at the waist to dry it. She had been facing away from me when she bent over, and dim light of the cave, I could make out not only her ass but also what was inside. She ran her hands over her hair as I stared at her. With a wave of near panic, I realized that my penis that was gone limp only moments ago was quickly becoming erect again. With a strangled squeak, I dropped my hands in front to cover my nearly erect dick. I could see, out of the corner of my eye, Mama standing up with a quizzical expression. I was once again overcome with a feeling of embarrassment mixed with exhilaration.

“Are you okay?” she asked,

“You got an erection, didn’t you,” she said in the same tone that she I mutely nodded, willing my erection to subside. I could feel the flush of embarrassment on my neck and face, but I simply didn’t know what to do. In the end, her gentle voice came to my rescue. She might’ve used to say, “You resemble a lot with your father.”

I didn’t respond for several moments, and she let the silence draw out. Embarrassed as I was, I couldn’t deny the obvious, especially since she’d put it out in the open so plainly. I felt my neck and face heat further and nodded jerkily.

“You can put your hands down, honey.” she said gently and started smiling mildly. “I’ve seen an erection before.”

I reluctantly complied. I slowly turned toward her.

“Oh!” she gasped, her hand quickly covering her mouth. “God, you’re very hard, Shatru! So very hard” I realized that she was almost laughing.

I turned six shades of red. I hung my head in shame, not daring to look at her.

“Shatru,” she said, her voice brooking no objection, “look at me.”

I slowly raised my face, but wouldn’t make eye contact with her.

“Shatru.” The one word was tantamount to an order.

When my eyes finally met hers, I could see that she was neither embarrassed nor surprised. In fact, she seemed completely at ease.

“I guess it’s too late to have a birds and bees conversation with you,” she said, smiling ruefully. “Way too late,” she said softly, as if to herself.

I didn’t answer, ashamed of my reaction.

“Shatru?” I nodded jerkily. I could see her gaze linger on my penis. Nervously, she licked her lips. “Shatru, look at me.” I didn’t move. “Look at me, please.” I reluctantly raised my eyes to meet hers. “Why are you so… aroused?” she asked smiling.

“After seeing a beautiful woman half naked … What else should have happened?” I tried to smile back.

“You really think I’m beautiful.” She asked jokingly.

Before I could answer she laughed openly and embraced me. Her firm heavy breasts pressed against my wide chest. Before she could make a mockery of me I planted a passionate kiss on her mouth. She was suddenly quiet.

Our sexual tension had been building so much that it was like a weight lifted off our shoulder the moment we allowed our desires and fantasies to take control. Letting go of our mundane thoughts and social restrictions, filling the void with nothing but thoughts of sexual gratification. I found myself humping into her before I could stop myself.

There was a small hook in front of her bra. She went ahead and opened it. Her bra flipped apart and my eyes feasted at those two full ripe mangos like boobs of her. No wonder dad was a fan of these. “You like mama’s tits?”

I looked at her nipples. They wear dark brown strong nipples looking sexually attractive. She grabbed my hand and to my amazement placed it right over her breast. I started to roll the stiff nub, feeling it grow harder. Mama gasped and clutched my hand tighter, not wanting it to slip away from her.

I told Mama, “I want to suck your nipples.”

“You can suck them,” she said in a low, sexy voice. “But no one must ever know, remember?”

“No one will ever know,” I promised.

She caught one breast in her hand and offered to me as if feeding me. I began to suck on her nipple. The pleasure was extra ordinary. I was sucking like an animal. She could not take the pressure and lied down. I began to attack her breasts, kissing and licking her whole area of breasts, massaging it slurping at it. She, getting turned on, let her hand wandered around my crotch area.

I loved the feel of her bangles as she touched my dick. She caressed it and I felt sexual current running through my body. She whispered, “you are bigger than your dad.”

On the mention of dad I wondered what he would say if he walked in on us now? How angry he would be watching his wife getting fucked by his son?

Burning hotter and hotter as the seconds passed, Mama asked me to take her petticoat and panties off. Gripping the side of her petticoat and panties I pulled them down one after the other. As soon as she was naked she clutched my hand and said, “Come on and get on top of me.”

I shifted my weight and slinked on top of her willing body. She guided me so that our hips were on the same level. My cock bounced sloppily around between her thighs, occasionally brushing her cunt and causing her to whimper in pleasure.

She reached down between my legs and guided my cock towards her, aiming my plunging thrust right between her pussy lips.

With the penetration into her pussy my body went rigid. The feeling was like nothing I had experienced before. It wasn’t anything like I imagined it would be. The sheer idea of the wrongness fanned my flames even more. Not wanting to let the pleasure fade I started thrusting up and down madly against her.

Mama looked glorious lying beneath me on the cave floor. She had opened herself, wide and willing, arms and legs thrown out, waiting to enfold me like some primordial whore. But when my hard shaft began to sink into her depths, there was nothing whorish in our embrace. She was like my blushing bride being taken for the first time, both anxious and expectant, wanting more.

And I gave her more. We were intensely joined, moaning and caressing each other’s bodies. It was like a dream, a dark incestuous fantasy that somehow seemed pure and right.

Mama’s passions soon peaked. Still I rode on, bucking my hips up and down while being cautious not to pound her frame into the floor. I used all my skill to heighten her pleasure. Every woman I’d ever fucked was just a testing ground compared to her. On Mama I poured out the full measure of my affection and love and erotic desire. I was so overwhelmed by the height of Mama’s passion, so thrilled that I could please her so much and so soon, that I forgot to reach my own peak and contented myself with being the instrument that made her soar.

Higher and higher Mama climbed, soaring from one orgasmic height to the next. My steady rhythmic hips and soft hands drove her further, higher, and then farther still. Each zenith Mama attained seemed more intense. I urged her on as best I could want to make our first coupling as pure and perfect as I could. Mama suddenly fell limply to the floor, exhausted and unconscious.

And then, all at once, I felt my hips spasm and shake, semen started shooting out of me and up inside mother. An animalistic moan of enjoyment echoed out of my lungs and my body started to slow down.

Regretfully but respectfully, I pulled out of her wet warmth.

After some time mama was first to break the silence.

“You’ve made me feel so wonderful. But this is… it is, well you know it is…”

“Mom I know this is incest. It’s partly why it is so hot.”

“Yes, it is incest; it feels so wicked and naughty.” She giggled and tickled my side. “It’s like dream or a secret fantasy.”

“You know I’ve had fantasies about you before.”

“Really? Were they as good as or better than this?”

“This is definitely much better.”

Realizing what we did and where, we decided to move from there. As we came out of cave in our wet clothes the rain was gone. Not a word was mentioned between us as we made it back to our hotel. We acted as if nothing had happened as if nothing had changed between us. As if we hadn’t crossed that boundary that is supposed to be uncrossable. I thought to myself that I’d done something very wrong. And it was even worse that I’d enjoyed it. And worse still that I’d do it again, if given the opportunity. I knew it should be wrong to have sex with your mother. It must be wrong. But I tried to ponder exactly why it was supposed to be wrong. In the end, I couldn’t come up with a good reason why it should be wrong. As long as no one got hurt, and everyone understood what was going on, why should it be wrong?

We soon settled back into our traditional mother and son relationship. When it was time to go to bed I pretty much reached the conclusion that that it was a one off. Something to be enjoyed but never repeated! Mom slipped into bed, pulled sheet over her body and turned her body away from me. Carefully I slipped into the bed and laid my head on the pillow.

My eyes drifted slowly over her form. She laid on her side, with her back to me, the sheet covering her. I could see little of her body, but that just seemed to excite me more than just plainly seeing could have possibly done. I just laid there for a long moment, waiting to see if mother would stir, but she didn’t.

I reached over and placed my hand on her hip. I could feel the sheet and the way it was snugly wrapped around her hip. I just laid still and stared up at the ceiling.

I turned on my side slowly to watch her, but she still didn’t move, still serenely asleep. I moved my hand under the sheet over the curve of her ass. Still her breathing didn’t change. Not the slightest stirring came from her at all.

I moved my hand further up, cupping the cheek of her ass. It was soft and warm; I squeezed slightly and watched how her breathing quickened. I shifted closer to her, just within inches of her, but being careful not to crowd her too much. I couldn’t see through the sheet, but I could imagine my stiff cock pointing straight out at my mother.

I took a deep breath and slipped my hands lower, touching her bare skin. My hands began massaging her skin, causing her hips to shake. Then mama moved, catching me off guard. She didn’t turn and she didn’t even really seem to be awake. Her hand just reached down, took my top hand in hers and pulled my hand up. To my stunned amazement, she placed it right over her breast. I could feel her stiff nipple poking through the thin fabric of her night shirt, boring a hole into my hand.

“Gentle, love, remember be gentle with them,” she whispered. I slipped my hand under her night-shirt and brought it up her chest, feeling the soft curve of the underside of her breast and how much it felt like the same spot on her ass. I touched her there with just the right amount of pressure.

“Mmmmm that’s lovely,” she sighed.

Her hand drifted lower, her legs shifting and parting. She reached between my legs and grasped my cock. I swallowed hard as I felt my mother (aunt) grasp my dick. It wasn’t a soft grab, but insistent and needing. I could tell she wanted me as badly as I wanted her.

“And what do we have here?” she asked looking at me and smiling.

“Oh my God.” I moaned.

My fingers explored her lower body and she positioned herself so they could gain easy access to her pussy and bottom. The feeling for any man when he slides his fingers inside a woman is wonderful but for a son doing that to his mother or step mother takes on an extra special quality as well. As my fingers slid into her warm wetness she moaned.

“Oh… hmmm”

“You have a beautiful pussy.”

“Oh baby, oh Shatru,” she sighed as my fingers traced their way around, along and just inside her pussy-lips that felt as though they were pulsating with want and desire.

“It’s lovely to look and fantastic to touch,” I said, finding her clitoris and making her body buck like a young colt.

And then as I gave her an orgasm with my fingers up her cunt.

“Oh darling, darling,” she sighed. “Mama wants you to fuck her now, okay honey?”

I nodded as I had no words to reply.

She reached down and grasped my hand, pulling me with her as she rolled onto her back. Bringing me up against the side of her body again. “Come on and get on top of me.” She whispered encouragingly, pulling my hand slightly again.

I stood up then leaned over her on my hands. Mamma reached down and guided my prick to her opening. I lowered my sweat-dripping body to hers and positioned my throbbing phallus at the entrance to her box. Pinning Mom’s hands above her head, I pushed my groin forwards. The tip of my penis pushed against the softness of her pussy lips. But with her legs spread so very wide, they gave no real resistance. I clenched my buttocks tightly, and applied more pressure. My helmet broke through into the soft, warm moistness of Mom’s vaginal canal. She gave a soft moan. As I thrust forward, inch after inch of my shaft entered her private passage. By the time I was all in, Mom was bucking wildly beneath me.

I let go of her hands and raised myself above her with outstretched arms. I began to pump her, fast. Soon, her cries of ‘ooohhh, ooooohhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh’, grew louder and louder.

Her hands began to claw at the sheets and her head moved on the pillow from side to side. I relentlessly pummeled at her box. As Mom’s groans got unbelievably louder, she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist so that I was lodged deeply inside her, unable to withdraw. Biting at her bottom lip, she brought her arms up to the side of my face and pulled me closely into her. Once again our mouths joined together, and tongues got to work exploring teeth and gums. We were both groaning now. Noises of pleasure became stifled in the other’s throat.

I sensed the pressure that Mom’s legs were making around me begin to relax. This allowed me to recommence thrusting my dick in piston like fashion up and down her twat. Soon, Mom’s nails were gouging deep tracts into my back, and at the same time, the pressure of her mouth against mine increased. I knew she was close to orgasm. As I ground my hips into hers, trying to get every millimetre of my dick inside her, I knew that I was not far away myself. In fact, it was Mom’s screams to the almighty that finally turned me on so much that I felt my balls beginning to explode. As she cried out in pleasure, a series of rapid thrusts saw me emptying another gut load of muck into Mom.

As my dick began to go limp, I slid out from between Mom’s swollen labia and rolled onto my back. I looked across at her as we both tried to slow our breathing to normal levels. Her hair had fallen down over her shoulders and was so wet that she could have just stepped out of a shower, while the rest of her was covered with a moist film. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was Mom asking me if she could take her stockings off.

Next morning while I was washing myself in the bathroom, mother entered the bathroom fully naked. We took a shower together. The warm spray and the closeness of my mother’s naked, slippery body soon had me hard again. I fucked her once in the shower up against the wall, and then after she’d resurrected my poor, over-worked cock with that fantastic mouth action of hers, I fucked her doggy-style, both of us dripping wet on the bed.

It was a Sunday and supposed to be a rest day but Mama was feeling fresh and wanted to do some exploring. Nestled between the hills were some smaller temples that were very popular among the visitors. Mama decided to visit one such temple.

We spent almost two hours walking down on a forest trail. We both were in a great mood so none of us felt tired. Finally we reached the temple deep inside the forest. There was a small stream flowing nearby. The temple appeared closed and we were wondering what next, when a middle aged couple appeared. They were the temple priest and his wife. The priest said that he would open up the temple for us but first we should have a dip in the stream as per the temple tradition. He then went away to the temple. His wife took us down to a hut which was adjacent to the stream. She went in and brought out a cotton dhoti (sheet) and a white cotton sari. She gave it to us and told us take a dip and come back to the temple wearing just the wet clothes. When she saw the look on our faces, she asked us whether we knew what that temple is for. As we kept silent she told us.

“People come here to worship the goddess because they are not getting children. People first have a bath together in the spring water and then come to the temple in the wet clothes”.

She then walked away towards the temple. Mama and I looked at each other in embarrassment. “Well, we have two options, either we could go back or complete the rituals here” I said to mama.

“Let’s complete the rituals” She replied.

We both walked down to the stream. Once at stream I took off my jeans and tee shirt and wore the Dhoti. I helped Mom to take off her silk sari and wear in its place a cotton sari. Mama held me affectionately and kissed me on my cheek and on my lips. Next we entered into the stream. The water was chest deep and it was not possible to kiss each other in the stream, so we only held each other for a while.

Next we walked back to the temple in our wet clothes. Inside the temple the priest and his wife were waiting for us. I saw the priest’s wife staring at my crotch while the priest looking at the swell of my mother’s breasts. The wet sari was not doing its job of showcasing her breasts. The priest performed some rituals, gave us some flowers to hold and started some chanting.

After a few minutes he told us to take off the clothes we were wearing and put it in front of the idol. By now we were beyond caring and boldly took off our wet cloths. Soon both of us were standing with folded hands in front of the idol. By now I was fully erect and my pole was sticking out. The priest then asked me to put some sindoor (vermillion) in the center of my mother’s hair. I took it and smeared it.

Finally the priest stopped his chanting and gave us some flowers and fruits. He said, “Tumne apni aaradhana se devi ko prasanna kar diya hai. Ab tumhe devi kee upasthiti me shraddhapoorvak sambhog karna hai taaki devi tumhe santaan praapti ka aasheervad pradan kare. (You have pleased the Goddess by your worship. Now you have to perform coitus with devotion in the presence of the Goddess so that she blesses you with an offspring.)”

Soon priest and his wife left us alone in the temple. Seeing my erect penis, mama smiled widely, knowing instinctively what I want!!! In no time I had her legs propped on my shoulders with her pussy spread ever so softly before me. Right in front of the Goddess, I kissed her feet and massaged her calves, working my way, one kiss at a time, down the length of her legs, slowly kissing back and forth, each calf and each thigh, spreading her pussy open further with each forward movement. Soon I am at my target, waiting for my lips to grasp it in the warmth of my mouth.

Bracing her thighs against my shoulders, I begin feeding at her love pond, slurping at her pussy, enjoying every scent and every drop, as my tongue pulls what is available from her sweetness! As I suck at the fullness of her clit, she arched her back, and thrust her hips into my mouth, grasping my head in her outstretched hands, grinding my face into her wet and dripping pussy!! She came spasmodically, her pussy thrusting at my tongue, grasping at it with her twitching pussy lips, her hands pulling my face into her. “YES” she cried, “Yes Shatru!! I love the way you make me cumm!!”

Sliding up now, spreading her legs further apart, my cock slid across her pussy canal, her juices coating the head as it bobs its way through the wetness of her love. Slipping the head of my dick into her, I slammed my cock into her depths, driving into her womb with one fluid motion! Mama wrapped her arms around me then, clasping me close to her, her legs wrapped around me, her breath rasping again into my ears!! Her mouth sought out my mouth, sliding her tongue into my lips, searching out my tongue, to wrap together, our breath coming as one; we held ourselves like that, my cock fully engorged, pressed into her womb. Her cheeks were flushed and sweaty, her eyes were glazed, and her nipples hard and erect, the skin of her breasts as wet and flushed as her cheeks!

“Oooohhhh Shatru!” she cried, “Fuck me, lover!! Fuck me as hard as you can!! Feed me that wonderful feeling you are giving me!!”

Without further prompting, I proceeded to drive my cock into her pussy, juices drawing from her with each outward draw of my cockhead, wet swishing noises coming forth with each drive, as I re-enter her womb, seeking to give to her, the very pleasure I am experiencing as I fuck into her!!! We fucked with abandon, my cock thrusting into her love pond until finally, my balls screaming to be empty, I gave one final and solid thrust, her legs locked around me as she orgasmed once more, her spasms rocking us both, my cock squirting its seed into her womb, splashing around the girth of my shaft as I filled her to overflowing!!! With my cock still stiff, I wrapped her in my arms, and rolled us over, laying on my chest, our breaths coming in sucking gasps…..totally spent from the fervid fucking we had just completed!!!

Holding my face and kissing me softly, Mama began slowly humping her hips against my still hard cock, seeking more of the seed, which was even then drooling out and onto my balls. After catching her breath, Mama rose up, soon driving her pussy down onto my cock, huffing her breath, her breasts flopping up and down with each of her thrusts, until once more my balls spilled forth my seed… finally spending itself, withdrawing from her puffy and dripping pussy lips with a slow plop!

We rested for some time before regaining the energy to continue the trip back to hotel. Once there, we showered, ate a light meal, and then proceeded to continue, where we had left off back at the temple!! In all, I came into her pussy five times before finally drifting off into a contented sleep, after dawn had come!!