Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 13

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 13

Published on: 2024-06-01 02:35:36

Divya jolts awake in the dead of night, startled by the sound of someone turning the doorknob to their room. As she lies on her right side, she realizes that her bare backside is exposed to Harish, who is peacefully sleeping on her left side.

In her groggy state, Divya assumes it must be Shanti opening the door and entering at this hour. However, her assumption is shattered when Gayatri walks in, catching Divya off guard. Wondering who else could possibly be coming at this time, Divya is taken aback by Gayatri's unexpected presence. Gayatri closes the door behind her, casting a gaze upon both of them under the bright tube light.

Approaching the bed, Divya realizes that she is wide awake, unable to fall back asleep. Gayatri settles down on Divya's right side, a mischievous smile playing on her lips.

"Hey there, darling, having trouble falling asleep?" Divya inquired, enveloping Gayatri in a warm embrace with her naked body.

"I'm sorry, auntie, I just couldn't fall asleep," she admitted, unable to tear her gaze away from Divya's alluring figure and looking as it to molest her aunt with her eyes itself.

Divya inquired, "What's with the intense gaze, darling?"

"Aunty, you're absolutely stunning. Harish is truly fortunate to have you as his mother and wife," complimented Gayatri.

Divya grinned and questioned, "Oh, do you admire me that much?"

Gayatri expressed her fondness for her aunt by stating, "I enjoy your company so much, Aunty, that I couldn't bear to sleep alone. That's why I'm here to see what you're up to." She then playfully placed her legs on top of Divya and embraced her tightly. 
Gayatri then nestled her face in between Divya's ample bosom, reveling in the scent and comfort of her nurturing breasts. Divya sensed Gayatri's desire and felt a surge of passion course through her body once more.

Divya lay on her right side, her body arching slightly as she arched her back to meet Gayatri's gaze. Her left breast rested heavily on top of her right, swollen and glistening with Harish's saliva. Divya could feel Gayatri's eyes fixed on her breasts, and instead of making her wait, she lifted her right breast in her hand and offered it to Gayatri.

Without hesitation, Gayatri pressed her lips to the breast, eagerly suckling and drinking the sweet milk that flowed from Divya's body. As the two women indulged in their intimate moment, Divya couldn't help but notice a new sensation building between her legs. It didn't take long for her to realize that it was the tip of her son's erect member, gliding against her sensitive flesh as he watched them.

Divya hesitated to comply with Harish's request, especially with Gayatri present. She brought her hands behind her back and gently pushed against his waist to prevent him from going any further. But Harish was determined and grabbed a handful of Divya's loose hair, wrapping it around his erect member and guiding her hand over it. The sensation of having his penis in her hair made Divya feel hot and she began to stroke it slowly, feeling its length and firmness increase under her touch.

Against all hesitation, Harish boldly took hold of her hips and expertly maneuvered her body, bending her back as he pushed his throbbing cock into Divya's waiting entrance. His hands guided her legs to spread open, revealing the intimate space between them.

Feeling emboldened by the pleasure coursing through her body, Divya reached down and guided Harish towards her entrance, inviting him to join in on their shared pleasure. And as they continued their sensual exchange, Divya felt completely consumed by the heat and passion between them.

Divya felt a rush of heat and anticipation as his member filled her, their bodies becoming one in a passionate embrace. It was a moment of pure desire, without thought or inhibition, as they gave themselves over to the primal pleasure coursing through their veins.  

From behind, Harish thrusts his member into his mother's vagina, causing her to moan with pleasure. As he slowly pulls out and then thrusts back in, Divya's body jolts with each movement. Gayatri watches and realizes that Harish is not asleep either. She takes advantage of this and teases Divya by sucking on her breasts while Harish continues ramming into her from behind.

Harish thrusts into Divya with ferocious energy, grinding and pounding like a frenzied miller until she writhes beneath him. As Gayatri bites down on Divya's nipple, her hands knead and manipulate every inch of her body, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her. Divya is lost in the passion of their twisted games, surrendering herself completely to their primal desires.

Divya's body shook with pleasure as her son thrust into her at an even faster pace, driving her to the peak of her climax. Divya's body trembles with pleasure as Harish's relentless pace drives her to the brink of ecstasy. Gayatri watches, mesmerized, as Divya's body shakes and shudders with each thrust, her own desire growing more intense with every passing moment. Gayatri could sense it and moved her attention from Divya's breasts to her stomach and waist, kissing every inch before settling her face between Divya's legs. Divya eagerly spread her legs for them both to see, her arousal evident in the way she leaked onto the sheets.

Harish's thick cock plunged in and out of Divya's cunt like a piston, filling her with an intense pleasure that made her scream. As Harish's thick cock thrusts in and out of Divya's glistening vagina, she spreads her legs wide, inviting Gayatri to watch the show. Gayatri kisses her way down from Divya's breasts to her stomach, finally settling between her legs.  She watched, inhaling the intoxicating scent of their combined juices, before daring to stretch out her tongue and taste Divya for herself. As Harish picked up his pace, Divya pushed Gayatri's head closer to her pussy, encouraging her to lick harder. As she presses her face to Divya's dripping pussy, Gayatri can't help but inhale the intoxicating scent of their combined arousal.

Gayatri took it all in, mixing Harish's pulsing cock with every flick of her tongue inside Divya's dripping wetness. With each thrust of Harish's cock, Gayatri eagerly licks at the place where his cock meets Divya's pulsing clit, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. The sensation drove Divya wild, and she climaxed hard, squirting and moaning uncontrollably as Gayatri continued to devour her. Her powerful orgasm coats both Harish's cock and Gayatri's eager tongue with her sweet nectar. With each thrust from Harish, more juice flowed out of Divya and onto Gayatri's eager tongue.

But Harish is not finished yet. As he continues to fuck Divya with an unrelenting pace, he felt Gayatri's breath and her tongue play on his throbbing and about to burst cock. It was too much for Harish to handle, and he came quickly with a loud grunt, releasing his hot seed deep into Divya's core. Unable to resist the temptation, he pulled out and aimed his glistening cock at Gayatri's face, covering her in his remaining ejaculate. Unable to move away in time, Gayatri takes the full force of his release on her face, gasping in surprise but also reveling in the raw intensity of the moment. She was taken aback but couldn't help but take it all in, tasting him on her lips and savoring the salty flavor.

Not content with only watching, Gayatri reaches between Divya's legs and takes hold of Harish's slicked up cock, marveling at its girth and hardness. She brings it to her lips and begins to lick and suck at the remnants of their passionate encounter, tasting both their salty sweat and sweet cum mixed together.

Divya watched Harish's glistening, cum-covered penis between Divya's legs as she lay on the bed. Without hesitation, she took it into her mouth and began to clean it, savoring the taste of their mutual pleasure. With a wicked grin, she then turned her attention back to Divya's now-slick pussy and began cleaning it with her tongue.   She was blissfully cleaning Divya's drenched pussy, sampling the mixture of their fluids with a delighted moan. The mix of their juices was intoxicating, and Gayatri couldn't resist indulging in their forbidden pleasure.

After Harish and Divya had both climaxed twice and fallen fast asleep, Gayatri quietly left their room. She washed her face, which was now covered in cum, and drank some water before settling down with her grandmother outside. Leaving the door open behind her, she could see that mother and son were sleeping soundly in their bed, completely naked and without a care in the world.

In the peaceful darkness of the bedroom, Divya lay on her side with one hand tucked beneath her head and the other resting gently on her stomach. Her legs were arranged in a relaxed pose, one bent at the knee and spreading slightly apart, while the other stretched out straight.

As she drifted in and out of sleep, Divya suddenly felt a warm sensation on her chest. She blinked her eyes open to see Harish nuzzled against her left armpit, his lips pressed against her breast as he greedily drank from it like a newborn calf. With a small smile, Divya adjusted her position, tucking her hand under his head to support him as he fed.
Her fingers lightly stroked through his hair, guiding him to a more comfortable position as she lifted her breast to make it easier for him to drink. Despite being half-asleep, Divya couldn't help but feel a sense of contentment and love as she watched Harish nurse like an infant at her bosom.

Divya eagerly inquired, "Why can't my sweet son sleep?" Harish simply responded with a "Mmmm" while still nursing and without taking his mouth out of her nipples.

Divya, fully aware that Harish always finishes his milk without taking his mouth off her breasts, grins at him and teasingly says, "Seems like someone's hungry," as Harish hums contently.

As he drank her milk, his hand traced patterns on her stomach and moved towards her navel. Anticipating where it was headed, Divya parted her legs to allow access. Harish's hand reached her pussy, meeting it with a gentle touch. Meanwhile, Divya's right hand left Harish's head and trailed down his body to find his arousal, caressing his shoulders along the way.

Divya's hand roamed over Harish's lower abdomen, unable to reach his out-of-reach prick. Meanwhile, Harish returned the favor by touching Divya's crotch with his own skilled hands. But he couldn't resist the temptation any longer; he angled his body just right so that his eager prick landed in Divya's waiting palm. She grabbed it eagerly, both of them finally satisfying their desires.

Passion surged through both of them as they pleasured each other with their hands. Harish had just finished drinking milk from her left breast and now he was kissing and biting his way down to her armpit, which was tantalizingly close. He nibbled on her arms gently, causing Divya to moan loudly in pleasure. The door was open, so everyone sleeping outside could hear the sounds of her pleasure. Divya's body shook with excitement at the thought of being watched and letting her son explore every inch of her body. She eagerly rubbed Harish's cock in a frenzied pace.

Harish's lips hungrily devoured Divya's body, his hands rough and demanding as they explored every inch of her. He flipped her over, revealing her back to him, and could see the anticipation in her eyes as she pulled her hair out of the way to expose herself to him.

Without hesitation, Harish trailed kisses down her spine until he reached her waist, where he sank his teeth into her hip and tasted her skin. She let out a cry of pleasure mixed with pain, but he paid no attention and continued his exploration. His tongue trailed along every curve of her body, igniting a fire within her that threatened to consume them both.

He pushed her onto her stomach and she willingly submitted, raising her hips to present him with a view of her round, silky ass. With eager lust, Harish ran his fingers and tongue over every inch of it, leaving trails of desire in his wake. Her moans grew louder as he moved from her pussy to her tight asshole, teasing and pleasuring both simultaneously. He spread her open with his thumb and plunged his finger inside while continuing to stroke her pussy with his other hand.

As the pleasure intensified, Divya pressed herself harder against the mattress and arched her back in ecstasy. Harish took advantage of her exposed position and rubbed his thick cock between her thighs until they were coated with sticky pre-cum. Unable to resist any longer, Divya grabbed hold of him and guided him towards her ass hole, feeling it throb against the tight muscles as he slowly lay on top of her. Divya laid down comfortably showing her ass hole to him.

Harish leaned in close, his breath warm against her shoulder and ear. Divya found herself entranced by it and couldn't help but ask softly, "Can we finish everything today? Where are you taking me? Couldn't we save it for another day?"

"Tomorrow, Vishwa will sleep with you. As your husband, shouldn't I be the one to take your virginity?" he asked.

"You're so obsessed with taking my virginity," she teased.

"Aren't you worried? If you can't give this to your own husband, then what does that say about our marriage? I have to spread all your virgin holes and tear them open with my penis. That's how madly in love I am with you," he declared.

Divya turned to look into Harish's eyes and asked, "Do you really want to take my virginity there?"

"I do. I want it so badly," he replied as he inserted his penis into her anus. Divya was prepared for it and spread her cheeks to accommodate him.

"Let's make a deal. You can perform the same mensuration ritual for me. After three days, take me in front of everyone and take my virginity. No one can stop you," she suggested.

Harish remembered the ritual they had performed earlier that morning on Gayatri. His desire grew even stronger as he thrust deeper into Divya's anus, which didn't give way easily like her vagina but eventually took him in.

Divya felt pain and cried out, "Be gentle, my love."

Harish slowed down and asked, "Are you sure you want me to fuck you in front of everyone?"

"As long as you are my husband and I am your wife, I will do whatever you ask of me. I will spread my legs for you wherever and whenever you want. I will eagerly spread my pussy for you" she reassured him as she caressed his cheek.

Harish's body involuntarily spasmed as Divya uttered the word "pussy" for the first time, her voice dripping with a sultry heat that set his nerves on fire. With one swift thrust, he plunged half of his throbbing member into Divya's tight anus, then drove the rest in mercilessly until he was fully engulfed in her forbidden passage. Divya's virgin walls were pierced by sharp needles of sensation, her innocence torn away with each powerful thrust from Harish. The pleasure was overwhelming, but so was the pain.

As Harish relentlessly claimed her body, Divya surrendered to him, offering herself up as a willing sacrifice. She arched her back and lifted her hips, presenting herself to him like a sacrificial lamb. Her moans mixed with cries and screams of pleasure as she gave in to the primal urge to mate with this man who possessed her completely.

With each thrust, Harish's cock plundered deeper and deeper into Divya's body, stretching and filling her with searing pain and unbridled ecstasy. As she reached the peak of pleasure, she screamed out loud, unable to contain the intense sensations coursing through her body.

But Harish wasn't satisfied yet. He lifted her up onto all fours like a toy doll and continued his savage pounding from behind. Divya's breasts hung heavy and full in front of her, filled with milk that threatened to spill over at any moment. As Harish squeezed and fondled them, he brought his other hand down between her legs and expertly stroked her swollen clit.

The combination of pleasure and pain was almost too much for Divya to handle. Her mind fogged over with raw desire as she clutched at Harish's body, urging him on to greater depths of carnal bliss. And when she finally reached the peak once again, she couldn't hold back any longer - her body spasmed and shook as she released a torrent of juices onto Harish's hand.

Feeling the tightness and intensity of Divya's orgasm, Harish too was pushed over the edge. He gripped her breasts tightly and sank his teeth into her shoulders as he emptied himself into her with primal force. And as they collapsed onto the bed in a haze of passion, neither could remember who they were or where they had come from - all that mattered was the raw, animalistic pleasure they shared in that moment.

Divya was the first one to stir from her sleep, having been jolted awake by some commotion outside. The natural light seeping through the windows caused the room's tube light to gradually dim. She rubbed her head as she sat up, realizing they had slept through the night without even turning off the lights.

"We really are shameless and promiscuous," she scolded herself.

Harish was still sleeping peacefully on his back, his manhood shrink-wrapped and drooping to one side, remnants of their passionate lovemaking still visible on its surface. Divya couldn't resist giving it a gentle touch and a kiss, whispering sweet nothings to her beloved partner. As she pinched his chin playfully, he let out a soft whimper in his slumber.

Divya searched for something to wear, but she couldn't find her half saree from yesterday, which was scattered somewhere. She noticed Harish's dhoti and underwear in a corner, but she didn't feel like bending down to pick them up. So she walked out of the room with her hair hastily tied up in a bun. In the main hall, Chenbagam and Gayatri were sound asleep. Divya remained completely nude and made her way around them to go about her business.

The door to the adjacent room was ajar, and Shanti sat on the bed with one leg swinging off the side, while she tied her hair into a bun. She was completely naked, and her exposed pussy could be seen as she sat on the bed. Divya appeared in the doorway and Shanti greeted her.

"Did you just wake up?" Shanti asked.

Divya suddenly realized how quiet the house was when she heard her own voice. She couldn't shake the feeling that everyone had heard her moans and screams all night, and a blush spread across her face.

Trying to hide it, she responded, "Yes, I just woke up. But where are all my clothes? I can't find anything to wear."

"I put everything in the wash yesterday. Why do you need clothes anyway? Just stay like this. No one will bother you," Shanti replied.

"Ew! How can I walk around the house naked? Aren't you embarrassed?" Divya protested.

"Don't talk to me about shame. If you had any shame, you wouldn't have had loud sex with your own son with the door open. Oh my god, you were so loud! Couldn't you two be quieter? And because of your moans and screams, my son banged me really hard last night and did not let me sleep either. Don't act all innocent now," teased Shanti.

Then she walked out into the backyard without bothering to put on any clothes. Divya followed suit and joined her in the backyard.

After finishing their morning routines, they made their way to the well. A pile of wet clothes greeted them, resembling a small mountain.

Chenbagam woke up and joined them at the back of the house. Seeing the two without any clothes on, she asked with concern, "Why aren't you wearing even a small towel?"

Shanti explained, "No one ever comes here. We need to wash these clothes and then take our baths."

Chenbagam made sure to wash her clothes after taking a shower, creating more space in the small house. Divya and Shanti joined her in doing laundry.

Meanwhile, Harish and Gayatri woke up inside the house. Harish was dressed in shorts and without a shirt, lying on the floor of the hall with the newspaper spread out in front of him. He read every line diligently. Gayatri leaned against the wall, still wearing the same skirt and shirt from the day before, watching TV while occasionally pushing Harish aside.

Gayatri cleared her throat and looked at Harish expectantly.

"What's the matter?" Harish asked, still focused on the papers in front of him.

Annoyed, Gayatri exclaimed, "I've been sitting here for ages. What are you so engrossed in that you can't even look at me?"

"I'm just reading the newspaper," replied Harish as he turned the page.

Immediately, Gayatri moved closer to him and sat on his right side, demanding, "What's so interesting in this paper?" She pulled it towards herself.

Harish quickly pulled half of the paper back towards him and Gayatri glared at him playfully. She didn't let him read as she leaned over the paper on all fours like a little puppy, before sitting down on top of it and asking, "How will you read now?"

As she showed off her tight ass in a silk skirt with no underwear to Harish, he couldn't help but get aroused. He quickly covered himself up before slapping her ass and scolding, "Hey, how can you sit like that? Sit properly."

She pouted and rubbed her ass before getting up and settling herself comfortably on Harish's lap.

He hugged her waist and lightly tapped her thigh. As she rubbed the spot where he hit her, she teased him, "Ouch! Please be gentle. Don't hit me." She snuggled into his lap.

The scent of Gayatri's body mixed with the lingering smell of his cum from the previous night made Harish want to do something. He caressed her body with one hand on her stomach and the other on her thigh.

"By the way, why did you come to my room last night?" asked Harish curiously.

Gayatri's voice was playful as she replied, "I came here to play games with you and Aunty."

Harish raised an eyebrow in response, "Oh, did you play well?"

He then slid his hand under her silk shirt, gently rubbing her belly.

"You know I always do," Gayatri said, swiftly grabbing his hand to stop it from going any further.

"Well, if you sit like that, how can I focus on reading the paper?" Harish asked with a smirk.

Gayatri chuckled and replied, "What else would you be thinking about then?"

A mischievous glint appeared in Harish's eyes as he said, "Oh, I can think of other things. Like tracing every inch of your body with my fingers."

Ignoring the restriction of her small hands, he forcefully moves one hand from her thigh to her exposed and pantyless pussy. Gayatri gasps in shock and pleasure as his fingers delve into her moist folds, sending shivers of anticipation coursing through her body.

Harish's eyes glint with lust as he takes advantage of Gayatri's vulnerable state. He expertly maneuvers his other hand under her shirt, feeling the softness and fullness of her breasts through the fabric. The tightness of her shirt only adds to the intensity of his touch, making her moan with desire.

With one hand caressing and exploring her sensitive breasts, Harish uses his other hand to tease and tantalize Gayatri's pussy, bringing her to the brink of ecstasy. She arches her back and grabs onto his neck for support, completely lost in the pleasure that his skilled hands are giving her.

But it's not enough for Harish. The young and innocent body of Gayatri ignites a primal desire within him, different from what he feels towards the mature bodies of his mother and grandmother. Unable to resist any longer, he lifts Gayatri up in his arms and carries her to the bedroom where he had made love to his own mother just a day ago.

With fervent determination, Harish places Gayatri on the bed like a delicate flower waiting to be plucked.