Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 14

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 14

Published on: 2024-06-05 16:58:50

Gayatri anticipated her brother's next move and braced herself for it. Slowly, he joined her on the bed and positioned himself on top of her, placing a tender kiss on her soft lips. She nuzzled into his neck and reciprocated with a kiss of her own. He had always felt that his mother's body was too large for him to hold comfortably, but Gayatri's body was just the right size.

As he brushed his lips against her neck, he let his hands wander over her silk shirt, searching for her nipples which were already erect and giving away their location. With a quick pinch through the fabric, Gayatri moaned in ecstasy and turned her head to the side, letting out a lustful scream of pleasure, "Aaaahhh, Brotherrr.."

The heat of her body seeped into Harish's skin, warming and igniting him from within. But he had no time for patience; the desire to touch her was too overwhelming. With a swift motion, he tore at her shirt, the fabric giving way with ease. The first two hooks flew off, leaving Harish in a frenzy as half of her breasts were exposed to him. Taking handfuls of the silky material, he spread her shirt as far as it would go, burying his face between her breasts.

Frantically rubbing his face all over her bosom, he let out a groan of pleasure. As he pushed one side of the shirt aside with his nose, his lips and teeth found their way to the top of her breast. He kissed and nibbled at the soft flesh, eliciting moans of pleasure from Gayatri. Moving down, he licked and tasted every inch of her nipples and areolas, savoring every moment with his tongue.

Gayatri arched her back in ecstasy as Harish's skilled hands kneaded and squeezed her breast. With only two hooks remaining, one side of her shirt still covered her modesty while the other was being explored by Harish's touch. She eagerly responded to his play, unhooking the remaining clasps and exposing her perky breasts for his pleasure.

As Harish continued to caress and fondle both breasts with expert skill, Gayatri couldn't resist gripping his neck with one hand and raking her nails down his back in a frenzy of desire. Harish moved from one breast to the other, using his mouth to suck, bite, and lick each one in turn. His hands never left her, gliding over her curves and eliciting moans of pleasure from Gayatri.

Without breaking contact with her breasts, Harish lowered his head and began kissing and licking his way down to Gayatri's stomach. He lavished attention on her flat taut flesh, leaving a trail of drool in his wake as he worshipped every inch of her body. Gayatri writhed beneath him, unable to control the sensations coursing through her as he traced patterns on her skin with his tongue.

She moaned with the force of a strong wind as he moved his hands and mouth over her body. Her hair was matted to her flushed face, damp with sweat from their intense passion. Harish's hands slid further down, seeking out the knot of her skirt. Gayatri, unable to wait any longer, lifted her skirt up to her waist, revealing the entrance to her heavenly pleasure. Mesmerized by the sight before him, Harish couldn't resist diving in.

Her intimate area was puffy and smooth, devoid of any hair, and a pale pink hue that resembled the delicate flesh of a pomegranate. Harish couldn't contain his desire any longer and dove his hand between her thighs, pulling her body closer to his eager mouth. Gayatri opened herself up to him, allowing him access to her most sensitive areas. He lifted her hips and brought her sweet spot to his lips, kissing it gently before using his tongue and teeth to explore every inch of her puffed-up fruit.

The sounds of Gayatri's pleasured screams echoed through the room, causing Vishwa in the adjacent room to stir from his slumber. Curious about the commotion, he entered the room and saw Gayatri lying with her shirt open, exposing her bare chest and holding her skirt above her hips, presenting her nakedness for Harish's enjoyment. As Vishwa watched Harish eagerly lick and suck at Gayatri's pussy, he too began to feel aroused, his own manhood starting to stiffen in response.

"Hey, this is why you were telling me not to touch you? I'm coming for you, you whore begotten whore," Vishwa said with a sneer. His eyes glinted with malicious intent as he stroked his throbbing member, his hand coated in precum.

With a cruel smile, Vishwa sauntered over to the bed where Gayatri lay sprawled, her body trembling with anticipation and fear. He roughly grabbed her chin and turned her face towards him, forcing her to meet his gaze as he thrust himself toward her mouth. Gayatri's heart raced with both fear and arousal as she willingly took his cock in her hand and placed it between her lips.

Meanwhile, Harish knelt beside the bed and spread Gayatri's legs wide open. With a wicked grin, he parted her swollen pussy lips and found her sensitive clit with his tongue. As he pressed his wet tongue into her center, Gayatri moaned in pleasure and closed her eyes, lost in the sensations coursing through her body.

But even as she enjoyed Harish's skilled ministrations, Gayatri kept Vishwa's prick firmly between her lips, determined to please him as well. Harish continued to tease and torment her with his tongue, brushing her outer lips and fleshy folds before licking up the sweet juices that spilled out of her.

As the pleasure built inside her, Gayatri felt an overwhelming urge to scream out in ecstasy. With one hand still gripping Vishwa's cock, she released a loud "Aaaah..." from around it, arching her hips off the bed as she did so.

But Vishwa was not satisfied yet. He held Gayatri's head firmly in place and commanded, "No, keep on sucking." And with that command, he began to forcefully pound into her mouth while Harish continued to lavish attention on her dripping pussy. The combination of sensations was almost too much for Gayatri to handle, but she obeyed Vishwa's orders and continued to suck and pleasure him with her mouth.

As Harish continued to pleasure Gayatri with his tongue, he inserted his middle finger into her wet and eager cunt. She gasped as the sensation of a finger inside her added to the pleasure of his tongue on her clitoris. When he withdrew his finger, a rush of pussy water gushed out and soaked his digit. He then added his index finger, stretching her velvety walls even more as she squirmed in ecstasy.

Harish expertly used his ring finger to open up her pussy even more, priming it for what was to come. Gayatri couldn't contain her moans as he continued to flick her sensitive clit with his tongue. As she pulled in her belly and opened herself up, she felt a tidal wave of pleasure wash over her as she came hard, flooding Harish's fingers with cum.

As her sucking of Vishwa's prick slowed down in heightened exhaustion, Vishwa had resumed getting pleasured by Gayatri's mouth, but now in a more vigorous and intense manner. He grabbed her hair and began thrusting into her mouth, causing Gayatri to alternate between moaning and sucking loudly. Her pussy was now dripping wet and ready for penetration.

Harish got up and removed his shorts, revealing his own engorged penis. In a moment of uninhibited passion, Gayatri shed all of her clothes and lay there completely nude, fully immersed in the pleasure that Harish was giving her. He sat between Gayatri's thighs and rubbed the tip against her wet opening, eliciting moans of anticipation from her. With one swift motion, he entered her waiting pussy and they both let out a loud groan as their bodies connected. Gayatri raised her hips to deepen the penetration, savoring every sensation as Harish moved inside her with skillful precision.

Harish eased his way into her, slowly entering her pussy. Gayatri spread her legs wide, savoring the sensation of him inside her. Although her vagina was tighter than his mother's, it was well lubricated and easily accommodated his thick, engorged cock, though not without some resistance. As he pushed inch by inch, Gayatri grew impatient and stopped sucking Vishwa's cock to stroke it with her hand. She looked at Harish with lustful eyes and begged him to go faster.

"Patience, my dear. The first time must be done slowly or it will hurt too much. And you won't even be able to walk for days," he cautioned her.

Ignoring his words, she impatiently urged him on as he continued to slowly penetrate her. Watching his cock enter her for the first time, Gayatri grew even more excited and stroked Vishwa's cock with even more fervor. But as Harish's cock pressed against her hymen, she felt a sharp prick of pain. He pulled out slowly before pushing back in a little faster, tearing through her hymen. With one final push, Harish's entire length was inside her. As she realized that she was no longer a virgin, Gayatri let out a scream and tears welled up in her eyes.

Harish gently took hold of one of Gayatri's legs and spread it apart, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Meanwhile, Vishwa rubbed the tip of his erect penis against her lips, prompting Gayatri to eagerly open her mouth and take him in. The three of them were all engaged in passionate lovemaking on the same bed.

After some time, Harish found a steady rhythm and began thrusting into her with increasing intensity. Vishwa grew impatient and suggested they switch positions, saying, "Partner, let's turn her over so I can take her from behind. She's laying there like she's too drunk to suck me anymore."

Without pulling out, Harish lifted Gayatri up and sat her on top of him, embracing her tightly. This exposed her tight butt and cute buttocks for Vishwa to admire. While Harish focused on holding Gayatri's body steady and penetrating deep into her vagina, Vishwa squeezed and spread her firm rear end before thrusting into her tight anal opening. Despite the initial pain, Gayatri pressed her face against Harish's neck and lifted her hips to allow Vishwa to enter fully. His medium sized penis slid easily into her ass hole, filling it completely.

Once Vishwa was fully inside, Harish gave him some space to move before resuming his own thrusts. It was like a synchronized dance as they alternated between pounding into Gayatri's two openings, while she surrendered herself to their touch as if under the influence of drugs.

The intensity of their sexual frenzy heightened with each passing moment. Moans and gasps filled the room as Gayatri reached her second climax, coating Harish's throbbing member in her slippery juices. Vishwa pumped his hips furiously, filling her already full ass with even more of his hot release. With a final, desperate thrust, he pulled out and sprayed the remaining cum across her buttocks and back.

Harish's heart raced as he felt himself getting closer to the edge, but fear overtook him at the thought of impregnating Gayatri. He tried to pull out, but her tight grip around his pulsing cock prevented him from doing so. "Come inside me, fill my pussy," she slurred drunkenly. Unable to resist any longer, Harish released his load into her waiting warmth. His body convulsed as he spurted multiple times before finally pushing deep inside her and emptying the rest of his seed.

As Vishwa left the room after finishing his task, Harish laid Gayatri on the bed and quickly put on his shorts before heading out himself. Gayatri laid naked and sated on the bed, cum dripping from both of her entrances. Harish left without another word.

Meanwhile, Shanti and Divya had finished bathing and were now tying their petticoats up to their chests when they heard commotion coming from Gayatri's room. They peeked inside and saw everything that had just happened, standing frozen in shock like ghosts had slapped them.

After Vishwa and Harish had left, Divya entered the room and sat on the right side of the bed. Her petticoat, once tied up to her thigh, had now shifted up to reveal her naked legs all the way up to her open pussy. On the other side of the bed sat Shanti, with one leg on the floor and the other folded, her thighs spread wide to showcase her legs and buttocks. Both women watched as Gayatri, still in the throes of ecstasy, fell onto Divya's lap. Vishwa and Harish had fulfilled their desires with Gayatri and left the room, leaving Shanti and Divya to finish bathing and now witness the aftermath of their children's wild escapade.

Sitting on the bed, Divya carried Gayatri with her head on her right thigh. Gayatri unconsciously leans on Divya's chest. Gayatri lay down, closing her eyes and enjoying Divya's right breast like a pillow, the touch of the petticoat on her cheek. Gayatri's hair was stuck to her face here and there with sweat. Gayatri was very tired after the intense double fucking.

"Those heartless boys! Look at what they did to this little innocent girl!" exclaimed Divya, her voice thick with concern as she brushed away the tangled hair from Gayatri's face. She gently patted her friend's cheek, concern etched on her features.

"My dear, are you okay?" she asked, her hand resting lightly on Gayatri's forehead. The young woman squinted slightly, seeking comfort in pressing her face against Divya's breast. She wrapped her arms around Divya's waist and settled herself comfortably.

Harish had not nursed from Divya's right breast that morning, leaving it full and swollen with milk. It now strained against the fabric of Divya's petticoat, heavy and tight.

"Don't defend her," Shanti interjected harshly. "You talk as if those two raped her. But she was the one begging them to fuck her harder, spreading her pussy and ass for both of them. Such a little slut!"

Shanti punctuated her words by delivering a light slap to Gayatri's naked backside. Whining softly, Gayatri buried her face even further into Divya's comforting embrace. The scent of warm milk and the faint smell of soap enveloped her as she clung onto Divya for protection.

"Whatever. But see how they have ravaged this little virgin in the front and back without any consideration. And that too for the first time. Didn't they have any thought that she was a virgin!", exclaimed Divya and held Gayatri even more tightly to her milk laden right boobs.

Shanti's voice was filled with envy as she spoke, "Why must it be like this? How many have the privilege of experiencing such intimacy with not just one, but two partners when they lose their virginity? I can't help but wonder if you and I have ever had a similar experience in all these years. I am consumed by jealousy at the thought of her having this once-in-a-lifetime experience." She reached out and lightly pinched Gayatri's thighs.

Gayatri flinched and tightened her thighs in response, causing Harish's semen to spill out from her drenched pussy and moisten her thighs further.

Feeling the discomfort of Shanti's pinch and the warm touch of Divya's breast against her face, Gayatri pressed herself further against Divya's chest. The pressure caused more milk to leak through Divya's petticoat.

Divya, sensing Gayatri's desire for her breast milk, eagerly asked, "My dear, why do you want my milk?"

Gayatri could only nod her head in response, like a child agreeing to something they didn't fully understand.

Divya's lips curved into a gentle smile as she lightly pinched Gayatri's cheek. With a deft hand, she undid the knot of her petticoat that was tied tightly between her breasts, causing it to fall loose and reveal half of her shapely curves. Gayatri was nestled on top of her right breast, so Divya shifted slightly and pulled the fabric down to the side, exposing her other breast. Keeping one hand on Gayatri's face, she used her other hand to guide her full, ripe breast towards the eager mouth of her lover. As soon as Gayatri began suckling hungrily, Divya let out a soft moan of pleasure and closed her eyes in blissful surrender. The air was filled with the sweet scent of milk and their mingled desire, creating an intimate atmosphere between the two women.

As her fingers gently massaged Gayatri's head, Divya's voice held a tinge of concern and frustration. "I don't understand why you didn't let Harish pull out when he said he was going to ejaculate outside? And then, why did you suddenly tell him to put it back inside? Have you thought about the consequences if you become pregnant? Your mother and I went through so much hardship after we got pregnant when we were young girls," she asked, worry etched on her face.

Gayatri, her mouth full of sweet, nourishing milk, released her lips from Divya's breasts with a wet pop. The milky white liquid mixed with her saliva, coating Divya's already flushed and taut nipples. They glistened in the soft light, beckoning for more attention.

Gayatri swallowed the milk in her mouth, "That won't happen, Aunty. I finished my period three days ago. Mother told me when I would get pregnant. And I didn't have the heart to tell him to take it out when he was going to ejaculate," she said sweetly, burying her face in Divya's breast again. She started drinking Divya's milk again.

Divya's eyes widened in surprise as she watched Shanti while she was feeding her breast milk to Gayatri.

"She got her first menstruation sooner than I had anticipated," Shanti explained, her voice filled with worry. "Vishwa is also out wandering nearby waiting to get into her pussy. So I can't leave her side for too long. How long can I protect her when a lust filled boy with a hardon is always nearby? That's why I gave her the whole talk about pregnancy. She needs to learn how to take care of herself now. We didn't have this knowledge when we were young and it caused us a lot of trouble when we got pregnant. It wouldn't be good for her to go to school with a pregnant belly, either. And even if we consider an abortion, how many times do we have to go through that? That's why I spent the whole day teaching her about preventing pregnancy. Now she is equipped and capable," Shanti finished, her concern evident on her face. Divya couldn't help but feel touched by Shanti's love and concern for Gayatri's well-being.

Hearing this, Gayatri immediately removed her mouth from Divya's breast and teased, "Oh, it's because you were pregnant at such a young age, you are fucking well-grown sons at this age and spreading your pussy in front of them. If you were pregnant like everyone else at a later age, would you have this happiness?"

Divya playfully patted Gayatri's naked buttocks as she scolded, "There's nothing wrong with your mother telling you off. You're just growing up and teasing your elders." Embarrassed, Gayatri hugged Divya's waist and went back to drinking her milk.

Shanti couldn't help but admire the beautiful sight before her. Gayatri was feeding from Divya's breast, her legs resting on Shanti's thighs as she gently pressed her foot against Shanti's bare skin. As Gayatri nursed from Divya's right breast, she reached up with her small hands and loosened the fabric that was entangling Divya's left breast. Lost in the pleasure of nourishing her child, Divya paid no mind to this gesture.

Now she sat with both of her breasts exposed, the soft curves glistening in the dim light. Slowly, Gayatri toyed with Divya's mangalsutra, delicately rolling the thread over her nipple. A jolt of excitement shot through Divya as she felt Gayatri's playful touch. Suddenly, she felt a warm wetness between her legs.

"Ssss," she moaned as she pulled Gayatri close to her naked chest.

Playing with Shanti's thighs like a curious child, Gayatri playfully slid her big toe under the fabric of Shanti's petticoat and moved it back and forth. She then slowly guided her toe towards Shanti's exposed skin, tracing patterns on her inner thigh and finally stopping at the top of Shanti's mound. The room was now filled with an intoxicating mixture of lust and desire.

After finishing her milk, Gayatri began kneading Divya's other breast with her mangalsutra still hanging around her neck. Without breaking contact with the breast, she gradually pushed Divya's petticoat down to reveal even more of her smooth stomach. As she continued to caress Divya's breast from underneath, Divya melted into the sensations.

Meanwhile, Gayatri used her toe to draw intricate designs on Shanti's navel. She then lifted Shanti's petticoat further with her leg and pressed her toes against Shanti's sensitive area. Shanti's body responded eagerly and she moved closer, running her hands up and down Gayatri's thighs.

Gayatri nibbled on Divya's breast with her teeth before moving on to the other one. She playfully wrapped Divya's mangalsutra around the nipple, pressing her lips against it as she delighted in the sensations. Divya couldn't help but moan softly, "Mmmm..." As Gayatri continued to suckle, she gently held her head still, reveling in the pleasure.

At the same time, Gayatri's toe made its way towards Shanti's pussy. Knowing exactly where it was headed, Shanti took hold of Gayatri's leg with her hand and guided it towards her wet opening. The sensation of Gayatri's toe entering her sent a rush of pleasure through Shanti's body, making her clitoris bulge with desire. With one hand resting on Gayatri's thigh and the other gently guiding her movements, Shanti explored every inch of Gayatri's hairless mound with eager fingers.

The air in the room was thick with heavy breathing, moans of pleasure, and the sounds of sucking and nibbling. Gayatri's lips were locked on Divya's breast, her tongue flicking rapidly against the sensitive skin. Divya's back arched as she moaned uncontrollably, her hands gripping onto the bed sheets as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Her petticoat had fallen low on her hips, revealing her voluptuous figure, and Gayatri couldn't resist caressing her curves.

Meanwhile, Shanti's hands were exploring every inch of Gayatri's body, teasing her clit and spreading her pussy with skilled fingers. As Gayatri bit down on Divya's breast in ecstasy, Divya let out a drunken scream of pleasure. Even though they were already soaking wet from Harish's earlier release, Shanti couldn't resist tasting and playing with the hot juices that continued to drip from Gayatri's pussy.

With one hand still pleasuring herself with Shanti's fingers, Gayatri used her other to press her toe into Shanti's crotch, thrusting in and out as she rode the wave of pleasure. As for Divya, she was lost in her own world as Gayatri moved down to lick and kiss her navel, revealing her petticoat rolled up and covering her entrance to paradise. With a smile, Divya lifted her petticoat to show Gayatri the way.

Blushing at the sight before her, Gayatri eagerly buried her face between Divya's thighs and began to lick and suck on her clit. Divya fell back onto the bed, legs spread wide to give Gayatri better access. Meanwhile, Shanti also joined in on the pleasuring fun by kissing and licking all over Gayatri's gorgeous figure.

After a few minutes of intense oral play, both Divya and Gayatri reached their peaks simultaneously, squirting their juices into each other's mouths. Shanti couldn't resist kissing both of them passionately, reveling in the taste of their combined pleasure.

As they finally pulled away from each other, all three were left breathless and covered in glistening cum. But Divya wasted no time in pulling Gayatri towards her for a passionate kiss, eagerly licking and cleaning their faces with her tongue. Then she turned to Shanti and embraced her, kissing her deeply.

The peak of lust still burning inside her, Divya joined them by Shanti's side, kissing and caressing her while offering her breast for Shanti to explore with her lips and tongue.

With her intense desire still burning, Divya sat next to Shanti and leaned in for a slow, passionate kiss. As she guided Shanti's head to her chest, Shanti eagerly kissed and explored every inch of Divya's breasts, as if she had been longing for this moment.

Meanwhile, Gayatri watched from between Shanti's legs and admired the alluring curves of her genitals. Using her fingers, she lifted up the folds of skin surrounding Shanti's vagina and stretched it out to show off the size and shape to Gayatri.

Gayatri admired the beautiful curves of Shanti's body as she lay between her spread legs. She couldn't help but run her fingers over Shanti's pussy mound, gently teasing the sensitive skin before stretching it open to reveal the size and beauty of her entrance.

Divya's long, dark hair cascaded down her back as she knelt on the bed, offering her breasts to Shanti. Her nipples were already hardened with anticipation as Shanti eagerly took them into her mouth, sucking and licking with increasing fervor. Meanwhile, Gayatri positioned herself between Shanti's spread legs, her tongue expertly exploring every inch of her lover's throbbing pussy.

Divya joined in on the pleasure, using her hands to tease and pinch Shanti's clitoris. She motioned for Gayatri to join in, and soon all three of them were lost in a frenzy of biting, sucking, and tasting each other's bodies. Shanti moaned with ecstasy as Gayatri skillfully inserted her fingers inside her wetness.

As they continued to pleasure each other, Divya couldn't help but marvel at the sight before her - two beautiful women intertwining in pleasure, their bodies slick with sweat and desire. When Shanti climaxed, Gayatri gave her body time to settle before indulging in her sweet juices. She savored every drop on her tongue before sharing it with Divya.
As their passion intensified, the petticoat that had once covered half of their bodies now lay forgotten on the floor.

The trio was now fully entwined on the bed, limbs intertwined and skin glistening with a sheen of sweat. With a sly smile, Gayatri positioned herself to give Divya a full view of her rounded ass as she continued to indulge in the pleasures of their lovemaking.