Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 02

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 02

Published on: 2024-03-12 02:01:31

Two months after Divya locked the door on her wedding day, she awoke one morning to an unfamiliar sensation. Her stomach churned and she felt bile rising in her throat. She couldn't control it and ran from the kitchen to the backyard to vomit. Harish, who was at home that day, watched in surprise as she ran past him. Even Grandma, who was busy chopping vegetables in the hall, followed her to the backyard when she heard her vomiting. The two women spoke in hushed tones while Harish listened from a distance.
"What's wrong, Divya? Why are you vomiting like this?" asked Chenbagam.
"I don't know. Something is causing it. Maybe yesterday's food didn't agree with me," replied Divya before retching again.
She sat down, holding her head and said, "I feel faint and my heart is racing. My head is spinning. I think I might be pregnant."
Chenbagam was momentarily stunned.
"Let me check your eyes and tongue," she instructed Divya.
After a brief examination, Chenbagam exclaimed, "You are indeed pregnant!"
Divya was overjoyed and immediately thanked God for blessing her with a child after all this time. Chenbagam also shared in the happiness.
"Harish, come here! Your mother is going to have another child in eight months. You will have a younger brother or sister," she called out excitedly.
Hearing the news, Harish raced over with a big smile on his face.

As Harish's innocent question, "Is it true, Amma?" hung in the air, Divya felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. She couldn't believe she was in this situation - getting pregnant while having a teenage son. Her mind raced with thoughts, all of them making her feel hot and uneasy. How could she face her son? What would she say to him?

Trying to hide her anger and shame, Divya awkwardly replied, "Go and do your homework."

As Harish skipped off with a smile, Divya turned to her mother, Chenbagam, with a mix of embarrassment and reprimand. "He's just a little boy. Why did you have to say that to him? What will he think of me?"

Chenbagam scoffed, "What? You went to bed with your husband while your son was outside. You got pregnant when he was around. And now you find fault with my words? In any case, in three months your stomach will show and won't he know then?"


Harish's face was alight with an exuberant smile, his joy spilling over every feature. He could hardly contain his excitement as he heard the news that his mother was pregnant, a concept that seemed so foreign and strange to him. His body hummed with a strange tingling sensation, as though he couldn't quite believe what he was hearing. Despite admiring his grandmother's figure with lustful eyes at times, he had never thought of his own mother in that way. Even now, as she was before him, his gaze couldn't help but dart towards her curves and assets, although his mind tried to suppress any lewd thoughts. But today, those images also flooded his brain, stirring up unfamiliar desires and emotions within him.
She always wore a saree that accentuated her ample bosom, the fabric barely containing them as they threatened to spill out on either side of the pallu. And her navel, always on display through the intricate draping, was a constant source of temptation. The saree was tied low around her hips, hugging every curve of her stomach and revealing the tightness of her petticoat. Her breasts were a force to be reckoned with, constantly straining against the confines of her blouse with their uncontainable size and buoyancy. Her ample bosom threatened to burst out of her blouse at any moment, but miraculously remained perched high and firm. The sight of them was enough to make his favorite thali sway with desire in between them, tugging at the fabric of her saree whenever she bent down.

But it wasn't just his grandmother who stirred up this lust within him. Now, his mother also occupied his thoughts, their images alternating in his mind and causing a dangerous stir within him. He couldn't help but think back on all the missed opportunities he had let slip by in this very house.

As he reminisced, he felt a primal urge building within him, stretching and tearing at the seams of his trousers. This place that used to be just his home now felt like heaven, where two angels resided. He knew then that he could never spend time anywhere else but here, in this paradise where temptation and desire consumed him whole.

He remembered only now that there was a man called father in this house when he heard Grandmother calling Godhandam on the phone.
The words of the grandmother rang clear in Harish's ears as he listened to her talk to Godhandam over the phone.
She confirmed the news - Divya was pregnant. On the other end, Dad's voice could be heard saying something.
"After all these years, you should be happy thinking about it, Godhandam", the grandmother continued. 
"What does it matter if others think or say? Look at your cousin at Ayyanar's house - how many years between his first and second child? These things are not in our control, everything is determined by God. And besides, people will not say anything, so there is no need to worry."
Godhandam responded with a few words of his own.
"Harish is no longer a child, Godhandam. You don't know what he does. Let him know the details and if he wants something, won't we two take care of it? Don't worry about him. As for the house, I will handle everything. Just be happy.", Chenbagam reassured him. 
"Do you know how excited Divya is? Here, talk to her now. I'll give her the phone.", she said before passing the phone to Divya.
"What's up?", Divya answered cheerfully.
"Just now.",
Divya smiled, feeling slightly embarrassed and ashamed.
"I didn't know what to say to him. Amma was the one who told him about the news. I feel so embarrassed around him now. And with such a grown-up boy in the house, I don't know how I will manage giving birth to a baby.", Divya confided in her mother-in-law.
"Well, he's still the same as always.", Chenbagam reassured her.
"When you come home, you asked us to call the family astrologer and check the auspiciousness of the time of conception. That seems like a good idea to me too. Don't forget to do it together.", Divya reminded her mother-in-law.
"Sure, come home soon. I'll hang up now.", Divya said before ending the call.
"Tell me, what did your husband say?", Chenbagam asked curiously.
"Nothing much, he just asked how I was doing. I told him everything was normal and he said he will bring the astrologer with him when he comes”, Divya replied.

Chenbagam's voice was warm and comforting as she spoke to her daughter, Divya. "Place a call to your sister, Shanti, my dear. Inquire about how she and her children are doing. It has been far too long since we last spoke." Though hesitant, Divya dutifully agreed, bowing her head with a hint of shame. "Don't tell her everything," she pleaded.

"How can you not tell your own sister?" Chenbagam chided gently. "She is family. And she will find out soon enough anyway. There is no need for secrecy or shame in this happy news."

With a heavy sigh, Divya picked up the phone and called her sister, her voice timid and girlish. On the other end of the line, Shanti's cheerful greeting filled the air.

"Hmm Shanti, it's me, Divya," she said softly.

"Divya! How wonderful to hear from you! It's been too long! How is everyone at home? Is mother well? And uncle? And Harish?" Shanti bombarded her with questions.

"Everyone is fine," Divya replied, unable to contain her excitement any longer. "But...I have something to tell you."

Shanti could sense the hesitation in her sister's voice. "What is it?" she asked eagerly.

"Mother wants to talk to you," Divya quickly handed the phone over to Chenbagam before taking a deep breath.

"It's nothing major," Chenbagam reassured her sister-in-law. "Divya is pregnant. We just found out this morning and wanted to share the good news with you."

Shanti burst into laughter on the other end of the line. "Oh, my little sister was acting like such a baby, pretending not to know anything!" she exclaimed between giggles. "And now she's going to be a mother herself! Give her the phone, I want to tease her a little."

Chenbagam handed the phone back to Divya and said with a smile, "Here, Shanti wants to talk to you."


"Hello," Divya said, her voice filled with affection for her sister, Shanti.
"It's like your husband has been plowing after a long time," Shanti teased, her voice full of playful laughter.
Divya couldn't help but chuckle at her sister's jesting. "There is nothing like that, we just do it every now and then," she replied proudly.
"You do it only now and then. You don't do it daily, isn't it? If you are pregnant even for that, you are really great. If you did it every day, you would have been pregnant throughout the year," Shanti joked again.
Divya blushed at her sister's words but quickly composed herself. "Hey, I am embarrassed to say that I'm pregnant after a long time. Don't add fuel to the fire," she said worriedly.
Shanti waved off Divya's concerns with a dismissive gesture. "Why worry about all this? You came of age early and got married early. Harish also was born very early for you. All the girls in town are educated, get married slowly, enjoy their married life and have their first child at your age. It's all for good if you don't worry about it," she reassured her sister.
But then, Shanti couldn't resist teasing Divya once again. "Talking about Harish, something comes to mind. What is he doing? Be careful, young boys like pregnant MILFs. Be careful or else he will pounce on you," she joked.
Divya felt a mix of embarrassment and excitement at her sister's words, but she didn't let it show. "Stop teasing a lot. there is nothing like that. even if he jumps on his mother, Where does it burn for you?" she retorted, determined not to give Shanti the upper hand.
Shanti didn't back down. "Oh, I know. You are bored with your brother-in-law. You are now putting a route for your son. Uncle will only do it now and then. But his son will do it daily and break your hip," she continued to tease.
Divya sighed, realizing that she couldn't win this battle of wits with her sister. "I can't talk to you and win. Put the phone down, I have work to do. I'll talk another day," she said, ending the call.
As she hung up, Divya could hear her mother, Chenbagam asking for details about the conversation. "What did Shanti say?" Chenbagam asked curiously.
"Oh, just teasing as usual," Divya replied with a smile.
Chenbagam snorted in amusement and added, "Hmmm Godhandam will come with an astrologer soon."
Just then, they heard the sound of Kothandam's car approaching the house. "Your husband will live for a hundred years. Just now I thought about him and he is coming and standing there," Chenbagam joked.
As he listened to the conversation between Shanti Aunty and mother, Harish's mind and heart were filled with tumultuous waves. He couldn't help but wonder what they were talking about, his curiosity piqued by mom's mysterious words. "Even if he jumps on his mother, Where does it burn for you?" What could it possibly mean? Was this a topic that was not taboo for mom or his family? The thought made Harish's blood boil with desire, imagining pulling his mom away and giving into their primal urges right then and there. But fear also lurked in the back of his mind, reminding him of the consequences. Caught between two conflicting emotions, he felt both drawn to and scared of taking action.
As the car came to a stop, Godhandam and the astrologer stepped out. They were greeted by Chenbagam, the eldest of the family, who invited them inside with a warm smile. Divya, standing by the bedroom door, greeted them with a polite 'Greetings'.
"Madam, hope you are doing well? Godhandam has informed me of your news. Another bud is sprouting. Congratulations," said the astrologer with a smile.
"Yes, sir. Divya is pregnant. As it has been some time since our last child, we thought it best to consult an astrology chart," explained Chenbagam.
With a nod, the astrologer sat down on the floor and pulled out his materials from his bag. "Do you remember when the conception occurred?" he asked.
Blushing, Divya quietly excused herself and went into the bedroom as the astrologer began his calculations with his tools and charts.
"Two months ago. It was their wedding day" was the answer given by Chenbagam and then she mentioned the date as well.

"Ah yes, they were conjugated together on a very auspicious day," the astrologer remarked before requesting the horoscopes of both Chenbagam and Godhandam .
Chenbagam said to Divya, 'Divya, fetch the horoscopes of both your husband and yourself, and bring them here.'

With great care, he analyzed the charts and interpreted their significance.

"Both of these horoscopes are truly remarkable," he declared.
"The time in which the embryo was formed was incredibly auspicious. This bodes well for all aspects of your family's life. I see great fortune and prosperity on the horizon." As he examined the birth charts carefully, his face lit up with excitement. "And based on this auspicious time, it seems that two or even three children will bless your household in the near future. Such blessings and good luck are rare indeed."

However, his tone changed when he brought up an important detail about Divya's own horoscope.
"When Divya attained puberty, I had warned you about her thali doshas," he said gravely. "Was this issue addressed?"

Chenbagam's face fell as she admitted that it wasn't. "Shanti, my second daughter, ran away from home and got married. It was a tumultuous time for our family, and in their worry, Divya's father passed away. But soon after, we were blessed with Harish's birth. And with his arrival, Godhandam's business prospered. Time seemed to pass quickly, and we didn't dwell on the past too much. But I fear there may be a problem." Chenbagamam's eyes darted anxiously to the astrologer, her heart racing with fear and uncertainty. She couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to her family.
The astrologer nodded understandingly but added, "It is important that these doshas are eventually removed, as per her horoscope prediction."
The words hung heavy in the air, echoing off the walls of the small house. The astrologer's voice was grave as he spoke, his piercing gaze locked on Godhandam. "It is not a huge problem," he stated, his lips twisting into a frown. "But that dosha is still there. Since the child is going to be born, we need to remove the dosha before that." His words sent a shiver down everyone's spine. This Aadi month was said to be a powerful time for rituals, and with danger lurking in Godhandam's stars, it was imperative to act quickly.
"I feel like everything is coming to a culmination," the astrologer continued, his tone urgent. "So please remove the dosha as quickly as possible." He turned to look at Godhandam directly. "And don't let Godhandam go anywhere outside this village until the child is born." The weight of his words settled heavily on everyone in the room - Harish, Chenbagam, Divya and Godhandam - all with heavy hearts and worried expressions.

After a long silence, Chenbagam finally spoke up. "If we can remove the dosha, then maybe we can avoid any danger to Godhandam," she said hesitantly.

The astrologer nodded in agreement, offering some solace to the anxious family. "I was afraid because the Dosha and Kandam were coming together. But if we can remove the Dosha before Aadi month arrives, then it will have no effect. I understand your fear, for when Dosha and Kandam come together, it can be a powerful force."
"But do not despair, for there is a way to overcome this. Go to the Ambal temple, remove the thali from your neck, and ask Godhandam to tie it again.", he said.
"When you go," the astrologer continued, "please let me know. I have an Iyer's phone number that could help you greatly. If you explain your situation to him, he will provide you with all the remedies needed to overcome this challenge. It can all be done at the temple itself." His words were filled with hope and reassurance.

The air in the house was thick with a heavy stillness, despite the attempt at comforting words. The tension lingered, unbroken by any words or gestures.
Godhandam, sensing the unease, finally broke the silence. 'Okay, okay, didn't he say it was nothing and could be resolved? Then why are you all sad?' His tone held a mix of frustration and concern. 'Aadi month is only two months away. When it arrives, we will go to the temple and do what he said. Do you want to stay like this until then?'
He turned to address his wife directly. 'That man has no sense. He doesn't know what to say and what not to say.' Divya's tears continued to flow as she followed her husband into the kitchen. She wiped them away hastily before placing food in front of him. 'There is a lot of work in the shop today,' Godhandam continued. 'I'll come home very late tonight.'
She followed him into the kitchen, wiping away her tears as she went.
Time passed and the household returned to its normal routine. Harish dutifully went to school while Godhandam took care of his business affairs. But underneath the facade of normalcy, mischief and pranks simmered just beneath the surface.

Chenbagam's teasing of Harish grew more intense. She purposely waited until he was in the backyard bathing before she would undress and flaunt her body in front of him. Even if he didn't show up, she would unhook her saree and blouse, revealing her ample breasts and shaking them seductively at Harish before going to bathe. And Harish couldn't help but be entranced by Chenbagam's large, doughy bosom, stirring an uncontrollable desire within him.

Divya was aware of all this, but chose to brush it off as a mere teenage issue. But Harish's longing only intensified, especially since he had yet to catch a glimpse of Chenbagam's elusive pussy.

Then one fateful Sunday, everything changed. Harish was sitting in the hall reading the paper while Divya rushed around getting an early start on cooking. Chenbagam emerged from her bath, still wearing only a petticoat that barely covered her breasts. She stood directly in front of Harish, causing the petticoat to ride up and reveal her bushy pubic hair and the junction of her thighs. Harish's eyes couldn't help but linger on the tantalizing sight, unable to focus on anything else. It was finally happening - he was getting an up close and personal view of Chenbagam's intimate parts, igniting a wild fire within him that he couldn't contain.

Chenbagamam forcefully tugged at the towel that was wrapped around her head, revealing her luscious locks and exposing her dripping wet hair. As she raised her arms above her head to wipe away the water, her breasts lifted and jostled against each other, causing the petticoat tied around them to ride up tantalizingly close to her hips. When she lifted up her hands, her breasts also raised up and lifted up the petticoat tied to them.

Harish's eyes widened in shock as he caught a glimpse of Chenbagam's naked pussy, glistening with droplets of water and completely devoid of any clothing.

His body was engulfed in a fiery heat, his heart racing with unbridled desire as he realized that this was the closest he had ever been to a woman's nude form. Unable to resist, he yearned to see more of Chenbagam's intimate parts and found himself wanting to ask her to spread her legs so he could explore her further.


But before he could muster up the courage, Chenbagam bent forward and pulled her hair over her face, obscuring his view but adding another layer of sensuality as the water from her hair dripped onto the paper he was reading. Helplessly mesmerized by her movements, Harish's gaze trailed down her back, taking in the sight of her voluptuous curves accentuated by the wet fabric of her petticoat.

Chenbagam shakes her hair and more water is sprinkled on Harish.

Seeing that, Chenbagam said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I sprinkled water on you and the paper got wet. I will turn to that side and dry my hair".

She turned and showed Harishi her large round ass, she put her hair in front of her face and began to bend down and dry it.

She was giving him a full view of her round, shapely ass. The petticoat rode up even higher now, gifting Harish with an unobstructed view of her plump buttocks and the dark curls of pubic hair peeking out from between her thighs.

To Harish, her ass was more beautiful and sensual than all the beauties he had seen in porn books or movies. The ass was calling him to come and fuck her immediately.

As if possessed, Harish could feel his body responding eagerly to Chenbagam's teasing gestures. This was more than just a physical attraction, it was an intense and primal urge to claim her, to make her his own. And Chenbagam seemed to know exactly how to stoke the flames of desire within him, making him crave her with every passing second.

Every fiber of his being throbbed with desire as he longed to rip off his trousers and plunge his cock into Chenbagam's waiting pussy.

Divya appeared from the kitchen, interrupting his thoughts, and gave a knowing smile at the sight of her mother and her son in such compromising positions.
"Why are you standing there, mom? Can't you see where he's looking?" Divya scolded playfully, placing a plate of vegetables and a knife on the floor next to her.
Chenbagam taunted back, "No matter how much I flirt, your son can only stare and not take any action."

"If you don't tease him, you never get any peace. Come quickly and help me chop these vegetables," Divya said, beckoning Chenbagam over.

Chenbagam tied a towel around her head, her long hair cascading over her shoulders as she sat down on the bare floor. Her petticoat was still hiked up to her breasts, exposing her naked buttocks beneath. She sat with one knee bent and the other leg spread open, her petticoat now folded at her waist and revealing every inch of her glistening pussy - inner lips, clitoris, and even the round vaginal opening.

As she moved to chop the vegetables, her breasts jiggled within her petticoat, taunting Harish further. He couldn't take it anymore.

Despite Chenbagam's constant teasing and hints at wanting to be fucked by him, Harish couldn't bring himself to make a move. The fear of doing something wrong or hurting her kept him hesitant. In a frenzy of frustration and longing, he ran to his room, desperately masturbating three times until his throbbing prick could take no more. Exhausted and drenched in sweat, he finally fell asleep - dreaming of all the ways he wanted to ravage Chenbagam's perfect body.