Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 03

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 03

Published on: 2024-03-12 18:59:51

In just two to three months, Divya's stomach began to swell and protrude as if pregnant. But it wasn't the usual bump of a five-month-old fetus. No, her body was changing in a way that seemed otherworldly, glimmering with an eerie golden light. And as her belly grew, she had to adjust the way she tied her petticoat, careful not to constrict her stomach too tightly. Harish's grandmother couldn't resist teasing him about becoming a big brother soon, and his mom would playfully stir him up by showing off her bump and pussy hair peeking out of her saree folds.

Harish was at school when he received news that would change his life forever. Godhandam had died in an accident. He raced home with his books clutched tightly in his hands, fear and sorrow gripping his heart. When he arrived, he was met with a scene of mourning - Divya, Chenbagam, and other women from their family were gathered around Godhandam's lifeless body, weeping uncontrollably. Harish couldn't believe what he was seeing. It felt like the very foundation of their family had been shattered.

That evening, Shanti brought her children Vishwa and Gayatri to pay their respects to their uncle. Harish found himself thrust into the role of completing his father's last rites, a duty he never imagined having at such a young age. Amidst the tears and grief, the house fell silent as distant relatives paid their respects and left one by one. Only their closest family members remained, trying to find solace in each other's presence on this dark day.
As the somber silence settled in, an elderly relative finally spoke up, trying to ease the grief that hung heavily in the air. "Ok. It has happened as per fate. No matter how much you cry, Godhandam will not come back. Don't make the pregnant lady cry too much. Look at the work to be done. From now on, everything is Harish for you. You have to comfort each other."

Harish entered his home after completing the final rituals, only to find that it was no longer the same place he had left this morning. The house, once vibrant and full of color, now seemed dull and lifeless – like a TV turned from color to black and white. Even his mother Divya seemed changed, her bright yellow saree now replaced with a plain white one.

In the hall sat his grandmother Chenbagam on one side, and his aunt Shanthi on the other. Next to Shanthi sat Gayatri, tears streaming down her face. Meanwhile, Vishwa sat in the courtyard, lost in his own thoughts. Everything had changed in just one day.

But it was Harish's voice that broke through the heavy atmosphere. "Amma," he began, addressing his mother directly. "Why are you wearing that white saree?"

His words were unexpected and forceful – a tone he had never used before. It was as if he was giving an order rather than asking a question.

Chenbagam sighed and replied calmly, "Wait until all the rituals for your father are completed. Then your mother can change into another saree."

But Harish wouldn't accept that answer. "No," he declared firmly. "She will change it now."

"That's right, from now on he is the man of the house. do as he says. Otherwise, he will get angry. Don't let the man of the house get too angry," teased a relative elderly person.

The elderly relatives chuckled and teased, acknowledging Harish's newfound authority.

"That's right," they agreed, laughter filling the room.

Chenbagam rose from her seat with a sense of determination, gently taking Divya's hand and leading her to the bedroom. Shanti and Gayathri trailed behind in silence.
Once they were in the privacy of the bedroom, Chenbagam turned to Divya and spoke firmly, "Here, my daughter. It is time for you to change into the saree as your son has requested."
Divya's voice trembled as she replied, "But my husband's rituals are not yet over. Why must I remove my white saree?"
Chenbagam's expression softened as she explained, "You don't understand, Divya. Your son cannot bear to see you in mourning attire any longer. Even our relatives have been questioning why you still wear white. You are carrying his child and it is not good for you or the baby to be reminded of his passing every day. Besides, Godhandam is gone now. He will never return. Even when he was alive, he was always too busy with work and business to truly be present in our family. But now, there are only three of us left in this house - you, me, and Harish. And from now on, Harish is the head of this household. For the sake of our family and for the child growing inside of you, it would be best for you to listen to him and change into a different colored saree."
Shanti chimed in as well, "Yes Divya. We understand that it may have been different with your late husband before. But now we see how much Harish cares for you and wants what is best for you. Please consider changing your attire for his sake."
With a weary smile, Divya finally gave in and began changing out of her white saree. As she draped a colorful saree around her body, she couldn't help but feel a glimmer of hope for her and her unborn child's future under Harish's care.

Divya's heart raced as she thought, "From now on, Harish is everything. He will be the one to raise my child with me. He is the only man who will hold a place in our home." A wave of peace washed over her at the thought, but a tingling sensation also stirred within her. Over the past few days, Divya couldn't help but notice that Harish's gaze towards her had changed. Though she had caught him staring at his grandmother many times before, she brushed it off as harmless admiration. But now, with her pregnancy amplifying her womanly curves, she felt herself falling under his spell. She convinced herself that he was just noticing her changing body and didn't take it too seriously. But today, as all these thoughts swirled in her mind, Divya couldn't deny the thrill she felt. Unbeknownst to her, a small trickle of wet arousal escaped from between her legs.

She was brought back to reality when Chenbagam shook her arm impatiently.
"Where were you lost in thought? I've been calling your name for ages," Chenbagam asked.
Divya's face flushed red with embarrassment and guilt at being caught daydreaming about Harish. She quickly composed herself and responded, "Just lost in my own thoughts."
But Shanti immediately chimed in with playful teasing, "Oh come on, we all know who you were thinking about. Our dear Harish has quite the effect on you!"
Feeling flustered, Divya tried to brush off their teasing by insisting that Harish was simply her son and nothing more. But even as she said it, a mischievous grin tugged at the corner of her lips.
Shanti continued to tease, "Hmm, Son...That explains why you hurriedly changed into a saree when he asked you to and then wore it backwards while deep in thought."
It was then that Divya realized her saree was indeed tied incorrectly. She quickly untied and re-tied it, trying to hide her face from Shanti's teasing.
But Shanti wasn't done yet, "Oh look, she's blushing like a new bride! Harish must really be on her mind."
Growing exasperated, Divya finally put an end to their playful banter by firmly stating, "Can we please change the subject? It's not like that with Harish, he is my son and that's all there is to it."

Divya could not bring herself to speak to Harish as a mother after that night. Even though she insisted there was nothing on her mind, every time he looked at her, it felt like his gaze was tracing over every inch of her body with pleasure. A chill ran through her as she remembered the way his eyes lingered on her chest. She had never been bothered by his gaze before, but now it made her feel exposed and objectified. Now she thought, "He is seeing your boobs. hide it".

That night, Chenbagam, Shanti, Divya, and Gayatri all slept in the common hall. In the inner room, Vishwa and Harish lay down to rest.

The next morning, everything seemed back to normal. Relatives came and went and everyone went about their daily routine. After finishing all the household chores, they took turns bathing in the shared bathroom.

As Divya finished her bath and began to tie her petticoat up to her breasts, Vishwa suddenly appeared in front of her.
In that thin material, her breasts, belly, and pregnant form were fully visible.
Frozen in place, he stared at Divya for a long moment before finally speaking.

"Where is mom, Divya aunty?" he asked.

Startled by his sudden appearance and direct question, Divya hesitated before replying, "She's also taking a bath. Is there something you need?"

Vishwa shook his head quickly, "No aunty, I just wanted to see my mom."

Divya excused herself to change clothes by teasingly saying, "You are your mom's son. She's in the backyard. You can go see her there."
Everyone was talking after lunch. Chenbagam leaned against the wall, her dark hair cascading over her shoulders as she chatted with the others. Shanti reclined peacefully, using Chenbagam's lap as a cushion. Divya sat close by, engrossed in conversation while Gayatri lay on her lap, gazing up at them.

Shanti's saree was spread out underneath her, creating a backdrop for her figure. As she shifted slightly to get more comfortable, the end of her saree fell away, revealing a deep cleavage and a large right breast that spilled out of her low-cut blouse. The blouse, adorned with only three hooks, seemed to strain under the weight of Shanti's breasts.
Her massive right breast, swollen and heavy, juts out of her low cut blouse, barely contained by the three flimsy hooks struggling to hold its weight. As she moves, the overwhelming heaviness causes it to completely escape from the confines of the blouse, landing heavily on top of her left breast. The protruding nipple is exposed on her freed breast, and stood erect proudly for everyone to see.

Divya couldn't help but ask, "Why are there only three hooks in your blouse?"

Shanti smiled and grabbed her right breast, pulling it back into place before showing off the three hooks.

"The girl who sews my blouses says they look better this way," Shanti explained. "And since I have such sexy boobs, I've stuck with it. Isn't these low cut blouses nice?"

Divya reached inside Shanti's blouse and explored the hooks with her fingers.

"They seem really strong," she commented. "But you need that for your big boobs."

Shanti playfully swatted at Divya's hand. "Don't tease me," she said with a smile.

"Mine is not bigger than yours. You and mom both have huge boobs," Divya continued sarcastically. "ou two just happen to have grown yours to enormous proportions."

Chenpagam chimed in, "Why am I getting dragged into this?"

Shanti laughed and replied, "Well your sister and I have huge papayas for boobs. It's hard to miss when you walk."

Divya shook her head. "I can never win against you" she said as she absentmindedly ran her fingers through Gayatri's hair.

Gayatri had been listening to their conversation and looked down at her own small chest with a worried expression.

"Don't worry, my dear," Divya reassured her. "You'll bloom soon enough."

"But it's going to take years for me to catch up to you all," Gayatri replied with a sigh.

"Before you know it, you'll be a big girl like us," Shanti joined in affectionately.

"When will I become a big girl?" Gayatri asked curiously.

Shanti playfully pinched her cheek and said, "Oh my little one, always eager to grow up. Don't rush it too much. Puberty will come soon enough."

Just then, Vishwa appeared in the courtyard, calling out to Shanti.

"Mother," he said as he approached them.

"What is it, Vishwa?" she forced herself to ask, though she already knew what he wanted.

He gave a subtle signal with his eyes, pleading for her to follow him. But Shanthi could only shake her head, her own eyes shouting "No" in silent protest.

Vishwa's expression fell into one of sadness and disappointment as he realized he wouldn't get what he wanted. "Please," he begged with his eyes, and Shanthi reluctantly relented, signaling with her own eyes that she would come.

As he hurried into the bedroom, Shanthi could feel her heart racing faster and faster. She couldn't believe she was about to do this again. Wrapping her fallen saree tightly around her body, she followed Vishwa inside.

Shanti entered the room and unhooked her blouse with one hand still tucked inside her saree.
Divya and Chenbagam couldn't help but watch as Shanthi revealed her bare breasts while removing her blouse. And when Shanti turned towards them and closed the door, it was clear that she was completely exposed - her blouse wide open and her breasts hanging freely. Seeing that, Divya and Chenbagam were a little shocked and looked at each other as if they had guessed what was going on and smiled a little.

They watched in shock as Shanthi emerged from the room half an hour later, her hair disheveled and her blouse hanging open, revealing her bare chest. Her blouse was open and she was draped her saree over it. She came out with her messy hair and was tying it into a bun.  As her arm was lifted up, her blouse was open further and showed off her huge boobs swinging under the saree. She nonchalantly made her way to the kitchen, pretending like nothing had happened. She went straight to the kitchen while tucking the blouse hooks while keeping her hands inside the saree.

But Divya couldn't ignore the nagging feeling in her gut. Finally gathering the courage to confront Shanthi, she asked bluntly, "How long has this been going on?"

Shanthi looked up at her in her eyes and confessed, "For a year."

Divya was stunned into silence. How could this have been going on for so long? And why didn't Shanthi say anything when they saw each other just six months ago at the temple festival?

Shanthi's response was hesitant and filled with guilt. "I told him not to do anything there. But today, when I saw you coming back from your bath in just a petticoat, he couldn't control himself and begged me to come inside."

Divya's mind was reeling. She couldn't believe her sister was behaving this way. "Why are you treating your son like your husband?" she asked, her voice trembling with anger.

"Because we are already married," Shanthi finally admitted, bowing her head in shame.

Divya's shock turned into disbelief. "You married your own son? What does that even mean?" she demanded.

"Yes, It happened about a year ago. I could tell by the way he was looking at me that his intentions were not good. His gaze seemed to strip away my clothes, revealing my body underneath. At the time, I brushed it off as just hormones. But then, he approached me and seemed hesitant to speak. I couldn't guess what was going through his mind. Later on, I found out that he had gone to my father-in-law and mother-in-law and asked for my hand in marriage. They were both embarrassed and upset. I was completely bewildered. Eventually, they came to me and asked if I would marry him. I was shocked and worried that maybe my actions had influenced him somehow. Maybe I did not raise my son properly. But then it occurred to me - ever since I hit puberty, I had been feeling incredibly horny. And when you got married, I was already pregnant. That's why I ran away from home without telling anyone. How long could I continue to satisfy my urges with cucumbers and carrots? Two days later, I finally agreed to marry him," Shanti finished her story.

Divya stood frozen, her body tense and still as she processed Shanti's words. Chenbagam also appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, drawn in by the sound of their conversation.
She reached out and gently placed a hand on Shanti's head, her face full of concern. "Why would we refuse when your father-in-law and mother-in-law asked you to marry? Your happiness should always be our top priority. Why didn't you tell us, dear? We would have been honored to attend your wedding."

"I wanted to tell you and get your consent," she began, her voice trembling.
"But Godhandam uncle was there. If he knew about this and knew that this was happening in our house then what will he think about Divya and Harish? That's why I did not tell you." Her gaze flickered downwards as she struggled to keep her composure. "I didn't want to tell you right now. But when he called me today, I couldn't say no. Even if you came to know that, It doesn't matter, I just wanted to make you understand...", Shanti said.

"That's right," Chenbagam said, trying to sound causal.
"Okay, hurry up and get the milk. My new son-in-law will be tired after fucking my daughter for half-an-hour. Do you need almonds and pistachios for the milk?" she said with a mischievous glint in her eye.
Shanti blushed deeply at Chenbagam's bold words, feeling exposed and vulnerable under her mother's knowing gaze.
"Oh, don’t tease me!" she stammered before quickly taking the milk away with shaky hands, hoping to escape further humiliation.
"Later, get some blouse stitched for me," she asked Shanti.
"Your uncle used to do that when he was alive. Where will I go to sew? When you come next time, will you stitch and bring it?", Divya said.
Shanti responded, "Give me the cloth and the sample blouse. That girl is a skilled tailor. Tell me what you want and I will make sure it is done."
Divya handed over the sample blouse and fabric to be stitched. But Shanti's brow furrowed as she inspected the material.
"Why is the blouse fabric so hard and thick? Do you want to stitch your blouse on this fabric? You can't even breathe in this fabric for your blouse.", said Shanti.
Her concern was evident as she suggested an alternative, "I will buy the blouse material and stitch it myself for you."
Divya sighed but explained, "Here it is available like this only. Okay, do it your way but do not stitch it with just three hooks."
Shanti chuckled lightly and countered, "Then two hooks are okay?"
Divya shook her head firmly, "Hey, don't ruin the cloth by doing that. You can do that for your blouse, not for mine. Stitch a normal, usual blouse for me."
"Hmm, let's see," Shanti mused mischievously. "I'll tell the tailor to stitch according to my mood on that day."
But Divya wasn't amused by Shanti's playful attitude. She warned sternly, "Just stitch it properly or else I will send it back to you. Then you have to wear it."
Shanti shrugged nonchalantly, "Even if I don't wear a blouse, there is no one to ask why. If I don't wear anything, I have a person to admire me." Her tone was laced with pride as she boasted.
Divya simply nodded and reiterated, "Mm, good. Just get it sewn properly."
"Okay, okay," Shanti acquiesced.

As Shanti's family left that day, the house returned to its original state of quiet grief.
But on the evening of Godhandam's death, when Harish asked Divya to wear a colorful saree, the sadness began to fade away. The vibrant hues and intricate patterns of the saree brought a sense of life back into Divya's world. She and Chenbagam wept when relatives came to inquire about her husband's demise, but after they left, they attended to their work in silence.

As the months went by, Divya's belly grew bigger. With no husband around to question or judge her choices, she leisurely wore sarees around the house. She tied her petticoat dangerously low so that the top of her pubic hair peeked out and accentuated her full belly. Frequently, she was caught giving an unintentional glimpse of cleavage through her unbuttoned blouse. It was difficult for her to hook the bottom of her blouse due to the swelling of her stomach, so she often didn't bother fastening it at all. This carefree attitude only added to her magnetic charm as she roamed around the house.

But her growing allure didn't go unnoticed by Harish. His eyes couldn't help but wander over her curvaceous figure, causing his heart rate to quicken with desire.
He could not ignore the glimpses of her pregnant boobs showing without restraint in an open blouse, the large naked belly and pubic hairs showing on the low worn saree.
He wondered if he should act on his impulses, but ultimately restrained himself, unsure of how to approach a pregnant woman. Yet, he couldn't help feeling restless and aroused by her presence.

One night, while everyone was watching TV, he slowly sat down next to his mother.