Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 04

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 04

Published on: 2024-03-13 19:14:59

Divya, her belly swollen with the growing life inside her, was sitting next to Harish. He couldn't help but stare at her stomach, fascinated by the thought of the tiny person growing within.

"Mom, has our baby grown bigger in your belly?" Harish spoke while gently placing his hand on her protruding stomach.
Divya shifted her gaze from the TV to look at him and replied, "Yes, she will be born in a few days."
Her hand absentmindedly rubbed circles on her stomach as she spoke.
A hint of excitement and nervousness danced in Divya's eyes as she watched Harish's hand roam over her belly. "Mom, can I rub your belly?" he asked.
Surprised by his question, Divya turned fully towards him. As his eyes took in her large, saree-covered stomach, she couldn't help but smile. "Go ahead," she said, playfully pulling her saree to the side to reveal more of her round belly.

Harish's hand first landed on Divya's navel, causing a shudder to run through her body. She could feel the pressure and weight of her pregnancy as he touched the most sensitive part of her body. Her arousal was evident as she felt herself start to ooze. Her body also responded in a more primal way, starting to produce arousal.

Despite not having a frequent physical relationship with her now deceased husband, Divya's desires were far from dead. If he had invited her to have sex with him every day, she would have eagerly accepted. Now, after a long time, she felt some emotional stimulation from someone else's touch. Unaware of the impact Harish was having on her, he continued to slowly stroke his mom's entire stomach.

Knowing that her pregnant belly was sensitive, Divya had already lowered her petticoat and unhooked the bottom of her blouse to prevent any discomfort. Her boobs were visible from under her blouse and would show most of her underboobs if she lifted up her hands. Harish took his time exploring each inch of her stomach with his hands.

Satisfied that he had fully explored her belly with his hands, Harish looked up at Divya and asked, "Where is the baby's leg?"
"Since it's the tenth month, the baby's leg should be here," Divya replied, placing her hand under her breast to show him where it might be.
Without warning, Harish suddenly leaned forward and kissed the spot where her hand rested - right under her clearly visible breasts that were peeking out from an undone button on her blouse. Divya let out a surprised moan, which only fueled Harish's desire.
Chenbagam, who was sitting nearby, turned towards them briefly before turning back to the TV as if she hadn't seen anything.
The electricity and tension between Divya and Harish could not be denied.

"Amma," he asked again, his voice tinged with longing, "where is the baby's belly?"
Feeling a mixture of lust and surprise, Divya turned to face him. Her hand instinctively went to her stomach, brushing lightly over the small bump that held their future child. "It would be here, honey," she replied breathlessly.
Before she could move her hand away, Harish leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her stomach. A shiver ran through Divya as she watched him closely. His lips trailed up towards her hands, but she couldn't bring herself to pull them away.
"Then where will the head be?" Harish murmured against her skin.
Her mind racing with thoughts of what he might do next, Divya hesitated for a moment before slowly lowering her petticoat to reveal the bottom of her stomach, just above her mons pubis.
If she had lowered her petticoat even and inch, he might have planted a kiss on her clitors.

Sensing an opportunity, Harish shifted onto Divya's lap and pressed his lips to her most intimate area. A moan escaped from Divya's lips as she closed her eyes and gave into the pleasure coursing through her body. He could have gone lower if she had lowered her petticoat even an inch more.

Meanwhile, Chenbagam had turned away from the TV and was watching them with curiosity. "What are you two up to?" she finally asked.
Innocently, Harish replied, "I'm kissing the baby inside the belly, grandma"
Amused by his childlike answer, Chenbagam couldn't resist teasing them. "Are you sure you're not kissing something else? Are you kissing the baby or Divya's pussy?"
Blushing furiously now, Divya pleaded for Harish, "He's just kissing the baby, Amma. You keep quiet.", and was lost in the throes of pleasure.
But deep down, she couldn't deny the thrill of being pleasured by her husband in such a public manner.
Chenbagam rolled her eyes. "Well, if you keep your legs open like that, he might give it everywhere," she joked.
But Divya didn't care. She was lost in the moment, her legs spread wide and her body humming with pleasure as Harish's lips continued to explore her most sensitive areas.

Divya's mood was soured by Chenbagam's teasing, but she couldn't help but enjoy the sensation of Harish's kisses as she combed her fingers through his hair. He reveled in the pleasure of kissing and rubbing his lips against her open mons pubis area, considering if he should take things further.
Thinking whether to do more than this or not, Harish said to Divya, who was looking at him with affection and lust, and said, "Mom, can I sleep with you today in your room?"

Chenbagam interjected with a teasing remark, "What's the sudden love for your mother today?"

Harish replied confidently, "It's not sudden at all. I have had feelings for her all along."

Divya's anger flared up as she retorted, "If you had such strong feelings, why did you leave me alone and go to bed by yourself for so long?"

Harish explained, "But mom, you gave me a private room so I could study."

"I gave it to you for studying only, not for sleeping," Divya said sternly.

Feeling hurt, Harish added, "Oh mom, I thought you didn't like me playing with your thali or putting my legs on you while sleeping. That's why I slept alone in my room."

Tears welled up in Divya's eyes as she lovingly confessed, "Oh dear, I opened my saree just so you could play with my thali. That's why I didn't even let my husband sleep with me."

Remorseful, Harish pleaded, "Please forgive me. I thought you didn't like it and I never asked you. Do you know how many days I've been yearning to play with your thali?"

With affection, Divya pinched Harish's cheek and said, "Okay then. You must be hungry. Let me go make some rice for us. Today, I will feed my son with my own hands."

Harish got up from Divya's lap as she slowly lowered her left hand to support herself and stood up. Her saree, which had been untied due to Harish's playful antics, fell to the ground. Her loose petticoat was also in danger of slipping off, leaving her bottomless. She quickly retied her saree, unintentionally displaying her under boobs and some of her aerolas and nipples through her open blouse. Harish couldn't help but admire her jiggling and shaking breasts, causing his arousal to rise. As her breasts jiggled, Harish's excitement grew and he felt his erection pressing against his trousers.

Soon enough, Divya returned with a plate of food in hand. She sat down on the floor and asked Harish with a smile, "Would you like to sit and eat or sit on my lap while you eat?"

Without hesitation, Harish replied, "On your lap."

Divya chuckled at how quickly he agreed and lovingly said, "Come here then."

Harish lay down on the ground with only his head resting on Divya's left leg. She fed him rice like a mother would feed her child, often pausing to stroke his hair with her free hand. As Harish finished eating, she licked any remaining morsels off her fingers, making sure not to waste any of the food he had tasted.
It felt like she was tasting Harish's saliva since she had fed him with her hands.

As she got up to go wash her hands in the kitchen, she told Harish, "Wait here darling. I'll be back to clean and dry your mouth."

After washing her hands, Divya returned and carefully cleaned Harish's mouth with her hands before drying it with the front of her saree.

Divya's voice was soft yet commanding as she spoke to Harish. "You won't be sleeping in your room tonight," she said, her hand brushing against her swollen belly. "Come to my bedroom, there is a large bed there for us both to share. After finishing all the work, mom will come and sleep with you too.".

Harish nodded in agreement, his mind racing with anticipation for what was to come. He knew he had to make the most of this opportunity, even though he couldn't help but feel a tinge of fear at the thought of being intimate with Divya in her pregnant state. He got up and went inside and took off his shirt. Lying on his back, Harish gazed at the door, eagerly awaiting Divya's arrival.

As Divya finished all her tasks with renewed energy, she could feel the excitement building within her. She washed her face and wiped it with her saree, the fabric clinging to her damp skin.

In her hand, she carried a jug of water, and Chenbagam, her mother, lay on a mat in the hall watching her every move.
"Mom, can I borrow your key chain?" Divya asked innocently.

Chenbagam raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Why do you need it now?" she questioned.

"Harish can only sleep if he has something to fiddle with," Divya explained, remembering how he had mentioned his habit of playing with Divya's thali before falling asleep. "Now that I don't have my thali anymore, I want to give him something else to hold onto. Can I borrow your keychain for the night?"

Chenbagam hesitated for a moment before reluctantly handing over the keychain. "Be careful," she warned sternly. "If you keep it in the middle of you, he might try to touch you somewhere else."

Divya blushed at her mother's words but couldn't deny their truth. "That's why I'm taking it," she admitted before quickly making her way to the bedroom.

As she entered the room, Harish lay on the bed with his hand resting on his head. Divya's heart fluttered at the sight of him and she couldn't help but feel self-conscious about her appearance. She closed the door behind her and walked towards the bed, her saree swaying with each step and highlighting her curves.
Tucking the key chain into her waistband, she swayed her hips as she moved towards the bed, her saree slipping off one shoulder to reveal her ample curves.
Her large boobs were swinging inside the braless blouse.

Placing the jug of water by the bedside, Divya asked in a playful tone, "Hey there sweetie, why aren't you asleep?"
She pulled her saree to wipe away the sweat from her face and neck.

Harish's eyes roamed over her back and side curves, admiring her beauty in the dim light. "I've never slept in this room before," he replied honestly.

"Don't worry, it'll feel normal in just a few days," Divya assured him with a warm smile.
"Can I sleep here with you every day from now on?" he asked eagerly.
A smirk played on Divya's lips as she firmly stated, "Yes, from now on you have to sleep with your mom only every night."

She placed a jug of water by the side of the bed for Harish to drink from if he got thirsty during the night.
"If you need anything during the night, I have water for you right here," she added, gesturing to the jug. "But don't leave the room for anything else until morning."

As she lay down next to him, wearing only a thin blouse and no bra underneath,  that barely contained her ample breasts, Harish couldn't resist sneaking glances at her exposed breasts. Her saree had slipped down, revealing her pregnant stomach and adding to Harish's arousal.
Her saree was pulled down and lay abandoned beside her.

They both knew that this would be their first night together in a long time and they were eager to make up for lost time. As they snuggled closer, they both felt a sense of contentment and anticipation for what was to come.

Divya lays down on the bed with a heavy sigh, her chest rising and falling in rhythm with her breath. Harish immediately turns to face her, his eyes lingering hungrily on her body. Harish's gaze falls upon her as he turns toward her, his eyes filled with desire. This is the first woman he has been intimate with since reaching adulthood and it was his own mother. As she settles onto the bed, her blouse dips low, revealing her full huge papaya shaped breasts that seem to be begging for his touch. In an instant, Harish's primal instincts take over and his member stands at attention as he gazes upon her milky flesh within reach. He can't help but stare as her blouse slips down to expose her creamy globes, begging to be touched.

But it's not just her breasts that capture his attention - his eyes trail down to where her blouse is unhooked at the bottom, exposing her swollen stomach. The fabric of her saree spreads out beneath her like a canvas, showcasing the curves of her body. Her petticoat sits low on her hips, leaving little to the imagination. Divya lies on her left side, one knee bent and thigh slightly spread, further tempting Harish with every movement.

Harish noticed all this in a moment and was unable to pacify his prick.
Seeing him lying looking at her, Divya remembered how he used to play with her thali and said, "I don't have the thali. that's why I brought the keychain from grandma to play with."
Then she removed her saree at the waist and showed the keychain inserted in the petticoat. It was lying just above her pussy over the petticoat.
It was as if showing to him and saying, "Here, this is my pussy. Take a look at it."

"Thank you, Amma," he croaks out, trying to keep his composure. "I really enjoyed rubbing your belly today." He turns onto his right side and places his hand on her stomach, feeling its firmness beneath his touch. She remembered how earlier, before dinner, he had kissed her all over - on her stomach, under her breasts, over her mound - causing her desire to simmer just below the surface. And now, as she shivers under his touch once again.

"Ssss, Do whatever you want, my love," she whispers breathlessly, her eyes filled with lust and longing. In a frenzy of desire, she removes her saree from around her waist and throws it off completely, offering herself up to him. Without hesitation, Harish raises her blouse and tucks her petticoat down, exposing her stomach completely. Harish eagerly wraps his hand around Divya's stomach and pushes up her blouse to reveal more of her naked skin. He warms it with his hands and in his eagerness, his hands roam over her bare skin - under her breasts, along her pubic hair - sending shivers of excitement through Divya's body. She was still wearing her blouse, saree and petticoat. But for all practical purposes she was almost topless under his hands.

As he kisses every inch of her stomach, he asks when their baby is due. "In another ten to fifteen days," she replies, lost in the moment as she runs her fingers through Harish's hair.

Harish noticed that his mother was a little more compliant, and still gaining courage, placed his hand on the side of the key chain and slowly moved his hand inside while kissing her navel.  As he lowers her petticoat further, the top of her pussy begins to peek out. Divya gasps as the fabric descends lower than she expected, but in the heat of passion, she lets Harish continue his exploration. In a daze of lust, she lets Harish explore further, feeling his warm breath on her pregnant belly as he lays his head down and continues to kiss and caress her. All thoughts of modesty or hesitation are forgotten in this moment of pure passion between them.

Harish was eager to see her pussy now and so he laid his head down on her pregnant navel.

Divya gently stroked Harish's head as he laid it on her round, pregnant belly. She could feel the slight kicks and squirms of their unborn child, a beautiful reminder of the life growing inside of her. But suddenly, a sharp pain shot through her abdomen, causing her to grimace.
"Harish, don't lie on my stomach now. I will give birth to the baby and give it to your grandmother. Then I will come to you. Then you can sleep on top of me anytime" she said with emotion, not knowing what she was talking about.
Harish's childlike innocence couldn't grasp the gravity of the situation. "But won't you let me play with the baby? I'll take good care of it," he asked eagerly.
Divya couldn't help but smile at his words. "If you're busy playing with the baby, who will play with me?" she joked, feeling grateful for his unwavering love.

Harish rose from Divya's body, his hand still caressing her with an intense grip. He whispered in her ear, "I'll play with the baby and I'll play with my mom too.".
Yet his fingers were still brushing her pubic hair. His fingers traced a path down her stomach and towards her pubic hair, sending shivers of anticipation through her body. Then, leaving the thumb of his left hand still caressing her pubic hair, he pressed the key chain hanging from her petticoat waist with his other fingers, hard into her pussy. As Divya had already spread her right leg, Harish's hand hit Divya's saree and petticoat to go further into her crotch. Unexpectedly, Divya looked back at Harish with her body shivering and her eyes wide with lust.

Divya writhed in ecstasy, unable to control herself as Harish's skilled hands worked their magic. She knew he couldn't see her face with his eyes closed, but she blushed nonetheless at the thought of him discovering how much she enjoyed his touch. Even though she loved making love with her husband, this secret rendezvous with Harish was something else entirely. He hadn't even touched her most sensitive areas yet, but she was already on the brink of climax. She thought that Harish's hands should not feel her body movement. It was clear that Harish's attention was now on her pussy and not on the key chain.

One end of the key chain was hanging outside and the other end of the key was lying exactly on the split of her pussy. The cool metal of the keychain sent tingles through her body as it rested right on top of her split, soaking up on her juices. Divya felt that the tip of the keychain was soaking well in her pussy juice which was already flowing like a spring. Divya couldn't help but imagine what her mother would say if she saw the bunch of keys covered in dried vaginal cum in the morning. But then she remembered that this was all because of her son's expert hands and playful game. The thought brought a flush of embarrassment to her face, but also a rush of excitement knowing that they shared this secret together.

As Harish lay in sleep, his hand reached for the keychain and with a quick tug, he pulled it down. His thumb moved from Divya's pubic hair, grazing her skin until it reached the edge of her saree and petticoat. With one swift motion, he dragged them down, exposing her naked pussy to the fan air.
His thumb found its way back to her slick folds, running along her pubic hair and landing on her throbbing clitoris. His thumb then landed on Divya's exposed clitoris, causing a jolt of pleasure to shoot through her body. He rubbed it slowly, feeling the wetness spread as Divya moaned in pleasure. Fueled by his knowledge from sex books, Harish continued to explore every inch of her secret garden. With a newfound curiosity, Harish began to explore Divya's body, tracing patterns with his fingers and discovering the secrets hidden within her. He remembered reading about the clitoris in sex books and now he was finally experiencing it firsthand as Divya reached the peak of ecstasy.

He inserted his index finger inside her pussy hole and was met with a flood of warmth and wetness. Divya's walls were already open and welcoming, drenching his fingers in her copious juices. But Harish's curiosity led him deeper, plunging his finger further than he thought possible. The sensation was overwhelming and he couldn't resist delving deeper until he hit a spot that made Divya gasp in pleasure.

Harish didn't stop and plunged his finger deep which made Divya stumble. "Ha," she hummed quietly, swaying her hips slightly.
The sensation made Divya stumble and let out a soft hum as she swayed her hips in response.
Her hips bucked and she moaned softly as Harish continued to play with her, flicking her sensitive clitoris while his finger explored every inch of her insides.

Harish skillfully worked his finger inside her, caressing the walls of flesh while his thumb flicked at her sensitive clitoris.
Harish's forefinger played with the side walls of flesh inside her pussy, his thumb flicked Divya's clitoris and Divya, who had never known this pleasure, climaxed as she writhed like a worm. The intensity built up until Divya couldn't take it anymore and climaxed with a loud moan. She climaxed hard, trembling and shaking under his touch. Her hips were crammed and her pussy was full of her pussy water. But Harish didn't stop there, continuing to play with her until she was completely lost in pleasure. Unaware that she had climaxed, Harish continued to play and she was stuck in it for a while and stopped by holding Harish's hand.

It wasn't until she took his hand and placed it on her stomach that she realized the extent of her release.  It came out with a satisfying "slurp" sound and landed on her stomach and she felt all her pussy juice  getting sticky on her stomach. In a surprising turn of events, Divya no longer cringed at the touch of cum but instead reveled in it, enjoying the sticky sensation on her skin. This was just the beginning of their night together, as they continued to explore each other's bodies with newfound passion and desire.

Divya pulled up her petticoat, feeling the cool fabric brush against her skin. She carefully covered her exposed thighs and pubic area, adjusting it like a harlot fixing her clothes. She searched for the end of her saree, and once she found it, draped it over herself like a soft blanket. Her body was still humming with warmth from Harish's touch, knowing he was lying next to her pretending to sleep. Being pregnant had made Divya more sensitive to Harish's advances, but she couldn't resist him last night when he caressed her body so tenderly.
The truth was, Divya could no longer keep up with Harish's intense passion, especially in her last stage of pregnancy. Her nerves were subdued and relaxed, and she welcomed the peacefulness that washed over her after their lovemaking. Slowly, she drifted into a deep slumber.
The following morning, Divya was the first to wake up. She opened her eyes slowly, feeling incredibly rejuvenated after the explosive climax she had experienced the night before. She looked at Harish sleeping soundly next to her, his hand resting on her breast as if claiming ownership.
Feeling the warm rays of dawn filtering through the window, Divya stretched her body slightly and felt Harish's hand shift on her chest. Gently, she moved his hand back down without waking him. As she sat up in bed, she noticed that the ends of her beautiful hair had come undone during their passionate rendezvous. She reached for them and tied them together neatly.
Still lost in thoughts about last night's activities, Divya smiled as she watched Harish sleep peacefully like a child who knows nothing of the world. Yet he had surprised her with his actions and desires, making her feel wanted and fulfilled in ways she never thought possible.
She remembered how Harish had asked to rub her belly last night, and everything that followed felt like a hazy dream. Pinching his cheek affectionately, Divya silently thanked him for the pleasure he had given her and how she had willingly submitted to his desires. Finally, she got up from bed and put on her saree before heading to the kitchen in search of Chenbagam.

The kitchen was filled with the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, courtesy of Chenbagam. Divya eagerly took the tumbler and made her way to the backyard, where she could hear the soothing sound of water splashing against fabric as Chenbagam washed clothes. As she approached, Chenbagam couldn't help but notice a change in her daughter's face.
"Did you not sleep well last night?" asked Chenbagam.
Divya responded, "Actually, I slept like a baby. It's been a while since I've had such a good night's rest."
"I thought your son wouldn't let you sleep at all," inquired Chenbagam.
"He didn't exactly let me sleep, but I was so exhausted and drowsy that I drifted off without realizing it," explained Divya.
"Then nothing happened between you two? How disappointing," sighed Chenbagam.
"Well, he did make me orgasm with just his fingers. Even my husband has never done that before. It was intense and left me completely spent. It was so intense that it tired me out and I slept like a baby." confessed Divya to her mother, recounting their first night together.
"Well then, you certainly played your part quite well all night long. So why are you trying to hide it now?" teased Chenbagam playfully as she affectionately patted Divya's thigh.
"I already told you. When he was a boy, he had some serious skills with his fingers. You're the one who has been deprived for so long and missed out," teased Chenbagam.
Divya blushed with embarrassment as Chenbagam continued speaking from experience, "Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about."
Divya rolled her eyes with embarrassment. "Mom, don't talk like that."
As Divya tried to protest again, Chenbagam interjected, "Okay okay, enough of this. Has Harish woken up yet? Go and get him some coffee and tell him to get ready."
"Yes mom, I'll take care of it," agreed Divya, starting to get up from her seat. However, Chenbagam stopped her and said, "Divya, don't sleep with Harish for the next few days."
Confused and concerned, Divya asked, "Why not?"
"You're in the last stages of pregnancy, honey. And Harish is a young boy and has quite a lot of speed. I could see how crazy he is about you when he was kissing your stomach yesterday. Let the baby be born safely first. Then we can plan for a wedding once it's a good day. Until then, just bear with me, my dear." explained Chenbagam.
As much as Divya felt disappointed by her mother's words, she knew they were coming from a place of love and concern. Reluctantly, she nodded in agreement and said, "Okay."

Divya tiptoed through the dimly lit hallway, careful not to make a sound as she made her way to the kitchen. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air as she measured out the perfect amount for Harish and poured it into his favorite mug. She couldn't help but smile as she imagined his reaction when he woke up to find her waiting with his morning pick-me-up.

Quietly, she padded into their bedroom, where Harish was still sound asleep. Her heart skipped a beat as she gazed at him longingly, admiring the soft lines of his face and the gentle rise and fall of his chest. She shook his shoulder gently, trying to wake him without startling him too much.

Finally rousing from his slumber, Harish blinked awake and saw Divya's face hovering above him, offering him coffee. He couldn't resist taking a sip before answering her question about his sleep.

"No sleep at night," he mumbled in response.

Divya's expression softened with concern. "Please forgive me dear. I was so tired that I fell asleep instantly. From now on, I will make sure you get enough rest before I sleep."

Harish let out a small chuckle. "It's alright, mom. I'll get used to it."

"Good, now hurry up and get ready for school. It's getting late," Divya urged with a sense of urgency.

As Harish got ready for his day, he couldn't shake off the thought that had been gnawing at him all day. He promised himself that he wouldn't let his mother sleep at all night tonight.
He kept planning on ways to make her climax more and more and that thought sent a tingling throughout his body.

That evening, after dinner, Harish waited eagerly for his mother to finish her household chores. As soon as she stepped outside to spread the mat for them to sleep on, he called out to her, "Mom, come inside and sleep."

Chenbagam explained to him that due to Divya's pregnancy, it was not possible for her to sleep inside the house. Harish understood and reluctantly went to bed inside their room, feeling disappointed and dejected.

"I was so bold with her earlier, now my bad luck has caught up with me," Harish thought sadly as he lay awake in the darkness, listening to the sound of crickets outside.

Divya noticed the worry etched on his face and glanced at Chenbagam. With a reassuring smile, Chenbagam said, "Is this a running water? It's well water. You can drink it whenever you want. Both of you just need to be patient."

Feeling comforted by her words, Divya snuggled closer to Chenbagam and whispered soothingly as they drifted off to sleep together.