Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 05

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 05

Published on: 2024-03-15 17:52:48

The next day, when Harish returned from school, he found the house locked. The neighbor, Aunty, saw him approaching and came out to inform him that his mother had been taken to the hospital due to sudden pregnancy pains. She gave him the key to the house as instructed by his parents.
Harish entered the house, made himself some coffee, and wondered about his mother's condition. Just then, the phone rang and it was his grandmother on the other end.
"Are you back home, Harish?" asked Chenbagam.
"Yes grandma, is my mom okay? What happened?" Harish asked with concern.
"She's fine. You have a baby sister now," announced Chenbagam.
"Really?!" exclaimed Harish in joy.
"Yes, your mother just gave birth half an hour ago. I called to check if you were back from school," explained Chenbagam.
Overwhelmed with happiness at having a baby sister, Harish asked about his mother's condition and was relieved to hear that she had a healthy delivery. Chenbagam also instructed him to inform the neighbor about the good news and mentioned that she would come over in the evening to take care of his mother while she cooked.
After informing the neighbor, Harish resumed doing his homework when he heard someone entering the house. As expected, it was his grandmother with a basket in hand.
"How is everyone? Is Mom awake now?" Harish eagerly asked his grandmother.

Chenbagam let out a deep sigh as she sat on the ground, exhausted from her journey to and from the hospital. "Your mother has woken up and she's been asking for you. She said to take a day off tomorrow. The baby is doing well; he looks just like your mother did when she was born, beautiful as ever," Chenbagam shared excitedly but with a hint of weariness in her voice.

Upon hearing this news, Harish couldn't contain his happiness. Chenbagam rose to her feet and asked, "What would you like for dinner tonight?"

"Anything is fine, grandma. But why did you come here? You should have stayed with my mother and helped her," Harish questioned.

"I thought the same thing, but your mother insisted that you might be lonely here by yourself. She never likes leaving you alone. So she called your aunt to come and help at the hospital while she asked me to come home and take care of you," Chenbagam explained.

"I don't really have an appetite right now. I just want to see my mother," Harish responded.

"Yes, I understand. You want to see her just as much as she wants to see you. That's why you'll take a day off tomorrow and visit her then. For now, I'll make Upma for dinner. You can eat," Chenbagam said before heading into the kitchen.

"Okay, grandma," Harish replied before finishing his homework and joining his grandmother in the living room where she had prepared Upma for their meal.

As Chenbagam handed him his plate, Harish made a request, "Grandma, could you feed me today while I lie in your lap?"

"What? Do you want me to be your substitute mother while yours is away?" Chenbagam teased back.

"Oh forget it, I'll just eat by myself," Harish said, frustrated by her sarcasm.

"Don't be angry, my dear. Come here," Chenbagam called out to him.

Harish crawled over to her and she placed him on her lap. "Does my little king get angry so easily? Your grandma was only teasing you. If I can't do it, who else will? I love you very much, my dear. Do you know why?"

"Why?" Harish asked, still a bit grumpy.

"Because you look just like your grandfather when he was young. Every time I see you, it's like looking at him all over again," Chenbagam answered as she gently rocked Harish in her arms before pulling him into her lap. As he ate his meal and watched TV, Harish couldn't help but smile at his grandmother's words.

As the soft sari cascaded over her body and covered his face, Chenbagam's eyes glinted with mischief. She grabbed the end of the fabric and skillfully wrapped it around her waist, exposing her luscious left breast and toned stomach to Harish's hungry gaze. As he ate and watched TV, a stray bit of Upma landed on her stomach.
"Look at what you've done," she scolded playfully, but deep down she was enjoying the attention.
But instead of apologizing, Harish leaned in and licked the bits of Upma from her stomach with his tongue, sending shivers down Chenbagam's spine.

She couldn't believe what was happening as he continued to lick and kiss her stomach with passionate abandon. "What are you doing?" she gasped, wide-eyed with surprise.
"I'm cleaning the Upma from your stomach, grandma," he replied nonchalantly before trailing his tongue down to her navel.
But it wasn't just about cleaning to Harish. He relished in the feeling of her soft skin beneath his lips and the taste of her sweet flesh. As he licked and kissed every inch of her exposed stomach, Chenbagam couldn't help but let out soft moans of pleasure.

In a trance-like state, Chenbagam lifted the front of her saree to reveal her entire belly to Harish. As he explored every inch with his tongue, she moaned with pleasure and pulled the fabric up to her neck, desperate for more. He eagerly thrusts his tongue into her delicate navel and sucking on it like a thirsty man drinks water.

Harish slowly came to the navel and saw that Chenbagam was sitting and her stomach was folded and the navel cavity was like a hole and thrust his tongue into it. Chenbagam, amused by this, leans her left arm to her side as if to slightly expose her navel, and Harish teases it with his tongue. He sucked with his lips and played with his tongue around his navel.
It elicited more moans from Chenbagam who could hardly contain herself.

Unable to control herself any longer, Chenbagam lay down on the ground and gave herself completely to Harish's ministrations.
Harish gave her some space to lie down and when she lay down she lay down on her right side and he played on her stomach, Chenbagam tried to take off her saree but knowing that it was stuck on her back, she didn't want to waste time in taking it off, she was absorbed in the pleasure, just like that she lifted the saree up to her neck and stuck it in her right armpit.
With each touch of his tongue on her sensitive skin, she felt herself getting lost in lust.

Harish was engrossed in the licking game. And Chenbagam was lifting off her breast with her blouse as if asking to do something with that too. She was too far gone in lust.

Feeling that she could not bear it anymore, Chenbagam spread her left arm and lay down on the ground. Harish gave her some space to lie down and when she lay down she lay down on her right side and he played on her stomach, Chenbagam tried to take off her saree but knowing that it was stuck on her back, she didn't want to waste time in taking it off, she was absorbed in the pleasure, just like that she lifted the saree up to her neck and stuck it in her right armpit.

The seductive dance between their tongues and skin became too much for Chenbagam to handle as she lay down on her side, giving Harish better access to her body.
Harish continued his exploration, slowly making his way up towards her breasts.
Understanding what he was coming after for, she unhooked her blouse hooks one by one. She was not wearing any bra. Her breasts grew in size as each clasp was undone. When the last hook was removed from its place, her large breasts rolled out of her blouse. In a frenzy of desire, she lifted off her blouse without hesitation, exposing her large breasts that begged to be touched. She opened her blouse and showed Harish her entire breasts. they lifted like a gently sloping mountain. He gently began to move up towards them. Harish had his first smell of naked breasts.

The boobs were huge and white in color with slight tan. The areolas were sexy light brown in color. The nipples were large and erect and the size of cashew nuts. It looked enticing and ready to eat, suck, bite, maul and do whatever he wanted to do.

Harish obliged eagerly, taking in their sweet scent before caressing them softly with his hands and burying his face between them. He reveled in their weight and texture, exploring every inch with his lips and tongue until he could no longer resist.

With Chenbagam's blouse now fully undone, her nipples were revealed to be large, erect and perfectly shaped like cashew nuts. Harish wasted no time in teasing and sucking on them, causing Chenbagam to writhe and moan beneath him. Harish couldn't resist any longer. He buried his face in between her breasts, caressing them with his hands and leaving a trail of kisses on her skin. He delighted in the way her body moved and responded to his touch, each moan and gasp urging him on.

He couldn't resist any longer and took one of her nipples between his teeth, gently biting and sucking until it stood firm and erect. Chenbagam arched her back in pleasure, giving Harish full access to her body.

He put his hands on her boobs and rubbed his face between her breasts. His thumbs caressed her erect and long nipples. Then he kissed between her breasts. He happily watched her plump breasts move gently with the movements of her body.

As the intensity between them continued to escalate, Harish couldn't help but marvel at her beauty - her full breasts, smooth skin, and wild abandon. And as they lost themselves in each other's bodies, they both knew that this was just the beginning of their passionate journey together. They lost themselves in each other, consumed by desire and indulging in every sensation. As their bodies intertwined, they knew that this was just the beginning of an intense and passionate night together.

Harish embraced his grandmother as she lay sprawled out on the floor. Harish wrapped his arms around Chenbagam, who was lying on her back.  He could feel the heat radiating from her body and the slight tremble in her muscles. He could feel the rough texture of his shorts against her smooth right thigh, and he rubbed himself against her skin, feeling a rush of excitement. His raging arousal pressed against her thigh, seeking more friction as he hungrily licked and sucked every inch of her body. Harish hungrily devoured Chenbagam's body, his hands roaming over her exposed flesh as he pressed his cock against her right thigh.

He licked between her boobs with his tongue. Then his lips traveled to her right breast and wet the entire breast with his saliva. And playing with his tongue around her protruding nipple, he cupped it with his lips and sucked it fast. Chenbagam, who did not expect such speed, was a little shocked. She lifted her breast high up and breastfed him. As he sucked on one breast, he put the other breast in his hand and squeezed it.  Those breasts are really big to be squeezed in one hand. He would have needed more than four hands to just cover them. However, he kneaded and mauled and massaged the breast in his palm as much as he could.

These were the first naked breasts Harish had ever touched, and their size and softness amazed him. He had only been seen in porn movies and magazines. And touching those soft boobs was really heavenly. He couldn't tear himself away from them, wanting to explore every inch with his mouth and hands. He nibbled on her nipples and flicked them with his tongue, causing Chenbagam to moan loudly for the first time in years. He sucked, licked, kissed, bit, pushed as much of the boob flesh into his mouth and kept her in a frenzy. He placed her nipples between his lips and lower teeth and flicked them with his tongues, which caused her to hiss in emotion.

He devoured her breasts with fervent determination, leaving them slick with his saliva as he squeezed and fondled them like a madman. The size of her breasts overwhelmed him, but he couldn't get enough of their softness and weight in his hands. He licked and sucked at her skin with a fierce urgency, tasting the salt of her sweat and feeling her shiver beneath him. His lips trailed down to her breasts, their softness and weight in his hands driving him wild with desire. He ravaged her nipples with his mouth, sucking hard and causing her to cry out in pleasure.

His lips trailed down her body, leaving a trail of wet kisses along the way. When he reached her breasts, he eagerly sucked and licked at them, causing Chenbagam to moan with pleasure. The sensation was overwhelming for both of them - Harish had never touched such large naked breasts before, and Chenbagam had never felt such intense pleasure from someone's touch.

His tongue darted out to lick between her breasts, leaving a trail of wetness along her skin as it traveled down to her right breast. He covered it with his warm mouth, sucking and licking while his hand massaged the other breast. Chenbagam's breath quickened, surprised by Harish's speed and intensity. She arched her back, offering more of herself to him as he continued to pleasure her breasts.

Chenbagam took ragged breaths, unable to contain her pleasure any longer. With Harish's encouragement and skilled touch, she surrendered herself completely to him.
Chenbagam moaned and squirmed beneath him, her body responding to his touch in ways she never thought possible. She had never felt this level of pleasure before, not even with her long-expired husband. She doesn't scream or made any sound when her (long expired) husband had played with her body or fucked her. However, now it seemed like she felt like screaming loudly. Harish's skilled mouth and hands explored every inch of her body, driving her wild with desire. A throaty lust moan came out as nothing but air. She wriggled her body and gave it to Harish.
Chenbagam's moans grew louder and more desperate as Harish continued to explore every inch of her huge tits with his lips and tongue. It was a sensation she had never experienced before, one that ignited a fire deep within her core. She arched her back, offering herself fully to him as he claimed her breasts and squeezed them roughly.

Harish's mouth now when to her right breast and his right hand traveled down her body. He tugged and pulled her saree fold on the waist and removed her saree. He searched for the knot of the petticoat while sucking and kissing and playing with her breast. When Chenbagam understood what he was looking for, she helped him by untying the knot of the petticoat. Harish felt the petticoat coming loose and immediately pushed it down. Chenbagam helped him by lifting her buttocks and pushing her petticoat down to her knees. Chenbagam eagerly helped him, desperate for the intense sensations that his touch brought. Now she was lying down with her blouse completely open and showing her boobs, with the saree under her, and the petticoat down to her knees and showing her naked pulsing and throbbing pussy. Her pussy was leaking copiously. Soon, she lay before him fully exposed and throbbing with need, panting and writhing in anticipation.

Harish came down slowly rubbing her thighs. Chenbagam kept her right hand under her head and spread her left hand and turned her face to the left side and closed her eyes and was enjoying the pleasure. She was intoxicated by Harish's game and her blouse was open with a saree hanging around her neck. With the blouse of her saree open, revealing her topless boobs, and her petticoat down to her knees, revealing her naked pussy, she was exposed and vulnerable to his every move.

She lay in front of him, completely exposed and vulnerable.The sight of her semi-naked body made Harish's pulse race, and he could see that she was wet with desire.
Harish put his hands between her right legs and lay on her right thigh and pushed her left thigh to spread her legs and along with that her pussy spread open. Her vagina was fully engorged and the pressure caused her pussy to leak more honey. He saw her engorged vagina pulsing with desire. Her pussy hair was drenched with her arousal fluid as if it had been drenched with water.  As Harish's fingers delved between her legs, Chenbagam's body writhed with desire, her pussy dripping with anticipation. Each touch caused her to leak even more honey from her depths, saturating the hair around her pussy as if it had been soaked in water. Chenbagam had never experienced such intense arousal before, but she couldn't find it in herself to stop him.

So far, the Chenbagam has not leaked so much liquid in her lifetime. When Harish spread her leg, her pussy spread open, moving her pussy hair to the sides and showing her clitoris, labia lips, and vaginal opening clearly for him to see.

Harish's fingers found their way between Chenbagam's legs, feeling the warmth and moisture between them. He marveled at how responsive she was to his touch, and he couldn't resist tasting her, causing Chenbagam to writhe beneath him in pleasure. As he explored every inch of her body with his mouth and hands, both of them lost themselves in the heat of passion, letting their desires take over completely.

He savored every taste and sound she made as he pleasured her in ways she had only dreamed of. And as she reached heights of ecstasy that she never knew existed, Chenbagam couldn't help but let out a throaty scream of pure pleasure.

Her arousal was so potent that it soaked through her pubic hair, soaking it with clear, sticky fluid. It was as if a fountain of honey had erupted from within her, drenching everything in its path. And when Harish spread her legs open wider, revealing the delicate folds of her clitoris and labia lips, Chenbagam could feel herself becoming undone.

With each movement of his hands, Harish revealed more of her naked body, exposing her clitoris, labia lips and vaginal opening for his hungry gaze. The shame and embarrassment that flooded through Chenbagam's mind was quickly replaced by desire as she realized that he was watching her every move. Chenbagam felt ashamed but did not have the strength and the heart to stop him and decided to let him do what he wanted to do. Despite the shame and hesitation she felt at being watched so closely by Harish, Chenbagam couldn't find it in herself to stop him. She surrendered to his touch, allowing him to explore every inch of her nakedness until she was humming loudly with pleasure.
She approved of his actions by humming loudly, "Mmm".

Harish saw her pussy up close and immediately wanted to taste it. This was his first naked live pussy and he has only seen them on porn magazines and movies. He now smelled her heavenly vagina and liked it. The pussy was really sexy and clean and he had never seen one like this before.

Unable to resist any longer, Harish brought his mouth to her exposed pussy and breathed in its intoxicating scent. The sight and smell of Chenbagam's sweet, clean pussy drove him wild with desire.  So he took a taste, savoring the unique flavor that only a live, naked woman could provide.  It was unlike anything he had ever tasted before - clean, sweet and undeniably sexy. This was their first time experiencing such uninhibited pleasure together and there was no turning back now.

And as he lapped hungrily at her swollen lips and engorged clit, he knew he would never be satisfied with anything less than this again.

Harish greedily devoured every drop of sweet honey that spilled from Chenbagam's pulsing pussy. His lips and tongue worked in perfect harmony, exploring every curve and crevice of her intimate flesh. As her hips began to move with a frenzied rhythm, she pushed herself onto his mouth, desperate for more pleasure. Her soft moans fuel his desire as he hungrily licks and sucks every drop of honey that has spilled onto her pubic hair. Responding to her arousal, Chenbagam lifts her hips up and presses herself onto his face, urging him deeper into her core. Harish eagerly complies, his lips parting her pubic hair with precision as his tongue delves deep into her opening.

With expert skill, Harish parted the soft curls of her pubic hair and plunged his tongue deep into her waiting opening. It had been so long since she had felt the touch of a man, and the sensation was almost overwhelming. For so long, Chenbagam has been deprived of pleasure since her husband's passing. But now, with Harish's skilled tongue flicking and teasing her most sensitive areas, she feels like a dam breaking open within her. She succumbs to wave after wave of ecstasy, pressing Harish's head tighter against her pussy as she climaxes over and over again. Her body responded eagerly, releasing years of pent-up desire in one explosive moment.

As Chenbagam climaxed over and over again, she pressed Harish's head closer to her quivering center, wanting to savor every last drop of ecstasy. And he willingly obliged, his tongue eager to taste every inch of her sweetness.

But still, Harish shows no signs of slowing down. He revels in the taste of her cum, lapping it all up with fervor and savoring every drop. His nose adds another layer of stimulation as it flicks and rubs against her clitoris, sending electric shocks of pleasure through Chenbagam's body. With trembling limbs and ragged breaths, she surrenders to yet another climax brought on by Harish's unrelenting ministrations.

As she rides out the waves of pleasure coursing through her body, Chenbagam can't help but wonder if this is what true satisfaction feels like. And as Harish continues to ravage her with his tongue and bring her to new heights of ecstasy, she knows for sure that she never wants this feeling to end.

Harish tore his mouth away from his grandmother's throbbing pussy and ripped off his clothes in a frenzy.

Chenbagam closed her eyes without even looking at what her grandson was doing. Slowly he sat between her legs. He rubbed the tip of his throbbing member against her pulsing pink folds. Everything was taught by the sex book he read. As soon as Chenbagam felt the touch of his cock, she moaned and arched her body, spreading her legs wide for him. He brushed off the pubic hairs with his cock. Then he rubbed his cock all over her pussy. He flicked and teased the clitoris with his penis. He rubbed his cock in full length outside her pussy on the cleft.

Chenbagam could feel the hunger radiating off of him, and she moaned in anticipation as he began to tease and press his thick cock against her sensitive clit. She writhed under his touch, her body on fire with lust and desire. As he rubbed his length against her slick pussy, she felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge.

With a swift motion, Harish brushed aside any obstacles in his way and ran his cock all over her dripping pussy. He teased and tormented her sensitive clitoris with his throbbing member, eliciting guttural cries of pleasure from Chenbagam. With each thrust, he pushed himself to the brink of ecstasy, but held back, wanting to savor every moment of their first time together.

Chenbagam moaned at the peak of lust intoxication. Then Harish slowly inserted his penis into Chenbagam's vagina. Her pussy is his first pussy in his life. He was a virgin until that time.

Harish finally pushed himself inside her virgin pussy with a slow, determined force. At first, it resisted his size, causing them both a delicious ache. It was too tight for his large cock. He took it out and then he pressed it inside inch by inch. But when he was halfway inside, he couldn't resist giving one powerful thrust that sent them both over the edge. Chenbagam cried out in pain and pleasure as she spread her legs even wider to accommodate him. Chenbagam cried out in pleasure mixed with pain as her body adjusted to the size of Harish's cock. But soon, they were moving together in perfect harmony - her hips rising and falling to meet his steady thrusts. They were both lost in ecstasy - Harish's mind fogged with pleasure and instinct taking over.

Harish stuffed his whole dick inside and stopped. Chenbagam did not let his hips move and kept her legs bent over Harish's hips and held him prisoner and enjoyed the pleasure. Chenbagam's pussy was holding his cock tight. Both needed that thrill and pleasure. Harish lay on her like that for a long time, with his cock throbbing deep inside her pussy. Chenbagam hugged Harish with both arms. Soon she felt her pussy mound pulsing with his steady throb in his mound where cock base ends. Once fully buried inside her, Harish paused to catch his breath and relish in the feeling of Chenbagam's tight pussy gripping him like a vise.

She pushed her hips up and pressed her pussy into him without even realizing it. Harish puts it deep and thrusts the cock once, and Chenbagam bursts again in climax and bathes Harish's cock. Realizing that, Harish's cock also swelled and Harish was pounding fast realizing that he is going to explode soon.

Then she moved her hips up and down, and Harish slowly and steadily started pounding on her pussy. Without hesitation, Harish began pounding into her with an almost frenzied pace, his body taking control and knowing exactly what to do.

As they moved together in perfect rhythm, Chenbagam lost herself in the sensation of being completely filled by Harish's throbbing member. She couldn't believe how much he stretched and filled her, making her forget the size of her own husband's dick. With each thrust, Harish's speed increased until they were both a blur of motion, consumed by their primal desires.

As they picked up speed, their bodies moving in perfect synchronization, Chenbagam couldn't believe how full she felt with Harish inside of her. Her thoughts were consumed by the intense pleasure coursing through her veins.

Chenbagam reached her peak once again, and she pushed her hips up to meet Harish's pounding thrusts, taking him even deeper.

Realizing that he is going to climax, Chenbagam was undecided whether to ask him to take it out or not. But her body and pussy said no and as she was exhausted from the intoxication of climax, she couldn't do anything. Harish exploded his cum inside her in several bursts.

And just when she thought she couldn't take any more pleasure, Harish exploded inside her in a series of powerful bursts. She felt Harish pulling out and thrusting in and thrust four times. She felt his hot cum filling her up, mixing with her own juices, and it sent her over the edge once more.

Satisfied and spent, Harish collapsed on top of Chenbagam, still buried deep inside her. They lay there together, breathing heavily and basking in the afterglow of their intense encounter. Chenbagam clung to him, relishing the weight of his body on hers and the feeling of being completely taken by her own grandson. And as they lay there together, they knew this would not be their last rendezvous.

Harish rested to soak in the bliss of Chenbagam. He lay down on top of her exhausted. Chenbagam, who easily supported his weight, hugged him like that.



As the sun slowly rose, Chenbagam stirred from her sleep. Her long, black hair lay in tousled waves around her face, and her blouse was carelessly unbuttoned. On her right side, Harish slept peacefully, his head resting on her breast as he hugged her stomach. With a soft smile, she gently patted his head and kissed his forehead before carefully laying him down and getting out of bed.

Stretching her arms above her head, Chenbagam reached for the hem of her saree. With a practiced ease, she untied it from around her waist and let it fall to the floor in a pool of fabric. However, as she tried to step out of the petticoat still wrapped around her feet, she stumbled and nearly fell.

Chuckling to herself at their wild night of passion, Chenbagam managed to free herself from the tangled fabric and stood up, a proud smile on her lips. She then draped the saree and petticoat over her shoulders like a shawl and walked towards the telephone, clad only in her open blouse with nothing beneath it. Her breasts spilled out over the low neckline, but she paid no mind as she dialed Shanti's number.

Shanti answers the phone with a simple "hello".
"It's your mother, how is Divya doing?" Chenbagam asks.
Shanti puts the phone on speaker as she responds, "She's fine. Did you just wake up?"
"Tell me, mom," Divya chimes in.
"How are you? Did you sleep well?" Divya asks again with genuine concern.

Harish's eyes snapped open to the sound of his grandmother's voice on the phone. He was suddenly aware of his own nakedness, and his body responded with a primal instinct, his hardened member twitching to life. But when he saw Chenbagam standing before him, her blouse completely thrown open to reveal her ample breasts, her petticoat and saree draped on her shoulders, exposing her bare round buttocks, his entire being ignited with desire. Every sense was heightened as he drank in the intoxicating sight before him, his heart racing and his breath coming in ragged gasps.

"I'm feeling better now, but my body still aches a little. I did manage to get some sleep, but your granddaughter woke me up twice because she was hungry," explained Divya.
"Is she drinking her milk properly?" inquired Chenbagam.
"Yes, she is drinking well, although not as eagerly as Harish used to," answered Divya.

Here Harish slowly got up and without touching Chenbagam held only his penis and pressed it on one of her buttocks. Sensing the vigor of Harish's prick, Chenbagam turned her head back and smiled at Harish and said on the phone, "She is a small baby. It will be alright as she grows."

Harish rises slowly, his eyes burning with lust as he approaches Chenbagam. With a smirk on his face, he grasps his erect penis and presses it firmly against her bare buttocks, causing her to gasp in surprise. She turns her head to look at him, a mischievous smile spreading across her lips as she said into the phone, "She's just a little girl. Don't worry, she'll be fine as she grows."

Thinking that he has gained her consent, Harish moves his hand down to her ass crack and rubs it with his throbbing member before slowly maneuvering it down towards her pussy. He teases her by gently brushing the tip of his cock against the beginning of her warm, wet opening before sliding it up to her clitoris. Standing behind Chenbagam, he continues to tease and taunt her with slow, deliberate movements.

He rubs the tip of his prick all over her sensitive areas, causing Chenbagam to writhe and moan in pleasure. Feeling overwhelmed with pleasure, Chenbagam can't help but bend over slightly with one hand placed on the phone table for support. She arches her back, offering herself up to him completely in anticipation of what's to come. She was standing as if ready to be fucked from behind.

Harish presses his cock against her swollen clitoris and begins to move it in small circles, eliciting a loud moan from Chenbagam that can be heard clearly over the phone. Shanti and Divya listen intently for a moment before realizing what is happening on the other end of the line.

Harish slowly pushed his throbbing cock into Chenbagam's tight, warm cunt as she stood bent over by the phone stand. Despite having been fucked by him just the day before, her pussy was once again tight and welcoming to his girth. Harish relished in the feeling and gradually slid his entire length inside of her. Chenbagam's pussy expanded to accomodate his huge long prick. He took off her blouse completely and with a slow and steady pace, he began fucking her from behind, his hands roaming over her bare back as her hanging breasts swayed with their movements.
She took a quick breath and at one point her sexual pleasure got hold of her and she started moaning "Mmm, ha".

Meanwhile, Divya and Shanti listened in on the other end of the call, easily able to discern what was happening based on Chenbagam's moans. At first surprised, they couldn't help but giggle at each other as they decided to playfully tease Chenbagam about her passionate encounter with Harish.
Lost in the moment, Chenbagam forgot she was even on the phone as she lifted her hips higher to allow Harish's cock to penetrate even deeper inside her. She was so caught up in the pleasure that she didn't realize she had uttered a lustful "Mmm" when Divya called out "Mom" on the other end.

It wasn't until she heard Divya's laughter that she remembered where she was and quickly tried to play it off as nothing was happening. But Harish continued thrusting into her with renewed vigor, causing her to moan louder and lose all control.

Divya couldn't resist asking teasingly, "Has Harish woken up?"
In her mind, Chenbagam thought "Not only did he wake up but his brother did too. And now he's fucking me like there's no tomorrow."
But all she managed to say in a daze was "Mmm he got up, Divya".

As they listened intently to the sounds coming through the phone - the table rattling, the chain of her necklace tinkling against the phone wire, and Chenbagam's ragged breathing - Divya and Shanti could easily tell when Harish was thrusting into her and when he was pulling out. They both sensed him picking up speed. They both chuckled at his increasing speed, knowing exactly what he was doing to her.

Divya asked playfully, "What is Harish doing now?".

In Chenbagam's mind, she thought "He's filling me up with his pulsating cock."
Chenbagam's mind went blank as she couldn't think of a suitable response, so all she could manage to say was "He's working in my backyard".
But quickly realizing how that sounded, she corrected herself and said "He's drawing water from the well in our backyard".
The pounding rhythm of Harish's thrusts only added to the excitement of their phone call.

Both of them were enjoying Chenbagam's stumbling and said, "Ok, give him whatever he asks".

Chenbagam was taken aback by their words and asked in surprise, "What did you say?"

"Whatever he wants, give it to him. We meant food," clarified Divya, trying to hold back her laughter.

"I am giving him everything he asks for. And I've already given him what he asked for last night too," replied Chenbagam with a sly smile, fueled by the lust coursing through her veins.

Forgetting that Divya and Shanti were listening on the phone, Chenbagam got lost in the lustful game and pushed her ass even further back, pressing hard against Harish's throbbing cock. Her pussy muscles clenched around him as he thrust deeper inside her, stretching her walls and filling her with pleasure.

At one point, Chenbagam moaned loudly at the peak of her orgasm and stopped shaking her ass, causing Harish to also still his movements and revel in the feeling of being buried deep inside her warm wetness. They both climaxed together, their bodies trembling with ecstasy.

As they caught their breaths and basked in the afterglow, Chenbagam's juices dripped down Harish's shaft while his cum filled her pussy. He leaned over and kissed her neck lovingly, savoring the intimate moment between them.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the line, Shanti and Divya sat in silence as they listened to the sounds of passion coming through the phone. Realizing that their little game was over, they exchanged glances and blushed at the realization that their own pussies were leaking and aching for release.

Breaking the awkward silence, Shanti ordered sarcastically, "Well, now that grandmother and grandson have finished playing, why don't you cook and leave soon? We're hungry."

"Okay okay, we're leaving now," replied Chenbagam. Though she spoke without stuttering, she couldn't help but blush at the thought of Shanti and Divya knowing what had just transpired between her and Harish.

As Harish pulled out of her dripping pussy, Chenbagam placed the phone down and turned to him with a mischievous glint in her eyes. She reached down and grabbed his cock with her right hand, giving it a playful shake.

"Why couldn't you have waited a minute? I was talking on the phone. I would've come after the call," she scolded him playfully.

"What can I do? As soon as I woke up this morning, I saw your naked sexy ass and voluptuous curves. I couldn't wait even a second," he responded with a smirk.

"Well, where were you all these days when I was showing off my body like this?" she teased, enjoying the heat and girth of his cock in her hand. She squeezed his cock tighter in her hand, reveling in its girth and the heat radiating from it.

"I mean, you didn't show yourself fully like this before. You only gave me glimpses of your boobs or your pussy or your ass. And I was a little afraid of how you'd react," he confessed, kneading her ass as they bantered back and forth.

"Don't start again" she whispered. "Your mother and aunt already know about us. They were just teasing us earlier. We should start cooking and get going soon," she said reassuringly as she took his hand. They quickly packed up the food and headed to the hospital together.