Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 06

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 06

Published on: 2024-03-18 13:45:11

Chenbagam was in a flurry, preparing idlis for her Divya at the hospital. She carefully packed them, making sure they were still warm and steaming in their container. As she was about to leave, Harish grabbed her saree and petticoat, pulling them up to reveal her bare waist. He licked and tongue fucked her with such intensity, it sent shivers down her spine. Her pussy, already well-washed and spotless, responded with an instant rush of pleasure, culminating in a powerful climax.

Chenbagam's pussy and thighs were now sticky with her own juices, and she was too overwhelmed to even walk properly. With each step, she could feel the honey-like liquid pouring from her vagina, leaving a trail down her leg. Despite her embarrassment, the sensation only heightened her pleasure, and her pussy remained wet and ready for more.

As Harish unlocked the hospital room door and stepped inside, he caught sight of his beloved mother and hurried towards her, exclaiming, "Mom!" He settled on the edge of her bed, enfolding her in a tight embrace. Divya's face lit up at the sight of her son and she reciprocated the hug, whispering, "My dear, Harish!"

She emanated a delicate aura, akin to that of a blooming flower. Her fragrant essence enveloped him as he nuzzled into her neck. He showered kisses upon every inch of her neck, chin, and forehead with ardor. Divya closed her eyes, basking in the affection of her son. She clutched onto his shoulders, cherishing this moment.
As they finally broke apart, Divya inquired, "What's the matter, dear? Are you so eager to see me?" Her tone was filled with delight and curiosity.

With tears of joy glistening in his eyes, Harish tenderly replied, "Oh mom, I've missed you terribly." The warmth of his words made her heart swell with love as she embraced him.

Divya then turned towards the other side of the bed to proudly display a tiny bundle lying there. "Behold," she said with pride, "this is your little sister." Harish leaned his cheek against Divya's, getting a closer look at the precious newborn.

Slowly rising from the bed, Harish approached the peaceful baby lying in its crib. The child had yet to open its eyes, its tiny legs stretching out as it explored its new body. Its rosy complexion fascinated Harish, who couldn't help but be amazed by this little miracle.

Gently reaching out to caress the baby's soft cheek, Harish marveled at its delicate texture under his finger. It was softer than any flower he had ever touched, yet slightly firmer. He then traced his finger over the tiny fingers, admiring their perfect formation. As he lightly tugged on one of the folded fingers, it slowly curled back into place as if guided by some unseen force. Harish was in awe of this tiny and extraordinary being before him.

Upon seeing the mother and child together, he acknowledged, "Indeed, mother, the newborn sister bears a striking resemblance to you, just as grandma had mentioned." Witnessing his delight in the child, Divya responded with a smile, "Absolutely."

Harish cradled the baby while Divya reveled in the moment. Shanti and Chenbagam fetched everything from the lunch box to nourish Divya. Shanti handed a plate of idli to Divya, who graciously accepted and began to eat. Harish attempted to take the plate from her, insisting, "Wait, mother, allow me to feed you."

Suddenly, the baby erupted into loud cries. Harish, bewildered, rose from the bed, unsure of the cause. Everyone stood momentarily stunned. Chenbagam took the plate of food from Divya, who sat cross-legged on the bed with her legs tucked beneath her. With gentle care, Shanti lifted the child and placed it on Divya's lap. Donning the nightgown provided by the hospital, Divya hurriedly unzipped it, swiftly pulling it to the left. She extracted her ample breast from within and brought it close to her baby's face. Pinching the nipple between her index and middle finger, she guided it into the baby's mouth, allowing it to nurse.

The infant grew hungry and started to nurse loudly, using its mouth.

As he looked at his mother's impressive bosom, his eyes widened in amazement. He had only ever caught glimpses of her breasts before, usually when she wore a low-cut blouse or was changing her clothes. But now, he was seeing them up close, completely naked and unblemished. The milky white color of her left breast was mesmerizing, and he couldn't help but notice the green veins running clearly across the surface.

He had always assumed that all areolas and nipples were black, as that was all he had ever seen in books and magazines. But his mother and grandmother's were a beautiful light brown color, perfectly suited to their milky white breasts. As he watched, the baby continued to suckle, pulling out more and more milk from his mother's nipple. He marveled at how it flowed so easily into the baby's mouth, and how his mother wiped away the excess milk whenever it overflowed onto the baby's lips and cheeks.

It was a strange and surreal experience for him, seeing his mother in such an intimate and vulnerable state. But he couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty and complexity of the female body, and the incredible bond between mother and child. As he watched, he knew that he would never forget this moment, and that it would stay with him for the rest of his life.

Divya was acutely aware of Harish's gaze fixed on her breasts as the baby suckled milk from her nipples. She slowly lifted her head and caught Harish staring intently at her chest, his eyes refusing to budge. Her body shuddered involuntarily at the sight, and she wished she could cover up her boobs somehow, but her nightie offered no respite.

Chenbagam noticed Divya's discomfort and spoke up, "Harish, it's not polite to stare when your mom is feeding the baby. Let's step out for a bit and come back when Amma is done."

Harish looked disappointed and asked, "Why grandma? Can't I stay here with Mom?" Divya sensed her son's longing to be close to her and said, "It's okay, Mom. Let him stay if he wants to."

But Chenbagam was quick to explain, "The milk may spoil if we stay too long. It won't be good for the baby."

"Grandma, I don't understand. In our village, many mothers breastfeed their babies outdoors. Won't the milk spoil if so many people can see it?" Harish asked, trying to make sense of the situation.

Chenbagam chuckled softly, "Oh, dear boy. It's perfectly fine for a mother to breastfeed in public. The milk won't spoil just because others are around."

Harish was confused. "Then why do people make a big deal out of it?"

"Well," Chenbagam replied, "it's not about the act of breastfeeding itself. It's about how some people react to it. You see, if someone like you stares at a nursing mother, it can make her feel uncomfortable and emotional. This can cause her body to release hormones that mix with the milk and make it less beneficial for the baby.". She told him what her mother and grandmother had told her when she was young.

Harish nodded, finally understanding. "I see. Sorry, Grandma.". Harish got up to go out regretfully.

Divya chimed in, "Mother, all that will not happen. Don't tell him to get out. Don't worry, Harish. It's not a big deal. In fact, why don't you try feeding me now? I'm hungry!"

Harish had a smile on his face as he replied, "Sure, Mom," and brought over a plate of idlis. He sat down beside her and began to feed Divya. As she nursed, Divya also ate from Harish's hands. Divya couldn't help but feel a rush of excitement and desire when she noticed that Harish's gaze occasionally wandered towards her breasts. She decided to tease him a bit and opened her nightie even more, giving him an even better view.

Chenbagam couldn't resist making a playful comment, "Looks like Harish won't be going anywhere with you showing him your breasts like that!"

Divya didn't mind the teasing and kept her nightie open. Shanthi then brought up a topic that made Harish and Chenbagam uneasy. She asked, "Oh, let her keep showing. We have more important things to discuss. So, what were you showing last night?"

Harish and Chenbagam were taken aback by the question and hoped that Shanthi had forgotten. But, it was clear that she hadn't. Harish lowered his head and continued to feed Divya, while Chenbagam pretended to be busy with something else.

Shanthi wasn't going to let it go and asked again, "Well, mom? Cat got your tongue?"

Chenbagam spoke up, looking a bit embarrassed, "What do you want me to do? How can I refuse whatever my grandson asks me to do?"

Divya gazed at Harish and inquired, "Harish, what transpired? Did you ask Grandma?"
Harish, unfazed by his own actions, responded, "No, Mom. Grandma is to blame. She provoked me, causing me to lose control with her alluring figure." He placed the blame on his grandmother, behaving like a young child.

Chenbagam playfully patted Harish on the head and retorted, "Hey, what did I show or tease you with, you little liar! Divya didn't believe his words."

"I don't believe you. You must have definitely shown and teased him. Even when I was present, you would prance around nearly naked. Would you behave appropriately when I'm not around?" Divya taunted.

"Why are you both, mother and son, mocking me? Hey Harish, did I expose everything by being undressed? I was cautious because you were not at home, and I feared my grandson might pounce on me in your absence. I was properly attired and behaved modestly. Then someone mentioned missing their mother, requested to lie on my lap, and pleaded for me to feed them. And then someone removed my saree and licked my stomach. The same someone prevented me from getting any sleep last night and relentlessly fucked me throughout the entire night. And to make matters worse, as soon as I woke up this morning and when I was speaking on the phone, that same bull snuck up behind me and climbed on me", said Chenbagam as shared her side of the argument.

"Not at all mom. Ok, I admit that I did it in the night. But in the morning, grandma was standing there wearing only her blouse and was showing her huge round naked ass. That's why it happened again like that in the morning.", Harish said as if he was not entirely in the wrong.
Divya and Shanti looked at each other and laughed.
"Hey Harish, did you do all this work?", Divya asked in surprise.
"I thought you were a young kid who doesn't know anything", she said.

"What? Young kid? Don't trust him. He has a desire for you ever since you were pregnant", Shanti said as if muddling the puddle.
Divya was shocked to hear it and said "What are you saying?".
Harish wondered how Shanti knew all about this and looked at her questioningly.

"Vishwa told me. Harish was the one who gave Vishwa the idea of how to marry me, how to talk to my father-in-law and mother-in-law and get their agreement for the marriage. He taught him how to tease me, how to make me feel lusty and also taught him how to fuck me. You are telling that he doesn't know anything", said Shanti.
Harish looked at her puzzled.
Shanti said, "What are you looking puzzled? I am not only Vishwa's mother, but also his wife now. And don't I know how to extract the truth from him?"

Harish scolded Vishwa in his heart saying, "Stupid fellow. Told all the truth while losing his sense in fucking his mom."

Divya dropped a bombshell, "And that's not all. These two have come to an agreement," leaving Harish staring at Shanti in astonishment, fearing that Vishwa had let the cat out of the bag.
Intrigued, Divya questioned, "What exactly is this deal about?"
Shanti chuckled and teased, "Why don't you ask him to spill the beans on that crazy idea?"

Divya inquired, "What kind of arrangement is this?"
Harish stayed quiet.
Turning to Shanti, Divya questioned, "Can you please explain to me what's going on?"
Shanti reluctantly revealed, "Well, this was the deal. Harish was supposed to marry you and make you his wife. Then whenever we visited your house, Vishwa and Harish would swap their wives. I mean, you have to sleep with my son and I have to sleep with your son." She blushed in embarrassment as she disclosed the details.

Divya was stunned by what she heard. She was used to only being intimate with her husband a few times a year. The idea of her son lusting after her made her body tingle with excitement. It was a new sensation for her to experience such desire. She felt a sense of liberation as the old constraints in her mind began to vanish.

Flashing a smile, she questioned, "Is it accurate what Shanti Aunty mentioned? Did you actually do all of that?"
Harish, feeling ashamed, fiddled with the idlis on his plate, keeping his head down. After a brief pause, Divya lifted his face and placed her hand on his cheek, inquiring, "Do you adore mom that much?"
When he replied, "I really like you," she kissed his cheek, hugged him tightly, and assured, "Mom likes you a lot too," while gently caressing his cheeks.

After the baby had finished drinking milk and drifted off to sleep, Shanti gently placed her back on the bed. Divya carefully tucked her breast back into her nightie, while Harish lovingly fed her the remaining idli. Chenpagam diligently cleaned and repacked the lunch box. As the doctor entered the room, everyone respectfully made way for her. She conducted a thorough examination of both the baby and the mother, reassuringly stating, "Both the baby and the mother are in excellent health. There are no concerns. We can complete the check-up tomorrow, and then you can take them home," she assured them.

"Excellent, tomorrow works well. We will take them home at the good time tomorrow." Chenpagam replied.
"Doctor, may I ask you something?" Chenbagam inquired as the doctor was about to leave the room.

"Of course, what is it?" the doctor responded.  

"When might she be able to have intercourse again?" Chenbagam asked.

The doctor raised an eyebrow and responded, "Hmm, I understand your curiosity, but generally, women's bodies need time to heal after childbirth. The womb and vagina go through a lot during the process, so it's common for women to experience soreness and not feel like having sex. However, I do understand that some people may feel tempted to take a risk. While it's not necessarily wrong, the risks involved can be quite high. In your case, since you had a safe childbirth, the pain should subside over time. We usually recommend a check-up after six weeks, and after that, the risk of having sex decreases. But personally, if you follow the traditional practices in our village and wait for about a month or two, you can engage in sexual intercourse without much risk. Your vagina will also start to return to its pre-pregnancy state."

The doctor then gently asked, "You mentioned the baby's father has passed away, so may I ask why you're inquiring about this?"

Chenpagam said, "No, doctor, we are planning to arrange another marriage for her. We have to pick a good date for the wedding. That's why I asked when she can resume sexual activity again." Hearing this, Divya blushed with embarrassment.  

"Oh, that's very good news. Hmm, it's January. You could have the wedding in April - that would be good timing. Have you selected the groom already?" the doctor asked.

"The groom is from our own family, and he is ready anytime. Once Divya recovers, we can hold the marriage ceremony," Chenpagam said. Divya was overwhelmed with happiness when she heard her mother say this.

The doctor said, "Very good," before making her way towards the door. However, just as she was about to leave, she paused and turned back to address them.
"If you're in a rush, you can arrange the marriage within ten to fifteen days. However, both the groom and the bride must exercise patience. They are only allowed to see and touch each other, without losing control or engaging in any other activities. Do you comprehend my instructions?" he asked.
Chenbagam and Shanti burst into laughter, understanding the doctor's underlying message.
Divya, on the other hand, shyly nodded her head and replied, "I understand," while lowering her gaze.

After conversing for some time, the day went by and Chenbagam announced, "Alright, I will head home now to prepare lunch for the afternoon and bring it back." Then she turned to Harish and inquired, "Harish, will you be joining me or staying here with your mom?"

Taking a seat beside Divya on the bed, he lovingly wrapped his left arm around her neck and stated, "I'll be staying here with mom, grandma."

"In the past, he would always hold his mother's saree as he walked around," Shanti teased. "You just promised him he'll be married soon. Do you really think he'll let go of his new wife?"

"You came with me, Mom," she said. "I feel sweaty and dirty from the bus ride yesterday. It would be good to bathe first. Let's bathe, cook, and bring them lunch. He can look after his new wife and her newborn until we return."

"Can't you keep quiet?" Divya said with embarrassment. "He is my son, and he is looking after me. Why are you burning?"  

"Yes, your son and your future husband will look after you very well," Shanti said teasingly. "And you will show him everything just because he is looking. We don't care. The two of you are now lovers. Be safe. Come mom, let's go."

Divya lifted her hand as if to hit her sister, then said as if surrendering, "I can't win by talking to you. It is getting late. Go and come back soon."

Shanti playfully remarked, "She's just pretending to ask us to go and come back soon. But deep down, she's secretly hoping we arrive very late."

"Oh dear, it's getting late. My poor baby will be hungry. Please go and come back with lunch soon," Divya pleaded.

"Okay, Shanti, come with me now, or you'll keep teasing her," said Chenbagam as she prepared to leave. "The town bus will be here any minute - we can catch it if we go now."  

Turning to Harish, Shanti instructed, "Take care of Mom and our little sister. The doctor finished her rounds already - no one else will come by now. If there are any problems, tell the lady outside and she'll notify the doctor. We'll be back in two or three hours. Be careful." With that, Shanti left with Chenbagam.

As Divya and Harish left the room, silence fell over those who remained. Harish, hugging his mother's neck, gently kissed her earlobe.  

"Ssss...what are you doing?" Divya shivered in response.  

"Don't you remember what the doctor said? You're asking for intimacy so soon after giving birth? You won't be intimate with anyone for the next two months," she chided in a husky tone.

"The doctor only forbid one act, but said we could do other things," Harish countered, kissing his mother's ear again.

"Why are you getting me so aroused?" Divya whispered. "I just gave birth yesterday. Now you're trying to get me pregnant again."

Harish whispered in Divya's ear, "That baby is my father's child. You haven't conceived any children with me yet."  

"From today onward, I will only bear your children," Divya promised. "Tell me, darling, how many babies do you want your mother to have for you? Mom will bear all your children in my own belly and give it to you"

"Is that really true, mother? Will you carry my child in your womb and give birth to it?" he asked, filled with excitement.

"What kind of question is that, my dear? We are getting married. You are not only my son, but also my husband. Look at this baby. You are both her brother and her father. It is a wife's duty to bear children for her husband. No matter how many times you ask, I will always be there for you, ready to remove my saree and open my legs for you, bearing as many children as possible," she said, gently turning his face towards her and holding his cheeks in her palm.

He embraced Divya tightly and inhaled the scent of milk that lingered on her skin. Gently pressing his lips against her neck, he refrained from using his teeth to bite.

"Why do you tease me so when I've just given birth?" Divya chided as she gently pushed his face away. "If this is how you act now, I can only imagine what you'll do once we're married."

"According to Grandma, we'll be wed before my exam break," Harish said ardently. "For those two months, we won't leave our room. We'll make love all day and night. I won't even let you wear clothes - you'll stay naked always."

Divya was stunned to see the depth of Harish's passion and love for her in his words and expression.

Divya expressed her affectionate feelings, "Don't you desire me so much?"
Harish responded with a smile, "Yes, mother. I am deeply in love with you."
The love of a mother resonated in Divya's heart as she inquired, "You won't leave your mother and go anywhere, will you? You will always be by my side, won't you?"
"No, no. I will always be with you. I won't leave you and go anywhere. I won't let you go anywhere either," he assured her.
Divya leaned against Harish's chest and spoke, "Where would I go without you, my dear? You are my world. I will spend my entire life at your feet, fulfilling your desires."
Just then, a hospital maid entered with a tray, causing the two to separate. Divya wiped her eyes.
"What is it?" Divya asked, looking at the maid.
"They have asked me to give you a towel bath," she replied as she began to set everything up.
"Brother, could you wait outside for a while?" the maid requested, looking at Harish.

Divya witnessed the disappointment on Harish's face as the maid instructed him to wait outside, and it felt as though they were being torn apart like young lovers. She couldn't bear the thought of not being able to see him or have his gaze upon her, even for a moment.

"No, he's my son. He's here to see the baby. Let him stay," Divya asserted.

She continued, "You can leave the tray and towel here. My younger sister and mother will be arriving in a couple of hours, and they will help me with the bath."

"Alright, then finish up and let me know when you're done. I'll come and collect the tray," the maid responded before exiting the room.

Harish, relieved that his mother had allowed him to stay, eagerly waited for the maid to leave. As soon as she was gone, he rushed to embrace Divya. With a longing gaze, Divya beckoned Harish to close the door and join her on the bed.

Without uttering a word, Harish hurriedly closed the door and returned to the bed. Divya pulled him close, unable to get enough of him. Harish cradled her delicate form in his arms, cherishing every moment together.

"I came here just to see you. I wanted to spend time with you more than with the baby," Harish whispered in her ear.

"I understand, that's why I asked you not to go out. I wanted to have this moment with you for a longer time. Can I tell her that you came to see me? That's why I told her that you came to see my child," Divya replied with a hint of desire in her voice.
"Mommy..." Harish said, his voice filled with even more longing as he embraced her tightly.

"Mom..." Harish called out.
"Hmm," Divya responded.
"Do you want to freshen up and take a towel bath?" he asked, still holding her in his arms.
"Will you give me the towel bath?" she asked eagerly.
"Oh, I will do it, mom," he said, releasing himself from the embrace and looking into his mother's eyes.
"Hmm, okay, go ahead," she said, nodding her head but avoiding eye contact, as if feeling a sense of shame and embarrassment.

Harish was overwhelmed with happiness and Divya gave him instructions, saying, "First, bring the tray and place it on the side of the bed."
He got up from the bed, grabbed the tray, and carefully placed it on the bed.
"Hmm... now pick up the baby and put her in the cradle," she instructed.