Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 07

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 07

Published on: 2024-03-20 01:34:44

He approached the opposite side of the bed, gently attempting to lift the slumbering child.
"Be careful as you pick up the baby," said Divya. "You must support its head since it cannot hold it up on its own yet." 
Heeding his mother's advice, Harish gently lifted the infant and cradled its neck, then carefully placed the baby in her cradle.

Divya sat up in bed and pulled her nightgown up to her thigh. When Harish returned after putting the baby down and his eyes widened as he saw her smooth, bare skin, and he felt his prick start to swell. He tried to look away, feeling guilty for having such inappropriate thoughts about his own mother.

Leaning on her left hand, Divya raised her hips slightly and pulled the nightgown over her waist, sitting bare-bottomed on the bed. Though naked from below, the bunched nightgown on her thighs concealed her womanhood from Harish's view. She looked up at her son after disrobing.

Harish's eyes were drawn to the sight of her exposed buttocks, and he felt his erection growing stronger. He tried to ignore it, but the image of his mother sitting bottomless on the bed was burned into his mind.

Divya's exposed thighs held Harish's attention completely. He had observed them on numerous occasions while she bathed or moved around in a petticoat. However, today, the sight of her sitting on the bed, her body gleaming in the bright light, and her thighs shining like banana stalks, was overwhelming for him.

Divya glanced at him and flashed a playful smile. "He's looking at me like I'm his next meal," she mused to herself, feeling a surge of excitement.
"I've made up my mind to reveal myself to my son. After all, he's going to be my future husband. There's nothing wrong with showing my naked body to him. Let me shed this nightie and embrace my confidence," Divya thought, determined to empower herself.
With a mischievous grin, Divya lifted her nightie even higher, concealing her intimate area from his gaze but creating a tantalizing triangular shape that was even more alluring than a direct view. To Harish, it resembled a hidden treasure he had longed to possess. As he had explored his mother's pussy with his fingers, on the night before her child birth, he had noticed the presence of pubic hair. However, today he could see that it had been cleanly shaved, adding to the allure.

Today, Harish witnessed a side of his mother that had never been exposed to the sunlight before. Divya felt a twinge of shame, but then questioned the purpose of covering up after getting completely drenched. She boldly removed her nightie over her head and discarded it, sitting naked in front of Harish without a single piece of clothing. Her newfound boldness and carefree attitude stemmed from a deep sense of desire. In the past, the old Divya would have covered herself at least with her hand if she found herself in such a state. But today was different. She took pleasure in revealing her body to her son, lying naked on the bed as if in front of her husband. Harish stood frozen, mesmerized by his mother's naked form. She called out to him, still as a statue, saying, "I'm ready. Come, and give me a towel bath."

As Harish stood there, his mother's voice echoed through the room, capturing his attention. She lay before him, completely bare. Harish, lost in his own thoughts, moved like a lifeless zombie. He dipped the cloth into the soapy water, but confusion clouded his mind, leaving him unsure of what to do next.

Divya, noticing his hesitation, gently suggested, "Why don't you start with my face?"
With a swift motion, she gathered her hair, ensuring it stayed dry. Harish began by wiping her face, revealing flawless skin that still held a youthful glow. To an outsider, it would seem as though the baby in the crib was her first child, rather than a teenager's mother. Closing her eyes, she shielded them from the water. Harish carefully rinsed her face, neck, and ears, using both soap water and clean water.

As he cleaned her face, his gaze fell upon her lips, resembling the vibrant segments of an orange, beckoning him closer. Unable to resist, he abandoned the cloth and gently caressed her lips with his fingers. Then, he cupped her neck, lifting her face, and pressed his lips against hers. Divya, taken aback by this unexpected act, trembled slightly before consenting to Harish's desire.

For two whole minutes, Harish and Divya shared a deep and passionate kiss, their love evident in every touch. Harish's lips gently caressed and chewed Divya's lower lips, creating a sensation that sent shivers down her spine. With her eyes closed, she lost herself in the moment, savoring the taste of his saliva that still lingered between her lips and teeth. When she finally opened her eyes, a lustful gaze met Harish's, intensifying the connection between them. His saliva between her lower lips and teeth was a delight she couldn't resist, savoring the sensation as she gently sucked on it.

A surge of desire coursed through Harish's veins as he beheld the scene unfolding before him. Harish's prick almost spurted out. It was astonishing how even the most innocent gestures of women could ignite such passion in men. And when a mother does that to her son, the effect is multiplied a hundredfold. With utmost care, he wiped Divya's shoulders and hands, his touch gentle and tender. To cleanse her armpits, Divya raised her hands above her head and reclined, exposing the alluring curves beneath. Harish meticulously washed and dried them, his fingers tracing the contours with a hint of longing. Unable to resist the temptation, he pressed a tender kiss upon her armpit. The sensation sent shivers down Divya's spine, and she trembled and made her voluptuous bosom graze against Harish's face. As he continued to lavish attention on her armpits, his tongue ventured forth, exploring the depths of her desires. In that moment, Divya discovered the untapped sensitivity and eroticism hidden within her armpits, and she surrendered to her carnal cravings. With each lick and gentle nibble, Harish propelled her to the pinnacle of pleasure, and Divya couldn't help but moan in ecstasy.

Harish wiped the area of her chest above her breasts, and slowly came down to her breasts. Harish's touch was electric, sending jolts of pleasure through Divya's body. As his hands slowly traced a path towards her heaving breasts, and made their way down to her breasts, she couldn't control the trembling in her limbs. The anticipation of his caress built up like a raging storm inside her.

When his fingers finally reached her breasts, it was as if he were handling a precious and delicate object. Divya's heart raced as Harish's gentle touch awakened sensations in her that she had long forgotten. Her breasts, deprived of any physical contact since the death of her husband, were alive with excitement at the thought of being touched by her future husband, who is also her son. It felt as if her nipples would burst as it stood erect and bigger.

As Harish wiped around her breasts, they rose and fell like mountains in response to each stroke. And when he looped his index finger inside the cloth and washed around her nipple, she felt an intense rush of pleasure course through her entire body. With every flick of his finger, her nipple stood erect and larger than ever before.

He continued to fold, flick, pull, screw and wipe her nipples with expert precision, driving Divya wild with desire. And just when she thought she couldn't take it any longer, he took hold of her nipple between his finger and thumb, circling it with gentle pressure. The combination was too much for Divya to bear, her body writhing uncontrollably under his touch until she reached a mind-numbing climax of pure ecstasy.

After tenderly wiping her nipples, Harish shifted his attention to her breasts. Using a soft cloth, he gently cleaned each nipple before taking them between his fingers and lifting them up. As he wiped the bottom of her breasts, he applied pressure to the base causing her milk to leak and dribble onto his fingers. Despite being exhausted from their explosive climax, Divya watched with lust-filled eyes as Harish continued his intimate actions.

Harish looked up at her face and then brought his milk-soaked finger to his mouth, savoring the taste before licking it clean. "Cheee...", she exclaimed in shame and tried to stop him from indulging further. But Harish only moved away slightly and licked his fingers with gusto, a satisfied smile on his face. With his eyes locked on hers, he silently conveyed how much he enjoyed the taste.

Feeling embarrassed once again, Divya let out another "Chee" and hid her face in her hands, unable to meet his gaze. The room was filled with an intoxicating mix of their scents - her arousal and his satisfaction.

Harish's hands moved over Divya's stomach, his touch seeking out every sensitive spot. The recent childbirth has left her belly slightly bigger, and he is eager to explore it with his hands. With precision and skill, he begins drawing intricate patterns on her navel, teasing and taunting her with his fingers as she writhes beneath him.

Divya is still reeling from their earlier climax, but the intensity only continues to build as Harish's game goes on without mercy. He looks at her navel with a gleam in his eye, knowing exactly how to push her buttons. "Remember how you used to tease me with peek-a-boo under my mother’s saree? Where will you hide now?" he taunts.

Her hands instinctively covered her navel, and said, “Here, inside these hands”.
But he slowly removes them and presses his lips to the sensitive skin. She arches her back in pleasure, lifting up her stomach and pushing more of her navel into his mouth for him to worship. She grabs his hair tightly, lost in a haze of desire as he leaves a trail of kisses down her stomach. In this moment, nothing else matters except for the intense connection between them and the unquenchable passion that drives them both forward.

With each flick of his tongue, Harish sent shivers down Divya's body. He traced sensual patterns on her navel, teasing and arousing her until she was writhing beneath him. Her heart raced as he plunged his tongue into her navel hole, filling it with his saliva and sucking it hungrily. She moaned in ecstasy as he caressed the sensitive skin with his teeth, eliciting small love bites that only added to her pleasure.

Unable to resist any longer, Divya grabbed onto his head and pulled him closer, urging him to continue. With a slow and deliberate rhythm, Harish moved his tongue in and out of her navel, mimicking the act of fucking with expert precision. As her desire built to a crescendo, Divya arched her back and thrust her navel into his mouth, desperate for more. In a frenzy of passion, she gripped his head tightly and pushed herself against him until she reached a mind-numbing climax. Gasping for air, she cried out, "Ahhh.. Mmmm", as waves of pleasure washed over her once again.

Harish lifted his head from Divya's navel, his hands still wrapped in a towel as he continued to bathe her. Slowly, he made his way towards her pussy mound.
He began to clean her hips, tracing every curve and dip with deliberate precision, taking extra care as she winced in pain.

But when he reached her pussy mound, Divya held onto his hands along the way and whispered, "Please be gentle, it's still sensitive from childbirth."
Nodding understandingly, Harish took great care in cleaning her pussy and surrounding area. Divya couldn't help but wince at first, but soon relaxed as she saw how delicately he was handling her.
But when he moved to clean her inner thighs and pussy mound, Divya couldn't help but feel self-conscious. "Let me do this part," she offered nervously.
But Harish refused, determined to take care of her himself. "I won't hurt you, I promise. I will clean it without hurting you, mom" he reassured her.
Reluctantly, Divya spread her legs wider for him to easily access her most intimate area.
As she spread her legs wide, her shame and embarrassment were amplified by the knowledge that she had already climaxed twice in front of her own son.

As he began to clean her carefully, she couldn't ignore the sensation building inside of her. It had been so long since she had felt pleasure like this – twice in one night was unprecedented.
Because she had climaxed twice just a few minutes before, her cum, which was pooling inside her pussy, gushed out, and Harish saw it clearly.
And her orgasmic juices flowed freely, betraying her arousal and leaving her feeling exposed and vulnerable.
Divya was ashamed and thought, "Oh, I have shamelessly participated in my own son’s sex game and have climaxed and squirting without shame in front of my son".
Blushing with embarrassment, Divya covered her face with her hands.
But despite her embarrassment, she couldn't deny how good it had felt.

Time seemed to stand still for Divya as she lay there, unsure of what was happening.
After some time Divya, who didn't feel anything happening for a while, thought, "What is this boy doing?".
Suddenly, she felt Harish's tongue on her, touching her most intimate parts with a coolness that sent shivers down her spine. As his warm breath blew against her skin, she couldn't help but let out a gasp of pleasure.
But as the sensations intensified, so did her emotions. She tried to hold back, to suppress the overwhelming pleasure that was coursing through her body. "Please, Harish," she pleaded, trying to maintain some sense of control. "I've already climaxed twice, I can't handle any more. Don't make your mom cum any more"
But Harish paid no attention to her pleas and continued his work. He explored every inch of her with his sensitive tongue, taking note of the changes in her body after giving birth. He did not fail to see that it was dark pink after the child birth. With each touch and caress, he cleaned her pussy of his saliva and her cum with extreme care, and Divya couldn't help but give in to the intense pleasure, climaxing for the third time, which was slowly building up in her groin.
As he moved down to clean her legs, Divya's mind was consumed with an all-consuming desire for this man who knew exactly how to make her lose control.

Harish settled on the ground and began cleaning Divya's ankles. However, his gaze was fixed on her exposed naked crotch, as his eyes were in direct line of sight, and he enjoyed the view. Divya felt uncomfortable with the situation. He then lifted her foot, bringing it close to his face, and requested, “Mom, could you wear anklets for me? Your legs would look stunning with them. I would love it if you wore them while walking around."
"Your father disapproved of me wearing anklets. That's why I haven't worn them. But I'll start wearing them if you want me to. Just tell me, and I'll put them on right away," Divya responded emotionally.
Harish joyfully kissed her feet, causing Divya to feel ticklish. The sexual tension that had dissipated during their conversation reignited, overwhelming her with desire. She let out a soft moan, "Hmmm."

Harish continued to give Divya a sensual towel bath as she sat on the bed, relishing in the sensation of the warm towel against her skin. But as he reached her feet, his touch became more intimate and erotic. Harish began to kiss and lick her feet, each movement sending shivers of pleasure throughout Divya's body. She watched as he meticulously cleaned each toe, his tongue gliding over her skin with expert precision. As he nibbled on her big toe, Divya couldn't help but moan out in ecstasy.

Despite her pleasure, Divya was still self-conscious about her exposed body. She worried that if the air hit her bare, spread-open pussy, it would ruin the mood. So she instinctively covered herself with her thighs, creating a warm and intimate space for her son’s foot worship. He continued to lavish attention on her feet, running his tongue over every inch of her skin. The sensation was overwhelming, and Divya could feel herself building towards another orgasm.

Finally, she couldn't hold back any longer. As Harish continued to pleasure her feet, Divya let out a loud moan, calling out his name in pleasure, "Harish, dear". It was the third orgasm she had experienced that day, but it was no less intense than the first. Harish looked up at her, a satisfied grin on his face. He had pleased his mom, and that was all that mattered to him.

With this third climax, her body thrashes and spasms until she is left breathless and spent. Harish cleans her body as if nothing had happened, but then surprises her by turning her over onto her stomach. She lays on her boobs and stomach and shows her naked back and ass to her son. She feels his strong hands on her backside, wiping away any remaining traces of sweat and dirt. His fingers venture into places only she knows and touches with such intimacy. He made sure to thoroughly wipe her buttocks and even ventured to clean her ass crack and anus, a place that no one else had ever touched before.

Suddenly, Divya is overcome with a mixture of shock and exhilaration as Harish invades her most private areas, cleaning them with expert care. Even her own husband has never dared to touch these parts of her body. But now, lying there like a lifeless doll, she is consumed by the explosive climaxes that have left her trembling and vulnerable. And with every touch from Harish's skilled hands, she can't help but surrender completely to this new level of pleasure. The three consecutive explosive climaxes had left her completely drained.

After Harish finished cleaning her, Divya slowly rolled over onto her back, feeling relieved that the towel bath was over and the sexual game had come to an end. As she lay there, Harish couldn't help but notice how her naked body shone like polished marble in the light of the room. Harish took a moment to admire the sight of her, enjoying the way her curves and contours filled his vision. Despite having already climaxed three times, Divya still found herself shivering at the mere sight of Harish. She felt a sudden rush of embarrassment and quickly covered her breasts and pussy with her hands, trying to hide her vulnerability from him.

As she lay there, Divya couldn't help but wonder if she was somehow deficient in sex. After all, she had never before experienced more than one climax in a single session, and even then, her husband often finished before she had a chance to fully enjoy the moment. But now, with Harish, she had reached heights of pleasure she had never imagined possible. Her body still tingled from the intensity of the experience, and she felt a sense of longing for more. She wondered if she would ever be able to fully satisfy her newfound desires, or if she would always feel like a novice in the world of sexual pleasure.

As Harish gently placed the small, fragile baby on his mother's lap, he couldn't help but notice her completely naked form, sitting cross-legged and exposed. Her legs parted slightly, revealing her glistening pink folds like a blooming flower. But Divya had grown accustomed to showing her body to her son, and felt no shame in his presence.

To ensure the baby wouldn't slip between her thighs, Divya cradled it in her arms, her naked skin warm against the infant's soft body. With no cloth to cover herself, she lifted her left breast and guided it into the baby's eager mouth. The child latched on immediately, suckling contentedly.

Harish sat by her side, watching with admiration as his mother breast fed the baby. His gaze also made Divya blush and become even more shy.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked in a soft, cooing voice.

"Nothing. I'm just amazed by how you feed the baby," Harish replied with a smile.

"But do you have to stare at my breasts like that? It makes me feel self-conscious. Don't you remember what your grandmother said? If I get too emotional while breastfeeding, the milk can spoil and affect the baby's stomach," Divya whispered bashfully.

Harish chuckled, "Grandma also said milk will only spoil if you get emotional because of me watching you."

Divya blushed deeper at his words and stammered out, "H-how could I not feel anything with you looking at me like that? It makes my pussy throb with desire and even now I'm leaking wet on my pussy."

Harish's gaze turned lecherous upon hearing her confession, igniting a primal fire within him.

Divya could feel the shift in Harish's gaze, and her natural shyness as a woman took hold of her. She nervously looked down at her naked body, feeling exposed and vulnerable without any clothing to cover herself. Her hand instinctively reached up to cover her right breast, but it only managed to conceal her nipple. The baby at her breast had taken to nursing and was hiding her left nipple from view. Although her pussy was exposed, it wasn't entirely visible as he sat beside her. Despite the situation, Divya couldn't help but feel a sense of calm wash over her mind.

However, he moved closer and softly uttered, interrupting her thoughts. "Mom, I'm very hungry."

She bit her lip, trying to hide her nervousness. "Are you hungry so soon? Please be patient dear. Your grandmother and aunt will be here soon with lunch.", she affectionately reassured him.

But Harish persisted, his tone hinting at longing. "It will be very late by then, and the food will be cold by the time they reach here."

"Do I have anything hot here? Do you see any hot food with me?" she replied teasingly. "Only I'm hot. You've already consumed me inch by inch. What more do you need?"

Harish's eyes lingered on her ample lactating breasts, still swollen from breastfeeding. "The milk that sister is drinking now is hot," he said suggestively. "Maybe you could give me some?"

Divya blushed deeply and looked away, feeling embarrassed by his bold request. "Shh... I can't give you that," she whispered shyly.

A pout formed on Harish's face as he asked, "Why can't I drink your milk?"

Divya felt her motherly instincts kick in and she replied with a gentle smile, "Oh my son, you are my firstborn. It is your birthright to have my milk. Your little sister can have her turn once you are satisfied."

With a soft sigh, Divya removed her trembling hands from her bare heaving breasts. She glanced down, checking if her baby had finished nursing. The little one lay asleep, exhausted from the nourishment. Handing the bundle to Harish, she whispered, "Place your sister in the cradle."

As Harish carefully settled the infant into the rocking cradle, Divya raised both arms, calling out to her lover with a sweet smile. "Come to mom, my darling."

Without hesitation, Harish rushed to her and melted into her embrace. He ran to her like a child seeking comfort, placing his head on her shoulder.  She lowered his head onto her lap and tenderly pressed his face against her bosom. With a gentle lift of her left breast, she guided it to his eagerly awaiting mouth.

Her left breast was heavy with milk, and the baby had only managed to drink a quarter of what was there. Her ample breast was overflowing with milk, leaking through her nipples as though they were faucets without handles. As soon as Harish latched on, he began sucking greedily, his mouth quickly filling with the sweet, warm liquid.

He sucked greedily, drinking every last drop and leaving her feeling drained and vulnerable. Her milk flowed freely, filling his mouth faster than he could swallow. He drank even faster than it could flow, causing Divya to gasp and moan with pleasure.

The sensation of Harish sucking so vigorously made Divya feel as though her life force was being drawn out through her breasts. "Haaaa," she moaned loudly, overwhelmed by the intensity.

But she didn't want him to stop. The warmth and softness of his lips against her skin was intoxicating. And with each tug, she felt a release of pent-up desire, moaning with pleasure as if it were the only way to express it. He couldn't control himself, sucking harder and faster until she thought she might burst with ecstasy.

"Easy now, my love," she murmured, stroking his hair lovingly. "All that milk is for you."

Lost in the intimate moment, she continued in her naked state, as Harish drank from her like an eager baby. The scent of his mother’s breast filled his nostrils, and the warmth and softness of her flesh enveloped his face.  Harish instinctively latched on and began to suckle, just like a newborn.

While enjoying the beauty of him drinking her breast milk, she playfully ruffled his hair in affection.
"I remember how much milk you used to consume as a child. You would finish both my breasts in one go. I was so happy to nourish you. You wouldn't even let me put my blouse back on. I would go about my day without a blouse on. Your father eventually got tired of it and applied neem oil on my nipples to deter you. He would scold me not to breastfeed you. But secretly, I would still come and feed you my milk. Did you know? Once you started, you wouldn't stop sucking for hours," she fondly recalled.

Harish was completely engrossed in the moment, not wanting to let go of Divya's breast. He let out a satisfied "Mmm" as he continued to nurse, his lips firmly latched onto her nipple. The milk flows freely, spilling from the corners of his mouth in a milky white stream that stains his lips and chin. Divya, noticing the milk that had spilled from Harish's mouth, lovingly wiped it away. She gazed at him affectionately, watching as he eagerly drank her milk.  The sight of him with her nipple in his mouth was both endearing and sensual, and she couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in her ability to nourish him in this way.

Curiosity got the better of her and she couldn't help but ask, "Is mom's milk tasty, my dear?"

Harish, still suckling, nodded his head and replied with another "Mmm". He didn't want to break the connection between them, his mouth still firmly attached to her breast.

Eager for confirmation, Divya asked once more, "Do you like mom's milk, my dear?"

Harish, without releasing his hold of her nipple, responded with the same contented "Mmm". Harish could only respond with an enthusiastic nod, unwilling to release his hold on her breast. She was the sweetest nectar he had ever tasted.

After finishing the milk from her left breast, Harish released the nipple with a satisfying slurping sound. It glistened in his saliva and the light, a testament to the nourishment he had received.

Divya, with a hint of sarcasm, asked, "Had enough? Is your tummy full?"

Harish, smiling like a mischievous child, shook his head in denial.

"You little rascal," Divya playfully scolded, lightly patting his cheek that carried the lingering scent of milk.

"Come over here," Divya beckoned, directing Harish towards her right breast.

Excitedly, Harish turned and positioned himself on her lap, eagerly awaiting the next feeding. Divya guided her leaking right breast into his mouth, and he resumed sucking with the same vigor as before.

Divya was still completely uninhibited and totally naked and continued to breastfeed her teenage son. The sensation of him suckling on her breast was both comforting and arousing, and Divya couldn't help but feel a sense of intimacy and connection with him in this moment. She stroked his hair gently as he nursed, feeling a deep sense of love and bonding between them.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Shanti and Chenbagam had arrived back home, unaware of the playful scene unfolding between Divya and Harish.