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Indian Wife is a Diwali Night Treat

It was about 9 pm on a Saturday night when Yashodhara and I drove up to a large house on the outskirts of the Midwestern town we lived in. The house was decked up in lights with several Chinese lanterns hanging from it. There was a big group of children to one side of the house, setting off fireworks. Watching them, sat half a dozen or so Indian women decked up in expensive looking silk saris and jewelry. I parked the car in between two others, and Yashodhara and I, taking a couple of plastic bags, walked to the front door. "Happy Diwali!" a middle aged lady who was standing by the door greeted us. "Happy Diwali to you too!" Yashodhara and I replied. And immediately, the air was filled with sounds of bursting fire crackers. When the sound subsided half a minute later, the lady said. "Feels just like Diwali back home in India doesn't it, with this cacophony?" "Sure does! I am surprised the neighbors haven't complained to the cops." I said. "I was wondering about it

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Guruji Ka Sex Treatment - Part 23

I did not know what happened to me… the words of Meenakshi, her stern voice, her warm grip on my hand… everything made me very determined and strong within a moment to face this dirty man. I felt I would do my best to keep this man occupied with this driving exercise while Meenakshi would search his house for that tape. I turned towards her… my jaws had also got stiffened… had eye contact with her… and nodded positively and stepped ahead to cross the road. Mahesh: Hello Meenakshi… Hi Anita…. I must remark that you two are very punctual… (he looks at his watch) its just two minutes past 5! Mahesh was wearing a blue jeans and a light red T-shirt. As I looked minutely at him I noted he was sufficiently tall, had a good physique, and certainly could have looked better, but his thick untrimmed beard made him look rusty. Meenakshi: Hi Mahesh… So this is the car in which you will give lessons to my sister? Mahesh: Yes Meenakshi. Its one of the learner

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