Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 08

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 08

Published on: 2024-03-21 19:01:25

Shanti sighed in exhaustion as she exclaimed, "Oh my! The heat is unbearable here. I reside in the town, and it's not even as hot there compared to this village." She wearily sat on the floor, using the end of her saree to fan herself.

"In the town, there are numerous buildings, but here in the village, there's only a house every hundred yards. Unfortunately, all the trees have been cut down by these foolish individuals. There's no shade to find solace in, let alone sit comfortably. That's precisely why it feels so scorching hot here," Chenbagam expressed with frustration.

Shanti wearily leaned against the wall as Chenbagam spoke, "I'm going to start cooking now. Why don't you go and take a bath? We need to prepare lunch and bring it back to them." Chenbagam began unpacking the utensils from the basket she had brought in the morning, taking them out one by one.

Shanti questioned, "Do we really need to rush over there? Let them have some time alone. Harish will take care of Divya. You can cook the food at a leisurely pace. I'll wash my clothes and take a bath. Then we can take a short nap before heading out." Chenbagam found Shanti's reasoning to be sound.

Chenbagam securely locked the door, ensuring their privacy within the house. She then gracefully removed her saree, feeling the discomfort caused by the perspiration. Shanti, observing this, couldn't help but inquire, "Didn't you already take a bath this morning? Are you planning to bathe again now?"

Chenbagam explained, "No, I find the sweaty saree quite bothersome, especially since I need to cook. That's why I'm setting it aside for now. I will wear it again when we are ready to leave." She neatly folded the saree and placed it on the table.

Shanti's attention was drawn to Chenbagam's blouse, where her ample and alluring breasts were on display without the support of a bra. Chenbagam, now dressed in her petticoat and blouse, still possessed a seductively flat yet enticing belly. The petticoat rested just below her navel. She was showing all of her sexy abdomen which looked very enticing.

Shanti couldn't help but smile at the sight and playfully remarked, "If you continue to look this sexy and alluring, even the most disciplined sage would struggle to resist the temptation and desire to be intimate with you."

"Go and take a bath," Chenbagam replied, her cheeks turning a soft pink with mild embarrassment.

Shanti couldn't help but notice the flush of color on her mother's face and asked teasingly, "What's the matter, Ma? Did your grandson do some nice plumbing work on you last night?"

Chenbagam's voice trembled slightly as she answered, "Yes indeed he did a lot. But what does he care about? He is young blood. All he needed was for me to show some skin. And he just pounded me senseless throughout the night."

Shanti couldn't believe it. "I don't believe you. If you showed him your body, what would he do? Anyone would climb on you. It's a miracle that he even left you alone for a while, considering how much you teased him with your strip teases." She smirked and added, "You can't deny that you liked it too. You willingly spread your legs and took him in."

Chenbagam let out a sigh. "Hey, you young people show so much more of your body than I ever have. What would an old lady like me gain by hiding my own?"

Shanti's voice trembled with a tinge of frustration as she spoke, "That's right, if you want to keep these men under your control, you have to flaunt your skin. And once you give them an inch, they'll take the whole damn house."

Chenbagam's face filled with concern as she asked, "What's wrong? Did your so do something wrong?"

"Let me tell you what he didn't do," Shanti said. "It's been a year since we got married and in the beginning, it was normal to have sex like rabbits. But even now, he wants me at least three times a day. He doesn't let me wear clothes in our own home. I have to walk around naked all day. And because of his constant sexual games and desires, my father-in-law and mother-in-law stay locked in their room all day. I have to wear a nightie just to bring them food. He doesn't even consider that there is his sister in this house who will soon come of age. He continues teasing and playing even when she is around," Shanti complained.

Chenbagam's face contorted in disbelief and worry as she furrowed her brow. "What are you saying? He will do these things in front of Gayatri? She is just a little girl. She might learn bad things from your actions and get tempted to try them." she protested.

Shanthi's expression remained unmoved,  as she calmly replied, "No, she is not the innocent child you think she is anymore. Your grandson has been doing all of this to me for the past year. She knows everything there is to know. She may not show it on the outside, but deep down, she understands everything. And after witnessing our behavior for so long, how long do you think she will wait before following suit? I fear she will attain puberty much sooner than expected."

Chenbagam was shocked and troubled by Shanthi's revelations about Gayatri's true nature. Her mind raced with concern for the young girl and the potential consequences of her exposure to such adult behaviors at such a tender age.

Chenbagam playfully quipped, "I guess she will grow up just like her mother", her eyes twinkling with mischief.

Shanti chuckled and rolled her eyes, "Why are you teasing me now? Am I the only one in our family who is wandering around naked like this?"

"And at this time, do you really think that Harish would be sitting idle and have left his mom alone? Even if he did nothing, do you honestly believe that Divya would be content to just sit around and do nothing with her son when they are all alone in that hospital room?", Shanti continued, her voice filled with humor.

Chenbagam let out a heavy sigh as she spoke. "Ok, let's leave it at that. It's for the best if everyone is happy," she said with a hint of sadness in her voice. "Your poor sister has had such bad luck. I don't know if my brother, her husband was good in bed in their marriage. But for most of the year, she sleeps outside with me. The only time they sleep together is for three or four days during the holidays." Chenbagam paused, her eyes filled with concern and compassion for her daughter. "She needs Harish now more than ever," she continued. "That's why once she has recovered, I plan on getting her married soon to Harish. They deserve to wander happily as a couple, just like you and your son do."

Shanti acknowledged, "It is true what you say. However, do not underestimate your grandson. Whether we approve or not, with or without our knowledge, he will have his way with his mother and soon fuck her. If we willingly agree to it, it will bring peace of mind to everyone."

"Indeed. Alright, why don't you freshen up in the bath while I head into the kitchen to prepare our meal," Chenbagam suggested before making her way to the kitchen.
Rising from the floor, Shanti gracefully untied her saree and positioned herself at the entrance of the kitchen. "Mom, if you happen to have a large towel, could you kindly pass it to me? I'd like to drape it around and wash my petticoat as well," she requested with a smile.

"Who is going to come and see you here? Remove your petticoat and blouse also and bathe in the nude.", said Chenbagam, her voice tinged with mischief.

Shanti, accustomed to bathing naked in the backyard when she was a little girl, didn't hesitate. "Hmmm," she replied nonchalantly, slipping off her saree and making her way towards the bathing area.

But before she could reach it, Chenbagam called out to her. "Shanti, please wait."

Shanti unbuttoned her blouse and walked into the kitchen, asking, "What is it, mom?"

"Could you wash my blouse too? It's quite sweaty. I'll wear a different one when we leave for the hospital.", Chenbagam requested as she removed her blouse.

They both removed their blouses at the same time and bared their chests, exposing their voluptuous breasts and fleshy midriffs to each other's hungry gaze. Their voluptuous breasts jutted out proudly, framed by their exposed midriffs, as they drank in the sight of each other's topless bodies. A primal urge ignited within them as they took in the sight of their naked forms, standing in nothing but flimsy petticoats. Their eyes locked onto each other's swelling bosoms, sending sparks of raw desire coursing through their bodies, without even waiting to consider that they are mother and daughter.

The light glinted off the taut skin and revealed the delicate curves of their breasts. The areolas, a deep shade of brown, stood out proudly against the pale flesh, while the pointed peaks of their nipples only added to the alluring sight. As they stood facing each other, it was impossible not to notice the striking similarities in their bodies - from the slender midriffs to the shapely hips. Anyone would guess that they are related.

Chenbagam's mind raced with forbidden thoughts as she struggled to resist ogling at her daughter's exposed boobs, and thought, "Oh, I shouldn't ogle at my own daughter like this".

"What are you staring at? Haven't you seen breasts before?" said Chenbagam.

Shanti snapped out of her daze, realizing where she was. "No, I just noticed how beautifully round and perky your breasts are. Not even a hint of sagging. Is it because no one has touched them for a long time?", she asked.

"Is this the way to talk to your mother? Stop fooling around and go and take a bath," Chenbagam said.

Grabbing the towel she had used that morning to dry herself, Chenbagam wrapped it around her like a makeshift saree, trying to hide her nudity.

Shanti couldn't help but smirk at Chenbagam's embarrassment. "Do you know what my son will  say when he sees me standing topless?" she teased, watching Chenbagam blush.

Shanti grabbed both their blouses and draped them over her shoulders. As she turned to leave, she couldn't help but admire Chenbagam's back – not too thin, not too broad, just perfect. It curved down into a shapely hip with a seductive fold. And though Chenbagam's buttocks weren't as large as hers, they looked bigger due to her tiny waist. But what caught Shanti's attention were her breasts – plump and round like papayas, they looked extraordinary on her petite frame. Even from the side, they swayed enticingly as Chenbagam worked.

Feeling a tingling between her legs, Shanti quickly wiped away the wetness trickling out of her pussy, with her petticoat and hurried to the backyard to wash their clothes.

They started doing their respective work for a while.
Chenbagam had completed half of the cooking when Shanti called her mother over, saying, "Mom, could you please come here?"

Chenbagam shouted back, "Wait, I'm coming," and made her way to the backyard. Near the well, Shanti sat with her back facing her, washing the clothes. Her smooth back was visible to Chenbagam, who could also see the top of her buttocks as she leaned over.

Chenbagam approached Shanti and inquired, "Why did you call for me?".
Shanti, who was busy scrubbing the clothes, and still bent down on the task, requested, "Mom, could you fetch some water from the well for laundry?".
Chenbagam wordlessly began to draw water from the well, stealing glances at Shanti's naked boobs as she worked.

Shanti crouched on the smooth stone where she often washed and bathed. Her knees were bent and her legs spread outwards, creating a comfortable sitting position. With both hands between her legs, she diligently applied soap to the pile of clothes in front of her. The wide gap between her legs revealed her shaved and hairless pussy, its pink folds reminiscent of a freshly cut pomegranate. As she worked, her ample bosom was pressed against her chest, enveloped by her clasped arms. Their weight and movement added to the rhythm of Shanti's washing, creating a sensual dance amidst the mundane task.

Shanti's eyes hungrily followed her mother, as she bent down to draw water from the well, her voluptuous body on full display. With every movement of her hips, her round ass jutted out in a seductive manner, teasing Shanti's senses. As Chenbagam reached for the ropes to pull up the bucket, her towel repeatedly slipped off continuously.  She then nonchalantly removed the towel which was covering her boobs, and hung it on a nearby vine, exposing her ample naked bosoms. Those large breasts swayed and bounced like a cow's udder. The sight was enough to drive Shanti wild with desire, her pussy pulsating with arousal and becoming very wet as she watched those luscious breasts jiggle and collide with each other in perfect harmony.

As she finished drawing the water, Chenbagam made her way back to the kitchen. Shanti, noticing her awkward gait, questioned her with concern. "I have been watching since morning. Why are you walking like that? What happened?"

Chenbagam blushingly smiled and replied, "It's nothing. That boy Harish, as you know, he fucked me this morning while I was talking to you on the phone. Then when we were getting ready to go to the hospital, he was adamant to lick and tongue fuck my pussy.  So I lifted the saree and the petticoat and gave my pussy to him to eat.  He went on teasing and licking my pussy until I climaxed. But when it was over, he didn't bother to clean me up. He would not lick it or clean it. I couldn't even clean myself properly before we had to rush to the hospital. I was dripping and sticky and could barely walk straight. He asked me to come with my pussy juice trickling down my thighs and legs. Since then, it has been kind of sticky and icky and that's why I can't walk properly."

Shanthi's laughter echoed through the air as she spoke, her words laced with a hint of malicious delight. "This boy Harish is a real rascal. I can't wait to see what he'll do to Divya." Her eyes glittered with a twisted excitement.

Without missing a beat, she pounced on the opportunity and asked with a sly smile, "And how is your pussy holding up? Show me."

Chenbagam wasted no time, immediately placing both hands on the front of her petticoat and lifting it up. She perched herself on the well wall, one leg on the floor and one on the well, spreading her legs wide and giving Shanthi an unobstructed view of her dripping wet pussy. The evidence of her previous pleasure still clung to her thighs, glistening in the sunlight. With one hand holding her skirt up to her stomach, she used the other to brush away her pubic hair and reveal every inch of her slick pink folds.

"Look at my pussy, Shanthi. See how soaked it is," Chenbagam taunted, thrusting her hips forward to emphasize the soaking wetness between her legs and to reveal her engorged lips and throbbing clit.

Mesmerized by the sight before her, Shanthi crawled closer until she was face-to-face with her mother's exposed sex. The sight was even more alluring now that she could see every detail - from the flushed inner lips to the throbbing clit peeking out from its hood.

"Your pussy is well soaked indeed," Shanthi whispered huskily, unable to resist sliding her finger along the slick folds and pressed down on the swollen clit.

Shanthi pressed a finger against her mother's slick pussy entrance, eliciting a sharp hiss from her lips. She increased the pressure until Chenbagam was pushing back against her hand, moaning and writhing with pleasure.

Fingers slick with desire, Shanti traced circles and lines along the sensitive folds of her mother’s pussy.  With expert precision, Shanti's fingers slid along the inner walls of Chenbagam's throbbing pussy, causing her to arch her back and gasp in pleasure. She then focused on the swollen clitoris, rolling it between her fingertips before plunging them deep into the wetness within. Sensing her arousal, she slowly inserted her fingers into the eager wetness, feeling the walls clench around them as if begging for more. The sensation was overwhelming for Chenbagam, who instinctively pushed her body closer, eager for more. With each thrust, she could see Chenbagam's body strain closer, aching for release.

As Shanti continued to work her fingers in a steady rhythm, she moved her face closer and inhaled deeply, relishing the intoxicating scent of desire emanating from her mom’s cunt. As she leaned in to taste her mother's sweet nectar, Shanti flicked her tongue against the swollen bud of Chenbagam's clitoris. With agile movements, she flicked her tongue over the sensitive bundle of nerves, sending waves of ecstasy through Chenbagam's body. Unable to contain herself any longer, she moaned loudly and surrendered completely to her daughter's skillful pussy play.

Shanti's fingers moved like a blur as she plunged them deep into Chenbagam's dripping pussy. Her tongue flicked and danced over the swollen nub of Chenbagam's clitoris, savoring every drop of sweet nectar that escaped Chenbagam's throbbing sex, that coated her fingers and dripped down onto her chin. Both women gasped for air, their bodies trembling with desire.

Chenbagam pushed Shanti's mouth harder against her pulsating pussy, demanding more and more pleasure. Shanti matched her pace, moving her fingers even faster and gulping hungrily at the gushing juices that flooded from Chenbagam's center. Chenbagam's body trembled and she flexed her hips to compensate for Shanti's finger speed.

As Shanti's fingers picked up speed, Chenbagam's hips gyrated to match the rhythm, desperate for release. With a loud cry, she climaxed, gripping Shanti's hair tightly and pulling her closer. Her body convulsed as she flooded Shanti's mouth with a wave of hot, sticky liquid from her quivering core.

Shanti eagerly drank every drop, not stopping until Chenbagam's orgasm had subsided. Panting and satisfied, Chenbagam leaned against a nearby pillar as Shanti licked up any remaining traces of her orgasm on the pussy. Shanti continued to suckle at her mother's sensitive folds until not a drop of liquid remained. Shanti licked all the remaining juice that was spread around the pussy and only after that she took her mouth out of Chenbagam's pussy.

When they finally separated, they shared a knowing smile before bursting into laughter.
But then Chenbagam noticed the mess on her petticoat - a mixture of pussy juice and her daughter's saliva - and asked Shanti if she could wash it for her. Without hesitation, Shanti replied, "Take it off and I will wash it."

Chenbagam eagerly untied her petticoat and removed it up above her head, exposing her naked body with pride.
"You wash quickly. I will finish the rest of the cooking work and come back", she said and went to finish cooking dinner.
She couldn't resist swaying her hips and bouncing her breasts, reveling in the feeling of being completely exposed and desired by Shanti.

After finishing the cooking, Chenbagam emerged from the kitchen with her nude body glistening under the sun. Shanti had just finished washing the clothes and was now preparing to bathe.

Chenbagam stepped out of the kitchen after finishing the cooking. Her naked body glistening with droplets of sweat due to the cooking done inside the kitchen. Her long dark hair was tied up in a messy bun, exposing the smooth curve of her neck and shoulders.

Shanti had finished washing the clothes by then and was ready to hang on the line to dry.

Chenbagam smiled at her, "Go ahead and take your bath. I'll finish hanging up the clothes."

As Shanti made her way towards the bathing area, Chenbagam began pegging the damp clothing onto the line, the fabric swaying gently in the light breeze. She stole glances at Shanti as she lathered soap onto her back, admiring the smoothness of her skin and curves of her body.

Unable to resist any longer, Chenbagam quietly approached Shanti from behind and took the soap from her hand. She began to gently massage Shanti's back, working her way down to her buttocks before returning to focus on her breasts.

Shanti instinctively handed over the soap to Chenbagam and continued to clean her boobs with her own hands. As Chenbagam moved closer, she reached under Shanti's armpits and cupped her breasts, kneading them with a mixture of tenderness and desire. She worked them over with expert hands, tugging on nipples and circling areolas with her fingertips.

Instead of simply cleaning them, Chenbagam began massaging and squeezing them in a way that made Shanti gasp in pleasure. She rubbed the soapy suds into every crevice and curve of Shanti's breasts, even pulling and tweaking at her nipples with her fingers.

She then pressed Shanti's breasts together and rubbed them against each other, eliciting soft moans from Shanti's lips. Shanti moaned in pleasure as the sensations traveled through her body, causing her huge breasts to bounce and jiggle hypnotically.

With her eyes closed and a soft moan escaping her lips, Shanti surrendered to Chenbagam's skilled hands as they worked their magic on her bosom. Slowly, she leaned back and rested her head on Chenbagam's smooth thighs, feeling the warmth and comfort enveloping her. Chenbagam's touch was gentle yet firm as she pushed down on the breasts and then pulled them up, cleansing every inch of skin underneath with delicate care.

As she continued her ministrations, Chenbagam brought the two breasts together, rubbing them against each other with a sensual rhythm. She jiggled them ever so slightly, causing Shanti to gasp in pleasure as she felt the sensations coursing through her body.

But as she sat there, basking in the moment, Shanti couldn't help but notice the position they were in - with Chenbagam standing before her and herself sitting below. And as if sensing her thoughts, Chenbagam shifted slightly, bringing her dripping wet pussy directly in front of Shanti's open mouth. Leaning even further back, Shanti turned her head to take in the intoxicating scent of Chenbagam's arousal - a heavenly aroma that she had experienced just moments ago. The thought sent shivers down her spine and ignited a fire within her that could not be ignored.

With one hand still exploring Shanti's now erect nipples, Chenbagam used the other hand to slowly push apart Shanti's thighs.

Without hesitation, Shanti obliged and lifted her hips as Chenbagam's fingers trailed down towards her eager pussy. Chenbagam grabbed onto Shanti's feminine folds and began to stroke them, causing Shanti to arch her back and let out a soft "Mmm" in pleasure.

As Chenbagam leaned down to continue pleasuring Shanti with her hands, her ample breasts dangled enticingly in front of Shanti's face. Unable to resist, Shanti took one of the breasts into her mouth and suckled on it eagerly, savoring the taste like a calf drinking from its mother cow.

Chenbagam's deft fingers expertly played with Shanti's clitoris, teasing and tantalizing the sensitive bud. Chenbagam's skilled fingers moved in a sensual dance, teasing and pleasuring her daughter's clitoris.  

With each touch, Shanti's body responded by releasing sweet, sticky juices. Shanti's already aroused pussy began to flow copiously, slick with desire. Chenbagam then joined her index and middle fingers together, and plunged them into Shanti's dripping pussy, expertly finger fucking her. She pushed and pulled with a rhythm of finger fucking that drove Shanti wild.

In the secluded backyard of their home, mother and daughter engaged in a passionate display of sexual pleasure, their bodies bare and exposed to the warm sunlight. With Chenbagam standing and bent over, she continued to drive her fingers into Shanti's pulsating pussy while Shanti eagerly drank and sucked on Chenbagam's dangling breasts. Shanti spread her legs wider, pressing herself against Chenbagam's hand as they both lost themselves in the moment.

After several minutes of intense stimulation, Shanthi's lust grew stronger and was overcome with desire. She pushed her hands down, lifting her buttocks and hips to grind against Chenbagam's skilled fingers with reckless abandon.

At the same time, she hungrily bit and sucked on Chenbagam's boobs. She couldn't resist biting and sucking on Chenbagam's ripe nipples, sending waves of pleasure through her own body. In response, Chenbagam intensified the pace of her ministrations, pushing deeper into Shanthi's core.

With her legs spread wide and Chenbagam's hand buried deep inside her. Sensing Shanthi's need for release, Chenbagam quickened the pace of her movements. Shanthi reached the pinnacle of ecstasy, trembling and moaning as she climaxed intensely. Breathing heavily, she rested on Chenbagam's thighs to catch her breath while Chenbagam lovingly washed her daughter's pussy clean with water.

Once they had both caught their breaths, Chenbagam gently instructed Shanthi to finish washing up before joining her inside. As she made her way back into the house, Chenbagam couldn't help but admire the love bites and saliva marks adorning her breasts - evidence of the intense physical connection they shared just moments ago.

As Shanti emerged naked from her bath, the towel wrapped around her head and her skin still damp and glistening, she saw her mother lying naked on the bed in the bedroom. Their eyes met and a silent understanding passed between them.

Slowly, Shanthi made her way to the edge of the bed. Chenbagam also moved over to the edge of the bed, where Chenbagam eagerly caressed and spread open her daughter's delicate folds. 
With a sultry look, Shanti revealed herself to Chenbagam by slowly spreading her legs and offering her glistening pussy for attention. She also moved her hands down and showed her pussy to her daughter. In turn, Shanti, who was still standing naked, caressed her mother’s naked pussy, who was lying on the bed.

Without words, they began to explore each other's bodies, their hands caressing and tracing every curve and crevice.

As they continued to pleasure each other, Shanthi eventually straddled Chenbagam's face, presenting her ass for Chenbagam's mouth to feast on. Meanwhile, Shanthi took her mother’s pussy into her own mouth, moans of pleasure escaping from both women.

They soon found themselves in a 69 position, their wetness mingling as they writhed in blissful lust. Only when both reached their peaks did their hunger subside. Afterward, Shanthi lay down on her side, placing a leg over her mother’s legs and pressing her breasts against hers as they embraced and drifted off to sleep.

In the late afternoon, feeling completely satisfied from their passionate lovemaking, both women slept soundly. It was Chenbagam who woke up first, remembering that they needed to get food for Divya and Harish. Hastily getting dressed, she woke up Shanthi who groggily realized it was time for her to put on a saree.

After eating breakfast together, they packed food for Divya and Harish before rushing off to the hospital.

In the hospital room, Harish had just finished bathing Divya with a towel and was now asleep, exhausted from his efforts. He held her close, their naked bodies entwined as she slept peacefully in his arms. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

He was startled by the sound of knocking on the hospital room door. But Divya did not get nervous and simply said, "It's only your aunt and grandma. Go and open the door", and Harish slowly got up and went to open the door.

"Take that nightie and give it to me. If they see me like this, your aunt will tease me to death," she said. Smiling longingly at her, he gave her the nightie and helped her put on the nightie. After that Harish opened the door.

As soon as Harish opened the door, Chenbagam walked in followed by Shanti. They both immediately noticed the smell of breast milk coming from Harish and saw Divya hastily trying to cover herself.
"What were you two doing behind closed doors?" Chenbagam asked suspiciously.

"Divya, the doctor told you not to do anything for a few days. Can't you wait for a while? I told you that I will arrange for your marriage soon. Don’t you have any patience? Why are you sitting naked like a prostitute in front of your son?" Chenbagam asked.

"Oh, um...a maid came to give me a towel bath but Harish said he would do it instead," Divya explained quickly.
"That's right? And would you have been naked if he hadn't volunteered?" Chenbagam said with a raised eyebrow.

"Harish, is this why you insisted on staying here with your mother? Just so you could have sex when we left?" Chenbagam scolded him once more.

Harish hung his head in shame as Chenbagam scolded him for not following the doctor's orders and engaging in sexual activities while Divya was supposed to be resting.

"OK, leave it, mom. Anyway they are going to get married soon. They will be like this only.", said Shanti. Shanti leaned in close to Divya and whispered, "Hey Divya, you said it was painful yesterday and crying. Today, when he asked you were just showing him. Did he put it inside?"

Divya blushed and looked away, "No, not all. It's still painful. He just cleaned me with the towel. Please believe me."

Shanti's eyes widened as she took in the scene before her. She pointed to the bedsheet, "How can I believe you? You said he just cleaned you. But the bed sheet is messed up." She turned to Harish who sat nearby, "Harish reeks of the smell of milk coming from his mouth. Look under your thigh, it is wet with your pussy juice. And the bedsheet below you is wet. And this room itself smells of your sex." She paused for dramatic effect, "We went home and finished cooking and then taking bath and we are back. Are you saying that he was still giving you a towel bath? Do you want me to believe this?"

Divya shifted uncomfortably in her seat, "Why are you putting words in my mouth? Yes, I accept he put his hands here and there. And then after he finished cleaning he drank some milk. What now?"

Shanti laughed teasingly, "Tell me that first! If he starts drinking milk from your breast, it will take a day to finish drinking, since you have grown such big boobs. That's why both of you don't even know that time has passed."

Divya's cheeks turned a bright shade of red as she tried to hide her embarrassment. "Chee, Can you please keep quiet. Why are you teasing me like this? I'll get my time and then you will get it nicely from me."

Shanti continued to tease, "Oh, Are you saying you will marry your son, but then have an affair with me? I don't have any issue with that."

Divya blushed even more, "Chee, don't you have any shame?"

Shanti shrugged nonchalantly, "Yes, I don't have any shame. You have plenty of shame." She then stood up and announced, "Both of you eat first."

Harish and Divya sat down to eat, their minds still reeling from their conversation with Shanti and Chenbagam.

Chenbagam's words filled the room with excitement and anticipation. "Divya, tomorrow holds great promise," he declared. "In the morning, I will escort you home, and in the evening, we will celebrate our engagement with your son." Divya blushed, her heart fluttering with joy as she silently nodded in agreement.

Shanti, however, interjected with concern. "Oh no," she exclaimed. "According to our customs, the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other before marriage, even after the engagement." Divya, aware of this tradition, spoke up anxiously. "Yes, Mom. It's true. The bride and groom are forbidden from looking at or speaking to each other until the wedding."

Harish's face turned pale upon hearing this revelation. Chenbagam, understanding the gravity of the situation, spoke softly. "I am aware of the customs, and I respect your wishes for a proper marriage ceremony," he assured them. "Moreover, I am worried about the game you two are playing. If any misstep occurs before you fully recover, it could lead to significant problems. Be patient and remain silent for a while. After the wedding, no one will question what you both do."

Divya let out a sigh of frustration. "Mom, can't we just have the engagement the day before the wedding?" she pleaded.

Chenbagam looked at Divya with a mix of sympathy and determination. "I'm doing this for your own good, Divya," she explained firmly. Divya's eyes wandered over to Harish, her heart heavy with longing.

Harish, unable to contain his emotions, spoke up. "Grandma, why are you doing this? Just a few days ago, we were all happy together. Only a few days ago, I was happy and slept with my mother. The next day, you put my mother to sleep next to you. And after all these days, we were just happy in the hospital. Now everything is falling apart," he said, his voice filled with anger and worry.

Chenbagam tried to calm him down. "Patience, Harish. We all want your mother to get better, don't we? We want to see her happy and healthy. Don't you want to live happily ever after?" she said soothingly. Harish's expression softened, but his concern remained.

Shanti, always one to stir the pot, chimed in. "I'll take Harish with me. It's tradition for the bride and groom not to see each other before the wedding, after all." Her words only added fuel to the fire.

Divya couldn't help but respond. "One husband is enough, Shanti. Why do you need two?"

Shanti's voice was tinged with amusement as she spoke, her words carrying a hint of mischief. "Why would my pussy say no to two dicks?" She chuckled and continued, "You see, I don't want to risk getting pregnant, so I've told Vishwa to fuck me in the ass and cum inside there instead." Her tone turned more serious as she revealed her desire for a baby. "But Vishwa doesn't want a child and insists on finishing inside my back entrance, even after he's brought me to climax with his skilled thrusts in my pussy." A mischievous glint lit up her eyes as she added, "That's why I need Harish around. He can make me happy for a few days and we can try for a baby together." Shanti let out a playful laugh at her own joke.

"If you want to two cocks for your pussy, don't try to use my son for that. That won't happen. My son would be here with me only," Divya declared fiercely.

Shanti attempted to calm her down. "Don't get too emotional and possessive. Remember that after the wedding, we have to swap our husbands," she reminded, trying to diffuse the tension.

"Why do you have an eye on my son? Doesn't your son do that to you every day? Then why bother with me?" Divya questioned.

"Even if he fucks me every day, it doesn't equal the pressure of cum spurting inside my pussy. That brainless idiot does not understand that. Even if I had married my own son and had slept with him, the pleasure of having sex with another person with the permission of the husband is unique. There is a kick in that too," Shanti explained unapologetically. "That is why when they planned to swap their wives, I readily agreed to it. Do not do anything and spoil the fun."

Rolling her eyes, Divya retorted, "Chee, one is not enough for you. Even if the whole town comes, it wouldn't stop your itch." She refused to send her son to satisfy Shanti's desires. "He will stay here. I will keep him safe until marriage," she asserted firmly.

Chenpagam intervened, trying to make peace between her two daughters. "Ok, I wouldn't ask him to go anywhere. Let him stay at home, but you have to look and act maturely," she said, giving Divya a green flag for her stubbornness. Divya's face instantly brightened at this and Harish, who had been quiet throughout the exchange, remained sad.

Divya noticed his sadness and lifted his chin to face her. "What's wrong, darling? Your sadness is just for a few days, then no one will be able to question what you do to your mother," she whispered teasingly, winking at him when no one was looking.

Harish couldn't help but smile slightly, knowing that there was an unspoken understanding between them.

As the afternoon wore on, the discussion shifted to the upcoming wedding ceremony - who to invite, how to conduct it, and so on. Before long, the sun began to set and everyone finished their lunch-dinner before Harish had to go back to school the next day.

Reluctantly, Harish and Chenpagam made their way back home. As they said their goodbyes, Harish kissed his mother on the cheek and promised to return soon.

"Go and sleep, my dear. You have to go to school tomorrow. I will come tomorrow before you come home from school," Divya reminded him lovingly.

But as she leaned in for a kiss on his cheek, Harish turned his face ever so slightly so that her lips met his instead.

"Rascal," she scolded playfully before pecking him on the shoulder and then on his lips again. The two of them lost themselves in a passionate embrace for a moment before coming back to reality. "Enough, go away," Divya said with a laugh.

Chenpagam looked on fondly as Harish followed her back into their house without saying another word. She assumed that he must still be upset with her for talking too much earlier. Along the way, they updated anyone who asked about Divya's condition and shared news of the new baby's arrival with everyone they met. Everyone was overjoyed and eagerly awaited Divya's return home the next day.