Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 01

Milk and Fruit - A Lust Story - Part 01

Published on: 2024-03-11 02:22:43

The village was situated amidst gentle hills, with its houses scattered all around the surrounding countryside. Although it was a small community, everyone was familiar with each other and their ways of life. At the center of the village stood a magnificent temple, where people gathered to offer their gratitude and worship for the fertile land they had been blessed with. The main source of income for the village was farming and Harish's father was the most successful rice farmer in the area. A prosperous harvest meant an increase in the village's value and pride.

Harish lived in a spacious house with his parents and three other family members - his mother Divya, his father Kothandam, and his grandmother Chenbagam. Kothandam was Chenbagam's brother and Divya had married her maternal uncle. They all shared a deep bond and had chosen to live together under one roof.

Chenbagam got married at the age of twelve and immediately started a family. Divya was born to her when Chenbagam was thirteen. During that time, Periyar was striving to raise the minimum marriage age for girls to fourteen. Once Divya turned sixteen, she got married and gave birth to her first child at the age of seventeen. However, she did not have any more children after Harish. As Harish was the only child and a boy, he received more attention and affection from everyone.

Since the day Harish was born, Divya and Chenbagam had shared a bed with him. Just the mere sight of his beloved Divya's Thali was enough to make Harish feel sleepy. Divya was truly a sight to behold. Her skin glistened like fresh milk, heightened by the golden glow of turmeric and the warmth of autumn leaves. Her long, dark hair cascaded down her back, reaching as far down as her hind thighs. Her breasts were full and round, not drooping like oversized papayas. And though her stomach may have been slightly distended, it only added to her natural beauty. Her navel was deep enough to hold an egg, giving her an alluring hourglass figure. The curve of her back resembled two overturned jugs, accentuated by the way her hair fell gracefully over it.

Chenbagam also shared similar traits with Divya, but there were slight differences between them. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is that Chenbagam's breasts were slightly drooping compared to Divya's perky ones. Also, Chenbagam's hair reached down to her pubic region, while Divya's ended just above it. However, despite these minor differences, both women exuded affluence and elegance in every aspect except their clothing. While Divya's mother wore sarees regularly at home, she would often tie them carelessly, causing one side to ride up and reveal her left breast and navel.

These details didn't seem to bother Harish much though. He had grown up seeing these things daily and had become accustomed to them. All he needed in life were two simple things - someone to bathe him and play with his mother's thali before going to bed. On weekdays, Harish's grandmother Senpakam would bathe him while Divya Amma cooked for the family.

Despite living in a big house, they still followed the traditional methods of bathing and washing clothes in Kollaipuram. However, being a private household, they didn't worry about anyone seeing them bathe. Even Shenpaka would sometimes take a bath in the morning, with Harish watching her like she was a goddess. She would remove her saree in front of him and soak it in the wash, unhooking her jacket one hook at a time. Unlike Divya and Chenbagam, Chenbagam wasn't used to wearing bras, so her breasts spilled out of her open jacket like an avalanche. She would then tie her skirt above her breasts and bathe Harish while he played in the water.
For Harish, this was just another day in his childhood. He didn't feel any discrimination or judgment towards his family's customs and habits. To him, it was all just a part of his daily routine and something he had grown up with since birth.

The sound of water splashing echoed through the small bathroom as Divya's mother took her bath. Harish couldn't help but notice the subtle differences between Divya and her mother Chenbagam. While Chenbagam had fuller breasts that bounced freely as she moved, Divya's were smaller and more subdued, only showing their presence when she shook her body to remove her wet jacket. Another difference was in their hair - Chenbagam kept hers short and neat, while Divya's cascaded down to her thighs like a dark waterfall.

These observations were always at the forefront of Harish's mind whenever he slept with his mother at night. He longed for his mother's thali necklace, which he would play with absentmindedly as he drifted off to sleep. And it seemed like Divya shared this longing, as she would often join them on the mat outside Godandam's room, leaving her mat vacant. Once all the daily tasks were completed, Divya's mother would finally come to rest by Harish's side, untangling her underwear and letting her breasts spill out from under her jacket.

She would tuck the thali into her clothing before covering herself with a cloth like a makeshift blanket. This was Harish's favorite moment - when he could place his leg over his mother and feel her warmth against him. Even if she tried to close the front cover of her blouse, the thali would escape and bounce around on her chest, enticing Harish to squeeze it playfully. 

On rare occasions, Divya Amma would also come to sleep with Godandam - usually on special days like weddings or other ceremonies. Dressed in a vibrant saree and adorned with flowers in her hair, she would slip into Kothandam's room and close the door behind her. Then instead of playing with the thali, Harish would use the bunch of keys hanging from Chenbagam's waist to entertain himself. And on the nights when his mother was away, Harish would snuggle up with his grandmother and drift off to sleep with the comforting smell of her skin and hair filling his senses.

Chenbagam's playful smirk stretched across his face as he teasingly asked, "Did you come here to play with my pussy because you couldn't have your way with your mother's luscious breasts?" The mischievous glint in his eye hinted at a shared inside joke between the two friends. Their laughter echoed through the room, filling it with warmth and familiarity.

"Don't you mess with him, Mom,", Divya chided, with false anger.
"Do you still see him as a child?" Chenbagam asked teasingly, her voice laced with amusement. She playfully pinched Harish's cheeks as he blushed and looked away. "He may claim to play with your thali, but in reality, he's probably just trying to cop a feel of your breasts," she chuckled mischievously.
"Oh, just shut up," Divya said, her voice filled with exhaustion. "It's like you're telling him everything and expecting him to do it. Today is just one day, tomorrow I'll come to him. Don't talk, please." With a sharp slam of the door, she disappeared into the next room. Harish, who was too young to understand the meaning wondered when his grandmother would finally fall asleep so he could play with her shiny key chain and drift off into slumber beside her.

Harish watches as Chenbagam settles into bed, her saree exposing her bare midriff. He moves closer and pushes her saree away from her stomach, revealing her stomach and the tantalizing hint of skin just above her navel. As if anticipating his every move, Chenbagam reaches for the key chain dangling from her side and attaches it to her exposed belly button, the keys cascading down towards her mound.

With a firm grip on the saree and petticoat, Harish slowly pulls them down, exposing Chenbagam's naked navel and almost naked pussy, showing until the top of her clitoris. With one hand playing with the key chain and the other teasing her exposed flesh, he watches as she spreads her legs wide in arousal.
As Harish continues to tease and please her with the key chain, his fingers graze over her sensitive lips and elongated clitoris. The pleasure becomes too much to bear as they both succumb to sleep in each other's arms.
But in the morning, Chenbagam turns the tables by deliberately teasing Harish while taking her bath. She playfully taunts him, "You have such talented fingers at night. Maybe if your penis were just as skilled, you could use it to play with me too." A wicked glint in her eye hints at the pleasure they will both experience once again when they have a chance.

The days passed in a predictable routine for Harish, with each one blending into the next. But as he grew older, the society around him began to shape his understanding of sexuality. From books and whispered conversations with friends, he learned about body parts like breasts, pussy, buttocks, and navel. With newfound knowledge, Harish's eyes would eagerly scan school teachers and women working in the fields, seeking out glimpses of these tantalizing body parts. Yet, at home he maintained the facade of a good boy, suppressing any lustful thoughts towards his mother or grandmother. As time went on, the constant taunts from his family members slowly diminished until they were barely noticeable. It was a small sign that perhaps they were beginning to accept him for who he was becoming.

Kothandam became a money-making machine. Chenbagam and Divya, who used to be slender and unassuming, now boasted plump figures due to indulging in rich food and luxurious living. Their physical beauty was on full display, with their bodies adorned in elaborate jewelry that glimmered under the light. However, their clothing remained unchanged - flimsy, thin, and barely covering their voluptuous assets. From a distance, one could see the contrast between their opulent appearance and the meager garments they wore. It was evident that they were profiting greatly from their newfound lifestyle.

In addition to Divya, Chenbagam also had another daughter named Shanti. She was two years younger and a free-spirited soul who left home at a young age to marry her love. Despite the challenges she faced, Shanti had managed to build a life for herself with her husband and their two children - a son and a daughter. However, her happiness was short-lived as her husband soon abandoned them, leaving Shanti to single-handedly raise their children. Fortunately, Shanti's mother-in-law and father-in-law stepped in to support and care for her during this difficult time. Chenbagam also played an important role in reuniting Shanti with her family after her husband's abandonment. And now, on special occasions, Shanti would bring her children to visit Divya's house, creating cherished memories for the sisters and their families.

For dinner, Divya rushed to prepare herself, scrubbing her body until it was raw and braiding her hair tightly. She adorned her head with an excessive amount of flowers, each one perfuming the air with a sickeningly sweet aroma. When she finally approached Harish, he was taken aback by the overwhelming scent of soap and flowers mixed with his mother's constant smell. As she served him, Harish couldn't help but notice how the jasmine flowers in her hair seemed to be mocking him, their delicate white petals taunting him with their power. It was customary for women to wear a single flower when visiting the temple, but Divya's head was adorned with an array of different types, each one adding to the intoxicating allure that seemed to radiate off of her. Even her mother, usually draped in a simple cotton saree, had dressed up in a silk saree on this particular day. The way she tied it accentuated her curves and only made them more pronounced, especially her large breasts that seemed almost too big for her frame. Her neck was adorned with multiple jewels, shining brightly in contrast against her dark skin. How could Harish resist the alluring spell these women seemed to cast over him?

As Harish's curious gaze fell upon Divya, she could not help but smile. His question hung in the air, "Why are you wearing a silk saree and adorned with all this jewelry today?"

A mischievous glint flashed in her eyes as she replied, "Don't you know? Today is your parents' wedding anniversary."
Harish chuckled at his forgetfulness, "Oh right, I almost forgot. Did you wear all of this to go to the temple?"
Divya's smile widened and a hint of heat rose in her cheeks. She had not only chosen this saree and jewels for the temple visit but also for her husband's admiration. Every piece was carefully selected to create a stunning ensemble so that her husband would have time to remove them one by one.

But then Chenbagam interjected, her voice dripping with sarcasm, "When you were younger, you used to play with my key chain because you couldn’t play with your mother’s thali, and rub my pussy all the time. But now who knows what you are playing or rubbing inside your closed room?."
Harish understood his grandmother's teasing.
Immediately, Divya Amma let out a sharp scolding, her tone falsely stern. "Don't tease him, Mom," she chided. Her eyes narrowed as she turned toward the teenage boy standing before them. "Don't you know how to talk to a teenage boy?"

Amid the chaotic rush of everyday life, Harish's grandmother's introduction of sarcasm and playful banter was a breath of fresh air. As he finished his meal, he made his way to his bedroom and laid down on his bed, a content smile spreading across his face as he recollected the witty remarks his grandmother had made earlier. With each passing thought, he could feel himself growing more and more familiar with the actions his parents were about to take in response. The room was quiet except for the gentle hum of the ceiling fan, providing a peaceful background for Harish to contemplate the events of the day.

He scolded himself, trying to banish the forbidden thoughts from his mind. But despite his efforts, memories of all the breasts and pussies he had seen flooded his mind. He clenched his jaw and forced his erect penis to subside after he finished pleasuring himself with his hand. The room was filled with a musky scent, a mixture of sweat and desire, as he lay there catching his breath. He knew he shouldn't be thinking about such things, but the temptation was too strong to resist. With a heavy sigh, he closed his eyes and drifted off into a restless sleep, haunted by the images that danced through his mind.
From the moment Harish started taking baths alone, Chenbagam made a point to go first. But on this particular day, as Harish was preparing to bathe, Chenbagam appeared unexpectedly with her saree draped loosely over her shoulder, revealing her navel and wearing only a blouse and petticoat. The blouse, lacking a bra for support, barely covered half of her ample breasts that jiggled and bounced freely within its flimsy fabric.

The braless blouse covered only half of her breasts. Her thin blouse was covering only half of it and showing the rest. Her boobs were bouncing inside the flimsy blouse without a bra when she came walking.
As she walked towards him, he couldn't tear his gaze away from the exposed skin and curves of her body, feeling an intense heat stir within him.

As she approached him, she gracefully bent down to start washing her vibrant saree. In doing so, her supple breasts pressed firmly against the fabric of her blouse, resembling the round udders of a large milk cow. Her blouse, thin and barely concealing her ample assets, struggled to contain them as they threatened to spill out for all to see. The curves of her waist and hips were accentuated by the folds of her petticoat, creating a mesmerizing silhouette. She moved with fluidity and grace, like a goddess performing a sacred ritual in front of him. He couldn't help but be captivated by her beauty and sensuality.
Harish's eyes were immediately drawn to the sight before him. He had never seen such large, perfectly shaped breasts so close in proximity. His gaze lingered on Chenbagam's chest, captivated by its softness and beauty. Chenbagam could feel his eyes on her, even from a distance. As a woman, she was attuned to the awareness of men's gazes upon her. She could sense Harish's intense, almost lustful stare fixed on her breasts. A small smirk tugged at the corners of her lips as she decided to play with him, knowing that she held his attention completely.

"Why did you come to bathe at such an early hour?" she inquired, her fingers deftly undoing the buttons of her blouse. Harish was taken aback by the sound of her voice, like a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves. He reached down into the well, drawing water up with a rhythmic pull and release. "I have to leave for school soon," he explained, his words mingling with the sound of the water cascading back into the well.
Chenbagam's gaze flickers to Harish and a wicked smile spreads across her face. Without hesitation, she unfastens every button of her blouse, each one snapping open with a sharp sound that echoes through the room. In one swift motion, her full, round breasts burst free from their confines, bouncing and swaying in front of Harish's disbelieving eyes. For a moment, he is paralyzed by the sight - these are the most beautiful and sensual breasts he has ever seen. They are like ripe papayas, heavy and deliciously full, with dark brown nipples that stand erect in the chilly morning air.

But Chenbagam is not done yet. With seduction dripping from her every move, she slowly unties the knot of her petticoat, making sure to shake her body enticingly as she does so. Her breasts jiggle and bounce with each tantalizing movement, driving Harish wild with desire. With deliberate slowness, she removes her petticoat completely, revealing her naked body to him. Harish's heart races as he takes in every inch of her smooth skin, from the light brown areolas the size of a one-rupee coin to the way her petticoat hugs her hips.
Unable to resist any longer, Chenbagam ties her petticoat up high on her chest with a playful grin before fully removing her blouse and standing before Harish in all her glory. He forgets all about school and bathing as his mind is consumed with thoughts of this goddess before him. "Oh god," he thinks longingly, "I never want this view to end."
The petticoat was scandalously short, barely hiding her ass when tied at the breasts in a provocative display of femininity. The portrayal of petticoats being tied at the breasts and coming down to the knees is only seen in movies.

Chenbagam's skimpy petticoat left little to the imagination, barely covering her big ass as she moved about the well. Harish, who was saddened by the end of her naked boobs show, got even hotter when he saw that the petticoat was riding above her thighs. Harish's eyes were fixed on her, his thoughts consumed with desire as he watched her every move. He could feel his arousal building, his shrinking penis suddenly throbbing with renewed vigor.
Chenbagam finally broke his intense gaze by asking about drawing water from the well. But even this mundane task couldn't distract him from his burning desire for her.
"Have you finished drawing the water?" she asked innocently.

"Yes," he replied, his voice husky with desire. "Do you need help drawing water from the well?"
Her coy smile and the way her petticoat rode up her thighs only fueled his lust even more. He knew he couldn't resist her any longer.
She snatched the bucket from his grasp and declared, "Don't worry. I'll draw the water myself." Harish watched in silence as she made her way to the well, leaving him with a lingering sense of lust.
With a deep breath, he quickly washed himself, making sure to leave enough space for Chenbagam to draw the water. 
Chenbagam showed her huge ass right in front of him and started drawing water from the well. The petticoat was already up to the upper thigh. As she bent down to pull the water bucket from the well, it rose nicely and showed half of her naked ass clearly to Harish. Seeing that, Harish's heart raced as he caught a glimpse of her exposed body, so close and so alluring.

His mind raced with forbidden thoughts as he struggled to control his desires. This was the closest he had ever been to someone in such an intimate way. As she continued to draw water from the well, every movement causing her petticoat to ride up and expose more of her nakedness, Harish's pulse thundered in his ears, mesmerized by this forbidden sight before him.
His throbbing member pulsed with a mixture of carnal desire and anticipation, ready to release the built-up pressure in a burst of cum. She had been teasing him relentlessly, her coy smile and suggestive gestures fueling his lust even more. His sly mind couldn't help but wonder what lay beneath her dress, wanting to see her naked pussy as well on that day. Just as he was bending down, stealthily trying to peer under her raised petticoat for a glimpse of her forbidden treasure, he saw his mother enter through the back door. Immediately, he pretended to be taking a bath, hastily covering up his true intentions.
A playful smile danced across Divya’s lips as she took in her son’s bathing position and her mother's condition. "Well, well. Look at you, flaunting your ass to your grandson," she quipped with a twinkle in her eye.

Chenbagam's voice was mirthful as she said, "What am I supposed to do? This cursed petticoat barely covers my thighs. Every time I try to tie it lower, your son stares at my breasts with such hunger that I fear he might pounce and devour them."
Harish's breath stopped for a second when she said that. He hung his head when he realized that his grandmother felt what he saw.
He said feebly, "It is not like that".
Divya walked into the house, muttering, "If you keep showing your boobs and asslike that, even an old man will stare at you. What do you expect from a teenage boy?" Harish felt slightly relieved when he was met with no scolding. It was unexpected and pleasing to see his grandmother and mother take the situation so lightly.
After finishing the bath, he toweled himself and waited to see if he could see his grandmother's pussy while she was bathing.
But his mother urged him from inside the house to get ready for school. He had to go back into the house reluctantly to get ready for school.