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As If I am Your Wife

Published on: 2023-07-27 07:01:00

Meena had left no stone unturned while arranging for her son's twenty first birthday. She had gone that extra mile in inviting his friends and today looking at the gathering she was hopeful that she might find that one person she was looking for.

She was looking for that one beautiful damsel who would be Rajesh's bride. She wanted to have her son married and today her eyes looked down on all the girls present hoping against hope that she would find the one she was after. She mingled with the girls, chatted with them and by the time the party came to an end she had short listed three of them.

As Meena moved around Rajesh's friends eyed her all the time. They were in a dilemma as they could not place her. They argued that she could be Rajesh's aunt if not his sister and finally when she was introduced they found it hard to believe that she was his mother. Meena though in her early forties looked not a day more than thirty six.

The next day in the college campus the talk was about Meena. Most of Rajesh's friends argued around saying that she could be his step mother. One of them even went to the extent of saying he would not mind marrying her. As the debate heated up Rajesh stepped in and seeing them arguing 'what's cooking,' he asked.

'It's about your party,' said one while the other chipped in saying 'it's about your Mom.'

'What about my Mom,' asked he in good humour?

'She is the most attractive woman we have ever seen and it was hard to believe she was your Mom,' said another.

'She is my Mom why all this fuss,' he said.

'She looks so young we thought she could be your step mother,' said the first one.

'No not my step mother but my own,' replied Rajesh assertively putting an end to their debate.

'You are lucky guy,' said the other patting Rajesh's back.

At that moment those words did not ring in his ears. He had taken it casually as any son would.

After few days Rajesh happened to have a fleeting glance of his Mom as she walked out after having a bath. With her hair tied in a towel and water drops cascading on to her blouse had made it look as if her back was left naked. That did not create any ripples in his mind, not before what he saw the next evening

Next evening as the students walked out of the class it started drizzling and before they could find shelter the rain intensified and came down heavily It was here that Rajesh felt his friend poke him and directed his gaze onto their classmate who was totally drenched. Rajesh felt shy on seeing her and pulled back his vision only to be poked again which made him glance at her for the second time.

He could have easily forgotten that scene had his friend not called up in the night and made him recall it. Though what he had seen was a sight to behold it did not impress him so much. Somewhere in the corner of his mind a scene kept flashing which was more stimulating. At first he did not know what it was but once the picture became clear he was shocked. It was that of his mother coming out after having a bath.

He started sweating profusely thinking he had made a mistake. How could it stimulate him so much? What he had seen of his mother was just her back but what he had seen of his friend was much more. What was the difference? Why was his heart beating so fast? At that moment of time he had no answers. He suddenly sat up in his bed and only when his palpitation subsided he felt at ease.

Subsequent night the same scene flashed again. This time his eyes got focused on her hair tied up in the wet towel. From there as his vision saw pearl like water drops cascaded on her neck and shoulder blades, it looked fascinating. His vision became clearer. He could see her shoulders clearly. His stare was stationed on her curvy back. He could see her beautifully sculpted back and before he could shift his gaze his eyes got riveted on the tiny strips of her bra which were barely visible. Did she wear skin coloured ones? Where the tiny straps strong enough; will they not snap at the lightest touch? As these questions flooded his mind he felt that it was wrong to visualize such scenes as she was his Mom. He started sweating again.

He kept rolling on the bed and with great difficulty pass the night. Morning as he woke up he found his clothes drenched and his eyes had turned reddish. What's happening to me he wondered. Running a bath as he came out he felt speechless when he saw his mother in the kitchen. On any other day he would have started the day cutting jokes or hugging her but today he could not utter any word.

Sensing his presence 'five minutes,' she said as she went on preparing coffee.

Rajesh kept silent and only when his mother turned holding coffee could he look into her eyes.

'What's wrong?' asked his mother looking at his pale face.

'Could not sleep well,' he replied.

Handing him the cup 'are you running fever,' she asked.

Seeing her cherubic face 'may be,' he lied

Feeling his forehead 'you had me worried,' she said.

Taking hold of her hand and caressing it 'I was teasing you,' he said

Pounding her fists on his chest lightly 'it's for this reason . . . '

Cutting her short, 'don't start it again Mom.'

Shaking her head 'I have kept something on the table have a look,' she said showing some anger.

'What is it?' he asked putting his arms around her.

'Why don't you look for yourself?' she said bringing down her temper.

Rajesh took hold of the packet and as he opened three snaps spilled out of it.

'You can choose only one,' called out his mother teasing him.

Without bothering to look at the snaps 'Mom have I not said that I am not going to marry,' he said.

'And have I not said that I cant take care of you anymore,' she replied.

Coming closer and putting his arms around her 'why do you want to burden me. I am happy as I am and I don't want to get married now,' he said.

'But I need to have some time for myself. I can't keep spoon feeding you forever,' she said.

'Why use the spoon when you can use your hands,' he said.

'Did you see those snaps? Do you like anyone? Just tell me and I will fix it up in a jiffy,' she said placing her hands on his chest.

'No I did not see,' he replied.

'Could you not have seen them for my sake,' she said moving out of his arms.

Seeing that she was angry; 'okay I will look at them, happy.'

Pleased by his response 'yes, all three are very beautiful Raj.'

He went back to the table and as he looked at the snaps he understood why his mother had asked for the list of his class mates.

Holding the snaps he came back and said 'Mom do you think anyone of them could be my wife,' he asked.

'Why, what's wrong with them?' she said.

'Do you think anyone is as smart or as good looking as you?' he asked.

'Why, what has that to do with it,' she replied.

'How can you expect me to marry a girl who is neither good looking nor is as smart as you,' he said pinching her cheeks.

'So you don't like them,' she asked.

'No,' he shook his head.

'Not even this,' she asked showing him the snap of the girl who had got drenched the other day.

'She is the dumbest of the three,' he replied.

'I don't know what sort of a girl you like,' she said dejectedly.

'I want one who is witty, smart and beautiful like you,' he said.

'Wait I will check up in the mirror and see how smart or how beautiful I am,' saying it she moved out of his arms.

'And when you find one then please call me,' he said and as his mother turned his eyes trailed her.

His eyes did not let her go out of his vision and finally when she stood they captured all of her in every way possible. His stare was so intense that he stood ogling at her without batting his eye lids and this did not go unnoticed as Meena was standing in front of a mirror.

In the privacy of his room he thought ogling at his mother was wrong. He tried to shake it out but as it was stored in his memory it was not possible to delete it.

That night the picture of his mother was crystal clear. He could easily make out the tiny straps of her bra and as his gaze shifted he was stunned when he saw her curvaceous back. The shapely moulded back took the wind out of him and following it as he looked down on her voluptuous back he started sweating. This time he did not feel bad to ogle at her. He found it mesmerising to gaze at it. Though they were draped in a saree it could not do much to withhold the firmness of her bottom which had a tantalizing view. Was it the reason why his friend had said 'you are a lucky person' he wondered.

His stare at his Mom changed drastically from that day and many a times Meena too felt the change but she shook it out of her mind. His cutting of jokes increased and he held her in his arms at the slightest pretext.

This continued for a few days and when it was the last day of his college, Meena while drying clothes was wondering how to handle the rogue during holidays when she heard him scream 'Mom.'

Think of the devil she thought and before she could react he pulled her so fast that both of them fell on the ground with the clothes lines come down upon them.

Seeing the wet clothes scattered here and there 'is your wife going to wash them,' she said and looking at him she started laughing.

'What's so funny,' he asked trying to get up.

'You look sissy with that,' she said pointing to her bra which had fallen upon his chest.

'That's very funny,' he said folding her bra.

'Hey what's that for,' she asked as she saw him folding it.

'It is to try out how it looks on me,' he said making faces at her.

'Do you like cross dressing?' she asked laughing out loudly.

'Think whatever you want,' he replied.

'Want to keep it for your wife? Tell me, if it is so I will buy in dozens,' she said still smiling.

'No, buy some for yourself as they look good on you,' he replied throwing the bra back at her.

'How do you know they look good on me have you ever seen me?' she asked on the spur of the moment.

Looking straight into her eye 'No but I visualize them,' he replied as he left.

His words stunned her and holding the bra to her bosom she ran to her room.

It was the first instance which had made her run to her room and the second one was when she was washing his clothes.

As Meena was using the washing machine in came Raj and holding her in his arms 'do you have to wash them now Mom,' he said.

'Do you think I should wait till your wife comes,' she replied.

'Is that why you want me to get married to wash my clothes,' he asked holding her in his arms.

'Then do you think you get married just to raise babies,' she asked and regretted mouthing those words.

'How do I raise babies?' he shot the question back to her.

Moving deeper in his arms and placing her face on his chest 'Dhut, is that how you talk to your Mom,' she said.

'You started it,' and changing the subject 'Mom, always stay put in my arms,' he said warming up to her embrace.

'When have I said no? Moreover I don't remember how many times in a day you pull me in your arms,' she said hugging him.

'Yes I always want to have you in my arms,' he said catching his breath.

'Why me and not your wife,' she said and before he could reply 'okay let me see to your lunch,' saying it she ran to her room.

There in the privacy of her room what's happening she wondered? Recalling his words 'I visualize them,' she felt cold sweat run down her body. What did he mean by those words? Did he really try to visualize? Was he serious or was he just trying to tease me, she wondered. Now he says he wants me in his arms. Why me??????? A hundred questions shot in her mind for which she could find no answers.

'What am I supposed to do?' as this question hit her it made her recap his recent actions. His stares were more piercing and they were well directed. She had even felt him hold her for a split second longer when she was in his arms. Where does all this lead to? Am I right in my assumption? Is he showing interest in me? If all the answers to these questions are yes then why don't I use it to my advantage? Why don't I allow him some liberty and when he gets hooked then I can have him under my influence.

Yes once he is under my influence then he cannot reject my proposal. These thoughts kept creeping in her mind and the more she gave ear to it the more she became confident. Okay my boy let's play your game she thought as she felt confident of winning over him. With these thoughts implanted in her mind she felt at ease.

On other hand Rajesh was stupefied to have heard those words. In the four corners of his room he debated each and every word and what they implied. The more he debated upon the more confident he became. The final act of his Mom running to her room titled the odds in his favour and this made him feel tall. Wondering what was in store he walked out of his room.

Subsequent days the atmosphere in the house was rather dull. Both felt shy at facing each other and tried to be aloof when they came face to face. Rajesh who had felt high a few days ago started to loose his cool. He felt bad that he could not hug or cut jokes with her and the gloom continued till it rained.

One evening it started raining and gradually as it gained momentum there was a sudden gush of wind which stormed inside the house. As Meena fought to close the doors and windows, Rajesh got up to help her.

As Meena was fighting hard to close a window Rajesh moved behind and as he tried to holdher shoulders to lend support, precisely at that moment Meena lifted her arms which made his hands slip up and grasp her armpits instead of her shoulders. This had a tantalizing effect on both of them.

Having Rajesh's hands cup her armpits sent a jolt up Meena's body. With his thumbs pressed at her shoulder blades, the palms lodged fully under her armpits and his fingers placed above the swell of her breasts sent such a chill up her spine that her body reeled under the influence of the heavenly feelings generated by it.

Added to all that Rajesh was mesmerized on feeling the awesome heat generated from her armpits. The heat mingled with the sweaty coarse hair and the firmness of her breasts sent such waves which were hitherto inexperienced. He could not have dreamt to have placed his hands at such a sensitive area under any circumstances.

Both were struck by the sensations erupted out of that small accident and what cut the ice between them was the cherubic face of his mother when she turned to face him. Seeing her glowing face with her mouth half open and her tongue struck between her lips, Rajesh was totally floored by it.

On an impulse his fingers tightened across the cramped space and felt all that he could without arousing suspicion and this continued till such time Meena took to turn around and judging by any standards she had taken her own sweet time.

Coming out of his grasp as Meena walked to her room Rajesh's eyes followed and before moving in when she turned and flashed a naughty smile it answered a thousand unanswered questions and for the first time Rajesh felt some movement in his pants.

Next morning Rajesh hugged his Mom while she was preparing coffee but this time he took extra precaution to see that there was ample space between their bodies. Thus they continued behaving normally cutting jokes and teasing one another and it lasted only till the evening.

As the evening descended it was Meena who took the initiative. While drawing the blinds and shutting the windows she fumbled many a times prompting him to come to her assistance. Rajesh who was keenly observing her body movements got up and lent a helping hand which prompted her to say 'how come you have changed so much.'

'It is better to . . . and before he could complete 'help me than getting married. Is that what you want to say,' she asked.

'No I meant it's better to be close to you than being far,' he replied placing his hands on her shoulders.

'So you want to stay close. Why do you feel you won't be able to be this close once you get married,' she asked.

'I don't want any interference when I am this close to you,' he replied adding pressure on her shoulders.

'In what way do you think there would be any interference,' she asked coyly.

'I would not feel comfortable while I cuddle you,' he replied.

'What would you gain from it,' she asked.

'Having you by my arms, chatting with you and feeling the warmth of your closeness, what more would one ask for,' he said drawing her close.

'So it is that, how sweet of you,' saying it as she leaned forward and placed her head on his shoulder, ruffling her hair 'don't you think this feels great,' he asked toying with her silky hair.

'Yes it feels wonderful and this all is because of what transpired yesterday?' she asked.

'Yes it is mainly due to what happened yesterday,' he said putting his arm around her.

'What transpired yesterday was it an accident or was it done deliberately?' she asked.

'What do you think it could have been?' he asked her getting excited.

'How can I say when I could not see,' she replied.

'But still what's your guess?' he asked.

'Well I don't think you could have mustered enough courage as to feel me up there,' she replied.

'What has courage to do with it, could I have not done it?' he asked

'Could you have?' she put the question back while hiding her face on his shoulders.

'Yes I could have,' saying it he brought his hands down and cupping her armpits 'it's not such a big deal,' he said.

'Not when I have sort of permitted you, but on your own . . . .,' she shook her head.

'Do you want to test me,' he asked straightening up.

'No not now,' saying it she ran to her room.

Once inside the privacy of their rooms debating on the day's proceedings they jumped to a conclusion which favoured them at that moment and who was right or who was wrong only time could tell?

It being Sunday and knowing that Rajesh would be at home Meena kept herself busy the whole day doing house hold chores. It was a planned move to impress upon him as to how much workload she had and hoped he would reconsider his decision of not marrying. Stealing glances at him she felt sure that it was having effect on him. After finishing a week's work in a day she stumbled beside him on the sofa totally exhausted.

'Are you tired Mom,' asked he softly.

'Not much, I am just catching my breath before I go in and start preparing dinner,' she replied wiping the sweat from her face.

'No Mom, don't prepare I will order online,' he said.

'Today you would but what about tomorrow,' saying it she got up.

Those words took the wind out of him and as he sat pondering, Meena started moving with a smiling face.

Rajesh saw Meena go and looking at her body language he felt something fishy and when he saw the reflection of her smiling face in the mirror he knew that it was all a planned move which she had enacted to perfection. Okay Mom I read you load and clear he said to himself as he went looking for her.

Finding her standing in front of the window Rajesh on hugging her said 'I can understand how difficult it is for you.'

'No not always but once in a while we get tired,' she replied.

'Is ita daily routine,' he asked.

'No not always but it's tiresome,' she replied finding him falling in line.

'And is that one of the reason why you want me to get married,' he asked brushing aside the loose hair from her nape.

'No, what I need is a companion who if required can lend some support,' she said.

'So what you need is a companion,' saying it he pecked a kiss on her nape.

'Yes a companion, who would also take care of you,' she said ruffling his hair.

'So that you can stop taking care of me, is it?' he asked brushing his cheek below her nape.

'Why do you think like that,' she said drawing his face down.

'So that you could put a stop of me being close to you or cuddle you,' he said staring down at the sight of her swelling breasts.

'No, no nothing of that sort would happen. You would be closer,' she said practically pulling his face on her bosom.

Feeling the warmth of her breast on his cheek and getting excited, 'this is what I fear of loosing once I get married. I fear of loosing the comfort of being near you, cuddling you. I love being close to you, feel the warmth of your body and I just cant imagine staying away from you,' as he said it he placed his lips on her cheek and as he pressed them he made it sure that a part of his lips touch hers.

Meena was excited by his words. So the act of drawing his face close to her body was paying off. She even felt him trying to kiss her and this act of his jolted her. It jolted her because for the first time she felt unsure of what was happening to her and to ascertain her feelings she lifted her arms and holding his head said 'is this all because of what happened yesterday.'

'Yes this is because of what happened yesterday,' saying it he held her arm pits in the same fashion as he had done earlier and caressing her moist underarms 'it feels so nice to feel them Mom,' he said.

His words and actions ignited a flame in her body which hitherto she had not felt before and as he continued caressing her under arms the joy it sent up her body made her enjoy it. Am I falling prey to his ministrations, she wondered.

Seeing that he had no intention to stop caressing her under arms 'I see that you don't miss an opportunity to feel me up there,' she said.

'Yes somehow I have been attracted to it,' he replied as he cupped her armpits.

'What's there that you find so attractive,' she said lifting her arms up and allowing him more space.

'The coarse feeling of the hair and its musky odour, how I wish I could see it,' he said and looked up to see her reaction.

'Dhat, what's there that you want to see,' she asked as she felt his finger slip under her sleeve.

'The dark patch of hair curled up against your fair skin would look enchanting,' he said as his finger slipped deep into her sleeve.

'I can't understand what could be so enchanting,' she said and trembled as his finger felt her moist hair.

'Why don't you let me be the judge,' he said as he tried to slip in another finger.

'If you continue doing what you are doing then I think may not be able to wear this blouse again,' she said fearing it would be ripped.

'Don't you have enough that you mind loosing one,' he asked as he exerted pressure on the thin material.

'I have but I don't want to loose this one,' saying it she brought her hands down.

'Then why don't you wear one which you don't mind loosing,' asked Rajesh.

'Would it not suffice if I wear a sleeveless blouse,' she asked and before he could react coming out of his arms she pecked a kiss on his lips which had him wondering whether it was a real one or was he dreaming.

Later Meena had to recall all that took place between and what it meant for her. She tried to flush it out of her mind that she had fallen for his caresses. No it could not have happened to me or if at all it had happened it might just be a passing thought.

Finally she debated as to why she had pecked a kiss on his lips? Justifying it on the grounds that if she had not kissed him at that moment then she may have found it difficult to sustain him as he was about to rip her blouse and feel her armpits which she considered to be very sensitive.

Rajesh was on cloud nine. Not just because he was kissed but because of the smile his Mom gave as she moved out of his arms. It was a smile that could have won thousand hearts.

Next day Meena avoided getting close to him the whole day. She was contemplating how to proceed without getting stimulated and the only thing that came to her mind was to act naturally.

As evening dawned Meena finding him watching TV went across and sitting besides said 'shall I talk with Granny? She may help in finding you a beautiful girl.'

'What if she finds one of her age,' joked Rajesh.

'Then obviously you ought to marry her as you cannot say no to her.'

'Yes I can marry but I pity you, as you have to take care of two persons instead of one,' he said as he slipped his arm around her.

'Stop joking and try to be reasonable,' she said as she leaned on him.

'Mom find one who is as beautiful, as witty and as

'And as. . .?' she asked.

'And as charming and as gorgeous as you are,' he said drawing her closer.

'So you consider me to be gorgeous and you want to marry someone who is 42 years old who would be willing to marry a guy half her age, not a bad proposition,' she said.

'Mom age would not be a factor if she has your charms,' he replied feasting his eyes upon her voluptuous body.

'What do you see in me that's so promising,' she said seeing him ogling at her body.

'You are one woman blessed with all the right curves at right places,' he said kissing her on her lips.

Hearing his words and having being kissed on her lips Meena hiding her face on his chest said 'why did you do that.'

'For the same reason as you did,' he said as his eyes got focused upon her curvaceous body displaying her curves to his full advantage. Feasting his eyes on her half naked voluptuous back and her rich mounds stacked in the flimsy sari 'one ought to be fortunate enough to have a look at it,' he said.

'So you want a bride as gorgeous and as voluptuous as I am,' she said.

Running his fingers in circles on her back and feeling the rich curves 'do you think you would be able to find one like this,' he said and bringing to rest his fingers on the straps of her bra 'you seem to have a good collection of these.'

'Why are you after them and moreover what's your interest in them,' she asked.

'I am curious as I fail to understand their use,' he replied as he kept fingering the straps of her bra.

'Why do you think we would wear them if they were of no use,' she said.

'From what I have seen so far I don't think you need one as I feel what they are supporting are very firm,' he replied.

'When have you seen them that you are so confident in your assessment,' she asked as warmth spread through her body.

'Got no opportunity to see them but my cheeks were Lucky enough to have felt them when you hugged me to your bosom,' he said ashis hand started caressing her exposed back.

Squirming in pleasure on feeling the warmth of his hand on her naked back and getting aroused by his talk 'what more could you derive from that one hug,' she asked placing her cheek in the comfort zone of his broad chest.

'From that I felt assured that you may allow me to be a little adventurous,' he said as he fingered the flaps of her blouse.

'You mean I would permit you to open my blouse but what for?' she asked.

'Because this strip of cloth is shielding a vast area of your back which my eyes have not feasted upon,' he replied as his fingers started unhooking her blouse.

'Well if you would limit your gaze only on to my back then count yourself lucky,' she said lifting her face up and kissing him on the exposed part of his neck.

'And obviously I would not let go the opportunity of feeling up your naked armpits,' he said as he went on unhooking her blouse.

'For that you don't have to struggle hard as I am wearing a sleeveless one,' she said digging her teeth on his nape.

Those words struck him hard where it mattered most and having its effect well screened from her vision he went on caressing her exquisite back which made Meena to bite her lips to contain her emotions spilling out and when his hands reached her arms and held her naked armpits she could no longer sustain herself. Letting out a moan she suddenly withdrew from his grasp in such a manner that her blouse got struck in his hands which made his eyes pop out of their sockets on having had a look at her bra clad breasts. With out giving him much time to devour her nakedness he scrambled to her room minus her blouse.

Rajesh holding on to the flimsy garment could not believe what his eyes had devoured. Recapping all the incidences which had taken place he felt pleased and feeling elevated he went to his room.

Meanwhile Meena recalling the happenings felt that she was solely responsible for all that happened as she had taken the initiative. She did not feel bad as one day or the other the pent up desires which she had curtailed for almost twenty years since loosing her husband had to erupt. She felt at ease thinking there was nothing wrong in it as her son had shown lot of maturity and had not taken things for granted. With these thoughts in her mind she felt relieved.

Next morning everything was normal and as Rajesh got ready to visit the site his Mom was there at the door to see him off.

In was in the late evening that Rajesh returned and straightaway hit the sofa being totally exhausted. Seeing her son slumped on the sofa Meena while kneading his shoulders asked 'how is the work progressing?'

'Its going on fine and within 15 days it may get completed and Mom, I have to go again tomorrow.'

'Do you have to go? Can the Architects not take care of it, you get tired visiting daily,' she said as she held his head in her hands and started pressing it.

'Yes I get tired but coming back under your care makes me forget everything,' he replied.

'You seem to have ready answers, from where did you pick them up,' she asked pulling his head up.

Having his head rest on her belly and feeling its warmth 'Mom under your attention I forget everything,' he said as he lifted his arms and held her by waist tightly.

'Do you have to imprison me? Do you think I would runaway,' she asked as she pressed his head on to her belly.

'No, its not because you would runaway but because it feels good to feel you,' he said as he pushed his hands and held her blouse.

'Feel me under my arms or what?' she asked as she felt his fingers toying with her blouse.

'Not only under your arms but any portion of your body feels good,' saying it he caressed her whole back.

Feeling excited by his ministrations 'why did you pull out my blouse yesterday,' she cooed softly.

'It was your fault that the blouse was removed from its place. How I wish you had stayed back for some more time instead of running away,' he said as his fingers crept inside her blouse.

'Why what was your interest in it,' she asked bringing to place her chin to rest on his head.

'My eyes were deprived of the gorgeous sight of seeing them in their full splendour,' he said as he started unbuttoning her blouse.

'Is it necessary that you have to see them. Were you not happy on having felt them,' saying it she pulled his head on to her bosom.

'No there is much difference between touching and seeing them,' as he uttered those words he continued to unhook her blouse.

'What if you had a more prominent feel of them,' she said as she nuzzled his face on her bosom.

'That feels great but seeing them in their full glory would be fascinating,' as he said it he discarded her blouse and staring at her exquisite breasts stacked in the tiny bra 'I wonder of what use the bra is of,' he said.

'Have your eyes not gorged at what they are hiding? Have they not turned red on seeing them? It is for that reason we use them,' she said getting excited on having this chat with him.

'If it is for that reason then I would advice you to go without wearing one as they fail to hide anything,' he said.

'As if you are able to see what's behind them,' she said.

'What could they be hiding other than two dark teats,' he said feeling her breasts for the first time.

You men are most unscrupulous creatures found in this planet,' she said making faces at him.

Pulling her down on the sofa beside him 'can you imagine how this planet would have been if we were not around,' he said.

'Yes it would have been wonderful and we would have happily run around without any worries,' she said stressing her point.

'You mean to say run around showing your teats around, then what would be the use of these,' he replied taking hold of the straps of her bra.

'You are one filthy person who is after my bras from day one and I don't know why,' she said.

'Because they are inconsequential to you as what they are supporting are firm, rich and full and have not lost an iota of their charm,' he said as he ripped out her bra from her body.

'Finally you have succeeded in having your way. Do they impress you as much as you had thought they would,' she asked her body burning with desires.

'If I could have imagined that they would look so erotic, so exotic I would have not have waited so long to feast my eyes,' he said as his eyes hungrily devoured the erotic splendour of having seen her naked breasts.

'Count yourself lucky to have feasted your eyes upon them otherwise where would you think you could have seen such a gorgeous pair,' she said as her whole body trembled with uncontrollable desires.

'Yes now on having been stung by their beauty the next best thing would be to go back twenty years and do what I used to do,' he said cupping her breast and squeezing it softly.

'You are one filthy stinking pig,' she said her eyes beaming with lust.

'Yes who would you think would be so crazy as to suckle them again after a lapse of twenty years,' saying it he pulled her up and guiding his mouth to her waiting teat sucked it in.

Meena screamed out his name and taking hold of her breast and guiding it into his mouth 'suck them, bite them as they are yours to play with,' she said and as Rajesh took a breast in his mouth and started sucking on it, grasping his hair and pulling them 'how I wish you had started playing with them long ago,' she said lustily as she climaxed.

Hearing her words and seeing her lust filled face he pulled her in his arms and gluing his lips on hers he kept kissing her until he shot his load in his pants.

Meena seeing him sweating and panting silently slipped out of his grasp and walked down to her room feeling totally satisfied.

Next morning as Rajesh left for site Meena was worried as to how she would face him on his return. She started contemplating on many plans and finally decided that she would ask him to take her on a long drive as by the time they returned it would be very late and he would go to bed directly as he would be tired. With that in mind she called him in the evening and informed him.

Rajesh was delighted to hear it and straightaway he decided the place which would be most ideal. Thinking about it he spent the rest of the time and as he reached home he was delighted to see his mother decked up in silver colour sari which was ideal for the trip he had in mind.

As they traversed most of the distance Meena kept her cool and when he left the highway and steered to his right she lifted her eyebrows questioning him as to where they were heading.

'Mom it's a wonderful place and you would love spending some time there,' he said.

'Well if it so then why not,' she said thinking the time they would spent there would be to her advantage but what she did not think was how it would effect her.

Driving down for another few minutes Rajesh stopped the car and as they walked hand in hand in the cool breezy night she could hear the water running down. Attracted by the sound of gushing water she rushed towards it leaving Rajesh far behind.

Rajesh was delighted to see her jumping with joy and allowing her space to enjoy herself he sat on a boulder nearby.

As he kept an eye on her the cool breeze started blowing and this made her sari to hug her body like a second skin and with the moon playing hide and seek behind the clouds it had a tantalizing effect upon him whenever its light fell upon her.

Straining his eyes as he looked at her he felt as if she was standing there displaying her gorgeous body to his gaze. He could clearly make out each and every curve of her sensual back and when his eyes explored further down her gorgeous mounds looked as if they were naked with the wind having plastered her sari around them that It even highlighted the crevice between them.

On having numerous sightings of her sensual body whenever the moonlight fell upon it Rajesh coming to stand behind her slipped his hands around her waist and grasped her in such a way which was quite obvious.

Meena sensed his approach before he could slip his arms around her and when his hands held on to her waist well below her navel she felt assured what his intentions were and on trying to distract his attention 'isn't this place very beautiful,' she said.

'In comparison to what I have just seen it amounts to nothing,' he said as his hands started caressing the naked flesh of her waistline.

'What could you have seen that would be more exciting than this,' she asked as she felt his hands caressing her lower midriff just above the waist band of her sari which was dangerously close to what was permissible.

'My eyes devoured your back which you had so far kept under wraps and believe me you have a gorgeous bottom,' as he said this his hands encircling her lower abdomen pulled her up.

Hearing his words and feeling the scorching heat of his hands on her navel her body shuddered and when he pulled her up there was no mistaking as to what she felt of him. Bracing herself and fighting to sustain the desire consuming her body 'do you really find them so provocative,' she said.

'Is it not obvious,' he said as he lightly brushed it against her body.

Feeling it for the second time and biting her lips 'is it due to what you saw of me,' she asked.

'Yes it was only after having a look at them,' he said trying to lodge it between the crevice of her mounds.

Seeing him struggling to place it in a comfortable place 'do you want me to turn around,' she asked softly.

'Yesssssss,' he hissed and as she turned grasping her in both hands and placing it on her warm naked waist he pushed it hard on her.

Moving deep into his arms she hugged him until her lower body consumed him fully and when he started panting and perspiring, feeling she had accomplished her task, kissing him on his lips she moved out of his arms.

On their journey back home both were silent and when they reached home they went to their respective rooms.

Next morning he felt her presence before he could see her. It was her exotic fragrance which hit his nostrils and when he opened his eyes they were blessed with the sight of his charming Mom standing there wearing a haughty smile on her face. On closer scrutiny he found her wearing a half white sari which complimented well with both her fairness and figure. As his eyes met hers he heard her say 'go have your bath fast,' with that she went out.

As Rajesh stepped out after his bath he was surprised when he saw his Mom having strolled in his breakfast.

'Mom why did you . . . he was at a loss of words.

'I know that you missed your dinner last night and I am doing what your wife was supposed to have done,' she said.

'Yes but why bring it here? You could have called me,' he said.

'I thought you might be tired after that long drive,' she said.

'No not all, but on the other hand I enjoyed being in your company,' he said.

'How nice, I was feeling bad thinking it was me who insisted on the long drive,' she said.

'Every moment was exciting and yesterday you were looking so charming,' he replied recalling the scene.

'What makes you say I looked charming,' she asked pushing the trolley away.

'Wearing a silver colour sari, with the wind blowing and the moonlight falling upon you, you looked gorgeous,' he replied as he looked up at her.

'Does it mean you don't like what I am wearing now,' her eyes questioned him.

'Today your appearance is totally different. What you are wearing is very sublime and your very presence is intoxicating,' he said drawing her in his arms.

'Sometimes I find your habit a bit queer but by the way you handle it I have started liking it,' she said as she kissed him on his cheek.

'Yes you may call it queer but it excites me when I feel it,' he said as he slipped his hand under her arm and finding she was wearing a sleeved blouse 'this is not fair,' he said.

'Oh! I could not find any that would have helped you,' she said. In fact she had worn it intentionally.

'In one way that's also to my advantage,' he replied gaining confidence.

'How come?' she asked softly.

'It would be my pleasure to undo it and if you could,' he asked making her turn slightly.

'You are an opportunist and I think you won't let go any chance that comes your way,' she said.

'Such chances don't come knocking at your door every day,' as he replied he unhooked her blouse.

Feeling him unhook her blouse in a flash 'You seem to be rather confident today,' she said.

'Well I would put it this way. I think I am in a hurry to see what's behind this,' he said as he undid her blouse.

'There could be nothing new which your eyes have not devoured earlier,' she replied coyly.

'To have a look at those beauties trapped behind a bra is always a welcome sight as it rekindles many a things,' he said.

'And I suppose that's what happened yesterday,' she said.

'Yes I got carried away in that serene atmosphere,' he said as he drew her in his arms.

'What if you get carried away again,' she asked as she nibbled his ears.

'In that case only you can help me because the very reason of me getting carried away would be of having you close,' he said as he held her firmly in his arms.

'Why what happens when I get close to you,' she asked as she bit his ear.

'I get excited and take it for granted that I can venture into territories which so far were beyond my reach or start toying around with this,' he said as he took hold of her sari.

'Now that you have me so close what specific plan do you have,' she asked as she brushed her lips over his.

Excited by her kiss and feeling confident 'It's my desire to pull this out,' he said as he held her sari.

'Well you can pull it out but I fail to understand how it would excite you,' saying it she lay down on the bed anxious to hear his views.

Seeing her lie on the bed moving closer and bending down 'You cannot imagine the pleasure one could derive as you pull it out. At first when it is drawn out from your front you get to see those pleasurable mounds stacked behind a fancy bra which does little to hide them. While your eyes are still greedily gnawing at them they fall on your exposed waist which induces them to explore every pore of the 6 to 8 inches strip of naked flesh. And before one had the time to stare at them leisurely the fingers start to itch as one has to slip them inside the waist band to pull out the sari. What they would feel or touch is left to ones imagination. When that part of the sari is pulled out your eyes have a field day observing in minute detail whatever is shielded behind the translucent slip of yours. Then those eyes would start feasting upon the outline of the panties and if one is fortunate one may even see the black curls peeping out. Then comes the ultimate joy of seeing those robust sensual inner thighs which look so gorgeous behind the slip that it fades all other visions. What more would one want, tell me?' he said and as he looked up he saw his Mom's face had turned crimson with pleasure.

'Ultimately what happens when you see all that as you have described,' she asked.

'If one is strong enough he will control his urge if not he would be compelled to take some respite as was the case with me yesterday,' he said as he started pulling her sari out.

Taking hold of his hand and placing it on her bosom 'I can understand how you might have felt yesterday and now if you want you can lie upon me for sometime,' she said stretching her legs.

Nodding his head as he got up he stopped and Meena seeing him hesitating 'its but natural come,' she said extending her arms.

Rajesh felt ecstatic when his Mom extended her arms and moving in between he slowly lowered his body upon her fully.

Encircling her arms around him and drawing him close till she could feel his hardness embedded on her soft belly 'do you find it to your liking,' she asked.

'Yes it feels so warm so good,' he said on feeling the warmth of her body under his hardness.

Grasping him in both hands and lifting her lower body and imprisoning him 'does it feel any better,' she asked.

'Yes, yes it feels so good,' he said as he started pressing it hard on her naked waist and when he felt his Mom providing him more leverage ehe was on the verge of eruption and unable to look into her eye, hiding his face on her bosom he started ramming it hard until he erupted.

Seeing him panting Meena hugged him on her bosom and it took some time for him to regain his composure and when he stirred 'want to get up,' she asked.

Digging himself deeper into her embrace he shook his head and when his Mom ruffling his hair kissed him on his forehead 'I don't feel like moving away from this comfort zone Mom,' he said.

'That's why I asked you to get married the you can rest as long as you want,' she replied.

'No Mom I am not going to marry. Where would I find so much love, so much pleasure,' he said embracing her.

'I hope you understand there are limitations attached to this,' she said.

'Yes I am aware of it and I am happy with what is under my limits,' he said as he looked up.

'And may I know what your limits are,' she asked teasing him.

'Talking about limits I think it's time for me to start undoing this for which I have obtained permission,' he said taking hold of her sari.

'Do you want to do it now? Now after what happened a few minutes ago,' she asked.

'Yes right now. Who knows whether I would get another opportunity of having you lay beside me on my bed in my bedroom,' he said as he took hold her sari.

'You are an insatiable creature,' she said as she felt the sari slipping away from her bosom.

Pulling the sari away from her bosom and looking at her voluptuous breasts stacked behind the fancy bra 'I see that you have a good collection of these,' he said.

'Yes I have an endless collection of those,' she replied proudly.

'But what's the use when they can neither contain them nor cover them up,' he said.

'Is that not to your advantage? Did I not see your eyes pop out of their sockets when they fell upon them,' she asked.

'Yes they did and that small piece of fabric is to my advantage as it fails to hide any and I hope you are wearing a matching one down there,' he said looking down.

'I had thought of you otherwise but I see that you are dirty pig,' she said as hot waves surged through her body.

'Isn't it a fact that you like to hear such comments. Does it not add fuel to your burning body. Take a look at your waist and see how erotic it looks. One can keep his eyes glued on it for hours without blinking. It is sculpted to such perfection that to see it and touch it, it feels heavenly,' he said as he started caressing the warm waist softly.

'You lousy men are only good in enticing women with words and it's a pity that we fall prey to it,' she replied.

'Its an art which not all can master,' saying it he slipped his hand under her slip and taking hold of the tucked part of her sari he leisurely drew it out.

'Now don't say pulling out a sari is also an art which only you have mastered,' she said.

'No you don't call that as an art but what my fingers were searching in the guise of removing your sari, yes that can be considered as an art,' he replied.

'And were those fingers lucky enough,' she asked biting her lips.

'No they did not cross the limits but no regrets, because the heat my fingers felt is in itself quite an achievement,' he said.

'I fail to understand you and your dirty theories,' she said.

'Yes you cannot understand them,' he said and removing her sari 'my heavens! this is the most erotic scene which my eyes has ever seen,' he said staring at her robust thighs clad in the light material of her slip and as his gaze fell on the outline of her panties 'is that a matching one which you are wearing,' he asked.

'Why should I answer you, moreover they don't come under your jurisdiction,' she said as hot blood rushed up her body.

With his eyes still devouring her scintillating body lying before him, placing his hands on her inner thighs and caressing them 'what a gorgeous pair of thighs you have Mom,' he said as he pressed his lips on them.

Hearing him call out Mom Meena could hardly hold back her desires. Seething with untold pleasure and wanting him to carry on 'don't you think you have crossed the limit,' she said half heartedly.

'Yes having come this far I think I have crossed all boundaries,' he said as he started pulling her slip up.

'Yes when you have crossed all boundaries is it necessary that you have pull my slip up. Have your eyes not seen enough,' she asked.

'Its not the question of what my eyes have seen, but it's the pleasure I derive from removing this material from your body and moreover don't you think it's time I find out whether you are wearing the matching one or not,' he said.

'What if I am wearing it? What difference does it make for you,' she asked.

'Well I cannot imagine how gorgeous it would look as it may not be able to hide much of what you have there between these,' he said as he caressed her thighs.

'And what if I am not wearing a matching one,' she asked.

'Then I think my hands will have another opportunity to touch and feel it when that garment is pulled out of your body and this time my eyes will be blessed by its real sight.'

'Why have you not seen any,' she asked.

'Maybe fictional but not in reality,' he said as he lifted her slip above and seeing her wearing the matching panties 'this is what I was craving to see Mom,' he said as he bent down beside her to have a better view.

'So this is your first glimpse of it. Is this how you dreamt it would look like?' she asked as her fingers started running over his pants searching for his hardness.

'No I could not have ever dreamt it would look this tantalising,' he said as his eyes scanned her nakedness.

'What do you see there that is so tantalizing,' she asked as her fingers reached the tent up portion of his pants.

'To see the light brownish lips of your opening amidst the black hair between your gorgeous thighs covered in a thin veil is what that is tantalizing me,' he said.

'So this is all because of having seen what lies between my thighs is it?' she asked as her fingers finally grasped his erection.

'Yes Mom and I still cannot come to terms that you are holding it in your hand,' he said.

'Why, when you can touch, caress and kiss whatever you want to, can I not hold that which is a part of me,' she asked opening his zip.

'Yes you can and I for one would love to kiss the very place from where he popped out,' saying it he pressed his lips on her warm moist opening and started kissing it passionately.

Feeling him kissing passionately 'I think you have been dying to kiss me there,' she said as she slipped her hand inside and held his erection.

'Yes not only I have been dying to kiss it but I also want to pleasure you by invading deep into,' as he uttered those words he dug his tongue deep into her hot opening.

'Yes I need that, I need your tongue to ravage it. I want it deep inside me, yes yes, kiss it, suck it,' she screamed as she let out a moan which was hidden inside her for ages.

Turned on by her words and feeling her soft fingers hold his hardness, he grasped her lower body and bringing it up he plastered his lips on her small opening and started jabbing his tongue deep inside it.

Meena could no longer sustain the heat which was building up inside her and the moment his lips pressed on hers the volcano which was inside her erupted and as she climaxed she held his hardness and started squeezing it and did not let it go until she felt the warm spurt land on her hand.

Having had a huge climax and feeling overwhelmed 'you are a dirty guy,' she said cleaning her hand.

'You were responsible for it but call me dirty,' he said and seeing her covering herself 'is it necessary that you should do that,' he asked.

'Do you also want me to be a shameless creature like you?' she asked looking at his open pants.

'Yes and is it not you who are responsible for it to be in the open,' he asked.

'Yes I was and I think I made a mistake. I ought not to have done what I did and it would have served you better,' she replied.

'Don't forget there were plenty of other options at my disposal and I could have used them,' he replied.

'No none without my consent other than going to the washroom and . . . . . . ,' she said blushingly.

'Now see who is acting smart. Remember it was not a one way traffic that you can blame only me. You too were equally involved in it,' he said.

'Yes you incited me and I fell prey to it,' she replied jovially.

'How I wish I had known it earlier,' he said trying to grab her.

Moving out of his reach 'everything has a designated time and place. Now if you could move I have some work to do,' she said.

'Can that not be postponed for some time,' he asked taking hold of her hand.

'Why should I?' she asked.

'Because I have asked you,' he said holding her hand firmly.

'Now you are addressing as if I am your wife,' she said.

'No I would never want you as my wife. There would be no fun if you would be my wife. The thrill the excitement the pleasure I get by being with you will fade away once I consider you to be my wife. It would rather be as it is. Let me not take things for granted. I would love to win over you rather than feel like I own you.

'It feels exciting to win over me isn't it? It thrills you as it is taboo. Is that not the reason why you don't want me to be your wife? You want me to be what I am, your Mom. Do you like it more to be with your Mom,' she asked as she held him in her arms.

'Yes Mom that's exactly what I want. I want to be with you and only you,' saying it he put her down on the bed and lying besides pulled the sari with which she had covered her body with.

'What do you want to see of your Mom which you have not already seen,' she asked as her bra clad breasts were exposed.

'Its not what I want to see but it's what I want to do to her,' saying it he undid her bra and pulling it out. 'Now I do see something which I had not seen earlier,' he said as her breasts were freed from her bra.

'What' s that?' she asked as her body got inflamed again on having this conversation.

'Those teats of yours, they look absolutely tantalizing. What with their brownish colour on your fair skin. The sight of those torments me whenever they are left bare,' he said as he held one of her teat in his hand.

'You have had a fascination towards them from quite a long, long time,' she said.

'Of which I don't remember anything. Can we not enact that scene now?' he asked as he tweaked her nipple.

'Why do you want to when it does not serve any purpose now,' she put the words into his ears.

'How do you know it would not serve any purpose, is it not obvious don't you feel it?' he asked poking it on her.

'You men are too much. Just ten minutes ago and now again,' she asked.

'What happened ten minutes ago was not natural. It was induced hastened up and what it wants now is something real,' he said as he slipped his hand inside her slip.

'Don't you think what you are trying to feel now would hasten up things. Are you man enough to withstand it,' she asked.

'Yes it would have been difficult if it was for the first time but not now,' he said as he placed his palm squarely on her hot spot.

Squirming in ecstasy on his hand toying with her hotspot 'what about this can you withstand this now when you failed earlier,' she asked as she took his hardness in her hand and started caressing it.

'Yes I can and what you are doing now is only like adding fuel to the fire,' saying it he ripped her slip out of her body.

Seeing her slip being shred out of her body 'is it not a fact that the beast in you comes out at one time or the other,' she asked as she started squeezing his manhood.

'Yes you women provoke it as you need a man who is possessed to satiate your desires,' he said as his fingers deftly slipped her panties out of her body.

'From where did you get to know all this? I had thought you were still a boy,' she said as she was inter twined her thighs holding back the desires trying to burst out.

'From you who else, right from the moment you stepped into my room you had it all planned. You had planned it to such perfection that you wore a sleeved blouse to start with and when it came to wearing undergarments you choose the ones which would speak louder than words,' saying it he mounted her and as he penetrated deep inside 'I played my part to a T as I wanted to have you where I have you now Mom,' he said as he filled her up.