Indian Wife Plays With Construction Workers - Chapter 5

Indian Wife Plays With Construction Workers - Chapter 5

Published on: 2023-11-20 19:45:26

Needless to say I was pretty disappointed about what Pushkar did. True that I asked him to get us out as soon as possible, but come on! I was at my sexual peak! Damn! I knew Pushkar too knew that, but this was so unlike Pushkar. He always loved to exhibit me as a whore and given that Mishra ji, Kesava and Paresh were all his close friends and the hotness of the situation, I would never have expected Pushkar to cut it off so soon. I was completely sure they were going to gangbang me however they wanted.
Anyway, so there was nothing I could do now, though I wished Pushkar took me back to the cheap hut to get me fucked by all of them.

So as we were walking, I realized that my panty was completely drenched with my leaked pussy juices. The juices were infact still flowing heavily. It seemed like it took me a long time these days to get rid of the sexual inertia. Pushkar too was clearly horny from all the things he and his friends had been doing to me.
As we kept walking, I could catch sight of more horny cheap litter men. My saree by then was still very wet and even though it covered by boobs, it did very little in hiding them. The sight of a hot ripe urban woman roaming around shamelessly without proper clothing is obviously hot, and even more so to these deprived perverts. Given that I was damn horny already, I really enjoyed how those guys lusted at me. 

They were trying to fuck me with their eyes while talking to each other in amazement.
After about 15 mins. of walking, Pushkar and me reached the lake and I could see what Pushkar was saying. It was really beautiful, a typical village scenery. Nearby us, there were boys in their early 20s swimming in their undies occassionally coming out and taking a jump back in the lake. It seemed like they hadn't noticed me yet, otherwise you know how the things would be. In a little distance, I could see a group of 3-4 guys bathing their cows. It seemed so peaceful.

Pushkar said, "Here it is Purva, how do you like it?"
"Wow, Pushkar, this lake is so beautiful and peaceful. I could stay here all day", I said.
"You can spend as much time as you want here", saying that Pushkar came more closer to me and planted a deep kiss on my lips. I was surprized at the romantic touch that Pushkar sometimes displayed at times. But just when I thought so he hugged me tight and tightly grabbed my ass over the saree. Men
will be men, I thought.
I hit on Pushkar's chest playfully and we laughed it off. He was then back at grabbing my naked waist. I was still very horny, especially because of the sudden departure from Mishra ji's hut just when things were becoming extremely hot. I could still feel my pussy and thighs all wet inside the saree. That's when I realized how badly I wanted to do it and I knew Pushkar would definitely want me to do it too.
I said, "Pushkar, I want to get into the lake".
"Of course Purva, why not go ahead! I would love to see you in a wet saree!"

"No. I mean I want to get into the lake completely naked". That was enough for Pushkar to get even more perved up.
"Wow, really? Man, Purva you are such a slut!"
"I sure am, please let me do it. I would love to take a swim in this village lake all naked!"
"Haha, I bet that would be the most awesome sight in the world!", said Pushkar tighting his grip on my
naked waist. "Go ahead, take off all your clothes, I can't wait to film you!"
As soon as he said that, I proceeded to strip myself. I removed the saree and stood there while Pushkar started to film me taking the saree from me. I loved it when he did that. I blew a kiss to be captured in the video and then removed by kurta while Pushkar proceeded to tape my entire body from top to bottom focussing on my wet panty. He said, "Damn Purva, that pussy needs some good treatment. How wet are you down there?"
I blushed at Pushkar's words and consequently removed by panty and threw it at Pushkar giggling.
Pushkar made sure my pussy was captured perfectly in the video by taking a few minutes of closeup on it. I was so horny!
By then the group of young lads had noticed all of what was going on. They were all in the lake and I was sure they were having the biggest boners of their lives. It was clear they were not able to contain the excitement at the sight of a nude urban housewife in a village lake. It was so sexy for me to show off my everything to all those cheap village people I never knew or will know.
I then turned away from Pushkar and started walking towards the lake. Pushkar followed me with him phone so that he could film my ass from behind. I then slowly immersed myself in the lake. I was so horny with how the scenario was poised. Here I was an upper class housewife completely naked taking a swim at a village lake. As soon as I dipped myself, I loved the soothing feel of water running on my hard nipples. The fact that I was so slutty and completely naked turned me on like hell.
The group of young lads silently swam over to my side with the hope of getting to see my private parts from upclose. Man, it was so damn erotic. I was enjoying the swim so much, and in between Pushkar would call out to me to make certain poses. I would then rise above the water to purposely show off my tits for the video as well as the young lads who always kept close to me for exactly that. I behaved as nonchalantly as I could with 4-5 guys around me but I sure was so damn horny. Also I knew how you liked my boobs when wet, and I was sure these guys loved it too. Man, I loved how lustful they were getting looking at my wet tits.
After about 30 minutes in the lake, Pushkar called out to me and said, "Purva, please stay in the lake, I will go to Mishra's house and get a towel for you". Saying that, he kept my saree, kurta and panty on the
rock nearby and left.

I was now surrounded by these young lads who looked all perved up and horny, of course. Being from the village, they were so rustic as it is. It was clear that they were really amazed and a couple of them tried to make small talk with me, but I thought it was best to ignore it at least till the time Pushkar was back, lest I get into any trouble. I could never discard the possibility of these guys trying to kidnap me and take me somewhere to gangrape me, though at that moment, I really didn't hate it if that would happen! Man, I was so horny.
I continued swimming all the while trying to get away from the lads but rising above the water to show them my boobs. Needless to say, they always kept following me. What made me really horny was also the cheap surroundings. In a little distance away, the cows were still getting washed by their respective owners who I thought definitely realized a naked lady swimming. I could see their gazes turned towards me, but I guess they just had to take of their cows, poor guys.
After about 20 mins. Pushkar returned with the towel. But also with him were Mishra ji, Paresh and Kesava. Of course, I expected them to accompany Pushkar after knowing about what I was up to. I could see Puskar was carrying a cheap old lungi and I knew I had to use it as a makeshift towel. Given the financial status of Mishra ji and his comrades, I knew that was what I would get.
As they came close to the lake, I too started to swim towards them to the shore. I rose above the water just leaving my pussy below it and waved my hands towards them in excitement. Truth be told, I was happy that they were back and I was severely horny and ready to have some more fun.
Mishra ji said, "Arre Pushkar bhai, yeh to kamaal hai. Purva toh pura hi nangi ho gayi, baap re! (Arre Pushkar, bro this is amazing. Purva is actually completely naked.)". Saying that he turned towards me and said, "Purva madam, aap ke babbe toh itna pelu hai aur pani ke wajah se lag rha hai aur bhi rass aa gaya hai unme! (Purva madam, your big boobs are so amazing and due to water they look like they have become even bigger.)"
Listening to his crude description of my tenderness made me blush! I just smiled at him and I knew he loved to embarrass me with the most perverted descriptions. I just plain loved that.

Pushkar then said, "Chalo Purva, let's go now. In a while a lot of village men will be here and you will get into trouble".
So then I came out of the lake and stood there just for all the perverted men to gaze lustfully at my naked wet body. I loved how shocked they were each of them eyeing me from top to toe. It looked like even Pushkar could not get enough of me! Paresh then said, "Arre baap re, yeh to ek dum maal hi maal hai. Purva ki chut itni sahi dikh rahi hai pani ke wajah se. Bhai Pushkar, video chala le yaar fir se. (Arre brothers, this lady is such a piece. Purva's pussy looks so good due to the water. Pushkar, bro start taking the video again man.)". I blushed at his words and enjoyed how horny it all was. Pushkar then at the suggestion of Paresh, started capturing the video again passing the dirty lungi makeshift towel to Mishra ji, while I made cute and sexy poses at the suggestion of the guys.

While being captured, I intentionally wanted to be cute and slutty, so I said in a cute voice, "Mishra ji, towel toh do" while extending my hand towards him. Mishra ji of course, wanted to explore my body and take advantage of the situation. He pulled me closer and said, "Arre Purva madam, hum hai na. Hum dekh lenge sab kuch". Saying that he proceeded to first press my boobs a little and then started wiping my body with the towel himself. All the guys loved that and shared a laugh at the same time enjoying how Mishra ji was rubbing the cheap cloth all over my body devouring every inch of my naked ripeness.
He carefully wiped me rubbing my parts multiple times with the cheap smelling cloth. It was even torn for god's sake. It was such an erotic situation. Mishra ji carefully took time to get rid of even the tiniest water particle on my body as he made sure he completely touched and pressed all my parts. He even ran his bare hands over my pubic hair on my vagina and my arm pit again and again making sure it was dry. Of course, I knew it was just too feel every inch of my body, and I loved it to the core.
Paresh then said, "chalo let's go, it seems like people are coming over to the lake", as we saw a group of old men walking towards the lake from the other side. Pushkar stopped recording the video and Mishra ji wrapped the torn lungi around my bottom half leaving me topless. It was still sunny and I loved how Mishra ji took the liberty to decide what I was to wear. Mishra ji said, "Chalo lets go to my hut only for a while". I knew what he had in mind and I was thrilled also not wanting to disappoint the guys afterall. Mishra ji looked at me and smiled knowing what he was going to do to me.
As we started walking away, Kesava stopped us and was seen laughing profusely. We turned back and then saw the reason of his crazy laughter. A couple of metres away from us, two lads from the group had their dicks out and they were jerking it off like crazy while the others were trying to adjust their boners in their underwears. I looked at them and couldn't help but feel sorry for them at the same time failing to control my laughter. All of us joined in on the laughter while Pushkar again took his phone out to capture that too! Mishra ji said, "Dekho Purva madam kya haal kar liya aapne unka, haha! Ab toh bechare roj hi aayenge yahan pe aap ko nangi dekhne ke liye!".
I laughed at Mishra ji's words and blew the lads a kiss! It was truly entertaining to see how I turned them on so much that they took their dicks out and started masturbating. It was so damn cute!
As we walked back to the hut, Mishra ji pulled me over to his side and grabbed my waist occassionally pinching my tits roughly making me squeal repeatedly. Whenever I'd squeal he would just look at me and smile as if he didn't know what was happening. Man, I loved how perverted he was, and the fact that he was my father's age and how I was an object of pleasure for him was so erotic for me. I just loved it.
We then reached the hut and I just plain removed the makeshift towel partly because it was wet and stinking all over and partly because I loved to display my naked flesh to these perverted low class men. I removed the cloth and gave it to Mishra ji and I just slept on the muddy floor on my back with my legs spread wide apart while the 4 guys sat just infront of me to enjoy the view of my wet pussy.
Mishra ji took the makeshift towel and hung it across the entrance to hut covering it partially and came back to sit beside me. He started playing with my tits while Pushkar started filming it again. I was just euphoric! Mishra ji then said, "Paresh bhai thoda chai leke aa ja yaar hotel se sab ke liye (Paresh bro, could you get all of us some chai from the hotel?)"

[Purva's narration continues...]

Paresh immediately obeyed the words of his master and comrade Mishra ji. I knew he hated to leave the fun especially after seeing me in such a vulgar pose. I knew he felt like as if Mishra ji, Pushkar and Kesava would have their fun with me without him, and frankly I felt sad for the poor guy even though he would be back very soon. Reluctanty though, Paresh left to get some chai for all of us.

As Paresh left, Mishra ji continued manhandling my boobs. He somehow seemed a little soft compared to how he handled them a while ago, beating them until they became sore. Now he seemed to be more in the mood for thoroughly enjoying the ripeness of my boobs. Kesava on the other hand was just lusting at his best. His view alternated between my pussy and Mishra ji's softcore porn style way of treating my tits, while Pushkar continued at his best of catching every tiny detail of my luscious and mature body.

After a while Mishra ji said, "Purva, beti agar uth sakti ho toh uth jao na...tere mamme ko choosne ki ichha ho rahi hai (Purva, child can you sit up, I desire to eat your boobs)". The amount of liberty that Mishra ji took in addressing me as 'beti' and the way he expressed his carnal desires to enjoy my private parts turned me on like hell. Without saying a word, I immediately sat up straight so that Mishra ji could comfortably have his fun with my boobs. As soon as I sat up, Mishra ji tightly grabbed both my mangoes and pressed them real hard. It was so sudden that I let out a huge loud moan much to delight of the three perverted men. "Arre wah, kya chehra banaya tumne Purva, ek dum raseela (Wow, what a beautiful expression you made Purva, so damn erotic)", said Pushkar. I guessed it was really a very erotic expression as it was so spontaneous from me owing to the very sudden raise of gears by Mishra ji in handling my boobs. It also turned on Mishra ji a great deal because the very thing he did was to slap my boobs roughly from all possible directions in all possible ways. He was so horny for me that after hitting my boobs so hard for about a minute, he grabbed them hard again literally pulling me more closer to him using just my boobs. He then planted a deep vulgar kiss on my lips while still grabbing my boobs tightly in his fists. I guess he just could not handle it anymore!

Needless to say, I was feeling like a true whore. I was being enjoyed so roughly and dirtily by possibly the cheapest men in the country at possibly the cheapest place. My sexual juices and feelings knew no boundaries as my pussy just kept on leaking love juices making the mud near my pussy area completely wet.

Pushkar must have realized that early enough as he said to Mishra ji while taping, "Mishra uski chut me ungli ghusa zor se...nadi beh rahi hai wahan se (Mishra bro start fingering her pussy, it's like a river flowing out of her hole)". It was like Mishra ji just needed some encouraging words. He immediately made Kesava spread my legs to the fullest extent and inserted his middle and index fingers straight into my vagina. He then started vigorously fingering me while licking my entire face depositing his saliva entirely over it. I was by then on cloud nine. Without even knowing my eyes were closed and tears were flowing with all the sexual happiness that Mishra and crew were providing. What really impressed me was the way they made me so hot without fucking me. It was like a fucking wet dream.

Mishra ji continued with incredibly demeaning treatment for about 2 minutes continuously smothering my face with his tongue licking all of it and degrading my pussy with his fingers. His fingers were also so long that I felt he was literally poking my abdomen with them. By that time, I was so hot and my pussy could not handle the treatment anymore. I just squirted like a fountain shivering uncontrollably on the muddy ground as Mishra ji finally brought his rough fingering to a halt. He let me orgasm like a true road side slut while he continued licking my face.

As I was done squirting, Kesava transferred himself to my side so that he could catch a side view of my pussy. Just when I was thinking what he was up to, he held both my thighs with his left hand and with his right hand smacked hard on my pussy for about 4-5 times. He was so rough that my pussy tingled with all the pain in this world. It was like one of the most kinkiest pleasures I had ever received in my life - getting beaten like a fuck toy by the cheapest laborer on this planet. I guess Kesava just let all of his sexual perversion build up while Mishra ji had his fun with me. I was so bewildered by his actions, that I was actually scared I would get my pussy ruptured with his rough hands completely beating the tenderness out of it. I had to infact cover my pussy with my hands so that he stopped handling it so roughly. The definition of erotica had reached newer heights.

Momentarily after that hardcore treatment by Kesava and Mishra ji I just went into a trance like state. My whole body was still shivering and my pussy was feeling numb. It felt like this was the first time it was beaten to death, that too by the hands of a garbage man. They are the same hands that picked up the litter in the village, washed the cows, collected cow dung. Also, as I said earlier, it was clear that he hardly ever took a bath. Forget bathing, I doubt he even brushed his teeth given the foul smell he was shoving on face while he licked it like a cup of ice cream.

I only got a minute to regain my senses, as the very next moment, Kesava pushed me so that I was on the muddy ground again, widening my legs completely. He then proceeded to eat my vagina as he wanted, pulling the pussy lips with his teeth as far as he could while savoring each and every lick of my pussy lips. The sounds he made while eating it reminded me of what I just was - a true road side slut whore. I was so madly erotic and at that moment I just wanted to belong to that hut and these perverted men for the rest of my life allowing them to completely ravage me. I felt like I could let them do anything they wanted to do to me, satisfy all their fetishes. It was like a sex dream come true.

As Kesava continued damaging my vagina, Mishra ji completely shifted himself above my face on the ground managing to just fit his fat torso with the little space that was left. He then gathered all of his spit right from his stomach multiple times till he felt there was enough of it and spat it right at my face with full force. There was so much spit on my face that I could not see or even inhale properly. He then proceeded to smother the spit all over my face with his tongue. It was almost as cheap as my treatment at Salim's garage by Sajid and his crew. Wow, it was just out of this fucking world. Also the fact that Pushkar was filming all of it in his mobile made me an even bigger whore. It was like he truly brought me to the village so that his dearest friends could enjoy me to the fullest while he made a movie out of the whole thing. The thought of him sharing the videos with his friends and thinking about how many perverted men would be jacking of looking at me treated by these low class laborers like a whore was just adding to it all. I was really unstoppable and of course so were the men!

Mishra ji continued licking while Kesava was violently pecking my vagina.

"Kesava, ek kaam kar...mitthi le le haath me aur uski chut me ghusa de...bhenchod aaj iss randi ki chut ko phad hi denge (Kesava, bro do one thing, take some mud in your hand and just push it inside her pussy. Let's just rip this whore's pussy today!)". Such his was his level of perversion and libido. Now on an average day I would have totally freaked out with Mishra ji's words, at least for safety purpose. But at that moment it was a different story altogether. I just didn't care what they wanted to do with me, I just wanted them to fucking do it to me!

Kesava immediately obeying his master's orders, used his fists to gather the wet mud near my vagina and started applying on it. He did that about 3-4 times each time trying his best to gather as much mud as he could and then spit on my mud covered pussy. He then proceeded to push it all in into my vagina as deep as he could inserting his fingers as far as possible. Pushkar meanwhile also shifted to my side so that he could properly film the perverted act. Mishra ji too took leave from my face and came over to help Kesava with filling up my vagina with mud. Man, it was the peak of perversion and the fact that I was enjoying it to the core was just an indication of how kinky and perverted I myself was.

Kesava and Mishra ji continued the act for a long time and it felt like they were insatiable. They just wanted to completely destroy my pussy. Also since the mud was very wet, it just required the men's fingers to just push it nicely into the hole. Man, I knew what I was getting myself into, but I was so high on sexual desire that I didn't give a fuck!

After what seemed like ages of careful dedicated work, Mishra ji and Kesava finally gave up declaring that was the best they could do with their job of destroying my hole. Mishra ji then helped me sit up and bent me forward so that I could take a look at my mud stuffed vagina and voila! It was looking so erotic to me, really! The fact that I was just a sex toy for these cheap old perverted men and nothing more bought loads of erotic kick and it was unparallelled happiness.

Mishra ji said, "Sorry Purva, teri yeh chut ko dekh kar mera mann me bass yahi khayal aane laga...aaj toh hum teri iss mulayam chut ko phad ke hi rahenge! (Sorry Purva, I could not help but realize I wanted to do this to your vagina after looking at it. I guarantee you we will totally tear off your pussy today, no holds barred!)". I was so taken over with sexual desires that I just smiled at him seductively indicating that they could do whatever they wanted to do to me, it didn't matter to me anymore! I was so damn hot!

Just then, Paresh made his way into the hut. He must have expected something to have happened while he out to get tea, but surely not so much. The expression on his face when he saw me and my mud filled vagina said it all. He just stood there motionless just lusting at my pussy. Finally, he spoke, "Arre bhai logon, yeh toh mitthi hai, pura mitthi ghusa diya purva ki chut me? Arre wahh! Lagta hai iska rape hi kar diya tum logon ne!", all the guys broke into an evil laugh. Saying that he sat down right infront of my pussy spreading my legs to catch a better view.

He then laid his right hand over the mud over my pussy running his fingers over it inserting mud into any left over gaps.

"Haan yaar, bechare ke saath thoda jyaada ho gaya...ab iski chut ka pata nahi kya hi hoga. Saali ki poora fayda uthane ke chakkar me yeh wala dimaag me aaya ki iski chut me mithhi bhar de (Yes bro, poor woman's been through a lot...dunno what's going to become of her vagina now, we just could not take it anymore and I ended up deciding to stuff up her pussy completely with mud!)", said Mishra ji. All the guys again broke into laughter listening to Mishra ji's words. Mishra ji then turned me to his side with one swift pull of my thighs and planted a deep passionate kiss on my lips grabbing my boobs. It was a day that I could never forget, and it was not even dawn!

While I was sharing a long cheap erotic kiss with Mishra ji, I could distinctly hear a male voice over all the nearby cows' moos. Just when Mishra ji finished with me for the time being and Kesava pulled me into his lap for his turn, the guy with the voice entered the hut with a kettle in his hand. He was about 6 feet 2 inches tall and may be in his early twenties. "Mishra babu, yeh lo paanch logon ke liye chai (Here Misha ji, tea for 5 people)".

[Purva's narration to Tarun continues]

Just when the young lad entered the hut, I was in such a position that my boobs were completely at the mercy of Kesava's hands, with Paresh trying to spread my legs on the other side of the hut to have his fun with me, which I didn't doubt would be another perverted act. It was clear that these guys were quite depraved of sexual activity, and given so much to enjoy at once brought all of their dirtiest and most kinkiest fantasies out of them.

As the young lad, who was in early twenties, whom I assumed to be one of Mishra ji's many helper boys at his hotel, entered with the kettle, he was no doubt extremely excited at the sight of a seemingly urban housewife completely being a fuck toy in the most cheap location, a cheap little hut in an obscure village. He was able to see only the top half of my naked body which revealed to him how badly my had boobs had been used by these perverts as Mishra ji was blocking his view to the rest of my body. Right from the time Pushkar and me got onto the bus, my boobs had been ravaged roughly, pressed and sucked hard, beaten hard without any mercy, nipples pinched and pulled and all other such things. It wouldn't take any guy a long time to figure out how big a whore I am.

Mishra ji caught him lusting at my boobs being crushed like oranges in Kesava's hands and said to him, "Abey laude, tu kyun pahunch gaya yahan pe? chai aur cups rakh de wahan aur nikal jaldi... (Stupid fuck, why did you come here? Keep the kettle and cups over there and get the hell out fast)". Of course, the young lad did not want to miss this opportunity. I am sure he never had the chance to see a ripe woman completely nude infront of him let alone being destroyed on the floor in a muddy hut by a group of dirty old perverted men, and what if he also by Mishra ji's mercy got a chance to enjoy my private parts? I was sure he was not going to let go off this golden opportunity, and his reply showed just that - that he did not want to leave the chance to witness my destruction.

The young lad still not taking his eyes off my boobs said to Mishra ji, "arey Mishra ji, Paresh bhayya ne bola ki tum logon randi laye ho woh bhi sheher se, toh mere ko aana hi pada , please mishra ji, mere ko rehne do na..(Arey Mishra ji, Paresh bro said that you have got a whore for yourselves and that too from the village so I had to come and check her out, please let me stay here mishra ji)". Mishra ji then looked at Paresh and said, "Paresh bhai kyun bataya yaar isko, ab sab ko pata chalega toh sab loh yahin pahunch jayenge purva ko thokne... (Paresh bro why are you telling about Purva to everyone man? If all come to know they would also want to come here and fuck Purva)". It was clear that Mishra ji was a little angry as another guy in the hut meant he would have to share me with him too. I was still not sure if Mishra ji would allow the young lad to enjoy me, but I guess that was his point. He wanted to enjoy my parts and destroy me completely having me to himself but not share me with many guys.

Anyway, with reluctance he said to the lad, "Chal ab aa ja aur chup chaap baith ke dekh bass...haath waath nhi lagane ke iss pe (Fine, sit here quietly. No touching her and stuff)". The boy nodded. I loved how Mishra ji treated me like I was his personal whore, and the fact that I was at his mercy in real was so damn erotic to me. I also found it really hot how Pushkar allowed his dear friend Mishra ji to take the lead in raping me and humiliating me to the core. I was beginning to realize that the level of erotica of the situation would probably be the best in a long time! Here I was sleeping on the muddy ground completely naked and being used up in all possible ways with my pussy completely stuffed with mud. It was really perversion that could not even be matched with the kinkiest of porn movies. The thought that I was completely given to these cheap labour guys was beyond any sexual measure and my pussy was just boiling with love juices which could not leak out due to mud stuffed in my hole.

Mishra ji declared, "Chalo thoda chai pi lete hain aur uske baad purva ko gangrape karte hai (Chalo let's all have some chai and then gangrape purva)". All the guys broke into the laughter with Mishra ji's words. It was really the most perverted setup ever possible. I was feeling as naughty and hot as ever and I loved the kink Mishra ji displayed in his words. I laughed along with them, feeling a sense of utmost erotica binding all over my body. The day was not even near anywhere over and I had no idea what these low level scum guys were going to subject me to. It was the nastiest feeling ever!

Saying that, Mishra ji moved over to the other side near Kesava while Paresh continued his act of biting my thighs. I knew he wanted to do something to my vagina, but since it was completely stuffed with mud, he didn't want to disturb it. I knew they all thought it was incredibly sexy that I was subjected to such kinky and demeaning treatment and how my helpless vagina had to be stuffed with mud as the guys could no more control their sexual urges.

Paresh finally paused for sometime from biting my thighs and came up to me and slapped me hard 4-5 times on my face left and right while Pushkar was still filming all of it. After slapping as hard as he could, he said gritting his teeth, "tereko aise chodne ka mann kar rha hai ki saali tu 10 din ke liye uth bhi nhi payegi, randi aaj toh gayi tu (I feel like fucking you so badly that you won't be able to even get up for 10 days. You fucking whore you are over today)". I felt his words shoot right at me. He was so full with lust for my body that I could feel his spit flying on to my face with his words, and man, it was so threatening and sexy at the same time. The whole thought of being in the hands of these labour guys and the fact that no one could stop them from ganging up on me and destroying me completely made me hotter in my body. Truth be told, I was certainly a little scared that I had nowhere to go to if these guys did something really harmful to me, and that was certainly not impossible. The level of sexual urges these guys displayed and how each one expressed their carnal desires in the most inhumane ways was of concern to me but again I realized this was it! This is my true life and I am supposed to be the woman they can satisfy all their desires and fetishes with. I felt like this was where I belonged and it felt really sexy to say the least.

After saying that, Paresh pushed me back on to the muddy ground. Pushkar stopped filming and I too got up to sit straight. I was really at the top of my sexual libido and wanted these guys to do anything and everything to me. As I got up, my spreaded legs came into the lad's view. He wouldn't have expected such a vulgar and kinky view of my pussy completely stuffed with mud. He just kept staring at it with utmost amazement and said, "Mishra ji, yeh kya ho gaya iski chut ko? pura hi mitthi bara hua hai?".

Mishra ji said, "ha bey, sala ab mil gayi toh mujhe laga randi ke saath kuch bhi karlo kya farak padne wala hai". His words were so cheap and I loved them.

"baap re, Mishra ji, yeh toh bahut badhiya hai, aise randi kahan se mili aap ko jo sab kuch karwa leti hai?", said the boy.

"Abey, jyaada mat bol...chai pila de chup chaap", said Mishra ji. The lad reluctantly satisfied his curosity and poured the chai into the cups handing it over one by one, while making sure he devoured every bit of my mud stuffed pussy along with my entire nude body. I of course didn't mind that so I just let my legs spread a little more in the available space for all the men to have a good time while they had their chai and I was so tired so I found myself drifting to sleep.

Just then, Pushkar came up to my side and softly grabbed both my boobs and said, "purva don't you want to have some chai?".

I was really damn tired after all of the treatment he, Mishra ji, Paresh and Kesava had given me and was feeling really sleepy. So I said, "no Pushkar I am really tired, I want to sleep for a while".

Mishra ji who was sitting just beside me said, "Haan yaar thoda sone de isse, bahut kuch kar liya isse aur bahut kuch baki hai (Yes bro, let her sleep for while, we did a lot to her and a lot is still to be done to her)".

Pushkar then said to me, "okay purva, have some sleep, hope you are enjoying the stay in the village, we will go out and have a smoke and come back". Saying that, all the guys and the lad left for a smoke somewhere outside while I just lay there reminiscing all the things these guys had done to me so far. I was really horny possibly like never before and my pussy was starting to develop a strange kind of feeling. With all the mud stuffed deep inside, I didn't know if that would cause problems for me, but I loved to satisfy these perverted men and that meant allowing them to do anything with me and private parts. I had a strong urge to remove all the mud, but I let it be as I didn't want to disappoint the guys. After all they were going to remove it sooner or later to fuck me to their hear's content I thought. Thinking about all the rough things done to my body and having no sense of time whatsoever, I drifted to sleep on the muddy ground.

After a while I got up with some headache and frankly it took me a while to realize where and with whom I was. After I did realize that, it felt like as if all the sexual urges were rushing back to me. I felt a strange sense of erotica waft over me again as I woke up from my sleep. The guys were sitting in the hut and as soon as I opened my eyes, Mishra ji exclaimed, "hai hai, uth gayi meri randi! (Hai, my whore is up from sleep)". Saying that he came forward to plant a deep kiss on my lips. As he completely raped my mouth with his, I realized they were all consuming some local alcohol. Mishra ji's mouth was stinking with the smell to the point of it being unbearable. As I became fully conscious, I realized the whole hut was reeking of the local brandy as each and everyone including the lad in his early twenties, whose name I later came to know was Krishna were heavily under the influence of the local brandy.

It also seemed like it was evening and that I had slept for quite while. A fluoroscent tube was hanging at the end of the hut which managed to produce enough light in the tiny little hut. I guess they never really had to use it but now was the time because otherwise, they could neither see me naked or film me. All of them were quite drunk and were making all kinds of vulgar jokes on me and laughing lewdly. It was clear that the local brandy got to their heads and as a result their raw urges of sexual fullfilment had been increased like anything. I was still on the ground while Kesava was biting my boobs and tits completely sucking the life out of them beating them to his will. It seemed like he had forgotten they belonged to me and treated them like a pair of boobs he had been gifted. I wondered if he was doing that from a long time even while I was asleep which was quite possible. My boobs were getting really sore now, and I could feel them tingling with pain, but wow was it hot! I could not feel any senses in my pussy, so I just ran my hand over it and realized that the mud was still stuffed up inside my vagina.

Mishra ji on the other hand, did not let go off my mouth even though I fidgeted like crazy grasping for breath, with Kesava beating me roughly on my stomach to pin me to the ground. I could not stand Mishra ji's bad breath as he completely pushed me on to the ground and kept sucking my mouth and biting my lips, even thrusting his tongue and saliva into my mouth.

Pushkar was on the other end having the time of his life. He was participating in the jokes that he, Paresh and the Krishna made while they kept filming me. I also noticed that Pushkar had a good digital camera in his hand that he used to film me while Krishna took up the job of recording my humiliation on Pushkar's phone. I wondered where he got the digital camera given how these guys belonged to lowest class.

Finally after what seemed like hours, Mishra ji left my mouth and said, "Yaar Kesava, tu bhi rehne de, becharee ko thoda chai pila dete hai (Bro Kesava, you too let her go for a while, let's allow the helpless whore to have some chai)".

So they helped me get up and sit on the muddy ground and Paresh got me some chai. Pushkar stopped filming and so did Krishna. Pushkar was quite drunk and he said, "purva, you are the best thing that happened to our lives, we are having the fun of our lives with you dear".

I smiled at his words, which I found really cute. He continued, "Mishra ji has a friend nearby who sells movie CDs. Turns out he also has a digital camera, so I thought we should borrow it and shoot you while we have our way with you, you know for better clarity". It was surely a great thing for them, as it meant they would have higher quality videos for themselves to masturbate to. I knew they were all pretty damn cheerful about capturing all the dirty things that they were doing to me and have fun watching all of it later. It turned me on so much as I fantasized about how these guys would get horny and then resort to watching my videos and jerk themselves. The thought of these guys enjoying my perverse destruction brought new levels of horniness in me.

I said, "that's great!", and all the guys hifived each other listening to me saying that. They knew I could not stop them from doing anything they wanted to do to me anyway, not that I felt like it. I loved being so helpless and how they were doing anything they wanted to do to me to satisfy their sexual fantasies. It was the best erotic pleasure!

As I sipped the chai, I could see how all the guys were lusting at me. Now given that they were quite intoxicated with the cheap liquor, their lust seemed more vulgar than ever. It was like they were fucking me then and there no holds barred. I slightly spread my legs for all the guys to get a better view of my mud stuffed honeypot, or rather mud pot. All the hungry perverts really liked that as I could figure out with the looks on their faces.

Mishra ji, who was intently gazing at my mud stuffed vagina looked up to me and said, "purva tum se ek request hai beti, please na mat kaho (purva, child I have a request for you, please promise me you won't say no)".

I was not sure what Mishra ji was going to ask, but I said, "Haan boliye Mishra ji"...

"purva, beti ab tum ko to pata hi hoga, hum sab tum ko bahut jyaada chodne wale hai, toh kya tum humare saath ek roleplay karegi? (purva, dear you must know we are all going to fuck you real bad, so do you wish to do a roleplay with us?)", said Mishra ji.

"kya roleplay karna hai Mishra ji?"

"yeh mera bahut dino so ek fantasy pada hai beti...aur aaj usko karne ka mauka mila tumhare jaise maal ke saath... idea yeh hai ki Pushkar ki biwi ho, aur main tumhara father in law, aur yeh dono Kesava aur Paresh tumhare brother in law, aur yeh Krishna tumhara beta hoga... (Dear, I have had this fantasy for a long time now and today is the day that I can execute it with a hot woman like you. In the roleplay you are Pushkar's wife, I am your father in law. Kesava and Paresh will be your brother in law and Krishna will be your son)."

I knew where this was going and I was quite turned on with the roleplay idea and I wanted Mishra ji to continue. "achha theek hai, fir?"

"Toh beti tere ko hum sab chodenge tumhare pati ke saath hi jab mann kare, tum ghar ki randi ho, aur pushkar ko yeh bahut achha lagta hai ki tum ghar me sab logon ki seva karti ho din raat kabhi bhi (So dear, we are all going to fuck you along with your husband whenever we feel like, you are basically a whore of the house. And your husband Pushkar is very happy that you serve every one of us, whether it's day or night)."

Wow, that was seriously very very hot! I could not wait to do this roleplay and sink into the whole scene and enact my role as a whore of the house. It was seriously some very perverted sexual kink and I could imagine it coming from Pushkar. He was about 60 years old now, probably even older and I loved how he still had that raw libido. Also given how young and vivacious I was, I knew he just could not get enough of me. And also the other two I met today Kesava and Paresh who belonged to the lowest order, getting a chance to do what they felt like with me, it was surely top notch erotica. I cannot even put into words how much I loved to be in that roleplay.

"achha yeh toh bahut hi khatarnak idea hai Mishra ji", I said with a coy smile.

"haan beti, aaj toh tumko pakad pakad ke chodenge, aur ek aur cheez, tumhara beta Krishna 20 saal ka ho gaya hai, par abhi bhi woh tumhara hi dood peeta hai, toh jab bhi woh neend se uthkar rone lag jata hai, tum ko usse apna dood pilana hoga (Yes dear, today we are going to fuck you like crazy, and one more thing, your son Krishna is 20 years old, but still he drinks your milk only. So whenever he gets up from his sleep crying, you need to feed him your milk)".

And that was a cherry on top. It was no doubt one of the most hottest ideas for a roleplay, and damn, it was so damn dirty. I looked at Krishna, who was busy staring at my free-for-all mud stuffed pussy, and gave me a dirty smile. It was obvious they all discussed it out carefully to make it most pleasurable for all of them, and I loved it that I was the one who had to satisfy all their dirty needs. I felt like nothing but a whore that was manufactured to serve these low class perverts. I was so high with sexual urge that I could feel the pussy juices building up gradually though it was full of mud. All I could manage was a meek "theek hai Mishra ji".

Pushkar said, "purva ki chut se mitthi nikaalna padega mishra (Mishra, we need to get the mud out of purva's pussy)".

"Haan yaar, chal mai purva ko leke uski chut se mitthi nikaal ke lata hu, tum log baki setting kar ke rakho, aate hi shuru karte hai (Oh yes, ok I will take purva and remove the mud out of her vagina, you guys take care of all required things, we will start the roleplay as soon as we are back)", saying that Mishra ji extended got up and extended his hand to me.

We then came out of the hut and I could see it was all dark outside, all I could hear was the cows mooing. Mishra ji then said, "chal beti, cow shed ke paas chalte hai, wahan tumhari chut se mithi nikaal dete hai". Saying that he spanked my ass hard and grabbed my naked waist hard, and we proceeded forward. I was loving every bit of it. Really!

As we reached the dimly lit shed, I saw that there were 4-5 cows and the whole place was reeking of cow dung. I had to watch and make my step as I felt there was cow dung everywhere. Mishra ji then made me sit on a small platform in the shed and made me thrust my pelvis forward so that my pussy was completely visible.

He looked at and said, "Arre baap re, bahut mithhi bhar liya isme (Oh man, there's a lot of mud in here)". Mishra ji then picked up a stick from the ground and poked at the mud stuffed up in my hole. The mud must have been really damp with all my leaking pussy juices and poking at the mud only made it worse as more of it kept going inside. Mishra ji too realized it immediately and he said, "beti mithhi andar jane lag rahi hai, lagta hai aur bhi jagah hai tumhare andar mitthi ke liye, hahaha. Mann kar rha hai aur bhi mithhi bhar lu tumhari chut me, par fir tum ko ragadenge kaise... (dear, the mud seems to be going inside when poking, it seems like there's more space inside your pussy for the mud. I feel like stuffing it more with mud, but then how will we able to fuck you then, hahaha!)". I loved how Mishra ji spelt that out for me again ascertaining that I was nothing to them but a fuck toy that they could do what they wished.

I said, "Mishra ji kuch toh karke nikaal do, itni der agar andar mithhi reh gayi toh problem hoga baad me (Mishra ji please remove it somehow, if the mud remains in there for so long, there will be a problem later on)".

"achha beti, theek hai nikaal deta hu, ruko".

Saying that, Mishra ji first spread my legs so that he could see my pussy and the mud more clearly and carefully used his nails, fingers and the stick to remove the mud from inside my hole. In the whole process, Mishra ji completely stretched my pussy and kept poking in and out of it with his nails and the stick. Sometimes, it even pained me so much that I just jolted. I guess it just made the perverted Mishra ji even hornier, so he did a few more times all the time smiling at me. It was just so hot to be with these perverted old men, I thought.

Even after Mishra ji tried his best to remove the mud, there were still traces of mud left over inside my pussy. It seemed like since my pussy was continuously leaking with juices, the mud had become damper and damper and now it just stuck to the walls of my vagina.

Mishra ji then said, "purva beti tumhari chut me thoda aur mithhi reh gaya hai, uske liye tum ek kaam karo, ek baar susu kar lo aur phir me pani se bhi dho lunga, phir pura mithhi nikal aa jayega (purva dear, there's still a little mud stuck in your hole, for that you need to pee and after that I will wash it once so that all the mud will come out)". I loved the idea and the kink of peeing infront of a perverted old man and I knew Mishra ji only asked me to that as he wanted to see me do such a private act right infront of me. I was so taken over with sexual pleasure that I wanted Mishra ji to finger me right there making me cum like a whore, but I guess all the best things would come together in the hut.

So I immediately said, "okay Mishra ji" and squatted down to piss. I had been wanting to piss from a long time but since my pussy was filled with mud and all the guys loved it that way, I didn't want to do anything to disturb it.

As soon as I sat down, warm piss started to flow out of my pussy. Mishra ji too squatted down a meter away from me to get a good look at my pussy and the piss flowing out of it. He said, "yeh dekho beti, mitthi nikal rahi hai, aur karo (See here dear, mud is coming out, piss even more)", pointing to traces of mud in my piss. It all was just too damn kinky.

After I was done with the pissing, Mishra ji took me to other side of the shed, and washed my pussy with water, inserting his fingers as and where he wanted. Finally after a lot of effort it felt like all the mud had been removed as Mishra ji took one more close look inside my hole to ensure it. He then slapped on my pussy hard a couple of times and we walked back to the hut. It was time for the perverted roleplay!

As we entered the hut, all the guys seemed ready to get started for the roleplay to start. They were all sitting there and drinking even more brandy to heighten their sense of perversion for the roleplay. No doubt they were all really eager to fuck me and enjoy the kinkiness of the whole idea of me being a whore wife, daughter in law and sister in law. It was such a fantastic idea!

Pushkar gave a look at my pussy and said to Mishra ji, "nikal gaya pura mithhi purva ki chut se? (All the mud from purva's pussy has come out?)". Mishra ji explained them in detail how he removed all the mud from my vagina. He made sure it was described in the dirtiest way possible saying the word "chut", "ghusake", "susu" etc. that made me hornier. All of them also completely enjoyed the description.

As we made arrangements, Pushkar said, "purva please wear your clothes back so that it looks natural and I will explain the background and opening scenes to you", saying that he got me my saree that was on the hut.

As I wore it, Pushkar explained me the background of the roleplay.

"So purva the opening scene is that it's late night and you are asleep with Krishna in the hut. I then come home and I am very drunk, and I wake you up and start fucking you. After a while Mishra ji comes from the hotel and he is also very drunk, and he joins in. Then after a while both your brothers in law Kesava and Paresh also come home and we together fuck you brutally and gangrape you. We do this to you everyday where we come home drunk and take it all out on you fucking you like a whore, and now you are used to it, and you have nowhere to go as you don't want to leave your son. So you have accepted your fate. You generally sleep in the day so that you can service all of us during the nights. Every night we come home drunk and do all kinds of things with you and gangbang you without any mercy completely destroying you", said Pushkar.

It was truly one of the most dirtiest ideas and I knew how hot it was going to be when we were going to enact it! I said, "okay Pushkar, I eagerly want to do it".

"That's my slut! and remember also in between even while we are fucking you, if Krishna wakes up from his sleep, you will need to feed him your milk, so don't forget about that, and keep it natural as the camera will be placed on the ground and we can record the entire roleplay to watch it later. And one more thing purva, we will be doing a lot of things to you, so please go with the flow, don't object to anything no matter how rough it is".

I nodded in approval. It was no doubt going to be super duper hot!

So then I wore my saree and we started off. Krishna and me slept on the ground. Krishna grabbed the opportunity and tightly hugged me with love as I was his mother in the roleplay. I knew he had been waiting for a long time to even touch me, and now that he finally got the chance I knew he wasn't going to go easy on me. I too liked to give him his share of fun so I did not protest, and allowed him to grab me and feel me to his heart's content.

Pushkar then placed the camera at the proper angle as they experimented and decided on its location earlier, switched off the light, started the camera and all the guys moved out of the hut as we started off with the roleplay.

After a few seconds, Pushkar started his role. He came inside the hut with his brandy bottle in his hand. I was sure he was really drunk as they had been consuming quite a lot of the alcohol since a long time. He then switched on the light and then came up to me and hit me hard on my saree covered ass and said, "Uth randi chodna hai tujhe (Get up you whore, I need to fuck you)".

I then acted as if I woke up from my sleep and said, "Pushkar ji?".

"haan mai hi hu (yes, it's me only)". Saying that he grabbed my neck and made me stand up. He then planted a deep vulgar kiss on my mouth and started removing my saree in a pretty violent fashion. He was so perved up that he just tore my saree completely making me naked. He then sipped some more of his brandy while lusting at my naked from top to toe. Pushkar then slapped me hard on my face and said, "Lund choos mera randi(suck my dick you whore)".

Saying that he removed his trouser and underwear and took out his erect cock. It was so huge that I wondered how he had even managed to keep it inside. It was smelling like anything given that he must not have bathed for quite a long time. Pushkar then grabbed my head and pushed his erect dick right into my throat, making me squirm. It was too huge and it was so sudden. I guess he was really waiting to do this with me and now he was unstoppable. Also, I knew he wanted the best in the video so that they could all enjoy it later and I completely obliged as I really wanted all these men to have a wonderful memory of using me completely.

Pushkar violently face fucked me spitting heavily on my face as I sucked his cock. It was throbbing so much that I could feel his hardness like never before. It was so sexy to see an old man so hard for me, it was erotica at its best. He spit all over my face and rubbed it with his hands as he completely stuffed his thick cock into my throat gagging me.

After sometime, he made me stand up and gargled hard and spit all of it right into my face with great force. It was so lusty that I loved how he treated me to the core. He then slapped hard on my ass and made me sleep on the muddy ground on my back and started humping me. He said, "randi aaj toh tujhe aise ragadunga na ki teri chut hi phat jayegi (you whore I am going to fuck you so badly that your pussy is going to tear)". Saying so, he made violent thrusts of his huge cock deep into my pussy. He was fucking me with so much lust and desire that I felt he quite didn't know how to completely satisfy it. He kept drinking the brandy profusely and kept fucking me like a whore. After what seemed like about 10 minutes of rough fucking, Kesava and Paresh entered the hut.

They also had their brandy bottles in their hands and it was clear they too were severely under its influence. Paresh said, "arey bhaiyya roj tum pehle pahunch jaate ho, chalo ab mere ko chodne do purva bhabhi ko (Arre brother, you always come first, now let me fuck bhabhi)".

Pushkar replied, "bhai do minute de de, abhi abhi chodna shuru kiya hai (Give me two minutes bro, we started just a while back)". Saying so Pushkar continued fucking me while both Paresh and Kesava came and sat beside me. Kesava started licking my face as that's what he liked most. Paresh sat beside waiting for his brother to release his bhabhi so that he could have me to himself.

After about 3 more minutes, Pushkar said, "bhenchod, muth nikal rha hai (Goddam, I am going to cum)". Saying that Pushkar released his load right into my pussy. He then made way for Paresh, who straightway took my pussy. He jammed his cock right into my vagina and it felt like heaven. Pushkar was of course still not satisfied as he sat beside me and started working on my tits, sipping his brandy.

Paresh really loved my thights so while fucking me, he would hit hard on my thighs repeatedly. My body was red all over now with all the harrassing things these guys did to me. As he was fucking me, Mishra ji also made his way into the hut. He was also holding a liquor bottle in his hand, and was drunk like crazy. He came up and said, "arre bahu, hum ko thoda maze lene do tumhara tann ka (Hey daughter in law, let me also have fun with your body)". Saying that he came up to me and made me stand up ignoring the fact that Paresh was fucking my hole and Pushkar and Kesava having their fun. He then pinned me to the corner of the hut by grabbing my neck. He then spit hard on my face and slapped continuously for 5-6 times. Then he twisted my nipples hard and slapped my boobs making them completely red.

He then proceeded to remove his dhoti and took out his monstrous cock. It seemed like it was 10 inches. Given his age, Mishra ji possessed a very high sex desire. He then made me squat and inserted his cock deep into my throat. He would occassionally slap me very hard if he felt I was not doing it right. Man, this was very sexy, and my pussy was leaking loads of juices.

The other guys meanwhile called me names and encouraged their father to fuck me like the whore I was. After about 15 minutes of violently fucking my face, Mishra ji was ready to cum. He asked me to hold his balls tight as he gave one last thrust of his huge cock into my throat and depoisted all of him cum, deep in my throat. I could feel the hot jizz completely flowing down my throat and all the way to my stomach. I was such a whore.

Then, Paresh took me again and started fucking me on the muddy ground as Pushkar came up to me and started slapping me hard on my face left and right. I was literally being gangraped in a cheap village hut by the cheapest of guys. It was so damn hot for me. Paresh too slapped me hard couple of times as he kept fucking me violently, tearing my pussy apart. His face was filled with so much anger and lust that he was gritting his teeth. As he was ready to cum, his last few strokes were so hard that I was literally being pushed on the muddy with each stroke. Finally after a while he could not take it anymore and he came right inside my pussy.

After he came inside me, Paresh came over and deposited a huge globule of spit right on my face and then immediately gave me the hardest of slaps. His slap was so hard that it resulted in the spit just flying off of my face. It was so damn hard. I could literally feel the lust in the pain that his slap caused and I loved every bit of it. Just as Kesava was coming over to fuck me, Krishna acted as if he woke up from his sleep, so that meant I had to feed him my milk.

So I said to Kesava, "Ruko Kesava, Krishna ko dood pilake aati hu (Please wait Kesava, let me feed milk to Krishna and be back)".

Saying that, I sat myself up and crossed my knees. I was enjoyed this erotica so much apart from the hardcore fucking so I wanted to make it really sexy. I then acted as if I was picking Krishna up and made him sleep on my lap. Krishna was of course all the while listening and seeing how badly I was being fucked by Pushkar, Paresh, Kesava and Mishra ji and I knew he was having a wonderful time seeing my completely destruction. Also my feeding him milk meant that he was going to get the chance to suck my boobs, which was going to be a dream come true for lad in his early twenties.

So as I made him lie on my lap Krishna also did his best to make the act as perverted as possible. He purposely fidgeted around grabbing my boobs as and how he wished acting as if he was crying. All the other guys too gathered around me and sat beside me on all sides as they wanted to make the roleplay extremely perverted. It was as if they were observing me feed my child and it was so damn kinky. I too was enjoying the act like never before, so I sunk in the moment as well. I softly grabbed Krishna's head and pushed it towards my nipple. I am sure he loved that.

Krishna then made sure he had a wonderful time with my boobs sucking them, biting them hard and licking my tits completely. He was grabbing my other boob tightly with his left hand as he continued acting as if he was drinking milk from the right boob. It was so perverted and I was just so hot with all that was going on.

After what seemed like 20 minutes, Mishra ji said, "chal beti ab aa ja, so gaya tera bachha (Ok dear now come, your child has gone to sleep)". I then acted as if I made Krishna sleep and kissed him on his cheek, as Mishra ji said, "beti mujhe bhi bhook lagi hai, mere ko bhi tumhara dood pene do na (Dear, even I am hungry, let me also drink your milk)". Saying that Mishra ji came up to me and laid himself on my lap as he started licking my boobs. He acted as if he was really drinking my milk saying things like, "waah kya swaad hai, ek dum badhiya". His perversion knew no bounds, and I was enjoying every bit of it.

He sucked on my boobs for about 15 minutes, and then said, "chal ab tujhe chodenge fir se(Okay, now we will fuck you now)". Saying that, he said to Pushkar, "Pushkar woh doorknob lana, aaj iss randi ki gaand khol denge (Pushkar get that doorknob, let's open this whore's asshole)". I was surprised and slightly scared about that. A doorknob? that would be very painful.

Pushkar got the doorknob that was lying in the corner and brought it to Mishra ji. Mishra ji said, "aaj yeh iski gaand me jayega aur kal raat tak rehne denge, fir kal se iski gand me bhi chodenge (Today this doorknob is going into her asshole and will stay like that till tomorrow night. From tomorrow we will start fucking her in her asshole too)".

Saying that, Mishra ji bent me stand up and bent me over. I knew there was no way I could stop them from doing what they wanted, so I just resigned to it. I was going to endure the pain but I also knew it was going to be pain and pleasure together, I was so horny!

Mishra ji then proceeded to insert the doorknob. He first stretched my asshole wide with both his hands and spit right into it. Paresh, Kesava and Pushkar also came and spit into my asshole. Then Mishra ji softly started to insert the doorknob right inside my asshole. I could not control it any longer and I let out a huge moan followed by loud "aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". It was seriously hurting and pleasurable unlike any act before. As I shouted more and more with joy and pain, Kesava tightly covered my mouth with both his hands while slapping me continuously on my face.

As Mishra ji made progress with the huge doorknob into my asshole, I was feeling the pain and pleasure increase severely. I felt my asshole being so full and I was scared it might get torn with such a huge thing. Even though Kesava tried his best to supress my shouts of pleasure, noise still came out and if anyone outside was hearing them, they would surely know I was being raped by all these men. After what seemed like 5 minutes of intense pain, Mishra ji declared that the doorknob was perfectly inserted into my asshole. I could still feel the pain and as I stood up to take another round of fucking from the men, I could realize how good my asshole felt. The doorknob was partially out and I could feel the slimmer part tightly wedged inside my back hole. It was such a sexy sight seeing my asshole being stuffed with a doorknob.

After that, Pushkar and Kesava started fucking me again, this time inserting both their cocks in my pussy. They fucked me so roughly that after about 3-4 minutes, I was shivering vigorously. I was going to have a very big orgasm. As I orgasmed, Paresh and Mishra ji slapped me hard all over my body - my face, my stomach, thighs and particularly on my pussy. I was swinging uncontrollably on the muddy floor and the orgasm lasted quite a long time.

After the orgasm, Pushkar and Kesava continued fucking me again with Pushkar slapping me roughly on my face. Mishra ji was on the other side, busy slurping and spitting on my face when Pushkar wasn't slapping me. Paresh continued working on my boobs as he struggled to satisfy himself. He alternated between both my boobs biting my tits, chewing on them and licking them as he wished.

After about 5 more minutes, Pushkar was ready to come again. He came right upto me and released his huge load right on my face. My face was by then completely messed up with spit and cum completely smothered over it. Pushkar then spit once more on my face and sat on the side drinking more of his brandy.

Kesava was clearly insatiable as he completely ravaged my pussy without taking a break. Paresh joined him in destroying my pussy and both of them double fucked me in my vagina like a roadside whore. I was so stimulated with sexual pleasure that I was going numb all over. My face was all red and numb because of all the beating these guys had been doing. My tits were on the verge of bleeding with all the rough treatment, the biting and chewing done to them. I was being gangbanged like a professional whore, and a lot more.

As Paresh and Kesava kept fucking me, Mishra ji ravaged my boobs. After a while Paresh was ready to cum again. He could not contain it anymore and he released his load on my stomach. He was clearly still not satisfied as he came up to me and said "purva bhabhi, mai kabhi bhi aap ko pura nhi chod pata...humesha muth jaldi nikal jata hai (purva bhabhi, i never can fuck you all I want, I always end up coming beforehand)". Saying that he slapped me once more hard on my face and sat beside me jerking his cock which was still rock hard.

Mishra jt then made me stand up and made me lie on him, and started fucking me in my vagina all by himself. Kesava came on to the other side and inserted his cock in my mouth. Mishra ji completely took control of my pussy as he rammed his hard cock with great force and ultimate lust. He made loud puffing noises as he fucked me hard like a fierce animal thrusting it as deep as he could inside my pussy. His lust for me was absolutely unparalleled.

As I was blowing Kesava, Mishra ji completely ravaged my pussy. After about 10 minutes, Kesava was ready to cum as he made loud grunting noises. I loved how every man was just so lustful for me. His last few thrusts of facefucking me became slow as he enjoyed the feel of my luscious lips on his cheap dirty cock, as he slapped me hard not able to contain his sexual pleasure and lust for me. He came right inside my mouth as I was sucking his long member and forcefully pushed it deeper so that I would swallow all his cum. It was an act of true humiliation and dominance coupled with extreme perversion. It was amazing!

As his sole proprietary, Mishra ji continued fucking me like a fearsome tireless animal. Given he was 60 yrs. old, his sexual prowess was nothing but unbelievable. His lust for me and the cheap brandy made him even more animal-like as he fucked me mercilessly, repeatedly slapping hard on my ass cheeks and tugging at the doorknob that was inserted into my asshole. The way he was treating me was just out of this world!

After about 20-30 minutes of fucking me in that position, Mishra ji then made me sleep on my stomach and then inserted his throbbing cock into my pussy once again this time completely laying on me. His body weight was entirely on me as he crushed me onto the muddy floor with his huge build and fat stomach. It felt like I was a whore who was helplessly raped by this old perverted fuck.

I was on cloud 9 by then with every inch of my body completely destroyed. I was feeling pain all over my body as these dirty horny bastards hadn't left a white spot on my body unattended to. They had ravaged all over my body as they wished. I was feeling sore all over.

As Mishra ji continued fucking me, I was once again reminded of all I ever was, am and will be, a true roadside whore. This was where I belonged, to the guys of the lowest cadre, the barbers, the auto wallahs, the sweepers, the plumbers, the cheap roadside hotel wallahs and the garbage men. It was my duty to satisfy each and every one of their sexual desire no matter how perverted and dirty it was. I was the one and I loved it.

Soon Mishra ji was ready to climax, as he let out huge moans slapping me hard on my back. He was literally beating me to a pulp not able to satisfy himself even after fucking me so roughly and for so long. He too came right into my pussy and he lay there on top of me for a while gasping for breath. "Beti tum asli chudakkad raand ho (Dear, you are one hell of a whore)", was all he could manage to say.

Beside me, Pushkar, Paresh and Kesava too came once again as they jerked off their cocks seeing Mishra ji completely scavenge on my ripe nude fleshy body. Mishra ji finally got himself up atop me and I turned on my back. It was one heck of a fuck fest!

Just when I thought the roleplay was done, I could hear Krishna crying again. It came as no surprize to me really, as all he got was to nibble at my tits and enjoy my parts. With all the other guys getting a chance to fuck me as they wished, the poor lad had to just contain himself with touching and biting my nipples. So I immediately went over to the other side and again laid him on my lap offering my nipples to him. This time, he took the liberty of pinching my nipples hard and then sucked them making a noise as if he was sucking my milk. It was so damn perverted and erotic! He continued sucking my nipples and biting them, as he kept pressing and grabbing the other boob with his hands. It was like an icing on the cake for me after all the rough gangbang!

After what seemed like 15 minutes of intensely enjoying my tits, he again acted as if he went to sleep. I made him sleep on the ground again. Pushkar then said, "bahut sahi randi hai tu, kal tum ko gaand me bhar bhar ke chodenge, aaj ke liye so ja (You are a perfect whore, tomorrow we will all fuck you in the ass wholesomely. Now you can go to sleep)".

Saying that Pushkar and switched off the recording. All of the guys came forward and kissed me. Mishra ji said, "waah purva, tum toh ek dum kiraak randi ho, jee bhar ke tujhe koi mard nhi chod payega (Wow purva, you are one hell of a whore, no man can satisfy himself completely after fucking you, he will want more)". I blushed at his words and smiled back.

Paresh said, "sach me purva, tumhara pati bahut bhagyashali hai, jo usko roj tumko chodne ko milta hai...agar tum meri biwi ho toh din me 10 baar chodta hoga tum ko din bhar (True purva, your husband is the luckiest man on this planet, he would be fucking you every day. If you were my wife, I would be fucking you 10 times everyday all day)". I was seriously getting even more turned with their words. It was surely so sexy and vulgar how they commented on me. It was lust at its heights.

Pushkar then said, "okay purva, i think we have messed you up like anything with all the beating, spitting and the cum, do you want to go down to the lake and take a naked dip once again?".

I was pretty tired and just wanted to sleep, but going to the lake didn't sound like a bad idea, especially given my current state. My body was red all over, and I was loaded with cum and spit. "Yes Pushkar, let's go, I would love to spend some time in the cold water".

"okay, let's all go, you can come like this only, there won't be anyone outside now", said Pushkar.

We all then headed over to the lake as I walked on the road completely naked with a doorknob inserted in my asshole covered in spit and cum. If anyone saw me in that state, they would easily know I was completely demolished and gangraped by all these perverted men. As we walked, Pushkar made sure he recorded all of it again on his digital camera. The doorknob was quite visible from as one half of it was completely fixed inside my asshole and the other half stood outside giving an extremely erotic view of my ass. Kesava walked along side me as he grabbed my naked waist. I smiled at him.

As we came near the lake, the guys stayed behind as I took a dip into the lake's cold water. It was a perfect end to a pretty rough day at the office thought. I didn't have much energy left in me as I was completely torn apart by Kesava, Pushkar, Mishra ji and Paresh, not to mention the naughty lad Krishna. So I just moved around in the lake lazily for about half an hour as the guys lusted at my body passing cheap comments on my private parts. I loved it all, and it was a day I could never forget.

After about half an hour, I got myself out and we made our way back to the hut, me all naked and wet. It felt so hot that I was walking naked publicly in a village that I never knew even existed with these cheap labourers whom I met just today fucking me like a whore. It was amazing!

As we reached back to the hut, I just collapsed onto the muddy floor. I requested the guys to let me sleep and that they can have their fun looking at my nude body and even filming it if they wanted. I spread my legs for the guys to have an obstructed view of my ravaged and sore pussy and drifted off to sleep thinking about how I had transformed from a rich traditional housewife to a cheap roadside whore getting fucked by low class perverted men. It was an amazing experience!

[Purva's narration continues...]

Next morning I woke up with pain all over my body. All by body parts especially my boobs and vagina were completely sore. One of my nipples was causing me a lot of pain because of all the extreme biting. I liked the pain though, it was a sweet memory of how I had been gangraped by all these cheap dirty men.

As I got up, I also realized my asshole completely numb, and it was tingling like anything. Then I realized that the doorknob was still inserted. I did not remove it.

I could see any of the guys in the hut, but there was the digital camera placed infront of me. I guessed they just left it there to record my body while I was asleep. I was really fascinated with their lust, they just wanted to get everything and anything out of me!

As no one was there in the hut, I came out of the hut to find all the guys smoking outside the hut. All of them greeted me with smiles and claps. It was clear they would all be indebted to me for life for all the perverted things I allowed them to do to me. Mishra ji grabbed me by the waist and kissed me on my lips.

Though I wanted to spend more time with those guys, it was getting pretty late. I had to come back home now. So I said to Pushkar, "Pushkar we need to leave for the city, my husband will be angry with me". Pushkar immediately said, "Ok Purva, we all would like you to stay for a couple more days, but maybe some other time, don't worry, we will go back to the village, a bus will start from here in another half hour".

Mishra ji said, "Purva, I have bought a new saree for you as we tore apart your saree yesterday during the roleplay, please wear it".

"Thanks Mishra ji", I said and kissed him on his cheek. Seeing that, everyone congratulated Mishra ji, as if I declared his love for him.

We came back into the hut and sat there for a while as Mishra ji and Kesava sat beside me softly caressing my boobs and rubbing my vagina respectively. There wasn't time for any hardcore fucking session and also these guys must have known I was pretty tired from yesterday, so they didn't try to fuck me or rough me up. For a change it felt as if they were loving me, and it felt awesome!

I also had to do some private things, so Mishra ji showed me the way to a place in the woods behind the cow shed where I could do my chorus. I quickly did my job and came back and started putting on my saree, as the guys lusted at me one last time at my naked body before me and Pushkar left for town. I quickly wore my saree and kissed every one a goodbye. All of them took their opportunity to rough me up one last time, as they hugged me tight, slapped me hard on my face, my ass and planted deep kisses with their foul breathed mouths. I loved the attention. Pushkar hugged his best buddies and we left the hut waving goodbye to the folks. It was surely a hut to remember.

As we were walking on the road en route to the busstop, I realized this was actually the first time in the village I was walking with proper clothes on my body. Even though I was not wearing any bra or panty, the saree was covering enough of my precious assets. Pushkar and me walked hand in hand as we reached the bus stop and boarded the bus which was consderably vacant. As usual we took the last seat.

As soon as the bus started, Pushkar started doing what he usually did to me. He grabbed my boobs softly and kept squeezing them. I too let him do it as I certainly enjoyed all that and I just rested my head on his shoulder. I was feeling quite naughty but satisfied after all the rough treatment I was given the whole of yesterday.

"Purva", Pushkar said, "I want to tell you something".

"What's it Pushkar?"

"Purva, actually showing you the village or getting the pipes wasn't the main objective of coming to the village", said Pushkar.

I of course thought about it after how his friends and Pushkar teamed up to ravage me like a helpless whore. "Hmm, I could understand that. So you told your friends about me before?", I asked.

"Well, yes. I showed them your bathing video too, and there were dying to meet you, so I had to bring you here and introduce you to them. But I did not want to do anything that you didn't like, so when you said you didn't want to stay in the hut, I got us out of the hut after lunch. But then, later you were very excited, so all of us thought it's fine to enjoy you completely", said Pushkar.

"Hmm, thank you Pushkar. I was initially not inclined to do anything, but after getting naked at the lake, I became really turned on", I said.

Pushkar hardened his hold on my boobs, as he must have been aroused again with the thought of me swimming naked in the lake infront of those young lads. "Mishra ji is a very good friend of mine, and the first time he saw your video, he wanted to desperately fuck you, so I had to give him to you...sorry about that. But I am sure you loved the way you were treated by all of us right?", he said.

"Yes, I really loved it! It was so damn brutal and merciless Pushkar. And this doorknob was whose idea? and the roleplay?", I asked.

"Well, the doorknob was really my idea, when you said you wanted to do something to stretch your asshole. I bought it along with the pipes. If things didn't work out in the hut with my friends, I thought I would gift it to you at least, but I am happy Mishra got the chance to insert it in your asshole. The roleplay was a combined effort you can say, Mishra is a very big pervert, and he has many many fantasies like the one we did. So he suggested the roleplay, and we all joined our hands in making it so hot", said Pushkar.

"Haha, that's great! I had a wonderful time with you, Mishra ji, Pushkar and Kesava, and even Krishna for that matter. Hope he too had a good time, the roleplay idea was absolutely awesome!".

"You are one hell of a whore Purva, no man will be satisfied with fucking you normally. I am sure Mishra ji, Kesava and Pushkar would be watching your videos we have been recording in the camera and masturbating to them furiously!", said Pushkar.

"Haha, I know. But Pushkar, I wanted to tell you one thing. Please don't relase the videos publicly or anything, it will become a big problem for me, I hope you understand. I don't mind if you s
how the videos to your friends but please don't give them to anybody or put them on the internet", I said.

"Of course purva, you need not worry about that. I have already talked about it to Mishra ji, he will not do anything like that", Pushkar said.

"okay", I said as Pushkar continued having fun with my tits, while I drifted to sleep again on his shoulders.

After what seemed like an hour or so, Pushkar woke me up. I could see that the bus had stopped and we were in the city. I was feeling a sense of pleasure and wetness in my thighs, guess it was because Pushkar was having fun with me while I was asleep. At least my saree was not stripped off.

Pushkar and me got down and we walked hand in hand till we were a kilometer far from our apartment. Pushkar then said, "okay Purva, I think you should go alone now, as if anyone will see us together, it will be a problem for you, I too have some work here, so I will go for now. Will come tomorrow or day after to fix your pipes", he said with a wink. I knew what that meant.

I hugged Pushkar as he kissed me one last time on my lips before we parted. By the time I reached home, I was completely exhausted. I got naked to take a shower and embraced the doorknob that was inserted in my asshole. It was looking really hot inside me and I loved it. I then took a warm shower. My body was still sticky with all the cum and spit that Pushkar and his gang had deposited on me. Thinking about all the extremely hardcore things they did to me made me horny again and while showering I fingered myself to an orgasm. I lay there on the bathroom floor completely exhausted for quite a while as I did not have an ounce of energy left in my sore demolished body. After showering I wiped myself and remained naked with the doorknob still wedged inside my asshole as I cooked myself some lunch. After lunch, I decided to take a nap and Tarun since the time I woke up I have been wanting to give me a good hardcore fuck! So, will you please fuck me?

[Purva's narration ends...]

Wow!! Wooowwwhhh! Purva, whore is quite an understatement for you darling! Wow, really I am so proud to have a wife like you! I am going to fuck you so well today. Look at my trousers, I think I came myself while listening to how badly you have been raped by those dirty perverts! Seriously, this is turning me on like anything.


Tarun: Purva dear, I need to talk to you about something.
Purva: what is it honey?
Tarun: What have you decided to do about Sajid's proposal to marry Mushtaq for a few days?
Purva: Well, Tarun, it's been in my head for quite a while now, but I am not sure what to do...
Tarun: See Purva, my boss has been asking me to go the US for a project we are working on for quite a while now, but I have always declined since you didn't want me to leave you. But I think this is a good time for me to go.
Purva: What do you mean?
Tarun: See Purva, you are enjoying life as it is. You have become quite adventurous and are exploring your life, so I was thinking maybe when I am abroad, you can have fun with Mushtaq as his wife, what do you think?
Purva: I don't know Tarun. Frankly, I am enjoying all of this, but truth be told, I am always scared about being so adventurous. What if Mushaq and Sajid together make some devious plan to rape me and sell me to a red-light area or something? I am not saying they will certainly do that, but given their status and contacts, that is certainly possible. Hell, they gangraped me totally in Salim's garage, and in the pretext of marriage I cannot surely underestimate what they have in mind.
Tarun: Hmm, but Purva, I think if you are that doubtful, you should not do it. But come on, I am sure Sajid or Mushtaq would not sell you to some one else, that's for sure. They have already fucked you so many times, and if it's just for money they would have sold you much before. It's a wonderful adventure that I think you should consider and try out. Of course, you can always contact me if something goes wrong.
Purva: Hmm, that's true. I do like the idea of getting married to Mushtaq and be his wife for 15 days as Sajid wanted. It's going to be really hot, but I am just worried if it's going to be a lot. Let me think over it.
Tarun: Yes, please think over it Purva, I want you to be safe, but also I would love you to do all these things, it turns me on so much. Our sex life has improved dramatically with you being the whore you are getting gangraped everyday.
Purva: Oh, you are so cute Tarun.

Saying that, Purva and Tarun hugged each other and went to sleep. It was the Purva had lost all sorts of shame and moreover with Tarun wanting her to continue with her being a low class whore, she has lost all limits. As she was dozing off to sleep, she could not help but evaluate her life. It was so damn hot. She was moist in her pussy all the time, not knowing who and where she was going to fucked the next day and by whom. It was barely a month that all of this started, and she is nothing short of a whore. It was a wonderful experience, and Purva clearly feels she does not regret one bit of it. If she accepts Sajid's proposal of being a wife to Mushtaq for 15 days, god knows how it's going to turn out. If Tarun too is not in town, she will no one to turn to, and that means there is no turning back. For 15 days, Mushtaq can do anything and everything to her. Danger was quite an issue, but thinking about belonging to that cheap old pervert in a completely unknown territory with no one to turn to made her wet in her pussy again. She loved these kinds of things and it was the first time she realized dangerous situations made her horny.

Even in the hut, she was literally gangraped by Mishra ji, Pushkar, Paresh, Kesava and Krishna in that cheap tiny little hut. Even if she shouted her lungs out, there was no one to hear her plight, and the fact that she was helplessly fucked by those men made her hornier and hornier. Even now, thinking of getting married to Mushtaq and staying with him for 15 days meant she would be subjected to extreme levels of humiliation and rough sex. Maybe marriage was just something Sajid and his gang had planned to keep her with them for 15 days, so that they could literally rape her every minute.

Purva was getting hornier now. She was getting wet in her pussy and as she was not wearing anything, she was wetting the bedsheet with her love juices. She tried waking up Tarun and asking him to fuck her brains out, but he was already asleep snoring loudly. Without any other option, Purva released herself from Tarun and started fingering her hole vigourously. As she fingered, she thought of how Mushtaq would be fucking her day and night as she would completely belong to him as his wife for the 15 days. It was going to be one hell of a journey. She fingered herself so hard, that she had to put her left hand in her mouth lest she wake up her neighbors with her moans. After about 10 minutes of frantically fucking herself, she finally orgasmed making the bedsheet completely wet with her pussy juices. She was panting for breath like an olympic runner who just completed a long race. She then had water and then went to sleep with her legs completely spreaded.

Next morning, as Tarun got up at around 9 AM already late for office, he looked over to Purva who was fast asleep. He could not help but look at her gorgeous wife wearing nothing sleeping on the bed with her legs spread wide. He noticed the wet patch under the her pussy and instantly realized Purva must have fucked herself to an orgasm while he was asleep. Nowadays, it was common occurence for Purva to wake up in the middle of the night and finger herself as she went about getting fucked like a street whore by all the cheap guys.

He did not want to disturb her from her sleep as he knew she needed a lot of rest. Her body was completely sore as he could see bite and hand marks over her thighs and her boobs as well as her stomach. Her pussy was moist and quite red owing to the fact that she was completely raped mercilessly by all those horny men.

Tarun could not resist his raging hard on, so he lightly touched his sexy wife's pussy with his hands. It was still so moist, that he felt she was leaking juices even in her sleep. He could not help but insert his index and middle finger inside her pussy. He did it slowly for a while when Purva started to moan with horniness in her sleep. He did not want to wake her from her sleep, but he felt that if other men were having fun with her so much, it's not quite wrong to extract so much from his own wife. Without thinking anymore, Tarun hit roughly on her pussy and then started to finger much more vigorously increasing the speed and depth of penetration with each stroke. Eventually, Purva opened her eyes and started to enjoy the rough actions from her hubby. Knowing that Purva was enjoying it, he pulled her closer and then hit hardly on her pussy a few more times and then started to finger fuck her. Within 10 minutes, Purva was on the verge of falling off from the bed as she had her first orgasm of the morning surprizingly from her husband this time.

Tarun held her closely and continued fingering her and she started to cry like a bitch "ouchhhh", "aahhhhh", "ohh my fuckkkinggg goddd, I am cummingggggg". Tarun enjoyed fucking her like a true whore she was and when she was done orgasming, Purva was still shivering like it was -10 degrees. She was so hot, as Tarun hugged her and gave her a passionate kiss. He so badly wanted to fuck Purva, but as he was getting late for office, he had to leave quickly. Little did he know that he would not get to fuck Purva again for a long time to come.

Purva: Tarun, I hate you leaving me like this, why the hell did you finger me? to leave me all horny for a rough fuck?
Tarun: Babe, am really sorry, but i gotta go. You know how much I hate leaving you like this, but I am already very late. I could not help looking at your moist unclothed pussy and leave it all alone, so I wanted to give it a quick treatment, what it rightly deserves, with a wink.
Purva: Hmm, ok then...I don't want you to lose your job over me!
Tarun: haha, then let me go, and listen Purva, please think well about Sajid's proposal. It's ok to take risk once in a while, so I suggest you accept it and when you finally come back, it's going to be a heck of a story for you to tell me!
Purva: Haha, I know Tarun. Let me think it out properly, and then I'll let both you and Sajid know my decision.
Tarun: that's great Purva. I'll help myself, sorry for waking you up, you can go back to sleep if you want.

Saying that Tarun kissed Purva once more and then left for work as Purva immediately went into a deep sleep. Needless to say with all the rough things being done to her by all kinds of men, she was very tired, and needed to regain her energy by having good amounts of sleep.

Purva slept like a log for 2 more hours and finally got up at around 11:30 AM. She was feeling quite fresh and horny. Her body was still aching badly but she kind of liked it with a kink. It reminded her of she was brutally fucked and celebrated by Pushkar and his dearest friends in the cheap little hut. She just loved feeling that ache all over her body. She then got up from her bed and observed her naked body in the mirror and she loved the way it looked. It was an erotic mix of fair skin with redness all over. What made it absolutely sexy was the way all kinds of marks were in her most delicate and sensuous parts - her thighs, stomach and her luscious tits. She then turned around and spread her cheeks a little to observe her tight asshole with the huge doorknob. She couldn't believe it has been wedged inside her tight little asshole for more than a day now. She loved how she felt with it completely inside her asshole.

After spending a little more time admiring her lovely curves, Purva went about doing her daily chores. Before going to the bathroom, she dislodged the doorknob from inside her asshole and kept it aside. After her bath, she came out and cooked herself a nice little breakfast as she sat infront of the TV to eat it. It felt her a long time that she was doing this, probably even before she first knew about Sajid.

As she was having her breakfast, she could not help but wander back to Sajid's proposal. She was definitely excited to do it, but she was worried of her safety. As she cited it to Tarun earlier, she could never underestimate the possibility of Sajid and Mushtaq and their group of men to rape her and then sell her off to a red-light area. She also did not know how Mushtaq was on bed. Sure, he too fucked her along with countless other men last time she was asked to come to Salim's garage by Sajid, but this was a different story altogether. Now, she would be completely inside his clutches and he would spend all time with her, possibly fucking her throughout. What if she tries to do harmful things to her? While she loved the thrill of getting into a completely unknown territory, the possibility of being fucked badly and getting scarred for life did not leave her mind.

As she kept thinking of it, suddenly the doorbell rang. Her first reaction that it was Sajid. He must have been really anxious about Purva's reply. Also the fact that she wasn't home for the last couple of days would have really pissed him off. She quickly got up and wore a silk robe that covered the bare minimum of her body, planned to tell him that she went to her sister's place in case he asked and then opened the door. Surprisingly enough, it was Ramu the watchman, not Sajid. Surely, he must have missed her.

"Ramu, hey, how are you?", Purva said, with a bright smile. She was indeed truly happy to see him. She knew he had something in mind, else why would he be here?

"Hi purva, I was out of town for the last few days, sorry about that. I can't tell you how much I have missed you. Everytime I fucked my wife, I was fantasizing about fucking you. She was surprized how I came so early each time", said Ramu.

"Haha, that's nice! Come in, will make you some tea", said Purva.

Ramu came inside and closed the door as Purva started to go to the kitchen to make some chai for Ramu. She guessed he was going to make a move on her, but to her surprise he didn't.

"Purva, I don't want any chai, but I need to talk to you about something", he said.

"Oh, ok then, tell me", said Purva as they sat side by side on the couch.

Ramu: Purva, you know Kapil and Sunil right? my twin brothers?
Purva: yeah, of course, what about them?
Ramu: Purva, they are going to get married in a few days, in my village in UP
Purva: Oh ok, that's good news Ramu
Ramu: Yes, they are getting married pretty soon, so I wanted to ask you for a favour Purva

Purva had no clue what Ramu was asking her, what could she possibly do to avoid Kapil and Sunil getting married early in their life. She was confused.

Purva: What can I do Ramu?
Ramu: See Purva, it is a custom in our village that if during marrige, the groom is still thought to be a boy, he is asked to fuck a woman older than him. It basically means that the woman makes the boy a man by allowing him to fuck her, and precisely that's where I want you to come in
Purva: What? seriously? such customs exist? Purva was clearly bemused about the stupid tradition, but did not doubt the intentions behind Ramu's words.
Ramu: Yes Purva, they do, trust me. It's not difficult to find a woman for Kapil and Sunil to fuck for them to become men, but I was hoping why couldn't you be the one. It would be the best present for my dearest cousins Purva

Purva was no doubt turned on by the idea of it all. It was such a weird custom, but it did appear genuine to her. She knew village people to be quite stupid and superstitious for no reason at all, but she never doubted that Ramu wanted Purva to come to the village and do all sorts of cheap things to be a source of dirty pleasure and be an object of utter lust and humiliation to all the village people. Ramu knew he had to just use the right words, and she would fall for it, she was just a whore and when horny she would agree to do just about anything

Purva thought about it long and hard. She was surely excited about the idea and loved the naughty idea of being the woman who was going to make the twin brothers Kapil and Sunil as men. She was getting wet in her pussy, and she realized the juices were dripping down her thighs slowly. But on the other hand, she also wanted to agree to Sajid'd proposal and be Mushtaq's wife.

Purva: Well, Ramu, I am not sure about it completely. How many days will it be in total?

Ramu: See Purva, if you agree, let me tell you you are going to have a wonderful time. I have a lot of things planned for you, and you can look out for many more things that just getting fucked by Kapil and Sunil to make them men. If we leave today, we will be back by next monday, so that's just 7 days excluding today.

That was not too bad Purva thought. She could just call in Sajid and tell him that she needed to be with her sister for a few days, and that after she was back, she would get married to Mushtaq. But she wasn't quite sure what Ramu was referring to when he meant he had a lot of things planned for her.

Purva: Hmm, okay. But what else did you plan for me?
Ramu: It's a surprise Purva, but don't worry, I am sure you will certainly love it
Purva: Arre Ramu, tell me something at least if not all!
Ramu: okay fine. Have you heard about bhojpuri songs?
Purva: No, not really. What are they?
Ramu: So in UP, we have these bhojpuri movies which are pretty cheap, and in every movie we have an item song which has an item dancer who dances wearing very less clothes to loud catchy music
Purva: Oh ok, and?
Ramu: So during marriages in our village, we continuously run these bhojpuri songs, but we rarely have a sexy woman who could dance like those item girls. But during this marriage, you will do that job, and you will be much hotter than any of those item girls Purva. You will be dancing to loud vulgar bhojpuri music wearing almost nothing, on the center stage and everyone will enjoy your performance. So typically, you will be dancing on the stage for sometime, then walking down the stage to serve drinks to the people, dancing with them, pulling them to dance with you and all sorts of things like that. You will also have a very gaudy makeup, and with minimal clothing, you will be like the sole entertainer of the entire village during the time the marriage takes place. Of course, I have planned a lot lot more for the entire week, but come on, do you want to lost the thrill and know everything now itself?
Purva: Wow, that's really hot Ramu. I have never heard of bhojpuri, though listening to the way you tell me about them, I would sure love to be one of those dirty shameless dancers!

That's it, Ramu knew Purva was in. He knew she just needed some encouragement, and for the whore she is, she would agree to do just about anything. Ever since Ramu met Purva, he was sexually excited about how Purva is so docile and easy to manipulate and he got a real kink in humiliating her and making her a source of pleasure for all types of men. Now, since it was his dear cousins' marriage, it was the right opportunity for Ramu to fulfill he fantasies of seeing Purva like a cheap whore in front of loads of cheap people. Of course with all the things he has planned out for Purva for the 7 days, he was sure she was going to lose all her respect and be nothing but a cheap whore for all the village men. It was sure going to be an awesome time for him and all his village men!

Ramu: Yes, Purva, then please come with me, we will leave today. You will not be disappointed purva, I promise.

Though Purva wanted to agree then and there to Ramu's proposal, she first wanted to talk to Sajid and let her know her decision. She never wanted to piss him off lest he and his gang brutally rape her inside her own house.

Purva: Ramu, I already had plans for this week, I was supposed to go to my sister's home as Apu is also there, but let me see what I can do. I will let you know soon.
Ramu: okay dear, but please try to come with me today, it's going to be an awesome time.

Saying that, Ramu came forward and planted a deep kiss on Purva's lips disrobing her. He then roughly pinched her sore nipples and said, "Wow, looks like sahab has been really doing some awesome work on you purva ji". Purva smiled cautiously at Ramu's words and continued kissing him. She was happy Purva didn't doubt she was with Pushkar and his friends and that's how her body was completely ravaged.

Saying that, Ramu opened the door and said, "purva, please come to my hut as soon as you have decided about what to do" and left as Purva closed the door and sat down to think for a moment.

As Ramu left, he could not help but laugh at Purva's innocence, she was just too innocent and docile for him. She of course could never guess that Ramu and Pushkar together planned on getting purva fucked by Pushkar's friends in a far away village. After disrobing her, Ramu could not help but see how badly his friends Mishra ji, Paresh, Kesava and Pushkar himself had raped Purva so much so that her body was still sore and full of bite and hand marks. It was so erotic and sexy to see a ripe mature woman completely red with getting totally ravaged.

As he reached the hut, Ramu immediately called Mishra, his closest friend.

"Abey yaar Mishra, Purva ka video bhej yaar, abhi abhi randi ko nanga dekh ke aa rha hu...bhai tum logon ne toh iska pura fayda utha liya lagta hai", he said.

Mishra ji: "Haan yaar...kafi rape kar liya uska...achha tera plan ka kya hua usko tere gaav le jane ka kapil aur sunil ke shaadi ke liye?"

Ramu: "abhi bata ke aaya hoon, aane wali hai...aaj hi le jaunga"

Mishra ji: "Bhai badhiya...maze le uski ek dum..."

Ramu: "haan yaar, chal fir video bhej de baad me baat karta hu"

Saying that, he cut the call and unzipped his pants to masturbate as he opened Purva's bathing video on his mobile.

Back at her place, Purva was still unsure what to do. She wanted to go with Ramu to his village now and then after she was back she would get married to Mushtaq and be his wife for 15 days. It was all good.

She then called up Sajid, who evidently was quite pissed off with Purva's behaviour regarding the subject. But of course, he was happy that she agreed to marry Mushtaq albeit after a week's time. Sajid warned her to not delay it any further as Mushtaq was already quite horny for her and if she pissed him off, he would become even more rough on bed, which Sajid warned was quite animalistic. Sajid himself wanted to come over and fuck Purva as it was a long time and Purva too wanted it, but she knew she couldn't waste any time now as she had to go with Ramu. So she lied to Sajid that she had to be at her sister's place as Apu was unwell and got rid off of him, though she was completely displeased at her own self to deny Sajid's desire to fuck her for good.

With no more hesitation in her mind, she began to involuntarily get excited about the things ahead of her. She was going to be the sole entertainer in a cheap village marriage, dancing like a whore to loud obscene music with gaudy makeup infront of a village full of cheap men and then get fucked by the grooms themselves. It was such an erotic feel of things, she just could not help undress herself completely and finger herself slowly taking it all in.

She then called Tarun.

Purva: "Tarun, guess what, I am going to UP"
Tarun: "What? Why?? Are you getting married there to Mushtaq?"
Purva: "Well no, I will be marrying Mushtaq next week, this week I will be in UP in a village as a sole entertainer for Ramu's cousins' marriage"
Tarun: "What? fuck, that's crazy! tell me more"

As Purva began to tell Tarun in detail about what she was going to do for the next 7 days, she couldn't help but get turned on immensely. Ramu had not revealed to her entirely what she was going to do for the 7 days, and once again she was in that absolutely unknown territory where there was no turning back. Truth be told, she knew no one there, and anyone would hardly ever know if she was gangraped by the entire village and then sold off to some red-light district or used as fuck toy for the village men itself. She felt a sense of fear engulf her, but she was still fingering her moist pussy which knew no barricades as it kept leaking juices.

After a while, she wore a saree just for the sake of covering herself and with no one really watching her, she went to the watchman's hut.

Ramu was sitting on a stool and listening to the radio and she came in and hugged Ramu. She said, "Let's do it!".

Ramu was sure he was never so happy in his entire life. He was going to take Purva to his own village where she was going to do all sorts of erotic things to entertain the cheap crowd. It was going to be a dream come true for Ramu and his folks back at the village who are yet to see her in real. They were waiting eagerly for Purva and now that Purva had agreed, he was going to set the village in a frenzy. Huge banners had already been prepared to be put up in the entire village portraying sleazy and vulgar photos of Purva picked from her bathing video. It was going to be awesome, the whole village would get to see a hot urban married woman completely nude doing all sorts of slutty things with no limits at all.

As Purva sat down on the cot, Ramu said, "okay, purva let me tell you something that's going to turn you on even more!"

Purva could not guess what was coming her way. "What's that Ramu?", she asked quite puzzled.

Ramu took out a short skirt and a tank top and showed it to Purva.

"Wow, that's nice, is it for me?", asked Purva.

"Yes dear, it's for you, and you are going to wear it during the journey to the village", said Ramu.

"okay, how are we going?", asked Purva.

"Purva, I have not booked any train tickets in advance, so we will have to take the general compartment bogie, as there is only one train that runs in one week from here to my village, and all you are going to wear is this skirt and tank top with nothing else inside and board the general compartment with me", Ramu said.

Purva was stunned. It was truly so erotic that just listening to Ramu say it made her drip saliva from her mouth and juices from her pussy. She could not help but imagine what all things could be done to her by all kinds of men inside that cheap dirty general compartment bogie, that too which was destined to reach a village. She was speechless for a while, and finally muttered a few words.

"Oh my god, are you sure?", was all she could manage. Her hand involuntarily went to her pussy as she rubbed it slightly to loosen it so that it could release her juices.

"Yes purva, you are going to enjoy it like anything before, even better than getting fucked. It's going to be so damn erotic, with you wearing such sexy clothes while all there in the compartment will be just cheap men who wouldn't mind doing anything to you. Also, we will board the compartment separately, so people should think you are alone. So all the perverts wouldn't fear doing anything they want to you. But don't worry, I will be there if anything harmful is likely to happen", he said.

"Wow Ramu, this is going to be really really hot. I still think it's risky given the number of cheap perverts there will be in that compartment, but I would love to do it! You are just so perverted!", said Purva with amazement. She could not wait to get out there and seduce all kinds of horny men with her slutty outfit.

"Yes, am telling you Purva, you will have the time of your life the whole week, and the next 14 hours of journey is just a preview of what's going to come later. Okay, just try the outfit once now", said Ramu.

Purva got herself naked as she removed the saree infront of Ramu and wore the miniskirt and tank top. She was really looking like the hottest milf on this planet who was attending a fashion show. The miniskirt rightly accentuated her shapely ass, and her sleeveless tank top featured a huge cut near her armpits as it showed a considerable part of her side boob. At the front, her huge boobs were tightly held up that accentuated her frame even more. Overall, she was looking like a sexbomb that even a dignified man with full control over his manliness could not resist to rape her on first look. Now she was going to dress the same and enter into a world full of cheap men in a crowded train compartment with no space to sit or stand. It was erotica beyong anything.

As both Ramu and Purva made out for sometime with Purva in that slutty outfit. He then removed her dress and made her suck his cock and then fucked her in her pussy for a good 15 mins. He had just masturbated but he was still hard for her in no time. After a good marathon sex, Ramu said, "okay Purva, sorry but we have no time. We will have plenty of time to fuck in the village, but lets leave now, we will have to catch the train in another half hour".

"Okay, let me pack my clothes then", said Purva.

As she was about to leave, "No not required dear. Just get your bare essentials, all things including your attire or the lack of it will be taken care of in the village itself, I have made all the necessary arrangements", he said with a wink.

"You are so naughty!", said Purva and then kissed him.

She then left the hut with the saree and came back with just her toothbrush and some cash and put them all inside Ramu's cheap little market bag which was filled with Ramu's clothes and his other things. Ramu advised to her to put on the tank top and the miniskirt and then wear her saree over it and before boarding the train, she would remove the saree and remain with just the slutty clothes.

Ramu called for an auto and they left for the station. It was going to be so exciting. Purva could feel butterflies in her stomach, and wetness in her pussy. It was going to be one heck of a journey, she thought.

Ramu could not believe how lustful he was getting of Purva. It was like he was with an erection since the time he met Purva today. He was away for 2 days from her because he had to take care of his wife in her own village, and he just could not forget about Purva. What excited him like a horny bastard was how she was open to let cheap guys like him do and say all kinds of vulgar things and truth be told, he loved that. He always wanted to fuck her as his dick would become erect whenever he saw or even thought about Purva, but Ramu was that kind of guy who loved extreme intense roleplay. He had a kink for women who were sluts, and he gained extreme pleasure in getting all kinds of vulgar things done to her in public.

While in the auto with purva sitting beside him and he fondling her tits over the saree, he could not help but contain his erection even after fucking purva once and masturbating today. Such was his lust for her. Now today was a dream come true for Ramu. Ever since he had realized purva's shameless whorish character he wanted to expose her in full view of random strangers. He always fantasized about her getting humiliated and used badly with cheap men like him. He always masturbated imagining purva in a helpless situation where she was trapped by turn of events with a bunch of guys all around her who would not abstain from doing whatever they wanted to her, while she had no way out but to succumb to her vulnerability. He had that kink. Today he was going to witness all of that and gosh was he excited like anything.

Seeing her completely savaged body made him even more horny. He had created the plan of sending purva with his friend Pushkar to their group of friends Mishra, Kesava and Paresh who lived in a nearby village. The thought of purva getting used up by their friends who he always knew to be extremely horny as well was too kinky for him. Given the cheap characterless whore they knew purva to be, they were sure that would work out. He knew Pushkar and their friends were going to enjoy her to the maximum and that was what had happened. When he got to look at purva's body after the village trip, he was so excited with the look of her naked body. It was clear that Mishra, Kesava, Paresh and Pushkar had completely gangraped her at their hut and he loved it like anything. Her body was full of red hand marks and bite marks all over and her pussy was swollen and completely red. Her face was glistening but it was clear that she had been slapped a hell lot of times. But he knew purva enjoyed it, he knew she was one slut whore who enjoyed such encounters with men completely demolishing her mature ripe body.

He so badly wanted to purva to come to his village and be the sole entertainer for the entire village over there, and now that purva had accepted his offer, he was so content and lustful of her. He wanted to enjoy this chance as he wanted, her entire body and soul was completely under his wraps, and he loved the control he had over her. He knew he was lucky to find her and he was not going to miss any opportunity to execute his lust and fantasies over her. For the next few days he wanted to take a notch up higher and demolish all her moral values and shame.

Now that she was wearing just a couple of cheap cloth, he knew he was in for a ride. He was going to board her into a train that ran to the village and in a general compartment. He was getting goosebumps all over his body of the thought of purva in the midst of such cheap men in such a vulgar and sexy situation.

"purva", he said.
"yes Ramu?", purva said.

Ramu: purva, i want to tell you that this is a very nice opportunity for you. If you perform well in the village, it will really increase demand for you, and it's going to be a very satisfying experience for you. Even though you won't get paid much, you will surely enjoy being the sole performer for the whole village. And the fact that you will get to make boys as men will be a very enriching feeling for you

Purva: yes Ramu, I am really excited about the whole thing and eagerly looking forward to it, it's really hot!

Ramu: So purva, i was not sure you wanted to come, but if you said so, i wanted to also make sure we had a lot of fun in the journey, and that's why i came up with the idea of boarding a general compartment boogie. It's going to be a whole new experience for you and this 14 hr journey will make you a better teaser in public. So I want you to learn a lot from this whole general compartment experience and enjoy it too. I know it's going to be uncomfortable and also extremely hot at the same time, but you need to be at your best. As I told, you should learn from this experience and perform at your highest in the village.

purva: Ok Ramu, I will do it, but i am a little nervous and a little uncomfortable with the idea, though really aroused. I am not sure what I shoud do and how I should react. Please be there near me as I am sure those cheap guys will try to do anything to me in the train itself.

Ramu: Don't worry about that purva. Just go with the flow, but make sure you are really horny and enjoying all of it. I want you to talk to all the cheap men in the compartment, be friendly and socialize with all of them so that they become comfortable with you and then they will reveal their true colors.

purva: ok Ramu

Ramu: If you have ever boarded a general compartment, you know how dirty, smelly and crowded they are, but you should not get worried about it. Instead just forget everything and just sink into your character. As you start talking to people, they will start talking vulgar things about you as they will not have any moral standards. Also seeing you in such a slutty dress, they won't be able to contain their lust for you and things will become really hot. I want you to be one among them, and completely belong to them. They will start asking you different types of questions, so just make sure you answer them perfectly in a way that will make them more lustful for you.

purva: hmm ok, i will do that Ramu

Ramu: Also, since I will be guiding you by being with you nearby you will have nothing to worry. Just follow my leads carefully, I will give you indications clearly where required. Also since you and me are not related throughout the journey, you will have nothing with you, so I want you to be very dependant on the people inside the general compartment for all types of things. I leave it all to you, but make sure you excite all the cheap hungry men and let them enjoy you. Don't worry about any consequences, as I will always be there, just let things happen and you can freely do and say whatever makes you horny.

purva: ok, Ramu

Ramu: So once we are ready to board i will get in first and you should just follow me. I will make sure I find an appropriate place for us to start the adventure. Just stop with me and keep it going.

purva: okay...

Ramu: I am so damn excited about this purva. All the people will be really skeptical about you and looking at your completely sore body and your cheap attire, and the fact that you boarded into a general compartment that goes to a cheap village will certainly create arousal and increase their curiosity to know about you. It's going to be super duper hot!

purva: yes Ramu, I am sure it's going to be really hot and cheap!

As they were getting near the railway station, both purva and ramu were getting increasingly horny. It was such a vulgar and erotic idea and purva's pussy was completely damp with all the sexual feelings building up inside her. It was clear to her by now that she loved to be in such a helpless situation as a subject of lust to all kinds of horny, dirty perverted men. Also boarding a general compartment meant that she was completely within bounds of such a crowded space with absolutely nowhere to go. It made her more and more horny and she was getting restless to start the adventure.

In a few minutes they reached the station and saw that the train was already standing on the platform, albeit the station was kind of empty as not many boarded a train from this station that mostly encompassed trains going to remote parts of the country.

Ramu: "ok purva, you go to the toilet and remove the saree. You can just leave it there in the toilet as you don't the saree anymore"

Purva: "ok ramu"

Saying that purva went into the toilet and came out of it after a minute. Looking at purva in such a cheap and exposing attire just made his erection harder as he felt it inevitable to walk without a boner. He looked at purva and said, "wow purva, you are really looking like a whore, i wonder how people are going to treat you in that cheap little general compartment".

Purva was extremely nervous, but getting hornier by the minute. Now that she was wearing next to nothing in such a public setup made her even more hotter. The cheap railway station surroundings made her go crazy and she was willing to go to her limits for pleasing all the men including Ramu.

As they walked on the platform to the general compartment, purva realized that all the eyes were on her and her completely exposed ripe body. She was wearing only a miniskirt that just covered her most precious snatch and that bulgy ass and a tank top that managed to cover her luscious boobs that could stand up even without a bra. The fact that she was not even wearing any undergarments made her conscious as she knew from the looks of her dress, people would immediately recongnize so. As they started to reach the section that consisted of multiple general compartment boogies, she realized what she was getting into. It was 2 pm in the afternoon and the compartments were completely packet with all kinds of cheap people. As they were walking in inches distance she could see all kinds of hungry men squatted at the entrance to the boogies amazed at what they were getting to see. She felt like a whore who getting paraded waiting to be sold to the rightful owner.

The cheapness of the compartments was what made her go weak in her knees. Each and every compartment was completely crowded with all kinds of men who were smoking beedis, brushing their teeth, gargling water, eating as cheaply as possible and all such village acts. The fact that in a few seconds she was going to be made to be with them throughout the journey brought goosebumps to her. And even though she didn't know look them straight in the eye, she knew people were getting extremely horny and lustful looking at her cheap voluptuous body as she roamed around in her tiny little outfit. She knew people were intently looking at her beautiful body and raping her with their eyes and she was beginning to lose her pussy juices at a greater pace.

As they neared the start of one more boogie, Ramu whispered to purva, "let's get into this one".

As they stopped, she could not help but witness what was going to happen to her. The whole compartment was extremely crowded and at the very entrance, there were a couple of guys who were probably 22-23 who were smoking beedis and talking loudly in some language. As soon as they saw purva, they openly exclaimed which clearly showed that they were startled by the look of a purva. They would have certainly identified her as a married woman, but the fact that she looked all brutally raped and with such tiny clothes must have made them squeal with excitement and lust.

As they continued smoking their bodies, while making sure to completely rape her with their eyes pinned at each and every part of her mature voluptuous body, they said, "kahan jana hai bhabhi ji?"

As Ramu was going to enter the compartment first, he said, "bhayya hume gaderi jaana hoga, jagah milega?"

The guys were obviously confused about purva being in such a condition with a guy like Ramu. They said, "haan bhayya, jagah ban jayegi aa jao andar".

As Ramu forced himself into the boogie which was full to like three times its normal capacity, he was sure this was going to be extreme humiliation and sexual kink for purva. He was getting really horny and restless for all of it to start. As he got in, one of the guys said, "bhabhi chalo aao andar". Saying that he caught her hand and pulled her into them. As he pulled purva in, her body became completely crushed between the two guys as both of them completely felt her up. They must have realized immediately that purva didn't have any underclothing as one of them immediately pinched her ass and the other almost inserted his finder into her pussy. That's it, thought purva. The perverted erotic journey was about to start.

She looked at them, and acted as if she really disliked their behaviour as she grimmaced on their actions. She then made her way forward through the crowd to follow Ramu as each and every guy made sure to feel some part of her lusty body. The young lads to followed purva as they didn't want to be away from her. They knew they had hit jackpot.

As Ramu moved ahead searching for a perfect place to execute the adventure, purva followed him being helplessly groped and enjoyed by all kinds of men. The compartment was stinking in all possible smells as people just went about their business. She could see a bunch of old men were consuming some local liquor and smoking beedis, a group of men playing cards while loudly laughing and talking, as a group of men were eating vada pao in the most inhumane manner.

Ramu walked a few metres with utmost difficulty to get through the crowd and then stopped at a certain row. Purva was a nearby him and she stopped with him too. There she could see that about 12 guys occupied the berths in various positions some sleeping, some sitting and sleeping, some people just looking blankly all around. As they stood there, purva was completely drenched in sweat and almost felt like covering her nose due to unbearable foul smell emanating from the cheap general compartment.

As she stood there she realized she could not hold onto any support as she was right in the middle surrounded by all types of men who were intently staring at her and her body. For all the guys, it was like a dream. Never would they have imagined such a sexy lady boarding the general compartment and be one among them, that too in such a cheap attire. As all the men lustily feasted on her sexy body, Ramu started to feel his dream coming true. He keenly observed each and everyone as they shamelessly looked at her body. Some looked at her face, some her slightly exposed midriff, some her luscious thighs as they had bite marks and hand marks all over. Every guy enjoyed by looking at that part of purva which he had a fetish for. Ramu knew that they were all fantasizing of fucking her and raping her brutally and he loved that.

As Purva stood there completely drenched in sweat, she was breathing heavily resulting from the extremely erotic situation. Even when the train stood still, she could feel guys were nonchalantly trying to get under her skirt. She could feel hands roaming over her ass as a couple of guys dared to even get underneath it and feel her butt cheeks. She wanted to take it slow, so she would just act as if she was irritated by their advances and would just look at them with an fake angry face. She knew it was going to be one heck of a journey.

After a minute or so, the train started moving. Purva felt it was metaphorical to how her life had gained speed in the last month or so. In just a month, Purva had transformed to such a cheap characterless slut ready to do anything to please cheap men. This journey and the days she was going to spend as a performer in the village is going to be a really splendid experience for her, as she would initate her journey of becoming a performer and entertainer for one and all.