Man of the house

Man of the house

Published on: 2023-11-14 15:49:41

I never thought I would treat my mother Heena as a woman until the day she made me realize I am the man of the house. Few months ago my dad died leaving me and my mother everything he could leave. As a result we have a house and some good cash in the bank. I am a state government employee earning a high salary.

All my life I have been reckless when it came to handling house chores. I never bothered about them. I had my dad to take care of outside activities and my mother, inside the home. So I literally lived a no-responsibility life. So when my dad left us, I guess mom had to do all the work. She might have coped well probably for a month or so as she never complained. But one day, she just shouted at me. She cursed me I am irresponsible and a no-good wanderer and this and that. She told me that I am the man of the house and I should take care of all the activities my dad used to do to the household. I felt bad for mom and from then on I started looking into household activities. I got into this household activity groove pretty quickly as I was taking care of all the outside activities and mom never complained again. Every thing was going well. Well at least until I realized mom is also a woman.

I still remember that day. I came early from work and since mom did not open the door for me, I used the key to get in. I heard the showering noise from our bathroom so I went to my room to lay all my stuff. The shower noise stopped and heard mom go into her room. I walked out of my room and strolled towards our lounge passing mother's room. The door was not closed properly so I took a casual look. There is mom in her wet petticoat tied around her waist and naked on the top. I might have seen her naked titties before but never saw her in that position. She looked beautiful and voluptuous! Mom is an average plump lady. Her big boobs are bit saggy and her waist is a bit broad. Her shape is common among most housewives in India. Her sexiness was more displayed with her wet petticoat clinging onto her buttocks and her body is moist with some after shower sweat. I quickly turned and walked away before my mother could notice and after few minutes I yelled making my presence known. Mother acknowledged and we had a usual talk.

After that sexy scene of my mother, I always visualized her half naked and with petticoat every time I saw her. My attraction towards her grew day by day and I started finding opportunities to peek on her naked flesh. I even started masturbating thinking about her. It was at this instant, I realized dad had left me another thing other than the house and cash. It was my mother and her lovely body. The best of all inheritances.

One evening we got a Hindi movie on video and watched it. It was a low budget movie on extramarital affairs. It was low budget but the scenes were HOT! They never showed naked bodies but they were kissing the blouse covered breasts and lifting the saree and putting their hands inside! We both were very excited. I could notice mother breathing heavily and I could feel her HEAT! After the movie, we just discussed a little about it and went to our rooms for a much needed masturbation. Even after relieving myself a couple of times, I could not sleep. I felt frustrated thinking about the movie and my mother.

I decided I had to do something. I sought of got an idea that since I am the man of the house, sex should also come with the standard package. I need to satisfy the woman of the house sexually and she should satisfy me. That's the only thing I have not been doing from my dad's household activities....taking care of his woman. I also knew that the woman is also my mother and she will not accept me as her sex partner. I somehow had to convince her that I am willing to fill her when she needs a fill and I am sure she will not accept it if I propose to her. So the best thing would be to force her the first time. Once she gets laid forcibly, she will accept the situation and allow me to be her lover. The idea, as I was thinking, shot my whole blood of my body into my dick as I felt it acknowledging my thoughts.

I slowly got out of my room and walked to my mom's room. The door is closed but not locked. I pushed the door and went into her room. There she is, sleeping on her back with her face facing away from me. Her loose end of the saree has crumpled up covering only one blouse covered breast. Her other breast is fighting very hard to come out of the blouse. Her blouse hooks are tight and barely holding on the blouse. Her bare stomach is beautiful and moving up and down slowly to her breathing rhythm. Her legs were held together and here saree on her is twisted everywhere but fully covered. She is sleeping on a single bed as she gave me their double bed after my dad died. I have decided that if I ever copulate with my mother it will be on the bed where she always been copulated. It will be on the same bed my dad entered her and fucked as her husband and her man. It will be on the same bed where her man of the house always fucked her. So without even waking her up I just grabbed my mother's hand and pulled it to get her up the bed.

Mom woke up in shock as I managed to pull her out and before she could know whats happening I just dragged her by hand into my room. After entering the room I left her near my bed, went to the door and locked it. Mom got to her senses although I would think she is still half asleep. Before she could say "What!" I caught hold of her paita (loose end of the saree) and pulled it towards me. Mom tried to hold on to it but in vain. The whole saree got unwrapped as I pulled. By now mom must have come to her senses as she madly tried to keep the saree on. Before we both could realize, her faithful saree separated from her body and mom was left only her blouse and petticoat. My lust has overcome my 'son' instincts as I kept enjoying my mother's situation as every man in India's dream to see a woman in her underwear. Mom started crying by now as I lunged on to her to pull her towards me and kiss her on her lips.

She struggled to avoid my kiss but I held on to her. Once I finished kissing her she just released herself from me and ran to open the door. By the time she held on to the door lock I ran towards her and grabbed her by the waist with one hand and the other hand caught her hand attempting to open the lock. Finally she spoke "Why are you doing this to me!". I told her "Because you told me I am the man of the house!" struggling to hold on to her. "But I'm your mother," she said, tearfully twisting and turning. "You're the woman of the house too, aren't you?" I said, and continued without waiting for a reply. "Mother, I suggest you to stop this and lie down on that bed there and get ready for me." I held on to her waist and quickly I sprung open my lungee (sarong) as my cock sprung out stiff. She looked my cock and then dragged her eyes to look me in disgust. Before she could talk anymore, I grabbed both her wrists, pulling her towards me. Then I twisted so she turned around, her back to the bed. I then pushed her on to the bed as she laid on her back.

She screamed as she fell on the bed while still crying. "What do you want from me?" she sobbed. I said nothing and just stood there enjoying her underwear covered body. She started to get up - I think to get away from me again but I grabbed her petticoat to pull it towards me. She must have wore an old one as it started tearing away along her waist where she tied her petticoat with a string. It took me several pulls between my mother's cries to tear her petticoat as it was giving way. It tore finally, and came away, leaving her naked waist down in just her petticoat piece tied around her waist. That was the firs time I ever saw my mother's bush. My birth place and a forbidden part for a son to see. Her bush between her legs appeared to me like a place of enjoyment rather than a place of respect. By now she started to cry more as I moved on to her a she was struggling and twisting sideways to cover her womanhood, pushing me to try to get me off her, pulling up her knees and using them to hide her body. I did not listen to her cries. In fact I liked her cries. I liked her tries to resist me! It made me feel really like the man of the house. Some more struggle and again she was flat on her back, with me standing over her, enjoying just looking at her.

I squatted on her thighs, leaning forward slightly. I took her wrists, one in each hand, and brought them together. I caught both her wrists in one hand, holding them above her head, pinning her to the bed. With the other hand I began to open the hooks of her blouse holding onto the two ends between her breasts. Mother is still crying pleading me not to do anything but she stopped struggling. I tried unhooking her blouse hooks but they are more a struggle than I expected. So I just pulled the blouse holding the inside of the blouse. Since the hooks were already tight, they just came off snapping and I could hear my mother cry more for every snap of a hook. I had to pull hard to snap the last hook but with that force the two end of her blouse hurled away revealing her big breasts. Her tits drooping on either end of her body. That was the instant I felt the best in my life. My mother under me, naked and on bed. I looked at those breasts whose nakedness has fed me when I was a child and also prompted me to lust for my mother when I am a grownup. I slowly bent myself to take one of her nipple into my mouth. Mother cried more but did nothing. I licked, and sucked both the breasts. It was a great experience preying on my dear old mother's wonderful and juicy breasts.

My mother stopped her resistance by now so I started enjoying her naked body. I kissed sucked and licked her beautiful body everywhere I could and it was great. Then I finally turn my vision to the spot between her legs. The spot where I came to this world and where I can fulfill my lust to make myself a man to my mother. I used my legs to part her legs by pushing them outward and set myself comfortably between her legs. Mother though did not put any pressure. She just laid there with her head turned to one side and her eyes closed. I ran my free hand over her mound and inserting my index finger into her vagina. Her vagina is still dry as I started finger-fucking her. It did not take long before I could feel her juices oozing out as I increased my rhythm. I kept finger fucking her for a while before I decided she is ready for the ultimate reunion. Still holding her hands above her head, I leaned on her body so I was covering her body with mine. With my free hand I felt between us, took my cock, and began to guide it towards her cunt.

As I reached her entrance I paused and touched her entrance my tip of the cock. I felt shivers along my spine as I united with my part of my mother's flesh with her flesh again. That was the time I contemplated the sin I am committing. I will be committing incest with my mother and a new type of bond between us. I am entering her cunt where there is no return. I could not wait any longer as I pushed forward. My dick entered her cunt. I pushed even harder. I heard my mother gasp, and cry a little, as I pushed inside her completely. I then held there, for a while enjoying my sexual union with my mother. I let go her hands to balance myself for a long fuck. Mom did not even move the hands as she might have thought its all over for her. She is being ravaged nevertheless. I withdrew my dick a bit and pushed forward again. Mother stayed still. I drew back again this time to be out of her and thrust back again. Mother gasped.

Then I settled to a steadier rhythm. I had achieved what I wanted. Fucking my own mother. My cock was inside her vagina and I am fucking her. I am fucking the same cunt my father has used to quench his lust and flooded it with his sperm to create me. I finally managed to spread the same legs my father has spread on the same bed. Finally I managed to make the same woman my dad made as woman of the house. I am squeezing the same breasts my dad squeezed and my mother used to feed me as a baby. I am enjoying the same body I shared when I took shape in her. I am reaching the same inside of my mother where I was spawned. I am kissing the mouth that had given me guidance, swore on me and ...encouraged me. It felt great, that I am using the same woman that loved me motherly to love me sexually. I am showing my gratitude towards her upbringing by ravishing her cunt with my dick. After few more strokes, I felt my balls exploding gobs of semen I have been storing for her. I humped on to her vigorously before I came. I could not help stop but gasp as I shot my wad into her. I could feel my semen flooding mother's vagina as I reached my climax.

Our sexual act is complete as I laid on my wonderful mother fulfilled and gasping for my breath. I could hear my mother too is breathing hard. Our naked bodies still connected together with my chest firmly pressing her naked breasts. My cock by now started getting limp but still inside her transferring the last remains of my semen. Mother still said nothing and laid the position. I didn't have enough guts to look at her face. We both made no moves to untangle as my exhaustion slipped me into deep sleep.

The next morning when I got up, mother is not seen anywhere. I was still lying naked on my bed. My sarong is still on the floor but no signs of my mother's clothes. For a moment I thought it might have been a dream and started looking for some evidence on the bed. I found some long strands of my mother's hair on the pillow beside mine. I got little assured and looked for some sex-liquid stains on the blanket. I did see three dried stains where the cloth was stiff. I had a chill running through my spine as I realized its not a dream. I felt a lot a guilt. I could not find enough guts to walk outside my room. I stayed there as long as I could. Good it was a Sunday. After few hours my mother knocked on the door to get me up as it is approaching noon. It was after her call, I had a bit of my confidence back in me.

I quickly went into the bathroom for my morning chores. I tried to avoid my mother for another half an hour or so until she called me to eat my lunch. That day has been a horrible day for both of us. We never talked. In fact the silence continued for a few more days. Good thing I have a job to go to otherwise I would have become mad with her silence. During these hostile days my mother visited our neighbors and nearby relatives quite a lot. Possibly just to be away from me I guess.

After threes days of constant silence I decided I have to put an end to this. After our dinner on Thursday, I told her I am Sorry and never meant to hurt her! She just said its OK but after few seconds, she just burst into tears. I felt very bad. It took two more days to get back to normal. The normalcy of our mother-son physical contact never returned though! She always tried to stay farther from me and locked her room when she changed or went to sleep. We continued with our lives that way. Another Two weeks after things got normal, my mother went to a movie with her friends. I knew she was going to a movie because she asked me some money for the movie as I was going on a two day trip to a nearby village on work. When I got back the following day from my trip, things were different at home.

My mother got dressed beautifully in a very nice saree and she had flowers in her hair. Normally widows never wear flowers in their hair. She is also seemed to be in a good mood. I was happy but also shocked to see her that way. There was a lot of contrast between the mother I left for my trip and the mother I am looking at right now. She also received me well, and asked a lot about my trip. Slowly I also lost my hostility and interacted with her freely. I was glad mom is back to normal.

After the dinner she insisted me to take shower and go to my room. I reluctantly had my shower and went back to my room. Then my mother ordered me not to come out of the room and lay on the bed. I tried to refuse saying I am not sleepy yet but she screamed at me to do as she says. I did not wanted to upset my mother again. So I went to bed half-hearted. Few minutes later I heard my room door open only to see my mother well dressed in a yellow saree with a glass of milk in my hand. I was shocked to see her that way. She is all dressed up and reminded me of a bride. Normally the newly-wed brides enter the room that way with a glass of milk.

For a moment I thought it can't be!!! I could not believe my eyes! I also thought it might be a prank trying to get back at me for raping her. As she entered she locked the bedroom door, came to me and handed to glass of milk. I took it politely and drank the milk.

She then told me "Your mother is now ready to become your woman if you wish to do so!"

I was shocked to hear it! I also need to confess how much those words have caused a twitch in my cock. I could not believe my own mother is inviting me to fuck her! It took me few minutes to get my thoughts back on track as I could see my mother still waiting before me for an answer. I didn't know what to do at that moment. My mother is looking like an elderly woman just married.

She is proposing me to take her as my woman and my dick is throbbing for her pussy. I could not do anything but to say "YES! YES!" lifting myself from the bed to hug my mother.

We had a passionate kiss as we moved on to our bed. This time we both were subtle and exploring in our lovemaking session as I opened my mother's blouse to enjoy her juicy breast amidst my mother's moans which I never expected I will hear from my mother. She didn't wear any underwear so I just lifted her saree to her waist to get access to her now wet cunt rather than removing her saree. This time the sex was divine. As if I am making love to my woman.

Until I looked at her face I never realized I am fucking my own mother. I felt as if I am fucking Rati, the love goddess, herself. That's why I think they have invented the saying 'Cover the face and fuck the base!' I could also feel my mother's enjoyment of sex. The moans, the humps, and the juices. I am seeing and feeling the other side of my mother whom I never saw before. Before I realized I am fucking my mother as my woman, I already started squirting my semen into her wet cunt for the second time.

After our juicy fuck session we just laid on the bed caressing each other. Our physical bond between our legs is now free but neither of us bothered to set our clothes back to normal. My mother is still open breasted with her blouse hanging from her shoulders and her saree still lifted up to her thighs. We both were lying on our sides facing each other. It was then, we talked. Mother said "Are you happy now?" I said "More than ever! I love you mom!"

Mom said "I love you too son! From today I am your woman too! You should call me Heena when we are alone. You can have my body too when ever you want!"

I said "Thanks Heena! Sorry if I have hurt you before! I think you a very sexy woman and wanted to be close to you that way too!"

She said "Its alright! I was in shock to know my son lusted for me and you let me know that in a violent way" She continued "It was only yesterday I figured I will take our relationship to new heights! I felt very lonely! I realized I will be like that forever if I do not do something! Even though it was weird for me to know that you are lusting for me I finally could accept it as an another form of love towards me! I even felt proud that I am turning you on! That's why I decided I will let you have my body! You already raped me and entered me where you are forbidden to enter! I have lost my sheel (chastity) by you and I have nothing more to loose! If I accept the situation I will be gaining than loosing! That's why I proposed!"

I said "Heena, my beloved, I am happy for your proposal and I am also sorry I had to take you through the rape ordeal! I did not mean to hurt you!"

Mom said smiling "I know you didn't! That's why I arranged this first night" and kissed me on the lips as I reciprocated.

After the kiss she said "Do you know I am wearing the same saree in which I married your father? We also had our first night in the same saree too!"

I was so excited as I looked at her saree. "You mean you are wearing the same saree my father fucked you the first time?"

"Yes! This is the same saree in which your daddy took my cherry! Now I am wearing it to celebrate my first night with my son" Mother replied.

"That's great Mom!" I exclaimed.

I couldn't believe it! I touched and felt the saree again. I couldn't believe I fucked my mother in her marriage dress. Heena, my lovely mother, let me fuck her in the same saree her husband fucked her for the first time. I felt I am the luckiest son on the earth! I could not wait any longer as I moved onto my mother again for an another session to show my gratitude towards her.

Since then our relationship has turned into a mother-son relationship with an extra bond between our legs. Mother moved into my room which used to be her room when dad was alive. We still left the bed in her room intact in case if somebody gets curious. We are just mother and son when anybody is around us. On a normal day she is my mother by day and my woman by night. Well almost a mother by day. Except for the days our relations and friends visit us we always slept together. Sometimes mother used normal mother-son relationship to get us sleeping together. When we have too many guests mother used to arrange a bed for us in the bunker we have at the back of the house saying we can adjust! Little they know that a mother and son can sleep together with their genitals locked! Mother used to dress like a wife awaiting her husband's return from work. It was always great to see my mother waiting for me well dressed with flowers in her head when I return home from work.

She became a wife to me and I am her husband. I am Rama to my mother Heena. Now a days she also compares my style of fucking her to my fathers. She tells me I fuck her in different positions which my dad never did. Few months later, at 43, my mother Heena got pregnant again. This time with my baby. Her son's baby. I am happy I knocked my dear old mother. My mother is happy that she still got her husband's gene pool in her stomach. My semen has taken shape in my mother womb. Our baby is due in six months.