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The Guidance of Nephews - Part 1

Published on: 2023-06-30 22:27:52

Saroja's situation was really remarkable. She pondered the events leading to this day, when she was nursing three cocks at the same time. Nursing is the only word that could adequately describe what she was doing. It had not yet become an outright gang-bang and she couldn't say if it would become that.
Yet, there was one cock in her mouth which she was lovingly kissing and pumping with her mouth, another in her fist which she was rewarding with strokes, and a third which she was consoling by caresses with the sole of her foot.

All three cocks were just being petted, caressed and fondled. None was a complete fuck. At least, not yet. Neither of three men was bold enough to react on their own to add to the chemistry. And that is because men don't open out to each other or in front of other men so easily.

Perhaps that is why gang-bangs don't happen so often or so easily in India. We don't have football locker rooms where could get comfortable with one another.

Or is it because men compete for the attentions of a woman and that doesn't come easily in our overfull houses and an approach that is actually fear rather than conservatism? Given a chance.

And due to the competitive and starved scenario no man really lets on about his sex life; they like to perpetuate the myth that each is a lothario.

And that is why the three young men with Saroja did not respond or participate fully in the initial period.
They were unsure of each other and because the bullock cart in which they were traveling was shadowy inside in the evening light, they didn't know that Saroja was active with the others too.

Now it would have been completely different if it was more than woman. This scenario is, in any case, every man's ultimate fantasy, so he is likely to lead them on should anything start.
Two women loving each other in the presence and in tandem with a man does happen. Two men loving each other with a woman joining in? No, not really.

Women know each other, talk about how their men are with them and talk about their bodies. They change in common rooms, help each other bathing and often discuss problems of the female variety with great confidence in one another.
For one woman to see another in any state of undress is no big deal.
In fact it happens all the time.

And that is why Saroja's situation with her three young relatives was remarkable. She was one woman and there were three of them.

The family wedding which Saroja was returning from is a typical example of how women talk to each other and are comfortable with each others bodies.
Usually, in such events all the women shared the same room, bathing, changing and adorning themselves in the presence of the other women of the marriage party.

The men do not get to sleep with their women; all the women cluster in one or more of a set of rooms.

It is a great chance to gossip and catch up with one another. As a herd they find comfort in one another. And usually this ensures they are never late for any of the important functions, because from the bride onwards everyone is getting ready in everyone else's presence.

Saroja had come for this wedding with her husband, his younger brother and two nephews. The younger brother was 27, and the two nephews were 18 and 19. Saroja and her husband ranked as seniors but they were not that much older than the others. Saroja's husband was 33 and she herself was an alluring 29.

Their branch of the family was city-bred and much of the rest of the family came from smaller towns and were not quite the same social class.

Relations were excellent but the common ground for fun and games was not the same with the larger group as it was between this closed group of man and wife with brother-in-law and nephews in tow.

And so over days of travel by road and the three days of events the five them stayed closer to one another and the bonding grew.
While Saroja knew her brother-in-law a bit better, the two nephews were just acquaintances to her. Over these days, the five of them had had a rollicking time together.

Their jokes made sense to one another and their tastes were similar too. For instance all of them secretly enjoyed eating chicken and had noticed the "Naidu's Military Hotel" on the way to the marriage hall. It seemed neat and likeable and like a bunch of adolescent brats, they sneaked out and ordered only the side-dishes. The server was amazed that no rice was eaten as accompaniment!

Saroja was utterly fun-loving. Even as their car journey into the rural hinterland commenced, she was the one who was constantly asking the car to stop to buy groundnuts, bananas, to drink coconut water and eat guavas.

The nineteen year old Gopi found his aunt completely exciting for the kind of personality he was. Completely uninhibited, she sat next to him in the car letting her thigh rest against his. He journeyed, very conscious of the fullness of the leg against his. And when she fell asleep she let her head rest fully on his shoulder.
The soft, warmth of her womanliness was deeply satisfying.

As the car had jostled and she moved with it, her saree pallo slid and Gopi allowed his eyes to roam the gently swelling slopes her breasts.
From where he was sitting, he was able to look right own the front of the blouse, where the sumptuous mountains of Saroja's fleshy breasts disappeared into a mysterious darkness.

Her 'taali kodi' (necklace indicating married status) snaked over the hills and valleys of her flesh like a gleaming river.
Her cleavage could well have been a gorge into which the river disappeared, hidden from the eyes of adventurous explorers.
Like Gopi. …

At every stop, they rearranged themselves in different seating orders. Soon enough, Gopi lost his vantage position. But his younger brother Sundar too had the same attraction to the alluring, buxom, playful Saroja mami (mother's brother's wife).
She had her arm on the backrest of the car when Sundar fell asleep and soon his head had leaned into her armpit.

He smelt her sweat which seemed aromatic. It disturbed his drowsiness and his senses became aware. As he slumped lower, his face came to rest against the breast itself.

Sundar had savored every moment he pretended to be asleep as his lips lay open against the swelling of her breast.
Saliva dampened the breast and Saroja did not mind the boy drooling in his sleep; it was something that happens to everyone while asleep.

Ravi, the brother-in-law was older than the two youngsters and could not sidle up to be with Saroja but he felt the tug too.
His sister-in-law was saucy and spontaneous and his brother Arvind was serious and introverted. Saroja found a companion in Ravi to respond to her jokes and some of her saucier ones were reserved for Ravi's ears; she couldn't be that risqué with those two younger fellows.

Ravi responded to her in the same spirit.

And then there was the afternoon when the 'nalang' ceremony was held. This ceremony is a hangover from olden times when the bride and groom, who traditionally marry o orders from the parents, used to get to know one another through a series of familiarization 'games' played in the presence of the entire family of both sides.

Songs are an integral part of this ceremony and it is normal for someone musically minded to render a film or popular song, replacing the names of the protagonists with that of the bride and groom.

During this song session, Saroja had made bold to break the taboo and sing raunchy film songs. She enhanced the raunchiness by dancing to the numbers, wiggling her hips and thrusting her breasts and jiggling the, as the dancers in the movie were want to do.
And in the heat of the moment with a small crowd dancing along, Ravi had jumped, thrusting himself back at his 'manni' (sister-in-law) in rhythm also in the fashion of the film heroes.

This usually elicited a lot of laughs, including the older 'mamas' and 'mamis' being indulgent at what on another occasion would have invited retribution and recrimination.
The ladies laughed, winking at one another, and making suggestive remarks to the bride, full of innuendo.

The older men took the opportunity to lech at all the younger women who were bold enough to dance.

What particularly added to the flirtatiousness in this case was Ravi, Gopi and Sundar's readiness to help by singing the lyrics along with Saroja.
Whenever there came a particularly innuendo-laden stanza, Saroja would pretend not to know the words and hum along.
Immediately the trio would offer the exact words, making Saroja blush initially.

Later she laughingly joined them, betraying the act she actually knew the lines herself. Radiant eyes met, hands touched and laughter resonated at a very personal level.

The three young men found that the woman they called "manni" (sister-in-law) was a sexual bombshell, ticking every minute. (They all called her manni though for Gopi and Sundar she was mami. This happened because the age difference was not significant.)

Now, while all of this raised the temperature, many of us will recognize that this happens in almost all weddings and would have happened to most.

But what was completely different and unusual in this case was when Saroja refused to share the rooms of the women-at-large because it was just too messy and a big jumble of people and things.

She insisted on a separate set of rooms which her husband's branch of the family would use separately.
As it happened, there was only one available room at the chosen hotel which would meet her standard.
It was suite, and so there was an additional drawing room. The group agreed that this extra space allowed enough space for all to sleep and enough privacy to change.

By then the comfort with one another had reached such levels that Saroja quite often, did her makeup wearing just her blouse and petticoat.
Each man got an eyeful of Saroja manni's ample bosom, her burlesque ass and her luscious lips and profile in various poses.

And so it happened over the days that each of her unstated sexual suitors had that extra moment of intimacy.

In Gopi's case it was the moment when she realized her bra was far too dark under the color of her blouse and could be seen separately. She called Gopi - and this is where getting ready with other women helped; there was no limit to exposure and the nature of help asked for and rendered, without sex getting in the way. Saroja had noticed subliminal messages from all three and perhaps getting a little bit of harmless sex in was needed. "Poor boys!" she sympathized.

"Does this bra show?" she asked, looking herself front and back in the mirror, her eyes meeting Gopi's in search of a reply. "Hmm?" she persisted. Gopi's throat was dry. He had been secretly glancing at her and now he found himself being asked to specifically look at her. He didn't know how to acknowledge his awareness of the 'bra' as a concept and answer without letting his manni feel that he had been eyeing her.

"Ada- sollu pa!" she exclaimed, eyes dancing. (Hey, tell me!) "Lost your tongue? Look here," she said, turning her back to him and hands tracing her bra-strap. With her eyes on him in the mirror, she asked, "Does this show?"

Gopi's eyes were not on the back. They had been on her mounds of flesh straining against the blouse when she was facing him. As she turned away towards the mirror, back to him, his eyes had followed. First the bust-line appeared as she was half turned. And then came the gently heaving mounds of delectable flesh.

"Look here," she emphasized the 'here', pointing to the bra-strap, "and not here" she continued, her other hand passing over her bosom. She quickly converted the overt sexual reference to an innocent remark by adding, "Here, the saree will make sure nothing is seen. It is only at the back."

"It shows," croaked Gopi, then he weakly added, "the bra shows," immediately turning deep crimson in embarrassment.

Saroja noticed that the boy was self-conscious; or perhaps very conscious of her sexuality. "Ok, wait here. Let me change to something else," she said turning away from the mirror to the corner, one side was the wall and the other was the door to the bathroom where Sundar had gone. (Ravi was running some last minute errand outside.) She was going to reveal something which she didn't want Gopi to see in the mirror.

Back to him, she removed her blouse and her bra. Gopi felt a maddening erection as he took in the sight of her bare back, with its glowing skin and vast expanse of flesh to caress.
What was more, when she lifted her arms to slip on the blouse; he was rewarded with sight of the sides of her swinging tits.

Gopi quickly ran his fist over his hardon confident that she wouldn't turn around now and got some relief from the ache in his groin.

She now wore a skin colored bra but the yellow of her blouse was very pale and showed the color through.
She needed to be sure; but she was also enjoying teasing the boy. She wondered if he had ever seen bare breasts. She turned around and asked him again, moving in front of the mirror to check for herself.

This color was obviously wrong and even as she asked Gopi for his opinion she shook her head. Not yet moving to the corner, she started unbuttoning the blouse, baring her bra encased tits to the young man.
Gopi drank in the sight, following her with his eyes till the last moment when she moved out of the range of the mirror.

Saroja removed both blouse and bra and once again stood bare back to Gopi who was not only fighting the monster in his trousers, but also the monster unleashed in his head.
His Saroja Manni was lusciously appetizing.

Now Saroja found that the final bra which she wanted to try was not at hand but she had already removed her top. "Gopi," she called then stopped, realizing that she ran the risk of showing him more of her body than even she could accept.

She turned her head around to check where he was relative to her while her body was still towards the corner.
As she turned, she saw his hand rub the front of his trouser and in that one glance the sexually shrewd Saroja saw the tented erection.
She had caused a problem. She decided that she would have to handle this business of getting the other bra with a little more discretion.

"Gopi," she said, surprised by how hoarse her own voice had suddenly become, "just find my white color bra in the bag." She now had her arms across her chest to ensure her breasts were not exposed to him. She found it necessary to twist a bit toward him to see if he was accessing the right part of the correct bag. Gopi was painfully aware that as he turned sideways she could probably see his erection. He hoped not.

But he was hoping against hope. Instead of looking at where Gopi was searching, her eyes were intently on the clearly significant bulge. Gopi picked the bra and waved it at her but the moment he looked there, his eyes were transfixed on the side of her breast which was fully exposed to him. "No," she shook her head, "it is a front opening one," she told him and her regret at sharing intimate details of her apparel on a madly aroused teenager was instant.

Gopi tore his eyes away from the beautiful luscious woman. Her shoulders were bare and her back was a smooth expanse of flesh. Her breasts were pendulous and barely concealed by her arms. As she gesticulated, he got a glance at one breast; the nipple was brown and like a piece of dried date, seemed so sweetly suckable.

She cleared her throat and felt the color rising to the very bosom which she was looking to conceal.
It rose to her cheeks and she stood perfectly still, woman and boy acknowledging the sexual moment with a moment's quiet.

Gopi found the bra and handed it to his Saroja manni, eyes watching closely for the moment when her breast would be exposed to him. It was exposed as she reached out to take the bra. She didn't just take it; she took it tenderly. Equally tenderly, slowly, she put the bra on her shoulder and as the cups were brought to cover the tits, she turned to face him. "Thank you," she whispered, giving him a look at the deep valley between the mounds. What had been a dark mystery the other night was now his to feast on.

Leaving one of the cups of the bra precariously hanging on to the massive breast it was tasked to hold, she put a hand on his shoulder.
There was a fractional moment of indecision as the hand lingered. Was it meant to pull or push away? Saroja turned him away with a finality, and in a parting gift the bra cup slipped off its precarious perch giving one final look at the wrinkled, long, brown, oh-so-suckable nipple.

Any thing that happened by such accidents left no feeling of guilt on Saroja. She turned back towards the corner which was her sanctuary from the wildness of hormones and allowed the bra to fall open as she got her blouse on. Gopi turned his back on her dutifully and obedient as ever and mumbled, "Let me go help Ravi mama". (mama: uncle, mother's brother). He closed the door behind him.

As her arms were up slipping into her blouse, her breasts swung, heavy and suddenly seemingly full from the close encounter with her elder nephew.
The bathroom door opened and fresh-faced Sundar found himself staring at swinging mammaries of his aunt.
The nipples had started to grow taut under a delayed reaction to the events that had just passed.
Sundar gasped as he saw her lovely breasts in their full splendor. Ever since he had slept against them in the car h8e had wondered how they might look and how they might feel without the obstructive fabric in between.

Now here were the magnificent peaks he wanted to conquer! He was out of breath and as he sucked in air, his towel came undone and the 18 year old found himself nude in front of Saroja manni.
As if in sync, his cock rose to salute the sight presented to it and Saroja found herself staring: it was a long cock of average thickness.

She was caught so unawares that her own hands didn't respond quickly enough to cover her own breasts.

"Shut the door," she whispered, her voice sounding seductive at a bad time for an aunt. Sundar had been about to bend and pick up his towel but he instead responded to his manni's order and moved for the door. Unable to take the embarrassment of his now complete erection she bent to pick up the towel. Her eyes were on the long cock as if she was keeping her eye on it to avoid a collision with her face. Her face and lips were perilously close to it.

Sundar jumped and ducked reflexively in defense of his cock. Saroja couldn't help chuckling. As the door shut, they found themselves in the bathroom; Saroja had stepped on the inside of the door which was meant to shut their view of each other.
The door to the room outside was still just shut not locked.
She draped the towel around his waist, her tongue saucily in one cheek as she smiled at Sundar's awkwardness.

"Enna? Idu daney?" she asked. (It s this isn't it?) Her hands reached for his and lifted them to hold up her breasts, like fruit being assessed at a merchant's. Bringing her face near his, she breathed on him while a hand crept up and bolted the door; the unbolted room door was risky enough. She couldn't have anyone walking into the bathroom and finding her half clothed with a half clothed teenaged nephew.

Sundar froze with his hands on those breasts. He couldn't feel them much as he had dreamed of doing just that and more.

"Go on. Feel them and be done. I know you have wanted to ever since that day in the car," she said softly. He could not have known that she equally craved a man's touch, now that she had been on display for a while and had seen her effect on the boys. She looked down and saw the tented towel, and then it parted and out nosed the cock.

Instinctively, her hand reached down and took him in her soft fist. She slid her hand under the towel and her other hand rested his head to her bosom. "Inda," she murmured. (Take.) Sundar let the weight of his head rest on the soft pillows of her breasts as he succumbed to his own dream of lust. His arms went around and he caressed her bare back with one hand while the other felt and weighed and savored the volume of her breast.

She weighed his cock and slid her hand on it, facilitated by the slick mess which seemed to have coated his head in an instant.

As he kissed the slopes and nuzzled her with inexperienced wild hands, she masturbated him expertly.
He slobbered and felt her, unable to effectively convey any sensations to the woman.
She fucked him with her hands sending him into rapturous shivers from the very first slippery thrust.

The more she drove him crazy, the more incoherent and meaningless his moves on her became. As he jerked to an expectedly quick cumming, he bit on her breasts. "Dey! Hush!" she calmed him. Those bite marks were high on the slopes and would show up!

Sundar shuddered helplessly, his eyes closed and his face crushed against her breasts. Her hands flooded over with gobs of cum as the young man had his first release in the arms of a woman. It wasn't a fuck; but it counted as exponential progress for a guy who hadn't held hands with a girl in his lifetime. "Manni, manni, manni," he sobbed in gratitude, with loud gasps interspersed. As the tremors quietened, Saroja wiped her messed up fingers on the towel.

She herself was a bit breathless with desire and was surprised at what she had just done. The young man was taken care of; but her own arousal which had caused her to be reckless in pleasuring him was unabated.
It was with difficulty that she had managed to remember where they were and the chance that someone would soon come knocking.

She also had equal difficulty in settling for his pleasure, than taking her own as well by fucking him.
He was a sweet young man but fucking him was no joke.

Flirting was something which came to her naturally. Being sexy was something she just liked being without meaning to cross limits. But somehow, the growing familiarity of the last few days, the heady atmosphere, the closely packed togetherness and some blend of lust and sympathy when she came face to face with Sundar had caused her to cross those very limits.

To most of those in that very hotel and the marriage hall nearby, a handjob was as sacrilegious as a fuck.

Holding him close she whispered into his ear, "Don't come out right after me. In fact, kuli (have a bath). Dirty boy! And take your time, get dressed. I am sure someone is already in the room outside." Tousling his hair with affection, Saroja stepped out of the bathroom with her blouse and bra still hanging open.

And as she shut the door and looked up, there was Ravi, agape. "I am sorry, I should have knocked," he stammered. His reaction was no different from that of the other two. Ravi was unmarried but he was not expected to have the same wild hormones of the nephews. However, Saroja's beauty and the sexy meter of her breasts was universal in its appeal, it seemed.

Saroja rapidly put the hooks of her blouse together to quickly cover herself; the bra within was not hooked -- it would have too long and she could not afford to let Ravi have such a good look at her tits.
The rapid succession of events was making her increasingly vulnerable and she needed to get a grip of herself.

This was more so with Ravi who was her husband's brother. The nephews could be expected to keep quiet as they were beneficiaries of her sexual largesse. Ravi was a different matter and may have exposed her to her husband as a libertine.

She quickly tried to put a casual spin on it by changing the subject. To keep the change in topic somewhat natural, she quickly thought up of something playful.

Leaning close to Ravi, Saroja said, "Hey, Ravi! We should have danced these steps to that 'Nattukattai' song," and with that she leaned towards him, wiggling her shoulders. It had the effect of making her bosom jiggle. Ravi responded on cue, which was a relief to Saroja, but only for a moment. As she leaned over him, he responded with the corresponding motion of his shoulders. And then as she leaned back, he leaned over her, in a samba-like dance. And then it was her turn to lean forward; as she did so and he leaned backwards, she loomed over him, his face at her bosom level.

And the blouse hooks, which had only been tentatively secured by Saroja in her hurry to cover herself, snapped open.
Out fell the treasured breasts which every youth in her circle had lusted for in the last half hour.
They tumbled out right over his face and by reflex Ravi's hands shot up to grab them.

Instantly Ravi realized that she was not about to fall, and nor were her globes going to splash down on him.
He held her nice, full tits in both hands and softly rotated them. She held his arms, feeling his biceps through his shirt, her nostrils flared with excitement and the bubbling cauldron of passion overflowing.

She leaned forward and kissed the top of his head. It brought those aching nipples within reach of his lips and he caused her to shudder as his mouth closed in on one.

"Ravi!" gasped Saroja, hands caressing the back of his head ever more lovingly. "Saro" mumbled Ravi, loath to letting the tit-feast slip from his devouring lips. In caught her off guard to hear him call her "Saro' which was an endearment only a person who had intimate relations would use.

"Mmmm. Sollu (say what)," she responded, seething with desire for him. While Sundar's inexperienced groping had caused no particular pleasure, Ravi's lips were playing magic with her pleasure zones.

"Hmmm?" asked Ravi. "Ennatha solla (what shall I say?)" he asked between mouthfuls of flesh and nipples. He put his hands behind her slipping under her blouse, caressing the back gently. Hands roamed her body and torso as lips sucked greedily on the date-shaped nipples. Saroja clung to him as a tidal wave of pleasure rocked her body and she clung on for dear life.

Unknown to herself, her legs had parted and like a sluttish whore she had opened herself to being pleasured anywhere Ravi cared to touch.
Ravi's hand found her gently fluttering stomach to be searing hot and when the other hand slid under her petticoat to claim her pussy, it was found equally sizzling.

"Manni," gasped the equally aroused Ravi as his fingers probed the broad pubic zone. Coarse hair of a woman who shaves periodically, the slippery outer lips and the lush wet forest into which to plunge all welcomed his probing fingers.

"Ah! Enna da? (What?)" asked Saroja not really expecting a reply. She humped his hand with her hips and the broad pleasure of his fist was quickly replaced by a focused spearing of her cunt by fingers which caused her to scream with release. Ravi found her clit with an experienced which belied his marital status. "surely he is getting it somewhere," thought Saroja irrelevantly.

"You are sexy and gorgeous!" he exclaimed, continuing to caress and squeeze his objects of desire.

"Ahan! Ai…yo! Dei! Vidu da! (leave me!)" she begged, pulling him closer, mashing her breasts into his face as he finger fucked her, striking and stroking her clit each time.

Anyone entering would have found Saroja hunched over her brother-in-law, her legs spread at a whorishly wide angle and his hands disappeared into the folds of her petticoat.
The exact penetration of his fingers was covered by the cloth, but the thrusting by both of them, and the resulting convulsions were explicit and left nothing to anyone's lurid imagination.

She wanted more and lifted her leg and placed it on the bed, creating a yawning gap between her legs. "Tei! (Rub)" she ordered, setting a furious pace. But she barely lasted as orgasm seemed to course through her effortlessly. Her fingers clutched his hair and dug into his scalp. He sat back on the bed, thrusting, sucking and swallowing as waves swept her body.

Saroja's sexual release was complete, except for the now throbbing ache for a cock in her cunt. As she was contemplating this, she heard the shower in the bath stop and knew Sundar would emerge to the room very soon.
She wanted to push him away but his treatment of her breasts was amazing! The way he chewed and pulled on the nipples, the way he massaged the mass of her flesh, the way he sucked in more than he could contain in his mouth.

… The pleasure streams were endless.

And she had done nothing for him. Her hands wandered to his crotch and she laid her palm along, feeling her way around alien territory.
She soon felt his scrotum and the trunk of his cock -- oh, my god!- it was thick! Were they really brothers? She quickly traced the outline with two fingertips eager to find the full contour and size him up.

She found the head, slung a bit to the left and two fingers rotated on it, creating a frisson of pleasure.

She would have loved to fuck him then and there and do full justice to his endowments. But that would be unthinkable. Her husband's brother? She was his 'manni', for heaven's sake! She was glad that there was no time.
Nothing else would have successfully stopped her from breaching the barrier and fucking her husband's brother.

Her eyes were closed, face radiant. She shuddered at the thought of what she was missing and what was never to be. With one last wistful grind at the cock she pulled back.

As Ravi's hand left its lair, they both looked at his fingers. They were smeared with her juices. Ravi brought it close to his eyes; for inspection? To smell? To taste? He was fascinated and wanted to do lots with it and lot more with this wonderful woman.
But the sounds from the bathroom indicated Sundar was about to emerge.

Ravi smeared the mess on the sheets at the base of the bed, nearly under the mattress, a spot which he thought would go unnoticed.
She quickly stuffed her swollen aching breasts into its confines and put the clasp on her bra. As she hooked up her blouse, this time carefully, the door opened and out emerged a rather dazed looking Sundar.

Saroja kept her eyes down. In one short spell of 40-odd minutes she had gone from everyone's fun-loving manni (bhabhi; sister-in-law) to the seductress-at-hand.
Having got a release at Ravi's hand, she, at this moment wanted to revert to being a sweet innocent manni.
Avoiding everyone, she moved to a different corner with her things and concentrated on getting ready.

And yet, here she was, a day later, in a bullock cart, like a whorish slut seeking and working on their three cocks.
This time, simultaneously. And she was hoping, rather foolishly, that in the dull evening light, within the darkness and shadows inside the cart, the three would not see or notice what was happening to the others.

Once again, the juxtaposition of the four of them in a situation where Saroja lost control of herself happened by chance.
She had thought that she put behind her attraction to these young men when the next 24 hours passed without incident.
She was a little more circumspect after her close encounters with each of them and this was noticed by her husband.

"What happened? Why are you so quiet?" had asked Kumar more than once of his wife. She didn't say much, telling him that this was now the serious part of the function and that was the only reason. Each of the three others thought it was the effect of what had transpired between him and Saroja. Only Saroja knew that she had some dalliance with each of them separately in one wild burst.

Her mind now drifted to the next set of events that unleashed the full tempo of her bottled up lust.

Saroja had become extremely friendly with her two nephews and her brother-in-law. They turned into a fun-loving group and this added to the fun and games associated with a typical Indian wedding.
Her husband was a serious, morose type, but he always responded to good company.

The increased familiarity with these family members who were infrequently encountered crossed all limits when Saroja decided to share the same room as the guys instead of staying with the women of the wedding party as was the custom.
Seeing each other in stages of undress caused arousal. The older woman found her shy, strong nephews exciting.
Somewhere an element of sympathy also crept in, for she knew they were starved of good female company.

In quick sequence, by turns, without one man knowing that the other had had a special encounter, Saroja had an encounter with each of them.
First Gopi, the elder nephew got a complete eyeful of her large breasts. Then the younger nephew Sundar was rewarded with an exhibition as well as a fist-fuck, drenching Saroja's fist with his virile outpourings.

Saroja did not flinch as he came in large spurts. He was afraid the warmth of her fist would be gone soon; but no -- she stayed and allowed his jerks to subside fully.
Finally, Ravi, the brother-in-law had chanced upon her with her blouse undone. As they moved closer, Ravi had whip-sawed her cunt with unrelenting and rough fingers bringing her to a blinding, much-needed orgasm.

It was all very circumstantial; Saroja rationalized the events to her self. There was no other way she could come to terms with the sheer illicitness of her deeds in that brief hour.
She had bared herself like the slut she was in her inner recesses to three relatives all of whom had looked up to her this far.

Her own husband's brother and their nephews. Had she polluted innocent minds? Or had she just given an outlet to what was already raging in their minds and therefore, cocks?

Now, the wedding was over and they were headed back on a long drive to the city. As the car made its way, there were stretches where the road was still in the making and the surface was really bad.
On one such stretch the car gave way and nothing much could be done except to get a mechanic from the next large town.

Arvind Kumar was unsure how to handle the situation, but he soon decided to take a passing bus and get a mechanic.
There was not too much debate on who should stay behind. None of the three young men who were in awe of the sexy Saroja volunteered. Each secretly hoped that the others would leave with only one of them staying behind with the sexy Saroja.

In the hustle bustle of the day and the jostling in the car, she seemed unraveled and ready for plucking.
Her pallo was all messed up and saree was askew. Sweat patches made her damp blouse stick to her skin revealing delicious skin. As for her cleavage, it seemed ready to burst upon anyone who so much as glanced at her bosom.

Kumar however left behind all three of them so if anything needed attending, there would be adequate backup.
After kicking around the dust for a while, the group noticed a bullock cart coming by. It was decided that they would take this cart to the next village and leave a note in the car for Kumar.

In any case the village was on the same road and in the same direction that Kumar had left. They would get some nourishment and wait there, which would be more comfortable. It would certainly be safer now that the evening was upon them.

And so it came to be that Saroja was in the covered portion of the cart with the three gallant men forming a cordon around her.
Ravi, the eldest of the group (if you didn't count Saroja) sat to the front, behind the cart man. He laid his back to rest on one side of the cart and stretched his legs to the other side.
He formed a barrier between the inside of the cart and the crossbar where the cart man sat. He felt like the commander of this mission, keeping an eye on where they were headed.

The two nephews, Gopi and Sundar sat at the back of the cart, opposite each other, legs stretched out towards one another.
In this position they were protecting the cart from any entry. The middle section thus became a sanctuary and it was here that Saroja sat, shielded from all sides.
Little did she know she was like a Queen Bee in that spot.
With the sun beginning to set, the inside was darker still, with only shadows and silhouettes playing games.

After a while, Saroja felt tired with the cramped seating space and the jolting of the cart. "Ravi, I am tired," she said to the brother-in-law seated toward the front. "You think I can stretch out?" she asked.

"Of course, you can. I am sitting like this. You too can," invited Ravi hoping she would sit resting against him.

"No but you are leaning against the side. I want to lie down completely," said Saroja. "You wouldn't mind if I put my head on your leg and stretched my feet to the back, would you?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer, she rested her head on Ravi's leg, just below the knee and stretched towards the teenagers at the back of the cart. But her knees were bent and leg folded so she didn't touch them.

"But listen," protested Ravi, "you don't have any pillow, it will be hard" he said, reaching out for her head.

"It is okay," she replied, snuggling down and as his hands reached her head, she touched the palms of his hand with her lips, kissing but not making a sound with her lips. The boys at the other end might hear if she made a sound.

She just meant it as thanks, but Ravi had just not been able to get his mind off the sight of her luscious breasts looming over his face, or of the volcano of orgasms between her legs.
He let his hand linger on her head, stroking her cheek as he withdrew his hand. She was still his brother's wife and he didn't want to take chances.
After that hot encounter with her in the rooms, she had never given any indication that there was a new equation between them.
It was perhaps in the heat of the moment and never to be repeated?

As the cart jolted and lurched, Saroja's head rocked and rolled on his legs. As she felt her face crushed and rubbed against his legs, she realized not far from where her head was, was that very thick cock she had felt through his trousers.
His ankle and calf were bony indeed and his thighs might have been softer on her head and face she thought.

Besides. ..

Like a cat in pleasure, she stretched at the thought of Ravi's thick cock and her legs touched the legs of the boys sitting at the back of the cart.
At first her legs reflexively pulled back. Then she felt she could be more comfortable if she just laid her legs on top of their legs. She angled her body.
As her legs went on top of Gopi's legs, her head crossed Ravi's knees. She buried her face in Ravi's thighs, just above his knees.

In the shadows of the cart Ravi felt comfortable enough to let his hand drop to her head. He tousled her hair. Saroja sighed. Her hand went around his hips and she clung to him. Ravi squirmed as his briefs became uncomfortably tight. He tensed his muscles taut and stretched his legs, benefiting from the immediate relief from the squeeze on his cock.

As it tensed and squeezed against the fabric of his underwear, Saroja's head found it. She rubbed her face on the tenting in his trousers and fingers ran along his back. Ravi's hand rested on her head willing her on. Saroja recorded the signal; he had given her an orgasm, perhaps she too should pay him back with one she thought.

She pushed and prodded at the protuberance with her head and cheeks never letting her lips or mouth on it.

As she did so, her legs stretched further and she felt Gopi's legs closer to his knees. As her body recorded the contours of Ravi's cock her body inflamed. "Poor Gopi," she thought. He was the only one who had not had a chance beyond just seeing her. She decided on the spur of the moment that the poor boy should at least get a rub. With her foot she searched out the boy's crotch.

Gopi froze. His mami (aunt) had first put her feet on him and he had resisted touching it at all, much as he would have loved to.
But now here was her foot straying on his crotch. He tried not to move. Perhaps Saroja manni was asleep and her leg was wandering. He didn't want to acknowledge that while enjoying the contact with the mature, older woman whose breasts he had greedily eyed just yesterday.

Gopi's first hint that it was not all that accidental came when Saroja felt out his cock and placed the sole of her foot against the base of his cock and pressed.

Gopi gasped as her toes seemed to search out the head of his cock and give him a squeeze. He quietly reached down and undid his fly. He struggled to let his cock out without alerting Sundar who was sitting just opposite him.

Little did he know that Sundar, lucky as ever, even though he was younger than Gopi had Saroja manni rubbing his crotch with her hand.
Why leave him out, felt Saroja. The three guys were in different sections of the cart and a little parting gift would be harmless. That had been her initial thought.
But the dimensions, the variety and the idea that this was a passing opportunity made her adventurous with every passing moment.
What was more, the darkness in the cart was encouraging.

Her plan was to just titillate the younger men, while with Ravi, with whom she had a more adult and special relationship, she was willing to go further.
Perhaps because his cock had dimensions that made her throat dry. The thickness had left her wondering if both Ravi and Kumar, her husband were indeed brothers.
Ravi was so thick and full, whereas Kumar. .. she had to have that cock!

Perhaps it was the pleasantness of the evening and the rhythm of the swaying cart. Perhaps it was each man's prior experience with the woman. Distinct, full of promise, yet unfulfilled. Or perhaps it was that the slut in Saroja was awakened. None of them would know for sure. In the later years, each of them ascribed different reasons for what happened next.
But that evening, the unifying factor in all four of them, was pure lust. Illicit, yes. Forbidden, yes. Debauch, yes. But lust- pure lust.

Flesh hungry for flesh. Man and woman wanting one another. Except there was more than one man. Or was it more than one man. There was one man; the others were going to be made into men by her. Today. Here and now. With those thoughts Saroja assaulted the three young men surrounding her. What was a protective ring, became an attacking ring as she had more than one front to handle.

Saroja's fingers briefly struggled with Ravi's trouser. She didn't plan on opening him up herself. She just did enough to leave him in no doubt about what she wanted. Ravi raised his hips and having undone his trouser, bared himself completely to his sister-in-law. Saroja's lips briefly touched the salty member.
Her hand joined in, touching and teasing the virgin cock. It leapt before her eyes and she soon felt the moist slick precum that flowed freely. Her stroking hand encouraged that as she wanted the salty sweat to be replaced by salty precum. That would be more acceptable to her tastes.

Ravi thrust his hips at her. He had used his fingers to fuck her hard yesterday. He now wanted payback, whether hands or lips, he didn't care. The reluctance to engage in illicit sex was all too brief. Visions of his brother evaporated as Saroja manni searched out his thickness, signaling her own unalloyed desire.

Saroja felt and marveled at the specimen. Large, proud and ready to serve. She compared what was in her right hand with Sundar's cock in her left hand. Longer but not as thick. Ravi was stocky, ideal for her cunt. Sundar was longer and bulky, good to toy with but a second to Ravi. As her foot played with Gopi's cock, that youngster brought in a new dimension: his hands slid under her saree as she played with him and stroked the back of her thighs and her ass.

Saroja sighed as she felt the need to do everything with everyone. Gopi's hands were promising with their exploration. Ravi seemed salty but she just had to suck him. And Sundar -- well, she knew from before she could make him cum easily.

As her tongue snaked out and leapt at his rearing cock, Ravi was maddened with the butterfly touch. He wanted more and with his hand on the back of her head, he pushed her down onto his cock. Saroja gagged as he went as far as her throat. What was he trying to do, fuck her throat. She choked on the salty jism and pulled her head back.
Her hair fell forward on the cock, making it seem like a monster lurking in undergrowth. She pulled her hair back and opened her mouth into an 'o' getting ready to mouth him to redemption.

Her legs were splayed as she reached backward to keep contact with Gopi. The open spread of her legs allowed that enterprising fellow to reach between her legs and stroke her ripe, full thighs.
He groped, anxious and eager. He wanted to reach his goal before she came to her senses. Little did he know that his Saroja manni was wild with lust.
Saroja generously lifted her leg making way for his probing hands. Gopi reached the hairy thatch between her legs and stopped not knowing what to do next.

As the fingers of Gopi touched the hairy fringes of her pleasure point, Saroja closed her mouth on the cock under her and her grip tightened on Sundar's hapless cock.
He whimpered, biting into his lip to avoid raising alarm.

Ravi was wild with desire for his manni. His hands gripped her breast in its confines as he closed his eyes and imagined those lovely heaving tits before his eyes.
He thrust himself wildly into her mouth, impatient in seeking his pleasure. He wanted to fuck her, o god! He wanted to cum into his sister-in-law urgently.
If it was to be in her warm bubbly mouth before that wet grabbing cunt he had earlier felt, so be it.
But it had to be now. He groaned loudly, uncaring about his nephews in his lust. He was brutal in fucking the mouth and Saroja's jaw ached as she did her best to take him as well as she could.

Her own responses were felt on Sundar's cock which was twisted, turned and fisted in no rhythm at all.
She was mauling the flesh in her desperate search for her own pleasure. Thus far she had kept a little quiet trying to be discreet. But unless Gopi were guided, her cunt was going to be parched and starved for action.
And in any case, Ravi's groan could only have been understood as intensely sexual. She might as well get on with it.

"Verala ulla tallu," she hissed feverishly in his general direction. (Push your fingers in.) Gopi panicked as he heard those words. What about the others? And what about her? He was unsure of everything. The wild and shameless desire for his aunt had driven him to explore her, hoping for the cover of darkness to protect him. Now she seemed to bring it all out to the open. What about Ravi chitappa (father's younger brother) who seemed to be groaning in some kind of pain? Or was it pleasure?

His eyes searched out that senior family member to see if he could take the chance. And there in the shadows, he could make out the man with his head thrown back. At first he felt he might have been asleep. But it seemed to be jerking. Also jerking with his head, was Saroja manni's head, which seemed to hover over Ravi's lap.
He couldn't quite see what was happening but he had seen some shots in a porn movie which resembled the action up front.

Boldly, Gopi prodded with his hand. As he felt some softness he became cautious. He didn't want to injure his sex-goddess. Saroja grabbed his hand and taught his fingers to part her flesh. Once he discovered the path, the nephew proved to be a good learner. He plunged his hands in and out. He knew that is how a cock is supposed to fuck; he mimicked it with his fingers.
Satisfied that the young man had hit his target, Saroja's hand went back to Sundar's cock. As she returned her hand, she found that the young man had unleashed his own cock. Her soft hand met with his warm expectant cock-flesh.

Ravi at first thought Saroja was saying something to him, but her lips were dancing on his cock head and he gave up trying to understand what she was saying.
He was just glad she had stopped talking and gone back to cock sucking.

As all three men peered toward Saroja their eyes got used to the light levels and while they didn't have to look each other in the face, it was clear to each what was happening.
They were simultaneously pleasuring Saroja manni. She was aunt to Gopi and Sundar and while one was shamelessly plundering her, the other was succumbing to the illicit pleasure she was giving.

And the man charged with taking care of everyone was with his trousers at his knees making sure that his sister-in-law, who he was supposed to take care of, was giving him the fullest pleasure.

For Saroja the madness of the moment added to the pleasure. All three of them were wonderful youngsters and she loved them all. There was no saying when they would all meet again and she felt each of them deserved sexual release.
They had experimented and found a pool of desire; that discovery had to be given its fullest expression.

She moaned loudly onto the cock in her mouth as Gopi searched out the limits and extremities of her cunt. Fingers stroked cuntlips, g-spot, clit and deepest recesses of her womb without understanding anything. "Oh wow!" gasped Gopi in excitement at new undiscovered worlds.

The rough and willing exploration by the novice was provocative. His hands seemed to demand and her body seemed to just give. She felt the squelchiness in her cunt. She was aflame. She raised her head off Ravi who groaned in frustration.

"Vaa, pa. En pinnale va," she called out to Gopi. (Come, dear. Come behind me.) Frantically she hitched up her saree baring her ass to the cool evening breeze. As he lay behind her, she reached behind and pulled his head to her own lips and kissed the boy. His first kiss, so he could not have known what he was tasting. She was salty and that was in part his uncle but he didn't know. He relished everything to do with this woman.

Ravi let his hands into her blouse and pinched at her nipple to make her pay attention back to him. He rolled and rotated that lovely knob on her breast. He wanted to suck them. He wanted her in a comfortable soft bed with silky sheets where he could feed on her incessantly. His hands groped for her head and his fingers entered her lips.

She kissed him and caressed and accepted his touch. But she focused on getting Gopi where she wanted.

"Have you opened your pants?" she asked Gopi. "No," replied the boy hoarsely. "Modalla ada pannu," she hissed. (Do that first.)

She slid down her mouth on Ravi's cock which was leaping wildly staining her cheeks and hair and her face.
Gopi undid his pants and his cock sprang out. He lay against his aunt's buttocks, cock resting harmlessly against her hot flesh. His head was on his uncle's ankle and he felt awkward about that.

"Now what, manni?" he asked for instructions, ever the little boy.

Out of consideration for Ravi, Saroja gripped his throbbing cock in her fist and milked him steadily.
He didn't deserve the abandonment! And yet, young Gopi was to be instructed. Now she had to leave Sundar unattended but there was no choice. Hands clammy with Sundar's juices she twisted around to reach behind her and find Gopi's cock.
She sighed contentedly as she felt the near-twin of Sundar's cock.

"Vaa da, kanna," she said in endearing, mother-like tones. (Come dear.) Reaching under her own body and behind she held the cock and raised her upper leg almost vertically. As she held him to the gate to her heavenly pussy, she encouraged him, "Push!"

Both Sundar and Ravi stared in amazement at the lucky Gopi. Sundar masturbated furiously as he took in the sight of his aunt lewdly taking in his brother's cock.
Ravi too would have masturbated to relieve his inflamed condition but he had Saroja looking out for him.
The wet open mouth sank back as Saroja screamed her pleasure out over his cock.
The pleasure was from the impaling of Gopi's virgin cock into her tight cunt. ehind her and laid into her with the full power of his thrusting hips. She seemed to grab him into her sheath like cunt. He shuddered with every thrust. Next to him lay his brother sprawled at an angle, his aunt's hand gripping his cock in a vise-like grip.

And Gopi watched Saroja's body below him as he grunted his pleasure at each thrust.

The hips were flared and wide, lovely to take a man at his fullness. From there, the hips pinched in as curves dipped. And from there they flared up to form her chest, large as they were to hold her massive tits. And then that gorgeous hair which had right now fallen forward, covering the sluttish sight of her gobbling his cock.

What a beautiful woman and what a sight to behold!

Ravi had his had on her head and back, egging her on. "Suck me, suck me, suck me!" he begged as the sister-in-law dutifully pleasured him. He need not have begged. She was keenly gobbling his monster anyway. But he just needed her to know that this was not the moment to leave him for even a short while. She had to take him now the whole distance.

That left Sundar the pleasure of pawing her breasts. Gopi dug his nails into her ass as he held her in place to fuck her hard and forcefully. He wanted his aunt to come back to him again and again for a manly fuck and he fully intended to outdo the others.
His thrusting shoved Saroja on Ravi's cock.

Ravi had nothing on his mind other than this luscious woman who was fun to flirt with and was now turning out to a fuck of a lifetime.
Her gold chain, hanging with all the symbols her marriage to his brother was banging against his cock and his thighs.

Saroja could not have expected more from Gopi; he was a virgin and this was highly arousing. His fucking had rubbed against all the right spots in her upturned cunt and she was sobbing her pleasure onto Ravi's cock. The jolts and jerks of the cart also gave new angles of fuck. God this was so wild! She just hoped her young lovers stayed discreet. Maybe then she could have them forever! She raised her head a bit and quickly rubbed his cock while running her lips on the head. Ravi felt his orgasm ready to burst and wondered whether he should cum in her mouth. "Manneeeeeeeeeee!" he wailed, signaling his loss of control.

Saroja did not leave him to worry on that. Since one hand was busy with Sundar she could not rest her body on hands and lift her head off. She continued to pump the cock, unrelenting in the pleasure she gave Ravi. Her Ravi! Her jaws ached and her throat was raw because Ravi insisted on fucking her as is this was her cunt.

But it was her Ravi!

She was also trying to make Sundar cum. The gallant young man added her breast to the cocktail of pleasure. Her cunt, her hand and her mouth were full of cock. And her breasts, ass, head and shoulders had hands grabbing at her."Mmm. Mmm. Mmm," mimed Saroja, eager to signal to all three the rhythm and the consistency of her pleasure-giving.

The first to cum was Gopi. "Manneeeeeeeee," he shuddered as huge gobs of cum released into her. She thrust back, careful to time herself to give him more pleasure. Each thrust back caused a gush of semen which seemed like a never ending flood to her. She felt his cum drip out of her cunt onto the hay below.

The thrusting of her body onto Ravi's and Ravi's maniacal fucking of her mouth caused him to jerk into her, emptying his cock into her mouth.
Saroja let it fill her mouth, holding him as best as she could for his pleasure. Her hands stroked the thighs, his balls and any other part of his body within her reach.
But she was not about to swallow his cum. She allowed her mouth to fill and the semen to flow back out onto his cock and flow down his balls to the hay-covered floor of the cart.

She moaned out a long "Mmmm" to let Ravi know that she was enjoying his cumming and thick flow, even if she could not swallow it.

"Two down, one to go!" she thought to herself and then felt shocked to hear her own slut-like thoughts.

The shots that she felt splatter against her bare midriff, the side of her blouse covered breast and arm were Sundar's tribute to her.

Saroja held on to all three lovers. Ravi held her head down, seeking more and more pleasure with his continual thrusting. She realized he wanted more from her and wished she could have given him her cunt. He was thick and was sure to have stretched her to new, enjoyable dimensions. But Gopi, with his nails digging and his longer-than-average cock was touching her in amazing spots of his own! She rocked her hips back and forth maximizing his pleasure even as she set a rhythmic beat between cock in mouth and cock in cunt.

The cart was filled with gasps and groans as each closed his eyes and imagined himself to be alone with the sexy luscious Saroja.
It was as if his cum was the only one she was enjoying. With eyes closed, and Saroja's caring attention to each, each could imagine they were alone with her.

But Saroja was with all three. Impaled, skewered, plundered and stained, rocked and thrust from one cock to another, she would have nothing less than all of them this way.
. Every reflex of hers resonated on one of the cocks. She loved all three of them. All dear to her and all her dear husband's clan.
She sighed and mumbled incoherent words of endearment for the three.

It was Sundar she let go of first, because of the awkward angle of her hand. She justified it to herself by saying he had had her just before in a cumming yesterday as well. The boy though, continued to hold her breast, weighing it in his hand, feeling and touching her. It thrilled her as her body wanted to be caressed in the throes of pleasure.

She did not want to swallow her brother-in-law's sperm. She opened her mouth and whatever had flowed out, she rubbed her mouth and tongue on his thighs. His cock remained in her fist, jerking and releasing as he came down from heaven.

She wiggled and pleasured Gopi's cock till it receded and slipped out. The drained boy slid to the cart floor behind her. She too collapsed. Gopi held her from behind, throwing his leg over her hips and they were soon lost to sleep. Sundar snuggled up to his mami, burying his face in her breasts once more like many times before on this trip.

And Ravi held Saroja's head as he leaned back and slept in the cart.

They slept in a heap of sexually relieved bodies. There was no more lust in any of them, so completely drained were they. They held each other in affection and bonding as they realized they loved each other deeply.

And yet, hen the cart man shouted to them on arrival at the village, the three men got out of the cart in different directions.
For in the outside world, she was aunt, sister-in-law, wife and what-not. To that world they arrived separately. Leaving Saroja behind they avoided each other as they went to look for arrangements for refreshment.

Saroja took her time. She cleaned the sticky residue of their cum. Her bra was no longer properly cupping her tits as both Sundar and Gopi had toyed with her even in their sleep.
She adjusted that. Her saree no longer covered her with any modicum of modesty. She tried to fix it as best to avoid looking like the slutty woman she had been in the cart.
Using a corner of her pallo she wiped her lips of any trace of Ravi's dried cum.

She looked disheveled, ragged and unkempt as she emerged from the cart. That was only to be expected in a cart ride. By the light of the lanterns in the village, not much could be seen. But to the eyes of her brother-in-law and nephews, she seemed like a radiant, luscious woman, who was well sated and happy.

Without saying much to one another, they filed into the idli shop for a round of much needed nourishment of a different kind.

Saroja had never felt this uncomfortable ever before with Sundar around the house. The young man had come visiting his aunt and uncle, ostensibly on a college vacation. To his parents it did not seem like an unusual request. The twenty-year boy had been visiting his aunt's since his childhood and spent many of his vacations there.

Those were usually during long summer vacations.

But this time, Sundar had gone there, even though he had very few days off. And yet, no one thought anything of it.

But Saroja knew better. Several months ago, Sundar, his brother Gopi- both her nephews -- had two unexpected sexual encounters with their aunt whom they loving called "Manni" (for sister-in-law; though strictly speaking she was their aunt).

In those episodes, Gopi had stolen a march on Sundar. While Sundar had to be content with the vigorous jacking-off his manni gave him, Gopi had actually got to fuck her.
Even today, when Sundar lay on his bedding roll trying to sleep, the image of Gopi kneeling behind his beloved Saroja Manni haunted him.

He had fucked her like an animal and she had enjoyed it like one.

He knew. Her moans and groans and the way she had fisted him conveyed her extreme pleasure. And yet, he felt he could have loved his manni more than anyone else. Before, when he masturbated thinking of her, it was sheer fantasy, pleasure and illicit beyond dreams.
Now when he masturbated, it was always an agonizing scream in his throat as he came, that it was not he who filled her that evening in the bullock cart.

It became an obsession. If she did it twice, if she did it to his brother and to her own brother-in-law, then she could go some more distance.
He fantasized about how he might do it. And where. And when. The kitchen? At night? When uncle was away at work? And how to leave his brother behind, for traditionally, they had always traveled to his aunt's together? Sundar's seething jealousy slowly resulted in a cooling of his relationship with his brother.

In fact, Sundar had nothing on his mind nowadays other than Saroja's breasts, her soft thighs and the heaven he could experience lying with her, inside her.

It was that obsession which Saroja spotted instantly as the young man arrived at her doorstep having come in by the morning train.
She was in her nightgown and his eyes seemed to be piercing through to see if she was wearing any under garments.
The normally relaxed and casual Saroja felt compelled to throw a dupatta (a thin chiffon veil) around her shoulders.

She knew that the arms of her nightgown were so lowcut that her breasts could be seen below the armpit.
And all the bending and leaning during the course of housework. …

"No," she decided. Her face flushed at the thought of all the randy things she had done during that marriage trip. "Weddings are like that," she rationalized it to herself. The atmosphere was always flirtatious bordering on libertine. Yet, three uninitiated men, first in turns then simultaneously, shamelessly baring herself in different ways -- she had gone too far. And now look at Sundar. Crazed. Obsessed. "No. What I did, is in the past. I could justify that -- but anything further from here cannot be. It would be wrong," Saroja was decided and determined.

They sat at the breakfast table. Arvind, Saroja's husband knew nothing of his wife's new found dimension to the fondness for his family.
They were having breakfast and Arvind was ready to leave for work. Saroja was now dressed in the traditional saree and blouse, having bathed before entering the kitchen to cook.

"Your father called to say you aren't doing too well at your college. Look, you have very high scores from the previous semesters, don't let this one semester drag you down," said Arvind to Sundar.

"Mm," grunted Sundar.

"What kind of reply is that? Did you bring any books along?" asked Arvind. Though he was the young man's uncle, the age difference was a lot lesser than one would imagine. Sundar's father frequently had Arvind help him with handling the boys.

Sundar shook his head in the negative. No, he had not brought any books. (He actually had, but didn't want to tell his uncle that he had, to avoid studying. )

"Look, this won't do," Arvind scolded the young man who nodded his head dumbly. Suddenly Arvind felt sorry for the kid. "What is the big thing I have achieved with all the pressure I went though in my studies?" he wondered. "At least let these kids enjoy. Enough of preaching."

"Ok, now that he is here and without books, let him have a relaxed time," he told Saroja. "Promise me you will go back and study like before?" asked Arvind.

Sundar nodded. The only thing he wanted was for his uncle to go. He wanted to be alone with the woman of his dreams- Saroja manni. Could he get her to show him her breasts again? The first time it was all-too hurried and the second time there was not nearly enough light.
Moreover, she was on her knees, her breasts were swaying below.
He had touched them and felt them. But he had not had enough of them. They had felt nice and full; he wanted to try squeeze them, milk them and suck them.

Arvind shook his head as he came down the stairs and found the young man still at the table staring vacantly.
He could not have known than in his mind's eye Sundar was seeking out Arvind's wife's breasts.

"Pamper the boy!" called out Arvind to Saroja as he left for his day's work. Saroja had avoided sitting at the table after Arvind had gone up.

She came to the door of the kitchen and leaned on the door and watched the sullen youth at the table.
Behind her the maid was washing vessels making clanging noises.

"What is wrong?" Saroja asked, taking care to spread the upper part of her saree cloth wide enough to cover her chest and midriff completely. A saree is worn with a petticoat and blouse. What might seem like a very modest dress is actually extremely sexy, and especially so if the woman who is wearing it wants it to be so. The midriff between the petticoat and the blouse, sometimes exposing the navel and the soft curve of the belly is alluring. And the blouse can leave nothing to imagination, if it was tightly cut, or with a low neckline, struggling to contain full, heavy breasts and you could also have the tailor make them practically backless.

Saroja was conscious that blouse she was wearing was a bit tight. Indian women tend to wear their older clothes around the house, even if they are ill-fitting. But Saroja, extremely self-conscious about her sexual aggression from the marriage season was regretting her choice of blouse at this precise moment.

Sundar didn't reply. He just shook his head. What he wanted to say, he couldn't. He wanted her to just take him in her arms and soothe him, break out his tension, and let him bury his head in her breasts while she took him in between her warm inviting legs.
How was he to say all that?

"Have you really allowed your marks to slip?" she asked. He nodded, yes.

"Then how are you going to get into your MS program?" she asked. No reply.

Saroja almost knew for sure what the matter was but she didn't want to acknowledge it. In her mind she had blocked it out. She was in denial.

Looking at him, sitting there in a slouch, head hunched, she realized the young man was a psychological shadow of his former self.
She had seen him grow from a little boy to a tall broad young man. And yes, she had felt his cock, longer and bulkier than that of her own husband, his brother Ravi and of his elder brother Gopi.

Ravi was thicker -- for her the pick of her lot. She was comfortable with that. Ravi, Arvind's brother seemed more legit, given that he was older, in his late 20s. She felt a flush. Oh god! How she had gorged on these three in those two days!

But here was the outcome. She felt bad for having converted this bright young man into a gloomy brooding guy.

"Come on, what is it?" she demanded, moving closer to where Sundar sat. Sundar kept his head down. The maid watched from the kitchen beyond, continuing with her chores. She was on old hand and had seen this family grow from one thing to another.

"If you are going to say nothing and do nothing why did you come?" she asked. Still no reply. She moved really close. From where he was sitting, her much-desired breasts were at his head level. All he needed to do was turn towards her and embrace her. But he didn't. All he dared do was look at her form from the corner of his eye…

She reached out and ruffled his hair. "Come on, Sundar. It's not so bad!" she said to him softly. He turned towards here. He could practically smell her. The damp smell of mild sweat, typical of the heat of this port city. He looked at the cloth covering the entire torso of Saroja's body. He leaned back and looked beyond at the maid in the kitchen. But for that maid there, he would surely have put his arms around Saroja manni and buried his face in those cushiony breasts.

She knew that was exactly what was on his mind. And she knew it was the maid restraining him. If this young man was going to do anything good with his life, it would be because she solved this problem for him.
And if he was going to amount nothing, that too was going to be because of her. And having nurtured him, looked after him and mothered him from time to time over all those years, she could not let that happen.

She put a hand on his shoulder and said, "Come with me," and she was surprised at how dry her throat had suddenly become.

Saroja led the way up the stairs, to her bedroom, towards her marital bed. That was the only place the maid wouldn't enter if the door was shut. Sundar didn't follow. He just sat there at the table. "Hey! Come on! Vaa da!" she called from there. She was going to hold him close and talk to him, make him open out. Then she would explain to him that whatever happened during that wedding was over and in the past. She was there for him, but the way an aunt should be there for the nephew. Not the man-woman thing. She could swing it with him, she was confident.

The maid turned to look and saw her mistress leading the young man up the stairs. Sundar walked behind Saroja, his eyes on her ass, as it rolled and swung sexily as she climbed up the stairs.

He wanted to lean forward and bite her. God, he wanted to eat her, consume her, and devour her!

She pulled him into the room. She stood near him, not too near according to her; but tantalizingly close if you asked him.

"What is the matter with you?" she asked.

The young man stood there dumbly.

"Go on, tell me! Otherwise how am I to help you?" she pleaded, "Your performance is falling at a crucial time in the college, isn't it?"

She thought she saw him nod ever so slightly, but she couldn't be sure. This conversation was going nowhere.

He was in a daze. When she led him up the stairs his heart started thumping hard and he was not sure what would happen next.
He knew that was her bedroom and that could mean intimate things. But that room was also Arvind Uncle's; it could be that nothing illicit would happen there. The act of taking him to her bedroom suggested an invitation from his vivacious and risqué aunt; the sacred marital bed suggested a limit to what might happen.

Whereas in any other room, he could even be bolder. …

Such were his thoughts, even as his dear and beloved manni hoped a conversation -- intimate if need be, but a conversation nevertheless- would have the young man focus back on his work.

Finally she felt she needed to make a move. She pulled him close, leaning back against the wall. "Enna (What)? Tell me now atleast" she urged him. She had her arms around his neck, and caressing his head. She noticed how she was looking up to him, he was taller than her.

He felt her softness envelope him. Those soft cushiony breasts were pressed against his chest. Saroja shifted slightly and her thigh grazed his crotch. It indicated a strong hard erection. "Oh no!" thought Saroja.

An instant later Sundar buried his head in Saroja's neck. His face felt hot and suffused. "Enna da! What!" she said. She was not asking; she was comforting. Sundar shook his head, nuzzling her neck.

She lifted his head, and holding him by his chin, she asked, "You want me?"


"You are shy with me? With your manni?" she asked gently. "But there is nothing shy about this, is there?" she said, as her hand wandered down to his hard on.

"What is it that will make you focus on your work again? You want this?" she asked, her hand pulled aside her saree cloth; Sundar could see the slightly faded blouse, working hard at keeping those straining breasts in place.

"You want me to make you cum like I did last time?" she whispered. May be that would help. This much she had engaged in before as well. It was not new, nor further. She waited for him to respond. If she was going to masturbate him, pleasure him, it would be a quid pro quo. He had to open out to her and promise performance at college. No freebies here.

For Sundar, it was now or never. If he kept quiet, manni would fist him like she had the other evening. And that would be the end of it. He decided not to let go of the opportunity. If was to have her fully, if he was to feast on those breasts, if was to sink into her arms and merge his body with hers, he would have to tell her and now!

"But you did so much more for Gopi!" he blurted out.

Saroja stiffened. The young man wanted sex. He was obsessed with her body and he wanted to fuck her. Maybe the two brothers had discussed the events of that evening. Maybe Gopi had boasted. Maybe. …

"I will do all I can for both of you boys. But you must forget that evening. That was an unusual situation," she reasoned with Sundar, as he pawed at the side of her breast.

"But I love you!" sobbed Sundar as he rubbed his cheek against hers, feeling her soft wonderful face with his own face, with wispy strands of a new beard.

"Love?" asked Saroja. "Its not love. You want this. My body. You lust me. That is what has jammed up your brain," said Saroja. She took his hand which was pawing her breast and squeezed his hand so that her own breast was squished. She grabbed his other hand and let him feel her midriff. Her skin felt hot and flushed. She felt delicious and he felt a banquet was at hand.

"No, I love you!" he groaned, as his cock felt trapped. He needed to be let out and he couldn't wait for this negotiation to be concluded.

"Love?" she mocked him. "If you loved your Saroja manni you would focus on your studies only because I said so!" she said, pushing him away now. As she did so, she allowed her hand to drop to see if her debate on love and lust had taken any heat off him. It had not. In fact, his seemed to be a solid heavy cock. She remembered Gopi as being thicker. But that might have only been comparative. Compared to her own husband, Sundar's dimension seemed to be just as impossible and a serious upgrade. "Same family, different dimensions," she found herself thinking incongruously.

"Nor would you be in this state of arousal," she said.

"That is only because I love you! I don't feel this way with all those girls in my class," he protested.

"Love means not being able to like that with anyone else. But you will get married. In fact, in all probability I will only be selecting the girl for you! Will you not forget this Saroja manni then?" challenged Saroja. It was meant to be a rhetorical question, but the young man took it literally.

"I won't!" he protested again.

"You won't what? Get married? You will have to," said Saroja, thinking of the prospect of reviewing the girls one of whom should be selected. In social circles, there are typical references to whether a boy and girl are suited to one another. Sometimes, an elder would say, "He is well built; the girl will not be able to take it." She pondered that remark. What it meant was that he would lie atop and fuck her silly, and the girl needed to be physically matched with the boy for that. "Such hypocrites! They talk about sex without acknowledging sex! Well, if I go through with this I would be well qualified with first hand information on what it would take from the girl!" she thought.

"And I am married as well. In fact, that is how I know you, right?" said Saroja manni to her "little" -- now large and hunky -- Sundar. "You accept that don't you? That's how it is."

"I don't accept it!" retorted Sundar, thinking of all those unbearable nights he imagined Arvind uncle touching his Saroja manni in an intimate way.

"Nonsense! That too is just jealousy. Sexual jealousy. Another form of lust! Come on, now I challenge you. If your manni says that that one evening was a chance occurrence and you should let it pass, if you really love me, you should accept that. Will you?" she asked him.

Sundar didn't know what to say. Saroja sensed victory. She let the pallu which she had so carefully used to cover her breasts and midriff completely, slide down. "If it is truly love, you should be able to resist this," she said, displaying her tight blouse, with the damp spots and underarms soaked with sweat.

From less than an arm's length away the treasures of her sexuality seemed so near, yet so far.

"Where," she asked, "show me?" and stepped forward, moving towards him till it was he who had his back to the wall. As she walked toward him, she let the upper part of her saree trail her. It unraveled a little bit and her own breathing seemed to accentuate the plumpness of her breasts. Yes they were plump and heavy breasts, not full and proud ones.

The young lad seemed cornered. Saroja reached out and touched the bulge in his trousers. "This!" she exulted, triumphantly thumbing the head of his cock, "is the ultimate sign of lust!"

Sundar opened his mouth to say something but nothing would come out. He stared at the slopes of those luscious mounds, slick with sweat and smelling of her womanliness.
He wanted to tongue her while squeezing the bulk of the flesh.

She might just have read his mind. "A young man will want this," she clutched at her own breasts and pushed them upward toward him, as if they were on offer. "He will take it from anyone. From his Saroja manni, from Suguna the maid, from any woman!" she hissed.

The middle hooks of the blouse strained with the pressure created by Saroja and the clasp gave way. The blouse opened out in the centre, flesh pushing against the breach, trying to escape the tortuous confines.

The maid, Suguna, who had been wondering about what was going on upstairs, had decided to go snooping.
Looking around for an excuse, she found the washed clothes which needed drying and headed up the stairs to pretend she was on the way to the terrace to put them out.
She had heard the whispering and argument in low tones and it aroused her curiosity even more.
And then suddenly, she thought she heard her own name being taken. She stopped at the landing. The door was open and she couldn't see anyone or anything, so she too was unlikely to be spotted. This was a good place to linger and try and overhear.

"No! Never!" replied an agitated Sundar, his eyes firmly on the flesh peeping out from the gap in the blouse. He licked his lips and inhaled the aromas of his sweaty aunt.

"Liar! Your body will react!" said Saroja. Her voice was now loud and urgent. "Watch! And prove to me it isn't lust!" challenged Saroja.

Her hand moved to her blouse and she opened out the top hook. The breasts gratefully surged. The slopes were on offer now. She reached to his head and pulled him down. She held his face on the pillowing slopes and rubbed his face on the flesh. It was hot, sweaty and abrasive. The effect on her own body surprised her more than anything.
The boy was stiff and resisting, trying to disprove Saroja manni.

Her other hand had slid down his body and was desperately searching for the trouser waistband. In her feverish haste she couldn't locate the gap between his t-shirt and his trouser quickly enough.
She wanted the barometer of his arousal in her fist and his face in her breasts. She took a bet he wouldn't last and the release would be the end of his sexual tension.
ainst the flesh and despite himself; his lips were dragged and made wet strokes on her already damp breasts.
He tasted Saroja's salty skin and sweat. She was stroking his head and rubbing herself against him. And suddenly, she had the band of his underwear pulled as her hand stole in.

"Manni!" he screamed frantically. The band was tight and his cock was at an awkward angle. He was apprehensive the elastic would snap back on his cock. His hands thrust his trouser and underwear down in one swift move and the young man was now bare till his thighs as the garments snagged around his thighs, just above his knees.

The trunk of his cock was in her hand like the handle of a tennis racquet. It was hot and sticky with his oozing. She yanked at it. There was not enough lubrication and the situation was uncomfortable. She needed to open out her breasts completely so he would be more aroused than ever, but she was unwilling to let go what was clearly a very good specimen of manhood.

He would ever-so-filling in her womb she thought, even as she worked his cock a few times.

Sundar gagged and gasped. "There!" she said triumphantly, "resist that!"

"I cannot resist you," he shuddered.

That was it. The young man had to be shown that it was lust that he was in the grip of.

She left his cock, lurching and bobbing. Sundar's hands went to Saroja's shoulders, desperately seeking attention on his throbbing cock. It needed her touch and it needed it now.

What was he being asked to resist wondered the maid. She craned her neck and looked in various angles to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

Saroja opened her blouse fully. "Look at this," she ordered him. "Can you resist this?"

Now on display was her bra, a minimal lacy affair. Her brown nipples were clearly visible.

"If you are talking of love and want my company, that is always yours. We can go out. See a movie. Shop. Eat out. Whatever. But this -- if you want this, it is my body you want. At your age, any young man will want this. I am not blaming you," she held his chin and lifted his face so she could look into his eyes.

"And once you have this, sex will be off your mind and you can think of your studies," she explained to him. "Look down there," she directed. His cock had swollen to new proportions at the sight of the lovely breasts held in the net-like lace of the bra.

"Todu. (Touch me)," she said simply. The young man reached out and his fingertips grazed the nipples in their delicate webbing. They were erect. She was aroused! He went further, pinching one between thumb and forefinger. He leaned forward and nuzzled the nipple with his nose. Everything was hot, damp and sweaty. She smelt heavenly, womanly and complete.

Her hand went back to his cock, hanging under its own engorged weight.

"Idu daane?" she asked. "This is it, isn't it? This is what obsesses you?" she held him, arm around his shoulder and fist pumping his cock gently.

He delicately reached for the front clasps of her bra. He wanted to suck in those breasts and eat them like mangoes. But a bra clasp is not so simple.

"Aah!" cried out Saroja in a sharp nip of pain as the restless youngster pushed the bra strap up to try get at his goal. The elastic cut into the flesh of her breasts.

"Iru! Wait! Avasara kuddukai!" she chided him gently. (You hasty one!) As her hands left his cock he pressed his hips forward to grind against her thigh. He stained her saree as he kissed her shoulder, her neck and her face, getting in her way.

She opened the bra and pushed him back. She had not uncovered the mounds. In fact, she had pulled the blouse back a bit, so that while her chest was open to him, the breasts themselves were partially covered.
She wanted him to help himself.

The sounds confirmed the maid Suguna's suspicions. This was an illicit encounter between the young master and the lady of the house. She was not going to be denied the voyeuristic opportunity. She had her eye on the young man and it seemed that chance had been missed. But she wanted to see more.
After trying various angles, she found that the gap in hinges were wide enough for her to capture a view through one eye.

And there was Saroja amma, her pallu to one side and the youngster was gazing at her chest. The blouse had to be open from the front!

It was. Sundar reached out and pushed the loose cup of the bra over the ridge of the nipple. With that withholding protuberance out of the way, the bra fell away and the beautiful, luscious breast was in his full view.
He leaned forward; from her position, the maid saw his head disappear and her mistress's head throw back in passion.

Obviously the young man had sucked in her nipple and she was feeling the pleasure.

Indeed she was. Saroja hissed his name, "Dei Sundaraaaaaaa!" and pressed his head into her bosom. "What is lust for you is lust for me too da, kanna!" she moaned. Her hand roamed his back and she cupped his ass, pulling him to her, helping him grind his frustrated cock into the side of her own body.

Suddenly, everything seemed an obstacle to Saroja. She tugged at the rest of her saree and it came unraveled. Sundar's head now bobbed between the breasts. As her saree slipped to the floor, he let his hand roam her waist searching for a way in, but there was none.
The chord of the petticoat was too tight.
Instead he found the slit in the front. Through that he slid his hand in and caressed whatever flesh was available to touch. The curve of Saroja manni's belly was what he felt and he squeezed.

Inexperienced fingers searched for more. He didn't know what he was looking for and what it felt like. Or where he should search. He felt some strands of Saroja's untrimmed hair. He wondered if she had any underwear on, but nothing seemed to touch his hand. What he could not have known was that like most women from that part of the country, they wore nothing beneath the petticoat on most days.

She looked down at the head, lips flitting from one nipple to the other. His lips were wet and slobbering. All he seemed to know by instinct was that he wanted to suck and play with them. He did not seem to know how to give her pleasure. It was one of the mysteries of sexual trysts. The man seemed to get immense pleasure playing with the woman's body.
But a woman's nipples were so sensitive; yet, unless the man learned how to give that pleasure, it meant little to her.
She watched as the young man played out his curiosity of her anatomy. She took little note of the fingers twirling her strands of pubic hair. She had no intention of letting him go further on that side.

But breasts -- that was different. Mothering him and comforting him and making him come out of his shell was something she was completely prepared to do.
The lust in him was inevitable at his age. If a young man of his age came anywhere near a woman he was bound to feel hugely aroused and even take his chances.

She of course, had complicated the psychology of that situation with her own indiscretions of that distant evening.
But everything could be righted. She had once read in a novel of the woman CEO seducing a key team member one night. The guy was thereafter never able to bring himself to resign. He kept hoping for one more encounter and more, but she never let it happen.
Like that. ..

Sundar's sudden discovery that his teeth could do more with her nipples awoke her from her reverie. "Ah!" she jumped as a bolt of pleasure rippled through her and she hugged his head as his teeth gently allowed the nipple to slip through. He was thrilled at his manni's pleasure and sought to repeat the action. He sucked in her nipple and kept sucking till the body of her breast was nearly a third in his mouth. It was so large he couldn't take in more. Then he pulled back sucking all the time, allowing his teeth to run the rough texture of her now-engorged nipple.

Saroja threw her head back and grabbed at the lunging penis below. It was wet and slick with his juices and Saroja used that to slowly slide her hand along. Her body was in fever and she mentally noted the dimensions of her nephew's cock and how she would have to stretch to accommodate it.
Not that she had any intention of, but her own pussy was now steaming and flowing from the treatment her breasts were getting.

The youngster was learning fast and her own body was responding in a way that taught him well. As he reamed her nipples and sucked on her breasts, Sundar's hands were not idle. He found the chord holding the petticoat up and pulled at it till it unwound. Now the garment was open. It didn't slide down fully because of the flare of Saroja's hips.
But it slid down enough to bare her left hip fully which cause the watching maid's own pussy to start juicing up.

Saroja grabbed the hand which was working to push the petticoat off the hip. "The door, the door," she babbled as Sundar went into overdrive on the breasts, alternating now between the two. The pleasure was intense and Saroja felt her pussy being tugged by the lines of pleasure shooting downward. A tremulous orgasm in her inside was imminent and the epicenter was going to see somewhere between breast and cunt.

As Sundar moved away from her to close the door, he felt held back by the grip on his cock. He paused and she fisted him quickly two or three times. Her face was flushed and lips parted. She could not smile or talk or say anything; her lust was too intense. She left the cock, her hand under it along its length, as if ready to hold any drops.

As the boy went to the door, she went to the bed. She lay down sideways to the left. She was now crossways on the bed she shared with her husband, her marital bed. In her mind once she had violated (been violated?) by another man, it didn't matter. It was a bit like the concept of God; He is everywhere, if you believe in the real concept.
So also fidelity. Either you were, or were not. Thereafter, it didn't really matter if the location of a sexual tryst was one place or another.

She did feel that the three dear ones with whom she had had sexual trysts were too close to her. They were dear to her; they were family members. Instead of taking their needs elsewhere, she had helped satiate their curiosity and that initial hunger in a safe and controlled manner.
Much better than whoring which would have been the alternative.

It was in that same role, as the emotional bond, the glue of the family that she found herself comforting Sundar right, albeit sexually.
The boy had to be made to concentrate on his studies. The sexuality in the atmosphere was merely incidental and natural given his age. The hormones were bound to play havoc with him it was up to her to use her experience and maturity to help him overcome.

In this, sex was a facilitator not the polluter. The pollution, so to speak was already on the young man's mind.

As she lay waiting, the thoughts in Sundar's mind were quite different. As he went to shut the door, he sensed movement outside the door. He glimpsed the maid Suguna ducking away. He was alarmed and was inclined to initially alert Saroja manni. But then he felt she that would merely kill the opportunity that was before him.

If Suguna was going to do anything immediate, she would have entered the room and confronted them. And if she was going to carry the information then Saroja would have to deal with that. But not right now. Right now, his beloved Saroja manni was on the bed, her petticoat askew, her blouse and bra open, the breasts waiting for him to resume his ministrations.

And she was on the bed, where he could luxuriate in her arms and give her and take from all the attention needed.

"Where are you?" called out Saroja. Not that she was in a hurry but surely the maid would come looking for her once her housework was over. And Sundar's erection still needed subduing and she had to talk to him about his studies. In the meantime, she cleverly wanted to remove any misconception he may have that this was love. The "lust line" would help keep the kid in check while allowing her to shower her affections on him however she wished.

"No, just shutting the door," he replied, watching the stairs which the maid had gone up. She too had a sexy ass which swayed invitingly, he noted. Then he noticed that he felt he could fuck that woman too. Perhaps Saroja manni was right about lust. But she was special. May be he felt sexual attraction about Suguna only because he was already well aroused.

He turned to the bed and drank in the sight of Saroja manni lying there. The petticoat was askew all right, but Saroja had managed to keep it below her knee level. The chord had been retied by Saroja lightly; since it was not too tight he guessed he could slide his hands in and explore her fully.
May be even get his fingers into her cunt and feel her nicely.
The breasts lay open as before. The left breast was resting on the bed, the flesh spread with the nipple brown, puckered, hard and erect, demanding attention.
Sweat coated the mound. The right breast hung under its weight, sagging. But not too much considering its volume. For that size some sag was inevitable.
But when you considered the weight, it was a wonder that the nipple was near horizontal pointing at him Sundar marveled at the ability of that magnificent breast to hold its own against gravity.

She lay there, her left hand under her head and her right hand resting on her hip. She looked delicious. He wanted to drink in that sight more. He lay on his right, facing her, at half an arms length and watched her. She was beautiful. Perspiration accentuated her sexually charged look. The face was flushed red and the glistening skin seemed mositened with desire.
His cock jerked and twitched as he lay there. He was watching, in part because he did not know what to proceed with and how far to proceed either.

She reached out and touched his cheek. "Kanna, (Dear one) this is the mystery of a woman that you can solve for yourself today. See all you want. Hold me. Touch me. I will give you pleasure. Overcome this uncontrollable feeling of lust by experiencing it. After that, nothing can distract you from your goals."

He nodded. His heart beat faster. The pleasure she was promising was the pleasure he had fantasized about for years now and come within a whisker of experiencing the other evening before he lost out to his younger sibling Gopi.
Saroja could very well have fucked him instead, but the draw just went the other way.
But today was his day.

He noticed teeth marks on those luscious breasts. He reached out and his fingers ran over the marks. Saroja noticed the marks now; she would have to stay away from Arvind, or atleast keep the room dark if he reached for her.
There was no way she could explain the love bite on her flesh.

"This is what I meant when I said wild lust," she explained. She stroked his cheek, reached further and pulled his head to her. Sundar reclaimed the breasts that he felt belonged only to him. He held the right one, weighing it in his hand, measuring, cupping and feeling the soft mound of flesh. He squeezed, massaged and played with it. Saroja laughed to see him toy with her. He felt shy to hear the mature woman in her sultry tone laugh at him. It seemed she was amused and was making fun of him.

His cock grew slightly flaccid in that instant and he buried his head in the crook of her arm. She lifted his chin and looked into his eyes. Holding her breast I none hand, she fed it to him. "Open your mouth," she instructed him. Holding the breast as a woman does on feeding a child; she brought it to his partially open mouth and placed the nipple between his lips. She rocked gently pushing the flesh against his face. Sundar's lips closed around the erect knob of flesh and a rhythm identical to fucking commenced between nipple and lips.

Saroja shivered and Sundar clearly heard his manni's moan of passion, even though it was subdued in her throat.
His hand felt her tummy, stroking gently as it made its way lower. Saroja caught the wayward hand and clutching it in her own, guided it to his cock. She made him touch himself and then abandoned the hand and took charge of his prized cock.

She once again gently felt its dimensions. Nice and thick, but not as thick as Gopi. What it lacked in thickness was made up in length. She would have loved to have this inside her and as Sundar mauled her tits she felt herself on the verge of loss of control but she felt there were dangers in indulging Sundar.

He could get more obsessive and further imagine that love was the main driver. It was love, but of a different kind. The lust was a complication to handle.

She had said that enough times to her own self to convince herself of it. Yet, when she talked to him on those lines, she could hear her own voice and did wonder. Was not the preaching hypocrisy considering the way she was toying with the young man and the pleasure which now soared between her legs.

She pushed all such thoughts out of her head as she gripped the cock, her hand smeared and coated with his juices.
With this lubrication she was going to masturbate him to a full release. Then some comforting. Some talk and the young man should be ready to sit down for his studies.

She held on to him with one arm around his head. She sought her own pleasure from his lips on her breasts. That would do for her. The rest -- she would masturbate herself. Her other hand gripped the cock and she commenced fisting him, methodically, fucking the cock into her fist.

Sundar moaned onto the breast as the brutal beating of his cock caused him immense pleasure. His hips bucked and thrust into her soft firm hand, treating the tunnel in her fist as a cunt to pound.

He moaned onto the flesh filling his mouth as he continued to ravage her breast. His teeth sank in and hovered on the edge of a completely hurtful bite. He held back only be cause he knew that letting his teeth release would hurt her. But the controlled aggression of his lips and teeth on her breasts only heightened her passions.
She could sense he was being brutal but that he was holding within the acceptable limits of passion.

"Tell me," she asked breathlessly, as se continued to pump his unyielding cock, "Is it possible to be gentle while feeling so much pleasure?"

The young man shook his head to indicate no.

"Isn't this maddening?" she asked as her thumb thwacked the head. The boy jumped at the new maneuver. She was driving him wild.

"Manni" he groaned.

"Sollu pa (tell me). How could you inflict those sharp tooth marks on me but for lust?", she asked, running the thumb over the slick cock head again.

"Love is gentle. Can this be gentle?" she asked. "This animalness is lust," she explained.

The cock was now leaking copiously as she continually alternated between strong fisted pumps and featherlike swipes of her thumb on the cockhead.
Fist fuck. Thumb-swipe. Fist-fuck. Then thumb-swipe. Sundar was sobbing onto the breast in this mouth, saliva smearing the flesh and his hand clutching at his manni's ass pulling her close as he could and rocking.

"Stop, stop, stop," he sobbed, fucking her fist even harder as he couldn't resist the pleasure.

She held his cock in the racquet grip and gave him a few high-speed slides.

"Noooooooooooo" he screamed as he pushed himself away desperate to hold off his imminent orgasm.

"En da! What happened dear?" she asked caressing his face.

"I don't want this. I want what you gave Gopi," sobbed the desperate young man.

"What did I give him?" asked Saroja, leaning forward to grab his cock again. Her hand was a mess now and she didn't want the lubrication to go waste.

Suguna leaned closer to the door to try and listen to this new gossip properly. What had happened with Gopi? She pressed her ear to the door, uncomfortable with the warm glow between her legs and unable to think of relieving herself. Her husband, she felt was in for a real fuck fest with her tonight. She was going to ride him silly tonight she thought. Sundar put his arm around him manni and hugged her tight, hiding his face in her shoulder. "You let him fuck you,"

Saroja who had reclaimed Sundar's cock and was just about to resume the masturbation of the boy, froze.
She felt the contours in her fist and wondered if he would go too deep and hurt her. The girth was fine, she had taken more from Gopi. The same Gopi in that same fuck session which Sundar was now referring to.

"That was different, da," she implored.

"In what way? He is younger than me too. How could you do him and not me?" sobbed Sundar, hot tears running down his cheeks as he demanded fair treatment from his aunt.

"Appadi ellam sholla kudathu," She soothed him. (You shouldn't say such things) "It just happened that day, that's all. Haven't I always treated you like my favorite son?" she asked, her hand still steady on Sundar's cock. She found herself pressing the head a little to head off his orgasm and wondered why she did that. Didn't she want him to finish?

She continued to rock the boy, comforting him.

"Yes, but when it came to this, he got all of you. When it came to really important things he got more," complained Sundar.

"You really think the sex and the lust are more important than the love?" she asked.

"You love him no less. You have yourself said so in the past. And then this. So all in all, he has more, doesn't he?" countered Sundar. His hand roamed her back, inside the blouse. Her expanse of the back, soft and broad, felt lovely. He wished she would undress fully and let him feel all her body with all of his. Fingers ran over her ass and caressed her intimately, conveying his sense of ownership of her.

He started to kiss her. First it was her neck where his face was buried. Then he kissed her ear and earlobe. Then her neck. Soon he shimmied down to the level of her breasts and covered them with thousands of butterfly-kisses.
She held his head in her hands lovingly, guiding him and allowing him to feast on her body.

"Shh, don't cry," she comforted him as she would a baby. His hot tears receded as he enjoyed tasting every part of her body. Soon the breasts were resting on the top of his head as he kissed her belly. Pushing the petticoat as low as it would go -- around the widest part of her hips -- he kissed her navel and rubbed her soft tummy with its gentle sag and curve on his cheek.

Then he cleverly pushed the same petticoat up and baring her thighs and her pussy laid his cheek against the thigh.
Saroja lifted the upper leg, giving her young nephew the space to insinuate his head between her legs.
It was involuntary, she could swear. For his part, he nuzzled her hairy patch between the legs.
Somewhere deep in that forest of hair lay the target of his endeavors. He knew if she would allow him to lay his cock against the triangle, one way or the other he would find his way in.
right now he nuzzled her hard.

Saroja gasped as the young man occasionally touched an erotic zone within her thatch. Her hand gripped her own breasts as she struggled to compensate for his lips and mouth; they had made her breasts and nipples sensitive and pleasurable but were missing when the need had soared.

The need had also soared in the well of her stomach. She could not hope for a very good job of cunnilingus from the novice but she was willing to get all the pleasure she could after all, if she was going to masturbate him to orgasm, so could she let him.
It was penetration which would cause complications.
She could not be seen to succumb. That was every different from allowing him to have his way in a limited sense. Every step (she justified to herself) was going to make it easier to extract promises for her from him.

With forefinger and middle finger she held apart her cunt lips providing a landmark for the searching mouth to seek. "There between my fingers!" she hissed wishing desperately that the young man would prove good at what he had now initiated. Sundar kissed those fingers and kissed the hair between her fingers, feeling some softness buried within.

"Not your kisses," she told the bewildered young man. Not kisses? Then what?

"Put out your tongue," panted Saroja, unable to wait for his targeted attention.

She hoisted up her knees and spread her legs wide. With one hand behind his head and the other hand continuing to hold her throbbing flesh apart, she urged the boy towards the logical goal.

Tongue sticking out, uncertain on what it was supposed to do, Sundar allowed his head to be guided toward the vale between the legs.
He looked upward and say his manni spread out shamelessly open ad wide, breasts were jutting upward and he could not see her face, hidden as it was beyond the slopes, inclines and undulations of her body topped by the peak of her breasts.

He prodded tentatively at the proffered target. His cock was nice and hard and staining the sheet below. ("Would Arvind Uncle notice the smear in the evening and ask?" he wondered.) If he could deploy that -- and how eager he was to do so! -- he would have speared her, here and now. But his tongue seemed too soft and pliable to make an entry…

As the young, inexperienced man prodded and thrust, Saroja realized he did not know what he was supposed to do.
She released her grip on his head. Now with two hands, she held apart her thighs, her lips and her fingers did their best to present him with a clearing in the forest of hair between her legs.

Sundar watched in fascination as the brown, puffed lips, glistening from Saroja's own secretions stared him in the face.

"Now lick!" commanded Saroja. "Lick?" asked Sundar, confused. She briefly put her right hand once again behind his head and pulled him close. Sundar's nose buried in the wet fleshy opening and he inhaled the intimate, intense and acid aroma of Saroja's deepest recesses. He gasped for breath. His manni was so excited and uncontrolled that she did not realize that she was practically suffocating him.

Sundar insinuated his own hand between his face and her triangle, and pulled apart the flesh and the hair, so that between Saroja and Sundar once again she was held open and apart for him to be able to focus on his work.

Sundar looked and realized he would rather feel with his tongue than look at her gaping flesh. He buried his face in between her legs and allowed his tongue to 'lick' as Saroja manni had instructed him.
She was wet on his tongue but soon, with his tongue stretched out, he found that he too was salivating.

He allowed his saliva to flow and dilute the acidity of his aunt's secretions. It diluted the pungency to a point where he was able to taste her better.

Saroja shuddered as the tongue slaked her thirst for immediate and urgent attention. She thrust her hips involuntarily, rubbing her wet, open and raw flesh on his face. From her anus to her clit, she thrust and parried with his tongue. In between, her perineum, the delicate stretch of skin, the gaping open cunt and the opening to channel that descended to her womb, all got passing slaps from his tongue and digs from his chin and nose.

Sundar was a bit queasy but did not want in any way to disappoint his darling manni. Whatever she wanted from him, he would give. And then he knew she would now give him the comfort and pleasure of her bosom. But first, he had to learn the lessons she was so intent on teaching him. He thought of a solution to his queasiness.
His fingers searched for the pussy and he slid in two fingers. His chin now rested on his palm and her anus was shielded from his mouth by the hand.

What was a defensive move for him was an intensely pleasurable maneuver for Saroja. His fingers filled the aching vacuum in her cunt even as she desired more of his tongue on her clit. "Oh! This is good! Goodddd! Ah!" she gurgled as with each thrust of her hips the fingers fucked her. With her hand she now guided his mouth back to the ramparts of her cunt. The lips, the channel in between and the clit on the top.

The new sounds, scuffling and moans were just too much for Suguna's curiosity. The maid found a new chink in a window to the room. What she saw stunned her. The youngster had his head between his aunt's legs. The woman was lying back, her breasts bare, legs spread wide. Suguna's own body started to stir with lust as she watched her mistress indulge her own nephew on her husband's bed.

She stroked her pussy through her saree, seeking her own relief.

Unknown that he was giving pleasure to another woman indirectly, Sundar brought his lips into play on his aunt's pussy, to give his tongue a rest.
He nibbled at the cunt, and slobbered over the increasing drenched flesh. As Saroja manipulated her hips, Sundar's lips and tongue played on whatever came into focus.
When it hit her clit, her nails dug into Sundar's head, hurting him. She held still, giving him the chance to play on her sensitive zones.

Sundar did. He tongued. He lapped. He stroked. He stabbed. And when the variety of exploratory strokes hit her, Saroja thrashed about. She moaned loudly, calling out to him using the endearment 'kanna' which means 'dear'. And then when she thrust and relaxed her hips the zone under his mouth changed.
Now when he made those same moves, she stayed steady, enjoying, luxuriating and not calling out to him.

And he wanted her to call out to him in that desperate tone and urgency. He wanted her to want him so badly that she would abandon all talk of love and lust and just lose herself in him.

So now he searched out that part of her which made her respond in that wild fashion. With his fingers he located the zone. His tongue snaked out to join his finger. He jabbed with his tongue to ascertain whether he had it right. Jerks and convulsions from his manni told him, yes, he had the target. "Yes, my boy," she murmured, her fingers stroking his hair.

That was all he wanted to hear. Sundar now propped himself on his elbows to bring focus to the job. He tongued her with vehemence. Saroja's thighs closed in on his head as she rapidly climbed to a high. This was unbearable for her and she pushed her hips forward and back in an involuntary movement.
The fingers embedded in her cunt raked her as Sundar devoured his manni.

She was now screaming his name and babbling incoherently as he concentrated his youthful energy on his new find.
He did not know what it was and he didn't care. All he knew was Saroja manni was intensely focused on him and he was giving her something special, which she seemed to want with zeal.

"Yes, you bastard! Fuck me with your tongue. Kudu da. Give. Give me pleasure. Do things that a woman and her nephew are not supposed to do. Vidathey! Don't spare me! Listen to nothing! Yes, yes, yes!" she ranted as the tongue serviced her to its fullest.

Sundar started to withdraw his fingers so that he could hold her sumptuous ass in both hands and eat her as if she was a large fruit.
But Saroja grabbed his wrist and thrust his hand back in.

"No!" she screamed in a trembling voice. "In! In! In!" she hissed, ramming his fingers up her cunt repeatedly. "And don't stop the sucking and tonguing," she begged, hand on the back of his head urging him on.

As Suguna watched the older woman shamelessly take her pleasure from the younger man, the maid let her own fingers slip under her garment to sink into the bubbling cauldron of her own pleasure.

"Pannu da! (Do it.) Manni kaaha pannu! (Do it for your manni)" sighed Saroja, encouragingly to Sundar.. She pulled herself up briefly wanting to move back up the bed. In the process his face and fingers were out of her. But she was okay with that. She was preparing to lie back, spreading herself as best as she could. She could take her pleasure as fully as ever confident that the young man had cottoned on to the formula. As she sat up and wiggled backwards onto the centre of the bed, she leaned forward.

Holding his face in her hands, she kissed him on his lips with an open mouth and probing tongue. She tasted herself on him. She allowed herself to smear juices and saliva so that all inhibition came to an end.

Then quickly laying back she pressed his head down back between her legs. He sank his face back into her flesh between the thighs, his own mind dizzy with desire. The scents, aromas, the humidity and the heat of this encounter was dizzying. He had not previously realized that there was so much more to the act of sexual indulgence.
He had yet to use his throbbing hard member but every other sense of his had been called into play.
He had touched, smelt, tasted and felt her in every other way. Other than his cock, now pressed hard into the mattress below, the sheath pressed to his belly. He had no way of knowing that she did not plan on letting his cock go where his tongue was.

Sundar slid his fingers in and closed in on her waiting flesh with his mouth. Saroja held herself completely open.

She groaned loudly as Sundar hit the right spots with now unerring accuracy. The boy was a quick learner, she thought to herself. By now he too must be wildly aroused and that would make it easy for her to finish him, if he hadn't already lost his seed in excitement.

Saroja's world narrowed down to the throbbing knob of flesh between her legs. Suddenly, Sundar was no body. Certainly not her nephew. There was nothing except a man whose hands and lips were serving her well. She goaded him on, thumping her hips alternately into his face and on the mattress below her.

The orgasm welled up within her and with a shriek she started to throw herself around.

"Aio! Amma! Yes! Stay there…. Yah…..yah…. yah…..yah…….!"yelped Saroja, holding his ears as she kept him as focused as possible on her bucking and thrashing cunt. She couldn't stop moving but it was critical she present him with an unmoving target.

Sundar slobbered through the squishy mess under his mouth, his aunt's secretions and his own saliva mixing to form a steaming wet pot.

With every shout of delight from her mistress, Suguna rammed her own clutch of fingers into her own pussy, shamelessly masturbating to relieve herself of intense arousal.
One hand fucked while the other hand stroked the clit. She could not fully see what the two in the room were doing but she was desperately jealous of Saroja's intense pleasure.

Saroja heaved her body helplessly as pleasure wracked her system. Her breasts needed pinching and she gripped them hard, twisting and torturing the flesh and nipples even as she tossed and turned.

Sundar looked up and saw a different Saroja manni. Her head was thrashing about, her breasts were swollen and in her own hands, and her belly seemed pointed upward as the muscles there gathered in for the impending explosion.

"Sundara!" she exulted long and loud as the blinding orgasm ripped through her. She completely lost control of her body, thrashing around on the bed with force of maybe six couples fucking like animals at the same time. The bed squeaked and groaned much more than it ever had to her fucking Arvind on it. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" she screamed.

"See! See! Ah! Look! Look at your manni! Aio!" she sobbed with each convulsion. Her head banged from side to side as her legs gripped the head between them in a vise. Her fingers du into his scalp.

"Suck me, you greedy young man!" she cried out, and then "Drink!" she announced to the bewildered Sundar. And then came the flood.

Saroja had been clenching her muscles as the orgasm pounded her. She felt nervous about the gush inside her. She thought she was losing control of her bladder. When the orgasm weakened her completely and Sundar continued his tonguing a dam burst forth.

That was when she shouted "Drink!"

"Take! Drink! Suck! Soak yourself! Here! Here! Here!" she pleaded to him. Each exhortation was accompanied by large squirts of amber liquid. Sundar was drenched and gasped for breath. He was completely smothered by her outpourings. He held on for dear life, watching the woman on the bed behave like a slut consumed by desire.

Finally, when she could take no more, she pushed him away and turned around, pressing herself down to the mattress, hiding herself from him.
Her ass, glistening with the juices which had poured from her, was full and curvaceous. She seemed delectable.

Saroja manni seemed wrapped in her own self, oblivious to the condition of her nephew. The young man, his cock slightly drooping from the steady leakage of precum, raised himself on his knees and stared at the prone form on the bed.
She was quaking and shivering, but she was clinging to herself. Saroja's orgasm had lost its violent buffeting, but the earthquake in her body had hardly ceased.
She pressed her thighs together, feeling tingling waves of shock rippling through her body.

Her own intensity was such that she couldn't even begin to think of Sundar. She couldn't take him even touching her in an innocuous place, leave alone her clit or pussy. But Sundar had hardly begun. All night on the train coming in he had fantasized about her. The first thing he had done that morning when he got a chance to freshen up was masturbate.
And all morning he had waited to get Saroja to pleasure him. He thought she was vulnerable.

He leaned forward and sank his teeth playfully into the flesh of her buttock.

Saroja cried out in an uncontrollable frisson of violent pleasure. She shuddered and convulsed and struggled to get onto her knees. Instead she collapsed and fell away from Sundar. She kept her legs tightly pursed as the pleasure from her own thighs being rubbed together extended her orgasm.

Sundar was kneeling, his cock regaining some of its volume from taking in the sultry sight of his aunt lying back, her bare breasts bouncing and jostling as she fell back.

He held his own cock and his slid up and down once or twice, with intent to move above her and try to get between her legs.

Saroja realized what he wanted. She reached out and grabbed and took a claim on the cock. Her hand joined his fist in stroking the cock. She attempted to commence to masturbate him.

He slapped her hand aside and lay over her. His hands were on either side of her head, his cock was looming over her, dripping its juices on to her tummy and thighs.
He placed his knee between her legs and tried to prise apart the legs so he could get at her.

From her vantage point Suguna could see the cock hang downward, visible to her from between his legs.
What was wrong with Saroja Amma, she wondered. Her nephew had seen her completely in the nude and pleasured her. He was well hung too. She could just as well allow the young master to fill her. Why wouldn't she?

Saroja reached under and caught the cock in her hand. As Sundar pushed she pretended to be ready to guide him to her love nest. It caught Sundar off guard as she let him gain control of his cock. And then she pulled him down and let him lie with his chest on hers. Her hand however did not leave his cock.

She pumped him with vigor while holding him tight to her. She whispered into his ear, "See how difficult it is for you to accept the restraints I impose on you. All my loving cannot control you. What you want is hard desire, which neither you nor I can resist," she whispered into his ear.

"Let me release you from this lust. Not just today, but I will do this for you whenever you want," she promised. "But don't ask for what Gopi got as a matter of chance"

Holding him close, with an arm around his neck, Saroja fisted the hard cock mercilessly. She knew she would find him filling, satisfying and a virile stud. But she couldn't afford to pleasure herself anymore. The boy would not be controllable and she couldn't put herself in a position where she promised unlimited sex.

Suguna knew she would have taken quite the opposite decision. The young man was thick and long-ish. He would be fun and satisfying. AS Saroja fisted her nephew, Suguna fucked herself. Saroja blinked away tears as she realized she could not indulge herself with the young man any further without it getting too dangerous; he was getting emotional.

Sundar felt tears welling up as he felt his aunt put up and impregnable barrier. His hot tears rolled down as his aunt's hand flew over the cock like a piston.

The tears touched Saroja's shoulder. And something inside her gave way.

She pushed Sundar off her; he rolled away to one side, his cock still rigid, waving like a flagpole.
She bunched up her petticoat once again and sat on his thighs. She knelt up on one knee and holding his cock upright, maneuvered herself over the young man who had covered his face to hide his tears.

Rubbing the large cockhead on her semi-dry cunt, she gasped as she felt moistness spring up. She let go of the cock as it snagged in between her thighs. Quickly placing her hands on his chest she lowered herself on the hard maleness.

She could not help a long, loud groan as it splayed her upon as it speared its way upwards. She found herself being pushed wide open and the cock journeying deep into her, never-ending its invasion.

Sundar felt his manni's entire being open up and swallow him, fluids running down his cock as every thing poured onto him as she opened up.

"Sundara! Porumada?" she shuddered. (Sundar. Does that do it for you?)

"Manni!" cried out the young man, trying to hug her; but that was impossible. She had her head thrown back as the cock sank up her channel. It seemed to fill her completely, even as it stretched her out fully. No it seemed to go to her womb! NO- that was her stomach. Oh god, this boy was long AND thick.

Her entire being convulsed as she gobbled up all the flesh that was on offer from him. She could not move. She did not want to. Her own orgasm was still only receding and this young man's cock, with its well proportioned volume had reignited fires.

Sundar thrust upward, trying to get his aunt to move. But Saroja rested her hands on Sundar's chest and stayed put.

Suguna was pleased and disappointed at the same time. She had some visions of getting a chance of deflowering the young man if her mistress had left him uninitiated.
So she was disappointed. But she was happy to see her mistress lose control and the young man getting his full due of pleasure.

Saroja held her own belly, cupping it, feeling deep inside the cock embedded. She searched out Sundar's hand and guided him to feel her belly, as if to show him how deep he had filled her.
She had so very nearly missed this!

A gush of new secretions from her cunt swamped Sundar's pubic hair. Sundar's one hand was on her belly while the other flitted from one breast to another, toying with her.

Suddenly, Sundar got both his hands to his aunt's breasts and he hoisted her slightly up. This gave him a bit of space, and he started thrusting upward, fucking his aunt. She pressed his chest down and bared her teeth as his cock raked her pussy walls and pleasured her.
She shuddered and smiled. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked down at him.
She smiled weakly as pleasure, emotion and desire played across her face.

She pounded downward on cue when he pulled back. He thrust up when she came to a rest. The tight grip on his hands on her breasts, holding her up as it were, caused a further frisson of pleasure.

"Sundar! My dear! Are you happy now?" she asked, fucking in rhythm with him. God, this young man was good! Look at the reaming her cunt was getting!

Sundar leaned forward and kissed her breasts.

A few more thrusts later, Sundar started to get violent. His hands mauled the tits and his cock rammed harder and harder as he tried to tame his aunt. Saroja manni flounced up and down on the cock which she was possessed with. After that burst of fluid when Sundar had mouthed her, her vaginal walls were more watery than slippery.

The continued pounding was now beginning to feel raw. Arvind could barely last anything like what Sundar had. So she had never felt this challenged. But now she worried about her own cunt being hurt from the virile pounding and thrusting.

She leaned backwards and reaching behind, ringed Sundar's cock with her fingers. The boy yelped as he felt his foreskin pulled back fully and cock head exposed. The cunt rode down on the round pink exposed head, driving him wild. Fingers tickled his balls and perineum and finally came Saroja's master stroke: she invade his anal opening with her little finger.

"Ah" shuddered Sundar. "Manneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" he sobbed out as he felt his sphincter lose control and semen burst forth.

"Shh!" cautioned Saroja, now knowing that the only person who could hear was actually watching them and masturbating furiously. There was nothing to be achieved by silence.

"Vaa da kanna!" she called out to him lovingly. (Come my child!)

He nodded, tears running down the sides of his face, "Yes, manni! I am…….!" He stammered.

"You are what?" she egged him on, her eyes dancing even as her pussy continued to dance up and down his erect-as-ever cock.

"I am going to …going to…… uh! Going to…. Ah!" he babbled.

"Say it da! Tell you manni! I am here for you," she urged him, continuing to fuck energetically as she felt a second wave build up within her.

"I am going to spill…. Should I? inside you?" he asked, thrusting without a pause, so his questions were not really meaningful.

She nodded vigorously, signaling her own orgasm rather than actually answering him.

"Just," she gasped as she felt another orgasm welling up, "Fuck," she panted, thrusting hard and continuously, "meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she squealed as her orgasm hit before his.

She thrust down and held there, her flesh convulsing, gripping and milking his throbbing member.

Sundar tried to thrust up as he desperately sought the friction of her fuck. He could not move. She was trembling and clinging to him, as her cunt pulsated around his cock.

When she sucked in her breath, he pumped up. While she had cum before him, she did not end before he started.

His first shot blossomed warmly into her pussy and womb. She felt the spray spread into her depths from that first shot.

"Manni, my manni" sobbed the young man as he felt his soul empty into this very important, this first woman in his life.

"Yes kanna," she stammered back, flinging herself on to his chest, letting him feel her breasts. They clung to each other as orgasms washed over in asynchronous waves. Each beating against the other. She leaned forward flopping her breasts on his face so he could suck, lick, bite maul and do whatever he wanted. But she also leaned that forward so that her pussy would now be under her control so she could rake his cock nod milk him completely.

He filled her, saturated her only to overflow and swamp back onto his own pubic hair.

As she leaned forward, the cock left her depths and came to ream itself in the first quarter to a third of her tunnel.
She pumped with her hips rubbing his cockhead hard, extracting every drop of cum that his orgasm had to offer.
She opened her mouth and kissed him, allowing his screams and rantings to go on in her throat.

Suguna watched the interlocked bodies as she quietly joined them with an orgasm of her own. It was hardly adequate and she desperately prayed her husband wouldn't come home drunk. He was quite useless to her then whereas what she needed was a hard animal fuck from an alert full man.
Now that the young master seemed spent, her husband was her next best bet.

Sundar sobbed in relief as he felt his cock empty out fully and his cock lose its intense hardness of all morning.

As passions receded, bodies sagged. Suguna leaned against the window sill weak from an intense, if unsatisfying orgasm. Saroja let her body rest on Sundar, allowing him to feel her breasts, his cock to recede while inside her, her thighs on his, her face on his and his hands around her.

Sundar was wet with perspiration and lay back as his aunt's still bubbling cunt pumped on his rapidly receding cock, as if to ensure no drop went unattended.
His cock shuddered and jerked gratefully as residual dribbles were coaxed out from the constant rubbing and squeezing.

Saroja had good reason to allow the gradual slowing and holding the young man close. Now that sex, lust and passion were out of the way, she wanted to leverage the tenderness of the situation fully in getting promises from Sundar to focus on his studies better.

But that was later. Right now, she wanted to stay with the little tremors and the residual frissons of pleasure; sometimes in her, sometimes in him.

They drifted into sleep without knowing it was happening. She awoke once, realizing that he was pinned under her. And while he seemed completely spent and drained, his cock was hard and snagged in her somewhat sore pussy.

He drifted in and out of sleep, watching her lying open and vulnerable, yet satiated and happy.

She knew her cooking was massively delayed but she knew Sundar would not mind.

Sundar knew they had slept late into the afternoon but there didn't seem to be a hurry for anything.

And Suguna left discreetly, shutting the door behind her as she left her madam and her young lover naked and intertwined on her master's bed.

Later that night

Arvind came home to find Sundar absorbed in studies.

"It must be the atmosphere at home over there," he said to Saroja who busied herself in the kitchen. "See how well he is focusing today on his studies!" remarked Arvind as he went up to his bedroom to change out of his work clothes. "If he was studying in a local college here he could have stayed with us" he said walking up the stairs.

Saroja shut the idea out of her mind. She could not decide on the buzz between her legs when she heard Arvind say that. It scared her and excited her at the same time. The soreness in her pussy and the young man's emotional come-on was scary. As for the excitement -- that was when she shut the idea out of her mind.

Sundar studied late into the night. He had slept in deep slumber right after the wild fucking session with his aunt. The eighteen year old had found it physically and emotionally draining. Saroja, his aunt, held him close and allowed him to sleep resting on her own satiated body.

At times his mouth was on her breast. At other times his leg was thrown across her, with the unrelenting penis, which seemed to lose no hardness at all, remaining engorged even as Sundar slept.
And at still other times, his leg was pressed between her legs, rubbing against her pussy, feeling the dry, coarse hair -- matted from the fluids having dried and caked her pubic hair into a tangle.

He was knocked out for a long time. They ate late. She never did cook. Saroja just hurriedly made some sandwiches all the while wondering about the maid Suguna. Suguna seemed to have left discreetly. When Saroja awoke, Sundar was still asleep, stretched out across her. Her eyes stole a glance downward and there was his ever present hardon.
If she had known at that point that Suguna had already made her quiet exit, she would have might have chosen to mouth Sundar's cock.

She wanted to return his gift of an intense orgasm from oral sex with one gift of her own. She had always fantasized about waking up Arvind, her husband, by mouthing him from a passive, docile cock to an aroused wild state.
But an opportunity had never really presented itself. Today it had, but it was with her young nephew with whom she wanted to draw a line and an end to the sexual trysts.

Also, but she had to worry about Suguna outside. And so she let this opportunity slip by.

When she did step out she found the house completely quiet and discovered that she and her illicit young lover had been left to their own devices.
Saroja had no way of knowing what Suguna might have seen or guessed. She did not have to contend with that just now. She didn't want to go and wake up the young lad.
Waking up had its own lazy connotation which had more than once ended in sex with Arvind. She avoided that situation. Later, when Sundar came downstairs he had changed and was fully clothed. He gave his aunt an affectionate hug.

They had a very matter of fact conversation which veered around to the choices before them for lunch.
And so it came to be that sandwiches were had. When Saroja asked her nephew to study, he promptly left for the study room and found that he was really able to get down to the work which had previously eluded him.

He wanted Saroja manni to think well of him. He needed to remain in her good books if he was going to have her as he pleased.

And yet, his mind and body would not forget that he was alone in the house with that luscious woman, that goddess.
He was distracted by his arousal drifting in and out of a state of erection from time to time. He found it difficult to manage the tightness and finally decided to wear a lungi (a sarong-like garment worn around the waist).

This allowed him to rub or stroke himself into a subdued state and get on with his studies. When Arvind uncle returned home from work, Sundar kept to his books with even greater fervor, not daring to look his uncle in the eye.
Nor did he want to be seen in Saroja manni's presence lest his restless cock gave him away.
He studied well and late into the night.

When Saroja manni brought him a flask of coffee, she too was furtive and quick. Her night gown had buttons right down the front and the youngster could not help imagining if that was something his uncle would take advantage of.
His eyes were fixated on those breasts which he had feasted on earlier in the day and his ears reddened.

Before he realized it, Saroja had left the room.

There were no noises from their bedroom much to Sundar's relief. It was that very room and that very marital bed on which his aunt and he had made noisy love. And finally when he lay in bed he could not help imagining his aunt hovering above him, fucking down on him, her slippery cunt flowing down on to his cock.

He moaned out her name with an aching longing as relief and sleep washed over him.

It was also to Saroja's relief that her husband was somewhat tired from his work day and did not reach out for her.
She was quite sure she could not have managed it. The young nephew had given her quite a mauling and she would not have been able to take any thing more from her husband -- not that there was much of a challenge in his amorous attentions.

He could barely hold himself. But she didn't want to look into his eyes or hold him tight when all she wanted to do was reminisce about the wild, long and animal afternoon.
She did not want to end up comparing the better-endowed stud with her husband. It might provoke feelings of lust in her and that was no way to put an end to the horribly illicit affair.

It wasn't incest -- but he was family, dammit.

These thoughts through the night did not allow Saroja to sleep too well. She tossed and turned all night. When she did sleep memories flooded back of his hands on her breasts and how she had been held and squeezed.
Her nipples swelled and she had to calm herself back to sleep. She did not venture out of the bedroom as she might have on other sleepless nights.
She did not want to encounter Sundar out there. There was no saying what the boy might do. She remembered his luscious erection -- the cum coated cock that would not be subdued. She had heard that this was how it was when a young man first lost his virginity.

But there was also no saying anything about how she might herself react if accosted. Her pussy ached with unlocked desire for more. And at the same time she had to prevent an uncontrolled unleashing of illicit passions. When done to make the boy study better it was justifiable, she told herself. Anything else.
…… The thought of anything else reminded her how virile and stallion like the young man's riding of her had been.
Or indeed of how satisfying it had been for her to ride him, while speared with his ever-hard cock.

She allowed herself some gentle stimulation in search of some measure of relief somewhere during the relentless night.
She actually wanted to violently thrust her fingers up her cunt; but she was afraid any rocking motion might wake her husband up.
She needed violent, insistent pleasure. She compensated by pinching and twisting her nipple while remaining gentle while probing her pussy.

It brought a mild tremor that provided relief. And with that she drifted into another of the innumerable short naps that made her night.

Saroja was therefore glad when dawn allowed her to go open the door for the maid and the milkman. While her day began early because she had hardly slept, Sundar slept late.

Suguna, the maid, kept to herself when she reached Saroja's house for her daily chores. She did not want to embarrass the lady of the house. The young master deserved his passions and Suguna was not one to be judgmental. Having seen young Sundar's endowments through the gaps in the door the previous day, her sympathies lay with her lady Saroja.

Saroja amma could not be blamed for wanting the lusty lad. It was every woman's right to seek pleasure for herself wherever she could find it. If the men could, so could they!

Suguna noticed the dark circles under her mistress's eyes. She must have been kept awake by the young man. "Surely, he must have stamina and be insatiable as guys at their age are wont to be," she thought enviously. "But was Saroja amma indulging him all night long?" she wondered. That would take a lot of any woman, mused Suguna, thinking of how lucky Saroja amma was to have an in-house toyboy. "Poor woman. She must be bruised and aching from the handling by that young fellow's vigor. Today Saroja amma would surely ask for a massage from me," she thought. Her own pussy warmed at the thought of the young master wanting and sustaining himself for that long. Suguna found herself wondering if she should lend her lady a helping hand, lest the woman wear herself out completely!

Saroja assumed Suguna had heard or seen nothing the previous day. She had no other choice but to assume as such. She gave the maid the daily instructions in a routine fashion, not giving much scope for idle gossip.
Saroja had no idea how the day would go. Soon, the boy would be up. Afternoons would be typically quiet and she knew she didn't want to get into bed with Sundar.
But she didn't know anything about her own will power or what might happen if Sundar did make a move.
She had of course, told the young man that this was a one-off. But being around the same house as him for several hours in the afternoon was going to be very volatile indeed.

That she knew.

By mid-morning Arvind had left for work. He was pleased that his nephew had studied well into the night and allowed the youngster a late morning.
Suguna wondered if the lady of the house might step out at some point in time. If she did, she and the young man would be alone at home. She would not mind that at all.

On he previous night, the maid Suguna had hoped her husband would come home and fuck her. She liked his rough style, well toned body and the hard muscles and calloused hands. She wanted that roughness. Alas, he came home more or less drunk. He wanted to fuck her, which is what he wanted when drunk.
But the libido was more in his mind. His body was soaked in alcohol and was not quite able to match his intended moves. Suguna had gone to sleep disappointed when her husband finished prematurely and fell into slumber.

She had been intensely turned on by the glimpses of her mistress's body on full display. She had been aroused to see the young masters' well endowed cock. She had masturbated as she watched and listened to the sounds of their fucking. Saroja amma had moaned, the boy had screamed and there was plenty of panting and groaning as they two pleasured each other.

Fortunately, their noises drowned out her own stifled moan as she came -- it was totally unsatisfying but met the most immediate of her needs.
At that time she had the night with her own husband to look forward to.

But now on this morning -- the night after -- her own body screamed with unsatiated lust.

The manner in which she organized her house work that morning needs to be understood in this context.
Otherwise, tidying up the guest room which Sundar was using was supposed to done later, after the young man was up and done with his bath.
But Saroja amma was bustling about the house and showing no signs of leaving for one of her shopping expeditions.

Nor had she woken up Sundar.

Saroja amma herself looked bed-raggled and well-fucked. Suguna was consumed by curiosity to ascertain what the night might have been like. Had Saroja amma found time to join young Sundar in his bed again at night? Had the older woman and younger man fucked while Arvind Sir was asleep in the next room? If she looked so used, how was he feeling? So many questions and the young man held so much promise if her mistress's condition was anything to go by! Insatiable and lusty -- she imagined and fantasized herself into a desperate state.

Finally, she figured Sundar's state and his room would tell her all she wanted to know. A bed sheet askew. A bra or panty lying tangled in the sheets. Stains on the bed cover. And perhaps she could get a good look at the youngster's stud-like body.

She pushed the door gently, hoping against hope that the door would not be locked. It was not locked. Sundar had left it unlatched so that his aunt could come visiting if she wanted. Saroja manni had not come visiting, but Sundar slept soundly, unlike the woman of his devotions.

Suguna peered around the room and noticed that curtains were drawn and books were open on the study table.
On the bed lay Sundar, covered by the sheets. His shoulders were bare and one arm was over the sheet, the other seemed to be under the sheet. He lay flat on his back. Perhaps he was bare under those sheets? Maybe they had fucked till he was drained? Maybe she was on top and that was why he on his back? Maybe she had taken him in several other ways and then allowed him to lie back? Maybe he had become a man in one short (or should that be long?) night and his aunt had lovingly covered him on her way out?

Suguna looked down the supine body as her eyes adjusted to the lighting of the room. And there, between his legs, was a tent pole, holding aloft the soft sheet. Suguna's heart leapt -- the boy was in a state of erection. The height of the tenting suggested impressive dimensions and her throat went dry.
Her breathing became heavy as she felt her blouse constricting her. Her breasts, unrestrained by any bra for she wore none, pulsated in the restraining cotton of her blouse.
Her nipples became erect and she became conscious of her the tightness in her chest.

She moved to the foot of the bed and gently holding the sheet, pulled it down. It glided down his body, uncovering his chest, sparsely covered with hair. And as she pulled further, the edge of the sheet snagged on the peg formed by his cock. And when she tugged it slipped further, rewarding her with a clear view of his cock.

His hand was encircled around the mast, the fingers limp as they had released the flesh after one more release.

Had he taken her? Or not? Or had he taken her and then found the need to masturbate? And even then was still in lust?

She crawled on the bed, unmindful that servants were not supposed to use furniture in Saroja amma's house.
Her saree palloo slid from her shoulder and her cream colored blouse bulged under the weight and pressure of her breasts.
With that, the cream color took on the tint of the brown mass of the breasts within.
The material was thin and the nipples pushed and strained against it. Her armpits were damp with sweat from the day's exertions.

She moved up the bed, eyes on the underside of the cock and the testicles that lay before her. It seemed caked with fluids that might well have spurted from within; or from Saroja amma. His hands were encircling the base of his cock and she wondered if it was going to hinder what she was inclined to do.

When her head was over his cock, she looked down and watched as it stayed erect, only slightly sagging under its own weight.
She undid her hair with one hand allowing it to cascade down. The strands tickled and played with his thighs. They came down as a curtain on the act about to be carried out.
Suguna opened her mouth, moist and wet with her saliva. Willingly and with enthusiasm her head moved down to cover the object of her immediate desire. She surprised herself with her willingness to engage in something her husband had to usually force her to do.

There was no hand behind her head forcing her down as her lips, mouth and throat opened and took in young master Sundar's unsuspecting cock.

She held her lips on the coarse mat of pubic hair, opening her throat by relaxing her muscles, giving him all the space he needed to be accommodated.
She normalized her breathing, inhaling and exhaling routinely. Her salivary glands were active in this position and they poured, wetting him. She allowed the dried coat of fluids to moisten so she could smell, taste and assess what Sundar might have been through.

She headed off a whiff of nausea at the stale smell of his semen by quickly bobbing her head up and down and letting her lips form a quick pleasure-giving "O" around the boy's now-throbbing meat. Her saliva poured down and provided much needed wetness that allowed her to use her lips and mouth like a love-channel.

"Unh!" he moaned as his hips involuntarily moved and his hand touched her cheek. He ringed the base of his penis in his drowsy state, offering himself to the woman mouthing him. There was only one woman in his body, mind and soul. He had wanted her for months now, had her at a feast yesterday and had left the door open for her. His other hand held her head and he fucked the mouth over his cock with a gusto.

Suguna let her hand join his in ringing his cock. She let her fingers tangle with his. She fisted the cock as she raised her head up. Her fist twisted and twirled the pillar of flesh thrilling him. And when her lips had reached the top of his cockhead, she pursed her lips to press down on the knot of tissue there.

She ran her lips on the round head, knowing that somewhere there, the young master would feel a particular sensation.

He did. He wanted to reward her, for her to join in the pleasure. As the mists of sleep cleared from his mind, he found himself in a daze of pleasure. And he was doing nothing. The woman was doing it all and he was under the mistaken impression that it was his Saroja manni. He had to give her something in return.
His Goddess could not go unattended.

Suguna felt young Sundar's toes touch the inside of her ankle and trace the path upward to the inside of her thigh.
She wiggled her legs open wider to allow him all the space he needed. Sundar pressed his big toe into her bushy triangle, rubbing and searching, looking for a gap to press his digit into.

"Mmm!" mumbled Suguna to encourage the young man in his endeavors. Sundar's hands roamed her head and neck, feeling her hot skin and luxuriating in that contact, even as he encouraged her to mouth him. Her hands reached upwards and her fingers roamed his chest, rubbing his nipples and his young hard body. Yes! She was going to partake of this feast soon! Suguna exulted in her mind. Her strategy was paying off, and she was glad she had crept in. Saroja amma was too self-absorbed today and Suguna felt she could resurface before her absence was detected.

As his fingers played with the woman's head, neck and back, Sundar realized he had not felt any bra straps on the back.
Her breasts were then easy to fondle, surely? His hands reached under and he felt the full, heavy breasts and weighed the sagging mountains of flesh.
He found the nipples atop them and thumbed them, thrilling at their long, grape-like countenance.
Maybe he had not paid enough attention to them yesterday. Today. …..

"Aah!" he yelped when suddenly she removed her lips and her fist closed in on his much harder cock and pumped him. She did that with incessant vigor and Sundar felt he was going to explode in her face any second now. And he didn't want to! He wanted to sink into her cunt, have her under him, crush her and pound her and fill her and own her. He wanted to be her man, on top, dominant.

But she seemed stronger than yesterday. She held him down and alternated fist with mouth with a quickness that drove him mad. And just when he felt his control was going to be lost, she pressed down on the cockhead and held still.
She held still for so long that he felt a painful receding of his release.
He pinched both her nipples and arched his back trying to fuck her fist or her mouth. He was not in control of his body, for what he really wanted was to beat back the cumming and avoid release.
But his body had a life all its own.

She shuffled forward, her saree unraveling as she moved ahead, her hair stroking his body. When she was over him, her lips streaked with his juices, he noticed it was Suguna the maid, not Saroja his manni (technically sister-in-law; but he was actually her nephew.
) She leaned forward and her coarse pubic hair prickled on his tender cock skin as she stroked his lunging monster with her triangle.

She was expert. Her lip- and hand-play on his cock had conveyed that much. As she moved down she allowed his cock to paint her breasts with its leaking semen. Her blouse was stained, so was her torso and all the way down to the vale between her legs she let his cock anoint her.
Her eyes were dark and deep and sensuous.
And when she came atop him, the wide lotus shaped eyes looked deep into his lust-laden eyes.

The breasts loomed in his face and he saw the dark brown circles under the thin veil of the cream colored fabric.
Her nipples were large and turgid and seemed designed to feed. Her breasts were larger and wiggled and bounced under their own weight, as much as they did due to her lithe movements.
He wanted them in his hand and mouth.
She read his eyes and the bobbing in his throat: the boy was thirsty. She pulled at her blouse, successfully prising apart some of the hooks. Other hooks just snapped as the flesh spilled out to feed him. She was remarkably beautiful, her chocolate skin glistening with mild perspiration. She had a big round dot on her forehead and her taali, the necklace made of small black beads and a gold locket signifying her married status swung as she heaved her curvaceous body around.

Sundar's middle class sensibilities and his up-bringing which had not allowed him to look at women from the working classes with such lust-laden eyes, abandoned him.
All he could see was a beautiful woman, sensuous and sexy, lips wide, eyes dancing with desire, and massive mammaries which had cow-teats for nipples.

He gratefully buried his face in her breasts, babbling and tonguing and lashing at the feeding mounds.
She reached below and between them to grab his bouncing cock. She held it in her fist and gave it a few thrusts as he lapped and ate at her breasts like they were mounds of cream.
She groaned her approval and unmindful of his state took her own pleasure.
That proved to be a mistake as her lust trumped her expertise. She pumped him once too many and the young man lost his seed to her fingers and fist. He spurted, cumming in force as she squeezed an orgasm out of him. The pumping was so well timed that his first shot was propelled forward. A hot blast of semen splashed on her torso.
The powerful release caused him to bite and maul her tits in his ecstasy.

Suguna yelped in pain and pleasure as his teeth sank into her flesh and sucked hard. Nipples, the tender and soothing udders, were lashed and pulled- hard and rough. She knew she had not taken care to head off his orgasm but now she made sure his pleasure was full by expertly manipulating and twisting her hands and fingers on the pulsating flesh.

Her hands were coated with white, thick cum and so was her body, where gobs of cum lay like pearl drops.
Her breasts and nipples were raw with his rough handling and the pleasure she felt was intense.

As the cock subsided, she pumped with each spew. She gave him his full pleasure. Then, she waddled further up, her breasts jiggling and her hips were now on top of his head. She propped herself up on one knee opening her cunt to him. Her saree was unraveled from the toe of the bed and was half draping her.
With the other hand she pulled his head into her recesses and spread her cunt lips on his nose and his lips.

Sundar smelt the sweaty pubes of the working class woman and the acrid pungent aromas. She ground down on him and he involuntarily stuck his tongue out, as trained by his aunt. Suguna moved her body around, now facing his cock. As she rested her body on her knees her mouth hovered above his cock, while her cunt closed in on his mouth.

Her mouth closed in on the wet, clammy cock, which, once in her mouth surprised her by showing signs of life: it bobbed and lurched as she sucked on it.
The cock seemed to tremble. As she lipped the knob of flesh, Sundar screamed into her cunt, the pleasure he was feeling was incredible.

He greedily gobbled at the offered cunt to repay this amazing woman in kind. She was a full blooded woman who was ravaging his body and giving him amazing pleasure. His orgasm had been intense and seemed to boil up from the end of his spine and he had cum so hard that the semen had splattered on her and splashed back on him.

And now here she was sucking his flesh into her mouth and pumping it.

He laid into her cunt with a vigor, hands instinctively grabbing her buttocks. He buried his face in her lapping at the cunt, searching for the clit which his aunt had taught him about just 24 hours earlier.

The probing tongue brought immense pleasure to Suguna. She raised her head off his cock to implore him to do more. "Young master! Young master! Do me! Suck me!" she begged him as she went back to her own task.

She needed to mouth him to a full erection and he was amazing her with his youthful response. The cock was halfway there as she sucked him in and pushed him out, goading him to a new arousal.

It was at this point that Saroja chose to check on her nephew. He had slept enough, better to rouse him awake. She didn't plan on going near his bed, lest he grab her into his arms. But when she pushed the door, she found it latched. She pushed once more, and the latch slid under the weight of gravity and she heard the metal bolt fall back as the door opened.

If he had locked the door, he must have wanted privacy, surmised Saroja. She gently let the door swing slightly ajar to see if her nephew was awake. May be he was uncovered and nude. Maybe he was masturbating.

But all she saw was a tangle of arms and legs. No heads. Only arms and legs. The sumptuous rump had to be a woman, curves and all. And around her ass were hands, presumably her nephew's. The woman's head was bobbing up and down between the man's legs. Her hands were stretched out, above her head and she was holding his ankles, as if spreading his legs apart so that she could suck his cock unhindered.

She saw Suguna's massive mounds of flesh pressed on Sundar's torso, their sides bulging outward.

Her eyes drank in the sight of a couple in the classic 69 embrace, which someone has classically described as "a double-backed beast of pleasure."

Jealousy, anger, fury, relief and arousal all coursed through Saroja's body in quick succession. She had taught him to love a woman but not for him to pleasure someone else! And yet, here was Suguna wailing out and her ass shuddering and shaking as he clearly ate her to divine pleasure.
She was angry that a servant would take such liberties when there were so many restrictions on their movements.

But she also knew that this encounter would liberate Sundar fully from his obsession with his aunt; this caused relief and jealousy in equal measure.

The servant maid propped herself up so she could fuck down on the young man's face. Yet she tried to lean forward and keep his cock captured. However, Sundar had the better of her, since he had only just cum. The woman threw her head back and pressed her hips down on his face, fucking him liberally, shamelessly taking her pleasure.

She was facing Saroja who was at the door. As Suguna threw her head back, her breasts thrust upward, jutting up and out, towards Saroja, as if on offer.

Saroja was transfixed at the sight of the sumptuous breasts with their luscious nipples jutting out.
The woman -- and this was indeed the first time Suguna was recognizing her as a woman -- was an awesome sight.
Her hair was flouncing, in parts stuck to her own damp flesh. Her kumkum was smeared on her forehead, having dabbed the precum liberally oozing from Sundar's massive erection.

And the broad chest pinched into a somewhat narrow waist before flaring into wide curvy hips. She reminded Suguna of the classical depiction of a South Indian beauty in temple carvings.

Those wide hips were opened out and rested on a saddle formed by Sundar's face. The nose, his chin and his tongue played without restrained on the inner and intimate recesses of the servant maid's flesh.
Orgasms hit her in rapid succession as the young master, initiated just the previous day under the tutelage of his upper-class aunt worked hard at the woman open above him.

With each wave of her orgasm, Suguna squealed; thrust herself down towards Sundar's lips and outward towards in the direction of a stunned Saroja.

The servant of the house was being eaten, her cunt sucked and tongued. She was not allowed to use house furniture. Her cutlery, cups and plates were separate for her use. And here she was on the bed (not even a chair or sofa!), atop her favorite nephew, hips spread wide, cunt on his lips.
And her own large wide mouth was on his cock, her cheek and chest and body laved with his juices.

Sundar enjoyed her hands on his ankles and the feeling of being held. As her cunt spat its cum at him, in a very male release, he enjoyed taking her release and giving her pleasure.
His years of being starved of a woman had suddenly ended with him consuming, literally, two women in the space of 24 hours.

And each of them was a revelation.

If Saroja manni was his Madonna, Suguna was the ultimate whore. She was a servant; she could be used in the most shameless pursuit of pleasure. She had none of the restraints that Saroja manni involved. He felt lucky and his body felt alive.

Saroja Manni was his Goddess and he was glad she was the one to initiate him.

But the way he was using Suguna, fucking her mouth and allowing his semen to splash on her body -- this was uniquely different.
There were so many things he could not do with his manni; he could do with this woman. He could demand of her and use her. He could be bold and aggressive. Suguna could tend to the most intimate of his needs and he didn't have to face her on family occasions.

And the way he wanted to fuck and dominate while fucking was not something he could do with delicate and divine Saroja.
That kind of bestial sexuality would have to be with someone like Suguna. And in this most intimate of a man-woman coupling, his middle-class upbringing told him that to use a servant maid as a slut was appropriate.

The hypocrisy of his thoughts eluded him because of his conditioning; but also because the woman who was taking and giving pleasure made her next move on his cock.

As the fleshy woman sank on him, she took back his cock in her mouth, toying with it, circling it and enjoying its springy fullness.
Oh my! She could use this stud. May be she shouldn't make such a big issue of a wage raise. She had previously been thinking of asking for one, and changing employment if it was not forthcoming.

But right now, she could think of nothing that would compensate for this hard young body which she had got addicted to in the space of one short morning.

Sundar started thrusting hard and insistently upward, hitting her throat more than once. The signal was clear. The young master needed her cunt.

She rolled off. Sundar laid a pillow and motioned her to lie with her ass resting on this pillow, offering up her cunt for him to plunder.
Suguna's head lolled backward off the foot of the bed and Sundar loomed over her. His hips were poised over the target. He propped himself up and holding his reddened member, guided it to her lips.
He got no help from Suguna and he looked up to see why as he moved forward with his hips. And he saw why.

From where she was lying, Suguna was looking up at the figure of her lady of the house standing at the door to the room.
Saroja Manni was staring at the woman lying open and agape under her nephew. Suguna's body was already stained with his cum and her blouse lay open. Large ponderous breasts topped with langoustine nipples betrayed marks of nails and teeth.
Her hair lay open backward, luxurious and inviting. The woman had been mauled and it appeared he had not yet speared her with his cock. She was slick with her own perspiration; or was it Sundar's sweat mixed with hers? She was flushed and glowing and radiant in her sexual arousal.
Suguna was truly beautiful and sensuously inviting to Saroja's eyes, aroused as she herself was.

The spearing happened as Sundar fell forward, in spite of himself, in spite of him having spotted his manni and in spite of him hoping to stop mid stride.

But he did not stop. Sheer momentum carried him forward and his cock spread open Suguna's already agape cunt. Man sank into woman and Suguna almost reflexively raised her legs and locked them around his hips.

"Ah!" she moaned loudly with a hiss, her eyes locked on those of her mistress.

"Saroja Manni!" shuddered and sobbed Sundar incongruously, as he felt the rewarding grip of Suguna's cunt on his cock. She wiggled her hips and he felt the cunt muscles rippling. The woman knew a trick or two. "Agh!" he gagged as his cock took over his responses. He immediately wanted more and holding her hips he pounded back into the grasping flesh. Her hands were holding him by his rib-cage urging him on.

"Kudungo! Give me!" she wailed as she ignored the stunned lady at the door. In that instant Suguna knew Saroja was unable to act. She pulled at the boy, her heels hammering his ass and her body beating against his.

"Take! Bitch!" bellowed Sundar, using language he could not have with his aunt as he gave vent to his sense of conquest. "Here! Here! Here! You slut!" he grunted as he fucked her with more than justifiable vigor. The bed quaked and Suguna was reduced to wails of uncontrolled desire and ache as she felt her pelvic bones stressed by his wild thrusting. It pushed her more and more off the bed and she came to rest her shoulders on the floor. And still Sundar continued pounding her. He had just cum a few minutes ago. He wanted to cum now, but it took this brutal fucking of the woman under him to try provoke a new orgasm.

Suguna felt good. She felt possessed. She was being pulverized and taken into submission in her mistress's presence. Her cunt felt open and wet, not raw. Raw was how he was fucking her and how animal he was feeling. The lack of control in the boy was her personal triumph. She was happy he could not control himself.

She threw herself back at him. She pinched his nipples. She dug her nails into him. Finally, when Sundar lifted one leg over his shoulder and rammed her cunt as if it was target practice, she went into multiple orgasms.
Her head lolled without control and saliva ran from the corner of her mouth.
She threw her head from side to side as orgasms spilled out of her cunt and her being. She was now a rag doll in a storm and she allowed herself to be plundered.

Sundar was holding by her hips watching the breasts lurch with his every thrust. He placed the palm of one hand on her soft tummy. The fingers clutched the lower belly, but the thumb snaked downward. Sundar slid the thumb between their sweaty bodies and crossed the soaked pubic hair. This thumb found slick wet flesh and the steaming mound of Suguna's clit.
As he fucked her cunt deep, his thumb toyed her sensitive outer lips and the prized bud on top.

He was somewhat thick and fairly long; the propped up hips meant he was hitting her in her womb. The ravaged clit was shooting bolts of pleasure to her untended breasts. As the multiple waves of pleasure reached a converging crescendo, Suguna grabbed her own breasts. She squeezed the mounds pulling the long nipples with a brutal energy that one can only risk with one's own self.

She alone could know how much of the pain was pleasure in disguise. She grunted each time she squeezed pleasure out of her breasts and nipples, arching upward to conquer his ravaging cock.

But she could not tame him. He was in full control of her body. He pounded and thrust and rammed into her. Sweat poured from his face onto his own body and driblets fell on her quivering form. "Amma!" screamed Suguna, holding his arms now, then back to her own breasts, then the edge of the mattress in desperation as she searched for something to beat against as the orgasms lashed her soul.

It did nothing for Sundar's hard cock which was unmoved towards any orgasm. His pleasure was just from the pummeling and the conquest of this woman under him. Her wild, uncontrolled orgasm was his pleasure. He looked up at his Saroja manni whose eyes were on him. He looked at her and down at Suguna, as if to seek his aunt's approval or opinion of his handling of the woman.

When he looked up at her again, he felt his aunt was in heat, fidgeting, and was deprived of him and their pleasure.
This time when he looked back and forth, it seemed as if he was beseeching his aunt, showing her that this was the wild pleasure he could deliver to her too.

Saroja watched with a mix of apprehension and pride. Her boy was now a full grown stud! But he seemed to be killing Suguna, who was sobbing and wailing.
She dug into her own flesh and tortured her nipples. She screamed and hollered. Her eyes rolled in her head as she shuddered and twisted against his cock.
It was slick with her juices and so was this thumb. He rammed both cunt and clit till her body gave up.

His thrusting had brought both of them to the edge of the bed. Sundar was holding her body up by the hips, both to prevent her from sliding and to fuck her hard. Suddenly, she could take no more. Her flesh was saturated with pleasure and now felt tender. She pushed him away and losing the anchoring pinion of his cock, she rolled away, down to the floor, with part of the mattress under her.

Suguna was drained beyond her own expectation and this in spite of being a hardworking energetic woman.
She curled in a corner, using her saree, now fully unraveled to cover her body in at least some parts.
She tucked a bunch of the garment between her legs to soak up the swamp of fluids drenching her triangle.

She could not move, even though she was just a foot or so from her where her mistress was standing.
The cold floor felt marvelous on her hot, soaked skin. She lay there, neither caring nor bothering about the consequences of what had just transpired between her and the young master of the house.
If it came to that, she knew her lady's secrets too.

While she allowed herself to drift to a nap, Suguna could not have known that she need not have worried.
The aunt was about to fill her nephew's unfulfilled desire. As Sundar rolled and layback with his reddened cock waving in the air angrily, glistening with sweat, juices and all, Saroja realized the boy's finishing was only a physical act that was leftover.

But she felt that if that finishing was to be done by her, she could complete the emotional circle between them and set the terms of reference for the future.

It was with these thoughts of achieving closure that Saroja manni moved towards the young nephew laid out on the bed. When it came to tutoring and taking the dominant role, it would be her. Not that slut. "She deserved the animal fucking she got, the bitch!" thought Saroja, somewhat resentful at the woman's intense orgasms. But that woman had been denied the fullness of pleasure which comes from making the partner lose control. And the young boy, her nephew would lose that with her.

She prodded the prone woman on the floor with her feet. Suguna staggered to her feet and stood in front of Saroja, valiantly trying to cover her breasts and cunt with the stretch of garment at her disposal.

"Amma…." Suguna started as is trying to explain herself.

"Tomorrow," said Saroja she ordered the maid out of the house. Once she had seen the maid off, Saroja went back to the sexual battlefield. Sundar lay on his back, his member a wee bit flaccid, but still red, slick and wet.

Methodically, she unwound her saree as she stepped forward to fulfill the role she had chosen for herself in Sundar's life.