The Saga of Incest. Ch - 03

The Saga of Incest. Ch - 03

Published on: 2023-12-02 23:12:50

Me and Mummy were having sex every night for the last one week. Sometimes we even made love in the morning hours as no one else was present in our home and I was having holidays before I joined into an engineering college. Our maid Neelu was still away on leave as I told her to go to take care of her mother. Mummy knew that I gave her leave so that I could seduce her in her absence. I told her after first time we had sex in my parents queen sized bed. That night mummy also told me that Daddy is also having an affair with a woman in Dubai, where he lived for his job.

After our incestuous affair started, mummy decided that from every night I will sleep in my parent’s bed with her every night. But my luggage and other stuff stayed in my bedroom. One such night when we were ready to go to bed, I told, "mummy I want to do something different today when I fuck you." She asked me, "what new you want to try beta?"

Me: "mummy, did you ever had sex in open, under the dark sky and shining stars?"
Mummy: "No beta, your daddy always fucked me on this bed. I never even went naked outside of this room."
Me: "so mummy tonight I want to fuck you on our terrace roof, under the open sky…."
Mummy: "but beta you know that the neighbouring buildings are very tall and what if someone sees us??"
Me: "Look mummy what is the time, no one will be awake at this time, and apart from this it’s too dark there on the terrace. So no one will be able to watch us…."
Mummy: "Ok beta, we will do it, but I won’t get all naked on the roof"
Me: "come on mummy, you know that how much I like to fuck you while you are naked. I enjoy it a lot when I play with you naked body……"
Mummy: "ok Zaheer, I will do it but I have one condition….."
Me: "what condition mummy??"
Mummy: "that we will come back to bedroom after fucking once on the roof….i don’t want to spend all night sleeping naked on the roof….."
Me: "Ok mummy…. We will have sex only once. Then we will return back to your bed…"

Mummy grabbed one blanket, mattress and a pillow. She asked me to take a mosquito coil as there were a lot of mosquitos and a bottle of water so that we can use it after exhausting from our love making session. After reaching the top of our terrace, I arranged the mattress in a place where no one from the neighbouring building could see us. Mummy was happy with this arrangement. We sat down on the mattress and started to get undressed. While getting undressed we were kissing each other’s body. Finally when we were naked, I pushed mummy on her back and started to finger and lick her sweet pussy.

After getting an orgasm from her own son, mummy pushed me on my back and sat in between my legs. After rubbing my cock for some time, she took it inside her wet mouth and started to blow me. when I was rock hard, mummy got up and sat down on my cock. she started to ride with my cock inside her wet pussy. We fucked for some time before changing our position. Next, I got up and closed her body in my arms. We both were in sitting positions with my mother sitting on my lap and still riding my cock. mummy got another orgasm after some fucking.

Mummy knew that I always liked to come when I was on top of her, in normal missionary fucking position. She removed my cock from her pussy and laid on the mattress on her back and opened her legs to take me inside her. Without wasting any time, I got inside her again and fucked her till I came inside her pussy. We increased our fucking pace and finally I ejaculated, filling my mother’s fertile womb with millions of sperms in my semen.

Me: "are you taking pills….. to avoid pregnancy???"
Mummy: "Yes beta, I am taking it regularly. We have to be very careful in that matter."
Me: "but mummy, I think you should consult a doctor before taking any pills. It may have some side effects…."
Mummy: "yes beta, it has side effects. But I don’t want to get pregnant. Otherwise your daddy and whole world will know that I am fucking with someone else…..other than my husband…"
Me: "So mummy, why don’t we use some other alternative for birth control, like condoms or diaphragms… can also get operated for not having more children….."
Mummy: "yes beta, I can. But I don’t want to….."
Me: "why mummy??? If you get operated it will be the safest way to avoid pregnancy…."
Mummy: "Zaheer, beta you know that I am still very much fertile and I can have children for at least next 5-6 years."
Me: "so you want some more children??"
Mummy: "yeah son. I am hoping to make some more children….because….."
Me: "because what mummy???"
Mummy: "your daddy is having two children with that slut…..and he gave only one kid to his legal wife. I want to have more children after knowing that……"
Suddenly, I realized that mummy told me that daddy was having affair with some woman in Dubai. But I didn’t knew who she was. Mummy said that she would tell me later. Now that this topic came up, I wanted to know more about my father’s mistress.
Me: "Mummy, you told me that daddy was having sex with someone else. But you didn’t said that he has children with that woman."
Mummy: "yes son, she is having two children from your daddy….."
Me: "but mummy, who told you all this….."
Mummy: "you daddy only told me…..that is having some other woman in his life"
Me: "when did you come to know this……"
Mummy: "your daddy told me when your first step brother was 2 years old…."
Me: "do you know who that slut is??"
Mummy: "I know her very well beta, and so do you….you have seen her…"
Me: "I’ve seen her?? Who is she mom?"
Mummy: "I will tell you. But first we have to go from here."
Me: "but mom, I want to know know…"
Mummy: "I will tell in you in my bedroom beta, lets go now…."

I took my mother and pinned her and got on top of her. I was so desperate to know about my father’s affair. I wanted to know about his slut, about my step brothers….and much more. Mummy insisted that she will tell her once we go to her bedroom. But I forced her to stay with me for some more time, on the terrace roof, lying naked on the mattress under a blanket and tell about my father’s affair.

Mummy: "Ok beta, what do you want to know??"
Me: "Everything, as Daddy told to you
Mummy: " I also didn’t knew about it before, but four years back when your daddy came to India, he told me about his affair. He also told me that he has a illegitimate love child from her. "
Me: "who is she, mummy??"
Mummy: "She is none other than my brother’s wife, your MAAMI….."
Me: "what?? You are telling me that MAAMI is having sex with my father???"

Mummy: "Ok beta, what do you want to know??"
Me: "Everything, as Daddy told to you

Mummy: " I also didn’t knew about it before, but four years back when your daddy came to India, he told me about his affair. He also told me that he has a illegitimate love child from her. "

Me: "who is she, mummy??"

Mummy: "She is none other than my brother’s wife, your MAAMI….."

Me: "what?? You are telling me that MAAMI is having sex with my father???"

Mummy: "Yes beta, I was also shocked at hearing this…"

I was also shocked when mummy told me that daddy was having sex with my beautiful maami regularly. My maami was a beautiful fair woman, but not more beautiful than mummy. I always wondered how lucky my Faraz maamu was to have such a beautiful woman as his wife. I even fantasized about maami many times before I fucked my mother.

Me: "tell me exactly what daddy told to you….."

Mummy: "four years ago, when your daddy was here, he fucked me every night because he is also having a high sex drive, just like you. He said that since I knew how high his sex addiction is, I could understand what he was going to say….."

Me: "so what did you tell daddy"

Mummy: "I asked him how he was able to deal with his sex addiction problem in Dubai, where he lived alone without a wife. He told that even though he didn’t had a wife there,still he got regular sex with some lady. On asking he told me that he seduced SABA, my sister in law, your maami."

Me: "did he say how he seduced her? my MAAMI??"

Mummy: "Yes beta. You know that your Faraz maama (my mothers’ brother) and your daddy share a big apartment. Your maama told you daddy to share because he lived alone and he could have a problem in cooking food and all the household stuff. So you daddy shifted into his big apartment and also paid some money for sharing. After your maama got family visa, he called his wife Saba and his infant baby (my cousin)to stay with them. They were very happy there. But your Saba maami didn’t liked your Faraz maamu’s job as mostly he had to do night shift in his office. "

Me: "so what mummy?"

Mummy: "Saba thought that she would get a lot of sex when she goes to Dubai to stay with her husband, but your Maamu had sex with her only once in a week. She didn’t like this."

Me: "how did daddy seduced her??"

Mummy: "your daddy and Saba Maami became very good friends. They used to joke with each other a lot. When your maamu goes for night shifts, they both used to watch TV together. She even used to breast feed her child infront of your daddy. One such night while watching TV, they were talking and she said that she didn’t like maamu’s job because of night shifts. She had to spend the nights alone and in the morning, maamu would come home and go to sleep before she woke up."

Me: "don’t she get up to give breakfast to her husband?"

Mummy: "my brother Faraz told her to cook the food in night itself and keep it in refrigerator. After coming from work, he reheats that food and eat it without disturbing his wife and infant child"

Me: "so what happened next between daddy and Saba maami??"

Mummy: "they got closer and started to talk more in your maamu’s absence."

But when Faraz maamu was home, they used to stay away from each other. Your daddy even started to buygifts for your maami."

Me: "did Faraz maamu had any knowledge of these gifts??"

Mummy: "No beta, your maami never told him."

Me: "what happened next, mummy?"

Mummy: "One night when your maamu was away on his job, your daddy got some rose flowers and a nighty for your maami. After seeing the gifts, she went into her bedroom leaving her infant child with your daddy. After sometime she came out wearing that nighty and sat beside your father. Your daddy told her to feed the child and make him sleep. When her child slept, she put him into his pram and your daddy went beside her and put his arms on her shoulder. She asked your daddy that why he gifted her flowers and nighty. Your daddy told her that she was very beautiful woman and she deserved such love and affection. Then your daddy told her not to tell maamu about that nighty. She said she will never wear that nighty infront of her husband."

Me: "ok…..then….."

Mummy: "your daddy told her to get the roses that he bought for her. When she gave it back to your daddy, he asked her to come to his bedroom. She took the child pram along with her. When they reached your daddy’s bedroom, she put the child pram beside his bed and started talking again, sitting on bed. Your daddy was removing all the petals from rose flowers and spread them on his bed."

Me: "why did he do that mummy??"

Mummy: "your Saba Maami also asked the same question to your father. He told her that he was feeling very lonely without his wife (my mummy) and he also has needs. Saba was feeling very shy then. He held her hand and told her that she also had needs that maamu didn’t care of. Your daddy said that he will take care of his needs and she also has to satisfy him. He said that he didn’t want to force her and make love to her by her consent. That meant only if Saba agrees they will have consensual sex. He asked her if she has any problems with that."

Me: "what did maami say???"

Mummy: "she said that she was happy that he thought of taking care of her. she said that she also started liking him very much but didn’t had guts to approach first as he was her brother in law. After she said this, your daddy took her and pushed her back on bed and started kissing her on lips. Slowly slowly they started to remove their clothes. This way they had sex for the first time."

Me: "didn’t daddy tell you the details of this first time sex??? Like which positions they did, how many times they did??"

Mummy: "your daddy didn’t tell me the details but said that they had sex three times that night in his bedroom."

Me: "mummy since when are they having sex??"

Mummy: "it must be around seven years, because your cousin, who was an infant at that time, is of eight years now."

Me: "so in this seven years didn’t Faraz maamu came to know about their love affair??"

Mummy: "No Zaheer, my brother is still unaware of their affair."

Me: "didn’t he catch them having sex anytime when he returned from work??"

Mummy: "No. they were very careful in that. Before going to your daddy’s bedroom to have sex, they locked the main door and bedroom door from inside so that no one could come in.After satisfying your daddy, Saba used to dressed up and went back to her bedroom with her child. She unlocked the main door from inside before going to sleep in her bed, as Faraz maamu had a key to the main door. When my brother came back from work, he always found his wife in his bed, sleeping with his child. So he never suspected anything."

Me: "mummy, but you said that daddy always liked to sleep naked with you till morning."

Mummy: "yes beta, your daddy sometimes even asked Saba to sleep with him all night. She slept with him all night, but made sure to put an alarm for morning so that she can go to her room before your maamu came back from work."

Me: "so how often did they had sex??"

Mummy: "your maamu had to work in night shifts for five nights in a week. So these five nights, Saba maami used to sleep and have sex with your daddy. Thursday and Friday were off for your maamu. So your Faraz maamu had sex with his wife (maami) on every Thursday night and sometimes on Friday night also. "

Me: "what about children. You said that the other two kids are not my cousins but my step brothers??"

Mummy: "Yes Zaheer.Your father always used condoms when he fucked your maami, because your maamu also used condoms to fuck her. So your daddy didn’t want any problems in his new sex life. "

Me: "so how did she get pregnant if they used condoms daily?"

Mummy: "when your cousin (my maamu’s child) was two and half years old, Saba maami told to your daddy she wants to have another child before having sex one night. But she wanted your daddy to be the father of her child. She told your daddy to impregnate her. so they started to have sex without condoms from then."

Me: "did she also had sex with mammu without using condoms??"

Mummy: "No, she still used condoms while having sex with her husband."

Me: "so didn’t maamu suspect that the child is not his??"

Mummy: "No Zaheer. Soon your maami got pregnant by your father and she gave this good news to your daddy. Your daddy even asked that what will she tell to her husband. She said she will take care of that. Now that she was already pregnant, she started having sex with her husband without using condoms. After two weeks she informed maamu that she is pregnant."

Me: "what about medical reports? Didn’t maamu checked them?"

Mummy: "since your maamu had night shifts and he would sleep in mornings, your maami used to go for medical check ups with your daddy. She liked that because he was the real father of her would be child. Your father kept the original medical reports with him and made false reports himself, gets it printed and gave it to my brother (Faraz Maamu)."

Me: "so this way they had their affair….Maami is such a bitch mummy."

Mummy: "Yes beta, you know, after she gave birth to your father’s child, my brother even told her to get her tubes tied as he didn’t wanted any more kids. He planned for only two kids. But your bitch maami told that she want one more kid. That’s why she didn’t get her tubes tied."

Me: "so for another kid also she asked my father??"

Mummy: "Yes. After some years, when her second child was a little grown up, she decided to have another child. She told to your daddy instead of her husband. But your daddy told that she has to inform me (mummy) before taking any decisions, as by that time, I knew about their affair as your father told me after the birth of their first child (my first step brother)."

Me: "what did daddy tell you??"

Mummy: "your daddy called me one night before having sex with that bitch and told me that she wanted another child from him. He was asking me to give permission to sire another love child with my brother’s wife. I didn’t had any options. Since your daddy cared to ask for my permission, I gave him my consent."

Me: "so they did it in the same way as they did before??"

Mummy: "Yes, first your father fucked her without condoms. When she knew that she had your father’s child growing in her womb, she started to fuck my brother without condoms so that he doesn’t know that the child is not his. This second time, I came to know about her pregnancy before her husband (maamu) as the father of this child was my husband and not my brother. "

Me: "so mummy, did she had her tubes tied now, so that she doesn’t have any more kids??"

Mummy: "No Zaheer. After giving birth to her second illegitimate child, she felt very guilty. She thought that her husband loved her so much and she is having more kids with her lover. To overcome this guilt, she decided that she wanted to have another child. But this time from your maamu. She wants to give birth to Faraz’s (my maamu’s) second child. "

Me: "now that she is guilty, did she stop fucking my daddy??"

Mummy: "for some time she stopped having sex with your daddy. But your father seduced her again, and she succumbed to her carnal desires. She again started to have sex with your father and they do it regularly as they did it before. "

Me: "didn’t daddy want to make her pregnant again??"

Mummy: "No beta. Your daddy respects her decision of not having any more illegitimate children. Your daddy doesn’t even care about children now, all he cares about his sexual desires."

Me: "you just said he doesn’t cares for any more children now. but you want more kids??"

Mummy: "Yes beta, I want more kids, I talked to your daddy and he said that he will make me pregnant this time when he comes to India to stay with us."

Me: "but mummy, daddy is having to love children from another woman. Don’t you feel jealous?"

Mummy: "I do feel jealous, but I don’t care. I just want more kids"

Me: "mom, if daddy can have children from another woman, why can’t you have children from other man??"

Mummy: "beta, the only other man in my life is you…."

Me: "yes mummy. I am the only other man in your life. I am your lover. So don’t you want me to be the father of your next child?"

Mummy: "so you want to impregnate your own mother? Want me to give birth to your child?"

Me: "Yes mummy. You know that I love you very much.I want to have a proof or a symbol of our love, our affair for the rest of our lives and only our child can do that."

Mummy: "beta, now after having this discussion with you, I am also thinking to have your child.

Me: "so will you have my kids?"

Mummy: "yes beta. I will give birth to your child, but we have to wait till your daddy comes back to India. Then you can impregnate me while he is here. We will fool him in same way as he fooled my brother. So that he doesn’t know that it’s not his child."

We were still lying naked on the mattress in this cold night on the terrace of our home. We were cuddling and kissing while we discussed my Father’s extra marital affair with my Maami. After some more playing in the cold, under the blanket, mummy said that she is feeling cold.

Mummy: "Zaheer, it is too cold here out in open. I want to go inside."

Me: "sure mummy, we will go inside, but I want to fuck you one more time"

Mummy: "you can do it in my bedroom. We will fuck there good."

Me: "I know mummy. But I want to fuck you here on terrace under open sky….."

Mummy: "I know you are enjoying here to fuck your own mother under open sky, but son the floor here is very hard, my back was hurting when you were fucking me so hard…..I am getting good pleasure from you but I am not enjoying this. So that’s why I want to go to my bedroom"

Me: "ok mummy. I will fuck you on your bed. But atleast we can do oral here."

Mummy: "that’s OK with me…..I will do oral sex here…."

Me: "OK mom. Now get down and suck my cock like a good girl till it is ready to fuck you."

Mummy: "OK my love……"

I laid and mom took my cock into her mouth. She liked it very much to suck my cock and lick my balls. She would suck my cock like it was her favorite ice cream…KULFI….

Me: "mummy, you are sucking my cock like it is a kulfi….."

Mummy: "No son, this is not a kulfi……your cock is much harder than kulfi…."

Me: "but Kulfi is your favorite….."

Mummy: "no beta, Kulfi was my favorite, but from now your cock is my favorite. Your cock is even tastier than kulfi."

Mummy didn’t stopped even when I was rock hard and ready to fuck her. she stopped only when I told her that I will take her to bedroom. We got up and mummy started to get dressed.

Me: "why are you getting dressed my jaan?? We are going to fuck one more time……"

Mummy: "I know beta, we will remove it again in my bedroom"

Me: "why to do so much work repeatedly mom?? Just stay naked. We will go down like this only….without clothes….."

Mummy took water bottle and collected all our clothes from the terrace floor. She asked me to get the mattress and pillow. I was walking behind my sexy mother. I was staring at her ass swaying from left to right to left while she moved down the stairs towards her bedroom. Once we reached our living room, I threw the mattress and pillow there and went behind my mother and grabbed her. I made her throw the clothes on the floor and picked her up in my arms and took her to my parent’s bedroom.

Once inside her bedroom, I threw her on that queen sized soft bed and got on top of her. We started making out again.

Mummy: "you are very desperate to fuck you mummy?"

Me: "Yes mom. After what you told about Daddy’s affair with Saba maami, I want to fuck you again."

Mummy again sucked my cock and then made my enter inside her pussy to fuck her. We fucked a little longer this time as I was controlling my ejaculation and mummy also helped me in that. She would remove my cock from inside her cunt when she felt I was close to ejaculate. Then she would leave my cock for some time and asked me to play with her big titties. Again she would ask me to mount her and fuck her.

After a lot of fucking in my parent’s bed we got tired. Both out bodies were full of sweat even when the air condition was on. I told mummy to stop playing and let me ejaculate inside her pussy. She told me to go ahead as she was also tired from our vigorous lovemaking. Soon I felt my load boiling inside my balls and released my semen into my mother’s pussy. We kissed and slept peacefully in each other’s arms so that we can welcome another day and some new adventures in our newly found sexual incestuous affair.