A Girl Chooses a Coach

Published on: 2023-06-24 20:21:17

Sudhir sat in his corner of the large hall that served as his house's living-cum-dining room and watched the young girl bounce about. Aruna, his 22-year old niece had recently got married and had just come back from her brief honeymoon visiting her mother, and both mother and daughter had dropped by at their house to say hello.

Sudhir had always had an awkward time around Aruna in recent years. The girl didn't seem to understand that a grown up girl needs to be circumspect with men -- even if those men are relatives.

That is the custom in Indian homes. Till she is a toddler it is fine for uncles and older cousins to carry the kid all around the house and fete and treat them. But once she was in her teens- and especially if she had attainted puberty -- the nature of that interaction changed.

Some of them remained playful and tom-boyish but the physical touch was completely eliminated. Not even a handshake, let alone a hug.

And so it jarred him every time Aruna came visiting. She would insist on a proximity that bordered on intimacy. And yet, the girl behaved as if sex did not exist. Nothing else could explain her behavior as a teenager -- right though her teens -- and right up to the days leading up to her wedding day.

Whenever she spotted Sudhir she would exult "Daddy-uncle!" and throw herself at him. Expressions like 'daddy-uncle' are typically Indian. It happens when families are close and also share a friendly bond. The kids look up to their father's friends. Then they want to call them by a term that reflects more than just the primary relationship.

This is what made her actions even more appalling. If he was standing she would give him a no-holds-barred hug, her body clinging to his. If he was sitting she would jump onto his lap. Sometimes she would sit on him the way little children do; back to Sudhir facing the same side as him, with her legs dangling on either side of his legs. At other times she sat cross-wise, both legs to one side and an arm around him. Sudhir would squirm to keep his cock from coming into contact with the girl, desperately hoping that her movements did not result in a hard-on.

Sometimes it did result in a hard-on. And some contact was inevitable. But Aruna didn't seem to notice. And that was the mystery. How could a 16-, 18-, 20- and now 22-year old just about to get married not know? And if she didn't know, what was the marriage about and how was she going to handle that?

Sudhir had turned to his wife Shanta in desperation several times over all those years. "Why doesn't someone explain to that girl?" he complained.

"I told your sister several times. She doesn't do anything about it," replied Shanta.

"Well, then you tell her," said Sudhir.

"No way!" pushed back Shanta. "Anything that I say beyond a point to your family makes me a bad person in their eyes. I wouldn't want to stir up a controversy," said Shanta, fleeing to the recesses of the house to avoid the topic.

Sudhir never figured it out. He just hoped the girl was not the same way with other men. Surely, someone would take advantage of her naivety and then all would be lost.

He sighed. He decided he had to get up before Aruna came to see him in his corner of the hall. He did not want her sitting on him. Maybe on her honeymoon she discovered sex. Maybe she now realized that sitting on a man's lap led to different things. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But who was to take a chance with the irrepressible Aruna?

Moreover, he had just got a new reclining work chair. It was like a Jefferson-chair. It allowed him to stretch back. Yet, it had a swiveling work-surface which took his keyboard and on which he could write. He had a large computer monitor on a stand nearby. His bookshelves were at hand. And yet, because of the way he had sited his office, he could not be seen by most of the persons in the hall area.

This allowed him to be at home and be with his family while at the same time remain undisturbed at work if chose to keep it that way. It was a far distant corner of an L-shaped hall and suited everyone very well. Shanta too liked the idea that her husband and his scattering of things would be out of her way.

The problem this new chair posed him -as he watched the commotion of Aruna and his sister's arrival the front door- was that he was half way between fully lying back and sitting up straight. It was a vulnerable posture in which he certainly did not want Aruna to sit on him.

Preliminaries done, the women adjourned to the kitchen. Aruna should have now belonged in that category and learned a few recipes from her aunts. But a new husband makes no such demands on his wife. She seems just perfect to him in that phase when he is engrossed in discovering the charms of a woman. The caress of her body, playing with her breasts and torso, the delight of being able to bury your face in a shoulder unhindered by any garment of any kind…

And so Aruna continued to remain carefree.

Sudhir had struggled to get up from reclining position and perhaps he was done in by his haste.

"Where is daddy-uncle?" shouted Aruna aloud, not really expecting or waiting for an answer.

"Oh! There are some changes here! You have rearranged your office," beamed down Aruna at her uncle who was struggling to get up.

"Hey, you brat!" said Sudhir to Aruna, eyeing the young woman. She had always been pencil thin as a girl. In the later years, her breasts were just a noticeable swelling of her chest. She was not a busty girl -- but nor was she really all that flat.

But today that chest seemed a bit fuller. And her hips seemed to have a slender roll of fat. All within a month! From pencil straight, she had added just-enough curves in the right departments. "What is it that marriage does?" wondered Sudhir, making his mind up to refer google. She was not dressed like a married woman at all. It was still her old favorite attire: a just-right t-shirt and the short denim skirt frayed around the hem for fashion. The skirt stopped just above her mid-thigh.

Sudhir feared that if she came any closer he would end up looking up her skirt. He fumbled for the lever under the chair and managed to bring up the back which brought him to a somewhat respectable incline. He was still not upright, but he was not as vulnerable as before.

But he had not reckoned with Aruna. She plonked herself on his lap, legs both to one side sitting across him. She put an arm around his shoulder and looked impishly at Sudhir and asked, "How has my daddy-uncle been?"

"Fine. Fine," replied the nonplussed Sudhir. Nothing seemed to have changed with this kid. He tried to steer the conversation to a topic that might make her realize that she was now grown up.

"How's married life?" he asked.

"You mean 'how's the sex'?" she said, shocking him with her blunt language, the mischievous tone and the glint in her eye.

"Aruna!" remonstrated Sudhir in a strict voice, not very convinced himself. He could feel her chest brush his chest.

"You bad man! You never phoned me this last one month!" she complained, going back to being the spoilt little brat she had been all her life with him. She punched him on his chest, marveling at Sudhir's well toned, muscled body. It was hard and well trained. The contrast with her own husband was not lost on the young woman newly initiated to the pleasures of the flesh.

"You know," she continued, "I have been wondering about us."

"What is there about us?" asked a bewildered Sudhir.

"We are so close. Still, you never told me how to prepare for married life," she pouted. Now her hands caressed the chest, feeling through the fabric of his vest the skin beneath.

Sudhir felt her fingers play on him and felt his cock twitch to life. Was this way of touching him newly learnt in the marital bed? Or was he newly feeling the sexuality of her touch?

"It is not a topic for an uncle to discuss with his niece," said Sudhir primly.

Aruna leaned closer, allowing her cheek to graze his and whispered into his ear, "Are you not a man? What is it that you cannot teach a young woman?" Her voice was hoarse with her own desire for this man and there was a devilish quiver in it which Sudhir picked up.

"This is nonsense!" protested Sudhir. "I think I should talk to your mother" he threatened her.

Aruna pulled back from her close position, withdrawing her arm from around his shoulders. Sudhir felt relief and regret. Relief that his threat had worked and regret that the young woman would not be touching him any further.

But he was wrong.

She leaned back and dropped her right hand to the floor. Her body was now reclined fully resting on that right hand. Her legs were still to the right. She lifted the left leg, ready to swivel it to the other side, so that she would straddle his lap.

But she didn't do it in one swift motion.

She bent her left knee, and shook her leg so her sandal dropped to the floor. Sudhir felt the outer side of her thigh brush his broad muscled arm. She straightened her leg and her toe pointed upward towards the ceiling.

"Surely someone would spot that outstretched leg from the hall?" thought Sudhir to himself, and glanced over his shoulder, peering over the stack of books to see if anyone was in the hall.

"Oh yes!" hissed his shameless niece. "Someone might spot my leg! Better I bring it down."

So saying she bent her knee and let her other hand drop to the floor behind her as well, for complete balance. Slowly, and deliberately, she scraped her toe nails across his chest, grazing one nipple of his, then the other. Sudhir's eyes were fixed on the gap between her legs and up her skirt. When the leg was across the other side, she paused, allowing the older man a good long look at her young hungry pussy.

It had been shaven, but a while ago; perhaps just before her honeymoon. Right now, there was a smooth turf of hair and the brown-purple lips of her cunt.

"This is so wrong!" hissed Sudhir in a hoarse voice.

"Is it?" she laughed. "What a married woman does is her business," she told him.

"And so is it for the married man. He can look up any skirt he wishes. And that isn't wrong?" she asked him.

"Why are not….wearing anything underneath?" he asked, trying to behave like an elder should.

"How would you know? You shouldn't have a clue, whether I am wearing a bra or not, panties or not. Why did you look?" she teased him.

"I did nothing wrong," replied Sudhir weakly as he noticed the outline of her nipples under the t-shirt. She was right -- no bra either.

The athletic young woman lifted her body up and came to be seated, astride his lap. She reached between them and found his cock, hard and pulsating, through the exercise slacks he wore. "You bad man, you have an erection! And you are letting me feel it. Isn't that wrong?" she scolded him playfully, her eyes dancing.

"It isn't!" she told him firmly. "Nothing is wrong if we do not let it hurt anyone" she said. As she spoke both her hands went down to her own thighs and she pulled the already tight skirt as far up as it would go.

"I told you I have been thinking about us. You should have made love to me long ago. Taught me. Initiated me. Trained me. Made me ready for life. Long ago," she whispered, looking into his eyes.

Sudhir's throat dried. The girl had discovered sex, for sure. And she associated her own inclination to be physical with Sudhir as a stand-in for sex. And that was the missing link between their mutual fondness and a completion of their intimacy.

"You are fond of me, no?" she asked, as she fumbled with the buttons on the front his nylon track pants.

He nodded dumbly.

"I have always been special to you, right?" she continued, finding her progress hampered by his underwear.

Once again he nodded in the affirmative.

"And the only reason you didn't allow that to grow is some relationship between us that we didn't get to choose?" she asked, desperately trying to reach the elastic band to gain access.

Sudhir found himself raising his hips to help her. "It isn't that," he croaked, not knowing what it otherwise was.

The next few minutes were dominated by the heavy breathing which accompanied their movements. Sudhir propped his hips up, allowing his young niece to reach him however she wanted. She gripped the waist band of both the track pants and the underwear below and moved back. As she did so, her head bent towards his torso and she lifted herself off his lap giving herself the space she needed. She was then able to peel back his underwear and the track pants down to his knee level.

She stared in fascination at the cock which sprang up. Gently she stroked it with fluttering fingers, allowing her warm breath to blow on the bobbing thickness. It was succulent in its thickness. Thick, springy and spongy-hard. She licked her lips. He was a stud compared to what she had seen on her honeymoon.

She slid back onto his lap, hitching her skirt up as far as her waist. Her belly and crotch caught his looming monstrosity and pushed it back against his tummy. His cock was now trapped between their bodies. Aruna felt a slight slick against her tummy as Sudhir's cock began to leak with excitement.

"You have everything you needed to seduce me. So why didn't you?" whispered Aruna into her uncle's lips as she allowed her lips to hover over his lips. Her hands caressed his thick strong muscled arms, sending shivers through Sudhir. This was incredible; his little niece was now all grown up, married and busy seducing him. Right here in his home-office where his wife and her mother could walk in on them anytime.

"You were a virgin, remember?" whispered back Sudhir, trying to grab her lips with his.

"And now I am not. So why are you waiting?" she asked achingly.

"This is not legal," he explained.

She reached between them and gently held the massive organ in her hand and replied impishly, "I can tell you for sure that such a large weapon is also not legal!"

Sudhir stared at her disbelievingly. This younger generation knew no taboo. Look at her -this was not how she was supposed to be talking to an authority figure! But of course, he was also the uncle who used to encourage rebellion and liked his nieces and nephews to be open and free with him.

"We will get caught," warned Sudhir making a last ditch attempt to stop the unstoppable. The girl was stroking his member lightly with her fingers, tapping the head, scraping the trunk and gripping the base in an unpredictable sequence. It was maddening and he just wanted to fuck her brains out. But that was not the way uncles were supposed to behave.

"If we don't get on with it and continue talking, we will get caught," said Aruna.

She spread her legs as wide as she could, partly to accommodate the unimaginably large cock but also to keep her skirt up. She kneeled on the arm rests and looked towards the kitchen door at the other end. She could hear the distant hubbub of voices as her mother and his wife jabbered away. With one hand she reached under and grabbed the object of her desire. Her head rested on top of his head. "They are busy right now. Let's get busy too," she told her uncle, taking care of one of his several worries at this time.

He briefly felt the furry patch around her pussy as she manipulated herself down, setting the soles of her feet on the ground on either side. Her uncle's new chair was just perfect for the job. It was sufficiently low so she could rest her feet and yet, sufficiently high for her to ride him hard.

When she thought she had her cunt poised over the cockhead below, her hands shifted to his shoulders. Spreading her legs achingly wide, she sank down, only to slam her hot but unprepared cunt against the huge knob of his cockhead.

She grunted a loud "Mmmmph" and pushed downward. Her lips were spread by the head but her pussy would not yield to the bulb.

She whimpered. "Daddy-Uncle, do something!" she moaned. She had said that a thousand times or more to him, asking for ice-cream, or a movie ticket, or a bike ride or a hundred other hard-to-get things she had desired at various points in time. Today she used that same phrase to ask him to fuck her. She was impossibly tight and he was impossibly large; larger than he had been in a long time.

"We will not be able to finish quickly enough," he said in an agitated voice. His hands caressed her buttocks and back, stroking and feeling the hard body and silky soft skin.

"It just takes a few short minutes," she replied, eyes still on the kitchen door and hips undulating up and down in an attempt to gain penetration.

"Who told you," he gasped as the repeated prodding of her cunt made him juice up even more and his precum ran down the underside of his cock to his balls. "There goes the leather of my new chair," he thought.

"That is all it lasts with him," she explained, once again reaching under and holding his cock, painting her cuntlips and prodding at them, using his cock as a probe.

"That's because he is new to this. It can go up to an hour. Sometimes more," he replied, grunting as the manipulation of his cock drove him mad.

She grabbed his face in her hands and looked down at him. "My God. I knew it! I just knew instinctively you would be more. Come on now, give it to me," said a crazed Aruna. Just a few minutes of her husband's amateurish fucking had made her wild about sex. And here was this very complete, very well endowed man promising her an hour or more of sex! "I should take him to bed with lots more time," thought Aruna making a quick agenda for this stay.

For now, she just had to get what she could and abandoned all caution. She rammed down as hard as she could and a burning and aching penetration occurred, which caused her to scream. Very quickly she closed her mouth on his muscular shoulder and screamed her pleasure into his flesh. Her teeth sank in causing him pain. But it was nothing compared to the searing bolts of pleasure that his cock signaled with the entry.

Her sheath was tight, slick with her lubrication and it gripped his cock like a tight fist.

Sudhir never got a chance to fuck upwards.

The girl gripped his head with arms thrown about it and propped herself. With rapid jabs her hips fucked down taking his cock out and plunging it back in so far as her cunt would allow.

The initial, searing pain she felt was as if she had never lost her virginity. The later pleasure she felt was as if she had never experienced pleasure before.

The cock was thick, filling, and completed her as a woman. Her orgasms were instantaneous and the girl sobbed her pleasure onto her uncle's shoulder and neck. As the juices flowed, his cock was slick with her flow. The greased pole slid further and further up into the unaccustomed channel with every thrust.

Aruna was now bobbing up and down his cock with an unrelenting pace and vigor. The world around her ceased to exist as she threw her head back and forth, flailing in one orgasm after another.

"Are you," she gasped, "close to…unhhhhh!" she stammered, "Cumming!" she hissed with extra emphasis as pleasure rocketed through her being.

"Hardly," grunted back Sudhir, still gripping her hips in his strong, large hands and guiding her to fuck him.

She looked down at him, wild with desire. Impossible! Her husband had never lasted more than a few strokes of her cunt, and here he was with well over a dozen thrusts!

She cried out like a wounded warrior, anguished that she had been deprived of this strong man and his fucking when she had him in her world all along. She made a throaty war-cry loaded with desire and the fucking resumed with added fervor. It was if she was hell bent on extracting all the pleasure that she could get for all the days past.

Sudhir groaned as she plundered him. As the ferocity of her fucks increased, bit by bit, her cunt accommodated more and more of him. The cock stabbed a bit deeper each time and the cunt widened with every fuck.

She let out her breath with a loud 'hnhhhhhh!' when she got as far as sinking down the full length of his throbbing cock. She let her ass rest on his thighs, grinding her cunt onto the cock. She could feel his hair on her ass. He could only feel a squishy mess as the now-gaping cunt flowed onto him and made his pubic hair soggy. The chair's leather was surely gone now.

She had now ascertained how deep he went into her. She felt him fill her up. She now was sure the monster would not hurt her. She bounced on his lap with wild abandon with his cock fully embedded in her; there was no risk it would slip out in the fury of her fucking.

The movements, the bouncing and the ramming drove Sudhir up the slope of pleasure. All that remained now was for him to scale the peak and roll all the way down with his own orgasm.

"We must find a way to finish quickly," he pleaded. He was worried about all sorts of things. But in the heat of his pleasure, his biggest worry was that he would be deprived of cumming in this spectacular woman.

"Then come you, stud-man," she hissed, sweat pouring down her face with exertions.

"Aah!" she shuddered as a new orgasm ripped through her. This was the effect of having his entire flesh embedded deep in her up to her womb, and reaming her all the way in and out.

Saliva drooled out of the corner of her mouth as she lost control of her facial muscles. As she rubbed her face against his in the passion, she smeared her saliva on his cheek and chin.

Sudhir was now desperate to cum. His hand slid up the girl's body, trying to grip the slim body in his powerful hands and pound her down on him in a way that would make him cum.

Instead, Aruna pulled up her own t-shirt and bared her breasts to him. "Here!" she offered them to him. She tucked the roll of her shirt under her armpits and grabbed his head pulling it to her breasts, bouncing up and down all the while.

What her breasts lacked in volume, they made up for in the nipples and in their sensitivity. Wild with desire and uncontrolled in his responses, Sudhir lavished the hot, waiting flesh with kisses. He tongued, kissed and pulled at the nipples. They were gorgeous nipples, long and nibble-able. He played, toyed and rubbed his face on the entire surface of her breasts. His stubble abraded her tender soft skin, but to her, the rubbing triggered more pleasure.

Just then one of the women in the kitchen called out, "Are you guys ready for a coffee?"

Aruna had been holding her breath to control her desire to scream. Her body was tortured with pleasure. She had expected one frisson of pleasure culminating in an orgasm of sorts, for that is what she had learned from her new husband.

But with this cock embedded in her and stretching her wide, with the ability of daddy-uncle to remain undiminished while pleasure coursed through her, with the gaping open pussy flowing and helping her to fuck down brutally, one orgasm was long past. She had cum several times and the teasing and caressing of her breasts and nipples was building up to a very large release. She had held her breath to hold her screams down.

Now when the women in the kitchen called out she used the opportunity to exhale.

"Yesssssssssssssss, we are cummmming!" she bellowed, her voice powered by the release of air from the depths of her stomach. Her voice filled and resonated in the hall as she screamed out her orgasm in that sentence.

Sudhir's wife remarked to Aruna's mother, "That girl is still playful as ever!" Little did she know that the same playfulness was now loaded with sexuality.

"And soon she will have a baby. I suppose she will have to change then?" replied Aruna's mother.

Aruna had already changed in the last forty-five days and that change was playing itself out at the other corner of the house.

"Daddy-uncle?" Aruna gasped. "Are you cumming?" she managed, as the waves in her body lashed her.

Sudhir nodded, with his eyes closed tight. He was concentrating on his orgasm. He needed to cum. He didn't want those women to come here at this time and he miss his orgasm. With his face buried in his niece's breasts and his eyes closed, his mind focused on the tube that rammed down on his cockhead. He felt the pleasure surging upward as he concentrated on his own pleasure.

He caught her ass in his hands and changed her angle ever so slightly, ensuring that her sheath slid over his head incessantly.

His hard grip on her ass, stretched her wider. The change in angle made the opening of her spread-wide cunt ride on his cock. It was a new angle for her. It touched new places. And even though this new place was more on the outside of the cunt, not on the inside, the pleasure that the grinding gave was intense; on some strokes more intense.

"You!" she hissed to him. "You --ah! Ah! Ah! You should have taken my virginity- eeeeh! You should have fucked, trained, pleasured me…daddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ah-uncle!" she sobbed as unexpected tremors build inside her.

Hearing her use a word like 'fuck' and her begging him for pleasure helped. Sudhir felt his cock expand to impossible new proportions. It made the fucking harder for both of them, but only briefly.

"Arrrgh!" he growled as he held her small ass tight in his hands and pumped her down and up on him.

He started to shoot up into her and the pleasure was a crescendo of grunts, noises and squelches in his ears. She rose as usual to bounce on his cock. It was the wrong moment. His hands flew from her ass to her shoulders and held her down. The cunt was plastered to the cock as he released more semen into her.

And then he threw his thighs up to make her rise a bit. And he dropped her down. Aruna let the older man take over her movements. Clearly, he knew more. She noticed when he let her down and when he lifted her off. Her mind linked it to the pulsations she felt from the thick pillar embedded in her. She was noting which stroke maximized his pleasure and which stroke caused the maximum surge in semen.

If she was looking for lessons this was the perfect fuck. And her mind seemed to record everything to practice it on her husband.

His fingers, as they gripped her ass were perilously close to her anus; god forbid! But even that gave her pleasure. In fact, everywhere, anyhow that they were in contact, both of them seemed to be one mass of sensitive erotic touch points.

Sudhir felt his skin pull back, the cockhead swell as it entered her womb when her ass was plush against his pubis. In this extended position, his cock was deep with its head at the mouth of her womb; any shots of sperm were bound to splash deep in her womb.

He groaned from intense pleasure. He also groaned in frustration: he wanted his pleasure so much; there was no way he could act on his fears about her pregnancy. He bit, gnawed at her breast. She ground her hips round and round on his cock, as both bodies shuddered incessantly.

As his cock receded into small jerks and convulsions, his hand left her ass and roamed her back, caressing her. His thumb ran down her spine rubbing her down and she felt new waves of shivers which seemed to make her flow some more. She smothered his face and forehead in a flood of small kisses. They gripped each other tightly, enjoying the bonding, the comfort and the union of their bodies like only sexual passion could bring.

"My god!" she thought, marveling at the intensity. "Oh my god!" she shuddered, feeling the copious cum clogging her and squelching out and down. "Oh my dear god!" she ached as she felt his fingers massage her in the strangest of places; and her body responded.

It subsided. The orgasm ran its course as both gripped, clawed and held each other. The fog of pleasure lifted from her brain not a moment too soon. As sanity returned she saw her mother and her aunt emerge from the kitchen.

Abruptly Aruna rose from her seat, the slick and receding cock plopping out. She was unmindful that Sudhir was still spewing small dribbles. She pulled down her t-shirt over her breasts- now wet with Sudhir's saliva. Sweat dripped from her forehead and beads of perspiration marked her upper lip. She wiped her face with the back of hand, ignoring the fact that no part of her was dry enough to help.

Sudhir's eyes opened with a start. He was not ready to let go. But that would be typical of Aruna -- moving on the moment she had got what she desired.

It was her inexperience, he ruminated, which prevented her from realizing that he was still shivering, still spewing. He gripped his cock, slick with the combined juices and still seeking pleasure in driblets. Gently he squeezed and pumped his cock to calm himself by extracting every remnant of pleasure from the encounter. It was her inexperience too, that she didn't know a man would like to doze after such intense cumming. He pulled his pants up and slumped back, his exhaustion disproportionate to his effort.

As the women were heading towards the tables to set the coffee and snacks, Aruna ran towards them. It was her inexperience, once again, that she did not anticipate the flow down her inner legs. She realized it only when, as she neared the table she felt something damp at her heel. She looked down and saw the stains of the flow down her legs.

She froze. "I think I need to go to the loo," she blurted out to her mother and her aunt. Pressing her thighs together, the girl turned around, wishing she did not have to rush either the end or the aftermath. She would have loved for them to go on. She would have loved to have lain on him, spent. She would have loved for all this which was flowing from her to have pooled in her womb as they lay intertwined.

Trembling from the entire experience she made her way to the washroom, under the unknowing gaze of both women.

"That girl," said Sudhir's wife shaking her head, "she needs to learn to handle herself!"

Aruna sighed, tossing in her bed unable to settle down for the night. She regretted having fucked her Uncle Sudhir. But her reasons were different from what one might have imagined.

Aruna had only recently got married. She and her husband Gopi were both fairly young; she 22 and he was just 25. Gopi was inexperienced but had all the passion and desire that a young man would have. She, on the other hand, was really quite naïve and uninitiated in sexual matters.

Aruna remembered how she had been with her Sudhir Uncle. She called him 'Daddy-Uncle' fondly in acknowledgement of his role as a family senior. Over the years she had never been too conscious that the relative she was being physically close to was a male. She touched him, she sat on his lap and did other things a girl her age ought not to have done.

She wondered how 'Daddy-Uncle' had managed with her sexual naïveté. She could not remember one occasion on which Sudhir Uncle had touched her breasts or her pussy or tried to kiss or touch her.

She could however remember several occasions on which she had sat on him. Rested herself on him, her tender budding breasts pressing hard against his chest. Of feeling him against her ass as she sat on his lap. How had she been so ignorant?

But she was. Thinking back, knowing what she did know she could believe it.

Gopi, her new husband had to teach her everything about sex. Most of what they did together was based on what he had seen in porn movies. He made her hold his cock which she found 'icky'. But then he shocked her by kissing her in places she considered 'dirty'. The icky stuff seemed like a good deal in exchange for the pleasure he gave her kissing her pussy and licking it like he was feeding.

The first time he held her head and guided her to his cock, she held her breath. As she choked she breathed. And then, guided by his hands, she bobbed up and down on him. The tastes and smells were acrid but her husband's pleasure kept her going. And then those smells yielded to new tastes and aromas she was happy to slurp on.

And he made her do many things to parts of his body she did not know existed. But then he also did things to her she did not know were possible. And then in their lovemaking, their fucking they did those same things to each other over and over again. Different sequences. Different moments.

And as she learned to let him use his cock on her and as she demanded things from him Aruna changed. Almost immediately, Aruna remembered the day she had sat on Sudhir Uncle's lap and felt his erection. She had not known then; but now she knew that back then 'Daddy-Uncle' had been aroused by her. Aruna's pussy twitched at the thought.

She was fond of her 'Daddy-Uncle' and felt that for all the bonding that they had shared and intimacy she had shown, the fact that sex was missing was incredible. She had not known. But he must have known, surely?

Had he not felt her nipples poking? Or her pussy rub against his thigh? Could he not have told her about sex? He had taught her almost everything else that prepared her for life. From how to ride a bike to cracking her exams at the highest level.

But why did he not teach her to fuck?

Possessing no inhibition about Uncle Sudhir -- they were so close- Aruna decided to something about the one thing that still separated her from him. Immediately on return from her honeymoon -- during which she and Gopi had not even seen the reception of the hotel- Aruna went visiting.

While her mother spent time in the kitchen with Shanta aunty (Sudhir's wife), Aruna took her uncle even as he sat on his chair. She mounted him, having planned to wear a short denim skirt. She often wore clothes that were basically inappropriate around a conventional Indian home. But this time she left out wearing panties and her bra.

She spread her legs so he would notice.

When he saw that her pussy was bare he told her what she was doing was wrong. But Aruna pointed out that he was not supposed to have looked up her skirt in the first place; so he had no way of knowing.

She was pleased that he let her pull down his trousers. His engorged penis sprang out, shocking that little girl of his. She had only just been introduced to the male anatomy in its sexual splendor.

Was she ready for this?

Ready or not, she took him. She on top, he reclining in his chair. Stretched and spread to her widest, she had struggled to take him in; but she did.

She had fucked him like Gopi had taught her to. Under pressure to 'finish' before they were discovered she kept checking whether he was near cumming. 'Daddy-Uncle's staying power confirmed what she had suspected all along. Sudhir Uncle was strong and virile; if Gopi was this much, Daddy-Uncle would be more.

Gopi came quickly. But he fucked her often enough every day of their honeymoon.

Sudhir Uncle took a lot to cum. In the meantime, she had cum uncounted times. When Daddy-Uncle came in her she was clogged with his cum. It was a tight plugged pussy messed up with great gobs of his cum. There was so much she wanted to do, but there was no time.

She wanted to do more things that Gopi had taught her; like suck him. Like lie back and have him pound her to nothing. Like feel his strong shoulders around her thighs and ass as he sucked her cunt.

Gopi had shown her everything; but Daddy-Uncle was stronger with a harder, firmer body. She could connect what Gopi was teaching with what she knew of her Daddy-Uncle.

But in that corner office of Sudhir Uncle's the only thing she could do was mount and ride him to a quick finish.

After that furtive fuck, neither Aruna nor Sudhir were really done. Sudhir's hard-on returned quicker than it had in recent years. Aruna's cunt throbbed for more. She had cleaned out the mess made from fucking Sudhir Uncle. By the time she reached her car her pussy was squishy again -- not from anything Uncle Sudhir had deposited in her.

When Gopi returned from work, his still new bride took him with a gusto and hunger he had been accustomed to from the honeymoon days. Gopi himself had struggled through his work day, his cock going hard time and again at the thought of his young wife. He had been pleasantly surprised that while she had known nothing of sex, she had taken to it with the fervor of a new convert.

Aruna discovered her husband also liked to talk dirty in bed. After sucking orgasms out of her pussy and reducing her to a bubbling mass of flesh begging for more, he taught her the word 'fuck'. He made her beg him to fuck her. He called her a bitch as he hammered into her.

She clung on to him as he fucked her. They came in unison. She stifled her scream then. Later he made her scream. He made her cry out his name. He made her ask for his cock. Soon Aruna learned the vocabulary that her husband wanted her to use in their bedroom. Words she had never heard before in the protected environment of her home.

Today too, they fucked like rutting animals.

Aruna screamed the same way they had in their honeymoon cottage.

"Oh fuck me, you bastard! Yes cum! Oh yes take me! Oh fuckkkkk!" she bellowed.

By the time Gopi covered her mouth with his, his new bride's screams and begging dirty talk had carried to the ears of his parents downstairs.

Such language! Well, at least their son was getting what he wanted from her in bed, they thought to themselves.

He fucked her three times that evening. Once when he just returned from work, once before dinner and once more at bedtime. And now he was asleep.

And there was Aruna, tossing around on her bed, regretting having fucked Uncle Sudhir. While the sex with Gopi continued to excite her, the thickness of Daddy-Uncle's cock had imprinted itself on her mind. She needed that incredible, downright scary stretch.

While Gopi's dirty talk turned her on, she wondered if Uncle Sudhir used similar language with Shanta aunty. Unlikely. But she wanted to find out.

While Gopi's cumming in her was satisfying to her, she wondered about Sudhir Uncle's drenching and forceful cum.

Something in the encounter with her Daddy-Uncle robbed her of the complete satiation she had with Gopi.

She was restless. She needed more. She wondered if Sudhir Uncle did to Shanta aunty the kind of things Gopi did to her. More important, did Shanta aunty know how to give Sudhir Uncle the full pleasure of the kind Gopi had taught her to give him? And if Shanta aunty didn't then she Aruna would give Sudhir Uncle that.

She wanted her Daddy-Uncle to have everything. He had done so much for her. She felt she could repay him with that extra dimension of pleasure. She found herself hoping that Shanta aunty did not know all that and that she would have that opportunity.

And despite having been fucked thrice that evening, she stirred as her pussy twitched at the thought of how Sudhir Uncle's cock made her overfull.

And it was this restlessness for more that made her regret having fucked him at all.

Opportunities to meet Sudhir Uncle were not hard to come by. For years every one visited every one else's place at will. The houses were in the same locality. However, part of that 'open-house' culture also meant that there were no closed doors and no really absolute privacy.

She caught him in his home-office in one corner of the hall. They had always been playful with each other. Aruna wanted that playfulness to remain but she wanted it to be loaded with her new found discoveries. She had always teased him and now she had a new way to do just that.

The moment Sudhir saw Aruna flounce in he tried to get up; but his recliner made that difficult. Soon, she was in front of him and leaning forward she gave him a good look down the front of her top. Aruna did not have all that much to show, her breasts being reasonably flat, more like inverted saucers; they were covered quite completely by the bra she was wearing.

"So how is my Daddy-Uncle?" she asked impishly.

"I am fine," grunted Sudhir. Over the years his embarrassment at dealing with the girl had increased as she grew older. He had now reached a new level of inhibition following the way she had taken him just the other day.

"Or should I be more precise and ask how your cock is?" she laughed.

Sudhir squirmed. Suddenly after years of enforcing discipline and standards he found it difficult to reprimand Aruna for her language.

"Have you ever used words like that?" she asked him.

"What do you mean?" stammered Sridhar.

"With aunty. Does she ask for this -- your cock?" she asked reaching out and searching out the outline of his cock.

"I can't be talking about all that you," gasped Sudhir.

"Why not? I can tell you that Gopi does talk like that with me! And I too with him!" she said laughingly. She found his cock and rubbed lightly with her thumb as it progressed from its repose to a state of excitement.

"You shouldn't be," said Sudhir.

"Shouldn't be what?" asked Aruna.

"Telling me what you talk and do with him in your bedroom," said Sudhir.

"Oh, I thought you were going to say that I should not use such language," said Aruna with a smile.

"You are no longer a little girl, you know. So I cannot tell you what to talk or not," he said.

"Oh, so you agree that I am now grown up!" she teased him, wiggling her chest at him seductively.

"Well, after what happened the other day….." mumbled Sudhir.

"But Daddy-Uncle! I do want to know some things about language," she pouted.

Sudhir groaned inwardly. If he had known she would be here he would have worn his jeans or trousers. As it was he was wearing the traditional 'mundu' which is a sarong -- like garment worn on the lower part of the body. Quite often he wore nothing else underneath but today, luckily he was wearing underwear.

Still, the 'mundu' was bad at concealing hard-ons and all this talk from his niece was definitely having the effect she desired. As she looked down at him as she stood in front of him, she saw the bulge twitch and grow. She sighed. That mass of delectable flesh was what had caused all that restlessness last night.

Somehow, Gopi seemed more like an appetizer. Everything he did with his cock make her pussy tingle and desire the fullness and stretching out she had experienced with her Sudhir Uncle. It was a different matter when Gopi "ate her out" as Gopi called. That orgasm was wild. But she still needed to stuff herself -- engorge herself on Sudhir Uncle. But at least that orgasm drained her enough for her to last -- till this moment.

"What language?" asked Sudhir, who had always prided himself on the standard of education that their previous generation had received. The current lot did not have half of the command on language they should have had.

"Like how to make love-talk!" she said happily, jumping and clapping her hands, suddenly becoming the same little girl who had refused to grow up all these years.

Shanta and Aruna's mom looked at her from the other end of the hall and laughed. "I wonder how she manages," mused Aruna's mother. "She is still a little girl!"

"So long as Gopi is happy its fine," said Shanta aunty leading the way back into the kitchen.

The levels of that extended hall were such and Sudhir's office was so arranged that you could not see Sudhir if he was on his recliner. If anyone in that area stood up they could be seen from torso upwards only. And a little woman like Aruna a little less than that too.

But had anyone spotted Aruna bouncing up and down the other day, her head bobbing and flailing in the pleasure that was pounded out by Sudhir's too-large-to-consume cock they would have no doubts. The rhythm, the bounce and the body language were unmistakable- especially to Shanta and her sister (Aruna's mom).

Aruna now leaned forward again, switching from girl to woman-unleashed and whispered, "Don't you know love-talk? Didn't you and Shanta aunty talk dirty when -- making love?" asked Aruna emphasizing the 'making love' in a sultry voice.

Talk dirty? What was the girl talking about? A generation gap was at play here. Sudhir's generation didn't talk so much as they did. In their part of the country the men were virile and the women were game. Sex was not taboo but nor was it openly bandied about. You did what you did and you kept it to yourself.

Sudhir's younger days were filled with sport. Being the district football team captain made him attractive to his cousins and their friends. Heavy petting, kissing and fondling breasts with a quick undoing of blouses and mutual masturbation had all been added benefits of his local sports stardom.

His real action had been with the older women in their village; women who he called 'chechi' (older sister) per local tradition, who seemed to his eyes lovely luscious cauldrons of lust. He lost his virginity to one such and stealthily visited her and others on long lazy afternoons. Skirts were hoisted to ride and let him ride. Blouses were opened for him to feast on dizzyingly sumptuous breasts.

There was no talk except the endearing cooing from an older woman as he suckled on her breasts. They loved to rock him and feed him and mother him, even as they lusted his sexual vigor.

He being the younger man in those situations and with this whom he called 'elder sister' there was hardly any scope for 'dirty talk'. It would be disrespectful to those women. It would no longer allow them to think of him as a 'nice young man'. And if the hero worship stopped then too, would the trysts vanish.

As his experience with the wonderful, loving women grew, he found lesser and lesser need for the girls in his own age group; not to mention the possibility of them wanting to wed him.

Aruna had been his first, shocking encounter with a younger girl? Younger women? Rarely. Society taught him to take on responsibility for those younger and the leader in him rose to that role. Over the years Sudhir came to be regarded as a family elder to turn to.

"Who else will I turn to?" Aruna pouted again in that childish, delightful manner. "You have," she said, pausing and touching his now larger-than-ever cock again "all the experience to teach me. Don't you want me to be happy in my marriage?" she asked teasingly.

"Tell me about Shanta aunty and you," she pressed on.

"There is nothing to tell," said Sudhir his voice cracking from a sudden dryness in his throat.

"Why?" asked Aruna, reaching for the bottle of water. She opened and held it over his mouth like she had done enough number of times over the years. But there was something sexually charged this time about how she let a slow stream of water fall to Sudhir's parched mouth.

"We didn't talk much during the time we spent together like that," said Sudhir avoiding the use of the word "sex" or the phrase "love making". If there was any corrupting going on over here he did not want to implicate himself. He found himself walking a thin line between what Aruna had done the last time she visited and his own response to that. Like her restlessness, he found himself walking around with an erection. He had tried to dispel thoughts of how she had bounced on his cock, how tight the fit had been -- and therefore how hard the releasing shots of cum had been. Every time he spurted the tight fuck-down and caused his cum to rocket into her.

For years he had simply slipped over a house's compound wall and found his way into the arms of the coterie of 'chechis' who were delighted to fuck him when he needed it. That day, after innumerable years, he masturbated to the memory of his niece's vigorous fucking. And even though he had spent inside her in torrents, he came again in torrents.

He could have taken his lust to Shanta but after what Aruna had done to him, with him, Sudhir found himself withdrawn, drinking a little more, smoking a little more and staring at the distance a lot more.

Aruna now sat down on his thighs, legs astride, and brought her face close to his and with sparkling eyes asked, "So you don't know any of those words?"

The other day she had sat down sideways like she usually did. She then swung her leg around to straddle him. That was when he spotted the absence of panties. That was when he saw his niece's bare pussy. Instead of anger and control, if there was shock and confusion that day, it was because of Aruna's disarming ways; and unbridled, instant lust on his part.

"This," she whispered into his face, her hands between them, grabbing his cock --snared in his underwear and therefore not offering her any grip - as best as her little hand could, "is called cock," she finished. She pronounced 'cock' with a hardness to her voice as if to emphasize what it meant to her.

Her mind went back to that first fuck. She had a complete recording in her mind. She had played that back and forth again and again. Despite incessant fucking by her husband she had found it necessary to play herself at the thought of the fuck with Sudhir. Yes, she remembered it perfectly well. Yes, her Daddy-Uncle was right.

He had not spoken much during their encounter. She remembered having asked him why he had not taught her to "fuck"; but that had been at the height of her own orgasm. And after that she had had to rush to the washroom lest her mom and aunt spot the cum running down her legs. They too had not talked much. Perhaps that was how it was with Sudhir Uncle! Perhaps the sex was so maniacal that nothing else happened!

"This," she said in a low voice "is called pussy," She grabbed his hand and insinuated it between her legs to her crotch and rubbed the back of his hand against herself. She shivered. He felt there was another layer of garment beneath her skirt; thankfully she was wearing panties today.

"You have the experience! You are supposed to be the teacher!" she said loudly as she sat up suddenly, upright, complaining. This was her original persona; nothing sexual.

"Teach you what, ma?" asked Aruna's mom from the far end.

"See ma! He is not teaching me how to be a better housewife!" she complained to her mom. This too was the persona of Aruna that everyone knew; nothing sexual. Playful and child-like.

"Oh god!" said Aruna's mom as she went back into the kitchen to repeat her crib about her married daughter refusing to grow up.

"Do you want me to 'give you head'?" she asked naughtily.

Sudhir looked at her dumb-founded.

"Do you know what it means?" asked his niece, mistaking his shocked silence for ignorance. "Wait, I will tell you," she said, not waiting for his reply.

She shimmied down his legs. First things first. She reached under the cloth of his 'mundu' and found the band of his underwear. Sudhir once again found himself assisting his niece. And what point was the guilt only hers and at what point was he abetting her?

She pulled it down and of course, the erect pillar would not allow the band to slip down.

"Now I know how to handle that," said Aruna looking up at him. Reaching under carefully, she stretched the band to let out the cock. What had been enough of a stretch in her husband Gopi's case was inadequate here. She struggled.

"Do you?" asked Sudhir. Worried that she might let go the band in a snap and hurt him, he reached inside his underwear to pull his cock out. Her hand followed his quickly.

"Oh teach me what I don't know, na?" she said. Her fingers slid over his fingers and intertwined with his. She caught his sticky cock and together they pulled it out. Aruna paused as she savored the 'body' of his erection with her fingers. It stood up and his 'mundu' now reflected his erection quite completely. Sudhir arranged the cloth so the cock would not part it and expose itself to her.

She pulled the underwear down completely and took it off. She threw it under the sideboard next to his table. Sudhir made a desperate mental note that he would have to clear that before the maid or his wife spotted it.

Aruna now rearranged the 'mundu' which Sudhir had with so much care used to conceal his cock as best as he could. She uncovered the cock and worshipfully, ran fingers of both hands up the thick length, till she reached the slippery-slick cockhead.

"This," she announced, "is 'giving head'." Sudhir was taken unawares though he ought not to have been. The girl stretched her mouth as wide as she could. And with her own saliva flowing, covered his head with her mouth. She bobbed up and down twice and Sudhir leaked copious amounts of fluid.

She could hardly go beyond the head. Her lips were stretched and the cockhead hit the roof of her mouth at that angle. There was hardly any scope for her to take him deeper. The head itself demanded attention as she moved her head in circles.

Between slurps at his cock, she found time to raise her head and announce his role, "You are the lookout!" she told him, asking him to keep an eye on the kitchen door at the far end.

Sudhir squealed as he felt her hot mouth pleasure him. He was unsure whether he might cum then and there. His hands gripped the arms of his chair. Then went to the back of her head. But he not push or hold. He just kept his hand there.

As unexpectedly as she had gone down on him, she rose. Wiping her mouth on the back of her hand she said, "I suppose you now know what 'eating pussy' means!"

Sudhir reached for his cock and pressed it downward and let go. It sprang back, giving him some measure of relief.

His niece hoisted up her skirt and pulled down her panties. She chucked them where she had thrown his underwear. Sudhir now had a desperate problem. What should he do with Aruna's panties after he retrieved them? Hide them in his cupboard? Or would she take them as she left? Where, for that matter, was this particular afternoon headed?

"Now," said Aruna, "'eating pussy'." She sat down and bringing her legs together rolled Sudhir's cock between her knees. They stained with his juices which were now pouring off him. Even with her knees she could feel that his cock was buzzing in its erection.

Further up from her knees, there between her legs Aruna herself was buzzing and rapidly moving from 'moist' to 'slick wet'. ("Are you wet for me right now?" Gopi had asked her on the way to their room from the restaurant to drive her wilder still. And they had paused in the corridor to kiss and grope.)

"'Eating Pussy' is going to be a dangerous lesson," thought Aruna to herself. Anything that involved Sudhir Uncle lying where he was, was fine. The alternative was for her to bring her hips to his lips. She still might not be spotted but she would be quite high. If any of the women came closer they might well spot her. Unless…

"Move down just a little bit," she ordered Sudhir as she sat up on her knees. Sudhir slid down a bit so his shoulders were slouched on the backrest. It twisted his 'mundu' and now he was badly exposed, his raging erection waving with neither protection nor attention. But then, he reckoned the girl was poised too far over him for there to be any safety in what they were doing.

Raising her skirt she pressed forward and laid her pussy on his face. She twisted around to look back and announced to her Sudhir Uncle that she was the lookout.

Sudhir did nothing. He kissed her lower belly, flat as it was on this small built woman. Slightly bristly from her recent shave her hair tickled his nose. He could smell her rose-tinted aroma wafting from her pussy.

"Kiss!" she hissed down at him. Her pussy was throbbing with excitement. The danger of what she was doing added to the thrill, the way the groping with Gopi in that corridor had. "We don't have much time for this!" she wiggled her hips forward, pressing and searching with her cunt lips for his lips.

Sudhir kissed as she found him. Instinctively he reached out with his tongue and lapped at her. He had not done this before. Clearly, sex had changed. He reflected that he could not use the word 'evolved'; after all in Kamasutra his ancestors had clearly shown and dwelt on the full range of what a man and woman could do to one another. The new generation was rediscovering, through the west, an old Indian tradition.

She gasped as he tongued her. she gripped the backrest hard and smeared her pussy on his mouth, manipulating herself so the lips opened out on his face. She yielded some juices onto his face and Sudhir found himself licking and tasting his niece like he never thought a woman could be savored. His hands slid up the back of her thighs and he caught her small ass in his large rough hands and kneaded them.

"Ah!" moaned Aruna. Yet with her hand she pushed his hands away and smoothed down her skirt. "We will be spotted," she whispered urgently.

"This," she said hoarsely as she felt a wave of pleasure coming on, "is 'eating pussy!'"

"Daddy-uncle," she said into his face holding him lovingly as she kneeled back onto his lap, "we need more space." His cock was now under her, and protruded from between her legs up, tenting her skirt in the process.

"I need that," she said nodding downward "to fuck me! You know the word 'fuck'?" she asked. There was no laughing smile or playfulness. Her cheeks were hot and flush with lust. "I need you," she whispered, her eyes welling up with tears. He had seen that happen before to her when he was being strict and she was begging for a treat.

She was begging for a treat here too. But how different things had become since this young girl had wedded! These tears were desperation that an opportunity might not arise and she would have to go through a few days and nights aching for that cock to impale her.

He touched her cheek and nodded in the direction of the adjoining room which served as his library of sorts. It was still not too far from where they were now but at least it was inside a room. The door still could not be shut for that might invite attention for that was a room which was never kept shut.

She leaned forward and smiled, causing the tears to release from here eyes. "The lessons must continue," she got off and looked down in marvel and the exposed cock as Sudhir gathered his mundu. When he got up he saw the stains from his own secretions on the chair.

Leaving all tell-tale signs as they were both hurried to the next room. Aruna knew the layout of the house and in a jiffy knew where she wanted to be. On one wall, least likely to be seen from the kitchen or that side of the hall was a shelf from ground to the ceiling. The lower part of it was a wide chest of drawers. From there up, it was shelves all the way to the ceiling. But the depth of the shelves was lesser than that of the drawers. So on top of the drawers was space.

On this space Aruna sat facing Sudhir Uncle who was busy tucking and rearranging his mundu. She held her arms out to him and invited him.

"What other words do you want to know?" she asked. "And what can you teach me? I don't know how else to ask. Show me something I can take to Gopi," she said, looking him in the eye.

"How did you become like this?" wondered Sudhir aloud.

"You!" she replied, ever the brat. "You guys forced me to get married! Now I asking my Daddy-Uncle why he did not teach me more things. Why did you stop? Don't stop!" she said, once again reaching for his cock.

"Treat me like your slut," she said running her fingers up and down the thick object of desire. Sudhir gasped as his niece expertly played. He looked down and saw how small her hands were. She was small overall, including in her pussy. The other day she had ridden him -- the control was with her. she knew how far and how much she could take. He would have to be careful not to be too rough with her today.

"Do you know what a slut is?" asked Aruna, pulling him closer by his cock on which both her fists had a firm grip. "She wants to be treated rough and hard. Like a, like a…. slut.," said Aruna.

She reached around him and clutched at his ass with one hand and with the other she guided him to enter her. "Put your cock in my cunt, Daddy-Uncle," she implored. Then she looked up and asked, "Do you know that word 'cunt'?"

Sudhir gasped as he felt the same prickliness which he had felt on his nose now on his cockhead. He was up against her pussy, his cock nosing her. she was gaping open in her wetness and arousal but his blunt head was merely nestled against the open tunnel. How was he going to do this without hurting her he wondered. And did they have enough time?

As he rocked and prodded against her cunt gently she asked, "Is that how a slut is treated? That is not what Gopi told me!" She put an arm around his neck and hoisted herself. Reaching from under herself she tried to keep his cock on the right spot. Its slippery trunk did not help as it slipped from her fingers.

Aruna groaned loudly. "Daddy-Uncle! You are not helping and god knows we don't have the luxury of time!" she whined her frustration.

His eyes darted towards the door. Everything seemed silent. There was the distant clank of vessels as the women in the kitchen worked on preparing batter for a round of snacks.

He held his cock and gently timed a thrust of his hips to the nosing open of her lips. Aruna moaned in delight as she felt that wonderful thickness for which she had hungered make its impact felt. But her pussy wouldn't widen any more without force from Sudhir Uncle.

"Push, Daddy-Uncle! Push!" she grunted, working her hips in feverish need.

Sudhir pulled back and found himself astonished that he was not much into her at all. The grip on his cockhead was wonderful, like a tight vice -- exciting. But the pull back showed that there was nothing much to withdraw. He pushed again and this time made more progress.

The bulbous head penetrated far enough beyond those tight grabbing lips. As he inched further, the grab of her outer lips caught his cock behind the head and he was fully in. she shuddered and released a drenching of fluids. He felt the gush. She was spread so wide and so open that she could hold back nothing.

She sobbed in satisfaction at the fullness she now felt.

"More! More!" she pleaded.

Sudhir kept his eyes on the door and whatever he could see beyond and cupped her ass in his hands. She was so small that she practically nestled in his grip. Aruna wrapped her aromas around his neck and broad shoulders and hung on to him. Sudhir carefully pulled her in as he thrust out.

He entered her some more. She squealed in delight. "Yes, Daddy-Uncle! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she said into his ear. She wanted to kiss him but his head was toward the door. She kissed him on his cheek and pressed her own cheek against his feeling his rough manly cheek with her soft petal-like face.

"Fuck!" she said in a deep guttural tone. "You know that word. This is that fuck!" she nuzzled him.

Sudhir felt his cock throb for more of this tightness and wet clamp on his cock. He pulled back and slid in, barely able to move any, cautious as he was, tight as she was, despite all the lubrication now pouring.

He moved very little but with more than half his cock trapped in her there was enough of cock rubbing against cunt to provide both of them pleasure. He sighed as he felt the pleasure ripple.

"Can you feel me juice up like a slut, daddy-uncle?" she asked gasping in pleasure at the slow, measured fucking. The length and girth of his hot throbbing flesh inside her was thrilling.

Lifting her off entirely, Sudhir moved a little to get a look at the hall before moving back. He just had to be sure -- there was no way he was going to get away with this if anyone entered. Even if he let her down he suspected she would fall; her thighs were trembling. He himself would not be able to hide his large, engorged cock which would be coated with tell-tale juices. There was no scope for error.

When he lifted her off, he slid in just a tad more bringing an involuntary "Gah! Ah!" from poor Aruna as she felt more -- incredibly, more -- cock spear her. Gently he placed her back on the sideboard top. She reached under and gasped as she felt part of the cock still outside of her -- almost a fistful for her little fist.

He treated her to quick, very, very short jabs as he took his own pleasure. He brought his head close to exiting the tight band of her outer pussy, enjoyed that grip and then sank back into the deeper recesses.

She moaned her delight as the cockhead teased her cunt lips from inside threatening to move out. Delightfully he did not move out. He stretched it just enough to feel the grab and then let himself in so she felt him all along her depth.

"More!" she laughed.

He readied himself to respond to this request and thrust back, harder. She had wanted more of the measured, jabbing and reaming. She got more of the full length of him. Nothing prepared her for as he plundered her with his cock. She screamed her agonized pleasure onto his shoulder where she sealed her lips.

This was huge! This was impossible! He was killing her!

As he thrust back and forth, hard and fast in his bid to please his niece by acceding to her demand for more he ravaged her pussy till she lost complete control of herself. Unknown to him he had stretched and fucked her beyond her own physical capability.

She released in gushes even as her body was wracked in orgasms. Pain receded as her cunt yawned open in surrender. "I came! I came! I came!" she babbled into his ear in a string of hoarse whispers.

He didn't need telling. Her thighs trembled and throbbed as they beat against his sides. Her pussy clutched and spasmed on his ravaging members. The mess that flowed down his balls told him she was no longer spending in spurts. The floodgates had opened.

He concentrated on his own cumming. It was important to finish and he knew it took him more time to cum. He thrust back and forth, now a lot easier with the yanking open of her muscles. They rocked and Aruna, knowing her uncle didn't come that easily and sharing the sense of urgency did her bit by moving her hips back and forth.

The shelf shook with their efforts and one of Sudhir Uncle's football trophies, loaded with his medals, clattered to the floor with medals strewn everywhere.

Sudhir lifted the girl so he could move closer to the door and see if he had stirred anything. He continued fucking and concentrating on his cockhead. He adeptly moved his cockhead so the lips grabbed at the most sensitive part of his cockhead and rode her over himself.

He felt his cum boiling up and he closed his eyes to concentrate more. As he felt himself about to burst into her he wondered about impregnating her. he opened his eyes to ask her and he spotted movement at the far end.

Sudhir shuffled to the deepest recess of the room and laying Aruna down back on a table there, emptied into her in torrents. Aruna beat her heels on his ass and shuddered in one more bout of her own orgasmic pleasure as Sudhir beat into her.

AS he spewed he would have loved to rest on her. he would love to cum in small dribbles and let his cock recede into flaccidity and sleep with the girl.

Right now he could not even afford to stroke himself once more. As the belching stopped he withdrew and wrapped his mundu firmly, staggering to his feet.

Shanta thought she had seen a heel up in the air which could only have been Aruna's as she approached the room. She wondered what was happening there. There was not much which could surprise her as she had seen her niece do more than girls her age typically did. But the loud clatter was bound to arouse her curiosity.

When she entered the room she saw Sudhir and Aruna on the floor on all fours, gathering the medals and the trophy which had fallen.

"What happened" she asked.

"Everything came down" said Aruna looking up at her aunt.

Sudhir's prone position hid his cock which was still receding, but was dripping. Aruna's skirt was pressed to her crotch -- the thick fabric had soaked up her flow, but not soaked through.

Her hands covered with batter Shanta felt she could not help at that moment. She turned away asking "How?" and without waiting for a reply headed back where she came from.

As Sudhir got up to his feet he found himself behind Aruna who was still on all fours moving about picking up things. He held her hips. Moving his hips close to her ass he pressed his cock against her ass and said something he could not have dreamt of telling his niece: "This time I treated you like a slut. Next time I will fuck you like a bitch!"

He ground against her ass taking the pleasure he missed due to his quick withdrawal. Aruna squirmed back against him.

Yes, uncle now seemed ready to teach. And she didn't how what uncle meant. She was ready to learn. Not now. Not today.

There was too much to do.

She sighed as she got up, cum and fluids pouring down unhindered. It was now confirmed. Gopi might have initiated her. but satiation lay elsewhere.

It was a few months before Aruna visited her Daddy-Uncle again. She was a different woman. And how.

It had all started years ago with her being playful with her Uncle, unmindful of sexuality. She grew into a young woman but continued to sit on his lap, hug him and touch and feel him in embarrassing ways.

At first Sudhir took it in his stride. But slowly, over a period of time, the feel of her growing breasts, the grind of her bare pussy and feel of her firm thighs on him - all took a different meaning, for him alone.

She seemed to understand nothing. Till her wedding was fixed and she got married. Suddenly it dawned on her that the man with whom she playfully attached herself must have known all along. He must have felt her breasts, her thighs, her pussy and lips and kept quiet.

And then playfulness turned saucy-naughty when she visited him first. She teased him and fucked him. On a following visit, she taught him a few more things that she and her young husband experimented with.

All of this they did in the hall where Sudhir's work desk and easy chair lay, hidden but not entirely from the kitchen where Sudhir's wife and her sister, Aruna's mother worked.

They heard the sounds, the crashing of things, the moans and muffled screams and uncle and niece had to explain them away as best as they could. The last time, Sudhir remembered he had wanted to ask about making her pregnant - but the impending climax was upon him and the urgency to finish was intense. He came in torrents, her body pinned by his strong body and arms. Older as he was, he was strong.

The strength of his body was felt by her supple young body and she luxuriated in the steely feeling - she missed this manliness and strength in her Gopi. She took it. The animalness of his release was a joy for her. Pummeling his ass with her heels and not bothering to give him a proper reply she had filled herself with his seed.

This! This was a real man!

And now she walked up the steps to her Daddy-Uncle's house. Gopi had been posted overseas on a new assignment and they would be gone in a few days. She needed to meet him before she left. Aruna's arrival at her uncle's house was for once schemed and planned.

She went around the back, knowing that the back door was usually left open for the maid. She crept in quietly knowing she would find him in his lair. Indeed, there he was at his desk. She came up behind him and threw her arms around and whispered, "Daddy-Uncle!"

In one instant he jumped in a start and at the same time smelt her and knew his niece.

"Hey! Aren't you supposed to be out shopping with your mom and aunt?" asked Sudhir, surprised. She slid around to his side. Her blouse hung open and he looked down at the mounds of flesh hanging. His throat felt dry. HE had played with them, sucked on them, mauled them the last time she rode him. Now they seemed fuller, unless his eyes were playing tricks.

"You think I am with them. They think I am with Gopi," she said sliding forward, allowing her breasts to hover over his face. The pallo of her saree slid off and the blouse, encasing her breasts, low cut, was in his face. The intoxicating aroma of her body filled his nostrils. Sudhir felt his cock swell and rise.

"And I am with you," she whispered, looking down at him, noticing that his eyes were riveted on her breasts.

She stepped back. She unwound the garment and stood in front of him in blouse and petticoat. She was more rounded for sure. She looked luscious with wider hips. As she swayed he felt that her ass was also rounder than ever. Gone was the thin, boyish look she sported a year or so ago, when she was newly married; when for the first time he had held her buttocks in his hand and guided her to pound him and pounded her himself.

"Are you?" he asked, sudden realization dawning on him.

"Am I what?" she asked him saucily stepping forward. She raised a leg and placed it on her chest. It was her classic move - raising her leg over him. She had done it before, letting him see that she was wearing no panties.

This time, try as he did surreptitiously, he could not make out if she was wearing anything or not. The last time she was wearing a shorter skirt. This time it was a long petticoat and dark underneath. Even though they had fucked like animals, each time he could not escape the idea that she was after all his niece and all of this was completely illicit - and this made him less adventurous than he wanted to be.

Till she crossed the Rubicon, till she became demanding, till his own lust conquered his restraint. After that he pleasured her and took his own pleasure all the time wondering in bewilderment at their sizzling chemistry. It was illicit yet beautiful. It was furtive yet complete. It left something incomplete yet satiated.

As if on cue to his thoughts, she said, "I will tell you what I am. But not here. Not like this. Today is special."

She took his hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom. As he walked up behind her, he saw her full ass swaying. She was definitely fuller. Suddenly he felt like taking her from behind, mounting her. There was lust raging in him and he allowed it to burn on, having no doubts about her intentions.

She took him into his bedroom. She drew the curtains making the room as dark as it could get, given that it was midday. She stood in front of him and took his hands. "Daddy-Uncle," she whispered her usually mischievous voice thick with desire. "Today, nothing hurried. Nothing urgent. And nothing limited. And I want it all!"

She pushed him back on to the bed. Sudhir willingly fell back. She leaned forward. Those luscious breasts which had gone from being pert to full and loaded hung over him again. His hands automatically reached for her breasts. He weighed them, more gently than he would have liked, for starters.

"I think I am pregnant," she said, nuzzling him.

He froze. Should he be here with her like this if she was pregnant? She reached lower and found his hard on waning a bit.

"Hey!" she said looking into his eyes. "I only think I am," she breathed into him. "I am here to make sure I am! Can you do that for me?" Her hand had expertly found his cock and slowly she slid her small hand up and down the shaft. Soon it had assumed its full proportions. Aruna sighed contentedly - he was so large, full and manly.

"Can it not be your?" he asked, gasping as she reached for his cockhead and stroked him.

"Either of you is good. But when it comes to manliness its only you that I can be sure of," she said. She nuzzled his neck and worked her way down his chest. Kissing him as she went she quickly reached his cock. She kissed his cock with little pecks and it jumped in response.

She hoisted herself over him, spreading her legs as wide as they would go. She lifted her petticoat and poised herself. Fearful of the thick cock that awaited her and yet excited for what it would do to her.

She winced as usual. Her husband's cock left her unprepared for Daddy-Uncle. She gasped as she had on that first day as her cunt struggled to take in that cockhead. She wiggled, eyes closed, biting her lower lip as she concentrated on absorbing the thick cock.

His hands unhooked her blouse and he sobbed in pleasure as she took him in. his pleasure caused him to pull the bra aside roughly and he reached for her soft breasts.

Unmindful and seeking pleasure he thrust up into her as he held her up by her breasts

"Daddy Uncle!" she screamed. "Oh fuckkkkk! I want you so much. Just take me. Take me hard!" she wept.

The two instantly went into a bout of marauding fucks as they played catch up with pent up need. She grabbed his hand and put it on her ass. She wanted to feel his large rough hands on her now-plump ass.

He grabbed her hard and held her firmly as he pounded up into her. Pleasure rippled through their beings. He felt his seed boil up and controlled her next thrust downward.

"No! No! No!" he begged her. "Stop! I don't want this to end," he pleaded.

"Neither do I," she gasped, twisting and turning, unable to take the pause in fucking. Despite her efforts to thrust down the strength of her uncle's powerful hands held her in place. It was this strength that was overpowering in its sexual appeal.

"In fact," she said in a trembling voice, "this is not how I want you to come. I need to be under."

She reached for his hand and held it to her lower stomach. In there, his cock jerked and ached to spew and fill her. "You fill me here. I need you to release into me. Flood me."

He started to move and this time she stopped him. "And, and, and …" she said looking into his eyes. "I need to keep every bit you give me so that I carry you with me when we relocate."

He thought he saw a moistness in the eyes of this now-woman but he could never be sure with Aruna. She was so wanton, mischievous and lustful. And now this? Perhaps he was mistaken.

She clung on to his shoulders and asked him to swivel over and come on top. Sudhir did that effortlessly and she marveled ever more at this strong man. She had tried something similar with her husband and he had struggled. But Daddy-Uncle, he held her as he climbed on to his haunches. She slid off a bit in the process but Sudhir was in control.

As he laid her back his cockhead came to the mouth of her cunt. Then as he laid her back he pushed in, gently. HE filled her womb again and this time he laid his palm on her stomach. "Here?" he nodded, asking her.

"Yes," she nodded back.

And then he pulled back and thrust in. she gasped and shuddered. "Fuck me!" she begged without really needing to. Sudhir set in place a powerful rhythm - in and out with a beat - and he watched as slowly his cock become creamed with their combined juices.

She seethed in pleasure her lips wide and teeth clenched. He was reaming her and she luxuriated in his attentions and his power to pleasure her. She was going to miss this.

"Give it to me!" she gasped. He thrust hard and held himself in. She wiggled her hips. He pulled back and thrust back still harder. And held himself there. Her body heaved with the momentum of his thrust.

"Fill me!" she asked. Sudhir concentrated on fucking her hard as well as in rhythm. Aruna screamed his name over and over again. Sometimes she called him Sudhir, surprising him. At other times she called him Daddy-Uncle. He fucked her and sweat dripped from his brow on to her prone body below.

He masturbated so often, almost all the time fantasizing about his niece that he was by habit able to come only a bit late. In the meantime, his thickness ravaged the girl who had cum uncounted number of times.

"I am tiring!" she moaned. "Fill me." Her mind was a haze of pleasure and of exhaustion from Sudhir's incessant pounding.

"Are you done, darling?" she asked. And then commanding resources from her orgasm-wracked body she fucked him back. She twisted, turned, bucked and thrust.

"Give it to me, Daddy-Uncle," she screamed out, pinching his nipples.

Sudhir gasped as he felt his orgasm coming on. He closed his eyes and thrust in rhythm, waiting for the plunge over the cliff.

It came. Not because he was concentrating but because of what Aruna did next - she lifted her hips and plastered herself to his pelvis. It took him that extra bit deeper. She was now on her shoulders her hips thrust fully up.

He grabbed her ass and lifted her legs wide and apart. Splayed open he thrust in harder and harder till he burst into her.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she hollered. "Fill me, complete me!" She thrust and twisted and milked his cock. She lifted herself up to hug him fully. They clung to each other as the waves crashed over them. He clutched her buttocks in his hands and held her as she came in waves, her body slowly falling limp.

She was conquered, sated, ravaged and incapable of more. Most importantly, she was surely impregnated.

She passed out and he collapsed on top of her. It was a while before they awoke, sticky in the aftermath of their efforts.

She reached under and felt for his cock. She knew this was going to be the last encounter between them as far as she could see.

It was limp and in repose.

"Daddy Uncle. I will be gone in a week," she said. "When we meet again, all this will be history. I am going to be a mother you know."

Sudhir nodded, understanding but not wanting to.

"I am sore from that pounding," she said, smiling. "But today, that doesn't matter."

She slid down and took him in her mouth. She made an "O" of her lips and proceeded to make a silky wet receptacle for his jut of flesh. With her fucking him with her mouth, he swelled up to his full proportions. His eyes were closed but every time he looked down he saw his cock emerge from her lips coated with her saliva and their caked juices.

Before it was her cunt. Now her mouth. God! How he wanted this girl - no, woman! And here she was telling him it was time to part ways.

He felt sadness well up and then her head bobbed and he felt pleasure return. This was Aruna's strategy for breaking the news. It was going to be layered over with a heap of sex so that he had no time to regret. Men - they got sentimental. She knew sex could be a solution. When he missed her sexually, she would be long gone. And he would masturbate. She was sure.

As she took on a rhythm, his hand moved to her head and he guided her back and forth. When he was fully erect and ready to fuck she rose. She removed her blouse, petticoat and bra - and presented her body glistening with sweat to her lover, her Daddy-Uncle and probable father of her baby.

She straddled him and waddled up. When her cunt was over his cock she swiveled around so she had her back to him. And carefully she descended on his cock. Taking him in was never easy and this was the same. She had to spread herself as she went. She had to take him in stages. And when he entered her depths an orgasm was immediate and predicated, just from the stretch.

She looked over her shoulder and whispered hoarsely, "Move as I move and make sure you do not leave me."

Slowly, she leaned forward and Sudhir following her instructions sat up. She was now spread-eagled on his lap, legs behind.

"You wanted to take me from behind, isn't it?" she asked. "Take me!" she implored.

Sudhir got on his knees holding her up by her inner thigh. He fucked her and Aruna felt ravaged and plundered. Today she was going to be in tatters and that was what she wanted.

He let her legs drop. Aruna got on all fours. She felt she was his bitch and she told him as much. "Take me like a bitch. I am all yours. Forever," she said, that last word underscoring the transient nature of their relationship. After all, if it was forever it did not need saying.

He caressed and ran his nails on her ass as he fucked her cunt from behind doggy style. He reached under to get her breasts but they were not quite within reach.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy," she called out to him urgently.

"What?" he asked. The mouth of her cunt seemed to catch the knob of his cockhead and he felt that he might cum any moment, which was incredible within such a short time.

"Do you want to take me anally?" she offered herself.

"No, no, no!" he shook his head, giving in to the effect of her cunt on his cockhead. He exploded into her and his head flailed as he came uncontrollably.

They collapsed in a heap. Their arms and legs were intertwined.

"Thank you!" she said looking into his eyes as she held his face. "You made a woman of me."

"And then there is this," she said guiding his hand to her stomach. She was full of him.

"You know we will meet. We are family. But I don't think any of this will be possible again," she said to him. And before he could reply her lips covered his lips and they kissed, tongues searching, as if they were to embark on another round of lovemaking.

She let him watch her fully, as she methodically and deliberately put on her clothes. Her saree though, was downstairs. They walked down to where it lay.

She bent down to pick up the garment when Sudhir made his final move. He held her down. He raised her petticoat and bared her ass. Suddenly he felt she was being cold about going. He reached under her and felt in her cunt, finding the soppy mess within.

He whipped his dhoti off. Smearing his cock with her juices he fisted himself to an erection. HE was not his thickest self but that was fine considering what he was going to do.

Aruna, the kind of woman she was, spread her legs to steady herself and held on to Sudhir's desk.

He took her up on her offer, shocking her when he invaded her anally. She gasped in pain screaming, "slowly uncle! I never have before!"

He rammed her. His hand reached under to play her clit. He wedged himself tightly into his niece's ass, stretching her. He moved minimally, giving them both intense pleasure. His fingers worked her clit.

She moaned as pleasure coursed through her being. In that moment she did not want to go through with her intention of never having sex with him again. She moaned that out aloud. "I cannot not fuck you, Daddy-Uncle!" she wailed. Sore as she was she wanted the fucking and the pleasure.

"Yes!" he hissed. This is what he wanted her to acknowledge.

"Fuck me you bastard," she sobbed.

And he came again. This time he lost his erection rapidly slipping out.

As her petticoat dropped the education between uncle and niece came to an end. As Aruna weakly staggered to the door to leave, they both knew they had turned the page on this one.

The bare expanse of her back was absolutely fabulous. Many a man in that room felt the impulse to reach out and feel the soft, silky, sensuous inviting skin.

Aruna had shifted overseas along with her husband who worked in an IT firm and had come visiting for a family function. The banquet room was milling with all manners of relatives and friends, male and female, old and young.

But none was so daringly dressed or as beautiful or as sexy as Aruna.

"Such a simple and naïve girl she was when she was here! Look at her now!" wondered an aunt. She was the same girl who knew nothing of anything- including sex and sexuality – to the point that the same aunt, along with her mother and others had worried: 'what would happen to this girl?'

Unknown to them, Aruna had learned everything on the lap of her 'daddy-uncle' – Uncle Sudhir. She continued to sit on his lap like she did as a baby girl all through the years. Finally when she was about to get married she crossed the line.

Uncle and niece fucked. He took her virginity. She luxuriated in the sense of lust and experimented on his lap. Finally, she got married and learned more about sex with her overeager and totally inexperienced husband. She realized that Uncle Sudhir was the real thing. Then she came back to him and teased and fucked him one last time before they left for overseas.

Her taut young body, those pert breasts and the excitement of innocence mixed with naughtiness never left Sudhir's mind. But the niece-turned-minx was gone. He saw her from across the room and noted that Aruna was more woman like than before. She had not noticed him yet. Perhaps she did not remember. That, though seemed unlikely given the vigorous and intensely pleasurable sex they had together.

Aruna was of course looking to spot her 'daddy-uncle' but she was sure she would bump into him if she just went around completing her rounds of "hi"s and Hellos"s.

Some of the male cousins lingered around her, especially the younger unmarried ones. She didn't smell of perfume that any one of them had smelled before. It seemed like the perfume of her body and that conjured up intoxicating visions in the minds of the uninitiated.

The back of her blouse had just two tethers, one up near the neck and the other at the absolute bottom, giving them large expanses of her bare back to feast their eyes on. The front of her blouse was just as minimalist with just two triangular panels of cloth designed to contain her breasts – just enough. Not to cover, not to support – but just to hold and provide a modicum of modesty for a family occasion. Otherwise, in shape, cut and contours it left nothing to imagination.

As she leaned forward to talk to the elders sitting down, the blouse slung forward. Her luscious mango-breasts bulged and the sides of those slopes those men longed to lick and taste that delectable flesh which was pressed outward from the sides of that insufficient cover provided by her blouse.

And lean she did. While her chiffon saree was bunched to cover the most open parts of her breasts she managed it depending on whom she was leaning to talk to.

When amidst the conservative -which is not the same as older- she wrapped herself with the upper part of the saree. Her back was covered and that part which ran across her breasts was folded so that nothing – or not much – could be seen through the gauze-like chiffon.

But when she was amidst those who were easy to get along with, or those who she was bold enough to tease, the saree drape slipped as if magically and unintended. Her deep cleavage and the tops and sides of her breasts were open for them.

If any old enough uncle (mama) had the gaze and the guts he could have seen her nipples gently pressed against the blouse, too, seen from the correct angle. She allowed cousins unfettered access to look down the blouse if they were standing next to her.

And then there was the waist. The front of her saree dipped below the gentle curve of her tummy, exposing navel and more flesh. When she laughed her stomach rippled and one old man imagined that ripple being caused by the workings of his tongue. In fact, when she reached across to place back her drink glass on a tray that was too far away, he watched with bated breath as the dressed dipped and the torso stretched out – and he imagined he saw the top of her pubic hairline. But he could not be sure.

The saree barely seemed to cling to her hips. Some of the more virile men wanted to hold that curve and pull her in to him. Others just watched that gentle roll of flesh bounced as she walked.

But the real action was her ass. She wore heels and she tied her saree such that her ass jutted out prominently. It rolled as she walked inviting looks, comments and lust.

"She looks like a tart!" commented an aunt only to be told by her husband that she was jealous she never had those looks. As she walked past some of the seated men an older man she knew to be a tease asked loudly, "Is that our Aruna who has grown so big? She used to be small and sit on my lap!" he said, slapping his thigh.

He had been eyeing her sexy, rolling ass, that being his weak point. "Ass man more than a tits man!" he had confessed to his shocked wife when they were newly wed and he first took her doggy style.

"I still can sit on your lap!" announced Aruna as her drinks finally hit her. She sat on his thigh, sideways as little girls do. The gaggle of admirers that went around with her formed a semi circle around her as always. But this grand uncle on whose lap she sat was to her left and the group of men and women was on her right. Those people met each other regularly. She was the one who was the curiosity. After her marriage she had relocated overseas soon after and was returning only now after a couple of years.

A cousin brought her a refill of drink which she gratefully accepted in her right hand. Her left hand dropped to the space between the granduncle's thighs.

"How are things over there? Do you cook? How have you managed to maintain yourself? I am told there is no help and you have to do everything yourself?" These were the typical questions she faced.

"Do you remember those days when you used to sit on my thigh and I used to swing you up and down?" asked granduncle.

"Yes, mama!" she crooned, hand on his cheek and face close to his. She allowed her saree to slip strategically. Granduncle watched that exposed bosom. Without doubt he was still an 'ass man' but her breasts were beautifully swollen, delicately exposed and tantalizingly close. He felt a stirring in his groin which he had not for years. As his cock leaped with a renewed supply of blood, she felt for him.

Whatever his age could not achieve, her hand achieved. She searched for and found his semi-erect cock. Fingers splayed she trapped the head between her thumb and forefinger. Her wrist was turned over towards him. She pressed the soft head and it plopped out of her fingers. When she did that again, it was harder erect and didn't plop that easily. A few more plops later she could not make him plop- he was rock hard.

Granduncle gagged in pleasure as he felt an erection that he had long thought he was incapable of. He put his right arm around her shoulder so that the brazen action by Aruna was as unnoticed as possible. She felt a wetness in her fingers as his precum leaked through.

She could not do more. She had teased him enough. She let go and stood up leaving granduncle gasping for more. That would teach him about the little girl that sat on his lap!

Sudhir was not a 'anything' man. He went for what he fancied in a given woman. And all evening his eyes were fixed on the way that ass of Aruna's held up. With those heels, when she leaned forward, they jutted out ever more, asking to be taken. At one point she spread her legs wide while leaning and he felt his erection go uncomfortably hard in the restraint of his underclothes.

He remembered the last time he had sunk into the hot bubbling cauldron that lay behind that layer of chiffon, between those legs, between those soft now-plump buttocks. She had bulked up just right in the correct places and was just lusciously rounded. Marriage and fucking seemed to have done that to her.

The music started and bodies started swaying as those inclined to dance shifted to one end of the hall. Others gave reproachful looks at the decline in 'cultural standards'. And those who had grown older but had not had the chance to get close to a variety of women also stepped into the melee.

It was packed with jostling, moist bodies. In the encouraging rhythm of Bollywood beats, more barriers fell and gents and ladies, mamas and maamis, youngsters, all came a lot closer. The women let their guard drop, as did dupattas (a kind of stole covering the upper bodies), saree pallos (that part of the saree covering the upper body) and cleavages were bared.

Aruna sipped from her glass as she moved and – some said intentionally – accidentally spilled some drink from her lips. It flowed down her chin and mischievously ran down her chest. She looked down and pulled the blouse forward to the liquid to race down and not stain the delicate fabric.

Her cousin who was dancing with her could not help saying, "Ooh, my!" as she watched the skin glitter, the bosom heave. For a moment she felt like licking the moisture on Aruna's chest and throat and chin and up to those lips, which were now curved in a naughty smile crowned by a sparkling smile.

Aruna moved closer to her and briefly their breasts pressed. She let her hand drop to the other woman's hips and spontaneously they ground out towards each other in rhythm. It was heady.

Aruna laughed and moved off to one of her admirers of the opposite sex. "Come!" she invited him. "You want to try that?" she asked. She was tantalizingly close and they could smell each other. She made the same move, the grind routine and allowed him to come as close as needed to let him imagine he felt her pubis. He wasn't sure but by the time the next grind came around she was gone, having felt his erection rub against her now moist lips.

A heady mix of drink and rhythm, the close proximity to men who she was comfortable with and their open admiration of her caused her to get even more aroused and bold.

She was not alone. Every one was like that now. Just that she had already titillated all those who had been watching her through the evening and some of them were on fire. She whetted their appetite and as the hunger in her loins surged, she looked harder for her Sudhir Uncle, her 'daddy-uncle', and the master lover.

She was now dancing with one of the mamas (old uncles) who was mimicking a move he had seen on TV on a late night song program (Midnight Masala) where they played raunchy numbers. The elder was nearly half down on his haunches and lips were close to her tummy. She was moving in rhythm as is smearing her pussy on all of his body.

And yet her eyes were searching for her ultimate man, the strong, well-muscled and virile Sudhir uncle. That is what caused her to lose sight of other movements on the crushed dance floor and her drink was jolted, this time causing quite a spill, a spray hitting the face of the older uncle who was kind-of between her legs, gyrating. As the liquid flowed down he put his hand on her back and pulled her close enough to lick the fluid off.

She let him do that in the spontaneity of the moment. But she also needed touch. Her skin shivered as the warm tongue plied on her skin just below her breasts. But if she was going to save her saree she needed to rush to the washroom.

Just as she pushed the door to the rest room open, her blouse fell forward and down, unfettered. Aruna just about managed to hold the front panels to her chest. It could not have come undone on its own! Whose sense of misplaced humor was this? She turned around, temper rising and she gasped as she saw it was her Sudhir Uncle.

As she had broken away from the crowd, so had Sudhir. Just a few steps behind her, he had made his move- he reached out and held the cord of the upper tether to her flimsy blouse. As she walked away it had come undone.

Now her face went beet red and she could feel the flush spread to the roots of her hair, her chest and shot like bolts of electricity to the tips of her nipples as they shot to a ramrod-stiff erectness.

Her Sudhir Uncle was magnificent. Towering over her, broad and strong, with a horizontal smear of sandalwood paste on his forehead that seemed to illuminate his face. Muscular arms, broad chest and he was wearing the traditional mundu – a sarong that men wear in that part of India.

He stepped forward and so close that she had to step back and they were suddenly inside the rest room, alone. It was a small one for one person's use. Not like the large one near the main lobby which had many cubicles. This was nearer the banquet hall of the hotel.

He swiveled her around to face the mirror and stood behind her. He was tantalizingly close to her. They could smell and feel the sexy-hot, sweaty presence of one another.

Ever so gently he held her arms and brought them to her sides, fingers interlaced. The blouse panels fell. She stood exposed to him. In the mirror he saw that her beautiful breasts had more body and bounce than before. She was fully a woman now. Those lovely nipples on which he had feasted before, were desperately asking to be sucked again.

She looked at him devouring her with his eyes and she felt a twinge, a pulse, then a rich flow between her legs. She was ready for him, to be taken. Then his eyes came to her eyes.

"Enda, moley," he asked softly. (How are you?)

She nodded without saying a word. Her throat was choked with desire and feeling. Sudhir's hands left hers and slowly, palms on the sides of her legs, feeling her, he drew up, inch by inch, her clothes. Their eyes were on one another; sometimes meeting, sometimes his eyes roamed her body. When he looked at her, she looked at herself, too. And somehow she seemed and felt sexier with his eyes on her.

All the playful flirtatiousness of the evening and the resultant arousal felt pale in comparison to what Sudhir did to her with just his eyes.

When she felt a waft of cool air on her buttocks she came back to the reality of the situation. She was half opened out in a space in to which anyone could enter with her uncle.

"Not here," she barely whispered. "Anyone could come in."

"I have it locked," he lied. She didn't bother to counter what he said though she knew he didn't have time to do that yet. The desire rushing through her body was overwhelming. Sudhir merely moved his foot to the base of the door to jam it and prevent anyone from pushing it open without his noticing.

She had her heels on. That lovely, fuller rump was jutting out. Sudhir's palm closed on the hot furnace between her legs and a finger slipped in front of the panties. Not inside her but across – in from one side and out the other.

His finger felt the soft silky panty as he moved it up and down. Down as far as the panties would allow him and up till he crossed her pussy and the finger came up above the panty waistband.

A few more times and she was shivering and he knew she would not protest the tearing asunder of that flimsy obstacle. The finger traced to the waist side where the panties were thinnest and he proceeded to twist the thin fabric. It wedged between her pussy lips, massaging her there. And Sudhir made it do more of that.

She shivered.

"Stop," she said, trying to grip his hand. That was when he flexed his muscles and it came away in his hands. He brought it to his lips and smelled her. She was ready for her uncle.

Reaching under her he cupped her pubis and pulled her body back so that she leaned forward, hands resting on the washbasin counter.

"We cant!" she moaned, pressing and grinding into his palm which came up from under her, fingers pointing upward.

"Why?" he asked.

"I am trying to get pregnant. Its two years and its not happening. Something is the matter," she confessed.

"Good," he replied. "Let's sort it tonight."

The blouse fell in to the damp basin. It was going to get ruined and she would haven nothing to wear. Grabbed the tethers and held it between her teeth, and tried to wiggle out of his grip. Her breasts were now covered.

Her fingers gripped the marble top and she held the blouse tethers in her mouth and leaned forward, shaking her head in disbelief, denial – she wanted to stop him and she wanted him, too.

Sudhir dropped his mundu and holding her hips tried to feel his way through to her cunt with his cock. Aruna gasped with pleasure as she felt the strong thick cock against her ass. She relished its dimensions! Life was unfair – her husband's cock was a total compromise compared to this. Despite enjoying sex with him, these moments showed her the gross difference.

The cock rubbed, grazed and at times was parallel to her cunt. The only time when it was about to penetrate anywhere was when Sudhir snagged on the sphincter of her anal passage.

"Do you want to take me there?" gasped Aruna. As she spoke her breasts lay bare as the blouse fell again. "I can. I have. I know how to. And it is as pleasurable and I wont get pregnant," she said.

"No," said Sudhir firmly. He wanted that soft, hot, wet sheath gripping his cock as he sank in to her womb.

"What do you want daddy-uncle?" groaned poor Aruna, weak with desire.

She bent forward more, reached under with one hand and guided his cock to its target of desire. "Now," she said urgency in her voice. She had to quickly put her hand back on the marble top to prepare for the oncoming assault.

He gritted his teeth as he made the penetration. Juices poured onto his pillar and both of them moaned in unison as he sank into her, slowly, till his muscled abdomen slapped against her ass.

"Uncle!" cried out Aruna in delight.

"My love," he shivered, his own pleasure overcoming him. They lingered, feeling each other.

"I missed this," they said together. She smiled at him in the mirror looking up. Reaching up behind she undid the knot of hair tossed her head. Long locks cascaded down on her back. "For you," she murmured knowing he liked long, thick hair.

Then she reached under to hold the tethers of the blouse in her teeth to save her it from definite ruin. "Don't!" he stopped her.

"But my blouse," she complained.

"Never mind that," he said gruffly, fucking her once hard for effect. She shuddered and shivered at the effect of his sexuality on her.

"But." she began when he cut her off. "I want to see those beauties," he insisted.

Her breasts. Beautiful mounds of flesh topped by delightful teats, for him to milk. He knew her nipples to be trigger points for twinges of pleasure in her cunt from their fucking in the past. Back then when he had fucked her first here mangoes were like totapuris: saucer shaped with upwards points to the nipples. Those totapuris were now more like mulgovas. Full, more rounded, heavy and nipples less protruding, softened in their highlight by the heft of those mounds.

His mouth watered. She was very much a woman. He had fucked an imp of a girl the first time around. He was now tasting a delicious, sumptuous woman.

She looked down at what he had called beauties. They hung, ripe and ready to be taken. Those nipples ached now that he had said he wanted to see them. She looked back up at him in the mirror. She wiggled her hips and spread out a bit more readying for what she knew was coming.

She marveled and how measured she had been in being able to wait while her cunt swallowed his cock. Her impatient assault on him before had given way to the sexuality of a gourmand. His fucking commenced with slow long strokes, savoring the texture that was uniquely Aruna.

After three or four of thus, Sudhir thrust in hard up into her womb and held himself there. "Ah! Uncle!" she yelped at that thrust, bending more and tightening her grip on the marble slab in front of her.

She looked below and saw her breasts jiggle and sway with his fucking. She tried fucking him back but Uncle had her hips in his grip. And every three slow long ones were met by one hard, vigorous, womb penetrating thrust. She seethed in pleasure as the variation in pace played havoc with her.

"Amma! Ah!" she went at the hard ones. She made whimpering sounds at the slow fucks, relishing the measured tempo then suddenly wanting the animal thrust. As the fucking progressed, three seemed too long for a animal fuck. She wished he would pound every two strokes; then alternately; then only pound into her each time, only animal.

But Sudhir Uncle maintained his tempo. Then came the series of unexpected short and fast jabs as Sudhir felt the need to take the edge off his desire.

"Nnh! Nnnnnhhh! Haaah! Nnnnhuh!" she went trying to control her screaming. They had already been fucking for 15 minutes and her husband would have spilled his seed by now. Here, Sudhir was testing the limits of her control on her vocal chords.

"Nyaaah! Haaaaa! Fuck meeeeeeee!" she whimpered, finally unable to hold back. "I missed this fucking Sudhir uncle!" she shuddered as her cunt started to release enough to flow down her legs.

As the edge came off, he slowed. Letting go of her hips, he fucked her smoothly. The only contact between them was his cock embedded in her cunt. He brought his hands on her smooth back and caressed her gently. She shivered. He ran his finger nails up and down her back drawing long pink indentations on her soft skin.

"Uncle, uncle, uncle!" she blabbered, reaching behind and holding his buttock and begging for more thrusts. Her skin seemed alive and as if she had a million clits all over her ready to orgasm.

And as she came helplessly, some one pushed at the door really hard and with Sudhir's effort and energy on thrusting that person did manage to open the door a crack. Through the sliver was seen the sight of a woman bent over, her breasts jiggling and slapping around, her hair spread over her and the sounds of her pleasure: "Oh! Ah! Yes! You are a delightful lover! Fuck me! More! Ya! Ya! Ya!"

Nothing could be seen or made out of who it was. Sudhir slowed his fucking and leaned against the door, his cock mostly out of Aruna now and the door clicked shut. The other person had seen enough to know that discretion was needed.

Aruna gasped when Sudhir left her. He took a moment to now latch and lock the door. Aruna turned around and leaned back on the marble top, her knees weak and wobbly from the assault. She looked down at the heap of her garments and the blouse now hung down from her breast downwards. Those poor nipples were still hurting from the lack of attention.

She was panting from her pleasure and she gentled palmed those aching nipples. Sudhir turned back and knelt in front of his niece. He kissed the gaping open cunt. He sucked, sucked hard. He tasted himself and her in her cunt. Aruna abandoned her breasts and her hands dropped to his head. Propping herself further up she provided a gaping open, down facing cunt for her marauding uncle.

One hand slid up into her cunt and Sudhir pushed her clit outward from within to bring it to the forefront of his flicking tongue. Aruna thrashed wildly and came in torrents, down on his mouth.

He kept licking and sucking till she slid off the marble into his hands and down on the floor, limp as a rag doll.

She shook her head in disbelief. There were days when she masturbated for an orgasm after her husband had rolled off her, imagining this same Sudhir. And here he was several of her orgasms later – her eyes wandered down to his cock, large and imposing.

"Uncle, time?" she wondered.

"Time to think about your pregnancy," said Sudhir, unmindful of anything but his lust for his niece.

He knelt in between her legs. The poor girl felt drained but she knew more was coming and braced herself. This pinnacle of pleasure was so hard to get! She had to gorge on him, here and now!

His hands slid under her plump bottom. He lifted her up so that her cunt was over his cock but her shoulder blades took the bulk of her weight. His cock now came to rest on her anal passage.

"This is where you were inviting me, no?" he asked. She nodded.

Lubricated by saliva dripping from his lips, Sudhir entered her.

"Uncle!" screamed the girl in panic. "He is slender. You are a monster! Stop" she wept as he spread her painfully wide. It was a searing, hot pain like she might tear.

He nodded and stopped. Eyes firmly on his cock as it disappeared into her, he pushed. His thumb as plugged into her cunt now; she was propped on one strong arm of his. His thumb fucked her and she screamed a hollow pleasurable scream as she felt herself speared on two ends.

Every time his thumb merged more fluid made its way to his cock where it was drilling her. Slowly but surely he sank in fully. Then very gently, smiling at her tenderly, he pulled out and slid back in.

She shivered, "Yaaaaaaaaaaa!" she sighed. Thumb and cock. Both passages filled, one more than the other. Everything inside here was squeezed out. She gave herself up to him, closing her eyes, focusing on the movement of his flesh inside her.

And the Sudhir felt his cum boil from the tightness of her sheath. And this was destined for her womb.

He pulled out and lifted her fully onto himself. They were now face to face, he on his haunches and she legs extended on either side of him, sitting on him. Holding her ass, he guided her down onto his cock.

Effortlessly holding her he slid her on and held her down. She made like she was rowing so that her body lifted off his magnificent, unrelenting cock. Again he pulled her back. Again she swung herself up. On. Then up. Then on. Then up, again.

Finally her breasts got the relief they had ached for. He pulled those nipples into his mouth, sucking and letting them run between his teeth. She gagged when he did that.

"Aaaaaaaah! Uncle! The way you suck, fuck! Oh, fuckkkkkkkkkkk!" she cried out.

Then his seed came to a boil again and he knew he was going to cum. He laid her back on the floor, briefly leaving her. She held her legs wide, knees up the way she had been advised for impregnation.

He mounted her again, this time for a fuck to finish. She felt wonderful when she felt the full weight of her man on him, hard and muscular as he was. Sudhir grabbed her petticoat and wiped himself dry and dried her cuntlips best as he could. This dryness was the cause for her to cry out the way she did when he plunged into her.

"Ayyo! Amma!" she screamed at her loudest as pleasure seared through to her soul. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!" she went.

"Take! My baby!" he bellowed.

"Give uncle. Fuck me, fill me!" she begged thrusting back as much as she could.

They pounded into each other and then when he was about to burst, he raised himself up on his arms and thrust his hips as far forward and deep as they would go. He held himself in. She felt the cockhead rear up in her womb. She felt full like she never had in the last two years. There was no space in there for anything but Sudhir's monster – not even for air.

Despite all the fucking and precum he had leaked, the release was grand and powerful.

"Oh my god! Oh…. My. god!" she shuddered, her fingers clawing at his tensing buttocks, willing him to release every drop he had left for her. The cock surged in release, flooding her insides. She was clogged in that very first spurt.

"Yah!" he shouted in triumph. "Take. That, that, that!" he bellowed, each time his cock spewed into her. The thrusting had to slow as the thick cum clogged her insides and squishy noises emerged from thrusting. She was full. He was emptying. Still.

She clung to him, practically lifting herself off the ground and hanging by him, suspended in a fashion. Her nails dug in fully, unmindful of marks and scratches she was making on him.

Wrung by her, he spent fully into her. When he slipped out, he stayed kneeling. He held her knees together, and pressed her thighs as closely as possible. He smiled at her. All the goodness was staying inside her and deep in her womb, making her pregnancy all but certain. He kept her like that for a bit.

She gathered her clothes and could not get rid of the 'well fucked' look. Stains were everywhere and her skin was hot flushed red. What was more, the large expanse of her back more marks of his fingernails as he had raked her, taking her from behind. Her hair was open and in places stuck to her face and back, held there by sweat.

Her legs were streaked with cum and fluids she did not know how to describe.

But when Sudhir wore his mundu, he looked as impeccable as when he entered. The music was pounding and the crowd was considerably thinner. Sudhir held his ravaged and tattered niece's wrist and slid out along the wall toward the exit, avoiding everyone to her relief.